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5ft 11.42in (181.4cm)
miko said on 12/Sep/13
Punk wearing lifts in the ring is a joke he'd break his ankles.

Sure it's possible out of the ring he could give himself a boost, but he's a very solid 5'11 anyway, it's not like he's mega short.
legit177cm said on 12/Sep/13
with 6'2 or 6'3 Sheamus
Click Here
it might not be a good angle to judge height, but the way cm punk is looking up at sheamus tells alot.
Antonio said on 12/Sep/13
CM Punk is taller and bigger than people think, just accept it already. He is called "small" because in the WWE, the guys who aren't built like bodybuilders or powerhouses are dubbed as "small", despite they are still bigger than the average people in terms of physique and size.
justbringit said on 12/Sep/13
Now for comparing punk with other people without the his wrestling boots on we found some very good evidence that show cm punk being 5ft 11.For example 1 guy that we can be nearly sure about his height is john cena..He is 6ft-6ft 0.5 and he looked clearly taller than punk and paul heyman who is a real 5ft 9 seemed to have 2 inches difference.I just wonder if cm punk is 5ft 11 then what is the true height of kofi kingston
justbringit said on 12/Sep/13
cm punk's boots give more height than ziggler's.With good shoes that give around 1 inch i dont think cm punk can be under 5ft 11 but in the picture you posted with kofi kingston cm punk was taller than him.This means that if cm punk is 5ft 11 kofi should be around 5ft 10(he was slouching a bit too and punk was standing super tall).However i have heared a lot of fans describe dolph ziggler as 5ft 10 too and if this is his true height i assure you that cm punk is 5ft 11 max.
Giuseppe said on 12/Sep/13
Guys I renew my congratulations. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to see with your own eyes the things that I only see on TV. I thought Dolph Zigger was higher. Thank you for providing this testimony. Only live you can understand certain things. If anyone of you had a close encounter Punk would be great. Try to get a picture with him and tell him that is a great wrestler.
vegas said on 11/Sep/13
@gnops, for one punks wrestling style makes wearing lifts really silly

please provide evidence of him looking shorter next to the same people in regular footwear, here he clearly looks taller than pauly d who for some reason is listed 6ft online Click Here

out of gear here too, robs got stan lee at 5'9, hemsworth at 6'3 just for reference, i really doubt he would be taller next to those 2 with gear especially given how he measured up to johnny ace and the rock with gear on ie looked under 6ft Click Here

zigglers wrestling boots don't give 2 inches
justbringit said on 11/Sep/13
Check this video Click Here cm punk and dolph ziggler appear to be the same height.If punk is a little taller(around 1 cm)i think it is because of his boots
legit177cm said on 11/Sep/13
gnops fantastic thanks for your testimony of Dolph Zigger's height. He always has been described as 5'10 guy by fans who have met him. I wished you could meet CM punk as well to clear this argument once and for all. One thing i noticed about CM Punk is that he is so insecure about his size. I mean take a look at all his pictures, he is not relax and tries so hard to stretch himself as much as he can to be appeared taller. Here are some examples:

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

maybe im wrong well idk
gnops said on 11/Sep/13
If you're going to deny Punk wears lifts then go for it, but there's no doubt when you compare his height to others in regular footwear and in his wrestling boots that he wears lifts.

Off the topic of Punk, I'm going to mention Ziggler here. I was at Smackdown tonight and I'm 5'11" and Ziggler looked the same height in his wrestling boots. I'd say he's 5'10 - 5'10.5" normally, just like Punk. Big E Langston is also short.
Giuseppe said on 9/Sep/13
Congratulations Vegas you could not find the shoes he wears Punk. Could you tell me how high the heel have?
Hell yeah said on 8/Sep/13
I doubt punk being more than a legit 5'10.5-5'11. I've seen videos with him and stone cold who is 184-5 cm and he is at least an inch shorter than Austin. I'd put him a strong 5'10-5'10.5
vegas said on 6/Sep/13
gnops says on 5/Sep/13
Whatever they are, they definitely have lifts.

do you have x-ray vision, the shoes he is wearing is similar to Click Here and these are kickpads Click Here
gnops said on 5/Sep/13
Whatever they are, they definitely have lifts.
Click Here
justbringit said on 5/Sep/13
guys i guess we can not be sure unless we know cm punk personally but i think that he may be either 5'10.5" or a week 5'11 max but it is the same thing basically isnt it.So i believe that wwe definately can bill him as 5'11 but they will not do it and right now i think only a picture with somebody that we are sure of his height can solve this
justbringit said on 4/Sep/13
guys althought i am not sure i think that cena had like 2 inches at punk at wrestlemania29 press conference and at the friendly bet segment and trust me cena is nothing more than 6ft.05" that means that cm punk with all do respect can be under 5ft.11.I respect cm punk as a wrestler he is my favourite wrestler right now but i just dont see him being more than a week 5ft.11 in normmal footwear.
vegas said on 3/Sep/13
gnops says on 2/Sep/13
I think all these pictures prove that in regular footwear, CM Punk is probably 5'10.5" (I base that off the pictures with Paul Heyman out of the ring without the boots) and about 5'11.25" in his wrestling boots.

cm punk doesn't wear wrestling boots, he wrestlers in otomix shoes with kickpads over them
gnops said on 3/Sep/13
Well, depends on his regular footwear. I'm not sure what kind of shoes he wears. It could be anywhere from .5" to 1", but I still wouldn't count on him being anything more than 5'10" barefoot and anything more than 5'11.75" in his wrestling boots, maybe even shorter.

And this isn't me saying it cause I don't like Punk, he's my favourite on the current roster and honestly, I'm around his height so it gives me a good sense of relief that a guy his size can get to his level seeing as I'm around the same height, a tad taller.
legit177cm said on 3/Sep/13
just bring it this is my height from morning, evening and night
Morning = 178.5 (5'10.25)
Evening = 177.5 (5'9.75 or just 5'10)
Night = just 177.0 (5'9.5)

For cm punk i think it goes like this
Morning 181.5 (5'11.25)
Evening 180.5 (5'11)
Night 179.5 or just 180 cm (5'10.75)
justbringit said on 3/Sep/13
the rock had at least 4 inches at punk this means that cm punk could be around 181cm in his wrestling boots
justbringit said on 3/Sep/13
guys i think that if john cena is 6.05" we can definately say that cm punk is 179cm or maybe 5ft10 3/4 inches tall.Igive you this video for second time Click Here pause it at 44mins 8sec you will see john cena having at least 2 inches at punk
justbringit said on 3/Sep/13
gnops regular footwear doesnt give you half inch regular footwear gives you an inch so cm punk barefoot may be a very week 5ft 10 i believe that cm punk is at your height if he is 5.10.5 in regular footwear
Giuseppe said on 3/Sep/13
Congratulations guys, you did a good job. Only thing missing is a picture with CM Punk to confirm our theories and to convince all those who do not believe that Punk is at most 5.11.
I want to reiterate that CM Punk is and remains a great wrestler
justbringit said on 2/Sep/13
legit based on the fact that you say cm punk has 1 inch on you and that vince mcmachon who looks like 182cm has 1 inch on punk do yu se cm punk being 179cm or 5ft 10 3/4 more likely?
gnops said on 2/Sep/13
I think all these pictures prove that in regular footwear, CM Punk is probably 5'10.5" (I base that off the pictures with Paul Heyman out of the ring without the boots) and about 5'11.25" in his wrestling boots.

Barefoot: 5'10"
Regular footwear: 5'10.5"
Wrestling boots: 5'11.25"

Also, compare Chris Jericho and CM Punk in the ring. Chris Jericho nowadays pretty much admits that he's 5'9" and wears the same lifts CM Punk does of about 1.8", and the height difference between the two shows about a quarter of an inch, a little bit more. The height difference with John Cena is also very telling.
legit177cm said on 31/Aug/13
thanks to guys I'm just here to tell the truth i got nothing against CM punk as matter of fact, i'm his fan and big supporter.i used to believe in that CM Punk is a 6'0 footer until i met Paul Heyman and took picture with him. When i started to compare my picture with Paul Heyman with CM Punk's pictures with Paul Heyman , i noticed that almost me and CM punk have same inches on Paul maybe one inch more or less (2 to 3 cm). In the picture i took my eyes were at top of his eyebrows or lower side of his forehead which this is a pretty good indicator of 1 inch mark. Then, i looked CM Punk's pictures with heyman, and in most of them his eyes are at middle or top of Heyman's forehead which this is an indicator of 2 inches mark. So how on earth CM Punk can be a 6'0 guy while I'm just under 5'10 while me and him have almost same height on Paul Heyman? at best CM Punk have 1 inch on me not more than that.
Here are some Cm Punk's pictures with Paul Heyman outside of WWE without his wrestling boots or kickpads:
Click Here
Click Here

And believe me Paul Heyman is nothing more than 5'9 maybe 5'9 1/4 at best.
Here is Paul Heyman's biography with his height and weight's stats:
Click Here
Scroll down below his picture you can see.

So I'm not lying.

Anyways, Paul Heyman is one of the nicest , greatest , humblest and friendliest person i have ever seen in my life. He always plays bad evil or mean guy in WWE but in real life he is very gentle and kind. He is very down to earth and will answer all your questions if you get a chance to meet him. I thought i needed to share that with y'all:). Good Luck
justbringit said on 31/Aug/13
Guys the photo that legit posted with cm punk,john cena and hhh proves thst cm punk in reality is 5ft 11 max.I mean cena is 6'.05" and cm punk was at least inch shorter with his wrestling boots and we all saw that they add something like 1,8inches to your height.Of course some photos can show cm punk a little taller than he is but in reality he isnt taller than 5ft 11 180cm max
legit177cm said on 31/Aug/13
Here is another picture of Wrestlmania 29 Press Conference with CM Punk and John Cena.
Click Here

Matt striker is 5'8
Cena is 6'0-6'0.5
Cm punk ?? I leave it to you guys
justbringit said on 30/Aug/13
Click Here go to 50:40 dont you think cena got at least like 2 inches at punk?
gnops said on 30/Aug/13
The second picture legit posted is pretty much proof. Cena claims 6', but 6'.05" seems most likely and Punk, in his wrestling boots, ain't even on that level. He's looking at least an inch shorter there in the pic with Cena and HHH.
justbringit said on 30/Aug/13
legit i noticed something.The difference between cm punk and john cena was more in the friendly bet segment than this at the wrestlemania 29 press conference.What do you think?
Giuseppe said on 30/Aug/13
Hello Legit, I do not know where you find these pictures but I have to give you a compliment. In fact, in the second picture you posted where you see Punk, Cena and Triple H, it is really explanatory. A picture that speaks for itself and that leaves no doubt. thanks
justbringit said on 29/Aug/13
i saw your photos legit and now i think that there is no doubt about cm punk being 5ft 11 only those who dont want to see it dont see it.
legit177cm said on 29/Aug/13
look i found another pic of Cm Punk with cena , Vince McMahon and The Rock.
Click Here
Cena is 2 to 2.5 inches taller than him with little bit of slouch.
And i see Vince being 1 inches taller than him too ( Vince McMahon is under 6'0 nowadays 182 cm that's what i believe. Brock Lesnar dwarfed him when they met face to face)
Rock is far away from him so is hard to tell, but i guess he has 4 inches on him from that angle.

Here is another shot of CM Punk with his wrestlings kickpads with cena :

Click Here
still noticeably shorter
justbringit said on 28/Aug/13
legit most of these heights are real however i think that randy orton is a legit 6ft 4 guy and these heights are in normal footwear and not barefoot right?i mean cena cant be 184cm barefoot or bryan 173cm etc...but i agree with these heights i think that your estimations are right legit
justbringit said on 28/Aug/13
guys from the way cm punk stands in the ring i think we can definately say that cm punk looks like 5ft 11.75 but look at the photo that legit posted earlier in the argument cm punk boots give to him at least 1,8 inches if not more thats why i say cm punk is 5ft 11 with regular footwear
Sam said on 28/Aug/13
Looked just a little bit shorter than 6ft Bret Hart. It wasn't really much different but you could definately tell from a close look, so I'd say Punk is a good 5'11 rather than a weak 6ft.
legit177cm said on 28/Aug/13
this is my estimation of wrestlers real heights and billed heights :
Cena - 184cm billed to 185cm
Triple h - 188 cm biled to 196cm
Orton - 191cm billed to 193cm
Sheamus - 191cm billed to 193cm
Jericho - 176cm/177cm billed to 183cm
Cm Punk - 180cm billed to 188cm
Del Rio - 188cm billed to 196cm
Rock - 191cm billed to 193cm
Bryan - 173cm billed to 178cm
Kane - 202cm billed to 213cm
Santino - 173cm billed to 183cm
Brock Lesnar 188cm billed to 190cm

Only Legendary Eddie Guerrero's billed height was his actual height in whole wwe history which was 173cm 5'8. RIP

I'm 177 cm tall if i was WWE superstar they would probably had me billed to 185 cm or so.
legit177cm said on 27/Aug/13
Craig Kurt angle is 5'10 barefoot and he was billed 6'2 in his primes so what?
justbringit said on 27/Aug/13
Listen craig i dont listen to what wwe says.John cena was billed 6.3! and he is not even 6ft 1.Kane in reality is 6ft 8 and wwe bills him 7ft!and chris jericho who is a strong 5.9 is billed at 6! So i think that wwe has no problem to claim 6ft 2 for cm punk
justbringit said on 26/Aug/13
Click Here watch this.Does cm punk looks to you more than 180cm to me he doesnt.
Craig said on 26/Aug/13
Listen people, this man was once billed at 6'3 when he debuted in ECW. Do you really think he is only 5'10 barefoot if they were gonna have him billed at this height to begin with. I doubt it it, I really do. Therefore to me Punk is a weak 6'0 barefoot.
justbringit said on 25/Aug/13
let me remind u again all the evidence that prove cm punk is 5ft 11.Check the photo between cm punk and john cena at friendly bet,the video with lesnar stop it 2:13,the interview with ariel,the video with bret hart,the photos with lita.Plus cm punk was not much taller than daniel bryan mitb.So i think with all these evidence we can all agree that cm punk is 5.11 with normal footwear and arount 5ft 11.75 in his wrestling boots.What do you guys think?[not you adriano]
justbringit said on 25/Aug/13
y gnops i accept it but u have to understand that cm punk's wrestling boots give to him at least 1,8 inches look at the photo that legit177 posted before in the argument that means cm punk with his normal shoes is 5.11[180 cm]no more no less.
gnops said on 24/Aug/13
If CM Punk is 6'2" then Paul Heyman is 6' and Paul Heyman is certainly not 6'. CM Punk is 5'11.75" in his wrestling boots. Just accept it.
miko said on 24/Aug/13
Rock had at the very least 4 inches on Punk in the staredown. He could nearly look over the top of Punk's head.
justbringit said on 23/Aug/13
lol adriano i do not want to insult you or anything but if you believe cm punk is 6ft 2 and general all the billed heights you are either blind or stupid
Adriano said on 22/Aug/13
The Rock looked 1.5 inch taller than CM Punk at the 2013 Royal Rumble,the rock never slouched.I only said 6'2 for CM PUNK not 6'3.Brock Lesnar wasn't looking down or slouching at CM Punk at Summerslam when they faced one another in the ring.CM Punk's boots don't have any lifts or heels to make him taller.In that video you showed me at 2:12-2:13 seems looked like Brock Lesnar was standing on his tip toes and his chin was up.That's why he looked 3 inches taller than CM Punk.They don't always use billed height,that's ridiculous.WWE I heard 90% measures superstars's height and weight.The fact is that CM PUNK looks 6'2.
justbringit said on 22/Aug/13
hey legit177 i saw your video with punk and brock.I do believe that punk was looking like 5ft 11 and i do not believe that lesnar is 6ft3 i believe that lesnar is 189cm max he was shorter than triple h and he is listed as 189 and he wasnt much taller than cena.So i believe lesnar may be less than 189cm but not much shorter.As you saw in a photo before in this argument i think we all know that cm punk boots give him around 1,8 inches.But sometimes when you are with a taller guy you may look a little shorter than u are.Thats why i am saying that cm punk is 182cm max with his wrestling boots.
gnops said on 22/Aug/13
legit177cm just said exactly what I've been saying. The WWE always exaggerates heights, CM Punk isn't an exception. Like I said earlier, WITH HIS BOOTS, 5'11.75" seems likely. Barefoot? I'd guess 5'10", but no one ever sees him barefoot anyways, so it's easier to pass as 5'11" everyday depending on his footwear when he's not wrestling. In his wrestling boots, CM Punk stands up the exact same way to a 6'2" person as I do my friend (who's 6'2") in regular footwear.
legit177cm said on 22/Aug/13
in that video which i gave you, 6'2 or 6'3 Brock Lesnar made CM PUNK 5'10.5 or 5'11 with his wrestling boots on.
legit177cm said on 22/Aug/13
I'm giving this video to you people for second time. Pause the video exactly at 2:13. You can see Brock Lesnar is standing tall and i see 4 to 5 inches difference between Punk and Lesnar and then he slouches and that's exactly how people get fooled that cm punk was only 1.5 shorter than brock because Brock was slouching and Punk was standing super tall and straight up. You have no idea how much height you lose when you slouch. Even though brock lesnar was slouching, he still has 2 inches on punk.
Here is the video : Click Here
Pause it at 2:12 to 2:13
Adrian this is a fact when a taller guy stands in front of a shorter guy, the taller guy slouches because he is looking down at shorter guy while shorter guy stands at tallest as erect as he can because he is looking up at taller guy and that gives an illusion of shorter guy to being taller and closer to taller guy. Same case goes to the rock and brock lesnar with cm punk. CM PUNK always stand super tall and stretching himself as much as he can to be appeared taller against his taller opponents. i have 5'6 friend and when i talk or see him face to face i slouch and makes me shorter than i am and put me closer to his height but when i stand tall and not slouch or look straight ,i see 4 inches difference between me and my friend. CM PUNK is not even a strong 5'11 let it alone 6'0. 6'2 is just a joke. I'm 1.77cm tall which is close to 5'10 if i was WWE superstar they would billed my height to 6'0 or 6'1. DO NOT BELIEVE IN WHATEVER WWE SAYS regarding the superstars height and weight.
justbringit said on 21/Aug/13
i think that this site has the wrestlers height in the ring anyway so in the ring cm punk may be 182cm but in reality he isnt because as u saw in the friendly bet segment with cena who is listed as 184cm doesnt wear boots so its legit and u can clearly see that there was something like 2 inches difference between the 2 of them and not just 2cm
gnops said on 21/Aug/13
You bring up The Rock like he doesn't slouch standing next to Punk. Look at the pictures, you can clearly see The Rock slouching. CM Punk isn't 6'2". He's not taller than John Cena, he's not the same height as Brock Lesnar, he's not even taller than Vince McMahon!
justbringit said on 21/Aug/13
adriano believe whatever you want if you want to believe that cm punk is 6ft 2 or 6 ft 3 believe it i dont care the fact is that he isnt.red183 i dont really know i believe cm punk is 181 max with normal if he has good wrestling boots he may be little over 182 and nearly 183cm but most times cm punk looks like 182cm in the ring.
Adriano said on 20/Aug/13
CM PUNK isn't 5'11,he's still 6'2.If he was 5'11 than how come he looked 1.5 inch shorter than the Rock 7 months ago.The Rock is 6'3.5 and CM Punk is 6'2.
legit177cm said on 20/Aug/13
tell me adriano how on earth punk can be 6'1 (which is the joke of the year) while he is shorter than 6'0 John Cena and bret hart? ha? plz think about before you post anything. This is Paul Heyman and Legendary Eddie Guerrero : Click Here
Eddie Guerrero was 5'8 and there is no way on earth Paul Heyman has 2 inches on Eddie in that video , they are pretty close in height.
This is Sam Roberts 5'8 guy interviews CM PUNK :
Click Here

Cm punk is not even 6'0 compared to him, at very best he has 3 inches on him. DO NOT BELIEVE WHATEVER WWE SAYS. WWE bills daniel bryan 5'10 and but he just admitted he is 5'8 guy. Kurt angle was billed 6'0 in WWE but he said he is only 5'10. Cm Punl 6'2 billed height would cena at 6'3 and put brock lesnar at 6'6 which is insane.
legit177cm said on 20/Aug/13
Adriano the problem is that you are naive and believes whatever WWE says. Punk billed weight is 218 pounds which i believe his real weight is below 200 pounds. I told you i dont care what u think anymore CM punk was 1.5 inch shorter thab brock lesnar ? lol hahaha seriously hold are you ?
justbringit said on 20/Aug/13
sorry i cant upload some pictures u must check them at internet to see them.just look at cm punk without his wrestling gear he is 5.11 bottom line
justbringit said on 20/Aug/13
guys in my opinion cm punk is 5.11 with normal footwear and around 182cm with his wrestling gear maybe not quite 182 also.just see cm punk with his wrestling boots and without you will notice the difference.also try to find the cm punk,daniel bryan and william regal cm punk didnt look much taller than daniel bryan at mitb.
gnops said on 20/Aug/13
There's no way CM Punk is 218 pounds. The WWE exaggerates height and weight. You can't look at a guy like Ziggler and legit say he's 213 pounds. He's not. CM Punk isn't taller than 5'11", at least barefoot. Compare him to any 6'2" guy, he'll be at their brow/bridge of the nose area, which is usually 3". It looked like that when he stood up face to face against Brock Lesnar, who's 6'2" and he was even slouching in those confrontations on Raw. CM Punk also wears thick wrestling boots that give off an extra inch to two inches in height, boosting him up to the 6' area in his boots. Like I said earlier, 5'10" - just barely 5'11" barefoot, but I'd say 5'10.5" is a safer better.
justbringit said on 19/Aug/13
anyway to conclude i think that cm punk may be 182 max with his wrestling boots but in reality cm punk is like 180cm have a look in the photo with john cena listed 184cm u will see the difference that is at least 4cm.also check the other photos that i posted punk doesnt looks over 180 cm and see the recent segments with punk appearing without his wrestling boots he looks shorter doesnt he.of course there are some photos of cm punk being in the same height with triple h and the rock and if you are stupid and want to believe them you can say cm punk is 6.3 if you want to play.anyway i dont have a problem with cm punk either he is a great wrestler the best technical wrestler nowadays and there is nothing bad being under 6 foot 5 11 is tall enough.anyway i just hope wwe would be more honnest with wrestlers height.rob if you can please check all the photos that i posted you will see the difference man.i think 2 that cm punk is like 182cm or little shorter in his wrestling gear but in real life i dont se him being over 180-181 cm max
legit177cm said on 19/Aug/13
agree with what others said height has nothing to do with being so great in wrestling anymore. I'm 5'10 tall and i like my height no tall no short just perfect average. Kurt Angle is one of the greatest wrestlers of all times is my height too 5'10 and he did whole alot better than those freak giants like nash who was absolutely a disaster in his entire career. CM Punk is 5'11 (180 cm) no more no less
justbringit said on 19/Aug/13
ok these are the last pictures guy is 5 11 CM Punk and Lita - CM Punk Photo ( Pro Wrestling Pix : Lita Photo Gallery
justbringit said on 19/Aug/13
look at this 2 CM Punk, Daniel Bryan And William
justbringit said on 19/Aug/13
guys look at this photo A_sowelim : Cm punk and lita Click Here
justbringit said on 19/Aug/13
guys just compare dolph ziggler next to john cena and cm punk next to john cena in the friendly bet segment its the same
Adriano said on 19/Aug/13
The Rock and Brock Lesnar I never said was 6'6 or 6'7.They're slightly taller than CM Punk between 1-1.5 inch and less an inch for Brock.Technically would mark the Rock at 6'3-6'3.5 and Brock Lesnar 6'2.5.If CM Punk is 5'11 explain how come he weighs at 218 lbs.A person at 5'11 weighing 218 lbs wouldn't look lean and have an husky body.CM Punk actually looks fitted for a person who's 6'2 218 lbs.Paul Heyman is 5'10.
Adriano said on 19/Aug/13
Legit I would send you a picture of both of them being 4 inches from each other,but it's not letting me.Tell me how do you do it?
justbringit said on 18/Aug/13
i am 5ft 11 and i believe that this height is tall enough for a wrestler.wwe superstars and wrestlers generally dont need to be 6ft 3 or 6 ft 4 to be good and entertaining there are so many great wrestlers under 6 ft like chris jericho,chris benoit,kurt angle,shawn michaels and others that were wwe champions
Giuseppe said on 18/Aug/13
in the light of all the data collected, I think I can say that Punk and '5.11. and is not 'low!! indeed' a great height. nothing to hide
Metal Kid said on 17/Aug/13
I'm 5'11, and I look quite tall. I don't see what's so bad about Punk not being 6'1" or 6'2". 5'11" is tall enough.
justbringit said on 11/Aug/13
i agree with you gnops
gnops said on 9/Aug/13
Just based off the way he stands up to guys like Cena, Rock, Lesnar, etc., I would even guess that in his wrestling boots, he's 5'11.75" - 6', and barefoot, I would even guess around 5'10"? Maybe a shade taller, but not quite at 5'11".
justbringit said on 7/Aug/13
giuseppe did you see the video between cm punk and bret?if you saw it can you plz tell me how much do you think was the difference between the 2 of them?and do you think that bret hart has lost any of his height he definately was 6 ft but now he may have lost some of his height what is your opinion?
Giuseppe said on 7/Aug/13
I admire very much Cm Punk as a wrestler but I do not understand what's so bad to admit to being 180 or 179cm. However I think we can say definitively that Cm Punk is 180cm tall.
Thanks to all those who gave their opinion and the creator of celebheihts that allows us to do so.
justbringit said on 6/Aug/13
Sorry that i answear late i was on holidays.I went to this address and i fount a video with cm punk and gracie but they were both sitting.Are there any photos with cm punk and norman reedus and can you send me those if there are.Thank you
legit177cm said on 6/Aug/13
Hello i can just laugh at those people that put Cm Punk 6'0 6'1 and 6'2 which is CRAZYY its just super laughable. Here is CM PUNK with 6'0 John Cena :

Click Here
how many inches difference are between this two?
This guy would be happy if he hit 180 cm at night. Cm Punk wakes 181.5 , 180 most of days and go to 179 cm range at night.
Cm Punk wears reasonable wrestling lift shoes to boost his height but even with those footwears he cant compete and being taller than 6'0 guys like Cena and Bret hart and even guy like curtis Axel.

Cm Punk is 180 cm 5'11 end of story.
Paul Heyman 5'9 to 5'9 1/2
Brock Lesnar is every bit of 6'2 to 6'3 guy he is big
Van said on 5/Aug/13
Click Here

12:44 I think Bret has a good 3 cm on Punk even at older age. So I will put Punk at 180 cm max
Giuseppe said on 2/Aug/13
Look this picture:
Click Here

In the two photos Michael Rooker wearing the same shoes. We know that Norman Reedus is 177cm.
In the two photos Michael Rooker wearing the same shoes that door when it's next to CM Punk. We know that Norman Reedus is 177cm.
I think Punk is around 180cm.
Giuseppe said on 2/Aug/13
Hello Justbringit. The address where to find the video of Cm Punk and Royce Gracie is this:
Click Here

I await your comments and remember that they do not have shoes. I hope that Rob do you rate this video. For me his opinion is important for the competence that he has
Giuseppe said on 1/Aug/13
Can You post the photos between Cm Punk and Michael Rooker (175cm according to Rob)? Thanks
justbringit said on 31/Jul/13
I could not find a video of cm punk and royce gracie and i do not believe the photos of cm punk and dolph ziggler becuase thay have both shoes and as you said the angle of the photo is important to but i managed to find some photos with cm punk and lita and cm punk didnt look over than 182cm.
Giuseppe said on 31/Jul/13
Some of you may post the video between CM Punk and Royce Gracie (billed 185 cm). You will notice the difference between the two. Neither wearing shoes so there is no deception. What do you think?
Giuseppe said on 30/Jul/13
Have you seen next to CM Punk Dolph Ziggler (180cm)? Keep in mind that shoes are important and also the angle of the photo.
Because nobody tells the truth!
justbringit said on 29/Jul/13
ok i know i said it 3 times but i want the best answears :P
justbringit said on 28/Jul/13
i trully believe that cm punk is 182 cm because of this backstage segment with cena and the photos with heyman but how can he be around the height of cena in the ring.Is it just the wrestling boots?
justbringit said on 27/Jul/13
i believe that cm punk is trully 182cm mainly because of this backstage segment with cena and the pictures with heyman but how can cm punk look nearly at the same height with cena in the ring?Is it just because of his wrestling boots?
Giuseppe said on 26/Jul/13
sorry but I only believe the photos. say that 'more' than 6 feet and 'easy. and 'difficult to prove. post a picture of your brother with CM Punk. always and if your brother 'really 5.8.! thanks
dicksock said on 23/Jul/13
Funny thing is my brother personally knows CM and says he's over 6'. My brother is 5'8".
Giuseppe said on 23/Jul/13
Guys if we want to play we can say that CM Punk is 6.3. In fact we would know that is not the truth. But have you seen the interview between Punk and Ariel Helwani (5'10) who has published Legit? He leaves no doubt. Punk is a great wrestler and remains, my favorite, but it is not 6.0.
And we can not make the comparison with Paul Heyman or other wrestler, whose height is declared effective. I also want to add that this site gives fans the opportunity to comment on the height of celebrities. We must not quarrel because of them but we have to discuss and compare our ideas constructively. And of course we have to thank Rob for the opportunity to offer.
What do you think Rob on the height of Punk and considerations that we have done recently?
legit177cm said on 19/Jul/13
plus you still failed to give me one picture of punk being 4inches taller than heyman
legit177cm said on 19/Jul/13
Adriano i don't care anymore Cm Punk is not my brother or father so why i should i defend him in your argument. I'm just his fan thats all. You can have CM PUNK 6'6 300 pounds or paul heyman as 6'0 500 pounds in your book, i don't care anymore i just gave my opinion thats all im not here to fight anyone. You have your opinion which i respect and i have mine. so if punk 6'2 in your book brock lesnar and rock would be around 6'6 to 6'7 as both of them had 4 inches on him. WOOOW thats a legit estimation you got . I'm done with you
Adriano said on 17/Jul/13
I didn't cause this argument,you got involved with my statement first.You should of never responded my comment at all.Legit I know you're pretending to be someone else,because Giuseppe is Legit.You're just letting others know that you're never wrong.It has happen to me before when someone has another name and try to agree with yourself.Legit I want to show you the picture but it won't let me.You'll probably moan about the picture when both of them were wearing some kind of elavator footwear.Actually I see one that had 4 inches taller than Paul Heyman.I do believe that CM PUNK is 6'2 and Paul Heyman 5'10.They weren't wearing any shoes that make themselves bigger.You should of used bing instead.
Giuseppe said on 17/Jul/13
Legit177 Hello, my friend. Do not stop, do not stop to prove that you're right. Mine is a sincere compliment but it is also an objective fact. You are not in error when you say that Punk is 5.11 because the facts prove it. The interview you posted in which Ariel Helwani (5'10) is next Punk, leaves no doubt I guarantee it. Also I can assure you that the only image in which Punk appears taller than Paul Heyman is one in which Punk wears his wrestling shoes. Does not that seem strange? . I take this opportunity to thank you again for the great job, you were great. And remember that as long as there are people like you, the truth will always out. All the best, Joseph
MBH said on 16/Jul/13
Rob lists RVD as a 5'11.5 (182cm) guy,same hight as punk, but RVD did look taller than punk at MITB
legit177cm said on 16/Jul/13
Adriano if you cant show the picture dont continue this argument. by the way i did not open this argument i was replying to your comment. As said it before i say it again come up with proof and pictures not just words out of nowhere. CM PUNK is 180-181 cm bang on 5'11 no more, have a blast.
NNW said on 15/Jul/13
He never looks over 180cm to me. He didn't look much taller than Bryan at mitb. When Punk is wearing reasonable footwear he's only slightly taller than Heyman.
Giuseppe said on 15/Jul/13
You're right Legit177, only those who do not want to see it can not 'see that CM Punk (who is a great wrestler) is at most 5.11.
Thank you for the pictures and videos you've posted. Leave no doubt.
I think that Rob, after looking at them, take away a few cm to Punk.
legit177cm said on 14/Jul/13
This video is Ariel Helwani (5'10) guy interviews Brock Lesnar :
Click Here

Lesnar has 4 inches on him which shows us Brock Lesnar is true 6'2 guy.

And this is Ariel Helwani with CM PUNK :
Click Here

Max difference 1.5 inch

the facts are in front of yours now its up to you to believe it or not.
legit177cm said on 13/Jul/13
Is that 4 inches difference:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
And this one :

Click Here
legit177cm said on 13/Jul/13
Adriano if you are blind or fool who dont want to see the fact, fine be it. believe whatever you want and deluding yourself. At least be polite and be more mature, dont insult people when they are not agree with you. if Paul Heyman was 5'10 i would say it since i met him and i was taller than him. I'm 5'10 and i was taller than him by 1.5 inch . I want you to give me one picture than Punk has 4 inches on Paul Heyman? Just one picture
Adriano said on 12/Jul/13
Guys don't listen to this fool legit177cm.CM PUNK doesn't wear anything that makes him taller.Paul Heyman isn't 5'9 and he looked way more than 2 inches shorter than CM PUNK.They're 4 inch difference from each other.CM PUNK is actually the same height or not much shorter than Bruce Campbell.
joey said on 10/Jul/13
I repeat for the last time Punk is closer to 6 foot, look at that photo I posted of him with Lee Camp who is 6'1. He was around the same size as him. Paul Heyman may be 5'10 in shoes.
Brotha said on 9/Jul/13
Rob, sorry man, no way is Punk under 200 lbs. I'm 5'11.5" and 196 lbs with about 20% bodyfat. Punk has more muscle than me in his back and arms. Punk is right around 205-210 now, pretty big next to the average guy.
legit177cm said on 9/Jul/13
Guiseppe thank you bro im CM PUNK's fan and i like him as wrestler. I'm not here to say he is shorter to make myself feel better, no absolutely not. I took picture with Paul Heyman and when i compare it with any CM PUNK picture with Paul Heyman (specially when they are outside of the ring), our height differences with Paul Heyman is almost same or CM PUNK is taller by an inch and half. Some people say Paul Heyman is 5'10 but he is not if he is 5'10 that would make me 5'11 which is not true i know I'm not 5'11. i wake 5'10.5 (179cm) and go to bed 5'9.5 (177cm). CM PUNK is 180-181 cm thats my guess.
legit177cm said on 9/Jul/13
6'0.5 Bruce Cambell with CM PUNK
Click Here
legit177cm said on 9/Jul/13
take look at my pictures how come CM PUNK'S shoes does not have back heel? look at first picture CM PUNK HAS 4INCHES ON PAUL HEYMAN? really ? thats 2 to 2.5 inches to me its a lift shoes. I'm 5'10 and i was taller than Paul Heyman by 1.5inch. Paul Heyman is 5'9 no more no less. if Paul Heyman 5'10 that will make me 5'11 which is not true. CM PUNK 5'11 (180-181 cm)
Giuseppe said on 8/Jul/13
Thanks Legit177 at least you can understand me. Thanks for the photos and the video you posted. They are perfect. Only those who want to pretend not to see is not aware of their content.
Adriano said on 7/Jul/13
Obsessedwithwrestling usually tells the truth about there heights.You guys are loonies if you say CM PUNK and John Cena are between 5'9 and 5'11.Explain this how come CM PUNK was 4 inches taller than Paul Heyman.CM PUNK's boots doesn't have back heels on them.Paul Heyman actually looks more like 5'10.
legit177cm said on 4/Jul/13
All those people who say CM Punk is 6'1 or more are far way off .

Paul Heyman is 5'9 because i met him and i was slightly taller than him ( im about 5'10). is this how a 6'1 guy look like next to 5'9 Paul heyman?

Click Here

now take a good look at CM Punk's wrestling shoes :
Click Here

at least gives you 4 to 5 cm in height (roughly 2inches)

and this is the link for those people that say CM Punk was slightly shorter than Brock Lesnar :
Click Here
Pause the video exactly at 2:12. You can see 6'2 Brock Lesanr standing straight up, And he has 4 inches on CM Punk.
Giuseppe said on 4/Jul/13
About pictures, I got to see some pictures of some of Bruce Campbell (185) with CM Punk. Then I saw a photo of Campbell with James Franco (5.10 3/4). Post them and do a comparison.
Giuseppe said on 3/Jul/13
It 's true that Brook Lesnar was not much taller than Cena but it is also true that you have no certainty of the height of Lesnar. The wrestler all lie about their height. I think the comparison can be made only by a person who does not belong to this category. For this I will not get tired 'enough that I trust only the photos taken between the stars and Rob (or someone else and that' sincere about their height). After seeing the photos and knew the shoes they wear we can make a correct judgment.
vegas said on 3/Jul/13
Hunter says on 2/Jul/13
hahah may be then robs estimate are wrong ...not trolling but Bret hart was taller in his prime now he's like 5'9 or 5'10

i met bret 13 years ago and again about 18 months ago (over a year after that cena/bret video @ summerslam 2010 i posted) and he isn't 5'9 or lost has any noticeable height

i also met cena nearly 10 years ago and he was taller than me or my 5'11.5 brother, when has cena ever looked 5'10?? he wasn't that much shorter than brock lesnar 10 years ago @ 2mins 30 Click Here
joey said on 30/Jun/13
Do not forget people, when Punk was in ECW he had been billed at 6'3 which is
too much for him. Therefore, in my opinion, he is more likely in the 6 foot zone. Honestly people who think 5'10 or 5'11 are too far off. He does not wear lifts in his boots and is almost the same size Cena who tends to look 6'1 in sneakers. And not to forget did not look so much shorter than 6'3 Triple H. I accept Robs 5'11.75 estimate but I strongly see Punk as a 6 footer, possibly even 6'0.5.
vegas said on 30/Jun/13
Hunter says on 29/Jun/13
Lol yeah Daniel brayan is short like 5'6.. Cena 5'11 for sure there isn't doubt.

well you better tell rob that his height estimation for bret hart is wrong because here is rob and bret hart Click Here cena and bret hart side by side at 5mins 35secs on flat ground Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Jun/13
CM Punk has been billed at 6"1" and 6"2", so this height definitely fits.
In wrestling boots he could be 6"1.25"(186cm)
Mike T said on 26/Jun/13
If punk is 5'9" then that would make Daniel Bryan 5'5" or 5'6" and then that would make kane like 6'5" or 6'6" because he's like a foot taller than Daniel Bryan
Ali Baba said on 25/Jun/13
Of the ones that I have met (meaning spoken words with) or been close enough to make an estimate on heights Hunter seems to be very close to correct. Those include Orton, Triple H and Punk.
vegas said on 25/Jun/13
Hunter says on 22/Jun/13
Christian- 5'10
The Miz - 5'9
John Cena - 5'11
Stone Cold - 5'11.5
Dolph Ziggler - 5'9
RVD - 5'8

stood and talked with each of these and you have them all too short, the editor of this site who is a measured 5'8 1/4 barefoot at night met rvd and thought like i did ~5'11, no way miz is as short as 5'9 or ~4 inches shorter than ryback, they looked close in height on tough enough back in 2004

rob thought robert patrick was 5'11 in person Click Here patrick and cena @ 50 seconds Click Here
Adriano said on 24/Jun/13
John Cena had his height at 6'3 on obsessedwithwrestling.So that means CM PUNK could be 6'2.
Giuseppe said on 24/Jun/13
Legit177 Hello, I'm sorry if I answer late. I wanted to thank you for your testimony of Paul Heyman and comparison with CM Punk. I agree with you on the fact that Punk is a great wrestler no matter what the true height. I just wish they were more honest about it. I think punk is around 5.11.
Thanks for the pleasant conversations
tony t. said on 23/Jun/13
You are trolling right Hunter?
IronFist said on 20/Jun/13

Brock's chin is pointed down in that pic. If his chin was high and his posture as erect as CM's in that pic, he'd be about an inch taller.
best in the world said on 19/Jun/13
Punk was 2 inches shorter than Brock at the very most. If Brock is indeed a legit 6'2.5 then perhaps Punk needs upgrading a touch.

Click Here
randomdude said on 18/Jun/13
he didn't look actually that much shorther than 6'2.5(measured) Brock last night so I would say this could be spot on
joey said on 17/Jun/13
Click Here

almost same size as 6'1 lee camp, clearly punk is more 6'
Giuseppe said on 14/Jun/13
I agree with you Legit177cm but we should prove that Punk is 5.11!!!!!
We need a photo as proof.
legit177cm said on 13/Jun/13
Brotha no way this guy is 6 footer and im pretty much sure he weights less than 200 Ibs. he is maximum 2 inches taller than strong 5'9 Chris Jericho. 5'11 flat on good day for CM PUNK
tony t. said on 10/Jun/13
CM Punk - 5'11.75
John Cena - 6'0.5
John Laurinaitis - 6'3
Tiago said on 10/Jun/13
I think he's 5'11.5 (1m82), no doubt.
brotha said on 8/Jun/13
john95, no. Seen him at a show. Right at 6 ft and closer to 210 lbs. No way on 190 lbs would look way to skinny against someone like cena who's a beast size wize. WWE doesn't exaggerate weights like they used to. The smaller ones might get padded an extra 10 lbs but ththat's it.
John95 said on 7/Jun/13
I think CM Punk is 5'11.25, 190 pounds.
Giuseppe said on 24/May/13
After Rob wrote that the height of CM Punk could be around 182cm, also on a major site that shows the heights of all the actors have changed the height from 1.85 to 1.82. You are great Rob.
Giuseppe said on 21/May/13
Also posted the photo with the actor who portrays Punk BRUCE CAMPBELL (1.84 seconds Rob). Do you think there are only two inch difference? I think not
Giuseppe said on 21/May/13
today I saw a photo of CM Punk next to a pitcher of METS named JOHN BUCK (declared 6.2!!!). Someone could post the photo, you will notice the huge difference in height between the two
Pete6-0.5 said on 17/May/13
I think the listing is spot on. Rob, how much do you think this guy weighs? In my opinion he is nowhere near WWE's claim (218 lbs).
Editor Rob
he's got to be under 200 pounds
Giuseppe said on 16/May/13
Hello Kristoffer, how do you say it's 1.81 you know personally?
Kristoffer 1.81 m said on 15/May/13
CM Punk can look quite short next to some wrestlers, but in reality he is above average in height. I'd say he is exactly the same height as me, namely 1.81 m! No matter what his actual height is, he isn't close to his billed height in WWE though (6-2).
Rikashiku said on 9/May/13
I'm thinking he is a weak 6'0".
Giuseppe said on 6/May/13
Again, considering all the doubts about the true height of CM PUNK, I believe that only a picture with Rob to unveil the mystery.
Anonymous said on 2/Apr/13
Rob, the WWE Universe wants to know Daniel Bryan's height. If he is 5'10, he has the worst symmetry ever. Looks 5'6, 5'7 max
Byron T. said on 26/Mar/13
Click Here

Jason David Frank and Tom Felton. Rob has actually met Felton and confirmed that he's in the 5'8''-5'9'' range. At his lowest, CM Punk is 5'11.''
Tyrique said on 19/Mar/13
Jason david frank IS 5'11" and was described as 6' nearly 6'1" on power rangers,he was taller than everybody main on the show.
Whatever said on 17/Mar/13
Ha, you guys need to look closer at that picture with Punk and Jason Frank. Frank appears to be in a karate type stance and probably why he appears so much shorter. And CM Punk wears special boots in the ring that boost his height so I doubt he would be at a convention without them.
KT said on 14/Mar/13
Click Here

CM Punk with Bret Hart and John Cena. He's clearly shorter than both of them.

@ 4:57, you see a face-to-face staredown with Punk and Cena. Cena is about an inch over Punk.
logan noll 1996 said on 14/Mar/13
5'11 MAX. I don't see him as being less than an inch under 6 foot. He looks 5'11 next to guys like Randy Orton.
Ras said on 13/Mar/13
That Barney dude looks 5'8, no way 5'10.
Giuseppe said on 8/Mar/13
The site is : Click Here
Thanks Rob
Giuseppe said on 8/Mar/13
And sorry but 'useless to make comparisons with other people (like Jason David Frank) that lie about their height. for example, the photo of CM Punk with the baseball player Darwin Barney (declared 5.10). if someone could post the photo that portrays Barney next to teammate Brett Jackson (6.2) chicago cubs, you would realize that Barney looks like a 5.8-5.9
Giuseppe said on 6/Mar/13
the photo with The Rock (191 cm) leaves no doubt. there are at least 10 cm of difference. I think that Punk is 5.11. I have no doubt, though Rob intent can 'give me the confirmation
Giuseppe said on 2/Mar/13
It's true that CM Punk just seems a bit' more 'low john Cena (184 cm) but it' s also true that Cena always wears sneakers very low
Byron T. said on 1/Mar/13
@ Knight92: I don't think Jason David Frank is a true 5'11''. Look at the height difference between himself and Henry Winkler: Click Here

It's more or less equivalent to Rob's photo with him. Overall, CM Punk now has to be a very weak 6'0.''
Knight92 said on 1/Mar/13
these wrestlers & MMA fighters always uses fake height & weight .. & nobody understands ! oh gush . I'm tired .
Jason Frank is not 5' 11 " . no matter , he claims or he's described as 180 cm .

Dwayne Johnson is 6' 3 " . Click Here here's a pic with CM with Rock . Cm Punk is nearly 6 feet . but not 6 feet .
this website is right . He's probably 5' 11.75 " or something .. cause he's just a little bit shorter than CENA who's 6' 0.5 " .

you guys saw him with that little jimmy .. he was hesitating to call himself 6 ft . well .. I just understood that watching the way he said.
Tyrique said on 24/Feb/13
Look at the pic from Byron T. That is legitimately 5'11" Jason Frank who is described as 6'-6'1" in power rangers. The pic proves CM is 6-2!
James said on 23/Feb/13
Ha the 5'11 guy looks 5'7.5-5'8 next too Punk.
Byron T. said on 23/Feb/13
Click Here

CM Punk with ex-Power Ranger and MMA fighter Jason David Frank who claims to be 5'11.''
James said on 20/Feb/13
6'2 is a BIG joke for CM punk.
Giuseppe said on 20/Feb/13
At this point, I believe that only those who have seen CM Punk closely can tell us how high. I am sure that sooner or later Rob will show us a picture of him next to Punk. thanks
Conti said on 18/Feb/13 says that he's listed at 6'2,I think that's a lie.This website for most wrestlers some make themselves at least 2-3 inches taller than there normal height.Kane isn't 7'0 I would say he's now 6'9 solid at least,but no more than that.
brotha said on 18/Feb/13
Thanks Rob for listing Punk's height. He is the best technical wrestler today and possible the second best of all time after Bret Hart. I do believe the height listed seems accurate.

I do disagree with Vegas though regarding the weights of these athletes though. No way are Punk, Kofi, Roode, and Miz are under 200 lbs or close. I'm almost 6' 200lbs and Punk has and easy 10+ lbs of muscle, same for Kofi, Miz may be around 220 lbs, and Roode for sure at leas was close to 230 lbs no doubt. Muscle weight sometimes be hidden in legs and these guys lift guys 24/7. Do the match.
Anyway I do believe all the guys you listed are right around the 6ft mark or under slightly.
Giuseppe said on 18/Feb/13
Dear Rob, I have a question for you: all the measures contained in this website refer to par with or without shoes?
Editor Rob
think of height without shoes
Giuseppe said on 18/Feb/13
Look this photo with Chrie Jerico (1.77 cm)
Click Here
Giuseppe said on 18/Feb/13
Could you please post this : Click Here
James said on 17/Feb/13
182cm looks too high when you see him up against 6ft3 Dwayne Johnson.
Giuseppe said on 15/Feb/13
In fact, it is lower than Bret Hart (6.0) and even Jeff Hardy (5'11 .5). I think we can say that it is 5.11. Only Rob with one of his fantastic photos will give us confirmation of its actual height. You are great Rob
n1st said on 12/Feb/13
I think 182-183cm is right for Cm Punk. Most times he looks around 5'11.5
Giuseppe said on 12/Feb/13
Could you please post this photo: Click Here
Anonymous said on 12/Feb/13
in fact if you look at the photo of this address:
Click Here
You will see that is lower than John Cena, also if you look at the video with Bret Hart (6.0), you will realize that Punk is lower than Bret and Cena. If you can extract the photo from the video I would be grateful. Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this Forum
pauly e said on 11/Feb/13
I've always heard he is 5'11 flat, but he does look a bit over that when I saw him face to face w/Cena.
Giuseppe said on 11/Feb/13
thank you for giving me the opportunity to take part in the debate.
I think Cm Punk is 5.11. If you can put a picture of him face to face with Jeff Hardy (5.11,5) we see that Punk is a little lower.
Giuseppe said on 11/Feb/13
I can say my opinion
The Ben said on 11/Feb/13
It would be good to have Orton back as he makes a good comparison pic for others given that he seems to universally recognized at 6'4.
James said on 8/Feb/13
Any photos evidence of him being taller that swagger?

Drew is 6'4 and swagger 6'5
Rikashiku said on 8/Feb/13
Always had him as a strong 5'11". He is taller than Kofi Kingston and has the right look for someone tat height.

About Wade Barrett, my opinion is still 6'6" for him. He's always towered over everyone else and is even taller than Jack Swagger and Drew McIntyre, both who have been listed over 6'5". I remember last year that Drew looked slightly taller than Swagger. On Swaggers 3rd match in ECW, Taz stated that he was 6'4". Maybe 6'4.5"? He looks tall, but then again, I look short to people, but I'm over 6'1" with head over these people :D.
Alex2 said on 5/Feb/13
Get it back please Rob :), he's probably the top WWE superstar.
James said on 5/Feb/13
What height did u have randy Orton at rob?
Editor Rob
6ft 4 I think
James said on 4/Feb/13
Mind you recently Barrett has looked 6'4 range at times.

Did his injury a year ago knocked some height of him? Either or its because his hair is shorter?
Alex2 said on 4/Feb/13
Can't understand how you have CM Punk but not Randy Orton on here Rob??
Editor Rob
I used to have a page for him
Vegas said on 4/Feb/13
yeah 6'5ish for barrett i would think, never met the guy but have seen photos of him and people i know
James said on 3/Feb/13
i dunno about 6'6 for barrett? Vegas how tall would you think barrett is? Too me he looks like a 6'5 guy.
Tommy said on 3/Feb/13
@Jamesy Barrett is closer to 6'6 as opposed to 6'5.
180cm said on 2/Feb/13
Why does nearly every other site have this guy down as 6 foot 2? I also heard he wears shoe lifts, I have seen pictures with him and john cena and he looks about 5'8 or 5'10..
Vegas said on 1/Feb/13
there are quite alot of wrestlers from both wwe and tna in or around 5'11, others i met that height include james storm, kofi kingston, john morrison, christian, all listed including punk, roode, miz, ziggler are mostly under 200lb, the ones over aren't over by much
Jamesy said on 1/Feb/13
Well he certainly looked more 5'11 than 6ft compared too the rock.
miko said on 1/Feb/13
To be fair Miz does look pretty much the same height as Cena face to face whenever they staredown, and Cena is a strong 6'0.5.

Miz is a solid 6'0 IMO.
Peyman-6ft said on 1/Feb/13
thanks vegas , yea that does make sense
actually I guess SAK is right for both Roode & Miz.
Miz I think appeared two inches taller than Ric flair who is surely not under 5'10'' even these days . How about this one guys?
Roode : 5' 11.25''
CM Punk : 5' 11.5''
Miz : 5' 11.75''
Jamesy said on 31/Jan/13
The miz can look 5'11 as well
SAK said on 31/Jan/13
@Vegas. Thanks. Always thought Roode was slightly lower then the 6ft he gets listed as. 5f11/181 is spoton for Roode.

But CM Punk, I still think he is pushing a full 6ft/183.
Vegas said on 31/Jan/13
miz i thought looked 6ft in person and i met miz at like 2.30-3am in a bar, if he isn't he is very close like very strong 5'11
Peyman-6ft said on 31/Jan/13
@ Vegas ,
any estimate for the miz ? Do you think he is a 6footer ?
Vegas said on 30/Jan/13
SAK says on 29/Jan/13
How tall is Bobby Roode??

~5'11 i posted a shot of him and me on hulk hogans page
SAK said on 29/Jan/13
How tall is Bobby Roode??
Jamesy said on 28/Jan/13
I think next too 6'4 john laurinitis, 6'5 Wade Barrett and 6'3.75 randy Orton del rio genuinely looked 6'3. Yes I do agree as well that he can does give of the impression of 6ft2ish at times.
khans said on 28/Jan/13
5'11 does seem kinda high for ziggler. Sheamus made fun of his height on Raw once so that's why I'm askin. Looks around 5'10 next to jericho and cena but if you met him and say he's 5'11, i'll take your word for it :)
Fred said on 27/Jan/13
Jamesy thank you for that clarification.
Del Rio at 6'3" ?? Not impossible, even if it seems a little bit much for him.

On Dolph Ziggler, I do not see it below 5'10.5 " and not over 5'11.25"
I would say that Ziggler actually measures 5'10 .75" (180 cm)
Vegas said on 27/Jan/13
khans says on 27/Jan/13
How tall would you guys say Dolph Ziggler is?

met dolph twice, he is in or around 5'11
Connor 183cm said on 27/Jan/13
CM Punk looks like kevin webster off coronation street 5ft 11.75 is generous could be 181cm though.
khans said on 27/Jan/13
How tall would you guys say Dolph Ziggler is? Looks around the same height as punk...maybe an inch shorter? Anyone wanna chime in
Mark said on 26/Jan/13
American Professional wrestler.....AND Best In The World!! he's in that HBK/Flair/Angle region height wise, anywhere between 5'10 - 6ft in my estimation.
Mikey T said on 26/Jan/13
5'11" sounds right. 6ft John Cena is a little bit taller than him
Jamesy said on 26/Jan/13
Alberto del rio 6'3 (191cm)
She am us 6'3 (191cm)
Randy Orton 6'3.75 (192cm)
Ryback 6'1.5 (187cm)
Bazza said on 26/Jan/13
Punk is just under 6 foot
Fred said on 25/Jan/13
I actually think that CM Punk is between 5'11 .5"and 6'0"
Thank you for this addition Rob ;)

I would like to have in the future: Sheamus, Randy Orton, Ryback, and Alberto Del Rio.
That would be cool!

I already give my opinion on the subject.

Sheamus: 6'2 .5-6 '3 (I think 6'3") Randy Orton: 6'4-6'4 .5 (I would say 6'4 .25")
Rayback: 6'1.25-6'1.75 (6'2" max)
Alberto Del Rio: 6'1.75-6'2.25 (I think 6'2")

Sorry for the spelling, I speak French.
Alex2 said on 25/Jan/13
5'11.5" no more mo less.
SAK said on 24/Jan/13
Does not look 11cm shorter then Gracie(6f4). Could be 6f/183cm.
Jamesy said on 23/Jan/13
Ed could be 6ft these days.
Cj said on 23/Jan/13
CM Punk with 6ft 1in listed Ed O'Neil and the Gracies:
Click Here
6ft under and over said on 22/Jan/13
was at monday night raw last year and saw him he looked tall but not that tall looked about 5ft11.5 i would say.
PC Munk said on 22/Jan/13
I met CM recently, great fella. But his height.......not a as great. My estimate is 5"9'.
khans said on 22/Jan/13
was in the front row at a show a couple of years ago and he walked right by me. i'm a legit 5'9.5 and he was about an inch taller. MAYBE 1.5 in but i really dont think hes 5'11.75. 5'11 for this guy.
Hew said on 20/Jan/13
Rampage: Hemsworth is not 6'3, but closer to 6'2. This listing is fair, could pass for 6ft flat.
Byron T. said on 20/Jan/13
@ Rampage: Even with his head tilt, he doesn't look that smaller than Chris Hemsworth in photo I provided. Thanks for agreeing with me... :)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Jan/13
Looks about 6ft1 with Hemsworth...
Jamesy said on 18/Jan/13
Arch I think he plays himself on WWE

let's face it as well arch if people had the looks and build of cm punk they would be arrogant too.
Arch Stanton said on 18/Jan/13
Yep the blank eyes, raised head, open mouth and sleeve tattoos is compelling evidence I say! He's probably 9 ft 6 in his own mind...
Arch Stanton said on 18/Jan/13
I get a strong feeling that this guy would be a complete douchebag in person. You can always tell by the eyes and the open mouth if they're a douche or not hehe.
SAK said on 18/Jan/13
@Vegas, sorry my mistake.

Compared to Gracie (who I am not convinced is 6f4, maybe 6f3.5). CM Punk looks no lower then 183cm.
Vegas said on 17/Jan/13
SAK thats not dan severn in that video, thats rener gracie who is listed 6'4
The Ben said on 17/Jan/13
Thanks for adding Rob, I'd say 6ft on the button.
danh279 said on 17/Jan/13
Looks 5'11" next to Cena
SAK said on 17/Jan/13
Dan Severn gets listed as 6f2/188cm, which seems to be spot on.

Click Here
Servern standing next to CM Punk (both bare foot) does appear 2"(2.5") taller. 182cm for CM Punk is a good listing.
SAK said on 17/Jan/13
Click Here

Doesn't look too much shorter then 6f3 (The Rock) in the pic.
JoeFlacco said on 17/Jan/13
He was taller than all of the guys on Ghost Hunters when he was on that show.
Byron T. said on 16/Jan/13
Click Here

Appears to be a couple of inches shorter than a 6'3'' Chris Hemsworth. I'd say he's in the 6'- 6'1'' range.
James said on 16/Jan/13
Click Here

rob do you agree that cm punk does not look 5'11.75 compared too the rock?
Editor Rob
the rock can make punk look liek 180-181 at times.
xaoxio said on 16/Jan/13
vince doesnt like Punk though
miko said on 16/Jan/13
I wouldn't quite go that high for him, he's a weaker 5'11 than a solid 5'11 from what I've seen. 5'11.25/5'11.5 range but still a fairly tall guy.

Dwayne Johnson did make him look 5'11 flat last week though, but he is a solid 6'3.
Peyman-6ft said on 16/Jan/13
Rob , thanks alot for adding him.
After Under Taker I respect CM Punk the most cuz of the enthusiasm , personality , etc.
I guessed him at 5' 11.5'' , because I believe that at times he appears 181 , but maybe mostly every bit of 182.

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