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Greg said on 21/Feb/20
@MrMax unlikely, at 20 your growth plates have most likely fused unfortunately. Personally I think 6’3 is too tall unless you want to compete in professional sports or something. Most tall guys are lanky, and it’s hard to fill out that frame. 6’1 is a good height though comfortably tall, I would probably cap off around a decent 6’2 range as there’s really no need to be taller than that.
Comment95 said on 21/Feb/20
"Nik Ashton said on 19/Feb/20
@ pov - I bet a lot of single Dutch women wouldn’t turn Tom Cruise down!"

yes but thats have 2 reason:
1. he has attractive face.
face counts more than height
2. he is a celebrity
mrfunnyguy said on 21/Feb/20
@Grayloth Don't you think that it's a bit absurd that there should be an equal amount of swedish guys who are 170cm and 190cm if the average is really 180cm?
Redwing said on 21/Feb/20
Maybe a Weak 6ft 1?@ - That is cool, Hmm you could say 6’1 but how about just roll w the 184 cm claim? You’re growth spurt was strange huh given u were tall at 14. My gf brothers are closer to that age, but exceed 5’10. Pretty scary seeing kids being tall lol
Cristi said on 21/Feb/20
You can still grow after 18. I was 185cm in morning at 18 and 6 months old. Now at 20 I am almost 190cm in morning and 187,5cm at night, so I grew like 2 inches. Never lose your hope.

@Rob, please accept my comment, I forgot which email I've used last time.
Mrmax said on 20/Feb/20
Im 5'9 and i wonder can i grow up to 6'3? Im 20 and i know it sounds crazy but can a late grown spurt get me to that? I really desire that height or atleast 6'1
Nik Ashton said on 20/Feb/20
@ Poster - Thanks for that!
Nik Ashton said on 20/Feb/20
@ Sean william Winter - I’m 171 cm!
Nik Ashton said on 20/Feb/20
@ Sean william Winter - The woman who guessed me to be 5’10” is about 5’3”! She probably isn’t sure what 5’10” actually looks like and many people off celebheights don’t really know much about height at all. Some of this is due to all the lying that goes on!
Nik Ashton said on 20/Feb/20
Maybe some people act PC just to be nice to other people because that is how everyone should be. I’m not a conformist so this doesn’t apply to me.
Public Enemy said on 20/Feb/20
Not sure how old you are but I didn’t stop growing until 23 years old. At university I ate pretty basic but healthy food and slept a lot . At uni I grew a solid 1.5 inches from 18-21 and another 0.5 inches from 21-23. Today I claim my morning height of 188 cm. It’s quite possible that you still have some growth left.
Canson said on 20/Feb/20
James B 172cm said on 18/Feb/20
i have a friend who i think is 6'4.5 (he claims 6'6) and really its not all that massive.

Could be Build and proportions along with posture. But the other question is is he really that tall? I’ve been called massive myself and a lot of solid 6’4” guys are considered a bit massive but not like a 6’6” guy. Maybe he doesn’t stand straight
Myself said on 20/Feb/20
Exactly, people tend to confuse the correlation.
Nik Ashton said on 20/Feb/20
@ Sakz - 2 true!
Maybe a Weak 6ft 1? said on 20/Feb/20
Hey guys, just wanted to get some opinions on whether I should claim 6ft 1 or 6ft as my height,

Pretty much at 18 I was 184.5cm morning and 183.5cm before bed after a lazy day and 183cm before bed after a physical day and said i was 6ft or a little over 6ft when asked my height, however at 21 I re checked my height and I was 185.8cm morning and 184.5cm before bed on a lazy day and 184.0cm before bed on a hard day, I’ve decided I might tell people I’m 185cm tall or “about 6ft 1” from now on, I feel I’m usually around that 185cm mark most of the time, at the most 1cm below or 0.7cm above, would this be a fair call?

Also, curious if anyone’s had a growth rate like mine, it’s very strange

12 - 162cm
13 - 170cm
14 - 179cm
14.5 - 180cm
15 - 180cm(hit 180 at 14.5)
16 - 182cm
17 - 184.5cm
18 - 184.5cm - stopped checking height
21 - 185.0cm - checked again
21.5 - 185.8cm

- all heights were measured at the same door frame and re checked with a tape measure

I went from 162cm at 12, maybe a little over average for boys for my age but short for an adult to 180cm when I was 14.5 and I was almost freaking tall and suddenly was as tall as most adult men, then everyone slowly caught up so by the time I was 16 or so I wasn’t that tall for my age anymore and thought I was an early bloomer and wouldn’t hit 6ft, however I literally grew 3.8cm but incredibly slowly over 5 years to end up actually a tallish person, I think I jus be done now as I obviously was an early bloomer, however perhaps not, guess I will see, just curious as to wether anyone else has had a similar growth pattern to?

QM6'1QM said on 20/Feb/20
Grendawis said on 19/Feb/20

To be honest guy - claim 5'10.5" to people. It's good. Above average, sure.
Grayloth said on 19/Feb/20

Again, here's measured heights for conscripts in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. It's been pretty stable at around 180 cms for a long time.

Denmark - Click Here
Sweden - Click Here
Norway - Click Here
Poster said on 19/Feb/20
@Bobby: That was a great post! As a Generation X "geezer", it gave me hope for the future. I hope that many more Millennials share your logic and your morality. I live in the USA BTW.

My post to you and pov disappeared. I'm not sure what happened there. Maybe it got lost in the shuffle. Who knows?

I couldn't agree more with all of your points. I think that you and I speak for millions of normal people who sometimes are afraid to say what they think. The vocal minority control the silent majority. It's time to stop that!

Things have changed so much since the '90s. There was some PC madness back then, but it was much more sane than it is now. Our Constitution enshrines free speech, but many American institutions, like Canadian ones, try to censor speech. Just look at our colleges and universities for egregious examples of the censorship trend.

It indeed is madness! A few years back, a "triggered" girl ran out of a classroom when a teacher mentioned the fact that men tend to be bigger and stronger than women. I'm sure that she would have a nervous breakdown if she read a post here that said that Northwest Europeans are much taller than Southeast Asians. They think that feelings trump facts.

I've always been a live and let live kind of person, and I've never cared about one's gender, race, background, etc. I see individuals as individuals, and I treat them as I wish them to treat me. That makes me a "fascist" in some places in 2020. You give me hope that we can return to a sane world.
Nik Ashton said on 19/Feb/20
@ TheBat - You are flying high on General Height and recently you flew high on the Comments Page, enjoy your evening! 🦇🦇🦇🌙
Wolfy said on 19/Feb/20
Rob add the football QB Alex Smith please
Glitch said on 19/Feb/20

How tall you were ar 18 and how old are you now?
Obsessed With Height said on 19/Feb/20
So I finally got my hands on a tape measure, I measured my height and I was 172.7 to be exact, it was 11:10 PM at the time I measured myself, what height should I claim?
Grendawis said on 19/Feb/20
I am 179.1cm at night and 181cm in the morning. Could I claim 5”11 or say 5”10.5?
Greg said on 19/Feb/20
@Sean Same here I am usually able to guess people’s height accurately.
Sean william Winter said on 19/Feb/20
people shorter than me claiming to be 5'11. 5'10. most people are never measured.
edwards said on 19/Feb/20
@ greg

my man! how much do you weight for a 179 cm or “almost 5’11” guy ?
Xee said on 19/Feb/20
Hi Rob! Hope you are doing well. I'm 5'11 1/4 to be exact, but I have anterior pelvic tilt. Do you think by correcting the tilt my height could be enhanced?
Editor Rob
A fraction maybe, might be worth looking into some exercises to help it.
Nik Ashton said on 19/Feb/20
@ pov - I bet a lot of single Dutch women wouldn’t turn Tom Cruise down!
Billy Goth said on 19/Feb/20

Your statement “And there is a positive correlation with excercise and growth when young. This is why the average athlete accross all sports is slightly taller than the average man in Europe” is absolutely incorrect.
Sports/exercise will only help improve posture, your height is determined by the nutrition you gain during growing years and genetics, especially genetics. Sports do not make people taller; tall people make sports, as they have advantages in them so they compete in them. If your statement was correct, playing basketball everyday as a child would make you 6’8 regardless?
Sean william Winter said on 18/Feb/20
Click Here rob skip to 2mins 5 seconds the the man on far left says hes 5'11 renee is 6'1 i see more than 2 inches here. maybe this guy is more 5'10 range what do u think??
Editor Rob
There could be 3 inches between them, maybe he is claimiing shoe height, she is claiming barefoot.
Poster said on 18/Feb/20
@pov: American people and British people might be taller than you think. Our heights often vary by region. FE, I doubt that America's upper midwest is appreciably "shorter" than the countries you mention. The same pattern might hold true for some places, like Yorkshire, in the UK.

@Nik: It's all about proportionality when it comes to PC. It's fine to say that 5'6 men are short in certain places, if it's based on facts and figures that definitely prove it. That's a long way from saying "short men are inferior". The main problem is that many people (not you) don't have the common sense to tell them apart from each other.
TheBat said on 18/Feb/20
@Greg and Mark O'Connor

I've been guessed anywhere from 5'9" to recently as high as 6'2". I've been consistently measured at 5'10.25"-5'10.5", similar to Greg's height. Basically a 5'9" range man I met recently who thought he was 6'1" tried to justify his claim by telling me I'm 6'2". I told him he's "6'1" in his dreams and that he's around 5'9". He kept complaining that I was "downgrading my height" to which I told him "you're absolutely height blind if you think your 6'1", you're 5'9" period." He just walked away in absolute shock and confusion lol. It's ridiculous how people can be bad at guessing height.
Dan184 said on 18/Feb/20
Thanks for all the comments guys.

I'm happy with my height and can't complain being 184cm as a low. Just annoying at university etc meeting guys taller than me with shorter parents than my own. One guy on my course was between 6 foot 4 and 6 foot 5 with parents pretty much exactly the same height as mine. Another good mate reached 6 foot 2 with a 6 foot 1 dad and 5 foot 4 mum. He was always about an inch taller than me in our teens and I used to brag that I'd eventually catch and pass him. Never happened!
Bobby 1.78m (5ft 10in) said on 18/Feb/20
@Sean William Winter

Well, I'm 5'10 myself, and get guessed at 6'0 on photos. I just have the proportions for it, but I agree that proportionally speaking, a 5'7.5 guy doesn't look tallish whatsoever. Like even from my perspective, they look borderline below average. A 5'10 guy gives off a taller impression than an almost 5'8 guy does. But I reckon that Nik gets guessed at 5'10 because 5'7-5'8 guys inflate to 5'9-5'10 range. Even a genuine, solid 5'9.5 guy is taller than you'd think up close.
Mark O' Connor said on 18/Feb/20
@Greg Maybe I have bad proportions, but still, my eye level is around 174 cm in the evening so It's weird they guessed me that short. But is also true that most people are not height aware
Bobby 1.78m (5ft 10in) said on 18/Feb/20

Yeah, I think even the people who act PC only do so to avoid being ostracized by general society and their peer group. It's just mass conformity. An individual vs. groupthink really. A lot of it just boils down to cognitive dissonance, you are willing to sacrifice and even deny your own thoughts and views if it means fitting in with everyone else. I would also argue there is subliminal brainwashing at work, they gradually introduce elements into the media to normalize its effect on you. Eventually, you become desensitized to what is "taboo", this is why the younger generation is oftentimes more accepting of changes than the older generation. The younger people have become desensitized to what was once considered immoral behaviour, so for them, it's just normal. For an older person, it's not normal, it's abnormal.

As for being jailed for using the wrong pronoun, I don't believe in gender in the political definition of the word. I believe in biological sex and what a person is constituted as, biologically. If the doctor shouts out, "It's a boy!", then you are a boy and later a man, and if the opposite, you are a girl and later a woman. That's how it's always been and how it ought to be. If we were to amplify this behaviour universally and everyone just started practicing these tropes, we'd go extinct, you can be sure of that. Now mind you, that's going to take generations, but heterosexuality has a pragmatic purpose, it's conducive to the proliferation of life, here on earth amongst human beings. Any other behaviour is simply not conducive to this. Some people might argue we should go extinct but that's a misanthropic view and I disagree with it. So, being jailed for calling someone by the masculine or feminine pronoun when they prefer the other is petty to the extreme. I'm not sure about the English Constitution, but here in Canada, we've got Freedom of Speech (If you ask me, that freedom is so convoluted) but I imagine you've got something similar in the U.K. So, by exercising your freedom of speech and innocuously referring to someone as he/she, you are imprisoned. I can't understand that logic.

I think 5'10 is close to the average for a young European man, and then 5'5 for a young European woman, but here in Canada, I would argue an inch less for the average Canadian man and likewise for women. That's just including the diverse demographics though. And when I say European, I'm referring to a white person, because, anthropologically speaking, that's what a European is. Again, that isn't racist, it's just a fact. But they'll call you racist for that too.
James B 172cm said on 18/Feb/20
i have a friend who i think is 6'4.5 (he claims 6'6) and really its not all that massive.
Chris Bradley Brady said on 18/Feb/20
Progking, with your eye level around 5-7.3 and a forehead length of over 5 inches how are you able to tell if you are taller than someone in public? since most of use judge based on our eyes how can you tell if your head is higher than someone elses?
Bobby 1.78m (5ft 10in) said on 18/Feb/20

I actually don't know what I said, would you enlighten me?

Okay, but how do you define the average adult? What are your parameters? I could be considered the average adult and I'm more or less 5'10. So, that wouldn't fit into your caste of the average adult height. The average adult height would only work if humans were asexual and one sex only, but we clearly differ based on sexual dysmorphism, which means that women look different than men do physically.

I've never been to Pontefract but I think your perception of averages are skewed because you have a selective bias, your experiences are remote and based on a location that doesn't reflect the average elsewhere that people report on. So, even if you felt above average at your height, if you took a trip down to Doncaster, where Connor lives, you'll feel below average and would be so in most of Europe except for some places. I'm not saying that I don't believe you, by the way, but rather I disagree with you. It could very well be that Pontefract's average is uncharacteristically low compared to the rest of the U.K. I just googled it and your locality has a population of 30,881 which is very, very low. Compare that to the almost 8,000,000 sample size of Toronto and it's no wonder why you don't come across many tall people, you simply have a low population density. You might've led with that earlier.

As for the PC routine, there's a world of difference between being polite and respectful and being a pushover. You wanna lean towards the left, not the right. People can and will take advantage of you if you're too nice, and I speak from personal experience. Take from that, what you will.
Emil said on 18/Feb/20

Although I agree that 6'1 isn't that tall for a young Scandinavian guy, it's still comfortably above average. To consider it short is just bogus, mate. Sorry
Sean william Winter said on 18/Feb/20
lol nik how on earth does a women guess a 172 cm man at 5'10. she must be sub 5 ft. since ive bin on this site for 8 years now ive learnt a lot. and i can guess somones height usually to the nearest 1/2 inch.
Bobby 178cm said on 18/Feb/20

The average seems to be 5'9ish here, so I think you'd feel borderline average height even on a university campus.
pov said on 18/Feb/20
In my experience British whites and American are much smaller than European whites, especially North Europe. I lived in The Netherlands for a little over a year and they average 1.84cm, and most Scandinavian countries I’ve visited I’d say people average 181/182cm. Germans average around 179/180cm. Why do british and Americans only average around 176cm? I think it’s a combination of multiple factors:
1.The diet in Uk and Us isn’t as good as Europe, lack of nutritious foods and more fatty based. More for the latter. The Netherlands and Germany have more quality instilled in their foods, more cheeses. And natural meats, non processed. Scandanavians and the dutch have a lot more fish and milk in their diet too.
2. Lack of excercise, in countries like The Netherlands, scandanavin countries, and some parts of Germany, they naturally incur excercise daily, Biking is very popular method of transport, also you will see more people pace walking / jogging on the street compared to UK. Also the infrastucture helps, in Germany and The Netherlands they have a football court in almost every public area, and outdoor gyms, which people can use for free, encourages excercise. And there is a positive correlation with excercise and growth when young. This is why the average athlete accross all sports is slightly taller than the average man in Europe.
3. Lastly, I would say the laws of attraction, in The Netherlands women will not settle for a man shorter than them. It is very rare. So its selective breeding. In the UK we all hear women say the same, but I do see a lot of women with men shorter / or a similar height to them. In Germany, men have a natural preference to taller women with a bit of meat on the bone too. “Old school “busty” as they would say. In scandanavian countries women also have a prefeence to tall blonde men, hence why a lot of scandanavians are tall and blonde. In the Uk and US women are more attracted to darker features, and tall (but when they say tall, in general they mean taller than them). Whereas in Netherlands and Scandanavia when women say they want tall men, they really want tall men!
mrfunnyguy said on 18/Feb/20
@Myself On January 18 this year, I uploaded a photo of me from head to toe next to a refrigerator that I measured as 6'1, in a video that I uploaded here too. Since you don't believe I'm my claimed height you can check that out.
Sakz said on 17/Feb/20
@Progking I also consider 6 inches towering because that's when you reach below someone's eyes. 5 inches is the bare minimum since you reach around their lower eyelid. At 6'0/6'1 you won't be towered unless someone is 6'6/6'7 which isn't common, therefore that pretty much puts into perspective how tall a 6 footer should feel in a lot of situations.
Greg said on 17/Feb/20
@Canson yeah that’s true the average really varies but for simplicity’s sake we will just say it’s about 5’9 for U.S Males. Everytime I walk around I generally see guys close to this mark whether it be at, slightly over or under. Not many 6’0 guys, although it’s not uncommon it’s definitely not close to the average. And most of those surveys aren’t measured very few are that can be backed with an official medical study. And yeah the time of the day does matter; but I think most would be done 1-3 hours out of bed on average. I know I don’t see that many guys taller than me, just a few here and there. 5’8 for a woman is pretty tall it’s about the same as a 6’1 guy give or take. I don’t see too many tall girls but every now and then there are a couple. there’s a girl in my class who’s roughly 6’0 probably right between 5’11.5-5’11.75. That’s honestly the first time I’ve had classes with a girl who actually edged me out.
Greg said on 17/Feb/20
@Mark O’ Connor you must either be slouching like crazy or around stupid people most would be guessing you at 6’2/6’2 even 6’4 could be common for a legit 6’1.5 guy. Most people guess me at 5’11-6’0 and I’m close to 5’11, I’m that height for the early part of the day. Even at my low though people don’t really guess me under or at my height even.
Greg said on 17/Feb/20
@Dan184 you did better than me man and your mom smoked during the pregnancy it seems. I know I likely stunted my growth due to poor sleep, diet and even carrying an insanely heavy school bag growing up as a child which was responsible for damaging my discs early on. Many factors come into play.
Ezequiel said on 17/Feb/20
Rob, is anyone ever truly a flat measurement? Like is anyone truly 5’10 or 6’ even? To me it seems a little unrealistic for a height to be that precise.

Also, why do you think half measurement always fib two inches (like 5’ 8.5” people claiming 5’10 or 5’ 9.5” people claiming 5’11 or even 6’)?
Editor Rob
You will find people exactly on marks, but you find folk on every 1/8th inch basically.
I do think some people are going with shoe heights and then rounding up, it creates a 1.5-2 inch boost to some people.
Bobby 1.78m (5ft 10in) said on 17/Feb/20

That's pretty unusual, but even Rob wound up shorter than his dad at peak height. I find it very strange. You'll normally expect to end up as tall as your own dad was at peak height, and sometimes taller even. My dad's peak height is a mystery but people always regarded him as being tall, so I guess he could've been 5'11 or something and got inflated to 6'1. I, of course, ended up at 5'10 instead.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 17/Feb/20
@ Dan184 - I'm so sorry to hear this. Even if it doesn't have an effect on your final growth result, it's still incredibly unfair to put you through this needless worry. I hope that anyone who reads your comment and is pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant will think twice about smoking for this precious 9-month duration.

But that doesn't help you. You don't mention how old you and your sister are in your comment. I'm going to cross my fingers and add that, if you haven't experienced any health problems directly down to this selfish deed, I'm hoping that you will still reach the height you would have reached had your Mum not smoked. You really should reach at least 6ft. Have a word with your GP about this, or track down some online health specialists. I wish you well, Dan184.
Sean william Winter said on 17/Feb/20
dan. no point worrying about 184 cm is perfect male hieght imo. you got to 6ft no many men make 6ft.
Myself said on 17/Feb/20
I think funnyguy either is nowhere near his claimed height or he isn't able to guess height at all...OR he's just being a funny guy xd..
Goel175cm said on 17/Feb/20
@ Bobby
I am 174.8 cm at night, How would i feel among young canadians(Age 20-30)?
grizz said on 17/Feb/20
c-mo 176.2cm said on 15/Feb/20
@ grizz

here you go bro Click Here
Yeah,thought so. It's the same Russian source on all the links with some iffy sources to back that up.
"Many modern specialists consider the height of 180–185 centimeters ideal for..." Which modern specialists?
I can also say "Many modern specialists consider the height of 190-195 cm ideal for..." and be equally credible as this "source".

I do agree it's a fine height range (quite close to mine : 184-188 cms), but I'd need to read that statement from actual anthropologists
Nik Ashton said on 16/Feb/20
I’ve been guessed to be 5’10”!
Nik Ashton said on 16/Feb/20
@ Bobby 178cm - You know what you said.

The average adult is 5’6” or maybe 5’6.5”, if the average man is around 5’9” and the average woman is around 5’4” then the overall average for adults will be 5’6” - 5’6.5” as 50% of people are men and 50% of people are women!

It would open a lot of peoples eyes if they got a plane over to my locality, I don’t have a problem with my height BTW and I am more than happy to be average even if I could choose to be taller. If the national average is 5’9” then I still consider myself relatively average as one and a half inches is not very much in the scheme of things, don’t forget the 5’9” includes the younger generation too! People are quick to say it includes older people who bring the average down, well the younger people bring it up but that is not mentioned as much by people! However on week days locally I don’t want to feel above average and I have to apologise for being taller than most men that walk by me when this is the case and it quite often is. I think well this doesn’t tie in with how everyone talks about height (ie the 5’10” + norm that seems to be touted online) but there you go! I know what I see and I don’t doubt what I see! At times like this I would prefer to be bang on average than above average!
If I had a pound every time I saw a woman of 5’4” with a partner of 5’4” then I would be able to retire to a Spanish villa!

You say the PC routine is annoying but I would rather say nice things to boost people than try to make others miserable, there is too much of that in this world. You only have to see what football supporters can be like to see how negative people can be towards others.
Poster said on 16/Feb/20
@Bobby: Your post gives me hope! I think that you and I represent the opinions and views of most individuals. Sadly, we live in a weird world in which the vocal minority can censor the silent majority. It has to stop!

The PC culture even invades a neutral site about celebrity heights. I'm not talking about Nik, who seems to be a genuinely nice and polite guy. I'm referring, for just one example, to the ludicrous trans arguments. You can be jailed for using the "wrong" pronoun in the UK!

Height is a neutral trait, so the subject shouldn't be too controversial or too emotional. I agree with your take on height averages in the "European sphere". It may even be close to 5'10 for younger white men, as well as close to 5'5 for younger white women. It's hard to believe that it's still 5'4 for younger American white women.
Nik said on 16/Feb/20
I guess we're all short to some people, but hey short is super cool.
Nik said on 16/Feb/20
@ Sandy Cowell - 2 true! I like your 😬👍!
Nik said on 16/Feb/20
@ mrfunnyguy - 6'1" is above average for a young Swedish guy,
Nik said on 16/Feb/20
@ Dan184 - I don't know, you do come from a tall family!


Nik Ashton said on 16/Feb/20
Plane fares are on me, not! 😂😂😂
Bego said on 16/Feb/20
@xyounge Where do you live?
Luca said on 16/Feb/20
So Rob, after my last message, how would you define my height if you should list me, for example, on your site? How tall can I consider myself?
Editor Rob
I'd still say 6ft 2 range as a Celeb, maybe even a 6ft 2 1/8th range
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 16/Feb/20
@ Poster - What a fabulous piece of information you've brought up there - descent, and one that is really worth some chewing over. I love things like this - one's origins and roots going back centuries. It's an issue you did well to raise - bravo Poster, bravo!
mrfunnyguy said on 16/Feb/20
@Dan184 It's extremely unusual, but people do sometimes end up shorter than their parents. It could be because your mom smoked when she was pregnant, but it doesn't have to be if your grandparents are really short. I turned out shorter than my dad, but I suspect it happened because I didn't eat and sleep very well when I was a teenager. It's very rare for children to end up shorter than their parents because of genes.
Poster said on 15/Feb/20
@Miss Sandy Cowell: Thanks, Sandy. You raise a good point about height and region. It indeed varies here. FE, the upper midwest is "taller" than the lower southwest. There are more people, of northern European descent, in the former. There are more people, of Latin American and Asian (some places), in the latter. There are times when you see a difference in neighborhoods in the same general location. I'm sure that one sees this pattern in many countries.
Dan184 said on 15/Feb/20
Recently found out my mum smoked heavily throughout her pregnancy with me and my sister. I do wonder whether this may have affected our final heights seeing as dad is 6 foot 2, mum is 5 foot 7, yet my sister is 5 foot 6 and I'm a fraction over the 6 foot mark. Anybody have any opinion on this?
QM6'1QM said on 15/Feb/20
mrfunnyguy said on 15/Feb/20

"I have even been called short by a girl." - This comment is really stupid by stupid girl, meaningless case. People are damaged.

If you're "short" then 6'2 is also short, but that just doesn't matter on the planet Earth.
Be good, be funny, be simple. Live your life.
c-mo 176.2cm said on 15/Feb/20
@ grizz

here you go bro Click Here


I didnt say that he or anybody else cant have their own opinions . but no it is not just my opinion . check the link I gave above ...the site I gave a link of is about body proportions . also from what I read ancient greeks and leonardo da vinci based their ideal proportioned figures on the height of 178cm . I also lately found a drawing in german with a figure on it having the ideal proportions with measurements on it and the height used was 177.989cm or something . I will post it later

it seems that 178cm was seen as the ideal height by ancient greeks amd leonardo da vinci . a poster once said that he has a friend who studies art or sculpturing or something and he saie that the ideal balanced height is 178cm .

178cm is a good height but since nowdays people are taller and since one would like to reach the "magical" 180cm it is better to be 180-185cm . many of the best looking celebrities are in that height range and their height looks perfect . like henry cavill for example

at 180-185cm you are a couple of centimeters above average without any downside . not short at all and never too tall . its the best height range . I think 185cm out of bed and 183cm at night with harmonic body proportions and a fit body is perfection . but I would take 180cm because I personally like that height the most . I have always found 180cm to be the most aesthetic height
mrfunnyguy said on 15/Feb/20
@Mark O' Connor I've been guessed as "about 175cm" (which is approximately 5'9) and I'm 6'1.
Bobby 1.78m (5ft 10in) said on 15/Feb/20

Yeah, and I like to take a page out of John Stuart Mills who wrote on government and free speech. He says people should have the freedom to voice their thoughts without censorship and if your thoughts include voicing facts then it's all the more reason not to be censored or called out for it. Yeah, or if you say that women are prone to be less logical than men, you're also called sexist, but it's just ingrained in facts that women are prone to think with their feelings more so than men are. And yeah, I agree with that about height too. Any way that you slice it, 5'6 is below average height and can't be the average height of a man let alone of an adult because height differs between the sexes. And how do you define the average adult anyway? Your parameters are too broad (here I'm speaking in general) so I don't agree with Nik about that. I'm done with this outrage culture, as you put it, as well. If it's a fact, then it's a fact, that shouldn't be called into question or rendered "politically incorrect". And most posters here can reasonably agree with 5'9 being the average height for a man.
Canson said on 15/Feb/20
@Greg: I agree with what Edwards said too. The average male could just be 5’8.75 especially on this side of the East coast where you and I live. As for the reported average, we have to consider the time of the day as well as the sources of the data being used. If someone is measured In shoes earlier in the day that would spike the average. Also many people aren’t measured at all for drivers licenses, ID cards, passports (when applicable), and Census data. We could really have a guy who is 5’8.75 or 5’8.5 being listed 5’10”. I know in my experience a legit 5’10” guy (afternoon height) can appear to be tall in some cases. So for example your case where you’re closer to 5’10.5 afternoon height that would even look more so. Maybe in some European countries a height like what C-Mo is talking about looks average when the population is taller but a guy who is that height is still likely above average. I haven’t been anywhere where 5’10” seems average. My wife being 5’7.75 afternoon height is tall for a woman yet she’s not much shorter than the average male that she or I see. Only around 1” in many cases
mrfunnyguy said on 15/Feb/20
@xyounge Actually, I wouldn't even call 6'1 tall for young ethnic swedish men. I would call it at least average but likely a bit below. I have even been called short by a girl.
Bobby 178cm said on 15/Feb/20

Okay, first of all, if you're gonna take offence to an innocuous comment like that, then I don't know what to tell you. Poster said something similar about finding the PC routine annoying.

As for hopping on a plane to come to Pontefract, why would I do that? Unless you're willing to fund my trip, that is. All I'm saying is that 5'6 cannot be the average height for an adult. You neglect to mmention that men are on average five inches taller than woman, so how can the average adult be 5'6 when the average man in the Western world (U.S, Canada) and in many parts of Europe, is 5'9? And if you speak to Connor these days, he'll agree with 5'9 being average height for men in the U.K. It might be vary from location to location, but no more than maybe 1.5 inches. So, that's your national average, more or less. The international average for men is about 5'8 based on an earlier spreadsheet I worked on. But men and women differ too much in height to talk about an average adult height. Now, whether you'll find this upsetting or not, I can't be sure. But again, my opinion is based on research.
Mark O' Connor said on 15/Feb/20
Is possible that I got gessued as short as 5'10 and as tall as 6'2.5 from people? (I am actually close to 6'1.5 at a low, I measured a lot of time) Is it a common thing for you guys?
Sakz said on 15/Feb/20
@Bobby Exactly. It all comes down to being able to distinguish between tall, very tall and extremely tall. Of course there are always going to be heights which tower others, but it just becomes rarer the taller you get.
Canson said on 15/Feb/20
Bobby 1.78m (5ft 10in) said on 13/Feb/20

My example between 6'0 and 6'4 is too paint an example of how once you enter the 6'0 threshold, you're regarded as tall no matter what. So, even if the bloke next to you is like 6'6 and you're 6'0, you're still going to be treated as the tall guy everywhere you go. It's just that a 6'6 guy is going to get stares more often because his height is uncommon, or at least more uncommon than 6'0 is.

@Bobby: I agree with everything you said. I think a well proportioned 6’0” looks tall even from a distance
AndrewV said on 14/Feb/20
@Mark O'Connor

90th-95th percentile in the US, depending on who you're around.
Johan 185 cm said on 14/Feb/20
Obsessed With Height said on 6/Feb/20
My mother is 5’3 (161 CM) bare feet
I’m not sure about my father’s height though, he has claimed 5’10 (178 cm) he has also claimed as high as 181 cm (5’11 1/4)
How tall do you guys think he is?
Click Here
Click Here

Your dad is 5'9" range unless he is dropping serious height there. His 5'10" claim is probably shoes or out of bed claim.
Progking said on 14/Feb/20
@Sakz yes 6'0 is tall in general and tall enough imo. 5 inches isnt even really towering, its more 6 inches or so. 6'2-6'3 is good to stack up well against the very tall guys though. There really isnt any need to though, which is why i feel 6'0-6'1 range is tall enough
Canson said on 14/Feb/20
Next to Freeman he does look it both in terms of difference and physically
xyounge said on 14/Feb/20
@mrfunnyguy@Vsquad There is a huge height diversity among classmates at my uni in US. I have taken 5 classes this semester:

One of classes has 11 male students, 1 man is 6'8, 3 guys are between 6'3-6'5'75, 3 guys are between 5'11-6'2, others are under 5'10, the shortest dude is only 5'4.

However, another class has 15 male students, the tallest one is me 6'1.5" tall, and others are bettwen 5'6-5'11. Anyway, I should be considered tall when I walk on campus, but I do see many students who are taller than me everyday.
Greg said on 13/Feb/20
@Sean interesting for the longest time I thought Scott was a legit 5’10, I’m surprised by this.
Greg said on 13/Feb/20
@Canson yep, we notice it day in and day out, they think just because they are already tall nobody will notice. But some will notice it.

@c-mo listen man, I’m not saying that I don’t believe you per say, but rather disagree with you. And that’s fine we are two days different people with two different opinion nothing wrong with that right? I respect you as a poster as I would hope you respect me as a poster. Never the less, I think you are stretching that average for German guys, yes I realize you’re a German native and have been around wherever in Duetschland. But I’ve been to Germany several times and have walked around different cities, you’re stretching it 5’11 being average? Not even in the slightest, I felt above average everywhere I went. I would zone in more 5’9.5-5’10 for the young German average. I felt more below average in Holland then I did in Germany. I think you’re just paying attention to the taller people. You used to say you felt average? What happened to that now all of a sudden you feel below average I don’t get it. I never said I felt tall in Germany although after 6’0 I would say you start to get into the tall range even in Europe. 5’10.5 at night is not a common height in Germany. But you can keep your opinion as I will stay to my own.
Greg said on 13/Feb/20
@Edwards thanks mate, I take it you’re from America too? Basically you would be tallish at 5’11 afternoon or early morning, even 5’10.5+ in the afternoon is viewed as tallish I would know because I’m taller than many guys I see here in the U.S
Poster said on 13/Feb/20
@Bobby: We're on the same page about PC and SJWs. We shouldn't censor ourselves if facts contradict their feelings. FE, you state the truth that the average man is stronger than the average woman. Someone calls you a sexist and mentions that their sister is a champion powerlifter, so you're "wrong". It's like that with height too. It's not a value judgment if you mention that 5'6 younger men are seen as short in Europe and the two northern countries of North America. That's just the way it is. It's not an insult at all, and I'm so done with the outrage culture that takes offense at everything!
Bobby 1.78m (5ft 10in) said on 13/Feb/20

My example between 6'0 and 6'4 is too paint an example of how once you enter the 6'0 threshold, you're regarded as tall no matter what. So, even if the bloke next to you is like 6'6 and you're 6'0, you're still going to be treated as the tall guy everywhere you go. It's just that a 6'6 guy is going to get stares more often because his height is uncommon, or at least more uncommon than 6'0 is.
DICI said on 13/Feb/20
Rob, do different shoe sizes have bigger heels/give you more height?

Like, if I gain 3cm in height from a pair of trainers UK size 9, will size 10,11,12 have appreciably more 'lift'? Are we talking fractions of mms or like 1mm-3mm?
Editor Rob
This is something that isn't uniform - but I have definitely noticed that in some cases a size 6-8 range has the sole section 1/8th less than the size 10-11.
Progking said on 13/Feb/20
@VSquad i'm the same height and feel similar, at least in Canada where i live. I feel sometimes legit tall, not around 6'3-6'4 men though if they happen to be more common one day.
@cmillz i usually say 7.5 cm over average is considered tall, average for young whites in western countries where i live is maybe 177 cm max so 184.5 cm or close to 6'1 is tall. 187-188 cm is solid tall yes
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 13/Feb/20
Good comment, Poster. Averages and people's ideas of when dwarfism starts will always vary from country to country, and it would seem even that it varies from area to area in a particular country. Cheers, Poster! 😁👍
xyounge said on 13/Feb/20
pov said on 7/Feb/20
Not posted on here in a while. Was on a train today in Birmingham, near the University. Most people on the train were students, I’m 6”0.5, and I counted 9 people taller than me (one was a girl too)! I know this was a one off, but I do feel the younger generation are getting taller. I would say the average is actually 5”10 for young brits

@ pov How many students were on the train? If there were 50 ones, then those students were very tall. It seems like my uni.
xyounge said on 13/Feb/20
@c-mo 176.2cm You don't have right to tell others what is right or wrong. You think 180 - 185 cm is the best height, it's only your perspective. mrfunnyguy doesn't have to have the same opinion as yours.
xyounge said on 13/Feb/20
@mrfunnyguy I think you are correct. I don't know why so many people don't believe your words. 6'1 is tall but not solid tall among the newest generation in Sweden. Besides, the teens around you may be much higher the average height of the whole country. I don't understand they fell so hard to beleive. The average height of US is 5'9 and 5'9.5-5'10.75 among younger White American. But most of my friends are 6'2 or taller. Since the average height of US is 5'9, I cannot say the average height of my group is 6'2, otherwise I will be troll? Many people in this thread are very rude and arrogant.
grizz said on 13/Feb/20
c-mo 176.2cm said on 10/Feb/20
@ grizz

it is the perfect range . even the site about proportions I was talking about lists it as the ideal range
Care to post this link again? I remember you gave it once, but I seemed to forgot about it. Thanks
edwards said on 12/Feb/20
@ greg

agreed with everything you said.
Nik Ashton said on 12/Feb/20
@ Bobby 1.78m (5ft 10in) - Firstly I do not appreciate what you said about me on the 5/Feb/20. Also I never once said that the average man in the UK is 5’6”, I meant average adult. Next, if you don’t believe what I have said then you are welcome to get a plane over to where I live and go around Pontefract town centre with me. Rob may not live in a short area, all areas have different averages. I haven’t got a clue what the national average is but if it is 5’9” then the average in one area may be 5’10” and in another it could be 5’8”, you may get areas where the average is 5’10.5” or 5’7” (inc young people of course)! I remember Connor claiming on celebheights that the average in Doncaster is under 5’9” and I also remember some of our American visitors claiming that the average in certain states is below 5’9” too.
Bwk said on 12/Feb/20
Rob, can sleeping on your side cause you not to reach your maximum morning height? What's the optimal sleeping position for maximum morning height?
Editor Rob
From my own experience, being a bit more twisted or on side isn't helping me reach optimal morning height. On back with 1 pillow certainly helps from the few times I managed it 😮

Those occasions I could get near 5ft 9 out of bed where mostly 8-9 hour sleeps and I think mostly on back.
Sakz said on 12/Feb/20
@Mark O'Connor I would say that's about right.

@Bobby That's a common misconception on here. People feel being tall means towering over others. The heights you mentioned (6'0 and 6'4) are good examples. The first is tall and the second is very tall. I always separate the two. The 6'4 wouldn't even tower the 6 footer either at least not in my opinion. That would be more 6'5+.
edwards said on 12/Feb/20
@ greg

agreed dude with everything you said.6” is considered tall in majority of the countries in the world.maybe 9/10 countries with only few countries being average.i consider even 5’11 to be somewhat tall here in the states.
Canson said on 11/Feb/20
@Greg: those are the ones I don’t get. It’s like you’re tall enough why do you want to be taller? These are guys well over 6’0” doing it. Like 6’4 claiming 6’5 and 6’2 claim 6’4 6’3 claiming 6’5 etc. it’s sad really and it’s greedy
QM6'1QM said on 11/Feb/20
Rob, does hard and long handbanging affects on your neck and spine for a healthy people ?
Editor Rob
headbanging? I think lots of rotation and intense movements could increase risk of damage.
c-mo 176.2cm said on 11/Feb/20
Greg I dont understand why you dont believe me . I live in germany since 30 years ...since I was a small child . average height for young germans is easily 180cm . nothing under 179cm at night for sure . at your height you will just be average among german guys . not above average . there will be more of a chance that you will be slightly below average than being above it . trust me

I think your height is the exact average for young european men. or you might be slightly above average but it is definitely around your and bobbys height . my height of 5'9.25 night is weak average for young euro men
Mark O' Connor said on 11/Feb/20
My height varies from 188.2 to 186.3 during the day, what percentile am I?
Sean william Winter said on 11/Feb/20
here another vidoe rob. austin is either 5'10 or 5'11 but on google it says 5'10/ so how can scottherman be 5'10 i see a 2 inch difference or more here Click Here
Editor Rob
Austin claimed 5ft 10, so the other bloke is nearer 5ft 8
Sean william Winter said on 11/Feb/20
Click Here scothermanfitness claims 5'10 yet austin dunham is listed as 5'10???? i think scott is more 174 cm. flatten down the hair.
Nik Ashton said on 11/Feb/20
I saw three or four guys who were 5’2” or under in the space of a few minutes in Pontefract town centre this morning!
Vsquad said on 10/Feb/20
I'm 6'0/184 cm living in Australia. I started my new semester at university yesterday, I haven't been there or in the city for awhile.

At some points I felt tall, other times there were the occasional giants of different ages walk by me here and there. There were some really lanky-looking people that I thought were taller than me from a distance, but I matched up with them pretty well up close which shocked me.

I feel like the average could absolutely be 5'10 here among white Australians. And like I said, there are really tall older folk that I see around so maybe it's been this way for decades.
cmillz said on 10/Feb/20
I think once you’re 10 cm above/below average, you’re undoubtedly tall/short. I agree that being 6 cm above average isn’t quite enough to be considered “tall”.
Poster said on 10/Feb/20
@Sakz: Yeah, there's no doubt that it's situational and subjective. FE, a 4'11 younger woman will be seen differently in a SE Asian country than she will be in a NW European country. She may be average in the former, but she may be borderline "dwarf" in the latter. There are many variables that make it almost impossible to draw a red line on a ruler.
FiveEightJake said on 10/Feb/20
Rob & celebheights users, I have a wedding coming up in a few weeks, a lot of women will be in heels and the dress shoes I normally wear I found out they only give me about 0.8-0.9 inches, I don’t want to wear lifts or anything like that but I also don’t want to shortchange myself either, so I’m looking for a nice dress shoe that is in the 1.25-1.5 range, I am located in the UK.

Is there any specific way to tell how much height them kind of shoes add rob, do you just look for a chunkier heel?

TLDR; Need 1.25 - 1.5 inch dress shoe recommendations, I’m in the UK.
Editor Rob
I would just take a small ruler into a shop and check a few heels, it's much easier seeing what 3/4 or 1.1 inch looks up close...something like Clarks is useful. For instance the heel on These shoes is about 1 inch range, plus a few mm insole...1.25 will look quite big in person.

I'd also look at the insole, because sometimes it is paper thin, other times maybe gives 0.2 inches, so your 1-1.1 inch heel suddenly gives 1.3 range.
Nik Ashton said on 10/Feb/20
@ Canson - too true, I respect c-mo for his comment too. If everyone thought like this the world would be a better place and hopefully c-mo’s message to me on the 5/Feb/20 will spread! 👌👌👌
Greg said on 10/Feb/20
@Canson yeah I mean it’s pretty easy to tell the difference between 6’4 and 6’6 unless you’re like over a foot shorter. I believe I saw a guy working at a gun store yesterday who might have been at least 6’3.5-6’4 in boots he looks about 6’5ish but I think there was a chance he was a legit 6’4. Every other worker seemed shorter than me, although I did notice two other guys who where above average height not sure exactly on their range as I didn’t get a close assessment but I estimated them to be above average. Some guys do lie up when they are pretty tall it’s strange.
Greg said on 10/Feb/20
@AndrewV Nah they are max 5’10, you’re thinking of Holland and Czech Republic or Bosnia. Because Ethnic Germans don’t grow as tall as the latter especially taller.
Greg said on 10/Feb/20
@Canson well yes thank you for backing me up, I was just specifying I don’t really care at this point because my range will vary like anyone and even if I lay down a little after being out and about and doing stuff I will regain a fraction. Plus I’m working on posture helping exercises and taking glucosamine which might help reveal hidden height. But yeah not sure how he thought I wrote that I was 5’9.75. This sites standards a little different than reality and claims.
Greg said on 10/Feb/20
@Edwards I agree with you, German guys aren’t as tall as some of the users describe here. I feel the majority of people tend to over exaggerate and overestimate height because they can’t tell the difference. There’s no way that more than 3 or 4 different European Countries average 5’11+ let alone 6’0 with a few exceptions. I agree 6’0 is the beginning of tall in Germany. People are not only focusing on everyone taller and disregarding the shorter people; but they are also overestimating height in general.
Bobby 1.78m (5ft 10in) said on 10/Feb/20

No, it's not. The average is nowhere near 5'6 for men in either the U.S or the U.K. I've spoken to Connor repeatedly as he lives in Doncaster, U.K, and he reports the average height as being 5'9. I doubt the average is less than 5'9 in all of the U.K. Greg also lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S., and he reports the average on the street as being 5'9 too. And myself, who lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, can also report the average height on the street being no less than a good 5'8.5 for all demographics. The only time I'd say the average height could be as high as 5'9.5 is if I'm in a highly-populated area with university students, in which case, I feel bang on solid average, but it has to be densely populated.
Bobby 1.78m (5ft 10in) said on 10/Feb/20

Yeah, I agree with you. I don't believe in censoring myself if I'm just stating a fact or something that can be proven empirically. Like, it's not insensitive to say that 5'7 is below average because the average height, in general, is 5'9.
Bobby 1.78m (5ft 10in) said on 10/Feb/20

You don't have to dwarf everybody around you to have a perfect height let alone to be considered tall. Provided you're taller than a majority of people statistically, which is what matters, then you are still going to be considered tall. It's like comparing a 6'0 guy to a 6'4 guy, well, many people will see the 6'4 guy as standing out and being very tall, but they are also going to say that the 6'0 guy is tall as well. I'm not honestly sure what your issue is with being 186cm tall, but I would love to be your height and even you don't tower me either. So, it could always be worse, you could be below 5'7. Imagine how those guys feel knowing they struggle to be taller than average height women who wear heels. The grass is always greener on the other side.
c-mo 176.2cm said on 10/Feb/20
@ grizz

it is the perfect range . even the site about proportions I was talking about lists it as the ideal range

if we go by aesthetics alone looking at the height isolated without comparing it to other mens heights then 180cm is the best . it is the most balanced and good looking height on its own. it is also a little above average in many european countries and a very solid height. but the problem is that at 180cm when you stand next to lets say a man who is 195cm you will look short ....the times whhere you will be surrounded by several men who are taller than you at 180cm is not often but if it happens that several men next to you are all several centimeters taller than you you get a bit eclipsed . but at 185cm this doesnt happen (or very rarely) and you are on the tall side ...and it is not overly tall yet . above 185cm is unnecessary and some negative sides come along when you are above 185cm (even though up to 200cm or so can still be good and is better than being short .especially up to 195 can be good) . but 180cm looks a bit better than 185cm because 185cm can look a teeny bit too "long" . the best height is 185cm out of bed and 183cm at night . I am very sure about it .
Sean william Winter said on 10/Feb/20
178.5cm at 20 you could be 5'4. even if you dont grow any more. not end of the world. yeh ideally 180 cm nightime. or my morning hieght and.i consider happier. since i wake up at 180 cm. and evening around your hieght.
edwards said on 10/Feb/20
@ progking

i think these looks accurate in us/uk

5’9 average
5’10 above average
5’11 tallish
6-6’2 tall
6’3-6’6 very tall
any thing above 6’6 can be considered extremely tall.
this applies to most of the people.different people have different options but this applies to majority of the people.
edwards said on 10/Feb/20
@ progking

yeah,i consider 183 cm or solid 6 feet to be solid tall here in the states.i can see the average in the states is around 5’8.75/5’9 if you include person of all ages and all germany especially munich,i can say i felt solid tall given that i was wearing biker boots that gave me around 4 cm.i dont think you should tower people to be considered tall,if you’re taller than 8/10 men then i think that is tall enough given that i am taller than 8/10 men in the states that i meet don’t necessarily need to tower people to be considered tall.6 feet is around 80th percentile here in the states or even in the uk.where are you from ?
mrfunnyguy said on 10/Feb/20
@grizz I am not FrenchGuy.
Mark O' Connor said on 10/Feb/20
I think solid tall is a height around the 90 percentile, so around 185 afternoon height, do you guys agree?
grizz said on 10/Feb/20
mrfunnyguy said on 9/Feb/20
@c-mo 176.2cm I have trouble understanding how 180-185cm could be the perfect height range, considering the fact that a majority of young guys I meet in Sweden are taller than me.
Look, FrenchGuy, it may not be THE perfect range, but it's pretty damn close. Just because most may be taller than you (which I doubt) doesn't make it imperfect. Have you ever thought that their height might be imperfect? The troubles of back pain, finding half-decent clothing, driving in public transportation, fitting inside a smaller car, the trouble of filling bigger frame with more muscle, general disproportion (too long legs or torso is more likely for taller people) etc.
178.5cm at 20 said on 9/Feb/20
Rob, I have sleep apnea meaning I almost never have a good night sleep, I consider myself lucky if I sleep 7 hours, and I don't have a repairing sleep, how much impact do you think this has played on my height?

I am around 178,5cm at night after having an active standing day. I hate it. 1,5cm more and I'd be the happiest, hate being under 180cm, like so close and so far away haha... guess it's better to be happy with what I've got right?

Can stretching and having a good posture help? Thanks guys
Progking said on 9/Feb/20
@edwards you consider 6 cm over average the start of tall? I think thats more in tallish range. Still i think 183 cm(im 183-183.5 in the evening, 186-186.5 cm in shoes) is tall enough and ideal for a guy in most places, especially western countries with a 175 cm average
@Mikecc you are probably around 175 cm in the afternoon so i would just claim 5'9. I wouldnt claim morning height though but its better than the many guys who add 2 inches to their height
@pov on the train or on the bus im actually usually one of the tallest at a strong 6'0(i live in Canada). However other places it really depends. At my residence at uni with a fair amount of young dutch guys, i feel like im around 75th percentile, or tallish. In general though 6'0-6'0.5(183-184 cm) is perfect
Nik Ashton said on 9/Feb/20
@ Canson - What I have said applies to all personal characteristics, physical and non physical.
Nik Ashton said on 9/Feb/20
@ Canson - Many thanks! I appreciate what you say so much and you are right about c-mo, I was very impressed with his comment to me recently. It is never really worth it in the end to lie about height and everyone would be happier if people were all honest and understanding about it.
Poster said on 9/Feb/20
@Bobby: The bottom line is that it's not mean or rude to state facts. We can say that most guys are taller than 5'8 at (fill in the blank). That's not an insult against guys who are shorter than 5'8. PC qualifiers get on my last nerve. LOL
c-mo 176.2cm said on 9/Feb/20
@ Mikecc

I would claim 5'9 or 175cm if I were you
Nik Ashton said on 9/Feb/20
@ Littlelee5ft6 - I actually meant that the average for men AND women in the UK and the USA is 5’6”, not just for men, thanks though! I used to think that the average global height for men was 5’8.5”, then I started to think it might be 5’7” range and now I actually think it could be 5’6”! If it ain’t it will probably be 5’7” range!
Sakz said on 9/Feb/20
@Poster No worries just a misunderstanding. I didn't say at exactly what height I'd consider a female a dwarf but I said 4'10 seems reasonable enough for men at least in my opinion, so all subjective really. It's not something I've given much thought to be honest because as I said generally anyone under 5'0 will typically be seen as a dwarf, and I've always had that same mindset. It would make for an interesting study nonetheless.

@Nik Yeah because women are on average shorter than men. However perception does also come into it.
Canson said on 9/Feb/20
Nik Ashton said on 8/Feb/20
@ c-mo - Your response to me dated the 5/Feb/20 is a credit to you and everyone who visits celebheights should read it. 👌👌👌👌👌👌!

Agreed and I respect him for that comment because that’s life. That is how everyone should see it
Nik Ashton said on 9/Feb/20
@ Sandy Cowell - I’m not sure, TBH I am pretty average!

You can still fire away anyway!
QM6'1QM said on 9/Feb/20
mrfunnyguy said on 9/Feb/20

Well, I can believe that 30% of men are taller than you in Sweden and a handful of women are like 3-4%. Ok yes and what else ?! It's difficult, i think, because we have real proof of your height and you probably only see tall people on the streets of your city. It's like an accentuation of tall heights/people in the any case, i think.
No way be so "short" for a 6'1 guy as you wrote, mrfunnyguy :)
Sean william Winter said on 9/Feb/20
rob what is your definition of a weak 5'10. 177 cm flat??
Editor Rob
177 flat would be a pretty weak 5ft 10
Grayloth said on 9/Feb/20
mrfunnyguy said on 9/Feb/20
@c-mo 176.2cm I have trouble understanding how 180-185cm could be the perfect height range, considering the fact that a majority of young guys I meet in Sweden are taller than me.

No, they are not. But 25 % are taller than you.
Kresorel12 said on 9/Feb/20
@mrfunnyguy, stop lying. I went to Sweden and I was taller than 18 people from 20, and I am only 188cm.

No one is taking you seriously. Stop trying to make us think that Sweeden is the country of giants, because it's not.
mrfunnyguy said on 9/Feb/20
@c-mo 176.2cm I have trouble understanding how 180-185cm could be the perfect height range, considering the fact that a majority of young guys I meet in Sweden are taller than me.
edwards said on 9/Feb/20
@ Andrewv

dude,i have been to germany 5 years ago and i can tell you the german average is around 177 cm.i felt taller in germany maybe even solid tall as i was wearing 1.5 inch or around 4 cm boots.i feel even in germany 183 cm is beginning of tall.not saying because i am that height but it really is taller.
mac46 said on 9/Feb/20
hey rob, sorry if you get this question allot but why do some people shrink less than others throughout the day I only shrink 1.5cm on a usual day but some people can shrink up to 3?
Editor Rob
Yeah, it can vary a bit. The average is pretty much close to 2cm, but you'll find people shrinking 1.5, others 2.5, even 3-4cm in some cases. It just means the discs in the spine retain and don't expel as much water as other people.
Canson said on 9/Feb/20
Nik Ashton said on 8/Feb/20
@ Canson - Thanks! Your attitude is commendable and first class! 👌

Thank you Nik! And I feel the same about you, Sandy and Christian amongst others. I have long advocated what C-Mo said to you. I don’t get why people lie about their height and feel the need to exaggerate others. It really gets pretty old doing that and lying about anything like that doesn’t pay off
Canson said on 9/Feb/20
@Greg: that’s interesting! I remember telling Christian once when I took my car in for service when my service guy who knows me well embellished my height. I have 2010 BMW 535XI and they gave me a 1 Series. He said that if you can fit then there shouldn’t be any excuses from taller customers when we don’t have a larger car. He said something like I have a 6’6 customer. I corrected him and said 6’4” and it says 6’4” on my license. He admitted he did it for heightened effect to boost his point.
Canson said on 8/Feb/20
@Greg: I understand what you’re saying and wasn’t undermining your claim. I was simply saying by site standards, if you were doing the daily grind of waking say 6 or 7 am and ending 4 or 5 pm your afternoon if waking 5’11 would prob be 5’10.25 (5’10 3/8 lunch) or if you’re a hair over 5’11 then 5’10.5 lunch would be possible and 5’10 3/8 afternoon But we are making the same point because I also told Emil that in your defense. For you I agree a 5’10.5 claim is reasonable even on the site. The point I was trying to make is even your normal afternoon that you hit 5’10.25- 3/8 is still not 5’9.75 that Emil said or thought you were. Bobby said the same thing
Nik Ashton said on 8/Feb/20
@ c-mo - Your response to me dated the 5/Feb/20 is a credit to you and everyone who visits celebheights should read it. 👌👌👌👌👌👌!
Nik Ashton said on 8/Feb/20
@ Sakz - There is no way that a 4’10” woman is a dwarf.
Nik Ashton said on 8/Feb/20
@ Sakz - Thanks! Everything you have said is very true and I’m glad you have hit the nail on the head!
Mikecc said on 8/Feb/20
If I'm 176.5cm (5'9.5") when I first wake up and then shrink to about 174.5cm (5'8.75") at night, what should I claim? Also, I sometimes drop to 174cm (5'8.5") if I did an intensive work-out or activity.
Poster said on 8/Feb/20
@Sakz: I see. That wasn't clear. I still say that it should be 5'0 for younger men and 4'8 for younger women. It's ridiculous to say that it starts at 4'10 for younger men.
c-mo 176.2cm said on 8/Feb/20

you said to triplescrew that I am sarcastically trolling lol thats why I said I am not trolling

and again : I am 176.2cm or so after being awake for 5 hours and I wear 3.5cm shoes right now so I am like a 5'10 guy wearing 2cm shoes and I still feel average at best among non elderly ethnic german men. so you would only be a little taller than me with my current shoes on (unless you also wear such thick shoes) and there is no way your height is above average in germany. I am not saying you are lying please dont get me wrong but you probably have been to a short city/village or have noticed more the shorter men etc.

average height for young german men is an EASY 180cm at night

its funny that I get weird comments by some people only because I say how I see things . like Sean for example said I must be 5'8 . lol

@ mrfunnyguy

you are not funny actually . stop trolling . 183cm is the perfect height . at 185.5cm you are noticably above average even in northern europe . if a woman "towers over you" then she is just an extremely tall woman . to tower over 185.5cm one must be 200cm or something and such women are one in a million or even more rare . lol . even 185cm for a woman is uncommon

180 - 185 cm is the best height range for a man
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 8/Feb/20
@ Nik - Would you say you're above average in your locality? 🤔

If that's the case, I'll have a couple more questions I wish to ask you! 😉
AndrewV said on 8/Feb/20

Do you think this study is pretty accurate for young Germans? The sample size was 83% ethnic German and 17% people who had migrant backgrounds (page 14 and 15): Click Here

The average may be a weak 5'10" if you count the whole German population regardless of age and background, but young guys there are definitely 5'10.5"-5'11" especially if we're talking about ethnic Germans.
Littlelee5ft6 said on 8/Feb/20
Bobby I think nik meant the worldwide average for men being 5ft 6 but I still think that's a little under average I'd say 5ft 7.5 or thereabouts would be worldwide average year I have made peace with the fact that I'm knee high to a grasshopper lol it's just who I am
Bobby 1.78m (5ft 10in) said on 8/Feb/20

I'm not sure about the OCD part, but I know he's definitely on the autism spectrum, or I at least suspect he is. I just personally think it's very odd that someone who's only a good 5'7.25 in the evening would ever feel genuinely above average or tallish in any given situation outside of being next to the elderly, children, and women. It'd be more understandable if Nik was 5'10 and commonly felt that way as not even Rob feels above average at 5'8.
Bobby 1.78m (5ft 10in) said on 8/Feb/20
@Obsessed With Height

I mean, it's quite obvious, a genuine 5'10, even 5'9.5 guy gives off a much taller impression in pictures. Why not just measure yourself using an aerosol can and measuring tape the way that Rob does in his videos? The reason your height may vary like that is that we commonly lose 3/4s of an inch from morning to evening. So, you could be 5'8.25 in the morning and 5'7.5 in the evening, which makes sense to me.
Emil said on 8/Feb/20

I guess my estimate wasn't that off then ;).

@Greg @Canson

I'm sorry, I didn't read it correctly.
Greg said on 8/Feb/20
@Canson that’s funny, a lot of my friends as you may know add a good 1-2 inches to their height. I was watching Eric Kanevskys video on you tube and he was coming up to bodybuilders and asking their height/weight then measuring them. It wasn’t a surprise most of them where off by at least an inch and on the highest end 2 inches, some even lied about their weight despite knowing they would be put on the spot. At my BJJ gym I guess guys really don’t know their height or assume they are taller. It’s just funny when guys think they can pull a fast one and get away with height fraud, the reality is that someone’s going to call them for it. I witnessed plenty of 5’11 range guys say 6’0 or almost 6’0 which isn’t bad if they are closer to 5’11.5 or a bit over for instance but yeah many guys think that if they can pull off 6’0 they will claim 5’11 or 5’10 and normally they will be a few inches under such.
Greg said on 8/Feb/20
@Canson yeah but in reality like I said I’m more 5’10.5-5’10.75 I don’t go by lows. I’m a little above 5’10.5 in the noon and 5’10.75 early mornings so that’s what I corrected Emil too 👍 it’s not a big deal if someone wants to refer to me as 5’10.25 or whatever I don’t care but I will refer to myself between 5’10.5 and 5’11 since I claim morning height or early morning no biggie smalls.
Greg said on 8/Feb/20
@c-mo I am though, and I never said I was worried. Also I was above average in germany. You have tallitis you’re always focusing on guys taller than you make it seem as if 5’9 is very below average in Germany. It’s just lower average. I am above average and the only place where I felt slightly below average was in Amsterdam and it wasn’t by a lot. Germans aren’t that tall, it seems you changed your mind on what the average was previous because I know you used to advocate that 5’10+ was above average and for some reason you changed your mind which is fine. But that’s a contradiction. Never said you where trolling either not sure why you are saying that. Germans don’t average over a max 5’9.75 maybe 5’10 at a push which is why I’m saying at almost 5’11 I would be above average there.
Greg said on 8/Feb/20
@Obsessed with height Honestly it’s hard to tell from the picture I would need to see one where you don’t block his head as I can’t see where it ends but I probably wouldn’t have said as high as 5’11.25, 5’9.5 peak might be a believable figure for your dad. Maybe he got that and rounded to 5ft 10 perhaps.
Sakz said on 8/Feb/20
@Poster No I said 4'10 seems reasonable for men. I agree it should be lower for women. I wouldn't consider a woman who is 4'10 to be a dwarf, but it's possible some could perceive her that way.

@Nik I see you have an open perception of different heights. Technically you can find yourself being the tallest at even shorter and average heights, so you're not wrong in your assessments. It all depends on the setting and how tall people around you are.
mrfunnyguy said on 8/Feb/20
@c-mo 176.2cm Trust me, you wouldn't want to be 182-183cm during the morning or evening in Sweden. I am 185.5cm in the evening and I get towered even by women sometimes here in Stockholm.
Obsessed With Height said on 8/Feb/20
@ Bobby 178cm
Oh wow, I never knew he was THAT short, He always looked so tall, or at least gave everyone the impression of being tall, i no longer see him nowadays because of his job outside of town and when I asked my mother, she said she saw him being measured 5’9.5 (176 CM) But I never believed her, as I have this picture of me from 2 years ago when I was 5’3 - 5’4, and I came up bellow his nose, he had some time of footwear advantage and I had a really bad posture at the time
knowing that I’m between 5’7.5 - 5’8.25 (171.5 - 173.3) I wouldn’t have that much of a difference in height
Still unsure about my height though, I always measured differently
Nik Ashton said on 8/Feb/20
@ Canson - Thanks! Your attitude is commendable and first class! 👌
pov said on 7/Feb/20
Not posted on here in a while. Was on a train today in Birmingham, near the University. Most people on the train were students, I’m 6”0.5, and I counted 9 people taller than me (one was a girl too)! I know this was a one off, but I do feel the younger generation are getting taller. I would say the average is actually 5”10 for young brits
Nik Ashton said on 7/Feb/20
All 4 of the men living nearest to me are about my height or shorter than me! One of my neighbours is in his 20’s and he himself has admitted that I am taller than him even though I thought we were about the same height!
Nik Ashton said on 7/Feb/20
@ Ezequiel - In many other settings you would be average and in some settings you would be above average!
Nik Ashton said on 7/Feb/20
@ Littlelee5ft6 - That’s very interesting, He’ll be used to people only coming up to his shoulders! I’d scrape above his shoulders! Ha ha! It’s great that he is a lovely guy!
Kres1x said on 7/Feb/20
Hey @Rob. If a person who is 169,5cm reach the middle of my lips and my eye lever is 177-178cm, How tall do you think I am?
Editor Rob
Possibly in 189 range, though it depends on how big or small your head size is.
Canson said on 7/Feb/20
c-mo 176.2cm said on 5/Feb/20
@Greg I am not trolling

but dont worry you have a good height anyway. only because you are not above average in germany it doesnt mean that you dont have a good height. I think I have a realistic and good view of heights . my own height is also very decent . I am not unhappy . but I will always bite in my fist that I am not a few centimeters taller . I wish I was 184-185cm out of bed and 182-183cm at night . there is no better height than that .

@Nik . I also respect all heights . and a persons personality is important not his/her height .

Much respect for that last comment to Nik
Canson said on 7/Feb/20
@Greg: what’s funny is that I had this same argument this week with a guy who was 5’8 parading around as 5’10”. He didn’t look noticeably taller than my wife who is 5’7.75”. He said average height for a man is 5’10-5’11. I told him no it’s not and another guy who was 5’11-6’0” (claimed 6’0”) chimed in. At the end of it the guy claimed 5’10 and we both laughed. The 5’11 range guy who was a good 5” shorter than me even told him how? He accused both of us of being taller than we claimed. At least the other one said I’m probably a little under 6’0” at the end of it but that was to show him up more than to be honest on his part
Canson said on 7/Feb/20
@Greg: using a true site standard if you were on your feet And more active you’d prob be lunchtime 5’10 3/8-1/2 but still nowhere near what Emil said. That’s Bobby who is being referred to
Poster said on 7/Feb/20
@Sakz: I agree with almost all of that. The only thing that we might differ on is the 4'10 cutoff height for both genders, and I admit that this can be arbitrary and subjective. I'm sticking with 5'0 for younger men in Europe and North America, especially since that height is at the 0.1% on the CDC height calculator for 18-year-old men. I'll stick to 4'8 for younger women, in Europe or North America, since women are shorter than men.

@Bobby (5'10) He might have OCD. I have it, and I sometimes recognize it in other people. I don't mean to sound critical, so I hope it didn't come across that way. It's just a weird quirk I noticed.
Nik Ashton said on 7/Feb/20
@ Greg - You are very welcome!
Greg said on 7/Feb/20
@Sean to not feel short you just simply have to be Robs height or taller, 5’9 doesn’t make you feel short, 5’11 is above average not just the bare minimum to feel short. At 5’10 if you’re legit you won’t feel short, it’s above average.
Greg said on 7/Feb/20
@Emil I am not 5’9.75 you misunderstood, I am 5’10.5-5’10.75 early mornings to afternoon about 5’10.25/5’10 3/8ths at a low. I was saying 5’9.75 is the average for most Germans it’s not as high as 6’0, even in Netherlands young Dutch guys don’t average that high.
Canson said on 7/Feb/20
@Emil: Greg isn’t 5’9.75 that’s Bobby. Greg is 5’10 1/4 or 3/8”
Bego said on 7/Feb/20
@Emil Every state in Germany from town to town and city to city depends on avg height too. Germans for decades have been mixing with newer immigrants from east and south Europe. Up north Germans are taller because of Dutch and Nordic blood mix. City like Nuremberg feels shorter than city like Duseldorf or Hamburg, while many rural German places can have avg height of 175cm too. I think tallest place in Germany might be 183 to 184cm avg around youth. Germany is one of those countries that vary alot in height. I have seen plenty of German tourists here, they vary alot in height.
Sakz said on 7/Feb/20
@Poster I understood where you were coming from. Dwarfism can't officially be associated with an exact height since there is no medical study behind it as you said. Typically when you see someone 4ft something for either gender you'll consider them a dwarf. At exactly what height they qualify as that is anybody's guess, but 4'10 definitely seems reasonable enough for men in my opinion. It would make for an interesting study though, considering the different height averages which exist around the world.

@Vsquad A few mm's is not noticeable. A cm becomes visible but still can be tough to spot unless you really look carefully. So many factors come into play such as footwear, posture and even hairstyle.
Bobby 178cm said on 7/Feb/20
@Obssessed With Height

Well, your mom's heels look to be 1.5-2 inches at the back. If she's 5'3 barefoot, she'd be no more than 5'5 with them on. There's no way that your dad is 5'11.25 let alone 5'10 as his eye level is at the centre of her forehead suggesting 2 inches difference with footwear disadvantage. If she's 5'5 with heels on, a tentative guess, I would guess him no taller than 5'7 there. If he was 5'10, he'd be looking over her head even with her heels on. On the off chance her heels measure in the 3 inch range, I'd guess him in the 5'8 range but still a far cry from 5'10.
Bobby 178cm said on 7/Feb/20

I'm not sure how you misunderstood any of that, but Greg is 5'10.5 in the afternoon. Canson explicitly says this at the end of his message too. The 5'9.75 figure is talking about the average height of certain German regions.
Littlelee5ft6 said on 7/Feb/20
Yes nik I came up to Mark's shoulder. Lovely guy
Bobby 1.78m (5ft 10in) said on 7/Feb/20

I know you like being PC and nice, but 5'6 isn't the average height for an adult male. LittleLee has made peace with that too, so there's no need to be stating all this. If the statistical average height is 5'9 for men, then 5'6 is below average.
Sean william Winter said on 6/Feb/20
to not feel short. i think 5'11 is minimum hiegh 180 cm. 181 nightime. 183 184 is prob best zone.
Emil said on 6/Feb/20

I'd say that Greg at 5'9.75 would be around lower average range amongst most young German men - not short by any means. Depending on the region I'd say average height for young German guys is somewhere between 5'10-5'11 as an evening measurement - maybe 6'0 in the absolute tallest regions. Pretty much like in Denmark
Obsessed With Height said on 6/Feb/20
My mother is 5’3 (161 CM) bare feet
I’m not sure about my father’s height though, he has claimed 5’10 (178 cm) he has also claimed as high as 181 cm (5’11 1/4)
How tall do you guys think he is?
Click Here
Click Here
Greg said on 6/Feb/20
Another good Example of U.S American average height would be at my Brazilians jiu-jitsu gym although most guys here are actually not height aware ironically. I train with about 15-20 guys depending on the day and class size. The majority of them are like between 5’7-5’9. I think there’s only like 4-5 who are 6’0 or taller at least that I noticed. My one trainer is like 5’7 I am not sure if he’s lost height think he’s 46 and in good shape so could be 1/8th shorter from peak at worst. The main black belt trainer is pretty short he’s like 5’2 I think give or take. The 5’7 guy can not estimate height to save his life though. He guessed like a 6’2.5-6’3 guy at 6’4, which in his defense since he’s much shorter he’s not going to be able to guess as accurately as someone’s who’s closer to 6’0. But he asked the guy his weight and then was like “ you’re what 6’3-4?” To which the guy replied 6’4, but that’s probably an inshoe height I think he’s maybe 6’2.75-6’3 at best and wakes up at almost 6’4, I could tell because he looks similar to my 6’3 friends and I felt like I was closer to his height than if he was a legit 6’4 but whatever it’s nothing new. I think I only saw like 3 or 4 guys who where over 6’0 and at least 6’1+. But the average is definitely around 5’9ish.
Greg said on 6/Feb/20
@Destroyer I sort of agree with your chart.

@Nik Thanks
Greg said on 6/Feb/20
@Canson @C-mo for so I want to start this off by saying that I can say that the same for you about “your mind trying to trick you that everyone’s taller” my height is exactly above average there, it’s not that tall and it’s not average I would even argue it’s between above average and tallish. And I’m not just talking about the U.S for some reason everybody thinks Germany or Europe must have giants, no way. Do I think people are taller in Europe than America in its entirety yes; but not by how much you think. Amsterdam has a lot of tall people, so does Bosnia and the Balkans, we can even add Denmark into there. Germans on average only edge out Americans. You’re probably just focusing on every guy that’s taller than you. If you say you feel average at 5’9.25 or whatever that goes and proves my point. If you feel short than you need to re-evaluate everything. My mind doesn’t trick me because I know my height and I can use it to roughly estimate people I encounters height.

@Mark O’Connor depends on their eye levels, if they have close to the same eye levels but the top of their heads are different by a half inch it becomes harder. Usually a good inch with different eye levels is noticeable if the footwear is equal. Although I’ve had legit 5’11 guys say I am the same height as them despite being about a half inch shorter.
Vsquad said on 6/Feb/20
@Mark O' Connor

Yes, 0.5 inch difference is noticeable IMO.

I'm 184 cm and my friend is 183.5 cm (he maybe drops to a little bit less). He always wears vans while I wear an inch shoe. With the footwear difference I'd only have 1cm advantage on him (plus the 5mm barefoot), which is barely any difference at all... yet I always look noticeably taller than him.

I still think it's weird, but I'll take it lol.
Nik said on 5/Feb/20
@ Littlelee5ft6 - Thanks! I can tell who's taller and shorter than me when I am one of 6 people who are near each other in a room! You would have been the joint third tallest person in that room, the Mum of one of the prospective buyers is about your height!

It's great you saw Mark Labett, were you up to his shoulders? You are average for an adult and you are only slightly shorter than me, remember I don't feel short very often!
Luca said on 5/Feb/20
Rob, I wanna talk you specifically about my strange experience, trying to find an explanation, because since that I've been really doubtful.
Let's start saying that my out of bed height can be anywhere between a minimum 190.5 and 191 cm ; the extreme lowest height I had measured at has been 188.2 cm, under pretty hard conditions of dehydration and long days.(You should add a pair of mms to this measures if I measured with my feet quite apart). So I've been considering myself a pretty solid 188 cm, let's say a sort of 6 ft 2.25 celeb here listed.
As I told you previously once I tried to measure myself many times almost in a row in about 1 hour of time: I started from an height of almost 189 cm and I progressively finished measuring something like 187.7 cm more or less (I Don t remember well).
I even noticed that when I stopped measuring myself for about 45 seconds I rapidly regained some height.
How could you explain something like that? Effective ultra shrinkage or a posture and back stress matter? How tall should I consider myself?
Editor Rob
That's a strange one, but you may well have worked your muscles a bit too much and it was more a case of not being able to stand as tall. You shouldn't really drop that much in hour period.
Ezequiel said on 5/Feb/20
In college, a lot of guys (and some girls, for that matter) definitely make me feel short. And I’m only 5’8! Guys are typically in 5’10 to 6’2 range, while the girls range about 5’5 to 5’10-ish. (This is for the white demographic).

I say this because in high school, it was a predominantly white/black Hispanic population, so a lot of the kids were around my height.
Poster said on 5/Feb/20
@Sakz: 4'10 is the most common cutoff height according to most sources. That's where the Little People Of America start dwarfism. My point was that I don't think that's accurate or realistic, especially since, to my knowledge, there are no objective medical or scientific studies to back that claim. I also said that it's unrealistic to have the same height for both genders because men are taller than women. I also limited my comments to Europe and North America because some countries have MUCH shorter people, and dwarfism should start at shorter heights in those places. I'm sticking to 4'8 for women because 4'10 is just an inch under 4'11, which isn't an anomalous height for women. I'm sticking to 5'0 for men because that corresponds to 4'8 for women, and it's well below the third percentile for men.
Nik said on 5/Feb/20
@ edwards - Thanks! It's hard to say, anywhere from 5'8.5" - 5'9.125" is probable!
Nik said on 5/Feb/20
Greg IS above average the vast majority of the time!
Nik said on 5/Feb/20
@ anonymus pc9 - Cheers! They are about height and they do sometimes contain some truth, those things are the main criteria!
Bobby 1.78m (5ft 10in) said on 5/Feb/20

I think Nik has some form of autism, but I do agree that it can get a bit out of hand. Even Rob has stated before that he barely feels average height at 5'8. Nik is basically an inch shorter than Rob tops, so it's curious. And comparing your height to the elderly and women is a bit on the biased side. I know that next to other Millennials, I rarely feel short and genuinely will feel above average, but sometimes average height.

But the PC routine is low key very annoying, so I agree.
c-mo 176.2cm said on 5/Feb/20
@Greg I am not trolling

but dont worry you have a good height anyway. only because you are not above average in germany it doesnt mean that you dont have a good height. I think I have a realistic and good view of heights . my own height is also very decent . I am not unhappy . but I will always bite in my fist that I am not a few centimeters taller . I wish I was 184-185cm out of bed and 182-183cm at night . there is no better height than that .

@Nik . I also respect all heights . and a persons personality is important not his/her height .
Littlelee5ft6 said on 5/Feb/20
Nik I'm taller than all woman of average height but funny how the majority of woman I walk past in town are taller than me at a smidge over 5ft 6 and even when in thick boots or skechers trainers and I'm around 5ft 8 in them. And these woman are all in flats cant imagine how tall they would be in heels. I used to hate going clubbing as everyone towered over me and the nightclub bar came up to my chin and had to stand on top toes to get the bar staffs attention lol not so bothered now though
Canson said on 5/Feb/20
c-mo 176.2cm said on 4/Feb/20

no . just no . your height is definitely not above average here bro . you either have been to a shorter place in germany or you felt wrong ....maybe your mind wanted to make you feel above average and tricked you

there is absolutely no way that the average height for young men here is 5'9.75


I am not 5'8 ....I am even 178.4cm first thing . I am 176cm in the evening . my extreme low is 175.5-6 but I hold roughly 176cm evening in general . add to that that my current shoes are thick - I am roughly 5'10 right now outside . and I only feel average at best among non elderly german men . I am not short and feel strong average or even slightly above average when I include men of other ethnic groups .....but among ethnic germans and certain other peoples like croats , serbs etc I feel weak average

Greg lives in a populous city (Philadelphia) on the East coast. He lives in a similar area to me right outside of the Nation’s capital in Virginia. So his views are similar in that respect. At 5’10.25-.5 he is above average for a male. The average male on this side of the US is around 5’9”.
Sakz said on 5/Feb/20
@Nik Ashton I would bet 5'6 and 6'0 would rank quite highly in that poll, specifically if you're talking about the UK and US.
Mark O' Connor said on 5/Feb/20
Do you guys think is noticeable a difference of 0.5/1 cm in height? I think it is impossible, if not actually measuring...From 1.5 cm you can tell the difference
Luke Heinz said on 4/Feb/20
Rob, do you think the difference between your absolute lowest height and absolute highest morning height(great sleep position, 10hrs of sleep and ample hydration) could be near an inch for a good chunk of people?
Editor Rob
Yeah it could be close to 1 inch variation from highest to lowest extreme for a good chunk of the population.

Not many are testing their absolute peak morning or extreme lows though.
Canson said on 4/Feb/20
@Jdubbz: are you still growing now or are have you sustained where you were before at 197-197.5?
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 4/Feb/20
@ Jdubbz - Hey Jdubbz! I've known two guys who were a touch over 5ft7. One of them told me he was 5ft9, and then he changed his mind and decided to be 5ft10. I accompanied him to a medical, which was admittedly at about 5pm, and saw him measured. He was just over 5ft7, yet I had certainly believed he topped 5ft8!

The other guy was shorter than him, so probably just under 5ft6, yet he called me a short-@rse. The cheek of it!

Until I came to Celebheights, I really had no idea how tall someone of 5ft8 is. I knew a bloke who claimed that height, and..... PAH! What utter rubbish! That is why I drew a 6ft mark on the wall by my entrance door. At least then I could see for myself what a load of bunkum came out of so many mouths!
Littlelee5ft6 said on 4/Feb/20
That's a bit rude jdubbz in that situation he was the 2nd tallest of 6 people in the room. Not unbelievable at all and hes 5ft 7.5 theres been plenty of times when I haven't felt tiny at 5ft 6 I never feel tiny. Maybe when I stood next to mark labbett a few years back or next to guys 6ft 6 or taller
Nik Ashton said on 4/Feb/20
@ Jdubbz - A lot of children are taller than a lot of grown men and I am taller than all women who are average in height!
anonymus pc9 said on 4/Feb/20
@Jdubbz: dont mind him, he just love throwing random sentences
c-mo 176.2cm said on 4/Feb/20

no . just no . your height is definitely not above average here bro . you either have been to a shorter place in germany or you felt wrong ....maybe your mind wanted to make you feel above average and tricked you

there is absolutely no way that the average height for young men here is 5'9.75


I am not 5'8 ....I am even 178.4cm first thing . I am 176cm in the evening . my extreme low is 175.5-6 but I hold roughly 176cm evening in general . add to that that my current shoes are thick - I am roughly 5'10 right now outside . and I only feel average at best among non elderly german men . I am not short and feel strong average or even slightly above average when I include men of other ethnic groups .....but among ethnic germans and certain other peoples like croats , serbs etc I feel weak average
Nik Ashton said on 3/Feb/20
@ Greg - You are a wise commenter!
The destroyer said on 3/Feb/20
I am 183.5cm 6ft before bed, I feel tallish/borderline tall in the UK I feel taller than 80% of the people I see on the streets, not many people are taller than me, 6 ft 1 and 2 are rarer than you think and a legit 6ft1 185cm is tall.
173-175 slightly below average (175cm more average)
176-178 average here in the UK (178 could be above average range)
179-181 above average
182-184 Tallish
185-187 Tall
188+ Very Tall
Poster said on 3/Feb/20
@Nik Ashton: I think that dwarfism starts at 4'8 for women and 5'0 for men in Europe and North America except for outlier locations. This is probably somewhat subjective, just like the LPA's personal definition that isn't based on any medical or scientific studies, AFAIK.

BTW, I don't mean to sound rude, but I'm curious if there's a reason why you sometimes post up to twenty separate posts in a row instead of putting your replies in just one or two posts. I also think that you go overboard with the PC routine. I'm not trying to sound critical when I say this, either,
Nik Ashton said on 3/Feb/20
@ Triplescrew - I-N-T-E-R-E-S-T-I-N-G!
Nik Ashton said on 3/Feb/20
@ Jdubbz - There were about 7 people in the room (inc myself) at the chemist and I was the tallest person! Both of the other men were about 5’5” or 5’4” and all the women seemed to be under 5’4”!

I was the second tallest person in the room during the viewing at our house, I described how tall everyone is in a previous comment! There were three other men and two women at the viewing, one of the ladies was my Mum!

When I take the bus into town the other passengers are generally elderly and I am usually either the tallest or one of the tallest few people. I take note of peoples heights when they walk past me, usually up to about ten people walk past me when they are getting off the bus. I am often one of the last people off.

These experiences are not unique, I’ve had quite a few others.
AndrewV said on 3/Feb/20

One inch may not seem like a lot, especially when looking at a measuring tape, but it is quite a noticeable difference physically and statistically. The eye level of a 5'11" guy would be around the middle of your nose and he'd be only taller than 60%-75% of guys, depending on the demographic. In contrast, 6'0" is 75th-85th percentile (again, depending on the demographic). Physically, 5'11" guys have average proportions and don't appear tall to me, maybe tallish at best. Legit six footers on the other hand have longer proportions and just look tall in person and from a distance.
AndrewV said on 3/Feb/20

I basically agree with this, though I wouldn't quite call a legit 6'0" just tallish, more like the start of tall since it's legit tall in the general population and more tallish around young white men. Even speaking in terms of proportions, a genuine six footer physically looks tall unless they're very overweight. Legit tall overall would be a flat 6'1" and up, since you'll pretty much always be tall around every demographic in the US, even around young white men. I personally feel pretty tall at a low of 184cm but it's pretty much 50/50 around white guys at my school, I can feel pretty tall at one party but then feel just tallish in one class the next day. That being said, I still get referred to as tall or "the tall Asian" so in terms of societal perception it does seem like 6'0" is considered tall by most.
FiveEightJake said on 3/Feb/20

Not that hard to fathom, Nik is 5’7.5 I think, he’ll be taller than what? like 90% of women, he’d also be taller than short blokes and old average blokes who’ve shrunk. So he wouldn’t just be taller than ‘short’ women & children, that’s honestly bit of a condescending statement.

Of course in a college situation or just walking around town he wouldn’t be the tallest and amongst a younger crowd he would be considered quite short, but it’s not exactly hard to believe that in a small group of 4 or 5 or on a bus journey of 10 or so people he wouldn’t be one of the tallest. At 5’8.5 myself I can feel a decent average range or short, never tall but I could be the tallest on chance occasions.
Greg said on 3/Feb/20
@TripleScrew C-mo is sarcastically trolling if you couldn’t already tell. The European average is higher than most places but not by a whole not. Individually certain parts of Europe are taller than individual Countries I guess the U.S could kind of fit into that but not by such a large scale. Most guys aren’t 5’10+ at night, if anyone thinks so they probably are thinking off morning height + inshoe round up. Most people don’t even know their own height just like the situation I witnessed with another intern at the police station he was several inches shorter than me and was likely claiming his morning height +1.5 inches or something.
Bobby 1.78m (5ft 10in) said on 3/Feb/20

It beats me mate. I'm a weak-flat 5'10 and usually, only feel tallish at the extreme, rarely ever solid tall. I don't mean to rain on Nik's parade, but he's only a solid 5'7 guy, he's technically below average height if the average in the U.K is 5'9 in general. I felt below average when I was 5'7 range, I didn't start feeling solid average until I shot up to 5'9.
Totigno said on 3/Feb/20
about 5ft11 the start of tall
i talked to a coworker he is 5ft11 i said " you're kinda tall"

he replied yes i know i am tall

he is 24 and we live in europe
Sean william Winter said on 3/Feb/20
julian smith 6ft shoes 5'11 barefoot. simoen panda 6ft 1 in shoes 6ft barefoot. craig golias. 6ft 2 in shoes 6'1 barefoot. you can see there footwear aswell. kenny co claims 6'4 but is 6'3 in shoes. how tall is eric tho the guy doing the measuring??
Sean william Winter said on 3/Feb/20
Click Here rob your verdict on these bodybuilder hieghts. all hieght are in shoes. eric the guy doing the measuring claims 6ft?? but pay attention to the athletes hieght measured in shoes and give me there barefoot hieghts you think they are. simoen panda eric bumstead julian smith. craig gollias.
Editor Rob
The guy doing the measuring was clearly shorter than a few of the guys who claimed 6 foot, he should have had someone measure himself too...though I think most of those guys were fine with it, only that last guy was a bit off with the idea.
edwards said on 3/Feb/20
@ Nik ashton

agreed dude but i feel the states and uk are same you are from uk .what do you think is average for a fully grown man in the uk ?

@ triplescrew

i agree with everything you said.i feel 5’9 is the average height.if you include the person of all races and all age group,the average feels 5’8.75 at a 183 cm guy which is around 6 feet or solid 6 feet,i feel taller than 8 out of 10 men.i also know a guy who said he feel tall at 181 cm which is solid 5’11.most of the average height are inflated by morning measurements.
Sakz said on 3/Feb/20
@Poster Apparently 4'10 or below for both genders is typically considered dwarfism, but it varies since some say there is no specific height. I've personally never considered 5'0 to be dwarfism since it can be a fairly common height in some places. For me anything under 4'10 would classify as that.

@c-mo 176.2cm A lot of people consider 5'10 above average because the overall average is 5'9 in places such as the UK and US. 5'11 is then considered tallish based on that. 6'0 is the typical benchmark for tall if you go by the overall average of 5'9. That's the general consensus and it fits a lot of people's perception unless you factor in the younger generation, in which it may then be slightly higher.
Obsessed With Height said on 3/Feb/20
So, my mother is 5’3 (161 CM) bare feet
I’m not sure about my father’s height though, he has claimed 5’10 (178 cm) he has also claimed as high as 181 cm (5’11 1/4)
What do you think?
Click Here
Click Here
Jdubbz said on 3/Feb/20
@Nik Ashton:

No offense, but aren't you like 5'7? I can't fathom how you can be the tallest in any situation aside from being around children or short women only.
Triplescrew said on 3/Feb/20

5'10" IS above average objectively speaking in the vast majority of the world. If you are above 5'10" at bedtime then you're pretty much an inch above the average height of young white guys in the United States.

More and more I believe height averages are inflated by morning height measurements. If more guys were like Rob and listed their usual low as their height, the average height in the U.S. might even dip into upper 5'8" territory (like 5'8.75"). There's no way 50% of guys are taller than 5'10" at night.
Nik Ashton said on 2/Feb/20
@ chevy - How tall are you?
Nik Ashton said on 2/Feb/20
@ berta - How tall are you?
Nik Ashton said on 2/Feb/20
It would be interesting to do a poll to find out what everyone thinks marks the start of the short and tall ranges!
Nik Ashton said on 2/Feb/20
A man of 6’6” may not be a giant but he is kinda freakishly tall!
Nik Ashton said on 2/Feb/20
@ Greg - I agree with everything you said on the 25/Jan/20!
Nik Ashton said on 2/Feb/20
@ Lucas3456 - The average in many British towns and villages would surprise a lot of people!
Nik Ashton said on 2/Feb/20
@ Poster - Lower, both genders!
Nik Ashton said on 2/Feb/20
I admire and respect the heights of every person (all genders) equally, I don’t think any level of height of any person (of all genders) is better or worse than any other. 👌
Nik Ashton said on 2/Feb/20
@ Joaonova599 - People can be too negative and biased. They can also highlight in their brains and put to much emphasis on the taller minorities.
Nik Ashton said on 2/Feb/20
@ Ezequiel - IMAOI on many many occasions 5’11” should be deemed to be the start of the tall range! Overall I think it should be seen as being tall but it’s all about opinion! There is no definite right answer!
Nik Ashton said on 2/Feb/20
There are plenty of times where you can feel tall at 5’10” but there are plenty of times where you have to be 6’2” to feel tall too!
Nik Ashton said on 2/Feb/20
@ Mark O’ Connor - You will virtually always feel tall at 6’2” - 6’3”, it’s hard to say exactly where in that range! It may be a fraction of an inch either side of that range for some people!
Nik Ashton said on 2/Feb/20
Some one from a western town or village where the average is 5’6” - 5’8” may not be bothered about comparing themselves to people in a western place where the average is 5’10”!
Nik Ashton said on 2/Feb/20
🍁😂🙃😁 Error Report! 😁🙃😂🍁

It works both ways!
Nik Ashton said on 2/Feb/20
@ Littlelee5ft6 - 2 true! It would both ways, if 4’10” is borderline
dwarf then 6’8” is borderline giant! It’s all ifs though as height labels are all open to opinion and there is no correct answer.
Nik Ashton said on 2/Feb/20
@ c-mo 176.2cm - lol at 5’10” not being above average!
Nik Ashton said on 2/Feb/20
@ edwards - States is taller than UK!
Sean william Winter said on 2/Feb/20
yeh c_Mo i like to wear thick boots. to hit 183 cm in shoes. i feel somewhat decent i guess. flat shoes i dont feel as solid. 178.4+ cm or 1.8 cm shoes prob around 180 cm. i thick sneakers boots 183 cm. i feel the difference in hieght. between 2 cm footwear vs 4.5 cm footwear. once hiy 6'1 in shoes 6ft barefoot you should feel fine. all the time. your only 2 inches shorter than 6'2 guys who are quite big.
Greg said on 2/Feb/20
@c-mo 176.2cm Well I’ve been to Germany and being close to 5’11 I still felt above average, maybe even tallish I would say being ‘tall’ is very subjective the average in Germany isn’t that much higher than the U.S unless you guys have an influx of Nordic/Dutch people which I’m sure you don’t. There’s only a handful, also different people have different proportions that can make them look taller or shorter. The average for men in Germany might be like a weak 5’10 so 5’9.75” which sounds about right for me.

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