How tall is Rob Paul

Rob Paul's Height

5ft 8 ⅛ (173 cm)

I created in 2004 as an entertainment site about Celebrity Height. I measure 5ft 8 ⅛in at night, which is usually about the height I am in most photos with celebrities. In 2019, first thing in the morning, I measure around 5ft 8 ⅞in. For some height-related videos check out my Youtube channel. As of February 2019 I measure close to 5ft 8.25 at lunchtime and in this Video you can see my current weight.

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5ft 8.38in (173.7cm)
Sakz said on 1/Apr/20
@Sandy The job your boyfriend does is very admirable. The world needs more people like him to help those who are in need, especially at times like this. It's easy to overlook the fact that even in our country which has a strong economy, there is still quite a high number of homeless people. It is a shame though that he has to witness terrible events such as the one you described. There is good and bad, although a lot of the time the bad just seems to stand out more. It becomes quite depressing and it's why I don't watch the news.

On the other hand, you're right that there is a lot to be grateful for aswell. Take for example our brilliant health service in particular and the people who work day and night to help out at a time like this. I do believe it shouldn't take a deadly virus such as this to prompt people to come together and help, but that's a different debate altogether. The work they are doing is brilliant nonetheless.

Look after yourself aswell. Hopefully your boyfriend continues the brilliant work he is doing. 👍
Sakz said on 1/Apr/20
@Canson My point was more general, though I see what you're saying in regards to certain individual situations. I'm not sure about the policies in the US but here in the UK the government has set up grants to help with wages, especially for the self employed. There is also a rule in which landlords can't evict tenants during the pandemic. As long as practical measures are put in place, the majority won't be affected as much as they could be. Of course everyone's financial situation is different so that plays into it which goes without saying.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 1/Apr/20
I am very pleased to say that the friend of mine who was suffering from the coronavirus has been given the all clear. 🌞
James B 172c, said on 31/Mar/20
Rob were people in ancient Egypt only 4ft6 in height? At least that’s what I have heard.
Editor Rob
I don't think that short, but less than 5ft 6 average.
James B 172c, said on 31/Mar/20
Myself said on 30/Mar/20
I didn't inform myself much on the matter, but one of the reasons they won't allow my friend's father to be operated is the risk of being infected by the virus, which would probably be a straight death sentence for a 60 yo man with a dangerous cancer...

My uncles in the same boat. He has bowel cancer but today he was informed they will not operate on him because it’s too complicated :-(
Canson said on 31/Mar/20
@Myself: that’s a bad combination for this pandemic. Underlying conditions is a very broad word but cancer is one of them.
Tall In The Saddle said on 31/Mar/20

I think it was about 1979 or 1980 my school mate put me on to Bowies Changes One compilation Album which I bought and still have among other old vinyls. Amazing. Great album. Mind you, my mate was also into other bands like the Snivelling Sh*ts , Peter and the Test Tube Babies and Buster Hymen and The Penetrators. What's in a name, eh?

I liked the name The Celibate Rifles, the antithesis to The Sex Pistols. Clever. I saw The Cure just a few years ago. Unreal. Robert Smith's voice sounded exactly like the records, CDs or what have you. Powerful and the musician ship on point, band very tight. He still wears all the garb and make up, now looks like an old Aunty who can't apply her lipstick evenly any more. LOL. Seriously though, great show with 30+ songs with only a few shorts breaks in between. Truly one of the greatest and most innovative bands ever.

Okay, I'm going to cut myself off before I waffle. No, can't do it. Just one more thing - do you remember the K-Tel Record Selector? All the rage, we had one but it didn't work quite as well as the advert promised.Click Here. And to think they were a "New Space age design!" The Ad also notes "The record selector has a "Mind of it's own". Damn straight. Difficult to pluck out the record you wanted as they flew past at warp speed and it never stopped at the vacant spot to replace the record. Also, if enough records flipped forward, it would over balance and tip all the records out - back to square one for the guy picking up his records at the start of the ad. Too funny.

I was also a "victim" of the K-Tel Hair Magician! That thing was sadistic. But that's another story...Damn you K-Tel!.
Myself said on 30/Mar/20
I didn't inform myself much on the matter, but one of the reasons they won't allow my friend's father to be operated is the risk of being infected by the virus, which would probably be a straight death sentence for a 60 yo man with a dangerous cancer...
James B 172cm said on 29/Mar/20
rob i dont believe in different weights and body types.

i think medical conditions and how much we eat/work can all influence how heavy we are

just my opinion though
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 29/Mar/20
Hey Rob and everybody!

I just received a text from my boyfriend to tell me that people are panicking after hearing that THEY CAN CATCH THE CORONAVIRUS FROM CATS.

Consequently, cats are being taken to shelters or even abandoned on the streets. Who's ever heard of a cat passing cat 'flu to a human, for instance? This is madness and it wouldn't surprise me if I have my work cut out if cats are abandoned in my area, as people come to me. I will adopt them, of course, and if they don't get on with my lot, they'll need rehoming when things have quietened down. One thing I could never do is leave an animal without food and shelter.
Editor Rob
That's a shame to hear.
Nik said on 28/Mar/20
@ The destroyer - 182 cm is at minimum a tallish height and it is arguably a tall height!
OriginalAnon said on 28/Mar/20
Rob, I was thinking of doing YouTube. I am not asking you to give any details, but I follow you on YouTube and see how many sort of views you get. Do you earn much money from the YouTube stuff? I am not knowledgeable on it. I think it depends on how advertiser friendly it is and you don't swear or anything.
Editor Rob
If somebody asked me 6-7 years ago whether to do a website or youtube channel, I'd have said make a site/blog. Over the last couple of years though, I'd recommend a youtube channel 100% over a website.

What you earn can depend on many things like niche, video length, retention, amount of views etc.

A lot of generic youtubers might get 1-2 dollars per 1000 views. If you got 2-5 range you are doing well. Above that and you are doing extremely well. Then there's folk who do patreon, get direct sponsorships etc...make money through affiliates.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 28/Mar/20
@ Canson - I never usually even watch the News, but all that has changed since this terrible outbreak. I think forewarned is forearmed, and the programmes on offer do their best to give us the right advice. It's natural to feel anxious at a time such as this.

I wish you and your family and friends all the best. Take care now, Canson, and everybody else, of course.

Love and Best Wishes,

Sandy XX 😁👍
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 28/Mar/20
@ Sakz - My boyfriend is part of a group of volunteers who go out 5 nights a week, sometimes more, to pick up the homeless and take them to safety. Sometimes he drives a bus, donated free by London Transport and then more people can be rescued. Oftentimes, the police help out, but unfortunately, my bloke has witnessed vagrants being beaten by drunks, and in one case, an old man was so badly beaten that he died in hospital. The culprits were thugs on a stag night. The police cheered them on and laughed. You get good and bad in all walks of life, and sections of society. These policemen were the pits.

The work he is doing is very stressful and upsetting. I think his group have found some four dead people living rough, but their deaths aren't considered important enough to be investigated, which is an outrage. That so many people are out there without food and shelter is unbelievable. This is the 21st century for crying out loud.

I must say that I have great admiration for people who give freely of their time and see many atrocities as part of the process. I'm grateful to members of the public, ie delivery services, postmen shop assistants, the health service etc who go on as normal, and without these services, the country would grind to a halt. We have so much to be thankful for, but the worst imaginable has happened, threatening all human lives. By sticking together we should be able to pull through and get over this and I pray it's soon.

Look after yourself, Sakz, and every single one of you,

Sandy XX 😁👍
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 28/Mar/20
@ Tall In The Saddle - Yup, Billy Idol was quite a lad, wasn't he? I liked that he knew David Bowie, who came from round my area too. I've never bought any of Billy Idol's records. His style is too rock 'n' roll remakes for my liking! Now David Bowie and Alice Cooper I find irresistible and have loads of their CDs. As well as David, Alice is an actor too. He appears in 'Prince of Darkness' - as a murderous vagrant! Alice's whole stage show was an act, and extremely entertaining. I recommend that you look for a concert of his on DVD; I have one and it's brilliant, and 'X' rated!

Unfortunately, I never saw David Bowie play live, but I do have films of his, lots of CDs and even concerts on DVD. When he passed on, the Daily Mail sent a DVD to his fans in exchange for some tokens. I decorated the envelope, as I often do, writing on it, "Always loved, never forgotten."

Hey, no worries about waffling on! It's good to keep an active mind, and let's face it - we all do it from time to time! 😄👍

Keep yourself safe, Tall In The Saddle, and the same to each and every one of you.

Love and Best Wishes!

Sandy XX 😁
AndrewV said on 28/Mar/20
Hey Rob, for a little quarantine workout have you considered walking or running stairs? It's a pretty effective workout and takes less time to burn the same amount of calories walking.
Editor Rob
Surprisingly Jenny has been up for doing some workout.
Yeah, we are supposed to go out once a day, which I do about 7am for a walk, but during the day a 20-30 minute workout is something we are doing.
Canson said on 28/Mar/20
@Sakz: that’s very true but then there are the cases where people are temporarily out of work and don’t have money in the bank. Now I know that it’s nowhere near as dire A case as someone else who is jobless or destitute to begin with; but even if they are anticipating collecting short term unemployment etc they still have to wait the time for the filing period and for the money itself. This is more pronounced with a family. Now I agree with what you said to a large extent because im sure that many people who live this way did so due to poor planning but then some had rough financial situations to no fault of their own prior to the COVID19 pandemic. But Much of the US and much of the world probably live paycheck to paycheck or with less than 1 month of reserves which won’t cut it in this situation with all of the extra resources needed such as disinfectant and other cleaning supplies that families and individuals are buying much more frequently. And The little bit of money that the Government is giving the residents of the US isn’t going to help either class as much as it should being many people may already be dangerously in the hole with no resources by the time the money finally comes. It’s even possible that people are back at work by then. Not to mention that it is very discriminatory as it covers people up to certain thresholds. Now it’s fitting being people in lower income brackets need the assistance more than someone who is better off. I also see it as being more of the essence for someone who has either a combination of being temporarily displaced and a lower income bracket or someone who was unemployed to begin with.
Canson said on 28/Mar/20
@Sakz: that’s very true but then there are the cases where people are temporarily out of work and don’t have tons of money in the bank. Much of the US and much of the world probably live paycheck to paycheck or with less than 1 month of reserves which won’t cut it in this situation with all of the extra resources needed such as disinfectant and other cleaning supplies that families and individuals are buying more frequently. And The little bit of money that the Government is giving the residents of the US isn’t going to help either class as much as it should being many people may already be dangerously in the hole with no resources by the time the money comes. It’s even possible that people are back at work by then
Canson said on 28/Mar/20
@Sakz: that’s very true but then there are the cases where people are temporarily out of work and don’t have tons of money in the bank. The little bit of money that the Government is giving the residents of the US isn’t going to help either class as much as it should being many people may already be dangerously in the hole with no resources by the time the money comes. It’s even possible that people are back at work by then
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 27/Mar/20
My boyfriend reckons I speak like a six footer! Had it not been for the fact that we'd already discussed our heights over the phone, I think he'd have quite a shock when he met me!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 27/Mar/20
Tall In The Saddle: You've just me laugh my whattsits off! What else can we do at times like these?

I am listening to the Stranglers and my, aren't they rude? Ha ha ha! I remember when they first came to fame. They were actually really great and musical, yet we haven't got any members of the Stranglers on Celebheights!

To be continued....
The destroyer said on 27/Mar/20
Hi Rob, at a typical day of being active let say walking a lot, at 4 hours Out of bed are you few mm’s from your low let’s say at your low you are 173cm, could you be around 173.4cm at lunch time at 12 if you wake up around 7:30,7:45? Do you lose much after 4 hours of being awake and fairly active no rest?
Editor Rob
4-5 hours I'd still be 173.4-5 range, but 6-7 173.3-4, if I'm doing say a few hours of walking, which I do most of the time.

I'm doing 10 miles a day walking, well not the last week though with lockdown. But through February jenny and myself done many hours a day of walking.
Lalala said on 27/Mar/20
i've see many videos of you measuring over 175cm in morning and aroung 174cm at night.

In your case, 173cm is so unrealistic as 176cm. You are a legit 174cm in my opinion
AndrewV said on 26/Mar/20

At what weight range would people generally describe a 6'0"-6'1" man as "skinny"? In your case, what would be skinny 5'8" with your build?
Editor Rob
It can vary depending on body types, but I know if I was 140 I'd look quite skinny, if a 6ft man was 155-160 they'd look quite trim.
aidan 5'10 1/4" said on 26/Mar/20
glady i’m 5’11 1/8th in the morning and 5’10 1/4 at night and my foot is a size 8 so you never know
Canson said on 26/Mar/20
@Miss Sandy Cowell: I think the Pandemic is bringing out the worst in people these days. Lot more tense encounters and things that ordinarily wouldn’t occur. Of course that is no excuse
Sakz said on 26/Mar/20
@Sandy You know the poor themselves are saying 'If the coronavirus doesn't kill us, the hunger will'. These people are who I really feel for since they can't even afford to feed themselves, yet you have working class people complaining about their jobs, not taking into account that they don't have it as bad as they think. It's important to remember these people can afford to feed themselves even though they may be out of a job temporarily, however the poor simply don't have that luxury. Also, I've not even heard anything about the homeless and what's being done to help them at a time like this.

As for certain charities, I see their point. However if everybody had that mindset then nobody would donate, therefore the issue would become even worse. All you can do is hope your money is making a difference and I'm sure yours is.

I hope you are keeping well. Stay safe and that goes for everyone.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 26/Mar/20
🙀 Hey Rob and all!

The expensive cat litter arrived yesterday and it was more like 10lbs - I could just about lift it! What a rip off! 😝😼
Canson said on 25/Mar/20
@Sandy Cowell: it’s interesting. They say not to watch these as they lead to anxiety but we all need to know, but It’s probably going to get worse before it gets better. Everyone here be safe! Please we want to talk to each
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 25/Mar/20
People being rude.

What is happening out there? My brother just came in upset because a couple of idiots had been rude to him when he was out shopping. I immediately phoned the shop to see what had been going on and the owner of the shop, who has known us for 29 years, had told his wife and another customer had said something about how rude they were. Hence it must have been pretty bad.

Can't we take a leaf out of Stephen Fry's book and be nice to one another? We're all in the same boat, and to go and take it out on someone else really is the pits.
Glady said on 25/Mar/20
I'm only 174 cms tall and wear shoe us size 12 does ur height matters with ur foot size. What do you think mr rob??
Editor Rob
There is some correlation, but you will still find situations in which like yourself, at 174cm your foot size would be more common on over 6ft men.
Tall In The Saddle said on 25/Mar/20

Sorry to hear about your friend. Wishing him/her a speedy recovery.

No prob. re replying. I don't expect that at all. I just waffle sometimes anyway, LOL.

Cool story re your class mate. Ah Billy Idol. He performed in our neck of the woods many years back. A precursor to a sporting event. Got on stage, ready to rock the house down BUT a guitar pedal shorted everything out, he didn't get to perform a single song. There was also a back story going around that Billy went MIA perilously close to performance time. The story goes they found him in a drug den (opium?) with two sex workers (pc). So on this occasion, it was sex, drugs but NO rock'n'roll.

I remember seeing an Alice Cooper interview some years back in which he said how he had given up booze, drugs etc. some decades ago. Even then, Alice still wasn't looking so healthy which made me think, well, he didn't give up a minute too soon, did he?
Progking said on 24/Mar/20
@Younes you can claim 6'2 based on that range, id say if you fall 1 cm or less below a height by evening you can claim it.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 24/Mar/20
To all:-

There are plenty of programmes to watch on the coronavirus right now and I am catching them as and when they come along. I heard last night that every person who catches this will pass it on to 2.5 people, so you could say that for every 2, 5 new cases will occur. It's spreading like wildfire so let's take on board what is advised for us to do, and stay in, finding lots of lovely things that we enjoy to do, like watching films and writing on Celebheights and, if we pray, ask for the cessation of this killer virus.

The animal charities have sent me emails suggesting that adopting an animal could give many people some company, especially if they live alone. If you have a garden, it will restrict the necessity for walks in the case of dogs, but cats or rabbits are delightful company too, and could take one's mind off the worry of the virus.

Then we could read and do puzzles and keep in touch with friends by phone.

Whatever we decide to do and how to spend our time, let's keep as positive as we possibly can. Keep safe everybody. Sandy XX 😁
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 24/Mar/20
Hey Rob and all!

I've just tried to do some online shopping. Tesco's are fully bleedin' booked until next week; I've had to resort to Amazon, and all the regular cat litter has been snapped up. I ended up buying some litter - 10 litres - which I'll have to drag along the floor, and it costs a penny short of £23. Pah! Muck for my cats to 💩 on, but it IS lavender scented! 😃

Have you ever heard anything so daft? It won't smell nice for long, that's as sure as mustard! 😹
Editor Rob
Home delivery is the best option over next few weeks, but yeah not many slots!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 24/Mar/20
@ Sakz - Yes, unfortunately a great deal of human selfishness is showing through at this difficult time. A few days after he was bumped into by the old woman, my boyfriend saw loads of people shopping en mass and he had a right good go at them. He shouted, "What about the elderly? If the coronavirus doesn't kill them, you'll starve them to death!"

Then yesterday I received a text from him to inform me that the local food bank had been raided. How low can they go? That food is there for starving families and vulnerable people. He is really would up about it.

It's a shame that more isn't done for the starving masses. It's unbelievable just how little it costs to feed these people, but when you give to charity - which I do - you can never be sure that your money isn't going to fatten the wallets of the fatcat bosses. I get reminded about that constantly by those who don't believe in my supporting of these charities, but what if everyone thought like that? I suppose people with more to lose think their lives are worth more, and that attitude stinks!

Last night, I had a bland and anything-but-tasty dinner. In fact, it was revolting! However, at least I went to sleep with a full stomach. This morning, I started my day with an urgent visit to the 🚽! I thought it was very funny, and wondered how many more times I'm going to wake up like that!

Cheers Sakz,

Take care - and all other visitors! XXX
Sandy XX
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 24/Mar/20
@ Tall In The Saddle - Hi! It's taken a while for me to reply, so sorry about that. I recently found out that someone I love has the virus, but he's optimistic that s/he's going to get better and talking online to lonely elderly people, who are having to stay in, claiming that it's very rewarding and keeping upbeat as a result.

I remember Billy Idol very well. He comes from the same area as I do, and there was a girl in my class - a punk rocker, whom everybody liked because she was full of personality - and she used to take days off school to be near him. She knew his hangouts, you see, and she had the hots for him!

It's a good thing that Billy gave up taking substances. I think a lot of famous people do, and others, when they realise how precious life is.

Today is THE DAY we will all have to start leading restrictive lives in England, possible further afield in the UK as well, going out once a day, and only for essentials. It's the end of the World to my brother, who likes going out!

Thank Heavens for online shopping! I've noticed that everything has gone up. Must they really take advantage of these hard times?

Yes, this is putting all of us to the test, but we must be strong and optimistic; when this is over, imagine how much more we'll appreciate normality and our freedom again?

Take care Tall In The Saddle and each and every one of you!

Sandy XX 😁👍
Nik Ashton said on 23/Mar/20
Younes said on 23/Mar/20
Mr. Rob Paul, when I wash up in the bathroom, I notice my body’s height being too short. Half an hour later, I take back my body length. Is it normal or not, knowing that my height in the morning is between 189.9 and 190.1 centimeters and my height in the evening is between 187.7 and 188.1 centimeters and less The length I can measure after taking a shower is 187.4, in your opinion, what is my height, is it 6'1"75 or 6'2"
Editor Rob
Sometimes a shower could be quite early, and it involves a bit of moving the spine, so it wouldn't be a surprise if you measured before a shower and 20 minutes after to have lost height, because we lose a fair amount in first couple of hours of being awake.
The destroyer said on 22/Mar/20
Hi Rob, do you class 182cm in the tallish range here in the U.K. even though it’s below 6ft?
Canson said on 22/Mar/20
Myself said on 21/Mar/20
@Canson @Jdubbz
Thank you, yeah, for now we are fine...

"Bobby 1.78m (5'10) said on 17/Mar/20
...the majority of those diagnosed end up surviving symptoms and getting better with proper medical care."

@Myself: I respect Bobby’s opinion but I don’t agree 100%. Yes the majority Do, but that’s just thus far. We haven’t seen the apex of this pandemic yet and really it attacks people differently as we saw a lady in her 40s pass then a guy in his 30s and a child. Sure underlying conditions were mentioned but what constitutes an “underlying” condition? I’m hearing that people with Diabetes are considered at risk and to have an “underlying” condition. Yet, a diagnosed diabetic does not necessarily mean that they are unhealthy. You could have someone who manages life very well but attained it as a juvenile and may never experience any severe episodes. Look at Derek Theler. And this is only one of the cases they even mentioned. There are many more That will surface
Canson said on 22/Mar/20
Myself said on 21/Mar/20
@Canson @Jdubbz
Thank you, yeah, for now we are fine...

"Bobby 1.78m (5'10) said on 17/Mar/20
...the majority of those diagnosed end up surviving symptoms and getting better with proper medical care."

I respect Bobby’s opinion but I don’t agree 100%. Yes majority Do but that’s just thus far. We haven’t seen the apex of this yet and really it attacks people differently as we saw a lady in her 40s pass then a guy in his 30s and a child. Sure underlying conditions were mentioned but what constitutes an “underlying” condition? I’m hearing that people with Diabetes are considered at risk and to have an “underlying” condition. Yet, a diagnosed diabetic does not necessarily mean that they are unhealthy. You could have someone who manages life very well but attained it as a juvenile and may never experience episodes. And this is only one of the cases they even mentioned. There are many more
Canson said on 22/Mar/20
@Myself: that’s awful! I’ve heard news casters With renowned doctors who provide their “expertise” on CNN etc reminding people of what they “need to do” and one thing is putting off “elective” surgery. Now the question is, what constitutes elective? And what do they consider mandatory? Like in the cases you mentioned
Sakz said on 22/Mar/20
@Jdubbz I think we can safely say it's gotten to a point in most countries where underplaying it would be foolish. The deaths are becoming quite staggering in some places and the numbers aren't quite reflecting the whole situation, since they're only stating confirmed cases.
James B 172c, said on 22/Mar/20
Why do you do low numbers of pushups rob? Lol
Editor Rob
Well, I'm not looking to build up a lot of muscle, it's more maintaining the little I've got 😁

Saying that, I do a lot of walking...although these days, it is walking at distance and avoiding people
Sakz said on 22/Mar/20
@Sandy That's terrible to hear. Unfortunately it's just the state of humanity. While there can be some good there's a lot of bad to go with it. In the situation you described it wouldn't surprise me if they thought 'well he's a big strong male so he'll be fine'. Help should have been given equally since we're all human and should stick together as you said. Everyday there's bad happening in the world such as people starving yet nobody is panicked by that, however when a virus comes along it's the end of the world and everyone's selfishness is on display. It really puts things into perspective about the world we live in.
Tall In The Saddle said on 22/Mar/20

You take care also. And everyone else.

I agree about looking at things light heartedly. It doesn't mean you're not taking things seriously enough or not acting appropriately. But once you're done doing what you have to do, there is no point occupying the rest of your time with negative thoughts and bleak projections. Just look at how SNL comically deals with their current leader who basically provides 99% of the material straight from his own mouth. Gold. Going back in time during WW2, there was the lampooning of Hitler and other contemporaries of his ilk via film, cartoons etc. Great stuff and it allows people to cope.

The resilience and buoyancy of those who experienced WW2 among other conflicts is a testament to how great people can be. I wouldn't delude myself for one second that I have shown or am capable of the type of durability of previous generations. I simply haven't been conditioned or tested as they were but IF born into their ERA we all would likely display the same toughness they did. With increasing modern conveniences, each generation becomes that bit "softer", as we were told by the generation that preceded us and as we tell the generation that has followed us. Haha.

I'm a Gen X'er (shout out to Billy Idol's late 70s band though Billy himself is actually being a Baby Boomer!). Now there's a survivor, a few decades back, you might not have projected longevity for Old Billy but has he has apparently been clean for a while.

Depending on where you look, they describe the generation born between 1925 and 1945 as the SILENT generation, born into economic depression and war. They weren't rebellious or seeking individual voice, rather, they worked within the system. The characteristics of each generation are never entirely perfect but I think the SILENT generation was better honed to cope with extreme adversities and move in unified directions.

Some are now currently claiming that Gen X'ers are best suited to deal with the Coronavirus and quarantine measures. I'm not arguing for or against that, I haven't read much on it but it is likely related to purported chronological age and attitude resilience. I mean, we all have an opinion, don't we, and the internet and such has given unprecedented scope for EVERYONE to express same, qualified or not. LOL!

Re the big push on Toilet Paper. In part, I would say it is to stock up for potential isolation. I would also attribute the panic buying to the perception of a China being a major supplier of T-Paer (yes, true, that could be said of other items also). There would be the concern that supplies from China will dramatically diminish. In my area, China supplies 40% of T-Paper. No mean amount. Local manufacturers have undertaken to increase their own production. There has been no confirmation as to whether T-Paper supply from China has actually diminished which makes it difficult to gage if the lack of supply is totally due to panic buying or also due to decreased overseas supply.
Andrea said on 21/Mar/20
Exactly, Jdubbz. I admit I underestimated the whole thing myself at first, but the most recent data from Italy are quite shocking: nearly 800 deaths in the last 24 hours... for those who still say it's "just a flu". I don't know if you have seen these photos of military trucks bringing dead bodies to other towns and regions because cemeteries are literally full... Click Here
No wonder that they just decided to close everything, except for essential services!
Canson said on 21/Mar/20
@Jdubbz: the oddest thing is that they’re now telling people to only go to seek medical care if your symptoms are extraordinary Due to lack of resources, personnel, and supplies. It could begin as normal or mild and seriously evolve to where it severely attacks the respiratory system and then worse. So that does nothing in attempting to slow the progression. I see stopping the spread with lockdowns but too little too late for that
Myself said on 21/Mar/20
@Canson @Jdubbz
Thank you, yeah, for now we are fine...

"Bobby 1.78m (5'10) said on 17/Mar/20
...the majority of those diagnosed end up surviving symptoms and getting better with proper medical care."

So what is your ingenious plan? To wait until we CAN'T anymore provide medical care to the infected? Because this has already happened here.

My father had an accident that broke his femur, he has waited half a year for the operation and now because of the fact that all hospitals are full he will have to wait probably at least another half a year until he will be able to walk again. My friend's father was diagnosed with a potentially life threatening bladder tumor and because of the situation right now his operation has also been cancelled. If his cancer spreads, something quite likely without the operation, he could die. These are just two examples that maybe will help you to see the whole picture.
James B 172cm said on 21/Mar/20
rob i know you dont go to the gym but in your spare time do you do pushups? or lift heavy boxes?
Editor Rob
Just for jobs needed done, but I do pull-ups and still some pushups, but low numbers 😎
Canson said on 21/Mar/20
@Jdubbz: it’s definitely scary. In the US it’s beginning to spread and there isn’t a lot that can be done to undo the damage. However, the focus now is on stopping or slowing the spread and progression for some. I agree that it is probably better at this point to be more careful or even paranoid than to be lackadaisical
Matt99 said on 21/Mar/20
Hey Rob, what do you think the average height was in WW1? I’m surely the average wouldn’t be as low as 5’6.
Editor Rob
5ft 6-7 range maybe
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 21/Mar/20
@ S E - I'm 5ft1, having been up for some 6 hours. Good to meet you!
Damon Blank said on 21/Mar/20
I would go by the average (noon), or thereabouts. 5ft 9 is 175.3 cm, but every eighth of an inch is 3 mm. Take that off in the morning, you say you are bang smack on 175. 173 cm is exactly 5ft 8 1/8, so that's a 2cm gap. However, I don't necessarily think it's possible to shrink 2 cm in a day, unless it's say, the elderly and the slowgoing with bad posture, which would increase back problems, leading to shrinkage, or non active people who sit on their bums all day and do nothing, and people who smoke/drink or do drugs. They're most at risk of shrinking faster. If you don't tick all these boxes, you would be about 0.5/1 cm shorter. So I'm going to give you...around just shy of 174 if anything.
Nik said on 20/Mar/20
Jdubbz said on 20/Mar/20

While that may be true, that's not at all as bad as the reverse situation. Overplaying is a bit annoying and leads to panic. Underplaying leads to a bunch of people spreading the disease to others and increasing the death toll. Case in point, the death toll in Italy has DOUBLED since I made my last comment, 3 days ago. Over 4000 now. Not to mention the US death toll. It has more than doubled in the past few days. I understand why the whole "it's just a flu, bro" crowd thinks what they do (not saying that applies to anyone here), but they will have blood on their hands. Sorry if I'm sounding hyperbolic, but this whole situation is really getting to me.


Yeah it's just a virus, and it's not going to lead to the extinction of the human race. We're not talking about a gamma ray burst or anything of that type. That doesn't mean it's not going infect a decent chunk of the world eventually and lead to millions of deaths. We will recover, but it's going to be tough as hell in the short term when the medical systems get overwhelmed. That might sound like pessimistic thinking, but it will be the reality soon enough. Exponential growth is nothing to mess with.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 20/Mar/20
@ Tall In The Saddle - Yes, you're right about these being strange times. Most people, even the elderly, have never lived through anything like this, and understandably, we don't know how to cope with it. If I said I wasn't frightened then I'd be lying. I am, but I'm trying to keep as positive as I can under the circumstances.

Having the ability to look at things from a light-hearted perspective is not only mood enhancing, it toughens the immune system. The very act of laughter releases feel-good hormones and makes situations seem less severe. My own parents lived through the War, and I used to ask them at length what it was like when I was a child, the War not being that long ago compared to how long ago it is now. Things were different for my Dad, who was much younger than my Mum and living in England, whereas my Mum was 16 when War broke out and living in Germany, where at that age already, you had to comply or else you were punished. My Dad was evacuated with the brother who was closest to him in age, and they went to live with a kindly Vicar and his wife. To this day, he can reel the order of the books of the Old Testament off by heart and at great speed!

Both my parents, for whom Wartime experiences were so completely different, gave me the same reply: you carry on as normal. It isn't going to be easy for the people of the 21st Century, who don't know what it's like to go hungry, or have their freedom curtailed, and that is why it will be that much better if we all pull together and support each other. On the News last night, it was said that things could ease within about 12 weeks. Who knows whether that will be the case. I think it's more realistic to be open to the fact that we could be looking at months. By staying in wherever possible, not being negative and finding entertaining things to do, and looking after those in our locality, this will, God willing, result in as few deaths as possible and the Human Race emerging stronger and more appreciative of Life than before.

This is hardly like the World Wars though. We don't have to fear bombs dropping, but I made the comparison because anything that threatens our lives is new to us and worrying in the extreme.

Take care Tall In The Saddle and absolutely everybody - and let's all look after one another with glad and willing hearts.

Lots of Love,

Sandy XX 😁
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 20/Mar/20
@ Sakz, Rob and everyone - You're absolutely right there. Last Saturday while my bloke was doing his shopping in Sainsbury's, an angry and bad-tempered octogenarian rammed her trolley, filled with hand sanitizer and masses of milk, into my boyfriend's leg. Consequently, he's not been able to do his volunteering to get the homeless off the streets, so as a result of one selfish act, lots of people have suffered. Yet the other shoppers gathered round to help the old woman, ignoring the fact that my boyfriend's walking stick had been hurled down the food aisle and he was on the floor. He looks big and strong, and first impressions are what count, but he still suffered extensive bruising.

Why, at a time like this, are some people so self-centred, yet you get others driving round giving out free food to the needy and vulnerable? I watched the news yesterday, and one woman is delivering books to those who self-isolate to alleviate their boredom.
At hard times such as these, we must all pull together.
Canson said on 20/Mar/20
@Bobby: now they have a 34 year old who died from it. He had a history of bronchitis etc but it’s bad enough
S E said on 20/Mar/20
Sandy Cowell , How tall are you?
Tall In The Saddle said on 20/Mar/20
Actually, I think the point being missed here is the LACK of Leadership and Regulation during this time. When the expressly appointed powers that be "Eff it" all up, they then try to throw it back on to the general public to show "common sense" when they clearly showed NONE themselves.

If mean, if traffic lights go out. No amount of individual common sense, morality or principle is going to allow for as and when individual driver discretion to sort it out. A single Traffic cop, as an authorised LEADER, gets in the middle to regulate traffic and all is good.

Same with fire evacuations. Appointed officers operating within specific pre-set regulations, rules and guidelines LEADING and GUIDING people out makes for the most likely, smooth MASS exit. Individual good intentions and a show of individually applied "common sense" is not nearly as effective.

OF COURSE Individual common sense supports these processes but people still need to be told and shown exactly what to follow. They can't communicate amongst themselves, each and every one, to understand who might be doing what, how and when. More sensibly, a LEADER communicates same back to the MASSES.

I haven't panicked. Then again, each time I visit the supermarket, much of what I need isn't available. That can lead otherwise reasonably minded people to adopt the "When in Rome..." behaviour and buy as much as they can when they can. A "rationalised" panic, borne out of the failure to put DUE and uniformly understood REGULATIONS in place.

Well AFTER THE FACT of panic buying and hoarding, our supermarkets NOW have "one item per customer" restrictions. That's it. Understood. No reasonable person could complain. We also have the first opening shopping hour RESERVED for our more vulnerable and less able elderly and disabled, identifying themselves with a pension, senior or disability card and gaining access to essential items without the crowds or depletion. Again, PERFECT.

Again, no amount of individually exercised common sense would've allowed for the above. The powers that be have to make the authoritative "call" in their express capacity as LEADERS and then everyone understands what's okay and what's not okay and that they will be all reasonably and equitably accommodated.
Canson said on 19/Mar/20
@Christian: true. By range that’s how I mean but when it comes to claims it’s different. I think a 5’8.75 guy at their low is close enough to 5’9” to claim it
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 19/Mar/20
No chance of seeing one of those for yet a while, Nik!

🌧️☑️ 😝
Nik Ashton said on 19/Mar/20
Sakz said on 18/Mar/20
@Rob That's some useful information. There's also a filter on the BBC's website which allows people in the UK to search their location and find out how many cases are in their area.

@Bobby I will say that the manic shopping is definitely over the top. I mean people are fighting over items and it's just pandemonium. It really shows the state of humanity and the lack of solidarity in the face of adversity. Not good to see but hardly surprising.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 18/Mar/20
Some people here have a different defintion of "range". My definition is whatever height is nearest to an inch, becomes a part of that range (e.g. 5'8.75" is within the 5'9" range and 5'8.25" in the 5'8" range) I know that your definition of a range is anywhere between 0"-7/8" though. Either way, that still doesn't classify Rob as a 5'9" range guy though, since he's nearer to 5'8" than 5'9" for most of the day.

There are people who'll argue that the reason why so many people are buying huge amounts of toilet paper, is because of emergency (in case they won't be able to shop for a while), but the issue I have with that arguement, is that canned foods and bottled water aren't being sold out, two items that are just as essential as toilet paper, if not, more, in times of emergency.

While it's true that people should neither under or overreact, the number of people who overreact seem to be higher, or at least, more vocal about it.
sarah51 said on 18/Mar/20
Click Here also a video of them standing together
sarah51 said on 18/Mar/20
big Rob, I found a video where Jeffree Star claims he’s 6 ft and weights 135
He is with the Dolan Twins. He is shorter than both of them. What is your opinion ? Thank you x
Click Here
Editor Rob
I don't think he looked shorter, but can look 5ft 11ish.
Canson said on 18/Mar/20
@Bobby: I agree with what Jdubbz said. Most of the fatal cases involve elderly people. They are the ones who cannot afford to get sick and he’s right. We had deaths in double digits just a few weeks back. It is out of hand now
Bobby 1.78m (5'10) said on 17/Mar/20

I think people are overreacting. It's not the apocalypse or Armageddon. It's just a virus and you're only really at risk if you're advanced in age and have a weak immune system. Most cases aren't even fatal. While we've had deaths so far, the majority of those diagnosed end up surviving symptoms and getting better with proper medical care. Which is my whole point. We live in the 21st century. We have it way better than any of our ancestors ever did when it came to epidemics.
Nik Ashton said on 17/Mar/20
Canson said on 17/Mar/20
6"4 Dylan said on 16/Mar/20
You are 5"8 5"7 and 7/8 at the worst and 5"8 3/4 at the most you could say youre 5"9.

If he’s 5’8 or 5’7 7/8, how could he say he’s 5’9? But In reality, his height varies on a normal day from 5’8 1/8 to 5’8 7/8 so he’s 5’8 range at that stage
Jdubbz said on 17/Mar/20

Why exactly do you think this crisis is being overstated? Look at a recent graph of Italy. There were 79 deaths 2 weeks ago, and over 2200 as of March 17th. You could argue that the death rate is inflated by a lack of reported cases and/or a higher proportion of elderly citizens in Italy's population, but that is exponential growth right there. Judging by the way the US government is handling this disease, there's no reason to suspect that the trend will be any different here or in other developed nations.


I hope you and your family are safe and healthy. This is a very nasty disease, and not "just another flu" like so many people claim. It seems to be hitting you guys particularly hard at the moment. Yeah underplaying and overplaying are both bad, but the former is far more disastrous than the latter in a situation like this. I'm not even surprised that people aren't taking this seriously. Disappointed, but not surprised.
Nik said on 16/Mar/20
@ Christian 6'5 3/8" - It's the same in the UK with toilet paper.
Tall In The Saddle said on 16/Mar/20

Funny stories. That's what makes life go around. I guess your friend didn't sample your food shopping again after that. As a kid I pinched a pack of my Dad's antacid tablets. I thought I had scored some lollies. I downed the whole pack and didn't feel so good after that. Karmic punishment.

Re the joggers. You nailed it. One article did state that some psychologists view the behaviour as clearly that of a negative, distorted mindset, possibly due to a hatred of people in general or an act of malice toward a specifically "perceived" antagonist.

Re Coronavirus. Just received an email from our local Dominoes Pizza advising "No Contact Delivery" with a graphic showing the deliverer at least 2 metres from the door and the pizza box placed on the door step. Obviously to protect the deliverer. Not saying I don't get that but these are definitely strange times we're living in at the moment.
6"4 Dylan said on 16/Mar/20
You are 5"8 5"7 and 7/8 at the worst and 5"8 3/4 at the most you could say youre 5"9.
Nik Ashton said on 16/Mar/20
@ S E - You could 🐝 right on Rob!
Canson said on 16/Mar/20
Myself said on 14/Mar/20
When your hospitals will be flooded with people in critical condition and your friend's relatives or, God forbid, your parents would be dying because of it, you'll probably talk differently. I don't want my parents to play a roulette game to find out whether they will survive this or not, and I am not in the need to get a much worse flu myself.

@Myself: well said! And Charles Barkley and Rudy Gobert are two people whose attitudes have drastically changed as a result
Bobby 1.78m (5'10) said on 16/Mar/20

So, Rob, what do you think about this whole coronavirus debacle? Do you think that people are overreacting to this situation? Do you foresee a full-scale lockdown and house arrest or do you believe that all this stockpiling of items is going to have an economic backlash?
Editor Rob
I've been watching it unfold since January and I don't underestimate the seriousness of it for everybody.
Whilst there will be some overreaction, there will be many who under-react.
I think many countries are going to go full lockdown to slow the spread.
Greg said on 15/Mar/20
@Nik Yes

@Rob ah but I can’t seem to find the link.
Andrea said on 15/Mar/20
Remaining in the topic, I don't know if you know the 2011 movie "Contagion"... I've just watched it, and the analogies with many things that are happening right now are kinda creepy!
Editor Rob
Yes, that was a very interesting movie and today and for the next several months, life is changing.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 15/Mar/20
@ Rob - When the comments are down, it makes us appreciate how lovely it is when you come back! 😃👌
Bobby 1.78m (5'10) said on 15/Mar/20

I got into a debate with somebody who stipulated that the coronavirus was manmade, a biological weapon, and I told him it sounded suspiciously like a conspiracy theory and that he should point to some valid sources to support his claims. Do you know how he responded to me? "Oh, go look it up yourself! I shouldn't have to do the research for you. F*ck you!" I told him that wasn't going to fly and that the burden of proof was on him, not me. As the individual making the argument, he was obligated to prove his argument to me, it was not my job to substantiate his claims by going around looking for evidence. When I additionally prefaced that I wanted scholarly sources and not google links, he lost his .

So, anyway, people can be straight-up retarded and will believe anything they read on the internet, and yet fail to provide any level of legitimate reasoning on their part when they are challenged by somebody (myself) that is clearly more intelligent than a brain dead sheep conformist.

I do think the crisis is being greatly overstated but I won't complain if it means I can get extra sleep now.
Bobby 1.78m (5'10) said on 15/Mar/20

Listen, buddy, I'm not understating the serious threat that coronavirus has on people, but I will not overstate it either. Until the CDC or WHO or any organization says people should start panicking and locking themselves indoors then I will remain perfectly at ease. I am taking this crisis as it is, no more and no less. As I said, we need to be rational, we can't let our emotions get in the way of reason. Bringing the health of my parents into the equation is irrelevant because they are as healthy as they should be, for their age. All I'm saying is that people need to calm the f*ck down! It's not the end of the world. That's all.
Glady said on 15/Mar/20
Im only 174cms tall and wear shoe size US 12 does ur height matters with foot size?? What do u think mr rob??
Editor Rob
I believe there is some correlation with height and shoe size, but quite a bit of variation. You have very long foot for your height.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 15/Mar/20
@cmillzz and Andrea
True. There are extreme people on both sides. Some think that the virus is the apocalypse that will wipe out the entire world population, while others think that the whole thing is a hoax. I live in the second biggest metro area in the States (LA area), and even then, people here aren't as much in chaos, as the media wants you to believe. Pretty much every major store here is out of stock on hand santiziers, soaps, and toilet paper though, lol.
Sakz said on 15/Mar/20
@Bobby Of course it's not as bad as those days, but I understand the urgency because it is a serious virus which has already killed many. With swine flu there was a vaccine but with corona there isn't, so it'll only get worse before it gets better. I mean a lot of places haven't even reached the peak phase of the virus yet so just imagine what it will be like when they do. Apparently for the UK that will be in June. The precautions are necessary to avoid making matters worse.
Editor Rob
For all visitors, I think it's vitally important.
It is a Global fight against an unseen enemy and we are all in it together. We all need to step up and do our own bit to stop the spread over the next few months.

For UK Visitors, please read the NHS Advice.

The part that sticks out:

"Everyone should do what they can to stop coronavirus spreading"

"do not have visitors to your home, including friends and family"
Nik Ashton said on 15/Mar/20
@ cmillz - I agree.
S E said on 15/Mar/20
Rob 173.3 Jenny 172.7.
Tall In The Saddle said on 14/Mar/20
Mass hysteria travelled quickly and far enough back in time but it was much more localised.
Has anyone ever read about the meowing Nun in the Middle Ages that gave rise to Convent's worth of meowing Nun's?

There was also the apparent proliferating case of Nuns biting each other which saw a greater spread when word got around to other Convents, even crossing over to bordering countries. I suppose Convent life will do that to you, ANYTHING to break the monotony. In today's world, these lower scale outbreaks might've been labelled CONVENT1400.

In the digital age mass hysteria travels faster, further and snowballs more than it ever did before. It's like the psychological version of the physical butterfly effect. Certain information, without due fact checking, necessary context and considerate delivery, travelling at light speed from one side of the globe to the other, causing fear based mayhem and panic.

However, it's a fact that the population has grown enormously in just the last 100 years or so. In 1918, the world population has been estimated at 1.8 B. At the time, the Spanish Flu, which isn't identical to COVID19, has been est. at a max to have killed 3% of the pop. In 2020, the est. pop. is 7.8 B.

Between these years, technological advancements in transportation, communications etc. have seen the world come together so much more in literal physical terms, increasing the likelihood of previous localised epidemics becoming pandemic. So while we do now have advanced globally communicated medical support, we also have advanced accommodation of the spread of disease. The old Yin and Yang.

I think its time to take heed but not panic and panic is never recommended in any scenario anyway.
In less informed times and/or misinformed times, this might've come, wreaked its damage, and then gone while we continued our lives in relative ignorant bliss.

I can't vouch for the veracity of the data but this link compares COVID19 to previous outbreaks in history for better perspective and context. Click Here
Myself said on 14/Mar/20
When your hospitals will be flooded with people in critical condition and your friend's relatives or, God forbid, your parents would be dying because of it, you'll probably talk differently. I don't want my parents to play a roulette game to find out whether they will survive this or not, and I am not in the need to get a much worse flu myself.
Nik said on 14/Mar/20
c-mo 176.2cm - I agree with everything you said on 7/Mar/20! 😀👌
cmillz said on 14/Mar/20
This coronavirus event is being way overplayed IMO, at least here in the states. Ridiculous to cancel an entire semester of school over it, as well as major sporting events. People who say the virus is “fake” are obviously idiots though.
Nik said on 14/Mar/20
sarah51 & Vitto & Rob - A page for Jeffree Star would be grand!
Nik said on 14/Mar/20
@ Greg - Did you mean the link to the request page? I was wondering that!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 14/Mar/20
@ Tall In The Saddle - So you remember the R & J Stone song, 'We Do It'? Well, so do I! I checked with Google as to which year it was from and was told 1976. I thought it was 1973, so I was three years out! 😭

I know it came out at a time when I still liked practically every song that entered the charts. I'm not like that now, I can tell you! 😉
Andrea said on 14/Mar/20
Yep, it is always best not to panic and make things bigger than they are, but downplaying them or even worse coming out with dumb conspiracy theories is way worse than that. The spread and consequent increase of deaths is REAL. And although it is true that the mortality rate is relatively low and it mainly targets sick and older people, all of that has terrible consequences on the whole country, starting from the health system. Just think about all those people who cannot get a proper treatment in hospitals because they are overcrowded by those who need it for the virus...
P.S. Rob, I'll take P*rnhub's generous offer as a great opportunity... to have a better look and eventually suggest you new names to add to the category of course! 😜
Editor Rob
Italy is an advanced country and they've felt big lockdowns proved necessary.

I understand what the UK are doing, but how well they manage it and protect the vulnerable and old is another matter.
Tunman said on 14/Mar/20
Yeah,in fact somebody posted on FB the following:
Starvation in the world,25 000 dead every day:nobody cares.Corona,few thousands deaths until now:everybody lost his mind.
But beyond that,what is forgotten is that the big interests won't be hit as Rob meant implicitly when mentioning the Old Firm game,it's always the small ones that take the heaviest toll.
Depopulation is probably a problem in Ukraine,although personally I wouldn't complain about it if ever it was to touch my country,We have some extremely poor people who would give birth to 5,6and 7 children when already unable to take care correctly of 1 and then complain about their difficulties,have they ever heard about contraception instead of thinking that God will provide him with all the benefits?The same goes for most conservative families.Also,you wouldn't believe the sort of chaos when taking the metro or the bus:old vehicles largely inadequate for a continuously increasing population.Something we have in common though is that all governments are unwilling to do anything or simply pretending to work on the situation,that's just to mention one aspect...
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 14/Mar/20
@ Tall In The Saddle - Once again, that made for a very funny read! No, I haven't heard of joggers offloading in the same place on a regular basis; most people would say it's disgusting, which it is, but who the eff would get kicks out of doing THAT in order to mark their territory? 😂😆😣

I know plenty who'd find it hilarious, but equally many who wouldn't! I think it shows either a hatred of society as a whole and/or a corrupt personality. I'd like to see the results of Trey Parker and Matt Stone turning the idea into an episode of 'South Park'! What I would also find amusing would be a well thought-out one-off! For instance, to evacuate one's bowels on the doorstep of someone you're not terribly fond of and leaving a truce flag in it....😜⛳

I had a 6ft4" friend who really did eat like a horse. One day, he offered to carry my shopping, which was very helpful of him and done with a good heart. As I hurriedly boarded my bus, he handed me my shopping back, but forgot to pass over a mini bag containing two packets of the old-style Slim Fast bars, which I used to live on. The packs contained 12 bars, which equated to two days' worth of food for me. There was a warning on the wrappings that, if eaten in access, they would have a laxative effect. He ate the bloody lot in one sitting!

He learnt the hard way! He said, "It was like being sick from the wrong end!"

I'm glad to say that he joked about it for many months to come. Now he's the kind of guy who might find the joggers' escapades funny.

Before I go, I'll leave you with an anything but pretty scenario that is currently presenting itself in my mind: imagine this 6ft4, 231lb bloke going for a swim in his local public baths and feeling the need to pass gas after his little snack?

I wish you a jolly weekend, Tall In The Saddle!

All the very best, Sandy XX 😁👍
Canson said on 14/Mar/20
@Bobby: and rightfully so. It’s a very serious thing. Even when you think you’re invincible look at Tom Hanks or Rudy Gobert
Paul NS (6ft 0.5) said on 14/Mar/20
Hope everyone here affected by COVID-19 is holding up okay.

My uncle is actually presumed positive... He attended a mining conference in Toronto where another attendee had it (Trudeau was there too!) then traveled back to his home in Nevada, went to Vegas, returned to his home in Reno, and only then decided to self-isolate because he was feeling unwell. I'm not optimistic he doesn't have it, and if he does, he'll have created a HUGE headache because he traveled all over the place.

Luckily, I'm able to work from home, so the amount of people I regularly interact with these days is quite low, but I'm quite lucky in that regard.
c-mo 176.2cm said on 13/Mar/20
Editor Rob:
Might be a decent 5ft 9 range

thanks . can you be more specific though ? in metrics please . how tall would joey be in the evening in metrics ? what would be your guess ?
Editor Rob
Bobby 1.78m (5'10) said on 13/Mar/20
Everybody seems to be tripping balls over the coronavirus situation but I'm not even worried about it and never have been. I mean look, we had the Swine Flu, and I remember how big that was, and ebola in recent years. We're all still here, aren't we? I don't think the coronavirus is going to devastate humanity to the effect that the Bubonic plague did back in 1348 in Medieval Europe. Keep in mind that it killed 2/3rds of Europe's population and took centuries before the population could recover. You were lucky to have lived even three days if you caught the Bubonic plague, they had it really bad. Additionally, they had no resources or access to the kind of medicine that we 21st-century human beings take for granted today.

So, my prognosis is that this coronavirus situation will soon be a thing of the past and then we'll be talking about something else in a few months from now. I'm not joking about coronavirus or making memes about it, but I will not overstate its threat to the world simply because I want to join mass hysteria. Plato said that man was a rational animal, let's behave like that, shall we? The operative word being rational. As for Canada, I think we've got 50 cases here, so not as bad as the U.S or the rest of the world, which is surprising. We're next door to the U.S up in Canada and Canada is an immigration hotspot, namely Toronto.
Editor Rob

It's good to stay calm and reduce stress. I think everybody can do their bit to help limit and slow the spread.
Sakz said on 13/Mar/20
@Andrea Italy is one of the most affected places in the world at the moment along with Iran. I'm not surprised everything is in lockdown since I heard about it last week.

@Rob Yeah the UK have faced some critisicm for that. I know Ireland wasted no time in closing their schools. It remains to be seen when the UK will follow suit which I imagine won't be too long. A lot of sporting events in the country are suddenly being affected. Good to hear. 👍
Editor Rob
When you have major sporting organisations suspending their seasons, a lot more people start to waken up.
QM6'1QM said on 13/Mar/20
It seems to me that all people who believe in the virus are 100% stupid not thinking without critical thinking. fair.
do y remember ebola ?? where is she ?? there's not creepy stories about "scary viruses". it's fake ...
War, terrorism, virus, "eco protection", cancer and "breaking news" are just fake and people always will suffering from evil minds. true!
All of these television channels are owned by the elites.
But behind the wall of society someone laughing as devil. really.
They really don't care about us. Depopulation goes on.
I'm crazy right now from that.
What do you think ?
Editor Rob
March 1st, look at Figures, Italy, Spain etc.
2 weeks later the Numbers show the rapid growth.
Tall In The Saddle said on 12/Mar/20

I would've laughed right along with you but it does make you wonder, who does that and why?

Anyway, a nice touch would've been if they played the JAWs theme through the pool's PA system as a turd-alert and signal for everyone to evacuate. A single "evacuation" if you will being the catalyst for a mass evacuation.

We've had a spate of so called "Poo Joggers", that being joggers who at some point along their route, stop, squat and drop a load, could be in laneway, could be in someone's front lawn etc. It seems they "do it" at the same spot each time they jog, like a dog marking its territory. I hope this practice isn't what R & J Stone were referring to in their song "We do it", "Every night every day, any possible way, and we do it....."

Freud would have had a field day as to the psychology behind this behaviour or maybe he would say "sometimes a poo is just a poo". You might think the blokes were the only culprits but a woman was also caught out on CCTV leaving a smoking turd as more than sufficient evidence to have her charged.

I mean, really, the least they could do is take a pooper scooper to clean up after themselves.

Damn, I said I would pull my head out of the toilet and now I've gone and shoved it right back in. :)
Nik said on 12/Mar/20
@ Rimbaud - How tall are you?
Nik Ashton said on 12/Mar/20
Greg said on 12/Mar/20
Hey Rob why did you remove the request page? Is it temporary?
Editor Rob
It's still there, but I don't have as much time to look at many names just now.
Glady said on 12/Mar/20
I'm only 174cms tall I wear a shoe us size 12 do height matters in ur foot size?? What do you think mr rob??
Editor Rob
It's a very long shoe for a 174cm man.
AndrewV said on 12/Mar/20

Not a height question, but how is COVID-19 progressing in Scotland?
Editor Rob
In Scotland 'only' 60 cases at the moment, but I think any figures don't reveal the real amounts out there.
The only measures so far seem to be advice to minimise any events with 500+ people...starting from Monday. Why not 'now'. Because there's an Old Firm game on Sunday, crazy...
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 12/Mar/20
You'd never guess what, Rob? While ordering myself a copy of Stephen King's 'Doctor Sleep', I couldn't help but notice that the running time was ONE MINUTE!

I still bought it though. You can't believe everything you read! 😆📖
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 12/Mar/20
Of course, Rob! I was thinking it was due....😉
Sakz said on 12/Mar/20
@Rob Yep it'll only get worse, despite the UK not being under as much threat as other countries are at the moment. I read it'll apparently take 18 months to develop a vaccine for the virus.
Editor Rob
Yeah, sadly it will. The Uk seem to be waiting until new cases become high hundreds a day before I think they'll start accelerating the more drastic measures other countries are taking like stricter Social distancing, banning events and gatherings, and then ultimately lockdowns.

But, CelebHeights won't be in lockdown, I will be here and keeping things active 👍
Andrea said on 12/Mar/20
Rob, I think you were right. The whole coronavirus situation is, or at least is getting, really serious. In Italy they recently issued a decree which pretty much means we're locked up in the house. Nearly all shops have now been closed, the streets are deserted and if you move around even in your city you can be stopped and you have to justify that and say where you're going. This is so surreal! Last week I would have never thought we would have come to this. At this point, let's just hope we're going to sort it out soon, even if I'm afraid it will take quite a bit of time...
Editor Rob
But at least you have free premium P*rnHub for a month! 😲

Sorry about the joke 😌 really is an unprecedented event, a real global pandemic, the kind of thing you see in movies is happening now. It must be totally surreal in Italy at the moment.

The coronavirus is a common enemy to every single one of us and I hope everybody does their part in trying to limit the spread. I wish everybody well over the coming months 🤗
sarah51 said on 12/Mar/20
hi Rob! You have Kat von D listed at 5ft 8ins, how tall jeffree star looks with her? thank you x
Click Here
Click Here

also in this tweet -reply he does not deny the 6ft 1 google listing
Click Here
Editor Rob
6ft 1 seems very unlikely for him.
c-mo 176.2cm said on 11/Mar/20

how tall do you think boxer Joey Dawejko is ? here he is next to Andy Ruiz jr. . if Andy is 183cm how tall is Joey ?

Click Here
Editor Rob
Might be a decent 5ft 9 range
Nik Ashton said on 11/Mar/20
@ Sakz - 👍
Nik said on 11/Mar/20
@ Sandy Cowell - Top tap!
Marta said on 11/Mar/20
Hey Rob
In your opinion, what do you think is the equivalent height difference of men and women, 13, 14 or 15cm or more?

Thanks for this web, very kind of you :)
Editor Rob
Can vary between countries, but 13cm maybe
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 11/Mar/20
It's GREAT to have you back Rob: you were missed like crazy! Last night I put on the first DVD of 'Bad Girls' Series Seven and saw all four episodes, which I enjoyed immensely. The only thing that impaired my night's viewing was not being able to comment!
Editor Rob
Sometimes urgent maintenance is needed 👍
Nik Ashton said on 11/Mar/20
@ Sandy Cowell - I drink a lot of tap water but I’m not into well water! 🚿

Miss Sandy Cowell said on 11/Mar/20
@ Tall In The Saddle - When I've finished laughing, I'll have to come up with a similarly funny turd incident...

A few years back now, the following story made front page news in one of our local papers. A swimming bath had to be evacuated and drained because someone had taken a dump in the deep end. Yes, it was a real one! I can't swim a stroke, so that would have been evidence enough to assure the staff that I was not the culprit, even though I looked as guilty as sin because I found the misdeed so funny.

Going back even further, I used to frequent our local party shop pretty regularly, and one of my favourite buys was a huge, human-sized turd. I took it down the pub one Friday evening and the thing ended up floating in someone's beer. Fortunately, the owner of the beer had a sense of humour about it, or I'd have been in 💩 street. He was 6ft3! It was suggested that I turn it into a brooch, so the following Friday, I dressed up all smartly but for the fact that I was wearing the item on my lapel. It really looked the business, but had I gone for a job interview, it would have put any potential employers off more effectively than anything they could think up in the movie 'Trainspotting'! 😁👌
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 10/Mar/20
@ Rob - Well, tap water will be every bit as efficient! 🤣...🚰
Ellis said on 10/Mar/20
@Rob Paul: Just curious on your opinion on LeBron's height, If I wake up at a hair over 6'8, and at a low I'm right at 6'7, who is taller me or LeBron? (I just wanna understand where you have him at a low) My wingspan is also just under 7', so I have a similar wingspan, it annoys me that I don't hit the 7' but whatever. It is 6'11.75 when my arms feel like popping out of their sockets.
Editor Rob
I think Lebron is probably at the very worst 6ft 7, but I can see how many have him at 6ft 7.5 range at lunchtime. I don't dismiss that
Blanc said on 9/Mar/20
Actually Morty being 4ft 11 would fit everyone else's heights
Blanc said on 9/Mar/20
How tall would you estimate the Rick and Morty characters compared to 5ft 2 — 5ft 3 Morty? Click Here
Click Here
Editor Rob
I doubt Morty is over 5ft, so 6ft+ for Rick
James B 172c, said on 9/Mar/20
Rob is 6’4 1/8 a legit 6ft4?
Editor Rob
A solid 6ft 4, also legit!
Tunman said on 9/Mar/20
I see,btw even claiming 177 isn't that unreasonable,although personally I would have claimed 176. Quite interesting that you lose a full inch.177 is somewhere in the middle so still fine.
Yeah,many people will probably see you as 179-80 maybe even more if you take into account the 1-2" inflation.
165cm guy said on 9/Mar/20
Rob, I have a problem with my height.
How many hours after we wake up should we claim our height?

celebrities' heights belong to what celebrities? 7-8 hours?
Editor Rob
By lunchtime I think that is reasonable, however there is no universal consensus. Some people like claiming first thing out of bed, others their low, and many just go in-between or whatever height they got measured at when they had a medical appointment.
Sakz said on 9/Mar/20
@Rob You're lucky there's not much panic. It's hectic down south!
Editor Rob
If it's hectic just now down there, I fear what it will be like by the end of next week. Unless the UK follows suit and starts being far more proactive.
c-mo 176.2cm said on 8/Mar/20

I have a heavy build and also good posture . probably thats why they call me tall and strong . but it also has to do with them wanting me to take the medication and not worry about it so it has not THAT much to do with them seeing me as actually tall . however obviously if I was 5'5 they wouldnt call me that lol

I claim 177cm in metrics . I am 178.4cm fresh out of bed and 177cm after 1-2 hours . I dont claim 176.2cm ...I only put it here on celebheights because thats roughly the height I am after being awake 5-6 hours
Canson said on 8/Mar/20
@Bobby: that would be great if it could address having to sign in each time with username and email if you are someone who uses the private browsing on a phone
Sakz said on 8/Mar/20
@c-mo Of course. I'm talking in terms of individual perceptions. Keep in mind a lot of people in the real world aren't height aware so it's not unusual to get some strange views on the subject. If you then throw in inflation you're bound to get some odd perceptions which don't reflect reality.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 8/Mar/20
Rob, your feet size is quite big compare to many 5'8 range guys i know. I had two 5'8 and 5'8 1/2 cousins (brothers) they only wear size 8 and 8.5 and my only 5'8 friend wear size 8.5-9. I think you're blessed with bigger feet. 👍
Myself said on 8/Mar/20
We are pretty much height twins!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 8/Mar/20
Hi Rob!

Due to the tragic current outbreak, I am without painkillers this weekend. I just went into the hall to find a can of high caffeine 'Dragon Soop', which is 9% alcohol, so hopefully, it won't knock me out.

They used to perform operations when the patient was under the influence of alcohol. Is it really a good painkiller? Well, I'm the guinea pig....
Editor Rob
Just don't drink too much!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 8/Mar/20
Hey ho Rob! I've just watched your miracle formula growth video, in which you shot up to 5ft10, after having undergone a werewolfian transition - without the special effects!

Could you send me a couple of bottles?
Editor Rob
I wish I still had some, but I suppose I can always turn my tap on to get another bottle 🤫
sarah51 said on 8/Mar/20
Rob also please how tall you think jeffree star is? some footage of him and Shane together Click Here
and a video Click Here around the 6:47 minute mark
I really want to know!
Editor Rob
I still am not so sure on him.
sarah51 said on 8/Mar/20
Hi big Rob. I’m 176-177. I compared my height with a guy who said he was around 185
I was in a heel like this Click Here and he was in boots like those Click Here
He was taller than me, my eye level was a little above his nose tip.
How tall was I in this pair? please answer me x
Editor Rob
I'd expect you would reach 185cm in those heels, he might be 188cm almost.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 8/Mar/20
@ Rob - I have stacks of South Park DVDs so I can watch it whenever I like. The trouble is, I can't measure anyone's heights and I can hardly ask for Cartman, can I? 😆

@ Tall In The Saddle - Yes, I cannot fault my Mum, and I miss her terribly. In her later years, she was always laughing! 😂

Yes, Mums are great! 😁👍
Editor Rob
Which is a good thing for me, I like animated films as I never think of height watching them.
Tall In The Saddle said on 8/Mar/20

To height. Re people of considerable above average height, say 6'5" and over, have you ever noticed if it correlates with a longer period of growth or is it simply greater growth over the same average period of time? I know people who hit their max. height at 13 yo, generally reaching nothing significantly over average if at all while with others, it was more a slow combustion thing, a none too startling rate but a maintained rate over a longer time, finishing up much taller than average. Hope my question makes sense and possibly there is no hard and fast answers.
Tall In The Saddle said on 8/Mar/20

Compared to me, over 20 rolls, you get the equivalent of an extra bonus 10 cm roll as in my world. Over 21 rolls, you get the equivalent of an extra bonus 10.5 cm roll as in your world. That .5cm makes a bit of difference over time. :). LOL, shelves still empty in my neck of the woods. AFTER THE FACT of the panic buy, they've NOW put up a sign "4 roll limit per customer". Beautiful. Let's see, 4 x ZERO rolls available = a very limited ZERO rolls per customer.


Speaking of t-paper pranks. Years ago I entered our bathroom to see a big turd on the seat. OMG, who the hell did that? Someone's head is gonna roll. With a mix of anger, trepidation and gloved hands I picked up the offending item. It had that tell tale "squishy" feel. Eww. Check one. I then sniffed it (I know, WHY do we do that? Or is that just me?). Anyway, no smell, odourless. I couldn't smell a turd but I did begin to smell a rat and, at that moment, I turned to see my 9 yo son (now 20) s ing at the door. This piece of "art" was simply a moistened, shredded and then scrunched empty toilet roll that looks exactly like the real thing. This is exactly how I saw it: Click Here

I don't know if you've seen CADDYSHACK and Bill Murray retrieving the "turd" come twinkie from the drained pool. I did pretty much everything Bill to sus it out except bite it. Okay, time to pull my head out of the toilet and think up something height related to offer.
Editor Rob
There's not much panic buying in my town, apart from like most places, hand sanitizer being the one thing that is hard to find anywhere.

However, most people are very blase about coronavirus around my neck of the woods.

I'm certainly not 😲 This is some serious stuff.
Luca said on 7/Mar/20
Rob, what are your usual and your maximum out of bed heights? (expressed in cm)
Editor Rob
The highest is 175cm or even 175.1 on best day, but 174.8 is more common.
Bobby 1.78m (5'10) said on 7/Mar/20

I have a suggestion to improve CelebHeights for more tailored user experience. I think you should rework the website to introduce a registration process for visitors, so they would be creating accounts to log into CelebHeights. It's much more practical and less time consuming than having your details reset every couple of months because the cookies expire. I'm not sure if you're willing to take this suggestion to heart, but I think it's more practical than what you've got going on. Most websites with forums have this implemented already, and I realize that CelebHeights is pretty basic, but you can still benefit by providing a registration process for users.
Editor Rob
Yeah it would be great to have the time to recode a lot of the site.

Unfortunately relying on advertising means the site suffers when Ad spending decreases.

It's been falling for years and this year? Well, it's going to be tough, just look at the news...on a global scale.
Tunman said on 7/Mar/20
Tall strong man?Seems strange from the mouth of a 6'2 man to an average man.Certainly if you were 6'0 it would make sense even from that guy but 5'9 range?Nice words from him but...
Anyways,5'9-10 is still average these days,but maybe it's because people forget too often the short dudes and focus on the tall ones.And surely there are many situations where the average man will feel small,I mean suppose you meet 3 dudes in that 6'1-2 range,still common enough(90-95%) to find several people that tall in front of you.Looking 4-5"shorter than them they might very well see you as small,add to this the fact that most people lie by 1-2" then clearly many have the fake perception of what 5'9 truly is.Conversely you might find 3 people not exceeding 5'5 and be the big one,it would be interesting to know what all these sub 5'5 guys think about 5'9 I guess many will think it's big.
Off topic why not simply claiming 176?You said you're generally 175,8cm at night (sometimes as tall as 175'9-76,0).I certainly wouldn't call you 175 but why adding the 2mm?Obviously that's just my opinion.
c-mo 176.2cm said on 7/Mar/20

well as I said the "number" 5'9 is seen as short by many . but when they actually see a 5'9 man many will not see him as short

there are even funny pics such as these

Click Here

Click Here

people are stupid . we cant change it . but my point is that I am 5'10 in the morning and 5'9.25 in the afternoon and people dont view me as short and in fact some seem to see me as tallish even

I think other than people underestimating 5'9 due to the number in itself another reason is also that many men who are 5'7 or sometimes even 5'6 claim 5'9
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 7/Mar/20
@ Rob - You're a good son to your Mum!

Do you remember the episode of 'South Park' when the kids toilet papered someone's house? That was so funny! Oh, to be a kid again....😂😂😂
Editor Rob
I have lost track of South Park, it's not Jenny's cup of tea. Neither is Simpsons, though I prefer Family Guy over that.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 7/Mar/20
Rob, may i know what is your shoe size in US size?
Editor Rob
Mainly 9.5US or 10US if I feel the sneaker isn't a wide fit.
spainmen192cm said on 6/Mar/20
Hey Rob!

If I measured 192.5-6 (facing the wall with the aerosol can, barefoot after a very long day with a lot of walking, and carrying even a few bags (15 hour out of bed) should I claim 192 or 193 in metric? Out of bed I'm around 194.6, even I can hit 194.8 If I had a ver good sleep.

Editor Rob
193 seems ok to claim.
S E said on 6/Mar/20
Rob; 183,5-184 beetwen out of bed and 181,5 before bed. İt s normal? I say my height 182.
Sakz said on 6/Mar/20
@Nik You're talking strictly from a situational standpoint which I can understand. My brother is around 5'6 and there are occasions where he doesn't feel short, despite him falling into that range. It all depends on the people around you in certain situations.
Tall In The Saddle said on 6/Mar/20
@Rob and Sandy

Rob, with that formidable supply, you could've measured your height in toilet rolls. At about 4" in length, you'd stack up to about 17 rolls and maybe an extra 10 flat sheets on top I would say.

Sandy, good on your Mum. They always know best. My mum did too :)
Editor Rob
I am 16 and a half Toilet Rolls tall, with a typical British loo roll coming in at 10.5cm.
Sakz said on 6/Mar/20
@c-mo That's interesting. I guess I should have said 'society can view it as short'. I live in the UK and I've heard it described as that at times. As it's not tall, some people automatically consider it short with the word average being completely disregarded as I mentioned. 6'0 is the benchmark for tall here as is the case in a lot of countries so once you're a few inches off that mark, you can get the odd short perception. I've read about guys at that height wishing they were 6'0 purely so they can transition into the tall range I would imagine.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 6/Mar/20
@ Nik - Absolutely! The key to success in that sort of career is believing in yourself. My Jim didn't differentiate between the tall, the short and the medium. It was the effort they put into their training and bravery they displayed in combat. When he talks about the smaller ones, he does have a particular affection for them because they do, generally, have to work that bit harder.

Coincidentally, I was chatting to him last night, and he talked about one of the most influential men from his lifetime. This wasn't a man from the Army, but a Peruvian Village Elder. He taught him and showed him more than anyone else he ever met and was little taller than me, but powerfully built. One's build is one thing we can work on, unlike one's height. His was achieved simply by living his life - not working out in gyms, which they don't have out there!

Cheers Nik and everyone who decides to read this! 😉👍
Nik Ashton said on 6/Mar/20
@ Myself - Thanks! You can see a huge chunk of men shorter than 5’7” on many occasions but I didn’t say that I was above the national average!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 6/Mar/20
@ Rob - My Mum never had as many as 200 rolls - they were too expensive. There was a loo roll shortage in the 70s - and a sugar shortage - and my Mum stocked up on both. The thought of using newspaper the way they had to in the war filled her with horror! You weren't allowed to buy more than one 2-pack per person, so she sent us all in separately, to a variety of supermarkets. I was a tiny, flat-chested 13-year-old. Had I been a shopkeeper, I'd have smelt a rat!

Editor Rob
My Mother does panic a bit when there's only half of an 18-pack left.

However, she has never run out. She has me as her backup 😂
Tony Cao said on 5/Mar/20
Hey Rob, one quick question? If 5 ft 4 comes up to my lower eyelid, how tall am I?
Editor Rob
You should be 5ft 8.5 at least I'd have thought.
Nik Ashton said on 5/Mar/20
@ Sandy Cowell - This shows that short men are just as brave as tall men and that they are just as capable as tall men in every way. 👌
c-mo 176.2cm said on 5/Mar/20

but in real life people dont perceive me as short . I often get guessed as 180cm . sometimes even as 182cm

I was in the hospital for 3 months until not long ago and I got guessed as 174cm , 175cm , 175cm , 180cm , 180-182cm

and 2 workers of the hospital said "you are a tall strong man" because of a medication where I asked if it is not too much for me . and one of the people who said that was a 188cm man (the other person was a ~170cm woman) . a female patient asked me if I can help her bringing her stuff down when she was released and she said to me "you are strong can you help me"

people in general perceive me as a strong guy too . and I am not perceived as short either

the 174-175cm guesses were most likely mostly because they thought I am insecure for asking their opinion so they guessed me shorter than I am . usually I almost always get guessed as 179-180cm

a few years ago 2 other people said that I am "tall" . and back then I was a hair shorter than now even

I am about 176cm in the afternoon

I also dont feel short ...especially when I wear thicker shoes .

if society views 5'9 as short as you say then it is only on paper and not in real life
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 5/Mar/20
@ 184guy2 re: Gervasio.

That 5ft11.25-5ft11.5 is still an excellent male height to be!
Myself said on 4/Mar/20
I don't think Nick was saying that he is above average in general, rather that there are situations where he is the tallest of a group of people.
My town for example has 150k inhabitants (which for Italy isn't that small) and I do see a decent chunk of men shorter than 5'7 from time to time, even young guys. Also at his height he is still taller than most women; I don't think that's something that should be ignored when "evaluating" a certain height, even though of course it doesn't mean that it makes him above the male average or anything.
Fuck CCP said on 4/Mar/20
Why I measured myself 4cm taller by a detecto stadiometer than measured by measuring tape?
Lalala said on 4/Mar/20
Rob, have you ever been depressed about your height?

I’m 177/176 at morning and 174/175 at night. Feels very depressed about it since I’m 21 and sure that I will not grow taller anymore.
Editor Rob
Personally no, but there are many who will have struggles with their own height. It can't be changed (unless through drastic limb surgery) many others would say, you can improve other areas of yourself, knowledge, skills etc.
Nik Ashton said on 4/Mar/20
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 4/Mar/20
@ Rob and Tall In The Saddle - That enormous toilet paper stash reminds me of my Mum. She was just the same!
Editor Rob
You should have seen the room 3 years ago. Farmfoods were flogging Snowman branded 4-packs post-christmas for 50p, I think I ended up with 50 packs.
Black said on 4/Mar/20
When the body gets tired, the height decreases more? why? my out of bed 183-183.5 and my night height maybe 181-181.5. but ı do fitness and my height lowed 181. and my height is directly reduced.

but when I relax my height 182.
How much does a person drop the most? 183, out of bed. 180? 181? 180,5? in lowest height. and 180.3 height lowest 179?178?
Editor Rob
The average is pretty close to 2cm, some might only shrink 1-1.5cm, others 3cm, some even 4cm.

How much strain we put on our discs effects how quickly we lose height.
184guy2 said on 4/Mar/20
5'11.25-5 would be more fair
Tall In The Saddle said on 3/Mar/20

Your corona virus dream/nightmare didn't happen to involve toilet paper, did it? Shortage of toilet is one of the less spoken of post apocalyptic horrors.
Heard on the radio there was "panic" buying in my neck of the woods due to potential hibernation in the face of COVID 19. I hit the supermarket and was lucky to grab some but the shelves were emptying fast, including people throwing in all manner of paper products, including facial wipes and paper towels (they'll do wonders for the plumbing) into their trolleys. An older couple arrived in the aisle when the shelves were empty. They said to me with a smile "That's all we came for. Oh well, there's always newspaper". Old school, eh? Older folk playing it more chill and much less precious than the younger ones racing around like chooks with their head cut off. I project paper will start disappearing from public rest rooms so I wouldn't get into your business before checking.
Maybe time to invest in a bidet which is NOT to be also used as a bubbler/drinking fountain as Peter Sellers did in THE PARTY. Birdy num num. LOL!
Editor Rob
No, I always have an ample supply of loo roll at hand 👍 Plus lots of sneakers 😁
Nik Ashton said on 3/Mar/20
@ Rob - How tall is Jane McDonald?
Editor Rob
She can seem 5ft 4-5
Canson said on 3/Mar/20
@Glady: lol maybe you should ask Sotiris to post himself next to a height chart. He definitely looks more than a weak 6’6” guy. Perhaps he dips below 6’7” at the end of the day but I don’t see why he would lie about it. His brother physically doesn’t Appear to have 6’4 proportions but some guys just dont
AndrewV said on 3/Mar/20
You could claim 6ft and most people would probably believe your claim given how common it is for people to inflate their height. However, since you're 5'11"-5'11.5" most of the day, it would be more honest if you claimed 5'11" or "a bit over 5'11".
Nik Ashton said on 3/Mar/20
@ Sandy Cowell, Rob and everyone - You could say these things about Jasmin but there is only one of her! It will be great to have a gang of cats on your bed!

I couldn’t not notice your 3333 rd comment on the Rob Paul page, I sniff these things out like a dog!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 3/Mar/20
@ Gervasio - If I were you, I'd simply say, "I'm 6ft first thing in the morning and get less as the day progresses, as everyone does!"

So there! 😁👍
Rimbaud said on 3/Mar/20
Hi Rob, is it normal to have a low that comes with an average day and then an extream low that follows and very laborious day with heavy lifting ect?
Editor Rob
The more strains you place on your spine, the greater the chance of hitting that extreme low.
Progking said on 3/Mar/20
@Gervasio i think 181.5 is a good claim for you, or 5'11.5. You can still get away with claiming 6'0 though as you measure that in the morning
Andrea said on 3/Mar/20
What happened to edwards and his "childish" son? That was a great story... which just goes to show how full of charity cases this site is, LOL!
Not to mention the (not so much) mysterious Japanese figure who pretends to be American, amongst other things... "no obligation" of course! 😜
Editor Rob
I've already answered 50,000 questions with questionable intent over the years, so I give a pass to a few folk with some tall tales.
Gervasio said on 2/Mar/20
I am 182,8-182,9 cm in the morning when I weak up (6 feet exactly as well) and I am 180,7 - 181cm is my lowest in the night (depending on the day, either one or the another)). How tall should I say I am? Could I claim being 6 footer
Jesse Dumont said on 2/Mar/20
You should get Charli D'Amelio on here. The TikTok superstar with 32 million followere and millions on other social medias as well. Not sure if she claims it but Google and these sites say she's 5'7" which she can't be. I believe she's 5'4" or 5'5" at most. Also, her boyfriend Chase Hudson is suposedly 6'0" or 5'11" but can't be if Charli is 5'4" or 5'5". A friend of his claims he's 6'0" so his claim of 6'3" seems legit when he's actually probably 6'1" at most, maybe. Knowing her height would confirm a lot basically.
Editor Rob
5ft 7 is 4 inches too much.
Chris Bradley Brady said on 2/Mar/20
hey rob, in regards to tip toeing how long is your foot and how many inches should I gain if my foot is 11 1/8 inches long?
Editor Rob
It's more 26 range, so at 28 I'd expect you should get a fraction higher tip-toe, assuming your feet can bend as much as others can.
Sukhvir Kaur said on 2/Mar/20
Hey Rob Was Wondering My Husband Measures At 182.7 Cm Would You Say That's A Good Height When Walking Around The UK Or Scotland Thanks 👍.
Editor Rob
You'd feel a tall man walking about many places in the UK.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 2/Mar/20
I'd say more 5'6" and under, rather than 5'7" and under. 3 inches taller/shorter than average is the start of tall IMO.

I've heard a guy describe himself as "only 5'10"" before, but he was a basketball player in college, and 5'10" for a baller is quite short, so based on his occupation, I can understand that.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 2/Mar/20
@ Rob, Nik and everyone - With six and often more cats on my bed at any one time, there's plenty of warmth emanating from there furry little bodies and lots of hugs to be had too! 🐈🐈🐈🛌

@ Nik - If anyone noticed about comment 3333, I KNEW it would be you! 😁👍
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 2/Mar/20
@ C-mo, Canson and all:- I must add that my boyfriend threw his walking stick in the back of his car to show the tall bully that he wasn't scared of him. Little did the bully boy know my boyfriend is Army-trained and could have floored him in seconds, but it showed him that he wasn't in the least bit afraid. He merely walked away, with a filthy look on his face.

It happened on my Birthday one year and it was the best present imaginable!

My boyfriend was a Sergeant and swears that he had just as many capable short soldiers to train up as tall ones. One was only 5ft5 - and a little dynamo!

Cheers guys! 😁👍
Abdullah said on 2/Mar/20
Hey rob what do youthink about youtube subliminals to grow taller. Many people claim to grow from them. There are also videos off people using them for a week and growing taller when measuring themselves at theend of the week.
Editor Rob
People grow naturally and sometimes attribute this to another reason, like subliminals.

However, there's an awful lot of nonsense on youtube.
Glady said on 2/Mar/20
Mr rob sotiris graves claim of 6.7 is hoax his brother is not 6.4 which is another hoax his brother is only 6.31/2 and this is evidence that sotiris isn't 6.7 he is only weak 6.6
Nik Ashton said on 1/Mar/20
@ Sandy Cowell & Rob & all users -


Sandy has just sent me a text saying that this is how her bed looks at this moment in time! We both agreed that I should send this comment!
Editor Rob
One thing you wont be is cold if you sleep with 6 cats! 😺
Nik Ashton said on 1/Mar/20
@ Sandy Cowell - Congratulations for providing us with the 3333 rd comment on this page!
Az said on 1/Mar/20
Rob in my opinion for men in the western world, (afternoon height) 5'7" and under is short and 6'1" and over is tall. Everything else is average range. Do you agree Rob?
Editor Rob
It's a wide average range, but in general terms 5ft 7 and 6ft for me might be the points at which I'd say short/tall are becoming seen as short/tall.
Sakz said on 1/Mar/20
@c-mo Society views it as short since average seems to be completely disregarded and it's not tall. Of course it's just a misconception.
Canson said on 1/Mar/20
@Sandy and C-Mo: I also think the “only 5’9” also comes from people assuming someone that sizes is taller than they are being you get guys that are 5’6-7 claiming that height
Canson said on 1/Mar/20
@Miss Sandy Cowell: Why Thank You! And same to you!
c-mo176.2cm said on 1/Mar/20
@miss sandy

no problem lol :D . but why shouldnt he stand up to him at 5'9 to begin with . it has nothing to do with height ...I mean of course a tall man is more imposing than a short one but it comes down to balls in the end . and 5'9 is more than enough and not even short
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 1/Mar/20
@ Rob - I was aware since age 15 that people vary in height on a time-of-day basis, but I didn't think it would matter to my 'declared' height measurement. If I'd said that I was my lowest ever evening measurement, I genuinely thought it would be a lie because that's not what I am most of the time. Now I worry about the position of my head, having previously spent silly amounts of money on the computer weighers/measurers to see whether different head positions make a difference to my height. I still think one's true height is the one when you stand up your straightest, and take the measurement at the time of day when most people see you.

I am basically nocturnal - most of the time - and have measured myself before my hip trouble on the Tesco weigher and measurer at 11pm, only to be horrified and dismissive of the result to the extent that I threw the receipt away!

The last time I measured 5ft1 at 6.30am but I had been up for 6 hours, popping in and out of the kitchen to make tea, so I was well hydrated and wide awake. The thought of accepting myself at my six hours later measurement is a definite no-no!

Yup, height-loss can be very upsetting! It's like the final trigger to going downhill and something that can only ever worsen. 😝
Editor Rob
The percentage of people who I know that has actually checked out of bed height is small.

Compared to CelebHeights commenters, who have a more keen interest in the topic, I think it would be a drastic difference, a big majority will have checked their early morning height.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 1/Mar/20
🐈 How come Sookie the Height Expert has 33 likes and 2 DISLIKES? How can anyone NOT like that interview? I ask my cats questions about height and they only comply when the treats come out? 🐱
Editor Rob
Sookie and I had many interactions. The funniest was when we had a back and forth about her wanting to go out. She really did vocalise 'out' rather well, and with every No I gave, she just kept coming back with more pleading, must have lasted a couple of minutes...I gave in, then had to wait up till midnight to get her back in. 😼
Jdubbz said on 1/Mar/20

You're reading too much into this. She never said 5'9 was short, but rather that it contrasted with the height of her bully neighbor's.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 1/Mar/20
@ c-mo - I was comparing my own 5ft9 boyfriend to someone well in access of 6ft. I'm a fine one to talk at 5ft1! He's tall next to me, but not next to the geezer I was comparing him to - yet he (the boyfriend) stood up to him - the 6ft-something bully!

Actually, when I had written and sent that, it did sound a bit patronising, so sorry about that! 😉👍
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 1/Mar/20
Thank you Canson! 😁👍 I wish you and yours a very happy fresh new month, and the same to all visitors.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 1/Mar/20
@ Rob - Eek! That came over a bit, eh, wrong! What I meant is that, unlike with a set of weighing scales, I don't think I'd be able to walk past a ready-to-measure device if I owned one and it was staring me in the face as soon as I got out of bed!

The way I wrote it, it sounded as if you don't, and I know that's poppycock because I've seen your videos! Please accept my apologies....🤭

Editor Rob
Well I've gone so long without weighing myself, but the stadiometer just stands there, Jenny I don't think has once ever had the compulsion to ever measure herself in all the years.

However, folk who visit do, quite a lot ask to check their height!

When they discover they are not the height they think, or that they might have been measured wrong in the past, it can be sobering.

I expect some people who think they have shrunk (Like Weller) may not have, and got measured at different times or on different equipment, or even had worse posture.
MD said on 1/Mar/20

Is the search down? I can't use the search.
Editor Rob
Clear cookies for celebheights. If the cookie 'ckc' is off the search box won't appear.
c-mo176.2cm said on 29/Feb/20
@ Miss Sandy

"only 5'9" ?

damn ...I guess 5'9 will never lose the myth of being short .
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 29/Feb/20
🎊🎈🎉 A Very Happy Leap Day to Rob, Jenny and each and every visitor to this great website - Celebheights! 🎉🎈🎊
Editor Rob
Yes, you too!
Andrea said on 29/Feb/20
LOL, Rob, are you so concerned about the coronavirus... to the point of dreaming about it? How's the "situation" there? Here in Italy (especially in the North) there has been a lot of alarmism lately, like closed workplaces and schools, limited public services, empty shelves in supermarkets (like in apocalyptic movies),etc. Personally, I'm not that worried about it tbh, and I do think the whole thing has been exaggerated quite a bit, at least in these parts!
Editor Rob
Well we dream about all sorts of stuff, that virus is all over the web and in newspapers too.
It will have an impact on the site, in terms of ad rates being flattened for a while.
Canson said on 29/Feb/20
@Greg: I dont view Bobby as malicious. That was likely him posting in the heat of the moment but a post like that to a different person may have garnered a far different outcome as defense to something that comes across as rude or disrespectful to someone is a natural reaction (for you or me it would be). But I think what Rob said is right on all fronts because it keeps tensions from escalating. And that’s not just with the person on the receiving end, it’s also with the person posting the comment. Connor comes to mind as you just mentioned, As he is a good guy, but by his own admission had some health issues and they surfaced here on CH; causing him to act out on occasion which you’re well aware of too although I don’t consider him to be a malicious person per se just someone with a legit disability. And In some cases if someone like that starts a rant they may not let it go and it will wear thin quickly. If really being sincere about wanting to help someone or openly critiquing them, the tone has to come across sincere (sometimes it has to be a bit less direct) and that person should have your utmost respect prior to you posting something like that in the open if doing it here on this site or in front of mixed company. It also depends on the content of the post. If it’s an estimate or someone’s estimating that is the topic of the critique then it’s more justifiable being this is a height related site but someone’s state or something of this nature or their personal life is best to leave untouched. But as well, it’s time and place. It’s best to do behind closed doors but if doing it in the open it shouldn’t be where it comes across as embarrassing someone or putting them down. Example, Say if Rob has an issue with something you or I say and he emailed us directly or if you or I emailed each other over something (you have Earned my respect), then it may be a different course. But that’s the norm on the site
Canson said on 29/Feb/20
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 26/Feb/20
@ Canson - I might add that the eldest son turned into a really nice man! I met him and he towered over me, yet I still recognized him. He's the little boy who said to me, "You're a big child - because you still play with toys and you're not as big as my Mum!"

Aww.... sweetness is immeasurable!

@Sandy Cowell: I Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for the regards!
Ben Bell said on 29/Feb/20
Damn those ad rates! I’ll be doing the Scotland comic con in Edinburgh later in the year. As long as Coronavirus doesn’t shut all large gatherings down.
You have a very cool site. I’ve been coming in since 07, big fan.
There must be other ways to make money from it. YouTube videos, sure you’d get tons of hits and the comments section would be on fire.
Editor Rob
I haven't ruled out the idea of Edinburgh, we were offered a table last year but I had to turn it down, however I haven't ruled it out this year.
Youtube is a platform that pays creators better than a website might do, in fields like this one - generic entertainment.
Tall In The Saddle said on 28/Feb/20
Hey Rob
Thanks for your considerate reply. It’s the old yin and yang. You do a good thing and then someone pulls you out of your context and shamelessly uses what you’ve done for a false purpose.
Dreams were just recently mentioned. If only they could be controlled as in lucid dreaming. I’ve tried to preempt a good dream before bed but it never works. LOL. Also I think dream symbol books are a take. One person’s nightmare snake dream is another person’s beloved pet. Also, the casting of characters in your dreams is often arbitrary and non critical. For me, they often include a person or persons I encountered in the same say and will never meet again. Just scrounging for actors I suppose. Haha.
Editor Rob
Well yesterday, I had an afternoon nap and actually remembered a dream.
My first 'coronavirus' related dream 😖
Trigueros-5ft9.5 said on 28/Feb/20
Hey Rob...
I wake up at 177.5 cm on a normal day and before I go to bed I do measure 176 cm.
If you wanna add me as a celebrity , what height would you give me ???
Editor Rob
It could depend how you look. You might look in person a very strong 5ft 9, but also anywhere from 5ft 9 to 9.5 possible.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 28/Feb/20
😁🎈 Correction Time! 🎈😁

In my first post of today's date, I wrote, 'whenever we look liked'.

It should, of course, have been, 'whenever we liked.'

That's all folks! 😂
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 28/Feb/20
Hey Greg!

I forgot to mention that my brother can work out which day, say, that any random date fell on. I don't have any idea how he does it, but it's been a source of fascination for many people I've introduced him to. They'd ask which day they were born on and all he'd need is the date, month and year. It takes him seconds.

Everybody has a number on the autistic spectrum. The higher the number, the more autistic the person is. Asperger's has a lower number than a fully autistic person, but one thing's for sure: they have brains like computers. Have you seen the film 'The Imitation Game'? This was about the genious of one such man.

Whatever 'problems' people are born with, if indeed they are problems, just serves to show how complex, interesting and invaluable we all are!

Cheers Greg!

Sandy XX
James B 172c, said on 28/Feb/20
Rob do you agree with me sometimes a short and a tall person in social situations can clash in a bad way?

From my experience most of the aggression I have experienced has been from ‘tall’ people.
Editor Rob
I have seen (or maybe taken notice) of more instances of height jibes or insults since running this site, sometimes even over just a few inches difference. Definitely once someone gets into 5ft 5-6 range, far more people comment or 'joke' about height.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 28/Feb/20
@ Tunman - Of course you get good and bad in every height form. My neighbour, who is tall and humiliating with it, set up a campaign that I should get rid of my cats, claiming that one of them scratched his car. He wanted a thousand pounds to respray the whole car and later, when his brother made national news for burning an effigy of the victims of a recent tragedy, on bonfire night, and laughing about it with his mates, it materialised that he and his brother and sister became multiple millionaires when their gun-weilding father was murdered by one of his tenants. Yet this guy wanted from us what is a whole lot of money for something that could never be proved. Furthermore, he deliberately smashed our patio up when he was having an extension done to his house! My boyfriend said to him, when he approached him, "Don't you ever, EVER, EVER speak to me again!"

He's only 5ft9, but he fears nothing and nobody. We haven't heard from him since. He's a coward and a bully, picking on a bloke - my brother - with Asperger's and me, and I am disabled.

The shorter fellows I have known have been fun and laughter all the way!

This is just one example of a tall bully taking advantage. Good people come in all shapes and sizes and I never give up on the Human race, because I have met nice folk all my life.

Cheers Tunman! XX 😁👍
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 28/Feb/20
Hey Rob and all! I just woke up from a lovely dream. I was in hospital going round meeting all my fellow patients. I sang 'Leaving on a Jet Plane' with three black girls and we were applauded, and there was a patient who looked just like Jessica Lange! The actor who plays Ian Beale was in a bed near to me and he was quite a good laugh! The ward was full of tabby cats and we could raid the fridge whenever we look liked!

I was quite disappointed when my black cat, Ottica, woke me up....

Have a nice day, everybody! 😄👍
Editor Rob
Dreams that you remember are always interesting!
Bobby 1.78m (5ft 10in) said on 27/Feb/20

I never said I felt tall, mate. I said I felt above average. There's a difference between above average and tall. The intermediate of that would be tallish. I only feel tallish in the morning barefoot, for the rest of the day, I just feel above average. But I'm saying that at 5'7, you're not likely going to ever feel above average. But again, Nik lives in Pontefract which has a population of 31,888 or something to that effect. That's the extremely low population size, so naturally, Nik's observations of what is average height are very skewed. And I know I said before that the population in Toronto was 8,000,000 but that's apparently only for the province of Ontario. The real population size is 2.9 million which is still greater than Pontefract, and of that 2.9 million I would say that 5'9 or a bit less, is the average height on the street.

The only reason why it would surprise me is because 5'7 is below average height, most of Europe average 5'9 to 5'10. But again, Nik lives in an area with very low population size, so maybe 5'7 is above average height in Pontefract but I struggle to see it being above average elsewhere in the U.K. Connor lives in Doncaster, as I mentioned before, and he reports the average height on the street as being 5'9, so at 6'0, he feels quite tall. Pretty much everybody who comments tends to unanimously agree that 5'9 is a pretty average height for a guy. Except for Nik. That's why it confuses me.
The Ben said on 27/Feb/20
Hey Rob

Are you doing any UK conventions in the not distant future? I need to get measured by you. I have people saying I'm 5'10. I have a lot of pics with wrestlers and it would be nice to have some proof of my height. I'm happy to drive pretty much anywhere apart from London.
Editor Rob

If I can't get better ad rates, I am unlikely to be visiting England for a convention anytime soon 😲
Nik Ashton said on 27/Feb/20
@ Myself - Thanks!
Myself said on 26/Feb/20
I don't think those details about Nick were necessary.
I agree with Rob, and I think that you and Bobby were a little too "brutally honest"; I don't see anything wrong or surprising in what Nick said about 5'7 being not a short height in SOME occasions.
Bobby himself said multiple times, if I remember it correctly, that he feels tall at his height (177 cm), so I don't see why he would be surprised with Nick basically saying that 171.5 cm is not the end of the world.
GH89 said on 26/Feb/20
Hi Rob, would you say the autopsy measurement is a good reliable way of measuring yourself? I get 173.8cm in the morning and 172.4 at night using this method. I use a small wooden box with a flat surface and lie on a stone floor with a straight wall to put my feet on. Also am I a decent 5ft8 or a weak one? Thanks in advance for your time.
Editor Rob
It's reasonable, usually within a mm or 2 if done right.

You need to make sure your heels are basically pushed against the wall.
Tall In The Saddle said on 26/Feb/20
Just watched your Grow Taller 4 Idiots Success video. Very funny, humour gets the message home. Can't stand scammers, particularly those who prey on those people whose critical judgment is impaired by sheer desperation.
I scrolled the YouTube comments and noticed that someone asked you if your accent was German/Dutch or Swedish. Wow. I understand those nationalities bear some similarities between themselves in terms of accent but have never heard anyone confuse them with Scottish. I've heard people confuse the Scottish and Irish accents, but personally I don't have a problem distinguishing them.
I've only been caught out with the Northern England accents which can sound Scottish to me. That might make sense given geographical proximity and related origins. But then again, I'm sure the locals would still think me well of the mark in my confusion.
Editor Rob
The more people get exposed to different accents, the easier it can be to identify...but still, countries which are quite close can still sound kinda similar.

'Cody' is just a guy willing to make up testimonials for money. On Fiverr there's thousands of people who do it.

Actually, when you put yourself online you always have the risk others will use your image. In that case it was for a bit of parody and to show how these testimonials are just made up nonsense.

People have used some of my images to try to help their 'grow taller' stuff, amongst other things.

For instance check this short clip and you'll see how a short 4-second clip from one of my videos is used to help sell some sneakers.
Tunman said on 26/Feb/20
@Miss Sandy Cowell
That's interesting.But maybe if height was in question (without paying attention to other qualities)then almost every girl will prefer a taller partner,I mean unfortunately shortness is perceived as something negative by society which means that girls will choose the tall guy if they had the choice between a short and tall person again if we base ourselves exclusively on height.
Fortunately,there are many other aspects that count in life,humour,intelligence as you mentioned,but also beauty,kindness and so on.
The 5'4 man reminds me of my 5'6-7 uncle who died in 2010.Besides the fact that he was always funny he used to take me to the family farm,even allowing me to drive a tractor when I was 6 years old.Every single person in his village remembered how nice a person he was.However one of the most hateful persons I knew is around 6'.He simply isn't able to be nice with anybody always complaining about cats in the building and even requiring by law(he's a lawyer)that a neighbour cuts his climbing tree as the birds living in it were allegedly disturbing him,his 5'4-5 wife wouldn't even say hi to any person.So clearly good and bad people are of every height.Always think that height is only a mark on a wall,ultimately it could matter if you had to write something about "the man of your dreams" but reality is another thing
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 26/Feb/20
@ Canson - I might add that the eldest son turned into a really nice man! I met him and he towered over me, yet I still recognized him. He's the little boy who said to me, "You're a big child - because you still play with toys and you're not as big as my Mum!"

Aww.... sweetness is immeasurable!
Blake said on 25/Feb/20
Rob, who is a celebrity you have met whose intelligence has surprised you. I know your conversations are brief for the most part, so it might be hard to gauge. Also, does being taller correlate with height. I assume it does probably due to nutrition, and more likely to have a larger head/brain size but I’m not sure.
Editor Rob
That is something I would struggle to answer, as the encounters aren't really long enough. There was one study Here, done in Scotland in fact, that suggested a slight correlation between intelligence and height.
Greg said on 25/Feb/20
@Miss Sandy Cowell @Rob Yeah Rob I agree with you that this sort of debate should be solved privately. I also respect your views as the site master. unfortunately I do not have Sandy on Facebook and I don’t thinks Nik would understand where I am coming from but I’m going to try to connect this to height as much as possible since this is the topic of the forum. I’ll use logistics and principal. Now Sandy I never said I didn’t accept Nik as a person, he’s cool and I’ve never had an issue with him as a poster he’s never said anything disrespectful to me. As Bobby said he’s very confusing as a poster and that can cause an issue because if someone isn’t clear with how they speak or what they mean then you won’t understand them properly and it will create a barrier between the two. In Niks case I know the skin disease which sounds awful; but it does not have anything to Do with what I am trying to say. Undiagnosed or not it seems he might have PDD I’m not a Psychologist so I can’t make a diagnosis but I detect some symptoms you can look this up if you want to know what it is, I recently found out what this was. It’s something along the lines of a developmental disorder but it’s not aspergers. One of my good friends is a functioning autistic who has aspergers and he is different than Nik, yes I know everyone’s different and we never said we didn’t accept him just that we don’t understand him. I have no problems understanding him but he speaks off and sometimes says random stuff out of context, but he’s also good at memorizing dates, times and birthdays etc. autistic people are smart never the less. But I think you should try to speak with clarity. My friend doesn’t send me random letters and numbers and words out of context, he does ask a lot of questions and he’s big into sports so he asks about teams and who will win what division or trash like just random hobbies he obsesses over. I know CH attracts a lot of people of all sorts and we don’t have anything against them but just take a moment to see it from our perspective. I do like Nik more than I like Connor, Arthur or Andrea or trolls that poison the forms. Anyways cheers the character is pretty cool.
Greg said on 25/Feb/20
@Canson Agreed with what you said, it’s often hard to interpret what people are saying especially via an online forum where you can’t detect the context and tone of their words. Also I do agree that some people get easily offended. Sometimes it’s hard to be PC all the time.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 25/Feb/20
Hi Canson!

I will reply to you properly very soon. Right now, I'm trying to stay awake to see a particular 'Inspector Morse' episode, (silly, stupid me! I have it anyway!), but in the meantime, I must say that I have been able to trace back my correspondence with Bobby, which I find so interesting and triggered many interests for me, which are historically based. The one thing that does worry me is that all the interesting conversations get pushed out in favour of emoji ones. If that wasn't the case, it wouldn't worry me.....

Cheers to you, Canson! 😁👍
Nik Ashton said on 25/Feb/20
@ Sandy Cowell & Canson & Rob - Many thanks!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 25/Feb/20
Hey Rob!

How about this for some gory items for sale on eBay? I just found a doll's head on a spike, with blood-red bits worked through her light blonde hair and the other day, I saw a doll for sale with her head tucked underneath her arms, Anne Boleyn-style!

Would you buy them for a little girl you know? YUCK! 😣
Editor Rob
I don't think Jenny would like those dolls, she likes your Transylvanian Families kind of stuff and Camberwick Green, there's a few of those in the living room cabinet.
Canson said on 25/Feb/20
Although I can understand Bobby's point, I think really some things might be better sorted in private.

@Editor Rob: I wholeheartedly agree. Sometimes it’s the delivery of the message like I said
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 24/Feb/20
@ Greg - That's an interesting bit of information you wrote about there. I sometimes watch dating programmes and all the women stipulate that they want a tall guy, including even the short ones. I think it's ridiculous! What about intelligence, humour and generosity? They're the things that make or break a relationship, and not height!

One of my best friends, Camille, is 5ft10 and she had a long relationship with a 5ft4 bloke. He was one of the funniest fellows I have ever met, and a trip to the hospital to see my boyfriend was one big, long laugh! Camille had two sons with him and a son by a 6ft4 man, who beat her badly. The fact that she stayed with the small bloke right up until he died speaks for itself. Cheers, Greg! 😉👍
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 24/Feb/20
@ Nik - Don't mention it! You are most welcome.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 24/Feb/20
@ Bobby and Greg - I do get where you guys are coming from and I have had some of my most interesting and informative chats with Bobby, who I rate as one of the most intelligent contributors on Celebheights, along with MJKoP.

With a height website, many different types of people will be attracted, including those who obsess over their heights. These are bound to include those who are high on the autistic spectrum, but they are people nonetheless, and are all valuable and loveable. My elder brother has Asperger's, and he is a high functioning one, with a memory for historical dates like you wouldn't believe! He also talks incessantly, which isn't always easy for the person on the receiving end, but he has a good heart. He was tiny growing up, but now is of a distinctly average height at around 5ft8.

Whether or not Nik is high on the autistic spectrum has yet to be officially diagnosed. He has a debilitating skin condition and it would appear that his other needs have fallen by the wayside, which is most unfair, due to the money allocated to different regions of the UK by the Health Service.

The best thing we can do is to accept people for who they are, warts and all. I read recently that Hugh Laurie's Gregory House displays characteristics of someone with Asperger's, but he does so much good by saving lives, albeit fictitious ones. Real life Asperger's sufferers include Chase quizzer genius Anne Hegerty, the brilliant Paddy Considine, and Einstein himself. All fantastic characters, and all living, or did live, their lives to the full.

Hey, I do love you guys and hope we can all get on. Sandy XX 😁👍
Canson said on 24/Feb/20
@Greg and Sandy Cowell: Knowing Bobby here too, I don’t think he had any ill intention there. He’s a good guy. Instead It’s just the way that he posted what he said to Nik. It came across that way because it was straight to the point and the “why don’t you” or “you expect“ us to may have sounded a little hostile in his delivery. Maybe it was constructive as Greg said which maybe could’ve been said differently but Sometimes it’s the delivery that makes it sound aggressive versus the message itself. I’ve noticed that with myself when I post sometimes I may post wordy or appear that i am beating around the bush but it’s really because I don’t always come out direct as it offends people when you do even if you have the best intentions in mind. I’ve been told that here and in outside of this site. Some may take words they read (when they can’t hear the person say them) as aggressive. But that said I have a lot of respect for Nik too as he is one of the nicest most genuine people here on this site and it’s a free site so he didn’t violate anything on his end either and my interactions with him have always been very positive and fruitful
Editor Rob
Although I can understand Bobby's point, I think really some things might be better sorted in private.
Greg said on 23/Feb/20
@Miss Sandy Cowell, hey easy on Bobby there I know you have Niks back and I have Bobby’s too. He’s not picking on Nik just simply giving constructive criticism which is more than fair in this case and I will say Bobby is a great dude himself. I respect you all as posters so nothing against you guys personally, Nik included in this but sometimes we must look at things from the other persons perspective to steer away from certain biases. I agree with Bobby that sometimes Nik says absurd things or gibberish that doesn’t make sense, while he is still free to post and say whatever( I’m not Rob or the sure master so I don’t have a say what can or can’t be posted) but he can’t expect people not to give feed back in return. You also can’t get upset, because that wouldn’t be fair. Now I mean this without offense to either you or Nik and not being rude just brutally honest so interpret this as you must. I’m not saying he’s a bad guy or not smart; but surely you can’t just say random things and not expect people to be confused? I get it he has OCD and PDD or is somewhere on the spectrum which isn’t his fault but like how else is someone supposed to respond?and im not even talking about him constantly saying the obvious like repeating the average guess or number of comments but He sends me random letters and words on Facebook later then says he’s quitting social media and CH but then comes back anyways? That’s contradicting yourself. I get it you guys are friends in real life and get a long, but I’m not the only one who noticed his behaviors. Essentially whatever it’s his life his choice, I’m not in any way attempting to control him or his life but how on earth are you supposed to respond to “88888” or some other nonsense it’s just coming across as childish personally. I’m trying to format this as politely as I can while maintaining honestly. Because I’m the sort of person that says things how they are no sugar coating. I would expect someone to provide the same feedback to myself if need be. Like I get it if you have something insightful to say or you want to speak your opinion that’s fine but you can’t expect people to know what you are talking about when you say those things. Anyways I hope this made things more clear because if not I don’t know what to tell you guys 🤷🏻‍♂️.
Greg said on 23/Feb/20
@Linke how do you lose so much? I am the same height about 5’11 morning and usually 5’10.25 at a low. So you’re dropping from 5’11-5’11.25 to 5’9.85? That’s a major loss I am usually hitting 5’10.25 as an extreme low it seems 5’10.3-5’10.4 is my usual low. But I also stretch. Do posture increasing exercises and take glucosamine. Also how tall is your cousin then? I claim 5’11 too.
Greg said on 23/Feb/20
@Cmillz yeah close enough guys between 5’10-6’2 probably have the advantage you could add 6’3 guys in there too. Most girls require their guy to be a minimum of 5’10 on dating websites. Sometimes 5’11+ and mainly 6’0+
Tunman said on 23/Feb/20
Rather for youngsters.In fact anything in that 5'11 range maybe 5'11.5 tops could be argued but I really doubt it's more than that.Of course that's only my opinion but as I said I doubt there is the same number of 5'9 and 6'3 guys even for youngsters,it just seems a lot.If I had to do a comparison the belgian city of Antwerp had very similar average with Amsterdam,although other belgian cities I visited I felt were slightly shorter in average.Now I don't know much about other dutch cities,maybe some are slightly over some slightly under,but I would be surprised that Amsterdam is anything under average.
Nik said on 23/Feb/20
@ Sandy Cowell - Many many thanks, I appreciate your support very much and I also appreciate what you have said about me.
Bobby 178cm said on 23/Feb/20
@Sandy Cowell

I'm not picking on him per se, I just don't understand him most of the time. If he wants people to see what James B posted, he could at least copy and paste the link to his own comment. There's at least two months of comments to scroll down. I'm just asking him to be practical.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 23/Feb/20
@ Bobby - I like you very much and admire your intelligence, but I don't understand why you should be picking on Nik. I have met him and I talk to him over the phone regularly, and I can honestly say that he is a genuine guy, with only good in him.
Nik said on 22/Feb/20
@ Progking - What you have said is true in much of the UK!
BoxinfFan said on 22/Feb/20
Rob, If my lowest height is 5ft8, what should I claim as my official height ?
Editor Rob
It depends if you want to claim a height you don't fall under (then say 5ft 8), but if you like claiming an earlier height go with 5ft 8.5.
Nik Ashton said on 22/Feb/20
derpy said on 22/Feb/20
Rob, do you think it's a good idea for me to get limb lengthening at 167-167.5 cm? I feel very obsessed and insecure about it all the time.

BTW, using an aerosol I almost always get a few mms above 167, 169ish morning but I just get a flat 166.5-167 in doctors' stadiometers. Which would you reckon is more accurate?
Editor Rob
It's a small fraction difference at Doctor's, I would say 167cm.

As for limb lengthening, it is very extreme.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 22/Feb/20
Hey Rob!

Since I signed up for a Facebook account, I've been sent quite a number of friend suggestions. The two surnames I like best are 1) Tongue and 2) A double-barreled name, one name of which is Food! I've never heard of either word being used as a name.... 👅🍛

Finally, I've been offered to get to know one James Wilson, the very name adopted by the 6ft 'House' character Robert Sean Leonard in the series of the same name!

I have to read these names in order to find out how many 'likes' I've acquired. Yes, it's fun getting 'likes', isn't it Rob? 😁👍👍
Editor Rob
I think people can get addicted to likes on social platforms 👍

Although I've long been inactive on facebook, I simply don't have time and those platforms are a timehole.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 22/Feb/20
@ Nik - 5ft6 might be a popular height....

...for those who wish to make a career from crawling through dog flaps, yes!
Other than that, I don't buy it! 😉
Editor Rob
5ft 6 is a great height for a Burglar.

Not that anybody should be seeking to become such a scoundrel! 😝
Nik Ashton said on 21/Feb/20
Goel175cm said on 21/Feb/20
@ Tunman
I have never been there, I am just telling only based upon the statistics.
So, Are you talking 180-81 cm as a national average or even younger age groups average 180-81 cm tall?
Bobby 1.78m (5ft 10in) said on 21/Feb/20

You expect us to scroll down the past two months of comments just to see what you're talking about? Why don't you just post the same link to your comment?
Tunman said on 21/Feb/20
Is it really 183 though?I've been there recently,and to be fair they weren't as impressive as I once thought.I feel the height was quite exagerated.I was wearing thin shoes making me look as a 5'9 from other people perspective.There is no way I saw as much 5'9ers as 6'3ers.The average could be 180 or 181 which is still impressive but that's the max I feel.Trust me a 6'5 is something seriously rare even in Amsterdam,5'7 is definitely more common even for youth.We will need to have a decent sample MEASURED NOT SELF REPORTING if we want to get the best idea of that average.

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