How tall is Rob Paul

Rob Paul's Height

5ft 8in (172.7 cm)

I created in 2004 as an entertainment site about Celebrity Height. I measure 5ft 8 ⅛in at night, which is usually about the height I am in photos with celebrities. First thing in the morning, I measure around 5ft 8 ΒΎin. For some height-related videos check out my Youtube channel. As of September 2017 I weigh 177 pounds and still stand tall at a comfortable 5ft 8.
This page has now been retired.

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5ft 8.35in (173.6cm)
JKE 168cm said on 21/Jul/17
Wait user heights page got retired? Why?
Editor Rob: I have to free up some more time to maintain this site, help Jenny with her business and look after family.
Michael R said on 21/Jul/17
Rob would you say my dad at 179cm at night marks the beginning of above average?
Editor Rob: yes, the upper range of average in America...which some might argue continues into 5ft 11, before transitioning into tall at maybe 5ft 11.5-6ft zone
Michael R said on 20/Jul/17
Click Here How tall does this NBA player I met in my mothers neighborhood look? Equal footwear we both shot some basketball in basketball high tops. This was after we played so I was at my low and so was he.
Editor Rob: he can look between 5-6 inches taller.
Mandy K said on 20/Jul/17
Rob I wanted to ask is a 1 inch height difference noticeable? If I am 1 inch taller than someone where would my eyelevel be on their head considering we have the same head length and eyelevel
Editor Rob: if you are 1 inch taller, your eyes could be slightly above the eyebrow of the shorter person, and their eyes a good halfway (or slightly more) down your nose.
Fahad said on 20/Jul/17
Hey Rob I am measured at the doctors stadiometer an inch under my real height. Not only me but my sister was also measured a full inch under her height. In my gym and tape measure I always measure 5'8" could it be that the stadiometer is fixed wrong or something? The stadiometer at the doctor's office is the Health-o-meter 500kl
Editor Rob: there certainly will be cases when a stadiometer isn't installed correctly.

I always say it is best to buy a tape measure and do a few home measurements to see which height you get closest to - the Doctor's measurement, or the Gym one.
Dan said on 20/Jul/17
Rob can being at a higher bodyfat 18%ish affect height? Will losing weight(fat) make me appear taller?
Editor Rob: I don't think it will have any noticeable effect, but it may well effect your ability to stand taller.
Ben said on 20/Jul/17
@Arch Stanton Yeah, when I was 15.6 years old I was 5'9" but my father was 5'5" at 15. Meaning that if I grow as much as my father did after 15 I would en up being 6'4" which HIGLY doubt considering that I'm 5'10.5" right now at 17.4. I'm very happy if I end up 6' or over with at father at 6' and a mother at 5'2".
Arch Stanton said on 20/Jul/17
Rob is it me or does making money seem to become increasingly difficult every year? I would love to become a professional musician but they earn so little these days, unless you're a big rockstar/pop star and consistently touring and performing big shows it's difficult to make much money now. Most albums don't even sell 1 million copies now. I earn online with writing and advertising work but it's inconsistent. The amount you can earn from ad revenues is appallingly low I think, on Youtube for even 1000 views it's only like 80 cents!
Editor Rob: songwriters definitely can earn a fair whack, but I'm sure a lot of mid to low level musicians have to do a lot of live shows to earn a good living.

On the web, it can get harder. Keeping this site above water is tough and needs a lot of visitors to make it worthwhile.
Robby said on 20/Jul/17
Rob, what's your sitting height to height ratio? I mean are you short or long legged man? From your pics I guess you are more of trunk man!
Editor Rob: yes I'd have a bit longer trunk than legs, but I usually sit poorly in seats!
Nik said on 20/Jul/17
@ all users

Health Tips 3!

1. Ditch antibacterial soap - this is in order to prevent any illnesses that could easily arise from long term exposure to this type of soap.

2. Make sure that you get sufficient protein from your diet. Eat things like fish, meat, and eggs a bit on a weekly basis.

3. Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Make sure it literally is "Extra Virgin" Olive Oil and not some other type of Olive Oil that you use. Also it is vital to buy from a reputable and well known retailer.

4. Use a fair amount of herbs and spices. They possess powerful health benefits, so make an effort to include a decent amount of herbs and spices. Turmeric and Ginger are two good examples of herbs and spices that could be used.

5. Minimise your intake of added sugars. Small amounts are fine and probably vital . An eye needs to be kept on this.

6. Try to have walks round parks or walk around local shops on a fairly regular basis. Not only are you stood up a lot and walking around at a pace that suites you but you will also be doing things at your leisure. Walking around slightly more at home is also a good idea too, particularly if you are having a week where you are not going out walking spending a fair amount of time doing things like I have just described above, ie walking round shops for instance or walking round parks.

7. Minimise your intake of salt. However a certain amount of salt is vital but you will have to research yourselves what the recommended level of salt intake is for you on a daily basis.

8. Cut down on your intake of processed food so that these kind of foods are not the most dominant feature of your diet.

9. Also relax and rest as much as necessary, and do allow yourself enough occasions where you over indulge a little bit on treats. Listen to your body so that you have enough of these to be stress free and happy but also make sure the healthier options are taken considerably more than the unhealthier ones.
Del Mar said on 20/Jul/17
They could go over the entire specter then I guess. And Rob how do you estimate height on the variable head sizes? I find this difficult. My friend who claimed 187 agreed that he didn't look too much taller than me, his eye level seemed maybe 3-4 cms over mine. When I measured him myself, guess what, he's even taller at 1.88! That is 6.5 cm difference, and should be more noticable I thought
Editor Rob: it's unusual to find a high eyelevel near 4-4.25 on a guy over 6ft, but some might have it.

Generally you can tell in person if somebody has a very high eyelevel or low, but a lot are in 4.4-4.7 range.
Arch Stanton said on 20/Jul/17
Baffling isn't it, at 15 you'd think he would at least be taller than his mother by now! With 6'2 and 5'9 parents often by that age the son will be as tall as the father and end up like 6'5 or something. It will be interesting to see if he does end up taller than the other kid with the shorter parents.
Editor Rob: his sister at 13 is 5ft 3, but I do expect both to gain significantly, their Father from what he remembers gained a fair amount at 16-18.
Tyson said on 20/Jul/17
@Rob 172.3 cm exactly in the low, Does it is 5'7.75 or 5'8?
Editor Rob: 172.3 creeps towards 5ft 7.75 range.
Ben said on 19/Jul/17
@Matt there could be something wrong with the scale. I was measured once under a scale that hanged on the wall and I was measured about an inch shorter than I am.
Bobby said on 19/Jul/17
Hey Rob, what's the best mattress to sleep on, to maximize your height recovery during sleep? A firm but soft mattress so your back isn't sinking into the mattress?
Editor Rob: I think find one that lets you get a good sleep, because all the movement and twisting might mean you don't quite hit your highest morning height.
anon said on 19/Jul/17
There are even machines at the Gym that tell your height not sure If you have to measure or just stand on something and It gives it and it prints your information on a ticket, Tho only going off someone else, I need to get back to the gym myself.

Have you much knowledge of the height machines at a gym machine and surely every stadiometer should give an accurate height but maybe nurses simply sometimes read out the wrong height Its no wonder some folks claim 2 Inches extra lol
Del Mar said on 19/Jul/17
Rob, couldn't slip your comment about Kids not inherit their parents height, I'm probably a bit of a funny case myself. Dad: 5'4" Mom :5'5.75" grandparents on dad's side :both 5'2-5'3" range, uncle on dad's side 5'3".
Grandparents on mom's side: 5'9.5" and 5'5.5".uncle on mom's side peak height:6'0.75", now about 5'11.75".
Myself: 5'11.38"

Now, my gf is 5'9" with 5'9" dad and 5'5" mom. Sounds like our Kids might inherit the shorter gene maybe?
Editor Rob: the random combination means siblings heights do vary a bit.
c-mo said on 19/Jul/17
Canonrol said on 17/Jul/17
Any one can help me? Rob I wake up at a legit 5'10 177.8 cm and at night I go down to 176 cm before bed. What's my height? Can I claim 5'9.5? I think is my ral height.. Please help me


I am 176cm in the evening . 175.7-8cm at more stressful days and 175.5cm or so at my extreme low . when people ask my height I say "176-177cm"

in my opinion you should claim 177cm and in feet and inches you should claim 5'9.5

if you claimed 5'10 that wouldnt be inadequate either . random people wont be able to tell and many men your height claim 5'11 even
Bobby said on 19/Jul/17
@Editor Rob. Hey Rob, so according to Arthur, 5'10 is average for Greece and I'm in Athens right now but yet, from going out and doing things and seeing lots of people, I feel well above average. Is it possible he's exaggerating and not as tall as he thinks he is?
Editor Rob: I doubt the Greek average is 5ft 10...
Bobby said on 19/Jul/17
@Matt, to be fair, she was old. It's also not unheard of because doctors can and will mismeasure you.
Blake said on 19/Jul/17
Rob, if you wake up but toss and turn a bit after waking will that change morning height I tested it and it made my morning height 2 millimetres less than the previous day
Editor Rob: there really can be a 30-60second window after rising up, in which you drop 1mm or so.

Lots of movement during sleep and twisted spines, may also mean our discs don't quite recover fully. There's room for hydration with discs and maybe the optimal position is never always achieved.
mrtguy said on 19/Jul/17
Rob, is this the sight of what it truly looks like walking behind 7'0'' guy ?? Click Here
Editor Rob: yeah that guy said 7ft 3, I'm sure at that height, when walking about you get stopped a lot asking for photos. Must feel like a celebrity really.
Arch Stanton said on 19/Jul/17
Genes are super complex, a lot of variation, some kids end up WAY taller than both parents, Nick Cassavetes is the best example of that. If guys end up shorter than their fathers it's usually because of a short mother though or stunted growth as a kid.
Editor Rob: I will report back in the future on the relatives growth, I mentioned on the challenge page Both Kids now 15, the 5ft 11 Kid's parents are 5ft 7 (grandparents 6ft 2/5ft 2, 5ft 6/5ft 1), the 5ft 7 Kid's Parents are 6ft 2/5ft 9 (grandparents 6ft 2/5ft 2, 6ft/5ft 8).
anon said on 18/Jul/17
My Mate got measured at the Doctors by the nurse on the Stadiometer at 188cm and yet he thought he was a weak 6'0 like 182cm he said when he measured at home with a tape measure, surely the stadiometer measurement at the doctors is more accurate unless the nurse read it wrong? but 2 Inches seems a bit of a discrepency.

What would be the best way get height measured Rob, At home with Tape measure or at the Doctors, unless he actually is 6'2 he just feels he is shorter, strange
Editor Rob: at home, it should be accurate as long as you face a wall, and are sure the floor/wall looks pretty straight.

Saying that, the couple of times I have been measured at the hospital, it was 173cm, so at least their stadiometer is right!
Matt said on 18/Jul/17
@G 5'11 I didn't mean to sound confrontational, I'm sorry but how can a doctor misread 3 inches, but if that's the case then he must of had poor vision!
Robert said on 18/Jul/17
Rob, if my absolute lowest is 183,2 cm and my hand reach is 190-191 cm, then could I say that I have long hands for my height?
Nik said on 18/Jul/17
🌞! β˜€οΈ!
G 5'11 said on 18/Jul/17
@CanonRol yes you can claim almost 5'10, 5'10ish or 5'9.5" your choice.
G 5'11 said on 18/Jul/17
@Matthew to be fair anybody could have been any height, you're saying you don't understand how Bobby thinks he could have ended up 6'2 at 5'10, when his dad was basically 6-6'1 peak. Also not to mention I know about a few instances where kids with average height parents ended up between 6'1-6'3 so please try again..
Canson said on 18/Jul/17
@Rob: you're practically legit and unnoticed with a guy who falls to 5'8" at a low less than 1:4" anything 3/4-full is legit in my book and won't look different if you're above the 3/4" mark weak however can be below it 1/2-3/4
Michael R said on 18/Jul/17
Rob from 16-18 is it very common to get 5cm of growth?
Editor Rob: maybe 3-4 is more common, but some gain more, others less
Mike said on 18/Jul/17
Hey Rob, I was hospitalized recently and I got measured at around 9 in the morning and the nurse said I'm 171.5cm. Do you think I'll drop below 170cm by night? I'm 21 years old, and also got diagnosed with mild scoliosis. I'm a bit worried about how much height am I losing due to my poor posture and if there's any chance I could reach 172cm.

Would you say I'm a solid 5ft7, like would you claim it at my height?
Editor Rob: I'd still say to people 5ft 7 or 170. Might be worth looking into or asking a physician about exercise regime to help mild scoliosis, see if you can even hold a better posture or measure slightly taller.
Bobby said on 18/Jul/17
@Matthew, I was mismeasured at 16 by three inches. Doctor said I was 5'10, so when I grew again, what else would I have thought?
Zack said on 17/Jul/17
Rob I measured my height 173.5cm on stadiometer 2 hours after waking up. Can I claim 5'8 or would it be lying since I think my absolute low on the stadiometer is 5'7.80"
Editor Rob: I'd say 5ft 8 was pretty reasonable. At worst, you drop the thickness of a 2 pound coin underneath 5ft 8...
Bobby said on 17/Jul/17
@Michae R, that's a naive thought. There's no causality between OCD pills and growth. Furthermore, perhaps there was a third variable. Maybe those OCD pills gave you more energy, and you stayed up late, thus losing sleep. Once you stopped taking them, you slept more and allowed your body to release HGH.
Matthew said on 17/Jul/17
I'm boggled how you could think you could of been around 6'1-6'2 at a decent 5'10 bobby. I hope you're not covering some kind of inferior complex or something though.
Michael R said on 17/Jul/17
@johan I have had a few smaller guys on the football team try and start **** with me, I would say at around 6ft instances like that occur more.
@csimpson 6ft I had OCD pretty bad when I was younger and was on lots of medications. As I became a teenager I got more control and learned to live with it and even stopped all my medication. Coincidentally right as I stopped taking those pills my growth spurt began, I think those chemicals arent any good for our body. I still live with anxiety and can get very nervous sometimes but that too has faded with my age and I've gotten much more confident in myself as I've gotten taller and excelled in school.
Nik said on 17/Jul/17
@ Csimpson 6ft

It's terrible to live with, I don't have any choice though!
Csimpson 6ft said on 17/Jul/17
@Nik yeah lets hope so and yeah i know how you feel mate it has an impact on my life aswell, it certainly isnt easy to live with.
Nik said on 17/Jul/17
@ Sandy Cowell @ Sally

Health tips part 3 is being compiled, hopefully they will be published today or tomorrow!

Have a great week both of you!

Sandy - Your birthday messages have meant a great deal to me, thanks for that!

Sally - I echo what Sandy has said in that your children can be proud of their Mom. You have put in a lot of hard work to bring them up well and you will now be working hard in a very admirable profession.

Canonrol said on 17/Jul/17
Any one can help me? Rob I wake up at a legit 5'10 177.8 cm and at night I go down to 176 cm before bed. What's my height? Can I claim 5'9.5? I think is my ral height.. Please help me
mrtguy said on 17/Jul/17
Rob, how tall does the guy next to Wadlow statue look ?? Click Here
Editor Rob: considering he looks (with lower camera) near 7 and half foot, his own claim of 7ft 4 looks reasonable.
Nik said on 17/Jul/17
@ Csimpson 6ft

Hi Connor!

My OCD is terrible and sometimes it dominates my life. I take 40 mgs of Amitriptyline a day and 225 mgs of Venlafaxine a day, but they only help and don't solve the awful condition.
I hope your Mum is better as soon as possible, if she eats very healthily and is fairly active, with the right treatment she will hopefully be better as soon as possible.

James B said on 17/Jul/17
Johan said on 17/Jul/17
James B said on 16/Jul/17
When you get to 5ft10 is that the start of when short men try too start fights with you?

I wouldn't say so James, when I was 5'10" so many other guys were close in height +/- 1 inch. I can't see guys being bothered by such a common height.
I don't know really about other heights but at 6'1" yes it happens, especially if you have a solid build, always some weirdo who wants to test you. I had one guy challenge me to press ups in a pub once out of nowhere.

I am 5ft7 1/4 with lean muscle and so far I have never had very short guys (under 5ft6) try and start trouble with me and in fact it's usually guys taller guy or near my height who have tried to pick fights with me.
James B said on 17/Jul/17
I am 5ft7 1/4 with lean muscle and so far I have never had very short guys (under 5ft6) try and pick fights with me. In fact it's usually the taller guys who have tried to start trouble with me on nights out.
James B said on 17/Jul/17
Johan said on 17/Jul/17
James B said on 16/Jul/17
When you get to 5ft10 is that the start of when short men try too start fights with you?

I wouldn't say so James, when I was 5'10" so many other guys were close in height +/- 1 inch. I can't see guys being bothered by such a common height.
I don't know really about other heights but at 6'1" yes it happens, especially if you have a solid build, always some weirdo who wants to test you. I had one guy challenge me to press ups in a pub once out of nowhere.

My former friend who is 5'10 (and not muscular) had a short guy try and start a fight with him at the bar but he's only one example. Funny story actually last Saturday on a night out there was this crazy 5ft5 61 year old guy I know who tried too start a fight with a 6ft3 guy who must have weighed 216 pounds of pure muscle outside the bar. Obviously the 6'3 guy held back because he felt sorry for him. The short old guy tried get into a fight with another lad that was 5ft10 as well.
spainmen192cm said on 17/Jul/17
Rob, the measurement was taken at 9am and he was busting a gut... Maybe 5ft8.25 its fair for him. Neymar was measured at 174.1 around the same hour
Editor Rob: yes, Javier could be similar to myself actually...
ALEN said on 17/Jul/17
Absolutely lol ,alot of guys testing me and in realy rare situations like going to clubs etc .
I feel like i have to stretch all my body to show my max night height.
My guess they are between 1.79-1.87 .
If a 6.2' guy look at me or im on him there is 100% different in the eye level that we can see whos taller ,even if the heights between him and me are really tiny , but still to the audience its clearly whos taller.
Im 1.84.5 at night, 185.5-185.8 morning as i said in my comments below.
Sandy Cowell said on 17/Jul/17
@ Sally - That is FANTASTIC news! Congratulations on becoming a nurse!
The kids must be so proud of their Mom's achievements, which, of course, includes bringing them up!

Well done Sally!
All the Best to you and your family!
Sandy xxx
AskRob said on 17/Jul/17
@Matt, with "normal" I mean a spectrum wider than the average, where you can consider a man not to be too short or too tall, in fact you and @Ben have put respectively 5'6"-5'8" and 5'7"-5'11" for "normal" and then 5'8"-5'10" and 5'9" as average.
It would be interesting to see what others think about doing a sort of survey.
Johan said on 17/Jul/17
James B said on 16/Jul/17
When you get to 5ft10 is that the start of when short men try too start fights with you?

I wouldn't say so James, when I was 5'10" so many other guys were close in height +/- 1 inch. I can't see guys being bothered by such a common height.
I don't know really about other heights but at 6'1" yes it happens, especially if you have a solid build, always some weirdo who wants to test you. I had one guy challenge me to press ups in a pub once out of nowhere.
ALEN said on 16/Jul/17
Ty guys im appreciate ur answers and especially from u Rob what an honor!!(-:.
Most of the people that used to be my friends or so they are still my friends now and they are 1.82-1.85 always said to me that im definitely more then 1.85 they guess always is 1.86!!
I had 2 friends who calimed to be 1.84 and after we were stood straight near each over and erected ourselves, they tald me the same "you are absolutely NOT 1.84, u have to be 1.85-1.86 guy" (i claimed always to my friends 1.84 and to girls 1.85(-; ).
AskRob said on 16/Jul/17
@Matt, with "normal" I mean a spectrum wider than the average, where you can consider a man not to be too short or too tall, in fact you and @Ben have put respectively 5'6"-5'8" and 5'7"-5'11" for "normal" and then 5'8"-5'10" and 5'9" as average.
It would be interesting to see what others think about doing a sort of survey.
spainmen192cm said on 16/Jul/17
Rob, Macherano has been mesasured at 174.7 this year bustin a gut at the morning here is the prove
Click Here

Maybe you want to give him a page
Editor Rob: 5ft 8 3/4" ?

Arnie certainly approves of that measurement! Javier and Arnie

even standing in front of Pique I wouldn't have thought he was over 5ft 8.5.
Csimpson 6ft said on 16/Jul/17
@Nik I also suffer from anxiety and especially OCD i know what its like man, yeah its certainly not easy having these conditions but we can try to fight them back and bring the symptoms under control, i cant remember if ive asked you before Nik but ill ask again anyway, what medication do you take for your anxiety and OCD?, i take risperidone and sertraline tablets for my OCD and i feel they do help cut them down a bit sometimes, id recommend getting them if you've never taken them before however they can make you feel a bit tired after taking them but from my experience they do help a bit, hope you are well by the way.

Bye for now Nik!
Bobby said on 16/Jul/17
@Ben, where does 5'10 belong? You skipped to 5'11 from 5'9.
Nik said on 16/Jul/17
@ Sandy Cowell

Hi Sandy!

Yes, Dean Gaffney looks much better for gaining some weight in recent years, You are also correct in saying that he looks taller now than he used to look, I noticed this recently and thought goodness he does not look the 5'5" or 5'6" that I had heard he was, previously and thought that he was too. Is this an illusion? Who knows? Many things are! Just ask Professor Brian Cox!
Well at least you weren't picked up and thrown in a bin like the miserable Robbie was! At least it was accidental, it can't have been a very nice experience but hopefully you see the funny side of it because it is better if you can!
At the rugby league match that I went to today I saw an absolutely enormous man there, he must have been nearly 7 foot! It took my breath away how tall he was, I walked past him and I was quite a bit under his shoulders!
I got a Rothnan's football yearbook and some sudoku and killer sudoku quiz books for my birthday.
Health tips part 3 is impending, so you, Sally, and anyone who is interested, get yer pens and paper out again!

Bobby said on 16/Jul/17
@Matt, Arthur is annoying but as for my 6'2 claim, I always figured I was around 6ft back in the 12th grade and frequently claimed it without being called out too often. So fast forward beyond the 12th grade, and I thought I might been around 6'1 or 6'2. Certainly never felt anymore near short.
Nik said on 16/Jul/17
@ Sally

Congratulations on passing your nursing exam, you can be very proud of your achievement!

My Mum was once a nurse but she gave it up to bring up her children.

Nik said on 16/Jul/17
@ Sandy Cowell

I have heard Dean that be quoted at 5'5" or 5'6", I really don't think that's true at all. I think he is probably either 5'7" or 5'8" like you said, or in between. He doesn't look that small to me.

Thank you for all your birthday wishes, they have meant a lot to me.

Hopefully I will have dome interesting chats with you in forthcoming days!

Taxis are more expensive than buses but a minority of the bus drivers are very rude near where I live. We stick to a couple of well known and well trusted taxi firms.

@ Sally

I too suffer from anxiety and OCD, both are terrible conditions to have, aren't they?

I pride myself in being honest, genuine, and trustworthy, but sadly I think those things are missing from too many people. Thankfully a lot of people do have these qualities but unfortunately a lot don't. Seeing shallow people who are always looking to get something out of other people has reinforced to me that this is not the way to be. There are a lot of fraudsters and false people on the internet but that is not the case on this site!
With me writing a lot on here I am always paranoid that something I have said will be interpreted the wrong way, it causes a lot of worry.

Cheers to you both!
James B said on 16/Jul/17
When you get to 5ft10 is that the start of when short men try too start fights with you?
Charlie said on 16/Jul/17
Hi Rob, do you know if other men didn't grow after 14 like you?
Editor Rob: Will Smith stopped by that age too!
Leo2001 said on 16/Jul/17

stadiometer gives generally like a couple mm more than wall measurements.
You are a strong 184cm guy in 6ft0.5-75 range
Claim 185 is not a problem but particularly I prefer 184cm.
James B said on 16/Jul/17
Rob I think I have requested his height before but could you add wrestler Matt bloom aka Albert/tensi to celeb heights?
G 5'11 said on 16/Jul/17
@amirhossein Honestly not the best lighting to judge height, the guy on the left could be 5 ft 8 you're close to 6 feet, the lean is throwing me off a bit. The one on the right is a little over 6'4..
Ben said on 16/Jul/17
Eyy...I just remembered uncle wasmeasured at 190cm back in 2009 at the hostpital. So it might be possible that he was 190 at his peak and 189 now.

He's 65 now btw.
Ben said on 16/Jul/17
AskRob said on 14/Jul/17
Hi Rob, in Europe, UK and USA to what height do you consider a man
really short:
very tall:

Really short: Below 5'5"

Short: Below 5'6"

Normal: 5'6"-5'8"

Average: 5'9"

Tall: 5'11"-6'1"

Very tall: 6'2" and above.
Matt said on 16/Jul/17
Rob do you have a 9inch head?
Editor Rob: 9.5 range, 9 inch if I tilt my eyes up or 10 inch if down a little.
ALEN said on 16/Jul/17
According to my last comment i need to be nore accurate im sorry,
My height in the morning ,i just checked now is(out of bed)by stadiometer:
1.85.8-1.85.9 almost 1.86.
After hard exrecising and up on my legs for like 15 hourse im 184.2.
After regular and normal day im like 1.84.4-184.5 in the night befor bad.
Sometimes even after hard work day i can be 1.84.4 if im rest on a chair like 1 houre or less.
Can i claim 1.85?(-:
Nik said on 16/Jul/17
@ Samdy Cowell

Thanks very much for your birthday wishes!

I want to make the most of this year, of being 41!

Steve is coming over today and we are going to the Featherstone V Halifax rugby league match!

I will hammer away at those health tips, I am sure you will do the same!

Cheers mate!
MrFish said on 16/Jul/17
Rob, what would you guess for Mao Zedong's height?
Slothee said on 16/Jul/17
Hi Rob,
If another person measured me with a 4 cm thick books' hardcover on my head touching the wall, would that work better/worse than measuring me with the flat binding of the book on my head instead?
Editor Rob: if the spine is hard, then if you measure with the spine on top of your head, it is pretty accurate...a flat spine of course, should get within small fraction of actual height.
datguy said on 15/Jul/17
Hey Rob my measurements are 5'10.25 at lunch and 5'10.125 at my low low very similar to josh. should I claim "a bit over 5'10"
Editor Rob: 'just over 5ft 10' is quite accurate to's a half extra second to append 'just over/about/almost' to a figure.
Bobby said on 15/Jul/17
@Del Mar, European militaries have a habit of rounding you up when you're measured. Because I'm 179cm in the morning, they would call me 181cm, and with a good pair of military boots, I'd be an easy 183cm. My dad and my uncles were in the Greek army, and my dad says that in the Greek army, they could add an extra 2cm to your height, to make you feel better about your stature. So if you were 180, they'd call you 182cm.
Bobby said on 15/Jul/17
@AskRob, I'm in Europe right now, particularly Greece, and I would say the average here in Greece is around 5'8 to 5'9. I feel comfortably above average here with a morning height of 179cm and a night height of near to 177cm.
Bobby said on 15/Jul/17
I'm in Greece on vacation right now, and I feel moderately above average height here. Not sure if I grew some either, but I'm feeling taller than I usually do, like a solid 179-180cm.
ALEN said on 15/Jul/17
Hey guys i just found this site its amazing.
im 184.2-184.5 in the night befor bad and im waking up with i can say exactly 6.1' . or like 185.6-185.5.
can i claim to be 1.85 for my friends? lol this is annoying that the height is changing during the day.
Editor Rob: 185 isn't too bad a claim, at worst a good half cm or so under it.
Salman said on 15/Jul/17
Hey Rob, unrelated to height, but how did your dating life change from your 20s into your 30s? Socially did you still have opportunities after school finished?
Brendan 179cm said on 15/Jul/17
Rob how rare is it too see a woman over 2m
Editor Rob: very, I have seen a few that range but it was years back.
Sally said on 15/Jul/17
@ Nik & @ Sandy Cowell- Hello! I am excited to let you know I passed my nursing exam. I am an RN! I had been on pins and needles waiting for the results to be posted. I am excited to begin a new career. I will write more later.
rob.with.graditude said on 15/Jul/17
Glenn Cunningham's Height
5ft 8in (169cm)

I hijacked in 2005 and have been faking on it ever since. I take photos with celebrities at Signing Events and Conventions because the earth is round. Street photos are much easier to use for height comparisons, and most celebrities really want to be pestered when out and about their daily business(?)

I measure 5ft 8 β…› in on the moon. Out of bed I typically measure in the 6ft 6 ΒΎin range. For some some height-related dibeos (both sensational and clickbait) check out my Myspace page. As of 2017 I weigh 283 pounds and still stand tall at a comfortable 5ft 6.

The Fuq answers some common queues, but if you've got a keshion about weight that isn't necessarily truth-related, best asking it over there ( Time-wasting, I'll bs as much as I can. I appreciate every troll and if you spot any mistakes or discover any new celebrity height quotes do please add a comment letting me lol.
Sully said on 15/Jul/17
Click Here
How tall do you think Michel Roux Jr is?
Editor Rob: he claims 5ft 10, he don't look far off it.
andre said on 15/Jul/17
Click Here

here you have Rickie Fowler's with ryan sheckler where ryan looks like 168cm

see it by yourself and when you have a concrete height for ryan open his page clear he is from 168cm to 170cm in this picture he looks like 168cm barefoot

jamie said on 15/Jul/17
hi big rob i predict your height to be 174CM. Also is 5 foot 11 and a half (182) cm considered tall in the uk?
Editor Rob: it's at the start of what you could say was the tall range I feel.
Matt said on 15/Jul/17
This is my opinion.

Short: 5'5/6
Really short: 5'4 and under
Normal: 5'7-5'11 (but what do you mean by normal?)
Average: 5'8/5'10
Tall: 6'0/6'2
Really tall: 6'3 and up
Matt said on 15/Jul/17
I've been reading a bunch of comments here and Arthur and Bobby like their clashes! I do agree with Bobby but Bobbys 6'2 claim on a height survey video seemed a little optimistic πŸ˜‰
c-mo said on 15/Jul/17
Rob I am trying to find out the "real" height of David Tua . he was often listed as 178cm - 5'10 however on some of his fights he was also listed as various other heights such as 5'9 , 5'9.5 and even 5'8.5 ! . he is my favorite boxer I am a big fan of him

here he is with boxer Terry Ray who is listed as 185cm on boxrec .

if Terry Ray would indeed be 185cm . how tall would David Tua be in this case ?

thank you

Click Here
Sandy Cowell said on 15/Jul/17
@ Nik - On this Birthday afternoon of yours - Happy Birthday Nik! - I shall endeavour to answer the 🎈question about EastEnder's Robbie, or Dean Gaffney as he is called in 🎁 real life, as best I can!
He is looking a bit more πŸŽ‚fullsome now and I do think it is adding to an illusion of more height! 🎈
He must be all of 5ft8 now but I did say illusion!πŸ˜‹ I used to think in his skinnier days that he was a 5ft6/7 underweight beanpole. He looks manlier now and better for the extra weight, don't you think so, Nik?
His 'binning' on the recent episode brought back an incident way back to the year 1994, when I was reaching into a bin of that stature and fell right in!
I was there yelling away for a good half-hour, when I was dragged out by my 6ft friend! He found the whole thing utterly hilarious and told everybody, saying he'd pulled me out by my size 3's, and that only a person like me could 'fall into' a bin like that! If I remember rightly, his nose grew every time he related the tale as to how long I was down there for!!!

Have a great day Nik! πŸŽ‚πŸŽπŸŽˆ
Blake said on 15/Jul/17
Rob, is my shoe size of 9 to 9.5 uk proportionate for 5 ft 8-9?
Editor Rob: 8.5 is quite common for 5ft 8-9 guys, 9-9.5 5ft 10-11
Sandy Cowell said on 15/Jul/17

Yes, the big day has finally arrived! Have a great time with your family doing all the things you absolutely love to do!
All the Best for a wonderful time and a Happy and Healthy New Year!
Love, Sandy! XXX

πŸŽˆπŸŽπŸŽ‚πŸŽˆπŸŽπŸŽ‚πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‚πŸ˜†πŸ˜‹ πŸ©πŸˆπŸ€πŸ‡
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 15/Jul/17
@Canson and Bobby

The majority of 182-ish guys I've seen claim 6'1" anyway, so I doubt anyone will get called out for it if they claimed 6'0"
Delvin chung said on 14/Jul/17
How much bigger is a male foot than female ,, height by height ?
Editor Rob: I'm not sure, because US/UK foot sizes are given differently.
Michael R said on 14/Jul/17
@christian well he was measured 184 so I took a cm off and just called him 6ft flat,
AskRob said on 14/Jul/17
Hi Rob, in Europe, UK and USA to what height do you consider a man
really short:
very tall:
George12 said on 14/Jul/17
Hi Rob, do you have an estimate for Kem Cetinay from Love Island? His height is a big topic of conversation on television and social media at the minute. He claims and his mother claims he's 5ft8. I did a little research and the apparent 6ft5 sprinter Theo Campbell is listed at 190cm on his proffesional athelete page..clearly not 6ft5 but still very tall. Kem and Theo had a staredown and he was absolutely dwarfed by him. Theo was in 1 inch trainers so much have been 6ft4 but still he looked considerably smaller than a solid 5ft8. What do you think Rob?
Editor Rob: not familiar with him, but having a look, he seems a guy who might be less than his claim, 5ft 6-7 than 8.
Slim 181 cm said on 14/Jul/17
G'day big rob,

So is a 9.5 inch head normal/common for a 5'11.5 guy?
Editor Rob: it's slightly more than average, but we are talking small fractions.
Del Mar said on 14/Jul/17
Oh, and yeah, I guess they didn't take into account my tall hair by the time I Was measured, so def a round up there
Nik said on 14/Jul/17
@ Sandy Cowell

It was really funny when Robbie, played by Dean Gaffney, was "binned" on Eastenders, wasn't it! How tall do you think he is?

Brendan 179cm said on 14/Jul/17
Rob I'm in Spain at the moment for a holiday and I have to say I have seen very little men or women above the height of 5,8-5-9
I actually feel quite above average at 180 afternoon here
Of course theres the Dutch and Russian who are taller but the Spanish
One Dutch girl I was looking at her chin
Quite a few Dutch girls are my height
The Dutch average must be close to 6,1
I haven't seen one dutch male below 5,11 and Dutch women under 5,8-9
Bran said on 14/Jul/17
Hi Rob,
Hope your keeping well my friend? :-)... now in terms of average height?, I know you will have answered numerous questions on this over the years so I do apologise, but is there any definitive studies/research to suggest the average height for young Males in the U.K is 5ft10? I've read a few articles/ pieces suggesting this, but I'm not really sure their valid or reliable ( ie.Wiki, Daily Mail ). I've had the opportunity to measure a few friends ( late teens, early 20's ) over the years, and have genuinely found that most of my friends range around 5ft7-11, and in all honestly, a couple of the genuine 5ft11 range lads are well known to be tall, even though statistically 5ft11 would be classified as 'above average'. However, I suppose it all deems down too who's judging who, off course too many a 5ft8 range guy, a 5ft10.5 man is quite tall, contrastingly... when placing your feet into a 6ft1 mans shoes, 5ft10-11 and your looking down a few inches and there perception will be that's its a very normal height range. Anyway I believe maybe 5ft9, onwards up to around 5ft10 covers average ( 20-35 age range) , that's my estimation after keeping a sharp eye out on height for a few years, but that's offcourse only a guess!,..thanks Rob,

Editor Rob: I don't have the links anymore to the actual sections of the reports about height (it has been talked about in the past here), but both England and Scotland national health surveys did show about 5ft 10 range for 18-30 and overall the average was still around 5ft 9 range for both countries.
cal said on 14/Jul/17
Rob if 1.9 cm is the night average low height then the lowest should be 2.2cm?
Editor Rob: the absolute low height (after big exertion like workout/sport or being more dehydrated) might also vary, but certainly will be a few mm less than normal night height.
G 5'11 said on 14/Jul/17
@Canson yeah exactly, it's not like we are adding fake inches as we are those heights at some point of time in the day! I never inflate other people,when someone inflates themself I just laugh, even stronger 5'11 guys think I'm a legit 5'11. Some even thought I was 6 feet at first. Yeah exactly trolls going to downgrade, I just ignore them.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 14/Jul/17
@Michael R

Athletes are measured a bit early in the day (such as basketball football baseball etc) So a good rule of thumb is to subtract about 1/4"-1/2" off of their measured heights to find out their low. You're a legit 6'2" at your low so Salazar's around 5'11.5"-5'11.75"
Nik said on 14/Jul/17
@ Sandy Cowell


@ Sally

Canson said on 13/Jul/17
@Bobby: 182 at your lowest? That's a reasonable claim honestly
Amirhossein said on 13/Jul/17
Hey rob can you guess my friends' height in this photo? I'm in the middle, the guy on the left claims 5'9 and I feel dwarfed by the guy on the right πŸ˜‚
Click Here
Editor Rob: if the guy on left really was 5ft 9 you should be able to claim 6ft 1 yourself!
Sandy Cowell said on 13/Jul/17
@ Sally - I have a bit of catching up to do myself at the moment! I have only just read that you are sitting your nurse's exams on Wednesday, which is now yesterday!
Bless you for that! I have always found a job in the health profession to be a thoroughly unselfish one, especially that of a nurse. They get the fear, the worry and the overwork, but they don't get the doctor's paychecks! They do the work out of love for their fellow human beings and I cannot think of a more worthwhile reason!
I wanted to write to you tonight about something lovely that happened to me this evening! I cannot get about terribly easily at the moment, and I was wheeling my shopping out of Lidl's having just ordered a taxi, when a lovely young lady told me to cancel it because she lived nearby and would take me herself!
I thought that was just so, so nice of her! We got on well straightaway in her car and
she even saw two of my cats in the front garden! She said, "Look, there is a ginger one like me!"
She was pointing to a ginger and white Tom, named 'Big Banana' and I said that 'Pixie' and 'Felinia' are pure ginger brother and sister, and are at the moment sleeping upstairs!
It is always lovely to have one's reassurance in the human spirit made to feel whole again, and it is little incidents like this that work for me every single time!
The weekend will soon be upon us once more! 😁
I might have to be sorting out what is rapidly turning into an excuse of a phone, because this one is completely messing up on the autocorrect front!
It can be funny but also very risque!
I'll write again very soon!
Sandy 😊

Yum Yum Yum time! 🍰
andre said on 13/Jul/17
Click Here

there are people in the youtube video that say they had growth 3 inch , there are many im not sure from all of them who is the most legit so im listening this one , you can read on comment some people sying they have growth 3 inch perhaps they lie we will see

Editor Rob: I'd take a lot of what people say on youtube with a pinch of salt.

I understand the idea these videos are trying to promote - generate frequencies which might help stimulate hgh production.
Nik said on 13/Jul/17
@ Sandy Cowell @ Sally


Speak later!
F97 said on 13/Jul/17
Rob I am betting strange measurements. I have a stadiometer at home and also There is one at the university I measured 5 times within one hour at 9pm at home and got 182.5 cm. This was yesterday today I was at the university at 4 pm and measured 182.7 cm. Bit when I use a can at home I at 7-8 pm I got Only 177cm, when I use a book instead I get 178.5 cm. I also tried lying on the floor and having the tapemeasure next to me and then I Only got 174cm. What is going on Rob?
Editor Rob: seems a lot of variation.

I'd find a few different places and persist in using a can and facing wall, taking time...the University device could be damaged or giving false readings as you shouldn't really be getting big variations.
Del Mar said on 13/Jul/17
Rob, when I was measured in the military they got me at exactly 183. I know they could have rounded up or down, but others were rounded to neareest 0.5 cm, so the 183 should be exact. Now I'm 31 and some mm above 181, do you think I was ever 183 and shrunk already? I was measured in socks at that time
Editor Rob: deems a big difference. At 31, usually you'd only expect illness/injury to contribute to height loss.

If you measure yourself at 181.2cm, and feel confident everything about ground/wall/tape is ok, then I'd say he military might have rounded you up.
Sandy Cowell said on 13/Jul/17
@ Nik πŸ‘ 🍰🐀🐝🍺

and @ Sally πŸ‘ 😊 πŸˆπŸ•
Adijos said on 13/Jul/17
Rob, how tall is Christian Clavier?
Editor Rob: could look 5 inches smaller than big Gerard Depardieu
Blake said on 13/Jul/17
Rob, if I hold a tape by a mirror and the 170 mark is well below the top of my head is it safe to say im 5 ft 8 flat atleast I have consistently measured 5 ft 8 5/8ths the last few days. I just feel shorter when I walk around my shoulders roll forward and my neck isn't straight is that why I may feel shorter at times?
Editor Rob: I think if you found 170 below your hairline (when looking in a mirror) you would be in 174-5's unlikely you made a mistake as you have said you get quite consistent results.
Tyson said on 13/Jul/17
Rob, I'm 172.4 in my low, what is the average eyelevel precisely of that height?
Editor Rob: probably 161-161.3 range
Michael R said on 12/Jul/17
Rob I met Danny Salazar, measured solid 6ft athelete. How do I look in comparison. We both have jordans on. Click Here
Editor Rob: you can appear a bit over 6ft 2 flat in your photo.
Canson said on 12/Jul/17
@G5'11: yea my thing is if you all want to claim or round up it's no skin off my back. But for someone to come and tell you Bobby or Ben that you can't or are not supposed to at 1/8-1/4 under that's crazy lol. Even for me I round down but to a lesser degree as I fall under but at your height I'd say 5'11 too!
CT said on 12/Jul/17
Every video I have seen of you Rob you measure taller than what you list yourself as and what you say in your bio. I've just never seen you at your low and your morning measurements are taller than what you list. Just admit it rob, your a giant! Lol

Do you just feel more comfortable saying 5'8" or do you do it for another reason? I'll be honest, I round my height down because I get alot of "you look taller than 5 foot 10 inches" in person. It makes me feel taller lol, and it looks good when your standing next to someone your height or shorter and they fib by an inch or 2.

By the way, have you lost any height at all?
Editor Rob: my low is 5ft 8 1/8th (or around 8.25 on stadiometer). It's not changed by age 40.

Remember I work from home, not a 9-5 out and about job, so a lot of the time won't hit a low mark.

But I have of course done the height challenge at 5ft 8.25 on stadiometer, nearly every one of them I was at my low. Same with meetng Glenn/Alex, exactly 8.25, so 5ft 8 1/8th when removing the error.

I prefer saying 173cm as it is much closer, but I doubt 1/8th makes a difference.

Show someone 7/8ths or 1 inch and most would think they are the same thickness.

Show them half inch and then an inch and it becomes far more obvious of course!
Bobby said on 12/Jul/17
@Canson, I would even claim to be 6ft at a strong 182cm.
Bobby said on 12/Jul/17
Hey Rob, would you say that dress shoes are uncomfortable to your heel? I'm wearing ones that give 1.2cm but they feel so tough on my heels. Is that normal?
Editor Rob: it might depend how high an angle it feels. If you have a bit of thickness on the front sole, then it may feel great at 1.2 inches.

I think for dress shoes, I'd go with a 2cm heel style, not quite 1 inch, but near 3/4 inch range...that's personally what I found a good height to wear.
G 5'11 said on 12/Jul/17
@JKE168cm oh wow interesting, I'll have to check what mine is seeing my arm span is approximately 6'2
andre said on 12/Jul/17
Rob im 25 if i take vitamin d for lets say 8 month or 1 year what are the changes i growth a little since vitamin d is know to help childrens growth

i did growth with growth flex half cm i was 165cm barefoot and now im half 166cm i know this as i have measured allot time during the day even at night i growth with growth flex at age 21 and now i did growth just half cm but somehow growth flex is so expensive i took it for 3 month now i want a cheap way like vitamin d

Editor Rob: Sometimes if we start doing A and achieve results, it doesn't necessarily mean that A was responsible.

I had a loot at the ingredients...

Their 'Grow Flex' is just an L-Arginine L-Ornithine supplement.

Their Bone Builder is just a magnesium/calcium/vitamin d pill.

This pill from Holland & Barret Click Here is basically what grow flex is.

And This one is similar to what they call their 'bone builder'.

Many of these pill companies basically take an existing supplement, rebrand it and aim at the Height market and charge triple the cost or more.
JKE 168cm said on 12/Jul/17
@G5'11 I'm 168cm (as you can see in my username lol) and my reach is just over 7'4". I'm probably able to reach that because my armspan is about 182/183cm
Nik said on 12/Jul/17
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi!

I hope the week has been good for you so far. Have you stayed in or have you been out and about?

Slim 181 cm said on 12/Jul/17
Rob, are you afraid of losing height? I most certainly am, and I won't until another 45 years, but the thought of shrinking scares me...
Editor Rob: I'll be glad to live to an age were I lose 2 inches of height.
G 5'11 said on 12/Jul/17
@Canson typical online downgrading troll lol. Probably the type to think someone has to clear the entire height at their low to claim it, there's people adding fake inches which is worse.
G 5'11 said on 12/Jul/17
@James B, there's many things in society that are unacceptable, I wouldn't say being short is one. Yes, it's looked down upon, but majority of girls prefer skinny guys opposed to overweight. It kind of goes like this ripped>skinny> over weight. 5'7 and 140 isn't that skinny, just a bit slim, if he hits the gym I'm sure he will notice more attention but it could be his personality, method of approach. A lot of women are shallow and tricky. Your 5'9 friend isn't even tall, just about average, I'm guessing he works out considering a high bf percentage at 5'9 190 is a little over weight.. I'm from the states though.
MrFish said on 12/Jul/17
Rob, given that I wake between 176.2 and 176.7 and am about 174.6 in the afternoon (with an absolute low around 174.1), would it be reasonable to tell people that I'm 175 cm?
Editor Rob: it's reasonable to go with it, although saying almost 175 is probably more accurate...I doubt anybody would ever notice, considering half the population themselves are fibbing or rounding.
Valhalla said on 12/Jul/17
Hi rob, or anybody else on here that could help a brethren out? But could an extra on a film set become an A list or just a supporting actor on tv screen?
Matt said on 12/Jul/17
So when you say "shouldn't do too much damage" does that mean I'll permanently lose a little bit of height?
Editor Rob: well, there is always risk of damage if you take up a job which involves heavy lifting and spine rotating (with heavy weights).

The longer you are in a physically demanding job, the greater the risks, but I think 2 weeks isn't a long time, I'd say if you do some basic stretching you should be fine.
Tyson said on 12/Jul/17
Rob, My cat is in the heaven with Sookie
Editor Rob: may she meet Sookie at Rainbow Bridge...

I will one day in the future get another cat, at the moment the house is in a mess and needs a big clean.
Tyson said on 12/Jul/17
Hi Rob. This is my permanent nickname
Sully said on 12/Jul/17
Hi big Rob, nickname doesn't want to change for some reason. Anyway, my friend and I are very close in height. We both measured together at about 7pm and I stood tall at exactly 5'9", whilst he stood tall at 5'8.75".He also claims 5'9" like me. Is it OK for him to stick to saying 5'9" as well?
Editor Rob: sully go into your browser preferences and clear cookies for celebheights and restart browser to enter a new nick.
Salman said on 12/Jul/17
Hey Rob, are you still in touch with friends from your 20s? How has your social life changed over the years? I'm 23 and kind of curious on how things change when you approach your 30s, 40s, and beyond.
Editor Rob: I still very occasionally go out with people from high school era, but drifted away from most. Spend a lot of time with close family these last few years.

I'm still living in the town I grew up in, only 5 minute walk from parents home...
Sameer said on 11/Jul/17
Rob does heavy deadlifting and squating stunt height at 16?
And also Im a 5'8 male at 16 my dad is around 5'10-11 and mom is like 5'2 can I grow more? If so how much? I have grown a whole inch since november 2016
Editor Rob: I'd find out if your Father grew after 16, that is always the first place I'd ask - parents, whether they remember growing at 16 there is still a chance of a few inches.

Heavy lifting might increase the risk of damage to the growth I wouldn't push things and strain yourself!
John V. said on 11/Jul/17
Hey Rob, what would you measure yourself while laying down on a straight and solid spot? and if i measured 182 cm while doing that, what would my height be? I'm only asking this because i have a really bad posture, i slouch a lot and i figured if i measured myself while laying down, my posture wouldn't have much effect on the measurement.
Editor Rob: John, I did a short video Measuring how long I was on the floor compared to standing. For me, the difference was tiny really.
James B said on 11/Jul/17
Does anyone here agree that being short and skinny if your a guy is socially unacceptable? I have had friends who are short and thin who get treated with dislike by women yet short obese men get much more attention from the ladies. What do you think it is about being under average height and thin that people seem to frown on so much yet it is more socially acceptable to be super fat and short?

One of my buddies is 5ft7 really skinny and claims to be 140 pounds and he doesn't get much interest from women yet his best friend is 5ft9 and weighs not much under 196 pounds who is a woman magnet. However it could be more to do with looks that weight.

I am really starting to believe being fat if your a guy is more attractive than being really slim. Could it be a new trend or something? lol

I am from England by the way
Canson said on 11/Jul/17
@175guy: lol Connor is 6'0" if 5'11.75 is an absolute low for him. I mean you may round an inch down but a CM is out there. He's not a flat 182 at his normal low if he's 5'11 7/8 typical. I've gotten down to almost a flat 6'4" myself and although I claim it a lot I'm more a strong 6'4" is what I consider to be my true height. I round down by Choice tho not because I have to. Connor rounding up same with Bobby or G5'11 is normal and if I were only 1/8" or 1/4" under 6'4" I'd still say 6'4" or if were that little under 6'5" then 6'5 would be the claim.
adam said on 11/Jul/17
Rob when i measure my height i have this weird ocd where i can only use a tin foil cylinder thing or a aersol can with my back to the wall! i refuse to measure my height facing the wall. Do you think it would still be accurate compared to facing the wall. I get my mum to stand next to me to make sure the can or cylinder thing is at a 90 degree level. Do you think id give myself any additional height by using this method compared to facing the wall and measuring. Also based on how you look in photos and in videos, I'd say you look like the typical 174cm exactly the same height as my dad.
Editor Rob: it depends on how you feel you stand when measuring.

It's not a problem when having your back near a wall, but say you lean back, you might have created a bit more of a curve in your spine, and don't get as tall a measurement as compared to just standing freely, without any object touching your back.

Maybe one day just try taking a measurement facing the wall.
Delvin chung said on 11/Jul/17
Whats the shoe size of a guy at 5'8
Editor Rob: around 8UK (8.5-9US) is quite common.
Sully said on 11/Jul/17
Hi Big Rob,may I please change my nickname to 'Big Sully'. Even though I'm only 5'9" in the evening , I feel as if it is a positive way to represent my height.
Editor Rob: yes, change it to that if you want...
Nik said on 11/Jul/17
@ Sandy Cowell @ Sally

andre said on 11/Jul/17
rob what is the height of uk people with shoes when they wake in the morning tell me the average of your country

and you rob what is your height with shoes when you wake up 176cm or 177cm hugs :)
Editor Rob: my height is pretty much barefoot in the 5ft 8.75 range first thing, so If I put on a converse I could be 5ft 9 3/8ths, so over 176cm, if I put on a running sneaker probably 5ft 9.75, a solid 177cm...

I'd expect morning height average to be 5ft 9.75ish or 5ft 10.5-10.75 with your average footwear.
Matt said on 11/Jul/17
Rob I've recently been working for my dad at a kitchen door company and I've been lifting heavy doors and packing panels etc. I'd definitely get to my low by the end of the day. I'm only doing it for two weeks, will my absolute low height loss be temporary? I don't normally drop to my absolute low and my back feels strained after a day's work. I hope I'm not damaging my discs to be honest.
Editor Rob: long-term jobs like that might accelerate disc problems, but a few weeks shouldn't do much damage.
F97 said on 11/Jul/17
Rob if someones eyes would be at my cheeks that Will say his eyes are a little bit above my mouth how tall would this person be. He claims to be 177cm
Editor Rob: they potentially could be an inch smaller.
adam said on 11/Jul/17
rob i am 175 cm. male. 23. am i short or average?
Editor Rob: in UK/US, it is bang in the average range, though it might be a little bit under average for the 20-30 year old range.
Sam said on 11/Jul/17
I'm 5'10 and can easily reach 7'6.5 with the tips of my fingers and my wingspans 5'11.5 facing my back to the wall. Maybe you just have broad shoulders. That won't increase standing reach though only wingspan.
Brendan 179cm said on 11/Jul/17
Rob where would my eyes be looking at with someone 6,3 ?
Editor Rob: brendan, I'd expect your eyes to be below the 6ft 3 person's mouth, whether you'd be looking at their chin depends on your own eyelevel and the length of the taller person's head.
c-mo said on 11/Jul/17
Bobby said on 10/Jul/17
Me, at 176cm? I've never gone down that low, why would I claim a height I never I never measure? Get out of here, I'm a legit 178cm guy.


I dont get it either ....there are so many haters on the internet it is quite sick . they want to downgrade others at all costs to feel better about themselves I guess
Blake said on 11/Jul/17
Rob, how many hours walking do you need to get to your low? I woke up at 5am today went out at 9am and was on my feet from then till 2pm. the only time i was sitting down was on the train for 20 minutes both ways and I measured just now just a hair over 5 ft 8 5/8ths I haven't even ate yet
Editor Rob: usually if on feet I might be no different at 1pm compared to 6-8pm, but some times there has been 2-3mm difference from a 1pm to an 8pm. I typically wake around 6am.
Michael R said on 11/Jul/17
Click Here Rob how tall does my friend look next to NBA player Jeremy Lin? Angle is tricky.
Editor Rob: it's very hard to tell from the photo what the true difference would be.
Tyson said on 11/Jul/17
Hi Rob, my brother grows 1 cm in 5 months at 18, in two months turns 19 and he is 187.7cm
Is possible he grows to 189.5cm?
Editor Rob: there are certainly some people who grow from 18 to 21.

So you should never rule out the chance...also the growth plates may not be fused, so doing regular exercise or even some form of stretching may be worth attempting when young - it could maximise your potential.
Salman said on 10/Jul/17
Hey Rob, are most celebrities that you meet pretty friendly in general? Did you get any sense of arrogance from them that distinguishes them from everyday people?
Editor Rob: Salman, most are friendly...some are quiet, some very engaged, others daydreaming and wishing they were elsewhere...but nobody really nasty from my experience.

I do think quite a lot of big-name actors can become deluded and demanding the more entrenched in the glamorous Hollywood lifestyle they become. They become used to the word YES. You hear some of the silly demands these big names make, it's cloud cuckoo land stuff at times...
brad said on 10/Jul/17
rob, what are the thickest pair of trainers that i can buy? 3cm+ sole. 4cm max.
Editor Rob: 4cm is more rare, usually you can get near 1.4 in big styles of shox, and there are MBT sneakers (and other 'active' versions from Reebok) which can be around 2 inches.
G 5'11 said on 10/Jul/17
@175cm Here on this thread we have a troll with nothing better to do who can't accept being 171cm.
G 5'11 said on 10/Jul/17
@Wow Rob that's a insane reach, what's your arm span? I wonder how high I can reach in the air I have a 6'2 arm span
Editor Rob: it's only 176cm range, though your reach can also depend on how high your shoulders are too!
Chris said on 10/Jul/17
Hey Rob, is it true that sometimes posture and how tildet a head is could count a lot in one-s height apperance in photos?
Editor Rob: yes, I believe it could have an effect on some people, maybe fooling them into thinking one person was taller or shorter than they really are.
Csimpson 6ft said on 10/Jul/17
@175 cm *sigh* not this... AGAIN! for the last time im not 182cm i have been measured 6ft in the afternoon (with a tape measure and a can)loads of times everyday of my life from being on my feet and am only 182cm/5ft 11.75 at my absolute absolute low! seriously shut the f*** up!!!
Nik said on 10/Jul/17
@ Sandy Cowell

As I said in my last post the weather today has been a far cry from what it was yesterday. I hope this week is OK for you.

Take care.
Ben said on 10/Jul/17

Wait, are you trying to bring down Bobby to 176?! Since when did he ever measure 176? He's atleast 177.5 which is basically 5'10", even in the evening. Legit 5'10" guy.

Plus I'm sure that if we met, my eyelevel would comfortable an inch (Give or take a fraction) above your eyebrows.
Ben said on 10/Jul/17
Nash, depends on how old you are.
jo said on 10/Jul/17
Hey Rob, I've been on vacation in a third world country for over a month.It's really hot here, I sweat buckets literally everyday,It's hard to stay hydrated plus my sleep pattern, diet, bed mattress etc is different than that back home. I'm also more active here.I've been waking up a whole half inch less than my true morning height. Why is this? I'm really frustrated. is this temporary, which I hope it is.
Editor Rob: the conditions you explain are probably the reason for what would be temporarily shorter height. Return to a moderate climate with better hydration and sleep and I'm sure you will recover to usual morning range.
Nik said on 10/Jul/17
@ Sally - hello!

I am struggling to take it in myself! I didn't see yours at 1 o' clock that morning for dome reason, I saw it at about 8 o' clock!

Nik said on 10/Jul/17
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi!

The weather up north has been absolutely pants today!

Have a great week yourself Sandy! I hope you enjoyed the film too.

I have a reply on Maryse Oullets page for you plus a comment from last thing on Saturday!

George12 said on 10/Jul/17
Me Click Here

Hi Rob, I've just come back from a 2 hour hike and measured myself at 173cm. Judging from this pic does it look like I've done it right? I'm barefoot of course.
Editor Rob: the link didn't work unfortunately.
Grey said on 10/Jul/17
Rob, can you make some extra "Guess their height from pics with me quests? ;)
Bobby said on 10/Jul/17
Me, at 176cm? I've never gone down that low, why would I claim a height I never I never measure? Get out of here, I'm a legit 178cm guy.
Mahbub said on 10/Jul/17
Rob. Where would a 5'9 woman come up to on a 6ft guy
Editor Rob: we are talking about 1 inch above their eyebrows as being likely, but it certainly depends on how big a head the six footer has.
Sully said on 10/Jul/17
Thanks for your reply big Rob. I'm very relieved .
I don't suffer all the time it's just now and then. Thanks again.
Editor Rob: yeah, we all have worries. Some people far more than others.

I find the more occupied you are, the less you have time to worry...also I advocate regular strolls in the fresh air.
Amirhossein said on 10/Jul/17
Ok I did an out of bed measurement I used to get 182.3 or sth like that, and now I got 183.2, I think I've gained something
Editor Rob: if you get 1cm difference, it is significant...if it was 3-4mm, that can be due to different hydration.
Michael R said on 9/Jul/17
Rob my cousin alex has the same type of build as Andrew Garfield, on his own he has a genuine tall look. He goes to bed on most days at easy 5'10.5 or .6 and wakes up about 5'11.33 do you think he would edge out Garfield? I have a picture with him aswell
Editor Rob: he might be very similar to Andrew. I think generally Garfield pulls off a min 5ft 10.5.
mrtguy said on 9/Jul/17
Rob, doesn't Big Show look like the poster boy for acromegaly here, his height mostly comes from the head and he is much leaner??
Click Here
Sandy Cowell said on 9/Jul/17
@ Nik - The weather downsouth has been too hot and close. It has been far more pleasing in the shade.
Have a fantastic week, Nik! Now it is Scary Film Time, and tonight's is called 'Lovely Molly'.

🌞 πŸŒ„ πŸŽ‘
Sally said on 9/Jul/17
@ Nik
Hello Nik! I think I made a mistake on my timeline. I believe I submitted my post dated 8/July mid-afternoon. That would have made it available to you when you woke up at 1 a.m. My first post back was the post I finished writing at approximately 9 p.m. on Friday. Yikes! That sure became complicated.
Sally said on 9/Jul/17
@ Nik & Sandy: Hello! Yesterday evening (Saturday) I think I finished composing my previous post around 9 p.m. (central time zone.) I believe you are exactly six hours ahead of me, so it would have been around three a.m. your time. We just missed each other. It is currently 6:15 p.m. my time, so it is 11:15 p.m. in England. Are you sleeping? You and Sandy are right about Rob's dedication to this website. I was wondering if it would be a good idea for Rob to advertise to increase users of this site and generate more income. But maybe he would be unable to keep up with his editorial duties. Rob is an intelligent man who has been running this website for around 13 years, and he certainly doesn't need my advice :)
Nik, you mentioned that many people are equally as busy as I am but they still find time to spend on this site. I agree with you. While I am busy, a big part of my problem is my anxiety and OCD can sometimes get the better of me. I had gotten so far behind with my postings that I didn't feel I could adequately address all of the Qs and comments I wanted to make. I simply didn't know how to get back on track. I realize that is a little strange. Earlier today I mentioned to my son Clint that I wanted to check to see if any of my friends from England got back to me. He commented "How can they be friends if you have never met." I said "Well, they're friends to me." That is truly how I feel. I am sorry for my absence.
I hope I am able to come to the UK some day. I am sure it would be a trip of a lifetime. Nik, you commented that the USA has larger cities than England. That is true, but the only large city I have been to is Chicago. I live in a rural area. The population of my town is just under 4,500. This is actually twice as big as the town I grew up in. I do live within about 45 minutes of two small cities of about 80,000 and 100,000 people. How big are the cities where you live?
Thank you, Nik, for your comments regarding Clayton. I am very proud of him. He leaves for the Air Force on August 14.
Please forgive me if I leave short posts in the next few days. I have a very important exam I am studying for. On Wednesday I am taking a six-hour examination to become a registered nurse. Please wish me luck. It is one of the most important tests of my life.
Sandy, I realize I addressed Nik more in this post than you. I will try to comment on your posts at a later time.
Cheers Nik & Sandy!
Nash said on 9/Jul/17
Hey rob I wanna ask how tall you think I'd be? I'm 5'9" my mum is 5'7 and my dad is 5'8. Grandpas were 6'2 and 6'3
George12 said on 9/Jul/17
Hi Rob, how high can you reach in the air in cm?
Editor Rob: somewhere around 7ft 3 (221cm) range last I remembered
Michael R said on 9/Jul/17
Click Here Here's a picture of me and my friends. I'm the one all the way in the right. Is this a better gauge for my height?
your name said on 9/Jul/17
What effect does it have on growth if I measure myself frequently on a daily basis? I presume there are mental effects- correct me if I'm wrong.
Editor Rob: if you become too worried about a subject, it might have a slight effect on hormone release levels. Whether this really would be significant (or just minor) is hard to tell, but from some research papers, I don't think an increase in psychological stress is helpful to growth.
175 cm said on 9/Jul/17
Nik said on 9/Jul/17
@ 175cm

I think that every man who is 5'8" or 5'9" should ideally be happy with his height, it is unreasonable social interaction which can make some men at average and decent heights be dissatisfied with how tall they are. I think everyone should learn to be happy with their height.

True words! On this thread we have quite a few guys (Ben - 176 cm -, Bobby - 176 cm -, Connor - 182 cm -, G-5'11 - 179 cm - etc.) who can't accept their height... I mean they're all average or well above it, it's insane.
Sully said on 9/Jul/17
Hi big Rob, I suffer from a bit of insomnia. I sometimes only get about 4-5 hours sleep, sometimes 6-8 hours. Can this cause me to loose height permanently?
I'm 20 years old by the way.
Editor Rob: maybe not permanently, but it can effect our bodies, raising risks of heart disease, strokes...

I know that's long-term, everybody has periods of sleeping problems. Sometimes it is worries on the mind, or environmental.
Amirhossein said on 9/Jul/17
Hey rob u told me not to measure myself for 6months to see if I can reach 6' or not but I couldn'tπŸ˜…, I measured myself after a month and I got almost 181 after 6h of awakening, I grew almost 1/8th of an inch in a month.
Last year I didn't grow in summer, but I grew almost 1 inch in fall and winter
So how possible is 6ft for me?(and I'm 16)
Editor Rob: well if you can't wait, then maybe do a measurement every 3 months, but I think to really see if you are gaining, do an out of bed, then one at 6pm after a day of normal activities.
Nik said on 9/Jul/17
@ 175cm

I think that every man who is 5'8" or 5'9" should ideally be happy with his height, it is unreasonable social interaction which can make some men at average and decent heights be dissatisfied with how tall they are. I think everyone should learn to be happy with their height.
Nik said on 9/Jul/17
@ Sandy Cowell @ Sally

You have both given me plenty to get my teeth into!

Nik said on 9/Jul/17
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi!

I am going to be in the back garden again this afternoon! - it's roasting today! What's the weather like south of London?
Nik said on 8/Jul/17
@ Sally

Hi Sally!

Welcome back to celebheights! You said that you had a lot on so it didn't surprise me to see that you were absent from this website, sometimes people can have equally as much on but they may still be able to afford some time to on this website but unfortunately in your case this was not possible. I am glad that you still found time to browse our postings and I know that you have kept an eye on Sandy's posts as well as mine! You have got a lot of positive and supportive things to say to us so thanks for that!
I am glad that you too are outgoing enough to follow my health tips, it is great to hear that you will be following the advice that I have given. It was good to read your post to Sandy and myself this morning as well as Sandy's wildlife post to me, which I read on this page at 1 o'clock this morning after waking up and deciding, by chance, to see if Rob had made any updates since Friday night - which he had! I reckon you were on at this time, but that will have been at about 8 o'clock in the evening in the USA.
You will have to make it to the UK one day, places like London, Edinburgh, and York, are all attractive places for Americans to visit, as a lot of you like our history and culture.
Both our countries are fantastic countries but the places in the UK, London aside, are all far smaller than the largest American cities! London is the only place in the UK which is on a par with most of the 5 largest American cities in terms of size!
Everybody in the UK would be very moved to hear of your comments regarding the terrible acts of terrorism in Manchester and London, as you know these acts are evil beyond belief and very cowardly.
I hope that you like the new celebrities that Rob has added recently and enjoy making the most of all parts of this great website. I am proud to be associated with or friends with some of the visitors on this website, and the site owner Rob, who generally works everyday of the week on this site at all sorts of times of the day!
You can also be very proud of your son on becoming an Eagle Scout, he obviously put a lot of hard work into achieving this great honour and it is clear that his family has helped him along the way. It must be great that all the work that he has put in has paid off and will benefit him in the future.

Have a great weekend Sally!
Nik said on 8/Jul/17
Sandy Cowell

Hi Sandy!

I hope you are having a great weekend and that everything is OK. It is nice that Sally is able to be back with us on this website, I found out first thing this morning when Rob started his morning shift! I have also sent her s long comment to digest!
I want to say how funny it is that Jaffa has made a new friend in Twitty from his local library! These two animals certainly know how to spend their spare time and they are good sorts too, particularly with them not being even prepared to waste their pencil lead on drawing Hitler's pathetic moustache! They both know how to economise well but I don't fancy anything from Twitty ever landing on my head! Best to save it and use it to create some fine pieces of Expressive Art instead!
It is great that you and your boyfriend had a good time strolling around a park, it must have been great to see all the different animals that were there, not least the green parrots, it must have been a joy for you both!
I would even go as far as to say such ventures are a fine health tip that you have inadvertently provided me! Thanks for that! Yes it must be great for someone's health and wellbeing to be stood up and to walk around and take in all the tranquil surroundings at such settings! There is a good level of complementary light exercise to gain from such a venture as well as so much wildlife to admire, which must be good for the soul and for morale. Hopefully there are benches to sit on in this park so that everyone can stay out as long as they ideally want to pain free, if that is an issue that is troubling someone at that time. Also benches are good to provide everyone with a few relaxing breaks from standing and walking, which is a decent idea even if doing such things provides no pain. Doing things like this more regularly is something we should all strive to achieve, also doing things like you do such as getting the bus into Bromley, walking about a bit, and interacting with people is great too! Whilst on holiday at Scarborough Steve, Karen, Ginger, and myself went for a walk around Peasholm park, which houses a lake, waterfalls, trees, and a fine array of animals including Geese, Swans, Ducks, and Squirrels! Ginger was continually looking towards the squirrels but thankfully she was on a lead.
You do right not to drive if you can avoid it, which you obviously can like I can too. I don't like the dangers that cars can bring to people and animals, there are a lot of people who do drive safely and your boyfriend strikes me as one of them, as my Dad was too. I like to lead a risk free life by being careful about everything that I do, If we all did the same each one of us would be much safer.
As I told you earlier that the Latin translation for Pontefract is "broken bridge"! That's how the town got its name! Pontefract is also famous for it's liquorice production and the Pontefract cakes which are made out of liquorice, also it's racecourse, it's great number of pubs, and the Dunhill's Haribo sweet factory! It's great to be able to share things like this with you, Rob, and all other site members on here. This is one of the beauties of this site, we can talk about height and also socialise and talk about any of the things that we want to talk about on this page!

Have a great weekend Sandy! Cheers!
Sally said on 8/Jul/17
@ Sandy Cowell & Nik: Hello! I spent the morning (Saturday) reading posts and catching myself up on the recent chit-chat on this site. Sandy, how interesting that you had the opportunity to meet identical triplets. That is very rare indeed. Identical triplets require one fertilized egg to split and become two eggs/embryos and then one of the eggs/embryos must split again. I like your idea of dressing the babies in different colors to keep each baby's identity intact. It sounds like the mother appreciated your suggestion. I have also heard of parents applying nail polish on twins to keep track of who is who. I wonder how often little infants were mixed up in days past before nail polish was invented and before the luxury of multiple brightly colored baby outfits? Maybe Native Americans and other cultures would have tied something on one of the babies. It seems like it would be a shame to lose your true identity even if it was lost to a sibling. Sandy, I am somewhat superstitious. Let me explain. On the rare occasion that I am at a small get-together with 10-25 people such as a baby shower, I almost always win the door prize. A door prize is simply where one name is drawn from a hat/basket containing the names of all the attendees. I have learned not to mention to anyone that I will probably win; because if I make that declaration, I never win. Of course, this never occurs where large sums of money are concerned such as the lottery. Maybe I should address @ Arch Stanton regarding my next comment. But, Sandy, you mentioned something regarding green eyes and a survey. What information do you have about this? I have green eyes. Oddly enough, I was once at an aforementioned baby shower. We were playing a silly game to win a prize. We sat in a circle. Directions were given. If a certain statement applied to you, you moved one chair to the right...whether someone was already occupying that chair or not. The object of the game was to see how many people would end up sitting in a single chair. Anyway, one direction was "If you have blue eyes, move over one chair. I didn't move. Someone stated "Oh, you must have brown eyes." I thought that was an odd remark as a decent number of people in my area have green eyes. Nik, I read that you as well as Sandy and a few others on this site also experience anxiety too. I hope your anxiety is decreasing. Some of my anxiety stems from trying to meet and exceed expectations set by myself and others. The current political climate in the United States hasn't helped my anxiety. I also worry about my kids a great deal. I am not a controlling mother though. I have allowed my kids a lot of independence and freedom. For instance, I allowed them to ride their bikes around town at a young age (not at night). I think it is healthy for kids to have some "adventure" in their lives. My boys were quite tall at an early age, and I believed they were capable of staying safe. I am only half joking, but I thought if there were any "bad guys" lurking around, my kids could have out-run them. My boys simply always appeared older than their chronological ages. By the way, Clint is now 6'2" at 14; and Clayton is still 6'8". My daughter, Caroline, is 5'6.5". I thought I better add some height information before I get in trouble. Nik, you mentioned that you pride yourself on being "genuine, trustworthy, and respectful." Those are three admirable personality characteristics. I hope I have shown those qualities to others. Nik, you have shared valuable health and nutritional tips. Do you have any mental health tips? I believe Prince Harry has taken up the cause of mental health. Hopefully it will be helpful to the many people who suffer from mental health problems.
Cheers Nik & Sandy!
Sakz said on 8/Jul/17
Rob where exactly would 5'11 come up to on a 6'1 person?
Editor Rob: Sakz, you'd expect the 5ft 11 to be looking at the end of the taller guys nose.
adam said on 8/Jul/17
hi rob, I'd give you a solid 5 foot 8. Just a quick question for a British man living in the uk what would you consider 'short' 'average' and 'tall'. for each one you can use two measurements for example between ''5 foot 3 and 5 foot 4'' is short. That was just an example, i want your views on it since you are the king of estimating heights!
Editor Rob: in the UK I still would say 5ft 8 - 10.5 might cover a lot of the average range. 5ft 5-7 is probably viewed as short by many, with under 5ft 5 very short.

5ft 11 is a funny one, it's in that above average but maybe not what you'd call tall..I think the closer you get to 6ft the more you could say you are in the start of the tall range.
slothee said on 8/Jul/17
Hi Rob, I was wondering why I am unable to comment or vote on Drew Carey's page? It seems when I click on the page Click Here, it redirects me to (a creative commons page). Is this page broken? Thanks!
Editor Rob: I looked and seen a bug on the page, it is fixed now. Thanks for pointing it out!
Sandy Cowell said on 8/Jul/17
Hi Nik!

It was good to get the news this morning that Sally is back! She much have had a lot of reading to do to catch up. I thought it very likely that motherhood duties were predominantly the reason Sally had been so busy!

Sally - we know that being a good Mum is first on your list of priorities! It was because of your concern over Clayton's 6ft8 height that you found celebheights in the first place and you are curious, friendly and interesting to talk to, so it is simply great to have you back, Sally!

Oh yes Nik! Aren't taxis a nuisance to have to rely upon so much? Having said that, I don't think the cab firms mess around with me very much, not that it hasn't happened! IT HAS! I was once coming home in a cab, and the driver could tell I was excessively drunk and he claimed that he couldn't give me the Β£35 change because he didn't have it. That was the last time that I bothered with that cab firm. Yes, being three sheets to the wind AND short does make you far more likely to be ripped off big style and of that I am bloody certain!

πŸ˜„πŸ‘πŸš• πŸ˜† πŸ˜‘πŸ‘ŽπŸš• 😝
πŸ˜¬πŸ‘ŽπŸš• 😝 πŸ˜£πŸ‘ŽπŸš• 😝

They do push their chances when they can see you have had a skinful and are short!

Have a wonderful weekend Nik!
justbringit said on 8/Jul/17
Hey rob how much is the biggest eyelevel you have seen? I think i have a low eyelevel because the difference of my eyes to my hairline is almost 4 inches what do you think?
Editor Rob: I have seen a couple of people with medical conditions which enlarged their skull, so in those cases maybe nearer 6 inches.

I've rarely seen anybody in person with what looked more than 5.5 range, usually very tall person with big head would have that range.
Nik said on 8/Jul/17
@ G' 5'11

Thanks for that Greg. You are right in that non sufferers of anxiety and fear cannot possibly know how hard it is for people who do suffer from these things.

Nik said on 8/Jul/17
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi!

I have a reply to your comment on the page of Maryse Ouellet!

Also do you want to know another coincidence? On the 2nd July you posted a comment on the page of Professor Brian Cox, the same night he was on the news talking about Professor Stephen Hawking on his 75th birthday!

Sandy Cowell said on 8/Jul/17
Hi again Sally!
No I don't mind at all if you are curious as to whether I have experienced side effects as a result of being attacked before. The answer is yes, of course I have done, and still do.
It is part of the body's healing process and nothing to feel ashamed of.
Cheers Sally! πŸ‘
Chris said on 8/Jul/17
Rob if a 170 man and 190 man were in a photo toghether and the 190 man tilted his head up and the 170 guy stood normal, could the 170 man appear under the 190 man's lips? could tilting your head up a bit make it seem like there is more difference in height?
Editor Rob: yes, because the 190 man's lips could go from say 20cm (from top of head) to about 18cm..the 170 man would look under his lips now.
andre said on 8/Jul/17
Click Here

here you have ryan sheckler same height as justin bieber see it is strange why he looked so much short in the other picture with jay leno and jonas brothers when you open his page i would put him a guess of full 167cm minimun and max 169cm barefoot at night he is listed 5ft7 with shoes on wikipedia would be good what other people have to say about him if you open his page hugs
Editor Rob: it's hard to see him as being less than Justin, sometimes he just might look barely 5ft 7, other times looks over it
Michael R said on 8/Jul/17
Rob how tall would you say my mother is? Click Here It's hard for me to estimate because she wears heels a lot and i don't see her that often. She claims to be 5'8 I don't know though. Definitely above average I always had thought 5'7
Editor Rob: just from that photo, wouldn't have thought over 5ft 5!
Michael R said on 8/Jul/17
Well rob I have been losing weight recently I'm around 220 now and I've been packing on muscle for sports. Do I look my height in photos or taller or shorter
Editor Rob: it's easier if in a group to tell height, sometimes a photo can stretch a 5ft 8 man to look 6ft or shrink a 6ft 2 man to look 5ft 10!
175 cm said on 8/Jul/17
Are you happy with your height? At least you seem confident with your IQ.
Editor Rob: We all come in different heights, which can be easier or harder for some people to live with...

I am a reasonably Happy individual. The only time I think being taller would be a benefit to me is in getting photos....ideally 6ft would be an easier height than 5ft 8!
Grey said on 8/Jul/17
Rob, here I put another pictures of mine and my gf. She is 171cm. Does she appear taller too?
Editor Rob: on her own I'd have said she could pass for 5ft 6 or 7
joe### said on 8/Jul/17
Rob, you do not think about expanding celebrity height on whatsapp?
Editor Rob: I'd forgotten I even had something like Instagram, I checked it just now and barely even used it!

I never used whatsapp and don't really use facebook/twitter. Probably instagram could be more useful, but I like to comment about height on CelebHeights and keep most of the content on this site πŸ‘
Bobby said on 8/Jul/17
Hey Rob, how much height do you think a person could lose if they were dehydrated and working hard for the whole day? Like, do you think there'd be a limit? Is it possible you'd dip under 5'8 in those conditions? By working hard, I mean lifting heavy things and doing. a lot of physical work.
Editor Rob: I think I'd need to be quite dehydrated to go sub 5ft 8.

Like if fasting...though I wouldn't personally fast, nor would I recommend it.

If you do fast though, it would be interesting to measure your height at the end of a day that deprived your body of food or water.
Martin said on 8/Jul/17
The site is great! Thank you!
Arthur said on 8/Jul/17
If you claim 5'10 in real life, then you are really honest my friend
Martin said on 8/Jul/17
Hey Rob!I ve found this article on the net : Click Here

And i wonder if the man knows what he writes. I mean- Im from Europe, so here we use centimeters, which are way more accurate than inches. The author of the article has written that by changing position you can "increase" your height by about 0.25-0.5 inch. So by about 0.7 to 1.5 cm. Do you think its possible?

I mean, me and my boyfriend we ve been measuring ourselves a lot, many times just few seconds after waking up in the morning. He s 5cm taller than me. After reading that article i wonder- what is the error of the measurement? i use stadiometr-very similar to the one that you use. Do you think its possible to increase heightby 0.7cm by keeping legs apart on the measurement? Anddo you think its possible to increase height by 1.5cm (0.5 inch) by using these tips? Ive checked it and on me it doesnt work....
Editor Rob: I think sometimes we can overcomplicate things.

I did a video about difference between narrow and wider stance, there was literally no measurable difference.

It's like people asking about measuring one direction or another. Stand tall on a platform and spin the platform round...your height doesn't alter. If you get different measurements one way or another you are standing poorer one way or the floor/wall is causing the mismatch.
Nik said on 8/Jul/17
@ Sally

Hi Sally!

It's good that you are back! I wil speak later and it is understandable why you were away for a bit.

I will be sitting in the garden a bit this afternoon to get a bit of sun!

I have just right now read Sandy Cowell's reply to you, I think Sandy does right not to drive although it is needs must for a lot of people. Slow and safe driving is the best policy for the sake of humans and animals.

Nik said on 8/Jul/17
@ Sandy Cowell

Hi Sandy!

I will respond to your interesting comment later!

The Latin for Pontefract is broken bridge! I don't know if you knew or not.

Sandy Cowell said on 8/Jul/17
Hello Sally! So pleased that you are back! Thank you enormously for your kind words about Peelio. She was the sweetest little cat ever and I dreamt about her last night. The others are still sniffing for her, even though she was run over nearly 4 weeks ago - tomorrow. Cats have very good memories.
Yes, I love the Ellen Show and it is delightful that you think of me when you see her animal videos, Sally!
I have to get ready now to go and get my painkillers! My boyfriend is giving me a lift! I don't drive, Nik, I would be terrified of hurting animals and humans for that matter, but animals are tinier, except for small children and I wouldn't want to hurt any of them of course. I saw an 8 year old boy killed on the road when I was 24, and I never got over it. I didn't stay to watch, I couldn't. I found out he had died from the local paper. I spent the rest of the day round my friend Kate's house. She had 2 sons and gave me my cat Geranium. She was only 4ft10!
I'll write a proper letter later!
Cheers! Have a great weekend! πŸ˜„πŸ˜†
Grey said on 8/Jul/17
Rob, how tall do I look here? I'm 5ft9 guy. The guy in the middle is me(third guy from the left)
Editor Rob: you have a slim enough look to probably appear at least 5ft 9 or 10 in photos.
Sally said on 7/Jul/17
@ Sandy Cowell & Nik: Hi Sandy and Nik, I'm back :) Sandy, I just saw your comment to Nik regarding my absence. It was sweet to say "It would be nice to have her back soon." I also appreciated Nik's response that I would be "welcomed back." Initially my lack of posts occurred because I was devoting a lot of my time to supporting my oldest son, Clayton's, endeavor to become an Eagle Scout, which is the highest rank in the Boy Scouts of America organization. I am proud of him for earning this ranking. Boy Scouts focus on community service and self improvement. Clayton lost interest in the Boy Scouts but his father and I encouraged him to continue because he was so close to completing the requirements. Clayton will be leaving for basic training in the United States Air Force and the Eagle Scout ranking will enable him to enter the USAF with a higher rank and a higher salary than a non Eagle. A little more than a month ago, I read through the posts and made a list of topics I wanted to respond to. Then I misplaced (lost) my list. Like you, Sandy, I sometimes suffer from anxiety. I felt so badly for not responding to Qs and misplacing my list that I didn't respond at all. Another reason I got behind in my postings is because I wanted all my responses to be in one post rather than multiple small posts; but then when I was ready to reply, I had so much to say that it became overwhelming. Especially because I was typing my posts on my phone rather than my computer. I am much more efficient typing on my computer versus my cell. I have decided to just go by "Sally." I don't need to lead with the fact that I am 5'11". In my opinion physical appearance (height), is just a small part of who we are. It's kind of ironic that I just said that on a site devoted to I think for those of us at the short and tall ends of the height spectrum, it can become a big part of our identity. I happened to see a reference to "Long Tall Sally" somewhere on this site. It does seem a little coincidental that "Sally" is my legal name. I want to express my deepest condolences to the people of Manchester and the United Kingdom in general for the horrific terror attacks occurring after the Ariana Grande concert as well as the London Bridge attacks. I had a moment of panic that yet another terror attack had occurred in London; then I remembered I was watching something on television that I had previously recorded. I was very relieved when I realized another act or terrorism was not occurring. Sandy, whenever they show cute pets on "Ellen". I think of you. I was going to ask you if you have ever seen this show, and then I saw you post that you watch it. I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved Peelio. It is heartbreaking to lose an animal you care deeply about. Nik, you asked me if I had ever been to an attraction thought to be haunted that is popular with American Tourists...I forget the name. I have never been to England...yet. Nik, I think you asked what color my Golden Doodle is. He is the same color as a Golden Retriever, but his coat is curlier like his poodle parent. He has been having a fun summer swimming in the river to keep cool. Nik, I too am interested in your health and nutrition advice. I believe I am a relatively healthy eater. My problem is my caloric intake is too high for my activity level. I started putting on the pounds during nursing school. I have started walking regularly. As a nurse, I would like to lead by example and have a healthy weight. Sandy, I was truly impressed when you mentioned that you walked (if I remember correctly) over 20 miles. AMAZING! Speaking of weight, yesterday I went to the Motor Vehicle Department to renew my driver's license. I didn't want to put my current weight on my government issued driver's license. I decided to leave my weight at the amount listed when I last renewed it eight years ago. I am almost 50 pounds heavier than I was then. They accepted my false claim. In Wisconsin, they do not measure/weigh you. This shows we cannot accept an actor's identification as Gospel. Sandy, I don't want to bring up a bad memory for you, but I am curious. Do you have lingering health problems from being attacked on the subway? I am so sorry this happened to you. If I was there I would have been right at your side helping you fight off your attackers. I can tell you are scrappy. We would have kicked butt...haha. One benefit of being tall is I rarely feel vulnerable to violence. At least when I was in my prime, women wouldn't challenge me because they were intimidated by my size; and men who were raised right wouldn't hurt a woman.
Cheers Nik & Sandy!
Joshua said on 7/Jul/17
Hey Rob love the site! Hey a couple of quick recommendations of some pages that could be good discussion:
Nick Diaz
Nate Diaz
LaKeith Stanfield
Cheers friend!
Chris said on 7/Jul/17
Hey Rob, if someone comes up to the middle of the chin of a 192cm tall guy how tall is he?? 171?? 170??
Editor Rob: 170 is possible.
G 5'11 said on 7/Jul/17
@Ben No problem man I always gotchu! don't take Arthur seriously, he's lying about his own height for all we know he expects us to listen to his instructions on or height claims and thinks just because he isn't being listed he doesn't have to make a measurement video in order to be taken seriously, but we should give him the benefit of the doubt lol. I'm just done with Arthur he's not but an annoyance. You can claim 5'11, nobody would say anything in real life to you.
Bobby said on 7/Jul/17
@mjkzero, with a height range like that, it's possible to have a morning height of 5'11.25 to 5'11.5 on average. Most people in that position would be claiming 5'11 for the sake of practicality.
Bobby said on 7/Jul/17
@MrFish, yeah, Rob is right, 176.7cm is an extreme low for me, but I can get a hair under when taxing myself even more. I have a morning height of 179cm, with a good 8-9 hours of sleep. My general low is around 177.2-177.3cm. That's 5'9.76-77 usually, so I just claim 5'10 because I am in the position to do so and it's not technically lying because I would look identical to other 5'10ners. The most I can measure with shoes on would be 5'11.5 or 5'11.25 if I've gone down a bit.
Sandy Cowell said on 7/Jul/17
Hey Nik! How are you? I'm back to add to my original comment from earlier. I assured you that I'd be energised and in full throttle to talk about the trip to the park yesterday that I took with my boyfriend. You will be interested to know that the park is minutes away from many a picture of those taken of David and Angie Bowie in the 70's, a park where I spent many of my earliest nature trails taken with family and friends at the ages of 3 to 10. The animals are very much the same, but what you notice as you get older is quite staggering!
I never knew that there were green parrot-type birds in that park breeding away when I was growing up! These green birds were only supposed to have been able to thrive in other parts of the world. I'm sorry that I can't be more precise than that
but there you go! There are all sorts of legends attached to them, including one which has Jimi Hendrix and his band members involved. He is supposed to have taken them on tour with him, after which they decided to escape, breeding away and making their presence well and truly felt!
What a wonderful story! I see these green, red beaked birds round the tallest trees near to which my doctor's surgery.
These are also a wonderful variety of ducks, geese, swans and many other birds in the vacinity! They are always very hungrey and it is great fun to feed them bread and other bits and pieces! Loads of grey squirrels thrive down these locations, plus rats with skinny tails, water voles, a splendid variety of birds and many other gorgeous animals.

Have a green nature inspired weekend Nik! πŸ˜†πŸ‘
andre said on 7/Jul/17
Click Here

rob how much you estimate ryan shecler height here with shoes? see the picture hugs
Editor Rob: he doesn't quite look 5ft 7 there.
Michael R said on 7/Jul/17
Click Here Rob here are 2 pictures of myself. How do my proportions look to you? My wingspan is about 6'4-5 which I always thought to be on the longer side.
Editor Rob: your arm length is quite normal range and you don't look like you've crept up in weight...I think if you have a ratio of 1:1.05 it starts to look very long.
Ben said on 7/Jul/17
Arthur said on 2/Jul/17
If ben measured 5'9 7/8 even as his extreme low, he can't possibly keep his 5'10.75 listing on the user page anymore. He is 5'10 flat.

Arthur, if you watched my video and read the description then you'd know I said I was 5'10.5" - 5'10 5/8. I never said I was 5'10.75" on average, I had only been awake for 5 hours when I measured myself, my usual low is about 5'10.25". I've never been measured as low as 5'9 8/9 before I tried to be dehydrated for a whole week. Plus I always say I'm 5'10" or 178 in public.

@Gregg Thanks for having my back buddy!
MJKoP said on 7/Jul/17
Costas Mandylor was listed as 5'11"(6'0" elsewhere on the web) before Rob met him, and Edward Furlong was 5'7" here. They've both been docked 1.75" subsequent to Rob's encounters.
Editor Rob: I remember Furlong in 2007 was at 5ft 6.5 and Eric Roberts I had started off at his claim of 5ft 11.
James said on 7/Jul/17
Hey Rob, do you consider 186cm as tall in Asian countries?
MrFish said on 7/Jul/17
Rob, today I was on my feet with a heavy bag for several hours (went hiking). I left home before 8am and returned around 9:30pm. I can't imagine walking more in one day. I measured at 174.1 cm. Being that my peak morning height is 176.7 (over an inch difference), do you think that 174.1 is my absolute low height?
Editor Rob: a chance of getting lower if you put your back under more intense workout, but then if you never do such a thing then you might never drop under 174....until later in life of course. It is a miracle to hit 70 and not lose any height.
Sandy Cowell said on 7/Jul/17
@ Nik - Hey, Nik! This first reply is about Jaffa 🐝 and Twitty 🐦 only. The rest will follow later when I've been to the chemist, when I can tell you all about going to the park and feeding the ducks and the geese and other birds and animals!
Now it's over to Jaffa! πŸπŸ‘

Hi Nik! I am teaching my bird how to draw in black and white like I do and as soon as I read about your ideas for drawing on his moustache, from your last essay on his page, I had one of my own. I thought, "What is black and white and comes in abundance from a bird (🐦) and will save on my 'B' pencils?"
So now, thanks to you and also to my vivid imagination and willingness to save as much money as possible to buy new history books, the way I am doing with my toilet paper economy drive, that is another little problem solved! Twitty
(🐦) gave me a nice supply this morning, which is sitting neatly under the Führer's nose, and looking so damn fantastic, that I thought I might use the next portion to start off his hair! I can see it is going to look stunningly original! Hitler himself will be an 18 inch head and shoulders portrait! Next time, Twitty (🐦) will show me how to draw and paint a life-size butterfly and possibly even a bee like me (🐝)! I am very excited about it all! I needed a distraction from my history swatting. I'm not too keen on that word at all!
I'll let you know how our masterpiece goes! I'm off to have my lunchtime beer and Twitty (🐦) will have a couple of delicious cakes with milk!

🍺🐝 🐦🍣🍢 πŸ‘πŸ™‹ Cheers Nik!
G 5'11 said on 7/Jul/17
@mjkzero just about, they could be a guy who wakes at or near the 5'11 mark, I think "5'11 or almost 5'11 would be fair to say" that's basically how my height is but I still claim 5'11, some stronger 5'11 guys edge me out but they generally guess me to be 5'11 anyways and I've been guessed as high as 6 foot range my legit 6 footers, proportions also take into account.
Ron said on 7/Jul/17
Rob. Are most women that you meet, shorter than you. Do u see 6t+ women
Editor Rob: I think it is effected a lot by heels.

I see a lot of women who look 6ft to 6ft 1, but many of them turn out to be wearing a heel of some sorts.
F97 said on 7/Jul/17
Rob can a 6'0" guy have a lower eyelevel than 171 cm. If yes what would be the low eyelevel? Is 169-170 cm possible?
Editor Rob: If a six footer had a 169cm eye-level, that would be on the very bottom of the spectrum. They would either have a massive head or a really rare skull shape. Usually 170cm is a low eyelevel for a six footer.
Nik said on 7/Jul/17
@ Sandy Cowell

Hi Sandy!

I think it's fantastic that you are following the health advice that I had given out on this website, I certainly don't claim to be an expert and I know that you are more knowledgeable in certain areas of healthcare than I am myself, however I am glad that the good tips I have picked up in the last few years have prompted you to make improvements to your already healthy life style. I am sure you will continue to follow these tips from now on and I am really pleased that you have the attitude of doing so. πŸ‘
Right now it is absolutely siling it down, big time! I went out with my Mum yesterday morning and we had a meal in a local pub but yesterday afternoon I watched Countdown, did a little bit of exercise, and devoted a few hours to browsing and commenting on celebheights!
We have to walk, catch buses, and use taxis to get about locally as neither my Mum nor myself can drive. Do you drive Sandy? To be quite honest I am glad that I don't drive because it is one extra pressure and I would rather put my faith in the safety of bus drivers than in my own hands! We have had a few very rude ones before who have rubbed my Mum and I up the wrong way, and we are usually soft! Thankfully there are plenty of nice ones as well.
Every week my Mum and I catch a bus to go into Pontefract! Do you know what the Latin is for Pontefract? Also it is an historic market town so you will probably know a little bit about the history surrounding this town.
It sounds like you mix with some nice people when you go out and about, I think the lady you talked to in Bromley called Mariella has got a nice name! Well you must have been pleased when you conversation with Gwendolene turned to height without you instigating it! I have talked to taxi drivers and home visitors from charities before about height! It sounds like this lady has a tall family, that's not so with my family as I am about the tallest member of my family, my nephew aside!
I too have noticed that there aren't any omnibus editions of Eastenders on our screens anymore, I remember them once been shown at about 1 o'clock in the morning and also on Sunday afternoons in days gone by!

Cheers Sandy!
cal said on 7/Jul/17
Rob, what was the biggest downgrade or upgrade you made from a page? up to 1 inch of difference?
Editor Rob: I'm certain there were a few who changed 2 inches from an initial claim. Of course some pages in the past have been created with little knowledge at first, then later updated with more knowledge.
Bobby said on 6/Jul/17
Hey Rob, how much does an absolute low differ from a general low on average? Is it a case by case basis or is there an actual figure that you've noticed through measuring others?
Editor Rob: well, I think it can depend on the time you measure.

if you spend an hour in the gym and measure after a heavy deadlift session you are likely going to get extreme low...but do it 10 minutes later and you might have crept back up a couple of mm.

I did mention a study done on Footballers straight after a match and it varied from a couple to like 1cm shrinkage after he match (which I believe was after 6pm, so most players would have been near low mark).
Adijos said on 6/Jul/17
IMDb is mindless, now Samuel L. Jackson is listed as 6'3Β½", David Prowse as 6'3" and Clancy Brown as 6'2Β½". What is this?
mjkzero said on 6/Jul/17
Hey Rob if someone is 5ft10.5 - 5ft10.75 at 7 o clock in the evening. What would be their height out of bed in the morning. Would 5ft11 be a fair claim for their height?
Sandy Cowell said on 6/Jul/17
@ Rob and Jenny:

Hi both of you! Jenny, you were wise to cease taking tramadol painkillers after 2 years. My doctors kept me on them for over 7, yet the pain got worse and spread from my back to my legs - one in particular, (the left one). I was aware that the things were only making the pain just about tolerable, but the side-effects, including increased anxiety and requiring more as time went on, make them a drug for short-term use only and in no way whatsoever a cure for the pain. Yet the thought of stopping them was a scary one.

I am now on a painkiller which is tiny in quantity but also a good deal better for the body than the 8-10 tramadol I took until recently, often with solpadeine max thrown in. You're not meant to take more than 8 tramadol in a day, so I had quite a shock that I was taking sometimes as many as 10! They can make you feel awful as well, so you coped exceedingly well by changing to a less physically demanding version of the job you love, and booting the pills out of regular usage!

I think many boys, a great deal of girls and big girls too, simply LOVE anything to do with Disney! Do you make brooches and Disney character-based jewellery? I can imagine that the demand for such items must be high! That sort of thing I found adorable as a child and a teenager, but now I still am incredibly fond of certain characters, like the Aristocats and other animals. As for looking after children, my first back injury happened as a result of lifting a chubby 9-year-old! I was only about 95lbs myself, and the child can't have been much less, but I did recover after about 3 months! I was then in my mid 30's, and the 'accident' didn't require medication and I went on living a normal active life, but making sure I wasn't swinging round any but the tiniest of the kids I looked after, however tempting it was!

To find a couple who work so well together, both living in the same home and complementing each other on the work front is unusual, but fantastic to know that such a scenario can be so successful! I haven't come across a couple as compatible in my entire life, but that people like you exist is great!

It's been enjoyable writing this to you! I would have searched high and low for Disney products as a kid. I had to make do with the variety of colourful plastic toys, often Disney ones, that were given away with breakfast cereals! One Birthday, I received 10 packets of 'Cocoa Pops', and then one Christmas I was given 2 carrier bags full of 'Animal Biscuits' in order to get plastic animals! The biscuits themselves were horrible, and I buried some of them in the garden!

Cheers for now!
Sandy πŸ‘ β˜•πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ΈπŸ‡πŸ€πŸ•
Editor Rob: yeah, those strong pain-killers do effect you and long-term use may cause other issues!

I'm certain doing lifting at Disney (boxes up and down stairs or into stockroom) caused Jenny's own sciatic problems...even sometimes just touching Jenny it is sore, so I appreciate people with these kind of issues and how frustrating it can be.

We have to be careful with Disney or making items with their characters!...although really Jenny isn't making what you'd call a living - like any card-maker, it is a full-time job if you want barely a part-time earning.
Fog5'11 said on 6/Jul/17
@Greg.I'd say I'm a 5'11" flat person. Out of bed around 5'11.75". Yeah it does seem to be random at times. I have a younger cousin who is about 6'5" and his parents are 6'0" and 5'5". My dad was the youngest of 3, with his eldest brother being 6'3" and the other two 5'10" and 5'8". His parents were 5'8" and 5'2"!
TheReel said on 6/Jul/17
A 5ft 2 woman must have been on tip toes pulling that stadiometer bar downwards, so always some room for error!

Haha yh Rob the women who was 5'2" give or take a 1inch joked that she would need a stepladder!, but the thing was I felt the top bit firmly on my head, I measured aerosol can method at home and get anything from 6'4 7/8ths to 6'5 1/8th, grrrrr its so anoying not knowing what my height is help! what do I do to find out my height?, I mean I don't even know weither I'm six-four or six-five!, how can I continue living like this please hellllp
Editor Rob: yeah, even at 5ft 8 if I'm measuring a 6ft 5 guy, my arms are stretching a bit, I'm sure she was on her tip toes, but if you felt it hitting your skull, then it's got to be reasonably accurate then...

I know some people get measured and it doesn't go down fully, just sits on their hair.
G 5'11 said on 6/Jul/17
@Christian-196.5cm (6ft53/8's) Yeah Arthur does annoy a lot of people on this forum, he personally doesn't annoy me just kind of makes me laugh with his dumb comments. Michael R is also dumb and naive and his comments also make me laugh I barely take anyone except a few people seriously on here πŸ˜‚.
G 5'11 said on 6/Jul/17
@Arthur LOL I'm sure you do I'm sure you do πŸ˜‚ Of course you aren't listed because you are lying! Keep telling yourself that, and yeah you can try just too bad no one does or will ever take you seriously and hmm I'll stick to my 5'7 estimate for you, you don't deserve 5'9 lmao and 5'4 would probably be a little too low.
G 5'11 said on 6/Jul/17
@Nik yeah true, it's legit the worst feeling and the people that don't have it will never understand.
Nik said on 6/Jul/17
@ Sandy Cowell

I was wondering that to be honest Sandy! I like your way with words as in Shat-turd-day!

I hope that these pain killers are doing a good job.

I will answer your comment from the day before yesterday later today.

Have a great day!
Nik said on 6/Jul/17
@ Sandy Cowell

My late maternal grandmother suffered terrible pain to her knees for the last few decades of her life and she still did a lot of housework even in her 80's. Like you said Jenny is incredibly brave and you are too for carrying on with your everyday life so well. People who battle for on through adversity deserve to be seen as the biggest role models to people.

MrFish said on 6/Jul/17
Rob, what should the out-of-bed height be for a solid 174 guy?
Editor Rob: on average about 5ft 9.25, 176cm...but some guys at 175.5 or 177 could all fall to 174 at night.
Nik said on 6/Jul/17
@ Sandy Cowell

Hi Sandy!

I have left a comment for you on the page of Maryse Oullet!
Nik said on 6/Jul/17
@ Sandy Cowell

It sure does suck mate, particularly if you throw in the lethal cocktail of OCD into the mixture! That is the best thing we can do for each other, help each other out. Thanks for that

@ Greg

Thanks for that Greg. You too have summed it up very well. Nerves and anxiety have brought me to my knees before.


Arthur said on 6/Jul/17
LOL. To anyone "challenging" my height claim, I couldn't care less. I am not included on the user's height page, so I am not obligated to post any measurement video. But I have every right to question and critisize anyone who is listed on that page. By the same logic, anyone who offers a guess on actor's heights should provide his own measurements. I can't even point enough how moronic some comments here are being.

Poor Greg. I wake up everyday at just over 5'11, but if you want to believe I am 5'9 or even 5'4, hey be my guest, I won't lose any sleep on that. My height is irrelevant as long as I am not listed here.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 6/Jul/17
Matt said on 4/Jul/17
Christian and Arthur are annoying as hell lol, now you guys are OBSESSED with height and perfecting it. Christian, your last comment is literally you talking about taking off a 1/4 to a 1/2 inch, does it really matter? πŸ˜‚


Matt, don't you put me in the same boat as Arthur. I might sound a bit meticulous when estimating heights sometimes I admit, but atleast I don't go around nagging people about what height they should claim. I mean Bobby can claim whatever he wants, it's his body not ours. But the fact that you're annoyed by me as much you're annoyed by Arthur, is idiotic on your part. If anything, you should be more annoyed by Michael R than me, because his ideologies are similar to Arthur. Take a look at the User page comment section to see for yourself.
Sandy Cowell said on 6/Jul/17
Hi Nik!

Yesterday, I was getting my pain medication as I will be up until Shat-turd-day!
I don't see why they cannot let you have them in one go, but that is because they are a controlled painkiller. I think I have to prove to them first that I can be a good girl! As if I would be anything but!

Have a great day!
Sandy πŸ˜†
Brendan 179cm said on 5/Jul/17
Rob I found my grandad old passport from when he was in his early 20s
Would six two have been seen as huge in the 1970s or just very tall
Editor Rob: like a 6ft 3 range man today maybe, which is rather tall.
Michael R said on 5/Jul/17
Rob how much difference is there between an absolute low and a max morning height on average?
Editor Rob: it could depend on age. When younger, the spine might be able to retain more fluid, which means it also loses a bit more.

I'm sure there are indeed people under 6ft who lose 1.25 inches.

An extreme could be about 1.5 inches, when pushed beyond normal low and body is becoming dehydrated and using fluid from the soft tissues.
Canson said on 5/Jul/17
@Rob: so in your case you only lose 1/2" if properly hydrated. That's not much! You're in essence a strong 5'8" but I get it just the same as I'm over 6'4" by more than that and round down for official purposes on paper
Editor Rob: yes it might only be 1/2 inch, then other day s 5/8ths range.

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

Celebrity Fan Photos and Agency Pictures of stars are © to their respective owners.