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Please use this page as a 'free for all' forum to talk about height in general. Stuff like average heights in countries, how height affects your job and how people perceive height etc or any suggestions for new heights or height quotes you find for stars not already added to the site. If you want to request a height to be added, please use the Height Request page.

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Bego said on 10/Jul/20
@Miller Cowie Best way to check people's height is looking at eye level. If the street you are walking down is very flat, means no elevations then its normal to see people in further distance appear to be same height as your or taller. I know what you mean by height blindness, Its hard to know how straight you look when walking, hard to guess horizontal view. Its a psychological, perspective and illusional thing. Keep in mind that infrastructure plays a part, you may walk on lower elevation than other people. I hope you understand. This is why i prefer to compare heights on flat surface and being closer to people.
Canson said on 10/Jul/20
c-mo176.2cm said on 8/Jul/20

if you want to see me as short go ahead . at your height I wouldnt blame you if you thought that I am short anyway

Why do you continue making these straw man arguments, C-Mo? I think anyone who has seen me post here (Greg, Bobby, Matt99, Christian, Jdubbz, Sakz, etc) come to mind and they have seen may say repeatedly that 5’9” is a very neutral height. Neutral means average so it’s not short by any means. You always throw those words In people’s mouths and use straw man arguments and turn an argument into someone persecuting you when they don’t agree with you. You did the same to Christian Jdubbz and me previously and you’re doing that again now
181guy said on 10/Jul/20
Rob, under extreme conditions do you think I could ever dip below 5'11 like to 5'10.75 or something? Where do you think my limit of shrinkage would be?
Like I.e. I arrived home after a long days work and surprisingly only lost a few mms (below normal low), nothing noticeable. Im conscious i might one day fall below 5'11 for a time especially when I'm only just a cm over 5'11 also. There is a 'absolute' limit of shrinkage isn't there Rob?
Editor Rob
There is probably an absolute limit when you are at death's door and the body has been using up water from within joints/discs/soft tissues and brain.

You don't ever want to reach that stage of dehydration, so testing it is something I don't think any of us will know.
Greg said on 10/Jul/20
@Lell I see what’s your arm span? I usually don’t have issues with reaching things that are very high up because my 6’2 range arm span. How tall was the lady? I haven’t seen a woman taller than me in a while, once when I was visiting Holland there was a 6’2 older woman at one of the stores but other than that I haven’t seen too many taller girls. Yeah I’m guessing Swedish average is 3/4th of an inch more than U.S.
Greg said on 10/Jul/20
@TripleScrew Yeah that’s what I’m thinking, back when used heights existed Josh was listed at 5’11 Morning and 5’10.25 evening height. That being said, maybe he had relaxed days where he was 5’10 5/8ths where he looked similar to 5’11 and 5’11.5 listed celebrities. Which makes sense to me. His height was debated a lot by many posters. I think 5’10.25 is an extreme low for Josh. He said it was after he did a lot of work in the garden. Rob mentioned before he thought Josh looked 178-179cm in person.
Greg said on 10/Jul/20
@mrfunnyguy Stop trolling the forums, I think you’re just desperate for attention now and can’t think of anything new. “THe AvERaGe is 6 FEet” yeah definitely, there’s actually nowhere in the world that averages 6’0 despite what the wiki average or whatever might say. 5’11 range max and that’s only for a select few countries. Why do you find it so surprising that someone feelings tallish at a very weak 5’11? 5’10.5-5’10.75” is easily tallish in most countries. Just because you have height dysmorphia or insecurities and are projecting them heavy into others. 5’9 isn’t closed to the female average, that’s nonsense. The average young female is probably 5’5.5-5’6 across all of Europe. Not 5’9.. you sound exactly like French guy and Ice.. say maybe it is the same poster after all! 😂😂 man as they say history repeats itself. I remember when French guy would say he’s 6’0 and he feels below average and than 6’2.5 Ice comes along and says he feels short most of the time but what else is new he is living up to his user name mrfunnyguy 😂😂😂.

@Miller Cowie Maybe you have a case of tallitis like Rob describes it you’re brain is filtering all the shorter people and only noticing taller guys. I’m basically the same height as you and feel pretty tallish in the U.S. I’m guessing Australians average a little taller than Americans but not 5’11+ I think you should still be feeling tallish/above average there thoigh.
Progking said on 10/Jul/20
@Cmo176.2 yeah middle of the range is perfectly fine to claim, a guy who wakes up 1/2 inch above 5'10 is basically a 5'10 guy so 178 is a good claim. Claiming "about 5'10" would be if they wake up at 5'10 or like 177.8-178.5.
Mark O' Connor said on 10/Jul/20
@Miller Cowie at your height you will be above average in most countries. Close to average in others, but never below average, except maybe Netherlands, Sweden or Dinaric Alps. So you are probably paying attention only to people taller than you.
Canson said on 10/Jul/20
c-mo176.2cm said on 8/Jul/20

1 inch below or above average (5'10) is still average . there is an average RANGE you know

and I dont get defensive . if you want to see me as short go ahead . at your height I wouldnt blame you if you thought that I am short anyway

and everybody can claim what they want . but when (I remember) a 179cm morning 177.2cm night guy for example gets told to claim 177cm instead of 178cm I will give my opinion of that matter and my opinion is that it is bs

but again everybody can claim what they want

C-Mo: you do get defensive. And it’s funny you bring that up about a 177.2 guy being “told” to claim 178. Nobody told him that. It’s giving their “two cents” just as you do. But it’s called being “told” to you because it goes against your beliefs which benefit your theory. I have never once seen you advise someone to claim their afternoon height which by the way is the standard of this site. 178 would be a height that person would measure 1 hour out of bed so there’s the reasoning for the 177 claim. If anything, to be fair 177.5 would be reasonable. 178 is too much rounding. And 5’10” in the US is not average. That’s above average
mrfunnyguy said on 10/Jul/20
@Greg Here's a link to a height percentile calculator: Click Here
You can choose, sex, height and country. 179cm for a guy in Sweden is literally the 36.8th percentile, and you continue telling everyone that you are tallish in Sweden? Your perception is at least as skewed as mine, if not more.
daad1234 said on 10/Jul/20
@ajax509 What I said was that I these last four months have shrunk half a centimeter, and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna continue doing that. I was literally exactly a solid 6'1 before (185.5-187.5cm), and it feels pretty bad to reach the 185cm/6'1-threshold and then suddenly shrinking and being just below it when I'm only 20 years old. Therefore, I would rather want to be 175-180cm than 180-184cm.
Glitch said on 10/Jul/20
@Dylan Harris

Thanks for the reply❤️.. I’m 179 cm after 3hours out of bed and I will be 19 this month
Jiggity said on 10/Jul/20
6 footer here. Im traveling to Southern Europe (Mediterranean) next year, would I be average height or below?
Canadian 5'8" said on 10/Jul/20
This page is "'free for all' forum to talk about height in general. Stuff like average heights in countries"

So, as a Canadian, I want to ask other Canadians what you think the average height for men is?

I have seen 174cm, 175.1cm and 178.1cm listed as average though most commonly it is 175.1cm. What do the vistors think is the right average?

My personally, I think from Toronto, Montreal, Halifax (the 3 cities I have been to), I perceive the average to be right around 5 foot 9.
Leo2001 said on 9/Jul/20
@Metric system I would personally say 172 but you can claim 173 too,no problem.
5'8 said on 9/Jul/20
Hey Rob

I don't have an aerosol can. When I did use an aersol can long time before, my measurements were quite similar to the standard "standing-against-the-wall" measurement.

I stand on a flat surface with my back against the wall, then I breathe in and then I place a straight edge long hardcover book against my head. All manuals say this is the most accurate way of measuring and my results are similar to the can method.

What do you think Rob? Is the "back-against-wall, book-on-head" measurement method accurate??
Editor Rob
A hardback should be found in nearly every house, so it's an easily accesible item that will be getting used.

It could still give a small error if you hold it horizontally and it isn't straight. You can hold it vertically like I showed in an old video, although getting a friend to do it that way would also be reasonably accurate.
Lover_thorn3 said on 9/Jul/20
Hey rob any idea how accurate a measuring app is? On a tape measure i measure 181.4 cm (182.2cm morning 181.2 cm before) but on a phone app i done for fun it read me as 178-179cm
Lell said on 9/Jul/20
Im not the one who says I am above average. Ben is the one who says that.
Mark O' Connor said on 9/Jul/20
@Jdubbz Yes I was tall as a kid and also in my early teens, I was around 176-177cm at 14 y.o. During high school I grew only 6,7 cm, so I was above average, but not tall. I didn't expect to grow to the height I am now. I expected to be 185-186cm maybe as an adulti, but genetica are weird. What you are saying Is true, but also growing nearly 7 cm at 20/22 Is very rare.
Progking said on 9/Jul/20
@Greg did you get up to 6'1 in your lift shoes? Thats a nice height, im around there at 6'1.5-6'2 in shoes and feel tall enough
Canson said on 9/Jul/20
@Greg: I’ve always seen it as average. Not tall but not short. That’s a guy who doesn’t measure under 5’9” or if they do maybe like 1/8” barring an extreme low. So a guy like C-Mo measures 5’10 out of bed and 5’9 1/4 or so is a strong 5’9”
Olympian said on 9/Jul/20

I think C-Mo might be overweight or something. I know when I was over 200 pounds that I had problems with my back, but not anymore. C-Mo might benefit from trimming down, it could help with his posture.
Blanc said on 9/Jul/20
Rob would you say in the case someone gets leg lengthening, say I get it to reach 5ft 9.5 I will end up with a 35 inch crotch to floor inseam. Will that be outlandish and off proportionally or normally occurring and people don't notice it really or?
Editor Rob
If you had long legs to begin with it will make your proportions look more pronounced, but you can wear shirts or t-shirts a bit longer maybe that could easily balance things.
Ethan99 said on 9/Jul/20
morning height= 174.2 cm
afternoon height= 173.4 cm
evening height= 172.8-173.2 cm
extreme low= maybe 172.2-172.3 cm

would you say im a strong 5'8 er or 173 er?
Blanc said on 9/Jul/20
@Greg I know it sounds that way but I'm sure of what I mean, I feel short AF next to a 5'11 guy and just short next to almost 5'10 and not that short/normal next to 5'9. So 5 inches indeed feels like towering to me but not 4. The cutoff has to be somewhere.
mrfunnyguy said on 9/Jul/20
@You probably just can't accept that you're below average, you know yourself that's bull . If you would feel tallish at 5'10.5, the average wouldn't be taller than 5'9, and that's closer to the female average than the male average in Sweden. The official average is a strong 5'11, so you are below average and not even close to tallish.
Lell said on 9/Jul/20

I was at a clothes store yesterday and was gonna buy a hoodie that was really high up. Was gonna ask the lady next to me to help me pick it down because she was taller. But yeah America and Sweden differ.
Dylan Harris said on 8/Jul/20
@glitch I Dont Know Exactly but judging from photos ive taken with friends , i would say anywhere from 5'11 flat to a quarter range.

how tall are u btw?
Andy5'93/4 said on 8/Jul/20
Hey rob how tall do you think singer Alec benjamin is? Google puts him at 5’11 but i cant see that
Heres some pictures to judge

Click Here

Alec benjamin and camila he doesnt look 5’11

Click Here

Lol he looks as tall as this guy “jimin” who is apparently in the 5’8-5’9 range

Click Here

Him and a slouching shawn mendes

Personaly i think he is 5’8-ish how about you?
Editor Rob
He claimed 5ft 10 though can look 5ft 9
5'5" Max said on 8/Jul/20
@Nik Ashton thanks for your last comment. I always wanted to be a model, but I was too coward (because of my height) to go for it, so thank you for inspiration, motivation!! :)
ajax509 said on 8/Jul/20
daad1234 said on 6/Jul/20
@Dan84 Yeah, I was 6'1 until recently when I suddenly shrank and became like 4-5mm shorter or something. I often feel like I would rather want to be 175-179cm than 180-184cm, but my ideal height would definitely be around 6'3-6'4.
Sorry but your comment makes literally no sense.
SimplyTheBest said on 8/Jul/20
Rob, I'm 174 cm at night. Am I short or average among 18-30 guys in such a country like Poland?
Editor Rob
it's at bottom end of average range for your age.
Nik Ashton said on 8/Jul/20
I often see school kids who are taller than many adults (all genders) and this is cool, this shows that no height is a “childs height” and that no height is an “adults height”.
c-mo176.2cm said on 8/Jul/20

1 inch below or above average (5'10) is still average . there is an average RANGE you know

and I dont get defensive . if you want to see me as short go ahead . at your height I wouldnt blame you if you thought that I am short anyway

and everybody can claim what they want . but when (I remember) a 179cm morning 177.2cm night guy for example gets told to claim 177cm instead of 178cm I will give my opinion of that matter and my opinion is that it is bs

but again everybody can claim what they want
cmillz said on 8/Jul/20
Even if the average was 5’10, 5’9 wouldn’t be considered short, as it would only be an inch below average. I’d say once you’re 3 inches below average, that would be considered short. But yeah, I agree that 5’9 is right around 50th percentile in the US.
Azman 173cm said on 8/Jul/20
Hey rob, how much does night height usually vary on average based on lazy vs active days?
Editor Rob
Your body will still shrink down, so the difference between less active and more active might only be 2-3mm at times.
Miller Cowie said on 7/Jul/20
Do you guys think it's possible to have height blindness in the busier cities of the USA and Australia? I feel like I'm below average height in my city of Melbourne even though im 5'10.75 (5'11.25 in the morning and 5'10.5 before bed).

Amongst the young men, it feels that more than 75% of them are taller than me, even though according to google and @Nik Ashton, the average height is only 5'9.
khaled taban 175.3cm said on 7/Jul/20
Some guys here think that the average increase 5 inches every year .. C'mon the differnce between young generation and all ages averages is something like 2cm or so not 50m ..Be realistic!
Is that clear to you ?
khaled taban 175.3cm said on 7/Jul/20
@Stevezero , "the second shortest boy was 5'10."

Wow.It sounds like your school mates are the descendants of Amalekites or Goliath
I'm sorry to tell you this , but it looks like you don't understand nothing about height.
Greg said on 7/Jul/20
@Blanc I tried walking around in home made lifts in a big dress shoe to get a nice boost sure it felt great looking like a pretty tall guy. However, it was uncomfortable walking around. I just wear my Nike 720’s no lifts needed and I am comfortably 6’0 range walking around in them I would recommend a pair they are stylish and pretty comfortable overall.
Greg said on 7/Jul/20
@Stevezero Lol how am I rude? Sounds like you’re contradicting yourself and it’s you “ who got their fragile heart hurt”. I am realistic and practical you on the other hand have no idea what you are talking about. And okay that’s fine you think whatever you want doesn’t mean that it’s correct.

@Canson Yeah c-mo isn’t short but he always seems to contradict himself. 5’9 range is definitely the average for men in the U.S sometimes it feels like it’s even smaller than that even.
6footTom said on 7/Jul/20

Yeah, not to sound inflammatory, but I think the people saying that they would prefer to be below 6 foot are generally telling themselves that out of comfort. I have never once heard anyone who is actually my height or slightly taller say that they genuinely wish they were a bit shorter. Not to say that heights below 6 foot are bad, but there are no drawbacks to being 6 foot or slightly over.
Metric system said on 7/Jul/20
Hey rob, could you tell me my height in metric system. I dont understand all this feet and inches stuff and all my friends use the metric system and claim height in meters.

On a lazy day(on active days I am less):

Mornings: 173.7cm
Afternoons-Evenings: 173(afternoonish)- 172.8cm (evening)
Night: 172.4cm

Am I good to claim 173cm. In metric system, would you say I am 173cm?
Poster said on 7/Jul/20
I shop at our local store two or more times a week. Most of the women, under 60, are taller than 5'4. I use someone, whose height I know, as a yardstick. Does anyone else think that the real USA average is 5'5" now?
Mark O' Connor said on 7/Jul/20
@Jason Jeffers very good chart imo
Totigno said on 7/Jul/20
I was walking with my parents on vacation and they commented that i looked Pretty tall in the streets i am 5ft9 european 35 years old maybe 5ft9 is not that short and is underrated
Jdubbz said on 7/Jul/20
@Mark O' Connor:

Yep, I did indeed grow a substantial amount in my 20s. I grew 1.3cm from 18 to 20 (6'2.5 to 6'3), then 6.7cm (6'3 to 6'5 2/3) from 20 to 22. So in total from age 18 to 22 I grew 8cm or a bit over 3 inches. I will admit that growth at 24-25 seems far rarer than at 21 or 22, but anything is possible and I have no reason to doubt you.

Out of curiosity, did you grow less than you thought you would during your teenage years? I was 5'10 at 13 and 5'11.5 or 6'0 at 14, but only ended high school at 6'2.5. I remember some kids who were the same height as me at 16 shooting up to heights like 6'4 or 6'5. I was a bit bummed at the time since I thought I stunted my growth somehow, but luckily (IMO) I ended up gaining more than I ever thought I would a couple of years later.
Sakz said on 7/Jul/20
@Sandy I too find your comments interesting and have enjoyed our conversations. For me you're a great person to talk to.

@Dan84 It's not ridiculous at all since everybody has different experiences and perceptions at certain heights. 6'0 is just barely into the tall range, so it's not surprising you feel that way. I'm pretty much the same height as you and I personally don't feel the need to be taller, since I already am compared to the majority of people I come across in South East England. I go by an ideal range which for me is 5'11-6'2, so I'm content with falling into it.
mrfunnyguy said on 7/Jul/20
@Bortsen If you would be a celebrity with that height, I think you would be listed as 5'7.25 (171cm) on this page. Maybe 5'7.5 (171.5cm). I think Rob would call you a 171cm if you're 173.5 in the morning on a lazy day.
Greg said on 7/Jul/20
@C-mo Yeah I think you have some back problems or something, you lose more height than myself, I think you would benefit from doing some yoga or going to a chiropractor because you supposedly lose the same height as a 7 footer or something.
Progking said on 7/Jul/20
@Dan184 im 184 range in the afternoon and yeah its a weird height, i think i just make it to tall among young guys but i often feel just tallish. I am fine though with being 6'0 and change, people dont know how tall it is, its just when the 6'2-6'4 guys happen to pass me by i dont feel tall but in general its tall enough!
@Jdubbz 6'2 is still sometimes standout tall and looks a bit imposing in the average crowd. I think 6'1 better fits what your saying
Nik Ashton said on 7/Jul/20
@ Dan84 - I think it’s safe to say that you are from Middlesbrough, I’m from Peterborough! If you are 5’9.5” then you are from Derby or Nottingham!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 7/Jul/20
I feel that 5ft11-5ft11.75 is tall, and I always have done, even before I'd lost height. 5ft10-5ft10.75 is 'fairly tall'.

Well, that's what I think! 😁
VilsioParis said on 7/Jul/20
Guys YOU KNOW WHAT? this night i thought and i tell you that our real height is how much tall we are OUTSIDE....we don't work,we don't walk inside home,i'm 180 cm but just using craft replicas of hogan interactive i reach 184 cm,i get 4 cm easily and with 100% comfort(they are standard shoes not elevator shoes) people who know me never see me in 180 cm,i was a bit sad of my height but now ther is not a reason,SO DON'T BE SAD,FIND A GOOD SHOES TO USE EVERYDAY THAT GIVE YOU 4,5 CM LIKE ME AND REMEMBER....YOUR REAL HEIGHT IS THAT YOU CAN REACH !!!!! Vilsio Paris
mrfunnyguy said on 7/Jul/20
@Lell If you are 5'10.5 (I think you said you were), why don't you acknowledge that the average male height in Sweden is six foot? You say that most guys edge you out by an inch or two. Are you going to continue say that most guys are above average lol?
Triplescrew said on 7/Jul/20
I couldn't really explain how tall Josh looked in photos, which is why I was one of the ones who questioned his 5'10.25" claim.

I did watch his aerosol youtube video which revealed 70.25" at night, so maybe the answer is just that he wakes up over 5'11" and doesn't lose much until later in the day, which would explain why he looked the same height at 5'11" and 5'11.5" listed people on this site.
Jdubbz said on 7/Jul/20

Very good point. Being short and feeling short are two very different things. I remember several months ago (pre-covid) going to my local mall and encountering a group of three teenagers who were all taller than me. from what I remember, they ranged from 200cm to 206cm (I'm guessing 200cm, 202cm, and 206cm). They didn't tower over me by any means, especially the 200cm one, but they were all clearly taller than me. I'm not at all used to coming across anyone taller than me in public, let alone three people, so I felt shorter than usual in that situation. I would also feel short in a room full of NBA centers and power forwards, yet it would be incredibly asinine to say that a 197cm guy is short anywhere on this planet. I know my experiences are far different than an above average or "normal" tall guy's, but I agree with your example. A 6'1 guy will feel short in many situations, but they are still tall compared to the majority of the population. I've heard many 6'1 guys online wishing they were 6'2-6'3 or even 6'4 and 6'5, but in reality 6'1 is objectively one of the best male heights.
Greg said on 6/Jul/20
@Blanc Sounds like you’re getting confused there’s no way you feel fine next to a 5’9.75 guy yet a 5’11 guy towers you at what 5’6? That wouldn’t make sense you probably would start to feel towered 6’0+. That’s usually what I define as towering a difference greater than 6 inches.

@Lell You’re in Sweden right? The average there seems a good 5’10 range. Usually I’m taller than most guys I come across. I feel comfortably above average and even tallish. If a guy is taller than me it’s usually not by a lot. But a couple times I’ll see guys who are well over 6’0. Most women here seem to be 5’4ish but on occasion I’ll see girls close to my height or in the rare instance taller than me.

@Canson Yeah true Yeah true but I meant in correlation to the comments and then my long going bout with Andrea which lasted about half a year until Rob deleted some comments and eventually made it come to an end. But since we are on the topic of over listed celebs. Randy Couture is one of them who needs a downgrade I seen a photo with this BJJ trainer who was probably around 6’0 in his prime(met the trainer in person)and is a decent 5’11 like 5’11.5 maybe but he looks over 2 inches taller than Randy. Funny enough some comments also say the same thing how he’s likely shorter than that. In fact I’m thinking he would be more 5’9.5-5’10 than 5’11-5’11.5.
Bwk said on 6/Jul/20
@c-mo 176.2cm You're overthinking about your height and it's kinda weird and unhealthy. So what if you fall "slightly below" 176cm? It's only a few mm of height loss it doesn't matter.
Bortsen 173cm said on 6/Jul/20
My country only uses metric system.

On lazy days I am:
I am 173.5cm morning
172.8-173cm in the afternoon-evening
172.4cm in the night
(I'm lower on active days.)

I'm 173cm? I think that's fair right?
I dont like imperial system and I dont understand metric system, my height would be written as 173cm right?

I may have already submitted this question/comment but I didn't see it the first time so I'm asking/commenting again.
Editor Rob
Go with 173cm, it's fair based on your morning/evening range.
daad1234 said on 6/Jul/20
@Dan84 Yeah, I was 6'1 until recently when I suddenly shrank and became like 4-5mm shorter or something. I often feel like I would rather want to be 175-179cm than 180-184cm, but my ideal height would definitely be around 6'3-6'4.
Mark O' Connor said on 6/Jul/20
@Luca, I posted here like 1 week ago but my reply didn't go through probably. However my range is 191cm-189cm. I know I kept saying I was measuring taller, but that's because I was still growing. There are other people here that gained a good amount in their 20s, like Jdubbz that gained 2.5 inches or something like that. Also Rob said that is not impossible to gain some height until early 20s. For the stretching and exercises I agree they don't help you to gain a lot but maybe just a few mms. If you still think I am trolling or anything is fine by me, as I said I like my height and I don't need to lie to strangers online. And I always been objective (or tried to be) in my comments here.
Canson said on 6/Jul/20
c-mo 176.2cm said on 3/Jul/20

LOL ...what a bunch of nonsense . my best friend is 189cm and he doesnt think I am short . in fact he guessed me 180cm in the past .

I would take 180cm over 188cm any day . 188cm is a good height but it is too tall to be ideal in my opinion and 180cm is better . 180cm is one of the most handsome heights . it is a very solid (0% short . in fact it is a little above average in most of europe), very healthy , very comfortable , very good looking height

@C-Mo: you’ve said before that 5’10” is average height so 5’9 would be considered short if that’s the case. But Greg and most of us from the US have maintained that 5’9” is average. So you’re right, you are not short at 5’9-5’9.5 range. But you seem to contradict yourself a lot and you seem to defend your stature or height etc then get defensive about it when someone says otherwise and when people claim their afternoon heights
Kourosh said on 6/Jul/20
Rob, whats average size of eyelevel? is it 11.5?

if my eye level is 164 (give or take a mm) cm how tall i am roughly
Editor Rob
Yeah, that's quite an average eyelevel. Once you go over 12cm you head into the larger territory and under 11 into smaller range.
James Edward Crowley said on 6/Jul/20
Rob are you glad you will never see 190 pounds again,at an age where being overweight is dangerous for your health is your weight still 156 pounds.
Editor Rob
I would be surprised if I went near 190 again, I'll try to stay between 155 to 160 as it's a healthy weight for my height.
Blanc said on 6/Jul/20
I got my lifts and although they're not super comfortable I feel SUPER confident in them, I measure a little over 174 in shoes now and probably appear like Jenny's height. It's amazing what having a higher eye level can do for your self-confidence. I really don't wanna take them off. I was seriously robbed of self confidence by stopping growing so early bruhhhh.
stevezero said on 5/Jul/20
@Greg First of all, you are very rude. Secondly, I don't know if you are too stupid to understand what I said. I referred to highschoolers in my hometown. I was not talking about the whole nation. Yep, 5'9 maybe not short in US as a country, but it doesn't mean 5'9 is not short in my school. In my school, 5'9 is short.Sorry if I hurt your fragile heart. To be honest, one of my classes, 5'9 was the shortest male before I graduated, the second shortest boy was 5'10. What I mean is my bio & P.E. teachers measured the height of junior(born in 2002-2003) and senior (born in 2001-2002) at my school for some health programs last year, as far as I know, their average height is much taller than the one of all ages. But I intend to ask for details.

Is that clear to you?
Nik Ashton said on 5/Jul/20
Look at this:

Click Here

Hear, hear! 🗣👂👨👧👦🏿👧

The 🌍 needs to change and soon.

Also bear in mind the following:

A) The average height of a man in Australia is about 5’9”.
B) Short men are just as physically strong as tall men.
C) Non physical strengths (inc bravery, courage) are just (or more) as admirable as physical strengths.
D) Short men are just as attractive as tall men.

The above statements are my views and that is why I have listed them, I’m not saying that anyone doesn’t share all (or any) of these views.
Jason Jeffers said on 5/Jul/20
Hi Rob, this is my interpretation of height categories of Uk male heights, based on 3 inch height categories centred around an average of 5’9.5”.

4’9.5 - and below (official dwarf)
5’0.5 - and below (exceptionally short)
5’3.5 - And below (very short)
5’6.5 - and below (Short)
5’9.5 - average
6’0.5 - tall
6’3.5 - very tall
6’6.5 - exceptionally tall
6’9.5+ - official giant

What’s your thoughts?
Canson said on 5/Jul/20
Cathy Wu said on 2/Jul/20
@Greg Oh yeah I remembered some comments trying to boost Josh's height to 5'11, some even wanted him at 5'11.5! I have a feeling if Josh did get a photo with someone whose height is controversial on Celebheights like Misha Collins, that celeb's page will blow up with comments in no time! XD But I do hope Josh is doing well though. I loved his friendly smile whenever he was featured with celebs! :D

I don’t think Misha’s height listing on Celebheights is controversial. It’s within keeping with most other celebs who may be listed maybe half inch higher than their supposed afternoon height and Rob has met him in person. Most people have him at 5’11” or at worst maybe 5’10.5” which is the norm here for most who guess his height. Other celebs who are listed an inch taller than they actually are or more are much more controversial. His hair may account for perhaps an extra 1/4” but I doubt any higher. His claim of 6’0” maybe but that’s also in keeping with others in Hollywood who claim their shoes
Sean william Winter said on 5/Jul/20
Click Here hey rob how tall is mike tysons son?
Editor Rob
Could be into 6ft 1 range
Greg said on 5/Jul/20
@Cathy Wu Yeah I mean Josh at 5’11 maybe but I was thinking more 5’10.5-5’10.75” for him as how he appears in photos despite his actually 5’10.25 claim. Definitely not 5’11.5, but I think Josh would appear the same as someone like Misha Collins or Jason Isaacs. Yeah he’s cool I don’t think he visits here anymore.
c-mo 176.2cm said on 5/Jul/20
I do still fall slightly below 176cm at night on long days when I am very active -.- . it sucks
Sakz said on 5/Jul/20
@khaled taban 175.3cm Generally speaking, feeling short and actually being short are two different things. That would be like me saying 6'1 is short because I'm around people who are 6'4+. That would just a situational circumstance which is not reflective of the overall reality where I live, therefore it would be false to draw up the conclusion that it is short.
Lell said on 5/Jul/20

Hey seeing as we are the same height and all, how do you experience other people? From my observations, men usually edge me out by an inch or two, while most women come up to my eyes. At the store I can see a few women who are slightly taller than me and its not uncommon for them to range my height.
Generally I feel 45th percentile.
Nik Ashton said on 5/Jul/20
@ Sean william Winter - I don’t! Every height under 6’0” is underrated.
Blanc said on 5/Jul/20
@David Donatus I think it's 4-5 inches. Compared to my 177 cm friend I don't feel towered at all but when I see someone that much shorter than me (5'2ish friend) then I feel like I'm towering over him so it somehow only happens one way at that height.

But then compared to my 5'11 friend I feel absolutely dwarfed so the start of towering has to be around 11-12 cm.
Myself said on 4/Jul/20
"I wouldn't go that low. From a visual standpoint, once a person's eyelevel is at the hair of the shorter person, I think that becomes a more blatant difference. Then when their eyes are above the hair I can see using the term 'towering' as being more apt.

In the Wild, I'd much prefer to be absolutely towered over by a Giraffe than me tower over a Lion!

Jenny absolutely TOWERS above any mouse...but if confronted by one, she literally is struck with fear and feels sick...she's terrified of them."
Well said Rob!
Bortsen said on 4/Jul/20
Hey rob. My country only uses metric system.

On really lazy days I am:
I am 173.5cm morning
172.8cm in the evening
172.4cm in the night

Can I just claim 173cm? I think that's fair right?
I dont like imperial system and I dont understand it.
Dan84 said on 4/Jul/20
I'm sure many people below 6 foot will say my following comments are ridiculous, but is there anybody else here with a height of just over 6 foot ( 184cm range ), who feels it's a rather annoying height to be. For British people here, I feel my height of 184 cm is in the tall world what Nottingham and Derby are in the Northern world of the UK. Close enough, but doesn't quite cut it.

I can't really complain as I made it to 6 feet, but it does seem that just an inch or two would make a big difference. Said it before, but my dad was 188cm at his peak and this was in my mind the dream height as it is taller than most without being towering. I thought I might reach height, but it wasn't to be. We're virtually the same height now though as he's shrunk an inch as in his early 60s, so is about 0.5 inch taller than me now.
Canson said on 4/Jul/20
Happy 4th to everyone!
SimplyTheBest said on 4/Jul/20
Rob, I'm 174 cm at night. Am I short or average among 18-30 guys in such a country like Poland?
Goel175cm said on 4/Jul/20
@ Khaled Taban
Seriously indian young men average 5'9?
I am nearly 5'9, 174.8cm to be more precise, I generally feel tall here in india.
Click Here
See that article dude,
Tallest indian state( Jammu and Kashmir) also average just about 5'6
That article was based on national family health survey which was done on 2015-16 measured all rural and urban population and also covered people from all socio-economical background.
I also seen that study which showed that young 18 year old men measured about 174.3cm(almost 5'9), but that study was restricted to urban rich class people, who are in minority in india, like 2-3%.
Overall, i would say indians on the whole average about anywhere between 164cm-167cm, I am talking this for 18-49 year old guys.
Triplescrew said on 4/Jul/20

Before bed after working out I'm a bit above 177cm. In the morning I'm a bit below 179cm. Right now I claim 178cm since I'm there most of the day.

I am working hard on fixing hyper-curvature in my upper and lower spine as well as forward neck posture, which may adjust those numbers. I will update people in the coming months if I see any changes.
Triplescrew said on 4/Jul/20

The only 5'9" people who feel short either have insecurities, have very bad posture that drops them to 5'7.5", or are only 5'9" briefly in the morning.

When I was 5'9" in high school I never felt short among my peers and they were all rich white kids. In college it can feel shorter because there's more high-level athletes around, but that's a limited sample size.
QM6'1QM said on 4/Jul/20
Rob, my grandfather is 70 years old, today he still measures 173.5 cm in the afternoon, when he went to the army at 18-19 he was 173 cm ... Is this good genetics or ??!
Editor Rob
That is holding up remarkably well!

Maybe he had good bone/disc health and looked after his posture.
Mark O' Connor said on 4/Jul/20
@Rob How much do you think thinner shoes will give you? 1.2-1.3cm?
Editor Rob
There are some shoes like that with thin soles of 1/2 inch or thereabouts.
Nik Ashton said on 3/Jul/20
@ Hanov - Interesting!
Jdubbz said on 3/Jul/20

Yes, 5'1 women look short even proportionally. It's pretty easy to tell since their heads tend to be bigger compared to their bodies. Btw, what do you mean that women look an inch taller than guys of the same height? That doesn't seem to be the case from what I've observed irl.
Jdubbz said on 3/Jul/20

I've only had one situation where my eye level was in line with someone's shoulders. The guy was 217cm or around there. I didn't feel powerless or impotent, but rather than the guy was freakish. I honestly felt bad for him. Trust me, 188cm is nothing special. 6'2 folks get towered every now and then by guys my height and taller.
Andy5'93/4 said on 3/Jul/20
Hey rob. Asking for my cousin hes a weak 5’9 (5’9 1/16 out of bed. 5’8.4 before bed height) and his head is 10 inches long. Is that big for his height?
Editor Rob
Yeah he's got a long head for his height.
Nik said on 3/Jul/20
@ Sean William Winter - Have you got any siblings and if so how tall are they?
Olympian said on 3/Jul/20

Greg and I are wondering, do you work in a funeral home or an art gallery? You mention having a viewing at your house on occasion and I can't imagine why inviting total strangers to your house on any occasion is a good idea.
Nik Ashton said on 3/Jul/20
@ Sean william Winter - What would you peg the average as in your area?
Nik Ashton said on 3/Jul/20
@ Comment 95j - I sometimes don’t think it is much more!
c-mo 176.2cm said on 3/Jul/20
btw. I measured myself with a deodorant can and have slightly different results compared to stadiometer

my out of bed height with the can method : 178.2cm (178.3-4cm with stadiometer)

30 minutes after waking up measuring with the can : 177.4cm (very similar to stadiometer)

at the end of the day (relaxed day) measuring with the can : 176.2-3cm . (176.0 - 176.1cm with stadiometer)

so I am a bit taller in the evening with the can method

I am claming 177cm either way
c-mo 176.2cm said on 3/Jul/20

LOL ...what a bunch of nonsense . my best friend is 189cm and he doesnt think I am short . in fact he guessed me 180cm in the past .

I would take 180cm over 188cm any day . 188cm is a good height but it is too tall to be ideal in my opinion and 180cm is better . 180cm is one of the most handsome heights . it is a very solid (0% short . in fact it is a little above average in most of europe), very healthy , very comfortable , very good looking height
Comment95j said on 3/Jul/20
@Sean william Winter : no. statistics saying UK average is 5'9 3/4-5'10 where its only maybe true for younger guys.
why is hard to accept that 5'8-5'9.5 is the average zone? no more, no less
Nik Ashton said on 3/Jul/20
A man attended a viewing at our house yesterday and he claimed to be 6’6” but it seemed to me that I was a bit above his shoulders!
Editor Rob
Did he offer his height or did you ask?
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 3/Jul/20
Hi there Greg!

I very much appreciate what you said about my comments being interesting. Usually, I have fun writing them, and I hope that feeling is felt by those of you who read them.

My Mum didn't rate the English state school system very highly at all. My primary schools were state schools, but my senior school was a private one. Since those days, I feel the standards have dropped, and I'm not just harping on about the standards of the exams. To see someone string together a grammatically correct sentence on these talk shows or the sort of programmes wherein the partakers can become very famous and rich, is a rarity. I used to squirm watching the Jeremy Kyle show because their grammar was outrageously bad, and they kept wearing out the term 'at the end of the day'. There would be people on that show who began sentences with it and used it multiple time throughout their discussion, and would end with it too. It drove me NUTS and my boyfriend would sit laughing at my reaction!

I really don't think that American people sound bad at all. I think they are far more education conscious than the majority of Brits. Reality TV over in Britain has turned many people, especially youngsters, into seeking stardom and relying on their looks, which for them, is far more important than how they sound and phrase things. I see teachers and budding teachers on a particular reality dating show I watch, and to find one who speaks well is the exception rather than the rule. No, it's all down to how they look, it would seem. The women on the dating programme nearly always stipulate that they want a tall, good-looking guy, but one with an empty head? No thank you!

I'm glad you've discovered the plusses of self-education, Greg, because now, there'll be no limits to what you can learn. Of course, exam qualifications and even more so, university degrees, will hold you in good stead for your future, your job prospects and your feelings of self-worth, the latter of which is so very important in this life. Any narrow-minded college lecturers shouldn't hinder your progress. Do they actually mark your finals? If that's the case, then poor you, and then you really will have to cater to their stupid whims; at least in my day, our chief exams were marked by unbiased strangers.

So we have another weekend upon us yet again. I'm sorry it's taken all of five days to reply. I have to do my personal replies when I'm on my own, or I lose my concentration! 🗣️....😵

Have a smashing weekend, Greg!

All the very best,

Sandy XXX 😁👍
Cathy Wu said on 3/Jul/20
Omg guys we have another Michael Klump in the form of VilsioParis on this forum. Sigh...
Greg said on 2/Jul/20
@Kellan It’s pretty common for athletes to be overlisted by an inch or two. Or for someone to inflate someone to make their claim work, surely if a guy says he is 6’2 and you’re 6’0 but taller than him it’s not going to work to his favor. I would be inflated to 6’0 often by my 5’9 range friend who claims 5’11, he asked me if I was 6’0 and if I’m sure that I wasn’t 6’0 when I always fluctuate between 5’11 and 5’10 and change. Also don’t think I had that much foot wear over his. Then he wants to go back on his word and say he’s taller than me 😂 even though I can tell that I’m taller yet refuses to measure, I think some people would really be shocked if they got measured.
Blanc said on 2/Jul/20
Rob what's the error of the aerosol can measurement?
Editor Rob
There should be a tiny margin of error for a can measurement. The error can come if you don't hold it centrally on your skull, it slips, the wall isn't perpendicular or the base of the can has a curve to it.
Sean william Winter said on 2/Jul/20
5'11 is underrated its actually quite good hieght. but everyone here wants to be 6'1 6'2
Roots4828 said on 2/Jul/20
Click Here Anyone know how tall this guy is? He a lot taller than some of the women but is towered over by a lot of the men. 5’7” maybe? Even the comments wonder the same.
Cathy Wu said on 2/Jul/20
@Greg Oh yeah I remembered some comments trying to boost Josh's height to 5'11, some even wanted him at 5'11.5! I have a feeling if Josh did get a photo with someone whose height is controversial on Celebheights like Misha Collins, that celeb's page will blow up with comments in no time! XD But I do hope Josh is doing well though. I loved his friendly smile whenever he was featured with celebs! :D
David Donatus said on 1/Jul/20
Rob, at what height does a person start to tower over another? Personally I think it's 3-4 inches. What do you think?
Editor Rob
I wouldn't go that low. From a visual standpoint, once a person's eyelevel is at the hair of the shorter person, I think that becomes a more blatant difference. Then when their eyes are above the hair I can see using the term 'towering' as being more apt.

In the Wild, I'd much prefer to be absolutely towered over by a Giraffe than me tower over a Lion!

Jenny absolutely TOWERS above any mouse...but if confronted by one, she literally is struck with fear and feels sick...she's terrified of them.
Akhbar 5'8 said on 1/Jul/20
@Rob, you answered my questions about adult average so I just wanted to ask you, in your opinion, what is broad average range for the younger generation?

When does short start among young men? 172cm and below?

Also, what age group does the "young population" count as? 18-30 year olds?
Editor Rob
5ft 9 to 11 covers a wide swathe of the 18-30 year old generation (UK/US).
khaled taban 175.3cm said on 1/Jul/20
Hi @Greg, @stevezero was talking about the teens , the younger generation averages weak 5'10" both white and black , the figure of 5'9" includes all ages and all ethnicities.

Judging by this , being 5'9" makes you indeed feel short among teens , especially those who were born after 2000.

It's exactly like saying 5'3" is only an inch below the average so technically It's not short , but in real life a 5'3" feels short most of the time . Let's be real here 5'9" is on the short side for young people and It's average if you include all ages , even an 80 years old man who shrunk a couple of inches.

Even Indians today , have an average of 5'9" for the young and Indians are known as short people .. I think in the next 10-15 years the average height would be strong 5'10" range like 5'10.25" or so.

5'10" is the minimum height to not feel short among the young men , that's why I said It's barley good earlier on.
Nik Ashton said on 1/Jul/20
@ Comment95j - How tall are you?
Sean Tay said on 1/Jul/20
Hey Rob,

I wake up around 174 cm then I am down to 172.3 cm in the late afternoon. I don't dip any more below that. What height can I claim in feet/inches 5'8?
Editor Rob
Just go with 5ft 8.
Axel Lextor said on 1/Jul/20
Hi Rob, I don't know if you see Norwich in the Premier League, but Todd Cantwell seems 6'1 on the field and on the internet and everywhere they give him a maximum of 5'10. How much do you think it measures?
Editor Rob
he does have a lanky look to him, but check him out with Lewis Hamilton.

To be fair, Lewis has made a few guys look shorter before! But I doubt Todd is over 6ft
fra said on 1/Jul/20
Editor rob and others: Since i am 181.5 straight out of bed and 178.5 at night when my back hurts a little, should i just claim to be 180,cause it's just right in the middle and i would asume i would measure that at midday-early afternoon in the university barefeet?
Editor Rob
180cm It would be right in the middle, which a fair amount of people would go with.

Remember most people aren't ever going to be measuring themselves at various times of day. They might get measured at hostpital/doctor's or for some other reason and just go with that figure. A lot of the time it might be earlier in the day rather than late afternoon, let alone nighttime!
Blanc said on 1/Jul/20
How much additional height max can I get from elevator shoes/shoe lifts and not be uncomfortable/look suspicious?
Editor Rob
Realistically, lifts that give you a full 2 inches of height are huge.

Elevator shoes in person can look bulky - what happens is the higher the lift, the shorter your foot becomes (in a horizontal sense), so the elevator boot will be shortened. It looks like the person has small feet, not so much a problem if you have oversized feet to begin with, but if you have average to small, then a 3-4 inch elevator boot can make your feet look tiny.

Also if you have long legs, adding big lift throws off proportions. If you have average-short range, that's not an issue.

How you walk is also a giveaway - with great practice you might get it looking quite natural.

I would recommend elevator shoes over lifts, because the lift is embedded and shaped to the elevator shoe itself, whilst lifts can move about and be made of cheaper material.
Nik Ashton said on 1/Jul/20
@ Akhbar - How tall are you?

I like your yay!
Olympian said on 1/Jul/20

I don't think so. I live in Toronto, I am 5'10, and I would say that the average Canadian man is no more than 5'8. A man of 172cm is about as average as you're going to get in Toronto. All of Canada might average like 5'8.5/5'9. But I would say closer to 5'8.5 than 5'9.

The younger generation is closer to 176cm/5'9.25, so I edge out a lot of guys that I see.

But there's no way Indians average anywhere near 5'9.
Sean william Winter said on 1/Jul/20
@rob most males in scotland that you see on a daily bases how tall 5'10 5'9 5'11???
Editor Rob
If I pay attention to height, then there is a fair whack of the population around 5ft 8-11 range, I can fully believe the average is 5ft 9 from all I've seen.
Nik said on 1/Jul/20
@ Cathy Wu - Hi Cathy! Thanks for that, you are about average and I would say that you are probably 5'4" or maybe 5'3.875", do you have any siblings and if so how tall are they?
Nik said on 1/Jul/20
@ Cathy Wu - Hi Cathy! Thanks for that, you are about average and I would say that you are probably 5'4" or maybe 5'3.875", do you have any siblings and how tall are they?
SimplyTheBest said on 1/Jul/20
174 at night, 25 years old. Am I short or average among young guys?
Nik said on 1/Jul/20
We had a viewing at our house yesterday and a young man and a young woman attended this viewing, the man was roughly 5'6.5" and the woman was roughly 5'4.5"! 😀👌🏻

All four people in our house (inc my Mum and myself) wore masks and everyone socially distanced too.
VilsioParis said on 1/Jul/20
@c mo 176.2 have you ever tried the feeling when you have someone shoulders in your eyes level? I suppose not,try and than you will think "damn i am impotent,powerless" who is more than 188 cm in my opinion have the most luck absolutely,you are under 180 cm,i am just 180 cm,we will never feel the sensations to be a TOWER,to look from above,but i don't have to tell you this guys,in your unconscious all of you know it,you just don't admit to yourself,i understand this,is a mind strategy to reject a suffering,but please don't tell height like 180 or 175,176,177 cm are good,IN THE EYES OF THOSE WHO HOW ARE 188cm WE ARE DWARFS !!!!
Hanov said on 1/Jul/20
Hey guys, is over 5'1 for a girl short proportonally? Women look 1 inch taller than men with the same height. A 5'7 girl looks easily like a 5'8 guy.
Kellan said on 1/Jul/20
In high school some guys added 1-2 inches and then tried to bump me up to 6'1-2(from 6'0") to justify their lies.
adamk87 said on 30/Jun/20
Hey Rob do you think the average height in London could be slightly under 5'9 due to it being a very ethnically diverse city.
Editor Rob
Whenever I visited, I wouldn't have thought it was less than 5ft 9.
Jerome4789 said on 30/Jun/20
Hey Rob I done an experiment where I made a tally of guys taller than me and guys shorter than me when I went to the supermarket. I'm just under 6'3 and I came across 82 guys of which only 2 we're taller than me. How would you describe my height as regular tall or very tall.
Editor Rob
That's what you'd expect, 190cm in public is rather tall.
Sean william Winter said on 30/Jun/20
@nik im from united kingdom were the average male hieght says 5'9 on statistics.
Akhbar . said on 30/Jun/20
Hey Rob, I visited this page before and you answered my question- yay!
I have a new question: why is everyone on this forum calling 5'8" and 5'9" "short among white and black men" in the US. I think you mentioned that you have been to the US. Is 5'9" actually short in the US or did you think the average height was similar to the UK. Also young urban Indian and Korean (in their respective countries) are near 5'9" only about an inch below the average white male. Why does everyone think Asians are shorter than Whites?

Click Here .This articles says young Indian males are near 5'9"

I can safely say that in Canada about 172cm would be lowest average and i'm fairly certain that statistically Canadians are taller or about the same height as Americans. It will be interesting to hear your opinion
Editor Rob
Maybe in reference to younger generation (who are nearer 5ft 10) then 5ft 8 could be classed as short.

However, the general population is still (in both UK/US) around 5ft 9 average, so 5ft 8-9 is within that range.
Comment95j said on 30/Jun/20
@Sean william Winter so do you think that UK average is 5'6-5'7? I think Rob has some words for it :D
Greg said on 30/Jun/20
@Pj Daulton 3 inches inflation is quite noticeable I think some guys just get carried away and think they are taller than they are. I’ve seen 5’9 guys claim 6’1, or 5’10 claiming 6’0-6’1, usually 1.5-2 inch inflations are the most common ones.

@Cathy Wu I believe Rob took down those photos of Josh because more people where focused on Josh’s height rather than the celebrities. But to be fair just did appear taller in photos then his claim, he could often look 5’11 or closer to 5’11. He actually made celebrities look shorter than their listing. But I suppose If Josh is 178.5 or 5’10.25 then that’s what he is. He didn’t look just 1.25 inches shorter than Benedict Cumberbatch, Infact he looked very similar and he looked close to Jason Isaacs. Rob lists by afternoon heights or several hours out of bed. So the whole purpose would be to get a close estimate as possible. Also yeah like Rob said some people want to upgrade him but he’s legit 5’8 as they get and some people find every excuse in the book to try and get him to claim taller.
Greg said on 30/Jun/20
@stevezero 5’9 is exactly average, it’s not short or tall. Granted you are actually 5’9 and not 5’6 or 5’7.5, you should not feel short. 5’10 is above average in America. What do you mean you will ask your P.E teacher for the data 😂😂😂 do some research yourself and use common sense. Because that is not true at all.
Greg said on 30/Jun/20
@VilsioParis So not only did you not answer her question, but seems I found a poster worse than Ice and French guy and a few others...
Kevoz said on 30/Jun/20
HEY BIG ROB, How many inches of height are between these two guys? Click Here
Editor Rob
Can seem 2 inches, but with walking shots, sometimes these are harder to judge by.
c-mo 176.2cm said on 30/Jun/20
@ VilsioParis

what are you talking about man . 179cm at night is a perfect height . I am 176cm at night and am not unhappy with my height and wouldnt want to be much taller . I would like to fall in the 179cm - 184cm range .

it is very weird to curse on the genetics of the parents at 179cm . I mean wtf . instead of being happy that you are in the most aesthetic height range you complain
Cathy Wu said on 30/Jun/20
@Editor Rob to be fair, I'd say im 5'8.25 at the very lowest if I had your morning and night height, Rob. I saw your YouTube video on daily height shrinkage and if I recall correctly, you were 173.7cm in the early afternoon? Thats one whole centimetre above 5'8 which is 172.7 haha XD I shave off half an inch from my morning height because shorter people like myself don't shrink as much as taller people like you anyways.
Editor Rob
The old blue stadiometer used to give an extra 2mm of height, which I never liked!

If you went with 2 hour out of bed height then you could certainly call me 5ft 8.5 as I'll still be near that range.
Cathy Wu said on 29/Jun/20
@Nik Hey Nik! :) I'm around 5'4 on days I sleep well but my uni work keeps me up on some nights so I average around 5'3.75 on other days. It's uncommon for a girl of my height to feel self-conscious about her height, but my mom and dad were 5'6 and 6'1 respectively so it does make me puzzled sometimes why I didn't get their 'tall' genes when I was growing up! XD
Nik Ashton said on 29/Jun/20
@ Akbar - You bet he does! It’s attractive, very healthy, and it has been a good one for comparing himself to celebs!
c-mo 176.2cm said on 29/Jun/20

they are both around 179cm . they dont need to be exact 180cm . but yeah you get the point . the height of around 180cm really looks best / most aesthetic and also many men around that height have good looking faces too imo .

btw. I dont fall below 176cm at night anymore :D maybe 1mm or so on really hard days . but I am awake since many hours and was even running today and just measured myself at bang on 176cm

I have a decent height but man ...3-4cm more and I would be sooooo happy
Totigno said on 29/Jun/20
random reply99 said on 24/Jun/20
@Totigno 1. 175-176 cm is your afternoon measurment?
2.when you feel lower average, is it when mostly white/black people are around? because, correct me if I'm wrong, but French is very diversed in ethnics
yes young black and white especially actually , i can feel above average to very short rare but it happened ( some large cities in france and europe , people can be crazy tall , i went to nantes last year with my best friend and even with elevator shoes which bring me to 180cm or very near to it i was feeling really short most young and middle age men were at least 185cm when i was walking the street i was shorter than 90% of men ( they were almost all 183-195cm)

but overall it's okay and people don't think i am 175cm they give me at least 178cm friends and relatives shorter or taller than me. also my family and close friends are not especially tall ( most are under 168cm for women and no taller than 180 cm for men with some rare exceptions so overall i'm fine.

yes french from southern europe ethnicity are shorter, old people are much shorter especially from little town in the countryside , northern africans are shorter.
blacks french and white middle class are taller , i think the perceived average can be anywhere from 170cm to 183cm that's a large distribution but depending places it can vary a lot.
Mobile5'6-5'7(168-170 cm) said on 29/Jun/20
Rob, being a 5'6 or 5'7 how short in the UK?
Editor Rob
That is generally into the short range.
Andy5'91/2 said on 29/Jun/20
Hey rob. I recently set my stadiometer back up. For a year now I’ve been a shade over 5’91/2 (5’9.6) but now my stadiometer says im almost 5’9 and 3/4 (5’9.7 exact 177cm range) is it a wrong measurement or could i really have grown after a year of none
Editor Rob
It can depend if the stadiometer is set up the same each time. If so, and you are consistantly getting a few mm extra, maybe that 9.75 is your new height.
Nik said on 29/Jun/20
@ Cathy Wu - I'm more in favour of claiming afternoon height!
Nik said on 29/Jun/20
@ Sean william Winter - Are you 5'10" and where do you live?
VilsioParis said on 29/Jun/20
@cathy wu yes at the end of the day i am 179 cm @progking lift more than 2.5cm is not comfortable even if i would buy 5 cm lift so i can reach 187,188cm and maybe i will do but i know that is painful,my dream to be taller has a price,i don't know my mind i know i am a cheater but reaching almost 190 cm is a dream but at the same time i think i must accept my height,i mean i can't go work and stay 6 hours with pain,i can't live this for all my life,what about if i have to do a little run no no no it's ridiculous,i will stay under 185 cm all my life ok ok no problem....Just THANKS MOM AND DAD FOR YOUR DISGUSTING GENETICS !!!!!!!!!!!
Olympian said on 29/Jun/20

Please don't take this the wrong way, but why do you always ask people to provide their growth charts and how tall they are now? Do you think such information is going to spontaneously grant you another growth spurt?

I cannot speak for everyone here, but such behaviour is very annoying. You cannot expect everyone you ask to provide you with this information especially when you ask repeatedly. You're the height you are, so move on with your life. Please.
stevezero said on 29/Jun/20
Born in Near EAST, live in US since I was 16, graduated from high school in 2018. The average height of the whole adult(Male) is 5'8 here. I don't know height of each teen in US, But I always hang out with the newest generation(2000-2004). according to my personal experiences:

5'9 is so short among my schoolmates(White & Black),

Even 5'9 is only average of Hispanic & Asian students.

I repeat, I don't know the average height of the whole teens in US, however, based on White & Black students I have seen every day, 5'9 is short for sure. If someone claims 5'9 is above average or tall, my friends will laught at this one immediately.I am not saying every American teen is 6', there are many short kids as well, but I had met more tall dude than short one in school.

My bio & P.E teachers measured junior & senior at my high school last year, I will ask them for the new data.
PJ Dalton said on 29/Jun/20
question -- my 14 year old son is Six feet tall on the nose. Yet his wing span is 5'10" doest that mean he still has more growth to come. As usually, wing spans are longer than your height.

Greg-- I know what you mean exactly. I know heights and I know heights of other people. My daughter's boyfriend, 23, when we first met him, he told me that his height was 6'1", oh how i wanted to bust out laughing right in his face (but I didn't)... he is clearly only 5'10". Later I told that to my husband and he too laughed....I have learned over the years that very many men LIE and FUDGE up their height by so 3 inches.
Akhbar said on 29/Jun/20
Rob you are 5'8" .yu like your height?

Rob, is all right if I measure me while breathing in(gut bust), standing my tallest?
Editor Rob
I made a living for over a decade, for a large part of it because of my height, so you can bet I love it 🥰

I think if you measure at your very tallest it is a valid measurement, in most cases it might a few mm between standing normal tall and absolute maximum tallness.
VilsioParis said on 29/Jun/20
Thank you Rob for your words you are too good anyway i can't hide you that for the rest of my life i will dream about my self with a 190 cm height,Rob i have a request for you,i see in the Latest Star Height Ethan Payne(170cm) and in a pic is with Anthony Joshua(198cm) could you please link a Star of 180cm with somebody over 190cm?Because i didn't find nothing,i really appreciate it,have a good day Rob,bye
Editor Rob
That might take me time to think of some 5ft 11 guys with 6ft 3-4 men, I don't quite save stuff like that, though it would be useful I suppose!
Cathy Wu said on 29/Jun/20
@VilsioParis if your 180.8 in the morning, are you around 179.2 in the afternoon? Cos celebheights visitors should say their afternoon height on here and not morning
Nik Ashton said on 28/Jun/20
@ Sandy Cowell - ♝🐐! ♝🐈!
Nik said on 28/Jun/20
5'8" - How tall are you?
Nik said on 28/Jun/20
@ Triplescrew - How tall are you?
Nik said on 28/Jun/20
@ Cathy Wu - How tall are you?
Progking said on 28/Jun/20
@Mark Allan as a strong 6'0 i feel short next to 6'3 range guys but its all perception. One of my friends who looked near 6'3 thought i was tall even though i was looking up to him quite a bit. With 5'9 guys i dont feel there is much of a difference, partly because my eye level is around 5'7.25
Progking said on 28/Jun/20
@VilsioParis 184.8 in shoes or 6'0.75 is a great height, you will be seen as a 182 guy or close to 6'0 and as Rob said 181 cm is taller than most so your definetely good. I wouldnt suggest going over 2.5 cm though for lift or people may notice.
Progking said on 28/Jun/20
@VilsioParis 184.8 in shoes or 6'0.75 is a great height, you will be seen as a 182 guy or close to 6'0. I wouldnt suggest going over 2.5 cm though for lift or people may notice.
Sean william Winter said on 28/Jun/20
aveage hiehgt 5'9? for men uk yet im usually 2-3 inche taller than a lot of blokes of all ages.
Greg said on 28/Jun/20
@Miss Sandy Cowell
Hi again. Yeah I mean I’m sure during that time period the education system was a little more strict; yet beneficial to the majority. Here in America it’s actually quite poor for the most part. I barely learned anything from Primary school all the way through High school. I’m fact, I’m actually learning more now in College when I teach myself because some of these Professors don’t want to help you with anything! Not all but the vast majority of them only seem to perform the bare minimum as long as they get their salary they are happy campers by the sounds of it. I see that the German education system is much better than the U.S. In fact even my mom said that back in Russia they where teaching things in the 1st grade that over here we learn in the 10th/11th grade. It’s interesting how the education system differs from Continent to Continent. Why it’s no surprise that China and Most of Europe outperforms America!

I always appreciate your replies, they are very interesting to read and are quite insightful. In addition, that professor was old and grumpy that was my first ever college professor. He was a hard grader and only passed a handful of students that year. I remember only 1 or 2 people got an A mark in his class. And this was out of a class of 20+ students. He was also very strict and did not let anyone leave the room except for emergencies. All of the other professors did not care, you usually would be able to just leave the room without hesitation or even saying a word. As for his hatred for cliches, I am not sure what exactly he had against them. He gave us a freebie on the first paper and didn’t grade as strictly. However, after that he would take off a whole letter grade for every second pair of cliches. Even the old school ones, a lot of students did not like him and would speak bad about him behind his back. I was unlucky my first year of college and had a couple of bad professor; but it’s difficult to always be able to have nice professors.

Always a pleasure speaking to you. Take care Sandy, hope you have a good rest of the weekend! I am sure the weekend will be over when Rob updates these and the comments will appear on your end.😀✌️
Cathy Wu said on 28/Jun/20
@Greg yea I barely recall seeing Josh's photo with the different celebrities here like with Benedict Cumberbatch and Jason. I wonder why Rob took his photos down from Celebheights? It would've been a much better gage to estimate Jason's height if there were photos of him with both 5'8 Rob and 5'10.25 Josh.
Editor Rob
Should you list somebody at their lowest or closer to mid-day height? I suppose it is controversial in that it can be a 1/4 inch difference and look how often fractions are argued over on CelebHeights! 😵

There are still some who want me near 174cm or to list myself at that, but I'm only close to that height with a small percentage of celebs, those I got 9-10am photos with.
Canson said on 28/Jun/20
Canson said on 26/Jun/20
@Dylan Harris: you’re close enough to 6’0” even if you don’t grow. That’s a textbook 6’0 not even weak. You’re between 6’0.8-6’0.9 at that time of the night

Meant to say 5’11.8-5’11.9
Glitch said on 27/Jun/20

How tall is your brother now? And can you please describe your brother’s growth chart From 15?
Glitch said on 27/Jun/20
@Dylan Harris

How tall you were at 18?
Sakz said on 27/Jun/20
@Triplescrew You made some good points in your post, mainly because they reflected reality and Celebheights. I've said before it's important people distinguish the two, especially when it comes to height claims.
VilsioParis said on 27/Jun/20
Hey Rob this is my story,i'm almost 24 years old and i stopped to grow at the age of 16 almost 17,i am 180,8 cm in the morning,with 3.8 cm shoes i can reach 183.5 and with 2.5cm heel lift i reach 184.8,for all my life i looked at my self as a tall guy but when a person of +190cm stay near me i feel my lowness and it sucks,i pray god that i can gan 2 or 3 cm before i overcome 25 years old,is this possible?Why i didn't grow anymore when i was 17,18? The last and most important question,do you agree with me that my outside height 183 cm comparing for example to 195 cm is like a kid and his father?Or i'm too negative about my height situation?You have the floor,thank you
Editor Rob
Some folk will stop earlier than others. At your height of 181cm, it is certainly upper average in your country. The more you look at heights of others, sometimes the taller people stand out more, and you forget or don't see all the people shorter than 181 - there will be far more under 181 than over 181.
mrtguy said on 26/Jun/20
Rob, without height known what would you peg this gentleman's height he has a long face??
Click Here
Editor Rob
Would have thought above average
cmillz said on 26/Jun/20
There’s no way Clooney/Dornan are 180cm range.
Greg said on 26/Jun/20
@Cathy Wu I would guess Jason Isaacs is about 5’10.5. 5’10.75 is a stretch imo he looked close to Josh when they had a photo of them here 1/4 inch difference at most. I think they would measure about the same if stood back to back.
Greg said on 26/Jun/20
@mrfunnyguy Arguing with you is so unproductive because you don’t listen, it sounds like you have height dysmorphia or something if you barely feel average at 6’1. No I went around to several towns in Sweden and had a chance to gauge the average it was about 5’9.5-5’10, maybe just over 5’10 for young Suedes. I didn’t ignore everyone taller than me as a mater of fact I did the exact opposite.
That being said I felt the average was higher in Netherlands than Sweden. Which is true, even google says 179cm or 5’10.5 which I am more inclined to believe than your 6’0+. And mate I don’t have time to deal with you trolling or to see and check if you’re a legit 6’1, I’m not bothered I judge based off of what you are posting here and it shows. Also you don’t feel like uploading a video because you’re not really 6’1 my point case closed, if you where 6’1 you would have no problem doing it 👍.
Greg said on 26/Jun/20
@C-mo I never said that I didn’t see tall people in Germany, I’ve seen a good amount of them. But not enough to say that the average is 5’11 range. A decent 5’10 maybe amongst actually ethnic Germans. Balkans, Croatians, Bosnians, Dutch and Nords though I would agree on that. And yes Serbians get tall too, Vucic Serbian Prime minister is 6’6-6’7ish I believe. Even the Albanian leader is surprisingly taller he didn’t look that much shorter than Vucic he appears 6’4.5-6’5 would be interesting if Rob added both of them just so I can see his estimate. Edi Rama or whatever his name is.. Albanians average about 5’8.5-5’9 for men.
Greg said on 26/Jun/20
@TripleScrew Well as I said previously not a lot of people know height varies and sure if we had the same height from morning to evening it would be a little bit easier. Moreover, I wouldn’t disregard your opinion exactly but I don’t think you’re understanding where I am coming from. I don’t care if somebody rounds up half an inch and if someone measured 5’11.75” at their lowest and they say 6’0 no one is going to sit there and go “aha I see you’re 1/4th under your claim you’re not a legit 6’0, you must be a weak 6’0”. Having that sort of mind set that you don’t care about inflation most likely means you will be fine with them inflating you. Yeah it’s not the end of the world, but I will call people out when I see them lying by a noticeable amount. I’m also not ashamed to say I am obsessed with height and find it interesting 👍. As a matter of fact if I wasn’t interested in height I wouldn’t be posting on CelebHeights let alone visiting here. Now with that being said I don’t really have as much of an issue if someone wants to tack on an inch or whatever and let it be; but generally they inflate me as well and it’s annoying. I am sure many on here will agree with what I am saying but if a 5’9.5 guy says 5’11 and he is standing next to a legit 5’10 who claims the mark in order for his inflation to work the “5’10 guy will have to be 6’0” because otherwise how is a 5’11 guy supposedly shorter than a 5’10 guy.. do you see what I am getting at? I never said a 5’11.5 guy can’t claim 6’0, essentially they will be closer to 6’0 than 5’11 so in math we round up. Now if they where to claim 5’11 that would also be fair as I said I am an equal opportunist so they can round up/down or even say 5’11.5 I don’t care. Hell I round up myself, is that a crime? No not at all I used to even say 5’10, back when I used to think I was a bit under or even if I grew I didn’t pay attention to it much at the time.

To what you said about judging eye levels or photos through pictures that is a little different. To answer that question, In photos people can often look taller or shorter. When you meet someone in person you might be surprised when they are taller or shorter than you imagined because of how they appeared in photos. Just look at Rob he’s always changing his listings and downgrading/upgrading celebs as he feels need be. This is because sometimes people can look shorter or taller in pictures as opposed to their actual measured height. Rob doesn’t get a chance to put them under the stadiometer, he has to guess to the best of his height knowledge which is greater than most of ours. However, I will strongly have to disagree with what you said regarding eye levels, yes some people can have higher/lower than average eye levels making us not exactly be able to see if they are taller and shorter than us. For instance, my eye level is 5’6ish and that yields a 5’10-5’11 range guy depending on a few circumstances. I am at eye level with my legit 5’11 friend but in reality I can see he is a little taller than i am. But, he thinks we are the same height so some people might be more height aware than others.
I don’t be get into arguments about it, I simply call them out and if they want to keep arguing about it I offer to pull out a tape measure. You have no idea how many times I’ve undermeasured someone based on their claim. And it’s usually when they pair it with the “ oh my doctor measured me at x, I have to be X” and then they try to inflate you as well. How does it make sense if I say I’m 5’11 and a 6’2.5 guy says he’s 6’5, does that automatically make me 6’1? No, anybody with half a brain will realize that something doesn’t look with that picture.
Hanov said on 26/Jun/20
6'6" semigiant
6'6.75" giant
6'10" alien
Greg said on 26/Jun/20
@Joesph177 Hey man I tried to write a response to you from my computer but for some reason it wouldn’t let me post. So I’ll just rewrite it via my phone. I am about 5’10.5-5’10.75” so almost 5’11, generally I’ll be 5’10 5/8ths a few hours out of bed on most days. I think it’s okay but I would like to be a bit taller like legit 5’11 or barely falling below 5’11 at my lowest. Ideally I think 6’0-6’2 would be the ultimate sweet spot. And yeah crazy inflators! They are everywhere they think that us height aware people will not call them out for it. I usually get guessed taller due to my long wingspan (6’2) and salon legs/arms with a short torso. That explains why people think I am taller than I am. Also I’m not surprised because often guys who I am at eye level with claim 6’0/6’1, I also measure a bit over 6’0 in my Nike’s 720s they are comfortable and give an amazing boost.
I think there’s also a misconception between people lying and claiming a mornin height. The argument here is most people don’t realize their height fluctuates throughout the day an. There’s a low or a Max morning height, people get measured several hours out of bed and round up and some decide to round up in shoes. Which is why you have all sorts of crazy claims. I remember once I was returning a wallet to one of my passengers and he had 6’1 on his license I was wearing boots and basically towered him he was maybe 5’9 at the absolute most I was like wow.. where do people get these ridiculous measurements?
Mark Allan said on 26/Jun/20
Rob, with 5’11.5 being start of tall range in the U.K. and US would you consider 6’3 to be in the extremely tall range? and do you think a 6’0 guy could feel short next to a 6’3 guy or is it more so that the 6’0 guy could just be paranoid and think he’s a lot shorter when he isn’t
Editor Rob
I'd call it very tall, not extremely, which might be a few inches higher.
Canson said on 26/Jun/20
@Dylan Harris: you’re close enough to 6’0” even if you don’t grow. That’s a textbook 6’0 not even weak. You’re between 6’0.8-6’0.9 at that time of the night
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 26/Jun/20
@ Greg - My goodness, Greg, bad grammar really eats away at my poor old goat 🐐! Not only were we clamped upon at school, my German Mum would tell us off for any mistakes we made pre-school. By the time I reached the age of 11, I didn't make so many grammatical mistakes, but my Mum used to mark my essays when I started senior school, and told me off like mad! However, we took exams after each term, and when I came first in English composition at Christmas, I decided to go it alone as I'd dreaded essay night, so by the time the second term started, I discovered the use of a dictionary, which I found far preferable to my mother yelling at me!

Indeed, some of the people here would benefit from the use of such a book, but on the whole, the English here is far better than the sort you hear on TV! Adverts are particularly filled with dreadful English, and if that's because it's supposed to appeal to the masses, then standards are going down the toilet. 🚽 In fact, I think they've been there for quite a while now!

Repetition is bad English, putting yourself first in a sentence would lose us marks, the list is endless. What about the more clever clichés? Didn't your teacher even permit for those, Greg? He shouldn't have put his pet hates before what was correct for his kids. That is WRONG! He sounds as though he had too many biases to be a good teacher, if you want my opinion. 😝

Cheers, Greg, and enjoy your weekend,

All the very best! 😁

Sandy XXX 😉👍
Olympian said on 26/Jun/20
@Cathy Wu

The answer is quite obvious, don't you think? One is measurably taller than the other, but they would be virtually identical in height.
Canson said on 26/Jun/20
Hanov said on 22/Jun/20
@Canson @Christian

A weak 6'6 is considered semi giant or a full 6'6?

Neither. Both are very tall. I’d say above 6’6” can be considered extremely tall
FiveEightJake said on 26/Jun/20
@Triplescrew Spot on mate, spot on. People on here need to realise how they thought before they became height obsessed, all I ever used to see was short/normal/tall, I do feel myself placing more value on a tall height nowadays but it really is just the media influencing our thoughts. I 100% try to treat everyone the same and with the same level of respect because no one chose to look the way they look for better or for worse. If people want to try and claim a taller height then blame the world we live in, where tallness is glamourised and shortness is seen as bad, I can forgive people for adding two inches to their height. Especially those who are short who wants to be seen as average. So yeah I do hear 5’6 guys claiming to be 5’8/5’9 who are visually a couple inches shy of me who’s like 173.7 as a low but I wouldn’t call them out for it. It’d just make me look like I’m quite conscious about height (which I obviously am) but it’s not necessarily something I want people to know about. I normally will just say about 5’9 as my height even though I only just clear it by a few mm first thing in the morning. 5’6 is the new 5’8, 5’8 the new 5’10 and 5’10 is the new 6’ , outside of this forum this is how height works. My own brother who’s a weaker 5’8 than me claims 5’10, you can’t escape the culture, everyone’s doing it!
daad1234 said on 26/Jun/20
@Rob Yeah, I'm thinking it could be a disc-realted injury because I had a lower back back in March and and April which began simultaneously as I lost those 4mm. The only problem is that I wan't in any sort of "accident" or had any sort of trauma to my lower back.
Dylan Harris said on 25/Jun/20
hi Rob , Just Measured In at 182.4cm at midnight , what should i actually claim throughout the day,i also just turned 20 so could there be a chance that im still growing slightly or stopped fully.
Editor Rob
You are probably safe to claim six feet. If you gained any further height, I'd say it would be a bonus.
daad1234 said on 25/Jun/20
Rob, I know I've posted this a couple of times here, but I wonder if you have any idea why I might have shrunk approximately 4mm? I'm only 20 years old, and there's no doubt about it, I really am 4-5mm shorter than I was until February.
Editor Rob
It is something hard to pinpoint. Hydration, posture do effect measurements on a small scale like a few mm.

An other scenario could be some disc-related injury which has caused a tiny loss....or the ability to stand as tall as you once could has been hampered.
Joseph177 said on 25/Jun/20
@ Greg

Dang! 5'7 claiming 5'11?! Wow that's insane haha. Yeah I guess it's everywhere. Most people don't have a proper sense when it comes to barefoot height. Many does over claim by around 2-3 cm. I am 176.9-177.3 cm before bed now and I claim just shy of 5'10 or around 5'10.

You are 179cm? That's a really good height in my opinion. Not surprised people will try to say you are 6'0 especially considering how many people over claim. Legit 179 cm people will look close to 6'0 with good proportions and thick footwear. This height is significantly taller than most girls and edges out majority of men already. I know 2 people that are 5'10.5 and they both claim 182. Nobody ever questions them and some even think they are taller.

You are right. Ego is definitely a factor. People with big egos does tend to claim more. At least from my experience 5'11 or above people tend to be more honest or not over inflate as much. Even if they do it's 2 cm max. People I have encountered so far, that are between 5'5 to 5'10 are the ones that over claims the most. 170-172 claiming 175-176, 165-167 claiming 170-171, 175-176 claiming 180 are all very common from my experience. These to me are bizarre claims. 4-5 cm is a lot. Even 3 cm is quite noticeable.
Usman 5'8 said on 25/Jun/20
My friend Anwar is exactly 5'11" at 3 or 4 o'clock, he would be listed at 5'11". However, he measures while "busting a gut" (you said this means breathing in your video on YouTube.). Would he still be listed at 5'11"? He gets a 1/4 inch extra height while busting a gut

Almost every doctor/manual says to measure while busting a gut, feet together slightly angled and head straight. So I dont think hes measuring wrongly.

What is Anwar's height rob? 5'11 is what he should claim?
Editor Rob
He'd still be a 5ft 11 guy given he gets that range afternoon.

But he might appear taller/shorter in person and that is something to consider.
Greg said on 25/Jun/20
@Mark O’ Connor Yeah proportions can often make you get guessed as shorter or taller. I’ve been guessed 6’2-6’3 in photos and somebody guessed me as 5’6-5’7 before lol I guess they where trolling usually I would say I can pull off between 5’11-6’1 in photos.
Mark Allan said on 25/Jun/20
Rob, Is it possible to lose a few mm after a long walk or any particular exercise?
Editor Rob
Depends on what time of day, but any exercise can bring you closer to your low quicker.
Triplescrew said on 25/Jun/20
To be fair Greg, regarding the examples you gave, only someone who is on Celebheights all the time is going to point out height discrepancies like that (counting myself among those kinds of people).

I agree 5'7" dudes saying they're 5'11" is egregious but I've never seen that kind of claim in person. Most common I've seen is 5'6.5" dudes claiming 5'8" or dudes in general adding 1.5", but it's not something I'd ever call out in real life.

I'll say that being obsessive about height, lets call it "celebheights syndrome" is almost as unproductive as claiming a false height for whatever reason. If a 5'11.5" dude is going to claim 6' but really looks 5'11" due to proportions and posture, do I really care? Am I even able to discern that difference judging from my eye level and their eye level and not from pictures? Not really worth worrying about IMO.

As someone of above average height Greg, you are in sort of a unique position in that you can pretty much call out most forms of height fraud, which are typically variations of 5'9" dudes claiming 5'11" and 5'10" dudes claiming 6'. But I wonder whether it's the best tactic to get into arguments with friends about their height claims, or even worth worrying about.
Elementalist said on 25/Jun/20
176.5 cm at lunchtime (4.5-5 hours out of bed), is it fair to claim 5'9.5" and round up to 5'10" sometimes? Also can I claim 176 or 177 in metric?
Bwk said on 24/Jun/20
@Greg I'm from Texas, and nah I don't have facebook. I also agree 6'3"-6'4" can also be pretty decent height range aswell.
c-mo 176.2cm said on 24/Jun/20

hahahaha xD I know it sounds weird but what I mean is that 180cm is MY favorite height . but objectively 183cm is better and the best because those 3cm more makes you comfortably above average and you will not feel or look short next to taller men because the difference is less . at 180cm you hold your own pretty well too and will be a bit above average too but it is rather the high end of average and even though it is 0% short there can be some situation when taller men or tall women with heels are around where you would wish to be a little taller

but after 6'0 ...5'11 is the best imo

and around 180cm just looks the best to me when one looks at it INDEPENDENTLY from other peoples heights and just looks at it isolated . it looks the most harmonic and proportionate . I also noticed throughout the years that women are very attracted to 180cm . I think the reason is that it looks the most aesthetic and it is taller than them but not too much that they have to break their neck while looking up

also many of the most good looking male celebs are around 180cm . like jamie dornan , george clooney , leonardo dicaprio and many more

it is my favorite height and if I could choose a height to be I would take anything between 179cm and 183cm at night . I would be happy to fall anywhere in this range


I have a good perception of height trust me . I am not only seeing tall guys and as I told you 1000 times now I dont feel short . I know that I am not short. but the measured average height for young men is 180-181cm here in germany that is a fact . and it makes sense I can tell you that . people from balkan area are also very tall . most of the people I know in real life who are from the balkans are tall . my best friend is half croatian half hungarian and he is 189cm for example
Luca said on 24/Jun/20
@MarkOConnor it still sounds crazy to me, since even posture needs several months to be improved, involving the help of specialists,and not randomly exercising a couple of months stretching and so on, and I know it cause I used to do them with a specialist in the past... I may be wrong but it sounds little believable to me, since every two-three weeks you vè been claiming a +0,5 cm height.
According to you what are now your out of bed height after an average night of sleep (7-8 hours) and your extreme low height?
random reply99 said on 24/Jun/20
@kitra if you 175.5-6 cm at night you should claim 5ft 9 1/4 by this page standard. but in reality you can claim 5'9.5+ everyone will believe that
Mark O' Connor said on 24/Jun/20
Why do I need to lie on a forum online?
If that If I wanted to inflate my height I would do it in person with people I meet...but again I explained what was my experience and I like the height I am so I don't care if somebody doesn't want to believe me here. For the old measurements, probably they weren't accurate because I took them not with the right equipment.
mrfunnyguy said on 24/Jun/20
@Greg Dude, you should spend some time in Sweden. Live here for a couple of years and try getting some friends, even though I know it's not easy to do that in Sweden. You probably went to some small little town far away from the capital, and probably ignored everyone taller than you.
I know I have been thinking that I might have a skewed perception of height, so I've counted the amount of men taller than me and shorter than me on the street several times. Almost every time I turn out to be third or fourth tallest out of ten, and I do count immigrants who are shorter than swedes on average too.
I don't really want to upload a full video of myself here on celebheights, so I guess I can't really prove to you that I'm 6'1 if your highness doesn't want to check the photos that I uploaded back in March.
Greg said on 24/Jun/20
@QM 6’1 6’1 is a good height but so is 6’0, arguably most heights can be considered appealing and I feel they differ from person to person. I would say anything between 5’10-6’5 depending on proportions and frame could be manageable.
Greg said on 24/Jun/20
@Canson Exactly man he’s just projecting really heavy, it’s sad but maybe that’s his coping mechanism you know?
Mark O' Connor said on 24/Jun/20
Blanc said on 21/Jun/20
@Mark O' Connor 6ft 4+
I didn't read this post, yes with shoes is possible...
random reply99 said on 24/Jun/20
@Totigno 1. 175-176 cm is your afternoon measurment?
2.when you feel lower average, is it when mostly white/black people are around? because, correct me if I'm wrong, but French is very diversed in ethnics
Mark O' Connor said on 24/Jun/20
@Luca I know it sounds a bit weird and what you say obviously makes sense. But I assure you that I grew from last year when I was 24. However the 188.2-186.3 cm was a manual measurement and probably not accurate, while the next measurements were made with a stadiometer. So my growth from 24-25 is something like 2 cm or a bit more. As Rob said in other comments my last mms of growth were probably coming from stretching excercises and a better posture, as I said I used to slouch a lot, especially in my teenage years. Also Rob said in other comments that is not Impossible to gain something at 24-25, however is obviously pretty rare.
Bwk said on 24/Jun/20
Rob, how long would it take someone to reach their low height if they got out of bed and just continued standing the entire time until they reached their low?
Editor Rob
I have never tested a full day standing
5'8" said on 23/Jun/20
Hey rob! You ever been to my wonderful country of Canada? What was the average height?

Is the average American taller than the average UK man?
Mark O' Connor said on 23/Jun/20
I got guessed at 6'7 and 6'8 in a picture. I know I have long limbs that make me look taller but that was shocking...
Sakz said on 23/Jun/20
@pov I agree 4 inches is the most ideal, though 3 inches is also good enough.
Goel175cm said on 23/Jun/20
@ Rob,
Here is the recent Swedish military conscripts study which was released in August 2019
Click Here
They measured about 1.5 million Swedish military conscripts who were born between 1951 and 1987
Data is showing that men who were born between 1978-1987, their average height was exactly 180cm and those who were between 1951-1960, their average height was 178.7cm. So, it only increased by 1.3cm in 30 years.
So rob can we safely say that average Swedish men(18-24) years old average about solid 5 feet 11 inches or 180-181cm?
Editor Rob
Yeah it might be near that now.
Cathy Wu said on 23/Jun/20
Comparing Jason Isaacs (who's listed at 5'10.75") and Charlie Bewley (who's listed at 5'10.5"), who do you guys think is the taller of the two if they stood back to back?
Greg said on 22/Jun/20
@Joesph177 I notice it’s mainly guys that have an ego or think very highly of themselves that inflate. And it’s not just shorter or average guys that do so. While the majority of people on this forum are honest, there probably are a few inflators (think Big G). Now some guys might not exactly know how tall they are so they think they are a certain mark. Moreover, I’ve also heard some guys guessing their height based of others. For instance, if a 5’9 guy hears another 5’9 guy say he’s 5’11 since he is also “that” height he will start claiming 5’11. Not saying that makes it acceptable.

Also it’s common for guys in the 5’7-5’9 range to just say they are 5’11. As some of you might know I’ve been having this long-standing argument with a friend of mine who’s probably 5’9.5 earlier in the day and likely 5’9 3/8ths at a low I have him by at least an inch and he says he’s 5’11. I’ve called him out many times but he’s still in denial, he even tried inflating me to 6’0. And asked me if I’m sure I’m not 6’0. He claims he looks tall but I told him he never appears more than ‘average’ at best. Also had a few 5’10ish guys claim 6’0 and I called them out, one of them claimed he got measured at the doctors at 6’0, but I told him that can’t be true because I’m 5’11 out of bed so he would have to be close to height with me. I asked my other legit 6’3 friend ( lowest I would go is 6’2.75” at a low for him so I would still give him the mark) how tall he thought the guy was he told me 5’9-5’10 Max and the other guy tried saying he was taller than me (hair trick) plus his proportions are very terrible. My one friend who’s Robs height or a bit over stood next to him when he claimed 6 feet he even said “. Hey how come you say you’re 6’0 but you’re not that much taller than me” he said yes I am, they stood side by side and I kid you not there looked to be about 2 inches max between them like not even 3 inches. And I was like “yeah there’s definitely not 3.5-4 inches between you guys”

Then there was a 5’7 guy who said he was 5’10-5’11 I actually laughed because I was noticeably taller than him. Then there was another 5’9 guy who had 5’9 on his DL but decided he was “5’10/5’11” and I gave him that Bert stare.. I have a 6’2.5ish friend who claimed 6’4 and now 6’5. And seen a 6’8-9 guy claim 6’11. Interesting that you say 5’11+ guys tend to be honest because I know several different 5’11 range guys and only 1 of them claims 5’11. 2 5’11.5 guys claim 6’1, one says he’s 6’0 and he looks closer to 5’11 than 6. Another might actually be my range and he says 5’11 though I could have sworn I seen him claim 6’0, I’ve never claimed 6ft in person only once have I ever listed myself on a dating profile to see how many more matches I would get and honestly it wasn’t a whole lot more. Most girls assume that I am taller than I really am, my proportions work in my favor.
mrfunnyguy said on 22/Jun/20
@c-mo 176.2cm I may have said this before but I still don't understand your really weird logic. If you think that 182-183cm is perfect, why would still pick 180cm?
Hanov said on 22/Jun/20
@Canson @Christian

A weak 6'6 is considered semi giant or a full 6'6?
Mark O' Connor said on 22/Jun/20
@Rob Yes also exercises I did during quarantine could have helped improving my posture. Before that I hatdly ever exercised or stretched
kitra said on 22/Jun/20
hey rob, i wake up at around 5ft 10 or maybe 177.5cm and i shrink down to under 176cm (probably around 175.5cm). but i think i never fall to 5ft 9 mark. what height should i claim? 5ft 9 1/2? 5ft 9 1/4?
Editor Rob
5ft 9.5 might be a fair claim
kitra said on 22/Jun/20
hey rob, i wake up at around 5ft 10 or maybe 177.5cm and i shrink down to under 176cm (probably around 175.5cm). but i think i never fall to 5ft 9 mark. what height should i claim? 5ft 9 1/2? 5ft 9 1/4?
Luca said on 22/Jun/20
Rob, what do you think about it?
Editor Rob
Some people have claimed various heights, there have been a few who did say they gained height turning 20-21 but I rarely heard anybody say they gained noticeable height at 24. Maybe the odd visitor.
Luca said on 22/Jun/20
@MarkOConnor I repeat again that I Don t mean to be polemical or offensive, but in addition to that I even found on this site that last summer, less than a year ago, you claimed to be 184,5 cm out of bed and slightly above 183 cm at your low.
A growth of 5-6 cm in a year, being 24-25 as you say, seems to me pretty impossible, so to my eyes, since I Don t know you, it just sounds to me like a false "wannabe"
Blanc said on 22/Jun/20
Ideal height for me would be 191 cm (strong 6ft 3), very tall and imposing, enough to command a solid presence. I'd even take 6'5" but I wouldn't like the potential health repurcussions. The next best thing would be 6ft 1 (184-186), looks pretty aesthetic but so does well proportioned 5'9" – 5'11".

I ended up at the exact opposite end of the spectrum I wanted to be at.
Greg said on 22/Jun/20
@Canson Checkmate188 xD See that just about proves everything lmao. I am cracking up that's a good one he never seizes to amaze me.

@Progking That's insane, yeah I came across a guy your height who claimed 6'2, when he just edged me out. Also witnessed another 6 footer in a group of friends claim to be 6'2 yet he admitted to being about 6'0 foot when he was playing quarterback for his HS team. 5'11 claiming 6'2 is insane though. I have a friend whos max maybe 5'9 3/8ths-5'9.5ish he claimed 5'11 and even tried to inflate both of us to 6'0 before I just told him "no don't try to drag me with you to your inflation" I noticeably edge him out funny he asked me before if I was 6'0 when I told him I was close to 5'11".
Greg said on 22/Jun/20
@Miss Sandy Cowell Which is true! Proper grammar and English still functions to this day. I remember I had a professor in college who would be a very tough grader on essays and if you used a "cliché" or had a spelling error he would basically take off almost an entire letter grade for just two "clichés". How insane is that? Yeah I can only imagine how tests for you where during that time period. We know for a fact a few of our lovely friends over here would not pass xD
Greg said on 22/Jun/20
@Willes190 Yeah it’s definitely me here that is being ridiculous and attacking people. You should look at yourself from the sidelines. Even Canson will agree with me. You and mrfunnyguy have a poor reputation here and can’t stand being called out for the truth. Of course no one’s going to listen to someone who has a skewed perception of height. But whatever man hopefully you mature soon.
Greg said on 22/Jun/20
@C-mo But you realize you’re walking around and only paying attention to the taller people. I guarantee that if you where to conduct your own study and go to the tallest part of Germany or to various towns and measure random people say in the afternoon. You will find most of them will be 5’9 range to 5’10.. Rather than 5’10-5’11 range, but I’m down arguing with you because this isn’t productive and is not going anywhere if you want to believe the German average is 5’11 range then go for it. I am just telling you that 5’11 range would be the average in Balkans or Netherlands or Dinarc Alps as opposed to Germany. No that is not manipulating the average to your advantage because you would say you feel below average or short regardless. It seems you have a skewed perception of height. I’m not throwing averages out there, look up the average height in Germany okay 5’10 max in certain parts it’s a little bit higher than America’s but not by a whole lot. 5’11 is definitely not it. I’m not making averages up go look at google..
Greg said on 22/Jun/20
@Canson Yeah thanks man, Tall in the Saddle is not someone who I would personally get along with. Bobby aka Olympian seems to like him for some reason; but I don’t. I don’t get along with petty and shallow people who constantly cause trouble and don’t want to own up when they are in the wrong. Weak character, and an ego. People like that think they are above everyone else and never want to directly admit it. With that being said I can say Willes and a few others here fall under that same category which is sad but I’ll let them live their troll lives. I will defend you or anyone else who I feel like is unjustly attacked. And yeah I know what you mean he is a notorious downgrader. I’ve heard the name Viper here several times; but I will admit I don’t know much about him. However, it sounds like he’s a good person and a rational poster. It baffles me how guys like French guy Ice, Arthur or even mrfunnyguy can spew nonsense and not looked down upon. But when I say logical things or am brutally honest with my beliefs I get backlash won’t stop me from speaking out though. Celeb heights has gotten more toxic and drama over the past few years from what I remember when I first came here.
Greg said on 22/Jun/20
@KJ98 That’s on the larger than average height loss. I wake up at 180.3 and drop to about 178.7-178.8ish. Although I think under optimal sleeping conditions which I hardly get I might be taller. But I also stretch and take glucasmine and am attempting to correct my lower/upper back tilt. So who knows what it is. I would say you’re a strong 5’10 or a very weak 5’11, you can claim 5’11 if you want or say 179cm if you use the metric.
Greg said on 22/Jun/20
@Bwk Agreed but I think anywhere between 5’10-6’2 is the sweet spot I would even include 6’3-6’4 if I could be super jacked with good proportions. I’m the same height as you essentially and yeah 5’10 range is fine but obviously it would be nice to be taller or 6’0 at a low. I think I would even be completely fine with coming down to 5’10.75” as a low.

Where are you from? Do you have a Facebook by chance?
Mark O' Connor said on 22/Jun/20
Blanc said on 21/Jun/20
@mark o' Connor Oh right you said shoes, 6'3.25-5ish then
Well considering I have a quite big head, probably a bit more, but I don't know
Canson said on 22/Jun/20
Willes190 said on 21/Jun/20
@mrfunnyguy – Just ignore Greg, from the few encounters I’ve had with him he comes across as very arrogant and mean-spirited. Anyone that doesn’t share his opinions is dealt with aggression, bullying and silencing.

Everything you are saying about Greg describes you.
Luca said on 22/Jun/20
@MarkOConnor, don't wanna be polemical, but what you're writing sounds too strange to me... Until 3 months ago you claimed to be 188,2/186,3 cm tall, two months ago 189/187 cm range, last month 190/188 cm and now 191/189 cm... It sounds quite crazy or fake to me
QM6'1QM said on 22/Jun/20
Mark O' Connor said on 21/Jun/20

Mark, 179cms is a funny story. The average height of french man is 174-176 cm, i know it. The same height as most countries of Europe and UK.
QM6'1QM said on 22/Jun/20
jk186 said on 20/Jun/20

I find 6ft as ideal height.
6'2" is an ideal prototype of tall MEDIA height, where you DON'T NEED TO BE TALLER. NEVER.
Thus, 6'1" should always be perfect honestly. Golden ratio for a life!
Totigno said on 22/Jun/20
Mark O' Connor said on 21/Jun/20
somebody here lives in France? I read various averages for men: 179cm( which is ridiculous), 174cm and 175cm. Which is closer to the truth? When I went there I felt taller than when I was here in Italy.
@ Mark o connor Yes i am french , men population of all ages is 174cm-176cm but i read 177cm-180cm for young men , i am 175cm-176cm i feel solid average but lower side of average when a lot of younger are around.
James Edward Crowley said on 22/Jun/20
Rob do you consider 173cms to 175cms a transition from short to average height, 173cms men are coming on to average height losing the short look,and are starting look average height,since 173cms is on the high end of short low end of average height 173cms never look short,They rarely get towered unless they stand next to men who are 183cms,and above next,If 173cms men stood next who are 175cms,and 178cms they will never at a 173cms with the right footwear like nike air max 90's can look the same height as 175cms men,and 3cms shorter than 178cms men.
Editor Rob
If you class 173 up to 178 as an average range, or extend the range a bit, then 172 up to 179 could be considered an average range. 180 and 171 might then be starting to get into a transition range.
Bwk said on 22/Jun/20
@jk186 Personally to me 5'11.5"-6'2.25" is an ideal height range. I'm 5'10.5" and if I could be atleast 5'11.5" at a low I would be completely satisfied with my height, not that my height is bad or anything 5'10" range is still a pretty solid height, but it'd be nice to gain a few inches.
Joseph177 said on 21/Jun/20
Celebheights is the only place where people are pretty honest with their height. People tend to claim 5'7, 5'9, 5'11, 6'0 a lot even when they are clearly under that mark by quite a bit. Many people in everyday life will inflate their height claim.

The most ridiculous height claims I have seen are from some of the people that went to college with me. One guy was around 175 cm but said he is 180 cm. He got called out by a classmate and responded:" Well I am 179 cm barefoot so I claim 180 because I will be over 180 in shoes."

In fact quite a number of 5'9 guys in my college will claim 179 cm-180cm. When we play sports together or go out for food with girls, if the height conversation ever got brought up then they would always claim 178-179 and inflate my height to 180 cm. When I started working it was the same thing. A lot of 165-168 cm people will claim 5'7. So many people would claim 5'9. In reality they are all around 171-173 cm.

I can understand if someone claims morning height or noon height, but 4-5 cms over is definitely pushing it.

Also from what I have experienced was that people equal to or over 5'11 tends to not inflate their claims nearly as often. I think it's because they are already tall and don't feel the need to do so.
c-mo 176.2cm said on 21/Jun/20

around 182-183cm is the perfect height no matter which location in my opinion

but I think I might take 180cm over 182-183cm because I love the height of 180cm .

I would rank heights like this as I said before

all night heights :

175cm - decent / okay

177.5cm = good

180cm = very good

182.5cm = perfect
KJ98 said on 21/Jun/20
Rob, finally measured myself and got 181cm after bed and 178.5cm at 14pm.

How tall am I? 5'11''? 5'10''? 5'10.5''?
Editor Rob
you can be an almost 5ft 11 guy or maybe 5ft 10.5 if you want.
Progking said on 21/Jun/20
@Greg 1.5 inches seems very common for height inflation lol, i know guys around my height of 6'0.25-6'0.5 that say 6'2 and my 5'11 friend says hes 6'2 and taller than me until we stood up and i was a good inch taller than him. Then he "corrected himself"to say 6'2 in shoes! And when getting my drivers license i said my height was 184 cm and they also looked like they didnt believe me lol. I claim 6'1 to people and they all believe me,
viper said on 21/Jun/20
When do I throw the lift card out?

LL Cool J and Jay Z maybe.
Canson said on 21/Jun/20
Greg said on 19/Jun/20
@Canson No I specifically think he’s a troll and childish because of what he was saying to you. He was trying to make fun of heights under 6’5 and trying to act “tough” online. All those remarks he was saying to you was not just “ a difference of opinion” he was trying to talk down on you as if you where a peasant and say he could take you in a fight or something bragging about his height and supposedly how muscular he was ( definitely isn’t) because the people they know they can fight or have something going for them are usually the silent ones. So I will class him as a troll 👍.

Actually the one trying to put down guys under 6’5” was Thereel. I don’t know what to make of him because I don’t believe that he believes half of what he says.
Sakz said on 21/Jun/20
@jk186 I would say 3 inches above average is ideal enough because that's typically when you transition into the tall range without being too tall.
pov said on 21/Jun/20
@JK186, I consider 4 inches above the average to be the perfect height for a man. As it’s a clear tall, and where tall starts IMO. And also not considered “too tall”. Not that there’s anything wrong with being more than 4 inches above average, but sometimes you may require to have a better build to suit your height, as lanky proportions may kick in.

The average in US and UK is around 5”9.5 (176cm), I’d consider 6”1.5 to 6”2 (187-188cm) to be the perfect height for a man. I’m 6”0.5 (184cm) myself but I always wish I was around 3-4cm taller.
Willes190 said on 21/Jun/20
@mrfunnyguy – Just ignore Greg, from the few encounters I’ve had with him he comes across as very arrogant and mean-spirited. Anyone that doesn’t share his opinions is dealt with aggression, bullying and silencing.
Canson said on 21/Jun/20
Willes190 said on 19/Jun/20
I’ve never called Rob a troll, just want to clear that out. The only user I’ve called a troll is Viper, who loves to throw the lift card at celebrities.

You wanna talk about trolling though, eh?

Checkmate said on 10/Oct/17
Willes188 is right about everything he said below, I've been a fan of his for years. His upgrade analyzes is pretty much always spot on. He is one of the most intriguing and intelligent men I have ever come across.

Checkmate said on 13/Oct/17
The administrator is not letting my comments go public

Editor Rob: comments that step over the line with insults aren't going to be welcomed Checkmate188!

Tone it down and ditch politics please.
Willes190 said on 21/Jun/20
@mrfynnyguy – Just ignore Greg, from the few encounters I’ve had with him he comes across as very arrogant and mean-spirited. Anyone that doesn’t share his opinions is dealt with aggression, bullying and silencing.
Canson said on 21/Jun/20
c-mo176.2cm said on 19/Jun/20

they are not credible because you say so ? buddy you will get the same values in most sources because they are the truth . go to wikipedia if you want is also added there if the listed heights are measured or self reported . check the measured values and come back . the only thing I would say that we need to take into consideration is that most are probably early noon heights so subtracting 1cm if you want to have the afternoon height would make sense and that would mean that the average young german is 179-180cm afternoon and the average young swede 180cm .

and I live in germany so I know what I am talking about and I dont even live in the north either

why would I want to make the average height seem taller ? it would work AGAINST me if I would want to upgrade myself you dont make any sense . you are the one downgrading average heights to make your height "above average" rather . sorry but thats how it seems to me . you are throwing random numbers around without any evidence and dont accept any data shown to you

What you accuse Greg of doing, he’s not. He actually estimates at or above Rob’s listings quite often
Canson said on 21/Jun/20
Willes190 said on 19/Jun/20
I’ve never called Rob a troll, just want to clear that out. The only user I’ve called a troll is Viper, who loves to throw the lift card at celebrities.

No you didn’t call Rob a troll which I quickly corrected.

Canson said on 19/Jun/20

I’m wrong. Not a troll but a downgrader is what he called you

But you’ve called other a troll just for estimating below you or Rob. So that’s utter bullsh*t. It was not just Viper. And it’s funny that Viper is a “troll”. He’s not. You have several celebs that people tend to overestimate here by an inch or two but I never see you refer to those as troll comments. Anyone here who knows you knows that.
Canson said on 21/Jun/20
Greg said on 19/Jun/20
@Canson What I read in that post on Jon Lithgow’s page was just a display of childish antics and ignorance.. Definitely seemed like trolling, as if he was trying to wind you up or act tough like a keyboard warrior. I don’t want to keep talking about it because I have giving internet trolls clout online but you know. It was not needed who could have worded it differently instead he let his short fuse and ego get the best of him. I just don’t get along with people like that who think they are better than others. As for Willes that’s insane that he called Rob a troll. After Connor got banned I remember Connor said some mean things about Rob as well as Sandy. That’s why I actually despise Connor because there’s no reason to act like that especially when he’s in the wrong.

@Greg: I appreciate you always standing up for me and others. That speaks for your character as a person and you always do what’s right. Being objective is a quality that many don’t have. As for Willes, I was wrong. I corrected yesterday (he didn’t call him a troll but a downgrader). He’s called others including me a troll and it’s always when someone estimates below Rob’s listing or below his liking. I admit I’ve called people a troll before but it’s when it’s an unbelievable estimate (usually well above Rob and always above Rob’s). Maybe once I did for an estimate below Rob’s. I’m trying hard going forward though not to do that. But he also didn’t like how Willes reacted to you and what he said about anyone guessing Conan the way that many of us such as Mickie, Tall in the Saddle, Christian, and I did. Many of us have him as a strong 6’3 or weak 6’4”. In fact, Rob said he may be a little under 6’4” himself.
QM6'1QM said on 21/Jun/20
Mark O' Connor said on 20/Jun/20

Um, i can say you like about 188/6'2" legit!
Blanc said on 21/Jun/20
@mark o' Connor Oh right you said shoes, 6'3.25-5ish then
Blanc said on 21/Jun/20
@Mark O' Connor 6ft 4+
Mark O' Connor said on 21/Jun/20
somebody here lives in France? I read various averages for men: 179cm( which is ridiculous), 174cm and 175cm. Which is closer to the truth? When I went there I felt taller than when I was here in Italy.
Mark O' Connor said on 21/Jun/20
Mobile5'6-5'7(168-170 cm) said on 18/Jun/20
Mobile5'6-5'7(168-170 cm) said on 18/Jun/20
@George89 when I was in UK the average was like (in my experience):
40 % 174-176.5 (most common)
30 % 171.5-173.5 (common)
20 % 177-180 (almost common)
8 % below 171 and taller than 180 (uncommon aka. getting tall/short)
2 % extreme tall and extreme short

below 171cm and above 180cm uncommon? 170 cm is below average but still very common, like between 20/25 percentile (considering young guys and general population) so it means that around 1 man out of 5 is shorter than that. And 181cm is around 75/78 percentile so 1 man out of 5 is taller than that. 2 percentile and 98 percentile are 161-162cm and 191cm. Those are quite rare heights in public, but not so rare to be classed as extremely tall or extremely short, more like the start of very short and the start of very tall
Mark O' Connor said on 21/Jun/20
@Mark Allan Some peole can argue that it can be the start of very tall but for me is still in the solid tall range, but is far from being an extremely tall height, that for me is 6'6.5/6'7" and up.
5'8 said on 20/Jun/20
Would you consider 172cm low average? Would you consider 182cm high average?

What is average male and female height in UK?
Editor Rob
Average male is still about 5ft 9 in the UK with females in 5ft 4 range.

171-2 is what I'd call getting to end of average range.

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

Celebrity Fan Photos and Agency Pictures of stars are © to their respective owners.