How tall is Kriti Sanon

Kriti Sanon's Height

5ft 8 ¾ (174.6 cm)

Indian model and film actress best known for roles in 1: Nenokkadine, Heropanti and Dilwale. In the Hindustan Times, they described her as standing "five-feet-eight-inches," although Kriti herself had written "Height: 5'9" for an audition tape.

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5ft 8.95in (175.1cm)
Dost said on 7/Sep/23
Kriti looking taller than Anushka: Click Here
uddipta saikia said on 23/May/23
Rob Can You Add Her Raabta Late Actor
Sushant Singh Rajput [1986-2020]
He Was 6 Feet Tall. But Most Probably I Think He Was 5'10
Crypto said on 4/May/23
She’s taller than 5’9 listed tiger shroff. There’s a photo of both of them barefoot in a religious place, and she clearly looks taller. Easily 5’9.5 from that photo (can be found easily on google)
Linke said on 1/Apr/23
Rob, you may want to add late Sushant Singh Rajput. He claimed 183 cms but was most likely that height in shoes. He also says that Kriti is 178 cms in this video (it's in Hindi but you can hear the claim) Interestingly Kriti claims in this video to be taller than Tiger Shroff who I do believe is over listed.

Click Here
Uday Singh said on 5/Feb/23
She Is Not 5'9
Might Be She Is 5'7.5 Or 5'8 Maybe
But Not 5'9
Dost said on 28/Dec/22
Just saw her with Katrina Kaif, she's an inch taller. So 5'8.5 to 5'9" seems realistic.
Dosti said on 31/Aug/22
Click Here
Kriti sanon tiger shroff both barefoot
5f6.5i said on 24/Jul/22
I changed my mind, I think she is 5 ft 8 in and a quarter.
Uday Singh said on 21/Jul/22
Not 174 cm She Might Be 171 cm.
She Looks Thin Thats Why She Looks Very Tall
Otherwise She Is Only 171 cm Not More Than That.
Uday Singh said on 22/Jun/22
She Could Be 171 cm
Uday Singh said on 22/Jun/22
Warina Hussain 5'5
Shraddha Kapoor 5'3
Alia Bhatt 5'1
Ananya Pandey 5'7
Sara Ali Khan 5'2
Karishma Tanna 5'9
Mouni Roy 5'3
Kavita Kaushik 5'11
Uday Singh said on 22/Jun/22
I Think She Is 171 cm.
Because That Are Lot Of Audition.
And Audition Ask Her To Add One More Inch.
So I Don't Think She Will Main Her Height All Day.
uddipta saikia said on 10/Apr/22
Rob Please Post Kriti Sanon Late Boyfriend.

Sushant Singh Rajput He Sometimes When He Was Alive. He Claims To Be 5'9 to 5'10.
Dost sharma said on 28/Mar/22
Can anyone post pictures of kriti sanon and Arshad wasi?
uddipta saikia said on 28/Dec/21
She Is 5'7 at best
Dost said on 14/Oct/21
Sonam Kapoor says she is 5'10" and that's a lie. Pooja Batra also says she is 5'10" and she is definitely taller than either Kriti or Diana. If you're going by what they are saying, good luck to you. Sorry, but Diana isn't 5'10".
Inches said on 6/Oct/21
@dost i am not biased i say only truth see the kriti old audition video in which she says her height was 5.9 and see the Diana's instagram post in which she says she was 5.10 so diana was marginally taller than kriti
Dost said on 3/Oct/21
Also in the pic you posted where Diana was barely taller than Kriti even though it's clear she has heels on, Kriti has pretty much flats on!!!

Click Here
Dost said on 3/Oct/21
@Inches, I don't even know where to start to address your obvious bias. But let's start with the sneakers/heels pic.

Are you saying these white shoes are "not too long"??? You must be blind. Click Here

Look at the massive heels she has on here. Her feet are arched to the extreme due to the heels: Click Here

And I already posted a pic where Kriti is taller than Diana: Click Here
Inches said on 29/Sep/21
@dost see these photos Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Inches said on 29/Sep/21
@dost You show me any one photo in which Diana looks shorter than Kriti There is no such photo in which Kriti looks taller than Diana while Diana looks taller than Kriti in every photo even when she is wearing both heels Even then if Kriti is taller than Diana then in any one photo she should look taller than Diana and let's listen to you that Kriti's heels are only slightly bigger than Diana in ht awards yet both Diana and Kriti look equal When they come close to each other to hug each other it means that Diana is taller than Kriti And the photo you have shown in which Kriti is wearing runners and Diana has heels, Diana's heels are not too long in that but Diana is looking much taller than Kriti And if you have any such photo in which Kriti and Diana are together and they are wearing only plain slippers or any other flat shoes then you post it and tell that Kriti is taller than Diana
Mosu Tasi said on 28/Sep/21
She is solid 5'10. Visibly taller than Katrina, Anushka, Deepika who claims to be 5'9 inches. Ayushman khurana who is 5'9 admitted in a interview that both he and Rajkumar Rao had to wear heeled shoe to match Kriti's height.
Dost said on 26/Sep/21
@Inches, Kriti's heels are certainly not 2-3 inches taller than Diana's. It is marginal, but Kriti is taller than Diana. Why didn't you comment on the other pics I posted?
5f6.5i said on 3/Sep/21
You can clearly see on here Kriti is gaining probably 1CM by her posture but looks 3 and a half inches shorter than 5 foot 10 Sushant Singh Rajput although maybe they measured him slightly wrong as fot Kriti to be 5 foot 7 and a half he would need to be around 5 foot 11. On 2nd image it looks easily 3 and a half inches in fact more closer to 4 and a half inches but maybe it was just camera angle.
Click Here
Click Here
5f6.5i said on 2/Sep/21
The late Sushant Singh Rajput was measured 5 foot 10 although when barefoot next to Kriti he looked like 3 and a half inches taller so maybe he was 5 foot 11 and they made a mistake as he did look 1/4 inch taller than Hrithik Roshan. Maybe Hrithik Roshan is 5 foot 10 and 3/4 inches.
5f6.5i said on 2/Sep/21
Kriti Sanon is near identical in height with Shahrukh Khan when wearing similar footwear and when having similar posture so she is around 5 foot 7 and a half inches. A lot of indian actors/actresses listed here heights are wrong. Shahrukh Khan who is the most famous actor in india is listed near perfect.

What is surprising is there are photos proving this yet on this site people are over 1 inch out on many. Rob, Aamir Khan is around 5 foot 4 and a quarter and not 5 foot 5. Kareena Kapoor is around 5 foot 4 and a quarter as well and not 5 foot 5. Anuskha Sharma looks just about 5 foot 7 although maybe slightly below that but she is definitely not 5 foot 8. Salman Khan is 5 foot 6 and that is probably the easiest correction as it is very clear he isn’t 5 foot 7 and a quarter unless you taking into account shoe advantage giving him an extra inch and a quarter.
Inches said on 30/Aug/21
@dost see which heel is shorter
Click Here
Click Here
Diana's heels is shorter than kriti's heels
Sneha Pahadi said on 26/Aug/21
Click Here
See this @rob. She is barefeet and shah rukh khan is standing on stool. Can you how tall is she??
Editor Rob
I am not sure how much height the platform gives, but it is interesting seeing how they make him look taller for the scene...knowing that she has no footwear and he's got that little wooden platform.
Dost said on 8/Aug/21
Your image is not working and no, they were not minimum 2 or 3 inches difference. Are you kidding me? Watch it again, Diana has massive heels on. Kriti is a little bit taller than her.

Click Here
Click Here - Diana bigger heels
Click Here - Kriti runners, Diana heels!
Inches said on 1/Aug/21
@Dost Click Here see the height difference of Kriti and diana heels kriti heels are minimum 2 or 3 inches taller than Diana heels
Inches said on 1/Aug/21
@Dost or which video you Posted in ht awards function in which kriti and Diana hugged each other they both look same height but Kriti hells looking bigger than Diana heels
Dost said on 22/Jul/21
Also watch here:
Click Here
Click Here
Dost said on 22/Jul/21
@Inches: Kriti is tallest, followed by Diana and then Sonam. They were actually all in a pic together but Kriti had smallest heels, Sonam the biggest.

Watch here: Click Here
Inches said on 29/Jun/21
Can anyone tell me with proof who is taller in Kirti sanon , sonam kapoor and Diana penty
Rahul roy said on 15/Jun/21
@ rukmini singh, i think she is exactly the same height ( 5'7").
Rukmini Singh said on 11/Jun/21
Rob Can You Ananya Pandey Height
In Google Its Says 5'7
But How Tall Do You Think She Is ?
shweta said on 31/May/21
5'8.5 max
Glady said on 5/May/21
Kriti Sanon nonthing more than 5.8 with Sushant Singh she looks 2 inches shorter .
Dost said on 19/Apr/21
Ya the people who think she is 6'0 are on some special kind of drugs. She is probably 5'9, maybe 5'9.5" at best in my opinion. Not even close to 6'...the only regular actress who approaches that height was Pooja Batra and I think she was about 5'10 to 5'11.
John Moore-162cm said on 6/Apr/21
Some people here are high enough to think that Kriti might be 6 foot... Really?
Rahul roy said on 3/Apr/21
@leana, girl what are you talking about? Kriti looks 2 inch shorter than kartik aryan.
Leana said on 1/Apr/21
She is 5ft9 and you can find her first audition on YouTube from when she was 22 years old. If the same video she you can find disha patani’s audition where she claims to be 5ft8.5 and kriti sanon is obviously taller than disha. Also if you google pictures of her (silver dress) and shilpa sheity (orange dress) she looks taller by at least 1.5 inch. Also if you google pictures of iifa 2017 when she was wearing a blue dress, she towers everyone, including katrina kaif (red dress) who seems to be wearing the same type of heels. She is at least 5ft9 because in the movie luka chuppi, in the scene where her and kartik tiwari are in the temple & barefoot, she appears to be the same height as him. I would even say that she might be taller but is hiding her height when asked about it to not scare off men co-stars.
Rukmini Singh said on 28/Mar/21
She needs a downgrade to 172 cm
Kirit said on 25/Mar/21
She is min. 6'1 taller than all the actress in bollywood
Roshni said on 9/Mar/21
Taller than Akshay kumar. Both were on bare foot and kriti 1 inch taller than him.
She is 6'1 for sure.
Charan said on 6/Mar/21
Kriti sanon is the tallest actress till now. Her height is 6 feet 0.5 inches tall
Ronak shah said on 4/Mar/21
She is taller than Diana penty. Not less than 6 feet at all
Rukmini Singh said on 23/Feb/21
She is 172cm or 171cm not more than that
Nikib said on 27/Jan/21
No doubt she is taller than sharmila nicollet who is 6 feet tall
Rajiv roy said on 20/Dec/20
@ officer, but girls have generally smaller forehead than boys. So under 5.9 is possible for her
officer said on 19/Dec/20
For me she is exactly 5.9 or above not lower than that ,from her pics nxt to tiger shroff, tiger was wearing 2cm sneakers and they was the same height and tiger shroff 4cm shorter than hrithic which is about 5.9.8(178_179),then kriti can be easily 5.9 and above
officer said on 16/Dec/20
She is really can reach 5.9,one of actresses which really looks as she claim, varun is 5.6,,. Actresses as katrina, priyanka, anushka max height for them is 5.8
Pratham Singh said on 24/Nov/20
She's a legit 5'9.
Mounish said on 13/Sep/20
She is 5 10 in barefoot and in heels she might be 6'1 because she looks taller than anup Kumar( kabbadi player ) who is 6 foot she looks taller than everyone in this video
Click Here
Watch this video
Linke said on 12/Sep/20
Sushant barefeet next to Kriti Sanon

Click Here
Linke said on 12/Sep/20
Rob, you should add Sushant Singh Rajput considering the interest generated around his height. They are literally holding 30 minute specials and conducting interviews with his keens and trainers and all of them have given a different heights. Following up on my comment from 27th July, 5th and 12th August, there has been another claim given by his personal trainer who says Sushant was 6'1

Click Here

I have never seen height of any bollywood celebrity being discussed as much as Sushant's due to his untimely demise. While he claimed 183 cms, the statement by his keens have ranged from 5'8 to 6'1!
Linke said on 21/Aug/20
Barefeet SSR measured up well to Hrithik

Click Here

5'10.75 isn't out of questionnaire but he was taller than Hrithik. Kriti isn't shorter than Tiger barefeet. Same height if not smidge taller.
Linke said on 18/Aug/20
Kriti is definitely 5'9", ironically all of her male costars have given dubious claims.

@gypsum, he claims 6 feet

Click Here (around 0:24)

I recon he is closer to 5'10 than 6 feet. I like Kartik but I don't agree with his claim. My mom who is not height conscious remarked how tall kriti looked in Luka Chupi.
Dost said on 16/Aug/20
I agree with Linke on all accounts.

Also Kriti appears to be marginally taller than Diana Penty: Click Here as it looks like Diana even has slightly bigger heels on too.
Gypsum said on 16/Aug/20
@Linke I agree with you
How much will you give to kartik aryaan
Considering his pic with Sushant
Linke said on 5/Aug/20
Indeed Chaitanya, will be great to see Sushant listed. Maybe he was 183 cms in shoes.
His girlfriend Rhea Chakarborty, against whom a case has been registered has given a very precise claim of being smidge over 5'7 (5'7.3) during her teen diva days. I recon she is 5'6.5, does look tallish.

Here's the claim:

Click Here
Chaitanya Sinha said on 1/Aug/20
Rob please upload height of late actor sushant Singh rajput 👍👍
Linke said on 27/Jul/20
Rob, I found a claim from late Sushant Singh Rajput. The topic of height starts at around 0:20 where the interviewer asks Kriti about her being a tall actress in bollywood. She mentions how Tiger shroff and Varun Dhawan are shorter than her. Then Sushant at around 0:48 says Kriti is 178 cms tall and he is 183 cms tall.

Click Here

This was reconfirmed in another interview when he repeated his 183 cms claim at around 0:13

Click Here

The police report apparently had him at 5'10 in his autopsy, although I couldn't find anything concrete evidence.

Click Here

In my opinion, he was perhaps a 5'10.75-5'11 guy who rounded up to 6 feet.
Linke said on 7/Jul/20
Hi Rob, would you consider adding her Raabta costar Sushant Singh Rajput? He tragically passed away recently. I have seen him being listed as 6'1", 6'0 and 5'10". However, my guess would have been 5'11.

Here he is with Kriti

Click Here

With 5'10 Hrithik

Click Here

Click Here (barefeet)

Click Here (better visiblity of his foot wear)

With 5'7ish SRK and 5'8 Shahid Kapoor

Click Here
Jam Cherry said on 18/Jun/20
I think she’s 173.5 cm little over 5’8”
Linke said on 14/Jun/20
Terrible news surrounding her co-star Sushant Singh Rajput's death. He was 5'10-5'11
Linke said on 4/Jun/20
Rob, here's RajKumar's 5'10" claim. He says it around 0.22 mark.

Click Here

He has also claimed 5'11 on a television show but I am unable to find that claim. Barefoot, he may edge out another guy who claims 5'11 Saif Ali Khan.
Linke said on 16/May/20
How tall is Rajkumar Rao? 5'8? He has claimed both 5'10 and 5'11.
Editor Rob
If he claimed those figures, they look at least 2-3 inches too high from how he looks with others.
Lakheswar Saikia said on 29/Mar/20
She is actually 5'7!5 (171cm) with barefeet
Lakheswar Saikia said on 18/Mar/20
Need 1.5 inches Downgrade
uddipta saikia said on 21/Nov/19
sir actually she is 5'7'' [170.8cm] because she is looking shorter with kartik aryan who is 5'8''[173.5cm] sir please downgrade
Rakesh Ramayan said on 6/Nov/19
Everyone - please watch this video and give a correct opinion of how tall do you think Kriti is. She seems the same height as Akshay (both Kriti and Akshay aren't standing fully straight)

Click Here
Dost said on 6/May/19
Afzal, a tilted, non-level beach where one person is in boots and the other barefoot is not a good way to determine heights!
afzal said on 24/Apr/19
Click Here u listed kriti 174.6 which is not correct look mahesh 181 max 183 with Amitabh 184 185
Click Here kriti looks maximum 5.7and Half inches with mahesh 4.5 to 5inch difference between them both are barefoot
afzal said on 19/Apr/19
How's is possible rob if kartik aryan is 5.9 she must be 5.7 he's 2inch tall from her
afzal said on 10/Apr/19
That audition tape is fake rob director told them for add 2inch
afzal said on 28/Mar/19
She is thin that's why looks more tall actually she is 170.7 cm tall
afzal said on 28/Mar/19
She is thin that's why looks more tall actually she is 170.7 cm tall
Linke said on 20/Mar/19
Closer to 5'10 than 5'8"
Debojit said on 11/Mar/19
Rob how tall do you think is this girl? Her name is Aditi Arya. Google listed her at 5'11". But I think she's no more than 5'8". She wears big heels to reach that 5'11" mark....Have a look at her pic

Click Here
Editor Rob
I'd have thought at least 5ft 9.
NK said on 8/Feb/19
Rob,how tall do you think the lady standing besides her is? Click Here
Editor Rob
Might be a couple of inches shy of 5ft.
Pady said on 24/Jan/19
In her new movie trailer with 5'9 kartik she looks 5'7.5 max!! Attached is a YouTube link. Watched at 2.40 sec where both are barefoot!! She looks 2 inches shorter!!
I give her 5'7 - 5'7.5!!
Click Here
DADA said on 6/Jan/19
look at 3:23 to 3:30 in this video

Click Here

she looks way taller than tiger. so either tiger is lying or kriti is lying
Oliver said on 12/Nov/18
I think some users should be careful with the words they have written in their comments. I see some comments stating that Kriti Sanon towered over Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif,etc. Does it make sense? Even being 4-5 inches taller than somebody doesn't mean that you tower over that person. I mean,only when you're like 8-9 inches taller, you should say you tower over that person.
Oliver said on 13/Oct/18
Rob,Google is having Kriti Sanon at 171cm, and Anushka and Katrina at 168cm(5'6).
khaled taban said on 9/Sep/18
She is 5'8" , shorter than Tiger !
Debojit said on 14/Jul/18
Kriti Sanon is not at all more than 5'8"
MAD SAM said on 4/Jul/18
@ Anas
Kriti was in flats and Sushant was wearing an inch sports shoes so that’s why there’s the disparity, Sushant is 5’10” and Kriti is strong 5’8”, maybe 5’8.25” most probably at 173.5 cm, in a way “five eight and a half” kinda girl
M Anas Jamshed said on 30/Jun/18
Click Here

looks kriti is almost 3 inches shorter than 5'10 sushant Singh rajput
M Anas Jamshed said on 30/Jun/18
Rob plz show proper trur height of actors.5'9 for female in asia looks abnormally tall and 5'9 is good height for male in asia as well.
Kriti is max 5'6 or 5'7
Debojit Mukherjee said on 10/May/18 most Bollywood actresses Kriti Sanon also wears heels that helps to reach 6'0" - 6'1". There are pics and even in few scenes of her debut movie Heropanti both Tiger and Kriti were in flats and Kriti was bit shorter than Tiger and Tiger claims he is 5'9" so Kriti is definitely 5'8". If there's someone who is genuinely tall without heels then that is Pooja Batra 5'11" flat. What do you think Rob?
Ronny said on 22/Mar/18
She towers deepika and anushka easily. Even in recent award show she was visibly taller than deepika.
Rhea said on 22/Mar/18
When she was in London 2 yrs ago me and my friend bumped into her whilst out shopping. My friend is 5'10 and Kriti and my friend we're both in flats and Kriti was clearly taller. She is definitely 5'11 or 6'0! She bends her legs a lot in photos to make herself look shorter, but is tall. Her shoe size is a UK 9, definitely in very good proportion.
Dost said on 19/Mar/18
Don't know the name of the host, but even taking into the account the difference in where they are standing, I think she is a little bit shorter than Kriti. STill think Kriti is in the 5'9 - 5'9.5 range and the host is maybe 5'8.
Json said on 10/Mar/18
Click Here

Does anyone know the name of the host? She is standing slightly below Kriti, but looks to be as tall... around 5'11
Rocky Mishra said on 7/Mar/18
She is accurately listed.See her video with Reha Sukheja posted by dj on 16 may 2016 all the ones who are claiming for 178cm will definately change their opinion.
Tallish89 said on 5/Mar/18
I won't be surprise if she gets upgraded again.

Still feel she is around 5'10/5'11
Rocky Mishra said on 5/Mar/18
She is exactly 175cm.Nothing shorter than that.See her photos with Sonam and Diana posted below.Diana looks an inch taller than her
Json said on 4/Mar/18
Also, watch this video and tell me which 5'8 girl looks as tall as she does in this candid video

Click Here
6'1''(186 cm) said on 2/Mar/18
she is listed at 169cm by google
Dost said on 16/Feb/18
Rob, she claims 5'9" in this video, I think you should make that change to align with that.

Click Here
Editor Rob
Yes, it's reasonable for her to claim it as she looks near that mark. I will mention at the top she had it on an audition.
Rathod said on 3/Feb/18
Agree with Pramod. She is really an amazon. She is surely 6 ft tall. If you do not believe it then watch her towering over Katrina kaif in heels(above 5 10" in heels) on Google images.
Pramod said on 26/Jan/18
Many times she has proved that she is taller than 185cm(claimed) Sushant Rajput. So assuming Sushant is atleast 5 10" if not 6 1", then Kriti is surely 6 ft tall. She is a beautiful solid 6 footer amazon. Don't understand why is she rated so low.
Dost said on 12/Jan/18
Fantastic pics @tcm, a great sight but tough to distinguish them all without seeing their footwear. Kriti and Diana are probably tallest, followed by Sonam and Katrina. I can't believe Jacqueline looks as tall as Sonam tbh.
raju said on 11/Jan/18
Kriti is 5ft 5 to 5ft.5 max she 3 inch shorter than sushant singh who is 5ft 8 to 5ft 8.5 max.Sushant is 2 inch shorter than siddharth malhotra who is 5ft 10.5 to 5ft 11 max.Siddharth malhotra has a pic posted with new zealand pm john key who is listed as 5ft 8 and 5ft 9 on some sites.

Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
Tallish89 said on 11/Jan/18

Sushant Singh Rajput is probably one of the biggest liars when it comes to height. Dude literally adds on 3 inches extra smh

Kriti is more 5'7
tcm said on 7/Jan/18
Kriti Sanon with Diana Penty and Sonam Kapoor: Click Here Click Here

Sonam Kapoor w/ Shahid Kapoor and Jacqueline at the same event: Click Here Click Here

Shahid Kapoor w/ Katrina Kaif: Click Here
Nona said on 5/Jan/18
Kriti - 5’9” & 58 kgs
Diana - 5’10” & 55 kgs
Im 171CM said on 12/Dec/17
A pretty tall woman...
Anonymous said on 26/Nov/17
She is no more than 5.7 now sushant singh rajput height shows 1.78m 5.10 and im sure she is 3inch shorter than him
karan said on 17/Nov/17
Please rod ad 5.7 to her she is not more than 5.6.5
Dost said on 17/Oct/17
@tcm, watch the actual video. Not only do they look virtually the same height, but Diana looks to have bigger heels on.

Click Here
tcm said on 16/Oct/17
Diana Penty looks taller than her here Click Here Click Here
Mad man said on 1/Oct/17
She is like a small stick..very thin.. she must weigh below 50kg at the time of audition
Dosti said on 30/Sep/17
I am surprise by seeing that audition
Ashu said on 20/Sep/17
Found this audition of her stating she's 5ft 9 . Honestly thought she was 5ft 10+
Click Here
Dosti said on 3/Sep/17
Click Here
Saif standing on one step and both are in flats
Tallish89 said on 1/Sep/17

Subwoof said on 17/Aug/17
Kriti and 178cm Rajkummar Rao: Click Here

She's 176cm+ depending on footwear.
Subwoof said on 17/Aug/17
Tallish89 said on 14/Aug/17
Barefoot with Sushant Singh Rajput listed at 185cm the guy claims 6'1

Click Here

Reason why I think she is 175-177cm
Darius said on 13/Aug/17
I think 5'8.5 is more likely. Maybe a quarter inch more or less.
Tallish89 said on 7/Aug/17

She made Sushant Singh Rajput out though. Guy is claiming
6'1 and shorter than Kriti barefoot
Dost said on 22/Jul/17
@Tallish89, I think she is about 176cm but not more than 177cm.
Tallish89 said on 21/Jul/17
Photos show her taller than Sushant Singh Rajput, Tiger Shroff & Katrina Kaif I think 175cm seems a bit to short.

Susnhant Singh claims over 6 feet yet Kriti is taller than him.
tcm said on 21/Jul/17
Kriti Sanon looking taller than Katrina Kaif here:

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
Engineer said on 13/Jul/17
@Dosit: I dont see anything wrong in asking celebrity their height, as long as you ask nicely most tall people willingly share their perceived height. I have asked number of celebrities I met and they were perfectly fine. After all this site, is all about asking and confirming
Dosti said on 12/Jul/17
Joni how stupid? How can you ask so easily someone celibs height? And she replies also
Aman said on 12/Jul/17
She is 6 feet tall
She wad taller than sushant when sushant was without shoes..
Check this link.Click Here
Nb said on 4/Jul/17
Please upload more pics of tall Kriti sanon.. she is a real Amazon..
Joni said on 28/Jun/17
I met Kriti and asked her height and she said she is around 5'9"
junkie said on 27/Jun/17
Rob, I think you've got it wrong this time. She's more like 5'10" or 5'10.5" tbh.
hithere said on 22/Jun/17
she is taller than 5'9" anushka
Wax said on 29/May/17
Please upload more comparison pics of wax statue Kriti sanon... I think Kriti is even taller than urveshi rautela
Peterf said on 12/May/17
I don't mean than Salman Is taller than Kriti.If he takes so many videos with 1-1. 5" taller actress like kriti or sonam,also if they wear flatters and salman in shoes,even he will appear taller in some moments,if we pause some and view it.Its all depends on postures,angles and ofcourse height of their chappels as well.If you did'nt understood ask @Dost or follow his comments below..
Dost said on 11/May/17
Your posts are really difficult to read because of the irregular line breaks. I won't waste much more time on this as we are all entitled to our own opinions. I don't think Kriti is 5'10, if I said that, then I am revising my guess. I think she is about 5'9, maybe a shade taller. And I think Sonam is around 5'8.5" or so...definitely don't agree with you that Sonam is taller than Kriti, no way. What made me conclude this is the Kapil show, they are both in total flats and Kriti definitely looks taller.

Also Lisa was not "well over" Sonam, I did not say that. But she did appear shorter than her, watch this: Click Here

Finally, I think if Sonam is taller than Deepika and Anushka, it might be by only 1cm if that. Katrina/Deepika/Sonam/Anushka are all about 5'8 - 5'8.5". Probably Nargis is in that range too. Lisa might be 5'8.5" and Kriti is 5'9 and same with Diana Penty.
Tallish89 said on 11/May/17
Salman Khan is 5'7 and wears a lot of really high shoes so how can you say he's same height as Kriti Sanon?

Click Here
Click Here

He looked shorter than SRK barefoot in Karan Arjun, so yeah him suddenly becoming taller after 30s has been pretty obvious to general public that knew he was listed at 5'7 in 90s.
Peterf said on 10/May/17
I can also post pictures like you. What about this pic.This is also from those videos.
Click Here
Sorry about the quality and clarity.I have only phone with me right now.Now do you accept that kriti and salman are same and sonam is 1'inch taller than Salman?Yes Kriti's hair is looking taller if you carefully notice,not anypart of the head.If you don't accept then don't Claim by your pics that Sonam is Shorter to Kriti. You are right, tons of pictures like this will be there to show that kriti and salman are same height, if kriti did promotional activities like the way sonam did with salman.
Peterf said on 10/May/17
@ Dost
I accept in those two videos kriti looks more taller alongside salman than Sonam with Salman,atleast in larger parts.I think her chappel is not as flat like Sonam's though.Besides Kriti's hair also adds little edge.
Any way what about the video where sonam and salman were walking out of the airport.In that video the difference is exactly similar to the bigboss video.My point is that Sonam and Kriti are almost similar height,means Kriti is not Significantly taller, not even a full one inch over Sonam, those videos don't prove else.Also chances are there sonam is 1/2 inch more taller.But I am not sure,also you did't produce substantial proof against this till now. But One thing i am sure Sonam is taller than the likes of deepika and anushka.. and here they are listed as taller.

Yes I admit i take back my claim, bcz intially i thought that kriti is 5'10" and Sonam is 5'9, Deepika&Anushka around 5'8"just like you. After watching Reha 's video here, i become realistic about Kriti's height.At that time also i thought sonam is 5'8.5-9" minimum.After your post, i did some comprehensive searching, wasted time and realised both are around 5'8-8.5",By virtue of Kriti i realised sonam is also shorter,Owing to of reha i realised all are shorter,nobody is close to 6 ft...

Sorry i did'nt mean you fudged those pics.I did't know you watched those videos, paused and merged and pasted,thought you just get that from net.If you have seen that full video, try to upload here.I am sure Sonam will not look short everywhere in those videos alongside kapil sharma than kriti.But that Amir&Deepika pic,i don't think is real,looks like edited.I am trying to say that some pics avaliable on net might be fudged.
I did'nt watched Aisha,but after you had replied, i happened to watch one song from aisha in tv,noticed that Lisa hayden is considerably taller in one scene.Again cannot certain about height by watching bits and pieces unless that is a major difference, also not sure about the chappel too.This is very important when comparing two ladies.After i put these comments and searching videos and pics, i felt sonam is not wearing heels lavishly when comparing with other actresses.That may be one of the reasons you are imagining that sonam is shorter than deepika and anushka. .If Lisa is really well over Sonam then Kriti is definitely shorter to Lisa.Its as Simple as that...
I am not overestimating Sonam's height, i beleive you too accept she is 5'8". Only you are overestimating kriti's height as 5'10, obviously not correct.Again earlier you mentioned here that kriti is 5'10", bcz she is taller than 5'9" anushka. Yes She is taller than anushka, but Anushka is less than 5'8", surely less than 5'8" max kohli in barefoot.I think you misjudged like this way.
Dost said on 9/May/17
@peterf, so this is from your the videos you linked:

Click Here - Sonam
Click Here - Kriti

You honestly think those images show they are the same height? Sonam in flats and Salman in his usual lifts are the exact same height (and there are tons of other pictures which show this) whereas Kriti is clearly at least 1" taller.
Dost said on 9/May/17
@peterf, in your video of Sonam with Salman with Kriti with Salman, you need to look closer if you think they are both 1" taller. I agree that Sonam looks 1" taller, but Kriti looks more than that. Anyone who is not blind should be able to see that.

Also, please..I didn't fudge any pics of the two walking through Kapil's door. I watched both videos, saw them both in flats, and stopped the video the moment each of them walked through the same door. Kriti clearly looks taller. I am not trying to pass it off as one pic hahaha, I only put them side by side so you could compare. Look at the photograph behind the door, and also with Kapil, both instances Sonam looks shorter.

So let's look at the evidence again:
1. Video clip where Salman makes Sonam and Kriti hug each other - Kriti looks way taller
2. Alongside Kapil - Kriti looks taller
3. With Salman in the videos you posted - Kriti looks taller
4 Walking through the door on Kapil's show - Kriti again looks taller.

Sorry, all the evidence points to Kriti being taller, I don't care if it's 1" or 0.5", or whatever...but the fact is she is taller. Besides you went from saying in an earlier post that Sonam is either equal or taller than to Kriti to now admitting that Kriti might be taller.

As for Sonam, I think you are overestimating her height. Watch the movie "Aisha", she is shorter than Lisa Haydon. And on the Aishwarya Rai page we have shown pics proving that Kriti is slightly taller than Lisa.
Bro said on 7/May/17
Kristi is very tall and be like a wax statue.. every hero needs stool to act with her
Peterf said on 7/May/17
Neither i don't make any wild guess Nor i had't intended to pronounce that Sonam is compulsory taller than Kriti.Just stated either same or more than her.I will accept if i were wrong.Yes, I thought that Sonam is little bit more taller.(After all i thought kriti and others were also taller)

After considering everthing in right perspective,i come to a conclusion that Sonam,Kriti and Katrina, all are around same height. Sonam may be Slightly taller along with Katrina.Likewise Chances are there Kriti too might be Slightly taller, taller than Sonam.But that difference should be less than 1 inch.Thats for sure.Also Sonam is taller than the likes of deepika and anushka.May be not by big margin but Still taller.I am cent percentage sure about this and you can take that to any bank at any time... Also in some previous comment you put Kriti at 5'9. 5"-10". She is not any thing over 5'9".Be very sure about this.Anyway i do accept that her height is good when compared to others and she is among the most dashing and attractive actresses currently in Indian Cineama...
Peterf said on 7/May/17
@ Dost_
Videos are your best chance of showing actual height difference,
Actually i searched both Sonam and Kriti's Full Video with Kapil Sharma but that is unfortunately not avaliable in Youtube due to some copy right issue raised by Colours Channel.At that time that punk kapil Sharma's show were aired on Colors Channel and they Banned all that videos in India. But luckily I got some other, both of them with Salman Khan.

Sonam with Salman: Click Here
Watch thru 9:37 to 10:00, also notice around 29:30 to 30:30, You can realize that Sonam is around 1 inch over Salman.

Gaze at 12:35, Sonam's chappel,it can't get flatter that this.. approx. 1/4 inches, i guess She got instructions to put as flat as possible.
Upon 11:05 you can notice Salman's Shoes too,

Kriti with Salman at BigBoss:
Click Here
watch around with 2:10, 2:14 and 2:35 compare to Sonam's, kriti's chappel not that much flatter but not very clearly seen.Thru 00:45 to 1:45 also see towards 2:00 to end, Kriti is around 1inch taller to Salman

Again Sonam with salman:
Click Here
From 00:05 to 00:10, Sonam wearing absolute flats.. Once more you will understood Sonam is around 1 inch taller.
Peterf said on 7/May/17
You definitely planted lot of photos to prove that Sonam is shorter than everyone.First of all photos, most times don't show a clear picture of height difference.Besides they can be easily altered too.Going by your images also, ie Sonam and Kriti with Kapil Sharma, Sonam is maximum 1 inch shorter only, not minimum.In kriti's Image you can see Tiger Shroff is little bit taller, I have seen Kriti and Tiger Shroff pictures barefoot, that they had visited some temple for the film,the same somebody put here,most of the pics Kriti is taller except one or two.In Images, height will change depending on postures and angles.You can only take some photos in account like Rob posted here with celebs only for a clear verfication.

Also that photo Amir Khan With deepika,Amir is only about 1/2 inch shorter.Really the difference is only that much?According to this site 3. 5" inch difference is there.I don't think so but I think 2 inch difference is there. I think that photo is tampered.

Besides you added one picture, both kriti and sonam walking through one door,that too different times,two pics pasting together like one,Surely you can't put that as corroboration.What guarentee you have that is not fudged?

Furthermore in that video you placed,Sonam is not wearing massive heals.They were 3-4 inches heels.These Actresses often will wear 5-6 inch heels that will make 5'7" upto 6'1".Again can't judge Katrina's heels bcz of the dress.
Baaghi said on 5/May/17
to be honest sushant is nowhere near 185cm.
almost all websites have listed him at 5'10".
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Every Indian guy who is in the range of 5'9"-5'10" has a habit of claiming 6'0".
But the fact is that there is a lot of difference between 5'10" and 6'0".
Tallish89 said on 4/May/17
Explain how Kriti Sanon is only 5'8 if Sushant Singh needs to wear footwear advantage to look taller considering he is close to his listing of 185cm.

He's wearing Nike Air Max which gives him a added boost
Click Here

Here again Kriti wearing flats while Sushant wears a bit of heeled shoe

Click Here

Click Here

Clearly his 185cm listing wrong if she is just 5'8.
Dost said on 3/May/17
@peterf, I guarantee you that Sonam is shorter than Kriti, maybe 1" but still shorter nonetheless.

Sonam isn't taller than the likes of Deepika/Anushka/Katrina:

Click Here - go to about 22:00, you can see Sonam in massive heels, you can't really get heels bigger than that. Katrina is also in huge heels. They look the same height or maybe Katrina is a tiny bit taller.

Also look at pics of Finding Fanny premiere, Deepika and Sonam - both in heels - look the same height. Also seen Sonam with Shilpa - both in heels and Sonam barely looks taller.

Here are some pics to prove Kriti's height:

Deepika flats & Aamir: Click Here
Kriti flats & Aamir: Click Here

Sonam flats with Kapil: Click Here - she is slightly shorter than him
Kriti flats with Kapil: Click Here - she is the same height as him
I know Kriti is in flats: Click Here

Finally: Click Here

Sorry, but I'm not just taking wild guesses, this is something I pay very close attention to. Sonam is shorter than Kriti, take that to the bank. :)
Tom143 said on 1/May/17
Stood up straight, without being height conscious, without bending her knees, lowering her back, bending her neck I would bet anything on it she is a solid 6'0"! Most girls try to make themselves look shorter as they are height conscious. Stood up straight they're a lot taller and it's obvious with Kriti she is definitely head and shoulders above the rest!
Peterf said on 1/May/17
@ Dost
You can't state that on the basis of just one video clip bcz these r two ladies.They both wearing heels and long gowns that concede the heals.Heals will add 2-6 inches.How you r sure both are wearing the same height heels?As i wrote before initially i thought Kriti is 5'10.But after watching that video of Kriti with Reha Sakhuja,I changed that opinion.It looks like a solid 6" inch difference between Kriti and Reha.That makes Kriti 5'7",Since Reha is 6'1".Though it is difficult to beleive
Kriti is that short bcz when she is that short Others height also will reduce like Varun Dhawan,then Shahrukh, deepika etc..
I too beleive that Deepika and Anushka are around same height but note the case with sonam and they are 1 inch shorter to Kriti.So for benefit of doubt i will add 1 inch extra,or may be 1.5" inch to Kriti.So kriti is 5'8"or5'8. 5".Sonam definitely not shorter that Kriti.She is either same height or half inch more,Sonam is 5'8. 5" that's my guess..
6'6'' said on 1/May/17
5'7''-5'8'' max
Dost said on 25/Apr/17
@Peterf, Sonam is not taller than Katrina and definitely not Kriti. There's a clip of Kriti and Sonam hugging and she was at least 1" shorter. To me, Sonam, Deepika, Katrina and Anushka are all virtually identical height and Kriti is at least an inch taller, same with Diana Penty.
Nona said on 20/Apr/17
5'10" & 65 kgs
Baaghi said on 18/Apr/17
5'8" maximum
Peterf said on 13/Apr/17
Why i got interest in these is not bcz of actress height but for actors height.These actress are somewhat tall when compare to average Indian women.But the actors height are very average or short.Height is an important factor in a guy's appearance.There are a lot of
god looking men are there who are 6 ft or more, we can see them in roads.They why not only bollywood but most of the indian heroes(supporting actors height don't matter) are very short,Tall heroes are there,But their numbers are less and they
are not good too except very few.. I think Lead actors should be tall and not look shorter with heroines..
5'10' said on 12/Apr/17
@as,oh come on....the shoes he is wearing gives him barely an advantage of 1 inches or so.And it dosen't mean that Kriti is standing barefeet.She may be in heels too.
Click Here:
Looks 3-4 inches shorter than Rohit Shetty who is 5'10" (Max 5'11")
as said on 12/Apr/17
@5'10' look at the shoes that the guy is wearing and the posture, Kriti looks taller than 5'9" tbh.
5'10' said on 11/Apr/17
First look at those photos then talk.
Rob has listed Tiger Shrauff at 5'9" and Kriti Sanon at 5'8.5"
You are claiming Kriti to be 5'9" or 5'10" then why is she shorter than Tiger in this pic
Click Here:
Peterf said on 10/Apr/17
I have seen the video kriti sanon with Reha sukheja, ie somebody posted below,, Its looking like kriti Sanon is atleast 6
inches short.If kriti Sanon is more than 5'8" then Reha should be over 6'2".When i
Checked Reha's height i found out it is only 6'1".She herself told that in a beauty contest to whom? None other than Shahrukh.In beauty Contests i don't think
they will reduce height.If she wants to tell less also,i don't think that is possible.So going by the first video ie kriti with reha ie somebody put links down,kriti is not more than 5'7".That also i am giving 1 inch extra.Also we can
See Reha's foot wear, not very clear, But It not looking That much heel,also there is no chance she is putting more heal when she is the tallest in that fashion Show.Now i am thinking deepika,anushka etc less than the height given here.I also thought Kriti is around 5.10,bcz i compared with other actors.Its Shocking, not about the female actress but About the male actors in bollywood?Are they that much short?Editor rob can you watch that video and explain how kriti is that much tall when Reha sukheja is 6'1..
Dost said on 6/Apr/17
I agree with most everyone here, I think she is at least 5'9". Did you catch her a couple years ago accepting the newcomer award from Anushka Sharma? Anushka is 5'8.5" (actually listed as 5'9" on this site!) but Kriti was like 1.5" taller than her! Also that short clip of her hugging Sonam Kapoor, who is also in the 5'8.5" range, Kriti was at least 1" taller.

I'm pegging her at 5'9.5" - 5'10"
Tallish89 said on 3/Apr/17
Kriti Sanon is more than 175cm probably more like 178/179cm.

With Sidharth Malhotra 183cm and he has shoe advantage Click Here

With Anil Kapoor 175cm who seems to be wearing lifts, because he's same height as Sonakshi Sinha who is 173cm wearing heels. Lets not forget Shahid Kapoor is like 170/171cm wearing elevator sneakers.

Click Here
Click Here
Bee123 said on 30/Mar/17

Seriously dude why are you hell bent on downgrading Kriti's height!

You are all over the Tiger Shroff page claiming to have evidence yet you have no evidence!

Getting a bit annoying to read your posts
Cal77 said on 17/Mar/17
If actors like SRK and Varun Dhawan wear lifts to be 5'8/5'9 then she's about 5'10 barefoot. Probably lying about her height because current actors like Sushant Singh Rajput claim 5'9/5'10
Dosti said on 12/Mar/17
Click Here
5'10' said on 28/Feb/17
bro she is saying that for Varun Dhawan.
In your Video when Varun is admiring himself and saying that he is a 6ft. guy,Kriti Says he is only 5'10"
Have a look at video again.
It's nothing more than a funny video because Varun Dhawan is about 5'6" or 5'7" maximum.
Kabir said on 25/Feb/17
She initially started with 5.10 but realised it better to go with 5.8 as their are number of actors shorter than her. Shes actually 5.10, theres a video of her saying shes 5.10.
Click Here
At exactly on 0.29 she says her height to be 5.10.
5'10' said on 13/Feb/17
Well...With an interview with 'Times of India',she has claimed 5'8".
Your opinion Rob?
Click Here
Editor Rob
it's just another description of her, not an exact quote.
Dost said on 23/Jan/17
@dj, what's your point? Reha is also in high heels and we know her to be 6'1". No one is claiming she is taller than Reha!
Aman said on 21/Jan/17
Look at the pic she is 2 inch taller than tiger shroff in international yoga day even in flats she is looking taller
dj said on 19/Jan/17
Click Here kriti sanon wearing high heels adn looking shorter than reha sukheja
LM10-196 cm(6'5'') said on 18/Jan/17
She looks so short next.She is 5'6''max
xyz said on 15/Jan/17
Any more videos of Kriti vs Reha, Nice to see in the pallavi jaikishan show Kriti and Reha almost standing back to back.. and difference is amazing..would love to see such videos of both
Linke said on 1/Jan/17
Pretty sure she claimed 5'10. She's 5'9ish, same as Tiger.
The 6'2''guy said on 30/Dec/16
She is just 5'6 and tiger shroff is 5'7''
Aza said on 25/Dec/16
It's s great listing for a pretty Indian woman!
Raja said on 13/Dec/16
She is taller than Anushka Sharma by 2" so 5'10 1/2"
DaveMills said on 3/Dec/16
Can look anything from 174 to 176 cm. But 5'10 claims seem to absurd.
Pious Satan said on 29/Nov/16
She seems about 5'9" without heels she looked about that height with Varun Dhawan who's about 5'8" at best
Another5'8_guy said on 20/Nov/16
174/175cm for sure.
abc said on 7/Nov/16
rob just chech her pics with Kajol.kajol with 6 inch heels is still shorter by 3 inch with kriti in flats. do upgrade her to at last 5'10
SV said on 19/Oct/16
Please upgrade her to 5'9.5
Dosti said on 14/Oct/16
Which pics, please upload some
Hagsh said on 7/Oct/16
Her pics with Kajol. She is way taller than her
Dost said on 3/Oct/16
She is definitely more than 5'8"...I have pics to show she is taller than the 5'8"+ Sonam Kapoor and Anushka Sharma. She had at least 1" on them. My guess is she is 5'9.5" to 5'10"
Dosti said on 2/Oct/16
I think she should be atleast 5.10
John said on 2/Oct/16
@5'10 said on 1/Oct/16
Rob,I think "kei" and "another 5'8" guy" are the accounts of a same person.Have a look at their comments they are always agree with each other.
If kriti sanon herself is saying that she is 5'8" then who the hell are these guys claiming her to be 5'9" or so.
Rob I totally agree with you she is 5'8".

I agree with you. I don't see a reason why she would claim her height shorter. I know a lot girls who exaggerate their height but only a few who understate their height.
The thing is, she looks slightly taller than Katrina, Deepika, Sonam, Nargis and Anushka who are all weaker 5'8s than her.
5'10 said on 1/Oct/16
Rob,I think "kei" and "another 5'8" guy" are the accounts of a same person.Have a look at their comments they are always agree with each other.
If kriti sanon herself is saying that she is 5'8" then who the hell are these guys claiming her to be 5'9" or so.
Rob I totally agree with you she is 5'8".
Editor Rob
well, people should stick to one name, they wouldn't want all their comments to vanish!
Another5'8_guy said on 30/Sep/16
Nice feature, Rob.
@Another5'8_guy said on 18/Sep/16
You're absolutely right that Kriti slouches in those pictures. But, that still doesn't change the fact that she's under 5'9. She might well be 5'8.5". And, that's evident from her pictures with Sushant Singh Rajput or Siddharth Malhotra. They both are in the 5'10.5" range and they does look 2 or so inches taller than her.

The reason that she looks a giant in those pictures you referred, is because the actors next to her are well short by today's standards. SRK was a 5'7.5" in his prime, and today he looks sub 5'7". Varun is well short. This guy is the new Salman Khan. Always seen sporting big heeled boots. And, always trying to hide his 5'6.75" height. But, even those monstrous boots won't help when you are standing right next to a a strong 5'8 girl with the leanest of the bodies. So, even millimetres of difference end up being significant. And, here we are not taking about millimetres, we're taking about a difference of 5 cm or so. Which in height difference, is really really significant.
dj said on 13/Sep/16
Kriti is not tall she is tiny in front of reha sukheja...
Kei said on 12/Sep/16

She has to lie about being shorter for actors like Varun to be able to claim 5'7/5'8

Maybe that pic wasn't clear enough but here are some more pics, can't tell me she's getting a 1.5 inch heel here, its flats but Varun & co are is wearing elevator shoes/heels lol

Click Here

Click Here

Notice she slouches when posing and rarely ever steps forward in photos the evidence are all over internet
Kei said on 11/Sep/16

Even if it gave her a 1 inch boost as you say, she's more than 1 inch taller....

That's my point. The fact is she has to lie about her height for the actors image...

As for your claim of 5'7/5'8 Shahid Kapoor... he has never been more than 5'6 in his life barefoot.

Just watch his older movies
Another5'8_guy said on 10/Sep/16
Those are not flats. They give a decent 1-1.25 inch boost. But, the reason she looks so taller than them is that she really is taller than them barefoot. And, even the flattest of the footwears will give her an advantage.

SRK is 5'7. So, she has an advantage of about 2.5 inches over him (SRK's not wearing lifts). And, Kajol is, as we all know, the late 90's short and petite girl. 5'2 or maybe 5'3. So, she obviously gets dwarfed by her.

And, Varun Dhawan too is shorter than her, and maybe shorter than even SRK. So, she obviously towers over him. People can argue that he's 5'7-5'8. But, check any of his pictures. You won't see him without tiptoeing in his already big shoes. But, he can't change the fact that he is not a hair more than a weak 5'7. Which makes him shorter than her by 1.5 inches and maybe more (barefoot). Thus, she looks taller than him by around 2 inches in this picture (the tiptoeing does help).

And yeah, she needs an upgrade. Not that significant though. But, a half inch more will be more accurate.

173.5 (5'8.25") - 174 (5'8.5") = Pretty much it.
Kei said on 9/Sep/16
This listing is way to short, SRK, Varun Dhawan in dress shoes and Kajol in heels yet she's way taller in flats lol how can she be just 5'8?

Click Here
Another5'8_guy said on 7/Sep/16
If Kriti is 173cm tall, then that puts Varun Dhawan at no more than 170cm. She always had an inch over him. And, even when he's in his magical boots (+4 or +5 cm), he still finds it difficult to stand tall next to her, even with tiptoeing.
Final estimates:
Varun = 5'6.75" - 5'7"
Shahid Kapoor = 5'7.75" - 5'8"
Tiger Shroff = 5'8.25" - 5'8.75"
Siddharth Malhotra = 5'10.25" - 5'10.75"
Ranveer Singh = 5'9.25" - 5'9.5"
Arjun Kapoor = 5'11
Salman Khan = 5'6.75" - 5'7"
Sushant Singh Rajput = 5'10.5"
Fawad Khan = 5'9
Virat Kohli = 5'9
heightchecker34 said on 7/Aug/16
Haven't seen much of her on the screen, since she is a relative newcomer at this time, however I do believe she is in the 5'8 range, I doubt 5'9, because she always wears flats and seems an inch shorter than 5'9 Tiger Shroff in their movie... still tall for an Indian heroine, I look forward to seeing more of her work!
Dosti said on 19/Jul/16
Kriti is tallest actress till now
Dosti said on 25/Jun/16
Not much difference though in that video
dj said on 24/Jun/16
Click Here watch this video...
Dosti said on 18/Jun/16
Need more proof for that abc
abc said on 12/Jun/16
Rob upgrade her to 5'11 atleast
whocares said on 6/Jun/16
i think this should prove a point here both tiger and kriti are standing to their maximum heights both are stretching however kriti is comparatively more relaxed and tiger is stretching properly and still seems shorter than kriti
Click Here
Dosti said on 4/Jun/16
Click Here
She is extremely tall compared to avg girls
abc said on 3/Jun/16
Good video dosti ,this proves how tall Kriti is about5'11
Dosti said on 1/Jun/16
Check after 14min Deepika and kriti both
Click Here
abc said on 31/May/16
I am talking about the award show when Kriti is given best debut by anushka sharma
Linke said on 28/May/16
5'11 is absurd. Doubt shes full 5'10. Rob, maybe 176-77 cms is better fit.
Dosti said on 28/May/16
Check this
Click Here
Dosti said on 28/May/16
Abc which video you are talking about
abc said on 27/May/16
She was 2inches taller than 5'9anushka sharma then how can she be 5'8 serious mistake by putting her5'8
dj said on 26/May/16
She is 5.9 taller than actress not models....
abc said on 25/May/16
She needs upgrade to 5'11
Dosti said on 24/May/16
Why this site is so silent?
Dosti said on 18/May/16
Start watching making of any movie, you will shock by seeing how much actress are tall compared to. Heroes
Dosti said on 17/May/16
Dj What's in the video?
dj said on 13/May/16
Click Here see this video...
Dosti said on 11/May/16
Nice video dj.. Keep uploading them
John said on 11/May/16
Take a look at these pictures Click Here of some bollywood actors with Matthew McConaughey, since Matthew is 5'11 (180cm) i would guess Akshay as 5'10.5, Parineeti 5'5 and Abishek as 6'1.25.
dj said on 9/May/16
Click Here see this video ...kriti sanon look so short infront of reha...
abc said on 9/May/16
Rob she sincerely needs an upgrade ,varun dhawan who is 5'9 was two inch shorter than her and she is 5'11.she also towered anil kapoor and sonam kapoor in a award function and was also two inch taller than anushka who is 5'9.she is the tallest actress in Bollywood
Linke said on 8/May/16
True she has easy 3 on Sonakshi Sinha. This lady must be around 5'9.5-5'10. Sinha I believe is 5'6 range .
onesk said on 8/May/16
Shahid Kapoor is a definite lift wearer. The dude claims 5'10 when he is really 5'8 at max, morning. How can he look taller than 5'9 Anil Kapoor in those pics?
Dosti said on 8/May/16
Need more videos....wish anyone can upload few of them
Linke said on 7/May/16
Rob you may want to have a look at video posted by DS on 2nd May. At around 0:28, she says 5'10. Plus you can compare her with likes of Anushka Sharma who is listed here at 5'9. Maybe upgrade?
Engineer said on 7/May/16
@Rob I think she is somewhere between 5'9" and 10". She herself confessed she is about 5'10". In one of the videos posted by @dosti she says so, also she is at least an inch or two taller than Varun Dhavan who is about 5'8" tall. In high heels she really towers many.

Click Here

Here she is standing next to Anil kapoor in shoes who is about 5'9"
Sam said on 6/May/16
Not really familiar but she is distractingly gorgeous.
dj said on 4/May/16
kriti sanon height 5'9 and reha sukheja height 6'1 ...its mean reha sukheja is much taller than kriti sanon.
Dosti said on 3/May/16
Great video ds, even varun is using a platform to look taller than kriti
Linke said on 3/May/16
Saw Dilwale and she was horrible! As far as height is concerned, she looks very tall. She's taller than Dhawan. I would have guessed 5'10, didnt know she was couple of inches shorter.
John said on 3/May/16
@jajamen said on 1/May/16
If shes 5'8 then tiger Shroff is 5'9.

rather 5'8.5... He looks slightly taller than her when she's wearing flats while he is in 1 inch shoes.
John said on 3/May/16
great listing Rob! I remember, someone posted a video of her and Siddhart Malhotra who is the same height as Hrithik i.e strong 5'10 and he was good 2 inches taller than her so 5'8 is resonable for her but i wouldn't be surprised if she were 5'8.5 (174 cm).
Dosti said on 3/May/16
Thank you rob for adding
I am extremely happy
Lets welcome tallest actress of this generation to this site
DS said on 2/May/16
She is 5'10".. She said that in many interviews. Click Here
jajamen said on 1/May/16
If shes 5'8 then tiger Shroff is 5'9.
Aza said on 1/May/16
Gorgeous Indian woman.
kreyzig 6ft 3 said on 1/May/16
My 175cms cousin was about two inches taller than her..5ft 7.5 to 8 makes sense.

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