How tall is Virgil van Dijk

Virgil van Dijk's Height

6ft 4 ¼ (193.7 cm)

Dutch professional footballer who plays as a Defender for Liverpool and previously for Southampton and Celtic. He has been described often as 193cm during his career and in 2022 claimed "Six Four" and also "195" cm.

How tall is Virgil Van Dijk
Rike Nooitgedagt and Virgil van Dijk / Photos by PR Photos
[Liverpool Height Comparison]

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Average Guess (138 Votes)
6ft 4.42in (194.1cm)
187/6'2 said on 23/Apr/24
195cm 6'4 3/4
185.4cm Elais said on 30/Nov/23
Darwin Nuñez is probably atleast the same as his compatriot Cavani, 184-185cm zone not quite a strong 6'1 guy
185.4cm Elais said on 29/Nov/23
@181cmguy I agree. Konate's probably nearer 6'4, as for Van Dijk i think he should get a 194.3cm listing. I hadn't seen much of Konate but he was a tricky one! For real
181cmguy said on 26/Nov/23
@185.4cm Elais, my guess is...

Varane: 190.8-191.1(6'3 1/8 to 1/4)
Konate: 192.7-193(6'3 7/8 to 6'4)
Van Dijk: 194.6-.9(6'4 5/8 to 3/4)

See photos of Varane and Pogba for proof that he is indeed a solid 6'3 guy, Van Dijk is def not shorter than Haaland, I'm convinced if Rob where to meet him he'd just skip the quarter upgrade and give him 6'4.75!
185.4cm Elais said on 14/Sep/23
Actually, im geniunely confused about Konate's height lol. He does seem consistently an inch or even moreshorter than Van Dijk in team photos literally side by side with Van Dijk with both of them not tiptoeing or anything. However, he pretty much everytime looked an inch taller than Varane who i thought as a solid 6'3 or 191 zone with both standing with the same stance. Lol
185.4cm Elais said on 9/Sep/23
@virgil Honestly Konate is clearly not 194 even if in some photos he looks the same as Van Dijk and is listed as 194 height as but in so many team photos side by side next to Van Dijk he consistently seems over an inch short of Van Dijk. He could be 191 but he looks max the same as Klopp.
virgil said on 8/Sep/23
Definitely 195cm. Looks exact same height as Matip, taller than Konate who’s is 194. Listed at 195 on google and on the premier league website
JackSentinel01225 said on 7/Sep/23
1.93M, 6'4 flat
185.4 Elais said on 6/Sep/23
@181cmguy Yeah youre kinda right i mean Rob himself did mention on this page that Virgil could turn out to be the stronger 6'4 guy back in 2022 but when Haaland got that 195.2 measurement, Haaland got upgraded over a cm above Van Dijk so something isnt really adding up. Google also had Van Dijk at 1.95 now.
181cmguy said on 2/Sep/23
@Rob, will you give him the 1/4 upgrade? He's been holding onto it for quite a while now.

Here he is with Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the only photo I could find of them together, it was after a match, both played 90 minutes.

Click Here

That photo is the thumbnail for a youtube video, in it Van Dijk actually gives off a bigger impression to me!

Click Here
Editor Rob
I hadn't decided on it.
185.4cm said on 30/May/23
He is now listed as 195cm by google. Looks atleast 194 to me
Finalbeta said on 1/May/23
Is 195.5 out of bed good for him? Do you think he is slightly shorter than Ibra?
Vk9xne said on 9/Apr/23
oren metser said on 9/Apr/23
6'4.5 or 194cm
spainmen192-3cm said on 2/Feb/23
Rob do you think he is the 195cm tall he claims? I think he can look as tall as Haaland who is know listed at 6ft4.75.
Editor Rob
If it was 9-9.30am maybe he could be 194-5 zone.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Jan/23
Has to clear 6ft4. Consistently taller than Klopp
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Jan/23
195cm early morning is possible.
185.4cm said on 23/Jan/23
Doesnt look any shorter than Haaland who achieved a measurement of 195.2cm. If thats a morning measurement, he is likely 193.7-194.3cm range. In fact Van Dijk had a little edge on Haaland and in some photos he is exactly the same after looking at the photos of them at Liverpool vs Man City and Norway vs Netherlands. Also, looks very similar to Konate and Matip who are listed as 194cm and 195cm and also looks mostly an inch taller than 191.5cm Jürgen Klopp. So 194 or maybe more, this listing is the lowest possible for him imo, probably a height twin with Zlatan.
Sampex said on 21/Jan/23
@berta I agree with you, he thinks that 6'4 is 195. This Guy I think needs an upgrade since his national team mate Gakpo is listed as 6'3. My Guess 196 Out of bed - 194 before bed.
berta said on 16/Jan/23
rob he claimedx 6+4 in the video below and then said 195 cm. I guess he think 6´4 is 195 and hjis real calim is 195. He never look under 194. His real calim is 195 and he could be close to it.
Joanis said on 1/Jan/23
193-194cm for sure
SoS said on 31/Dec/22
I think haaland and vandijk 1.96
Daniel Lee 173 cm said on 12/Dec/22
He claimed 193 cm 3 weeks ago and 195 cm 2 weeks ago lol
Daniel Lee 173 cm said on 12/Dec/22
Van Dijk is 193 cm with 7 mm at low. He is 6'4.5"
Daniel Lee 173 cm said on 10/Dec/22
@Rob How tall is Luke de Jong?
Editor Rob
On the field, gives me an impression of clearing 6ft 2, like 189 range.
Robbe said on 23/Nov/22
Looks pretty much as listed with 6'8 Noppert Click Here
Kostjim said on 22/Nov/22
Van Dijk listed at 195 cm in fifa worlcup
Click Here
Max Francis said on 17/Oct/22
VVD and Erling Haaland are the same height, Haaland isn't taller.
recapa said on 6/Sep/22
@Rob, dont you think its time for an 1/4 upgrade if you list erling at 6ft4 3/4 when he is at best a 1/4 taller Click Here before bed and 196-196.5 out of bed.
Rofl said on 3/Sep/22
For me he looks like 198cm 6ft6. 194cm is too small for dijk in my opinion
Arjun Deckha said on 20/Aug/22
Probably a weak 6'5"or strong 6'4".
Eat Sleep Streak said on 20/Jun/22
Haaland is a Beast taller than 0.5 cm vvd
Kostj said on 16/Jun/22
I agree with recapa i think VVD is 6'4.75'' he is not look shorter than Haaland and looks taller than 6-4 guys like Konate and Hyypia
recapa said on 15/Jun/22
if halaand measured 195,2 i dont see why virgil isnt the same they look around the same to me unless halaand grew from this pic which isnt impossible Click Here.
amena said on 28/May/22
Clearly taller than listed
Daniel Lee said on 14/May/22
Long specimen with width torso.
5ft9giant said on 8/May/22
I would give him 6'4½
Vincent Caleb said on 7/May/22
Nuts & nut said on 22/Apr/22
Virgil: 194.25 cm
Erling: 194.50 cm
Kostj said on 21/Apr/22
Click Here Van Dijk looks taller than 6-4 hyypia, hes is 6-4.5 - 6-4.75
IceCold said on 18/Apr/22
Okidoki said on 17/Apr/22
@Rob Why does Van Dijk look an inch taller than Haaland in some pics when they are shaking hands?

Although he can pull off 195 cm at times, i think he isn't that high. There is a good chance that he is a solid 194 while Haaland i am not convinced is a 194 guy, that is the highest i would go. 193 range, Van Dijk is probably close to Zlatan.
Editor Rob
It could turn out Virgil is the stronger 6ft 4 range than Erling.

Virgil is probably ok listed here, and Haaland is no more than 6'4 flat
Okidoki said on 17/Apr/22
@Rob Why does Van Dijk look an inch taller than Haaland in some pics when they are shaking hands?

Although he can pull off 195 cm at times, i think he isn't that high. There is a good chance that he is a solid 194 while Haaland i am not convinced is a 194 guy, that is the highest i would go. 193 range, Van Dijk is probably close to Zlatan.
Editor Rob
It could turn out Virgil is the stronger 6ft 4 range than Erling.
Cold Water said on 17/Apr/22
3-4 cm taller than Klopp

195-6 cm
kost jim said on 15/Apr/22
The average guess (193,6 cm) its too low, van dijk is a strong 194 cm, 6'4.5" or 194.3 cm
Original138 said on 7/Apr/22
Canson are you basing that on what he claimed? Because how likely is it that he would mention a half or quarter.
Canson said on 3/Apr/22
@Ice: agreed
IceCold said on 2/Apr/22
Canson, he is a legit 6'4 guy anyway. More than most of listed there
Canson said on 26/Mar/22
@Editor Rob: he may just be 6’4” at his afternoon/evening
Blake said on 14/Mar/22
Rob, he claimed 6 ft 4 Click Here 2:57
Editor Rob
Nice link, that is very honest really.
Ian Momo 'Questionable 5'10' said on 6/Feb/22
solid 194
Okidoki said on 4/Feb/22
It is really hard to separate him and Zlatan for me, i think they are very close and i wouldn't even say it's impossible that Van Dijk is the slightly taller one, although, that's unlikely i would say. They could be the exact same height really, or Ibra a couple of mm taller.

What i am confident of though, is that ibra is a bit taller than Haaland. Overall, i think also Van Dijk looks slightly taller. Haaland for me is 194 at most, he is probably in that strong 193 zone.
Finalbeta said on 18/Jan/22
Rob how much difference do you see between the two also factoring camera, ground and position of their bodies? If they both stood straight back to back would you give more than a 2cm edge to Donnarumma?

Click Here
Editor Rob
Can only seem half inch difference, although how they'd look together in a normal stance might be slightly different.
recapa said on 13/Dec/21
@Original , allison is a 189.5-190 guy from what i,ve seen and klopp is a 192-192.5 guy.while i dont think that van djik is a full 6ft5 i do think that he is at least 194 or somewhere between 194-195 he reminds me so much of ibra and mj porpotions wise (long legs , wide frame ,kinda of a small head)
Original138 said on 12/Dec/21
@alvin i think you're right about him growing because i found this.

Click Here

This guy says he's 6'6 at least which is an exaggeration but gives a sense of how tall he is.
Original said on 9/Dec/21
6'5. He is notably taller than big guys like Alisson and Kloop who are 6'3" or a bit over that.
Original138 said on 14/Nov/21
Im curious how he would look next to a legit 6'5 guy. He often looks that height.
recapa said on 6/Nov/21
@Rob, time for a an upgrade ? i think that the pic that omari linked is enough proof that van djik is in the 194-195 range as he seems taller than strong 193 guy halaand.
Editor Rob
I haven't ruled out 4.5 range, which may well turn out to be what he could measure.
Omari said on 4/Nov/21
I would say he is closer to 6'5 than 6'4, I would give him 195 cm the same height as zlatan and alittle bit taller than halaand,in this picture he edges halaand by about 2cm
Click Here
John Fredley said on 24/Oct/21
1,94 strong
recapa said on 19/Oct/21
he give me simmilar vibes like guys as MJ and charles barkley who are in the 194-195 range.he could even somehow appear as a 196 guy which i think that its a shoe height.
Canson said on 9/Oct/21
@Soetan: I could buy 6’4 flat too in a pic or two but can buy 6’4.5 in some. Maybe this Mark?
Soetan said on 6/Oct/21
I think this mark is just fine for him, he's a strong 6'4 guy. But a 6'4½ listing is not unreasonable either. It can go either way really, 6'4¼ or 6'4½, looks an inch taller than Klopp too
recapa said on 5/Oct/21
@Rob, a 1/4 upgrade perhaps ?from what i,ve seen he is in the 194-195 range he can even look like a good 196 guy sometimes ven tho that he is not also he has klopp always by 2cm at least who claims to be 192 and looks it.
Editor Rob
the 6ft 4.5 mark is something he could measure
Soetan said on 22/Sep/21
I don't know why people exaggerate his height a lot on this site. The best case for him is 6'4½. All these 6'5-6 guesses are just insane
recapa said on 2/Sep/21
i think him being 194-195 range is fair for him.he always looked a bit taller to me than his usual listed 193cm.he is around 2cm taller than 192-192.5 klopp and around the same as listed 195cm matip. 194-194.5 before bed and 196-196.5 out of bed.
BB9 said on 31/Aug/21
@alvin Gomez is not quite 6’2”(188cm) and carragher is not 6’1” (185cm), they’re about 6’1 1/2”(186-7cm) and 5’11 1/2” (181-2cm as listed here) respectively. Van dijk is a strong 194cm and not quite 6’5”. Almost every club of professional football arranged a medical/fitness tests for their players, including height measurements before the start of new season or at least they will held it for new arrivals. Some football clubs might add a few cm to their players’ profile such as real madrid, where ramos is listed as 184cm, bale and benzema as 185cm and cristiano as 187cm. In my opinion, they’re at least 1 cm taller than their real heights. In van dijk’s case, he is consistently being described as 193cm or 6’4” which for me is about right, but I see him as a strong 6’4 1/2” at 194cm tall. Jurgen klopp (listed 6’3 1/2” here) insisted that only a few players at Liverpool that are taller than him, mentioning van dijk and matip. I’m sorry but describing van dijk as a 6’4 3/4”(194.9cm) or 6’5”(195.6cm) is a bit of a stretch for me, but it could be his morning height nonetheless.
ChaosControl 6'2.50 said on 14/Jul/21
@Alvin okay now you’ve justified it that makes sense
alvin said on 13/Jul/21
@ChaosControl 6'2.50 - I don't know why for certain, but it does happen that sometimes the height is correct for an earlier period, and then becomes outdated as time passes and maybe the player grows (particularly if the height was measured at a very early stage of an athlete's career) and was never updated.

For Van Dijk, he actually grew 18 cm in one summer when he was 17 years old. He might have had that 193cm recorded at Groningen, or Celtic, and perhaps afterwards he grew 2-3cm as he fully matured into his late twenties. We know Cristiano Ronaldo was listed at 184cm at Manchester United when he was around 20-21, and he's now a reasonable 186cm.

For example, Van Dijk's height is not actually listed on the Liverpool FC official website. So I highly suspect that the height has simply not been updated.

Take a look at this thread where there are alot of comments about how tall Van Dijk seems next to 188cm tall Joe Gomez who I mentioned earlier:
Click Here

This was very early into Van Dijk's arrival at LFC, and you can see the immediate impression those LFC fans had, which is that the difference between him and the others seemed MUCH bigger than what it should have been according to their "official" height listings.

Just look at him walking around with supposedly 185cm Carragher:
Click Here
You can see 41 seconds into the video that Van dijk is wearing thin sandals and Carragher some thicker rubber sole shoes- so if anything, their real height difference is even larger than it appears here. Does this look like a difference of only 8cm?

I comment on Van Dijk because I constantly notice this sentiment. He always surprises by how tall he is when he is next to people in person, and I think the most logical reason is because he is simply taller than his official height listing.
ChaosControl 6'2.50 said on 6/Jul/21
@Alvin if you think Virgil Van Dijk is 6’5 why do his teams have him at 6’4? Why would you underlist someone
alvin said on 5/Jul/21
There's alot of different pictures that you can find of Van Dijk that clearly show he is nearer to 196cm than 194cm. I am fairly sure he is 195cm or 196cm. Personally I think Van Dijk is around 196cm tall.

Compare the goalkeeper Fraser Forster (listed 201 cm), Yoshida (listed 189cm) vs Van Dijk:

Click Here

Click Here

Clearly Van Dijk is closer to Forster than Yoshida, and only in a few pictures does he seem to be as low as about midway between Forster and Yoshida. The difference between Forster and Yoshida is 201cm-189cm=12cm, and half of this is 6cm. So if Van Dijk is nearer to Forster than Yoshida, than he should be less than 6cm away from Forster, making him at minimum 195cm- and actually Van Dijk usually looks noticeably closer to Forster than he is to Yoshida. This wouldn't make sense if he was only 193ish cm, but makes complete sense if he's nearer to 196cm.

Here is Van Dijk with Carragher (listed 185cm, but i think that's exaggerated- Carragher is likely around 183cm at best, maybe even 182cm). Nonetheless, we see the difference between them is huge:

Click Here

In this team line-up we see him vs Joe Gomez (188cm), Firmino (181cm), and Alisson (191cm).
Click Here
We can see that the difference between Firmino and VVD is about the same or slightly larger than the difference between Firmino and Gomez; for that to make sense, VVD should be around 195+cm. We can also notice the difference between Firmino and VVD is about the same as Carragher and VVD- with Carragher being a bit higher up than Firmino, supporting that Carragher should be around 182ish cm.

Another picture:
Click Here

Here is Van Dijk and Matip (listed 195cm):
Click Here

VVD looks a bit taller than or else roughly the same height as Matip in all pictures they appear in. Matip has bad posture, but at no point do I get the impression Matip is taller than VVD.

One thing I frequently notice is that Van Dijk appears to be consistently taller than people listed near 193cm. There's almost no instances I can think of where he came up against someone he was expected to be taller than and then appeared surprisingly small, and many instances where he comes up against someone he is supposed to be close to in height, but is surprisingly taller than them.

A great example is Sheamus vs Van Dijk, which you talked about in a video.
Click Here
Well you conclude that Sheamus should still be around 6ft2 since you saw him in person, and his height here at this website is still listed at 189cm. But you didn't really conclude what height that would make Van Dijk. The difference between Sheamus and Van Dijk is roughly consistent with the difference between Joe Gomez (188cm) and Van Dijk.
So once again, it only makes sense that Van Dijk is actually comfortably taller than 193cm, and somewhere closer to 196cm.
Editor Rob
Foster could be between 6ft 6 and 7, Dijk at 6ft 4.5 is very arguable, sometimes he could seem 6ft 5 too with folk
recapa said on 27/May/21
@Rob,between him or halannd who you,d say is taller
Editor Rob
Virgil might have better chance of measuring taller
Al KW Tan said on 26/May/21
Looks a solid 194cm
Slim 6'1.5 said on 6/Apr/21
194 solid not impossible
Frank Col said on 4/Apr/21
When you see Van Dyke who we are quibbling over whether he is 6ft 4 or 5, it makes the claims that Dolph Lundgren was ever this height, both from the man himself and commenters on here who seem to believe movie stars claims and how tall they are made to look in movies over the realities. A 6ft 5 inch guy, which having met him is what I think Van Dyke is, is a giant of a man. I have also met Dolph Ludgren who is barely 6ft 1 now and whose peak height could therefore never have been more than 6 ft 2.5 allowing for natural age shrinkage. He is nowhere near this height and has gotten away with it for years because of the average height of 80s and 90s Hollywood stars being no more than 5ft 9. Hollywood stars talk garbage whenever they open their mouths outside of movies and no more so than when they talk about their height.
Canson said on 14/Feb/21
@Rampage: I definitely get the 6’5 guesses as he can look it physically. Maybe it’s his proportions
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/Feb/21
I can understand 6ft5 guesses but 6ft6 is pushing it
Vincent Caleb said on 10/Feb/21
An inch taller than Jurgen Klopp.
slim 6'1 said on 9/Feb/21
Closer to 6’4” than 6’5” but a massive change to be 194cm
Somewhere between 193.5-194cm
184guy2 said on 9/Feb/21
lol 198cm too much ....
but 194cm there is a very good chance of it
berta said on 8/Feb/21
could thi guy be taller than we think. he can look atleast 6´5 in many photos. beside wrestler sheamus i would have thought 198cm.
Editor Rob
6ft 4.5 maybe...
Slim 6'1" said on 24/Dec/20
Robs listing seems good enough
Nitino said on 10/Dec/20
1.94 for him
kost jim said on 3/Nov/20
with 193cm neuer 191cm klopp and 201 forster van dijk is for sure 194 or 195 cm
Rem said on 14/Sep/20
This guy is no less than 194 cm. Same height as Ibra. He is a good 3 cm taller than Klopp who is no less than 191 cm. Rob when you list him at 6'4.25" do you mean he would still measure 194 cm during the day?
Editor Rob
I think he could hold just over 6ft 4 most of the day.
Ronaldo 185.5cm said on 23/May/20
OriginalAnon Much closer to 194cm, he is just under 194cm so 193 is too low for this guy.
Propably 6'5" 195.6cm) out of bed and 6'4 1/8 193.3cm) at low.
FMExTREME said on 27/Jan/20
Easily a strong 6'4 no questions asked, seen him a few times whilst he was at Southampton and as a legit 6'0.5 person he towered me like a 6'4 person couldn't, surprisingly broad build compared to on TV. I'd say there's a chance of 195cm in early afternoon.
The claims of 6'3 is ridiculous, go stand next to him and tell me he's under 6'4.
Nik said on 20/Jan/20
He's even taller than Klopp!
Nik said on 14/Dec/19
He'll be 10 foot tall to koppites!
King7 said on 10/Dec/19
194 cm is fine for him . never looked even 2 cm shorter than 195 cm Matip from what i've seen , also he towered over Henderson who in turn towered over 179/180 cm Trent , towered over 190-191 cm Alisson by 3-4 cm as well , towered over Gomez and Lovren , maybe even looked a bit taller ( 2 cm ) than 192 cm Klopp as well if i remember correctly
Blake said on 3/Dec/19
Rob, van Dijk said he weighs 95 96 kg in this video at 1:08 Click Here
kostas dim said on 29/Nov/19
the average guess is 6’4.38” (194cm) 42 comments and only 29 votes!
Van Dijk is 191 cm said on 28/Nov/19
This average height is crazy,he is 191 cm at max. Look at the difference between him and Ronaldo (185 cm),he is not 9/10 cms taller than Cristiano,c'mon Rob !
kostas dim said on 28/Nov/19
6'4.4'' 194 cm
JD1996 said on 17/Nov/19
Looks very tall you can tell by his proportions, he seems about 6’4.5” I would say, sometimes looks 6’5” over times 6’4”.
Nik Ashton said on 16/Nov/19
@ Rob - How tall is the girl?
Editor Rob
His wife isn't over 5ft 5
Canson said on 17/Oct/19
@Ajax509: lol he would be. Wonder how Ibra would stack up. He may edge me by a hair a full 194 as I’m only about 6’4.25”. Pique I have at 6’3.75”. He looked much shorter than Kobe in the pic too but with less footwear. I see around 2cm with Ibra and Pique.
Heightboss said on 27/Sep/19
Saw people saying more than 193cm and about as tall as Matip. Click Here min 1:53 he meets Mario who is in slides and looks quite taller than him. A true 193cm guy
184guy2 said on 26/Sep/19
Click Here
6'2 For Alisson is too low
Jonathan Kingston said on 26/Sep/19
I see some photos when VVD was in Southampton, he has appeared to be about as tall as Fraser Foster who is 6'7''
184guy2 said on 29/Aug/19
@Rob , how tall do you think alisson is ? he had a tiny footwear disvantage
Click Here
BTW , would be a nice add to the site , the best keeper of europe ...
Editor Rob
Could be in 188-9 range
Valois 2.0 said on 4/Aug/19
He's looks pretty tall, I think him and Ibra have the same height.
Jonathan Kingston said on 23/Jul/19
And except for Tacko Fall, van Dijk also stood at Grant Williams who stands at 6'7'' (2.01 m) tall. And van Dijk is slightly taller than him.
SimianWonder said on 20/Jul/19
There's an image circulating from Liverpool's pre season US tour of Virgil with WWE wrestler Sheamus, who is listed at 6'2" 1/4 on this site. Virgil absolutely towers him.
Onabill Choudhury said on 31/May/19
Definitely the definition of the modern CB, Tall, Strong, Good with his feet, can pass and also an amazing Defensive anchor! The whole Liverpool Backline has improved so much with him in the lineup, with that being said VVD looks minimum 6 ft 4 1/4 and has a shout for the high 6 ft 4 range but with his age and monster growth spurt, he unfortunately won’t be in the 6 ft 5 range any time soon
Sanders said on 16/May/19
194.6 cm measured van dijk in the afternoon
Tom kleberton said on 15/May/19
very short 193.7cm for van dijk minimum 194.9 cm needs an update
Teun Uit de Weerd said on 14/Apr/19
Always seems to be over 1,93 On team photos. My guess is a strong 1,94.
Canson said on 13/Apr/19
@K.A.188: I agree he could be
K.A 188 said on 12/Apr/19
Strong 6ft4 @Canson this guy is probably similar to you
Blake said on 24/Mar/19
Rob, I found an interesting video on Van Dijk and his height and growth spurt here’s the link Click Here
Editor Rob
Yeah it's a fair amount over 16-17 years of age, 18cm is 7 inches or thereabouts.

So he must have been quite average around that 16 age, then by 17 was near his full height?
GregC said on 22/Feb/19
6ft4?? And the rest! Looks half an inch taller than Joel Matip sometimes and he's easy 6.4-6.5
184guy2 said on 6/Feb/19
@Christian @Canson

He never looked under 6'4 , even in the pic above with Mané . This just over 6'4 listing suits him very well , he towers over the vast majority of football players . I wouldn't be surprise if he was as tall as Ibra for example . He for sure is taller than a guy like Mamoa or Conan , probably similar to Canson
Public Enemy said on 5/Feb/19
Current 194 cms
Canson said on 4/Feb/19
@Christian: yea 193 is as high as I could see him listed and I would bet that that isn’t a low for him either. I would say he’s 192 range
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 3/Feb/19

Yeah, a 193 listing here should be good enough for him given that he's been listed and described that as a player. I doubt he grew, although it's not impossible of course.
joe### said on 3/Feb/19
I would be surprised if he measured 6'3 zones that say look at him here with klopp listed 6'3.5 Click Here Click Here Click Here
Canson said on 3/Feb/19
@Christian: he may be similar to Conan or even Momoa. I don’t get the 6’4,25 listing when he’s been described as 6’4”. The latter is even better than current based on how he looks which is strong 6’3 up to weak 6’4
secondrowback said on 2/Feb/19
Maybe a weak 6'5 (195cm)? He stacks up well against Fraser Forster who is listed as 6'7?
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 1/Feb/19
Looks more 6'3"-6'3.5" in the above pic with 5'8" listed Sadio Mane, especially when you consider that Sadio has slightly less footwear.
BT said on 1/Feb/19
He can comfortably look 6'4.5, or even more than that at times, wouldn't go lower than 6'4 1/4.
Nik said on 1/Feb/19
It's incredible that he was often described as being under 194 cm!
184guy2 said on 31/Jan/19
Yeah thi seems right . Generally looks a little over 6'4 , at times even 6'5 , beside Mo for example .
A strong 6'4 suits him very well
Peter 180cm said on 31/Jan/19
Why not put him at 193cm then Rob,if he's listed at that?Did he grow?
Editor Rob
I think at 19 he was still listed 193 but I would still say in his 20's he has seemed a more stronger 6ft 4 guy, at times seeming 6ft 4.5 in fact.
Matt99 said on 31/Jan/19
I’d say Mané is in the 172 range and Wijnaldum is a solid 174, fairly accurate rob?
Editor Rob
Mane can look 5ft 8 or under at times, Wij above 5ft 8, but maybe not 5ft 9.
Nik said on 31/Jan/19
He's mega tall!
joe### said on 30/Jan/19
taller than klopp strong 193
Pr0n00b said on 30/Jan/19
Yeah this seems right, he always is a little bit taller than Klopp
Rory said on 30/Jan/19
Rob, in the above pic what is the difference between Mane and Wijnaldum, 2cms ?
Editor Rob
It might be close to 2cm, it's not much really.
Sandy Cowell said on 30/Jan/19
A professional footballer of whom I have never heard? That's most unusual!

He's a very tall one, there's no denying that, and Virgil can have 6ft4.25 from me.

⭐️ I remember a song by Genesis entitled 'Me and Virgil', just in case you are interested! I believe it was sung by Phil Collins.

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