How tall is CM Punk

CM Punk's Height

5ft 11 ½ (181.6 cm)

American Professional Wrestler, turner UFC Fighter.

How tall is CM Punk
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Average Guess (331 Votes)
5ft 11.42in (181.4cm)
JS323 said on 21/Sep/23
So I always thought the listed height here was too low. He seems to have the body proportions of a 6-6'1 guy. But I just watched his Complex sneaker shopping episode on youtube and he was ~same height as the host, who most believe is 5'11 max.
5'10 Abdul said on 8/Jun/23
Cold Water said on 20/May/23
180.6 cm
anomymous said on 22/Apr/23
Punk Looks almost as tall as john cena in videos with him.May be he could measure 5 feet 11.75 stretched out at afternoon ..and if discs are properly hydrated and gets good night sleep.Probably strong 182 cm
OriginalAnon said on 31/Jan/23
He's listed at 185cm on Google. Crazy. He looks well under that and possibly 180cm flat at some point in the day.
Jawilder said on 26/Dec/22
He’s an inch shorter than Cena
QM6'1.5"QM said on 19/Dec/22
QM6'1QM said on 20/Aug/19
Always been around one inch shorter than John, i mean something between 5'11-5'11.5" max.

Ha-ha, over 3y ago i wrote this comment and totally agreed about it. Even back then, when Rob keep Punk at 5'11.75", I've had confidence to say my personal thoughts and opinions)
CM Punk is a solid one inch shorter than John Cena!
AB-177CM said on 11/Nov/22
181 cm.
Space said on 29/Aug/22
His prime height may have been 5’11.25”

5’11” at the most today.
Rsingh said on 17/Aug/22
He was very close to jon moxley's height.i think the listing is fair.
Max-T said on 14/Jul/22
Maybe 5’ 11.25” max but no more than that imo. Enjoy some of his work but he’s actually pretty unimpressive for a professional wrestler in terms of his overall physique. Doesn’t have a “big guy” frame, fairly average height, skinnyfat build.
Branit said on 19/May/22
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If Cm Punk is truly 5'11½ then what about the other guy (Oli)?

He has claimed 6'1 a number of times, but he's seen wearing lifted shoes most of the time. Is there a chance he's rather 5'11?
ChristianPerkins said on 1/May/22
Nah, maybe more 5'10"-5'11" range for Page.
Brockley said on 26/Apr/22
"Hangman" Adam Page seems around the 6ft mark in my opinion.
Rsingh said on 26/Apr/22
I want to know how tall is Adam page.
John moss said on 29/Dec/21
Cm punk has never been 6'2 when he wears boots with soles it makes him look 6'2. But technically he is like 6'0-5'10 In my opinion
Michael187BarefootInTheMorning said on 3/Dec/21
5'11" flat seems likely now.

It's also likely that he's lost height by now, so we may need a "peak" and a "current" for him.
Monkey knees said on 28/Nov/21
A tad over 5ft 11in. 5ft 11.5in a decade ago!
berta said on 30/Oct/21
did he get donwgraded? i thought ha was 5`11 3/4 last time i visited the site?
Daniel Lee said on 16/Sep/21
In AEW he looked a hair over 5'11 next to weak 6'0 Christian
ec189 said on 30/May/21
5'11 guy listed as 6'2 from Google..
Lava said on 6/May/21
179-180 cm.
TheDon91 said on 28/Apr/21
SlimShady said on 21/Feb/21
Seems like he's 6'0
QM6'1QM said on 18/Feb/21
Bobmarley said on 10/Feb/21

When and where ?! :)
Bobmarley said on 10/Feb/21
Punk said by himself he is only 5ft11
ChaosControl 6'2 1/2 said on 18/Jan/21
I’d assume 6’0 out of bed
slim 6'1 said on 16/Jan/21
Gives off a 182 impression
Animus said on 18/Oct/20
Anything below 200lbs for CM Punk in his WWE days is hard to justify. I'd say he was in the 200-210lbs range and varied within that range throughout his wrestling career. When he had longer hair and a heavy tan, he tended to look on the heavier side of that range. Later in his career he dropped some weight but still at least 200lbs, I believe. As an aspiring MMA fighter, he looked 10-20lbs lighter than the later stages of his wrestling career (noticeably more defined abs). In his first MMA fight he was 190ish, I believe. For the second fight he looked leaner and had apparently kept his weight around 180 in the week before the fight and presumably rehydrated to about the same weight.
6'3 Julian said on 5/Oct/20
@Abel I know you asked Rob but I think Punk easily clears 6 foot in shoes. Probably nearing 6’1 in wrestling boots and 6’-6’0.5 in trainers
Slim 6'1" said on 4/Oct/20
182cm likely
6'3 Julian said on 2/Sep/20
@Ben Bell different people build muscle differently. I’m very muscular myself and only 5-6 pounds over 210. And I know I’m taller than CM Punk
Abel Camacho said on 2/Sep/20
Hey Rob, How tall do think is CM Punk in shoes?
Abel Camacho said on 31/Aug/20
Hey Rob, how tall do you think CM PUNK is in shoes?
Editor Rob
Could have been 6ft 1 in decent wrestling boots
Ben Bell said on 27/Aug/20
He said he was 240 in 06. He wasn’t bragging either. He was saying he got fat. He said he was stuffing his face to be as big as possible for smack down WWE.
I think he’s a pretty honest guy with regards to his weight. He competed a 170 in UFC and like most fighters his walking weight would have been 185-190 by the time he got in the octagon.
I can easily 210 legit when he was in WWE. It’s really not that big at just under 6ft.
I’m a naturally skinny guy. I get up to 190 -200 at 6’025 and I’m definitely smaller than punk. I have a similar physique, perhaps a little more muscle but overall he looks bigger. Height wise 5’11.5 looks solid.
6'3 Julian said on 26/Aug/20
210 would be bulkier at that height
Brotha said on 25/Aug/20
Punk said he was 212 lbs in 2005 when he was talking about people saying he was too small. He was listed as 222 lbs then and 218 lbs towards the end of his wwe run. So yeah they add maybe 10 lbs but he looked like a 210 lb guy in wwe but 190s now. Listed height here looks spot on
6'3 Julian said on 21/Aug/20
Also if he was 190-195 he could’ve believably cut to 175 for UFC. Any weight higher than 195 makes his UFC cutting unbelievable and any weight lower than 190 seems too low for a 6’0ish athlete, especially a wrestler
6'3 Julian said on 18/Aug/20
I’d have personally guessed 190, maybe 195. He’d be less dense cause he’s skinny fat but anything under 190 is crazy talk
Animus said on 10/Aug/20
I'm slightly taller than CM Punk (like 5'11⅞ at night, so bascially 6'0...) and I weigh 200lbs. I look very similar to CM Punk when he worked for WWE. There's very little chance he was below that figure. 98 kg (216lbs) might be a bit of an exaggeration, but I can believe around 210lbs as an all-time high. He's nearly six feet tall... a lot of guys who have 20-23% body fat at that height weigh over 200lbs.
Wrasslinfan said on 11/Jul/20
I could believe a flat 6’0 at best for Punk, but the weight is ridiculous. As are the weights you guys are suggesting. My mate is 6’1, 175 and a lot skinnier than Punk
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 29/Apr/20
Punk's 98kg listing was probably one of the most inflated weights in WWE history. He wasn't probably ever over 80-82kg when he wrestled.
Jonny Clewett said on 28/Apr/20
Good listing, he's pretty much my height im 181.5
K.A 188.4! said on 22/Apr/20
Billed 188cm and 98 kg lol talk about inflation...

Agreed with you @QM61QM regarding his height and weight maybe he could weigh up to 85kg Max in winter. But definitely no where near the 220 pounds.
QM6'1QM said on 11/Apr/20
181.5 cm and 78-80 kg looks good for him.
K.A 188.4! said on 2/Apr/20
He could be a little bit more than Rob has listed him at, maybe 183 6ft in the morning and nothing less than 181 at night looks tall at times
Jkiller said on 22/Feb/20
Slightly over 5'11, so 5'11 1/4 seem accurate. Dont see any more than that.
Paul H said on 20/Feb/20
He is a weak 6ft guy! 5.11 and a bit.
TheBat said on 3/Feb/20
5'11.5" is a totally acceptable downgrade for CM Punk. Hilarious that he was billed at 6'2" in the WWE and 6'1" in the UFC.
Deathvalley99 said on 8/Jan/20
Maybe even 5ft 11 1/4 is arguable. But 5ft11 1/2 is a better list than 5ft11 3/4
truthteller25 said on 14/Dec/19
He fought an MMA fighter listed at 6'1 or 2 and looked about same height I think he is the listed height of just under 6'
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 7/Dec/19
I doubt Booker's even that tall. He looks 6'0.25" max in the pic with Rob. Punk could be a strong 5'11" like 5'11.25"
Ali said on 14/Nov/19
And he's back on WWE (Backstage)!!!!

And with a perfect photo as well too.
Click Here

So Rob, how tall would you estimate CM Punk, Samoa Joe and Booker T based on that. You can clearly see footwear and posture is fairly even.

Booker T: 6'0.5 - .75 max (you met in person)

CM Punk: 5'11.5 to .75 max

Samoa Joe: 5'10.5 - .75 max (can still look a weak 5'11 at times)

What would you say to that Rob? Anyone?
Editor Rob
Looks weak 6ft there, taking account he might have a fraction less sneaker
Tarinator 6'1.5" or 187 cm said on 12/Nov/19
CM Punk is 6’1”. I highly doubt he is shorter than John Cena as he is the same height as a 6’1.5” Seth Rollins. Most likely CM Punk is an inch shorter than Triple H. Or a little more than that. AJ Style looked 4-5” shorter than CM Punk. AJ Styles is most likely 5’8.5” and John Cena is around 6’1”. I doubt Seth Rollins is less than 5” taller than AJ Styles. Daniel Bryan maybe 5’8.25” and Roman Reigns could be 6’2.5” along with Triple H (6’2.25-2.5”).
Ali said on 4/Nov/19
Samoa Joe can look anything from 5'10 to 5'11.5, it all depends on how he is standing and whom he is in the ring with.
Roderick said on 23/Sep/19
@Christian That's what I meant
edwards said on 16/Sep/19
Agreed dude
Kavi Singh Gill said on 2/Sep/19
Rob, how tall would you say Samoa Joe is? I think he should have a page here.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 25/Aug/19
Only by pro wrestling standards, a 5'11"-6'0" guy being billed 6'2" isn't terrible, lol. In fact, it's average for a wrestler to be billed around 2.5" taller than his actual height.
QM6'1QM said on 20/Aug/19
Always been around one inch shorter than John, i mean something between 5'11-5'11.5" max.
Roderick said on 27/Jul/19
@TheBat It's not terrible. Samoe Joe is under 6ft as well and he has been billed at 6'2" his entire career. CM Punk was orginally billed at 6'1" before his big push.
Roderick said on 15/Jul/19
Good listing. Just under 6'0 mark
Double G said on 15/Jul/19
I think he looks 5' 11.2 (1m80.08) tall.
TheBat said on 30/Jun/19
5'11.5". His 6'2" billing in the WWE is just hilariously bad.
Mohammed5'11 said on 18/May/19
Hi rob..I want to ask you a question since I've been following you...why when you guess the height of the person next to you takes the height of his hair with the height of his body ,,, And also why when I measure my height in meters from my feet up to my forehead under my hair became 179cm face to face and iam feeling its my real height.. and when I measure my height by your way by a piece on my head in any wall my height becomes 182cm..but face to face with meter or wall i feeling iam short than this height.. I really want to know how with this way my height add 1inch, but with my hair iam 6feet 100%
Editor Rob
Well we always measure height by flattening hair, but it can be hard to guess height with some actors because of hairstyles - some are thicker than you'd expect!
If you get different heights one way or another, then there's a chance the wall isn't level, or you are not standing as good one way, as you are the other way. Best trying to find another wall and see if you get the same or different measurements.
maa said on 7/May/19
Shane Carwin, billed at 6 ft 5, showed, in the staredown with Mir, that he prefers to cut height rather than weight like many other UFC figheters do.
He decided to cut 5 inches to his height to be ok at the weight in.
Johan 185 cm said on 12/Apr/19
He is as listed or even a full 6'. Funny how Joeyb33 is believed on other pages but now that he says that Punk was a hair taller than Cena noone believes him.

Some facts - Cena wears thick sneakers , Punk always wore flat boots in the ring. Cena stands in military posture most of the time, Punk doesn't.

Also be aware that in pics if you're not same distance from the camera or its taken from an angle it can drastically affect the pic for height purposes.

This isn't the first time that Cena has looked 6' flat, Ali Baba thought he was no more than that either.

With Punk there he had the advantage with Joey but I don't see him under 182 cm all things considering.
maa said on 10/Apr/19
It is very strange that he looks a good 6 footer with Joeyb33 in their pic.
It is funny that Rob has Arnie at 180.3 and Punk at 182 cm despite in the pic with Joeyb33 the difference between Punk and Arnold seems higher than 6-7 cm.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 3/Apr/19
DC being the best MMA fighter in history may be a stretch, but he's amazing regardless. Very deceptively strong and agile.
rawdshaq said on 29/Mar/19
As someone who wrestled in high school, I was probably 5'7" the year I took city in the 285lb division. Yes, I was FAT. Most of the kids were 6'2"+ and honestly being short helps snap taller guys down and it's easy to head & arm most folks who were that tall. I could see how DC is a really good wrestler because his build was similar to mine when I was in high school. I'm probably similar in height to him but I don't have as much muscle as he does.
Whatsgood said on 26/Mar/19
DC is 251lbs because he’s muscular fat, he’s extremely dense despite not looking dense, genes why he looks 230lbs max. Also, his 5’9” barrel frame in combination with his density/strength makes him the best wrestler in mma history.
rawdshaq said on 10/Mar/19
I think Cormier is really like 5'10" or 5'9"
maa said on 7/Mar/19
@Christian 6'5 3/8"

What is insane is Cormier at LHW. He weighted 205 at the weight in and during the fight day he hovers at around 245. He is a little guy for HEavyweight, I guess him at around 176 cm or 5 ft 9.25
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 6/Mar/19
He does look lighter than he actually weighs though. I'd guess him at no more than 235 just by going how he looks, despite being 250.
maa said on 5/Mar/19
@Christian 6'5 3/8

Yes, I knew the weight cut procedures. But it remains strange to me that he is short for an heavyweight and still is very heavy...
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 2/Mar/19
Most MMA fighters who measure 265lbs during the weigh-ins are around 20-30lbs heavier during the fight. Carwin said that he had dropped from 285 to 250 during his career.
maa said on 28/Feb/19
Carwin at 6 ft 5 is absolutely a joke, as it is 6 ft 2. That guy is surely shorter than 6 ft, always looked more than 2 inc shorter than Lesnar...But is seems to me very strange that a short guy like him ( looks around 181 cm) weights 265 pounds. From his body, I would have guessed him lighter....
rawdshaq said on 20/Feb/19
Carwin can honestly look as low as 5'10 1/2". He isn't even 6'2". If the 6'5" listing wasn't an accidental mistake then wtf?
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 12/Feb/19

I think the 6'5" listing was just an error that the UFC made. Carwin was always listed 6'2" throughout his career, even though that's still a big inflation obviously.
rawdshaq said on 9/Feb/19
That's insane, so what a guy who might not even be 6 feet tall got listed as 6'5"?? lmao I wonder how that happened. I'm starting to realize now that UFC heights aren't much different from the ones in WWE, except for billing 6'7" guys like Kane at 7 feet, lol. I should have joined UFC and said I was 6'6" but I am really 5'8 3/4" (I got checked the other day because I was curious and that's my height :D)
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 5/Feb/19

Shane Carwin's no 6'2", that's ridiculous. He's easily 2 inches shorter than 6'1" Frank Mir (who looks an inch shorter than Lesnar Click Here ). Click Here UFC height listings are no more legit than any other sport organization.
rawdshaq said on 5/Feb/19
I put it on Brock Lesnars page that apparently all UFC does it ask if the fighters would like to reveal their measurements and if they do they tell them. But if the claim is ridiculous then they aren't going to buy it. I wouldn't mistake somebody who is 5'11" for 6'1" and I suck with measurements, I mean, I know I'm not the best height person in the world but CM Punk is at least 6 feet and probably rounds up to 6'1". Big deal. Also Shane Carwin is 6'2", and the 6'5" listing was just a mistake. UFC acknowledged it.
Double G said on 3/Feb/19
Well, as a 1.79-1.80cm guy that I think Punk is (I bet his height is more 5'11" than 5'10" but I can't totally deny the 5'10" mark for him), he looks really close to 6' when he was wearing wrestling boots in several WWE segments, especially as "The Best in the World" gimmick. So I can understand If they inflate Punk's height to 6' or 6'1", but I can't understand the 6'2" billed height, because that makes no sense at all, again in my opinion.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 1/Feb/19

If CM Punk's 6'1", than how tall would that make Cena, who admits to being 6'0"? If you believe that UFC height listings are legit, then you might still be a rookie on CH. 6'0" Shane Carwin was listed by UFC as 6'5" once, which is a listing worse than what WWE gives for most wrestlers.
rawdshaq said on 29/Jan/19
I don't what makes you guys think UFC inflates heights I mean it's an MMA business they know that height means nothing anyway. CM Punk even looks 6'1" so yeah he can have 6'1". He could be like 6 feet 1/2 inch and they round up but definitely not any more than an inch.
Double G said on 27/Jan/19
He looks 1.79-1.80cm to me. No less than 1.79cm, but maybe a little over 1.80cm, like 1.81cm or so. He is 5'11"ish, so he's no way a 6 footer in my opinion.
Connordee said on 6/Jan/19
Cm punk was listed in WWE originally at 6'1,it got bumped up to 6'2 when he became "the best in the world" in like 2011-2012,Can't see punk anymore than 180cm barefoot or maybe even a hair under,with the wrestling boots he could maybe reach 5'11 3/4 or maybe 6 feet flat but I doubt it.
burnitdownhomies said on 3/Jan/19
@Ali I'm not quite sure how to send pics here.
Ali said on 2/Jan/19
@burnitdownhomies picture or it never happened
burnitdownhomies said on 30/Dec/18
No way he's almost 6 foot. I met him (I'm 5'9) and he only looked about an inch taller than me.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 6/Dec/18

He's no 6'1". UFC and most other sport organizations exaggerate height too.
Mr. Gadong said on 4/Dec/18
CM Punk's Height: 5ft 11.25 barefoot, morning time.

John Cena is at least 1 inch taller than CM Punk, & John Cena is around 6ft 0.25.
BURN IT DOWWWWWN! said on 28/Nov/18
@michael loughrie He's neither he's more 5'11.5" if not a tad under.
michael loughrie said on 25/Nov/18
UFC has him at 6' 1", WWE has him at 6' 2", I wanna trust UFC more and say he is 6' 1".
FE said on 29/Oct/18
@Editor Rob,

How tall do u think Kofi Kingston is?
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Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
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Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Tyler Reddick (Listed 5’5”), Darryl McDaniels (Listed 6’1”) and Ted Didiase jr (Listed 6’1”)
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Taimak (Listed 5’11”), Michael Skimbo (Listed 6’0”) and Marrese Crump (Claims 5’10” or 177cm)
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

David Yost (Listed 5’6) and Adam Ruins (Listed 5’9”)
Click Here
Click Here

He’s been listed 6’1”, 6’ and once 5’11” everywhere. IMO he really looks a Solid 5’11” guy and isn’t that much shorter than CM Punk (about half inch max between them).

What do u think Rob?
Editor Rob
More 5ft 11 than 6ft I'd say.
Drake said on 29/Oct/18
Rob how tall is the guy with CM Punk? Oliver Sykes? Thanks

Click Here
Editor Rob
Punk seems a bit much exactly i'm not so sure there.
James B 172cm said on 13/Oct/18
Rob 4 inches between randy and punk would make Orton 6ft3.75?
Editor Rob
Or Punk 6ft!
Edimar184 said on 7/Oct/18
Legit 182cm
Ali said on 3/Oct/18
Click Here

Hello Rob, if Randy Orton is as the listed 6'4 on this site, how tall would that make Punk in the above video. Take into account this was 10 years ago now and Randy had some thick boots on as well. Take a look at the 1:18 mark particularly. How many inches apart do they look? It does look like Punk is a weaker 6'0. Rob? Anyone?
Editor Rob
Orton did have his eye/head tilted a bit down, but I do think there would be 4 inches or so between them.
Dennanz said on 19/Sep/18
Honestly ,I say he's around 5'11.25 sometimes I can see under that if im honest ,but at his most regular I'd say 5'11.25 ,Cena definitely has An inch on him .
Zampo said on 12/Sep/18
I always felt CM Punk was nearer to 5'11 than 6'0. He never struck me as a near 6'0 guy. Think the average guess may be bang on. 5'11.25-5'11.5 range (similar to Benedict Cumberbatch).

In Joeyb33 photo (thanks by the way). I see about a 6 cm difference, putting CM Punk at around 6'0 (5'11 7/8). He is however tilting his head upwards which may be giving him a 0.5 inch advantage. I think the photo sways me to a 5'11.5 range. I doubt anyone below 5'11.5 would be able pull off the height differential in that photo.
Deee said on 28/Jul/18
5'11 barefoot around lunch time,drops down to 5'10.75
Around night time and in morning could be around 5'11.25-5'11.5 .clearly an inch under Cena who is around 6'0.25-6'0.5 barefoot.
Joeyb33 said on 18/Jul/18
I honestly felt Cena was 6 foot even or maybe ever so slightly under with CM Punk being a hair taller than him.
Mahesh jayan said on 16/Jul/18
@joeyb : wats ur estimate on cm punks and cenas height? Was Cena taller than punk in person
HarrySachs said on 15/Jul/18
It is funny how people still keep saying Cm Punk is 6'1 or taller. John Cena has said out of his own mouth that he is 6'0 tall barefooted. Click Here Click Here John Cena is clearly 1 inch taller than punk in those pictures. Chip Munk punk is clearly under 6'0 tall and probably around 5'11 if even that.
HarrySachs said on 15/Jul/18
The Taxi Driver 101 . John Cena said he is 6'0 barefooted. But I guess you know more about Cena's height than he does right?
Joeyb33 said on 27/Jun/18

Yeah he’s tough. See below me with John Cena. It’s tough with wrestlers since the boots and lifts. But they were both in sneakers in the pics with me. As you can see Punk had his head tilted up with me which could be swaying things.

Click Here
berta said on 26/Jun/18
strange. with joetb33 he looks like legit 6 foot. 183.5 cm. but beside cena and others he have looked in the 182 cm range
Leno179 said on 6/Jun/18
182 max, as Cena is about 184.
Taxi Driver 101 said on 5/Jun/18
The Google 6’2 listing is crazy. Cena always had 1/2 inch on him. Punk is still a strong 6’ with Cena closer to 6’1.
tree said on 20/May/18
Why google lists him 188?
Its crazy.
Lawrence said on 13/May/18
Check it out:

Click Here

Cena in runners. Punk in questionable boots too and still Cena has an inch or so on punk
Lawrence said on 13/May/18
Are u nuts D.C. punk is not 6'1" he was literally 3" shorter than HHh face to face in the ring. And HHH is tops 6'2"..punk is no more than 5'11.5". Come on people do some photo research before speaking
D.C 6'2 said on 7/May/18
He isn't 5'11, or 5'10. There are pics of him next to people who are 5'10, and he's 3 inches taller than them. Even his ufc bio says 6'1. They changed it from 6'2. He's 170lbs btw
DisdainForPlebs said on 2/May/18
He always looked 5'11" to me
Lawrence said on 29/Apr/18
Punk was face to face with HHH and he was literally 2.5" shorter than 6'1.5" HHH. Cm punk is not taller than 5'11" IMO
Craz said on 22/Apr/18
Anything below 5'11 won't make sense
Joeyb33 said on 20/Apr/18
He was taller than I expected. He had under armor sneakers that were similar if not just slightly lesser heal than my shoes. I wore adidas NMDs
Ali said on 19/Apr/18
@JoeyB33 nice pic dude, would love to meet Punk myself. By any chance did you see what footwear Punk had on that day and what you were wearing at time? Punk looks taller than most people have estimated him to be and actually looks his listed heigh dare I say.
miko said on 19/Apr/18
Punk arguably looks 6 foot with Joey. Those saying 5'11 and under... lol
Boba Fett said on 19/Apr/18
@Joeyb33 Awesome pic, man! Punk's jacket is cool.
Joeyb33 said on 8/Apr/18
I’m 6 foot 2.25 - he was an awesome guy and took care of his fans. Lots of other wrestler pics on my account too.

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dsgbded said on 20/Mar/18
john cena is 5'11.25,5'11.5 ,6'0.5 in shoes , in cooler shoes 6'1
dsgbded said on 20/Mar/18
cm punk barefoot is no more than 5'10", want prove? mickey gall was listed 180 at ufc website for years till he beated punk,at their match staredown barefoot cm punk looked an inch shorter, now dont tell me mickey gall grew from 5'11 to 6'2 in 10 min after he beaten punk ;)
Jefferson said on 14/Mar/18
Click Here
Cm punk height for UFC
Editor Rob
185.4cm...good to see they converted 6ft 1 properly!
Danimal said on 2/Mar/18
PERFECT height between CM Punk and John Cena (who we know is between 6'0" and 6'1"). They stand nose to nose and we see the top of their heads. Forward the video to 4:22 and beyond. It's obviously that CM is struggling with a flat 5'11" (and I'm sure that he's also wearing thick heels on those boots a la Chris Jericho): Click Here
Danimal said on 11/Feb/18
Samir Yusuf said on 29/Jan/18
Chris looks a hair shy of 5'11.5 Shawn Michaels.

First of all, Shawn was 5'11" FLAT in his younger days and is not that anymore.
CM is nowhere near 5'11.75 Rob. He's not even 5'11".
Shivam said on 9/Feb/18
It's just a suggestion that you should see the photo of the rock and CM punk.dwayne towers him by atleast 2-3 inches
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 9/Feb/18

In what world does a “street shoe” add 2” and a boot add ¾”? Boots are usually thicker than normal shoes. What are you talking about? I feel you’re just making up excuses to diminish the height difference between Shawn and Jericho.
Samir Yusuf said on 7/Feb/18
Shawn is wearing street shoes with 2 inch heels. Jericho is wearing wrestling boots with maybe ¾ sole. Like I say ½ inch.

Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 29/Jan/18

You must be kidding yourself if you think he's only 1/2 inch shorter than Michaels. This is a good 2 inches at least.
Logan said on 1/Feb/18
I say he's a weak 6'0"
saltyfish said on 30/Jan/18
not even close to 188cm.

more like 180-181cm
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 29/Jan/18

You must be kidding yourself if you think he's only 1/2 inch shorter than Michaels. This is a good 2 inches at least. Click Here
Samir Yusuf said on 29/Jan/18
Chris looks a hair shy of 5'11.5 Shawn Michaels. 5'11 is no guess, it is fact.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 27/Jan/18

Jericho's nowhere near 5'11".
Samir Yusuf said on 26/Jan/18
Punky is definitely a 6 plus guy. He always edged out Jericho by an inch at least and Jericho is a 5'11 guy.
Darius said on 31/Dec/17
Whatever the height of CM Punk is I think he 0.75" shorter than John Cena after seeing them together in various WWE segments. So this listing goes well with John Cena's listing of 6'0.5"
Supposing if Cena is just a 6'0" flat ( which he is probably not), then according to my theory, Punk would be 5'11.25", which I would see is the lowest arguable for CM Punk.
Anyways, IMO Punk is 5'11.5" range with Cena 6'0.25".
TheChosenOne said on 29/Dec/17
When I used to watch him wrestle against John Cena, he never gave me a 6'1" or 6'2" (claimed by the UFC and WWE) feeling, and John Cena was supposedly 6'3" or 6'4" and never gave me that feeling either,also when I saw John Cena vs. The Rock, I noticed that John Cena wasn't 3 or 4 inches shorter than him.
Ronel said on 16/Dec/17
No more than 180cm
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 3/Dec/17

UFC as well as all other sports organizations lie. Any athlete being as tall as he's listed is a rarity.
Logan said on 2/Dec/17
UFC says Punk is 6'2" so does WWE. And I think UFC doesn't lie. But there is no way CM Punk is the same height as the 6'2" Triple H and 2 full inches taller than John Cena who is 6'0" I say he is 6'1".
Darius said on 2/Dec/17
What ever he is IMO I think he is 0.75" shorten than Cena when taken all the stare downs in ring into account. With Cena listed 6'0.5" , this listing for CM Punk seems spot on.
Although for some reason, I think CM Punk is a 5'11.5" guy.
anyonmious said on 18/Nov/17
5'11.5" for his peak height, 5'10.5" for his present height
Boba Fett said on 17/Nov/17
Punk can look about 6'1" in shoes sometimes, he definitely isn't under 5'11". 6 feet on the dot is possible, but just under the mark is fine for him.
Ricky said on 7/Nov/17
He's neither 6'1" nor 6'2"

But if he is just 5'11.75" how The Miz got 6'0.5" listing?

They both are equal in height.

CM Punk,The Miz and John Morrison are equal in height.
Sacred said on 6/Nov/17
6'2" for him
Dan Chernau said on 4/Nov/17
123 said on 3/Sep/17
that profile must be considered really well, when he fought 5'11 guy they were both barefoot and the 5'11 guy had a full inch advantage on punk at the staredown ,please consider this more rob

Yes, please Rob, consider this. Think about the children. Please!!!!
Ricky said on 23/Oct/17
Easily equal to 6'0.5".
No shorter than that.
Kourosh said on 17/Oct/17
5'11 at most
Anonymous said on 30/Sep/17
I think he is 6 feet tall
hardguy said on 29/Sep/17
5ft 11.35in (181.2cm)
Original said on 14/Sep/17
I think he is 6'.
123 said on 3/Sep/17
that profile must be considered really well, when he fought 5'11 guy they were both barefoot and the 5'11 guy had a full inch advantage on punk at the staredown ,please consider this more rob
Wasif said on 26/Aug/17
No cm punk is actually 6feet and half and even 6'1 approx according to ufc which show actual heights of fighters
King of the hill 91 said on 14/Aug/17
To be faire Roman is the tallest of the shield i have only heard him billed 6.3 but i would only say 6.2
manny said on 13/Aug/17
Rob lets get the tape out to the next wwe show in scotland and well measure these mother****ers haha punks near five eleven and i believw the listing but look the measurong tape never lies haha
Anonymous said on 13/Aug/17
WWE superstars have billed height which means plus 2 or more inches to their real height.No way CM Punk is 6 foot or 5.11.Roman reigns billed himself as 6.3 and CM Punk billed at 6.2 . But CM Punk is much more shorter than Reigns . I think Roman reigns rea height is 5.10 or 5.11 Because when he was at Sheild his billed height was 6.1 soooooooo how come CM Punk be more than 6 feet. Maybe He is 5 feet 8 or 8 and half inches.I would not tell that he is a short guy but He is the best in the world
King of the hill 91 said on 4/Aug/17
A page i found billed height 6 foot two it then said reale height 6 foot it had people he dated and stuff ufc wind height down he could be 6 foot in early morning or early day height it comes down to how when he was he was measured
Enjay said on 17/Jul/17
Billed as the same height as 6'2" Mickey Gall. They stood eye to eye, same height. However other websites list Mickey as 5'11. Neither of them are 6'2" so 5'11" seems about right
King of the hill 91 said on 17/Jul/17
183cm no more nothing under 182cm
chris said on 14/Jul/17
In the ring Punk looks like he's 5'11 compared to Cena and HHH. 6'1 is not his real height
Xpunk77 said on 2/Jul/17
The reason punk looks shorter than other wrestlers is because he wore flat wrestling boots in the ring. Look at pictures. There is no heel on his boots.
Xpunk77 said on 2/Jul/17
I met cm punk today at eternal con in ny. I would say he is 6'.5".
zaq said on 2/Jul/17
Click Here

here i am with punk i know this is a bad angle cause its not leveled but how talls he look im 5'8
Editor Rob
he's doing the old eye-raise trick, making his eyelevel go a bit under 4 inches.
justbringit said on 26/Jun/17
with 6' listed christian the camera angle is not the best and favors christian a bit but still i would say that the difference is not less than half inch at best
Eddie is under 170 said on 24/Jun/17
Please rob tall realy you think of Tyler bate
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 23/Jun/17
Looks an inch shorter than Cena even with thicker footwear. So 5'11", at the most 5'11.25"
King of the hill 91 said on 22/Jun/17
Flat 183cm
6'1-6'1.5 Guy said on 7/Jun/17
Always seemed 3-4 cm shorter than John Cena.
5'11 for CM Punk.
debabrata said on 1/Jun/17
cm punk is shorter than big e langston who is 5ft11in therefore he should be no more than 5ft10in at max
andre said on 30/May/17
rob how much cm weighted when he was in wwe since in ufc he was at 77kilos how much in wwe from 83 kilos to 90 kilos is his weight tell me your opinion hugs
Giuseppe said on 18/May/17
I think Rob will be just a photo with Punk, all our doubts will vanish
HarrySachs said on 15/May/17
It is funny when you see people so in love with their TV heroes they feel the need to build them up. John Cena said he is 6'0. Bret Hart said he is/was 6'0. They are both over 1 inch taller than Punk. Punk is no more than 5'11 at most but most likely 5'10/5'10 1/2
Phillip said on 2/May/17
He's the same height as Shawn Michaels, they had s segment once and they were both evenly the same size. No doubt 5'10.
ma said on 29/Mar/17
Rob , maybe a downgrade to 5 ft 11.5 would reflect more the users guesses height??
I believe he is around 5 ft 11.5 too.
Cletus said on 21/Mar/17
he looked less than 6ft with cena i believe.
ma said on 21/Mar/17
Rob , maybe a downgrade to 5 ft 11.5 would reflect more the users guesses height??
I believe he is around 5 ft 11.5 too.
Alex Jenua said on 12/Mar/17
probably shorter than 6'. just watched a match of him versus Lesnar and the guy's wearing huge lift in his boots to look the same height of Lesnar (6.1)
justbringit said on 10/Mar/17
i would be kinda surprised if he was only 180cm but i think 182cm is the highest he can be because he is shorter than 6' guys like vince and bret and he is definately shorter than cena.Actually cena might have a full inch on punk imo
nelo said on 6/Mar/17
cm punk is 178cm - 180 max
Nope said on 4/Mar/17
CM Punk looks to be about 1" shorter than Vince McMahon in similar footwear during the WWE 'apology' skit.

If McMahon is 6', then 5' 11" for CM Punk.
justbringit said on 4/Mar/17
generally if cena is 184cm i think 182 is the most you could realistically argue for him
justbringit said on 21/Feb/17
Punk is definately shorter than 6' if the rock was under 6'3 when they were facing each other
King of the hill 91 said on 13/Feb/17
Nothing less than 181 cm at least with lifts a strong 182cm people say he is 185cm 183 cm people try to say a inch or two more ufc wind height down 181 cm to 183 cm range i think 182cm to be honest
Freak said on 11/Feb/17
Lol at Mickey Gail claiming 6'2' I'd still go 6 for Punk and 6'0'5 for Gail...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Feb/17
I wonder what he claims. Knowing his ego I wouldn't be that surprised to hear him say 6ft2
hi123456 said on 30/Jan/17
5'10 barefoot at night
unsung war said on 29/Jan/17
His ufc first opponent was listed 180.34cm in a ufc site and at the fight he appeared shorter in an inch at their stairdown barefoot go check it out if you want
Giuseppe said on 23/Jan/17
Hi Rob.
Can you post this photo, please? Thanks

Click Here
AJaivonic said on 13/Jan/17
met him in person and cena in person, i caught them bought off guard using lifts, actually cena was the tallest barefoot.. every wrestlers have really solid postures due to weight though
King of the hill 91 said on 5/Jan/17
Rob is the lowest you would put him 182cm and heist 183 cm that is the range i have him
Editor Rob
low 5ft 11.5, high 6ft, I'm not sure he'd fall outwith that zone.
King of the hill 91 said on 5/Jan/17
The lowest i would say is 182cm 181 cm to low but 183 cm no more 182cm to 183 cm maybe knot a strong one to faire compairing him to some guys john cena his listing as well i think im right
Giuseppe said on 5/Jan/17
But it is so difficult to meet Cm Punk and take a picture?
Kourosh 5'9.5 (176cm-177cm) said on 23/Dec/16
Sage is very strange. he is billed 6'0 but i believe he is closer to 5'11, and indeed gall looked taller than him. So sage and punk right about same height.
Gilberg said on 19/Dec/16
Met Punk when working at an arena. Taller than I thought he'd be. Dwarfed by orton etc.. 5 11.5 dead on.
Original said on 18/Dec/16
Gall looks 1' taller than Northcutt (listed as 6'), no way Gall is shorter than 6' so Punk is really 6' imo.
Aidan said on 3/Dec/16
rob I think it's time to upgrade punk around the 6ft club
Joey said on 27/Nov/16
Mickey Gall's 6'2 and he was pretty much the same height as Punk so Punk's definitely at least 6'1
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Nov/16
182-183cm is the lowest I'd argue for Punk. The full 6ft is possible
Realist said on 9/Nov/16
He looks 181 cm I guess and 170 but they gave him 6'2 on lying Smackdown. And 222 lbs wow 52 lbs and 2.5 inch height increase! Wow this makes mickey gall 5'10.5 but he can fight.
Man said on 5/Nov/16
Of course Gall would claim 6'2 though
justbringit said on 18/Oct/16
rob just curious what is the lowest height you can see him being?
Editor Rob
a strong 5ft 11 range is probably the lowest I would try to argue...but he seems taller than that.
Kourosh 5'9.5 (176cm-177cm) said on 16/Oct/16
@keoth they are not very close in height. Mickey has easily solid inch on him 2 to 3 cm. if mickey is 6'0 tall, where that put cm punk? 5'11 right
keoth said on 15/Oct/16
here is a shot of punk and mikey gall, both in similar footwear. they look pretty close in height to me. i would go with 5'11.25 for punk, what do you think rob? i mean it all is down to how tall gall himself is?

Click Here
justbringit said on 4/Oct/16
well here is a recent photo with bret hart that somebody posted earlier seems taller than punk even in his current age that he probably has lost some height so i think that it's safe to say that punk is definately closer to 5'11.5" which seems to be close to the average guess also.
mickey said on 2/Oct/16
i didn't get how mickey gall seemed an edge taller than him in the stare down
Justbringit said on 29/Sep/16
Oh also I don't think that the height difference between punk and dolph is more than the one between punk and cena
justbringit said on 29/Sep/16
he looks a bit over 5'11 i believe but cena who has claimed 6' many times is clearly taller than him same goes with bret who is also taller than him
freak said on 24/Sep/16
can look anywhere from 5.11-6.1..but Cena edged him out..Lesnar had 2.5 inches on him,Looked same as 5.11 mickey 5.11 spot on for Punk..
Kourosh 5'9.5 (176cm-177cm) said on 22/Sep/16

well said i just cringe when read comments that say punk is 6'0 and over.
HarrySach said on 21/Sep/16
Are will still on this? People still saying CM Punk is 6'1 or taller? Is there something wrong with you people? John Cena has stated numerous times he is 6'0. People have put up pictures of John Cena right next to Punk and he is clearly taller. Punk is around 5'11 or maybe even shorter.
GN5ft9in said on 19/Sep/16
"Ali Baba said on 10/Sep/16
...During the announcement Punk looked at least 5 inches taller...."

@Ali Baba, I think you got confused between Joe Rogan and Dana White.
Original said on 18/Sep/16
He's 2 or 2'5 inches taller than Dana and 4' shorter than Miocic. For me he is 6'.
Johan said on 17/Sep/16
I wouldn't have said Gall was as short as 5'11" range. I guessed he was a decent 6 footer. UFC listings are all over the place however.

Gall could have been measured in the 6'1" range with shoes and then they rounded it up. No idea why sport organisations put so little effort into measuring when they are so dilligent with weight.

I remember Jason Statham getting a 5'11" listing when he was competing in the commonwealth games.
miko said on 16/Sep/16
Punk is not 5'10, I'm 6'0.25 and he was barely shorter than me.

Take away Gall's hair and Punk is taller.
Truth said on 16/Sep/16
Punk is shorter than HHH by at least an inch. Punk is shorter than cena by .25 of an inch. I'd say punk is 6'0.25" or 72.25 in.
Crane said on 14/Sep/16
I think 6'0 flat might be the best list for Gall. He was listed 5'11 before came to the Octagon and all the sudden boost straight to 6'2 in this fight. Though, he did edge Punk half an inch in the stare down and who knows Punk was really a solid 182 cm guy..
IronFist said on 14/Sep/16
I've got him pegged at 5'10.5, tops.

Mickey Gall (5'11) face to face with CM Punk (5'10.5). Both men are barefoot after the weigh in.

Click Here

On a side note, Punk is TINY by the standards of a UFC welterweight. And to think WWE used to bill him as 6'2, 218 lb! He looked much smaller than Gall, a natural 170 pounder. It shows Punk should probably be competing at lightweight.
tony t. said on 12/Sep/16
This is his height for sure. He is shorter than Cena.
John said on 11/Sep/16
Mickey Gall aint 5ft 11.5 looks more like 6ft1 6ft2 6ft 1.5 and punk could between 6ft and 6ft 1, he is nowhere under 6ft as hes taller by a little bit than john cena whos 6ft legit
Ali Baba said on 11/Sep/16
Prior to his match with Punk Gall was listed at 5'11" with UFC then mysteriously got changed to a 6'2" listing.
Crane said on 11/Sep/16
@Rob Can you do Mickey Gall ?
cdk said on 11/Sep/16
5'11" IN SHOES
WatchThisAdmin said on 11/Sep/16
Don't be fooled. It's democratic to be fool, right?

CM Punk is 5'10", billed to 6'2" same as Batista who is 6'2" billed to 6'6" in WWE. They add 4 inches to their superstars(10cms in metric world). Not everyone is their superstar, so there is no need to bill their height.

Just ****ing look at Joe Rogan(5'6.75") and CM Punk in octagon.
Dana White is not 5'11".
JUST WATCH IT, even eyes are not the same, don't be fooled if your fan.
Mickey Gall might be 5'11.5"(182cm).
BorkLaser said on 10/Sep/16
With 6'0" Bret Hart (or maybe less if he lost some height) Click Here
Oregonborn said on 10/Sep/16
Whoa whoa are you guys serious? Did you guys watch the same weigh in or ? Look at the EYES that's what tells you height. Mickey's head MAYBE was a half inch taller but eyes were straight on. If punk is 5'11.75 then gall is a flat six footer.
BallSach said on 10/Sep/16
Click Here Mickey Gall is 5'11 and is clearly taller than CM Punk. Punk isn't 5'11
AJP said on 10/Sep/16
Click Here / ufc listed as 6'1
Socrates said on 10/Sep/16
the ufc lists punk at 6'1'' and gall at 6'2'' now lol
An honest guy said on 10/Sep/16
First of all Mickey Gall is NOT 5'11 lol, He is a very lean and lanky guy. He edged over his last oponent who was 6 ft. Mickey Gall is in FACT 6'2 Nothing less and NOTHING more. Here is barefoot Gall with 5'11 Dana White Click Here there is no denying this. In the other hand Cm punk in the weigh ins yesterday was about 2 iniches shorter than gall or even less CM Punk needs to be upgraded to 6'0.75 he is also taller than 6'0 Ariel helwanI in all his interviews.
Editor Rob
yes, Gall claimed 6ft 2: "I'm 6'2" and I walk around at 185-195 lbs"
Ali Baba said on 10/Sep/16
Also very funny how the height difference between Punk and Dana White that was there when White and Punk announced his move to UFC is now gone at the weigh in. During the announcement Punk looked at least 5 inches taller. Proves that UFC is not above using WWE technics for skewing stats, AKA standing on a box.
Ali Baba said on 10/Sep/16
Just watched the weigh in video from UFC 203. He's more than half an inch shorter than Gall. I would say more than an inch. No wonder he wouldn't stand up for his picture with me (or anyone else) at comic con.
Editor Rob
that might actually have been the reason he didn't like to stand...
191-193 said on 10/Sep/16
He's 5ft 11.75in (182 cm) on a good day.
joe joe said on 9/Sep/16
Lol UFC Heights are a joke. He is listed as 6'2 on the UFC website. They even put it down in cm as 187.5. whats a joke lol. Gall was about an 1/2 and inch taller than him and he is listed at 5'11. madness. neraly as bad as Cain or coutures listing
WatchThisAdmin said on 9/Sep/16

Yesterday at ufc 203 weighins both barefooted Mickey Gall and CM Punk, it seemed to me Mickey Gall was inch or half inch taller CM Punk. Mickey is listed at 5 ft 11. CM Punk is 5 ft 10 at maximum I see him no near as 6 ft.
John said on 6/Sep/16
Why is he still listed as 6ft 2 in the ufc
andre said on 6/Sep/16
What you think it was cm punk weight during wwe since he is now slim for ufc , 188lbs? 200lbs or even 220lbs?
Gerard H said on 1/Sep/16
Look at his stare down with Cena and The Rock. The 5ft 11.75 is definitely there.
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 1/Sep/16
Click Here Here CM Punk looks only an inch shorter than 6ft3 Chris Hemsworth. Wth? I would really love to know their footwear.
justbringit said on 2/Aug/16
oh okay i understand what you are saying but don't you think that regardless because of these photos Click Here ,Click Here and this video Click Here at 4:55-4:57) with john cena a guy who claims 6' but i agree with you thinking that he is a little over it but still he seems to have at least a good full inch on punk.Also this one Click Here (12:36-12:46) with bret hart who you have listed at 6' in a relatively old age and he still looks noticably taller than punk.Overall i think that punk looks little taller than 5'11 but i believe that 5'11.5" is a safer and better listing than 5ft 11.75in based on these evidence.What do you think big rob?
Sultan said on 1/Aug/16
Interestingly CM Punk looks like Christian Bale, Jake Gyllenhaal, Colin Farrell and Edward Norton. All of the aforementioned are described to be 5'10 to 5'11 and claim 6'0. Just imagine all of them in the same room and imagine how they would all measure up to one and other or who would edge out the other.
justbringit said on 31/Jul/16
hey rob how much do you think that punk's wrestling boots add? I think that they add more than an inch.
Editor Rob
because of the material covering a lot of them, I don't know exactly how big they might have been.
justbringit said on 25/Jul/16
rob just wondering do you consider dropping him to 5'11.5"? Also is there any chance you can meet him?
Editor Rob
the American organiser Wizard World brings a lot of wrestlers to their shows, but over here they don't appear much...
Some Random Dude said on 23/Jul/16
Trust me, he looks short but he is 6'1 - 6'2 however you would like to call it, in EU its 187 CM.
heightchecker34 said on 20/Jul/16
Punk is a strange case... he can look as low as 5'11 with certain wrestlers, and yet with bigger guys like John Cena and Triple H, he can hover around the 6 ft mark. He never looks short with any of those guys other than Kevin Nash. I know he wears lifts in his boots... however due to the lack of muscularity on his frame... he never looks like he is trying... very loose and casual posture. I will settle for 5'11.5 (182 cm).
Man said on 12/Jul/16
I'd say he just hovers over 6"0
justbringit said on 4/Jul/16
Rob considering the fact that cm punk has looked 1 inch shorter than cena in a lot of instances do you think that he may be closer to 5'11.5"?
Editor Rob
you could certainly argue 5ft 11.5 for him, but overall I thought almost 6ft was a guess that could fit him.
Rob It's time you downgrade said on 2/Jun/16
No his MMA listing is 6'2, the UFC is Infamous for evening out height on paper so matches make sense.
Nobody said on 9/May/16
If Punk is 5'11 then Bret Hart is absolutely 6'0, even here in his older age he is taller than CM Punk:

Click Here
Johno said on 9/Apr/16
I think his MMA listings have him at 5'11 and weight 77kg.

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