How tall is Mr Beast

Mr Beast's Height

6ft 2 ½ (189.2 cm)

Jimmy Donaldson is an American youtuber who has over 19 million subscribers on the platform.

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Average Guess (35 Votes)
6ft 2.44in (189.1cm)
RJT said on 21/Jan/21
Typical American dude, probably could reach 6'3.5"ish in some sneakers and then round it up to 6'4, hence that claim.
FoolishKillah said on 13/Jan/21
On his latest Instagram story, he claims to be 6'4. I doubt it. His friend Karl claims to be at least 5'11. He's the shortest in Mrbeast crew. I doubt that he's 5'11 as well. Also Quackity one of a famous youtuber claims to be 5'8, Here's the youtube source Click Here, in this video he's wearing a jordan shoes. What do you think Rob? He's around your height.
Editor Rob
6ft 4 barefoot is hard to imagine for Beast
fqwfwq3 said on 13/Jan/21
mrbeast said in his instagram story that he is 6'4
BeastFan said on 13/Jan/21
He just claimed 6’4” on his Instagram Q+A this afternoon. I think 6’2”-3” range more likely!
RJT said on 4/Jan/21
He's more 6'2.25-5" range instead of the full 6'2.5-75" range guy.

Similar to Kutcher and Krasinski.
Canson said on 30/Dec/20
@Hyper: that’s the bare minimum for Newton
Hyper said on 29/Dec/20
He held up extremely well with Cam Newton, despite wearing Slippers while Cam was wearing shoes.

Cam Newton isn’t under 6’4.5” though: he’s well taller than Tom Brady and Michael Strahan.
Hyper said on 25/Dec/20

He is 22 at the moment, meaning he's got a long way to go! I doubt he is even dreaming of retiring!
Hyper said on 24/Dec/20
Rob, not a height question, but do you think he will surpass Pewdiepie in subscribers, one day?

I do enjoy his content, a lot.
Editor Rob

Beast seems one of the more likeable guys who probably won't be retiring any time soon and he is putting a lot of money back into videos. He's got a formula, a big team and youtube algorithm loves him so I can see in a couple of years he might be getting near PewDiePie.
cmillz said on 16/Nov/20
Chandler’s about 6’3 or so, no way is he 6’4.
J2Frenzy said on 14/Nov/20
Probably 6’2 at an extreme low like me
Bobadob said on 12/Nov/20
6-2. His voice grates horrible.
Hyper said on 1/Nov/20
Hhhhmmmm. I didn’t know Chandler had a 6’5” listing.

However, I’m not sure. He has looked taller than Jimmy from most of the videos I’ve seen. At the same time, sometimes, Chandler tend to wear bigger shoes than Jimmy and they don’t look that far apart.

I think Chandler is a strong 6’3”, but I could believe 6’4” out of bed. I don’t think he’s nearly as tall as Liam Nesson or Alexander Skarsgard.
Hyper said on 25/Oct/20
Rob, how tall do you think Chandler and Chris are?

I feel Chris could be 5’9”, but I also reckon Chandler is slightly taller than Jimmy. The reason why is because Chandler tends to wear bigger shoes while Jimmy just wears light footwear.
Editor Rob
Seemed to be 6ft 5 on roster, so I'd have thought minimum 6ft 4
FriedChicken said on 21/Oct/20
@Ray, Jimmy isn't the full 6'3" though. He's more strong 6'2" as listed.
recapa said on 19/Oct/20
soild 189cm at low
Ray ? Atikian said on 10/Sep/20
Jimmy Looks at least 6’3 (191) Chandler looks about 6’4 Chris could be about 6’0 (182-183) Karl claims to be 5’11 so if he is he could be around the 180 cm area, Jake viking looks like a strong 6’5 (196 cm), and Tyler looks about the same height as Jake so perhaps 64-6’5
FriedChicken said on 25/Aug/20
I wonder how tall his friends Chandler Hallow and James Franklin are. Chandler seems like a strong 6'3, maybe 6'3 1/4. And James is listed as 6'5 by his football team but I'm not completely sure about that.
Martin Distro said on 30/Jun/20
you should add Danny Duncan for a page, he’s appeared in MrBeast’s circle challenge and airsoft videos. there are many pictures of him with other youtubers also.

video with 5’9 3/4 fouseytube Click Here

there was also a picture with him and 5’10 jesse wellens where he looked about 5’8 1/2
Dream said on 10/Jun/20
In a clip, he made Jake Paul look 5’8”, at best.
dulya said on 5/Jun/20
he doesnt look that tall maybe 6"1
mark thompson said on 21/Apr/20
i think he's 6'2 1/4 imo
cmillz said on 6/Nov/19
For a youtuber, he’s quite honest about his height
cmillz said on 6/Nov/19
So he’s probably not much shorter than this listing if at all.
Dream said on 4/Nov/19
I rewatched the clip again and in the beginning, Mr. Beast was wearing sandals while Cam was wearing shoes, so Cam, had the footwear advantage, yet Mr. beast looked not much shorter than Cam Newton, who’s 6’4.75” or 6’4.5”, at worst.
Roderick said on 27/Oct/19
@viper I think he has a lot of sponsored videos, but he also makes bank from his YouTube channel and views I assume.

A 6'2.5" guy claiming 6'3" is not bad at all IMO
Card Master said on 23/Oct/19
What video did ge claim?
cmillz said on 19/Oct/19
He recently claimed 6’3
cmillz said on 16/Sep/19
I think Chandler is at least a legit 6’3. He doesn’t really look much taller than Jimmy though from what I can tell.
cmillz said on 16/Sep/19
He has somewhat odd proportions that make him look shorter than he actually is. I definitely wouldn’t put him under 6’2.
Dream said on 13/Sep/19

Yeah. Actually, would you say 6'2 3/8" would be better? I wouldn't put him under 6'2".
Dream said on 13/Sep/19

Maybe strong 6'2" at worst, but I wouldn't put him under 6'2" range. In some scenes of that video, He looks too tall with Cam Newton, to be 6'1" range. Going by the top of their heads, (discounting Mr. Beast's hat and Cam's enormous afro hair), They really do look close.

If Mr. Beast claimed 6'3", it's not a bad claim, as he's going to be that height, early in the day.
Editor Rob
barefoot I'm not convinced he would hit 6ft 3, but he seems somewhere in 6ft 2 to 2.5, at least from what I've seen so we all know, sometimes the more you see of somebody you might tend towards one end of the range you think they look.
Dream said on 11/Sep/19

This is a weird clip. At 7:50 seconds, in the video.

Click Here

Understandable, Mr. Beast is favored in the camera angle, but I think he looks easily this listing.

I think he'll easily be taller than Tom Hiddleston and Christ Pratt.
Editor Rob
Wouldn't be impossible if he turned up at 10am and wasn't far off 2.5
Dream said on 6/Sep/19
He looks this listing with Cam Newton.
cmillz said on 4/Sep/19
Chris looks more 5’9.5-5’10 to me
I like pizza said on 3/Sep/19
Chris is not that height. Mistake :)
I like pizza said on 3/Sep/19

His friends are all 6'3 range. Maybe only Chris is 5'10 1/2 or 5'11. IF you watch every video of him, you will see that with random people Jimmy is very tall.
cmillz said on 3/Sep/19
His friends are quite tall too, that’s why. This listing is pretty close to the truth honestly.
ffer3 said on 1/Sep/19
lol I'm absolutey shocked to see how tall he might be. I say might be because I still cannot believe he is this tall. In his video I thought he looked 5'11, and only looke a bit above average. WTF? Since when 189cm people look just above average? You are supposed to be tower over average at that height.
bondfan 6'1.5" said on 13/Jul/19
Definitely at least 6’2.5 maybe 6’2.75, idk. He does look tall in videos tho
Importer said on 7/Jul/19
I can buy this listing. In the photo above his legs look 5'10 but his torso looks long asf.
cmillzz said on 1/Jul/19
I think this 6’2.5” listing is legit for him, he does look quite tall in videos.
cmillzz said on 16/Jun/19
Also from brand deals, sponsorships, merch sales, video views, ads, etc.
viper said on 14/Jun/19
How does he have that much money, from subscribers?
TheBat said on 13/Jun/19
Much taller than I expected MrBeast to be. 6'2.5" is great.
viper said on 12/Jun/19
He was in my area the other day. Guy has a ton of money
Someperson said on 11/Jun/19
Chris (his friend from his videos) said in an Instagram comment that Mrbeast is 6’4”.
cmillzz said on 9/Jun/19
He might be the same height as Keith Habersberger from the Try Guys.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Jun/19
No, definitely at least 6ft2

Rob, what does he claim?
Editor Rob
I have only seen a few of his videos, but I'm sure somebody might have noticed him mention his height.
khaled taban said on 7/Jun/19
6'2.5", below that mark is nonsense
cmillzz said on 6/Jun/19
Absolute lowest I’d argue for him is 6’2.25” maybe
mini golf kid said on 6/Jun/19
I don't think this guy hits 6 foot 2 in my opinion. Sometimes he looks short and tall. Maybe 6 foot 1.5
Mark Williams said on 4/Jun/19
@Greg It was in his second most recent Insta post (where he is jumping). He says he 'thought he was 6ft2' but recently measured himself at 6ft3 (either he's lying, or he measured himself in the morning when he may be close to 6ft3. Also, at an amateur bodybuilding competition he claims he was measured at 6ft3 (possibly had shoes on). David Laid always seems tall to me, over 6ft2 but no quite 6ft3 (6ft2.5 ish). Next to Chris Bumstead (around 6ft) he is 2.5 inches taller. He said he measured 6ft2 at 17 and has likely grown a little since then.
186 said on 2/Jun/19
I don't really see much picture show that he's a 6'2 guy
Greg said on 1/Jun/19
@Mark I think David is a legit 6’2 same with Connor I never heard him claim 6’3. I wouldn’t go over 6’2.25” for him.
cmillzz said on 31/May/19
Yeah, I wouldn’t go under this.
mark thompson said on 31/May/19
how big do you think his head is, rob?
Editor Rob
Near 10 inches
Mark Williams said on 30/May/19
Looks this height minimum to me. Could you possibly add David Laid and Connor Murphy next please Rob - they both seem to be around this height also. Connor has recently started claiming 6ft3 (previously claimed 6ft2) but looks 6ft2 flat to me!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/May/19
I have a suspicion that this guy would claim 6ft4 or even 6ft5
cmillzz said on 30/May/19
Yeah, this seems about right. Comfortably over 6’2 imo, but maybe not quite a legit 6’3.

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