How tall is Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury's Height

6ft 7 ½ (201.9 cm)

British heavyweight Boxer. He has claimed a few times "I'm 6ft 9" and "18 stones", although as an amateur he was billed as 6ft 7. He has also been billed in 2018 as 6ft 8 3/4.

Tyson fury

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6ft 7.67in (202.4cm)
Mickie said on 19/Sep/19
Tyson was barefoot with 6'4" Vince Vaughn (who was in shoes). But yeah even considering he is losing an inch or whatever on footwear he doesn't look 6'7" there.

I think when standing straight though, he's a strong 6'7" range guy. Or else we're seeing Wlad dip into the 6'4" range and Deontay Wilder sub 6'6".
Mickie said on 18/Sep/19
I think Tyson at 6'7.25" - 6'7.5" range is a fair estimate. He has naturally poor posture, but has looked a little over 2" taller than Wlad (in my view probably a solid to strong 6'5" guy in the evening) and a little over 1" taller than Wilder (who I used to think was 6'6.5" but after seeing him look shorter than 6'6.5" Breazeale I think seems more 6'6" - 6'6.25").

I used to think it was more possible Fury was closer to 6'8", but I don't believe that to be the case now. He can honestly look 6'6" in a lot of situations, and yes posture, footwear, and angles come in to play but I've seen him look 6'6" too many times to believe he's a 6'8" guy. More like 201 - 202 cm when standing straight, but often using languid posture.
Chris11 said on 17/Sep/19
Rob could you please evaluate this video of Tyson with 6'4 listed Vince Vaughn?
Click Here
Tyson even mentions Vince being tall, but in this video, Tyson doesn't even look imposing over Vince considering he should be quite abit taller, it's not the best video to evaluate the heights because you can't see the footware but I'm guessing Tyson is barefoot in that video or either in flat boxing shoes but I don't entirely know.
Either way Tyson is definitely not 6'9" and that's pretty obvious, I don't know why he still thinks he's that height but he's been questioned and exposed many times with the 6'9 claims, even recently by Wallin at the staredown, even though Fury is inches taller, he still got called upon being at 6'7", which seems about right, you can tell he's slightly smaller in height than David Price which is seen in multiple pictures and also smaller in height than Magic Johnson.
Editor Rob
Yeah they probably weren't looking more than 2 inches apart. Tyson being struggling recently with looking over 6ft he too young to have lost height? Maybe his couple of years out and bad habits are catching up.
Robbe said on 17/Sep/19
@Gman39, well spotted. Must be the first time i see somebody on the scale with shoes on. So, there's still case for 6'7 for Fury, espesially when you look at Otto with a 192cm listed boxer.

Click Here

Otto may very well be just 194-195cm.
Mickie said on 16/Sep/19
In the video where Otto calls Tyson out about the 6'9" claim, Otto had a footwear advantage and still came up 2" short. I wonder why he thought he was only an inch smaller?
Mickie said on 16/Sep/19
I thought he looked more than 2" taller than Wallin in the ring. But Wallin's height is debateable. Maybe he's more 6'5" than 6'5.5".

Fury can look anywhere from 6'6" to 6'8" at a given moment depending on his posture.
c-mo said on 16/Sep/19
Otto Wallin : 194 - 195 cm

Tyson Fury : around 202cm
Myself said on 16/Sep/19
Yeah but I think there he's not just "stretching up", but more like standing on top toes xd
Robbe said on 16/Sep/19
Otto with 6'7.5 Granat.

Click Here

Maybe Otto compared Tyson to Granat, and judged Tyson as 6'7.
Gman39 said on 15/Sep/19
At the weigh-in Tyson was wearing thick, white thick-soled sneakers (even on the scale which is unusual), and Wallin was in what appears to be black socks. Near the end of the video, the camera pulls back and you can see their feet, briefly. I think Wallin is 6'5.
Click Here
Robbe said on 15/Sep/19
Tyson is most likely tip toeing in that pic Rob posted. Tyson does that very often, like he did it with Otto as well. He has always the same look on his face when he does it :D Click Here
Editor Rob
He was also doing the old raising eyelevel in that press conference with Wallin when he said he wasn't 6ft 9.
Mark D. said on 15/Sep/19
I'd say 6'8". His posture is pretty bad most of the time, making him not appear as tall.
Grayloth said on 14/Sep/19
Wallin is around 195 cms. I think I remember him being billed at that height in his amateur career. That extra inch is the typical inch they add on all athletes in showbiz.
Jonas Henrikssen, said on 14/Sep/19
Looks normally 202cm but looked 6"9 with 6"5 Wallin or he had crazy shoe advantage
Duhon said on 14/Sep/19
What do we make of this if Magic is 6'7.5" as Rob lists him? Click Here
Editor Rob
I mentioned before that I am not sure if Tyson's posture was as good, because Maybe he can stretch up
Robbe said on 14/Sep/19
Actually the difference was about the same in the weigh in. It just looked bigger due that mask Tyson was wearing. If you look at Tyson eye level, it hits the same place in Ottos forehead in both cases. There's at least 0.5in "air" in top of that mask, i think Click Here
miko said on 14/Sep/19
When Tyson stood tall it was closer to a 3 inch difference with Wallin.

Wallin looks 6'5, so Tyson was looking 6'7.5/6'7.75 range.
184guy2 said on 13/Sep/19
Otto didn't looked over 6'5 with Anthony Joshua :
Click Here
That would make Tyson not over 6'7
tim181 said on 13/Sep/19
Click Here for best audio
Otto: You are not really 6'9 right, How tall are you?
Fury: I'm 6'9, how tall are you?
Otto: You are 6'7, I am 6'6.
Editor Rob
Yeah that sounded correct
Robbe said on 13/Sep/19
Is Otto really 6'5.5? He looks more than just 0.25in shorter than AJ.

Click Here

On the other hand, Otto doesn't look much shorter than Wilder Click Here
Mickie said on 12/Sep/19
It also occurred to me that Otto Wallin may have mentioned 197 (his metric height) rather than 6'7" in US. So goes to say, I really don't know whether Tyson said he was 6'7" or 6'9", nor do I know if Wallin was commenting on both their heights or just his own.
Mickie said on 12/Sep/19
I noticed the footwear in the Wallin stare down too. Wallin's nike sneakers vs Fury's loafers Click Here

Seems like Fury might have a good cm less in footwear. So if Wallin's billed height of 197 cm is true Fury really looks closer to 6'8" than 6'7".

However upon further review to OriginalAnon's interpretation of the video - looking at it again maybe Fury really did say he was 6'7" to Wallin. When I first heard it I thought he said 6'9" but I can hear how it sounds like 6'7" too. And it seemed like Wallin repeated something back to Fury about the height of 6'7" before claiming 6'6". Fury objected to the idea (rightfully) that he was only an inch taller than Wallin. It would be really cool if we could hear that part of the conversation without all of the background noise.
Robbe said on 12/Sep/19
Adrian maybe slightly taller than Tyson. Adrian's head is tilted down, so he is likely losing some height there Click Here
Robbe said on 12/Sep/19
Tyson looks bang on 2in taller than 6'5.5 Otto Wallin.

Click Here

Pretty much the same difference as 6'7.5 Adrian Granat vs Otto Click Here
Reece said on 12/Sep/19
Did look tall with Wallin IMO. 202-203cm IMO.
Mickie said on 12/Sep/19
In Fury's latest stare down with Wallin, Wallin asked Fury his height. He appeared to say "6-9". Then Fury asked Wallin how tall he was, and it seemed like Wallin told Fury "you're 6-7, I'm 6-6": Click Here

To be fair though, Wallin's estimation that Fury was only an inch taller than him didn't look right. The gap looked to be 2".
OriginalAnon said on 11/Sep/19
Click Here

When Wallin asks Fury how tall he is at around 1:20 in the above video, I think he says "6'7"
Mickie said on 11/Sep/19
Funny picture of Tyson with a minimum weight boxer (billed at 5'2" for those who are curious): Click Here
StonePowers 6'3 1/4" said on 8/Sep/19
So nice, another perfect 200 cm in low peak.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Sep/19
Price gives a noticeably taller impression with Erkan...good chance he could be a little over 6ft8
Robbe said on 6/Sep/19
Btw it's pretty clear now Alexander Ustinov is nowhere near 6'7.5. He is about the same size as 6'6 listed Joe Joyce.

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

No wonder Tyson looked taller than Ustinov. Cause he really is, at least by 3-4cm. Ustinov also looked about the same height as Vitali. So Vitali is also cleary shorter than Tyson.
Canson said on 5/Sep/19
I’m starting to agree with a full 6’7.5” being a real possibility. He actually looks a bit over 2” taller than Klitschko in a few pictures.
Mickie said on 5/Sep/19
Hughie Fury and Joseph Parker:
Click Here
Click Here
Robbe said on 5/Sep/19
Eddie with 6'3 Joseph Parker Click Here
Robbe said on 5/Sep/19
@Mickie, Hughie has shoes on, and Povetkin is on socks there. There is another video on youtube where you can clearly see Hughie puts his shoes on, and Povetkin walks away with his white socks.

Here is an interesting comparision. 195cm listed Erkan Teper with David Price/Tyson Fury.

Click Here

Price actually looks 6'9 with Teper. Tyson looks bang on 6'7.5 there.
Mickie said on 4/Sep/19
Is Eddie really 6'4" flat? I agree 6'5" is out of the question but there are times where he can look pretty tall next to A.J. : Click Here He has a footwear advantage there, and there are plenty of other pictures where A.J. looks a little taller even when Eddie has a footwear advantage. But I see pictures like this and think he's possibly more of a strong 6'4" range type.

As for Hughie... Maybe 6'5" flat or weak 6'5" range? I would need to see more pics of him to land on a guess. This is what Tyson looked like next to Povetkin: Click Here (I'd ignore comparing Povetkin to Hughie there because he is much closer to the camera and at a weird angle). This is a better view of how Hughie looks next to Povetkin: Click Here
ken6-3 said on 2/Sep/19
Noah is a legit 6'6"
Tyson looks at the most, an inch taller than him. Noah's cleats dig into the ground so the footwear is probably equal
"Mickie said on 22/May/19

Tyson did have very thin shoes on the Magic Johnson day (seen in the first picture) and did look pretty tall next to 6'6" listed (is he really that tall though?) Noah Syndergaard (who probably has baseball cleats vs Tyson's thin shoes):"
Robbe said on 2/Sep/19
Rob, any plans for listing Hughie Fury, or Eddie Hearn? They look very close in heights. Both are heavily overlisted, Hughie at 6'6, and Eddie at 6'5. Hughie is around 6'4.5, and Eddie a weak 6'4 Click Here

Hughie with 6'4.5 Lennox Lewis Click Here
Editor Rob
Eddie at 6ft 4 might be ok for him.
Mickie said on 17/Aug/19
Of the photos of Fury and Mike Tyson here - they are standing together in the last one: Click Here
Mickie said on 15/Aug/19
Fury is dropping height in that pic with Price. You can tell here that they are closer in height than that: Click Here

I still think Price is a little taller. Fwiw Price typically claims 6'9" actually. Although he has said 6'8" before too.

Fury can slouch to 6'6" range but standing well I think he is a strong 6'7" at the least. 6'7.5" listing suits him well. Price I think is at least the 6'8" claim, but 6'9" can look a bit high for him as well.
Robbe said on 15/Aug/19
Tyson is fighting against 197cm listed Otto Wallin on 14.9. Here Otto with 202cm listed Adrian Granat. This is how the difference should look between Otto and Tyson. Left to be seen.

Click Here
HarrySachs said on 11/Aug/19
Here is Tyson Fury next to the listed 6'8 David Price. David Price also claims to be 6'8 Click Here

I don't know how anybody thinks Fury is 6'8 plus. he is around 6'7 tops.
Gman39 said on 9/Aug/19
Nice post Robbe, I had noticed that as well - they looked about the same, when compared to Breazeale.
Robbe said on 8/Aug/19
Wilder doesn't look taller than AJ, compared to 6'6.5 Breazeale.

Click Here

Both are shorter than Breazeale, by 1-1,5cm.
Ellis said on 6/Aug/19
@Robbe: Wilder is taller, Wilder is probably 6'6 at a low. Wilder has a very similar height to Carmelo Anthony. They have a picture where Melo looks taller, but pictures can be deceiving.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Aug/19
I could see him getting 204-205cm range out of bed
Jamie said on 5/Aug/19
Hey Rob, how tall would say his half-brother and this year’s Love Island runner-up Tommy Fury?
Editor Rob
Maybe near to 5ft 11
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 5/Aug/19
Peter Crouch and Richard Osman is not shorter than Fury.
Robbe said on 24/Jul/19
Tyson looks very close to Greg Davies height, maybe sloghtly shorter. Deontay Wilder is practically the same height as AJ, so this compare is pretty accure i think Click Here
Mickie said on 14/Jul/19
Tyson is closer to the camera, but David Haye's 6'4" claim is terrible lol: Click Here
movieguy12 said on 6/Jul/19
Tyson Fury just gave an interview in which he said Wlad is 6'5'' and used lifts to look bigger at weigh of their fight. I believe this.
Mickie said on 4/Jul/19
Seemingly slouching, in the ring Fury still had a big height advantage over Schwarz Click Here

We don't know if Schwarz is his billed 6'5.5" height, but if he is then in that photo Fury looks like he could even be a strong 6'8" range type if standing straight. Maybe Schwarz is more like 6'5" flat later in the day.

Right now I think Rob's listing is good overall, Fury can be tricky height wise. You can swear he's 6'7" max one moment and then he'll suddenly look closer to 6'8" in situations where footwear isn't involved.
Mickie said on 3/Jul/19
I would say 6'7.25" - 6'7.5" is a good bet, taller than that early in the day of course.
Mickie said on 2/Jul/19
You can see Fury look well taller than Schwartz or his 6'5" listed trainer: Click Here

Fury was wearing either thin loafers or barefoot. In fact, there was a video out there of Fury taking off the shoes and walking around MGM barefoot post fight. Presumably Schwarz is barefoot.

The camera angle favors Fury over Schwarz, but it's one of those videos where you start to see what he's talking about when he claims 6'9". Not that I think he'd measure that tall, but like many athletes do... When you measure in shoes and round up, you get there for Fury. He's over 6'7" when standing well, although maybe not more than 6'7.5".
Canson said on 29/Jun/19
@Ellis: I don’t rule out him being 6’7 out of bed. That’s extremely possible. I agree on Fury too
Mickie said on 27/Jun/19
Yeah there are pics where Fury and Wilder look similar height, but that's due to footwear or posture.

These pics are from when each had similar footwear: Click Here

I think Fury has Wilder by at least 3 cm. Although Wilder's exact height is debatable.
Ellis 6'8 said on 27/Jun/19
6'7.25 at an absolute low, Wilder is a 6'6 guy, never really 6'7 and never leaves 6'6, if he does just barely.
Duhon said on 26/Jun/19
So was Wlad really wearing lifts here or what? Click Here
Editor Rob
He could be wearing a 2cm lift, but also his head might be closer. He certainly was a lot closer at times to Tyson that both their height claims seemed to never be possible.
Boxing fan 07 said on 18/Jun/19
Can someone set me straight please. I’ve been hearing Fury is 6’8” but judging by the pictures with Wilder, he barely looks 6’7”.

Either Fury is shorter than he says he is or Wilder is wearing boots
Canson said on 16/Jun/19
@Mickie: I think a solid 6’6 for Wilder
Swinger said on 16/Jun/19
Lol so much for Tom Schwarz being the same height as Fury

Schwarz was wearing huge shoes all week. As soon as they're in trainers he gets dwarfed

Click Here
Mickie said on 16/Jun/19
We get a pretty good shot of Fury and Schwarz here: Click Here

I don't know Schwarz's exact height, but you can see Fury is significantly taller.
Big dosser said on 16/Jun/19
Everyone saying he wasn’t much taller then Tom Schwarz but the face off in the actual fight told a different story looked 2-3 inches bigger but during the press conference face off only looked 1 inch bigger. Still think Tyson is only 6’8ish region
Importer said on 15/Jun/19
Hey @Editor Rob how tall do you think his half brother "Tom Fury" is? Dude's currently in love island...if you watch that sort of thing..:))
Editor Rob
at most 6ft, maybe under a bit.
Robbe said on 15/Jun/19
Tom is shorter than his trainer, former heavyweight boxer, Ulli Kaden. Ulli is 6'5,so Tom is probably around 6'4.5.
Joe Joe said on 15/Jun/19
Funny how all Fury’s opponents get their heights bumped up when they face him to legitimise his own ridiculous 6’9 claim. People are now saying Schwarz is 6’6. Hahaha
movieguy12 said on 14/Jun/19
Fury once more looks about 6'7.5'' if Tom Schwarz is his given height of 6'5''. There is not a 4 inch height difference between the two fighters when they stand head to head. It's between 2 and 3 inches I'd say.
Mickie said on 13/Jun/19
Those are quite low heeled shoes. Probably giving up at least half an inch to a pair of trainers. Click Here


Tom Schwarz on the other hand had obviously big footwear: Click Here
tim181 said on 13/Jun/19
He had 1-3cm on WIlder depending on occasion. Has 4-5 cm on Shwarz
Mickie said on 13/Jun/19
Wilder being taller than Fury is also way off: Click Here

Wilder is more like 6'6". Maybe 6'6.5" at best, but it is possible that's a fairly early measurement, we don't know.
Mickie said on 13/Jun/19
Lol no, Fury was easily the taller of the two. Click Here

You can sort of see their footwear as well - Tom Schwarz's was thicker. On the face to face, Tom stood tall and raised his eyelevel to feel taller the whole time. But you can see whenever Fury isn't slouching for a pose that he's got an obvious height advantage throughout the whole video.
Cameron Brown said on 13/Jun/19
I think Schartz is a legitimate 6ft 5.5 to be honest, as his listed height seems very specific he seems about 2 to 2.5 inches shorter than Fury Click Here I don't think Tyson Fury had the best posture either and this is very typical in faceoffs as of course, he isn't going to maximize his height as he won't be able to actually look into Schartz's eyes. I also feel like the camera angle affected it as well. He seems to be about 6ft 8.
TripleNano said on 13/Jun/19
No way. Fury is taller than Tom and Tom wears very high sneakers (Nike air Max 4 cm), while Fury wears flats. In my opinion Tom is 195-196 barefoot and Fury 200-201 barefoot too. No way 206, but 203 maximum in sneakers.
Duhon said on 12/Jun/19
Fury looks about the same height next to 6'5.5" Tom Schwartz as he did next to Deontay Wilder Click Here Click Here said on 12/Jun/19
Fury is no where near 6”9 not even 6”7 he looked shorter than 6”5 listed Schwarz. Also wilder is taller than fury as seen in press conferences and the fight itself
Wilder 6”6
Fury 6”5.5
Schwarz 6”6
ManKo said on 10/Jun/19
Imagine if he meets Yao Ming @duhon

Click Here

There is always a bigger fish, unless you are Robert Pershing Wadlow
Mickie said on 9/Jun/19
@Duhon - Fury did meet Tyson Chandler who measured 6'11.5" without shoes: Click Here

Their postures make the pic not the best for pinpointing heights, but they obviously look closer in height than Magic in Shaq in that photo.
Duhon said on 7/Jun/19
Seeing how Fury looked like next to Magic Johnson, he'll probably be blown away if he meets Shaq Click Here
ManKo said on 6/Jun/19
Here another photo look Rob, dont you think it is a bit strange?

Click Here
ManKo said on 6/Jun/19
Hello Rob!+

I was surprised by how much shorter he was than Magic Johnson!

Click Here

I was expecting them to be of similar height, specially now since Magic is getting older and may be starting to lose some cm.
Editor Rob
He got caught looking short there, although who knows if Fury is standing with looser posture on purpose, you can see Here, there may be something to that.
JD1996 said on 6/Jun/19
I think your spot on canson somwere between 6'7"-6'7.5" at a low and i believe maybe 6'8.25"-6'8.5" out of bed because he's a very big guy, 6'8.75" in trainers or something earlyish in the day is not unreasonable for fury probably how he gets the 6'8.75" listing.
Canson said on 5/Jun/19
@JD1996: I think 6’7-6’7.5 at a low and 6’8 and a bit out of bed. The 6’8.75 is a shoe height probably earlier in the day maybe close to a low if a thicker shoe
JD1996 said on 3/Jun/19
Don't know how tall fury is now as lots of photos say different things used to think he was around 6'8" give or take now I'm not so sure, he may only be 6'7" or 6'7.25" like some people here say. It will be interesting to see what the height difference is between me and him as I'm 6'6" myself. Even if he is only 6'7" or 6'7.25" he's still an extremely tall guy though very few people are that sort of height, I think he just says 6'9" because he's a larger than life kinda guy.
Canson said on 2/Jun/19
@Mickie: the lowest I could buy for Wlad is 195-196. But really prob 196. He doesn’t look under 6’5”. There’s a chance he loses an inch
movieguy12 said on 31/May/19
To me the Magic Johnson photos finally put to bed the notion that Fury is 6'9''. He is clearly the shorter man and much slimmer these days. Fury is probably around the height given on this page 6'7.5''. This is what Wlad Klitchko guessed him as after meeting him.
Mickie said on 31/May/19
Robbe brings up a good point about the Fury-Magic pics. There could be some distortion from the able like the Wlad-AJ one. Based on the apparent head sizes. And Tyson is probably at a footwear disadvantage. Fury being a 201 - 202 cm guy with an oft slouchy posture adds up overall. He can't be anything like 6'9" barefoot.
Lanky said on 31/May/19
Good side-by-side shot with Joseph Parker: Click Here
Robbe said on 31/May/19
I dont think there's any photos of Fury and AJ together. Nor of AJ and Wilder together. But if you look AJ and Wilder compared to 6'6.5 Breazeale, they look very similar.

Click Here

@Thomas Roberto, Fury is way closer to the camera in your last post, its not a good picture to judge their height difference. What comes to Magic pictureäs, Fury indeed looks cleary shorter there. We all know Magic is 6'7.5 at the best, so that would make Fury under his current listing. But Magic's head looks huge in both pictures, so it's probably just the case of camera angle favoring Magic in those pictures. I dont think he is so visible taller than Fury in reality. Both are around 201-202cm.
Mickie said on 30/May/19
Speak of A.J., I saw this old pic of him and Wlad recently: Click Here Pretty deceptive photo.

Fury has sparred with A.J. before, but I haven't seen them photographed.
Lanky said on 29/May/19
Do we actually have any photos at all of Fury and AJ together? I can’t find any from a quick google search, but it seems implausible that they haven’t shared the same space before.
Mickie said on 28/May/19
@Thomas - He looked plenty taller than Noah in the other picture considering the likely footwear difference I thought. If you look at their eye levels and shoulder levels especially (because Noah has a hat) Tyson looks convincingly taller. Factor in the footwear and I can believe it's a pretty sizable difference. Although I don't know Noah's height exactly. But if Noah is 6'6" you could easily see Tyson being a big 6'8" range guy.

It's the Magic Johnson pictures that make me question things. Tyson look weirdly short next to Magic - makes me suspect Tyson could be 6'7" with Wladimir 6'4.5" - 6'4.75" and Deontay somewhere in the 6'5.5" - 6'6" range at a low. Tyson really seems more 6'6" next to Magic, but we already know he's good at looking shorter than he should in some photos. For example, next to big guys like Alex Ustinov you can see Tyson isn't a 6'6"-er as Tyson has a small, but apparent height advantage over the billed 202 cm Ustinov.

Regardless of whatever Tyson might measure, he's very difficult to pin down. He can look a believable 6'8" in one photo and struggling with 6'6" in the next.
Thomas Roberto said on 27/May/19
Click Here

Look at this image. A more level picture and Tyson clearly looks a lot taller than the baseball player
184guy2 said on 24/May/19
Magic probably had a bit of footwear advantage ( nothing about lifts ) and was a bit closer to the cam . He is billed 6'9 and we know he is closer to 6'7 but not necessarily a 6'7 flat . 6'7.5 it's ok to him and 6'7.25 do Tyson
Canson said on 24/May/19
@Mickie: it may just be the pic with Melo or a footwear advantage. Magic would likely have at least 2cm on Melo. Melo May be the full 6’6.25 Magic 6’7”
Ellis 6'8 said on 23/May/19
@Oldrich Werner: Just saw the pictures with Magic Johnson, and you are correct. I would say a half inch difference to be safe, but Magic is clearly the taller of the two. Tyson Fury maybe just 6'7 flat at a low. We are not aware of what footwear they are wearing but whatever it is, Magic is still taller, I would put Fury at 6'7.25.
Ellis 6'8 said on 23/May/19
@Oldrich Werner: Just saw the pictures with Magic Johnson, and you are correct. I would say a half inch difference to be safe, but Magic is clearly the taller of the two. Tyson Fury maybe just 6'7 flat at a low. We are not aware of what footwear they are wearing but whatever it is, Magic is still taller, I would put Fury at 6'7.25.
Mickie said on 22/May/19
Anyone who is aware of Magic Johnson's height knows Larry Bird had him by an inch and a half back in the 80s for sure. So it's really weird to see Tyson essentially look like he's struggling hard to be even 6'6" there. I wouldn't blame someone for estimating Tyson as a 6'5.5" guy from those photos alone.

Lest we forget, Tyson standing decently can look like he has a significant height advantage over Deontay Wilder, who most people estimate to be at least 6'6" himself: Click Here

Tyson did have very thin shoes on the Magic Johnson day (seen in the first picture) and did look pretty tall next to 6'6" listed (is he really that tall though?) Noah Syndergaard (who probably has baseball cleats vs Tyson's thin shoes): Click Here

However even accounting for thin footwear, in the Magic Johnson photos he just undeniably looks the shorter guy for whatever reason. It doesn't seem to make sense, but it's there. We know Magic is closer to 6'7" than the 6'9" he was listed at, and he doesn't particularly strike me as a lift wearer (although you never know I guess).
Mickie said on 22/May/19
Another thing that's confusing about the Magic pics. The way each stacks up next to Carmelo.

Click Here
Click Here

Pretty confusing lol.
Mickie said on 22/May/19
Fury looks shockingly short next to Magic. Don't know how to explain that, unless some of these other boxers like Wladimir and Wiilder are shorter than we all thought. Could David Allen have been on to something thinking Wlad was 6'4" range without lifts?
184guy2 said on 22/May/19
The truth is that Magic has never been just 6'7 , always a fraction over and maybe wears some questionable footwear
Mopri60 said on 20/May/19
Click Here
6’1 Stephen A Smith with Magic Johnson and Tyson Fury (both listed at 6’7).
Oldrich Werner said on 20/May/19
Check out Fury's Facebook. Just posted pics with Magic Johnson where is clearly at least an inch shorter than him. 201 cm max for Fury.
Sjjxkxkx said on 20/May/19
Have u seen him with 6’8 magic Johnson, fury looks about 6’6 there to me
Thomas Roberto said on 20/May/19
Click Here

Tyson Fury with 6 foot 9 Magic Johnson
Thomas Roberto said on 11/May/19
Click Here

Here Tyson Fury is with Nathan Gorman who is 6 foot 4 1/2
Mickie said on 8/May/19
Yeah I mean, 6'7.5" / 202 cm is a pretty fair estimate for him barefoot. I think you could find photos/video that would make a pretty strong case that he can't be under 6'7" or over 6'8".
Canson said on 5/May/19
205 is in shoes and no telling what time of the day or how thick the shoe is. I doubt he’s any taller barefoot than Rob lists him
Thomas Roberto said on 3/May/19
Click Here

Fury here says "205 Centimeters" which is 80.70 inches

It matches the measurement before the Pianete fight in August of 2018 (6 foot 8 3/4)

I'd say Fury is 6 foot 8 at least, but with boxing shoes on he is 6 foot 8 3/4
Lanny123 said on 30/Apr/19
I would say yes Peak Taker was taller than Fury, I'd say Taker peak was 6'7.5, he himself claimed that he is 6'8, Bruce Pitchard who knows him, said in 2017 that Taker is 6'7, so maybe he said that after Taker lost some height, for me he was between 6'7 and 6'8 peak, Fury is 6'7-6'7.25 at most.
Mickie said on 30/Apr/19
@Lanny - I wouldn't bet on peak Taker edging out Fury. Fury looked taller than the 6'7" guy anyway and seemed to be standing with worse posture (granted we can't see either shoes).

@Thomas - I don't think Fury would measure shorter when out of shape, but he may stand a bit worse with his posture, that's possible.
Thomas Roberto said on 29/Apr/19
@lanny123 That's also Fury when he's out of shape and obese. When he's lean he's definitely a bit taller
S. App said on 29/Apr/19
He looked over 6'9 when I met him. I'm definitely 6ft and he was at least 9 inches taller than me.
Lanny123 said on 28/Apr/19
6'7 Guy with Tyson Fury
Click Here

Same Guy with Undertaker
Click Here

I don't see more than inch between Undertaker and Fury, Peak Undertaker would edge him easily.
Thomas Roberto said on 27/Apr/19
Here's Tyson Fury next to a 2016 Mercedes-Benz G-Class which is listed at 76.5 inches (6 foot 4 1/2)

Click Here

Looks about 5-6 inches taller with shoes on
184guy2 said on 18/Apr/19
Tyson Fury is clealry shorter than David Price
There is at least half inch between them
mohammad said on 16/Apr/19
Tyson Fury is 6 foot 8 , David Price is 6 foot 8 , Deontay Wilder is 6'6.5" . Anthony Joshua is 6'5.75"
Mickie said on 15/Apr/19
Hard to tell the exact difference due to their stances, but you can see Fury is the bigger guy: Click Here

I think the difference between Wlad and Fury is 2.5 inches.
Thomas Roberto said on 13/Apr/19
@Mickie Is there any good picture of them in the ring that shows the height difference? Boxing shoes of course aren't the same as normal shoes
Mickie said on 13/Apr/19
@ Thomas Roberto - I think for morning heights your guesses are probably quite accurate. Wladimir himself has reportedly mentioned that 6'6" is a morning height. Fury can look about 2.5 inches taller at times when Wladimir wasn't in lifts.
Thomas Roberto said on 11/Apr/19
Tyson Fury to me is around 6 foot 8 and 1/2 inches. If Wilder is 6 foot 7 and Wlad is around 6 foot 6, I think it's fair to say that he has the height advantage over both of them.

Click Here

Here Fury is next to Wlad at a presser. He's looking at least 6 foot 8 .5 or 6 foot 9.
Daniel reynolds said on 10/Apr/19
I have whatch tyson a number of times against other guys and i would definately say he was a good ft6,9. Because he was a few on wladimir and wladimir had to box upwsrds and take chances like he hadn,t before. If you look at the 2 face to face you would say for sure tyson is no less than ft6,8.
Mickie said on 8/Apr/19
@JD1996 - I agree he drops height a lot with posture. I spent a long time trying to explain that to people before the Wilder fight, but people didn't really accept it until they saw them in the ring in boxing footwear. I think the worst case for Fury is a strong 6'7" but I can also envision the possibility of him straightening up to a weak 6'8". In any event, I think Rob's 6'7.5" listing can't be far off (for later and the day and barefoot).
JD1996 said on 6/Apr/19
I think if he stood with better posture he would surprise people with how tall he actually is, i think in his usual slumpy posture looks about 6'7" but if he stood properly he would be 6'8" or very close to it. One of my friends is an example of this, he can often look barely 6'4" but when when he stands properly it's clear he's at least 6'5" same situation for fury I would say.
Canson said on 4/Apr/19
I doubt he’s more than Rob lists him going off a low. I’d argue under 6’7.5 vs over
JD1996 said on 22/Mar/19
79.75-80 inches tall evening imo, not 6'9" barefoot probably at or near it in shoes though. He's noticeably taller than wilder about 1 3/4 inches.
Mickie said on 17/Mar/19
@Crane - For Fury I think his looking taller than Alex Ustinov and Scott Belshaw, close to Wach's height (with thinner footwear) , and appearing something in the neighborhood of an inch and a half taller than Wilder in the ring and press conference makes over a flat 6'7" in my book. But I do think David Price is the taller of the two.
Canson said on 17/Mar/19
@Crane: wilder is 6’6 and so is Joshua 6’5.5-6’6” he’s not as low as 6’5” next to Rob. But for Fury I have him about what you said 6’7.25 and 6’8” out of bed.
Crane said on 15/Mar/19
@Canson Fury was never 6'8.. In fact, he was not even 6'7.5.

Fury real height, when he made his Boxing debut was 6'7 then later changed to 6'9 and then down to 6'8.

The same goes for 6'6 Deontay Wilder and 6'5 Anthony Joshua.

The only true 6'8 Boxer is David Price.
Canson said on 11/Mar/19
I doubt he would maintain 6’8” throughout the day but he would perhaps wake up a little over and come down to around 6’7.25. I think a low may be 6’8.5 in some shoes
Mickie said on 6/Mar/19
I think this listed height deserves a mention in the description at the top of the page. Possibly a morning height, or very conceivably a height in shoes... Click Here
Editor Rob
It is a very specific figure for him, worth mentioning, I forgot to do that when it was talked about at the time of that match.
Mickie said on 1/Mar/19
@movieguy12 If you meant me as the poster who suggested 6'6" - I didn't mean to suggest Tyson was only that height. I only thought he looked 6'6" in the one of photos next to Patrick and that he looked 6'8" in the other photo from the mobile phone. As for what he'd actually measure - I think worst case scenario for Fury is a strong 6'7". I could picture him measuring closer to 6'8" too honestly. He has pretty lax posture a lot of the time, and can look shorter than he'd actually measure.
Canson said on 1/Mar/19
6’7-6’7.5 range
Gman39 said on 1/Mar/19
Great job by Mickie to work up the comparisons. The only thing I am sure of is that Fury is between 6'7 and 6'8. He is not a guy I can settle on a single height with - the jury is still out. Hopefully we will see him facing off with Joshua sometime soon..
moveiguy12 said on 28/Feb/19
Great photos from Patrick Whelan. It is strange how the difference looks noticeably greater in the mobile than pro photo as Patrick himself says. There is no way Fury is only 6'6'' though as possibly suggested by another poster. The minimum I'd go with if the 6'7.5'' height given on this page. Fury might not be taller than this but he isn't shorter either.
Mickie said on 18/Feb/19
I took a stab at making 2 comparisons between Fury with Patrick and Kevin Nash with Rob. Photo 1 Fury looked a couple pixels taller than Nash, and in comparison 2 Nash looked solidly an inch and a half taller, like the difference is listed at on this site: Click Here

Each big man looks like they're not standing quite at full height in the pics. I'd say Nash "appears" 202 cm range in the pictures if you don't account for posture, and Fury "appears" around 202.5 - 203 cm in the first and perhaps 198 cm in the second. He only looks 6'6" to me there, even though I see more 6'8"-ish in the first. I do think Nash measures over 6'8" standing straight.
Mickie said on 18/Feb/19
Yeah, Fury looks taller in the mobile picture than the pro one. I can see 6'8"-ish in the mobile one but not in the pro one.
Patrick Whelan said on 18/Feb/19
Mickie : yea it is my Twitter pic 👍🏻 Rob .. sent some pics in an email to you. Is weird as got 3 pics with Fury that night . 2 on my mobile that an employee of the leisure centre took.. and 1 that was a Pro one all on a proper tripod ..very straight on etc . In the Pro one Fury appears to look not quite as tall as in the Mobile taken ones !.. even though was only about an hour or so between pic taking. It’s possible in the pro one that Tyson could be a clear foot taller fhan me. Therefore could be that he is indeed a bit under 6 feet 8 as you have him listed... and his shoes rounded him up to 6.8... me standing 5.8 ish 👍🏻 He’s a great character Fury.... and can be guilty of slight exaggeration in the past . I guess it’s all part of the Gypsy King Charm and Character 😁💪🏼
Editor Rob
I just uploaded that photo Here. The small version was the one you had sent, it looked like a thumbnail version that got sent...but you could still tell there was a difference in his height between the 2 different angles.
Mickie said on 14/Feb/19
@ Patrick Whalen - is your twitter pic you and Tyson? Because if it is I think I saw it. I'd like to see Rob create one of those side by side photos comparing your photo along side his own photo with Kevin Nash.
Patrick Whelan said on 12/Feb/19
I was at an event last weekend and met Tyson Fury . Now I am only 5 feet 7 (ish) on a good day 😁... however .. before me and my Girlfriend left for the show I actually stood on a Stadiometer that was still out round her place because she had been measuring a couple of the kids. In my shoes I was a bit over 5 feet 8.. and said it will be interesting to see how small I looked next to Fury later ( we were to have a photo etc with him) ... well.... the guy is massive ... and I believe he is indeed 6 feet 9 ... or very very close to it . I basically just about made it to his shoulder.. if it’s possible I can post the pic ?and give others the chance to see what I mean. The guys fist in the pose is literally bigger than my head.! He’s a proper big fella who has easily the dimensigns of a man who at the very least would be a good 6 feet 8 and 3 quarters bare feet I would say 👍🏻💪🏼
Editor Rob
See if you can upload it to and paste a link or email it to me and I'll do it (robpaul At
Mickie said on 11/Feb/19
@184guy2 - I don't think he's quite 6'8" later in the day, but I think he could be very close to that. He doesn't stand well much of the time, which makes people think he's shorter than he really is. I wouldn't rule out something like 6'7.75". He was distinctly taller than Wilder when both were in boxing shoes. The estimate would depend on how tall you think Wilder is. Fury is more than one inch taller but less than two inches, in my opinion.
Canson said on 11/Feb/19
@Mickie: I think he’s at least 6’7” probably more 6’7.25 actually. Maybe Vitaly Klitschko would be weak 6’7” however.

@184guy: likely 6’8” out of bed
Gman39 said on 11/Feb/19
What sticks in my mind is that Wlad (sneakers) was able to match Fury (barefoot) for height, I imagine Wlad had orthodics or a lift in those sneakers. Still, Wlad 6'5.25 + 2 inches = 6'7.25. That is what Fury seemed on that day. I do believe 6'5.5 is possible for Wlad but still, I can't quite figure Fury out.
184guy2 said on 10/Feb/19
Unless talking about morning heights , which we don't
184guy2 said on 10/Feb/19
Fury at 6'8 is laughable
Gman39 said on 7/Feb/19
For me, Wlad and Vitali are about 3 cm apart. I think Vitali is 6'6.5". This mean's Wilder is 6'6.5" and Fury is minimum 6'7.5" and could be 6'8".
Mickie said on 7/Feb/19
Vitali at 6'6.75" is good with me. I think it has to be either 6'6.75" or 6'6.5" for him. I don't think he's quite the full 6'7" but I do think he's very close.
Canson said on 4/Feb/19
@Mickie: I would give Vitali 6’6.75 (200 cm) at a low. Looks roughly 4 cm difference between he and Wlad
Reece said on 4/Feb/19
Vitali looked 6 foot 7 the full thing next to Odam for sure. But pictures can be deciving.Odam is probably just under 6 foot 9 barefoot.
Mickie said on 3/Feb/19
Vitali could be 6'6.5", but I wouldn't go under that though. He looked pretty tall next to Lamar Odom. Vitali at 6'6.5" or 6'6.75" would make sense to me.
Gman39 said on 1/Feb/19
If Wlad really is 6'5.25, perhaps Vitali is 6'6.25, I always thought there was only about an inch or inch and a quarter between them.
movieguy12 said on 31/Jan/19
I'm not sure about downgrading Wilder. He went back to back with Vitali Klitschko and was the same height. Vitali looks 6'7''. Also his brother Wlad has said in a comparison between Wilder and Joshua that Wilder is taller. Again how tall is Fury actually? OK the 6'9'' seems slightly inflated but is he only a little shorter than this which would mean Wilder could still be 6'7'' or so.
JD1996 said on 14/Jan/19
Could be fury 6'7.75" if wilder is 6'6" flat I guess, and yeah wilder is probably a touch smaller than melo in the picture even if there is a slight advantage in his favour I suppose.
Gman39 said on 14/Jan/19
I can see Wilder 6'6 flat and Fury 6'7.25. I still believe 1.5 inches represents their max height difference. There are still numerous photographic examples of a 1 to 1.25 inch height difference.
Lanky said on 13/Jan/19
I can definitely agree with Canson - Rob, time to downgrade Wilder a tad to 6’6” flat? Then Fury at 6’7.5” makes sense.
Canson said on 9/Jan/19
@GMAN39: Thanks!

@JD1996: at times 1.5” may be the truth. I’ve seen as low as 3cm at times as well but maybe as high as 4. I think if Rob dropped Wilder to 6’6” flat seeing as how he looks shorter than Melo due to the angle of the pic it would correct it. A 6’6” wilder and a 6’7.5 Fury make math work
Gman39 said on 7/Jan/19
I agree with Canson 100%.
JD1996 said on 6/Jan/19
He looks 1.5 inches taller minimum than wilder I would say closer to 2.
Canson said on 6/Jan/19
@Mickie: I doubt that high out of bed. I do agree probably a full inch tho for someone his size. I would go with 6’8.25 out of bed or between 6’8-6’8.25 then 6’7-6’7.25 for the low. That’s kinda like Lebron when people refer to him as 6’9” although I have Lebron as a solid 6’7” max but Fury would be probably weak 6’8 in the morning after an hour or two when he would be measured making him 6’8.5-6’8.75 with shoes then. But I won’t rule out closer to 6’7.5 and 6’8.5 either since the listing and since he had a pronounced advantage on Wilder.
Canson said on 6/Jan/19
@Mickie: I doubt that high out of bed. I do agree probably a full inch tho for someone his size. I would go with 6’8.25 out of bed or between 6’8-6’8.25 then 6’7-6’7.25 for the low. That’s kinda like Lebron when people refer to him as 6’9” although I have Lebron as a solid 6’7” max but Fury would be probably weak 6’8 in the morning after an hour or two when he would be measured making him 6’8.5-6’8.75 with shoes then. But I won’t rule out closer to 6’7.5 and 6’8.5 either
Mickie said on 5/Jan/19
I'd say a worst case scenario for Tyson would be about where Canson has him, a strong 201 cm. But personally after seeing the Wilder fight and build up, it's got me thinking that the 6'8.75" he's been listed at might well be his out of bed height. I just thought he looked a good inch and a half taller than Wilder, who I see as being 6'7"+ out of bed.

If Fury is 6'8.75" first thing in the morning, I think that'd suggest a weak 6'8" for his afternoon height (he's such a big guy, I'd imagine he'd lose at least a full inch). If Tyson is really 202 cm or less, I think Deontay Wilder's 6'6.5" listing needs to be brought down. If I was Rob, I would consider listing Tyson a fraction higher and/or Wilder a fraction lower.
Canson said on 30/Dec/18
No less than 6’7” but quite possibly 6’7.25. That’s very much in line with a typical athlete claiming 6’9” as they would be a bit taller earlier in the day and near 6’9” in shoes at that stage
mohammad said on 23/Dec/18
Tyson Fury stands no more than 6'9" after sleeping for 12 hours .

After a long day of work he can't be under 6'8" , as a human being loses about 1 percent of his height throughout the day .

Conclusion : Nothing under 6'8" makes sense , I thinks everyone agrees that Wilder is at least 6'6.5" at night and 6'7" when he wakes up . The height difference between these two men are not more than 2 inches , it can not be !
JD1996 said on 23/Dec/18
To me he seems to be around 6'8"
Mickie said on 21/Dec/18
2 views - first what Tyson looks like tip toeing with Wilder. Second, what he looks like flat footed with similar posture to Wilder: Click Here

I think Tyson has Wilder by a solid inch and a half. The more I look at it, the more I can understand the difference being nearly 2". But I'll still go with 1.5" for the time being. I think that's fair. When Tyson doesn't stand tall, they can look much closer in height. He drops a lot of height at times.
Gman39 said on 20/Dec/18
JD1996, I believe Tyson is tip-toeing in your photo, their height difference is not quite that much. It's about 1.25 to 1.5 inches imho. It could be 6'6.25 Wilder and 6'7.5 Tyson.
Rick1 said on 20/Dec/18
Click Here

How tall is his brother? He looks surprisingly short ( Ricky Hatton is 5’6-7 btw)

He looks about 5’10 to me maybe he’s still growing as he’s just turned 19 - no doubt amazing physique
Editor Rob
He could be nearly 5ft 11
Mickie said on 20/Dec/18
@ Will - his wife was saying he was 6'7" at age 16, not now.
JD1996 said on 19/Dec/18
Click Here The difference betweeen wilder and fury seems around 5 cm to me, whatever wilder is fury is about 5 cm taller. Wilder could be 6'5.75" I'm not really sure on his actual height tbh looks about an inch taller than wladimir klitschko does.
Mickie said on 19/Dec/18
Click Here
Click Here

It's more than an inch between the two fighters.
Mickie said on 19/Dec/18
@ Christian - I used to think the difference was 2 to 3 cm also, but my mind changed after the final press conference, weigh in, and most of all seeing them in the ring. Having seen them both in scant footwear like boxing shoes I think the difference is more like 1.25" - 1.75" range instead. About an inch and a half give or take. Can't see just an inch.
Will said on 19/Dec/18
Click Here

5:20-5:25... his wife says hes 6'7", good enough for me. That makes wilder probably 6'6 or 6'6.25
Editor Rob
I don't think Tyson would be happy to hear that from his beloved!
Canson said on 18/Dec/18
6’7” wouldn’t make Deontay 6’5.25. That’s an inch or max 3cm between them. If anything 6’5.75 perhaps but that is believeable with Wilder and Carmelo Anthony in the pic since Melo is slightly taller (not sure how much camera influences it). I have wilder 6’6” flat
JD1996 said on 18/Dec/18
Agree with lanky at times he can look his 6'9" claim but doesent exactly mean he is 6'9" still think he is a good 6'8" though
VelikiSrbinn said on 18/Dec/18
@ Mickie

Kevin Love, Hafthor, Tyson Fury, Magic Johnson IMO
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 17/Dec/18

3cm difference is the max. 2.5cm is possible as well, putting Fury at 6'7" flat.
Canson said on 17/Dec/18
@184guy: probably strong 6’7”. Like 6’7.25. He’d make 6’9” in shoes if he had a physical around the time of a combine although a flat 6’7” wouldn’t be much of a surprise either to tell you the truth. I can see 6’8” out of bed
JD1996 said on 17/Dec/18
6'7" is definitely low for fury that would make deontay 6'5.25" at best
Lanky said on 17/Dec/18
Looked enormous on SPOTY last night. Dwarfed Gary Lineker. It’s at times like that when he can look a believable 6’9”. Not saying he is, but he can look it.
184guy2 said on 16/Dec/18
Tyson isn't 6'8
He looks 2cms shorter than 6'8 David Price in all pics of them togethet
He is a good 6'7er only
Mickie said on 13/Dec/18
@184guy2 - Fury had no footwear advantage over Wilder nor tip toed in the ring. But Fury still was 1.5" taller than Wilder. Btw I thought he had an easy 2" on Joe Joyce, although Joyce's hairstyle leaves some reasonable room for debate.
184guy2 said on 12/Dec/18
Generally in all pics Fury had the footwear advantage over Wilder. Other thing , Fury usually tip toeing agains his oponents to look even taller. Fury struggles to looks over 6'7 with 6'5.5 listed Joe Joyce in same footwear and similarly posture .
JD1996 said on 12/Dec/18
Fury looks to be the same height as price or at most 1 cm shorter Click Here and fury honestly looks around 1.75-2 inches taller that deontay wilder who is an inch or up to 3 cm on vlad Click Here. Also fury looks a good couple of inches taller than Deontay in this photo which shows them both from above it's clear the top of furys head come a couple inches higher Click Here. I think wladimir 6'5.25", deontay 6'6.25-5", and Tyson fury 6'8" maybe a hair more or less.
Canson said on 11/Dec/18
@184 guy: I think he could have 1.25” on him which is roughly 3cm. But no higher. A 6’6” Wilder puts Fury 6’7.25 still.
Reece said on 11/Dec/18
Fury was only a tad shorter than Price if not even the same height as Price in the airport picture in 2014 when Fury was in better shape . It was only with the weigh gain in 2017 and his poor posture effected his height.
Fury posture is not very good so he is rarely standing straight.
Anything under 202cm is just too low.
Mickie said on 10/Dec/18
@184guy2 - Did you see them at the weigh in and in the ring? Fury had more than an inch on Wilder. The question is whether Fury is a bit taller than he's listed or if Wilder is a bit shorter than he's listed. I do get it with Fury, thinking he's shorter than he really is. He drops height in photos a lot. But next to Wilder in the weigh in and in the ring, Fury is something like an inch and a half taller, rather than the same height as Wilder like some observers thought.
184guy2 said on 9/Dec/18
I really doubt that Fury has over 1 inch on Wilder...
He also was visible shorter than David Price
Didn't looked a full 2'' on Joe Joyce
He might be more 6'7-6'7.25 than 6'7.5 or over
He also looked shorter than WLAD (with lifts) on normal footwear
Micke said on 8/Dec/18
@ JD1996 - Yeah I wouldn't rule that out either.
Canson said on 8/Dec/18
@Mickie: funny thing is I thought Afrojack was 6’7+ before but today I see that he isn’t any taller than someone like Lebron if he’s even as tall as he is. I could see as low as 6’6.5 for him at times then 6’7” at other times at a push.
Gman39 said on 7/Dec/18
The 6'8.75 measurement is very likely his height in running/athletic sneakers.
Mickie said on 6/Dec/18
@ Canson - you could be right about the tallest and shortest of the 4. I should've also mentioned Afrojack could be included in that club of billed 6'9" + guys who Rob has sub 6'8". I think he'd be the shortest if he was included.
Mickie said on 6/Dec/18
Rob, I believe his 6'8.75" billing is worth mentioning in the description too: Click Here

I believe that height seems like it could be either a morning height or a height in shoes.
JD1996 said on 6/Dec/18
@Mickie I think fury would edge them all by a little
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 6/Dec/18

My bet would be on Hafthor, just because Rob met him and estimated him at 6'7.75", although he looks 6'7.25" next to him though, so it's hard to say. I think Magic would be the shortest out the 4 though.
Gman39 said on 5/Dec/18
After all the dust has settled, I think 6'6.25 Wilder and 6'7.5 Fury.
Canson said on 5/Dec/18
@Ellis: Christian made a good point. Even with camera advantage Melo could look taller. I would want a better pic of them where we can see them right next to each other and footwear. Either way I can’t see Wilder above 6’6” flat with him especially being Melo would not exceed 6’6” by more than maybe his pre draft measurement if even that high. Only other variable could be that one was up less time than the other. Melo looks around the height he is on his pre draft not only in person but in pictures. Look at him with Lebron or Kobe or a guy like Per Matsecker who is 6’6.25 as well. I think Fury needs a similar downgrade albeit not quite as much. I see 3cm between them 198 vs 201
Mickie said on 5/Dec/18
I wonder who is the tallest to shortest between: Tyson Fury, Kevin Love, Hafthor Julius Bjornsson, and Magic Johnson (peak).

All these guys who have been listed at 6'9" or taller in some sources.
Mr S said on 5/Dec/18
If a 5'8" man can shrink almost 2cm throughout the day then I can believe around 6'9" for Fury straight out of bed, although later in the day below 6'8" looks more likely.
JD1996 said on 5/Dec/18
I feel like fury had closer to 2 inches on wilder, fury is probably 6 ft 8-.25 give or take, he was noticeably taller by more than just an inch!
Canson said on 4/Dec/18
@Christian: agreed on Both

@Lanky: Melo edged him in the pic but had camera advantage. Not sure how much effect. I would say that Wilder is max 6’6” tho
Canson said on 4/Dec/18
@Christian: I agree. 6’6 for Wilder
Ellis said on 4/Dec/18
@Lanky: Actually that sounds better, Wilder is 6'6.25, Fury is 6'7.5 or like you said 6'7.75
@Christian 6'5 3/8: I agree that Wilder needs a downgrade, but 6'6 flat is a bit low, same for Fury, Fury looked a good bit taller than Wilder, what I mean by that is in all scenarios Fury looked taller in the ring.

I didn't like the attire that Wilder decided to wear, I like it when Wilder is wearing the more traditional mask, the one that covers his entire face. He looked like bane from Batman when he was in his entrance, I liked his song choice though Win by Jay Rock.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 4/Dec/18

Wilder could be just 6'6" flat, while I can maybe see 6'7.25" for Fury at a push. 6'8" is too high though.
Lanky said on 4/Dec/18
If we think back to Wilder’s pics with Melo, and then factor in Mickie’s post below, maybe we should have something like Wilder 6’6.25” and Fury 6’7.75” Rob?
Mickie said on 3/Dec/18
I've changed my mind after the weigh in and fight. I thought there was an inch between Wilder and Fury before. I think it's more than that now.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

I really think either Fury should be listed at closer to 6'8" or Wilder should be listed closer to 6'6".
Lanky said on 3/Dec/18
I don’t know about everyone else, but I found it pretty difficult to accurately gauge the difference in height during the fight. I could tell Fury was taller, but by what sort of margin exactly I wasn’t exaclty sure.
Bette said on 3/Dec/18
Tyson is 6' 9" tall.
We know him personally. He is mahoosif!
Bigfern194-192cm said on 28/Nov/18
I gotta say it Tyson looked no less than 1.5 inches taller than Deontay today at the Presser. At times the full 2 inches. Maybe a slight footwear advantage but I really do not think he is less than 6,8 when standing straight. Might even be 6,8.25. I think if this holds up on Saturday at the fight Tyson is in need of an upgrade or Deontary is need of a downgrade to 6,5.5
Mickie said on 28/Nov/18
Fury and Wilder at the presser today.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Mickie said on 27/Nov/18
Hopefully at the weigh in coming up, Wilder and Fury can have a barefoot stare down. And I hope Fury won't slouch or tip toe.

It will be interesting to see what they each weigh in at. I'm thinking Fury might weigh in about 251 and Wilder 30 lbs lighter or so.
movieguy12 said on 27/Nov/18
It will be interesting the weigh in of the Wilder Fury fight. I suspect Fury will have the advantage if they go head to head but not by 2 inches. He may well do that tip toe thing again.
Mickie said on 23/Nov/18
Lawrence Okolie (left) is listed at 6'5" and has a footwear advantage over Fury: Click Here

When Fury stands decently, he can look very tall.
Mickie said on 21/Nov/18
6'5" listed Lawrence Okolie looks to have a footwear advantage in this shot: Click Here
Mickie said on 16/Nov/18
When you have a low camera angle, it tends to make height differences look less (if distance from the camera is similar) and makes people closer to the camera look taller.
Robbe said on 16/Nov/18
That "big guy" on the left is boxing trainer Barry Robinson. Here with 187cm listed Alexander Hagen. Robinson looks around 195-196cm to me. Click Here

The guy on the left background is Lawrence Okolie who is 6'5. Guys on the right i dont recognise, but they are most likely also shorter than Tyson. Duhon's picture is really a good example how pictures can lie.
Gman39 said on 15/Nov/18
@Duhon - All about 7 foot plus or minus a couple inches, being that Fury is 6'9 ;) Just kidding, they are all tall, 6'6-6'8 range. Hard to tell exactly..
Robbe said on 15/Nov/18
@Duhon, Tyson would probably be tallest of them all. It's just the camera angle foolin. The guy on the left, who seems to dwarf Tyson, is actually only 6'5.
Mickie said on 15/Nov/18
And of course, Fury with a footwear advantage can look very tall next to Wilder: Click Here

The difference isn't that large in equal footwear and Wilder is giving up more height in stance... But wow.
Abdi7 said on 14/Nov/18
Okolie is 6ft5
Mickie said on 14/Nov/18
For a funny comparison - look at how little he makes Joe Rogan look LOL Click Here
Mickie said on 14/Nov/18
@Duhon - it's hard to tell with that camera angle but it looks like the guys standing in front of Fury might be close to his height and the guys behind a bit shorter. Who are they? Actually - the guys behind him might be taller than they look too, again due to the camera angle
Robbe said on 14/Nov/18
Tyson in boxing shoes is definitely shorter than Wilder in sneakers. Question is how much Wilder has shoe advantage there? Click Here
Duhon said on 14/Nov/18
How tall would these guys standing around Fury be? Click Here
Robbe said on 13/Nov/18
@Gman39, that pic was actually taken at the weigh in, so it's more likely Wilder is barefoot there, and Kelvin has shoes on. Here's another pic from the same event Click Here

Here Joyce and Hughie Fury. They look very close, but Joyce is in boxing shoes, and Hughie in trainers Click Here
Gman39 said on 12/Nov/18
It is possible Wilder is in boxing shoes in the photo with Kelvin Price, he could be at a footwear disadvantage there. I would believe up to a two inch difference between Joe Joyce and Fury but I think it is slightly less than that. I am not sure how tall Joyce is yet but he looks about 3.5 inches taller than Haye.
Micke said on 11/Nov/18
I think Fury looked to have Joyce by at least a solid duece. It was hard to tell exactly due to Joyce's high hair, but Fury's eye line was mighty far above Joyce's. Even accounting for their subtle head tilts it seemed impossible to imagine a difference of less than 2" unless Joyce has an extremely tall forehead. I could see an argument for just over 2" or right around it.
Gman39 said on 10/Nov/18
Like I said, height difference between Fury and Wilder is 1in or less. No need to downgrade others if Fury is a flat 6'7. Joyce could be just 1.5in shorter in that great photo. And I never believed Wlad was 2in shorter. I would accept 6'5.5 for Wlad and 6'7 for Fury. However, I think Fury is 6'7.25.
Mickie said on 10/Nov/18
Having seen the video, I noticed Fury seemed to drop height in that stare down with Wilder in order to be eye to eye with him. Click Here
Robbe said on 10/Nov/18
Fury wins by 1cm due to bigger forehead Click Here

If Wilder is 199cm, Fury is 200cm. If Wilder is 199,5cm, Fury is 200,5cm, If Wilder is 200cm, Fury is 201cm, and so on..
Reece said on 10/Nov/18
The chance Wlad is 195cm is very small. He is clearly taller than Lennox Lewis and Tony Thompson who is near about that.

I cannot see Fury being under 202cm. The chance of Fury being 201cm is the same as him being 204cm.
202-203cm are the best guesses.
Abdi7 said on 9/Nov/18
Wilder can’t be less than 2m and fury is not over than 6’7
Robbe said on 9/Nov/18
@Mickie, Tyson is closer to the camera in your video, and he has footwear advantage there. In my video Tyson looks indeed taller at some point, but on the other hand, shooted from other side, they look very close.

Click Here

About Wilder, personally i think he is 200cm, but it's not impossible he is the same height as Carmelo Anthony. You never know. Here Wilder looking clearly shorter than 6'7 listed Kelvin Price Click Here

Im not saying Tyson and Wilder are the same height, they just look sometimes very close. It's obvious Tyson is the taller one, but i wouldn't be surprised if he's only 1cm taller. It's only 3 weeks now to the fight. Looking forward.
Mickie said on 8/Nov/18
And then there is this video: Click Here

Look, I have no problem with Fury being a flat 6'7" in theory, as long as Wilder is changed to
6'6", Joe Joyce to 6'5", and Wladimir to 6'4.75". Fury is an inch taller than Wilder when standing well - even in the video Robbe just posted you can see Fury standing taller than Wilder before he sort of "sinks" down to close the height gap and be eye to eye.
Mickie said on 8/Nov/18
@Abdi7 No he isn't tip toeing. If you go back a couple seconds in the video he was, but it's plainly obvious that he isn't at 9:21 - 9:22. They are flat footed and each standing their tallest
Robbe said on 8/Nov/18
Wilder and Fury looks pretty much the same in this video. For once, they might be wearing boxing shoes both there?

Click Here

Screenshot Click Here
Abdi7 said on 7/Nov/18
@mikie fury is tip toeing
Mickie said on 5/Nov/18
@Abdi7 Click Here
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 5/Nov/18
I don't really see him being anything above 6'7".
Abdi7 said on 5/Nov/18
3.5cm taller than joy Joyce
Mickie said on 4/Nov/18
Joyce's hair makes it hard to judge, but it looks like Tyson might have him by 5 or 6 cm. Larry Bird is obviously the taller guy, he's an actual 6'9" guy.
Mickie said on 4/Nov/18
Joyce's hair makes it hard to judge, but it looks like Tyson might have him by 5 or 6 cm. Larry Bird is obviously the taller guy, he's an actual 6'9" guy.
Canson said on 4/Nov/18
@Robbe: agreed. He’s an athlete though. A 6’9 claim is likely just for the programs
Gman39 said on 4/Nov/18
Interesting, Fury's eye line is a lot higher than Joyce, but the top of his head seems max 1.5 higher. Hard to be sure with all that hair Joyce has. This photo put's Fury in the 6'7 to 6'7.5 range, depending on how tall you think Joyce is.
Claudio said on 4/Nov/18
@Lanky Brendan Schaub is 6'4". Problems in identifying height arise when people that are compared with are underestimated. As for Fury I think he knows alot about height and is 6'8 3/4" out for bed. He probably loses a minimum of an inch throughout the day, he may drop to 6'7 1/2". Wilder is a solid 6'7", same as Vitali.
Robbe said on 4/Nov/18
@Canson, i have been wondering the same. If Tyson is really 6'9, like he claims, he should look like this with Joyce. Chris Mullin is pretty much the same height as Joe Joyce. Larry Bird is 6'9. Click Here
Mickie said on 3/Nov/18
He almost certainly isn't a lift wearer, because if he had been, he wouldn't have allowed Wladimir to match his size. In the ring there was about 2 and change between them.
Robbe said on 3/Nov/18
For once, Tyson is not tip toeing here with Joe Joyce, who is around 196-197cm, Click Here
Canson said on 2/Nov/18
@184guy: I wonder if he ever wears lifts. He could play Wlad’s game
Mickie said on 2/Nov/18
He's not 200 cm. He's more than that. Click Here

The debate isn't between 6'6" or 6'7" for Fury. It's whether he's closer to 6'7" or 6'8". He's visibly taller than Wilder is (in similar footwear) and some people even think he's 6'6.75" - 6'7" range.
Mickie said on 2/Nov/18
Giving it another close look I don't think his front foot is raised in that Joe Joyce pic, but admittedly it's a hard to tell for sure.
Mickie said on 2/Nov/18
One of the things that makes Tyson hard to estimate, I think more so than his tip toeing sometimes, is the fact that he often drops height in photos.

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