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Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 21/Apr/21
By "regular people", you mean non-athletes and non-bodybuilders? I'd say that the BMI charting system isn't that reliable even for the general population.

5'7" isn't average, but not short either.

Good point. It's all depended on your activity level and to a lesser degree, hydration and sleeping position. Under optimal conditions, I can sometimes measure as tall as a solid 197cm afternoon, though typically it's more 196.6-.7
Noah pollmann said on 21/Apr/21
Eusebiu - 6'1"

181cm isn't tall it's above average

I've never seen a 5'11 guy called tall before

And putting 181 and 190 in the same category is just absurd

Where 181cm in some countries is considered below average
Tajaun said on 21/Apr/21
@Zaratustraelsabio Not short, just below average.
Sakz said on 21/Apr/21
@MaskDeMasque Well said, in regards to the 6'0 debate.
Nik Ashton said on 21/Apr/21
@ Eusebiu - 6'1" (185 cm) - I agree with your chart!
Black Noir said on 21/Apr/21
Alex 6’0 - How much can you bench now at the age you are? And how much can u bicep curl? Do you do much cardio?
Poster said on 20/Apr/21
I noticed that girls, between 15 and 20-something, are noticeably shorter in a town close to mine. They're of European descent, but it's like they're "Asian" when it comes to height. 4'11 girls aren't rare. Does anybody else notice quirky things like this?
Zaratustraelsabio said on 20/Apr/21
@Tajaun said on 18/Apr/21

So, 5'8" or short, very short or super short in USA or another tall countries?
Bobby said on 20/Apr/21
@Eusebiu - 6'1" (185 cm)

Your categories are too displaced. At 170 cm, you would be below average height, and at 180 cm, you would be above average. So, I don't agree with that. The 5 cm displacement is more logical because 10 cm increments are too big.... 170 cm is barely 5'7 and 180 cm is barely 5'11. I would not call a 5'7 guy average height.
MaskDeMasque said on 20/Apr/21
Rob, does height distribute evenly? Let's say the average guy in UK is 5'9.5. Are there the same amount of 5'4 guys as there 6'3?
Editor Rob
it should follow a normal distribution
Eusebiu - 6'1" (185 cm) said on 20/Apr/21
First of all, I see there is a lot of debate on whether the tall range starts at a certain height or not.

Secondly, you can not categorize height only in 5 cm (2 inch) ranges because 5 cm is not really a big gap and most of the time you can not really tear individuals appart unless standing next to each other - this is why I believe that height ranges should be categorized by a range of 10 cm between them.

I am saying this because on the first look most people will not even make a difference between a 183 cm - 184 cm - 185 cm man since they are virtually the same --- although in the conception of some individuals on this forum - 183 is "only" above average, while 185 cm is considered tall... you see my point now ?

Thirdly, in my opinion, categorizing height in ranges that can be applied in all countries in the World is nearly impossible, but on a general scale I would go with the following ranges (for men):

below 170 cm - short
170-180 cm - average
181-190 cm - tall
191-200 cm - very tall
over 201 cm - giant range / uncommon

All in all, be happy with your height because it is just like Pandora's box - you won't know what height you will end up being until a certain age when growth stops.

Other people might want to be at your height and won't have that luxury because most of the time, no matter how tall you are, the tendency is to be different depending on the circumstances.
Canson said on 20/Apr/21
Something to remember for some of you who claim that your afternoon height can be higher some days etc. the avg loss for most is 5/8-3/4” and maybe a bit over 3/4” for taller guys. If you are laying reclined etc in the afternoon or evening that will contribute to not reaching it. It doesn’t count
MaskDeMasque said on 20/Apr/21

6 foot is 80th percentile.

To add to the whole 6 foot debate, I think it's tall. Visually, it's not that tall compared to a 5'10 man but statistically it is. Statistics are more important than our perception of height. If you are taller than 4/5 blokes you are undoubtedly tall.
Alex 6'0 said on 19/Apr/21
Greg, I'm not big framed. Was a thin kid in high school. Weighed 170-175 when i graduated. Yea 240 is very big. I'm technically still overweight. My body fat is certainly over 15%. Never officially measured it but its between 20-25%. I have alot of muscle but also fairly high bf. Average 6'0 is prob in that weight range and 6'0 200 in general is considered a solid size man especially if muscular so depends like you said.
viper said on 19/Apr/21
BMI is fine for regular people.

If we went by BMI, we wouldn't have the insane obesity problem in the United States
Somerhalder said on 19/Apr/21
Hey Rob, how long should the object to measure yourself properly facing the wall be at a minimum ideally?
Editor Rob
try to get 8 inches length, and that is assuming your nose is reasonably close to the wall.
Greg said on 19/Apr/21
@Christian Yeah Happens.
Greg said on 19/Apr/21
@181guy 5’10 is above average in most places now I’m talking about 5’10 flat when you start to get in that 5’10.5-5’10.75” Zone; so essentially a weak 5’11 I believe you get into a tallish/ comfortably above average zone 👍.
Okidoki said on 19/Apr/21
Yes Tajaun, about where you place it would be right. Eventhough some posters on this General height forum would disagree, i can see down there. As they disagree with the measurements of 181,5 cm for Sweden, 181 for Norway and 182 cm for Denmark. These are for men between 20-40 or 18+. I mean 5 foot 10 range is within average height in Scandinavia and most people would refer to you as "about average". Depending on you're proportions, hairstyle and posture, you could get guessed a bit taller ofcourse.

Objectively speaking a bit over 6 foot 1 would be about the start for tall for young/middle aged men here , anywhere from 186-187 cm.

I have looked at carefully a lot of measurements, millitary for 18+year olds, national statistical schemes for countries, wikipedia, various cites about national heights. Some of those heights didn't specify the age of those people measure, but every single time i saw it for Norway for example, it atleast was 179,7 cm, about 5 10 and three quarters. But the millitary measurements say 181 cm for young Norwegian and practically swedes too.

The only argument that then remains, is that the some of the height measurements were taken in the morning or earlier in the day, as some of the posters have said. It seems illogical to me that they would have measured with shoes, or added let's say an inch to their height for measurements which would get added to the national data, then they would misinform people a bit basically. Scandinavian people get described as "tall" people and "one of the tallest people in the world". Personally i generally just can't see below a full 5 11 for young men here, only in a few regions. The shortest region has 177 cm in norway i have checked. Do you really think Rob, that those guys could have been measured earlier in the day, or is more likely afternoon/midday? They should be aware that one is taller in the morning.

Now speaking from personal experience, eventhough they are measured in the 5 foot 11 range and women in the 5 foot 6 range, it can "feel" like 6 foot 1- 1 and a quarter and 5 foot 8, 5 foot 9 a lot of the time when you walk to stores and mall and meet people, trust me. It can also feel what it has been measured, but 6 foot 1 range would be statistically incorrect as an average though.
viper said on 19/Apr/21
I'm 6-3 and wear size 11, though technically I should wear 10.5 since my foot isn't quite 11 inches
Alex 6'0 said on 19/Apr/21
Christian, i don't wear my pants low like that. Couple inches under belly button. 32 length is good. 30 would be too short especially when sitting lol
Daniel Wells said on 18/Apr/21
Click Here

Rob, how tall does Sammy Gravano look here?
Editor Rob
he could be 5ft 4 there (accounting for shoes and maybe a little bit behind the measuring rod).
Greg said on 18/Apr/21
@Alex 6’0 Well you gotta remember that everyone is built differently, genetics determine your frame. So you probably have a bigger frame. 240 is on the bigger side for 6’0 unless you’re 10-15% bodyfat not trying to call you over weight or anything as I don’t go by the BMI recommendations most of them are full of crap. But the average 6 footer probably weighs between 160-190. I usually maintain around 170 pounds though I am more of an ecto/meso build long arms and legs though, my bodyfat is a bit too high to my liking, still lean just want to gain more mass as a natural bodybuilder it’s definetly hard.
181guy said on 18/Apr/21
@Greg I meant most people I think wouldn't call 5'10 tall/short in real life, proportions aside.
Tajaun said on 18/Apr/21
@Alex Yeah, you're a big dude I must say. You wear a size 14 US! My bro is 140 something at your height and that guy is really skinny and wears size 11-11½. I wear a 12-12½. Also, I do agree that I'm pretty lean, I weigh anywhere between 175-180 lbs with a 41 chest and 39½ hip. Human diversity is pretty incredible! As it relates to 6'7" I must agree I wouldn't want to be that tall permanently, as Canson said, maybe just a trial period. 6'2" is a great height, perhaps one of the best, which is why I wouldn't want to be much taller, maybe 6'3" at a maximum.

@Okidoki I guess that makes sense. Maybe a weak 6'2" in Scandinavia is equivalent to a weak 6'1" in the states and 6'3" would be equivalent to 6'2, which is why 6'3" may be seen as pretty tall there and 6'2" as just tall.
viper said on 18/Apr/21
I wear 32 inseam at 6-3 because I like wearing them low
Alex 6'0 said on 18/Apr/21
6'0 is the lower end up tall.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 18/Apr/21
I've seen several people claim how they were born in the wrong body too. Everyone has at least one or more body part that's out of proportion to their height. It's no big deal. It's just natural.

That's right, I remember you mentioning that you have long legs as well.

It depends on how you prefer to wear your pants how much above or below your waistline too. You probably could get away with a 31" or even a 30" if you like your pants very low.
Tajaun said on 18/Apr/21
@Ben Even including morning height in the average, 1 S.D. above the average is a strong 187 cm, so that makes sense once again. Looking back, I saw this and had a laugh:

Dom 184cm said on 19/Aug/19
An anecdote to add to the 6'0 debate.

I am a measured strong 6ft barefoot at the doctor's office at 4:00 the afternoon. I am a 20 year old American man. 184cm barefoot for my friends outside the states.

I am at eye level with most guys foreheads or the top of their head.

6'0 is NOT tall. Trust a 6'0 guy.

That doesn't even make sense, how can you be looking at the top of most people's headtops or foreheads and not think you're tall. I think many people have a warped perception of themselves and many taller people have a warped perception of when tall really begins since they're far from average so they can't relate to an average person calling 6'0 tall. For me personally, I just go by how I felt as I was growing up and at 6ft range, I definitely felt tall.
Tajaun said on 18/Apr/21
@Ben I see that you had posted a video of him in the movie about two years ago. He does look pretty tall. I also remember someone was saying you underestimated his height, but you then posted a picture of your 194 cm friend and he looked taller than Noel, so I don't doubt that 187+ would be tall in Sweden. The average is 180-181 cm, but as others have said here, one can subtract about 0.5-1 cm to account for morning height influence.

Going off on a tangent here, but this is the case for the US average for young White guys as well, which is why I don't just say 5'10" is the average. I believe it is 5'9.5-5'10", nothing more, nothing less as I had said here:

Tajaun said on 16/Apr/21
I can see the average as low as 5'9.5" for young White guys, since the 5'10" average isn't all afternoon height. I doubt certain percentiles as well. For example, 6 ft is 75th percentile, but my brother is around 6'0.25" based on how his eye level looks compared to mine and much less than 1/4 young White guys are taller than him where I go to school. Maybe around 1/7 are. Also, someone my height should have maybe 1/10 guys taller than me, but it feels more like 1/15 to be honest. 5'8" and 5'9" are very common heights, 6ft not so much. I can see why many people would think 5'9" is the average as well, I think that's the height I see most often for young people- the modal height!

In fact, as I'm writing this, I don't think 6 ft can possibly be just above average in the US, it's a legitimately tall height unless I underestimated my brother's height or something- 6'0.5" is a possibility, as he stood next to a part of the door I measured at 6'0.5" and he looked to be on level with that.
Canson said on 18/Apr/21
@Tajuan: that’s in keeping with most of the others here who lose here. 1.8-2 cm.
Alex 6'0 said on 18/Apr/21
Tajaun, 32 thats pretty lean for about 6'2. Id have to diet hard and starve to get into a size 32. I'm almost 240lbs.
Alex 6'0 said on 18/Apr/21
I wouldn't wanna be 6'7 as my permanent height
I'm pretty content at 6'0 though 6'2 would be nice too but honestly no taller.
Big Ben said on 17/Apr/21
@Grayloth - I wouldn't say 186-188 is only semi tall in Sweden. My friend is 188cm and on the TV show "Festen" he is way taller than everyone else. His name is Noel Unosson if you want to look him up. Next time I see him I might take a picture with him and post it here.

By the way, if you type his name in the search bar on Google, one of the most common things people search for is his height lol.
MaskDeMasque said on 17/Apr/21
I see 6'0 and 6'1 as normal tall heights. 6'3 isn't ultra rare but it's nearer to very tall than normal tall.
Progking184 said on 17/Apr/21
@Yharnamman yeah 6'3.5-6'4 is more very tall, especially around the younger generations. Its weird though the last few times Ive been out the tallest guys around 6'3-6'4 were all middle aged. In general 6'3 is very tall though, and 6'0 is at the lowest end of regular tall.
Noah pollmann said on 17/Apr/21
@Alex 6'0

6'4-6-6 is very tall

6'1-6'3 is tall range

5'11-6'0 is tallish or above average
Greg said on 17/Apr/21
@Alex 6’0 @Yharnamman I don’t think 5’11-6’0 is above average, it’s definitely the tallish/tall range. 5’11 in America is like 75th percentile and 6’0 is 83rd that means on average as a 5’11 guy you would be taller than every 7/10 men and at 6’0 as you would know, would be taller than 8/10 men. This can vary depending upon location. But as an average guideline I think it makes sense.
Greg said on 17/Apr/21
@Canson It’s quite rare to see someone who’s 6’5+ or 6’6+ we have a guy at my gym who’s the 2nd tallest guy I have seen there thus far. Actually just walked by him earlier I didn’t get to compare my height accurately; but I would guess there was at least a head difference between us I’m around 5’10 5/8ths at the moment so I would guess he’s probably a decent 6’6 maybe a weak 6’7 which would make him about 6’8 in shoes. I know he has to duck under the door to the locker rooms. But not the main gym door which might be closer to 7’0. Haven’t asked him his height so not too sure as to what he claims. The tallest guy I ever saw was likely near 6’9 or 6’10, as I got a taller impression from the guy when I walked past him. Though it was a younger kid like 18/19. I was boxing with another guy who is similar to your height, he’s a lankier Ukrainian guy, I would guess between 6’3.5-6’4, could have very well been 6’5 in shoes, haven’t talked to him face to face otherwise I would have been about to give a more accurate estimate. My gym seems to attract more taller guys for some reason, though I would say I feel average to above average there as a whole.
Greg said on 17/Apr/21
@Yharnamman Ah I see, yeah I mean that should still ultimately get checked out by a doctor because it could lead to worse long term problems in the future. With me it’s just my discs are damaged so I’m not sure if that effects fluid retention; but definitely my posture as it’s not as good as it could be along with the other things.

@George89 Yeah I mean, I know for a fact in like Sweden, Norway and Denmark the average for men is likely 5’10, I’ve been in England and feel as if somewhere in the 5’9 range would make sense as the average. Richer areas tend to be taller than poor areas due to the nutrition and lifestyle. In America I feel like the average is 5’9 for even young guys, I think sometimes when people say it’s 5’10 they are forgetting to account for shoes and morning height which can throw you off.
Tajaun said on 17/Apr/21
@ Alex I'm 6'1.75" and I wear a 32×32 in slim-fit jeans; guess I have a Phelpsesque build. It's strange though, since I lose the usual 1.9" like most people and not more. Even yesterday, I was walking around in town for 10 hours and measured in at 187.3 cm after waking at 189.2 cm. I would say maybe I wear my pants a little low, but no, they sit right at the two bony protrusions below my abdomen.
Sakz said on 17/Apr/21
@George89 I agree with your assessment on England.
winkler91 said on 17/Apr/21
Alex 6'0

I would not say that usually 6'3 guys have 14-15. I think 13 -14 or 14

I am 6'2.25 - 6'2.5 and wear 13 (in EU 46 - 47) My brother is 6'1.5 - 6'1.75 and wears pant site I usuall wear 32/34.
Alex 6'0 said on 17/Apr/21
Yharnamman, 6'1-6'3 normal tall so you're saying 5'11-6'0 is more above average than tall? Its definitely debatable question.
Canson said on 17/Apr/21
Yharnamman said on 17/Apr/21

You def need to get it taken care of. 6’7” while maybe cool to experiment with, is not ideal in the long run imho. I’ve put on some very thick work boots in the morning and measured 6’7” being 6’5 out of bed. I didn’t like the feeling at all lol
Canson said on 17/Apr/21
@Alex: I was leaving the drug store the other day and a guy in front of me who immediately I could tell was taller, was right in front of me. I asked how tall he was, which I usually don’t do. With him, he had thicker footwear and I was in a boat shoe. He claimed 6’6” too. He could have probably passed for it but wasn’t sure if he was quite that. It’s tough to tell exactly sometimes with posture and if not standing face to face. The back of his head was in front of me. I honestly would’ve guessed maybe 6’5 and change being it appeared to only be an inch or maybe a bit over as opposed to 2” (2 1/8”) being he had around 3/8” more footwear.
Alex 6'0 said on 17/Apr/21
I know a guy 5'11-5'11.5 who wears 34 length but it's long and bunched up. Some guys like longer inseam but 32 actually fits better.
Yharnamman said on 17/Apr/21
@Greg The problem with my discs are some of them have very low amounts of fluid. Your discs are supposed to fill up with fluid while you sleep, but since my SI joint is dislocated that makes my lumbar, thoracic, and cervical curves not align with the bed when I sleep. So this fluid regeneration process isn't working. Otherwise my disc are fine.

What you said about pant lengths, those are exceptions. I bet within 5 KM from my house I can't find a 5'11" guy that wears 34x34 pants.

@Canson Yes people might think my height is good right now, but my SI joint has to be put in place no matter what. Even if putting it in place made me 6'7"(I do think that would be cool), it would still have to be done. A dislocated SI joint causes tons of problems throughout your body.

So I think most people agree, 6'3" is a strange height to categorize but I'd personally put it in the normal tall range (6'1"-6'3").

Also a lot of people want a height in the perfect male range (5'11"-6'2"), but I like the feeling of being exotic and would like to be at the low 2-metre mark (6'7"-6'8").
George89 said on 17/Apr/21

Yeah for sure mate I get what you're saying. Thing is I can see a 178cm average amongst the 18-30 range in the richest, whitest areas in England...I used to live in Fulham and Chelsea and the rich white kids did look a bit taller than your average British kid. Having said that though that's not the whole of England. Like many have said you probably need to subtract a cm from the collected data set to account for morning vs evening heights.

5ft9 is still pretty much bang on average for the UK, everywhere except places like West London amongst rich white kids but even then you're not going to suddenly look short there because you're an inch or two smaller.

For reference I'm 174.2cm in the morning and 172.4cm in the evening. I feel within an average range for a 31 year old British guy but I definitely feel below average amongst some of the younger crowd sometimes.
Bobby said on 16/Apr/21

I have the same inseam as Greg, but I'm half an inch shorter.
Sean Forrest said on 16/Apr/21
@Alex 6'0
height? - around 180.8cm
Tallest you'd wanna be? 6'6 but would take up to 6'9 over my current height
Shortest you'd wanna be? 6'1
Alex 6'0 said on 16/Apr/21
Christian i use to always buy 34 length but niw i go with 32. 34 was ok but 32 just looks better. Minimal bunch up. 34 length typically guys 6'2 plus but depends on leg length. Some guys have long torsos. My 6'2.5 friend does 32 length. Long torso
AlphaOmega said on 16/Apr/21
@Greg, it’s clear you don’t believe “5’9 is the white male average” is just “an opinion”. Admit you do think you’re right.

The whole “It’s an opinion, no one is right or wrong” – you use that as an excuse to protect yourself from admitting you’re wrong when people handily disprove your “opinion”. That way, you never have to admit you’re wrong, so you can continue commenting on this forum about how tallish you are without any evidence to back it up. (other than anecdotes from your city that most white guys are 5’5-5’9)
AK World said on 16/Apr/21
Yeah, I don't know why I said 5'8.5", the actual unweighted measurement is 5'8 4/5".
Tajaun said on 16/Apr/21
I can see the average as low as 5'9.5" for young White guys, since the 5'10" average isn't all afternoon height. I doubt certain percentiles as well. For example, 6 ft is 75th percentile, but my brother is around 6'0.25" based on how his eye level looks compared to mine and much less than 1/4 young White guys are taller than him where I go to school. Maybe around 1/7 are. Also, someone my height should have maybe 1/10 guys taller than me, but it feels more like 1/15 to be honest. 5'8" and 5'9" are very common heights, 6ft not so much. I can see why many people would think 5'9" is the average as well, I think that's the height I see most often for young people- the modal height!

In fact, as I'm writing this, I don't think 6 ft can possibly be just above average in the US, it's a legitimately tall height unless I underestimated my brother's height or something- 6'0.5" is a possibility, as he stood next to a part of the door I measured at 6'0.5" and he looked to be on level with that.
Greg said on 16/Apr/21
@181guy What do you mean? Are you saying that if someone is 5’10 it’s a height where no one questions it? 5’9 is about as average as it gets in most places. You even have guys that are about 5’9 and claim to be 5’11-6’0. I’ve had countless guys who where shorter than me and said they where 6’0. One was a guy who was about 5’9 range and claimed 5’11 on his DL and 6’0 in person. When he asked me my height I said “almost 5’11” He said he was 6 foot and tried to guess me at like 6’1-6’2 and I just gave him a weird look. And then he tried saying that this other guy and i didn’t know our heights because this other kid who claimed 6’3 (morning height probably) but he tried saying he was 6’4-5. Also have another 5’9 range friend who swears he is 5’11 says his doctor measured him and all, even though I clearly edge him. And he tried guessing me at 6’0 before and asked me if I’m sure I don’t measure 6’0 because that’s how tall I look.
Greg said on 16/Apr/21
@Christian Precisely, I was born in the wrong body. Likely I stagnated my height due to poor nutrition, lack of sleep and bad habits whilst growing up. I think under ideal circumstances I probably would have ended up nearer the 6ft Mark. Technically more like 6 inch range difference; but who’s counting haha 😂. Yeah my legs measure 42 inches, another poster here I forget his name said he was 6’2 and had the same leg length as myself.
Csimpson6ft said on 16/Apr/21
@Alex 6’0 I thought men don't start shrinking until they are in their 50’s?
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 16/Apr/21
34" pants is still on the longer side for your height though. I'm 7" taller than you and wear 36", and even mine is considered long. But I occasionally wear 37's.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 16/Apr/21
Yeah, the 5'9.25" stat isn't 100% accurate, since it includes heights measured earlier in the day, but I wouldn't go as low as 5'8.5". Maybe 5'8.75" at worst, but I'd say 5'9" flat or 5'8 7/8". I typically deduct 1cm or 3/8" to get a better representation of a height stat.
Nik Ashton said on 16/Apr/21
@ Rob - How old is Big G?
Editor Rob
Glenn celebrated his 49th Birthday a week ago.
Okidoki said on 16/Apr/21
What's interesting Rob, is that not a lot of people realize how striking the differences in a few centimetres is, especially at certain heights. I have people i have known who have been described as "short" between 5 ft 8 and 5 ft 9, but i have noticed that from 5 ft 9 and a half to 10, they are not often described as that, the full 5 ft 10 rarely from personal experience. I have a friend who is 6 ft 1 who said about a guy in the bar "he is kinda short". I can guarantee you that guy is in the 5 ft 8 and a half to 9 range. I am only 5 ft 10 flat without the hair and 5 ft 10 and 3 quarters with the hair and felt weird, because i am only a few centimetres taller, around 3-4. He has never described me as short.

I know ofcourse that posture, hairstyle, shoes and everything is a factor, but this guy didnt have bad posture, completely normal. But people generally don't realize how above an inch difference make a clear difference interms of proportions. I have a friend who is 6 ft 3 and a quarter, who have an older brother who is 6 ft 1 and 3 quarters and he said "we are almost the same height". It's not a big difference, but i have noticed that 6 ft 3 range guys on average generally get's described as pretty tall or very tall and strong 6 ft 1 to weak 6 ft 2 guys get described only as tall most of the times, especially in Scandinavia. That's interesting.
Alex 6'0 said on 16/Apr/21
Is it even possible to lose a small fraction by 35-40? I agree 5'6.75 for G listing. 5'6.5-5'6.6 would likely be a extreme low on him.
Rohon Ray said on 15/Apr/21
If Big G were a celeb, what height would you list him in this site?
Editor Rob
It would depend really if I thought he might have lost a small fraction by late 30's...5ft 6.75
Alex 6'0 said on 15/Apr/21
Guy at my job he claims 6'6. I was trying to see how tall he looks. He does look his claim or close. At worst 6'5 and change. It's hard to tell exactly
181guy said on 15/Apr/21
@Greg I meant 5'10 above average, with 5'9 being average. You have one of those heights where nobody will question you.
181guy said on 15/Apr/21
@Eusebiu - 6'1" (185 cm)

My bad and yeah, glad you liked my comment. I use to wonder if nobody noticed or read my comments, guess not. I also agree, people shouldn't underestimate their height, I walk by a lot of people smaller than myself. Some don't realize how tall they really are.
Greg said on 15/Apr/21
@Alpha Not doing this back and forth thing with you again, average in America for Males is 5’9 and young males like George89 said about 5’9.5ish in the noons. You’re entitled to your own opinion as am I so we will leave it at that.
AK World said on 15/Apr/21
@AlphaOmega The 5'9.25" average is weighted to the U.S. demographics, though. If it was unweighted, the average would be around 5'8.5" or 5'8.75".
Greg said on 15/Apr/21
@Eng6’3 yeah my dad wore a size 13/14 U.S and he was about 5’11 there was this guy who was a counselor at a summer camp that I used to attend and they had different sizes flippers for swimming. He wore a 17! And he was like maybe 6’1-6’2. But still immense.
Greg said on 15/Apr/21
@George89 Well said mate same with U.S 5’9 is the average for guys of all ages, a decent 5’10.5-5’11 guy will feel tallish and above average for sure most of the time!
Greg said on 15/Apr/21
@Sakz Yep, same issue with me. Have this problem periodically like maybe a few times a year. I guess these things happen. Yeah Rob sorted me out after 2 months.
Progking184 said on 15/Apr/21
@Oloche it depends it could be anywhere 3-6 cm, on average though maybe around 184 cm as Rob says.
@181guy yeah 5'11 is generally tallish in Canada and U.S, 5'11.5 more so. Same with 6'0-6'0.5(183-184) where its generally tall. I think average is 5'9.5 or so for young guys, or maybe 177 cm. That is afternoon or low height.
MaskDeMasque said on 15/Apr/21
I think it's only younger guys in England who average 5'10. Most people I see who are 45+ are no more than 5'9.
Alex 6'0 said on 15/Apr/21
I wear a size 14 shoe at 6'0. That's bigger than normal for me. Usually guys 6'3-6'5 are size 14-15
eng6'3 said on 15/Apr/21
@Noah pollmann Shoe size has nothing to do with height.Me and my 5'11" brother both wear 9.5 UK and our cousin wears 14 UK which is crazy!!!!!(he's about 6'0.5")
Sakz said on 15/Apr/21
@Greg I see. I had an issue 2 or 3 years ago where my comment wasn't going through, unless I posted using mobile data (which I discovered later). It turned out my IP had accidentally been banned, which Rob was able to fix on his end.
Oloche said on 15/Apr/21
I just measured in the morning around 9:30am after already walking around for a bit and 1.80m was at my hairline what do you think my height is guys
Editor Rob
maybe 184cm range
AlphaOmega said on 15/Apr/21
@Bobby, most people here definitely don’t live in minority majority areas. Even in the chance that most people here live in major cities where minorities are 50% of the population, the average would be max half inch lower. People here bring up the “5’9 is average” statistic when they don’t know that the sample size used to calculate that average was 60% minorities.
Eusebiu - 6'1" (185 cm) said on 15/Apr/21

Not at all, friend - sorry if you misunderstood my observation regarding your argument. I wanted to say that you are absolutely right because overthinking things can make you feel insecure no matter what you height is - this is why I said that your argument was one of the best I read so far.

For example, hanging out with your friends can make you feel comfortable since you are about the same height as them and the difference might not be too obvious (this is where you don't think about it too much) - but on the other hand, when hanging out with the local basketball team (for instance), that can make you insecure and make you start overthinking although you are in the above average or tall range.

Another thing, since people tend to inflate their height they forget what a true tall man looks like - I am saying this because you consider yourself above average... well, I might correct you there because in my opinion a legit 181 cm man can be considered the start of tall, no matter what others say.

All in all, love yourself because everybody deserves it.
George89 said on 14/Apr/21
Feel like the average male from the UK is currently 5ft9 for all age ranges.

18-30 age range is more 5ft9.5
50+ more 5ft9 range
60+ 5ft8/5ft8.5
70+ 5ft7ish

For reference my 179cm brother always looks a bit above average range and he's 29. Think young guys are averaging 177cm. Not the full 178.

These are all afternoon guestimates by the way and not going by skewed date studies and including an earlier morning height.
winkler91 said on 14/Apr/21
My height: 189
Tallest I'd want to be: 190
Shortest I'd want to be: 185

As I said once (Yes, I know its strange) Would love to be 190. I would surely claim it if I was 191.5-189.5. Maybe even with 191-189 I would start claiming "I am 1.90"

In real I am more 190.5-188.5
Noah pollmann said on 14/Apr/21
I have a 5'10 friend with a shoe size of 46 EU 13 US!
I'm 6'2.5 And i wear 44 EU 11.5 US
Alex 6'0 said on 14/Apr/21
I do 36x32 at 6'0. Use to do 34 length. Still technically can but 32 is bit better
Bobby said on 14/Apr/21

I think that's a presumptuous assumption... I don't live in a majorly white area, so the average in Toronto is definitely not 5'10. I'd be very generous in saying the average here is 5'8.75, but it actually feels less than that. i actually do live in an area with a minority population that numbers as high as 60%, which makes it a majority.
AlphaOmega said on 14/Apr/21
@Greg, US white males don’t average 5’9. It may be in Philly, but not across the US as a whole. The US is a country of primarily Northwestern European descent, and men from that region don’t average 5’9. The only way white males average 5’9 is when they’re of Southern European descent (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese), and most American white guys are not.
Greg said on 14/Apr/21
@Alex 6’0, I would change the White Male average to like 5’9ish, 5’10 would be above avg.

@Yharnamman I don’t think pant sizes generally correlate with height, same with shoe sizes, I mean I’m near 5’11 and wear a 34X34 my friends about the same and wears a 34X36 I have really long legs and arms for my height. I tend to wear bigger sizes for clothes especially so my arms have room.
Greg said on 14/Apr/21
@Sakz Yeah it happens and I’m sure you heard about my posting issues, I was trying to post on here for nearly 2 months and my comments weren’t going through. It would only let me access the site with Wifi and everytime my details would get refreshed and they wouldn’t save it was very frustrating.
AlphaOmega said on 14/Apr/21
@Csimpson6ft, among most people here, 6’0 is not 3 inches above average.

Most people here are millennial white guys living in white majority areas, so the average height among this demographic is not as low as 5’9, it’s actually 5’10. 6’0 is only 75th percentile among this demographic. The 83th percentile stat you referenced is among the whole population where the sample size is 60% minorities, and most people here don’t live in places with minority populations that high.

You can see the break down of the 5’9 male average here on page 15. Click Here If you look at only the white people sampled age 20-39, the average is indeed 5’10.

The US national average actually isn’t as low as 5’9 because the sample size didn’t reflect the true racial demographics of the USA. (70% white people, 15% black people, etc). 5'9 is only average if the place you live in is mostly non-white. So the “5’9 is average” doesn’t apply to most people here.
181guy said on 14/Apr/21
@Greg Yeah 179cm is above average overall. A solid 5'11 will feel tallish in more situations, since it's slightly taller, not by much but a little bit taller. When I'm at my low I feel above average at best. I'm only 1.5cm taller than you now if you're 179.5 in the afternoon. A 2-3cm height difference isn't much in terms of eyelevel.
Csimpson6ft said on 14/Apr/21
@Alex 6’0 I forgot to mention that im from the UK. 🇬🇧 But yeah 5’9” is the average height for guys here aswell.
Alex 6'0 said on 14/Apr/21
Eng6'3, yea in crowded places or big events concerts or sporting events you'll see 6'3 easily there
Alex 6'0 said on 14/Apr/21
Csimpson i feel taller side yes. Only time i won't is at big events like concerts or sporting events. You'll always see taller or very tall guys there
eng6'3 said on 14/Apr/21
@Alex 6'0 Not very often actually,if I see 100 guys during a day one of them is definitely taller than me.(there can also be found 2 but it's quite rare rare)
in 2019 as a school student(I was 6'2" at the time)6 guys were taller than me and a classmate was the same height.
However it should be called tall rather than very tall IMO because you can find people above that mark every time you step into crowded places.

@Canson Yes mate a friend of mine is 6'5.5" and I think that's a bit too much for me,that's why over 6'4" is not my choice.
Csimpson6ft said on 14/Apr/21
@Alex 6’0 You should be feeling tall at 6’0 if the overall average height for males in the USA is 5’9”, 6’0 cant be just above average if it is 3 inches over the average height. Id say it is tall most of the time, yes there can be some situations when you can feel just above average as i have felt the same sometimes when i come across a few guys taller than me and young guys at 5’10” range, perhaps it is just where you live. But still, 6’0 is in the 83rd percentile or something like that? thats a pretty big percentage, but to each their own i respect your opinion but i feel that 5’10.75 to 5’11.25 is more just above average, since that’s only 1.75-2.25 inches more than average. I feel quite tall at 6’0 most of the time and our overall average is exactly the same as the USA’s, but it feels like it could be closer to 5’8” or 5’8.5, i don’t see that many 5’9” guys walking about but it could just be where i live.
Csimpson6ft said on 14/Apr/21
@Alex 6’0 The absolute lowest i measure is 5’11.75, its rare that i measure that. I would have to be very dehydrated and not have enough sleep to be at my absolute lowest, my normal low is 5’11” 7/8ths.
Black Noir said on 14/Apr/21
Hi rob, how tall do you think willie apiata is? He’s a war veteran....
Editor Rob
at a glance he doesn't look far off 6ft
Alex 6'0 said on 13/Apr/21
Was just reading average male height in the USA. Overall 5'9.
White American 5'10
Black American 5'9.5
Hispanic 5'7.5
Asians 5'8
Seems accurate
Alex 6'0 said on 13/Apr/21
I got a tall friend. Claims 6'4 but at Dr's got measured 6'2.5 he says. He feels he shrunk but didn't in his 30s. The 6'4 was prob in boots lol
Alex 6'0 said on 13/Apr/21
Csimpson, what's the lowest you ever been measured? I'm uncertain an extreme low but its possible 5'11 7/8 would be it but no less. I work on my feet and fairly physical job so work days I'm at my low earlier than id be on less active days
Poster said on 13/Apr/21
@AlphaOmega: Thanks for the link. That sounds more like it. I think that we can break it down by areas or neighborhoods at times. For example, we have a "short neighborhood" here. White girls, say from 15 to mid twenties, seem shorter. It's like they average 5'3"! You often see girls who appear to be 4'11 or 5'0. It's like they're Asian when it comes to height.
181guy said on 13/Apr/21
@Eusebiu - 6'1" (185 cm)

i see you're poking fun at my comment.
Canson said on 13/Apr/21
@Eng6’3”: anywhere from 6’2 to 6’4 is perfect. Too much of anything is not good and that includes height. That’s what I told the poster below that a solid 6’4” is probably it. I’m a 1/4” over and I would still say a solid 6’4” is my ideal height then 6’3” flat after that. If I have to choose between gaining 3/4” and being 6’5 or losing 3/4” and being 6’3.5, it’d be the latter though.
Canson said on 13/Apr/21
@Eng6’3”: anywhere from 6’2 to 6’4 is perfect. Too much of anything is not good and that includes height
Greg said on 13/Apr/21
@181guy Maybe I would feel tallish at a solid 5’11, I already feel above average at almost 6’0 in shoes. Most 5’11 guys think I am their height anyways, I have the same eye level as 5’11 guys so that helps, I have been hitting 179.5-179.6cm in the noons so that’s probably why.
Greg said on 13/Apr/21
@yharnamman Be careful dude, you don’t want to snap your sh.. up. That’s what happened to me, I still workout and participate in sports; but sometimes your body just needs those extra rest days. Also if you don’t already go to physical therapy and or see a chiropractor I highly recommend it. It only gets worse over time, I have several damaged discs as well as Arthritis and scoliosis. Some days are extremely painful, I would not wish this pain on anyone. I’m trying to relieve this pain with exercises as I don’t want to get surgery.
Greg said on 13/Apr/21
@CBrady Yeah I mean I know my real height; so technically speaking even if somebody said "Oh you're 6'1 or 5'7 it's not going to change my actual measurement". However, I was actually surprised they managed to undermeasure me by a large margain considering I was in shoes, would have made more sense for the nurse to record my inshoe height. I've been measured at different marks, 5'9, 5'10, 5'11 and these where all for the most part barefoot measurements. Just the 5'9 was once by that unattentive nurse lol.
MaskDeMasque said on 13/Apr/21
Could we get a list going of known trolls on here? I feel CDS maybe a troll claiming stuff on Brad Pitt page that he's a strong 5'9 and Tom Hardy is 5'7-5'8 range and has cruise pegged at 5'6.5 lol.
Sakz said on 13/Apr/21
@Greg I don't blame them, as I was oblivious too before I came on this site. Then again, height was something I never gave much thought to in the first place. Using photos to judge height can be tricky and proportions also play a big role. Then of course there's inflation as you touched on. These all influence how tall a person looks or is likely to be guessed at. Good to see you posting again by the way.

@Alex 6'0
My height: Weak 6'1
Tallest I'd want to be: 6'2
Shortest I'd want to be: 5'9

@Yharnamman I'd say 6'3 can pass for being 'very tall' as it is 6" above the overall average, which is around 5'9 where I live. However compared to young people, 6'4 would fit into that category better. Of course in terms of inconveniences, 6'4 wins so you can make a strong argument for that being the start of 'very tall'. I'd say somewhere in between is fair.
Alex 6'0 said on 13/Apr/21
Eng6'3, how often do you see someone taller than you? 6'3 is pretty tall to some. 240 at 6'3 would be good
Tajaun said on 13/Apr/21
@Glitch I don't mind at all.
grizz said on 13/Apr/21
Alex 6'0 said on 12/Apr/21
Question to all. Your height?
Tallest you'd wanna be?
Shortest you'd wanna be?
My height - 6'
Tallest - 6'4
Shortest - 6' I'm already the shortest guy in the family, I don't like it at all.
Eusebiu - 6'1" (185 cm) said on 13/Apr/21
@181guy said on 5/Apr/21
"...spending too much time overthinking on height can make any guy feel insecure..."

This is the best comment I read lately - good one !
Csimpson6ft said on 13/Apr/21
@Italian guy I think 190.0cm can be qualified as the start of very tall in my opinion.
Canson said on 13/Apr/21
Yharnamman said on 12/Apr/21
So as some of you know, since my SI joint has been dislocated since I was 16, I don't know what my true height is. But I feel this year I will find out.

Right now I'm 6'4.75" out of bed, 6'4" flat at night. I think I will end up at a 6'4 3/8" afternoon height. But who knows, even though my SI joint is dislocated I also have tons of discs in my spine that aren't filling up with fluid because my spine isn't in proper alignment when I sleep. Maybe I will end up at 6'4.75" afternoon height. I do think 6'5" afternoon is off-limit, I will be shocked if that ends up being the case. But if any of you wanna provide a guess for what height I will end up at, we will find out eventually.

Some of you may wonder how I workout with a dislocated SI joint. Its pretty simple. I can't go past 200 lbs for any exercise, once my leg exercises hit 200 lbs I'll just start doing 30 reps.

You’re the perfect height now. It doesn’t get any better.
Alex 6'0 said on 13/Apr/21
6'2-6'3 you'll be tall in most places yea. 6'4-6'5 becomes more rare. Then 6'7 plus that's even more rare. I could walk in town and find guys 6'2-6'3. 6'7 i can go a while without seeing anyone that tall.
Italian guy said on 13/Apr/21
Yharnamman said on 13/Apr/21

I agree that 6'3 is a strange height, I am 192-190 cm during the day, 194-192 cm in shoes and I feel very tall most of the time, but sometimes Just solid tall and I encounter everyday 2-3 people taller than me. 6'5 for me is much rarer. So maybe 6'3 is the start of very tall what do you guys think?
eng6'3 said on 13/Apr/21
@Alex 6'0
Being 6'5+ is okay tbh,but it gets REALLY hard to build your muscles up(you know better than me :)) )that's why 6'4" is the highest I'd go.
I'm gonna start working out and reach 240lbs range.
AlphaOmega said on 13/Apr/21
@Poster, the so called 5’4 female average (and 5’9 male average) isn’t outdated. It’s calculated from a sample size of only 40% white people, which doesn’t reflect the actual racial demographics of the US. If the sample size was increased to show the actual US racial percentages (70% white people, 15% black people, etc), the national average would be closer to 5’5 (female) and 5’10 (male), respectively.

You can see the break down of the 5’4 female and 5’9 male average here on page 13 and 15. Click Here If you look at only the white people sampled age 20-39, the average is indeed 5’5 (white females) and 5’10 (white males).

Since most people here are white millennials, the average for this demographic is 5’5 female and 5’10 male.
Yharnamman said on 13/Apr/21
Also I don't think 6'2" or 6'3" are very tall heights, 6'4" is the true point where life starts getting very different. A 6'3" guy usually wears 34x34 pants, you can find those in most stores. At 6'4" you make the jump to 34x36 pants. There use to be a local store that sold 34x36 pants, I bought multiple pairs of the same brand so I ended up with like 4 pairs of the same pants. And eventually they stopped selling 34x36 pants so now I buy them from online stores.

Also stuff like being an astronaut, you can't be over 6'3".

Most people can recall tons of people they've seen at 6'2"-6'3", but when they see people at 6'4"-6'5" its a much bigger deal. Its as big of a deal as when they see people at the 2-metre mark compared to 6'4"-6'5".

6'3"(and 6'6") is a strange height to categorize, but I don't think its at the very tall range. Provide your arguments if you disagree.
Yharnamman said on 12/Apr/21
So as some of you know, since my SI joint has been dislocated since I was 16, I don't know what my true height is. But I feel this year I will find out.

Right now I'm 6'4.75" out of bed, 6'4" flat at night. I think I will end up at a 6'4 3/8" afternoon height. But who knows, even though my SI joint is dislocated I also have tons of discs in my spine that aren't filling up with fluid because my spine isn't in proper alignment when I sleep. Maybe I will end up at 6'4.75" afternoon height. I do think 6'5" afternoon is off-limit, I will be shocked if that ends up being the case. But if any of you wanna provide a guess for what height I will end up at, we will find out eventually.

Some of you may wonder how I workout with a dislocated SI joint. Its pretty simple. I can't go past 200 lbs for any exercise, once my leg exercises hit 200 lbs I'll just start doing 30 reps.
Progking184 said on 12/Apr/21
@Alex 6'0 Tallest would be 6'2, shortest 5'9 maybe. Feeling at a pretty ideal height at 6'0.5 but would take 6'1.
Alex 6'0 said on 12/Apr/21
Csimpson, 6'3 tops I'd wanna be. 6'0 is good but in most polls 6'1-6'2 is the ideal height males to wanna be.
Poster said on 12/Apr/21
@Tajaun: I'm referring to the purported 5'4" average, which seems extremely outdated. The other heights seem somewhat suspect too, and I sometimes wonder how they collect and compile them. Does their methodology lead to accurate percentiles? I live in the Midwest, by the way.

@181guy: I seem to see them on a routine basis, and I don't shop that much now because I hate this mask nonsense. I still think that much depends on where we live.
Jdubbz said on 12/Apr/21
@Alex 6'0

It seems like the majority of guys here are more or less satisfied with their height, and wouldn't want to be more than a few inches taller or shorter than they currently are. I'm the same way.

Actual height - 6'5 3/4" / 197.5cm

Tallest I'd want to be - 6'8" / 203cm

Shortest I'd want to be - 6'4" / 193cm

I'm used to being very tall, so I really wouldn't want to be under 6'4 (which I think of as the start of "very tall"). 6'0-6'3 are more ideal in many ways, but I'm just not used to being in that height range anymore.

My ideal height would be 6'6 3/4" or 2 meters tall. Basically an inch taller than I currently am. Most people think it's impractical, and it probably is, but I feel like it's the tallest you can be without your lifestyle being severely impacted by your height (banging your head on doorways, etc.). 200cm is also a very nice, round number, which I dig.
Glitch said on 12/Apr/21

Brother did I bother you by asking your age? Or did you get angry?


Why is that bothering you when it’s not bothering to the person I’m asking?
Public Enemy said on 12/Apr/21
Welcome back. Hope you are still doing regular stretching to correct and improve posture👍
Cbrady said on 12/Apr/21
@ Greg That is wild that you got shorted that much height. I would be a bit shaken up if that happened to me but I give you credit for laughing it off.

@ Tajuan The young man posing next to the Jackman sculpture looks to be raising his right heel off the ground a bit (if you look closely) in addition to standing very straight. I kind of agree with your 5-11.5 estimate of him.
eng6'3 said on 12/Apr/21
@Alex 6'0
Zaratustraelsabio said on 12/Apr/21
I like tall girls, therefore

Alex 6'0 said on 12/Apr/21
Question to all. Your height?
Tallest you'd wanna be?
Shortest you'd wanna be?

My height 5'8
Tallest 5'9"
Shortest 5'3
Noah pollmann said on 12/Apr/21

My height-189

Tallest I'd love to be-195

Canson said on 12/Apr/21
Alex 6'0 said on 11/Apr/21
Canson, 6'4.25 afternoon thats a strong 6'4 definitely. Ever drop to nearer 6'4 flat? Or your afternoon height is typical your low? How often when out do you see guys taller than you?

@Alex: that’s my low usually. My afternoon. Some days it’s 193.8 but not usually higher. 6’4 flat I’ve seen on occasion as that’s my extreme low. I see taller guys on occasion but I specifically have 3 taller friends 6’5.25 6’6” 6’7@
Italian guy said on 12/Apr/21
Alex 6'0 said on 12/Apr/21
Question to all. Your height? 6'3
Tallest you'd wanna be? 6'5-6'6
Shortest you'd wanna be? 6'
Public Enemy said on 12/Apr/21
@Alex 6’0
My Normal Low 187cm
Desired Tallest Height 189cm (my out of bed height)
Shortest Height 176cm
Bobby said on 12/Apr/21

You've been asking people when their birthdays are and how old they are for years. Why?

What if I told you Tajaun was an intergalactic visitor from a parallel universe and was born in a calendar system unintelligible to us, but if his age corresponded to our earth years, he'd be approaching infinity?
Bobby said on 12/Apr/21
@Alex 6'0

Tallest I'd want to be 6'3

Shortest: No less than a solid 5'9... I really can't see myself being shorter than I am. I think 5'10 is a great height.
Sorta6 said on 12/Apr/21
@alex 6'0
6'0 shortest
6'2 max
6'1 ideal

I would settle for a flat 185cm to be honest.
Tajaun said on 12/Apr/21
Current height- 187.3 cm at a normal low
Tallest I'd want to be- 191 cm
"Shortest" I'd want to be- 184 cm
Greg said on 12/Apr/21
@Simon L See that type of stuff is interesting, I was looking around and seeing how much height people have got from surgery with fixing scoliosis and or their pelvic tilt and some people reported a few inches gained like between 1-3. And I’m curious because I have that as well, I was hoping to get even 1/2 and inch would be nice, I doubt I would get as much as a full inch; but who knows. Since my posture because of it is pretty bad. Maybe you’ll get a decent boost. Would be nice to hear back from you after the fact.

@Alex 6’0, yeah there’s so many guys who claim 6’1-6’2 at 6’0 or even slightly lower. I used to know a friend who just edged me out he was like maybe 5’11.5ish and he used to claimed 6’1, even went as far as saying the dentist measured him at 6’2, which I don’t know why a dentist would even need to measure your height, and if he was 6’2, I would have had to have been pretty close. Because I wasn’t that much shorter than him and in reality I was around 5’11ish. He even thought we where the same height at one point. I have really good proportions for my height, but I think some guys are completely height unaware. Had another 6’0 range friend claim he was 6’2, because our 5’3 friend asked him his height at the bar and I laughed. And I’ve seen 5’9 guys claim 5’11 and 6’0 and even seen like 6’2/6’3 claim 6’5 etc. It’s annoying my friend group used to commit a lot of height fraud.
MaskDeMasque said on 12/Apr/21
Any idea on the comedian Mark Watson Rob? I think he looks around 5'9.5.
Editor Rob
near 5ft 10 would have been my first thought, though I haven't looked in depth.
181guy said on 12/Apr/21
@Greg I think once you're at least 180.3 then you will feel above average more. If I shrunk to 5'11 flat I would still feel above average, I say.
QM6'1.5"QM said on 12/Apr/21
Alex 6'0 said on 12/Apr/21
Question to all. Your height?
Tallest you'd wanna be?
Shortest you'd wanna be?

1. ~ 6'1.5"/ about 186.5 cms.
2. 6'2"/ 188 cm.
3. Maybe 5'10 flat, but 6" is good as shortest :)
Greg said on 12/Apr/21
@ajax509 Nah it’s all you, my favorite German Baker. Say did you make me a cake or not? If so it’s quite rude especially during this pandemic, Rob is expecting one as well. Better get on it Chop Chop!
Greg said on 12/Apr/21
@181guy Thanks man, never really meant to take a break, just my comments wouldn’t post for 2 months 😣.
181guy said on 12/Apr/21
@Alex 6'0
Height - 5'11
Tallest - 6'0
Shortest - 5'10

Above average-tall suits me. I want to blend a bit so I don't want to be too tall.
ajax509 said on 12/Apr/21
@Alex 6'0
tallest i'd want to be is 183cm
shortest 177cm

ideal would be 180cm
181guy said on 12/Apr/21
@Tajaun @Poster I see 5'8-5'9 women often but they're usually the tallest I'll see in a day.
Csimpson6ft said on 12/Apr/21
@Alex 6’0 6’2”-6’3” is also my ideal, id love to be 6’2” or 6’3”. I wouldn’t even mind being 6’4” but no more than that, maybe 6’4.25 but that’s it. I wouldn’t want to be any less than 5’9.5-5’10”.
181guy said on 12/Apr/21
@Greg Welcome back
Sorta6 said on 12/Apr/21
Funnily enough a similar thing happened to me. From the age of 18 to 26 I knew my height like the back of my hand, I was 184.6cm in the morning and sinking to a typical low of 182.5cm, however I stopped measuring myself after a while because I was sure I had probably lost height due to gaining a lot of weight and suffering back problems. Anyway cut to last year when I finally decided to see how much I've lost and to my surprise in the 7 years since I last measured myself I now woke up at 185.8cm and dropped to around 183.5cm. I still can't really explain it as I'm in far worse shape than I was back then and it was measured against the exact same wall.
Tajaun said on 12/Apr/21
@Poster Why do you doubt the official percentiles when your claims actually align with them? They also say 5'5" is the average. I agree that 5'8" isn't incredibly rare, it's 85th percentile+, 5'9" maybe 90th percentile. Where do you live, if I may ask?

@Glitch I'm 20. My birthday is January 25.
Alex 6'0 said on 12/Apr/21
Question to all. Your height?
Tallest you'd wanna be?
Shortest you'd wanna be?
Tallest 6'2-6'3
Shortest 5'10
ajax509 said on 12/Apr/21
@Greg Greatful to have you back! The site is a lot more entertaining with you.
Alex 6'0 said on 12/Apr/21
Greg, yea nurses when measuring height can be like that. The stadio rod can be too tight on your head. Ones against the wall can have slight era if not mounted properly which I've seen. Or they read the stadio wrong.
Glitch said on 12/Apr/21

When is your birthday and how old are you right now?
Greg said on 11/Apr/21
Sometimes it blows my mind with how inaccurate and just negligent nurses are when taking your height. I was in urgent care last month and every visit they take your height. I’ve been measured at a different figures every time I have been there 😂 same with weight. Their scales aren’t calibrated correctly and their stadiometers seem flimsy or the nurses just don’t care to take a proper measurement. I know I’m about 170 without clothes and they had me at 167 with all my stuff in my pockets shoes and jacket. The nurse told me not to take my shoes off and then proceeded to measure me at 5’9 in Airmaxes which can’t be right because I’m 5’11 range in them probably about 5’11.6-5’11.7” at the given time. I didn’t see what she wrote down until they handed me the card with my info. I would have to be 5’8 to be 5’9 in airmaxes so I almost laughed when I seen that. I remember previously being under measured by a fraction because the stadiometer was set on carpet. But it blows my mind how wrong doctors can be.
Tajaun said on 11/Apr/21
@Rob How tall would you say this guy looks beside a wax sculpture of Hugh Jackman? Some lady says this is her son and he's 6'1" here, but I'm not even seeing 6ft, more 5'11.5" maybe.

Click Here
Editor Rob
Well I found the Quora Page, you can see of course a proper 6ft 1 man in my reply on that thread...

But reading the description she said he was age 14 beside Hugh so maybe was 6ft range then...
Poster said on 11/Apr/21
I think that the Tall Club height requirements are fine. Girls and women, who are 5'8 or 5'9, aren't incredibly rare where I live. I doubt the official percentiles a tad too. My guess is that 5'5" is the 2021 average here.
Csimpson6ft said on 11/Apr/21
@Miss Sandy Cowell Well i am very sorry to hear about that Sandy, that is very sad. If you ever need to talk about it then i will always be on here to support you, my condolences for your loss. But anyway yeah i didn’t like how i looked back then, i was pretty overweight and now im pretty skinny lol and now i have also dyed my hair black, ive had my hair dyed black since 2016 and tbh i prefer it this colour, i feel it suits me a lot more than brown and i never really liked my natural colour anyway, and yeah i think i look much better with a beard than being clean shaven. Maybe one day my beard will be as thick as Robs one day, we’ll have to wait and see!. I have evolved quite a lot!, i’ll let you know how it goes with my therapy, hopefully it will go quite well. Again thanks for your support Sandy, i really appreciate it! Bye for now, until next time!
viper said on 11/Apr/21
I live in NC Siri
thatmanoverthere said on 11/Apr/21
@Jonus Even with 2 cm shoes, I often feel pretty tall (maybe taller than like 85 guys out of 100). 6 feet is definitely in the tall range, albeit at the low end of “tall,” in my personal opinion.
thatmanoverthere said on 11/Apr/21
Hey, Rob, how unusual is it to grow 0.6 cm at 24? I used to wake up around 184 cm and sink to 182.6 cm at a low (182.3 cm at extreme low), but now, I consistently wake up at 184.6 cm and sink to 183.1 cm, with 182.8 being my extreme low. Also, would it be better for me to claim to be 6 feet or a little over?
Editor Rob
It's hard to tell if exercise/better posture improves some people half a cm, or if it's actual final bit of growth.
eng6'3 said on 11/Apr/21
@AlphaOmega I watched the video and it was quite fun.
But they were super tall,I think people should be atleast 6'5" to play with them.
Alex 6'0 said on 11/Apr/21
Tajaun, i can agree its more a 6 inch difference as 5'10 female equivalent to 6'4 man.
Alex 6'0 said on 11/Apr/21
On a regular day usually tallest ill see is 6'2-6'3. But because of work I'll see a 6'5 guy almost daily and another 6'6 guy often because at work. On the street, stores, gym, bars 6'2-6'3 is the most.
Alex 6'0 said on 11/Apr/21
Sakz, they're usually all shorter than me. Or they'll be guys 6'0 who claim 6'1 or 6'2 so they'll think I'm that too lol
Greg said on 11/Apr/21
@Antoine Yes 179cm at your lowest is above average/tallish in the U.S in Europe you would probably just be high average. I think 5’10.5-5’10.75” is a tallish Zone, your not going to tower everyone; but you’ll be taller than most people, the 5’10/5’11 zone is basically the upper average/tallish transition zone. Especially with good proportions people will be referring to you as tall.
Greg said on 11/Apr/21
@Sakz Most people are so oblivious when it comes to height. I’m around 5’11 and most people think I am like 6’0-6’2, sometimes I’ve been guessed as low as 5’7 (via photos) and as high as like 6’2/6’3. I think most people tend to casually add an inch or two and think nothing of it. Now you have people who don’t know how to properly measure or measure in the mornings while wearing footwear rounded up and you have some weird claims.
Greg said on 11/Apr/21
Ah seems like it’s letting me post again, Thank you Rob for correcting the issue. Seems like it was T-Mobile that was glitching. It’s a shame a lot of my comments I had written out over the past few months didn’t appear. But it is what it is.
Tajaun said on 11/Apr/21
@Ajax I agree. Most people just blindly follow a +5 inch rule, so they say for example: a 5'7" woman is equivalent to a 6 ft man, 5'8" to 6'1" and so on, but that's not how it works. The standard deviation for female height is less than that for male height and thus small increases in height for females cause a larger increase in rarity than those same small increases for men's height.

@AlphaOmega I see your point on Tall Clubs International. That makes much sense. As it relates to 6'2" being very tall, you make sense again in stating that you'll usually be the tallest in most public spaces. However, despite this, it is highly unlikely you'll be the taller than every person you see in a day. Most of the time, the tallest person I see in a day is 6'3", sometimes a half inch less. That's what I would call very tall, because you'll see no one taller than you in one day- the relative rarity of 6'4"+ disallows this. I only see a 6'4" person on campus once or twice a week.
Alex 6'0 said on 11/Apr/21
Canson, 6'4.25 afternoon thats a strong 6'4 definitely. Ever drop to nearer 6'4 flat? Or your afternoon height is typical your low? How often when out do you see guys taller than you?
Sakz said on 11/Apr/21
@Csimpson6ft At a weak 6'1, I've had a friend guess me at 5'11 and a relative at 6'2. The friend is probably 5'4-5'5 and the relative around 5'10. The friend interestingly claimed to have been measured at 5'6 and said he would have guessed me at 5'11 which was funny, as that would indicate 5" between us when he's only just above my chin. He's not very height aware though so I don't blame him. Apart from those instances, I generally just get tall comments. I'm also quite slim like you so I can give a taller impression.

@Alex 6'0 How tall are those who guess you at 6'1 and 6'2?
Progking184 said on 11/Apr/21
@AlphaOmega i think 5'9 looks quite tall for a woman and very tall is somewhere 5'10-5'11. Also 6'2 for a guy is taller than people assume but i wouldnt say its very tall yet, 6'3-6'4 guys arent too uncommon, i would say 6'3 at a low is very tall
Alex 6'0 said on 11/Apr/21
Alpha, well yes 6'2 gonna be tall in most public places. Won't be often you'll see guys taller in public places but depends where you go. Bigger areas or venues you'll see guys 6'3 plus more
Progking184 said on 11/Apr/21
@Jonus just a bit taller at 184 range and around 187 in shoes(6'1.5-6'1.75) and feel tall generally, so i assume a cm shorter would hardly feel different.
Alex 6'0 said on 11/Apr/21
I believe its a good 5 inches between average male and female. 5'4 female equivalent to 5'9 guy.
ajax509 said on 11/Apr/21
The male equivalent of 5ft 9 woman is closer to 6ft 3.
AlphaOmega said on 11/Apr/21
@eng6'3, here's a video of people in The Tall Club Click Here
They do "tall people activities" - activities that only very tall people can do.
AlphaOmega said on 11/Apr/21

I don’t think The Tall Club is implying 5’10 women are the same percentile wise as 6’2 men. Yeah a 5’10 woman is taller than a 6’2 man percentile wise, but that’s the point - women do need to be considerably taller than their male heights to qualify as “very tall” because women are short people in general. Thus, the standard to be “very tall” for a women is higher. The female equivalent of 6’2 male is 5’9, but 5’9 women are not tall enough to be “very tall”. 5’9 is only very tall for a woman, not for a person in general.

I think the club wants people who are very tall FOR A PERSON, not just “tall for a woman”. 5’10 isn’t a tall person in general either, but I’m sure The Tall Club knows it would be ridiculous to raise their minimum female height even higher because almost no women would qualify.

@Alex, 6’2 is not just solid tall. It is indeed very tall. A 6’2 person will be the tallest person in almost all social situations and public places. The only people taller are 6’3+ and very few people are 6’3+.
Csimpson6ft said on 11/Apr/21
@Jonus Im 183cm and yeah i definitely feel tall in 3cm sneakers, 6’1” range feels solidly tall.
Alex 6'0 said on 11/Apr/21
Csimpson, I'm 17 stone range.
Alex 6'0 said on 10/Apr/21
Sakz, I'm pretty muscular. Thick build and I'm often guessed 6'1 sometimes 6'2. Yea depends
Jonus said on 10/Apr/21
To all the 183cm guys here, do you feel solid tall when you wear 3cm sneakers?
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 10/Apr/21
@ Conner - Those horrible pills are called amitriptyline and they come in a variety of strengths. The brown ones are much stronger than the yellow ones, and my late boyfriend was given the strongest variety. I'm sure he took more than the recommended dose as well and that caused him to hallucinate, which apart from being frightening, can result in all manner of dangers. I went to his psychiatric doctor myself and told him that under no circumstances should he have any more of that cr@p prescribed to him, and he changed it over to something different. Even so, anything he was given he abused and mixed with alcohol and he died from massive organ failure at just turned 39. I was there. I'd known him as a friend before I committed to him. He was depressed because he was forbidden to see his kids because his second wife disgraced the family name; the children were borne out of his first marriage.

It goes to show that prescription drugs, unless taken properly, can be as dangerous as the illegal variety.

Part of the benefits of counselling is that you get the chance to pour your heart out. The doctors are paid to listen, but unless they genuinely care about their patients, I can't see that the treatment is going to be of much value. Nearly everybody in need of help for depression has an unhealthy self-image, and the psychiatrist's aim should be to point out the patient's good traits, and build on them. There isn't a single person in this world who doesn't have good points, but somewhere along the line, events in the person's life have proved so traumatic that they have overridden any chance to progress and lead a normal life. Of course, the severity of these traumas will seem trivial to some, but reflect so badly on the person in question that he or she needs help.

I found it rather upsetting that you reckoned you weren't worthy of being forgiven for what you said. Let me assure you that I didn't even read whatever it is you wrote! I heard about it 'through the grapevine', as it were, and I didn't go searching for whatever it is you wrote! Why would I? We all have our off days and deal with them differently!

I took a look at your picture and the beard really suits you. You look more confident than you did in the measuring video from years ago, and I think you come over as taller as a result. That's obviously true with all of us. The next step is to improve on your self-esteem so that you feel relaxed enough to smile. Depression is unchanelled anger, and your doctor should seek out the root cause of yours. Even playground insults can cause this or observing unsettling domestic situations between parents while growing up is a particularly common offender.

Whatever it is that has upset you, Connor, you're going about finding the best cure by having counselling. You've done an admirable thing in admitting you need help. For many sufferers, this is a hard step to take, but you've managed this, so well done for that. With the lousy lockdown on the verge of coming to an end, things can only improve, AND THAT MEANS FOR YOU AS WELL! 🤗

Look after yourself, Connor, and have a great weekend,

All the very best,

Sandy XX 😁👍
eng6'3 said on 10/Apr/21
@Csimpson6ft As far as I see 0.75" height loss is quite common.I myself wake up near 6'3.75" range and before bed I'm about 6'3"(it depends on my day sometimes over and sometimes under it).
Rob would probably agree with my claim.
MaskDeMasque said on 10/Apr/21

That's nuts you were guessed at 5'8.
Csimpson6ft said on 10/Apr/21
Thanks Rob, i usually weigh 12 stone and sometimes just under it, i’d like to stay in that range. I don’t want to end up being too skinny.
Csimpson6ft said on 10/Apr/21
@ProgKing184 Yeah either 6’0.75 or 6’0.6 i think, me and Alex would pretty much look the same height in person.
Csimpson6ft said on 10/Apr/21
@Canson Yeah it is pretty common for someone to over estimate your height by 2 inches, i get quite a lot of 6’2 guesses by people. As Sakz said im pretty slim for my height so it’s understandable why people think im taller than i actually am, even though i’m only 6’0, one of my dads friends estimated me at 6’6” aswell. Ive yet to be estimated at an even taller height lol.
Black Noir said on 10/Apr/21
Alex 6’0

What’s ur Instagram bro if u don’t mind me asking g? I need advice on getting a physique like urs
Sakz said on 10/Apr/21
@Alex 6'0 I think you can give a shorter impression because of your stocky build. Connor, on the other hand, has a slim build therefore he can pass for looking taller. Of course there can be exceptions and at times a stocky build can give the impression of looking taller to some.
Alex 6'0 said on 10/Apr/21
6'2 is solid tall but certainly not very tall. Imo when you start getting 6'4-6'5 its very tall where stands out more.
Bobby said on 10/Apr/21
@Alex 6'0

I'm 5'10-range, and the highest I ever get guessed is 6'1, and the lowest, on here, one time, was shy of 5'9. I had to submit a photo of myself standing erect just to discredit the user who guessed at 5'8.75. When user heights were around, I had submitted a morning and evening measurement and was listed at an average of 177.7cm or so, as I recall.
Canson said on 10/Apr/21
@Alex and CSimpson: I’m surprised they do that in Europe. I can see it in the States however as I’m guessed at 6’5 a fair amount and even 6’5-6’6 or 6’6 in thick footwear. But I agree with Rob. It’s best to be honest which is why I just say I’m 6’4”
Progking184 said on 10/Apr/21
@Tajuan yeah at 6'0.5 i feel more tallish as i tend to go by my eye level(which seems to be 5'7.25-5'7.5), i think its tall though in most situations. Maybe the very start of tall for young guys and then definitely tall in general
@Csimpson6ft yeah you could be 6'0.75 out of bed, im like 6'1 1/8 right out of bed i just say 6'0.5 so i consider you a good 6 footer.
AlphaOmega said on 10/Apr/21
@Tajaun, I’m not saying everyone in that club is directly impacted by their height. As you said, you are already somewhat impacted at your height as you described. 6’2 is the start of when those problems begin.
AndrewV said on 10/Apr/21

It still doesn’t make that much sense considering that, percentile wise, a 5’10” women would be considerably taller than a 6’2” man. The former would be 98th percentile while the latter would be a little under the 95th percentile (around younger white people).
eng6'3 said on 10/Apr/21
@Tajaun In my opinion very tall starts from ANYTHING above 6'4"
For me space issues started when I got 6ft+.
Since then,sitting in backseat and getting of cars is always hard unless the car is a SUV or something.
Csimpson6ft said on 10/Apr/21
@Tajaun I think 6’2” is at least on the borderline of being very tall, either that or 6’2.5”, 6’2” is at least in the strong tall category. I think once you are at least 190cm then that can qualify as the start of very tall range.
Tajaun said on 10/Apr/21
A 5'10" woman is much rarer than a 6'2" man as well. To have a rarity similar to a 6'2" man, a woman only needs to be 5'8".
Csimpson6ft said on 10/Apr/21
@Alex I have never received any lower estimates than my actual height before, but one of my dads friends estimated me to be 6’6” lol, i'm definitely no where near that, it just goes to show you how bad some people are at guessing height.
Tajaun said on 10/Apr/21
@AlphaOmega But 6'2" isn't VERY tall to me. It's really, really tall, but not VERY tall. The only way in which I am directly impacted by my height is just a lack of space in planes, buses and sometimes cars and finding long-sleeved shirts that aren't too short for my arms.
eng6'3 said on 10/Apr/21
@AlphaOmega Thanks for responding.
I may check it out in the future.
But it seems like it's tinder for taller people LOL JK ;)
Csimpson6ft said on 10/Apr/21
Rob heres a slightly better photo at a higher angle, its the best i can do. Click Here
Editor Rob
You have kept to a trim weight, so it benefits a taller appearance in photos.
Alex 6'0 said on 10/Apr/21
Csimpson, I'm often guessed at 6'1 or people will say what are you 6'1-6'2. Highest i ever got was 6'4 once lmao by a 5'2 girl. Occasional person will actually guess me at 6'0. Even got a few 5'11 estimates in my adult life. Lowest i ever got once was 5'8 lol don't even ask
Csimpson6ft said on 10/Apr/21
@Rob I also tend to have the proportions to help me look taller aswell as i have a slender build and long legs, sometimes i can pull off looking 6’1-6’2. A lot of people even estimate me to be in that range.
Editor Rob
I think if you put your Height online, always best being honest about it.
Csimpson6ft said on 10/Apr/21
@Miss Sandy Cowell Yeah they do sound like the same tablets that i used to take, they kept making me feel sleepy. 😴 💤 🛌 Im glad i'm off them now, i find that therapy is a lot more beneficial for me and my dad visits me regularly so i haven’t been lonely, i still get some company. I really appreciate your kind words and your support Sandy, that really means a lot!. I don’t deserve it after how i was with you last time but thanks anyway, as for Jeff Hordley i cant see him being that much over 5’11” nowadays. I think 5’11.25 seems plausible, or 5’11.5 at the absolute maximum. I think he’s in his 50’s now? so its very likely that he will have shrunk a bit by now, 5’11.75 for his peak height is a good shout i think. I hope you have a great weekend too Sandy and i hope you’re keeping well, we’ll talk again soon!. 👍

@Alex 6’0 That could be what my morning height is too, ive never had the chance to measure it either. I could be 6’0.75 at the absolute maximum or at least 6’0.6, either of them is likely. It does seem like me and you are about the same height.
Csimpson6ft said on 10/Apr/21
Heres a photo of me against a 198.5cm door, the panel where my head is, (the very top of it) is almost 189.1cm. Click Here
Editor Rob
a low angle helps you appear taller than 6ft flat there.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 10/Apr/21
@ Connor - It's great to be able to chat with you again too, Connor.

It sounds as though the tablets you were prescribed were similar in nature to the ones my late boyfriend was prescribed. They were absolutely dreadful, rendering him incapable of rational thought or asleep all the time. I took him on a shopping trip and he started putting the items into my bag before I'd even paid for them, and right in front of the checkout girl's nose, for which I apologized! I stopped him taking them after that, except for sleeping.

There are much better ones out there, and your doctor should try you on something that doesn't conk you out, but talking therapy is essential, and I sincerely hope you have someone who is genuinely caring and goes out on a limb to help you.

You have a good male height, and I remember some years back that you expressed admiration for the guy out of 'Emmerdale', Jeff Hordley. Well, Connor, you are taller than he is, but would benefit from a shot of his self-belief. Both men and women, and boys and girls look for role models throughout their lifetimes - in my experience, anyway. It's quite normal, harmless fun and it doesn't stop as the years role on, but it changes to admiration when you get older, which is a very pleasant feeling.

My silly broken rib will mend in time, but having had this happen twice before, I know it takes ages. The first incident was the result of falling down the stairs holding an ironing board, and I landed on the board and was taken to hospital for an X-ray. Later on, my doctor told me off for not having enough meat on me! The healing process took almost a year, because I fell out of a cat-filled bed and broke it properly. Talk about more accidents taking place in the home....😜

So here we are, about to come out of lockdown, and that should lift the spirits of everyone, even those who don't rely on going out to have fun and go about our daily business. I just hope that the mental health services will be able to do more for the many, many people who've either got worse during this trying time or for whom this has been the trigger of depression. They'll be able to offer face-to-face consultations once again, occupational therapy and even group therapy sessions etc. all of which have been largely put on hold during this negative worldwide experience.

I'm hoping we'll emerge all the stronger, and more grateful for the things we've had to put on hold or go without during lockdown.

Here's wishing you well, Connor, and hoping you have a thoroughly pleasant weekend.

Sandy XX 😁👍
Tajaun said on 10/Apr/21
@AndrewV I agree with this for the most part, but for the categories at tallish and beyond I'd drop a half inch, so:
5'11.5", 5'6.5": Tallish
6'0.5"-6'2", 5'7.5"-5'9": Legit tall
6'2.5"-6'4", 5'9.5"-5'11": Very tall
6'4.5" and up, 5'11.5" and up: Exceptionally tall

I believe at tallish, someone with good proportions and a slim build can look tall. They'll also feel tall in many cases, but not all. At legit tall, one reaches a point where he always feels tall. For me, that started at 6'0.5" at 16.
Canson said on 10/Apr/21
Alex 6'0 said on 9/Apr/21
Like my friend who rounds to 6'5. Majority of guys .25-.5 under whatever will round to that.

Canson you measure over 6'4 so you'd be pretty close to his height.

Yea in my case, I’m 6’4.25” flat but I don’t round to 6’5”. I claim 6’4”. But I agree with you that a 6’4.25-.5 guy claims 6’5” regularly because they measure near 6’5 in the morning even after a couple hours
Alex 6'0 said on 10/Apr/21
Csimpson, 6'0.75 possible but no more. 6'1 would mean ill shrink a full inch. Id say 6'0.75 or maybe 6'0.6 would be my outta bed height
AlphaOmega said on 10/Apr/21
@Tajaun, I don’t think the Tall Club is implying 5’10 is minimum to be tall for a woman (nor are they implying 6’2 is minimum to be tall for a man). It’s the minimum to be VERY tall for a woman. 6’0 and 6’1 men aren’t qualified to be in the club either, even though they’re still regular tall. It’s not a club for regular tall people; it's for VERY tall people. Many people there are so tall that their lives are directly impacted by their height, which regular tall people don’t experience. They don’t meet many people who share their experiences, so it’s a club for these people to get together.

@eng6’3, I don’t know what they do there. It’s a social club, and googling their pictures, they seem to do social activities. Some people meet their future spouses there, some tall women go there because they’re tired of dating shorter men, but overall people go there to meet people who share the same characteristic (being very tall). You can go there once to see what it’s like. It couldn’t hurt.

@QM6'1.5"QM, yeah 5’9 is decent tall enough for a woman, but the club isn’t for “decently tall” people. It’s a club for VERY tall people. 6’0 and 6’1 men aren’t qualified to be in the club either, even though they’re still regular tall. The Tall Club isn’t implying 5’10 is minimum to be tall for a woman. It’s the minimum to be VERY tall for a woman.
QM6'1.5"QM said on 9/Apr/21
Tajaun said on 9/Apr/21

5'10" is too tall.
5'9" is decent tall and absolutely enough to considered this as tall.
eng6'3 said on 9/Apr/21
And what's the point in it?Do people just talk about themselves there?
Noah pollmann said on 9/Apr/21
What's the essence of joining tall club international?
Csimpson6ft said on 9/Apr/21
@Alex 6’0 It’s very likely you’ll be 6’0.75 or the full 6’1” straight out of bed.
Mickie said on 9/Apr/21
My normal morning height to night height is only about 1.7 cm difference (approx 192.9 morning 191.2 night). I think some days it can be 1.6, but it's not always easy to measure so precise as to be 100% sure which mm is exact.
Mickie said on 9/Apr/21
@AlphaOmega - I wouldn't care to join a tall club, even though I apparently qualify at 6'3" and change. For me the idea of it is silly - maybe if you are super tall like over 6'7" it would make more sense as people constantly bring up your height etc. For me it just seems like a weird way to meet people, as I'm not inherently going to have more in common with someone tall.
Tajaun said on 9/Apr/21
@AlphaOmega Yet another overrestimation of what constitutes a tall woman. I've always been befuddled by Tall Clubs International's mighty 5'10" requirement for women. That is just absurd.
Csimpson6ft said on 9/Apr/21
@Miss Sandy Cowell Im so sorry for your loss, this year and last year has been absolutely dreadful, life has got to go back to normal at some point, it really cant go on like this forever. I did used to take antidepressants yeah but they didn’t make me feel any happier, all they did was make me feel sluggish and tired, i told my therapist this and she decided that they don’t work for the form of depression i suffer from (Reactive depression). She recommended that i have some therapy to treat it instead. I hope your rib gets better, that does sound quite painful, just get some rest for a while and take some painkillers and eventually it should pass. As always its nice to
talk to you Sandy, 👍 bye for now. 👋
Alex 6'0 said on 9/Apr/21
Yea near 3/4 inch seems the typical loss unless an extreme low. I don't know my out of bed height though
Alex 6'0 said on 9/Apr/21
Like my friend who rounds to 6'5. Majority of guys .25-.5 under whatever will round to that.

Canson you measure over 6'4 so you'd be pretty close to his height.
winkler91 said on 9/Apr/21
@Canson: yes 1.9cm is from first thing to my afternoon low. To reach my extreme low its more 2.4-2.5cm I think. Not sure what happens if you stay awake 2 days not drinking. Well...I wont test it 😁
AlphaOmega said on 9/Apr/21
Some people here are tall enough to join the Tall Clubs International. How many of you have thought about joining your local “Tall Club”? (A social group for very tall people). Or go once just to see what it’s like. Every city has one and the requirements are:

Men: 6’2+
Women: 5’10+
Minimum age: 21
Height is measured in-person with socks on. (time of day is unknown)
winkler91 said on 9/Apr/21

Hey my guess is that 175cm is the average here if at all (maybe 174cm) Yes you would feel tall in pretty much average situation with your 184-185cm.

Yes I am 189 and often wear 3cm shoes (Nike Airmax etc) not because of the height bonus. Just because I like the shoes.

But here I wear flipflops most if the time.
I feel not just tall, I do sometimes feel very tall. So even with a little under 190cm!
Canson said on 9/Apr/21
@Winkler91: 1.8 or 1.9 seems to be the standard for most of us.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 8/Apr/21
@ Connor - This whole Covid business has worsened the mental health of those who already suffered from depression and anxiety and has been the trigger of many new cases. I think it's particularly bad for some - but not all - youngsters, who should feel free to be able to go out and enjoy themselves. I think I'd have felt rather cheated to waste over a year of my youth if this had struck when I was your age.

I myself suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, so going out isn't everything to me. I try to think as positively as possible, and find things to do indoors, for instance watching films, quizzes and playing puzzles. Somebody offered me an exemption badge so that I'd be okay to go out without a mask, but it would have been wasted on me as I don't go out often enough. The person who did accept the offer ended up with the virus, as did the person who was handing them out, albeit legitimately, because of his job.

I've missed going to the hairdresser's etc., and have had to do my hair myself. I won't risk cutting it, so now it dangles in my tea! When the restrictions are lifted, I won't be going out for yet a while because I fell over and cracked a rib on Tuesday. It's bloody painful and hard to sleep, eat and move about.

I'm going to watch 'The Fly' now, which I haven't seen for years. I find films and TV offer escapism and lift the spirits. Try to keep as upbeat as possible, Connor. Do you get antidepressants from your doctor? They could help you out short term, as long as they're not the variety that zap your strength. I take beta blockers for anxiety and the occasional tranquilizer if things get bad. This was the treatment I received after I was attacked and that put paid to my love of going out.

There's always someone worse off, however, and I do try to count my blessings, though I feel my height is a major bummer. I lost my Dad this year, so I've been doing a lot of reminiscing.

I'm off to make some tea now. I wish you all the best, and hope that you find pleasant ways to pass your time.

Cheers Connor!

Sandy XX 😁👌
Black Noir said on 8/Apr/21
Alex 6’0*

Ah shxt I got it wrong,could I add you on Instagram? I’ve seen u on here a few times, and saw how pretty buff u were. It’s comparable to that of Teal’C from stargate. I could look to some tips and etc from u if keen
AndrewV said on 8/Apr/21
I live in a southern college town that's over 80% black and white and this is how I'd categorize height for younger men and women (respectively) here:

5'3" and below, 4'10" and below: Exceptionally short
5'4"-5'5", 4'11"-5'0": Very short
5'6"-5'7", 5'1"-5'2": Legit short
5'8", 5'3": Shortish
5'9", 5'4": Lower average
5'10", 5'5": Solid average
5'11", 5'6": Upper average
6'0", 5'7": Tallish
6'1"-6'2", 5'8"-5'9": Legit tall
6'3"-6'4", 5'10"-5'11": Very tall
6'5" and up, 6'0" and up: Exceptionally tall
IpaBega said on 8/Apr/21
@Gayloth That's pretty simmilar to my place and other countries in central Europe and west Balkans. I think from Scandinavia all way down to Adriatic (excluding coastal Adriatic and highlands) avg is 179-181.5cm pretty much. The only places where average is 182-185cm tops are NL, Dalmatia, Herzegovina and parts of Montenegro
Hong said on 8/Apr/21
Click Here Here's an interesting and informative video link.
Progking184 said on 8/Apr/21
@Winkler91 is the average 5'8.5 or so there? At 6'0.5(185.8-183.8 range) i would feel solid tall there. In general though 6'2-6'3 is solid tall-very tall, its a bit too tall for me though. In some bigger shoes ive worn i was around 6'1.5(close to 6'3 shoe height) and that is the tallest i would want to be. Used to want to be very tall but 6'0-6'2 are taller than many people think! But in general 6'0-6'3 are good tall heights.
AK World said on 8/Apr/21
Hi @Rob,
What would you say is the height difference between the two in the left and middle?
Click Here
Editor Rob
a good 5 inches, maybe a bit more if that were on flat ground, but with pebbles it's a tricky one (also left guy did seem a bit closer there).
winkler91 said on 8/Apr/21

I live in the Canarian Islands (Spain) now and I feel very tall with 189cm. I feel like I am at least 96th percentile. So imagine how very tall heights would feel. In Germany I am more 92th percentile among german men I think. I also think in the US I would be more 95-96th percentile. Can't imagine that more than 3-4% are above legit () 6'3 in the USA.

Yes your height loss is comparable to mine. Instead of 189.2-187.3cm my height is 190.5-188.6cm standing tall with aerosole can in front of a wall. I also noticed that in the evening before bed I am sometimes 2-4mm (188.2-188.4) shorter depending on my day and how active I was.
Alex 6'0 said on 8/Apr/21
My extreme low prob 5'11 7/8 but i never checked after long physical days.
Alex 6'0 said on 8/Apr/21
QM6'1.5, I'm 37. Most people guess me significantly younger like 27-30
Alex 6'0 said on 8/Apr/21
Extreme low definitely can drop a few mm at least from normal low.
Tajaun said on 7/Apr/21
@Taklish guy Yes, that is normal height loss. I find my extreme low to be 0.5 cm below my normal low at most. For comparison, I wake up at 189.2 cm, my normal low is 187.3 cm and after gym work or carrying heavy stuff for quite some time, I may be down to 186.8-186.9 cm.
simon L said on 7/Apr/21
I may have to get a spinal fusion due to narrowing of a few disks in my spine (only 22 btw lol)
Everywhere I've read has said that post-op you will likely gain some extra height - however everywhere i've seen mention spinal surgery mentioned on this site has referenced it as a reason for height loss.
Anyone have any input on why that is? Is there any way to ensure that you gain/maintain your height rather than lose height? I imagine it depends on the height of the artificial disks.
John Moore-162cm said on 7/Apr/21
Guys, I've always wondered how a Brazilian Player called "Alexandre Pato" has grown 8 cm at age 21.. not just that, it has affected his career, slowing his speed and caused him multiple muscular injuries !
He is in the 0.01% people who grow such an amount after age 20 !
Black Noir said on 7/Apr/21
Ah shxt I got it wrong,could I add you on Instagram? I’ve seen u on here a few times, and saw how pretty buff u were. It’s comparable to that of Teal’C from stargate. I could look to some tips and etc from u if keen
Forblaft said on 7/Apr/21
@Rob,it is known that standing on one leg increases the height for about an inch. So if a celebrity loses one leg for some reason, will he or she get an upgrade?
Editor Rob
if somebody gets fitted with a prosthetic leg, they will ensure the correct height so that the hips aren't out of alignment (like what happens when any of us adjust our hip to rise up on one leg)
QM6'1.5"QM said on 7/Apr/21
Alex 6'0 said on 7/Apr/21

How old are y ? 34, 35 ...?!
Progking184 said on 7/Apr/21
@QM6'1.5 179 is generally a bit above average, at least in Canada and U.S. with 180-181 being tallish and then 183+ tall. For younger guys average at around 177-178 , 179 is just very slightly taller than average, so within average range basically. Then 185+ is tall around more young guys i guess
Alex 6'0 said on 7/Apr/21
Csimpson, he rounds to 6'5. He told me he's been measured 6'4.75 but also has said 6'4.5. I have slight footwear advantage in Nike Shox but he's bit nearer camera.
QM6'1.5"QM said on 7/Apr/21
Antoine said on 7/Apr/21
Rob, is 179cm kinda tall ?

It's close to the end of average, which is 180.5-181 cms EU and begins at 176.
I think solid average for youngsters is ~ 5'10.25" but one inch below or higher and you're breaking up this average range.
Alex 6'0 said on 7/Apr/21
Black noir, 6'4.5-6'4.75 really he said just rounded up. I wouldn't call it skinny lol but definitely pretty lean. Yea abs there. I was 190-195 there. This is 2004. I am on Instagram yes
Alex 6'0 said on 7/Apr/21
He claims 6'5 but had told me he's been measured 6'4.75 before and also has said 6'4.5 as well. Slightly closer to camera but i believe i had slight footwear advantage in Nike Shox. Hes minimum 6'4.5
Siri said on 7/Apr/21
@Alex 6'0
His eye level is a little above the top of your I guess he can claim 6'5 and nobody notices😅

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