How tall is Rob Paul

Rob Paul's Height

5ft 8 ⅛ (173 cm)

I created in 2004 as an entertainment site about Celebrity Height. I measure 5ft 8 ⅛in at night, which is usually about the height I am in most photos with celebrities. First thing in the morning, I measure around 5ft 8 ¾in. For some height-related videos check out my Youtube channel. As of February 2019 I measure close to 5ft 8.25 at lunchtime and in this Video you can see my current weight.

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5ft 8.39in (173.7cm)
Csimpson6ft said on 22/Apr/19
@ Miss Sandy Cowell it's not too bad now just a bit numb but yeah im sure it will recover in time, I measured myself last night and I'm still the same height so it's all good, hope you're having a good week Sandy, bye for now!
Canson said on 22/Apr/19
@Jdubbz: I think a weak 6’6” while a bit much is still enough to keep you around 6’6” as long as you’re in flats. I think anything above maybe 197 is where you really have the problems. Meaning when you hit 199 in shoes. I’d say above about 197.5 when you’re into the textbook 6’6” zone
Canson said on 22/Apr/19
@Jdubbz: yea I agree with everything you said. Assuming that, for you, 198.7 is an out of bed, you being 6’5.33ish is about right at a low. You’re approaching the “lose an inch” category. A normal low for you could be 2.2cm different whereas an inch less maybe 1.9 cm My two taller friends (6’6 and 6’7) don’t even lose a full inch. Then again they are both older than me. The 6’6” friend is 40 today and the 6’7 will be 40 later in the year. The former loses 2 cm or a mm over as he’s still slightly under 6’7” out of bed maybe 200.4-.5 and 6’6-6’6 1/8 (198.2-.3) and the latter comes to 6’7” flat at a low and is like 6’7 3/4-6’7 7/8 out of bed. Both may have been a mm or so more at their peaks though especially out of bed. I guess some of that depends on proportions and how much muscle is in the back as the 6’7” guy is in impeccable shape and has a very strong core
Canson said on 22/Apr/19
@Myself: I think even at 192.6 or .7 you classify as about a textbook 6’4”. You’re inside of the .75-1” and at 192.7 that puts you around 6’3 7/8”.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 22/Apr/19
@ Connor - You are far too young to have to worry about that sort of thing! 😊

You'll heal!
Jdubbz said on 21/Apr/19

I agree, Robert is pretty much straddling the line at 197cm if that's his low. I think there is a tangible difference between a strong 6'5 and a weak 6'6 when it comes to comfort. Seems like one of those breakpoint heights. I'm around 198.7 out of bed now, and in sneaks I actually brush my head on certain doorways. Not just hair, but my skull. Granted, 6'7.5/202cm doorways aren't super common in the US, and it only happens out of bed, so not a huge issue.
Canson said on 21/Apr/19
Happy Easter everyone
Editor Rob
I am typing this on Monday, so I wish everyone a Happy Easter - a good day to buy half price chocolate, I saw one lady this morning with about 10 giant easter eggs in her trolley at Sainsbury's. 🤪

The women was absolutely not Jenny 🤔
Tunman said on 21/Apr/19
Tbh,Big Adam could have pushed really near 6',actually I thought there was 3.5"difference but then it depends how the camera is placed.Also since you're 5'8 3/8"here I guess he's not at his lowest?
Editor Rob
It's about 1.45pm, so the difference was 3.1 inches.

Big Adam may well drop a few mm's under 11.5 by evening.
Myself said on 21/Apr/19
Yeah I am easily around 193.5 when sitting at home, even after having reached my low previously. But it looks like my low is 192.7-8, sometimes 192.6; the latter expecially if I try too hard to stand straight, when I'm already tired, and lose those 1 or 2 mm, not being able to stand as tall as I did 5 seconds earlier!

Thanks. Yeah I guess it's true, but another half a centimeter would've been ideal and I wouldn't have remorse claiming 193 cm while being a little under it...even though everybody else lies by multiple centimeters!
But at 196 I don't see how you can be too tall compared to someone like me; it's probably the sweet spot between being always the biggest but not experiencing as many side effects as someone a couple cms taller.
Csimpson6ft said on 21/Apr/19
Rob I strained my neck in my sleep last night, It doesn't hurt or feel like it's been injured but I don't know, could that lead to height loss? I'm a bit worried about that
Editor Rob
I doubt it has caused height loss.
Nik said on 21/Apr/19
@ Sandy Cowell - No problem, it is a pleasure!
Canson said on 21/Apr/19
@Robert197cm: I would say that where you are currently is probably the ceiling for comfort though. Once you’ve exceeded the 6’7” mark in shoes it’s a bit burdensome with doorways. I only know from having friends that size 6’6 barefoot at a low and 6’7 at a low and me putting on some steel toed boots early morning (6’5 out of bed) and my head touching the 6’6.5 light fixture in my hallway. But push comes to shove I’d take my current height of 6’4 (6’4.25) over anything taller
Csimpson6ft said on 21/Apr/19
Rob how tall would I look with Adam? 5'11.5 guys eyelevel would appear just under mine right or maybe a bit less?
Editor Rob
In photos you would look close, but you measure half inch taller.

There was a more obvious difference between lewis/adam in person...but if that goes to half inch, it starts to become less obvious to people.
Andrea said on 21/Apr/19
Actually, (again, considering you're nearer 174 than 173 there), Big Adam can look very near 6' in that single moment (the picture you've posted for Bobby)...
And yeah, I do remember you posted a photo of him a couple of years ago and said he was 5'11, so he hasn't really grown that much since then. It will be interesting to see if he reaches at least 6'... Also, if I'm not mistaken, his parents are both 5'7 range, and his brother is the 184 range challenger guy, right?
Editor Rob
Yes his HC brother has a different Father, who is 6ft 2 range, whilst Big Adam has 5ft 7ish Father.
Serph king said on 21/Apr/19
Hey rob i would like to ask you something, i got measured the other day at night about 9pm and i was 177cm on dot, what do you think shall i claim? 178 or 177? Because obviously I'll be a little more during the day time.
Editor Rob
Let's say you go for an appointment at 11am - and they measure you 177.8cm - most guys would be claiming 178, so it's not that unreasonable.

But if you were modest and didn't like to claim a height you fall under, then saying 177 isn't wrong either. Of course then you have another proportion of people who measure themselves first thing out of bed and claim 179!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 21/Apr/19
Andrea - Happy Easter to you too!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 21/Apr/19
@ Nik - Thanks for that! 😄

@ Connor - Hi! It's good to see you back! 😁
Nik Ashton said on 21/Apr/19
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 21/Apr/19
@ Nik - Thanks for that! 😄

@ Connor - Hi! It's good to see you back! 😁
Robert 197cm said on 20/Apr/19
@ Christian 6'5 3/8:

I'm definitely becoming one of those people. I'm 6'5-6'6 atm as well, and I've been gradually getting used to it. It's a nice height tbh, taller than the vast majority of tall people but not gigantic or freakish at all. I know you don't really gain any satisfaction from "height mogging", but it's kind of cool to see that I'm now the same height or taller than people who used to be taller than me at the beginning of the year. I honestly can't think of any negatives as compared to when I was 6'3.75 or 6'4.25 aside from my inseam increasing a bit and legroom becoming slightly more of an issue. Nothing wrong with 192.6 or however tall Myself is though, that's probably more ideal than 196.5 from the perspective of most people.
Bobby 5'10 (178) said on 20/Apr/19
I thought Big Adam was nearer 5'11 than 5'11.5. I was surprised that he measured a big 5'11 under the stadiometer.
Editor Rob
You know I'm a solid 5ft 8 3/8ths range as mentioned in the video, and he's 2.5 inches taller? 🙀

"I thought Big Adam was nearer 5'11" 🙂

Hold on a minute...🤔

"[Peter] looks 6'1 compared to Rob though" 🤨

Let me check that out. 😎

I'm taller with Adam than with Peter, 5ft 8 3/8ths to 1/2 range as measured 5 minutes before by Lewis. Here's a close up Of my Height.

I am not taller than 5ft 8.25 at LFCC, given I'm on feet since 7.30 and working too.
Ricky muliawan hansyar said on 20/Apr/19
Rob, are you agree if i say 5ft7.5 inch for man is start to tall in country like Indonesia?
Editor Rob
Yes, I'm sure near 5ft 8 in a country like Indonesia will mean you begin to feel tall.
Csimpson6ft said on 20/Apr/19
I watched the video, I thought he was 5'11.5.
Canson said on 20/Apr/19
@Myself: if you’re 194.7-.8 out of bed you still have a chance at 193 flat or within 1/8” of it. I typically on a non-gym day lose 1.9cm. On a more relaxed day I could probably hold 193.9-194 but more relaxed meaning if I sit reclined a lot
Nik Ashton said on 20/Apr/19
@ Sandy Cowell - Happy Easter to you and your loved ones too!

Your Easter wishes are very much appreciated and I like your emojis too! 🥚 🐇🐣👍🐣🐇🥚!
Andrea said on 20/Apr/19
Nice, Rob! 👍
I would have guessed him 3 solid inches taller than you, so 5'11.5 totally makes sense (considering that you're nearer 174 than 173 there). Which celebrities you've met do you think would measure very similar to him?
Btw, Happy Easter! 🐣🐇🥚 😀
Editor Rob

When he visited for this measurement I said to him when we were chatting that he might not be far off six foot...after I was measured I thought he had a chance of getting 182cm.

Jenny thought he looked taller too, but he was already 5ft 11 age 15, so he's not grown now 1 month shy of 17th birthday.

I think a guy like michael biehn (10 years ago) looked around that height range.

And I'm going to stick with Matt Smith measuring that mark.

it's an interesting height for actors. 99% will round up.
Editor Rob said on 20/Apr/19
Here is another measurement video, this time with "Big Adam".

Click Here
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 20/Apr/19
🥚🐇🐣 Happy Easter Everyone! 🐣🐇🥚

I would like to wish everyone at Celebheights a very Happy Easter!
Editor Rob
Yes, I hope everyone has a great Easter holidays.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 20/Apr/19
I think it's a good thing that you're not growing anymore. Maybe not everyone thinks that way, as some like the idea of being super tall. You've said before that you'd love to be 6'7"-6'8", and that may sound awesome on paper, but once you're actually that height, you'll quickly realize that the negatives outweigh the positives. Even at barely 6'5"-6'6", I don't wanna be any taller.
Bobby 5'10 (178) said on 19/Apr/19
Rob, what would you expect the eye level of an official dwarf to be as in the case of those in the 3ft range? Is an eye level under 4 inches possible?
Editor Rob
Some have normal size skulls, but there are those with smaller sized skulls and thus higher eylevels.
6james94 said on 19/Apr/19
This might sound crazy but what can be a way where I can seal the deal that I'm 5'9" or 175cm and not worry about being shorter? I've measured myself a lot and consistently got the same heights as usual during the day 5'9 3/4 to 5'10 in the morning and 5'8 7/8 to 5'9 1/8 depending on how active I'm the lowest I got is like after work at 1 in the morning I got 5'8 3/4. To make sure I'm doing it right what can I do to seal the deal that I'm 5'9" and not worry about being shorter then what I'm measured at?
Editor Rob
It all depends if the place you are measuring is solid and flat - you could always check your height on another room/wall or another house and if you get the same, the odds are that you are about 5ft 9.
Nik said on 19/Apr/19
@ Rob - How tall is Ginny Buckley please?
Editor Rob
Average or near 5ft 4 range, but I haven't really looked much at her.
afzal said on 19/Apr/19
Rob u looks 5.9 to me
c-mo said on 19/Apr/19
Editor Rob : Inches, because he looks to have a bit more looser posture with a lean.


ok rob so if Adamek is 6'1.5 then david tua is 5'8.5 ? david tua is listed as 5'10 but he also had fights where he was listed as 5'9 and even 5'8.5 on one fight . how tall do you think tua is ?
Editor Rob
That's a big variation in height descriptions for him...I haven't looked at either person really.
c-mo said on 18/Apr/19
Would have thought at least 5, maybe more


rob do you mean 5 inches or 5cm ? I am confused . if you mean centimeters then I have to say that 5cm is a big underestimation . the difference seems a lot bigger
Editor Rob
Inches, because he looks to have a bit more looser posture with a lean.
Sakz said on 18/Apr/19
@Andrea Celebheights is indeed a forum as it's a public site where people can post about a topic. I don't visit any other forums either, though I have come across some in the past. I completely agree and for that reason I believe sites like this are more suited to those who have a casual interest in height, and aren't obsessed to the point insecurity takes over and causes problems. However this is a public forum after all so of course anyone is free to visit or post as they please.
ulaix said on 18/Apr/19
@Bobby 5'10 (178)
In all his movies looks in the 5'9 range. I never see him that tall (5'10ish) and yes he might be closer to 5'9.5 I really doubt he lost 1/4 since his 20's but 1/8 is a possibility. He is still young
Bobby 5'10 (178) said on 17/Apr/19

He can seem 5'10ish in the older Jason Bourne movies when he was like in his 20s-30s, but I think he's lost a fraction since then. He also doesn't have the best proportions and often seems shorter because of it. I don't know if he's my range exactly as I think I could edge him out if we met, but you never know. He's 48 years old currently, so I don't think he's old enough to have lost anything major, but he might have lost 1/8 to 1/4 since his 20s. I don't know exactly. He might be closer to 5'9.5 than 5'9.75-5'10 range.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 17/Apr/19
Hi Bobby!

It's great to hear from you so quickly; yes, I have been seriously getting into history lately, because, unless I'm presented with a particularly good film, I cannot concentrate because I am worried about my poor Dad. It'll be his Birthday on Saturday, and he'll be spending it in hospital. He really rated the film 'The Da Vinci Code', so I know he'd like the two follow-ups and has an interest in the sort of things you are studying.

With the exception of the DVD I have just started, all the material I have been watching of late has been by 'Blackadder' actor Tony Robinson, who is only 5ft4, but doesn't let it hold him back in the productivity department. He is a comedian too and I have just ordered a DVD of him doing stand-up comedy, which has 5 stars. When I finished 'Gods and Monsters', I thought "There are more episodes than THAT!"

Sure enough, there are, and they are entitled 'Gods', 'Witches' and 'Disease'. The ones I've just seen are called 'The Undead' and 'Evil Spirits', and both were equally interesting, and soon I will have a box set containing the lot, and they are so entertaining that I know I will be seeing them again and again. In 'The Undead', you find out how medieval man was so afraid of corpses that, in the case of one murderer who committed suicide, his body was dragged through the streets and a stake driven through him to pin him down to make sure he wouldn't rise up again. A man's soul was believed to be cursed if certain rites weren't said at the time of his death. In fact, some of these weird practices were still very much around in the 19th Century.

It was also Tony's series of 'Crime and Punishment' that I saw. That was fascinating, and I might even take my Viking documentary off in favour of watching it again tonight!

You mention Socrates, the ill-fated Greek philosopher who was condemned to death for corrupting young people. My, that's going back to 470-399 years BC, and although I don't know as much about him as I'd like to, I do know that two of his students, Plato, who lived to 80 and Xenophon, who lived to 77, wrote about his teachings. It is recorded that Socrates saved the life of Xenophon when he fell from his horse. Socrates was put to death in a very non-bloody way, by having to drink a poisoned beverage. It makes you think how far advanced the Greeks were and that mankind got infinitely worse before he became civilised.

Urgh! Tony Robinson described how people condemned to death or those who died before their time through murder or suicide, were believed to have a certain life-force still present in their bodies, and sick people would lick the blood from severed heads at executions in the hope that it would revive them. Well, I never knew that! You can pick up your own copy of 'Gods and Monsters' on eBay or Amazon for next to nothing if it's second hand, and I'm sure you'll be as hooked as I am. Just type in the words Tony Robinson Gods and Monsters, and if you want his Crime and Punishment series, TR Crime and Punishment. He is ever so entertaining, being a comedian as well as an historian. I haven't been able to leave his Celebheights page alone while watching his documentaries and I watched all of 'Blackadder' recently as well. You will know of actor Hugh Laurie. Well, he was in 'Blackadder' too!

As always, it's been a pleasure to 'chat' with you Bobby,

All the very best,

Sandy xxx 😊👍
c-mo said on 17/Apr/19
rob please look carefully . how many centimeters do you think are there between tomasz adamek and david tua

Click Here
Editor Rob
Would have thought at least 5, maybe more
Andrea said on 17/Apr/19
To be honest, aside from Celebheights (is it a forum?), I don't visit many forums, but I do see what you mean, Sakz. Though I think that a site like this, that concerns height (so a subject that can be very sensitive for many, obviously), is more likely to attract those kind of people than the majority of other sites...
Matt99 said on 17/Apr/19
Rob how tall do you think this YouTuber is? He claims 6’0 but I think he’s under that. Click Here
Editor Rob
I am not sure how tall he seems standing there...
Sakz said on 17/Apr/19
@Andrea Absolutely, though I've seen it a lot over the internet as I'm sure you have especially on forums. I guess cmillzz was just very blunt with it!
ulaix said on 17/Apr/19
@Bobby 5'10 (178)
Ey Bobby I wanted to ask you about Matt Damon too. He is listed at 5'9.75 but I guess he is a flat 5'9.25 at best. In my opinion a legit flat 5'10 guy looks tall sometimes. Do you think he is that tall? (5'9.75)
ulaix said on 17/Apr/19
@Bobby 5'10 (178)
Ey Bobby I wanted to ask you about Matt Damon too. He is listed at 5'9.75 but I guess he is a flat 5'9.25 at best. In my opinion a legit flat 5'10 guy looks tall sometime do you think he is that tall?
Bobby 5'10 (178) said on 16/Apr/19
@Sandy Howell

Hi Sandy! It has certainly been some time since I last heard anything from you. I was beginning to wonder if the issues with your smartphone had not been resolved yet, but I am saddened to hear about the troubles you've had to go through with your father's declining health, at the time, and it is my hope that he has a speedy recovery. I know that older folks tend to have a harder time of it than young folk at healing from injuries or sicknesses. Hopefully, with adequate bed rest and many wholesome meals, he will be right as rain again.

Yeah, it's crazy thinking that someone as gifted as Leonarda da Vinci used to walk this earth all those centuries. It's a humbling afterthought when you consider these matters. It's even crazier when you think of how long ago it has been since the great philosopher, in my mind, Sokrates, once walked the earth. Grammarly tells me this spelling is incorrect but that is the Greek spelling, not the Latin one that everyone uses. So, anyway, it's interesting that you mention Crimes and Punishment, it was written by Fyodor Dostoyevsky who was actually one of the focuses for my Social and Political Thought class. We focused on one of his other works, called Notes from the Underground. Now, the centerpiece of this intellectual property is actually existentialism, and Dostoyevsky is credited for being the first existentialist thinker in modern secular history. So, that was my exposure to the writer. He's a lot more complex than most people understand him for, I think.

As for Gods and Monsters, that sounds like a fascinating documentary and it is one that I wouldn't mind seeing myself.

Yeah, you would have enjoyed Political Science a lot. It was definitely the hardest elective I ever took in my life. Most of it I just spent trying to piece and analyze everything the professor was saying and so rarely ever participated with comments.

I hope you and your father are doing well, Sandy :)
Bobby 5'10 (178) said on 16/Apr/19

I look taller than I actually was at the time, which was no less than a strong 175 range/5'9 guy. As for the painting, I have no idea about the providences of it, so I can't comment on its quality if there is any to be found.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 16/Apr/19
@ Bobby - There was just a question on an old 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?' which went like so: "Which was the nationality of the poet Dante?"

The options were German, French, Italian or Dutch, and not necessarily in that order. The guy didn't know, so he phoned a friend called Jane. Jane reckoned on him being French, but the contestant didn't believe her, so he asked Chris Tarrant to take away two of the answers, going 50/50, as it's called. The two that were left were Dutch and Italian, but the man lost all but 1,000 of his pounds - the result of choosing Dutch. 😣

We would both have known THAT one... 😉

Did you know that you can buy posters of the painting 'Dante's Inferno'? I'm seriously considering doing just that!
Druce Lee said on 16/Apr/19
One question for you Rob. Example: If some kid 14,15 years, 5'8 have big feet, is that means that growth of that kid is near end or that kid will be tall.
Are feet grow proportional with height or?
Thanks for answer.
Editor Rob
Feet can reach their final range earlier than the spine can, so it doesn't mean they are finished growing quite yet.
Myself said on 16/Apr/19
Interesting... since I saw the 180.8 Dutch average was self reported I figured it was inflated aswell, at least if taking into account the entire population. So you think it's actually a realistic figure for the new generations?
Could you create a chart with the average, below/above average, tall/short, very tall and so on, based on your experience in the Netherlands?
My 175 cm friend was in the Amsterdam Airport and felt kinda short, while here in Italy he feels average at the least, and there are many occasions where he feels above average.
I am about 192.6 cm; how would I feel there?
Here in Italy I feel really tall, even among youngsters.
I thought that I had grown but it looks like I just mantain height a little longer due to the fact that I now weigh 97.5/98 kg instead of 108/109. Morning seems the same (I did just one out of bed measurement though), 194.7-8, pretty much a centimeter shorter than you. I was so close to 193 cm and I've probably stopped growing now! :(
Andrea said on 16/Apr/19
Of course, that doesn't go for everyone, Sakz, but cmillzz isn't that wrong about that. If you take a look at certain posts (and posters) on here, there are some people that, unless they're purposefully trolling, really are true charity cases...
Sakz said on 16/Apr/19
@cmillzz That's a bit harsh since some people (including myself) visit the site with a casual interest and for fun. It's not exactly bad to be obsessed with it as long as it's not unhealthy to the point it consumes your life.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 16/Apr/19
@ Bobby - Leonardo da Vinci was born 569 years ago yesterday! I have seen Tony Robinson's take on the Da Vinci Code and it even has interviews with Dan Brown, writer of the 'Da Vinci Code' trilogy, along with the views of many other historians. I will be seeing it again, but I have also invested in Tony's historical gems 'Crime and Punishment', which is excellent, and 'Gods and Monsters', which I am about to see now. The 'Crime and Punishment' DVD covers the way people were punished through the ages, even for the pettiest of crimes, up until when prisons were first established. I have seen 'Gods and Monsters' on TV before and it is all about the beliefs held by man through the ages regarding evil spirits, zombies, fairies and superstitions as a whole. Then I have a documentary about the Vikings to see.

My Dad is in hospital after a nasty fall, and I haven't found it easy to concentrate on any new films - unless they have been of a particularly high standard. I always effortlessly enjoy historical documentaries though, because my interest in history is ongoing, and I have found it fascinating ever since I was 11. I'm sure I'd enjoy the course you are studying at university.

I hope you are well Bobby. Sorry for the delay in getting back.

Have a great week!

Sandy xxx 😊👍
ulaix said on 16/Apr/19
@Rob. Yes I agree people just start posting or submitting before reading.. Sounds great
ulaix said on 15/Apr/19
Guys let's just have fun here and share our thoughts and experiences etc. Try to avoid height obssesion that's never good or productive to yourself. This site is just as social media. You choose how to use it. Don't use it in a wrong way. It can be a good and a bad thing too. It depends on you so you just have to be smart enough.
Thanks @Rob. There should be more people like you in this world. I don't know you but I feel like I do and you are a positive and honest guy.
Editor Rob
I'm trying to provide a kind of unique entertainment site. The majority of people who visit might not read the comments, but a decent amount do, so I try to moderate them as best I can. It helps if people self-moderate and think before they hit submit.
Andrea said on 15/Apr/19
You look 177ISH there, Bobby. Clearly... Btw, nice painting! 🙂
Bobby 5'10 (178) said on 15/Apr/19

What if I told you I was an even 5'9 there? What would you have to say?
Editor Rob
The lower camera can help - if your head was 1/2 inch smaller you might look even taller, like 5ft 11 to 6ft.
Canson said on 15/Apr/19
@Christian: I measured mine and it’s somewhere around 182cm (roughly) at 193.8cm.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 14/Apr/19
Your eye level's slightly smaller than average for your height. I'm half a cm shorter than you, but mine's around 6'0.7"

Rob doesn't believe in claiming morning heights. He's an honest person when it comes to height. Not that claiming a morning height is necessarily dishonest though.

I'm surprised that his growth wasn't stunted, despite having a hole in his heart. I've known plenty of kids who had serious issues with their vital organs (especially heart, kidney and liver) had their growth stunted as a result.
cmillzz said on 14/Apr/19
@James Brett
what do you expect on a site full of uhealthily height-obsessed, insecure social outcasts... lol
ulaix said on 14/Apr/19
The beauty of this page (and I'm sure Rob agree) is not being obsessed or worry about heights willing to be taller.. In life It has to exist balance so this site is for fun, entertainment and of course always looking for the truth and honesty on heights. We are unique beings and each individual is special with his own height. If not nothing would make sense.
For some maybe this page is not important but there's much more in this page that what some believe. Is a creative and social site, unique, honest ( Rob reference with videos, studies, etc..)
I'm sure this site is growing little by little every year.
Hope the best big Rob and keep walking tall ;)
Editor Rob
I like the way you think 👍
James Brett 172cm said on 14/Apr/19
Rob can I change my username back too James B?

Not sure how I do it though?
Editor Rob
Do you remember the email you used for james b?

If you do, then in whatever browser you use, clear cookies, restart browser/phone so the 'username' box is visible again.
Bobby 5'10 (178) said on 14/Apr/19
Okay, Rob,

I've uploaded it to Imgur instead since my FB privacy settings are pretty high.

Click Here

So, my original question still applies.
Editor Rob
Proportionally I wouldn't have guessed you as less than 5ft 10.
Bobby 5'10 (178) said on 13/Apr/19
Hey Rob,

I've got a decent picture of my full body back when I was 17 years old, and I was barefoot with socks on when the picture was taken. The only thing that makes it difficult to gauge my height is that I was holding a large painting in front of me but it shouldn't complicate things too much.

So, how tall would you say I looked back then? Hopefully, the link to Facebook works.

Click Here
Editor Rob
You likely have the photo set to private. If you want anybody to see it, I'm sure there is an option on the photo to make it public.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 13/Apr/19
@ Eric - But Rob is trying to set an example, not be like everyone else! Anyway, then he'd probably try for 5ft10, packaging himself in lifts!
James Brett 172cm said on 13/Apr/19
You guys worry far too much about being tall. I understand though how society can make it seem important but still.....

Trust me being tall is a double edged sword for example a study conducted once found that the lungs of taller people don’t function as well.
Ben said on 13/Apr/19
I guessed Lewis to be strong 5'11" range, he barely looked taller than I do. But I guess posture waan't the best. I look close to my 6'0.5"-6'0.75" friend but he's usually walking around pretty relaxed and in my Airmax 270 I'm looking him eye to eye, or I'm looking even slightly taller (when he's in socks).
Editor Rob
His posture was good in that clip and he stands about in person with decent posture in fact because he looks well over six foot.
Robert 197cm said on 13/Apr/19
Hi Rob (nice to meet a fellow Rob)!

Do my facial proportions sound average for a 197cm/6'5.6 guy?

eye level - 6'1"

mouth level - 5'10"
Editor Rob
I would say your head size seems within lower average range for your height.
cmillzz said on 12/Apr/19
I knew some kids back in middle school who had a ty diet and didn’t do much exercise, and now they’re well over 6 feet as an adult lol.
cmillzz said on 12/Apr/19
In the western world, I think virtually everyone receives adequate enough nutrition to grow to their genetic potential. In poverty-stricken third world countries though, that be a different story.
cmillzz said on 12/Apr/19
Lewis needs heart surgery? Hope it’s nothing too serious...
Editor Rob
Yeah, he needs hole repaired...
Eric W Tam said on 12/Apr/19
"5'8 3/4" in the morning... just claim 5'9! LOL.
Myself said on 12/Apr/19
Rob, how is that HC 10 is taller than Lewis? He was measured at 184 cm on the old stadiometer that added 2-3 mm, while Lewis got the same mark but on the new one that is actually accurate! So Lewis is 2-3 mm taller, unless you meant he was a little less close to his normal low or that HC has grown later.
Editor Rob
He managed to top out at a little bit over 6ft 1/2.
Sakz said on 12/Apr/19
@cmillzz I'd say you'd have to severely lack in diet, exercise and sleep to see a significant impact on growth. I've seen plenty of people who don't lead the best lifestyle and are still tall. It's because they live in an environment where they get access to proper food, sleep etc whereas some countries don't have that luxury. Height is a characteristic which is inherited after all so it makes sense genes would play the biggest role. The other factors just help to marginally maximise growth, rather than drastically stunt it I would say. As long as you do eat and get some sleep along with a bit of exercise you shouldn't have any problems with growth.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 12/Apr/19
@ Rob - 😂😂😂😂😹😉👍 Nice one!
Redwing said on 11/Apr/19
Rob could you blur them out pls; if my cousin on the far left is 176 cm how tall is my parents?

Click Here
Editor Rob
On the right could look 6ft 2 and 5ft 3, though he might be a bit closer to the camera, and they might be slightly higher up as the road looks as though it probably rises up from left to right, so it's tricky to tell!
cmillzz said on 11/Apr/19
Lewis is proof that height is pretty much purely genetics. Never bought into this nonsense that nutrition significantly affects height. I think even lack of sleep wouldn’t be enough to severely affect growth, as long as you’re getting a reasonable amount of sleep each night, which nearly everyone does.
Editor Rob

It's interesting - if anybody remembers the GTG from a few years ago, in Week 1 volunteer 'James' had just turned 16 like Big Lewis had.

Week 1: James 182cm
Week 1: Lewis: 178.4cm

Week 34: James 185.9cm
James - Grew 3.9cm, doing this 'program' involving "grow taller exercises", stretching, good nutrition etc.

Week 34: Lewis 184cm
Lewis - Grew 5.6cm, doing the "couldn't give a f*** about height" program - basic diet, basic exercise, under a lot of stress in that time-frame (discovered he needs heart surgery and his Father had health worries with a stroke, which he's recovering from now).

Would optimal conditions have meant Lewis could have grown noticably more than he did?

Who knows, but I still think it's worthwhile having good diet/exercise/sleep and avoiding smoking, it at least gives your body the best possible chance of maximising growth. Genetics plays the biggest role, but diet definitely has a factor...really poor nutrition can impact growth.
Nik said on 11/Apr/19
15 out of the 21 Rob's on celebheights are 5'10" or over!
Editor Rob
I'm sure there are probably a few more Rob celebrities out there not on the site, but the more entries there are on a page (or votes on a celeb) the lesser the average will change with newer additions.

Unless there are a few 4ft to 5ft rob's added!
Nik said on 11/Apr/19
@ Sandy Cowell - It's amazing that Jim can pick you up with one hand!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 11/Apr/19
Oh 💩! I think I submitted my last comment twice Rob, the one about guys called Paul. Do you think we could erase one? Thanks!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 11/Apr/19
Ha ha, Nik! I checked out all the guys by the name of Paul yesterday, and the average Paul is a considerably above-average 5ft11.18.

Furthermore, they ALL have comments!

So being called Rob Paul is a lethal combination! No wonder our editor goes by the name Big Rob Paul! 😉👍
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 11/Apr/19
Ha ha, Nik! I checked out all the guys by the name of Paul yesterday, and the average Paul is a considerably above-average 5ft11.18.

Furthermore, they ALL have comments!

So being called Rob Paul is a lethal combination! No wonder our editor goes by the name Big Rob Paul! 😉👍
184guy2 said on 11/Apr/19
Is HC 10 taller than Big Lewis in person ?
Editor Rob
Yes, HC 10 is slightly taller, though I would expect by year end that Lewis will be taller compared to him.
Eri lag said on 11/Apr/19
Could you add alejandro fernandez, the most famous mexican singer, If ines sainz is here, I think alejandro would be great for u to judge
Heightguy said on 10/Apr/19
Rob, why do you list your lowest possible height? For others don’t you list their afternoon height? Didn’t you say the best time to measure yourself is lunch time after about 5 hours and that’s when you should measure. Not your lowest?
Editor Rob
usually if on feet for hours I will be near low by mid-day, I usually wake about 5.30am range.

Off to be just before 10pm.
ulaix said on 10/Apr/19
Mad matt said on 10/Apr/19
Man you are exactly 1 cm taller than me on those 3 measurements..
My out of bed is 177.5 cm
Midday: 176.7 cm
Before bed:175.8 cm
Johnson said on 10/Apr/19
@Rob if you had to pick 2 options to be 5'7 or to be 6'6-6'7 what would you choose to be?
Editor Rob
I think my personality suits 5ft 7 more than 6ft 7! At that height, there are 95% more eyeballs noticing you...
Nik said on 10/Apr/19
The average Rob on celebheights is a whopping 5'11.63"!
JD1996 said on 10/Apr/19
I think big Lewis may have the potential to be 6 foot 3+ tbh. I am a person who has gained at about 6 inches myself since 16 years old, he could be a late grower as well.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 10/Apr/19
@ Rob - Jim can pick me up with one hand and that's his post-soldier weight!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 10/Apr/19
@ Rob - Re: Being a shorter soldier and therefore being harder to hit! 😁👍

Good point, Rob, but I'd be a whole lot easier to throw! 😖
Mad matt said on 10/Apr/19
What is my actual height?
I have done pretty accurate measuring.
My out of bed height is 178,5cm
Mid-day 177,7
Night 176,7
Should I state my height as 5'10 or 5'9?

By the way, great website. Keep up your work!
Editor Rob
You are what I'd call almost 5ft 10, more than 5ft 9 for sure...
James Brett 172cm said on 9/Apr/19
Rob i have always been a terrible sleeper.

How many inches taller do you think I could have potentially been if i slept better growing up?
Editor Rob
Sleep is definitely the time in which hormones are being released for growth, so if that was impacted a lot, then maybe you didn't quite hit genetic potential, but I don't know how much exactly.
cmillzz said on 9/Apr/19
how much does Lewis weigh?
Editor Rob
Probably 9 stone something.
AndrewV said on 9/Apr/19
@Bishan Kaur

In western countries, tall would generally start at 6'0" (183cm) for men and 5'7" (170cm) for women.
LDS said on 9/Apr/19
@Shawn. I don't know where you're from but I wouldn't trust a doctors measurement as accurate here in the UK unless you know it's vital they need an accurate one. I've seen height be taken in shoes if they're flats and staff are also reluctant to press all the way down if someone has thick hair or a big hair style. It's very polite but not good for accuracy!
Nik said on 9/Apr/19
@ Sandy Cowell - Thanks for your kind words, my Mum and I wish your Dad all the very best. We also give our best wishes to you and all your family too.

Nik and his Mum.
Goel175cm said on 9/Apr/19
At 175cm, How would you classify me as a young UK guy?
Average or Lower Average
cmillzz said on 8/Apr/19
lol, I remember seeing a few people who laughably said Lewis would only end up being 5’11 range when fully grown. I think he could definitely reach 6’2, not sure how much over that though. I don’t think Iona will grow much more though. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was done growing.
Editor Rob
I was about 3-4 inches taller than lewis when he was turning 14 and now nearly 17 he's 4 inches taller than me and still potentially could gain several more cm...Whether Iona still has a spurt from 15 to 17 I don't know, it will be interesting to see what height they finish at...

As I said before Lewis hasn't got a great diet and doesn't do a lot of exercise and in fact within the last 8 months had a lot of stress too. Iona probably has the better diet and more exercise!
Bishan Kaur said on 8/Apr/19
Hey Rob For a man would 182.2 cm be beginning of tall and for a woman is 175.2 cm start of tall thanks.
Editor Rob
I think in many countries, even 172-3 for a woman is tall, and 182-3 tall for a man.
Shawn 5/11 1/2 said on 8/Apr/19
Rob , how accurate do doctors measure height ?
Editor Rob
Never assume a Doctor or Nurse is impeccable and calls out the correct height - sometimes mistakes happen, though it will be a small percentage. Also, the devices themselves may not always be pinpoint accurate.
Sakz said on 8/Apr/19
Quite similar to my growth pattern then as I was around that height at 13. I reckon there's a chance he could even grow to around 6'4 since his mum in on the tall side and he's still got enough time to grow.
Nik said on 8/Apr/19
@ Sandy Cowell - Your Dad is brave and positive, I know he is very mentally strong too. My Mum and I offer our goodwill and we wish him all the very best. Everyone is looking at the full picture in order to make sure that all your Dad's needs are met, the experts will ensure that everything necessary is done so that his house is as safe as possible and all the hospital staff will be working together to make sure that your Dad is rehabilitated. Many thanks for your kind words,

Nik and his Mum.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 8/Apr/19
Hi Rob!

I found out today that my Dad is having a blood transfusion, which he obviously needs. He will be able to speak to me tomorrow. Thanks for your good wishes, and also to Nik and Canson too for taking the trouble to write in. Things like this mean so much. 😊😁😄👍

Sandy xxx
Editor Rob
Yes, we wish him well and hope you are ok too 👍
MD said on 8/Apr/19

If Lebron James is 6'7.25" how tall is gold medalist German discus thrower Robert Harting?

Click Here

I realize this is not the best picture, but that's probably more than 2 inches, right? Harting is listed (by oth others and on his own website) at 6'7" (201 cm). There seems to be no way he can be close to that listing, right?
Editor Rob
Maybe 6ft 6 range for Harting, even though he's a bit nearer the camera, he is probably losing an inch.
Redwing said on 8/Apr/19
Rob, what makes you think he’s only abit taller? In regards to:

on 3/Apr/19
Thanks rob, is the man an inch taller than challenger 2 in the picture
Editor Rob
From what you had posted it seemed not much difference.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 8/Apr/19
@ Canson - I cannot thank you enough.

Sandy xxx
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 7/Apr/19
Hey Rob! I have just woken from the strangest dream about my boyfriend being back in the Army. His former 15-stone muscle-packed body reappeared after just one flight. The lads were very friendly and there was the sort of camaraderie you'd expect. I was a soldier as well. What an odd dream to have... 😴
Editor Rob
I'm sure you'd make a good soldier 🤗 One advantage of being shorter - harder to hit!
Nik said on 7/Apr/19
It would be great to go back in time and see the first ever Comments Page! Seeing the first few new celebs would be great too!
Editor Rob
The celebs go in order of the number at the end of the URL, so the first additions were

1. Robert Carlyle (I started with a fellow Robert from Scotland!)
2. Julia Roberts
3. Tom Cruise
4. Jackie Chan
5. Jean Claude Van Damme

The first comment still in the database is from when comments were turned on late January 2005:

It's on Matt Damon's page from 31/Jan/05

"Matt was on a talk show recently (Letterman or Leno). At some point, there was a reference to sports in general and basketball in particular, and Damon very clearly stated, "No. At 5'10", that was never going to be for me."

Look at the many pictures with Ben Affleck. Matt Damon is definitely no taller than 5'10"."
Sakz said on 7/Apr/19
@Rob Do you know how tall Lewis was at 12-13? His growth pattern seems to be similar to mine as he's shooting up, although he'll end up surpassing me!
Editor Rob
I'm sure about 5ft in that age range, but after 13 like 13 and 1/4 I believe he was 5ft 2.5.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 7/Apr/19
Thanks very much Nik!

Yes, my Dad is being very brave and always has been. He won't be released from hospital until the experts have checked his house is safe and sound. Your good wishes are greatly appreciated!

Sandy xxx
tree said on 7/Apr/19
But my eyes never looked red,they looked normal so symptoms were not like a very dangerous pink eye,but it last too long maybe and the catarrh symptoms too,now maybe i should go to doctor but i always think now it has to be over so why go?
Editor Rob
It's always best to be safe, because the doctor (or even eye specialist) can advise treatment.
Canson said on 7/Apr/19
@Sandy: I’m sorry to hear that. I have you and your family in my prayers and hope it all works out
tree said on 7/Apr/19
Rob did u or Jenny ever had pink eye and how long it lasted?
I have it for more then 4 weeks,i just woke up a day with watery eyes,and 1 hour later my nose became very snotty.
It's not so watery now,and i don't feel like sand is in my eyes anymore when i close them,but its been like this for 2 weeks,not going complitly away,and i also can't breath yet properly,still have snotty nose when i wake up,also i can barely hear now with 1 ear,and sometimes hear drums in ears.

An article says pink eye from viral infection can last 4 to 6 weeks,but everywhere else it say 4 and i hope i don't have EKC or other diaseses that stop it from heeling,hope its normal pink eye.

I also see eye floaters lately,maybe from stress,did u or jenny had any of these symptoms and for so long?
In the first week of pink eye i also got a couple of bloodshots in the eye everyday,but that was 3 weeks ago by now i should had been fine.
Editor Rob
I can't remember having conjunctivitis in adult life, so couldn't really say much about it unfortunately! Definitely should be speaking to a Doctor as they know a lot more than me ;)
Christian 6'5 3/8 said on 6/Apr/19
Do you predict that Lewis might reach to 6'2"-6'3" before he's done growing? At 17 I was around 6'3"-6'4" and grew around 2 inches after that.
Editor Rob
Well he's got a couple more months till he hits 17, and potentially another couple of years in which he might gain height, so his final height may well be interesting...if he agrees in the future to another video!
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 6/Apr/19
Before I joined CH and even during the early part of joining, My normal low was usually more 196.2 and sometimes was even 196 flat on a pretty active day (but not lower unless if it was an extreme low), but these days it's more 196.5 and 196.2-196.3 respectively. I'm not sure if it was growth or just having improved posture. I know for a fact that it wasn't hair, because back then I had thicker hair than I do now.
184guy2 said on 6/Apr/19
Big Lewis is pretty similar to myself , maybe 2mm shorter , but he may gain another CM or o a couple
Nik said on 6/Apr/19
@ Rob - What is the average height for UK men who don't live in cities?
Editor Rob
That is something I couldn't guess at!
Nik said on 6/Apr/19
@ Sandy Cowell - I hope your Dad is better as soon as possible and that all the necessary adjustments are made to his home. Your Dad is very brave and he has such a positive outlook on life, having mental strength is such a vital thing to have in order to recover from an awful fall.

I'm so pleased that your requests for Rick Wakeman and Joe Pasquale have been granted!

All the best, Nik
Jdubbz 196cm said on 6/Apr/19

I don't consider myself to be quite that tall either. As far as I'm concerned, I'm in between a solid and strong 6'5, though perhaps leaning more towards strong. I'd say 6'5-6'6 if I were maybe 6'5 3/8 - 6'5.5 at a low, but at the moment I'm not quite there. 6'5 is the perfect claim for me, even if I am understating it by a half cm.
Rick1 said on 6/Apr/19
Hi Rob hope your well, I haven’t watched all your videos but I’m assuming big Lewis is your son?
Editor Rob
No, a nephew.
In July 2017 he was near 5ft 7, that's when he turned 15.
Bobby 5'10 (178) said on 6/Apr/19
Well, I did a measurement and eye level observation with the Under Armour shoes that I own and I can report that the shoes give me an inch compared to my barefoot. I verified that my eye level was 5'7 in the shoes and 5'6 barefoot about an hour out of bed. I think it's safe to say that my shoes give the solid 2.5cm and not the 2cm I estimated them at. Still, think I'll stick some old insoles in the shoes to boost it to 3cm like my winter boots. Or, I could purchase a half-inch lift from Amazon or something, but as it stands, it's a solid boost on its own.
Editor Rob
With any sneakers, as long as they are comfortable, that's always the main thing. Not everybody has same shape of feet, so one model might feel great to one person, but feel terrible to another.
Andrea said on 6/Apr/19
"Editor Rob said on 6/Apr/19
Thanks to Big Lewis for agreeing to update viewers with his latest height in April - see how tall he is at almost 17 now.

Click Here

Also bear in mind my height during that video isn't even my lowest, I was a solid 5ft 8 3/8ths during that time."
I know you mentioned he was over 5'11 now, but I thought something like 5'11-6' (before seeing the video)... 184? That's quite a growth! It will certainly be interesting to see what height he will end up at...
Editor Rob
At Christmas time he was in 5ft 11 range, I hadn't seen him for a few months until April, so he put on another inch or so since then.
Lell said on 6/Apr/19
@Editor Rob
Cool that Lewis has gotten so tall recently. I've also got a nephew, but his parents have a massive difference between each other at 6'4" and barely 5'2"

He is only 4 months old, but he's off the charts height and weightwise at 99% in both so I assume that he's also going to turn out quite tall.
Editor Rob
That's a big difference really!

The thing is his sister Iona was a big baby...I don't know what her final height will be, as she isn't yet 5ft 5 at 14 and 3/4's.
avi said on 6/Apr/19
Hi Rob. It's been awhile since I posted here. Hope all is well.
Would you be able to add Bob Crane to the site? He was on the TV show Hogan's Heroes and was the main star who played Colonel Hogan.

Also could you add Ken Curtis who played Festus Haggen the deputy US Marshal on Gunsmoke? He was also a singer in the 1940s. He was just as popular as Chester (Dennis Weaver).

These are pretty well know characters in popular TV shows. I would really appreciate it as it helps their legacy live on.
It seems Bob Crane is listed at 5'10 and looked it sometimes looked 5'10.5
Colonel Klink (Werner Klemperer) looked a full 5'11.

Ken Curtis is listed at 6'0 but that would be an overstatement as he appeared a weak 5'11 so 5'11 would be a good shout.

It would awesome to have these guys listed :)
Csimpson6ft said on 6/Apr/19
Hey Rob I saw Big Lewis's latest height video, I guessed him at 6'0.5 before he got measured, how do you think I did?
Editor Rob
That is pretty close!
Tunman said on 6/Apr/19
I thought there was like 4"difference between you so yeah just under 6'0.5"is the range I expected.So he did gain over 2"?It will be interesting to check his height next year.If he still isn't finished then a good chance he ends over 6'1 or near 6'2.Damn,I miss those teenage years.I wonder how tall I would have ended if I had done evrything perfectly,would give everything if I had the chance to go back in time to correct these mistakes
Editor Rob
Well I'm glad he agreed to another update as I'm not sure he would have!

8 months ago it was around tea time 5ft 10.25 (same height as Big Josh), now 6ft 0.4 at 1.35pm (his measurement)...I'd say close to 2.1 inches of growth during that period.

And he's not even caring about height, doesn't do much exercise and his Mother says he's a very fussy eater...
Editor Rob said on 6/Apr/19
Thanks to Big Lewis for agreeing to update viewers with his latest height in April - see how tall he is at almost 17 now.

Click Here

Also bear in mind my height during that video isn't even my lowest, I was a solid 5ft 8 3/8ths during that time.
George F said on 6/Apr/19
Rob what happened to Bob Holly and Matt Hardy pages? I can't find them long time now..
Editor Rob
Maybe one day they will return
Bobby 5'10 (178) said on 5/Apr/19
Hey Rob, so I own a pair of shoes made by Under Armour, they're quite unknown I think, and I measured the back of my shoe to be just over 1.4 inches but not quite 1.5 inches, I did this measuring from the ground up from where the shoe meets the ground. I measured the depth of my shoe too and it's 2 inches deep, you know your foot goes inside the shoe, and the side soles are a bit over 1.5 inches. Does that mean my shoes only gives me 2cm or am I measuring it wrong?
Editor Rob
Why not do a measurement like what I do on youtube for sneakers, it would be interesting for you to report back how much the under armour model gives. I've seen a couple in store and the outsole does seem bigger by 1/3rd of an inch or so than the point at which the insole sits...but that happens in many sneakers.
Nik said on 5/Apr/19
Nik said on 5/Apr/19
@ Rob - What about a page for Dominic Littlewood? He is down as being 5'8" on many sites but he does look to be 5'7" at most! He is a well known television presenter and a household name!
Editor Rob
He's one of those maybe's.
Blake said on 5/Apr/19
Rob, would you ever do a competition, something like the height challenge or along those lines, to win some of your merchandise on the site.
Editor Rob
The Height challenge was a one-off really.

Because I am upfront about identify online etc, it puts people off agreeing to anything like that.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 5/Apr/19
Hi Rob,

I'm sorry to tell you that my Dad had a nasty fall on Tuesday morning. He is now in hospital, having undergone a partial hip replacement. When he asks for an ambulance, I know that it's serious because he doesn't ever make a fuss and has been very brave.

He should be in hospital for another week, what with the necessary physiotherapy and he might need some adjustments done to his home, for instance rails to hold onto when he's approaching the bathroom, which is where the accident happened.

Anyway, I'm at home now, and keeping in touch with my brother and sister-in-law and with him by phone.

All the very best! Thanks for granting my Rick Wakeman and Joe Pasquale requests; they really cheered me up when I found them this morning!

Sandy xxx 😄👍🏥
Editor Rob
Very sorry to hear that!, I wish your Dad well and hope he recovers!
Sakz said on 5/Apr/19
@Guru Guy Yeah your eye level is definitely on the lower side but not uncommon either. Have you ever been guessed shorter because of it? In terms of it looking higher that could happen if you raise it rather than looking straight ahead. As for me my eye level is around what you mentioned, give or take a fraction.
Canson said on 4/Apr/19
@Jdubbz: I wouldn’t quite call you 6’5-6’6 like Rob did because you’re still closer to 5 than 5.5. I agree with what you said 6’5 range as most people would see you around that height still if they’re being honest and can gauge heights
Canson said on 4/Apr/19
@Jdubbz: I don’t see a lot of guys lose more than 3/4-7/8”. Ali Baba a poster here was a peak 6’6” guy and he only woke up to 6’6.75 at his peak. He said that the highest he ever measured out of bed was that and that some days he could be maybe a mm over 6’6” but usually a flat 6’6”. Then into his 40s 6’5 7/8 and not sure now what he is. I remember him saying he’s a weak 6’6” today. Now I would expect someone that tall to lose an inch but it’s because he had longer legs and said he had less room to compress due to a neck injury he previously had where he jammed a disc. But take Christian for example as he’s taller than I am. He wakes up to 6’6 1/8 and dips to 6’5 3/8 or a mm or so less sometimes to 6’5.25. Even for me I lose an inch only at an extreme low. Usually it’s 3/4” for me as well if I’m on my feet longer or go to the gym and even then it’s about 2cm maybe up to 2.1. My taller friends are also in that same range of 3/4 maybe 7/8 max for either the 6’6 or the 6’7 friend I have. Not exactly sure but I don’t think either wakes to 6’7 or 6’8 respectively. Then again both are older than me. They are 39 and three months shy of 40 and I’ve seen Rob say that you lose morning height before you lose your afternoon. Not sure if you’ve stopped growing now since you’ve had a pretty uncommon spurt at your age. I had to have stopped at 18-19 and I may have already lost a couple mm as my normal low used to be bang on 194 or 193.9 maybe but not sure if that’s due to me cutting my hair. but it’s possible that your low will increase to 6’5.25 even if your morning stays the same. I know Christian mentioned his was lower 196 before and now he’s 196.5. Unfortunately I didn’t do a lot of measuring like we do on this site until I reached my early to mid 30s and I’m pushing late 30s now. I’ll be 38 next January
Canson said on 4/Apr/19
@Jdubbz: I don’t see a lot of guys lose more than 3/4-7/8”. Ali Baba a poster here was a peak 6’6” guy and he only woke up to 6’6.75. Now I would expect someone that tall to lose an inch but it’s because he had longer legs and said he had less room to compress due to a neck injury he previously had where he jammed a disc. But take Christian for example as he’s taller than I am. He wakes up to 6’6 1/8 and dips to 6’5 3/8 or a mm or so less sometimes to 6’5.25. Even for me I lose an inch only at an extreme low. Usually it’s 3/4” for me as well if I’m on my feet longer or go to the gym and even then it’s about 2cm maybe up to 2.1. My taller friends are also in that same range of 3/4 maybe 7/8 max for either the 6’6 or the 6’7 friend I have. Not exactly sure but I don’t think either wakes to 6’7 or 6’8 respectively. Then again both are older than me. They are 39 and three months shy of 40 and I’ve seen Rob say that you lose morning height before you lose your afternoon. Not sure if you’ve stopped growing now since you’ve had a pretty uncommon spurt at your age. I had to have stopped at 18-19 and I may have already lost a couple mm as my normal low used to be bang on 194 or 193.9 maybe but not sure if that’s due to me cutting my hair. but it’s possible that your low will increase to 6’5.25 even if your morning stays the same. I know Christian mentioned his was lower 196 before and now he’s 196.5. Unfortunately I didn’t do a lot of measuring like we do on this site until I reached my early to mid 30s and I’m pushing late 30s now. I’ll be 38 next January
Tudu said on 4/Apr/19
Dear rob,uneven surfaces definitely make height difference. But only 2milimetre up and down surface make how much difference? Maybe 2 mm or 1 mm or nothing?
Editor Rob
It is hard to say exactly how much, because if a wall slopes a little, it means the can is at a slight angle and you could end up 1-5mm mismeasured, same with a floor.
Guru Guy said on 4/Apr/19
@Sakz, ok my eye level is around 5'7.25 and I measure 6'0-6'0.5, so yeah my proportions are probably on the lower side(although looking in the mirror I seem to have a higher eye level). If your eye level is average I guess yours is around 5'8.25 if you are close to 6'1.
@thi, It really depends, I would say anywhere from 183-186 cm.
@Gupreet Singh, at basically 6'2 you would probably be strong tall, it can be a borderline very tall height
Dr JJ said on 4/Apr/19
Oh, Rob. If only retrospective time travel were possible and we could go back in time - you could have claimed to be 5’ 6” when you first started this website and REALLY upset so so many celebs....
Editor Rob
Claiming anything less than 5ft 8 or going with 5ft 9 would have been wrong and an absolute disaster.

If any celebrity truly gets upset about an estimate, they should get a grip of themselves. CelebHeights does not present heights as facts...that would presume actually knowing or proving what they measured at. Very few listings fall into that category, and even those that do there are still ongoing debates.

As Hugh Jackman said, you get upset if there is an element of truth in it.

Now, it is a Fact that I am 5ft 8 range. There are about 50 videos on youtube of me measuring in that range...I'm probably the most measured man on film 😂

Someone give me a Guinness Record please 👻
'Annonymous' said on 4/Apr/19
Hi Rob! I asked you a few days ago if you could add to your website rock singer Steve Harwell from the band Smash Mouth. I have also sent a lot of his photos alongside other people who are on your website. His list from the Internet 5'11.5" is not so bad but he may be a little under this range... I will ask you again: Rob, can you add Steve Harwell to your website and how tall do you think he looks?
Editor Rob
I don't know when I'll look at him
Sakz said on 4/Apr/19
@Christian 6'5 3/8" That's true, because those heights are already very tall so people won't normally notice their inflation. I've seen people who are 6'4 or 6'5 be described as 6'7. 5'10, on the other hand, is just above average in most places whereas 6'0 is seen as tall, so the two can be differentiated based on that. The taller you are the more likely you are to get away with inflation to those who are not height aware.
Canson said on 4/Apr/19
@Rob: I loved your response back to James Brett. It’s even funnier when you’re discussing height with someone and they say something like well you would be “listed at such and such in basketball etc or you should just go ahead and say you’re such and such say 6’1 when a person measures 5’11 and they’re perfectly content with it, when you’re not and especially basketball was never even the topic of discussion to begin with. It’s almost like an excuse was brought up just to justify that person being able to claim a height they desire to be. You’re right that the sneakers cleats helmet or other gear a person may wear playing sports etc aren’t part of your actual height. You weren’t born with any of that on so why is it relevant in the discussion now
Redwing said on 3/Apr/19
Thanks rob, is the man an inch taller than challenger 2 in the picture?
Editor Rob
He might be a bit taller.
Luca said on 3/Apr/19
Dear Rob, I'm writing to you because I'm really shocked and confused.
I'm actually spending half week in my actual house, a really really new house, and the other half in an hold house.
As you know my normal low, always measured in the new house, provided of a modern wooden floor, is a hair above 189 cm... These days I ve been measuring in the old house on a doorway at about a Half cm less! Even on a not too stressful day, keeping in mind that my absolute lowest ever recorded since now was 188,7 cm!
How can you explain that? Have I shrunk despite being just 19? Or is just a worst surface to measure yourself? Please Rob, I Need your opinion cause I m so confused!
Editor Rob
Surfaces can definitely look ok, but even a small incline (undetectable to most people) could knock a few mm' is unlikely you've shrunk! But then, it is also possible a wall isn't perpendicular in one of the houses (accounting for another few mm).
SnerhagAip777 said on 3/Apr/19
Rob, has your IQ ever been tested? I assume it's quite high with good spatial awareness.
Editor Rob
No, I've never taken a test of that nature.
Sakz said on 3/Apr/19
@Timothy Andrew Sarkar Definitely not, since the top of my head to the bottom of my nose is around 6 inches. It all depends on your head size and other facial proportions, so in your case they're probably on the lower side. I'm not sure exactly what my eye level is, though I know it's average so not too high or low.
Jdubbz 196cm said on 3/Apr/19
@Editor Rob:

My low is over an eight inch but under a quarter over the mark(6'5.18 or so), but I get up at 6'6 flat. Is that a lot of shrinkage for a 6'5 range guy? Most people seem to lose 2cm or less, and I believe you only lose 5/8 of an inch, so I'm wondering if I have some spine issues.
Editor Rob
At that height (with a longer spine than the average man by a few inches), you'd expect an inch or so, maybe 3/4 inch isn't that much, maybe a bit less than average for a 6ft 5-6 man.
Nik said on 3/Apr/19
@ Rob - How tall is Dominic Littlewood please?
Editor Rob
He claimed 5ft 8...but has a look of a 5ft 7 guy at times.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 2/Apr/19
I have a solid 6'3" coworker who claims 6'5", or at least he used to, and he got away with it. He now claims 6'4" though. Tall people can inflate 2 inches and can easily get away with it most of the time. A 5'10" guy claiming 6'0" is much more likely to be called out, than a 6'4" guy claiming 6'6".
Timothy Andrew Sarkar said on 2/Apr/19
@Sakz is it rare for one to have 5.75-6 inches to bottom of nose? Mine is 6.75. What is your eye level at?
Luke Heinz said on 2/Apr/19
Rob, where would a 5’4 foot person come up on someone who is 5’11
Editor Rob
Likely below their nose, but maybe not quite at all depends on hair, how high camera is and head size...
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 2/Apr/19
Rob, i'm curious that did you holding 5'8 1/2 on a good day?
Editor Rob
I still fall to 5ft 8 1/8th at my lowest mark, but remember many videos aren't done at night or after hard physical work.

On a relaxed day at mid-day I could get 5ft 8 3/8ths.
Redwing said on 2/Apr/19
Here it is rob, Click Here please blur it but tell me your thoughts.
Editor Rob
There could be 10-11 inches between the man and woman.
Luke Heinz said on 1/Apr/19
Rob, I measure a few mm over 5’10 in the morning, and 5’9.2 just before bed, would you say I am a strong or weak 5’9
Editor Rob
A strong 5ft 9, you are like casper van dien.
Jdubbz 196cm said on 1/Apr/19
@James Brett:

Based on what I've seen, it's pretty uncommon. A very strong 6'4 or a weak 6'5 could claim and get away with 6'6, but a legit 6'4 guy would probably stick to 6'5 at the most. I think above a certain height, most people tend to be quite honest. Of course there are exceptions though.
Bobby 5'10 (178cm) said on 1/Apr/19

Based on those stats, you're a solid enough 5'9, so I'd stick with that claim, just say 176cm/5'9, you mention you're regularly above a flat 5'9 at your normal low, so you're closer to 176 than 175.
Ashlion said on 1/Apr/19
Rob if you see the interview of the priyanka chopra and Jimmy fallon then what height difference between them consider priyanka wears heels
James Brett 172cm said on 1/Apr/19
Rob will you get a proportion of guys in the 6ft6-6ft7 range that claim 6ft8 as well?
Editor Rob
Maybe there is a tail off, but look at basketballers, there's many claiming inflated heights in shoes.

'But I play in shoes, what's the difference?'...well you could play in high heels or wear a helmet on your head, but none of that is part of your actual height 😁

Sakz said on 1/Apr/19
@thi You're probably around 6'0 (183cm) based on what you said. 170cm reaches near the tip of my nose and I'm close to 185cm. Of course it does depend on your head length and eye level though.
'Annonymous' said on 1/Apr/19
Hi Rob! Thank you for adding Bob Sinclar to your website. Could you
to add rock singer Steve Harwell from the Smash Mouth band? He is 52 years old, but in his case I also doubt about that he lost any height... Steve is listed on the Internet as 5'11.5" which does not look scandalous to him. Please look at his photos next to Daniel Bedingfield in 2003:
Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
And here are his photos alongside Joe Montana, Keanu Reeves and Tom Arnold from 1998 (please note that Steve wears sneakers and they have thicker shoes from him):
Click Here Click Here
Here's a photo of Steve next to Coolio from 1998 (unfortunately we can't see their footwear):
Click Here
Steve in 2014 met Mark McGrath:
Click Here
In this photo Steve has a slightly thicker shoes and a looser posture than Mark, but look at them side by side when the posture Steve is a little better (in the next photo is also Joanna Krupa):
Click Here
If Mark said 6 and 6'0.5" I think he deserves 6'0.25", and here you can look at Krupa heels:
Click Here Click Here
Here's another photo of Steve next to Mark McGrath but from 2018:
Click Here
And here are photos of Steve next to Bret Michaels and again next to Mark McGrath from 2014:
Click Here Click Here
Bret is a tricky guy who, thanks to his hat, may seem taller than he really is. Looking at Steve I see for him at least 5'11" and even 5'11.5" doesn't look like something impossible. Rob, could you add Steve to your website?
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 1/Apr/19
Hello Rob!

I'm still at Dad's and yesterday morning I had a music fest courtesy of his Alexa. She's so polite and helpful and I feel inclined to buy one of my own. This put me in a writing mood, so I sent a few music-related comments and others besides!

Now this morning, my Dad's up early because his cleaning lady is coming round. I am stuck with watching politics! 😭😭😭

Have a great week Rob and all you smashing visitors! 😊👍
cmillzz said on 31/Mar/19
Rob, I’ve noticed that in pretty much every video you’ve done recently, you seem to measure closer to 174 than 173. Are you doing most of your videos earlier in the day? I think the lowest I’ve seen so far is like 173.5 or something, but you stated in the video that it was 3 PM during the time of measurement... does it have something to do with activity levels perhaps?
Editor Rob
In some sneaker videos they were 11-12 range, so I'm not at low.
LDS said on 31/Mar/19
Didn't know where to put this as such but does anyone else have problems with latest comments section updating? Sometimes for me it's a good 3/4 days old and I have to delete the cache multiple times to get it to update to the newest comments.
Editor Rob
Some days that page doesn't get refreshed, so it could be a couple of days.
Redwing said on 31/Mar/19
Hey rob, could you blur the people out in this picture? If challenger 2 is 186 cm how tall is the other men? I’ve met Ben Barrington in real life I was looking just above his mouth. This is my last question for the site, been coming here for 3 years
Editor Rob
There was no photo attached.
Nik said on 31/Mar/19
@ Sandy Cowell - Many thanks for that! It was lovely to meet you and Jim too!

I didn't know that you were both singing along to Pink Floyd on the journey up, you must have done a hell of a lot of singing! It sounds like you had a lot of fun in Jim's musical car!

6james94 said on 31/Mar/19
Alright so I checked my heights for morning, 5-6 hours after bed, and evening. I actually measured as high as 5'10 on the dot though mostly I get between 5'9 3/4 and 5'10 in the morning. In the afternoon I measured myself at 5'9 1/8 the lowest I get would be 5'9, and in the evening if it's a normal evening I stay between 5'8 7/8ths and 5'9 1/8 measuring as high as 5'9 1/8 and as low as 5'8 7/8ths mostly between the two. Though on my work nights I work nights from 5- close I'm on my feet for 5-6 hours sometimes more and I work the night shift so I'm definitely up after six hours usually when I get off I would be up for 10-12 hours I would get off at 10-12 depending on the shift I always get somewhere in between 5'8 3/4 and 5'9. What height can I claim
Morning 5'9 3/4- 5'10
Afternoon 5-6 hours out of bed 5'9 1/8 sometimes right at 5'9"
Evening day off 5'8 7/8ths - 5'9 1/8 depending on what Im doing. Though mostly 5'9- 5'9 1/8
evening work nights 5'8 3/4 - 5'9 though when I get home after I sat on the couch I quickly when back up to 5'9"
James Brett said on 31/Mar/19
rob is it common or uncommon for 6ft4 (193cm) men too claim 6ft6?
Editor Rob
I think it would be more common for a 5ft 10 to claim 6ft than a 6ft 4 to claim 6ft 6...but I'm sure a proportion will inflate to that 6ft 6 from 6ft 4-5 range.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 30/Mar/19
Based on the rate you're growing, I wouldn't be surprised at all if you reach 6'6" at your low.
Gupreet Singh said on 30/Mar/19
Hey Rob how would a individual feel at 187.6cm in the UK and USA.
Editor Rob
Should feel quite tall in many situations.
Antonio De Franco said on 30/Mar/19
Is that you in this picture, Rob? Click Here

Did you really use ayurvedic urea?
Editor Rob
I used to be 6ft 1.25, then took the Urea and am now 5ft 8!

The photo is from a joke video I did about 'Grow taller 4 Morons', a few other people have used it to try to scam people out of money.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 30/Mar/19
@ Nik - That was indeed a heartwarming account you wrote about Saturday. Both of us were singing along to Pink Floyd all the way there! It was lovely to meet you both, it really was!

Miss Sandy Cowell said on 30/Mar/19
@ Bobby - I'll give you a reply befitting of your efforts when I come home. I must say that I have yet to see the Matrix trilogy, but it can't have been such a monster hit for nothing!

Yes, the 'Real Da Vinci Code' should be darned interesting, through the eyes of Tony Robinson. He does some fantastic programmes, AND he's a 'Blackadder' actor!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 30/Mar/19
@ Ben - I'll have to implore my boyfriend to drive me! That WOULD be cool! 🚗😁👍
Myself said on 29/Mar/19
I think I have. I seemed to hold 192.7-9, rather than 192.5-7. But yet to fully confirm with a morning measurement.
Nik Ashton said on 29/Mar/19
viper said on 29/Mar/19
Rob could you add NFL Hall of famer Rickey Jackson now. Thanks
thi said on 29/Mar/19
Rob, just checked my fridge i took a photo to see better, its not below my nose level, its below my eye level in the middle of my nose, it dont surprass all the nose. Fridge 170, how much can be my height? I measured lots of times, the minimum i got was 181 and the maximum 187, but im sure its not right because my aunt has 186cm fridge and i'm bit shorter than this fridge!
Editor Rob
181 would be quite low if the fridge was below your's a huge variation in height you have measured. Maybe 185cm is possible.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 29/Mar/19
Thanks Rob! I saw my little nephew again yesterday, Ferdinand, and the progress he has made in three weeks is quite startling. He is smiling at people and loves blonde ladies! 😂😂😂
He couldn't leave my hair alone, so he is starting to be able to differentiate between colours now. He also mimics facial expressions and tries to burst out with words when one talks to him!

I have been getting my Dad into early Queen, Genesis and rock group Spirit. I know he'll love them because we share the same musical taste.

Cheers to you all! 😊

Sandy xxx
Editor Rob
It's good to hear Ferdinand is doing well, and that your Dad is in good spirits.
tree said on 29/Mar/19
Rob you should add a formula 1 drivers tag too under the drivers,vettel,hamilton, etc
Goel175cm said on 29/Mar/19
When we wake up, we are about 2 cm taller than our evening height, then why weight does not increase when we are 2 cm taller.
Do you consider morning or evening height for calculating bmi?
My bmi starts from 23.2 bmi and it goes upto 23.6 bmi in the evening.
Editor Rob
The water content in our discs changes, it seeps out...when you are in a recovery position (lying down) the discs aren't under stress so they re-hydrate a bit.

So weight isn't being effected.
Jdubbz 196cm said on 29/Mar/19

If I could choose any height, I think I'd go for a solid 6'4.5, 194.3cm at a low. Not that I'm way taller than that right now, but I think it's slightly less freakish than 6'5 range though still very strong 6'4 and undeniably very tall. That being said, I've made peace with my late growth, so I wouldn't be bothered by another cm or so to 197 range. It's not ideal, but neither is 196 or 195 or 194 or 193, etc. etc. As long as I don't exceed weak 6'6, I think I'll be ok. Something like Gronk's/Anthony Joshua's height would be my upper limit
Jdubbz 196cm said on 29/Mar/19

If I could choose any height, I think I'd go for a solid 6'4.5, 194.3cm at a low. Not that I'm way taller than that right now, but I think it's slightly less freakish than 6'5 range though still very strong 6'4 and undeniably very tall.
Ashlion said on 29/Mar/19
Hey Rob just ask you strange question that sometimes I feel very tall and sometimes I feel short why is that happened and second question is how tall is big iona now
Editor Rob
I posted a video of Her height, that video was taken just over 2 weeks ago.

Yeah, I think there are emotions an situations which influence how you feel about yourself, including your height - outside influences and 'height filters' might come into play. What I mean is, you can filter out taller or shorter people in public more than usual, so you might feel tall/short .
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 28/Mar/19
That's probably because you live in an area where the average's around 5'10". Places around Wisconsin's pretty tall. Even then, you'll occasionally see crowds or groups of people who are taller than average, and at times shorter than average. It's just coincidental. I live an area where the average is only 5'8" range, but there were a few instances where the average felt as tall as 5'11".
Ben said on 28/Mar/19
Nik & Sandy, you guys met each other in real life? That's cool! I'm in London from april 23rd to april 26th if you wanna meet me! 😁
Jdubbz said on 28/Mar/19

Well, I’d argue that growth stopping at 14 is just as rare, if not more so than growth stopping at 21-22.
Jdubbz said on 28/Mar/19

It’s funny you mention that, the last quarter inch to 3/8 inch of growth seems to have been in my torso! My inseam increased half an inch from 6’4.25 to 6’4.75, but didn’t grow at all from 6’4.75 to 6’5 1/8. Hopefully that means I just have another eight or quarter inch of growth and stop at 6’5.25 - 6’5 3/8.Are you over 193 now?
Bobby 178cm said on 28/Mar/19

I'm actually a rare exception to that rule as I grew even after 18. I remember being measured sometime in the mid-afternoon with the measuring tape by a nurse, for some odd reason and I say oddly because it was a dentist building, so anyway, I was measured at bang on 5'9, at I would say, between 4-5 PM, so let's say 4:30 PM, but could have later than that. When I finally took matters into my hands at measuring my own height, it was at 21 years old and it was in the evening, around 10 PM. I didn't know about variations of height throughout the day yet, I heard that it was expected to lose half an inch from morning to evening but that was about it, and I didn't know that reclining could recover some of the loss, so, with that said. I tracked down some videos on YouTube, which is how I found out about Rob and CelebHeights. I used the aerosol can method as instructed and ended up measuring myself bang at 5'10 with back against the wall, feet together and head at the Frankfurt plane. I remember I couldn't believe the measurement, all that time I thought I was maybe in that 5'11-6'0 zone, but I checked and remeasured my height at least three different times and I produced the same measurement: 70 inches on the tape measurement. No gimmicks either. So, that's been my experience on growth after 18, but again, I'm the rare exception to that rule.
Tunman said on 28/Mar/19
It's already been 10 years since you met G for the Big Grapple.Do you have any news of him?And do you think you can forgive him if ever he was wishing to come back to celebheights?
Editor Rob

No doors are ever shut, but he was in an untenable position - couldn't accept he's really 5ft 7 (well ok, a bit under but let's round him to 5ft 7).

I don't know what he's doing these days, I'm sure he still managed to meet a few more thousand people over last 10 years.
SnerhagAip777 said on 28/Mar/19
Big Rob, i gotta tell you, i'm heavily obsessed with this site. I have downloaded an app to block certain sites on my phone, put this one on it as well, but i felt lost without this site. Seriously, my insecurities are too big.
Editor Rob
Well, I do think an app or chrome/firefox extension to block sites is useful if you really want to stop visiting something and need a bit of a push or help.

I have used such extensions in the past, although I'd never block celebheights of course!
Lell said on 28/Mar/19
Yeah, growth can definitly happen in your 20s. Some stop completely at 12 while others suddenly get a spurt at 24.
Some sites say you stop at 16, others at 18 or even 25.
Everybody says different things, so it's really unpredictable. I grew taller even though I was an early bloomer with facial hair.
Canson said on 27/Mar/19
@Jdubbz: if that were me I wouldn’t want to go beyond a solid 6’5. I guess something like 195.7 or 195.8 isn’t much different but for sure not above Christian’s height. But in the end we can’t control it. But I do agree with what both you and Christian said because 6’5” is a bit too tall. A solid 6’5” is manageable height as is Christian’s but he said it well in that a guy who is 6’2” has all the same benefits of a 6’5” guy but less headaches in the process. I think once you’ve reached something like 6’2-6’3 it’s plenty. If I could choose, I would knock a CM off and just be 6’3.75-6’4 at a low maybe 6’3 7/8 as it still would constitute 6’4” for me and it would keep me right at or below 6’5” even in sneaks. The 1/4” over 6’4 is a pain in that in some of the thicker sneaks I look over 6’4” and when I claim 6’4” it is questioned. I still claim it though and say 6’4.25 a lot
Nik said on 27/Mar/19
@ Sandy Cowell - It was so wonderful for my Mum and I to meet you and Jim on Saturday, the whole day was an amazing experience from start to finish! The day started when you rang me up at 5:00 am to find out exactly where we live, I heard Jim singing in the car and this was amazing! It was fantastic when you both arrived at our house ready for the fun to commence, we had plenty to laugh about!
I found it very funny that after having a few beers with Jim you broke wind in Sainsbury's and then collapsed on the floor laughing, roll on supermarket floor laughing supremely loudly! There is nothing like laughing ones self silly (particularly on floors!) and it was also very amusing to hear about Jim's Great Dane Drum spraying all up the wall after he had farted, furthermore it was amusing that Drum then looked round in shock from then on whenever he heard a fart noise!
I am so pleased that you also had the magical experience of meeting Nigel Farage on Saturday, it is great that he was friendly and that you both took great delight in introducing yourselves to each other and having a chat with each other! If you just meet one celebrity in your whole life you will be left with so many lasting memories, you just don't know if or when you will meet celebrities in the future! Things like this DO happen to you now! It's so interesting that Jim has met Vincent Price and all of the Royals whilst he was in the army, I certainly know that he has met the Queen! I know she rather warmed to him!
We both sent a few comments to celebheights when we were all together, it was great to write out some comments and then see each other sending them on our phones, doing this added even more to such a great day! Wasn't it great that my celebheights T-shirt arrived the very same day that you and Jim visited us? You brought your celebheights T-shirt with you and we both had the pleasure of wearing them at the same time!
Another great thing about Saturday was that my Mum gave us such wonderful food to eat! I know you had a salad and that you thought it was one of the best meals that you had had in a long time! We all had such enjoyable and healthy food!
We were all comfortable and we sat about a lot and stood up a lot, we all talked to each other a lot about interesting things and we had a barrel of laughs, the time just flew by and at times faster than we would have liked!
It was a wrench when you both left at about 5pm but the good thing is that there are always new adventures to look forward to and there will be another one in May for the four of us to look forward to! I too have to congratulate Jim on driving over 500 miles in one day, this was a very good effort and one that I admire massively!

Cheers Sandy!

cmillzz said on 27/Mar/19
I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who grew in their 20s. The vast majority are done by 18. Hell I know lots of guys who stopped by 14 like Rob. I was a late bloomer myself and I stopped at around 18-19.
cmillzz said on 27/Mar/19
Rob, from what I can tell you never do drop below 5’8 1/8” regardless of how physically active you are. If so, that would fit the definition of an “extreme low”. So on a regular, less stressful day, is it possible that your low is closer to 5’8 1/4”, and thus fitting the definition of a “normal low”? I know it’s silly to even talk about because it’s mere millimeters, but this is a height site after all, haha.
Editor Rob
A real extreme low of 5ft 8 might still be possible, I haven't exactly done a 2 hour football match or anything, but more physical work I have tested and just about hold to 5ft 8 1/8th at low.
I suppose our bodies can still go beyond usual low a few mm under real periods of intense activities.
'Annonymous' said on 27/Mar/19
Hi Rob! Could you add DJ Bob Sinclar to your website? He's listed on the internet as about 5'10" but he never looked that tall. Sinclar is 50 in this year and I doubt he has lost any height. Here are his pictures next to Ana Ivanovic from 2014:
Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
Here is a picture where we can see her heels:
Click Here
Here are his pictures from 2013 next to Roger Federer:
Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
And here are his photos next to Redfoo from 2014:
Click Here Click Here
And here you can look at their footwear:
Click Here Click Here
In 2018 Sinclar met Luis Fonsi, here is their picture:
Click Here
You should be taken into account that Fonsi had thicker shoes and more hair than Sinclar. In 2017, Sinclar met Akon:
Click Here
In 2018, Sinclar also met Robbie Williams:
Click Here
I do not see it anywhere near 5'10" for me he looks more like 5'8.5", I would really guess about 174 cm for him. Rob, could you add him to your website?
Editor Rob
I remember he was asked about before...having looked at him I think around 5ft 8 is possible. It would be a lot closer than the 177cm on some sites!
Myself said on 27/Mar/19
That's the same thing I asked him on YouTube comments haha
Everything is possible, aswell as just natural growth; even I seems like might have grown another 2-3 mm now (still to confirm though), at more than 21.5 yo, although my growth is not comparable to his.
The strange thing is that he claims that it's his legs that are growing (while arms are done); pretty unusual at that age! I believe my growth has occurred only in the torso the last 5+ years.
If your armspan is 197 cm it may mean that you could reach that height, but if you go over then I think there may be an issue (I would already feel alarmed, if I didn't want to grow more than 195-6).
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 27/Mar/19
Hey Rob,

I'm off to see my Dad and the family again! I will still write, but to a lesser degree. It'll be quizzes together all the way, which is such fun! I'll be able to see how much little Ferdinand has grown and see Tabbi again - and brother Dominic, who was on a business trip to America last time.

I'll keep in touch!

Best Wishes to you all,

Sandy xxx 😁😊😹😄☺️
Editor Rob
Hope you enjoy your trip!
Jdubbz 196cm said on 27/Mar/19

Pretty sure. I'm not even 22 yet, and plenty of people grow in their early 20s lol
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 27/Mar/19
@ Nik - It was particularly cool to meet Nigel Farage because I knew exactly what I was going to talk about. Other than the school, what would I have had in common with him?

My Dad texted me, asking "why didn't you ask him......?" followed by a big list of political questions. Nigel must get SO fed up with all that!

Cheers Nik! 😉
Jdubbz 196cm said on 26/Mar/19

Yeah the 198 measurement seems a little higher than usual, but it could be because I got 9 hours of sleep and slept very horizontally. A more conservative out of bed for me would be 197.8-9. I'm definitely in that upper 195 range at the moment. I think I'm going to stop measuring myself for a few months and see what happens, but I hope I don't go past Christian's height.
cmillzz said on 26/Mar/19
@Rob, yeah that’s one thing that strikes me as odd where I live; the amount of tall women I see everywhere. They’re not wearing heels either, some of them wear thinner footwear than I do. And strangely, the tallest women I see tend to be middle age or older.
cmillzz said on 26/Mar/19
@Jdubbz, not trying to scare you or anything but are you sure you might not have a pituitary issue or something?
Canson said on 26/Mar/19
@Jdubbz: wow 198 out of bed? That means you may end up a strong 6’5” when said and done.
Nik said on 26/Mar/19
@ Sandy Cowell - Meeting one celebrity a month would be incredible but it is also amazing if you ever meet any celebrities in your life! Moments like these are incredible and if you just meet one celebrity in your entire life you will cherish meeting this celebrity for the rest of your life! More is better of course, but one is so cool too! Times like these are never going to come round too often so I am sure you are more than happy to have met Nigel Farage, you can always be proud of this from now on!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 26/Mar/19
@ Andrea - Hi there! I have been watching the totally addictive 'Da Vinci Code' trilogy, and as you can imagine, there is a great deal of Italian spoken in that, but slowly, so I can recognise many of the words because they're so similar to French. It comes as a bonus that Tom Hanks's character, Robert Langdon, doesn't speak much Italian himself, so frequently the Italian is translated for him.

I must say, I do have great admiration for people who enjoy learning languages. If you don't enjoy it passionately, you aren't likely to get very far!

The only language we did at our school was French, and my Mother was disappointed about that. She taught my Dad German, so if ever I need a helping hand, I just ring him up. Bit by bit, I have been learning to spell German words and once I see them written down, they stick! I don't know whether I should be over presumptuous to say that it's in my blood, but I do enjoy the learning of new words from different languages. My Mum told me that we have 8 nationalities in us, whereas I thought it was a mere 3. Then in a hospital café, when I said to my visitors that I have 3 nationalities, she said, "Oh no you don't - you have 8", thereafter reeling them off! I was staggered to say the least!

Yes, dialects are another aspect of languages, as are spellings. I can tell who is American on this website by their use of the letter 'z' instead of 's' for words like 'realise'. I must say that I prefer the 'z' spellings. The 's' ones aren't strictly correct, but that's what happens to languages over time. In Great Britain, there are so many give-away accents that you don't have to think too long and hard as to who is a northerner and who is a southerner.

As always, it's a pleasure to chat with you Andrea!

All the very best!

Sandy xxx 😁👍
cmillzz said on 26/Mar/19
Rob, do you ever notice days where it seems as if the average is much higher than just 5’9? I notice this a lot, especially when it’s crowded. And for me, it’s not just selective memory. It really does feel as if most guys are comfortably taller than 5’9 whenever I’m in a crowded area. Statistically, this shouldn’t be happening, but for some reason it does. Any reason why this occurs?
Editor Rob
Sometimes you might find anomalies...I remember once going shopping and every corner I turned the women seemed my height or taller. I thought someone had slipped a shrinking pill in my coffee for a moment 🥴
edwards said on 26/Mar/19
@ rob
last night ,i erupted an argument on ideal height. i am 6 feet and my friend is 6'3,honestly it's childish we're both in our 40s and arguing about ideal height,it may sound crazy,daft,childish and foolish as two men in their 40s arguing about ideal height,he claims 6'3 and i am exactly 6 feet,he claims that 6'3 is ideal because he is that height and i claimed mine(6 feet is ideal),i know rob that 6'1 or 6'2 is considered ideal among folks but i wanna know only between 6 and 6'3 ,which do consider ideal rob?only between 6 and 6'3,wanna hear from you sir?
Editor Rob
There are heights that are easier or can give you an advantage in society. 6ft 3 might have more advantages in some respects than 6ft.
Nik Ashton said on 25/Mar/19
@ Rob - Well, there have been 440 votes cast on your height, a lot of people must be getting it wrong then! Maybe you could give yourself a boat load of 5’6” votes if you feel the 5’8.39” is too high!
Editor Rob
I'm not going to interfere with any of the guesses 😉
At 10am I might think of myself as being nearer 5ft 8 3/8th, but I always feel when meeting actors I'm closer to my low range, much nearer 5ft 8 1/8th - that's what I'd vote for myself 😍
Jdubbz 196cm said on 25/Mar/19

As of yesterday, 195.9 at a low and 198 out of bed. Pretty relaxed day though, I suspect that I'd dip to 6'5 flat or maybe 195.7 if I were more active. Either way I think 196cm is fair for a metric claim.
Bobby 5'10 (178cm) said on 25/Mar/19
@Jdubbz 196cm

I still fall to 5'9.75 at night, sometimes even 5'9.8 on account of drinking over 2 litres of water per day and sitting upright and being on feet, never reclining except at night, and is my posture has also improved. So I stand taller as a result. I'm typically as low as 180cm/5'11 in normal footwear. So, folks are gonna see me as a solid 5'10 guy no matter what time of day it is.
Canson said on 25/Mar/19
@Jdubbz: what are you currently out of bed and at a low?
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 25/Mar/19
@ Nik - Ideal, yes, but unlikely in the extreme. One celebrity a month would suit me, but it's never going to happen! I was perfectly happy with meeting Nigel Farage, thank you very much!

Cheers Nik! 😁👍
Jdubbz 196cm said on 24/Mar/19
@Bobby 178cm:

Are you a flat 5'10 at your low, or do you still fall to 5'9.75 at night? You're a legit 5'10 either way, but I'm curious if you've grown recently
Nik said on 24/Mar/19
The average vote is 5'8.39", I-N-T-E-R-E-S-T-I-N-G!
Editor Rob
It's too high, might have to give myself 5ft 6 😅 Where's Big G when you need him, he'd be submitting 5ft 6 every day if he was still around.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 24/Mar/19
Hi Rob!

The garage pit stops took place as part of the journey my boyfriend and I made travelling up to Yorkshire - to meet Nik and his Mum. The loss of Nik's brother's dog is what kicked Jim into action, and meeting the two of them couldn't have been a nicer experience!

'Little Alverna', 4ft11, was wearing sandals, so I could look her almost straight in the face as I had no footwear on at all! Nik's blue Celebheights T-shirt arrived shortly after we arrived, and I had packed my pink one with some leggings just in case Nik's one arrived - AND IT DID, so we both sat there in our Celebheights T-shirts.

Jim made us laugh describing an incidence of flatulence 'committed' by his 15-stone harlequin Great Dane, Drum, who sprayed all up the wall, and thereafter, every time he heard a fart noise, he looked round in shock! Then Jim embarrassed me by telling the two about the time we were queueing up in Sainsbury's, and I broke wind so loudly after a few beers that I collapsed on the floor in a heap of laughter and merriment; the checkout girl must have thought her customer had vanished!

What a far cry from the respectable citizen I looked when I went over to Nigel Farage yesterday in the garage and talked about the school we had in common. He immediately said its name - and then asked me mine. It was a joy to meet Nigel. Things like that just don't happen to me! They happen to Jim, who has even met Vincent Price and all the Royals, while in the Army.

I've never known time to fly like it did yesterday - and Alverna's welcome was second to NONE that I have ever had. She made me a lovely salad sprinkled with grated cheese and there was tea on tap throughout our visit.

What a lovely day, and my final congratulations go out to boyfriend Jim who drove us all the way up there and back in a day. We left at 5am, arrived at 10am and left at 5pm, so we had 7 whole hours to laugh and joke, and Nik sent a couple of funny comments and I sent one, having done a few in the car on the way there.

So you see Rob! Your great Website has more uses than meet the eye! 😉
Editor Rob
That's great you managed to meet up, sounds an interesting adventure, and I never realised Nik got a t-shirt too. Seeing Nigel sounded interesting, as he's one of the more well known political figures over the last few years!

Thanks for the support.
foxcov said on 24/Mar/19
Goel174.4cm said on 14/Feb/19
Heyy, I love Budapest and want to visit there once. How would 174.4 cm guy feel at your country
Short,or Average?

Hiii, I'm hungarian too. Let me answer your question if its not 2 late... it depends where you wanna go. In Budapest all kinds of tourists come, this is a multicult city.. the most average is 175-176 cm... you wont feel short. But if you go to another city where
there are more Hungarians...for example Debrecen.. young (18-21) average is more like 177-178 cm
Lell said on 24/Mar/19
Hello, I have a question.
My brother is about 175/76 cm range, last time I saw him back in 2017 I was 176 cm and we were almost exactly the same height or I was even barely taller. I'm not sure how to measure accurately, but I stretch out my body and push up a cylinder with my head on the wall 'til I can barely feel it on my head. Doing this I get 181.5 cm afternoon. If I met him now, would I be noticeably taller?
Editor Rob
That's around 2 inches, so you should really feel taller, and he would notice the difference too.
Goel174.4cm said on 24/Mar/19
Strange thing is that my morning height has not increased much it is 176.6cm and after 5-6 hours I am 175cm and my low is 174.8cm.
So now, Can I consider myself Solid Average height in UK?
Editor Rob
It's very close to average height, within half a cm....but the average of course is more a mid-day, so you might be bang on the average.
Nik Ashton said on 23/Mar/19
@ Sandy Cowell - Now that really would be ideal, in fact pukka! It really is the ideal scenario and one that would put a smile on your face!
Canson said on 23/Mar/19
@6james94: I’ve worken up nearly 1/8” 3mm above my norm before on extra sleep. I’m normally 195.7 but have seen 196 before a time or two that I’ve measured
Canson said on 23/Mar/19
@6james94: I’ve worken up nearly 1/8” 2-3mm above my norm before on extra sleep. I’m normally 195.7 but have seen 195.9-196 before a time or two
SnerhagAip777 said on 23/Mar/19
Rob, irrc your hairline must be 1.5 inches. Any idea what the average hairline length is? What would be considered big or small? What would yours be considered? Your cranium doesn't look that large compared to your face. I have a medium sized forehead but a rather large cranium. Could it be 2 inches or more?
Editor Rob
I would class mine as being within the average range with 2-2.25 low, and 1 quite high.

Remember camera focal length can alter the head shape in photos.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 23/Mar/19
Hey Rob, We just stopped at another garage. Jim asked, "Who do you wanna meet this time?"

I must say, Nigel Farage was truly a pleasure to meet!

Have a great weekend one and all! 😊👍
FiveEightJake said on 22/Mar/19
Big rob how accurate do you think the average height statistics considering some could be self reported heights do u think average is really 5’10+

I wake up just under 5’9 and go to my low just over 173, I feel very average in real life if not on the lower side of average, I’m more or less eye level with most of the people I meet yet the internet makes me feel short.

You can have 5’8 from me big rob I’d love to stand next to you I feel we would be height twins
Editor Rob
I believe the UK ones from the health survey are pretty good, because they are done by health practitioners visiting people, so on average it will be mid-day heights, which gives about 5ft 9 for overall UK average without shoes.

I'd say any of the self-reported average heights could be off 1-3cm
khaled taban said on 22/Mar/19
Rob, Did you grow taller after age 19? If yes, how much?
Editor Rob
I stopped around age 14.
Bobby 5'10 (178cm) said on 22/Mar/19

175/176cm. You keep asking bro, I've told you before, I was a 5'9 guy.
Glitch said on 22/Mar/19

If you are Now a Legit 178cm guy

Then How Tall you were At 18?
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 21/Mar/19
@ Nik - I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything falls neatly into place - on its own! 😳🤞
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 21/Mar/19
@ Rob - I'm not technically minded AT ALL! 😉
Andrea said on 21/Mar/19
I've always liked studying and learning foreign languages, Sandy, and I never considered it "strenuous" or anything like that, even back at school. Unfortunately, unlike your Mum (hats off to her!), I actually don't speak that many languages, but I certainly would like to learn more...
Speaking of Gomorrah, I get what you mean about the language and the translations, but bear in mind that I myself have to watch it with subtitles because, despite being Italian, many dialogues are in Neapolitan dialect, which I find very hard to understand at times!
Goel174.4cm said on 21/Mar/19
From last 20 days, I am walking/Jogging for about 15-20kms. From last 1 week, I have noticed that my low has increased from 174.4 to 174.8-9 cm. Is this a slight growth due to my daily exercise? I am 21 years old.
Editor Rob
I couldn't tell, maybe slightly better posture or your spine has adapted and actually is making you retain more height as a result of your exercise routines?
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 20/Mar/19
@ Rob - My phone is still not in repair! An enormous chunk of me is pleased though because I can still write on Celebheights and do all the other nice things associated with having a mobile phone. My favourite is, of course, writing on Celebheights! 😁👍
Editor Rob
At least you can still view the site ok, hopefully you can get your phone sorted.

Batteries do drain after time...but depending on model, it's easy enough to buy a new one and replace rather than paying some guy in a shop an extra 20 pounds...although, if you aren't too technical minded, then it's probably safer to get help 👍

I personally moved away from Samsung to IPhone a few years ago.
Bobby 178cm said on 20/Mar/19

My inseam is commonly 32 and that's considered 45.66% for 178cm. I just went with an average measurement to make things simple.
6james94 said on 20/Mar/19
Can it be on occasion where a 5'9" guy wakes up at exactly 5'10
Editor Rob
Of course, but it's slightly more (near 1/4 inch) than the average 5ft 9 man would wake at.
Myself said on 20/Mar/19
I think you've got your stats slightly off. If your inseam is 33/33.25, then it's 46% range for 183 cm.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 20/Mar/19
@ Andrea - I like the tongue! (😛)

I'm probably three quarters of the way through it now. Working in a laundry indeed making green garments as a cover-up for all their misdoings! I can't see myself fully understanding it as well I might, because at the moment I'm at the 'familiar word spotting stage'! I'm sure it's strewn with humour which I'm missing out on as well, but given time...

I've noticed the DIRECT translations, sometimes into bad English, which I find very realistic. I've got more patience with foreign films than many, in fact, any of my British friends, because languages are if interest to me and how people live in other countries. I am, in short, a nosy old Cowell 🐮 who is making the most of whatever time she has left on this planet!

The opening scenes gave me some idea of what it was going to be like. Not many men spend that much of their ill-gotten gains in a male-grooming centre - and then get assassinated! I think the Brits rely on visual stimulation more than anything else. How about you Andrea? You must have enormous patience to pick up and 'work' with foreign languages the way you do. My Mum left Germany with 5 languages under her belt and she swore that the teaching of languages in European countries is better than the lax teaching that goes on in this country!

Cheers Andrea! 😊👍
Nik said on 20/Mar/19
@ Sandy Cowell - I hope you sort out your phone issues as soon as possible.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 20/Mar/19
@ Rob - It's hardly surprising with a multi-cat household to find that a great many of the cats are using it. I've been considering buying another one, but I know the same thing will happen! There's always one cat or other in there, and rarely is it Pixie...

One time I did find a picture of Sookie loafing about to inform me something or other had gone wrong. Your reply was that he does still keep an eye on the site!
MrFish said on 19/Mar/19
Rob, I think I've topped out; I haven't really grown during the past year (I'm nearly 22 now). With an out-of-bed height of 5ft 9 and 5/8ths with 8+ hours of sleep with a normal low of about 5ft 8 and 7/8ths (the lowest I've measured during the past year is 5ft 8.75), what should I be claiming in cm and ft/in? About 5ft 9? Almost 5ft 9? 175?
Editor Rob
If you round to 5ft 9, that sounds good to me.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 19/Mar/19
Well, Rob, I'm still in possession of my phone and tomorrow it's being picked up for a service. Tonight I have the new Lars Von Trier movie to watch, starring Matt Dillon and Uma Thurman, called 'The House That Jack Built'. It also has an introduction by Lars himself, so maybe I can get some idea of his height and pester you for a page for him!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 19/Mar/19
Hey Rob!

My phone might be in need of servicing ASAP, because it's behaving erratically and has been doing so now for some weeks. Early this morning, I was nearing the end of a reply to Bobby when my battery ran out suddenly and consequently, I lost it! 😣 I wasn't very happy AT ALL!

I have to go and get ready now, but if I disappear for a couple of days, you know why....

Cheers Rob and my very best to you all!

Sandy xxx
Editor Rob
Well hope you sort your battery issues!
Csimpson6ft said on 18/Mar/19
Rob my leg to torso ratio is 47.1912568306%, would you say my legs are average length for my height? Or slightly above? And yeah I got mixed up about the inseam, I thought inseam was the same as your actual leg length (outseam) I guess I'm stupid but my inseam is 33 inches or maybe 33.25
Editor Rob
I'd say it was slightly long, around 45% range is more the average, so 47 range I'd class as longer than average.
James Brett said on 18/Mar/19
rob so your not interested of being 13 and a half stone of muscle?
Editor Rob
It would be more costly in terms of diet (and I am on a budget as it stands!), and the efforts involved in getting a great physique is something I don't think I could manage.
Dann D?az said on 18/Mar/19
Rob, you have 1.73 m. + 6 mm. You're right?
Editor Rob
I fall to 173cm, but wake almost 175cm.
James Brett 172cm said on 17/Mar/19
Rob your not a skinny fella by any means but has building a lot of muscle something that doesn’t interest you? You did say at one stage you weighed 13 stone I guess you could have converted that weight into pure muscle if you lifted heavy weights at the gym,

Sorry if I come across as offensive
Editor Rob
Yeah I'm not really one for hitting weights or anything. I'm still holding right around 160 pounds, but 154 / 11 stones is probably my goal weight...
Nacho M said on 17/Mar/19
Hi rob, i am from argentina and i have a doubt.
What would be the true measure? In the moring, at midday or at night?
Editor Rob

It is a fact out of bed I'm 5ft 8.75 and a fact at my low I'm 5ft 8 1/8th.
We all have a height range that varies. So, each measurement is in essence a real snapshot of your height. Wouldn't it be a lot simpler if we didn't vary 😁

Now for any medical, it is more common to be measured after being up a few hours - so all the average height studies are done with the fact people will have been up several hours. I think if you were to state a height after being up a few hours, that fits in with how other people who get measured might be stating theirs.
Bobby 178cm said on 17/Mar/19
Hey Rob, how long would a 6'0 tall guy's legs be on average? I don't mean their inseam but total leg length. Connor's a 6'0 guy but he told me his legs are between 33-34 inches long, while mine is 41 inches long. Do you think 41 inches is too long for a 5'10 guy?
Editor Rob
I never really looked at anything but inseam for legs...I don't think Connor has measured his outseam though, it's certainly not going to be 33-34!

Outseam leg measumrents are more tricky because what is the agreed point to measure? Nearly all people showing you videos of outseam or outside leg lengths are doing it when the pants are on of course...I did read one suggestion to go with 1 inch above the hip bone.

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

Celebrity Fan Photos and Agency Pictures of stars are © to their respective owners.