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Please use this page as a 'free for all' forum to talk about height in general. Stuff like average heights in countries, how height affects your job and how people perceive height etc or any suggestions for new heights or height quotes you find for stars not already added to the site. If you want to request a height to be added, please use the Height Request page.

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Canson said on 1/Apr/20
@Jdubbz: 6’6” to me pushing it. You’re 6’7” in shoes and even prob near or at 6’8 for parts of the day which is hell to pay with doorways and with too much attention walking around.
Canson said on 1/Apr/20
@Mark O’Connor: agreed. I’d take 6’5” over 6’9” or 5’9”

@Kellan: I feel 6’4 is great but anything over to me is much
Sakz said on 1/Apr/20
@6'1 guy As someone who is pretty much in the middle of B and C, I would pick B simply because gaining 5cm would bring disadvantages which losing 5cm wouldn't. In my opinion aside from just being taller, growing 2 inches would bring some negatives for day to day life whereas losing 2 inches would lose the negatives while still maintaining the positives.
Kellan said on 1/Apr/20
No i’m a guy who doesn’t want to be tall. To me 5’11 over 6’3 , 6’6 and 5’9 over 6’5 or 6’9. Anything 6’4 plus is nightmare fuel.
Sean william Winter said on 1/Apr/20
6'1 guy id choose 6'5/ soon as im 5'10 ish. 6'9 is to big 6'5 is still very tall but better than 5'9 so yeh.
c-mo 176.2cm said on 1/Apr/20
@ 6'1guy

5'11 is a better height than 6'3 imo . based on my observations and experiences over all the years

as for your new question :

if I would be guaranteed to have my current proportions (because I have nice proportions :D lol ) and will not face health issues then I would take C: 196cm

if I would have not so good proportions at 196cm I would take 175cm
Mark O'Connor said on 1/Apr/20
I pick 6'5, because I think is the last height range where you don't have so many problems in daily life compared to 6'6+ and especially 6'8+. Some people think that is too tall, in my opinion it is a very tall height but is still maneageable and I wouldn't mind being that height. 5'9 is too average for me and when you are used to be pretty tall you don't want to be average, but is an ok height. At 6'9 I think someone will have problems in a lot of aspects and also for dating it will be very difficult, still a good height if you want to play basketball, but that's it.
6'1guy said on 1/Apr/20
Interesting guys. Personally, I'd pick 6'3.

Here's another Height question.

You can only be one height:

A: 175cm or 5'9
B: 206cm or 6'9
C: 196cm or 6'5

Choose wisely guys :D

I'll do another one tomorrow
Mark O' Connor said on 1/Apr/20
The average for white men of all ages is no more than a weak 5'9 I think.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 1/Apr/20
@ Rampage Clover - I didn't know that you were THAT tall!
Jdubbz said on 1/Apr/20
@Rampage(-_-_-)Clover and Myself:

I'm with you guys. 6'6 all the way. I guess I'm kinda biased since I'm a cm off, but it seems like a very good height if you want to be really tall but stop just short of freak status. To me, 6'0 isn't tall and 6'3 isn't tall enough lol.
Mark O' Connor said on 1/Apr/20
@Greg For dating I think a height between 5'10-6 is very good as you are not too much taller than average girls and they can also wear heels. Even at my height that is not that tall is hard to find a tall girl, most girls in my place are 5'3-5'8.
Rags453 said on 31/Mar/20

C easily
heck, 5'11-6ft is perfect
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 31/Mar/20
@Myself: I’d pick A because I’m a greedy 6ft4 narcissist 😜
cmillz said on 31/Mar/20
The average height for white men really doesn’t seem like it’s over 5’9 range the more I think about it. At least where I live.
cmillz said on 31/Mar/20
Agreed. 6’3 over 6’6 is a no brainer to me. I’d take 5’11 over it too as a matter of fact, so A would be my last choice.
QM6'1QM said on 31/Mar/20
Rob, how tall man in the middle if left guy is 197-98 cm of height ? Click Here
My guess: 5'11 range on top.
Editor Rob
5ft 10 maybe, but the big guy is a couple of inches nearer the camera which might be helping a bit.
Canson said on 31/Mar/20
Myself said on 30/Mar/20
"6'1guy said on 26/Mar/20
Guys lets have a little height question since i'm so bored in quarantine.

You can only be one height, pick these options:

A: 198cm or 6'6
B: 180cm or 5'11
C: 190cm or 6'3"

I'd undoubtedly pick A

I agree with 6ft Tom. I would choose C and this is already being around 193-194cm. 198 is too tall in the US if not playing pro sports imho. Too many inconveniences and drawbacks that you don’t get at heights like 190cm and too much attention that is unnecessary.
Canson said on 31/Mar/20
6footTom said on 31/Mar/20

I'd pick C, easily. I fail to see why anyone would want to be 6'6" unless you're looking into Basketball as your primary career option.

But People don’t realize that unfortunately until you get to be say 6’2 or 6’3”. They would realize that a legitimate 6’6” guy is up there. That’s a guy who would be listed 6’7 or 6’8” in basketball. You get guys that are 5’5 and 5’6, who would do anything to be taller, that fawn over really tall guys like that. Like when you tell them a certain height say 6’2 1/2. “Oh so at 6’3” or “I wish I were your height”.
Greg said on 31/Mar/20
@C-mo Yeah no 5'11 and 5'11.25 is out of the picture for young german guys, maybe in the Netherlands or Bosnia I would agree with that. Young guys maybe would average 5'10 max in germany, when I went there I went comfortably above average; but not as tall as I normally do around U.S so the German average is like about an inch over America give or take. 5'11 would be above average in germany. Disagree with you there. What's so funny about the dutch thing? Seem to be laughing at the truth that the Dutch are in fact tall.
Greg said on 31/Mar/20
@6'1 guy I pick neither of thsoe, I will either want to be 6'0 or 6'2.. I mean 5'11 is decent but if I had a choice I would pick tall without standing out maybe 6'1-2 range.
Greg said on 31/Mar/20
@AndrewV I just strongly disagree with this because just like during an experiment there are always errors in the trial, now I am not saying they are major; but I believe their is room for an error. If the U.S average for young males was even 177-178cm I would be seeing more guys closer to my height and no I don't live in a short town, I see plenty of tall guys 6'0 even say a Russian guy who was like 6'5-6'6 basically looked like slenderman walking in the dark. Most young American white guys I see are about 5'9 range maybe 174-175cm like Canson said majority of men are about 5'8.5-5'9ish here, In Europe you can make an arguement for 5'10 averages in some countries. Rob said generally the average in the UK is 5ft 9 and maybe 5ft 9.5 for younger guys. 5'10 is above average in UK and America. Those studies are likely off and you never know if the guys had footwear on or what time of day the measurements took place could have been straight out of bed even with shoes. I Simply don't trust random studies like that. to each their own though.
Greg said on 31/Mar/20
@Canson haven’t really looked much at Brock. His average is a weak 6’5 I think 6’4.5-6’4.75 is possible for him. Maybe even 6’5? But again idk. And yeah I see a lot of people claim morning height shoes even rounded up. It all comes down to an ego think. And Yeah everytime I see a guy well over 6’0 lie about his height I cringe, because it’s silly like you said. The whole point of most men doing the height inflation thing is too “draw the women in” so if he’s under 6’0 he might lie a little just to get past a benchmark aka height requirement with a woman. I see it all the time with 5’8-5’9 guys. Sometimes they will say 5’10, other times they will claim 6’0. I was watching a video by this guy Alejandro on you tube “playing with Fire” and he had a video about height and dating and in his height chart he basically was calculating a guys s3xu4l market value based on looks, race, height and fashion etc.. I didn’t exactly agree with some of what he said but he was getting the data from a few sources. He said 5’5-5’9 is 0 points under 5’5 -1 5’9-5’11 0 points 5’11-6’0 1 point and 6’1-6’4 2 points idont agree with the 5’9-6’0 being 0/1 I think they would all get points and 6’3+ would only be good for taller females most girls don’t like super tall guys like another source said after 6’2 dating pool by height falls off because most girls get intimidated by super tall guys not taking account abnormally tall women who want a guy closer to their size.
mrfunnyguy said on 31/Mar/20
@6footTom I would definitely want to be 6'6 in my country. I would guess that it's about the 95th percentile in my country, so tall but not too tall.
Greg said on 31/Mar/20
@Jonus in real life I claim 5’11, but here everyone’s against claiming morning height so I say 5’10.5 which is “almost 5’11” I used to also claim 5’10 but at the time I didn’t even realize I was a full 5’10 thought I was rounding up, I wasn’t as height aware and obsessed as I am now 👍.
Greg said on 31/Mar/20
@Rob so he did as instructed. But it still isn’t working for him, he says it might be a network related issue. Or maybe his WiFi, he honestly doesn’t know at this point he is able to access the site just fine it seems but none of his comments are being posted. It’s weird. Any other trouble shooting that can be done on either ends?
Editor Rob
Has he changed his ip? tell him to email me with result of
K.A 188.4! said on 31/Mar/20
Average height world wide for men is between 174-177. Cm.

With 180cm being considered solid average or a height at which you are neither tall nor short. Although proportions play a role to.
Mark O' Connor said on 31/Mar/20
The 178 cm average is realistic for young guys, but is more a middle height, nor mornig nor low height. For example I measure 189.3 out of bed and 187 at 10 pm (on a good day a few mms more) so if I show up for a measurement in the early afternoon I will be in the 188 cm range. I won't be measured at 187 cm unless during night, which is very unlikely. I am saying this because most people on this site claim their low height and not their average height during the day...The "average young guy" wakes up in the 179 cm range and goes to bed at 177cm, being for most of the day around 178 cm. I could be wrong but this is my opinion, sorry if my english is not perfect.
c-mo176.2cm said on 31/Mar/20
@ 6'1guy

I would pick B - 180cm
Kieran S said on 31/Mar/20
I measured myself this morning after a good sleep and was slightly over 5'10! Though I'm aware Ill lose height and shrik below 5'10.

Should I claim a strong 5'9 or weak 5'10?
Editor Rob
5ft 9 and a half might be a claim to make.
AndrewV said on 31/Mar/20
Considering that multiple studies conducted over decades from different sources (including medical databases, military anthropometric data, etc.) consistently indicate a 178cm average for younger US white men, I’d say it’s pretty accurate. You’d have a point if it was just one study, but there are a plethora of different datasets and studies that also indicate a 5’10” average for young white men in the US and other countries with similar ancestral origins like the UK and Australia. Even Rob has agreed that the average for young men in the UK is closer to 5’10” than 5’9”. Again, 175cm-176cm is the average for ALL age groups and ethnicities.
6footTom said on 31/Mar/20

I'd pick C, easily. I fail to see why anyone would want to be 6'6" unless you're looking into Basketball as your primary career option.
K.A 188.4! said on 30/Mar/20

Why do you often load comments 2 days late?
Do you do It on purpose or you are very busy.
Editor Rob
I have a limited time to moderate.
Myself said on 30/Mar/20
"6'1guy said on 26/Mar/20
Guys lets have a little height question since i'm so bored in quarantine.

You can only be one height, pick these options:

A: 198cm or 6'6
B: 180cm or 5'11
C: 190cm or 6'3"

I'd undoubtedly pick A
Jake the Snake said on 30/Mar/20
Hey Rob with a low of 172.5cm after 7.5 hours out of bed would 5ft 8 flat be an okay claim ? I previously claimed just under 5ft 8. An hour out of bed I'm 173.3cm
Editor Rob
It's quite reasonable just to say 5ft 8
Comment95 said on 30/Mar/20
"Bego said on 27/Mar/20
Avg may be 177/178cm in US (but not every state measures like that, in fact most of states are 175 to 176.5cm). Theres a data on each states avg heights but take away 2 to 2.5cm because its self reported."
yes but thats the overall average, not just white guys
French guy said on 29/Mar/20
I'm surprised this page still does existe. I have not been there for quite a while.
c-mo 176.2cm said on 29/Mar/20

what are you talking about man ? I am not negative . and I like my height . stop projecting . we are just talking about height thats why we are here

@Greg . no you dont know the average height of germany . I do . it is a measured 181cm for young guys . probably morning measurement so lets say 180cm afternoon . average for non old men germans is easily 179-180cm

and lol at the "must be mixed with dutch" thing :D
AndrewV said on 29/Mar/20
White Americans as an aggregate are mostly of British descent, with admixture from different parts of Northwestern Europe; only 14% of US whites have notable Southern or Eastern European ancestry and they're mostly concentrated in big cities like NYC or Chicago. Groups with similar ancestral origins like the British, White Australians, White South Africans, etc. also measure about 5'10" on average for young men.

The study doesn't indicate when the measurements were taken, but most Americans would set a doctor's appointment in the late morning or early evening/late afternoon.
Becko11x said on 29/Mar/20
Hey, big @Rob.

How tall do I look beside my friend who is 177cm(right), same footwear.

Click Here

Editor Rob
You can look near 188cm
6ftsomething said on 29/Mar/20
Thanks Rob, Appreciate the reply. I'll look for one.
Nik said on 28/Mar/20
I respect and admire all heights equally!
Nik said on 28/Mar/20
@ pov (autocorrect tried to change it to Liv!) - Then 5'6" isn't a short height in much of the west!
Poster said on 28/Mar/20
@mr. funny guy: No, there's nothing wrong with you. It's common and normal for people to look older or younger than they are. I've seen girls, of 12, who look 18. I've seen girls, of 18, who look 12. There's no pat or set standard to aging. There are 40-year-old men who are fitter than most 20-year-old men. Tom Brady is one of these anomalies. There's a wide variation within the normal range.
Greg said on 28/Mar/20
@Comment95 lol “studies” statistics and studies don’t always trust what you hear even if some sort of study was done you don’t know the margin for error or selective biases that where done during it I’m sure that’s all the proof we need that nothing is exact and everything is relevant. I feel like this is Andrew using another screen name haha.
Greg said on 28/Mar/20
@Rob Bobby tried again and it didn’t work. He seems to have issues with his data not being saved. Maybe that is resulting in his comments not being posted? It always asks him to enter his details everytime. He says that it says he submitted it but his comments have yet to show up. Is there an alternative resolution that he could try to do to get around this?
Editor Rob
I had cleared the IP issue and removed the usernames from the database. Ask him to try another name, but ensure all celebheights cookies are removed from his browser first.
Greg said on 28/Mar/20
@Bwk because it’s not, the average for White Americans in America is 175-176cm AndrewV is always here arguing that the average is 178-179 For White Americans lol, there’s a higher chance for that in parts of Europe than UK US and CAN.
Bego said on 28/Mar/20
@Bwk Exactly. Tallest mid west, shortest Cali, Wa, Oreg, Nevada, New Mex, New York, Messachusets, Maryland, Florida, Lousianna etc.. avg 175 to 176. Other states avg height, 176.5 to 177.5. Utah and Idaho are somewhere like midwest 177.5 to 178.5cm avg. I know this usually based on mormons i see here from different states. Those from tallest states were usually 177 to 184cm.
Goel175cm said on 28/Mar/20
@ c-mo
Yes, The average height of Non elderly men in Europe is 178cm
But in Turkey and the Caucasus Regions(Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan) , The average seems to be 5'9 for Non elderly men.
Canson said on 28/Mar/20
@Greg and Andrew V: 5’9” may be a bit generous but I would say maybe weak 5’9” or 5’8.5 perhaps. But I was making the point to C-Mo that 5’10” is above average in populous areas. All Three of us live near major cities. I’m about 10 miles outside of The Nation’s Capital
Canson said on 28/Mar/20
Greg said on 27/Mar/20
@Canson Yeah it’s more of an ego thing I know Bruck O’Hurn claims 6’7 at about 6’4-6’5ish or whatever. And like there’s might be an occasional 6’5-6’6 guy who wants too sound bigger and might inflate but there’s no point beyond that. I mean I feel like guys like to sound more masculine and they associate height with masculinity. Also I agree, I mean there’s guys like Ellis who are supposedly 6’7 claim 6’8-6’9 and wish they where 7’0. That is a bit over the top would say. I mean I wouldn’t want to be anything close to 7’0 I can’t imagine living my life like that

@Greg: I would go with 6’5 range for Ohurn. He probably just claims shoes maybe earlier in the day but the point is the same and I agree. I don’t see the reasoning for claiming 6’7”. I know if that were me I’d claim 6’5”. Going by the listings it’s no different than what I do now at 6’4.25 claiming 6’4”. I have never bought into claims and I don’t see a reasoning behind wanting to claim taller than you are. It’s silly when you’re that tall to do it. I think the added height might actually scare women away etc more than bringing them which is really the reason guys do that. As for Ellis, I don’t get it. Why would he want to be 7’0” and live that way and at 6’7” he’s plenty tall. I have a friend who is identical with him. He may not hit 6’8” out of bed but prob 6’7 7/8 to 6’7.9 and he’s 6’7” flat. He’s always claimed 6’7” and he played basketball himself High school and in college with me. But I look at it this way and this is what I was telling Bobby about being thankful for what you have. I agree with your opinion. I wouldn’t want to be that tall and ducking under doorways and barely fitting on an airplane etc. and I am not one who wants the attention which Ellis said he likes receiving at his size so to each it’s own I guess
Mark O'Connor said on 28/Mar/20
@6'1 guy I pick 6'3 only because I'm used to be pretty tall at almost 6'2 and it won't be much different. Probably 5'11 is the best height for daily life as it is above average and you won't tower average height girls and is one of the best heights to be in my opinion. 6'6 is also a good height if you have good proportions and you are not skinny, but you will have some problems in fitting in small cars, airplanes, finding clothes ecc..
AndrewV said on 28/Mar/20
In the US, the average height of a state or any area would be dependent on how white/black or Asian/Hispanic it is. States with a higher proportion of white/black people (ie the South, New England, the Midwest) will average 5'9.5"-5'10" while states with more Latinos and Asians (ie Texas, California, Hawaii, New Mexico) will average 5'9" or even a flat 5'8" if those groups make up a clear majority.

@Mark O'Connor
The measurements were taken at a mobile examination center that traveled throughout the country. There's no indication of what time they were taken, but most people here in the States visit the doctor's office in the afternoon/early evening or late morning. Even if morning measurements were part of the data, a big chunk of your morning height is gone within a few minutes of being out of bed, so the difference would be marginal.
Jonus said on 28/Mar/20
@Greg Honestly bro say 5'11 if you want, it's not that deep
Bwk said on 28/Mar/20
@AndrewV I highly doubt that 178.2cm figure for the younger white demographic is the same for all over the United States. I think the average height probably varies from state to state for younger White Americans. That 178.2cm measurement might be true for people in the Midwest where there's a lot of German and Scandinavian ancestry, but for other parts of the country I don't know about that. I could be wrong though.
c-mo 176.2cm said on 27/Mar/20

yep . thats what I am saying the whole time . average for non elderly caucasian men is 5'10 . it is also the average height for europe as a whole

the link that you gave . are the measurements taken in the morning or later in the day ? do you know ?
c-mo 176.2cm said on 27/Mar/20
@ Progking


for afternoon/evening heights this seems to be how it is :

161 and below very short
162 - 165cm = strongly short
166 - 171cm = short
172 - 174cm = below average
175 - 181cm = average
182 - 184cm = above average
185 - 191cm = tall
192 - 194cm = getting rather very tall
195+ definitely very tall

however this is just a rough categorization . there are heights in these same height groups I did who will be rather different despite being both in the same category . like 175cm and 181cm for example . at 175cm you are weak average and can feel a bit shortish even at times while at 181cm you are strong average and can feel tallish at times . both are still in the average range in the grand scheme of things but still different

also 185cm vs 191cm . at 185cm you are tall but you will still encounter some men taller than you on a daily basis and you wont dwarf the average person but at 191cm you are taller than majority of men you encounter and you will dwarf many women and some men

179 - 184/185cm is the best height range
Bego said on 27/Mar/20
Avg may be 177/178cm in US (but not every state measures like that, in fact most of states are 175 to 176.5cm). Theres a data on each states avg heights but take away 2 to 2.5cm because its self reported.
guythinkingaboutheight said on 27/Mar/20
Rob, if I'm about 185.6cm 9.5 hours after bed, and I have spend pretty much the entire day on a chair, what approximately could be my lowest possible measurement?
Editor Rob
On a bad day being a bit dehydrated you might flatten at 185cm by 10pm.
6ftsomething said on 27/Mar/20
Good evening Rob. I'm kinda confused I don't know my height. When I measure with a floppy book I get 184.8. When I measure with a cylinder container I get 186.5. I don't know which one is right or wrong. What height do you think I am?
Editor Rob
Floppy books might not be he most accurate...the container sounds a more robust measurement! If you have a solid block of wood and do another measurement and get near 186 I'd say that's your range.
Greg said on 27/Mar/20
@ProgKing no 6’0.75 is decent tall range, tallish would be like 5’10.5-5’11 range. After 5’11.5 I think you’re already tall because 5’11.5-6’0.5 is more than just tallish.
Greg said on 27/Mar/20
@mrfunnyguy Yeah you tested positive for Troll-Vid19 the only cure is restarting your brain device manually and enlisting in Rob Pauls Height Academy Courses they are offered free here in Glasgow Scotland. Professor Rob is a strict but helpful teacher and will show you how to properly calibrate your stadiometer and use it without error. He also shows you how to measure your height correctly and strongly encourages not to troll celeb forums. He also gives lessons on growing an amazing Scotsman beard! You should check them out I heard Big G taught a course and he know walks Tall at 5’9 with a massive beard straight out of Beard land.
Greg said on 27/Mar/20
Hey Rob Bobby tried posting again and although it said submitted he says his stuff still isn’t showing up. He’s tried using different browsers and device still the same issue. What do you suggest for him to do?
Editor Rob
It should work if the cookies are all cleared, please ask him to try to clear cookies.
Comment95 said on 27/Mar/20
@Bwk but can you prove it with any statistic or study? because Andrew could
@Canson yes you are right. 5'9 is the overall average with all ages and races
Greg said on 27/Mar/20
@Canson Yeah it’s more of an ego thing I know Bruck O’Hurn claims 6’7 at about 6’4-6’5ish or whatever. And like there’s might be an occasional 6’5-6’6 guy who wants too sound bigger and might inflate but there’s no point beyond that. I mean I feel like guys like to sound more masculine and they associate height with masculinity. Also I agree, I mean there’s guys like Ellis who are supposedly 6’7 claim 6’8-6’9 and wish they where 7’0. That is a bit over the top would say. I mean I wouldn’t want to be anything close to 7’0 I can’t imagine living my life like that.
Greg said on 27/Mar/20
@Canson I don’t believe everything C-Mo says because I know for a fact Germany doesn’t average 5’11, the mainly average like a strong 5’9, the younger generation could probably average 5’10, but those are usually ethnic Germans mixed with other Dutch or Nordic roots and yeah exactly here the average is more 5’8.5-5’9.5
Greg said on 27/Mar/20
@Pov 6’0 is tall dude just because you don’t feel tall at that height doesn’t mean it’s not, the average is 5’9, 3 inches above average is definitely tall you don’t have to tower average height people to feel tall plus not everyone is average so you will have multiple + inches on the majority I know I would love to be 6’0.
AndrewV said on 27/Mar/20
It really depends on how you want to measure tallness, 7cm is roughly a standard deviation from average, so 183cm would be objectively tall at the 84th percentile by that metric. If tallness to you means always standing out from the crowd in a noticeable way, you'd probably have to be a strong 6'2" in that case.

We're specifically talking about non-elderly white men. The average is 5'9" when all age groups and backgrounds are accounted for, so it would make sense that diverse cities like LA or Philly have that average. I grew up in LA and the average is probably around 5'9", if not closer to 5'8" if you're in an area that leans more Hispanic or Asian.
Mark O'Connor said on 27/Mar/20
@AndrewV I agree that the average is around 5'10 for young guys, but I also think that most measurements are taken in the morning, so if you go by evening heights the average is more in the 177 cm range.
Mark O'Connor said on 27/Mar/20
@Rob Do you think that most footballers heights that are in the club's official sites are based on morning measurement like 10-11 am?
Editor Rob
I would say between 9-12 range for most.
pov said on 27/Mar/20
@Glitch he's 21 now turning 22. So he's grown 4cm in last 3 years, which is bizarre compared to how I grew. But I think he's got more of my mums family genetic make up and I have my Dad's. My Dad's family all my male cousins all grew quite early and were somewhat 'tall' in school, and their adult body and structure was already developed at 16/17 to what they are today. Whereas the guys on my mums side they were small/average and had that slim/puppy fat stage for a while and ended up being average/tall and filling out by their early late teens or early twenties.

@sakz true, but I've read a few articles and the general rule of thumb is those who start going through puberty earlier tend to reach their full adult height earlier
JohnMoore-162cm said on 27/Mar/20
@Greg- I think you are slightly taller than James Franco , since I've seen him as 178.5 cm more than 179 cm or 180 cm .
JDB said on 27/Mar/20
@c-mo 176.2cm: Jesus you're negative. Haven't been on this site since like 2018 and i remember you still saying about how you're below average etc. Mate i don't mean to sound rude or anything, but just get on with it. I'm 173cm and yeah of course i would love to be taller, but there comes a point where you just stop caring. I think for the majority of people who visit this site frequently (we all know) it really doesn't help the insecurity of your height (if you have one). People constantly needing validation by other people that their height is good enough like it's a choice we have on how tall we are or can be. I said this before but, it's literally a matter of someone who happens to have longer or shorter bones than you. That's it. Doesn't make them superior, nor better in any way. I know the majority of people on here are okay with just discussing height as a general, hence the name of the forum, but i just wanted to let people know that it's probably better just to stop caring (don't think Rob will mind me saying). There are really a lot more things to life.

I hope you all have a great day.
6'1guy said on 26/Mar/20
Guys lets have a little height question since i'm so bored in quarantine.

You can only be one height, pick these options:

A: 198cm or 6'6
B: 180cm or 5'11
C: 190cm or 6'3
Greg said on 26/Mar/20
@Jonus lol it doesn’t matter I’ve claimed both 5’11 and 5’10, I don’t really care here I say 179cm just because I go with my mid point technically I would be a very weak 5’11 and a very strong 5’10 if we are getting super technical but it doesn’t matter all that much. James Franco is a bit tricky he can seem 5’11-6’0 at times but he can also look barely 5’10 other times. He’s usually close to Rogen in height and I believe Rogen edged him just a small fraction. Also Andrew Garfield looks really tall for a 5’10.5 listed guy. Macklemore used to claim 6’0 I think? But he doesn’t look that tall to me might be just his skinny frame. I think he’s within a fraction of 5’10. Jake Gyllenhaal can look tallish too, but standing next to celebs he doesn’t look anything over 5’10 range, but standing alone I can see why Rob gave him the 5’11.25 listing. There’s a few others. Justin Prentice can even look tallish despite having a heavy frame. I think it all just depends on the situation and person.
Progking said on 26/Mar/20
@BWK that makes sense for afternoon/evening measurements, so around 185 cm+(6'0.75) is definite tall and 182-184 cm is in general tall/tallish around young guys
mrfunnyguy said on 26/Mar/20
To everyone speaking about the correlation between height and growing a beard: I stopped growing at 17, now I'm 20 and still can't grow a beard and look like I'm 16. Is there something wrong with me?
AndrewV said on 26/Mar/20

That's not true, 177cm would be the average for non-Hispanic whites of all ages, including those over 60. The average for those in the 20-39 and 40-59 age group is measured at 177.5cm-178.2cm, so pretty much a solid 5'10": Click Here (page 15)
pov said on 26/Mar/20
Dear anyone who thinks 6 foot is 'tall' in the West,

176cm is average in the UK/US.

183cm is 6 foot.

Measure 7cm down from the top of your scalp.

Tell me do you feel "tall" next to that height?

That proves 6 foot isn't tall enough to be considered 'tall'.

Btw The UK and US are infact one of the shorter countries than many of the other developed countries. Many North, Central, Eastern Europen countries marginally under or a little over 6 foot.
Mark O'Connor said on 26/Mar/20
@K.A 188.4! Pov's brother grew 4 cm from 18, I grew 3cm from 18, only in a longer period, I don't think it's so exceptional, Why do I need to lie on a forum? I just wanted to share my experience, if you don't believe me I don't care.
Canson said on 25/Mar/20
c-mo 176.2cm said on 22/Mar/20
@ AndrewV

again : I was being sarcastic

I always argue against those here who say that 5'10 is above average . it is not . it is solid average while 5'9 is bottom average.

Maybe in the country in which you reside. However in the US esp more populous areas such as Washington DC Los Angeles and Philadelphia where Greg Christian and I reside, it’s more like 5’9”. 5’10” is slightly above average there but maybe that’s not the case where you live
Canson said on 25/Mar/20
Greg said on 24/Mar/20

@Canson Yeah it seems like everyone wants to be taller until they hit like 6’5 or 6’6 maybe. But there’s also cases of people who are almost 7’0 and want to be taller because it’s some kind of god complex they have. I mean the absolute tallest I would be is 6’2 range, 6’0-6’1 is more my ideal range. It’s just genetics is different for everyone and some factors make people shorter/taller.

I think 6’5” Or 6’6” is where that would end. I notice day in and day out that most people who are 6’3” claim 6’5” but you don’t see quite as many 6’5 range guys claim 6’7”. Maybe some 6’6” but really I don’t see the use at that height. Most guys that size are a bit more honest. As for what you were saying to Cmillz, it’s hard to say. I like being tall and being 6’4” personally but because I’m already this height and you raise an interesting point. Why would someone want to be taller when they’re already tall at say 6’2” or 6’3” or 6’1”? That’s what I’ve been saying all along. That’s like me wishing to be 6’7” when I’m a comfortable height.
6'1guy said on 25/Mar/20
Rob out of curiosity, do you guess celebrities at their night heights or morning heights? How many hours after waking up do you guess their heights?
Editor Rob
Not morning, think of height after being up several hours at least.
Sakz said on 25/Mar/20
@pov I wouldn't really pay attention to factors such as when you grew a full beard or had a deep voice, since they don't correlate with height and growth hormones. I didn't keep track of my growth pattern but I was a late bloomer since I went from being one of the shortest in class to suddenly one of the tallest in quite a short period. This was despite the fact that I wasn't able to grow a full beard until I was around 19.

@Mark O'Connor They're rare cases but not impossible. It all depends on genetics.
Jonus said on 25/Mar/20
@Greg Extremely strong 5'10 guy. haha im joking, yeah almost 5'11 guy. Having long proportions definitely helps, you'll look tall in pictures and in real life you'll get guessed taller. Examples of guys who are similar height to you but I used to think they were 6'2 are James Franco in the Spider-Man movies and Macklemore.
Tidus0816 said on 25/Mar/20
I’m sure Rob already has these numbers, but I took the time to count all the flat 5’9 actors listed on the site and counted how many them claimed to be taller than they actually were. It might be off, but I count 95 actors who claimed to be 5’10 or above. Of these, 33 claimed to be at or about 5’11.

It just goes to show that being average tends to rub these people the wrong, or so I think lol.

The 5’11 claim doesn’t make much sense tho. That’s a two inch difference. It’s pretty noticeable.
QM6'1QM said on 25/Mar/20
Hi, Rob, please help me, how tall was Mitch Lucker (188-189 ?!!) if Andy Biersack 6'2 ?
#1: Click Here
#2: Click Here
Bwk said on 25/Mar/20
@AndrewV 5'10" is actually slightly above average even for young Non Hispanic White Americans. The average height for Non Hispanic White males ages 20-39 is 177.0cm a little under 5'10".
Glitch said on 25/Mar/20

What is your brother’s age right now?
JohnMoore-162cm said on 24/Mar/20
Guys , Is it possible to grow half an inch taller at the age of 21 ?
Editor Rob
A minority could still gain some height. The vast majority won't though.
Greg said on 24/Mar/20
Hey Rob Bobby says he is trying to post but none of his comments are going through do you know why this is?
Editor Rob
I just checked and his IP hit the limit of wrong email/name. I reset it, so tell him to clear cookies and try again.
K.A 188.4! said on 24/Mar/20
MARK O'CONNOR said:"I think I stopped growing at 25 "

Lol stop lying. ..
Jonus said on 24/Mar/20
@Kellan are you a girl?
Greg said on 24/Mar/20
@cmillzz what is the purpose of you choosing 5’9 over 6’4? Do you not like being average or something. You just like standing out? I would pick like 6’1-6’2 or something tall but not too tall. No offense to anyone who’s 6’4, it’s not a bad height I just don’t see the point unless you’re a body guard or like a professional sports player.

@Pov I mean at least you guys both made it over 6’0. I was the same as your brother but I got the crappier end of the stick to sort of say. I was a late bloomer my voice was kind of deep but I could not grow a full beard, I still can’t and I’m 24. But I think I stopped growing at 17, I realized my diet, sleep schedule and exercise regime was awful growing up. I also screwed up my back early by carrying a heavy school bag between the ages of 9-16 so it resulted in damaged discs which is why my posture is bad. And I think I might be undermeasuring a bit due to it. But if I gained anything from 17-18 it was probably half an inch at most an inch. Most people stop by 18, very few grow in their 20’s I only know one guy who grew from 19-20 maybe a few inches but he hit the genetic lottery. My final growth spurt might have taken me to a strong 5’11 I feel like. Sleeping 2-3 hours a night really took its toll on me. Fortunately I sorted it out a bit by the time I was like 18. Better late than never.
mrfunnyguy said on 24/Mar/20
@pov It's not even that early to stop growing at 17, it's just that everyone on the internet say that they stopped growing at like 40.
Greg said on 24/Mar/20
@Jonus Almost 5’11 guy but yeah, I knew what you meant. I think I stunted my growth slightly (should have ended up 5’11-6’0) they are like 41.5-42 inches in length (my arm span is 6’2) so I definitely have longer than average proportions for my height. It’s not a bad thing it often makes people guess me to be taller than I am.

@Canson Yeah it seems like everyone wants to be taller until they hit like 6’5 or 6’6 maybe. But there’s also cases of people who are almost 7’0 and want to be taller because it’s some kind of god complex they have. I mean the absolute tallest I would be is 6’2 range, 6’0-6’1 is more my ideal range. It’s just genetics is different for everyone and some factors make people shorter/taller.
AndrewV said on 24/Mar/20
@c-mo 176.2cm

I basically agree with that chart if we're talking about young and middle aged men of European descent. I'm about 6'0.5" in the evening and around White Americans in my age group I feel I'm on the borderline between above average and tall. I still feel tall in general though when I'm in a more diverse area.
Canson said on 23/Mar/20
@Greg: you’re a bit more realistic though. I hear people say that they wish they were taller at 6’1 or even 5’10/5’11 your size. Not saying Bobby isn’t grateful because I know he is but I am Also thankful day in and day out that I didn’t grow past 6’4” and not to something like 6’6 or 6’7”.
Kellan said on 23/Mar/20
In 7th grade a nurse said I might end up being 6’3” scary. Luckily I stopped at 6’0. I used to have bad dream about being too tall.
Mark O'Connor said on 23/Mar/20
I think I stopped growing now at 25 and I know other people that grew in their early 20s, I think it's even rarer to stop at 13/14 y.o like Rob than at 25
Jonus said on 23/Mar/20
@greg holy sh*t. 42inch legs for a 5'10 guy is f***ing long. im borderline 6'2 (187cm) and I have 42 inch legs and even I think they're too long for my height haha
c-mo 176.2cm said on 22/Mar/20
@ AndrewV

again : I was being sarcastic

I always argue against those here who say that 5'10 is above average . it is not . it is solid average while 5'9 is bottom average but still medium . some people talk as if 5'9 is shortish and then boom 5'10 is above average . yes there is some difference between 5'9 and 5'10 and 5'10 is a more preferable height since it is more "solid" and that extra inch makes it more comfortable to date 5'6-5'7 women in heels . but still 5'9 and 5'10 are both medium heights and similar to each other

5'11 would be the high average . I consider 5'9 - 5'11 to be the medium range because for non elderly european men the average is roughly 5'10 and most of us live in europe or are of european descend. so 1 inch above and below 5'10 would make the average range. I am originally from turkey (I am kurdish) and in turkey average is roughly 176cm for young men if I am not wrong . other west asian countries like Georgia , Lebanon etc. are similar . so not far from many european averages

above average = 6'0

tall = 6'1 - 6'3

below average = 5'8

short = 5'5 - 5'7 . even though 5'7 is not that short tbh

I am 178.3-4cm fresh out of bed but fall to 177.3cm quickly . 177cm after being 1-2cm awake . 176.2cm after being 5-6 hours awake but it depends on activity . 175.9 - 176cm in the late afternoon-evening . on very hard days I can fall to 175.7cm but in general I can hold roughly 176cm or a hair under

I consider my height to be on the lower side of medium for europe . but sometimes I can feel a little above average too ...but rarely . I like my height . I really do . but I wish I was 180-183cm . 184-185cm would be nice too if I could keep my current proportions/body constituion . but I wouldnt choose anything above 185cm (but I would rather be above 185cm than below my current height) for some reason I like 180cm a lot lol . it is my favorite height . it is the most "handsome" height imo .
Canson said on 22/Mar/20
@Christian: I’m sure once your cousin actually gets your height if he ever does, or especially taller, will regret it. Not saying you’re a bad height but much above your height is a bit too much. Like 6’7” plus. He would wish he were 6’ again I’m sure
pov said on 22/Mar/20
When did you guys finish puberty / stop growing?
I'm 23 and 184cm (6'0.5) (most of the day). I stopped growing at 17, I could even grow a full beard by 17, and my voice broke around 13. But my younger brother is the complete opposite, late bloomer, his voice didn't break till like 16, and he's 21 and he still can't grow a beard, smooth skin and baby face. I measured my brother when he was 18 and he was 182cm (5'11.5). So I was over the moon I was the taller one, I thought he had also stopped growing as I stopped by 17, even though I knew he started puberty later. I measured him today because he kept saying he was taller than me, and he came out as 186cm! (6'1.5) He grew 4cm after 18?! Whereas I was fully grown by 17. Weird thing genetics..
cmillz said on 22/Mar/20
If I had to choose between 5’9 and 6’4 though, I’d probably take 6’4.
cmillz said on 22/Mar/20
Many people will think a legit 5’9 guy is 5’10 or even 5’11 IRL.
Greg said on 22/Mar/20
@Sakz basically 5’10.5-6’2.5 would be decent, it goes tallish, getting into tall range, then comfortably tall and very tall beginning of stand out. Most heights close to that aren’t that bad either.

@Christian Yeah my legs and arms are extremely long for my height as well it has some set backs, but can be nice when you need to reach something. I usually have trouble with leg room too, but my legs are like 42 inches I believe so quite long for a guy my height.
Greg said on 22/Mar/20
@Canson while you might be right the grass is always greener on the other side. It’s not that Bobby, or you or me aren’t grateful; but everyone has their ideal height be it shorter or taller than reality. Hell I wish I didn’t stunt my growth a little bit I could have probably gained another inch or two would have been nice. I feel like majority of people fall in that category and the other percentage doesn’t care. Being taller is cool sometimes only to an extent you don’t to be a walking sky scraper at least most people don’t.
mrfunnyguy said on 22/Mar/20
I haven't like one single time seen someone say on the internet that they stopped growing at 17 or 18. Why do everyone online stop growing at 25?
zaq said on 22/Mar/20
Rob is that u in this commercial ?

Click Here

Click Here
Editor Rob
Yeah, whoever uppertall is, just threw some random clips into their montage, including a couple of small clips from my shoe lift video.

£17.99 for a pair of lifts that cost less than 2 dollars wholesale from Alibaba suppliers is a helluva mark-up!
AndrewV said on 21/Mar/20
c-mo was likely being facetious.

Both 5'9" and 5'10" are very average heights in the US. 5'9" is the broad average for all ages and ethnic groups (5'9.5" for young guys) while 5'10" is the average for non-Hispanic white adults under 60 years old. No one would ever look at a 5'10" guy and regard them as "tall" or "tallish" unless you're in a non-Western country or live among Asians or Latinos, it's at most 1 inch above average height which is only 60th percentile.
Nik said on 20/Mar/20
@ Hanov - Thanks! How tall are you?
Canson said on 20/Mar/20
@Bobby: Always be grateful for what you have. You’re about 5’10” now and are above average. Pulling off 5’10 flat isn’t an issue for you most likely. But wanting more would always be tricky. Some say they wish to be taller and end up a height like 6’6 or above and then unhappy or even in some cases some say 6’3 and 6’4 are too tall and that 6’2 is the cutoff
Canson said on 20/Mar/20
@Greg: You got me. I wonder if they measure with hair up or longer and some nurses only measure to the top of their hair. I’m sure a fair amount claim hair. I get people who claim 6’3” for example and are well over 1” shorter than me. More like 2” plus then 6’2 guys who claim 6’4@
cmillz said on 20/Mar/20
I am being sarcastic . some people on this site talk as if what I said is the case . they act as if 5'10 is above average but 5'9 is shortish . it is annoying

Other than that Khaled Taban troll (or whatever his name is), who else has said this? Both 5’9 and 5’10 are heights within the average range in my book.
JohnMoore-162cm said on 20/Mar/20
c-mo 176.2cm-
Neither one is true , actually both 5ft9 & 5ft10 are statistically average. 5 ft 10 is just very slightly taller than the young males & It's almost a full inch taller than males of all ages and all ethnicities , I am talking about the United States.
No one is going to call you tall at 5ft10 , maybe tallish on some occasions but not generally tallish.
The most important is this , no one is going to call you shortish at 5ft9 , I've never ever heard anyone call 5ft9 shortish, sometimes 5ft8 yeah , definitely not 5ft9.
Sakz said on 20/Mar/20
@Progking I agree with that range. If I'm narrowing it down even more I would say 5'11-6'2 as that takes you from tallish to solid tall. Anywhere in that range is ideal enough and doesn't come with day to day disadvantages.
Mark O' Connor said on 20/Mar/20
19 y.o: 184-186 cm
20 y.o: 184.5-186.5 cm
21 y.o: 184.5-186.5 cm
22 y.o: 184.5-186.5 cm
23 y.o: 185.5-187.5 cm
24 y.o: 186-188cm
25 y.o: 187-189 cm

Of course these are the ranges and I didn't put the exact mm.
Greg said on 19/Mar/20
@Canson I’ve witnessed it many times or they will be just over 6’0 and claim 6’2 I really question where they are getting these claims from sometimes.
Luca said on 19/Mar/20
Rob, is it correct to say that, except extreme haircut like afro or stuff like that, if you have a quite thin hair,even if quite long, and if you use the aerosol can method, pressing them accurately down, in the height measuring the presence of hair is negligible? So In those conditions your actual height and your bald height is basically the same?
Editor Rob
Yes, it's going to be not even half a mm using a smaller surface area like a can.
cmillz said on 18/Mar/20
c-mo was being sarcastic, but an inch can make more of a difference than you might think. Obviously not the difference between short and tallish though.
Poster said on 18/Mar/20
@Bobby: I'm sure that c-mo was joking. His point might have been that it's weird to cut off height categories like that. I think that he was agreeing with you in a humorous way. I may or may not be wrong, but that's my take on it.
Becko11x said on 18/Mar/20
Hey @Rob, can you help me please, How tall do you think the guy from the left is, if the guy from the right is 194cm.
Click Here
Editor Rob
Could be in 188cm range
c-mo 176.2cm said on 18/Mar/20
@ Bobby

@ 6footTom

I am being sarcastic . some people on this site talk as if what I said is the case . they act as if 5'10 is above average but 5'9 is shortish . it is annoying
Hanov said on 18/Mar/20

It's my surname
Progking said on 18/Mar/20
@Bobby 1.78 6'1.5 i feel is the ideal tall height. I am 6'0/183 cm at night, 6'1 morning, but during the day i do reach 6'1.5 range in shoes, so i think i did good enough. However I always thought that 6'1.5 barefoot or 6'2 is the best height to be tall but not too tall to standout a lot. I would say 5'11-6'3 is a solid range(5'11 is underrated!)
AndrewV said on 18/Mar/20

I strongly doubt that, Black Americans are also of West African descent (with significant NW European admixture) and at 177cm the young guys average about 1cm shorter than young White Americans.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 18/Mar/20
I guess everyone has different preferences when it comes to height, whether it's their own height or a partner's. I have a 6'0" cousin whose ideal is to be at least my height, if not, taller. I asked him why, and he said that he likes the feeling of standing out and towering over nearly everyone.

How can 5'9" be short, yet 5'10" be only "tallish"?

You have pretty long legs for your height, so maybe that's why your legs feel cramped in an airplane seat. My dad's around an inch taller than you, but he has little trouble when it comes to airplane seats, but then again, his legs are average. For me, it's bad, so much so that sometimes I even have to fly economy plus/premium class, which is basically economy, but with added legroom.
Glitch said on 18/Mar/20
@Mark O’ Connor

Can you please describe your growth chart from 19-25 age wise
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 17/Mar/20
@ Nik, Emil and everyone else, In 'South Park', they said, "Xxxy poop on a stick!"
I won't write it out fully - it's blamphemous. But it's still doesn't stop the grinning....🙊
Bobby 1.78m (5'10) said on 17/Mar/20

Mate, that makes no sense whatsoever. How can one inch make such a difference in your self-perception of height? Being 5'10 isn't that much taller than being 5'9, it won't stick out too much and most people may not even be able to spot that inch difference either. Now, if you compared 5'8 to 5'10, then that'd be a good bit of difference.
Bobby 1.78m (5'10) said on 17/Mar/20

For me, I would be satisfied with a minimum of 6'0 or a maximum of 6'3. So, something like 6'2 would be good enough. I don't like to stand out myself, but being comfortably taller than above average height men (5'10-5'11) would be nice. I'd say you gotta be a minimum of 6'2 to be one of the tallest guys in any sort of social situation but you won't stand out so much that people are going to be asking you about your height. You may get the occasional few looks or be referred to as "that tall guy" but it won't be like if you were 6'4 or even 6'5 where people will notice you far more often. Even a 6'0 guy won't get too many looks because he doesn't stick out but if you measure him against an average height guy (5'9) you'll realize how tall he actually is. So, if I had a genie in the lamp scenario like Aladdin, I would wish to grow about 4 inches and then plateau at 6'2 and I would be satisfied with that height, but no more than 6'3.25 personally. Even at 5'10 range myself, there are times in airplanes where I can feel cramped if the person in front of me reclines their chair all the way back and then I have no legroom. So, I can't imagine the kind of discomfort I'd have if I were substantially above 6'3.
AndrewV said on 17/Mar/20

The CDC's anthropometric data was collected based on mostly barefoot measurements rounded to the nearest 0.1cm with a stadiometer. The few participants who refused to remove footwear had their heel height measured and subtracted from their measured height. Here's the full methodology guideline: Click Here

The data is collected by medical professionals in a mobile examination center, they essentially travel around the country taking measurements of people in order to create a nationally representative sample. Although there is no indication of what time these measurements are taken, it's likely anywhere from late morning to late afternoon which is the time range that most people go to the doctor's office. Even accounting for morning measurements, a large part of your morning height is gone within a few minutes anyway.

Direct link to the reference data (height starts at page 11): Click Here
6footTom said on 17/Mar/20

How on Earth does one inch make the difference between short and tallish???
pov said on 17/Mar/20
I'd say the average young black male is a strong 5'11 in the UK. (181-182cm) You see this especially in especially 2nd and 3rd generation African immigrants (Nigerian, Gambian, Ghanaian) are much taller than their parents due to better nutrition and fulfilling their genetic potential. We are now seeing Young blacks being taller than young whites in the same conditions.
Canson said on 17/Mar/20
@Christian and Jdubbz: I agree with Christian about standing out. I wouldn’t want to either. I do at 6’4 but not as bad as I would at 6’6 or more
Canson said on 17/Mar/20
Greg said on 15/Mar/20
@Canson Well any guy who is between 5’10-5’11 probably gets inflated to 6’0 or close about. A legit 5’11 or like an almost 6’0 guy can probably get that, I just see a lot of 5’11.5ish guys claim 6’1, don’t remember the last time I heard a guy claim 6’1 and actually be it or close to the mark maybe I just know a lot of inflators.

Sounds about right. A lot of guys in that range claim 6’1”
Jdubbz said on 17/Mar/20
@Christian: I definitely don't disagree that there are more drawbacks to being 6'5-6'6 than 6'2-6'3. I mentioned in my comment that my quality of life hasn't really changed, but obviously there are still some differences between heights in that large range. For me, those differences are: inseam went from 34 to 37", small sedans became a bit more cramped, and airplanes suck even more. Idk man. It's not that hard to find 36-38" pants online, and I fly maybe once every other year. The only real downside for me is lack of legroom in smaller sedans, and its really not that big of a deal imo. I guess some folks around our size struggle with doorframes, but mine are 205cm, so even in the morning + thick shoes, I still have an inch or so of clearance. Not a problem. To me, an extra 3" of height a little bit more comfort in a few aspects of daily life.

Funny enough, the reason that you like 6'2.5 is exactly why it's not my ideal height. For me, it would kinda suck to be almost very tall but not really there yet. I remember back when I was 6'3, I kept hoping for more growth. I never feel that way these days lol. I'm sure 6'2.5 is a better height than 6'5.5 for the average joe, but definitely not for me. I'm very happy with it, and I honestly wouldn't mind being any height up to 200cm.
Nik said on 16/Mar/20
@ EH - You are a wise poster and I respect you a lot! 😀👌
Nik said on 16/Mar/20
@ Emil - I like your holy moly!
Nik Ashton said on 16/Mar/20
@ Comment95 - I like your name! How tall are you?
Comment95 said on 16/Mar/20
@AndrewV what you linked about CDC stats.. people height was measured in the afternoon, morning, or evening? were they in shoes?
c-mo176.2cm said on 16/Mar/20

5'9 is short . and 5'10 is tallish
Mark O' Connor said on 16/Mar/20
I am courious what range will you give to Ronaldo in cms? and to Bonucci? Will Ronaldo be shorter than me( I'm 189/187 range) And Bonucci a bit taller than me or not?
Greg said on 15/Mar/20
@Canson Well any guy who is between 5’10-5’11 probably gets inflated to 6’0 or close about. A legit 5’11 or like an almost 6’0 guy can probably get that, I just see a lot of 5’11.5ish guys claim 6’1, don’t remember the last time I heard a guy claim 6’1 and actually be it or close to the mark maybe I just know a lot of inflators.
Greg said on 15/Mar/20
@Bwk I’ve just heard both 6’0.5 and 6’1, a half inch is meaningless either way. There’s people saying they average 6’0 and 6’1, both of which are not the actual average I will say.

@Progking Yeah idk too many guys who are 5’10/5’11 out of like people that I personally know I mean I’m trying to think right now I can only think of like 3 or 4 guys who are in the 5’11, range and maybe 2 or 3 who are at least 5’10 range. Not that it’s a rare height but amongst my friend group they are either taller or shorter.
Greg said on 15/Mar/20
@Mrfunnyguy, I don’t need to scroll I remember that photo exactly and it didn’t prove anything, make a measurement video that’s legit and official and maybe then we will believe you. That’s the worst photo for showing height.
Greg said on 15/Mar/20
@Trigueros 5’9.5, Yeah exactly I agree with you most guys that think 5’9 is short are actually thinking of 5’7.5 or something and even then that’s just a bit below average not nearly enough to be short range which I think starts at 5’6 for Men. As for your height of almost 5’10, I’m guessing you’re 5’9.5 evening right? So you wake up at 5’10.25, you would be just about average in most places if not slightly above it like a fraction. I’ve personally never heard a 5’9 guy get called short in person, but I’ve had a few 5’8 range friends say they felt short In like a U.S Bar setting, although there weren’t that many taller people present. Tall people are not really that common; but not uncommon if that makes sense lol. Idk what Khaleds issue is, and we are all obsessed with height to an extent hence us being active on this forum.
Nik Ashton said on 15/Mar/20
@ Hanov - I like your name!
JohnMoore-162cm said on 15/Mar/20
5ft7 guys , try being 5ft5 or 5ft4 and then come talk about short.
Respect my feelings , I'm only 5'4"
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 15/Mar/20
I don't have the type of anxiety you mentioned, but I personally don't really care for standing out in crowds. That's one of the reasons why my ideal is 6'2.5", because while it's tall, it's not quite a stand out height. I know you might disagree, but I feel that there are more drawbacks to being in the 6'5"-6'6" range, than being 6'2"-6'3". The ego of towering over people isn't enough to trump the negatives of finding clothes and fitting in car/airplane seats, for me.
K.A 188.4! said on 14/Mar/20
SAID "6ft7 end of normal person"

Lol @ HANOV what makes you think that a 6ft7 person isn't normal ?
Nik said on 14/Mar/20
@ Sean william Winter - Most people aren't big, it's more common for people to be average or short! 😀👌
Nik said on 14/Mar/20
@ Greg - You provided the 4343 rd comment on this page!
Jdubbz said on 14/Mar/20

I'd apply everything he said about 6'4-6'4.5 to our height as well.
Jdubbz said on 14/Mar/20

You may not gain many benefits from being 6'5+ over 6'4, but there aren't any major drawbacks either. Yes it may be marginally tougher to find clothing, fit in vehicles, etc. but you're already getting all those problems at any height above 6'2. I've been 6'2+ for 5 years now, and the only difference in that range is that I need to buy pants online now, whereas I could fit in 34" inseam when i was 6'2. As far as standing out goes, that's different for everyone. I hated standing out when I was 18 and about 6'3, since I had a pretty bad case of social anxiety. Now I love it. Obviously I stand out even more than I did at 6'3, but if anything it's more enjoyable now. It feels good to be the biggest guy around in most places. It might sound unappealing to a guy who hasn't experienced it, but standing out absolutely isn't a bad thing imo.
Trigueros-5ft9.5 said on 14/Mar/20
Generally , people who see 5'9" guys as short are basically ignorant of height statics.
5'9" is a very average height , I am not much taller (only half an inch taller) and I've rarely felt "short", yes sometimes I do feel short but I know I am around really tall people.
you can't generalize what khaled taban has said over millions of 5'9" guys in the United States and even in the whole world.
After all , He was obsessed with height , he admitted it himself. In fact , he isn't short , he just wants to be tall . If you are 5'9", why would you date a 5'10" girl and then feel bad about it? that's what I haven't understood yet !
Progking said on 14/Mar/20
@Greg i was 5'11 range at 16 and certainly felt tallish, i was surprised that i was one of the tallest in my classes in grade 10 and 11. It is probably the most underrated height. I kind of thought i would grow to 6'1-6'2 but 6'0-6'0.25 evening isnt bad either
Luca said on 14/Mar/20
Rob, I noticed that my out of bed height can vary a lot. After a range of 8-11 hours out of bed my height can vary from a minimum of 190.2 cm (8 hrs) to a maximum of about 190.9 cm (10 or 11 hours).
Apart from a few hours more of sleep, how is it explainable such a big difference? Sleeping posture, hydration level etc or what? If so, what is the optimal sleeping posture to get the maximum out of bed height?
Editor Rob
That's a decent variation, I've never got anywhere like that variation, but then my spine isn't as long, nor as young as yours!
Canson said on 14/Mar/20
@John124: I agree with Christian. I probably would’ve said 6’4-6’5, 6’5-6’6, or 6’4-6’6 range. As for 6’6 and 6’7 I agree I would have to take 6’6” over 6’7” but I don’t see any benefit at either height. I think the benefits begin to diminish around Christian’s or Jdubbz’s height 6’5-6’6 range. And I say that because I’m in the 6’4-6’4.5 range and I don’t find it bad but it can become inconvenient when shopping for clothes at times and airplanes can be a challenge on occasion.
Canson said on 14/Mar/20
@John124: I agree with Christian. I probably would’ve said 6’4-6’5, 6’5-6’6, or 6’4-6’6 range As for 6’6 and 6’7 I agree I would have to take 6’6” over 6’7” but I don’t see any benefit at either height. I think the benefits begin to diminish around Christian’s or Jdubbz’s height 6’5-6’6 range. And I say that because I’m in the 6’4-6’4.5 range and I don’t find it bad but it can become inconvenient when shopping for clothes at times and airplanes can be a challenge on occasion.
Canson said on 14/Mar/20
@Greg: imho that devalues 5’11 agreed. a legit 5’11” (someone who measures a flat 5’11 or 5’10 7/8-5’11 1/8” in the afternoon) often gets guessed at 6’0” so once You’re into a strong 5’11 range 5’11.2-.5 you’re as good as 6’1” lol
Sakz said on 14/Mar/20
@cmillz I think that's more from a personal standpoint. Even for me personally it would be too tall simply because it brings additional negatives without any real positives, but from an overall perspective it's 'very tall' yet perfectly manageable.
mrfunnyguy said on 14/Mar/20
@Greg Dude, scroll down to 8th of Mars here on this page, where I uploaded a photo of me standing next to a refrigerator that I measured as 185cm in a video I uploaded too, if you don't that I'm 6'1.
Mark O' Connor said on 14/Mar/20
Bwk said on 14/Mar/20
@Greg Wikipedia says the average height for The Dinaric Alps is 6'1" or 185cm not 6'0.5"
Luca said on 13/Mar/20
@cristi mate, you're a big dude too! My out of bed height is about 0,5 cm over yours, while my evening low height is a couple of mms over yours! If I Don t ask you too much, could you post your pics with those two players, if you got them? Even with your censored face, and just the tip of your head visible should be perfect. I would really appreciate if you did it, cause I am a huge Cristiano fan and I Don t dislike bonucci too, and I would be curious to meet them and also compare their height too mine. However since I live in South italy I will hardly ever meet them, so it would be nice to see them next to someone basically my height.
In addition to That,so are you Italian too? Have you ever met any other Italian vips? (don t worry, I won't ask other pictures about them ahah)
Greg said on 13/Mar/20
@Sean 5’11 is a great height, it’s only meh because of those 5’8-5’9 range guys claiming it that most people think it’s short. Same with most heights on average I bet people wouldn’t be able to tell legit from not legit. By the way how much did you get your 720s for? And how are they I’ve been wanting to grab a pair and never got around. I think you’re paying attention to the taller people. A 5’11 guy is tallish and above average about 70th range percentile. 6’0 women are rare though, I saw a 6’2.5-6’3 guy last night but he had boots on so wasn’t sure how much they added he could have been about 6’4ish with them on. I think there’s also a girl in my class who seems close to my height like 5’10/5’11 but that’s very tall for a girl you can walk around for months and not see a woman that tall.
Greg said on 13/Mar/20
@Sean William Winter 5’10 isn’t average or a boring height, in most places it is above the average. Now if by “boring” you mean you want to stand out then you would have to be a minimum of 6’4 or taller, probably 6’7 if you want to get glares from folks and have your height asked every minute of the hour. There’s no such thing as an exciting height, sure 6’1-6’2 might be ideal but who’s to say you wouldn’t be bored at that height? Theoretically speaking you have to look at it from both ways, I think Mr.Funnyguy is likely not what he claims, also remember “French guy” they type similarly and also express similar concerns I am beginning to detect a pattern here regarding on how he posts. There’s no way obviously 6’0 or 6’1 is below average. He is trolling to get attention, it’s sad really.
Angle said on 13/Mar/20
So my morning height is 179.2cm and my absolute lowest is 177.2cm, is it fair for me to claim 178cm (5'10")? For the first 4-5 Hours of the day i'm around 178 but dip below late afternoon/evening.

Would i be a typical 5'10 listing on here?
QM6'1QM said on 13/Mar/20
Rob, please help me, one question to you: how tall is Tony Iommi and Brad Wilk if Bill Burr 177 cm and Mark Maron 5'9: Click Here
Two: Click Here
Editor Rob
Brad might be taller than Tony, maybe over 5ft 10
Mark O'Connor said on 13/Mar/20
@Rob I don't know in the last 3,4 days I constantly measure 189 cm range out of bed and 187 cm range before bed with the stadiometer, last month my range was 188.5 and 186.5. Last year I measured 187.5 out of bed and 185.5 at a low. Is possible I gained the last cms even if I just turned 25? I had a constant and slow growth through the years. What is your opinion?
Editor Rob
If you are using the same methods, then it would seem you may well have grown.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 13/Mar/20
In which categroy does that leave 6'5" then? You covered every tall height except 6'5".
cmillz said on 12/Mar/20
what height do you claim these days?
Nik said on 12/Mar/20
In my opinion all male and female heights are super cool! 👌
cmillz said on 12/Mar/20
lol at describing 6’4 as “too tall”
Nik Ashton said on 12/Mar/20
@ Sean - Good idea!
Nik Ashton said on 12/Mar/20
@ xyounge - How tall are you?
Nik Ashton said on 12/Mar/20
@ Cristi - He would feel like a mini giant where I live!
Nik Ashton said on 12/Mar/20
@ The destroyer - How tall are you?
Nik Ashton said on 12/Mar/20
@ Hanov - How tall are you?
Bego said on 12/Mar/20
@Mark O' Connor Where have you been in Dinaric Alps?
Cristi said on 12/Mar/20
@xyounge You just lie, there is no need to do that. Simple as that, at 188cm in Sweden you will be solid tall, even when you are with ethnical young Swedish guys....... Stop lying just to get attention.

I've never said I visited all universities in Sweden, but I've spent a lot of time in that country and I never felt bellow average like mrfunnyguy said. Not even average. I felt Solid tall. Taller than 8/10 persons.
Sean william Winter said on 12/Mar/20
5'10 such a boring hieght. id be 6'1 6'2 anyday of the week. mr funnyguy il swap with you.
Sean william Winter said on 12/Mar/20
mrfunny guy i belive you 6'1 godamm perfct hieght 3 inches taller than me. id love to be 185 cm. i feel to average at 180 cm.
Greg said on 12/Mar/20
@Jdubbz It was an over exaggeration and I feel like that person was extremely bias towards really tall heights. I just personally would not want to stand out like a 6’5-6’6 guy, I think at the absolute most I could handle being 6’3 with the right build, just wouldn’t want to be lanky as it’s a pain being stick and bones. I suppose if someone made me 6’5 it wouldn’t be the end of the world just hard to get used too. I wouldn’t even mind people asking me my height it’s just when I’m walking in a crowd I kind of would want to blend in. 6’1-6’2 kind of let’s you be tall without sticking out too much in most places. My height is ok I think the 5’10-5’11 range is nothing too special but it’s decent with the right proportions. Yeah everyone’s different though.
Greg said on 12/Mar/20
@Mark O’Connor “Seemed” and what the average actually “is” are two totally different things. I know according to Wikipedia they say it’s “6’0.5” or 184cm but I personally think it would be closer to 6’0, like maybe 5’11.5-5’11.75ish give or take. Usually averages are a little bit off from what people say they are. I know they are quite tall over there but the average also gets brought down by immigrants. Plus a 6’0 average doesn’t sound plausible. I would wager more towards 5’11.5 than 6’1.
Sean william Winter said on 12/Mar/20
5'11 is a meh hieght. i over 5'10 but with nike 720s i am pretty much 6ft even and i do not feel tal. maybe slight above average. today i saw a guy 6'2 6'3 he looked pretty big. saw a women who was easily 6ft. one guy at tesco who was 6'1 at least. everyone is big.
Cristi said on 12/Mar/20

It depends how much I sleep per night. The maximum height was 190.3, but that happened when I slept like a horse, like 14 hours in a day. If I sleep like 8h/night I wake up at 189,5-190, it really depends.
In afternoon I am usually 188.8-189cm barefoot and I drop to 188,1 in late evening.

I've met Cristiano Ronaldo, Rob listed him perfectly, I was almost 2 inches taller than him and we had similar footwear.

Also, I've met Bonucci, I was a bit taller than him, He looks taller than 6'2 because he is very skinny. I thought he is taller.

Here, a photo for refference. This guy is beside me is 168cm : Click Here

And this guy 182-183cm : Click Here
RiNTH 176 said on 12/Mar/20
Hey community!
Can you help me with Johnny Edlind Height? He is listed at 177,178,180 on websites and he claimed to be 5’11, but I think he isn’t taller than 176. There are some photos with him and other celebrities
Click Here
RiNTH 176 said on 12/Mar/20
I want your opinion about @Johnnyedlind height. He is a very popular model from Sweeden, and he is ranked at 178 on website, but recently I found him ranked at 180, he complain to be 181, but for me he isn't taller than 176...
xyounge said on 12/Mar/20
@mrfunnyguy Like I said, they only believe their own illusion.They don't know different age groups/regions/cities/communities have different heights.
xyounge said on 12/Mar/20
@Cristi Have you visited each school/college/uni in Sweden? If not, don't claim I overstated, perhaps you are the one who understated younger generation's hegiht.
Ezequiel said on 11/Mar/20
Hey Rob, is there a reason you don’t put 1/2 measurements on a higher inch when you do 3/4 measurements? ( i.e 5’11 1/2 on 5’11 exclusively but 5’11 3/4 on 6 feet).

Also, for the 5’6- 5’9 people here, has anybody actually called you short?
Nik Ashton said on 11/Mar/20
@ The destroyer - I agree!
Nik Ashton said on 11/Mar/20
@ Battery6565 - I like your name!

How tall are you?
Mark O' Connor said on 11/Mar/20
@Greg I've been to the Dinaric alps and people there are really tall, the average seemed at least 6'1, and so the start of tall at around 6'4 I guess. Loads of people between 6'1/6'5
Hanov said on 11/Mar/20
6'3 very tall
6'4 too tall
6'5 huge
6'6 semigiant
6'7 end of "normal" person
6'8 legit giant
Canson said on 11/Mar/20
Bobby 178cm said on 8/Mar/20

I don't think it's necessarily a quality of life issue but rather about the benefits that you gain from one height versus another. Even Canson who is accustomed to being 6'4 doesn't see any practical benefits that you can gain beyond 6'2. I personally wouldn't go above 6'3 but only because I don't want to massively standout even though 6'3 stands out even more so than 6'2 does.

@Bobby: yea in terms of practicality but I can say that at any height really. A guy who is 6’ flat may not have the tall stature of a 6’2 or 6’3” guy but isn’t by any means disadvantaged. It’s all about looks at that point. However, I don’t feel that 6’2 or 6’3” is a height where you really have issues either. I would still take 6’4” afternoon height over any other height including 6’3 or 6’2”. Then, I would go with 6’3 then 6’2 right behind it. 6’5 is probably next after 6’2”.
Luca said on 11/Mar/20
@cristi and what's your usual out of bed height? I've also read that you've met several football players... Who did you meet in particular ? How was their height in relation to yours?
Battery6565 said on 10/Mar/20
Have you considered a visit to Madame Tussauds?

I think it will be good if you do that and take pictures and see how you measure against the celebrity statues as they're pretty much the same as the real people and you will have a better idea of the celebrities' heights who normal people are less likely to see in person at a convention or something.

Example: The Rock, Donald Trump, Einstein, The Royals, The Bollywood actors, athletes, singers and much much more.

I 100% think you should consider it.
Jdubbz said on 10/Mar/20
@Greg: Nah I get that it can be inconvenient. I personally haven't had many issues aside from cars and airplanes, but many tall guys who live in more cramped areas probably hate their height. I don't consider 6'5+ to be ideal by any means, but saying it's horrifying is taking it a bit too far. I agree that 6'2.5-6'3 is generally the limit at which you avoid most of the tall problems. That's a very nice height, but so is your 5'10.5.
Greg said on 9/Mar/20
@Canson I know right? 😂 to be fair in the 6’2.5ish guys defense we measured him roughly using the Jake Gyllenhaal method so room for error might have been like a fraction or so. If we did Can against the wall or stadiometer properly it would have been more accurate. and I have no idea why they don’t own up to it, well it’s not that he refuses to get measured but he refuses to properly measure the closest he’s done is send a photo of him next to a bent tape measure that doesn’t even show his entire body. But it showed him a bit over the 5’9 mark. I believe I shared the photo here before, he tried to say “ oh I am 5’11” maybe 5’10.5” at worst and he’s not even that height in shoes unless he’s wearing a CAT boot he could probably reach 5’11 range in those. I think he would have about an inch and change on a guy like Rob but then again he would try to guess Rob at 5’10. I think we are supposed to measure and compare to show I’m taller but he rarely leaves his house so that’s an issue. I bet majority of my friends wouldn’t even agree to a Jake G style measurement.
The destroyer said on 9/Mar/20
Ideal height here in the UK or in the US is 182cm to 184cm, comfortably taller than average height around 176cm, 185cm + is when you start looking lanky etc
The destroyer said on 9/Mar/20
In the UK and the US 182cm is the start of tall
Canson said on 9/Mar/20
@Jdubbz: I agree. I meant more 200cm than just 6’6.5”. I said 6’6.5 just because i go by afternoon heights so that’s kinda the ceiling for it but I think you’re right maybe 6’6.75”. At your height tho 197cm you’re on the upper end of very tall. If I had to choose A cap for practicality and comfort it’s around where you and Christian sit.

@Greg and Jdubbz: I don’t see 6’5” flat as a bad height as I’m that out of bed. It’s not anything terrible so Jdubbz is probably right but I will say that the more you move over 6’5” the worse it gets. I could see an argument that 6’5 6’5.5 but 6’5.5 6’6” for sure. But in my case I only measure that for a few minutes in the morning so I don’t know the full extent of always being it. I certainly don’t see it at 6’4.25” and Jdubbz at 6’5.5 doesn’t
Mark O' Connor said on 9/Mar/20
@Cristi Now measuring with a stadiometer I get 186.5 low and you are 187.5-188 low height right? I think you don't need to go that far to feel towerg at your height, as I feel towering at my height in some occasions...
Mark O' Connor said on 9/Mar/20
@Cristi Now measuring with a stadiometer I get 186.5 low and you are 187.5-188 low height right? I think you don't need to go that far to feel towerg at your height, as I feel towering at my height in some occasions...
Mark O' Connor said on 9/Mar/20
@AndrewV Yeah I agree, I would only put the average for young guys a bit lower, like 176/7 low height, so no big deal :)
Mark O' Connor said on 9/Mar/20
@Greg I live in the north of Italy in the Alps, and the average is taller than in the rest of Italy.. maybe around 5'9.5, while in a lot of places in the country is around 5'8.5 or something like that. I agree with what you said and yes your height is above average imo. I would still classify 6 feet as tall, when I was that height I felt taller than at least 80% of people. I said that can be viewed as a height between above average and tall because you're taller than most people but not by a big margin.
mrfunnyguy said on 9/Mar/20
@Cristi I'm about 187.5cm in the morning and about 185.5cm in the evening.
Canson said on 9/Mar/20
Jdubbz said on 7/Mar/20
What exactly is "horrifying" about being 6'5 or taller? Idk if you guys are trolling or just being hyperbolic, but this is just ridiculous. I've been every height between 5'7 and 6'5 1/2 in the past 10 years, and my quality of life has not changed at all. Please don't assume that you know what it's like to be very tall when you're not. It's honestly quite insulting.

@Jdubbz: right nothing is horrifying about it. It’s funny I was just asked on JJ Watt’s page why do I and my friends round down? Meaning me at 6’4.25 why do I round that down to 6’4? And I guess why does my 6’5.25 friend round down to 6’5? Meaning the heights we are closest to for the majority of the day (9 out of 16 hours). So, You get comments like what you just responded to which go both ways in terms of taller and shorter, and what I see on occasion and they are some of the dumbest ones you can possibly find and pretty insulting on both ends really
Sakz said on 9/Mar/20
@Mark O'Connor If I'm not mistaken you live in the UK don't you?
Cristi said on 9/Mar/20
@Luca after staying hunched all day in a chair and being dehydrated I was 187,5cm, but that was few months ago, now When I measure myself I am 188.1 at 2-3Am night, and sometimes I sleep only 4-5 hours per night.
Alphabetaomega said on 9/Mar/20
Most people don’t wear shoes more than 1 inch. Wearing 1 inch shoes won’t make you be perceived as 1 inch taller because it’s offset by the fact that most people are also wearing similar height shoes. In order to be perceived as 1 inch taller, you would actually need to be wearing shoes that add 2 inches to your barefoot height. It’s 2 inches because you need 1 extra inch ON TOP OF other people’s shoe height. And that requires super thick, uncomfortable shoes that most guys don’t wear.

Let’s say a 5’10 guy wants to add 1 inch to his height to become 5’11. That requires you to be 6’0 in shoes because that’s what a legit 5’11 guy is in shoes. Being 5’11 in shoes still makes you shorter than a 5’11 guy in shoes because he’s not 5’11 in shoes, he’d be 6’0 in shoes. So even if you’re 1 inch taller in shoes, you’d still be 1 inch shorter than a legit 5’11 guy (who’s 6’0 in shoes). That requires shoes that gain you 2 inches taller than your barefoot height.

It actually takes a lot to gain 2 inches in height. Unless you’re wearing high heels, very high lifts, or uncomfortably thick shoes, shoes don’t give as much height as you think.
John124 said on 8/Mar/20
I think tall heights can be grouped in to 6 categories.

Category 1:

6'8 - 7'0+

This category has many disadvantages and a few advantages. Basketball is the obvious sport to play in this range, with loop shots and slam dunks delivered with ease. There are still players under 6'0 though that have worked incredibly hard on jump training and can slam dunk time and time again. Being able to slam dunk at 6'6+ therefore comes more as a consequence of height rather than ability. People 6'8+ don't so much jump as they do simply put the ball in the basket.

Category 2:

6'6 - 6'7

Better to be 6'6 than 6'7 for sure. Anything above 6'6 is excessive. In boxing, establishing range and use of the jab to set up attacks favours the taller opponent. Reach is also an important factor as a fighter that is shorter may have longer limbs and greater reach than one that is taller. One of 5'10 Mike Tyson's techniques was to bend his knees and spring up and forward, placing precision hooks and uppercuts inbetween his taller opponent's guard. His speed, accuracy, and power is what made him infamous. His lower centre of gravity also gave him more stability.
In Muay Thai a height of around 181cm - 183cm has the advantage of relatively long reach, but still a low enough centre of gravity to assist with balance and delivering force from the ground up when kicking and kneeing. Big, wide, and flat feet can also help with balance and stability.
Having said this, three of the top current Muay Thai Fighters are well below 6'0.
They are Buakaw Banchamek at 5'8, Yodsanklai Fairtex at 5'8.5, and arguably the most technically skilled Muay Thai fighter of all time - Saenchai at 5'4.
5'9 Saen Parunchai is a Muay Khao (Knee Fighter). Muay Khao's use knees and elbows as their primary weapons, and because they are usually tall they gain good leverage in the clinch. 5'9 is the starting point of tall in Thailand make no mistake.

Category 3:

6'4 - 6'4.5

This is the first truly good range. Some women will be very attracted to men in this range. Guys this height will be taller than most. However, it's too tall to appeal to most average height women. Finding clothes your size, travelling in trains and particularly airplanes will be a nightmare. It's inconvenient to be 6'4 despite it being a good height in some ways, and at this height a guy will appeal mainly to very tall women around 5'9/5'10+ and won't look as good (in my opinion) next to women shorter than this.

Category 4:

6'2 - 6'3

This range has many benefits and few disadvantages. 6'3 is the first height at which a person will struggle to find clothes their size in certain places but it's still not a bad height. At 6'2 with a muscular build you would be size XL in countries like the UK or USA, and that size of clothing you will find absolutely everywhere in these countries.

Category 5:

6'1 - 6'1.5

This category essentially has no disadvantages, and so this is where subjectivity becomes potentially more prominent than objectivity. In my opinion people that are 6'1 - 6'1.5 still look a bit too long in the body, not on-screen, but in certain photos and in real life. I think their heads are slightly too big in general. When I look at Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime at 6'1.5 his head did look slightly too big to me, but this doesn't really make much difference because the very broad and muscular physique he achieved made him perfectly proportioned. The type of build he had requires a person to be 185cm+ to look it's best. He completely evened himself out and lost the otherwise lanky look he would have had. 6'2 - 6'4 is also great for bodybuilding and 6'4 Lou Ferrigno looked good, though Arnold's height with similar build looked better. What he did for bodybuilding can never be surpassed because he made it the modern day global phenomenon that it has become. The problem of course is that steroids were required to create his phisique. Without steroids to build sufficient muscle mass to even the body out, 6'1 - 6'1.5 still looks a bit lanky.

Category 6:

6'0 - 6'0.5

This category has no disadvantages. A larger subsection of women in countries like the UK or USA are in the 5'4 - 5'5 range, and a 6'0 man won't be too tall for most of them. Though I still think an approximately 5 - 6 inch difference between couples looks best, and maximum 8 inches. This makes an allowance for women to wear 3 - 4 inch heels if they choose to, and still have the man be at least 2 inches taller than them.
6'0 is tall but never too tall, and never too short. The head size of people that are 183cm/184cm is the perfect balance, a good size but still not too big or too small. This range is also not lanky in any way. You will be able to find clothes your size in most countries, and you wouldn't be too tall or short in any country. It's the perfect height for travelling the world. A person in this range should bulk up naturally and get muscular, and they will look more proportioned than any other height.
Bobby 178cm said on 8/Mar/20

I don't think it's necessarily a quality of life issue but rather about the benefits that you gain from one height versus another. Even Canson who is accustomed to being 6'4 doesn't see any practical benefits that you can gain beyond 6'2. I personally wouldn't go above 6'3 but only because I don't want to massively standout even though 6'3 stands out even more so than 6'2 does.
Obsessed With Height said on 8/Mar/20
Ok, if the refrigerator is 176 cm in height, how tall am I? Yes, I’m still unsure about my height lol
Click Here
Greg said on 8/Mar/20
@mrfunnyguy Yeah what Bobby said, different footwear is going to yield in a different perception of height. So 'in shoe' height is not stupid, however claiming an 'in shoe' height is. Shoes come in all sorts of thickness with people adding insoles and or lifts if not elevator shoes so that's going to definitely change how people view them.
Sean said on 8/Mar/20
You should start a list of the top disparities between claimed height and actual height.
mrfunnyguy said on 8/Mar/20
For those of you who don't believe me when I say that I'm 6'1, I once more uploaded a photo where you can see all of me next to a refrigerator that I in the video measure as about 185cm.

Click Here

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Greg said on 8/Mar/20
@Mark O’Connor you’re in the UK right? Yeah the average there is the same as U.S 5’9 range for Men. So many guys inflate that’s why everyone’s is surprised about someone being a particular height like you said 5’8-5’9 even 5’10-6’0 people will argue with you that you are taller. Especially the taller someone gets over 6’0 the easier it is to overestimate them. That being said yeah at 6’1.5 you would be pretty tall basically the same as 6’2. However, I will say that 6’0 is tall in most places. Above average would be my height it’s basically tallish/above average. Because I’m taller than most people I come across. I was at a casino yesterday with probably hundreds of people and I only saw like 10 6’0+ guys I was taller than most guys I saw with the exception of a small few. These people where almost all older then me too oddly enough. Even in Dinarc Alps they don’t average 6’0-6’1 like maybe closer to 6’0 or 5’11.5 I think.
Greg said on 8/Mar/20
@Jdubbz I wouldn’t say 6’5 is horrifying, that’s an obvious exaggeration but its definitely too tall in terms of comfortable living like fitting in small spaces, low ceilings and door frames, airplanes finding clothes and back problems. But if you manage to get past that then if it’s your cup of tea then so be it. Personally 6’2.5-3 would be my cut off point, even then it would start to get uncomfortable.
Luca said on 8/Mar/20
Dear Rob, I noticed that when I do pretty intense physical exercise, like for example playing a football match,the following days my out of bed height seems to be something like 3 mms lower than it used to be... Are the two things related? Or is it just a casuality and I m starting getting a lower out of bed height than the past one?
Editor Rob
Maybe your body just doesn't recover/rehydrate fully. I would ensure good hydration and check if you recover in a few days.
Cristi said on 8/Mar/20
@mrfunnyguy , you are 185cm in evening or morning?

Go visit countries like Spain, Romania, Portugal ,you'll feel like a "mini" giant.
Cristi said on 8/Mar/20
@Mark O'Connor at 6'1 you'll be tallish/tall even in Holland. You won't be standout tall, but stll fairly tall. Your height won't be remarkable but you will be still considerate tall.

I need to go once in my life in countries like Bolivia, Indonesia etc to see how it feels to be towering tall at 188cm.
AndrewV said on 8/Mar/20
@Mark O'Connor

Since my chart didn't come out right I'll just say the average for young whites is 178cm, 171cm would be the start of legit short and 185cm the start of legit tall.
Canson said on 8/Mar/20
@Greg: does he refuse to be measured by you?
Canson said on 8/Mar/20
@Greg: the tape measure wasn’t right? 😂 😂

That’s what I don’t get. When someone measured shorter than expected just go ahead and own up to it or at least say you didn’t know or weren’t measured properly last time lol (maybe)
Jdubbz said on 8/Mar/20
@Canson: I agree that 198 and especially 197 are not extremely tall. Honestly, I wouldn't even call 6'6.5" extreme. Maybe 200cm or flat 6'7. I'd say 193 - 200cm is very tall, and 201-207 is extremely tall. I consider people above 7' to be legit giants so maybe 208-213cm is "semigiant".
Mark O' Connor said on 8/Mar/20
I buyed a stadiometer and measuring with it in the last few days I get 188.5 and 186.5 at a low, will people believe me if I claimed 6'2?
Editor Rob
I'm sure the majority of people wouldn't question it as for a large portion of the day you will be around 187 range.
Bobby 1.78m (5'10) said on 7/Mar/20

Not really. Some people wear different size shoes and boots. Some people could be wearing 0.75 inch shoes, some could be in 1.25 shoes, other could be wearing 1.5 shoes, and some might be in footwear that gives only 0.5 inches. And others could be in like Timberland stylized boots that give 1.75-2 inches. So, you never know, some people could be wearing different kind of height giving footwear, one guy could be boots but has an inch insole inside it. I think it matters more than you say.
Poster said on 7/Mar/20
@pov: There are 4'11 girls who claim 5'2. They're genuinely shocked and stunned when they're measured. They assumed that they were taller than they were. They likely judged their heights by other short girls who assumed that they were taller than they really were.

@Bobby: I'm not sure that I understand your post. I take it that you're saying that facts and figures don't discriminate. As for heights, I think that we should base them on particular countries. A 5'6 man may be a bit tall in some countries, for instance.
Mark O'Connor said on 7/Mar/20
It is really funny hearing some people claiming some heights, inflating or deflating other people's height when you actually are 'height conscious'and you know they are lying. Most people inflate heights,I agree 100% that's why some people think that 5'9 or 5'8 are short heights when they are actually average and below average but for sune not in the short range. at my height(6'1.5 low)I feel taller than more than 90% of people, so I feel 100% tall, not just above average or slightly tall. I also think that 6 feet is a height between above average and tall, but who thinks 6'1 low is not tall must leave in another planet (or Netherlands and Dinaric Alps lol)
Jdubbz said on 7/Mar/20
What exactly is "horrifying" about being 6'5 or taller? Idk if you guys are trolling or just being hyperbolic, but this is just ridiculous. I've been every height between 5'7 and 6'5 1/2 in the past 10 years, and my quality of life has not changed at all. Please don't assume that you know what it's like to be very tall when you're not. It's honestly quite insulting.
mrfunnyguy said on 7/Mar/20
@Cristi Yeah, I would almost call this the land of giants. People can be ridiculously tall here sometimes, especially the young people.
AndrewV said on 7/Mar/20
@Mark O'Connor
This is how I'd categorize height for younger men (under 50) of European descent in places like the UK, Australia, South Africa, and the US with cumulative percentiles:

165cm and below: Very short (=97th percentile)

Sources for averages:
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Mark O'Connor said on 7/Mar/20
If a person's eyelevel is on my chin when we stand face to face, is he about 4 inches shorter than me?
Editor Rob
Potentially between 4 and 5, depends really on head size.
mrfunnyguy said on 7/Mar/20
Why do people talk about shoe height? It's so unnecessary and stupid, since everyone wear shoes. Everyone become an inch taller in shoes than when they are barefoot.
Greg said on 7/Mar/20
@Pov it’s weird because Napoleon Complex is real, however out of all the short friends I have most of them tend to be honest about their height. I know a 5’2/5’3 guy he claims 5’3 and a 5’4 guy who is pretty honest about his height. It’s the slightly below average to fairly tall that inflate the most. At least from my experience. I’m also obsessed with height too lol, I bring it up as often as I could in group chats or in person but i don’t inflate myself/ others. In fact I basically call everyone out who lies about their height. I’m surprised he thinks he’s 5’7 at 5’5 that’s pretty noticeable although it’s your classic 2 inch height inflation. I would notice because if someone’s a bit above my eye level versus below. It’s funny how he thinks you’re 5’10-5’11 and your 5’10ish friend is 5’8, it would make more sense for him to guess you as like 6’1-6’2 and your 5’10 friend as 6’0 or something to keep the lies strategic. I usually notice guys a few inches shorter than me claim 5’10/5’11 when they are max 5’7-5’9 or something. Your friend might not want to get measured under the tape, if no stadiometer are available I guess you could use the tape. Preferably with the aerosol can method.
I learned some people will try to contest the tape and say it’s wrong or “no way the doctor measured me at this so I must be this height” I measured a 6’2.5ish guy who claimed 6’4 now claims 6’5 and he tried to say the tape was wrong and there was no way it was right lol. So it could go one of two ways. I think it’s stupid to lie about your height but for guys it’s an ego and masculinity thing. I have this 5’9 range friend who swears he is 5’11, he says his doctor measured him so it must be true, I’m like 5’10.5-5’10.75 early in the day and I edge him out noticeably, I’m truing to get us measured so I can prove I’m taller because he refuses to believe it. My posture is also really bad so I’m trying to do correction exercises and stretches as well as taking glucosamine to maximize my height. But if I where to take a guess I would peg him 5’9 3/8ths or a touch above he barely gives an average impression and doesn’t look above average at all. My friends are so height unaware though they think we are the same height, but I’ll prove them wrong.
Greg said on 7/Mar/20
@Progking the start of tall in the U.K./US is 5’11.5 evening I believe, 5’10.5+ is the start of tallish as 5’10.5 basically looks 5’11, and a well proportioned 5’10/5’11 guy can definitely look tallish especially with thick footwear. I think your height is solid though you are definitely in the tall range, you could probably fool some people for 6’1. What Sean was basically saying was you hav ever was have a good height. You could be ideal within 178-189cm arguably give or take. A 6’1.5 guy would be at a solid height too.
Greg said on 7/Mar/20
@Kel 6’1 isn’t bad actually I would go as high as 6’2 maybe 6’2.5” evening at the absolute most after that I just don’t see the point. Unless you want to tower everyone and use your height as a crutch which is stupid personally. If I could grow to 6’1 though I would do it in a heart beat.
Comment95 said on 7/Mar/20
@pov: if he that biased, then he will say that the tape measure is , i'm sure
Luca said on 7/Mar/20
Rob, what are your usual and your maximum out of bed heights? (expressed in cm)
Boy68 said on 7/Mar/20
I’m 182cm in the morning and just under 180cm at night what height should I claim?
Canson said on 7/Mar/20
@Jdubbz: even with an early afternoon it’s prob just 1/8” over the afternoon/evening. But I didn’t know about this Variance until even later in life.

@Mark O’Connor: I wouldn’t quite put heights like 198 or especially 197 in that category. In reality, extremely tall would be a person who doesn’t dip below 6’6.5 perhaps at least in the States
c-mo 176.2cm said on 7/Mar/20

what exactly is insecure about me ? what did I say to make me seem insecure ? there is no reason to assume I am insecure only because I call out some bs here

also ...several european countries have an average of 179-180cm . what are you talking about man . also for young european men the overall average is around 5'10 so yes 5'9 - 5'11 is in the same category with 5'9 being bottom average and 5'11 being high end of average . it is a no brainer

rather putting 5'9 in the same category with 5'7 or even 5'8 is utter bs . why ? because 5'7 would be 2 inches below average if average would be 5'9 and it would be 3 inches below average if average is 5'10 .

also you say I seem insecure but I can also easily say that you seem insecure since you always claim that average height in european countries including in germany where I fu**ing live since 30 years is lower than it is and deny facts . average height for non elderly german men is around 180cm is even MEASURED . several european countries have an average of roughly 180cm or slightly below like slovenia , croatia , nordic countries etc. . you always deny that to be above average . so how am I insecure saying that average is that high ...because by saying that I fall below the mean average height . while you on the other hand try to bring down the average to be above average . what kind of double standard is that .

no offense bro but thats ridiculous

I am 5'10 in the morning and 5'9.25 in the evening with good posture. you would look barely taller than me next to me but group me with 5'7-5'8 but you yourself as above average and in the same group with 6'0 ? oooooooookaaaayyyy ....yeah right
Emil said on 7/Mar/20

Tell me about it, bro! Even just at 6'0 I think sitting in the back of a car is a true pain in the a**. Not to mention sitting in a plane seat.. I can't imagine what it would be like at 6'5, holy moly.
Cristi said on 7/Mar/20

You are just overrating the height of Swedish people. No one is taking you seriously. 6'3 average for your university? Where you have been? The land of giants? Stop spreading false news, no one is believing you on this site.

I've been to Sweden, there are tall people, but not like you said, you just lie to get attention, that's all.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 7/Mar/20
@ Bobby - Any idiots who insults your physical appearance must have problems of their own. They hit out for whatever reason to make themselves feel better about themselves.

I don't think you need me to tell you that, but, hell's bells, I know what you mean! All the best! Sandy XX 😁👍

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