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Please use this page as a 'free for all' to talk about height in general. Stuff like average heights in countries, how height affects your job and how people perceive height etc or any suggestions for new heights or height quotes you find for stars not already added to the site. If you want to request a height to be added, please mention it on the Request page.

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Jack The Smackhead said on 23/Oct/17
@Brandon: Tbh i'd just say you are 5'10 mate. If you measure 5'10.3 at 3pm that's good enough I reckon, and I don't think anyone would look past your claim.

@blazer: Next time that happens you should say you are a 5'10 guy and tell them the height you think they are. Just you were measured about 6 months ago or so and I guarantee you they won't argue against it.
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 23/Oct/17
@Harry Blake

If you actually took time and saw my comment on 17/Oct/17, you would see that I explained that Truth made that comment, not me. Btw just to let you know I'm 215-220lbs so I'm not fat. You're the sad one for just jumping to conclusions.
Wipeout said on 23/Oct/17
@Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 19/Oct/17
@Jason said on 17/Oct/17
@HonestSlovene said on 16/Oct/17
@Greg said on 16/Oct/17
@Bobby said on 16/Oct/17

Thanks for your replies.

One thing hardly anyone knows about height(including most people here) is that not only do we lose 3/4ths of an inch of height or a little more in the course of a day, but that your range of fluctuation can vary up to 1.5 inches. This is fact for many. Let me explain.

If one consistently sleeps 4 hours per night or less consecutively, by the end of the week your peak morning height will be close to your normal late day height and your bed time height will be at least 1/4th inch lower than usual. This is because you experience more time against gravity and less time with it on your side. Likewise, if you sleep in 10-12 hrs per day consecutively, by the end of the week your peak morning height will be at least 1/4th inch taller than usual and your bed time height will be taller as well, perhaps near to your normal late afternoon height. And this is because you are benefiting from non-gravity bearing activity for more of the day and experiencing the drop from gravity for less hours before starting over again.

That said, yes. I reach my lowest bed time at 5'9 flat and my highest high of 5'10 1/4ths though normally my morning height is 5'10 exactly sleeping 8.5-9 hrs (5'9 7/8ths sleeping 7-7.5 hours) and bed time 5'9 1/8th. Normally when asked as a general question I claim "about 5'10" or "just under 5'10," but when measuring against someone else, I get scientific and go with my nearest possible height depending on the time of day, amount of gravity-bearing activities experienced in that day so far, and how much sleep I've gotten total over the past few days. Typically I'll state I am about 5'9 1/2 at these times or sometimes sub-5'9 1/2 as this is my typical height around most people.
Canson said on 22/Oct/17
Everyone saying 3/4 is a solid or legit this and that are wrong it’s not
Canson said on 22/Oct/17
@Harry Blake: Christian didn’t even say what John said he did. No need to go and insult people for no reason esp when you can’t even follow the story or the posts
Greg said on 22/Oct/17
@Harry Blake why you guys all coming at Christian's neck? He wasn't the one saying that he was mimicking some troll.
James B said on 22/Oct/17
Rob do you think if someone measured themselves a hair over the 5'11 Mark on a tape measure they would still go with 5'11 as there height without realising they are actually 5'11 1/2? Like if they don't measure exactly on the 6ft mark
Mark said on 22/Oct/17
Is 190-191cm at night, very tall?
Mark said on 22/Oct/17
Is 190-191cm at night, very tall?
Dreampuffe(5'9.5") said on 22/Oct/17
Guys, Christian didn’t say that. He meant the other person who said that. Christian was replying to the original user who said that.
Jason said on 22/Oct/17
@Grizz 185-190 cm is nice because it's taller than average, but not tall enough to start experiencing issues. Some people such as myself though like being taller than 99% of the population without experiencing any significant issues. There are diminishing returns though, and I wouldn't want to be any taller than 196 or even 198 at the most.
Jason said on 22/Oct/17
@Houss IMO, a strong 6 footer would wake up near 186cm and go to bed at 184cm. A solid would wake up at 185cm and go to bed at around 183cm. Legit would be at worst a quarter of an inch below 6 foot at your low, so you're a kind of a weak 6 footer.
Csimpson6ft said on 22/Oct/17
@houss A strong 6fter would be someone who is 6ft 0.5 or even someone who measures 6ft 1/8th or 6ft 0.25, as for your height you're about 6ft or almost, go with 5ft 11.75.
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 22/Oct/17

Of course, whenever someone exaggerates their height and the second they get caught lying or called out by an honest person (like yourself), they always like to tell the honest person that they're taller than what they claim in order to make their own inflated claim seem legit, they never own up to it and admit their faults. You're not alone, I'm sure many posters here experienced it at least a few times as well. I've experienced it many times myself. A 6'1.5" guy claiming 6'3" told me that I was 6'7", A 6'0" guy claiming 6'2" asked me if I was 6'8", and a 6'4.5" guy claiming 6'6" told me that I was "about 6'7"". Of course there's more but I'm just giving you a few examples.
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 22/Oct/17

Of course, whenever someone exaggerates their height and the second they get caught lying or called out by an honest person (like yourself), they always like to tell the honest person that they're taller than what they claim in order to make their inflated claim seem legit, instead of owning up to it and admitting their faults. You're not alone, I'm sure many posters here experienced it at least a few times as well. I've experienced it many times myself. A 6'1.5" guy claiming 6'3" told me that I was 6'7", A 6'0" guy claiming 6'2" asked me if I was 6'8", and a 6'4.5" guy claiming 6'6" told me that I was "about 6'7"". Of course there's more but I'm just giving you a few examples.
Canson said on 22/Oct/17
@Blazer: ahh this. Yes I get even more frustrated with it because I don’t want to be any taller really. If someone guesses 6’5” then I say closer to 6’4 and 6’5 is sorta understandable but when they say 6’5/6’6 or 6’6 or 6’7 esp when they’re close in height with me it gets increasingly frustrating. I got that a few weeks ago where one guy asked me how tall I was and to their credit I wasn’t at my lowest that evening because I laid around all day and even took a nap before I came out. I was prob 6’4.5 when I went out as I had only been up for a few hours (prob wasn’t all the way at my highest when I woke up either since I had been out some). Yet even at 6’4.5 in a casual shoe if I was even that I’d still be 6’5.25 maybe in the shoe I wore yet they insisted I was 6’5/6’6 then 6’6”. It wasn’t until the taller of the two said “I’m almost 6’4”. I had a 6’3 friend standing next to me and he stood by him and the guy said oh. He was lying and the other guy claimed 6’1 couldn’t have been over 6’0 maybe 5’11.5 max without shoes. It’s just the way it is. I run into people all the time that lie up but I keep my claim the way it is. Funniest was when a guy open admitted he claims his shoes and said he was 6’5”. That night I had been on my feet and was likely just 6’4.25 and was in a casual shoe sitting right at 6’5” probably and still edged him out by 1/2”. One guy at the bar stood up and said well I’m 6’0” you look 6’4” to me and I said yes I am. The other guy stood in front of him for a second and the guy told him he’s lucky if he’s 6’4 as did my 6’3” friend who said it to me when he finally walked away (I actually walked away from him while he was talking).

My advice is when someone does that offer to get a tape measure out very politely. I’ve done it before and seen the number change or hear them say well maybe I’m not really or I’m that in shoes. I actually did that once where I was at a friends house and he measured me that day and the guy lying about it that was there backed down very quickly and said ok you’re almost 6’5 (I was 6’4 3/8 I think). I said no 3/8 is closer to 6’4” before he finally shut up. People go to all extremes even when you do that. You’ll hear that type of bs or that the tape measure is broken or you aren’t measuring him properly etc. that’s just life

As for you I truly commend you for being honest. I could see them telling you you’re 5’11” just because some guys measure in the morning at a doctor and they may get rounded up to 5’10 from 5’9.5 or by a nurse not measuring right can tell them they’re 5’10. It could be that you’re even just 1/2” taller than them and it can be mistaken for an inch. but 6’1” is ridiculous. Even 6’0” is
Canson said on 22/Oct/17
@Anonymous: I too would say he’s 6’4” if I’m Jason but not everyone is measured 5-6 hours out of bed. My last physical was In the afternoon this year 3pm where I was 193.9. I wake up at 5 usually. I think jason loses more than normal and will eventually gain the 1/4” or 1/8 to be 6’3 7/8 or 6’4 personally. He probably isn’t done growing yet
Greg said on 22/Oct/17
@Akz yeah I did the same thing, always wanted to be 6'0 unfortunately reached a weak 5'11, which is decent enough but I could have been taller if I ate properly and got the right amount of sleep during Highschool that's for sure. But it is what it is and yeah I know someone who's 6'6 and his dad is only 5'10 and mom 5'6 I think.
@Blazer why are you surprised lol? See if people inflate themselves but don't try to inflate me by a lot I don't mind, like if they miscalculate my height by an half inch/ inch even though that's pushing it, it's whatever but when they try to convince me I'm 6'1, when I'm 5'11 in the mornings then I look at them like👀🤔. Same thing happened to me, had a guy say he was 6'0 when I had at least 2 inches on him, ( he even had a footwear advantage) but he then tried to say I was 6'0 so I was like " where did you get your measurement from? And how can I be 6'0 when I'm easily taller then you wearing boots. I told him I was around 5'11, and he said "no way" omg it annoys me when 5'8-5'9 try to say 5'10-6'0 like what the hell. Everyone's always boosting even if they are 6'5 or 5'2 lol.
JohnY19 said on 22/Oct/17
Rob, how many cm we lose at absolute low?
Editor Rob: absolute or extreme low might be only 1/8th less than usual low, but it could be 1/4 or 1/3rd in some cases.
Height Sky said on 22/Oct/17
When someone is 0.75 cm taller or shorter i not considerer like same height than me
Height Sky said on 22/Oct/17
I think i am the same height with 5'7.75" and 5'8.25" persons because are only millimeters, (I'm a strong 172.5 cm guy)
Pad said on 22/Oct/17
I didn't have a growth spurt until I was 17,hope I grow to 192cm I'm currently 20 years old.
TheReel said on 22/Oct/17
@Jason your legit six-four without question. Stop fretting over it, i'm well over 196cm after 8 hours and i'd still only be marginally taller than you, 6cm to be precise that height difference right there is VERY close to what the true difference between 6'4" on the dot & 6'5" on the dot should look like!, I claim six-five still next to me no one would think your six-three IMHO!, not when theirs only 6cm height difference (hardly more than a inch), so congratulations your a six-four guy a great height and the height you always wanted.
Bego said on 21/Oct/17
@The New Guy I have read on city data forum how San Diego and Atlanta are both tall cities. What about upper midwest? I wonder if its true what they say about "6ft avg" lol.
184man said on 21/Oct/17
What's the jeans/trousers inseam of a 6ft person is it between 32 -34?
Editor Rob: 31 would be short, 34 long for a 6 footer.
c-mo said on 21/Oct/17
LeBlanc said on 19/Oct/17
Morning height-6'1.75"(187.3cm)
Afternoon height-6'1.25"(186.1cm)
Night height-6'1"(185.5cm)
Is it perfectly alright for me to claim 186cm?


no . you should claim 184cm . that would be 100% safe and you would be brutally honest . you are an honest strong 6'0 . therefore just say 6 feet to make it simple
Ramos said on 21/Oct/17
Am 6 feet 1 inch tall in the morning but i shrink only half an inch and i weigh 182 pounds
Canson said on 21/Oct/17
@Greg: he’s right on the line between weak and solid really. Weak is more 1/2-3/4 at your lowest. Half or below half is strong 6’3. But if that were me I would say “about 6’4” since he is below by a full 1/4”. But I will say at least he would look better height wise than a lot of others that I see claim 6’4. I’d have less of an issue with someone his size just saying it honestly
Canson said on 21/Oct/17
@Jason: I agree on Pad. He falls high enough to where he looks it still

As for your height saying 6’4” isn’t an issue. Nobody will say anything because most would tell a guy taller that he’s taller. Like if I stood next to you there would be 1/2-5/8” diff. But some would think it’s an inch just because people can’t tell differences. So that said most people instead of saying Jason you’re not 6’4 it’s canson you must be 6’5”. People believe it’s less insulting to tell someone they’re taller than they are than to tell someone that they aren’t as tall as they claim for some reason. You would really only be questioned if someone near my height 6’4.25 claimed 6’4 and were 6’4 and change then it would be noticeable with you. But I would also at your stage say “about 6’4”. There’s no difference between saying that and saying 6’4. At least it keeps you honest as most guys 6’4 and change will say 6’4 too
Canson said on 21/Oct/17
@Bobby: how is he a flat 6’4 when he dips to 6’3.75? Typically a day is 16 hours so if he begins to dip under after hour 7 he isn’t 6’4 for most of the day. But I have no issue with the claim. But for the record a legit 6’4 is not falling below the mark or maybe only 1/8” below it. 6’3.75 is where weak territory begins really. Now in Jason’s case he will likely get to a stage where his loss of height evens out and he will likely get to be a solid 6’4” or 6’3 7/8 at his lowest. But solid means you’d be right on the money
Greg said on 21/Oct/17
@JJJ I know right? Like the kid was sub 5'10 trying to say he was 6 foot. Shaking my head if only one of my legit 6 feet friends where there it would have gotten even more interesting.
Greg said on 21/Oct/17
@Jason my bad I thought you said 190.75 for a second it's still weak but neat enough the mark anyways doesn't matter because you're still very tall range dawg.
Blake said on 21/Oct/17
Rob, you know you still have some photos with your face blocked out by a white square.
Editor Rob: yeah there is couple from 2005 or so I haven't rescanned. When I get around to sorting a place for all the folders I will try to find them again.
Anonymous said on 21/Oct/17
Jason, it's just ridiculous, it does not make any sense. You are 6'4 "person !!!
Most people are measured in 5-6 hours from bed, at this time you are a legit height of 6'4"!
The end.
Luca said on 21/Oct/17
Rob,what is the best moment of the day to measure yourself gettin a right and honest height? How Many hours after waking up?
Editor Rob: it depends if you want to give a height that is the average of your range (then about 3-4 hours from wakening) or if you want a height at your low, then late afternoon.
Harry Blake said on 21/Oct/17
John said on 15/Oct/17
Hey Christian 6'5", if you had half a brain, you'd realize how stupid you sound. Calling under 6 footers sub-human smh!!! what are you, a spokesperson for the "master race"? Seriously, you ought to seek help!!!

Dude, why get so worked up? every internet forum will have its fair share of nimrods. Bet this 6'5 dude is just an ugly, arthritic fatso like most tall non-athlete dudes are. Stuff's just funny (for us) and kinda sad for him actually.
Mat said on 21/Oct/17
Because an honest 5'10 should wake up at 180 cm. You are a very weak 5'10. Any celebrity listed 5'10 here will be taller than you because Rob lists them at their low. End of story. You would measure around the same with 5'9.5 -5'9.75 blokes.
Dreampuffe(5'9.5") said on 21/Oct/17
@Slim 6’ @Greg

*My torso isn’t large to sustain little shrinkage. However, my spine is 0.80 inch longer than my legs which is why I shrink a little more than usual.
houss said on 21/Oct/17
can someone explaine to me what's a strong six footer , for ex my morning height is 184cm and my evrning height is 182cm , do i call my self a strong six ft or a legit six ft
Jason (192.5) said on 21/Oct/17
@Greg Whatever, differences in opinion I guess. I wouldn't call dipping .2-.25 inches below a certain height at your lowest weak, but I can see why you'd think that.
Jason (192.5) said on 21/Oct/17
@Canson An inch of height loss definitely sounds like a lot compared to some of you guys, but I don't think it's really that much for a 193cm range guy. Many of my friends who are a similar height also lose around an inch after 12 hours. Could be an age related thing like you said though. Most of my tall friends are my age or slightly younger. Anyways, I agree that morning height isn't really all that relevant. I can only hold the 195 mark for a few minutes before height loss kicks in. "About 6'4" sounds pretty fair to me.
Jason (192.5) said on 21/Oct/17
@Bobby Yeah we're pretty much in the same range for our respective heights. I wouldn't say we're solid 6'4/5'10, but definitely not weak either. "Honest" is a good way to describe it.
AliciaJay said on 21/Oct/17
Rob how many hours after waking up does one drop to their absolute low height? If I wake up at 8 am, would I drop to my lowest by 8 pm or later?
Editor Rob: usually about 10 hours gets you near low, but sometimes people find that at 5-6pm they can still lose another 2mm by a 9pm measurement
grizz said on 21/Oct/17
I don't see the hype of being over 190 anymore. Just to give you a list of iconic fictional and historical male figures.
Indiana Jones is officially 183cm tall (peak H.Ford was 1 cm taller). Nikola Tesla was 187-8 cm tall and considered a giant back then,some people even to this day believe he was 198 cm tall (which shows how convincingly tall a 6'2 guy can be).
Batman height and weight was based on Adam West's measurement, and he was 186.5 cm tall, not 188, as it was believed.On average,Batman actors are 182 cm tall. On average, Superman actors are 187 cm tall. Bond actors roughly 185 (granted,lower figure thanks to Daniel Craig,but still...).
J.D.Rockefeller, the richest man in history, was 180 cm tall.
On a different side-note,Dev Patel, currently sexiest man alive, is 188 cm tall.
blazer said on 21/Oct/17
I'm a solid 5'10 afternoon height, but I'm about to lose it! I'm tired of 5'8-5'9 people claiming 5'10-5'11 right in front of me. Then to make it worse trying to convince me I'm 6 foot. I was playing roulette and this guy kept mentioning he's only 5'10 over and over that he's not very tall which was very weird to me. Then he stands up so I stand up to see if he's the same size and he's about 4 inches under me. I tell him I'm 5'10 and he says "no way your 6' or 6'1. WTF! No I'm 5'10 and you must be like 5'6-5'7. Is it just the way the world works to claim 2-3 inches over your height. I know celebrities do it, but everday people:-(
Brandon said on 21/Oct/17
If in the morning (7am) I am 5'10.3 and in the afternoon after school (3pm) I am 5'9.75 what height do I claim?
Editor Rob: you are pretty close to 5ft 10,I think "about 5ft 10" is ok or almost 5ft 10.
akz said on 21/Oct/17
@ Greg,

Lol, yeah, I guess. Funny thing is, when I was like 5'7, during my teenage years, around 17 years old, I used to stress a lot about height. I would even use those height predictors online. According to them, I should have been about 5'8.. I'm grateful indeed. Also, I have a younger cousin whose parents are 5'6 and 5'4, he's 6'1 (morning), 6'0.25 (evening). I do have some tall people in my family. Genetics are weird indeed.
Bobby said on 20/Oct/17
@Jason (192.5cm), you're an honest 6'4 guy. You're pretty much a flat 6'4. That's what you'd be most of the day, so you're fine claiming that. It's why I don't understand how people can say I'm not an honest 5'10 if I wake up at 179cm.
Jason said on 20/Oct/17
@Canson yeah man I totally get what you're saying. I guess it does sound quite irrational to other people, but I've always wanted to be 6'4, since that was the height I was told I'd be when I was a child. It kind of acts as indicator that I've reached my genetic potential, if that makes any sense.I don't know what else to claim though. Since I lose around an inch a day, I am 6'4 or above after 7 or so hours on my feet, and dip into the upper 6'3 range in the evening. I know that's not strong or even solid 6'4, but I feel it's disingenuous to claim 6'3, or even 6'3.5, since I'm well over those heights at my lowest. I guess I can claim 6'4 irl (which I do) but stick to 6'3.75 on xD
Jason said on 20/Oct/17
@Pad I'm gonna disagree with the other guys and say you're a solid 6'2. I wouldn't call anyone who wakes up at 190cm a weak 6'2, even if they dip a fraction under at night
Greg said on 20/Oct/17
@Jason 192.5, exactly because you drop below the mark and your low is 192.5" which is a shade below 6'3, that makes a you a weak 6'4.. wtf
Canson said on 20/Oct/17
@Jason: it’s befsuse of how much you lose. You lose a lot but the older you get the variance may decrease. The 195 really isn’t all that relevant. But to be fair you are within 1/4” at night so it’s not really all that weak. You can say 6’4” and very few will question it since you’re like 6’3.75-.78 but I still would prob say “about 6’4” that’s fair enough because people will say you’re 6’4” at that stage as fewer people downgrade people than they do upgrade
jjj said on 20/Oct/17
@Editor Rob @Jack The Smackhead @190cm -dya - Cheers guys. I measured myself last night at 9pm barefoot, and i measured 175cm flat luckily, so i'm just gonna stick to the 176cm claim. I did upload the picture of me and my mates, so have a look if you want. Bit annoying how my dad is always going to think of me of a 170cm kid now but oh well. I hope i can reach 178/179cm one day, although it's probably unlikely as i'm 18.

@Bobby - That's interesting mate. But tell me about it, it's so frustrating that he's taller than me still. It's the fact he's only 1-1.5 inches taller than me too, so i find myself trying to appear his height as much as possible lol. It does piss me off a bit when people make their height so over inflated it's actually laughable. These people clearly have no perception of height in general. Even before i knew anything about height, i could tell the difference between a 5'9 and 6ft man. I do get the same impression regarding stockier and skinny people though. I have a couple of experience of seeing skinny people from a distance thinking they're a lot taller than me and they turn out to be around the same height as me. Visa versa with larger people that don't look that tall and turn out to be quite tall once seen up close.

@Greg - I've had that happen to me too mate, well annoying ain't it. I've had a boy at least two inches shorter than me trying to describe another boy to me by saying 'he's the same height as us' - in my head i was like what? what height is he then, mine or yours? Cause i'm obviously taller than you lol.
Canson said on 20/Oct/17
@Pad: If your lowest is 187.5 you are 6’2” essentially. I’m not sure if Greg converted improperly there but you don’t even wake up to 6’3. That’s 190.5. Either way you’re under 6’2” at night so 6’2.5 is a bit much. 6’2” is fair enough as you’re actually 6’1.819 at night. That’s within 1/4” and at that stage 1/6” isn’t noticeable enough to where a legit 6’2 at his lowest could even tell

In my case I’m a strong 6’4” waking up just over 6’5” (195.8) and going to bed at 193.9. I still claim 6’4 or 6’4” and change or “almost 6’4 1/2” 6’4-6’4 1/2. But if I fell to like 192.7 maybe I’d still say I’m a solid 6’4” if I were to go to 6’3.75 or below I would prob say “almost 6’4” or 6’3 3/4 or whatever I end at. Rob defined weak as 1/3-1/4” below the mark. I’m a bit more fair and consider weak to be say 6’1.5-6’1.75 I’d give the person a weak 6’2 assuming that their normal low isn’t anything (even a mm) below that range
The New Guy said on 20/Oct/17
I would say that most Men I see on the daily are about 5'8"-5'9".
I've lived in San-Diego and Atlanta, it's more of the same height-wise to me.
I am 184cm.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 20/Oct/17
@Celebheights 6'1.5

There's a user named Truth who said under 6'0" is sub-human, but it's pushed down already since it was an old comment. He also called Bobby a manlet for being 5'10". Scroll down to 9/Oct/17
Jason (192.5) said on 19/Oct/17
@Greg By weakish-legit, I meant weakish to legit, as in a range. How tf am I a weak 6'4 if I'm 195 out of bed? That makes no sense.
Slim 6' said on 19/Oct/17
Dreampuffe(5'9.5") said on 19/Oct/17
This is strange... I’m starting to wake up at a few mm’s over 5’10.5” (morning measurement.) of course, I won’t be claiming that.
I think you're a legit 5'10".
Canson said on 19/Oct/17
@Greg: I guess if someone measures it in the morning and chooses to claim it it’s ok but honestly someone knowingly measuring in the morning just to be taller imho is sorta skirting the system. I think at best maybe use an average. I perceive a morning height claim as a shoe height as they look pretty close esp if someone is say 6’3.75 out of bed and claims 6’4 they will be 6’3 at night and under 6’4” with shoes at night which will look very disjointed. I at least believe in claiming a height you will look at least. I believe in the evening/late afternoon just because if you claim it even if someone wants to try to call you and say you’re taller you can measure it with ease. I know someone now who either got a piss poor measurement from someone or in shoes or an assumption and says he’s 6’3.75 and calls himself 6’4”. Some days he can look 6’3”. Others he can look 6’2 range honestly when he’s been bar tending on his feet and he often thinks 6’0” guys are 6’2 and thinks one guy that is 6’2.5 is “taller than him”. He even wears flip flops sometimes and really ****s himself when he does that as he really exposes himself as a liar. People have told him and he doesn’t want to believe it. I am cool with the guy but don’t want to hang around him just because he does that tho and don’t feel like having that debate every time someone asks my height as I don’t feel I should have to adjust who I am to fit someone else. That’s an inconvenience honestly. But If someone wants to claim a morning height then fine but like I’ve always said don’t assess someone else a height based on what that person wants to be or wants them to be. That isn’t cool

@Bobby: John more than likely was just trying to bash Christian based on prior comments or posts he had seen. Christian is very honest and not naive to where he believes some of the stuff people say or the heights people claim or are listed and will call it when he does. Unfortunately while I know he is genuine and many others do, you get some of these fanboys and naive people who like to make others taller (it likely originates from insecurity over their own heights as they aren’t as tall as they want to be so they inflate their own heights too which in turn translates to them inflating others out of habit). A handful of people have done that to me where they would look at one comment I made and not the ones leading up or a comment out of context or one someone else said or something I may have said that was completely turned around and used against me. That’s what people do when they want to take a stab at someone they find the first thing they can and jump on it and are wrong 99% or the time. Likely John will not reply to this or will apologize. My money is on the former.
Wolf said on 19/Oct/17
Rob please add Charles Melton (new Reggie on Riverdale)
blazer said on 19/Oct/17
@jjj, the problem with measuring yourself off someone else is that you can't rely on their height being accurate or take in to account whether they are slouching. Your dad may have mismeasured himself as well. He could only be 5'9 and then your measurement would make sense. I would measure yourself in the afternoon with a paint can or book and then take that as your height.
Greg said on 19/Oct/17
@akz you're so lucky lol you won the genetic lottery under difficult circumstances.
Greg said on 19/Oct/17
@Dreampuffe(5'9.5") why are you claiming your low, claim 5'10 if you wake at 5'10.5" that's a big height loss though dude.
@JJJ you look around 5ish or so inches shorter then the guy who might actually be a weak 6'3, as he looks 6'2.5 next to the 6'4 guy I would say you look 5'9ish
Anonymous said on 19/Oct/17
Rob do you wish you were 23 again being in your 40s 23 was a long time ago there was no celebheights back than,I remember being 23 very well,i wouldn't mind being 23 again to be that age again is a good age to start a career.
Editor Rob: it would be interesting to relive 20's, but I think it is best to live and enjoy today, rather than dwell on yesterday or tomorrow.

Saying that, I remember age 23, I was still working a typical office environment, and realising this lifestyle wasn't going to work for me, so I started to look at ways of working for myself 👍

We spend so long from about 20 to 60's slogging away in jobs that it is better to try to find something you enjoy.
Pad said on 19/Oct/17
Thanks guys was just wondering so I'm a weak 6ft2 haha.
Canson said on 19/Oct/17
@Greg: well said!

@Jason: honestly Greg has a good point. You are already over 6’0”. Not saying you do this because you don’t but “wanting to be able to claim the extra inch or fraction etc” is often why individuals exaggerate or embellish in the first place. I wouldn’t focus on a milestone etc. you are fine the way you are. Trust me there is nothing that being full 6’4” or my height will net you that 6’3” already hasn’t. To be perfectly honest if it weren’t for me playing basketball at the high school and collegiate levels I probably wouldn’t have cared as much if I were that much over 6’0” really. While I like my height and am used to it I’d be perfectly fine at 6’3” too or 6’2”. 6’4” is great (and is my ideal height a flat 6’4 would be), but when you are on the stronger side there are more drawbacks the closer you get to say 6’5” or 6’6”. A strong 6’5” like Christian while also not a bad height either, will have less latitude with shoe selection especially early morning heights as he is 6’6-6’6 1/8 out of bed meaning after his shower he still likely is well over 197 barefoot and is 6’7” or more in some shoes. I am still myself after showering and all probably hovering around 195 (I’m 194.9 after an hour awake). That equates to 6’6” in dress shoes as well and even later in the day when I dip under 194 I’m still close to 6’6” in boots or Jordan’s. I’m about 197 in both even at 193.9. If I could choose I’d take maybe closing the evening around 192.8 which is still close enough to look 6’4” to almost anyone as it’s 1/8” below and still under 6’6” even out of bed in most shoes you wear. Your height now is a good one even if you say almost 6’4” because I’m this land of inflation you will be told you’re 6’4” anyway. But I’ve never known why the number means so much maybe it’s just me because I see taller from where I am as more problems honestly. I already have back issues myself and with my build (very well built lean muscular like Cam Newton but not as heavy- 220-225 lbs), I love the height but hate the problems with airplanes if not enough room or sitting in small desks etc. so for you it isn’t gonna get any better the taller you get either although it’s probably not a serious issue where you are either. I will say you prob look more legit than a guy I know who can look 6’2.75-6’3.25 and claims 6’4”. He claims he’s 6’3.75 and looks like a sorry excuse for 6’4” not to be mean. And thinks of himself as taller than he really is. A lot of people assume he’s 6’2” and that he lies but he’s closer to 6’3” when he’s up straight or hasn’t been on his feet from working at his bar. Still annoying when people lie because it makes you look like you are as well. Generally tho because I also have tall friends I hang out with a 6’7” 6’6” strong 6’5 (same size as Christian) and a 6’3” I typically will just have one stand up or they will have one of us (me or the others) when someone tries to lie and challenge us.
LeBlanc said on 19/Oct/17
Morning height-6'1.75"(187.3cm)
Afternoon height-6'1.25"(186.1cm)
Night height-6'1"(185.5cm)
Is it perfectly alright for me to claim 186cm?
184man said on 19/Oct/17
Thanks Rob for the recent replies..So I've been using a suitable aerosol can,( I checked) but sometimes I Measure higher but then lower after a few tries. I don't know why this is, Is there a correct way to stand when measuring like against the wall,away from the wall etc.
Editor Rob: I think some walls/floors will have slight differences that aren't obvious, so it is quite possible for 1-2mm differences just 1 foot further along a wall.

Also, slight posture differences or the can not sitting as perpendicular could account for other tiny differences.

I wouldn't worry in the slightest though about small differences, as long as your measurements are within 3mm, it's pretty accurate.
Jack The Smackhead said on 19/Oct/17
@jjj: It's hard to tell. Your second link does not work either, try it again as it may be easier to tell with you and your 6'3 friend. But, there doesn't seem to be that much difference between you and your dad, and there would be a distinct difference between you two if you were 170cm, so I would rule that out and class it as an error on you dad's behalf. 5'9 looks more believable than 5'7.
Dreampuffe(5'9.5") said on 19/Oct/17
This is strange... I’m starting to wake up at a few mm’s over 5’10.5” (morning measurement.) of course, I won’t be claiming that.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 19/Oct/17
@Wipeout I would claim to be a bit over 5'9"' if I were you since your actual low is over 5'9" (with what your measurements implying that you're at least 5'9 1/4" for most of the day). Also, you losing more than an inch of height is very unusual for a man who is your height.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 19/Oct/17
@Pad Claiming to be 187.5 or 188 CM is reasonable (188 if you really don't want to claim the 1/2" CM). As long as you don't claim to be a strong 6'2" that is.
Fredo said on 18/Oct/17
Rob, I got measured as 190 cm, but when I measure myself I am only 5ft3. What height should I claim if asked?
Editor Rob: they might have swapped the stadiometer bars around to prank you by a foot 😏

But since you measured yourself at your correct height of 5ft 3, well done on exposing their tomfoolery 🤝 👍

Reminds me once about this time I was measuring a bloke at 5ft 6 5/8ths...the only thing is, we did another prank on him - I brought with me a spare segment, one which has been altered by trimming an inch from it (using a lathe). This means it adds an inch to anybody getting measured, turned out the poor fella is only 5ft 5 and 5/8ths! 😱

Actually the last bit shouldn't be laughed at - it's a method used by "Height Guru's" to scam people out of money, amongst other tricks.
Greg said on 18/Oct/17
@anonymous knew it, guessed your height exactly to a t!
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 18/Oct/17
I often disagree with Christian a lot on here, but I doubt that that he would have made that comment. He seems a lot better than that from what I've noticed.
Bobby said on 18/Oct/17
@Doom, wait, you thought you measured yourself at 180cm barefoot? How could you think a thing like that?
Bobby said on 18/Oct/17
@Jason (192.5cm), you're at worst 4-5mm away from 6'4, that's a legit 6'4.
Bobby said on 18/Oct/17
@Anr, claiming 168 is fair to say with your stats.
grizz said on 18/Oct/17
@Pad, absolutely, you're 188 cm tall.
@Anonymous, it isn't surprising that closest people give you additional 2-5 cms.

In your opinion, which physique would you prefer? Keep in mind that all these figures are with 10-15% body fat. (whichever range you prefer,I think this is as good as male body can look).
A) 180 cm -85 kg
B) 183 cm - 88 kg
C) 185 cm - 90 kg
D) 188 cm - 95 kg
E) 190 cm - 98 kg
F) 193 cm - 100 kg
G) 195 cm - 105 kg
I used to strive towards D) , but I think C) is more manageable,but still desirable.
Greg said on 18/Oct/17
@Pad why would you wanna downgrade yourself to 6'2, claim 6'2.5" or almost 6'3? But you're choice.
Nik said on 18/Oct/17
@ all users

Health and Safety tips: Part 4

1. Don't consume too many soft drinks, even the diet versions of those drinks. Try not to have more than a few cans per week.

2. Ensure that processed foods do not make up the majority of what you consume as part of your weekly diet.

Safety Tips

1. Ensure that all stairways are clear of anything before deciding to walk up or down the stairs. Use a rail to hold onto if there is one.

2. Make sure that everything is turned off at night before going to bed.

3. Invest in sufficient smoke alarms for upstairs and downstairs.

4. Use things like zebra crossings or pelican crossings as much as possible when crossing roads.

Ps. Part 3 of my health tips in on Rob's page near the top!
Greg said on 18/Oct/17
@Jason no you're not a legit 6'4, weak 6'4 perhaps but you can't use " weak" and legit in the same sentence, no need to be insecure you are well over 6'0.
Canson said on 18/Oct/17
@Jason: yea I think you could go with 6’4” and not have any issues. Me personally I would say about 6’4” or almost 6’4” but as far as on paper 6’4”.
DruceLee said on 18/Oct/17
179,3cm after 5 hours out of bed...damn, so close and so far from 180 mark...
Piddy said on 18/Oct/17
@Editor Rob I'm 190cm out of bed and 187.5cm before bed can I claim 188cm?
190cm - Dya said on 18/Oct/17
@jjj: I agree with Rob. From the photo you've shown, and providing your dad is 5'10.25, I fail to see how there's 3 inches between you two. Obviously I could be wrong, but you do look about 175/176 next to a 178.5.

But it is also very hard to tell. Try checking yourself again, as it is likely your dad may have measured you wrong.
jjj said on 18/Oct/17
@Editor Rob: Sorry Rob, this was the other link with me and my 6'3 and 6'4 mates. (ignore how skin tight my jeans are i know how ridiculous they look now lol.)

Click Here
Editor Rob: there is a good enough chance to be nearer 5ft 9 than 8
akz said on 18/Oct/17
Hey Rob, with a 5'6 Father (morning), 5'5 Mother (morning), I am 5'11.5 when waking up, 5'10.75 at low. Do you think, considering their height, I did good? What height range would I have been if not for this height I am now considering the factor of them being short?
Editor Rob: yeah, the upper end of what you might expect. On another day, genetic combination and randomness could have made you 5ft 3!
184man said on 17/Oct/17
How noticeable is an inch of height?
Editor Rob: I don't know about America/Europe, but a fun fact for anybody reading in the UK.

Find a 2p piece - that there is around an inch, well half a mm longer than an inch, but it's a good visual example to remind how big an inch can be.
BigBoy said on 17/Oct/17
Rob, can you tell me how tall is my lil step bro? marked on the photos on yellow. 5ft9?

Click Here
Editor Rob: he could be very average
Anr said on 17/Oct/17
my height when i weak up 169 and when i go sleep 167.5 so what is my height :/
c-mo said on 17/Oct/17
Luca said on 15/Oct/17
My out of bed height:190,7 cm
After 2 hours:189,3 cm
After 4 hours:189,125 cm
After 6 hours:188,9 cm
After 8 hours:188,65-188,7 cm
After 10 hours:188,4 cm
After 12 hours:188.125 cm
Average height: just above 189 cm

Rob,should I claim my lowest height (188 cm) or the average one(189 cm)?


claim 189cm of course . not 188cm

dont listen what some people here say . they will tell you to claim 187cm to be totally honest and safe !!!! just LOL
Tonyx said on 17/Oct/17
Rob, guys, could you please recommend some extra thick comfortable insoles that would add some height but are NOT lifts.
Thank you.
Editor Rob: I can't recommend a brand as I haven't tested any, but look up some Orthotic insoles on amazon and those give a fraction.
Bego said on 17/Oct/17
@The New Guy And how short were rest of guys in 75-80% range? 5'7'' to 5'9''? I know Boston people are relatively short, on city data forum a 179cm guy said he was taller than 65-70% of man in Boston, that percentage had 5'7'' to 5'9'' guys. So if US has avg of 5'9.5'' i guess Las Vegas and Boston fall slightly lower than avg. Have you been to other parts of country? If yes whats the experience there? And how much do you measure in cm?
Anonymous said on 17/Oct/17
Thanks for answers.
So, I'm a strong 6'1" (186 cm) guy.
Shoes, which are in the photo, gives 2.8-3 cm, so I look 189 cm / 6'2.5".
By the way, it's funny, in real life, all people think of me as a 6'2-6'3" guy, it's so funny. My sister thinks I'm 6'2". My close friend several times said that I'm 6'3" (he even argued with me that I'm not 186 cm, but 190 cm, ha-ha.). All other people also think that I am from 188 to 190 cm.
It's so funny, because people have no idea about the growth of a man!
P.S. This proves to what extent this is formidable and high growth in the real world.
Thank you.
Luca said on 17/Oct/17
Dear Rob,I know I've already shown you these pics of me and my fav Singer with the same guy,but I'd like to ask you something different... Considering that I was wearing a pair of shoes which makes me be 192,5 cm at my lowest,and that my favourite Singer was wearing a 1,7 cm pair of shoes,how tall could my favourite Singer be barefoot at his lowest? (He's listed on the internet at 186 cm/188 cm/190 cm) Click Here Click Here
Editor Rob: 186 might be likelier than 190.
Jason said on 17/Oct/17
@wipeout I would claim 5'9.25. I think most people here claim a quarter of an inch above their low. I claim 6'4 for example, since my height after 12-14 hours is 6'3.75.
Dreampuffe(5'9.5") said on 17/Oct/17
True story:

I remember getting a compliment from the same 6’7.25” person (who I spared with in Kung Fu) that I wasn’t short. (I was 13 at the time. I told him that I was literally 13. he was surprised because he thought I was 16-18 years old. I’m 19 now.)
anon176 said on 17/Oct/17
@French Guy
I'm from the very western part from Germany. I can assure you I (175.7cms night) feel slightly above average there. And I feel if younger male adults (20-39y/o) edge me by maybe 1" on average not more.
Doom said on 17/Oct/17
Rob do you feel there is room for big errors on stadiometers, I bought a marsden stadiometer which measures me at 180cm barefoot in the morning but I domt understand as im shorter than most people, i'd say im around 5'4 tbh, what do you think?
Editor Rob: by holding a tape measure from the base to the measuring part, you can figure out how much error a stadiometer might have.

I think the people who guess you are probably right, you are 5ft 4 and 1/8th and you simply seen the 1/8th and thought it was 180cm...I'd suggest a new prescription for your glasses 👍
Blake said on 17/Oct/17
Rob, I had this observation yesterday I went in to poundland and to waitrose (this waitrose was a small version so similar size to poundland) I felt a lot taller in poundland! In Waitrose I think the average difference in height must have been between 2-3 inches greater. Do you think this is because more affluent people are taller? Have you noticed this ever when you go out? This wasn't a one off I have noticed it before
Editor Rob: there may be a bit of correlation between height and wealth.

Might also be many more elderly go to certain shops and their average height is lower.
DruceLee said on 17/Oct/17
2 hours out of bed 179,5cm...Am I 178 or 179?
Jack The Smackhead said on 17/Oct/17
@John: I made that same mistake mate. Christian didn't say any of that, he just quoted it from the user "@Truth" who actually said it. If anything Christian agrees with us that the statement is delusional, and he's the one that's 6'5!!
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 17/Oct/17

Are you retarded? Truth was the one who made that statement, and I all did was tell Bobby and jjj about what Truth said in the past. Of course I don't believe that any height is sub-human, whether it's 8 feet or 3 feet. Either you don't have a grasp of basic English, or you're retarded if you actually believe that I'm the one who made that statement.
Canson said on 16/Oct/17
@John: if you read Christian’s post, it says that Truth made the comment that people under 6’0” are sub human. Christian did not say it himself as an original post, instead he regurgitated something someone else said. A lot of people attack Christian for being a very honest and straightforward person like he and responding honestly and candidly to people and to bs but never the person who made the foolish remark to begin with or those who show fanboy colors
Jason (192.5) said on 16/Oct/17
@Canson BTW, I've grown a bit since September and my low is now 192.5-6 and out of bed height is 194.9-195cm. Would it be fair to finally consider myself a weakish-legit 6'4?
Jason (192.5) said on 16/Oct/17
@John You do realize Christian is not the one who said that, right? He's probably one of the chillest tall dudes here. Calm down bud.
James said on 16/Oct/17
@HonestSlovene that's a great way to estimate height. The doorway in my picture is a little more than 198cm, closer to 203cm, but the perspective is a bit off since my phone was at a lower height than me. Also I was wearing shoes, so probably close to 197cm in this picture and 193.5-194cm barefoot.
HonestSlovene said on 16/Oct/17
@Slim 6' Don't feed the troll, I just had about enough of him.
HonestSlovene said on 16/Oct/17
@Wipeout 5'9" for this site, 5'9.5" IRL.
Greg said on 16/Oct/17
@anonymous you are over 6'1 but not quite yet 6'2, 6'1.5"? My min guess would be 6'1 for you.
@JJJ lol that's funny I'm 5'11 in the mornings and this kid who was a good 1.5-2inches shorter then me tried saying he was 6'0 then asked my height I said 5'11, he said no way he assumed I was 6'0 too but that wouldn't make sense, how could we both be 6'0 if I'm a good bit taller then him. He's maybe a 5'9 range guy claimin 6 foot, my other friend used his morning height of 6'3 as well but that's not really being dishonest now if he said 6'4-5 that would be taking the piss.
Greg said on 16/Oct/17
@Wipeout claim " almost or about 5'10" but you could claim whatever you measure throughout the day.
Pad said on 16/Oct/17
I'm 190cm in the morning and 187.5cm in the night can I claim 188cm?
Bobby said on 16/Oct/17
@jjj, from my experience, people who are skinny, tend to look taller, guys who are stocky tend to look shorter. Grant looks a lot taller than his listing due to his lanky build, and guys like Jensen Ackles can look shorter than 6ft due to their stocky build. I take it you're 5'9.5, not sure if that's a noon or afternoon measurement, sucks that you measure an inch shorter than your dad. I'm taller than my dad, but he's shrunk. My mom says he was 185cm in the army, but I'm starting to doubt that because I've got an uncle who, according to his ID, is 170cm (Basically 5'7), and my eye level is exactly at the top of his head, meaning, I'm 4.5 to 5 inches taller than he is. If he was 57, then I would have to be 6ft, so he's a 5'5.5 guy, possibly 5'5 flat, definitely 2 inches smaller than his ID suggests. So, I'm guessing my dad was 5'11 peak height, and even I wound up basically an inch smaller than he was, at peak height. They might have measured him with boots on, I think those military style boots add 1.5 to 2 inches. I tried them on in the morning, and felt the difference, definitely measured over 6ft.
Bobby said on 16/Oct/17
@Wipeout, you lose a lot of height. Considering you lose almost an inch, I think claiming 5'9.5 is fair because that's the height that you'll be midday. I mean, I would claim 5'9.5 with those stats, if you're 5'9.25 in the evening, then a small round up is more than fair. If people didn't lose height throughout the day, then you could claim 5'10 to 5'10.25, though you measure it, so it's still valid. Anyone who says otherwise is trolling.

@John, Christian never said anyone under 6ft was sub human, that was another guy, his name slips my memory but it wasn't Christian. I don't know where that misunderstanding came from.
anon176 said on 16/Oct/17
Around 6'1range maybe over?
Ben said on 16/Oct/17
Anonymous said on 14/Oct/17
Guys, how do you think, what is my height (based on the photo) ?
Click Here
P.S. I stand 7-8 meters from the camera lens and slightly bent the right leg.

I have forgot how tall you are, haha. So this will be fun. You have long and slim legs which makes you look very tall. I would guess 6'2"-6'4". Your boots (Looks like you are wearing boots) might help you look taller.
grizz said on 16/Oct/17
@Honest Slovene,I stopped growing almost 10yrs ago :D. Mom had a factor, most likely. But I think I inherited height gene from my grandfathers- one was 182, the other was 184 cm tall. I'm practically in the middle of these values. Fingers crossed that with a visit to chiropractor and posture exercises I might squeeze 184 cms.
Bego said on 16/Oct/17
@Annonymous Anyone can look tall or small in pictures. Depends on your width, size of head etc.. A skinny 5'10'' guy can pull 6'1'' or more no problem. A overweight 6'1'' guy can look 5'9'' or 5'10''. Its a matter of perspective.
jjj said on 16/Oct/17
@Editor Rob: Can you or anyone confirm for my own sanity:

My dad is 5'10.25 and is convinced i measure around the flat 5'8 mark as he always mentions it to me. I took the time to get a tape measure out and measure myself in the morning and for him to watch to prove i wasn't as low as he thinks i am (i measure at 176 at around 2/3pm). He lined me up against the wall and measured me and came out with 171 three times in a row! My heart dropped and i quickly panicked as i never thought i measured that low, especially in the morning! If i am 171 in the morning i will be a weak 5'6 at night which doesn't seem right at all.

Can anyone please clarify if they can just tell by looking at someone from a pic that they are/are not the height they claim?? I have a pic of me next to my dad: Click Here

And also, there is the same height difference between me and my 6'3 friend than there is with Rob and a 6'2 guy (guy on right is 6'4): Click Here

Click Here
Editor Rob: even with shoes, you probably are taller than 171 barefoot. Your Dad might be playing a little height trick on you. Bending the pencil down or undermarking, it's impossible to tell...

Always best to measure yourself...that way, at least you know how it is being done and there's more care being taken.
The New Guy said on 16/Oct/17
I would say about 20%-25% out of 100% of guys I see daily are 6'0" and taller.
I'm in Nevada, not too far from Las Vegas, so I see a lot of tourists.
Anytime I've attended an event here, I've felt above-average at worst and tall at best. It's a little hard to explain.
Seb1,91 said on 15/Oct/17
So gross !!!
Blake said on 15/Oct/17
Rob, are you ever going to buy any of the new models of the seca stadiometer? Do you know if they have the 1/8th of an inch error like older models?
Editor Rob: I haven't bought the later model, the one I have is enough really. The error is quite small...if it was a cm, though, I might have been asking for money back!
John said on 15/Oct/17
Hey Christian 6'5", if you had half a brain, you'd realize how stupid you sound. Calling under 6 footers sub-human smh!!! what are you, a spokesperson for the "master race"? Seriously, you ought to seek help!!!

is that your thing? spending your life on internet forums seeking confrontations and barfing out all your hatred? That's just pathetic and a little bit scary tbh...

Come to think of it, perhaps the despise you claim you feel towards those shorter than your 6'5 3/8" stature is in fact a reflection of your own self-hatred. Seems as though, despite having the physique of an adult, you haven't got the mind of one. And since you haven't learnt to deal with your own issues and face them with dignity and courage, you chose to cowardly deflect your negativity unto others just for the safe of hurting them.

I pray that you reflect a little bit upon this and revise your ways. God Bless.
Wipeout said on 15/Oct/17
Curious what you guys think. I'm 5'10 in the morning, 5'9.5 late morning and early afternoon, 5'9.25 late afternoon and early evening, and a little over 5'9 flat at bedtime. If I sleep in I can reach a height of 5'10.25. What height would you claim?
Bobby said on 15/Oct/17
@blazer, Well, you can say weak 5'10, but I think it's enough to call myself a flat 5'10. I'm just tired of people calling me a liar, and doubting I'm 5'10 even if I'm a weak one. It's a small round up, nothing to get upset over. I'll just ignore future comments directed towards that subject then.
Luca said on 15/Oct/17
My out of bed height:190,7 cm
After 2 hours:189,3 cm
After 4 hours:189,125 cm
After 6 hours:188,9 cm
After 8 hours:188,65-188,7 cm
After 10 hours:188,4 cm
After 12 hours:188.125 cm
Average height: just above 189 cm

Rob,should I claim my lowest height (188 cm) or the average one(189 cm)?
Editor Rob: imagine you had no interest in height, but went for your physical at'd come in around 189cm and you'd tell people that...

But since you fall further to 188 at night, it's really up to you what you feel comfortable saying. Personally a small round up or down is fine, but when we get to something like 2cm 'round up' it's too much.
G 5'11 said on 15/Oct/17
@Mitt that's unlucky Mate, you should have ended up 5'9-5'11 or something. Or at worst like your father. My parents where similar height to yours, my dad was either 5'10.5/5'11 peak and my mom was around 5'3, I ended up a weak 5'11. Also I know a kid with 5'5 and 5'9 parents that exceeded his potential growing to a strong 6'3 but that happening isn't too common, I don't think calisthenics actually stunted your growth.
G 5'11 said on 15/Oct/17
@Mat 5'10.25 he is secretly Arthur lmao
G 5'11 said on 15/Oct/17
@Sands88 Looks about 6'6 to me, similar to my door frame.
Bego said on 15/Oct/17
Rob i have a question if i measure my self in morning with aerosol can i get 185cm with tape measure but with distance laser measure tool like Leica Disto i get 186. Which one is more accurate?
Editor Rob: a tape measure itself will be very accurate, unless the part at the end is damaged or there are kinks in.

So, I'd personally do a few measurements around the house on flat surfaces and if you are getting within 4-5mm each time, I'd just take the average of those measurements. The laser might be quite close too, but I haven't tested any myself.
grizz said on 15/Oct/17
Tonyx, thanks for bringing a smile on my face.
viko said on 15/Oct/17
Rob, if my height end with 1/4 of an inch what should I consider that .25 as a .5 when comparing myself with celebs listed here?
Editor Rob: you could really compare either.

I'd compare myself (at just over 5ft 8) to people in the 5ft 8-8.5 range...
Jason (192.5) said on 15/Oct/17
@Don't know what to claim (5'11) In some mirrors I look shorter than I think I am, and vice versa. I'm sure there is a mental aspect to it. BTW, what is your daily height range? I can help you determine what height to claim.
Slim 6' said on 15/Oct/17
french guy 183-185 cm said on 13/Oct/17
Average height in France, UK Belgium : about 183 - 185 cm
In Germany and nothern countries :184-187 cm I guess. I have been in Germany two times and I feel that German have 2 or 3 cm on the French and the British
Lol, and how many people did you check their heights for this estimation?
PF said on 15/Oct/17

I grew up almost quarten an inch (0.5cm) in the last 3 months. Am I still growing?
I am 19 and 5'10'' at evening. I think (not sure) I grew up half an inch from August2016 to July2017 and then as i said I grew up a quarter of an inch in the last 3 months. When I was a child, doctor told my parents I would be between 5'11.5'' and 6'0.5''.

Can it be a last growth spurt?

My father is 5'6'' and mother is 5'2''. Grandfather probably around 5'9''.

Can i reach 5'11'' at least?
Editor Rob: might be you have been in a final bit of growth and heading towards the end of the cycle, the fact you reached 5ft 10ish based on 5ft 6/2 parents is far higher than many with those parents would have reached.
Height Sky said on 15/Oct/17
Rob a question, does a 6'1 guy loss more height than a 5'8 guy during the day?
Jason (192.5) said on 14/Oct/17
@Sands88 6'8 door, 6'10-11 frame
Anonymous said on 14/Oct/17
Guys, how do you think, what is my height (based on the photo) ?
Click Here
P.S. I stand 7-8 meters from the camera lens and slightly bent the right leg.
jjj said on 14/Oct/17
Had a mate round mine who is around the 174/175 mark, although he claims "5'11" LOL. I'm 176.5 and he's around half and inch to an inch smaller than me, and my 5'10.5 dad said he thinks my mate is around 6ft and i'm around 5'8, although he has to look down to my mate???

My mate is quite stocky, so does anyone reckon a bigger build can make people appear taller as i'm quite skinny and clearly must appear shorter than i am :(
Bobby said on 14/Oct/17
@Mat 5'10.25, also because I fall to 5'9.75 at night, I'm being dishonest because I'm claiming 5'10? Are you in league with King Arthur, by any chance, or are you the same man? Because if you are, I have two words for you: PISS OFF.
Bobby said on 14/Oct/17
@Sands88, considering most doorways are traditionally, in our modern day anyway, about 6'8 to 6'10 in height, then this means your door could be 6'8, with a frame height of 6'9.
Bobby said on 14/Oct/17
@Bergo, my ceiling is actually over 6ft, the part where my head looked like it met measures 6ft, I didn't take the photo from a low angle either, I put my camera device on top of a table that measures around my torso level, best spot I could find to get a full body shot. If it's too high or low, it crops my full stature. Anyway, the total ceiling height would be 6'5 or something. I haven't measured it but I expect it to be around there. I don't know why guys like Mat consider me 5'9.5 when I measure that on rare cases.
Dreampuffe(5'9.5") said on 14/Oct/17
hhhmmmm... I've always try to guess fictional character's height. The most consistent height of a fictional character would have to be Superman (Who's 6'3" in the comics but has looked taller.)
Tonyx said on 14/Oct/17
Modern men part 2
Click Here
Tonyx said on 14/Oct/17
The modern man
Click Here
HonestSlovene said on 14/Oct/17
@Grizz Well considering you have a 5'9" mom (my mom is 3-4 inches shorter) then you should be about 6'1"-6'2" when finished growing.
HonestSlovene said on 14/Oct/17
@Bobby Again mate, you're probably dead on average for a greek male, who is 176 cm overral and 177-178 cm for younger guys (178.2 cm is a self reported figure, 177.5 cm is an actual measurement done). So both people caalling you short or tall are delusional, now yes among other minorities you are probably tall, but comparing to yourself to your ancestors you are just plain average, deal with it.
HonestSlovene said on 14/Oct/17
@James I compared you to the standard doorframe which is about 198 cm and I have a friend that height who when wearing sneakers always ducks a little bit when entering a room. You just seem to be about 2 inches shorter than that :)
Canson said on 14/Oct/17
@Jordan: Jason is right. I can look that way myself at 6’4 and change. Where a 6’8” doorway can appear even due to looking downward
Canson said on 14/Oct/17
@Jason192.5: that definitely is not a textbook 5’10. A textbook 5’10 is Mat5’10.25 as he is a solid 5’10 who doesn’t drop below it (not a strong 5’10). I respect Bobby tho. But to be fair he is still slightly above average. Average is probably 5’9” flat max
anon176 said on 14/Oct/17
This foreigner is the typical internet idiot.
blazer said on 14/Oct/17
@Bobby,the picture you have as proof doesn't prove much. You actually look about 7 foot tall in that pic because the camera angle. Even at 5'9.75, we all would probably agree a weak 5'10. Definitely too tall to say 5'9. You've stated your height so much that I think now people are just trying to push buttons. Don't even bother replying, and the drama will stop.
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 14/Oct/17
@Bobby & @jjj

Don't mind Truth. He's just some dumb troll. He's the same guy who once said that anyone below 6'0" is sub-human. Wish Rob would ban Truth.
Sands88 said on 13/Oct/17
Guys how tall would you say this door and its frame is?

Click Here
Del Mar said on 13/Oct/17
@Rob, yeah would think so too! His dad is pushing 60 and did admitabely look shorter than before. Might have lost an inch and might be more 189 range, which would make more sense. Do have a huge head too!
Mat 5'10.25 said on 13/Oct/17
Here's a comment from lying Bobby, posted on YouTube 11 months ago:

Bobby Papoutsis
11 months ago
I'm 6ft tall barefoot, 6'1 in my standard running shoes, and 6'1.5 with my dress shoes. I feel like being as tall as I am is a good solid height to be. I definitely would want to be 6'2 though. By the way, this guy is super funny, "I'm not tall at all, I'm only 5'2"

Lying Bobby just said that he hasn't measured 5'9.5 since last year, when less than a year ago was claiming to be 6 foot. LOL. And was even quite precise saying 6'1.5 with his dress shoes. I think everyone can see that the guy is a total joke. Don't take anything he says seriously. He is an insecure 5'9.5 guy, just under average for his age.
Mat 5'10.25 said on 13/Oct/17
@Lying Bobby

How is that even proof? Lol. I thought you were going to post a measurement or something, but it's just you taking a photo of yourself from a low angle to appear tall. Even a 5'7 guy can look tall in this way.

You haven't measured 5'9.5 in over a year you say? It was 6 months ago you first measured 5'9.5, if Andrea sees this he can back me up as he remembers it. By the way, I thought that a year ago you believed you were 6'1 as some comments of yours are only from november 2016. LYING AGAIN. Why do you keep lying man? You also said this like 10 days ago.
Bobby said on 1/Oct/17
By the way, @Canson, I just checked, I don't really dip much under 5'9.75 at an extreme low, I'll only measure 2-3mm under that, so like you said, I'm a legit 5'10er.

You know 2 or 3 mm under 5'9.75 is 176.8-177.0 cm and not 177.0 - 177.2 cm right? So you are claiming that your extreme low has changed from 5'9.5 to 5'9 5/8. That's 1/8 of a difference, it's not growth, it's just a matter of hydration.

You are a 5'9.5 guy, get over it (a strong one, if that makes you feel any better). I bet you could even drop below 176.5. The human spine can have differences as big as 3 cm or even a little more between best and worst case senarios. You can claim whatever you want, but I'll be here exposing your lies while everyone laughs at your insecurity.

Have a good day, and try being a little honest for a change.

As Rob has said, honesty is what makes you look taller to other people, not rounding up or lying.
Bego said on 13/Oct/17
@Bobby Whats the height to ceiling? It seems smaller. My doorways measure 200cm.
Bobby said on 13/Oct/17
@Jason (192.5) that's because I have a different definition of a textbook 5'10. A textbook 5'10 is someone who measures over 5'10 in the morning, generally at 5'10.5 and drops down to 5'9.75, that's still an honest 5'10 in my opinion. It's why I've been pushing to get Grant a 6ft listing, because he's still an honest 6ft guy. And Jason, just because Mat thinks 5'10 is average in Greece, doesn't make it true. I'm Greek too, and I've seen plenty of other Greeks my age who don't tend to reach 5'10, let alone 5'9. If you don't believe me, why don't you ask Rob? He doubts the average is 5'10 in Greece.

@Mat, wow, so... because someone is an inch taller than you, you feel below average? Cry me a river, it's one inch, not 5 inches.
Greg said on 13/Oct/17
@Blazer you're way off 5'6 is his eye level, he's not an alien. He doesn't look below 5'11 in that photo.
Greg said on 13/Oct/17
@Randomuser, lol? No not every single male here is tall, over 5'8 isn't exactly tall. And there's a 5'6 guy, and I believe CD who was listed on user heights is 5'5. So no
Jack The Smackhead said on 13/Oct/17
@Mat 5'10.25: I'm from the UK too so my opinion on the average height may differ, the average height could go as low as 5'7 for a man, so most do not really need to worry about their height.
Jack The Smackhead said on 13/Oct/17
@Mat 5'10.25: Yeah you made some good points. For me personally, height isn't an issue, as I guess I'm neither tall nor small. I wake up at 181 and go to 179 and night, so I'm 180. Nor should height be an issue for you, or even a 5'9 male as they are still average heights! But honestly, if a women asks about your height that is fine, but then if they decide not to meet you because of it, then they aren't really a loss, trust me (imagine if we did that to their features: boobs, bum etc? they'd go mad) lol.

I agree with your last point too, it is very true actually. Any male within the average height (5'9-5'11 in my opinion) is being made to feel that their height is not good enough, especially by women who state they want 6'+ (not all women but some.) No one asked to end up the height they are, it's no ones fault either, it's just the way you were born. People should just learn to be happy with their height, you could've been a dwarf!
french guy 183-185 cm said on 13/Oct/17
Average height in France, UK Belgium : about 183 - 185 cm
In Germany and nothern countries :184-187 cm I guess. I have been in Germany two times and I feel that German have 2 or 3 cm on the French and the British
Doom said on 13/Oct/17
don't know what to claim(5'11) said on 11/Oct/17
anyone look short in mirrors?

I often see that some make me look shorter, some taller but I think thats just all in my mind as mirrors do show your correct size if they are straight and level
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 13/Oct/17
@Anonymous I would claim 5'10 1/2". 5'10" would be downplaying your height by quite a bit.
mitt said on 13/Oct/17
So I'm not really sure what is the deal with me. I was around 165 or roughly 5'5'' when I joined High SChool (14 years old). I am 18.5 years old now and I am close to 168 cm, so for almost 5 years I've grown barely an inch. The thing is right around 14 years of age I started doing STreet Fitness which is basically calisthenics, I improved my body quite a bit, but is it possible that it hindered my growth? Ppl say that it should've actually increased my height because it's basically stretching and the fact it is exercising means hormones are produced. I've not used any weights and my dad/brother are both around 5'10'', mom is 5'3''. The only thing I can see hindering my growth is staying in front of the computer a lot, but I usually get at least 8-9 hours of sleep, sometimes even more.
avi said on 12/Oct/17
For the height challenger page, height challenge #12, girl #1. Is that a good example of 2.5 inch height difference?
I think she was 5'5.9 and you are 5'8.25.
Or would you say it's a 2.25 difference?
Editor Rob: it's a solid 2 3/8ths range.

she's really bang on 5ft 5.75 because of 1/8th error
pol_clemente said on 12/Oct/17
Here's a proposal for height measurements based on quarter inches and the fact the average height loss per day is about 3/4" of an inch. This takes into account the variation in height over the day.

Morning / Evening

6'1.25" / 6'0.5" - Weak 6'1
6'1" / 6'0.25" - Very Strong 6ft (alt: strong)
6'0.75 / 6' - Strong 6ft (alt: solid)
6'0.5" / 5'11.75" - Solid 6' (alt: even)

The advantage of this "system" is it does away with quarter inch measurements (which make no sense if you don't know the time of day they were measured at) and lets you round everything to a comfortable feet and inch height while still letting you differentiate between say, two 6'0" guys where one is actually 3/4" taller than the other.

What do you think?
pol_clemente said on 12/Oct/17
Here's a proposal for height measurements based on quarter inches and the fact the average height loss per day is about 3/4" of an inch. This takes into account the variation in height over the day.

Morning / Evening

6'1.25" / 6'0.5" - Weak 6'1
6'1" / 6'0.25" - Very Strong 6ft (alt: strong)
6'0.75 / 6' - Strong 6ft (alt: solid)
6'0.5" / 5'11.75" - Solid 6' (alt: even)

What do you think?
Jason (192.5) said on 12/Oct/17
@Mat 5'10.25 A little extreme, but your point is definitely valid. To be honest though, Bobby says that his extreme low is a few mm below 5'9.75, so I'd still classify that as 5'10. Not a strong or even solid 5'10, but weakish-flat 5'10. It is kind of annoying that he keeps repeating he is a "textbook" 5'10. He's probably trying to convince himself he's above average for whatever bizarre reason, even though young Greeks like yourself prove that's not true.
Jason (192.5) said on 12/Oct/17
@Jordan pretty close, 6'4. I'm not sure why some guys were guessing 6'1-6'2, didn't think I looked that short lol.
Bobby said on 12/Oct/17
@Mat 5'10.25, Click Here Here's your proof, this was taken at 7:27pm on September 29th (Yeah that's right, I'm being detailed and specific - would a liar do that?) and I measured 5'9.75 on the dot after a long day, 12 hours out of bed. You still think I'm not an honest 5'10, that's still your problem. I also highly doubt the average in Greece is 178cm at night, I saw many Greeks my own age who were shorter than I was and a minority that were my height or taller. The 5'10ners that I saw, I was eye level with. If you still I'm a 5'9.5 guy after all this, then there's nothing more than can be said and you are truly lost, my child.

PS: I'm a smooth criminal and I'm 5'10 😎
Greg said on 12/Oct/17
@Houss I remember you are around 6 feet, the other guy looks around 5'11/6'0ish I think at worst you guys would be a fraction apart. You should get him to measure himself and compare.
Bobby said on 12/Oct/17
@the Slav, I guess, but I saw plenty of Greek males under 177cm, I do know that I measure 179cm in the morning with 8 hours of sleep, and tend to lose a centimetre after the first two to three hours, I probably held onto my afternoon height quite well because I was drinking a copious amounts of water due to the heat. Since I go down to 5'9.75 (Yeah, that's consistent, always measure that at night.) which is more like 177.2cm, I'm at worst 6mm off the 5'10 mark, which is why I even claim 5'10. I mean, I've asked Rob before if rounding up was being dishonest, he doesn't see the issue with it, but it's not what he would personally do. In fact, he he says he understands why people round up half inches, it's more convenient. Guys like Mat think I'm a weak 177cm, but I haven't dipped below that since last year.
Ben said on 12/Oct/17
Mat 5'10.25"

Bobby said he was 5'9" at 18 so he grew about an inch. Fairly normal. My brother grew about 2 inches after 18, quite good.
Mat 5'10.25 said on 12/Oct/17
@Christian-6'5 3/8

Don't listen to Bobby. He tried to convince himself he felt above average in Greece. I guarantee you that the greek average for 20 year olds at the moment is at least 178 cm. The average of all male population (at least in big cities) is probably 176 cm based on statistics, and by my sightings. We greeks are not short at all compared to other European countries. We are most definitely a little shorter than Germans who average at about 5'10.5 I guess, and probably a little taller than Italians, French and Spanish people.

Remember, Bobby is really insecure about being under 5'10, and he was making extraordinary and silly claims about having grown to 5'11 during the summer, which of course proved to be false. You can take my word, as a native greek guy who measures 178 cm at night, that this is the real average at the moment for young adults. Hell, in my University the average is definitely a little taller, I would guess around 180 cm, since I barely feel average there.
Blake said on 12/Oct/17
Rob, do you see a lot of school kids taller than you when you walk around town? By school kids I mean secondary school kids
Editor Rob: if I'm in the town centre near lunch time, yes I see a good proportion in 5th-6th year (16-18 range) taller
Bobby said on 12/Oct/17
Also, @Mat, you're not the height police, okay? I can claim whatever the hell I measure, you're just seeing excuses to downgrade me when fact is I measure 5'9.75 after 7 hours. If you don't believe me, that's your own damn fault for being incapable of separating fact from fiction. FYI, there'd be a little over half an inch between us in the morning. You're at best 1cm taller than I am, get over it, and leave me alone.
Bobby said on 12/Oct/17
@Bego, my back is fine, I've switched out my old mattress with a newer one, and my back isn't really curved. I had some anterior pelvic tilt, but I've corrected it using wall exercises.
Bobby said on 12/Oct/17
@Mat 5'10.25, I haven't measured a flat 5'9.5 since last year mate, keep up, yeah? The lowest I've measured has been 177-177.2cm, consistently. 177cm is more an extreme low now. I've done very well by keeping hydrated, and my diet has improved vastly, this has changed my stature, allowing me to gain a fraction. So, you're wrong I'm not a weak 5'10 guy, if I'm consistently 5'9.75 at my low. That's basically an honest 5'10, given that I measure 179cm (5'10.5) in the morning. Oh, and screw off, how about that? And just to piss you off further, I'll continue claiming 5'10, how about that? And believe what you want, fact is, I measured a flat 5'9 at 18, and gained an inch after that, which has brought me to 5'10. Never once have I measured anywhere near a flat 5'9 after 18, so you can take your opinions and shove them down your throat.
jjj said on 12/Oct/17
@Truth: Grow up, 5'10 is not a short height let alone considered a 'manlet' height.
Bego said on 12/Oct/17
@The New Guy Out of 100% guys on street how many are 6ft and above? Seeing someone that big should be common in places with avg 5'10'' unless its actually lower. And what about other places in US?
Caleb said on 12/Oct/17
How many percent of females are 178 cm
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 12/Oct/17
My advice to the people on here who want for us to accurately guess their heights is to try standing by a door or a reference of an object (or even other people). I've seen people who are legitimately 5'10" appear to be 6'4" in photos by themselves (with nothing by them) as often as 5'4"-5'5". I could probably pass off for 6'8" with the perfect angle adding height onto me!
blazer said on 12/Oct/17
@Ben, I would guess your between 5'5 and 5'6.
Greg said on 11/Oct/17
@Michael R I would say you look 6'1"
anon176 said on 11/Oct/17
Yu can pull off 6'range in this single shot. Certainly small head and long legs/neck does help...
Bobby said on 11/Oct/17
@Truth, I'm a manlet? How? I'm above average height. You know how many guys I see daily, that are shorter than I am? Too many to count. 5'10 isn't short, and anyone who thinks that is, must be 7ft tall or is trolling. What is 6ft then? The standard for tall? Will a 6ft person call me short? I don't think so, I've been called tall by guys taller than I am.
blazer said on 11/Oct/17
@celebheights 6'1.5,. Stretches may not help lengthen your legs but this might. Most people that have 1 leg shorter than the other it's a hip problem. Some have corrected this by a small stool. Standing with one foot on the stool and hanging the other. You could alternate legs and see if this will lengthen your legs from the hip. Worth a try. You could probably do this while watching TV. You'd be amazed at how much longer your leg is hanging.
randomuser said on 11/Oct/17
Why is everyone on this page so tall? Literally not a single male below 5'8 here
James said on 11/Oct/17
@Tree nope, I'm 6'4 at my lowest
seb1.91 said on 11/Oct/17
I would guess 6'2.5 - 6'6, i am 6'3.25 and look exactly the same as you, so... how tall are you ? haha
184man said on 11/Oct/17
Click Here i measure higher using the can method on that doorframe thing All my flooring is level btw
the Slav said on 11/Oct/17
haha no worries man, I know how you feel. My 14 year old baby brother just outgrew me hahaha
HonestSlovene said on 11/Oct/17
@Ben you look younger than me and I'm 24 and look about 20. You look roughly 15-16 y.o. Can still grow 1-2 inches.
Bobby said on 11/Oct/17
@Anon, there's so many of you guys, how tall are you directly out of bed? I find I can shrink a quarter to half an inch after the first 2 or so hours out of bed. Height loss after that does slow down though.
Bobby said on 11/Oct/17
@Christian-6'5 3/8,

I highly doubt the average is anywhere near 5'10, let alone 5'9.5. From personal experience, most men I see are 5'7-5'8 range. Though living in Canada, you see a lot of visible minorities, which significantly brings down the average height. I hate to say it, but non-Europeans tend to be quite short. I occasionally see a Mexican guy at the bus spot, he's short, at around 5ft-5'2. Not saying all Mexicans are short, but it's just to give you an example, the only cases where they're not short is due to genetic diversity. Though I've even seen some African Americans shorter than I am. A lot of cases though, their average is closer to 5'10, or is 5'10. Europeans are on average, the tallest ethnic class in the world. Their averages are closer to 6ft than anywhere else.
don't know what to claim(5'11) said on 11/Oct/17
anyone look short in mirrors?
Mat said on 11/Oct/17

Bobby is lying about the average in greece or simply delusional. I am a strong 178 cm and I feel exactly average amongst youngsters. In my university I actually feel a couple cm below average.
HonestSlovene said on 11/Oct/17
I just happened to be within 1 inch my fathers height but slightly shorter (me 5'10.5"-5'11" during the day, my dad 5'11.25"-5'11.5", mother 5'5.25"-5'5.5" and sister 5'7"-5'7.25") so I get my height more after the mother and my sister after her father. I think most siblings end up similar height to their parents of the same sex, if every child outgrew both of their parents then we would all be 6'7" or something crazy like that, so is no more than purely a myth. In fact I know maybe 4-5 cases, the majority of men (50%) are an inch within their fathers height.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 11/Oct/17
Has anybody else noticed that some people in real life do underestimate people's height? I saw somebody who was 5'10 1/2" get referred to as being very short at work by somebody who was their height, with the person doing this thinking that they towered over him for some odd reason. This person didn't believe me when I mentioned that the person is 5'10 1/2", and even thought that I was 8" inches taller (when it probably wouldn't even be that much if I got my Scoliosis fixed). I've even seen the two interact with each other, and it was impossible to tell who was taller.
Johnson said on 11/Oct/17
If you measured in a wall with skirty board / baseboard how many milimeters yiu should discount? 2 milimetres???
Editor Rob: I'd say if it was an inch thick maybe 1mm or 2 at most.
James said on 10/Oct/17
@HonestSlovene right on the money. I am 193 at my lowest.
Mat 5'10.25 said on 10/Oct/17
@Jack the Smackhead

I see your point, though there's a good chance you won't get to meet the girl if you downplay your height and you are chatting with her online for example. I remember the first time I was asked by a girl how tall I was. I was 16, and I was chatting with her on facebook and she told me I seemed tall from my photos, so she wanted to know my height. That was when I realised that height matters to girls. I had never even thought about it till then. I was 176 cm at the time, which I suppose was above average for a 16 year old, but I felt I should lie, since she called me tall. So I said 178 cm. Lol. In the end I did get to 178 cm (not a ''Bobby 178'' but a real one :p) but that's just average for a young adult these days. It's a bummer I didn't get to 180 cm (at night) as I had hoped, but oh, well. I guess I should be gratefull I didn't stuck at 176-177 territory since about a third of the males stop around that age.

Being short, or even a little below average, is like a handicap these days. I am not saying it is nor it should be, but given our height discriminating societty that's the way it goes. No wonder why celebheights is filled with so many insanely insecure people. It's not really their fault, it's just that our society sucks and has made them into nut-jobs.
Mat 5'10.25 said on 10/Oct/17

If every measurement is valid, so is your 5'9.5 measurement at your extreme low. You are closer to 5'9.5 than 5'10.5 for most of the day, so that's a textbook weak 5'10 guy. You haven't grown a millimeter ever since you turned 18 and you know it, you even drop under 177 cm at extreme circumstances, plus, you are 5'10.5 like 1 second out of bed under optimal conditions, usually you will be 5'10.25-3/8. You are a disgrace to 178 cm people for claiming that. You are the most insecure person on celebheights at the moment, and that's not an easy fit. People like Glenn, Connor, AdamSaveUS look normal next to you. You ARE barely average against young 20 year old males in Greece, I know cause I am one of them. Our average here is 178 cm at night. THAT'S a solid 5'10.

You even asked Rob the other whether you are a solid 5'10 and he said you are ''about 5'10'' yet you act like you didn't see it. Everyone read it. Rob called Bobby ''about'' (so almost) 5'10. It's decided. And that's because you lied to him and told him you don't drop under 5'9.75, yet later on you revealed you drop even a little more under that. LMAO

By the way, we are not within 1/4 inch as you suggested days before. I own you for a solid 0.5 inch. I am a hair over 5'11 on a usual day, and 5'11.25 on my best day. If we stood next to each other in the morning I would own you for a whole 2 cm, yet we both claim the same height. LOL.

At my extreme worst I am still a hair over 5'10, 178 cm, when you are a weak 177 cm guy. Try telling me we are the same so I can laugh. I bet you would even drop to 176 cm if you stayed 24 hours awake.
Bobby said on 10/Oct/17
@Anonymous, that's quite a loss, Greg also wakes 5'11 to 5'11.25 but he drops to 5'10.5. I would claim the Middle at 5'10.5, that seems fair given your height loss.
Bego said on 10/Oct/17
@Bobby Hey i know you from YouTube on Robs videos when i asked you how many taller guys you see in Canada per day. How's your back doing? Is your spine normal or a bit rounded? Mine is a bit rounded from sitting on desk.
Jordan said on 10/Oct/17
@James 6'5" range you look very tall, you look near the height of the doorway behind you almost which could be 6'9" because its from a lower angle it adds a bit of height so i subtracted a bit to bear that in mind.
grizz said on 10/Oct/17
@the Slav, Zagreb. I wouldn't say a thing if I hadn't known my parents' and relatives' height:literally every man outgrew their father from 2 to 10cms. Even every woman had outgrown their moms. Had I been the same height as dad (not taller),I wouldn't say a thing and probably would never even notice all that height thing.
@Robis5ft6, probably would turn out the same for me if I had a baby brother -6'2.5 would be his height, I presume
houss said on 10/Oct/17
guys who do you think is the taller one between us , plz i need your comments
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
the Slav said on 10/Oct/17
Average height for young Greek males, 20-24, is exactly 177 cm. So you're dead on average compared to them
G 5'11 said on 10/Oct/17
@The New Guy oh I know where Rmnd is. I live about 25 minutes from there, that's dope though. Solid boul.
G 5'11 said on 10/Oct/17
@JayJ sorry to tell you but I think you're done growing. Unless you experienced some growth last year, then you probably will not gain anything. You didn't do too bad though for having 6'0 and 5'6 parents.
G 5'11 said on 10/Oct/17
@anonymous you can claim anything you measure throughout the day, but 5'10.5" or Almost 5'11 is fair to claim too.
anon176 said on 10/Oct/17
DruceLee said on 8/Oct/17
Bobby, 177cm is not tall, get over it!!!
Yeah this dude is delusional
Bobby said on 10/Oct/17
@DruceLee, 177cm is not my real height, 178cm is.
jjj said on 10/Oct/17
@Editor Rob: Rob, what is your view on Strachan's recent statement? He claimed Scotland are 'genetically behind' and were the second shortest team after Spain.
Editor Rob: I mentioned to Blake, I think Strachan is just looking for excuses, although he is right to an extent that with the average being 5ft 9, it is in the lower averages of European countries.
Del Mar said on 10/Oct/17
Rob, how much do you think head size could actually make out of a height difference between two people that otherwise are shoulder to shoulder? My half-brother looks maybe 186-87 range when I've seen him upclose (there is a long and complex reason behind why he don't want contact with his mothers side of the family (which includes me) and is why I can't ask him myself), but he is shoulder to shoulder with his father, which is supposed to be 191. Could head size really differ 4-5cm in height?
Editor Rob: definitely shoulder shape, head size can effect other people's perceptions, I've seen it many times in person, but usually we are talking 1-2cm, 4-5 is a lot of difference to make up!
Ben said on 10/Oct/17
Jenny and I have the same weight! Weight bros! I'm usually chilling around the 150lbs range. 152 it usually is, I remember my weight as being around 148 a few days ago but it'll go up again.
the Slav said on 10/Oct/17
In most European countries 175 cm is below average lol
Ben said on 10/Oct/17
Hi Rob, how tall do I look here: Click Here
The New Guy said on 9/Oct/17
I see legit 6'0" guys by the daily. I wouldn't say it's rare, but I also wouldn't say it's completely common place either. Now that I think about it, it's a little tricky to explain.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 9/Oct/17
I might eventually be going in to correct my leg posture (since apparently stretches can't fix those). It will be interesting to see if that somehow impacts my measured height.
Truth said on 9/Oct/17
Bobby, no point obsessing over stuff that's beyond your control. At 5'10", you're a manlet for life. The only thing you can do is develop alternate redeeming qualities and try your best to contribute to society.

If you believe in Karma, do well in this life and you just might be an Adonis in the next one :-) That's the best advice I can give you :_)

Happy Thanskigiving to all !
tree said on 9/Oct/17
James said on 6/Oct/17
Hey guys, how tall would you say I am based on my proportions?

6ft2?Am i right
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 9/Oct/17
@Bobby & @Ben

I agree with both of you


Well, Bobby has said that he feels a bit above average even at 5'9.75" in Greece. 177cm is supposedly the average for young and middle-aged Greek men according to sources, but a lot of these measurements more likely than not, are done earlier in the day before many people hit their lowest. Plus possible rounding up as well, as we don't know if it's actually 176.5cm but rounded up to 177. This is why I take most of these countries averages as a grain of salt. The average young Caucasian guy in US is supposedly 5'10", but I feel it's more likely 5'9.5" based on personal experiences etc.
Anonymous said on 9/Oct/17
Guys, I have a question, how much do we lose after an hour from bed ?
Today I slept exactly 7 hours and 35-40 minutes. After 1 hour and 20 minutes, my height was 186.4 cm.
James B said on 9/Oct/17
Rob this is a very random question but what do you think the 2020s will be like in terms of fashion and culture? We are approaching the end of the 2010s.

I am guessing a 2000s revival since the 2010s has been heavily influenced by the 90s.
Editor Rob: it's something I don't pay great attention too. I think certain types of fashion won't come back.

Men in platform style boots from the 70's? Can't see that ever being as widespread as it used to be. There's a lot of clothing from that era that I doubt would be worn again.

Culturally and morally, in many ways I think people advance in some aspects, but can regress in others.

We are in a very disposable era, and seem attached to phones. I remember the days without them.
Jack The Smackhead said on 9/Oct/17
Going back to the girl situation, and how they won't notice fake height claims as much: I'd rather claim that I am smaller than I am, so it is more of a surprise to them when we meet (not that they probably even care). I'd rather them say that they expected me to be shorter, than opposed to me inflating my height, and them saying they expected me to be taller!
Height Sky said on 9/Oct/17

Yes Goku is, but that is cleary a wrong guess because the Warriors Z are much taller than the people of the city and Goku looks over 5'9, maybe a short asian put that listed and was expanded for all Internet. Here no way Vegeta is only three inches shorter than Goku, not less than 5 inches .
Jack The Smackhead said on 9/Oct/17
@Ben: How old are you then? You look about 16/17 I'm not going to lie... Sorry if you are older and I offended you! I look young for my age too.
Michael R said on 8/Oct/17
Click Here Rob based on these pictures from my night out what height would you have guessed me at? There's more I can upload later once I find them. I'm the one on the right in the first one and you should be able to tell which one is me in the other photos.
Editor Rob: just on the one photo with 2 friends, over six foot, but 6ft 1, 2 or 3 is much harder to tell.
Bobby said on 8/Oct/17
@indecure, of course morning height counts, why wouldn't it? The measurement is still valid. And I highly doubt I would be barely average in Greece, I saw many Greeks my own age, and I fit in very well. I saw plenty 5'10ners when I was there, and we were eye level. Never said I was a strong 5'10, and I don't cinder myself a weak 5'10 either. I'm still essentially an honest flat 5'10, which is what I always claim now, and I don't have to accept anything. I'm not insecure with my height in the slightest, I don't feel short at all.
Anonymous said on 8/Oct/17
Hey Rob, I am 5"11 out of bed and at my lowest 5"10.
Can i claim 179cm, which I am claiming at the moment?
DruceLee said on 8/Oct/17
Bobby, 177cm is not tall, get over it!!!
Ally183 said on 8/Oct/17
@James I would say 6'1 - 6'2
Tunman said on 8/Oct/17
180 or 5'11 is possibly the average for youngsters but no more.Calling 175 short would mean 185 is tall?Well,someone like Djokovic is definitely solid tall even with the young generation and he's 187 at best.Average for serbians and croatians must be similar as they had/still have same living standards and basically are hardly different from each other as people.
@MTT and Greg
Would be interesting to see why many grow much more than expected.Hey after a month of hard work in the shop I ended seeing six cases(4 girls and 2 guys) who all ranged from 173 to 180 being only at seventh grade (basically 12 years old).Actually the most incredible one was the 173,a girl whose parents were only 5'2.5 and 5'8 max.Others are more half surprise as their parents were rather tall save a 5'5 mother.On the other hand I also saw two girls ending 5'3 and 5'7 with both parents 5'9 and a case of a girl ending 5'7 despite mother being a good 5'10.Yeah,it could seem unfair but that's how genes are:simply unpredictable,my father ended 184 with parents 149 and 174 and I ended only 5'9.5"with 159 and 184 not to mention lower standards at the time (50's and 60's).

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