How tall is Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan's Height

5ft 7.75in (172.1 cm)

American Professional Wrestler. In a directTv interview he said: "I always wanted to be a wrestler but I didn't think I could be because I'm relatively small. I'm 5'8 and weigh 195 pounds." In 2015 he also said "I'm five foot eight and one hundred eighty five pounds".

How tall is Daniel Bryan
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Average Guess (74 Votes)
5ft 7.56in (171.6cm)
hardguy said on 12/Sep/17
Bella twins are 5'7 to me
Joeyb33 said on 8/Sep/17
Thanks Johan
Johan said on 6/Sep/17
Joeyb33 said on 3/Sep/17
Click Here

I'm 6 foot 2.25 and had a half inche footwear advantage


Nice pic again, gj looks a solid 7 inches there so I initially thought 5'7.25" but then I see you had footwear advantage so closer to 5'7.5"-5'7.75". Interestingly thats also what he looked with another poster a while back and I see Rob has downgraded him so gj.
Joeyb33 said on 5/Sep/17
I agree, Christian.
Im 171CM said on 5/Sep/17
Looks 68in I could be off a bit just seeing him on tv is What he looks like...
Editor Rob: with Joey, in the post below, he could look not much over 5ft 7.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 4/Sep/17

He looks about 171cm with you. So roughly between 5'7.25" and 5'7.5"
Joeyb33 said on 3/Sep/17
Click Here

I'm 6 foot 2.25 and had a half inche footwear advantage
Anonymous said on 26/Aug/17
Wwe like to lie about wrestlers height and weight by how many inches or lbs they claim. Daniel Bryan is 5'6.5 he's way shorter than Cena, Hart, also look at cm punk and Daniel Bryan . Cm punk is 5'11 and a half he looks 4-5 inches taller than Bryan.
James B said on 14/Aug/17
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andre said on 8/Aug/17
he says he is 5ft8 that with shoes not barefoot, downgrate rob to 169cm
dicksock said on 31/Jul/17
No way is he that close to 5'8". He is dwarfed by 5'11" Bret Hart. Bret may have been 6' in his prime, but today he is for sure in the 5'11" range. He dwarfs Bryan by easily 5-6": Click Here
And Bryan is closer to the camera.

He is 5'6.5" tops. I guarantee it. No way in the world is he less than 5" shorter than 5'11.5" max Bret Hart.

Here is a great shot of him with 6' John Cena: Click Here

Once again, he looks at least 6" shorter than a 6' man. At the very least his listing here should be dropped to 5'6.5".

Here's some more:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
andre said on 25/Jul/17
he is about 169cm barefoot at night
even said on 18/Jul/17
morning : solid 172 cm night : solid 171 cm
Darius said on 17/Jul/17
After seeing him with 5'9" listed TJ perkins he seems max 5'7.75" as listed here. That is if TJ is really 5'9". Then with Brian Kendricks who is listed 5'7" Daniel seems more than an inch taller. Kendrocks may be 5'6" or around that in reality. Daniel Bryan is 171cm-172cm IMO. So this listing is not far off.
Darius said on 13/Jul/17
I am very confused about Daniel Bryan's height. I remember I thought Bryan as 5'8" guy but then at another moment he seemed a strong 5'6" guy. The problem maybe lies with the fact that some wrestlers use boots with thick heels.When Daniel is in segments with AJ Styles he looks more than an inch shorter. He also looks much shorter than Kevin Owens. I tbh thought James Ellsworth to be around 5'6.5" and Bryan seems very similar to him. With the fact that these wrestlers wear thick boots, I would say Daniel is around 5'7". or very close to it.
No Chance in Hell said on 10/Jul/17
Time for a downgrade, D Bry unfournately is much shorter, to be honest 169 cm is best bet. He seems bigger cuz he's buff I guess.
even said on 7/Jul/17
hes 5'7.5" trust me im serious
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 5/Jul/17
I don't think he's even 5'7.75" He's gotta be 5'7.5" at the very most, he looks a solid 5" shorter than Cena and many people on several forums have said Bryan looked about 5'7" when they met him.
Piyush samal said on 30/Jun/17
An styles and Kevin Owens wears lifts so they were only a good 1inch taller on sdlive other wise Bryan and styles are same (170cm ) with Owens 173cm
Peter175 said on 22/Jun/17
No doubt that Rob would edge him hard
Darius said on 21/Jun/17
I see a max 5'7.5" and min a fraction under 5'7" maybe.
But a 171cm guy is what is think he is in general.
John B said on 19/Jun/17
His only 5'6. A lot shorter then you really think.
Headbanger said on 29/May/17
A.J. Styles is 2 cm taller in that good video and Styles always looks short
andre said on 20/May/17
zaq is 5ft8 with shoes so time to downgrate

Headbanger said on 19/May/17
Looks half inch shorter than zaq
James B said on 3/May/17
Looks 172cm with 5'8 zaq

Not sure if Daniel Bryan is standing with better posture than zaq though?
zaq said on 30/Apr/17
Click Here

i am 5'8 and 205ish
shoes about the same
Editor Rob: so would you have said he was above 5ft 7 up close then?
andre said on 24/Apr/17
Rob time to downgrate him he is not your height he is shorter as i told you he claims 5ft8 and even stefanie macmahon told he is 5ft8 in a raw show from wwe

i would guess his height barefoot at night from 168cm to 170cm max
Christian-196.9cm(6ft5.5)Noon said on 15/Apr/17
Solid 5" shorter than Cena.
Sammy Derrick said on 14/Apr/17
Click Here
3:42-3:52='...your like what?5'8???Maybe 200lbs...This is one of the few times live on Monday Night Raw where they are nearly accurate with a wrestler's size.
It's strange cause he always looks around the strong 5'7(171cm) range .
Jozef said on 6/Apr/17
If you watch total divas when he is next to brie he looks alittle over 5`7
andre said on 7/Apr/17
Rob daniel bryan admit he is 5ft8 and this is with shoes why he is much taller here ?

his height barefoot at night is from 168cm to 170cm i would guess a 169cm
frvbgf said on 25/Mar/17
Look at around 2:30, AJ was wearing thick-soled boots during his stare down with Daniel Bryan.
justbringit said on 22/Mar/17
nice downgrade i agree with this styles looks taller than him.
John B said on 21/Mar/17
5'6 max look how tall he is next to A.J Styles who is 5'8. D.B is a lot shorter then u think.
ma said on 21/Mar/17
He is probably 172 cm in the morning...Probably around 171 cm at evening....Looks around 13 cm shorter than Cena ( strong 184 cm)
Marc said on 17/Mar/17
AJ styles seems taller than him on TV which took me by surprise I thought they'd be eye to eye.
Wrs567 said on 16/Mar/17
I still think he is too short to measure 172cm barefoot

But it's WAY better than the 5'8'' listing!

AJ and Bryan were in similar shoes in that segment.

AJ was out of his ring gear.
Wrs567 said on 16/Mar/17
Rob, Please watch from 25 seconds onwards

Click Here

Daniel Bryan is a good inch shorter than AJ Styles

flat 5'7'' listing??
Editor Rob: certainly aj looks an inch taller...I'm not sure what footwear these guys have on.
frvbgf said on 15/Mar/17
Looked 5'7.25" with AJ Styles on SmackDown Live. Click Here
andre said on 13/Mar/17
5ft8 with shoes not barefoot and i would say he is 5ft7.5 with shoes

he even admit 5ft8 for sure he is talking with shoes why would he say 5ft8 barefoot ?

time for downgrate rob i real dont understand this website you give to much to them

bryan is 5ft6.5 barefoot
nelo said on 6/Mar/17
daniel is 171 - 172.5 max
Wrs567 said on 1/Mar/17
Must be the shortest looking 5'8'' on the planet then

Honestly, Daniel can't be more than 5'7.25''

No way is he measuring 5'8'' barefoot
John B said on 1/Mar/17
Got to meet Matt Striker just recent and was very surprised how short he was (about 5'7) so I went and watched how tall he was with other wrestlers and he has Daniel by 2 inches when doing interviews which can be seen on YouTube - yes for D.B were looking at 5'6 tops a lot shorted then we really think.
John B said on 12/Feb/17
His a 5'7 guy...
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 2/Feb/17
I think it's time for a little downgrade. Everyone's keep saying that he isn't 5ft8.
Jamie said on 2/Feb/17
He's 5'7 and a half without shoes or boots.
rendi said on 23/Jan/17
this guy can never be 5'8 he looks like a 5'7 to be honest
Logan said on 15/Jan/17
He looks like a
5'7 not a 5'8.
The Exorcist said on 15/Dec/16

That's because his awesome beard keeps your eyes at the lower part of his face instead of the top! ;P
James B said on 15/Dec/16
I do think though rob if your 5'8 you can't pull of the overdeveloped look as well as a 6ft3 man.
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 15/Dec/16
"Daniel Bryan's Height is 5ft 7.75in (172.1 cm)"

He looks a weak 5ft8 more often than he does a solid 5ft8. I believe Rob would edge him out if both stood side by side.
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 15/Dec/16
James B said on 14/Dec/16
Rob since your quite similar height to Daniel would you say for a 5ft8 man he looks 'overdeveloped'?


The amount of body hair you grow has nothing to do with your height, don't be ridiculous. That's like saying a baby's final adult height can be predetermined by his race.
James B said on 14/Dec/16
Rob since your quite similar height to Daniel would you say for a 5ft8 man he looks 'overdeveloped'?
Editor Rob: James, I think if he trimmed his beard back to say 1cm max, he'd look taller.

Those scraggy long beards are visually detrimental to your height.
James B said on 3/Dec/16
He's a really bulky guy but unfourntantly in WWE would still get picked on because of his height
tony t. said on 1/Nov/16
The Bella twins are 5'5.5
MDV said on 25/Oct/16
Rob paul would be taller...172 cm vs solid 173,5 cm
berta said on 17/Oct/16
respect to this guy he is one of the shortest wrestlers and still dont lie about his height.this height ore 172
Leonardo 1.73m said on 13/Oct/16
Under 5'8, but complexion of 5'5.
Tom Carvis said on 10/Oct/16
Bella Twins (5ft 7in )
andre said on 29/Sep/16
Brian kendrick from wwe is 5ft7 and daniel is 5ft8 but with shoes on not barefoot

downgrate it
andre said on 11/Sep/16
Listen this rob if he says he is 5ft8 for sure he is without shoes

i don't think he is 5ft8 barefoot more like 5ft7 also about his weight i would say 188 lbs

i felt you sould downgrate him
Nb said on 19/Aug/16
Rob, how much of a height difference would there be here?

Click Here
Editor Rob: doesn't seem more than an inch
Jared said on 17/Aug/16
Looks about 5 inches smaller than 184cm Shane McMahon. There's a big chance Daniel's under 5ft8
heightchecker34 said on 19/Jul/16
Always looked like a 5'8 guy, regular average sized. Only in the wrestling world and the NBA would 5'8 be considered a shrimp. He broke the standard for what a professional wrestler looked like... even though there were plenty of other wrestlers who were around the same height, Chris Jericho (5'9.5'') Eddie Guerrero (5'8') Chris Benoit (5'9''), and Kurt Angle (5'10). A great example of how never giving up on your dreams can lead to a fulfilling life.
Leonardo said on 17/Jul/16
How big are the boots in average of a wrestler of the WWE? Robbo?
berta said on 1/Jun/16
he looks really small could even be a Little under this, maybe 172?
T said on 14/Mar/16
I'd say 5'7. I was able to stand next to him at an auto show recently.
Darius said on 17/Feb/16
Bryan is 172 cm at the best. He looks way shorter than punk and cena. He also wears boots tgat give a little advantage and still looks short than jericho and ziggler
Darius said on 17/Feb/16
Bryan is 172 cm at the best. He looks way shorter than punk and cena. He also wears boots tgat give a little advantage and still looks short than jericho and ziggler
Paul said on 11/Feb/16
172cm for Bryan
EzioAuditore711 said on 10/Feb/16
I'd say 5'7''.
John said on 10/Feb/16
Rob, please change the description to "American Retired/Former Professional Wrestler."
Hasnain said on 3/Feb/16
if ric flair is 5'9 then daniel bryan is no 5'8 he is 5'6.5
James B said on 27/Jan/16
Rob Vegas did see Bryan as looking 5'7 in person but do you think maybe if you carry a lot of extra muscle you can look shorter than you are?
Editor Rob: sometimes width or body proportions can alter in-person estimates.

One reason I think some famous people can get seen shorter is that they are in movement and sometimes not moving with an upright stance whilst the person estimating is standing still.
James B said on 26/Jan/16
Rob do you think 5'7.5 is too low for Daniel?
Editor Rob: I think with any listing, nothing (unless a known measurement) can really be set in stone. At times he can look a bit under, but other times I think can do enough to look 5ft 8.
andre said on 9/Dec/15
he is not 195lbs more like 180lbs
andre said on 9/Dec/15
Rob he might be 5ft6.5 or 5ft7 barefoot he looks much shorter then punk
NewHorror said on 2/Dec/15
Hard to believe he's 5'8. It's kinda tricky cause he looks way shorter than guys who are 6'0 and above. For example when he's standing next to Punk it's kinda hard for me to see him as a legit 5'8 dude.
Dingus said on 23/Oct/15
195 lbs is not small, especially at his height.
Manny said on 30/Sep/15
Billed at 5"10 I thought 5"9 was right but 5"7 c'mon guys I would love to know exactly how much height wrestling boot hells give and I mean heeled shoes are usually 3/4of an inch and work boots a full inch so insoles maybe?
andre said on 30/Sep/15
5ft7 barefoot and 185lbs
184.3cm (Night) said on 24/Aug/15
Looks more 172cm next to Robby there. (5'7.75")
Paul said on 23/Aug/15
Yeah, i think Bryan is more 5 '7.5
Robby said on 20/Aug/15
I met Daniel Bryan at the Chicago Comic Con. I am 5'9.5" barefoot. 5'10.5" in the shoes I was wearing. Click Here
Fray said on 1/Aug/15
Spot on at 5'8". Great guy.
Austin said on 31/Jul/15
A 5'8" 185 lbs claim at 0:26 Click Here
small fry said on 26/Jul/15
hid head would be perfect for a six footer...he has a big head which makes him look slightly taller than a 5'8" guy
richkid123 said on 4/Jun/15
meh.... 5'8"
Sam said on 11/May/15
I do think he could be closer to 5ft7 than 5ft8, imo 171cm is a possibility.
18 173CM said on 29/Apr/15
Downgrade to 171cm-172cm
Mike T said on 16/Apr/15
I think he could be close to 5'8". He looks taller than Neville and 5'10-5'11 Dolph Ziggler has about 5 inches on Neville and 3 inches on Daniel.
mike said on 3/Apr/15
check this out at 0:02 secs. :
Click Here
Orton is a FULL head (9.5"-10") taller than Bryan! Bryan must be slightly over 5'7"
Omid said on 23/Mar/15

Kane has been doing flying clothesline since his debut

Click Here

How's that for a flying move? and he never broke his ankle too (despite having bad legs and heavy weight and big boots)

So lifts are nothing of importance in this equation
miko said on 19/Mar/15
A guy like Bryan would never wear big thick boots in the ring, his style wouldn't allow it as he'd break his ankles. Bigger guys can get away with bigger 2 inch boots as they aren't flying around, like a prime Kane used to do.
nayhole said on 12/Mar/15
LOL he isn't 5'8 with lifts on. He is a weak 5'6. Everyone towers over him from the referees to the divas.
HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 15/Feb/15
Click Here

Carsten Schäfer claimed 172cm in his youth and is listed 171cm today, Bryan looks only marginally taller so I say weak 5´8" for Bryan.

Rob would edge him I believe
:D said on 15/Feb/15
at the Tribute to the Troops event last year when he confronted Rusev he actually said he was 5'5...
5'7 says said on 9/Feb/15
Not more than 5'9. He is short in front of chris jericho who looks 2 inches shorter than Cena (claims himself to be 6 ft tall).
Austin said on 27/Jan/15
5'7.5" 180 lbs is my guess on Bryan's height and weight.
BorkLaser said on 25/Jan/15
With 6'1" (listed here) Stephen Amell: Click Here
Dong said on 5/Jan/15
5'7"... 195lbs..... no where near his billed height and weight
Ssingh said on 29/Dec/14
5'8. Looks it.
MusaTroll said on 27/Dec/14
Daniel Bryan is is 5'10 according to wwe. He does'nt look anything near that height. Back in july 2013, a few weeks before summerslam on Raw he was cutting a promo and he claimed 5'8. I think a full 5'8 is possibe but less likely, he is more 5'7+ barefoot because he was around maybe 5 inches shorter than Cena who claims 6 ft.
Height182 said on 18/Dec/14
@client: LOL
client said on 17/Dec/14
He's 4'2
andre said on 9/Dec/14
Please Rob we think Daniel is shorter then 5ft8 downgrade is height for 5ft7.5
roy said on 23/Nov/14
he was wearing some gucci looking casual plimsolls on total divas once, brie and all that money may have paid off on him lol 5'7 flat for d-bry
fedz said on 15/Nov/14
seriously daniel pick better shoes than that, i ain't even that good a dresser but would not be seen dead in that monstrosity you call footwear lol still a cool wrestler and cool dude. 5'7 flat
Height182 said on 12/Nov/14
Here DB can look spot on 5'8''

Click Here

Click Here

Other times he can look low as 5'7''. Maybe he is 5'7.5''. I still don't think he is a full 5'8'' like Rob.
fsd said on 12/Nov/14
looks 5'7 ft
The A-List said on 8/Nov/14
Rob I think you have an inch on him. No offense but Daniel Bryan looks short in person. But still he's a good wrestler.
genes said on 6/Nov/14
never looked 5'8, looked smaller. i would say 5'7 flat and maybe 5'8 in wrestling boots. great wrestler just wish he wouldn't wear those casual old man shoes. good thing brie seems to have had some effect on him lol
SAMMY DERRICK said on 29/Oct/14
I'm 5'8(173cm)and 150 lbs on a heavy day...
So a 5'7-5'8 guy who has a full beard and average can get a beautiful lady like a 5'5 brunette...Brie Bella.I'm not saying that he is a bad looking guy cause he has a boyish face with blue eyes..
Height182 said on 28/Oct/14
@Heart: Rey Mysterio????
Attitude said on 28/Oct/14
I'm 5'9.5 and most people guess my weight at around 200 lbs. I'm actually only 183 lbs as of right now. I was 185 a few months ago. I will say that I look just as big or bigger than Daniel Bryan. I think Bryan, at his height and muscle mass to fast ratio, if not on steroids, would probably max out at 170 lbs. 175 would be stretching it. If he got shredded, then he'd be in the 150 and 160 range. A 5'9 guy who at a low body fat preventative below 10 percent would be 175 lbs. Honestly, Bryan looks to be in the 12 to 15 percent body fat range with 15 inch arms. He does have well built legs which could be giving him a heavier weight. So there's that.

If he's 5'7.5, 180 is really stretching it. Look at dynamite kid, now he was easily 200 at around the same height.
Heart said on 27/Oct/14
Even Daniel Bryan in 5ft 8inches tall!!! I am only 5ft 7in & 164 lbs. I don't think I can lead my career to professional wrestling. :-(
Clay said on 11/Oct/14
andre says on 11/Oct/14
Daniel is about 5ft7.5 and 182lbs not 195lbs:$

Ok guy, Cuz you've measured him and put him on a scale personally right.
andre said on 11/Oct/14
Daniel is about 5ft7.5 and 182lbs not 195lbs:$
Clay said on 9/Oct/14
I can believe 190-195 lbs. I've been 190 at my highest at 5'9'' (185 right now), and im no way thicker than him. i mean yeah my frame is a little longer but he is thicker probably, and it's not like he's shredded either where you weigh less.
andre said on 8/Oct/14
Rob in my opinion he is 5ft7(170cm) and 5ft8 with wrestling boots and 185lbs(85kilos) im correct?
[Editor Rob: 5ft 7.5 isn't impossible but 5ft 7 flat? I'm not convinced he would be just that short.]
Height181 said on 7/Oct/14
@Clay: The camera angle is the same for everybody in that picture! Goodness sakes man...

''and thats four huge dude's he;s standing beside..''

So What??? Lol.. What's that got to do with anything??
Clay said on 6/Oct/14
Height181 says on 1/Oct/14
I don't know how this guy is guessed at 5'8''. Click Here He looks around 5'6.5'' here. Look at Cenas legs and his relaxed posture, Still look more than 4 inches taller than Bryan.

You do realize that camera angle doesn't favour him, and thats four huge dude's he;s standing beside..

But actually I agree he isn;t properly 5'8 he;s like 5'7.5'' evening.
Omid said on 3/Oct/14
sometimes he looks very close to 5'7 but I think its because of his not so good posture...still 5'7.5 is a possibility.
Height181 said on 1/Oct/14
I don't know how this guy is guessed at 5'8''. Click Here He looks around 5'6.5'' here. Look at Cenas legs and his relaxed posture, Still look more than 4 inches taller than Bryan.
Jesse36 said on 17/Sep/14
He gotta be a 5'7 guy becaus Chris benoit is 5'7 duh
Kourosh177cm said on 1/Sep/14
Daniel bryan is a huge guy hes nowhere near small in society among the normal people.
5'8 is not short below average yes.
as i said before there is heightism in WWE. Eddie, daniel, chris jericho , chris benoit and lance storm who are from 5'8 to 5'10 have been called short in WWE.
Kourosh177cm said on 1/Sep/14
there is extreme heightism in wwe.
SaveUsY2J said on 24/Aug/14
Somewhere 5'7.5-5'8 range, nothing outside of that. I think he and Stephanie McMahon would measure almost identically barefoot.
miko said on 11/Aug/14
I've only seen Bryan up close once and he looked weak 5'8 range. 5'11.5 CM Punk had around 3.5/4' on him, and 6'0.5/6'0.75 Cena had maybe close to 5'.

I can't buy 5'7 flat, that is just too short.
Yupintotheyup said on 11/Aug/14
Daniel Bryan is way shorter than this.
Bud said on 10/Aug/14
In the WWE 5'8 is SHORT.Triple h in the past called 5'9.5 Chris Jericho a midget,but nobody ever refered to 5'10 Kurt Angle as short.
Bud said on 10/Aug/14
Rob how much do u think he weighs since he is the same height as you?
[Editor Rob: he looks at least 30 more pounds, probably heading into 190's]
ab said on 28/Jul/14
5'7 isn't small, ur pretty much 5'8 in shoes and thats close to average. 5'4 and under is small
James B said on 27/Jul/14
Lol you guys think bryan is small? I am 5' 7 and weigh 143 pounds and I'd say that's on the small side.
linke said on 17/Jul/14
5'7 and best in the world. Huge fan of this guy.
Daddy said on 13/Jul/14
I'm going to guess Bryan is 5'8.25" out of bed, and 5'7.75" in the evening. Judging by his height relative to Corporate Kane (was wearing dress shoes), Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Brie Bella.
Alex 6'0 said on 2/Jul/14
Vegas, yea 180 to maybe 185 is my guess on Bryans weight at 5'7 range. 5'7 180 built is no small man. Bryan isn't very big but he's got some size
Rynnn said on 1/Jul/14
Can look 5'6 a lot
Vegas said on 26/Jun/14
Clay says on 22/May/14
Vegas, you should know what I meant when I said mainstream star. He's a star among the WWE fanbase, sure - but to the lamans who aren't die hard wrestling fans (the majority of people), hate to inform you that he's a nobody.

a nobody doesn't get a full page dedicated to him in usatoday Click Here again he isn't austin or rock obviously but calling him a nobody is downright disrespectful. the wyatts only debuted 10 months ago on wwe tv. nobody becomes a star straight away. its took 2 years of the best booking wwe have ever created and working alongside the biggest real life heel in the wake of montreal (vince) and biggest and most notorious sporting star at the time (mike tyson) to become the mega-star he became. austin and rock were incredible talents but wcw for years didn't know what to do with austin and wwe themselves booked him for months as the bland ringmaster and the rock as the goofy generic rocky maivia.

Two Pump Jump, i think this meme sums it all up :D Click Here

alex, i have a friend who is a pro wrestler and around 5'7 and he told me he weighs 170lb, bryan looks more than 10lb heavier than him in that clip.
Alex 6'0 said on 25/Jun/14
Click Here
Alex 6'0 said on 25/Jun/14
Here with John Cena and Bella twins. haha I know the Bellas are so hot! But Bryan isn't a small man at all. Terms of height yes he's on the smaller side but say he's 180-185lb range. He has lower body fat and is built. Not saying he's very big but he has size. Average 5'7 guy at his weight isn't as big as him. Him near Cena he's gonna look small since Cena is 240ish
Alex 6'0 said on 25/Jun/14
Looks more 5'7-5'7.5 range. He's not below 5'7 I don't think. I'm more curious on his weight though. No way is he his billed 210lbs. Even his 195lb claims seems too much. 180 at 5'7 range seems right. In WWE yea 180 is small at 5'7 but in reality if you're 5'7 180lbs with some muscle and lower body fat you aren't a small guy at all. You can be quite built. Not saying Bryan is pretty big but he has some size on him.
Dago Red said on 24/Jun/14
This cat needs a down grade. I'm 5'6" and he's barely over me even in his ring boots.
IMO said on 22/Jun/14
5'7.5 barefoot
5'8.5 in footwear
Zoro said on 8/Jun/14
@Height181 yup, if Danielson were 5'8 shouldnt he hit Cena's eyes whit the top of his head? Considering there must be at least 11 cm from John's head to his eyes, so these stands at 173 cm, and Bryan is clearly under them..

Bryan 5'7.25/171 cm at best, IMO
Two Pump Jump said on 6/Jun/14
He looks 5'7" . i could debate wrestling for hours as im sure alot of people here could. I dont think wrestling is good anymore, and not even close to what i belive to be the best years 1990-1996, but its all relative to when you grew up as a kid. The young kids today will look back 20 years and think this was the best era. ( no one will ever top the Macho Man!)
SaveUsY2J said on 30/May/14
@Height181: Bryan isn't holding good posture in any of those photos. Also, Cena is 6'0.5"
Clay said on 22/May/14
Vegas, you should know what I meant when I said mainstream star. He's a star among the WWE fanbase, sure - but to the lamans who aren't die hard wrestling fans (the majority of people), hate to inform you that he's a nobody. That goes for Cesaro, Sheamus, Wyatt family, like a said earlier - basically every modern star they have tried to create isn't half of what Rock and Austin etc. from the precious era blew up into.
Vegas said on 20/May/14
not to send this whole thread off topic but bryan being small has nothing to do with anything. mayweather is small and a megastar.

bryans worked his a** off the last decade to get where he is and deserves every bit of his success. this is a guy who a few years ago working for $50 a night detached his retina in match and contemplated retirement only for his dad to change his mind at the last minute. he isn't as popular as the rock or austin were at their peaks but to say he isn't a star is also silly. mick foley is a great guy but he wasn't that big a star and was lucky to have been around when austin and rock were breaking records. i was there in msg at mania 20 when chris benoit won the whc and he was nowhere near as popular as bryan is right now...thats clearly the reaction 20,000 people give to a guy who isn't a star Click Here
Clay said on 17/May/14
James - yeah I agree. Pro wrestling is unwatchable now, Daniel Bryan is not a star at all and for him to be one of their ''go to'' guys atm is laughable. And he's small at 5'8. The Rock, Stone Cold, Mick Foley, Triple H, Undertaker etc. those are real mainstream stars not like the scrubs they have today, sad to see as a wrestling fan but the good era (1996-2004) is long gone.
Bob said on 13/May/14
Met him at ROH show in Toronto. 5'8" with his shoes on...
James B said on 6/May/14
I think under 5'8.

I am probably in the minority but I just can't stand his wwe character. Completely over hyped and annoying. Same with newcomers wyatt family and shield they just get way to much tv time and don't hold a candle to veterans such as stone cold and the rock. Wrestlers like sandow on the other hand deserve more limelight since he has a certain old school wwe style.

Anyone agree?
agustinesamuel said on 27/Apr/14
5"7 tops
Mario said on 20/Apr/14
@Vegas, yeah in a complete U-turn, I have seen the evidence and it seems to screem out that Daniel can't be a 5ft 9 guy. He is 5ft 8 guy at best.
Mario said on 19/Apr/14
@Vegas. At times Bryan looks 5ft 6 and at other times he can look a full 5ft 9. As widely known, it's probably because Wrestling cameras make the screen flatter and wider so it distorts the heights and weights of wrestlers.
Vegas said on 18/Apr/14
on the network during the daniel bryan documentary william regal (who is legit 6'2 standing tall) towers over bryan standing fully straight. convinced me more than ever than 5'7 is probably bryans correct height
Mario said on 16/Apr/14
Yeah, @bulli305 you're shorter.
bulli305 said on 16/Apr/14
I blv Danielson is 5'8 sharp, I reach 1.85m with shoes but I've never took measurements without shoes, does that mean I'm shorter than John Cena barefoot?
Alex 6ft 0 said on 15/Apr/14
5'8 max for him. I think Rob would edge him out a bit in a picture
Mario said on 13/Apr/14
Until we get him on Rob's stadiometer we will never truly know :P. He looks short at times and of average height at other times. I'm inclined to believe he is a cm or two over Rob's height.
Vegas said on 13/Apr/14
I thought between 5'7 and 5'8 in person when i saw him up close in a hotel last year...closer to 5'7
Clay said on 12/Apr/14
Mario says on 8/Apr/14
He downplays his height as does Cena. Why? to avoid controversy and divert attention away from this. He is over 175cm barefoot in the morning.

No he certainly isn't..
Mario said on 11/Apr/14
Seeing him is not best indicator of height, eye-level, shoes and ground level are all factors. Heck I always take claims without pictures with a generous sprinkling of salt.
gnops said on 11/Apr/14
When I saw him at Smackdown in September he didn't look more than 5'7"-5'7.5"
Byron T. said on 8/Apr/14
5'8'' tops! Like John Cena, he's one of the few rare wrestlers who are honest about their true height.
tony t. said on 7/Apr/14
He's awesome. I think he's barely 5'8 though. 5'7.75.
Zoro said on 6/Apr/14
Jericho is probably just 176 cm and Bryan appears to be 2 inches shorter in that photo (the camera gives him advantage)so 171-172cm (5ft7.25 or 5ft7.5) seems spot on for Danielson

Always remember that wrestler's billed height is >> than their real height, usually by 1, 2 or even 3 inches
SaveUsY2J said on 6/Apr/14
@Height181- He's not that low, he's only two inches shorter than 5'9.5"-5'10" Chris Jericho:

Click Here
Wanyama said on 4/Apr/14
I can't see him being over 5'7" and I doubt he weighs 195 lbs either.
I.Rojas915 said on 4/Apr/14
that's what I thought, 5' 8". no shame in being short, i'm 5' 7" and 175 lbs.
Mozer said on 4/Apr/14
Look at this Click Here he is too small to be an A+ player.
Mozer said on 4/Apr/14
He looks 172,i hope Triple h beats him at Wrestlemania.
Connor 184.5-185cm said on 4/Apr/14
Nice Rob, im glad you added him hes an awesome wrestler and my mates favorite, i always thought he looked 5ft 8 range, i dont think he's particulary small like he says he is, 5ft 8 to me only looks just below average, maybe averageish do you think he might be in the same range as you Rob? 5ft 8 1/8-1/4 range?
Zoro said on 3/Apr/14
Once in the wwe they billed him 5ft9

Then in the last months in the storyline that should have sold him as a B-class wrestler not adequate to be the face of the company, D.Bryan has been defined a "dwarf" as tall as "5ft7 or 5ft8"

To me he can be everywhere from 170 to 173, I would personally be prudent at 5ft7.5
miko said on 3/Apr/14
Close enough to it to claim it. He's somewhere around 5'7.5 to 5'8.
James B said on 3/Apr/14
He doesn't look this tall

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