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Peak: 6ft 7.95in (203.1cm)
Current: 6ft 7.14in (201cm)
rawdshaq said on 25/Dec/18
@sotiris JJ Watt is taller than 6' 5", he is 6' 6.5" with shoes. That means Kane can be 6' 7" or 6'6"
dewie 5ft9 175cm said on 23/Dec/18
Taker bruan the same height 6ft6 3/4 200cm kane looked 1cm taller in flatfootwear 6ft7.25 201cm.
ced said on 21/Dec/18
Hmm.. I don't know.. Sotiris could be right, but I know that Kane in his prime was VERY close to Nash in height.. Prime Nash was 6'9.5.. Prime Taker 6'7.. Now I want to say Prime Kane was 6'8, but I really don't see almost a 2 inch difference between him and Nash..
samson said on 21/Dec/18
Heres a video of kane looking noticely taller then bruan strowman Click Here
Sotiris Gravas said on 20/Dec/18
Here's Calais Campbell (might be as low as 6'7.25" according to Canson) w/ 6'5" J.J. Watt... Click Here , which means that Kane is not 6'7", at least IMHO.
Canson said on 17/Dec/18
@Sotiris: Watt is favored in one pic but that’s about right. Then again Vaughn had Brady by a little. I’ve always had Vaughn peak 6’4.5 or 5/8 and today 193-194. Watt probably is 6’5” at a low given he measured where he did. Although I must say that if I didn’t know better about combine times, Watt could easily look 6’5.25
Canson said on 17/Dec/18
@Sotiris: Watt is favored in one pic but that’s about right. Then again Vaughn had Brady by a little. I’ve always had Vaughn peak 6’4.5 or 5/8 and today 193-194. Watt probably is 6’5”
michael loughrie said on 17/Dec/18
@Vegas Undertaker was towered by Kevin Love who was measured 6' 9" in shoes and 6' 7" barefoot. Undertaker wore some boots the day he met Kevin Love. Look up the pictures, Undertaker actually looks as low as 6' 4.5" there. He does have awful posture, so I'd say 6' 5.5 or just flat 6' 5". Still very tall! I also believe you might be right about Big Show but keep in mind for most of his life he has been well over 400 pounds and those guys do lose a lot of height. Judging by his pictures with Shaq and Dirk I would say he is still 6' 10" - 6' 11" range so you are correct.

As for Dolph Ziggler he wears some BIG boots, making him 5' 11" - 6' 0". I have him at 5' 10" max.
BURN IT DOWWWWWN! said on 17/Dec/18
@Michael Allen I think it was said Kane was standing on lower ground in that pic. Kane at 6'5" would put Undertaker at 6'4" which isn't possible. The lowest I would put him at is 6'6.5" today. There were pics of him with Big Show and Braun Strowman in dress shoes where he definitely looked near 6'7"
edwards said on 17/Dec/18
@ sotiris gravas dude,i fully agree with you,most people express their opinion by seeing their wrestling matches,outside wrestling,they really need to look how short they can look out of character.
michael loughrie said on 17/Dec/18
His last few matches he looks a solid 6' 7". Medical report from Tennessee claims he is 6 foot 8 inches tall. I would say still a solid 6' 7" or barefoot maybe a little under like 6' 6" or 6' 6.5".
Sotiris Gravas said on 16/Dec/18
Here's Goldust w/ Kane... Click Here , Click Here

Goldust and Nash... Click Here

Goldust and 6'7" Hafthor... Click Here
Hafthor and 5'5" Manny Pacquiao... Click Here
Karl Malone and Manny... Click Here

Goldust w/ Piper... Click Here
Now 6'1" Jim Duggan and Piper... Click Here
Matt Morgan and Piper (2014)... Click Here

For comparison: 6'6" Gronk and Vince Vaughn... Click Here (Maybe J.J. Watt was in cowboy boots to go w/ the hat in that pic w/ Vaughn...)
Philip McMullin said on 16/Dec/18
Sotiris Gravas You do know that pic of kane and Vaugn has been tossed around a load and every one of them is not proof that kane is as tall as vaugn, reason being WE CANT SEE IF VAUGN IS ON HIS TIP TOES, which i think he is!
Riccardo89 said on 16/Dec/18
Sotiris Gravas said on 15/Dec/18
Just a reminder: here's 6'5" J.J. Watt w/ Vince Vaughn... Click Here ,
Click Here He TOWERS over Vaughn.

Kane and Vince... Click Here

The likelihood of Kane being 6'7"... ZERO percent.

Keep that in mind when looking at the pic of Kane and Nathan Jones.

Kane is NOT that tall, and neither is Jones.
Michael Allen said on 15/Dec/18
6'5" currently. He looks about the same height as Vince Vaughan in a pic of the two of them.

Peak was probably 6'7" barefoot (could have been 6'10" with lift-enhanced wrestling boots.)
Riccardo89 said on 14/Dec/18
6,7 w/o shoes is impossible for Kane
ced said on 14/Dec/18

Ok, I can see that being the case. We don't know their footwear as well, but let's say Jones is 6'9, would that put Kane still at 6'7?
A Man said on 14/Dec/18
Yeah I see two inches between Kane and Jones in that pic if they both stood up straight. 6,9" vs 6,7" is what you're seeing there.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 13/Dec/18

It's more than a 1.5" difference. Easily 2". Keep in mind that Kane and Jones' heads are bigger than the average guy. Click Here
edwards said on 13/Dec/18
@ michael loughrie yes dude it isnt exact impossible,it can be possible
Vegas' said on 13/Dec/18
@michael loughrie

Pretty confident Taker is taller than 6'5 flat even today
Big Show taller than 6'9 range
Cass was more than an inch shorter (more than 2 inches actually) than Big Show last year
Shane is taller than 6 foot in person
R-truth is shorter than 6 foot in person as is Kofi.
Ziggler was taller than 5'9 range
Rob's 5'9 friend was shorter than Flair recently
Nash is probably 6'8 range these days
BURN IT DOWWWWWN! said on 12/Dec/18
@ced But we can't see their footwear either. Kane looks around 6'7" today with the possibility of being a tad under it aswell.
Vegas' said on 12/Dec/18
Jones isn't 6'10 because he was listed 6'9 in mma in 1997.

He also looks similar height out of gear to Matt Morgan (who Rob has listed 6'8 range)

Click Here Click Here
michael loughrie said on 11/Dec/18
Okay, I came up with a list of all current heights

Undertaker: 6' 5"
Kane: 6' 6"
Shawn Michaels: 5' 10"
Triple H: 6' 0.5"
Big Show: 6' 9.5"
Great Khali: 7' 0"
Andre The Giant: 6' 10.5" (dead in 1993)
Stone Cold: 6' 0.5"
The Rock: 6' 2.5"
John Cena: 6' 0"
CM Punk: 5' 11"
The Miz: 5' 11"
AJ Styles: 5' 8"
Daniel Bryan: 5' 6.5"
Big Cass: 6' 8.5" (fired)
Rey Mysterio: 5' 1"
Sin Cara: 5' 5"
Hulk Hogan: 6' 3"
Mick Foley: 6' 3"
Finn Balor: 5' 10"
Kevin Owens: 5' 11"
Braun Strowman: 6' 6.5"
Vince McMahon: 5' 10"
Shane McMahon: 6' 0"
R - Truth: 6' 0"
Big E: 5' 9"
Kofi Kingston: 6' 0.5"
Xavier Woods: 5' 9"
Sheamus: 6' 3"
Cesaro: 6' 3"
Kurt Angle: 5' 9"
Dolph Ziggler: 5' 9.5"
Randy Orton: 6' 4"
Batista: 6' 2.5"
Ric Flair: 5' 8.5"
Kevin Nash: 6' 9"

What you guys think?
ced said on 11/Dec/18
If Jones is 6'9.5, then Kane is still around 6'8. Keep in mind, Jones has his arm around Kane, and Kane is not standing straight up.. I don't see 3 inches between them. About 1.5 to be exact.
dewie 5ft9 175cm said on 11/Dec/18
Nathan jones 6ft10 kane taker 3inches shorter both 6ft7 barefoot.
Xpac99 said on 11/Dec/18
Based in this pic 7,5 cm of difference is impossible. Even kane is in a bad posture... 4-5 cm no more.
See the difference between kanter and taker, is more than jones with kane
Click Here
And kanter is about 6ft 9
Philip McMullin said on 11/Dec/18
We dont know if Kane was completely straight here...tbh...its not a good pic..
JamesB172cm said on 11/Dec/18
Unless Jones has lost height
miko said on 11/Dec/18
Kane is stacking up rather well to Jones to be fair. I've always had Jones at 6'9/6'9.5 range rather than a full 6'10 as Big Show was at least 2 inches taller than him.
Chris thomoson said on 11/Dec/18
Not impossible. If jones was standing straight he would have around 3inchs on Jacobs there
Xpac99 said on 11/Dec/18
Based on that pic.. jones 6 ft 10 is complitly impossible
Philip McMullin said on 10/Dec/18
Here is a very interesting link Click Here ...... Discuss
DFens said on 9/Dec/18
Here's Kane with Nathan Jones.

Click Here
michael loughrie said on 6/Dec/18
I believe that since Undertaker was billed at almost 6' 11" or 6' 10.5"... it would have only made since for them to list Kane at 7' 0". Undertaker in the AE was probably 6' 6" or 6' 7", Kane was around the same height as Taker but had huge boots which gave him 3 inches.
dewie 5ft9 175cm said on 21/Nov/18 listed both undertaker and kane at 6ft8.5 204cm big show 7ft0 213cm khali 7ft1.5 217cm barefoot.
Xpac99 said on 15/Nov/18
@ced i think were very close in height. I'd be curious to hear what Rob thinks... in my opinion kane maybe 1/4 an inch taller
ced said on 14/Nov/18
@XPac99, Kane most definitely looks taller in that video as Isaac Yankem, and his boots were probably flatter than Taker's..
Xpac99 said on 14/Nov/18
Yes the people said kane because the most of the Times used big sole.. but for you is possible to see kane slightly taller ??
Click Here
Minute 1:03 staredown with about the same boot sole
Canson said on 13/Nov/18
@Christian: yep weak 6’7 is how he looks to me too
Canson said on 13/Nov/18
No way. Taker hasn’t been 6’4” since his teenage years probably. He’s still very close to if not a full 6’6”
Xpac99 said on 12/Nov/18
Rob in 2000s Who can slightly taller kane or taker ?? I know they were about the same height, but you never thought that one of them was slightly taller
Editor Rob
Well at times either could seem an edge, but I can see why more would say Kane could have the taller look at times.
michael loughrie said on 11/Nov/18
Kane is 6' 7", Undetaker is as low as 6' 4" now.
Mr. Man said on 11/Nov/18
Kane is 6’ 8” and Undertaker is 6’ 9” without boots which add an extra 4 inches to both of them.
BURN IT DOWWWWWN! said on 10/Nov/18
I don't think he's much under 6'7 if at all. Probably 1/4" at most. With that being said he looks quite noticeably taller than Undertaker who could even be under 6'6 today.
Heemm said on 9/Nov/18
Click Here

Jericho: kane is 6ft 9 inches
JamesB172cm said on 8/Nov/18
You say rob 6’6.5 is too low but I bet if you stood a 2018 Kane next too a 1995 Sid Eudy there would be no difference between them.
ced said on 8/Nov/18
Rob, if Show is as low as 6'9.75, judging on that picture with Big Show, Kane, and Strowman, Kane looks to edge out Strowman (acoording to their shoulders next to Show) about .75 inches. Would you say that Kane still might be 6'7.25, Strowman at 6'6.5?
Editor Rob
It's just one photo, but Kane holds up decently around 6ft 7
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 7/Nov/18

Kane is no 6'8". He looks a good 2.5"-3" shorter than Big Show, who I presume to be as low as 6'9.5" today. Click Here
JamesB172cm said on 6/Nov/18
Rob is 6ft6.75 possible now?
Editor Rob
It's arguable, some even would go to 6ft 6.5 for a guess...though I personally wouldn't go that low.
Mel said on 5/Nov/18
Still quite a solid 6’7 today.
Philip McMullin said on 4/Nov/18
Andre1983 If you look at the pic again...kane isnt bang on in line with the kanes posture isnt as good... wish we had a pic where kanes RIGHT up straight...and perfectly in line with the guys hes stranding with
BURN IT DOWWWWWN! said on 2/Nov/18
@Brad Pac I said in an earlier comment that I think Kane and Strowman would measure quite close out of ring gear. With that being said, Kane tends to stand quite relaxed a lot of the time so if stood straight I don't see him being much under 6'7. As for Big Show he can look 6'9 range at times but if stood straight can probably measure right around 6'10.
Andre1983 said on 2/Nov/18
Brad PAC that's the original, Strowman taller than Kane and Show now 4 inches taller than Kane Click Here
ced said on 2/Nov/18
@Brad Pac - I think that proves that Kane is still around 6'8. Braun looks about 6'7 there, but surprisingly, Show doesn't look more than 6'10.
Brad Pac said on 1/Nov/18
There's a couple of pictures floating around of Kane, Braun and Big show in suits together, Braun is standing closer to the camera and looks like he's trying to look tall where as Kane looks more relaxed but him and Kane look VERY close. Here's the one i found where Braun is standing closer to where Show and Kane are. Also, Big Show looks like he's struggling to look taller Click Here
Canson said on 31/Oct/18
@Vegas and Christian: that also goes to show that guys like Taker and Andre the Giant were Mild inflations compared to the rest. Taker once claimed and was billed 6’10” when he was 6’7” peak whereas Andre’s height was all over the map yet only about a 4” inflation maybe 3”.
dewie 5ft9 175cm said on 30/Oct/18
Glenn jacobs 6ft8 295 pounds mark calaway looked 2cm shorter 6ft7.25 280 pounds.
Xpac99 said on 29/Oct/18
Click Here
16:44 Morgan and kane had about the same height
samson said on 29/Oct/18
Ced wrong Glenn jacobs shoe size 16 not 15
Vegas' said on 26/Oct/18
Brad Pac, I was referencing Dunne's college listing. Even if he is 6'8 he still looks close to 6 inches shorter than Omogbehin in that photo.

Here is Dunne and 7'2 listed Luc Longley, Omogbehin looks taller if we compare both photos

ced if Taker measures up to Omogbehin like Martinez does WWE will bill him near 8 foot.... :) That's far more height than Khali has on Taker
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 26/Oct/18

That pic isn't good for guessing heights because they're standing on a slope. Anyways, it's crazy how some promotions would go as far as listing wrestlers a foot taller than they really are. And I thought a 6 inch inflation was bad.
ced said on 25/Oct/18
Here's a link to an interesting recent article I found online, mentioning all of Kane's real life stats from

Glenn Jacobs:
Height: 6'8
Weight: 295
Shoe Size: 15
Waistline: 38 inches

Click Here
ced said on 25/Oct/18
@Vegas, Punishment Martinez is 6'5. The WWE announcement listed him as 6'5 Luis Martinez. ROH had him listed as 6'7 which is a fair wrestling billing. I'd imagine in lifts or Kane size boots he'd be around 6'7, and WWE can promote him as 6'9. It'll be interesting to see if Martinez ever squares off with The Undertaker so we can get a good read on how tall Taker actually is.
Brad Pac said on 24/Oct/18
Vegas, Dunne is 6'8 at most (have a look at the picture on his twitter of him and 6'11 Danny Schayes)
and Daniel Vidot had listings in league between 6'2 and 6'4 but is around 6'2.5-6'3 which would probably make Jordan 7'0 if he's standing at his tallest there. Atm if i had to guess, I'd say that Jordan is 7'1 but obviously it's possible that he's taller or shorter
Also take note that Jordan is standing behind everybody on the ramp which goes downhill so he's on higher ground.
Brad Pac said on 24/Oct/18
Vegas, Dunne is 6'8 at most (have a look at the picture on his twitter of him and 6'11 Danny Schayes)
and Daniel Vidot had listings in league between 6'2 and 6'4 but is around 6'2.5-6'3 which would probably make Jordan 7'0 if he's standing at his tallest there. Atm if i had to guess, I'd say that Jordan is 7'1 but obviously it's possible that he's taller or shorter
Also take note that Jordan is standing behind everybody on the ramp which goes downhill so he's on higher ground
Vegas' said on 24/Oct/18
Christian, in wrestling the two most over-billed I can think of is Kurt Zehe at 8'2 when he stood I believe 7'1.5 and Stan Frazier billed at 7'7 when he was 6'8.

NCL guy on left is Daniel Vidot listed 192cm in rugby league and chap on right is Punishment Martinez listed 6'6/6'7 in Ring of Honor.

Another photo of the group with HHH Click Here

Dan Dunne was listed 6'10 in college Click Here
Erik C. said on 24/Oct/18
My thoughts on Kane for a while have been this. His wrestling boots prob give him minimal 2 additional inches in height and another two with the fake hair (excluding when hes bald). But another big advantage to Kane is... CAMERA ANGLE. If you see him sometimes standing next to both triple h and stephanie, you clearly see the camera angle is tilted in his favor. So in wrestling gear I'd say visually he might appear to be close to the 7 foot mark or at it, but, next to braun strowman who prob is isnt a full 6-7 himself, would give Kane around 6-6 1/2 - 6-6 3/4 today. Idk about prime however, but id guesstimate him at around 6-7.2 at his best.
Philip McMullin said on 23/Oct/18
NCL not gonna's gonna be weird watching him tower down at the big show ahahaha
62B said on 22/Oct/18
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 21/Oct/18

Perhaps the most exaggerated heights in wrestling are Oleg Prudius and Giant Gonzalez. They were billed about a half a foot taller than their real heights.

Can't forget about Kamala being billed at 6'10"
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 21/Oct/18

Perhaps the most exaggerated heights in wrestling are Oleg Prudius and Giant Gonzalez. They were billed about a half a foot taller than their real heights.
BURN IT DOWWWWWN! said on 21/Oct/18
@ced Trump isn't 6'2.75" today he's in the 6'0 range. As for Kane he looks around 6'7 today with the possibility of being slightly under the mark.
NCL said on 20/Oct/18
Philip McMullin said on 18/Oct/18
WWE have just recently signed a legit seven-foot-three inch man

I looked it up, his name is Jordan Omogbehin

I'm not a Basketball guy does anyone know anything about him?

ESPN has him listed at 7'3" Click Here

Anyone know who the two guys are standing next to him in this pic? Click Here
Brad Pac said on 20/Oct/18
I don't think Jordan Omogbehin is a legit 7'3, i know Daniel Vidot who's on the left of him in the photos of the NXT Recruits and used to play rugby league and he's in the 6'2/6'3 range and Jordan looks 7'0 to 7'1 next to him as he only clears him by a full head
Vegas' said on 19/Oct/18
FMExTREME said on 16/Oct/18
The most exaggerated fraud height in WWE has to go to Nathan Jones, he is nowhere near 6'11 he was probably 1.5inches taller than 6'6 Undertaker back in the day and probably no taller than Kane.
Kevein Nash was almost correctly billed in his 2nd run in WWE with 6'11, must of been in the 6'10 range then and at least 6'9 now.


If Jones was no taller than Kane wouldn't Kane be most exaggerated then given he was listed 7 foot!

Anyway Jones was listed 6'10 in WWE for most part. He was listed 6'10 in strongman competitions in the 1990s e.g announcer here says 'standing 6'10' at 11 seconds Click Here in mma in 97 he was listed 6'9 Click Here

Jones was a couple of inches taller than Sid Eudy and looked similar height next to Matt Morgan as Kevin Nash I would assume Jones and Nash were very close.

Taker 6'6 and Kane over 6'8? I would say even the most hardcore Kane fans here don't see 2+ inches between those guys at peak.
Philip McMullin said on 18/Oct/18
WWE have just recently signed a legit seven-foot-three inch man
ced said on 18/Oct/18
@Brad Pac.. Hmm, interesting.. Although there's a few factors to consider.. Level of platform each individual was standing on, Kane is closer to the camera, etc.. With that said, in reality it would probably be about 5 inches between the 2. I think Trump is 6'2.75, this guy might be 6'3, so that would put Kane at 6'8 still?
Brad Pac said on 18/Oct/18
Here's politician Tim Burchette who looks similar height with Donald Trump here Click Here and now Kane looking at least 7 inches taller than Tim Click Here

What do we make of this?
Philip McMullin said on 17/Oct/18
Nash's real height was NEVER 6ft10........hes almost deffo 6ft8 flat now....
Vegas' said on 16/Oct/18
Show was billed 7 foot when he started in wwe. Wasn't until the summer of 99 they began billing him 7'2. He is listed 7 foot on the Wrestlemania 15 DVD.
FMExTREME said on 16/Oct/18
Definitely agree Kane is taller than Strowman now and at his peak Kane was overall the larger man and 2 inches taller, Kane might have cleared 6'8 1/4 at his peak and right now probably slightly over 6'7.
The most exaggerated fraud height in WWE has to go to Nathan Jones, he is nowhere near 6'11 he was probably 1.5inches taller than 6'6 Undertaker back in the day and probably no taller than Kane.
Kevein Nash was almost correctly billed in his 2nd run in WWE with 6'11, must of been in the 6'10 range then and at least 6'9 now.
ced said on 15/Oct/18
@Phillip.. I do remember thinking that.. Back then, WCW had 2 giants in Nash and The Giant.. Nash was billed as 7'1, Giant was billed at 7'4.. WWF had Taker at 6'10 and a half, and since Kane was taller, he was billed at 7 feet (most likely Vince saw Kane as their version of a giant).. I remember thinking (even as a kid), when Big Show debuted for WWF, they put him down to 7'2.. Had they promoted Taker as 6'9, they could have promoted Kane as 6'11 and Show at 7'1 and I don't think anyone would have not seen Taker and Kane as the huge men that they were.. I think at that time, Taker was a smidge over 6'7, with Kane being around 6'8, and Big Show was 6'11. Show in his boots edged 7ft, Kane in his boots was 6'9.5-75, and Taker was around 6'8 in his boots.
tree said on 15/Oct/18
They will face off again dx vs kane and taker maybe we will have some more evidence about there current height.
Philip McMullin said on 15/Oct/18
Kyuss101 Before they hired big show... they wanted to make sure than everyone believed that Taker was 6ft10 and that Kane was 2 inches taller....Big show's hiring meant they were gonna have to bill him as 7ft2 to make sure that kane remained 7foot
James B 172cm said on 14/Oct/18
Kyuss101 said on 13/Oct/18
Maybe wwf worse claim. 7-0...….???????????????? Insane by them.

6ft4 Titus O’Neil got described as 7ft in an article
BURN IT DOWWWWWN! said on 14/Oct/18
Judging a wrestlers height in their wrestling gear on tv isn't always easy due to factors such as posture, camera angles and mainly footwear. I reckon if both Kane and Strowman stood next to each other out of gear barefoot they would be quite close in height today. Of course peak Kane would easily be taller than Strowman.
Scott rehayem said on 13/Oct/18
Imagine glen went to the factory theatre and bob deacon was their stating he was a big boy and to eat 6’7 nachos
Kyuss101 said on 13/Oct/18
Maybe wwf worse claim. 7-0...….???????????????? Insane by them.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 12/Oct/18

Taker is not 6'7" today. That means Triple H would have to be 6'2.5", and we all know that's too much for him.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 10/Oct/18
Kane only looks a bit taller than Strowman because of his thick wig that's attached to his mask, and possibly some boot advantage.
Jim mathers said on 10/Oct/18
It’s very difficult to judge the height different between kane and Strowman there. Many factors come in to play. Were they standing on the same line? Their posture? The camera distance plays a big part as well and can create an illusion, we’ve seen it many times before. If they were both standing next to each other, with straight posture, kane would still edge him out.
tree said on 9/Oct/18
I don't know what kind of surgeries taker had but he looked to get some height back, maybe 6ft7 now?
Brad Pac said on 9/Oct/18
That video isn't that great, there's points where both look taller than the other and this screenshot shows it. Especially in the reversed image.
Click Here

The camera is shaky and isn't held straight. Would be better if they were both standing still instead of walking. Also Strowman is wearing a hat. All we can say is that they are close in height, probably less than an inch seperate the pair
A Man said on 8/Oct/18
@ tree, I agree. Strowman clearly looks taller.

Some people just see what they want to see.
shuvayu chakraborty said on 8/Oct/18
Kanes taller than strowman Dfens ,clean by an inch ...taker edges strowman by .5 inches ... in the recently concluded super showdown taker had triple h by 4-5 inches
tree said on 7/Oct/18
Strowman looked taller than Kane there
ced said on 5/Oct/18
Kane has about close to an inch on Strowman there. I would guess Strowman at 6'6 currently, and Kane 6'6.75 now.
DFens said on 3/Oct/18
Here's Kane and Strowman outside ring (at 1 minute mark). Not the best video but Kane is clearly taller than Strowman.

Click Here
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 2/Oct/18
Looked about 6'6" next to 5'10.5" listed Shawn Michaels on Raw recently.
Brad Pac said on 29/Sep/18
@Canson No, I'm a different brad haha
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 29/Sep/18

I'm not sure if that's the same person or not.
Canson said on 28/Sep/18
@Tree: Vaughan was likely 6’4.5 peak. He looks 6’4 today
Canson said on 28/Sep/18
@Christian: if that’s the same Brad that normally posts he adds half inch to everyone. He says that his low is 6’5.5 now a days and claims 6’6 and 6’5 then called Jordan 6’5 and Rodman 6’7” or weak 6’7 before
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 28/Sep/18

6'7" could be his height in shoes.
Brad Pac said on 28/Sep/18
@Christian In my experience, most people just say "I'm 6'6" or "I'm 6'7" instead of saying I'm "6'6.5" because they aren't very pedantic about it. And Jillette has claimed 6'7 more often than not but I wouldn't be shocked if he was "only" 6'6 flat either
James Williams said on 28/Sep/18
As mentioned many times previously, the picture with mr Jacobs and Vince Vaughn is not a true representation of the difference in height. Vince is on his tippy toes in that picture which gives him an extra 3 inches (or thereabouts)
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 27/Sep/18

Jillete is most likely 6'6" max. He admitted to being 6'6", not 6'6.5".
tree said on 26/Sep/18
Vince was still 6ft5 when he has that pic with Kane and he is closer.
Plus they are on grass i dont know how straight is the ground,and there maybe be a difference in fottwear.

We saw enough of Kane where shoes are visible and he lookes always 6ft6+
BURN IT DOWWWWWN! said on 26/Sep/18
@Sotiris I think you're trying too hard with all the random pictures. With Kane and Orton, that's not a great one to judge as Orton probably has a bit of a footwear advantage because he's in wrestling boots. Kane easily has a few inches on Orton as other more reliable pictures are indicating. If you're going to provide photos at least make sure postures are the same as well as footwear otherwise it proves nothing. Even the camera angles aren't great in some of the pictures you provide.
James B 172cm said on 25/Sep/18
Vince Vaughan’s probably on higher ground with kane
Brad Pac said on 25/Sep/18
@Sotiris Here's Kane out of gear around 2013 being taller than 6'6.5 Penn Jillette which Penn admitted to on Twitter Click Here . If u look at that picture with Vince Vaughn , you will notice Vince "busting a gut" and looks like he was on his toes.

And here's Kane out of wrestling gear in 2003 standing behind but still would be over a full head taller than a 6'0 Christian and 5'9 Jericho if he was standing straight Click Here
Sotiris Gravas said on 23/Sep/18
@Brad Pac Nice pics, dude. Keep in mind, however... Here's 6'6" Gronk and around 6'4" Vince Vaughn:
Click Here

Now compare Vaughn w/ Kane... Click Here

Gronk looks taller than Kane. Gronk isn't even standing straight; he's leaning in, what tall guys do w/ shorter ppl.
Agent Orange said on 23/Sep/18
He’s 6’7 with good posture as Brad Oac pic shows unless Jane is standing on something which is unlikely.
Brad Pac said on 21/Sep/18
@Sotiris seriously? and that 1 picture with the bad angle is the proof to your claim? It has been proven time after time again that Kane towers over Randy when standing straight Click Here
Click Here

Also towers over the 6'3.5 Cesaro Click Here
Click Here

And Looked around 6 inches taller than Roman Reins in dress shoes vs Roman's wrestling gear a couple years ago
Click Here
Brad Pac said on 21/Sep/18
A rare photo i found of Kane, Mick Foley and 6'0 prime Al Snow out of gear in the mid 90's. Is it fair to say he looks 6'8 here?
Click Here
Also another picture of Kane with Al from the 90's Click Here
Sotiris Gravas said on 17/Sep/18
I had a feeling Randy Orton was never 6'4", but closer to 6'3". Puts things in perspective, doesn't it..?
Click Here I CERTAINLY THINK SO. Big Show looks 6'9", TOPS.

Wouldn't you agree, Kane? Click Here (Please ignore the height line that some unfortunate individual put there. Clearly, the fact that Orton has his head down is lost on some poor soul.)

The fact that Kane is still listed at 6'7" is really funny... Alas, I find myself chortling akin to Alastair Sim at the end of "Scrooge" (1951).
184guy2 said on 17/Sep/18
I still believe Swagger is more 6'5 than 6'4 , despite the listing
ced said on 13/Sep/18
@Canson. My morning height is 194cm. (Depending on what height translator yuo find on the net) some state that's 6'4 3/8, some state 6'3 9/10ths. I don't know if I go below that during the day but I suspect I do at least by .5 inches. Randy is 6'3.25 but no more than that. I didn't have any height advantage over Swagger as he was in gym shoes and so was I. And, we were absolutely dead even. I would have noticed if he was even .25 or .5 inches taller. I think his boots might give him an inch to his over all height, making him around 6'5 in them, so they add the 2 wrestling inches to him and he's 6'7. Kane definitely had 3 inches on me, at the very least, not sure about 4, but definitely 3.
Vegas' said on 13/Sep/18
Well I thought Swagger was taller than 6'4 flat and I met him at 12-1am after a show. If he was 6'4 then there is no way Kane was 6'8+ out of gear

That's 2010 with Bret Hart which I assume was earlier in day than i met him Click Here
Canson said on 11/Sep/18
@Ced: so you’re actually under 6’4 in reality if you come down to 6’3.75. That’s odd you only lose .5”. Most of us this size lose 3/4”. Christian and I are both an inch apart and come down to 6’4.25 and 6’5.25 at lows respectively. I wake up 6’5 and he wakes up 6’6”. That makes sense for Swagger that he’s only 6’4” as you would’ve noticed a difference if he were 6’4.5 or .25 unless you had a footwear advantage. I suspected that Orton wasn’t as tall as advertised. I figured 6’3.5-.75 but if you’re 6’3.75 at a low he’s even less than I thought
Canson said on 10/Sep/18
@Vegas: makes sense if Swagger is 6’4 Kane is likely close to 6’7” maybe a hair below
ced said on 10/Sep/18
@Canson: It could be. I myself wake up around 6'4.25, and go down to about 6'3.75 during the day. I stood next to Randy Orton, and had about .5 inches on him. Swagger seemed he was dead even with me. Kane definitely had about 3 maybe 4 inches on me. Sheamus was another one I was surprised I was taller than as he's promoted as being 6'6, but he is at most, 6'2.5. Luke Harper I believe is a legit strong 6'5, Erik Rowan a strong 6'6.
Canson said on 9/Sep/18
@Ced: it’s possible he’s 6’4.25 maybe because 1/4” wouldn’t be seen between you. But that puts into perspective how tall a legit 6’4 really is because a lot of people guess swagger 6’4.5. I know because I am also 6’4. 6’4.25-.3 at a low and 6’5-6’5 1/8 out of bed
Vegas' said on 8/Sep/18
Having met Kane and Swagger in person out of gear I doubt there was much more than 2.5 inches between them, 3 max. I first met Kane in March 2004.

Kanes AE footwear had to give at least 2 inches over barefoot Click Here You can't really estimate how tall either looks at Wrestlemania 14 due to poor camera angles and the photo that plays the rounds Kane is closer to camera.
ced said on 6/Sep/18

Swagger is a definite 6'4. He is not taller than that, I am 6'4 on the dot, Swagger and I were the same height. Big Show could possibly slouch down to 6'9.5. But as I said, I think Show wakes up about 6'10.5, and goes down to about 6'9.75 by evening (Today). In his prime, I see Show at a good 6'11. Maybe even 6'11.5. but not 7 feet. He was over 7 foot in his boots. That would out Kane at around 6'8.25 for his prime - and about 6'9.5-6'9.75 in his boots. (If Taker was 6'7 in his prime, with boots on he'd be around 6'8 not quite 6'8, but right around there), their WM14 staredown, Kane had about 2 inches on him.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 6/Sep/18

6'4" Swagger would put Big Show at around 6'9.5" since there seemed about a 5.5" difference between them.
BURN IT DOWWWWWN! said on 25/Aug/18
@Philip McMullin Yeah I also noticed Show slouched a lot so he didn't always look his height but peak definitely close to 7ft if not on the mark. I've only seen a clip of that. It's funny he says that because those height ranges would cover Kane both barefoot and in boots during his career. It's likely Henry was referring more to his height in boots as that's what most athletes tend to do.
ced said on 23/Aug/18
Big Show has dramatically lost a lot of his height since his prime ('95-00). But, I was next to Big Show as recently as 2014, and I myself am 6'4. Big Show had at least 6 inches on me. Today I could see him waking up around 6'10.25, down to about 6'9.75 by evening. I was also next to Jack Swagger in 2014, and he and I are the exact same height. Swagger is not 6'5 or 6'6 by any means. Kane is 6'7 today, probably drops down to 6'6.5 by end of day. But his peak height was definitely 6'8-6'8.25. It HAD to be. You compare "medium monster" types like Test, Bradshaw, Wrath, Crush to Giant Monsters like Nash, Kane, Big Show, Kane had to have been 6'8 to be even considered the Fake Diesel gimmick back in '96 after Nash left.
Philip McMullin said on 22/Aug/18
BURN IT DOWWWWWN!i do agree that show no longer looks 7 feet tall like he used to be... when show debuted he looked like his billed height... dude was HUGE....Still is but no where near as big as he was! Did you watch Table for 3 with Kane, Show and Mark Henry? Henry put kanes height in a 3 inch range of 6ft7 to 10
Chris Tyrone's said on 22/Aug/18
Sotiris Gravas — Look where Jared’s lips are to Miz’s head. Then look where Kane’s lips are to Miz’s head. So if you compare them you’ll notice there is around 3 odd inches, which does then put Kane at around 6’7.
JeffBiz said on 21/Aug/18
@Soritis Miz is over 6ft tall and the top of his hair is at the bottom of Kane's nose which is a 7 inch difference. Which means Kane is 6Ft 7 in that picture.
I've also seen u claim Big Show is 6'8, please check out the footage of him barefoot with Akebono who is 6ft7.5-6ft 8 and u will see there was 4 inches difference.
BURN IT DOWWWWWN! said on 20/Aug/18
@Philip McMullin People overanalyse height too much using pictures but even they aren't always accurate indicators for judging height as there are lots of factors involved with the main being camera angles. 6'8.5 is too low for Big show. 6'9 range I can argue but due to his excessive weight he can look shorter (he's lost weight now though).
Sotiris Gravas said on 20/Aug/18
Kane looks 6'5" next to 5'11" (MAX) The Miz... Click Here

Look at legit 6'4" Jared Padalecki next to Miz... Click Here

@Rob His current listing is wrong.
Philip McMullin said on 18/Aug/18
BURN IT DOWWWWWN! i mean....some guy on big shows height page claims that show is 6ft8.5.... if hes 6ft8.5 then mysterio is 6ft4!!
BURN IT DOWWWWWN! said on 17/Aug/18
@Philip McMullin It's possible he was 6'7 1/2 and rounded up or he may have claimed a shoe height. Also if he did measure 6'7 1/2 at his lowest he would have been 6'8 early in the day so maybe he went by that measurement.
Philip McMullin said on 16/Aug/18
I still to this day believe that kane is still 6ft8. Kane STILL claims 6ft8 and he doesnt seem the type to lie!
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 15/Aug/18

Agreed. I'd say no less than 6'7" at his peak. Today I can see him at 6'5.5"-6'6" max.
BURN IT DOWWWWWN! said on 14/Aug/18
@Christian 6'5 3/8" I can definitely see him having lost at least an inch if not more. There's only a 1/2 inch difference on here between his peak and current which to me seems unlikely with the career he's had.
Rising - 174 cm said on 12/Aug/18
Rand is about 5'6.5", though he sometimes wears boots so that could be slightly off, though Kane doesn't look a foot taller. With that said, I'd caution against estimating based on one photo with two people not even close in height.

@Sotiris Gravas: I wouldn't say I believe you might be a troll. I know you are one. Leave your Russian conspiracy theories and war-mongering out of this HEIGHT forum. Rand has consistently supported peace and diplomacy. The fact this enrages you so much you can't help but bring it up on an unrelated topic and try to spin it as a bad thing says more about you. People like you know absolutely nothing about Russia and it's an embarrassment to hear you attempt to speak on the topic.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 12/Aug/18

Kane looks at the very most 6'6" in that pic but 6'5.5" is very possible as well, and that matches up with how he looked with Rand Paul.
BURN IT DOWWWWWN! said on 10/Aug/18
@Christian 6'5 3/8" That's the pic I'm referring to. 6'6 is the lowest I'd argue for Kane today just don't see him being 6'5 range. Outside of WWE I've not actually paid attention to his height so from that I've seen now he's definitely dipped below 6'7.
viper said on 10/Aug/18
Sotiris, years ago there was a Mexican mentors wrestling height list posted here circa 1996. It had many heights that seemed to be accurate.

It had Michaels at 178cm. 5-10
Sotiris Gravas said on 10/Aug/18
@Vegas' Sorry, I just wanted to point out one more thing. In the photo of Flair/Shawn Michaels/6'4.75 Ben Roethlisberger (interesting surname)... Michaels (currently no more than 5'9", w/ a peak barefoot height of 5'10"--that even he admitted to on Twitter back in 2012) is wearing his custom-made cowboy boots and Flair seemingly has about the same eyeline w/ "THK"... which leaves me wondering what Flair's footwear was in this pic... Food for thought. (Why Rob still lists THK w/ a peak height of 5'11.25" and a current height of 5'10.5" is beyond me, given that everyone, Triple H, The Rock, Bruce Prichard, etc., call him out as having been 5-foot-10 barefoot in his prime. When I stood next to him--both of us in sneakers--in what was probably 1997, all I remember thinking was, "This guy is small...")
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 9/Aug/18

There's also a pic with 5'9" Ric Flair where Kane doesn't look more than 6'6" Click Here
Nick Makris said on 9/Aug/18
In the pictures Vegas posted, Flair looks only 6 inches shorter than Ben Roethlisberger (his head is up to the middle of Ben's nose) and 8 or 8.5 inches shorter than Kane (top of his head is under Kane's mouth)
Sotiris Gravas said on 9/Aug/18
@Vegas" I saw the pic of Flair next to Kane... Just a little reminder (pun intended) that Flair's current height is a weak 5'8" and Kane has a footwear advantage in this pic. The top of a 5'8" guy's head should reach a 6'6" man's chin. Even w/ perfect military posture, Kane is around 6'5.5" here. Just sayin'. In the other pic w/ 6'4.75" Ben, Flair is CLOSER to the camera which makes him look bigger (... a trick we ALWAYS see Big Show taking advantage of, and we can't see footwear).
Editor Rob
Flair at under 5ft 9 would be hard to stomach.

As I mentioned on his thread this blogger With FLair is actually over 5ft 9 in person, I saw him at LFCC, he was comfortably taller than 5ft 9 flat.
Sotiris Gravas said on 9/Aug/18
@Christian 6'5 3/8" Thank you! You're a godsend (no pun intended). Finally, someone believes me!!! HALLELUJAH! I think I'm gonna faint... Thanks for backing me up on this, dude. Wow. Finally. Am I dreaming...? I'm only 6'7" daytime height and in a pic of me next to my 5'5.5" mom (which I recently reposted on Twitter) you can see a HUGE difference in height relative to what we see with Kane and Rand Paul. Thanks again, Christian. Wow. :)
BURN IT DOWWWWWN! said on 9/Aug/18
@Christian 6'5 3/8" But then look at the pictures Vegas attached. Compare the pics between the two with Ric Flair and there's no way he's 6'5. As for Rand Paul there's a chance he may not be 5'6 either so I guess everything has to be taken into consideration.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 9/Aug/18

Kane was hunching down a bit but the difference still doesn't look more than 11"-11.5" Click Here Kane looks about 6'5.5" if we assume Rand Paul's 5'6.25" as listed, so Sotiris isn't wrong. This furthers my suspicions whether or not he wore lifts in the ring, since he looked taller than a 6'6"-6'7" Strowman.
BURN IT DOWWWWWN! said on 9/Aug/18
@Sotiris Gravas In the pic I've seen of the two Kane is hunching over and not standing at his tallest (he generally doesn't have the best posture now anyway). When you're that much taller than somebody it's natural to hunch over and stand poorly. Standing at his tallest he wouldn't measure that low.
Vegas' said on 9/Aug/18
July 17 with Flair Click Here
Jan 14, Flair with 6'4.75 barefoot measured Ben Roethlisberger Click Here
Sotiris Gravas said on 8/Aug/18
Yeah, NO WAY is he even more than 6-foot-5 now. Let me guess... NO ONE believes me. Check out the online pic of Kane (aka Glenn Thomas Jacobs) next to 5-foot-6 (MAX!) Rand Paul (who likes hand-delivering secret letters to Putin at the behest of Trump; yeah, that guy.) Overlook the belief that I might be some kind of "troll" and Google this pic. No way in hell this guy was ever 6-foot-7.5 peak height. Laughable!
BURN IT DOWWWWWN! said on 6/Aug/18
@Christian 6'5 3/8" I don't know when that quote is from but if it's from when he was at his peak height then that's honest. He said 'about 6'8' hinting he's around the mark which tbf is pretty much honest keeping in mind he'd probably measure 6'8 early in the day so it's just rounded. Also we don't know for certain he wasn't the full 6'8 peak either.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 6/Aug/18

Yeah, 6'8" isn't the most honest claim but at least Kane didn't inflate it to the degree like Undertaker did when he claimed 6'10".
Poemyboy said on 5/Aug/18
Was watching a older video of WWE Table for Three. Big Show stated that Kane is 6'7".
MSJC said on 5/Aug/18
Mayor Kane, just elected mayor of Knox County.
viper said on 3/Aug/18
Kane is honest for a wrestler. States his shoe height
dewie 5ft9 1/2 177cm said on 1/Aug/18
Sid 6ft7 200.7cm taker 6ft8 203.2cm kane 6ft8 1/2 204.4cm peak barefoot.
berta said on 28/Jul/18
i think he edged the undertaker at peak. at 202-203
cade said on 26/Jul/18
Ced theres no way sid was 6'6, he's 6'7 max for peak
ced said on 23/Jul/18
Rob, I think there's enough evidence that supports that Kane was 6'8.25 at his peak.. If Sid was 6'6.75 as you state, in the battle royal I posted, Kane looks way more than 1 inch taller when they walk by each other.. And Kane with no lifts as Isaac Yankem was taller than Taker by .5-.75 of an inch. Why no upgrade for his peak height?
BURN IT DOWWWWWN! said on 23/Jul/18
@Xpac99 Yeah 1/2 inch height loss does seem very little for Kane considering his age and the career he's had. It's highly possible he was 6'8 peak and 6'7 today so he could have lost an inch which makes sense. Either that or he's below 6'7 today which I can't see being the case. At the end of the day we're all estimating including Rob so the numbers can be slightly off.
Xpac99 said on 21/Jul/18
I agree with you... i don’t understand beacuse rob billed peak height at 6ft 7 1/2 and today bill kane 6 ft 7. It’s obviously over 50 years old the people lost over 1/2 inch (1,2 cm) especially who does fight sports . In my opinion kane peak 6ft 8 sound right
BURN IT DOWWWWWN! said on 19/Jul/18
@Xpac99 Yeah Kane is definitely a bit taller as evident quite a few times. However I'm pretty sure Strowman wore thicker boots when he was in the Wyatt family, as opposed to now with the brown boots which seem to be a bit flatter. I think they're making Braun stand more upright in that image and Kane a bit looser to make Braun look taller (they've done it before with Kane and imposter Kane aka Luke Gallows). Also keep in mind Braun was bigger then compared to 2016 as he lost weight and looked leaner so that could explain what you mean.
Xpac99 said on 19/Jul/18
Kane is taller than strowman, only in this segment seems no taller . The boots are the same that strowman uses in another staredown and kane looks taller in everyone... in my opinion in that segment the camera angle looks strowman taller because the face of strowman looks extra size compared to that of kane but in reality and in every staredown the size of the face is similar...because of this strowman looks taller
cade said on 18/Jul/18
Your right ced
BURN IT DOWWWWWN! said on 18/Jul/18
@Xpac99 I'm pretty sure Strowman had thicker boots back then either that or they made him stand better. If they had a staredown now Strowman wouldn't look taller like in that image (he actually looked shorter not long ago).
ced said on 18/Jul/18
Guys, how can Kane be 6'7.25 or 6'7.5 peak if there is living proof that he was taller than Sid by 1.5 inches? Let's just say Sid was 6'6.75 peak as I believe this site states, add another 1.5 inches to that and you have a peak Kane of 6'8.25
Canson said on 15/Jul/18
6’6’75 today 6’7.25 peak to 6’7.5
tree said on 12/Jul/18
With 6ft4 DDP,Kanes boots give bit more height,so i say he looks 6ft7.5 with him Click Here
Xpac99 said on 11/Jul/18
Rob i have a question... kane is taller than braun in every staredown, but in 2015 when kane and braun met for the first time, braun looks taller only in this segment... this is the real pic:
Click Here
In your opinion at this particolar moment braun looks taller ? but i don’t think because in another staredown at the same period kane looks taller with the same footware or the camera involved and looks strowman taller... because kane has his shoulders higher in this pic but the face of braun seems over size compared to that of kane...
Editor Rob
In that staredown again they looked quite close, sometimes one can look to have an edge, but it can be hard to tell exactly - the wrestling ring itself might not be uniformly flat.
Philip McMullin said on 11/Jul/18
Rob, during his latest stint of Team Hell No, Kane looks every bit of 6ft8 MAYBE even more! He looks a foot or more taller than a genuine 5ft8 inch Daniel Bryan!
niceguy82 said on 10/Jul/18
A good comparison is kane with triple h in 2002 (without extra footwear)Click Here Look at 2:23 and onwards, and triple h with kevin nash here Click Here at 4:30 and 7:58 and onwards, You can clearly see how much taller nash has always been, and never ever used big boots. You can google other staredowns with kane and hhh, and Nash and hhh also for good measure.
Xpac99 said on 9/Jul/18
Click Here
6ft 8 rob ???
Editor Rob
At that moment he seems not far off it.
ced said on 5/Jul/18
Kane looked 3 inches taller than 6’5.25 Rick Bogner as fake Diesel
dewie 5ft9 175cm said on 5/Jul/18
Celeb true height said taker 6ft7.5 201.9cm kane 6ft8 203.2cm barefoot.
demon said on 3/Jul/18
why do you keep thinking that kane and taker were the same height ???
In equal footwear kane was taller and in monster boots kane was about 2 inches taller, but the difference of footwear wasn’t 2 inches... maybe 1 / 1-1/4 inch
Click Here
Slim999 said on 1/Jul/18
Click Here Looks taller than Nathan Jones did here again with taker
Slim999 said on 30/Jun/18
Gonna tell me kane was shorter than Nash? Kane always looked taller than Nash did with Big Show Click Here
cade said on 29/Jun/18
Ced sid was 6'7, kane must of been 6'8'5 if sids 6'7
shuvayu chakraborty said on 27/Jun/18
All doubts laid to rest ... Kane returns yesterday at SD Live and attacks bludegon brothers ...clearly 2 inches taller than rowan .... I dont think he is below 6.7.5 today ...if you consider rowan and strorman to be 6.6+
ced said on 26/Jun/18
@Phillip, actually he does.. now that i took a look at it again, Kane looks about 1.5 inches taller than Sid.. if Sid at that time was 6’6.75, that would have made Kane 6’8.25 (at that time).. i think when Kane put on the muscle he might’ve went down to 6’7.75-6’8..
DFens said on 25/Jun/18
Ced, they come face to face at 9:00.
Philip McMullin said on 24/Jun/18
Ced Kane looks more than 1 inch taller than did there
cade said on 22/Jun/18
Ced no way kane was 6'10 in his munster boots. He could walk if he had 4 inches lifts. He was 6'9 max in his munster boots.
MAD SAM said on 22/Jun/18
Probably peaked at 204 cm, right now he’s 201 cm ; dealing with people 2 metre + tall seems odd lol
Slim25 said on 22/Jun/18
Observe when kane stands straight as at 3:42 with LEGIT 6’4 DDP. Kane TOWERS DDP. Click Here
ced said on 22/Jun/18
Here's an interesting find.. Kane and Sid in the same match.. Pause at 5:34, Kane is taller than Sid by 1 inch..

Click Here
ced said on 19/Jun/18
@Jock, I agree maybe it's not the best comparison.. If you look at some of the episodes of Nitro, I don't know if it was the fact that maybe Big Show was at his real peak there, and therefor Nash looked 3 inches under, and when he got to the WWF in 99, his staredowns with Kane - he had about 2 inches on Kane.. Let's just say Kane was 6'8 in 99, with lifts on, he's 6'10. Nash was 6'9 so maybe that explains it..
dewie 5ft9 175cm said on 16/Jun/18
Celeb true height said hogen 6ft4.5 sid 6ft6 undertaker 6ft7.5 kane 6ft8 kevin nash 6ft9 nathan jones 6ft9 andre the giant 6ft10 big show 7ft0. True barefoot height.
jock said on 14/Jun/18
@ced Nash is leaning forward so not giving a true comparison, its not really a good example to make a judgement,

Nash was a huge man, i am certain he has lost an inch over time, but i stand by what i think that Glen Jacobs was at least 1 inch shorter,

Big show would be the man to ask, he has had a stare down with both,
ced said on 13/Jun/18
@Jock, here is the link.. top of Goldberg's head comes up to Nash's eye line..

Click Here
jock said on 13/Jun/18
Just checked out a Goldberg/Nash video and Goldeberg comes nowhere near Nashs eyeline,

even if Kanes height is accepted as 6-8 its still at least an inch short of a peak Nash,
Slim25 said on 12/Jun/18
I agree @ced Nash just looked taller with his particular build and the way his body looked.
ced said on 11/Jun/18
Guys, take a look at Kane Vs Goldberg from WWE, then take a look at Nash Vs Goldberg in WCW.. The more I look at both matches, the more I'm convinced that Nash wasn't as tall as he's perceived to be. In the Kane match, the top of Goldberg's head comes up to Kane's mouth. In the Nash match, the top of Goldberg's head comes up to Nash's eye line.
Slim25 said on 8/Jun/18
It’s been on record that Bruce Prichard said taker wore lifts. That explains why he was dead even with sid once he was undertaker. In way younger years, sid was at least 1” taller in that stare down. Taker had internal lifts just like most wrestlers (Orton) (hhh) so when mentioning Kane’s “Munster Boot Lifts” as Mr McMahon would say, don’t forget taker had lifts too.
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 7/Jun/18

I agree that both Kane and Undertaker were taller than Sid, but Sid wasn't as tall as 6'7.5" More like 6'6.5" like how he's listed here. I can see Kane at 6'7.25" and Undertaker 6'7" at their peaks.
ced said on 6/Jun/18
@Moheez, I'm not sure about 0.5 inches.. The weird thing with Sid and Taker was that at times, Sid appeared taller in their younger years, at other times Taker appeared taller in the WWF. If there was ANY difference between Sid and Taker, it could only be about 1/4 of an inch. Between Kane and Taker, in the SMW days, Kane was taller than Taker in their staredown by 1/2 an inch. Same thing when he was Yankem.

I could be wrong, but Kane (in his lifts) has always given me an impression that he is as tall as Nash in them. I always go to WrestleMania 12 when Taker faced Diesel. Diesel had him by about 1.5 inches. Then go to WrestleMania 14, Kane had Taker by at least 2 inches. Maybe even 2.5. (Granted - in his lifts).

That would explain why Kane stacked closer to Big Show's height than Nash did in staredowns. Big Show in his prime was 6'11. In his boots - 7 ft. Nash was 6'9, and maybe in his boots 6'9.25. If Kane was 6'8, with his 2 inch lifts he was 6'10.
jock said on 5/Jun/18
for what its worth hears my view of peak heights,

Sid 6-7
Undertaker 6-7 1/2
Kane 6-7 3/4
Nash 6-9 1/2
Kurgan 6-10

all giants in their own way,
Slim25 said on 5/Jun/18
Click Here Nobody ever stacked up this tall like kane did against big show like he did here too. Big show was in a prime stage still too.
Moheez said on 5/Jun/18
@ced would you say sid was 0.5 inch shorter then undertaker?
Omid said on 5/Jun/18
@Paddy, I don’t know for sure wether they are all as tall as we think they are or that you are right in your estimations about all of them being slightly shorter than we think....however I can see your point and I can accept that to be a reality as you present a realistic case by taking into account these wrestlers apparent differences.
ced said on 2/Jun/18
@Christian, do you agree that Undertaker was taller than Sid? By about .25 inches. Not much. Kane (as Yankem on several staredowns is taller than Taker by .5 inches).

Now take a look at Sid Vs Kevin Nash from WCW. Nash had about an an 1.5 inches on Sid meaning Nash could only have .75 inches on Kane.

Sid- 6’7.5
Undertaker- 6’7.75
Kane- 6’8-6’8.25
Paddy said on 2/Jun/18
I am going to be frank with you all. Glenn is 6'7" on the dot. Undertaker is 6'6" on the dot, Kevin Nash is 6'8" on the dot and Big Show is 6'10" on the dot. Is it really that hard to work those numbers out? All these men are literally giants.
Omid said on 31/May/18
@Christian, no one claimed Kane was as big as or even nearly as big as Bigshow, I even don’t claim that he is as tall as say Kevin Nash either but I know one thing almost for sure, if Big Show was 7’0 peak, Kane cannot be shorter than 6’8, and given that Kane’s boots, even his big ones had fairly big obvious platforms on them, it would be unlikely that he had even more in his shoes as you just can’t wrestle properly in heels that big let alone jump of the top rope which is what Kane used to do a lot in his prime.
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 30/May/18

I agree, I don't get why some think otherwise.
Slim25 said on 30/May/18
@christian explain why kane has always looked close to big shows height (both wore lifts especially big show) Click Here here kane is in dress shoes and show is in ring gear. Also don’t ignore my previous list of kane and show in the ring.
jock said on 29/May/18
A peak Glen Jacobs would neither be taller or even the same height as a peak Kev Nash,
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 28/May/18

That doesn't prove that Kane wasn't wearing lifts though. Lifts are usually difficult to spot, especially anything less than about 1.5" types. All I know is that Kane is and was nowhere near Big Show's height.
Slim25 said on 28/May/18
I agree Ced
Omid said on 27/May/18
Ample evidence has been provided to prove that for the most part Kane’s boots have been practically identical to other big men (since around 2000), in particular the Bigshow.
Slim25 said on 27/May/18
Click Here Here, a prime big show comes out in shoes with no lift, and we briefly see kane with his MAX 2” lift boots, is the same height if not taller than Show. Kane wasn’t standing straight at all while Show was in the ring.
ced said on 26/May/18
You’ve seen Kane with other wrestlers who were 6’6 range.

Test (6’6) - thought he was only 6’5, but had to have been more as I am 6’4 and i’ve met Test while he was still alive. Definitely 6’6.

Albert - Prime: 6’6.5. Kane had at least 3 inches on him in matches.

Harris Brothers: Each 6’7. Legit 6’7 for both men. Numerous times they were in the ring with Kane and he covered them by 2.75-3 inches. (Kane being 6’8 + 2 inch lifts).

Take a look at staredowns between Undertaker and Diesel at WM12, then take a look at WM14 with Undertaker and Kane. Kane was the same height as Nash in his boots. Without the boots, Nash maybe had 1 inch on Kane.
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 26/May/18

Gallows wore boots too but they didn't have an odd shape like Kane's. And Kane's a known lift wearer, he's been wearing them since the 90's. I think he stopped in recent years though.
And I already said that I don't think Big Show was ever 7'0". More like 6'11"-6'11.5" peak and today 6'10.25" at most, maybe 6'10" flat (looked easily 2" shorter than Shaq)
Omid said on 25/May/18
And we’re back At the Kane’s lifts argument again, Gallows wears boots too.

So everybody in WWE is an inch shorter according to you right? You cannot have a 7’0 feet Bigshow and an under 6’8 Kane as at his best he had 4 on Kane.
If Kane is not 6’8 then Show’s not 7’0 and if Show was under 7’0, everyone from Kevin Nash to Jericho would be shorter.
Slim25 said on 24/May/18
Uhhhh Gallows had huge boots on.
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 22/May/18

Just because Shaq measured 7'0.88" doesn't mean he's that tall at his low. Most basketball players are measured early in the day, and Shaq doesn't look as tall as 7'1" when standing next to people. He looks 7'0.25" at best like how Rob lists him.


While Kane did look 3 inches taller than Gallows, you can tell that Kane was wearing lifts as his boots looked very thick and clunky. Click Here He's not 6'8" barefoot.
ced said on 21/May/18
The mere fact that Kane was hunching down and Gallows who is 6'5 (6'6 in boots) looked 3 inches under Kane there (while Kane was hunching to try and make Gallows taller) proves that Kane was almost 6'10 in his monster boots. Without them - 6'8
Omid said on 19/May/18
Dude no one says 7’0.88....they just say 7’1.

I suppose if people were to be THAT accurate and borderline OCD you wouldn’t have so many people claiming 5’9 or 6’0 or etc which would be silly if you ask me.

It takes quite a lot of effort for some to say hey I’m 7’0.88 instead of just saying 7’1.....after all the difference between 1 inch and 0.88 of an inch is 2 millimeters.
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 18/May/18

Kane being the fake Diesel doesn't prove he's the same height as Nash. Luke Gallows was impersonating Kane at one point and he's only about 6'5" range. (about 9 inches taller than 5'8" AJ Styles) Click Here The imposter doesn't have to be around the same height as the guy he's impersonating.
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 17/May/18

Shaq's not 7'1", as he was measured 7'0.63" during the draft and it was likely an early measurement at that. Click Here Also according to DraftExpress, he was measured 7'0" without shoes in 1992.
Omid said on 16/May/18

I believe Nash is the taller man, I never argued Kane looked taller in front of Bigshow than Nash did so there’s that.

As for peak Bigshow, Given his several encounters with Shaq during the years (who’s 7’1) by the way, I believe his 7’0 foot billing...if he only looked maybe 2 inches shorter than Shaq in 2008, 2009, he definitely would have been a 7 footer a decade before.

I can’t find the 6’7 billing anywhere...this is literally the only place that I’ve even heard it.

@Slim, 6’7 is huge, most folks tend to be surprised how big these wrestlers are when they actually get to see them from a close proximity.
ced said on 16/May/18
@Christian -

Kane was never billed as 6'7 as Yankem.. He was billed as 6'9 as Yankem. Watch Isaac Yankem Vs Undertaker, when Yankem is outside of the ring, they're billing him as 6'9, then he gets in the ring, and dwarfs the Undertaker in a staredown, and you could tell that Vince (on commentary) and the other announcers were surprised that he was actually taller than Taker.

Unfortunately, there is no pic with Nash and Kane side by side, there was only 2 matches that they had together, one as Yankem Vs Diesel, and the other was a 6 man tag (Hogan, Kane, Rock) Vs The Outsiders and X-Pac, but unfortunately they never have a staredown in the 6 man match. The closest they get is Kane gIving the boot to Nash.

After all, Kane WAS the fake Diesel.. I don't think Vince would have put him in that role if him and Nash weren't identical in size, especially since WCW had Nash, and the new Diesel needed to be just as impressive.
Lyle1 said on 16/May/18
Listen to the table for 3 'Giants' with Mark Henry, Big Show and Kane, Henry refers to kane as being 6'7 or 6'10.

I think Henry kinda F'ed up by saying 6'7 then quickly added the 6'10. So I still believe nothing less than 6'7 today
bam said on 15/May/18
Click Here this would make him maybe same height as kane. his standing next to the undertaker
Slim said on 15/May/18
@Martin 6’2” post the vid. Kane said he was “6’8 6’9” legit with long hair down my back”
Omid said on 15/May/18
You cannot argue a 7 feet show and a 6’6 Kane Martin....again at no point in either man’s career has there been more than 4 inches of difference between them, if peak Kane would’ve been 6’6, Peak show would’ve been 6’10 not 7’0.

This is Show in front of Show at 2009.

Click Here

Shaq is 7’1 and at that point Show would have been 6’11, can you honestly observe more than 3 cms or 1.25 inches between them? And I’m not convinced Show I standing as tall as he could.

This is peak Bigshow in front of peak Kane (who’s wearing equal footwear to show at that point).

Click Here

In 09 Show looked no more than 3 cms shorter than Shaq who’s 216cm, factoring in his bigger boots that would be roughly 4 cms shorter...making him at least 212cms or 6’11.5 at 09.

At 01, Show would’ve been a 7 footer...there hasn’t, isn’t and never will be more than 4 inches of difference between Show and Kane 7’0 - 0’4 = 6’8.
MIR said on 15/May/18
Kane was much more than 5 inches taller than the Rock in 2002, it was close to 7 inches and again, It's not like the Rock was barefoot. Click Here
I'm confident Kane hit 6'8 at his tallest and and now would be 6'7 or slightly under like 6'6.75
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 14/May/18

Just because Kane may have looked taller next to Show than Nash did, doesn't automatically mean Kane's taller than Nash. Remember, Rob met Nash in 2013 and estimated him at 6'9". He's hunching down in the pic but if stood straight he looks about 6'8.5" so that's the lowest I'd put him. And now look at Kane who claimed he's 6'8" and was billed 6'7" when he was known as Yankem. Btw, I don't think Show was ever a legit 7'0".


I can't find a pic of Kane and Nash standing together unfortunately, but common sense should tell you that Nash is taller just by him meeting Rob and looking 6'8.5" in the pic and that Kane himself claimed 6'8" and was billed 6'7" when he was known as Yankem, and WWE isn't gonna underbill a wrestler.
Slim said on 14/May/18
I agree @Omid. On another note. IF Kane is 6’7 now. People must not realize just how huge 6 foot and 7 inches is.
Vegas said on 14/May/18
Nash was noticeably taller than Rodman in WCW like towards the end of this clip Click Here
Martin 6'2 said on 13/May/18
I was watching a clip from the Attitude era earlier, it was Kane, and The Rock w/ Mr McMahon and Shane.
Rock in his smart shoes that gave him half an inch, and Kane in his 2' boots at the time.
The Rock was standing at about 6'3" and I hate to admit this being a huge Kane fan, but Kane was clearly about 5' taller, putting him at 6'8" in those boots, and 6'6" barefoot.
So I think when Kane said he was 6'8" he was telling a half truth, he was talking about in his original boots.
Slim said on 12/May/18
Prove to me in photo evidence where Nash is much taller than Kane. Idc if he LOOKED taller, still doesn’t eliminate the fact that kane always looked taller than Nash did when staring down big show.
Omid said on 12/May/18

At no point in either man’s career has been more than 4 inches of difference between them, If peak Show was 7’0....Kane could not have been less than 6’8.

As for today, Show has seemingly lost quite a bit more than Kane in height, their difference today is more in the realms of 3.5 than 4 and a 6’10.5 Bigshow today means Kane cannot be any lower than 6’7 today...with a fraction as margin of error.

Now if you wanna downgrade peak show, pull everyone else down with him too.
Slim said on 11/May/18
You’re implying kane typically exaggerated his height? Wrong. He never has or did. Nash has let ppl bill him to 7’1”. While he was the same height as ADMITTED 6’7 Tyler mane and Dennis Rodman. Try again.
james garcia said on 11/May/18
the undertaker is 6'7'' and kane is 6'8'' like baron corbin and braun strowman
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 11/May/18

Kane admitted to being 6'8" (which is still high). He's just not as tall as Nash, no matter how you want to put it.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 10/May/18

First off, JBL was never 6'6". He was about 6'5" peak and 6'4.5" today. As for Nash and Kane, Nash was easily 6'9" peak, while Kane admitted to being 6'8". If a wrestler (who typically exaggerates their height) claims to be 6'8", then more than likely he's not going to be any taller than that.
Ced said on 10/May/18
Take a look below. Here is a staredown with Big Show and Kane. Here is another with Big Show and Nash.

Click Here

Here is Kane and Show (with Kane looking close to Show's height than Nash)

Click Here
Ced said on 10/May/18
I wasn't talking about Kane where he wore lifts.. There's a backstage segment with Goldust, Booker T, and Kane in 2003 (no big lifts), and Goldust was wearing a plastic Kane Mask when Kane pulled it off. Take a look at that segment then taken a look at a backstage segment with Nash and Goldust the year before. Nash comes across as taller because Kane has a tiny head for his size, but they were pretty much the same.
Slim said on 9/May/18
Um no @Christian. That segament with show Nash and Goldust, that same night/year Kane was half masked and had flats on. He’s the same height as Nash if not taller. The backstage segment between Kane Goldust booker t and jbl, kane towered everyone including 6’6 jbl. Kane was half masked and had his flats on. 2003
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 9/May/18

That's because Kane wore massive lifts back in the day. Barefoot he's nowhere near as tall as Nash.
Slim said on 8/May/18
Agreed @Caden. I think Nash just looks like he’s taller. They’ve wrestled each other before under different gimmicks and couldn’t tell a difference between them. Nash had his huge main up top too. I’ve seen people across the room that I thought were a good bit taller than me only to get up close and I end up being taller actually.
Caden said on 7/May/18
For everyone that says that Kane and Nash weren’t the same height, there is a backstage segment in which Goldust appears with Big Show and Nash, and Goldust goes face to face, Nash had the same exact height advantage over Goldust that Kane did.
mrtguy said on 6/May/18
Rob, Kane has a really tiny head for his height it looks 2 inches shorter than Big Show's and that's being a bit generous
Editor Rob
I'd never have thought it was that much smaller...
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 5/May/18

I don't agree with you that Kane was ever 6'8", let alone today. And Big Show's not 7'0" today, more like 6'10" or at best 6'10.25"
Martin 6'2 said on 5/May/18
Click Here both wearing thick soles here, and why not, I do the same and can manage 6'3" lol
Omid said on 3/May/18
Look at the boots for comparision.

Click Here

Click Here

Kane’s boots are nothing special in anyway, at least haven’t been since 2000, between him and Big Show for example you only see 4 inches of difference at absolute best, and most people here agree that their difference is more like 3.5 than 4 anyway.

7 foot Bigshow = 6’8 Kane...andthat’s worst case scenario for Kane.
Slim said on 2/May/18
Click Here Show in ring boots. Kane in dress shoes. Yet another piece of evidence showing Kane was taller than anyone else against show. He’s not even in his prime anymore either.

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