How tall is Rob Paul

Rob Paul's Height

5ft 8 ⅛ (173 cm)

I created in 2004 as an entertainment site about Celebrity Height. I measure 5ft 8 ⅛in at night, which is usually about the height I am in most photos with celebrities. In 2019, first thing in the morning, I measure around 5ft 8 ⅞in. For some height-related videos check out my Youtube channel. As of February 2019 I measure close to 5ft 8.25 at lunchtime and in this Video you can see my current weight.

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5ft 8.36in (173.6cm)
ajax509 said on 27/Sep/20
@Tunman In 2015, I weighed 51kg at 176cm. Imo that was unhealthy, I got sick and tired. Nowdays, sitting at 66kg it is a way better feeling.

Once I bulked up to 73kg that I felt was too much.

Reach is like 176.7cm so nearly Vitruvian ratio (with height 177.6cm).
Sakz said on 27/Sep/20
@Greg LOL you summed him up well. Probably sits alone rocking his head back and forth muttering to himself that he's 'cutting us down' because remember, we're the big bad wolves and he's the small puppy! Aww bless the Saddler! I think we should rename him 'Small In The Saddle' if you get my drift...
Van Halen 172.1 cm said on 27/Sep/20
Greg said on 26/Sep/20
@Van Halen no he’s taller than you if he’s 172cm and you said you come down to 171cm


it's very ridiculous how you try to put words in my mouth. You know my real height (in my lowest 171.8 cm), but you still saying that lie. Greg, the liar little man with empty words.
Greg said on 26/Sep/20
@Tall in The Saddle why are you speaking in encrypted code to us? Are you bored in your cave in which you are preparing for doomsday? Do you have everything with you, for yer hardhat, canned goods, rubber chicken. Tin foil hat? Check. Oh and don’t forget that prostate exam your boyfriends going to give you.
Sakz said on 26/Sep/20
@Tall In The Saddle Howdy cowboy! Finally found your way out of that cave hole eh boy. Yee-haw. Only took you like 3 weeks. LOL! I knew you wouldn't let us down! Ahh come on. You can do better than that. You know what Saddler? I don't think those retreats are doing you any good so you should probably just stay in hiding (hint hint). Unless of course you enjoy playing the troll popping up out of nowhere, which wouldn't surprise me since you play it very well. Hahaha might have found your calling there! Oh well done Sherlock. You finally figured out what this site is reserved for, despite the clue being in the name. I suppose you achieved something in your cave hole. LOL give yourself a much needed pat on the back. That's right comedy, which you're the star of in case you hadn't figured it out. I'll leave you to rack your brains on that one while you retreat back into your cave!
Greg said on 26/Sep/20
@Van Halen no he’s taller than you if he’s 172cm and you said you come down to 171cm.
Tunman said on 26/Sep/20
Sorry I forgot to mention my wingspan and out of bed height
for the wingspan it's quite long over 185 for sure (like 185,5) but surprisingly a 174-5 dude (not the one I mentioned)had a larger wingspan than myself probably like 188 which is really exceptionally long.
As for out of bed it depends:most of the days where I would sleep near 8 hours it will be 178,2-3 some days it could be as high as 178,6-7(quite rarely though,maybe after 10 hours of quality sleep) and sometimes after bad/short nights could be 178,0-1flat
Tunman said on 26/Sep/20
@Sandy and ajax
Well I'm 5'9.4 or 176,3 at my lowest and 176,1 if I have an active day where I would stand for a long time and do hard physical stuff.My extreme lowest is like 175,7-8 after intense cycling for like 1hour+.57kg (currently maybe more 58-9)is indeed very low but I don't feel weak or something.I have simply a naturally thin built.I know a guy who's just shorter than me(like 174-5) and roughly weighs 58-60kg despite eating really big meals,so quite the same slightly-built type of body which unfortunately doesn't give the same impression of tallness as the ectomorph one.
I'm happy to enjoy some holidays every year in July-August but tbh,I kind of feel it more of a necessity due to the fact that I'm always in my shop from morning till 8pm even sundays.Well,actually if I'm lucky I can get some 2-3 weeks break in the middle of the year for a studying travel which is an occasion for me to visit some european countries and discover new cultures,though it seems very unlikely now due to the Covid.The fact that the clear part of my time since 2008 is divided between the shop and university offers few chances for routine breaking,so every occasion to do sport,travel and so on is welcome
Nik Ashton said on 26/Sep/20
Greg said on 25/Sep/20
Rob if somebody has scoliosis and a pelvic tilt. Could correcting it through exercises give you 1-2 cm? Let’s say under the circumstances that it’s a decent tilt.
Editor Rob
I know surgery can benefit some folk with more sever curvature and increase height...but maybe in subtle cases, looking up or getting help with exercises is worthwhile, there may be some 'hidden height' that could be gained, even if it's a fraction.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 25/Sep/20
Wow Rob,

I can't believe what I've just seen: the Sony Christmas Channel is already underway, and this year it started on the 24th of SEPTEMBER, so three full months away from Christmas Eve, a whole quarter of a year....😯

Not that I'm complaining as I adore the festivities - yippee! 🤗

Editor Rob
Well it is only 3 months away...and you know how fast the days go by!
Van Halen 172.1 cm said on 25/Sep/20
@James 172 cm

Oh, so im a bit taller than you
Ignatious77 said on 24/Sep/20
Hi rob, can i ask you another question? Well, my problem is that when i measure myself i am 177.8 two hours out of bed. Then when my doctor measure me, and is always the same doctor every year, i am 179.5, also two hours out of bed. The stadiometer that he uses is the one that cames with the weight scale. What height should i claim rob? Because also at night i can reach 176.5 when i measure myself at home. there is a big difference between both measurements.
Editor Rob
Any Doctor that measured me under 173cm...well, let's just say they would have their licence revoked for using fake stadiometers 😡

Seriously, it's a huge discrepancy for your own measurement and the Doctor's. Unless you feel your own tape or wall/floor is really wonky, it may well be the Doctor stadiometer is giving extra height.

You could always test your height in another room or home and see if you still get around the same mark you are currently measuring.
Nik Ashton said on 24/Sep/20
Getting up in the morning and being able to measure your current height is infinitely more important than what your current height is. I could substitute current height in this comment for any physical characteristic. 👌
FiveEightJake said on 24/Sep/20
Rob scrap my last comment because i'm not sure if inseam is crotch to floor or ankle...

is 28' crotch to ankle and bout 30' to floor short for my 5'8.5 height.
Editor Rob
A bit less than average
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 24/Sep/20
@ Nik - Thanks, Nik. The victims of this evil day must never be forgotten, and neither will they be.
Tall In The Saddle said on 24/Sep/20

LOL. Just as predicted. After my last single and incisive post, K Kid and his faithful Polly, Sad Sakz, launching into yet another stream of obsessive, butt hurt, witless Mean G banter between themselves, replete with false narratives. Skirts are really showing lads.
Haunted? Haha! Sure, it's been me looking for an "out", boo hooing to Rob, appealing for banning etc. Waving the white flag. Particularly Greg, who's still waking up nightly in a lather of sweat, haunted by the "ghosts" of his online past, Andrea, Arthur etc and needing to type his tortured preoccupations online as his "therapy". No prizes for second K Kid, you're THE BIPO boy, not funny nor bright but clearly disturbed. Just cut and paste all your delusional online rants over years and years, there's the book you've already written about yourself. Some Shutter Island treatment urgently required. Haha.
Sakz, boy, howdy doody, you type out Ooh and Ouch a lot. Too precious. Are we okay there? Scratch that. Best not to ask. LOL. Sorry to have disturbed your "virtual" life, lived out online in your dimly lit room. As indicated, it's obviously all you have while others "hide" (LOL) in the REAL WORLD, not bothering to reply to your each and every inanity, as you fervently key them out while appealing to your online "buddy". Clearly, you're not enjoying genuine relationships at any level in the REAL WORLD. Yes, you know I'm right.
Also, now trying very hard as an unchallenged pseudo intellect, "opining" on racism, politics, education etc. I mean, this is a site reserved for discussion of Height after all, isn't it? LOL. You have maintained perfect hypocrisy that doesn't float in the REAL WORLD, a world you obviously don't live in. LOL. Well done.
Now, after being cut down in one Easy A post, prepare for yet another stream of indignant Mean G posts, moaning and whining, contradicting themselves, crying to Rob etc. LOL. Comedy personified.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 24/Sep/20
@ Tunman - 57kg sounds really quite skinny. How tall are you, Tunman? 7-8 weeks of cycling in the Summer months is 7-8 weeks more than I get! I don't even own a bike and haven't cycled regularly since I was 11. When I started senior school - wham! All forms of recreation were over. I had to give up ballet, ballroom, the lot, so I got my exercise by walking to school and back and, like you, I enjoyed running during school PE lessons. It was good exercise though, and the more I walked and ran, the less exhausting it became. I think walking some 5 miles a day as a 61lb 11-year-old held up my development. Whereas Rob was almost 5ft8 at 14, I wore clothes age 9-10 on my 14th Birthday, but I did quite a lot of growing that year, and ended up looking long and skinny, even though I was below average in height.

I bet, with hindsight, many of us think, "If I had my time again, I'd do things differently."

That has certainly crossed my mind a few times. I'd have eaten far more protein of the low fat variety and reached a much better height. All we can do as adults is keep ourselves as healthy as possible because our growing time is through, and of course, do our best to minimalise height loss.

Here's to a healthy future, Tunman!

Sandy XX

ajax509 said on 24/Sep/20
@Tunman You're 176cm right? Did you ever measure your wingspan and out of bed height?

I had similar stats but I'm much heavier now ;)
Nik said on 23/Sep/20
@ Sandy Cowell - Well said!
James Brett 172cm said on 23/Sep/20
van helen-probably 171.5
FiveEightJake said on 23/Sep/20
Rob do you think you could a link to the general height forum and height request forum onto the celebheights home? It sometimes feels like a maze trying to go exactly where I want to. I have to come to Rob Paul to get to GH and height requests I can never seem to get to. I have to rely on my browser to remember the links.
Editor Rob
I'd removed the link to GH from the sidebar for a technical reason
Van Halen 172.1 cm said on 22/Sep/20

How tall are you in your lowest?
Nik Ashton said on 22/Sep/20
@ Rob - Your attitude is spot on, having that current height is more important than having anything else.
Editor Rob
And always remember Click Here.

That's a birthday card somebody gave me earlier this month. The message applies to life - keep going, stand tall and be thankful for what you have.
Shira Hanua said on 21/Sep/20
Shalom Rob How Many Inches Do Timberland 6 Inch Boots Give You 👍
Editor Rob
If I can get a hold of a pair I'd do a video, they aren't far off 1.5 inch
Tunman said on 21/Sep/20
Well,to be fair I only cycle during the summer when I'm in my aunt's house,for like 7-8 weeks max generally.In normal time I'm already lucky if I could walk for 3km on my feet in the morning.I always loved cycling but not as much as running which was my favourite sport when younger.Although I could perform some impressive climbings I'm just voiceless as to the difference between myself and procyclists.To do 150-200 kms every day for three weeks,these dudes must be like machines and surprisingly those machines have basically average joe heights and weights,unlike in many sports.
As for developing a paunch...I'm probably one of the rare cases of people who lost weight during the lockdown as I spent a good time gardening in the house.In fact by the end of August I hit my historical low at 57Kg with clothes likely 56 without vs 59/60 just before March.
Andy5'93/4 said on 21/Sep/20
Hey rob is 5’8-ish tall for 14? Im not too sure on the average height for that age but i live with my cousin whos 14 and he is a weak 5’11!
Editor Rob
it's above average, but that 14-15 is a range many guys put on a couple of inches.
Slim 6'1 said on 21/Sep/20
Better to be 5’8” than way too short or way too tall
Editor Rob

I just enjoy being alive and having a current height 👍
Slim 6'1" said on 21/Sep/20
173cm, below average but he ain’t short!
Nik Ashton said on 20/Sep/20
@ Kan - How tall are you?
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 20/Sep/20
@ Canson - Re: Your reply to me from 12th September.

Thank you very much Canson. It must be thought provoking and emotional for you living so near to the Pentagon. I bet your thoughts and prayers are with the poor victims every time you approach the area.

There have been so many programmes on this saddest of subjects, and gut-wrenching dramatisations too. I defy anyone to sit through a movie covering the tragedy without shedding tears, yet feeling angry at the same time.

Cheers Canson, and I bid you a good and healthy week ahead.

Sandy XX 🌞👍
Alperen Y said on 19/Sep/20
Rob when did your growing stop?
Editor Rob
After turning 14 I distinctly remembered measuring near 5ft 8
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 19/Sep/20
@ Tunman - Cycling is an excellent form of exercise. I knew a guy who cycled everywhere and when he stopped, he rapidly developed a paunch! 🚴‍♂️
James B 172cm said on 19/Sep/20
Rob a lot of the men in my family tree who died from cancer were 5ft10.

It kind of makes me feel grateful that I am between 5ft7-5ft8
Editor Rob
Just be grateful for every day we are alive and still have a height to measure.
Tunman said on 19/Sep/20
Look at pics of 2005 with Jan Ullrich who was probably a legit 6'.Armstrong I would have said is exactly 2.75"smaller than him so 5'9.25 seems honest.Is it his extreme lowest though?Depends on when Ullrich was measured.If not at his lowest then the 5'9 Rob is giving to Armstrong could be his absolute lowest.
Arch Stanton said on 19/Sep/20
Just noticed that you now have 12,700 + entries. Last time I noticed you had 9000 odd, so the site has had at least a 33% growth since then, I reckon in two years? Might have been longer as even 2012 seems like the other day on here! If most of the younger visitors haven't even heard of Liz or Dean, not much chance of adding all those missing B film actors from the Golden period which could be added haha!
Editor Rob
Trying to keep a site going long-term and in favour with search engines is tricky. It pretty much is a trickle approach to adding pages.

The greater the amount of lower 'performing' pages, the bigger chance of impacting the site.
Nik Ashton said on 19/Sep/20
Dillon Rice said on 19/Sep/20

There’s this one women named Sierra Gates who is listed as 6’4” everywhere you look, let she looks no more than 5’9” in nearly every photo I see of her. Something is super strange with this. Makes no sense at all. I was wondering what your thoughts were on this.
Editor Rob
Just from a glance, I wouldn't have thought over 5ft 8...maybe somebody just plucked 6ft 4 out of thin air.
Tunman said on 18/Sep/20
As a fan of cycling,I can tell you that extreme cycling especially climbing can easily take 5-6mm off my normal low,and I never did more than 40 Km.Thus I could agree with many of your listings although I'm still insisting Pogacar(5'9.25 or 176 at absolute lowest is possible) will definitely edge Roglic and Dumoulin will have at least 0.5"on Froome.Armstrong is the only one about which I would disagree with you.There's no way he's 176,5-77 after a cycling session probably 175,5-76.I looked at the 2009 Tour de France pics and I'm just not convinced there's 2cm difference between him and Contador
Kan said on 18/Sep/20
Editor Rob: tilt head up very slightly and it would be closer to 12.5, tilt down slightly and it can creep just over 13. Generally 12.8-13 if head is pretty level.

Rob i have the same problem. my eye-chin measures from 12.3 to 12.7
how should i do to measure precisely ? I do not know how to do
Many thanks
Editor Rob
if you hold a tape in front of pupil and are looking in a mirror you should be pretty close, plus or minus a mm or 2...I wouldn't worry too much about getting to exact mm!
ajax509 said on 18/Sep/20
@Tunman Cancellara could measrue similar to Froome, definitely shorter than Dumoulin.
Nik said on 17/Sep/20
ajax509 said on 17/Sep/20
Tunman said on 16/Sep/20
By absolute lowest you mean after a long stage cycling?
Yes, I don't think they would fall short of the marks. Maybe some measured right after cycling session (e.g. Armstrong, Dumoulin and Pogacar).
Ryan Cohen said on 17/Sep/20
Hey Rob How Big Is The Jewish Population In Scotland 🤔🤔
Editor Rob
I don't believe the Scottish Health survey (which tracks national height average) breaks down height averages by ethnic/religious backgrounds.
Kan said on 17/Sep/20
Editor Rob
5.2-5.3 to lowest part of nose, near 13 from pupil to chin

I remeber you have 23,9 - 24 cm head lenght and 11.5 cm eyelevelel.
I would have thought you were 12.4 - 12.5 cm from pupil to chin
Editor Rob
tilt head up very slightly and it would be closer to 12.5, tilt down slightly and it can creep just over 13. Generally 12.8-13 if head is pretty level.
Nik said on 16/Sep/20
Tunman said on 16/Sep/20
By absolute lowest you mean after a long stage cycling?They can be even shorter than that,otherwise if in a non cycling day (normal lowest at night) those figures seem fair enough although I would have said
Wiggins 6'2.25-2.5 or 189
Kittel 6'2 (he also got 189 once so 188 at low is very likely)
Dumoulin 6'1 could be indeed close to 185,5 at low
Froome 6'0.5-0.75(I still think there's 0.5" between him and Dumoulin)so maybe somewhere between those marks?
Thomas 5'11.75 well anything around 182 is likely so 5'11.5 isn't ruled out
Sagan 5'11.25 (since he also got 182 then 181 is fair)
Nibali 5'10.5 (since he also got 180 that's fine)
Armstrong 5'9.25 or 176(I remember having thought there was 1cm between him and Contador not sure about 2cm)
Pogacar 5'9.25 yeah a legit 176
Roglic 5'9 (imo there was nothing less than 4" between him and Dumoulin perhaps the 177 measurement is 176,5 measured quite early?)
Valverde 5'9-9.25
Contador 5'8.75-9
Bernal 5'8.5 (he had a 174 before becoming mostly listed at 175)
Not sure about Aru but I know that Indurain once claimed 186 so 6'0.75-1 is likely if he was measured earlier at 186
Any opinion about Cancellara?He was perhaps the best guy in time trial.I felt he was extremely similar to Schleck both could be 6'1
Nik Ashton said on 16/Sep/20
@ Rob - Yes, it is interesting to see what different people think but ultimately I trust your listings the most!
Editor Rob
I'm reading a lot of height guesses from visitors every day. People on this site do have a bit more interest in the topic, and many could have specific areas of interest and good knowledge on certain celebs. There's still many celebs out there I just don't have the knowledge on yet...
Many sites don't care though, and just copy data from others...only a few might put good effort into the topic.

The thing about height - going solely by stills/video can get you so far, but there are other areas of knowledge and experience which are beneficial in trying to meeting people in person, measuring different heights and knowing how they look from your perspective and against others, understanding what different footwear and heels give in terms of height, appreciating posture and camera angles.
Nik Ashton said on 16/Sep/20
@ Ingatious77 - I like your name!
Greg said on 16/Sep/20
@Ingatious77 a legit 5’10 is taller than most guys world wide. In America it’s 62nd percentile. Assuming you’re actually 5’10 and not like 5’8-5’9 inflating you’re taller than most. Outside of maybe some European countries where you will feel below average. But rest assured that in more places you will be above average or at average rather than below. You will also never get called short. Some people think 5’10 is average but in reality they are thinking of those 5’8.5 guys who said they are 5’10 and they assume that 5’10 guys are about 6’0. So to me 5’10 is above average and 6’0 is tall. Also 5’10.5-5’10.75” is the start of tallish range here in the U.S and I’m about that height and I’ve always been referred to as kind of tall or tall, but I don’t necessarily consider myself tall, definitely above average and tallish at most. However everyone’s going to have their own opinion and even some people on this forum think 6’1 isn’t that tall. Go figure, can’t please them all 😂
Kan said on 16/Sep/20
I just checked my eye-chin, it is 12.5 cm and my nose lenght is about 5.4 - 5.5 cm.
Are these results similar to yours ?

Editor Rob
5.2-5.3 to lowest part of nose, near 13 from pupil to chin
Ashutosh said on 16/Sep/20
Hey Rob if someone height 159.3-159.5 cm after 12 hours out of bed what height he can claim?
Editor Rob
Near 160cm is a kind of 11-12 range. If they went to the Nurse and got measured they'd be near 160 and so claiming that is fair.
Nik Ashton said on 16/Sep/20
@ Rob - 👍👍
ajax509 said on 15/Sep/20
@Tunman And Pogacar at 176cm is fair too.
ajax509 said on 15/Sep/20
My guesses (absolute lowest)
Wiggins 6ft 2.25
Kittel 6ft 2
Dumoulin 6ft 1
Froome 6ft 0.75
Indurain 6ft 0.75
Thomas 5ft 11.5
Sagan 5ft 11.25
Nibali 5ft 10.5
Aru 5ft 10.25
Armstrong 5ft 9.5
Pogacar 5ft 9.5
Roglic 5ft 9.25
Valverde 5ft 9
Contador 5ft 8.75
Bernal 5ft 8.5
Cavendish, Evans, Greipel, Sastre and A.Schleck I'm not 100% sure on. Aru's height is inflated, the others might have measured out of bed or close to it. Dumoulin at 185cm and Armstrong 177cm is fair.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 15/Sep/20
@ Ingatious77 - I like the name! It's almost exactly the same name as I had lined up for a potential pet iguana, which was Ignatius. I let the little reptilian fellow go to a cat-free household in the end, as I thought it was fairer.

5ft10.5 is a fine male height, BTW. For me, it's tall but to most people, it's bordering on fairly tall/above average. I haven't been out with a guy that tall since last century! 😉 Cheers Ingatious77, and nice to chat to you!
Nik Ashton said on 15/Sep/20
@ Rob - You are an example to all, you are so grateful to pay your bills and you are happy to devote your other efforts to tasks and ambitions that provide non monetary gain (things which are more important than money), money is only important if it is needed to pay bills and other vital costs. 👌
Editor Rob
Nik Ashton said on 15/Sep/20
@ Joseph Cohen - You would feel tall a lot of the time!
Tunman said on 15/Sep/20
Dumoulin also got a 185 listing Click Here
If so maybe we should review some of the estimates 1cm lower.
Ingatious77 said on 14/Sep/20
Hi rob!! I have a question. How do you consider a real 5.10 guy? Is it a good height for a man? I ask it because nowadays people say that you have to be at least 6 foot to be considered tall
Editor Rob
In Europe it's average in most countries, sometimes upper or lower average. 6ft would be getting into the tall range. However a 5ft 10 man in India, would on average feel taller amongst the population than if he were walking around the streets of the UK.
James B 172cm said on 14/Sep/20
Rob if actors who are near 6ft5 for example were regular people they would probably claim to be 6ft7. If your an actor/celebrity you can’t afford to inflate your height to much because you might not get the part especially if your already very tall.
Editor Rob
That is one theory. Some people think if they knocked an inch they'd be considered for auditions more.

Then you had guys like Matthew Kelly at 6ft 5 saying they inflated their height an it can go both ways in acting.

The more famous you get, the less of an issue it can be.
Joseph Cohen said on 14/Sep/20
Hey Rob Would 182.5 Cm Feel Not Too Bad In The UK Or Ireland
Editor Rob
Should feel tall a fair amount of the time once near that height in the UK. Situations in which you feel within average might be crowds of younger guys, where the average is nearer 5ft 10...but still, when accounting for women, kids, older people if you don't feel tallish, there's something amiss!
Nik Ashton said on 14/Sep/20
Nik Ashton said on 14/Sep/20
What I have said applies to any of the physical characteristics of a person.

Nik Ashton said on 14/Sep/20
@ Oli - Rob isn’t insecure as he is happy to be pictured with celebs of all genders and heights, and they are all wealthier than he is (and the vast majority of us) too.

You are right in a sense, it’s more important for a person to concentrate on other aspects of life other than how tall they are. What a person does, says, and how a person acts, are more important, we can all control these things.

Editor Rob
as long as I can cover bills I am content 👌

I would not recommend anybody who is insecure about height to make a website and have yourself and your own height as a main focus, and I definitely wouldn't recommend paying tens of thousands to get photos with celebs, many of whom are taller...

and I absolutely would not recommend trying to get as many impressions of your photos seen as possible 😄

That would be detrimental to mental health...if you were at all worried about it! 🙀
Sakz said on 14/Sep/20
@Greg Hahaha absolutely, has zero reason to respond otherwise. Probably counting up the responses as we speak and getting ready to explode again. Oooh watch this space...
Nik Ashton said on 14/Sep/20
Look at this:

Click Here
Editor Rob
A snapshot of imdb heights from 2007.
Tunman said on 13/Sep/20
It seems reasonable 4-4.25"smaller than Dumoulin more likely 5'9.Froome can be 6'0.75 a solid 0.5" less than Dumoulin.
What about other famous names?In my opinion
Bernal 5'8.5 Thomas 5'11.75 Cavendish 5'9 Kittel 6'2 Greipel 6' Valverde 5'9.25 Nibali 5'10.5 and young champion Pogacar 5'9.25
And former cyclists post Armstrong era: Contador 5'9(175 was his 2007 listing before moving to 176,he seemed fractionally shorter than Valverde)Wiggins 6'2.5 Sastre 5'7 Andy Schleck 6'1 Evans 5'8.5
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 13/Sep/20
@ Rob - A 3-4lb weight gain during the lock down is excellent going. I've managed 2 or 3 myself, but I'll soon have them off. Because of the height-loss, they seem badly magnified! Cheers Rob! 😁👍
Editor Rob
I'm sure you'll manage it, I like being 155-160 range, I aim to stick around it 👍
Slim 6'1" said on 13/Sep/20
5’8,25” 173.5
Jdubbz said on 12/Sep/20

I just saw that Bernardo video, and the biggest red flag for me is that his proportions look the EXACT same at "195.5cm" as they did at 177cm. Even his head looks the same size relative to his body! I don't know how that ruler is scaled, but he looks way too short, proportionally, to actually be 6'5. Almost as if someone clicked on his body and just scaled him up 10%. I'm no expert, but I don't think growth usually works that way.
Editor Rob
it would not surprise me if growth boost pro was also from the same guys that sell growth sinemara. The fact this Spider-ConMan bernardo was pushing sinemara (and went from 163cm to 177cm using it of course) and now pushing boost pro, is a giveaway of sorts 😆

Yeah, a 30 year old man's legs also grew, as did his arms...but as I say, with a green screen you can fool most people. Critical thinking and rationality goes out the window when the mind-set is one of desperation for growth.

Here is another example Valmir Toska who went from 173 to 190...

"Professor Robert Kissinger" developed growth boost pro. Click Here

However Click Here.

They took a stock image from shutterstock and photoshopped this 'kissinger' guy's head onto the stock image....Kissinger is a figment of somebodies imagination, as are these magical grow taller pills and powder's.

It's sad people will be seeing stuff like Bernardo and and handing over $4000, by western union or bank transfer only - this is to ensure you don't ask or get your money back when you realise that you've gained no height and just flushed 4000 dollars down the plughole.
Sakz said on 12/Sep/20
@Oli 'Obsession' is going overboard. It's more an interest like any other field of work which provides income and entertainment. Everything is done for the purpose of the site. Ironically, it's actually some posters on here that are obsessed.
Sakz said on 12/Sep/20
@Olympian So to conclude with the topic of weather and music, I, like a lot of people in this country, also look forward to Autumn as we call it due to the cool and relaxing nights, as well as the shorter days which many prefer. The countdown also begins to events such as Halloween, Guy Fawkes and of course Christmas which excite many. The rest of the year will just fly by from here. Interesting choice of music and I've also been known to listen to a similar kind, since I'm not usually too picky. As long as I enjoy the music and it relaxes me I'm open to it, so nice and slow does it for me too. I was a big fan of Scooby Doo, so I enjoyed listening to The Hex Girls aswell. It's unfortunate you lost touch with friends, although it is known to happen quite a lot. It's about the quality and not the quantity of them, so I've learned not to chase after those who drift away especially if I know they won't do the same.
Sakz said on 12/Sep/20
@Olympian I think a lot of it stems from insecurity. I've noticed people like that aren't much better, so it makes sense that they would poke holes just so they feel better about themselves. Of course some just have an ego and need to give it a boost. If it's not affecting them why should they even care in the first place. We're all flawed at the end of the day and anybody expecting perfection is obviously wasting their time. As for Canadians and Americans, I wasn't really aware of that particular stereotype. However, I have heard and read that Canadians are seen as smarter and more knowledgeable. From what I've seen, I would agree with that. Americans don't generally think outside the box nor are they educated on the outside world. Well there's certainly a lack of awareness on that front anyway. My point about them claiming to speak the 'original English' is an example because to me that just shows ignorance. It's almost as if they are in a bubble. Of course there are exceptions and it doesn't apply to everyone. This is just going by my own observations since we are on the subject. Being honest and direct can equate to rudeness for some especially if they are not used to it, so you're right in your assessment there. Over here, some foreigners find us to be overly polite and not very direct, something which they're not used to in their own countries. It's just based on culture. I too prefer to be direct and expect the same in return, because at least then I'm under no illusion as to what that person thinks of me and vice versa.

When it comes to politics, you are right in what you say about the subject and it's why many steer clear of it, myself included. There are agendas involved and you have to look no further than world leaders and their handling of situations. I've personally never gotten into a political debate and I don't hold passionate views on it like some. Absolutely. Where George Floyd is concerned people only see colour, therefore automatically think with their heart instead of their brain. Constantly focusing on colour and referencing it only prolongs racism. When asked about how to get rid of it, Morgan Freeman replied, and I quote, "Stop talking about it." Now I know that can be interpreted as saying people shouldn't be educated on it, but what he actually meant is stop referring to people by their colour in the first place. Quite simple but a big first step. As long as we keep labelling people by their colour it will never go away. The rioters just bring their country into disrepute. It achieves nothing and just makes the state of humanity even sadder in my opinion. I'm on the light side at just over 140lbs, though I am toned. I did suffer from a condition which meant I wasn't able to gain weight for a long period. Even though that's now being managed, I still don't gain much. I suppose it's metabolism and genetics.
In terms of the UK and Canada, you are right about the partnership and connections there. It explains the similarities between the two. They share the same Queen after all, as do the Australians and New Zealanders. You are also right about Australia being formed by British convicts. They have British and Irish roots, since the white Australians obviously aren't aboriginals. The same applies to New Zealand. I've never conversed with an Australian in writing so I can't comment on that, though their spoken English doesn't seem bad. It could just have been down to a lack of education or maybe it's just complacency which seems to exist when it comes to written English. Not many pride themselves on it like we do.

As for L.A. Noire, I suppose for some it's good that you are able to skip certain sequences in order to progress with the game. The only issue with that is the game becomes too easy and you aren't challenged. I like the challenge a video game presents so I personally prefer to keep playing a scene until I complete it, as opposed to just skipping it. I have heard and read positive reviews about RDR 2, so I'll definitely keep it in mind. My friend actually recommended the first one a long time ago, but I just never got round to buying it. I've played Super Mario on a Nintendo, since it is a game I used to love. I too have fond memories of the PlayStation series as I grew up playing on it. I didn't have the best experience with an XBOX 360 as the console became too faulty, so I decided the PlayStation was the only one for me because of the familiarity and durability. I personally feel the XBOX focuses more on entertainment and the PlayStation more on gaming, with me preferring the latter. Of course it does come down to preference though and not all will feel the same. I agree with the point about graphics, and the differences will be fairly subtle. They have peaked so you know you can expect the best visuals regardless of what you play on. It's more about value for money now, though loyal and dedicated gamers will make the purchase no matter what. I will write my conclusion separately to avoid exceeding the character limit halfway through.
Canson said on 12/Sep/20
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 11/Sep/20
On this saddest of anniversaries, that of 9/11, 19 years ago, let's pause for a moment to think of all those who lost their lives, and the men, women and children who lost loved ones on this most dreadful and unnecessary of occasions in present day history.

🕯️ RIP to all the victims of 9/11. 😪

You couldn’t have said it any better, Sandy What’s ironic is that im from McLean, VA And only live 15-20 minutes away from the pentagon currently
Greg said on 12/Sep/20
@Sakz He dreams about us night and day, he prays that we will go away. But instead we come back to haunt him and he has to type to us another day lol. I swear he should start making a book called “The diary of a deranged Lunatic” Schizophrenic Saddler where he thinks everyone is out to get him, gang stalking and all!
jano said on 12/Sep/20
Rob, if you can be 2 inches taller in the space, then there is really a possibilty in our spine to get taller, so its still an interesting question how to use it. Probably these strecthing teqnuiqes are not all bull , but the hard part is to keep somehow the small results you get from that and add up, but i dont see it impossible in the view of this zero gravity stuff. Probably a possible method would be, that you strecth in the early morning when you have max height, of course not too much to injure but to reach a height little bit over your max, and then you work all day in your bed to reach an evening height much better then your usual, and probably next day your morning height increases a half a millimeter and you do it once a week a whole year or two, what do you think about it?
Editor Rob
It's hard to unload the spine on earth anywhere near the extent that happens in zero g for a few weeks.
ajax509 said on 12/Sep/20
@Tunman Yeah I'm pretty much interested in procycling too. I observed Dumoulin to be taller than Froome.

At one point Roglic was billed 176cm.
Nik Ashton said on 12/Sep/20
Oli said on 12/Sep/20
Dude you seem like a good man Rob, but I don't get your obsession with height. I mean, who cares man? There are so many other things in the world that are more important, and it just seems like you created celebheights out of your own insecurities. It seems kind of unhealthy and weird to be dwelling on nothing but your height, checking your height on a stadiometer... no hate, just live your life!
Editor Rob

CelebHeights is a website, with the purpose of providing trivia and entertainment. It's also a business, so my JOB is to keep the website running and earning enough so I can continue running it :)


I love and Jenny loves it do my parents and family, and I'm sure many visitors too!

One great advantage is the freedom it allows me to help others, and be available at all times 🖖

For instance, the other day my Mother slipped and fell in the shower and was trapped (she needs 2 hips and knee replacement so her mobility is dreadful).
I was able to sprint down to their house in 2 minutes and it took about 40 minutes to eventually get her out safely. Here is one arm showing bruising.

In fact I love so much I just treated myself to 2 more hoodies 😻 Green versions this time.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 12/Sep/20
Hey Rob 'n' All!

I was just starting what looked to be a particularly terrifying 'X' File when I heard an almighty yelling coming from the garden. I shot into the back garden and saw nothing but then, upon opening the front door, there were 2 enormous great foxes parting company and my Tortoiseshell sitting placidly on the doormat. I think the foxes had been having a fracas, but at least they were in the process of clearing off.

I'm going to watch my own copy of the 'X' File (Season 4, Episode 6), which is still on and is a witchcraft case. Yes, it's quite unbelievable that man-made terror often far excels any natural phenomena. I'm about to see it in its entirety and I have an inkling that I'm in for a bumpy ride! 🤯😦😕

Oh yes, before I forget, for a while now I've been suspecting that during this lockdown, I've lost some height. My brother was looking taller than he oughtta and something in me snapped and I carried out the dirty deed: I measured myself. Sure enough, I'm less than my 60" measuring tape, so I've lost over an inch since lockdown began. Once I saw that my suspicions were not unfounded ones, I immersed myself into four hours of cleaning - after taking a cold bath to jolt myself into acceptance - and an action plan.

People were moaning on TV the other day about all the weight they'd piled on since all this began. That's not very nice either, of course, and I don't know which is worse, except that when you've lost 'X' amount of height (sorry, but it IS on!), the weight ideals you're used to are meaningless and the whole situation becomes mighty depressing. But I still have my life, and maybe I can pick up a bit of this lost height now that we aren't quite so caged in. I sincerely hope so.

Has anyone else experienced unwarranted bodily changes since lockdown? I'm all ears if you have, in whichever form they've taken....

My best to you all,

Sandy 😁👍📺🐈🐈
Editor Rob
Foxes definitely are noisy at night...the other day a bird dropped dead on our path, and for once I was grateful the fox removal gang came round later that day to remove the poor thing...

I think I'm just 3-4 pounds heavier than at the start. Our own area (lanarkshire) is back on a little lockdown.
Ryan Singh said on 11/Sep/20
Hey Rob What Weight Would A 182.25 Cm Guy Start To Look Trim
Editor Rob
180 and under could start to look like you aren't carrying much extra weight
Tunman said on 11/Sep/20
Rob,how tall do you estimate Roglic height if Dumoulin is 186?Maybe 175-6?He's a slovenian cyclist and has good chances to win the Tour de France this year.Also can I ask to include new categories of sports in celebheights like swimming,cycling,biking and so on?I know it's not generating as much interest as football but still I feel some names are worth adding in those fields
Editor Rob
My knowledge on some areas is low...that cyclist from a brief look, does appear very average range.
Mark Allan said on 11/Sep/20
Rob, should a solid 6 footer at worst be 182cm late at night?
Editor Rob
at worse they shouldn't fall much under the 6ft mark at night
Olympian said on 11/Sep/20

Yes, I believe this is true of human nature as well. People seem to inherently enjoy criticizing either other people or other ideas. I have this behaviour everywhere I go. Sometimes these complaints don't even have valid premises to them, it's just that people love to poke holes in everything as though they are expecting perfection. I also agree that no matter how terrible you think you've got it, there will always be an individual who has it far worse than you do. I have generally found that people cling to certain ideas due to stereotypes but the discriminated party tends to react either poorly or unfavourably which lends, perhaps, further credence to these stereotypes. For example, people tend to believe that Canadians are nice and that Americans are rude. Meanwhile, my experiences have been the total, complete opposite. I think Americans are nicer than Canadians. I have observed that Canadian kindness is at the surface level whereas American kindness is honest and direct. The only explanation I can conceive to explain why Americans have this stereotype, to begin with, is due to their honest, direct approaches to situations. I would rather somebody broadcast what they think of me as opposed to somebody sugarcoating their words. In the end, it comes down to this: do you want an ugly truth or a beautiful lie? Anyway, insofar as politics are concerned, I have always enjoyed political theory but the actual practice of politics tends to be chaotic. I think people choose to ignore certain elements in favour of those that best serve their political interests, but the result is always lacking the complete story. I have seen liberals and SJWs alike all preaching for education and enlightenment, but they themselves also limit how much they are willing to share publicly. After all, a racial movement to secure "equal" rights for a group would be rendered moot if people realized that George Floyd had a criminal history and resisted arrest. Where other people see colours, I see only actions and reactions. You have to be impartial when it comes to situations like this. He was a criminal, he was not an innocent man. An innocent man would not be in that situation, to begin with. The rioting that took place simply prolonged the lockdown, in my honest opinion. Additionally, innocent people such as shopowners had their property vandalized by these so-called "friends to the people". These rioters certainly don't represent me or what I stand for, so I refuse to allow their actions to have any place in my conscience. As for how much I weigh, I currently weigh somewhere in the 190lbs-range although my last time weighing, I was 194-195lbs. I might be a couple of pounds lighter as I seem to have lost some weight.

Yes, Canadian English is the most similar to British English which is probably owed to Canada's long-standing alliance and partnership to the U.K, even the Canadian parliament is extremely similar to that of Britain's. Although, side note, I believe that Canada, America and Australia are an extension of England, another borough as it were. Australia, if my memory serves me well, was the place where Britain sent its worst convicts. So, Australia was founded by criminals. Curiously, however, I have exchanged conversations with Australians and I find it very strange how grammatically poor their English structure truly is. I have to wonder, if the dominant language is English, what excuse do they have to write so poorly? Perhaps it's because I am a Writing major and now know how to construct better sentences in English, but I am not perfect either.

Yes, I was pressing all the buttons I could think of but Cole wasn't doing anything. So, after getting knocked out a couple of times, the game prompted me to skip the action sequence, which I did. It doesn't hold a candle to Red Dead Redemption 2 though, so if, when, you get a PS4 then I highly recommend you buy RDR2. It's a fantastic video game and easily Rockstar's best entry to date. The tragedy of Arthur Morgan was beautiful. When it comes to gaming, I'll do it on any platform provided everything I want to play is available on said platform. The sole reason I even play on a Nintendo console is for Legend of Zelda and Super Mario. I have always been an Xbox gamer, but I have a lot of fond memories playing on the PS2. Sly Cooper was such a great platforming series. I think visual fidelity/graphics have peaked out right now, so I don't expect to see drastic improvements on the PS5 or Xbox Series X compared to the PS4 and Xbox One except for improved loading times and framerates, possibly improved particle effects too.

I think the best summers are in the Mediterranean as I can't stand the Continental climate. I have been wishing for Fall and Winter simply because I can't sleep when it's warm and humid. The body's temperature decreases as it enters into a sleep state, so if you've ever wondered why you can't sleep when it's hot and humid, then that's why. As for music, I'm mostly into things like heavy metal (AC/DC, Metallica, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, et al) but I also enjoy listening to slower music, the kind they reserve for soundtracks. The music they listened to in the '40s is also quite good. Jazz is nice on some occasions. I'm also a big fan of The Hex Girls from Scooby-Doo and the Witch's Ghost, their songs were great to listen to. As friendships go, I have tended to fallen out of touch with many people over the years.
Greg said on 11/Sep/20
@Sandy Cowell Yeah true but I still feel bad in those circumstances. However, yeah I guess I can see it from that perspective to. Oh no, is your Dad going to be okay? Yeah I hate nightmares and stuffs like that, I usually tend to have weird dreams because of the melatonin and stuff I take. Sometimes they are trippy dreams other times they could be sort of nightmares. Recently I have a weird dream that I was measured at 172cm Lol under a stadiometer. And I have dreams where I measure taller than my current height as well.

That does sound pretty interesting that show must be funny, I can imagine they where pretty sexist. And close minded back in the day with how the bathrooms where and such. Interesting how things where back then, yeah definitely have me a laugh

Going back to the Arthur ordeal Rob only temporarily banned him for calling someone a manlet and in addition to causing havoc on this forum. But like I said before Robs way too lenient with what goes on here. It seems he gives way too many chances to people who don’t deserve them. Like he banned Connor for lashing out at a few people which was fair. Canson got banned along with Andrea but he was standing up for himself and that was extremely on fair. He also doesn’t seem to ban trolls like Saddle and DojoMaster and just a lot of other nonsense. Celeb heights will never be what it once was many years ago.

Cheers Sandy always a pleasure speaking to you, best wishes!
yanev said on 11/Sep/20
so what did think? did he really grow from 177 to 195.5?
Editor Rob
As I mentioned before, it was good enough to fool many in the comments, but I hinted - the guy kind of inadvertently gave away exactly how a 30 year old man went from 5ft 9.5 to 6ft 5 doing his spider-man 'intro'...

Think about it - he has access to a green screen 😆 See this 6 year old video to get an idea of what 'might' be going on.

What next? Tom Cruise going from almost 5ft 8 to almost 6ft 4, Vin Diesel growing to 6ft 7?
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 11/Sep/20
On this saddest of anniversaries, that of 9/11, 19 years ago, let's pause for a moment to think of all those who lost their lives, and the men, women and children who lost loved ones on this most dreadful and unnecessary of occasions in present day history.

🕯️ RIP to all the victims of 9/11. 😪
Sakz said on 10/Sep/20
@Greg Hahaha I know so hilarious! We clearly got under his skin as evident by his sudden emergence out of thin air after his little retreat, so out come the same old projected insults. Let's cheer him on. Go on saddler give it your best shot!
Sakz said on 10/Sep/20
@Olympian Absolutely. I think we as humans just love to complain and take things for granted. It goes back to what I said in my last post. No matter how bad you think you have it, there will always be someone who has and/or had it worse and that's what we lose sight of. I don't buy into 'white privilege' myself, and this is coming from a non-white individual. Cultural and societal differences which people may consider 'privileges' perhaps yes, but that's a different story. I believe there are certain injustices towards every race and instead of mud slinging, we have to find a way to unite and provide equality. As for BLM and ALM, it is definitely politically fueled which is why I never paid much attention to it. I've never given politics much thought, and have only done so more recently. BLM focuses purely on the black race because of constant discrimination towards them throughout history and presently. It's not discounting other lives but inevitably as I predicted, it just created more division and ALM was formed. People interpret it in different ways but it does all come down to political motives. It's no surprise George Floyd's murder was considered racially motivated and of course everybody has different views on it. The facts are he was a criminal (not sure you're aware of everything he did), he wasn't doing as he was told due to drugs in his system and yes the police group was diverse. However, the policeman who killed him was white and senior therefore the others were just following his orders. That's what most people take issue with and why they consider it racially motivated. While I didn't agree with killing him in cold blood, I would say the whole situation was karma. There are plenty of individuals from other races killed in the same manner but you don't see any movements there, which backs up your point. All that aside, I pretty much share the same views as you on the matter. The riots were indeed idiotic and they spread over here aswell. People demanding certain historical statues be taken down because they are 'racist', and even resorting to vandalizing them. Disgraceful actions especially during Covid as you mentioned. Political views aren't considered right or wrong, so yes people will always believe whatever they desire. There is always an angle in such topics after all, so you can argue until the cows come home. Ah I see, how much do you weigh right now?

As for dialects in England, there is indeed a huge variety. My last post was just highlighting accents, but I wasn't factoring in dialects as I touched on. Americans simply don't understand the northern accents, though dialects would play a role too. I would say part of it is down to very limited understanding and knowledge too, since most of them seem to only think of London when envisioning the UK. They also seem to think their English is the 'original', which I consider ignorance due to the fact that the language originated over here. Between Americans and Canadians, I would say the latter are more like the British because of certain words they use. For example 'eh' is used here as it is in Canada. There are also some words which they prefer to spell the British way. Then of course you have the English Australians and New Zealanders use, which I would say is a mix of American and British. Something else I never paid much attention to until I recently came across videos on it. It all varies and there is no longer a 'right way' as mentioned. The language has just constantly evolved. As for happiness, I believe doing something you enjoy is the key to it, and video games contribute to that for me too.

Onto gaming, the controls for the fistfights in L.A. Noire can easily be forgotten. I had a similar experience when playing it last year, and I just found the clunkiness funny. I'm generally a PlayStation gamer, though I do own an Xbox 360 which I hardly play. I actually don't own a PS4, and I didn't buy one initially because the games didn't really appeal to me. All the games I enjoyed were on the PS3 and still are, which is why I just find myself playing that. The free online play is also a bonus. I am considering buying a PS4 before the PS5 comes out, simply because I've owned all the PlayStations and don't like to skip any haha. I'll see how that plays out. Absolutely. Good gameplay is also key and graphics used to play a huge role for me, although now not so much because gaming has evolved so much on that front anyway.

As far as summers go, I can't really complain about the English one. Our weather is quite unpredictable because while we get some rain during our summers, we are prone to heatwaves too. England is generally a cool country so it's not scorching hot consistently. We have had plenty of heatwaves in recent years though so we've become used to the humidity. Too much can be unbearable though especially if you're not accustomed to it. I think generally we have a good balance between hot and cold over here, without either being too extreme. I haven't exercised much lately since I've been recovering from a sudden skin infection which lasted over a week. Yep it is interesting my friend pointed that out at the time he did, and we do share similar interests. It is the key to a solid friendship after all. Oh right which type of music do you enjoy listening to? I used to listen to a variety with most being pop music, though I did also enjoy classical titles before my time.
ajax509 said on 10/Sep/20
@Editor Rob How much does 'Busting a gut' add? For me it's like 4mm... is that common?
Editor Rob
2-6mm range is possible...of course it depends on how good your stance is when measuring - somebody might well gain more because they weren't really standing tall for the first measurement, before busting their gut.
Sakz said on 9/Sep/20
@Tall In The Saddle LOL and he rides in yet again, this time parroting and desperately trying to rationalise hiding and his obsession with me. Howdy cowboy! That's right obsessed, went into hiding to try and fight it but failed, so ended up back to square one. Hahaha pretty clear to see who needs to get a life. Clearly my words struck a chord because you popped out of that hole quite fast this time. Wow you seem really bitter and tense there so clearly threatened by me. Aw you upset you can't have me all to yourself anymore? Our comments been getting under your skin during your little retreat? Hahaha don't worry. At least my posts are providing you with interest and purpose, somewhat justifying your otherwise pointless existence on here. Hope I don't haunt you in your dreams next! OoOoOoOoOoOoOh... Anyway, saddle up and stay hot on them heels cowboy. I love it. Yee-haw!
Nik said on 8/Sep/20
@ yanev - How tall are you?
Greg said on 8/Sep/20
@Mark O’ Connor Make a measurement video bro.
Greg said on 8/Sep/20
@Johnny 181-182cm technically if you’re 5’11.5 it’s 181.5 which rounds to 182. 181 is 5’11.25
Greg said on 8/Sep/20
@Sakz @Troll in The Saddle Look he emerged really hard and goes off again on a lunatic tangent. Guess we figured out who DojoMaster was 😉😂 wasn’t hard. He really does try too hard doesn’t he. Didn’t bother to read most of it keep wasting your time buddy lol:
anddy5'93/4 said on 8/Sep/20
hey rob whats your posture like? you should do a video measuring your standing posture to see what height you are when walking around some people stand and walk tall like Zac Efron and Sylvester while some like Post Malone can go from looking 6FT to 5FT5
Editor Rob
It's decent enough, but always room for improvement, especially working on core exercises - guys like Efron might be able to maintain almost measured height while standing, and they aren't straining to do a way, they have unlocked peak posture mode!
Nik Ashton said on 8/Sep/20
Olympian said on 8/Sep/20

RoboCop is a good movie, I was thinking of Inspector Gadget when I saw it only RoboCop is much more serious and deals with a lot of political and social themes. Exactly said. I was watching a video on YouTube about how cowboys lived back in the 1800s and I realized how blessed I am to be born in the late 20th century and to live during the early 21st century. They didn't have it easy back then, that's for sure. Life was harsh. Which makes me question why some people continue to complain about how unfair their life is or bemoan about certain privileges that only the "white" folk can enjoy. I never believed in that. I'm a Mediterannean and I certainly don't have it any easier than anyone else around me living in Canada. I don't think people misinterpreted BLM, but rather they understand exactly what BLM is but All Lives Matters is another ploy of politics. It is essentially an emotional response because BLM implies that all other peoples' lives don't matter, but it's especially interesting because if George Floyd was anybody else, there wouldn't be this movement. There'd be some outcry on so-called "police brutality", but I have been led to understand that the police group was quite diverse itself, so it wasn't a racial motivation. So, in short, people are hypocritical and will only react to situations that inherently benefit them, not everybody else. In light of COVID-19 especially, the riots were downright idiotic. Education itself should always be benevolent and not based on coercion. I have also learned that regardless of whether a view is politically "correct" or not, you cannot force that on somebody else and then condemn them because they think differently. People will believe and think about what they desire. Nobody is ever a slave to another person's whims. As for my physique, I definitely have always had a stocky build although I have toned down since I made that video. I think for my next jacket I will opt for a size 46 instead, I don't like tight-fitting or form-fitting clothing.

That's exactly right, but English even older than that would be incomprehensible to us. I would say the 19th century is when English became modern in the way that we now understand it. I reckon in England there may even be different dialects of English and not merely just accents which also factors into why Americans have a difficult time understanding your particular dialect of English. English is such a complex network of loan words that there truly isn't a standardized way of speaking it, let alone in writing it. The Manual of Style in Canada incorporates both the American and the British versions of English, so it's hybridized. Yes, I believe that happiness is also a state of mind as even those with wealth can be unhappy, but video games have always contributed to my positive state of mind, so they make me happy.

I was playing it the other day, the remastered version, and I had completely forgotten the controls for the fistfights. I was still used to the controls of RDR2. In the end, I had to skip the action sequence. As for what console I play on, I play on the Xbox One, but I reckon from what you've mentioned earlier that you are a PS4 gamer? The story is indeed the lure to a good video game and barring that, fun and engaging gameplay can also hold your interest.

I haven't gone out much during the lockdown, especially for walks. I am not a fan of Canada's summers as I cannot cope with intense humidity, not to mention the air is quite dirty, so odours cling to you here. I hate coming back smelling like smoke and all manner of things. That's interesting and quite coincidental that your friend was just talking about the other day. As for music, I only listen to that when commuting or walking but I otherwise don't listen to it consistently.
Nik Ashton said on 8/Sep/20
@ Woofmet - I like your name! How tall are you?

Jozhtuna said on 8/Sep/20
Hey Rob, when i wake up from a 9 hour sleep i measure exactly 182, but by night i decrease to 179 at lowest. i usually get 179.5 before bed. are there any tips about how i can only decrease by at most 1.5cm instead of 3cm throughout the day? im overweight and dont have a very strong core. Thanks Big Rob!
Editor Rob
Unfortunately your discs may just lose slightly more than average. Maintaining good hydration is something we should be doing anyway, but apart from small rests (15 minute on back), it's hard to avoid shrinkage during the day.
Nik Ashton said on 8/Sep/20
yanev said on 8/Sep/20
hey rob i saw you talking about bernarndo channel. do you believe him?
Editor Rob
I don't follow other channels, so had never heard of it, but did look at the videos and it was interesting.

Here was a still from 2 of the videos: Click Here

Now you could fake growth by having different rulers drawn to scale, but you'd have to redo the fixtures on your wall too.
You could also fake it by shaving down a segment of a stadiometer too.

Camera angles/perspective can play a bit with height too and the idea of twins or siblings is something that can be used.

And a more sophisticated option is to do green screen work with scaling.

In Bernardo's case (he claimed age 30), I don't's more compelling than the Grow Taller Guru - whilst his volunteers grew, he told people they were 18 (they were actually just turning 16) so had potential growth.

His videos are certainly going to help sell that product, which at near $4000 for a few tubs of vitamin/herb compounds, is a helluva lot of money for most folk.
Woofmet said on 8/Sep/20
Rob, can I claim my heigt measured after 4 hours being awake?
Editor Rob
That seems fair enough.

As long as folk are giving a height they can actually measure barefoot, it's better than nearly half the population who are inflating or giving height in shoes.
Nik Ashton said on 7/Sep/20
Jeevehs said on 7/Sep/20
Why are you giving your low height just claim 5’9 like jhez it’s not a big deal
FiveEightJake said on 7/Sep/20
Rob if I’m 173.7 at an active day low but recover to 174 after sitting down for 10 minutes or so am I just an honest 5’8.5 guy or would I for example be listed here at 5’8.75
Editor Rob
Going with 5ft 8.5 is fair for yourself.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 7/Sep/20
@ Greg - Don't ever feel the need to apologize for replying 'late' so to speak! My own life is a bit haywire at the moment, what with my Dad being unwell and my own inability to sleep. When I do sleep, I have nightmares about my Dad or other of my cats dying.

Hey, thanks for the giggle; we all know that Arthur was the height of rudeness (and a TWAT of the first order) and he's the only person I've ever had any genuine gripes with here. He'd start on people for no reason and we're better off without him. Didn't Rob ban him, anyway? 😝

There was a question on The Chase just now about a Queen, which the contestant got wrong. That jolted my mind into thinking about something I found rather funny which was around as recently as the Victorian times and I thought it might bring a grin to yours and the faces of other readers: there were no public lavatories available for women in her reign because women weren't expected to wander too far from their womanly duties as housewives! Had I been around those days, I'd have used the gents or wherever I was taken short, as my history will back up. Finding that out really made me laugh!


Here's to a good week, Greg!

All the very best,

Sandy XXX 😁👍
Editor Rob
If people step over the line a few times, a temporary ban might be given, but really, folk are never banned because if they come back with another name and keep comments more civil, it's fine by me.
Sakz said on 7/Sep/20
@Greg Hahaha yeah, you've got yourself some fans on that page. Perhaps he's gone undercover, which explains the long absences...
Sakz said on 7/Sep/20
@Olympian Movies rather. I was thinking about the books when writing that so instinctively referred to them. I've watched The Terminator and am familiar with Robocop, even though I haven't seen it. As for the world and societal behaviour, I couldn't agree more with everything you said. I know the older generation like to complain about all the modern perks we have now, but without them we would really struggle. You're right that the only behaviour you can influence is your own. Those who do the opposite are often the ones who miss out. Unfortunately humanity isn't capable of truly uniting, and the state of the world currently illustrates that. Of course I'm not talking about individuals but the world as a whole. There are lots of problems which exist but we choose to ignore them and instead spend our time fighting with one another as if that's the answer. I also have the same stance on BLM. I for one am always against protests in general and this one is no different. Nothing is ever solved and if anything they just create more division. The emergence of 'All lives matter' is an example of that because the protest has been misinterpreted, therefore created more friction as a result. I won't even start with all the mayhem that goes with it. What exactly is being achieved? Educating people on racism is the way to go so that they don't repeat mistakes of the past. After all, history is there to learn from, not repeat. I think it just comes down to the ignorance of humanity. I have seen your appearance through your height measurement video on here a few years ago. You definitely have a stocky build. I have a slim toned build, which I prefer over a stocky one. I also feel it compliments my height better although I could do with gaining just a little bit of weight. You should definitely always go for a size above to ensure better fitting. You want it loose and not tight after all.

19th century English is indeed a challenge to decipher and requires a different level of education and comprehension. It would be foreign to most, let alone those who resort to slang on a daily basis. English is especially interesting over here in England, since it is spoken with so many different accents. The most in any English speaking country for that matter. People in the southern part of the country (where I am) speak completely different to those in the north. In fact so much so, that Americans don't consider the latter English because they can't understand it. For example, those in the south will say 'baath', whereas those in the north will pronounce it 'bath' without elongating the 'a'. In the Midlands it would be the latter but usually they speak with a mixture of both. That's not even factoring in the difference in dialect. The funny thing is I always considered the southern way the 'right way' especially after listening to the likes of Rowan Atkinson, who is educated at Oxford university which is among the top. However going by the example I provided, you would be more inclined to believe that the opposite is true. I guess there is no 'right way' of speaking the language because it has constantly evolved with new accents and dialect. You would definitely see that over here more so than anywhere else. Money is a necessary evil, though I believe it provides an illusion of happiness. Only you are responsible for your happiness and that's something money can't buy.

As for books and video games, you do have to be in the mood since that's when you'll enjoy them the most. I agree with what you said about the clunkiness of L.A. Noire, and the same holds true for the fist fights. I haven't played RDR, though it it is a popular title. Which console do you play on? Generally the story is a big part of video games for me, since that's what keeps you engaged the most allowing you to progress. I didn't used to be much of an online gamer, but since I'm more casual now as mentioned I just prefer a good shooter with friends. The story modes are there for me to revisit whenever I fancy anyway.

To conclude, I've been for a few walks during lockdown. Summer has just finished over here but we didn't have the hottest or driest one, though we did have a heatwave earlier in the year during spring for about a month so I can't complain. I don't listen to much music nowadays, but it is indeed very relaxing to do so. Funnily my friend said the same about being like-minded the other day. It's definitely something I appreciate too.
Tall In The Saddle said on 7/Sep/20


Sakz and "intellectual" in the same sentence? Well, that's an OXYMORON. Emphasis on MORON. Haha. So I don't let sleeping dogs lie but then I was hiding but now I'm obsessed again after responding with a single post to no less than SIX consecutive posts by the NON-OBSESSED K Kid and his Polly. LOL. Just more butt hurt, false bluster from THE Comedy Duo. Poor Old Polly, still repeating concepts and expressions to a word and still confused out of his tiny mind yet again. LOL. And, still trying to play the more than sad Mean G routine, appealing to the "Principal", in all hypocrisy, when he is duly dealt with in kind. Sakz, the ONLY one crying and moaning. Quite the Sook. Echos of your school days conduct I'm guessing, eh? AND, I BET you DO get the popcorn ready every time you sit at your keyboard, in your dimly lit room, basking in the glow of your monitor, fervently keying. Such is your "life". LOL. So, from your skewed perspective, you figure anyone who isn't so narrowly disposed, sitting at their computer, posting with the same, obsessed frequency as YOU do online is "hiding". The irony. That's a huge LOL. And, you think it takes "courage" to post online??. Boy, howdy doody, someone needs to get out, in the real world and stop living and hiding behind their computer. Haha. As it happens, it's more than efficient not to reply to each and every one of the butt hurt, nonsensical Mean G posts. They always come in a tell tale, self contradicting stream that is always SURE to follow any single post of mine that slices and dices them. Hell hath no fury they say. Just give them more rope, let them foolishly whine in all hypocrisy and then simply slice them up with another single post. Easy A. LOL.

@Greg Who? Forgot I existed? LOL. Sure K Kid. You keep repeating those false mantras in your mirror. LOL.

You can't help yourself writing about me, already doing so WELL before I had any clue as to who you were. My bad. You weren't a blip on my screen. Paid no heed until your trolled in. Any more self aggrandizing "stories" from the Dojo? Haha. Do you have to "snatch" the pebble from the hand in order to leave? Maybe even best out of THREE? Gee, I'd just give you the damn pebble and say on your bike, Grasshopper! Haha. Also, try to improve your writing. From your current platform, the only way is UP. Seriously. Ironic for YOU to repeatedly try and insult other posters (AND YOU DO) re their literacy skills. And Arthur AGAIN! Really? You stated "Arthur is a Tw@T". Obsessed with another poster who isn't even actively posting and you're STILL calling him names. Meds are far more effective than the free "therapy" and attention you're seeking online, "therapy" that obviously isn't helping you to improve yourself. Clearly, a life overly immersed in the virtual world. LOL.
Johnny 181-182 cm said on 7/Sep/20
@Rob what height should a 5ft 11.5 guy claim in metric? 181 or 182?
Editor Rob
If their feeling confident, go with 182
Tunman said on 7/Sep/20
Rob,1-2" taller after time spent in space?I hope G won't read that otherwise he will be claiming 5'10!It might be the absence of any pressure on the back.I guess if you spend 48 hours lying on a swimming pool would give about the same result,perhaps a little less since there's still a little bit of pressure.
Editor Rob
Nah, G is 5ft 8,maybe 8.25 after a week in I might hit 5ft 10 though :)

a while back in a short video I mentioned about one astronaut who claimed she retained some of the 'temporary boost' that space provides.
Mark O' Connor said on 7/Sep/20
I understand that some people can be doubtful about my growth or claims, but the fact is that my measurements were not taken right until earlier this year, so that's why I made different claims, however I still grew some cms. But whatever, one day I will prove that I am as tall as I claim.
Greg said on 6/Sep/20
@Sakz I know I almost forgot he was in existence too. Have you seen his buddy DojoMaster on general? That guys truly a riot and seems he’s packing his bags for the circus just like Saddler. They are a class C act at best maybe even close to falling to a class D act. Maybe if they try hard enough they can climb the ranks.
Greg said on 6/Sep/20
@Mark O’Connor Ah fair and I wasn’t necessarily trying to accuse you of height fraud, I was just saying a lot of people here and their claims are taken with a grain of salt. Minus like Josh, Rob, Ali Baba, G well G 2.0 after the height scandal lol. The other guys have proved their height, it’s not to say that everyone else is lying but I speculate a good majority either don’t know their exact height or are exaggerating a little bit. But then again people are questioning my height claims. As if somebody would really lie about being between 5’10-5’11 😂 why wouldn’t I just say I’m 6’0 then? Some people are truly morons here.
Greg said on 6/Sep/20
@Tunman yeah guys like that are not common at all so when we see them it’s like we can only guess based on what we know. Sometimes it seems like there’s a bigger distance between our eyes and the top of their heads. So like that’s why the taller someone is the greater chance that they might be overestimated.
Greg said on 6/Sep/20
Hey Rob how tall would you guess these two bodybuilders to be? Click Here The guy on the left claims 6’0 and the guy on the right 5’11. I believe Corn has a footwear and angle advantage but both guys can seem close. Now having looked a lot at Cornelius left guy he seemed no more than 5’10-5’11, other guys called him out for his 6’0 claim. He looks similar in height as myself the guy on the right (Brad) claims 5’11 although he has a large head, I seen him looking about the same height as another guy who claimed 5’10 in photos.
Editor Rob
there does look an inch or so between them, but physically, bodybuilders sometimes can seem shorter than they really are. The proportions can get thrown off.
Olympian said on 6/Sep/20

Yes, although in this instance, The Terminator and RoboCop are both movies. They are similar in tone although The Terminator is far more bittersweet and melancholic than the latter film. I, too, also prefer to ponder and reflect on my natural existence and life in general, it brings me significant joy to take time out of my morning to introspect on even the most mundane aspects of the world at large. I would not dare to call myself a materialist, but I cannot deny that if by some miraculous happenstance I find myself living even just two centuries in the past, I would be most displaced and even displeased with the loss of our modern-day material comforts. I would certainly miss video games the most. As far as societal behaviour is concerned, I have realized that the only behaviour you can influence is your own and not others. History has seen too many people attempt to change current times and traditions by introducing new laws and trends, but such lofty ambitions often conclude in conflict because you cannot coerce others to break free of their comfort zone. Even now, with such political activism as BLM (Black Lives Matter) is just a revisit of the '60s movements, but why such a perversion of justice? What does rioting ever accomplish except to spread the opposite of which you've intended? I believe that you cannot force others to like you, but even more, so that you cannot engender peace through conflict. Additionally, by behaving in crooked ways you aim to cause the very reactions you fight to "correct". I say so with such emphasis because time and time again I have seen that such "others" are wholly incapable of behaving in dignified manners and instead opt to behave as devil's advocates simply because they can. As for jackets, I have always been big-boned and well-built for my height. I have never been thin, I have usually always just been of an athletic build. Also, try as I might, my waistline is just not capable of being small. I am perhaps slender, just not skinny. I think the best thing to do is always go a size more than what should fit you. I prefer a jacket being loose on me versus fitting me like a glove because I feel constrained in a way that makes me feel like the jacket is too small for me even though it's not.

Yes, I think gone are the ages where people spoke in formal English even written English has evolved to a semi-formality to such an extent that anyone who is used to reading casual articles online would have a devil of a time trying to decipher 19th century English writing. I have read detailed political explanations by John Locke that have taken multiple readings to understand their scope. I can only imagine how much more perplexing John Locke would be to someone preferring Ebonics, called such due to the nature of Black people preferring slang over casual or formal English, trying to decipher John Locke, but Rene Descartes would assuredly be of a different calibre to many people. Yes, the environment does tend to influence how a person communicates. The city folk tend to speak more correct English whereas the country folk will speak using informal vernacular that is just barely legible, even if it's grammatically incorrect. I see money as a necessary evil although having it makes one's life more enriched than without.

I started reading it last night since my internet was down, I read perhaps twenty pages of it. It reads well, but I would have to be in the mood to read it. That's important to stress, if I am not in the mood for a particular genre then I take no pleasure in reading it. The same is true of movies and video games. Yes, L.A Noire was ahead of its time when it first released, but I find the gunfights to be rather clunky in it. The vehicle physics are astounding though. I have recently finished the epilogue of RDR2, the ending is very bittersweet despite its tragedy. It almost makes me want to restart the game just to leave it indefinitely in chapter four. I enjoy single-player experiences with extensive open worlds and an emotional, enriching narrative from start to finish. I am not much of an online gamer, however. If I am in the mood for grinding, I tend to play shooters and if I want a terror experience, I play horror games.

I used to go out on walks usually in the summertime (barring this summer due to lockdown) and would listen to music to drown out the cacophonous madness of the city. It was a relaxing vocation. It's great finding somebody else that is also like-minded as such a thing is so rare for me these days.
Canson said on 6/Sep/20
Slim 6'1" said on 5/Sep/20
U should list urself as 5’8 and 3 8ths

jano said on 6/Sep/20
Rob, i have measured 3.5 cm shrinkage between my absolute maximum out of bed, and playing table tennis for 5 hour tournament. However on a normal day i lose only 2-2.5 cm max even at night, 1.5 cm below my max height is a fair enough claim isn't it?
Editor Rob
1.5cm is a fair claim. You only get to extreme lows on some occasions and it doesn't last long.

In the future with travel into space becoming a reality, and time spent in gravity-free environments, there will be situations in which people are 1-2 inches taller for brief periods...

I just hope nobody in the future is arguing on celebheights (or whatever takes it's place) about their zero-g height being the real one 😵
Nik Ashton said on 5/Sep/20
Nik Ashton said on 5/Sep/20
@ Curious guy - I like your huh!
Sakz said on 5/Sep/20
@Olympian Oh right, not to worry. There are a lot of books in your collection so an easy mistake to make. As for birthdays, I also shared that same mindset at one point but as I got older, I became wiser and learned to think outside the box. I like to reflect a lot and be abstract in how I think. Too many people take things for granted in life and I'm not one of them. It's about appreciating what you have without being greedy and trying to live as much as you can. Of course that along with just being a decent human being which doesn't exist enough in the world. You have the right mindset now as do I. Haha talking about jackets takes me back to the nightmare of clothes shopping during my teenage years. I was very thin and below the average height for my age at the time, therefore I always had problems finding the right sizes. My waist was also way too small which presented an even bigger challenge. Thankfully I have filled out quite well now, even though I am still on the slim side.

As for the English language, it is indeed very odd and constantly evolving. The examples you provided perfectly back that point up. Quite intriguing isn't it? That's not something I would have given much thought to maybe 10-15 years ago. It's not a straightforward language and I do commend people who are able to learn it fluently. At this present time nobody really speaks 100% formal English no matter how educated they may be, though certain abbreviations are still correct and accepted. That's the beauty of it all. We also become products of our environment and get used to speaking in a certain way. I agree with what you said in regards to some immigrants. I can't stand the ones who are like that and if they have nothing to contribute, I don't believe they should be allowed to stay in the country. They aren't willing to adapt and get out of their comfort zone, which isn't acceptable in this modern world. Absolutely. Money is the only language people understand. Too much greed and something I prefer not to corrupt my mind with.

Onto the books and games, let me know how Jurassic Park is once you've started reading it. Those are also some very good game titles you got there. All very engaging. I haven't played all of them since I became quite a one sided gamer, so I skipped some I really should have played. L.A. Noire is one I can specifically vouch for. The facial expressions and voiceovers in that are brilliant. Another game which I absolutely love is Mass Effect. It's a sci-fi trilogy and I just think the game is all round fantastic. I would recommend it to anybody and it's something I binge on regularly. The Last Of Us is another brilliant title. Nowadays though it's more a Grand Theft Auto fixation for me since I'm more of a casual gamer. I now generally enjoy playing online as opposed to single player titles. Anytime I do fancy them, I'll go to one of the above since I personally rate them very highly.

As for going outdoors, I find something as simple as a nice walk really refreshing both physically and mentally. I enjoy nature too as well as being away from lots of people, since it's very relaxing and gives you time to reflect as well as gather your thoughts. In this fast moving world it's certainly appropriate. It seems we have a lot in common which makes for some enjoyable discussions. Another good one as always.
Mark O' Connor said on 5/Sep/20
the difference in height from last year to this year is not caused only from errors in measurements (probably 1, 1.5 cm), but mostly by actual GROWTH.
Mark O' Connor said on 5/Sep/20
@Curious guy What is your point? Ah yes It is that I am not almost 6'3 because you measured me multiple times, very solid point.
I thought I stopped growing but I didn't at the time, who knows when anybody stops.
Nobody said that 6'3 is an ideal height, and it's not ideal for me.
It's a height forum, so I think I can post things related to height.
Idgaf about how tall are you or anyone else is.
Am I attacking you? this is the best, you wrote like 10 posts against me and my claims.
Sakz said on 5/Sep/20
@Greg Ah the book. Of course! He's been hiding for so long that I almost forgot. Well we'll let him write whatever he wants to in it just for his own peace of mind, since that's clearly what he's looking for at this point. Apart from some much needed attention of course.
Curious guy said on 5/Sep/20
The measurements from last year and beginning from this year weren't accurate, so probably I didn't grow as much as I said before ( probably measured shorter) but the fact is that I still grew and now Imeasure with a stadiometer.

How funny, u were so stubborn before insisting that u have that so called late growth, but now you toned it down and said u didnt grow as much as before? Another example where u keep contradicting yourself. Do u seriously expect me and other people to take u seriously after all these? Ill take a bite tho, lets assume ur about 6'3 now since u measured in grand holy stadiometer, so before u measured in measurement tape when ur only 186cm? for whatever reason ur dumb enough to mistake ur measurement with measurement tape by as much as 4cm since u said ur 186cm multiple times in early 2020 and about 6'3 now in only mere 9 months, so u think ur 189-190cm now, in previous claims where u stated to be 186cm multiple times before, u said ur eyelevel is at 173cm. Unless u have extremely long alien sized head, theres no way ur about 6'3 or even near 6'2 at only 173cm eyelevel, thats a mere 5ft 8, at that eyelevel ur best is 186cm so barely over 6'1. I meant measuring with tape if done properly wont be much different from stadiometer, maybe up to 1 - 1.5cm since we dont know where the tophead lies, but im sure u can see where ur eyelevel looks at right? and u said 173cm before in early 2020 multiple times so theres no way ure about 6'3 or even near 6'2, u were standing tall already since its measurement afterall, no error would give 4cm mistake unless u slouch like a grandpa in their 80s. just search it using ur username on the custom search top right corner if u think I make up this story about ur 173cm eyelevel claim.
Curious guy said on 5/Sep/20
@Mark O'Connor lol that's the best u can do huh? U can't refute or argue back against my clearly written points so instead u rely on The straw man fallacy and attack me personally, that's what loser does when cornered in debate! haha. So many of ur previous claims just made it hard for me to take u seriously, don't believe me? Just search it up ur username Mark O'Connor on the right top Google custom search here. Fortunately for all of us, what's done on Internet will remain, unfortunately for you I happened to be here to expose ur lies. U said u measured 184cm at evening at August 2019 when u were already 24 so that's 1 year ago, and then magically you claimed to grow to 186cm at early 2020 in January up until February, that's when u start being insecure and asking questions like "Is 186cm tall?" As if that’s not bad enough, then u keep steadily upping ur height and u claimed to be 187.7cm measured under stadiometer in May 2020. Strangely enough, 2 months before that at March 2020 u write by urself to “stopped growing at 25” and u were 186cm then, so which one is true?? And then fast forward to July 2020 after u claimed to be measured at 187.7cm under stadiometer At May 2020 and “stopped growing” at March, you claimed you measured at 191.5cm morning and 189.4cm night on “good day” and asking are u as tall as Brandon Routh or Tom Welling in July 2020? Really? What’s next? If I don’t call out ur lies, ure gonna claim to be 6’4 or 193cm at the end of this year or by early 2021? LOL

At least if u wanna lie, make it not so obvious to be getting caught so easily lol, u just proved my points that the moment u got conscious of ur height and seeing other posters here on CH saying 6’3 is the ideal height, that’s when u steadily upping ur claim. For the record Im taller than u as Iam a honest 6’3 guy afternoon height, but seeing ur inconsistent and outrageous claim out of thin air without proof whatsoever, I cant help but have to expose ur lies as its insulting for me and other users here who try to be as honest as possible with their height.Who cares if other user also got late growth? For all we know he/she could be making it up too so u trying to justify it by saying other user also has “late growth” doesn’t cut it. If ure not insecure then u wont keep shoving ur about 6’3 claim on here yet u keep doing it as if ur seeking for attention, u want to get acknowledge or something huh to feed ur insecure little ego? Next time when u make outrageous claim like that be ready to prove it or else other people like me will show up and expose u again.
Editor Rob
Many folk have inflated or claimed different heights or lied on this site.

Take for instance these "two" posters from the same country who submitted 5ft 7 3/8th guesses on me within 24 hours 🤨

One of them just changed their mind and submitted a second vote of 5ft 7 1/8th.

But I still approved all 3 votes 👍
Mark O' Connor said on 5/Sep/20
@Curious guy Ahah why would I feel better when 186 or 187cm are perfect heights to me. Also you are saying that there is no proof that I am really almost 6'3, ok, but then you pretend that you know that I am still 187cm without measuring me?? alright.
Mark O' Connor said on 5/Sep/20
@Greg The measurements from last year and beginning from this year weren't accurate, so probably I didn't grow as much as I said before ( probably measured shorter) but the fact is that I still grew and now Imeasure with a stadiometer.
Slim 6'1 said on 5/Sep/20
173.7 at ur low, u downplay ur 3 8ths
Editor Rob
I clearly measure under 173.5 in some videos when a bit more physical work, like when I did Fila Disruptors, you can see 173.3 that moment.
Slim 6'1" said on 5/Sep/20
U should list urself as 5’8 and 3 8ths
Curious guy said on 5/Sep/20
@Mark O'Connor lol that's the best u can do huh? U can't refute or argue back against my clearly written points so instead u rely on The straw man fallacy and attack me personally, that's what loser does when cornered in debate! haha. So many of ur previous claims just made it hard for me to take u seriously, don't believe me? Just search it up ur username Mark O'Connor on the right top Google custom search here. Fortunately for all of us, what's done on Internet will remain, unfortunately for you I happened to be here to expose ur lies. U said u measured 184cm at evening at August 2019 when u were already 24 so that's 1 year ago, and then magically you claimed to grow to 186cm at early 2020 in January up until February, that's when u start being insecure and asking questions like "Is 186cm tall?" As if that’s not bad enough, and then u keep steadily upping ur height and u claimed to be 187. 7cm measured under stadiometer in May 2020. Stangely enough, 2 months before that at March 2020 u write by urself to “stopped growing at 25” and u were 186cm then, so which one is true?? And then fast forward to July 2020 after u claimed to be measured at 187cm under stadiometer At May 2020 and “stopped growing” at March, you claimed you measured at 191.5cm morning and 189.4cm night on “good day” and asking are u as tall as Brandon Routh or Tom Welling in July 2020? Really? What’s next? If I don’t call ur lies, ure gonna claim to be 6’4 or 193cm at the end of this year or by early 2021? LOL

At least if u wanna lie, make it not so obvious to be getting caught so easily lol, u just proved my points that the moment u got conscious of ur height and seeing other posters here on CH saying 6’3 is the ideal height, that’s when u steadily upping ur claim. For the record Im taller than u as Iam a honest 6’3 guy afternoon height, but seeing ur inconsistent and outrageous claim out of thin air without proof whatsoever, I cant help but have to expose ur lies as its insulting for me and other users here who try to be as honest as possible with their height.Who cares if other user also got late growth? For all we know he/she could be making it up too so u trying to justify it by saying other user also has “late growth” doesn’t cut it. If ure not insecure then u wont keep shoving ur about 6’3 claim on here yet u keep doing it, u want to get acknowledge or something huh to feed ur insecure ego? Next time when u make outrageous claim like that be ready to prove it or else other people like me will show up and expose u again. Get real.

PS. Rob please approve this comment, I made it specifically to expose him, this guy is seriously murky similar to Big G when it comes to his own height. So im definitely no trollin' around. After I exposed him this bad doubt hell appear again haha.
Editor Rob
I wouldn't be too concerned if somebody were to lie about their height.

I am fully aware that not all comments I reply to come from a basis of honesty, but sometimes there is value in what I say, regardless of whether the original comment is truthful...
Tunman said on 4/Sep/20
@Greg and Mark O'Connor
Assuming his head is huge (around 11"?)he might be near a foot taller close to 7'3.I see your point Greg,I had a customer who seemed like 6'9 and actually I thought his chin was at least 2" over my head but comparing with the door (which was 6'9.2) he was probably more around 6'7.25 or 6'7.5 tops although in that case the guy's head wasn't much bigger than mine(small for his height) which helped him give an even taller impression
Greg said on 4/Sep/20
@Curious guy Just to chime in and give my 2 cents. First of all many people here including yourself can’t say anything about doubting claims because you haven’t provided proof of your height. So to say Mark isn’t credible is hypocritical because you haven’t provided any evidence, now while I do agree that the majority of claims on this site should be taken with a grain salt. A fair few are trusted including Rob and a few others who had listings on the User Heights page. As for Marks height maybe he truly didn’t measure correctly or thinks he grew when in reality it was maybe he got a chance to get a proper measurement. I think he might be between 6’1-6’2 range maybe, also the america thing doesn’t apply to him pretty sure he said he was from the UK
Mark O' Connor said on 4/Sep/20
@Curious guy of course you are tight, I never said I wanted be as tall as someone else, nor I wanted to be taller because I stated multiple times that for me the perfect height is around 6 feet. You seem very frustrated my friend, you need therapy.
Mark O' Connor said on 4/Sep/20
@Greg No, I know people that are 6'8 and 6'9 and he was for sure taller. At least 7 feet, he probably had gigantism judging from the size of his head and feet
Sakz said on 4/Sep/20
@Tall In The Saddle Hahaha well would you look at that. After over two weeks in hiding he finally found the courage to come out of his hole, with saddle in tow. Yee-haw! Zero interaction for over two weeks yet here he comes charging in again, galloping around in circles. Wow what a picture. Priceless. Really can't let sleeping dogs lie can you. Well in case you hadn't noticed because of your blind obsession with me, I've moved onto an intellectual discussion while you've been scratching around for over two weeks biding your time, desperately trying to conjure up something intelligent on here. Now that's quite sad! To say you failed would be putting it mildly. At this point clearly just seeking some much needed attention for that ego and inferiority complex. 100% projecting talking about insults, while doing the same yet again despite being warned previously. Never fail to outdo yourself. Maybe you are trying to get banned, just so you can finally step out of my shadow!

@Greg Hope you got your popcorn ready. Looks like ol' saddler has finally gotten over his little wobble and is ready to provide yet another comedy show...
Greg said on 3/Sep/20
@Mark O’Connor sometimes when someone is that much taller than us it might be hard to tell exactly what range he falls under. That guy could have been 6’9-6’10 maybe. There was a 6’8-6’9 guy at my gym before and he was huge definitely gave a towering presence and he was a young kid like no more than 18/19, which is extremely uncommon to see. He was listed as 6’11 for his Basketball team but there’s no way there was about a foot between us I would say more or so he fell under a strong 6’9 range his head seemed like 3 inches over the 6’6 door frame.
Greg said on 3/Sep/20
@Troll in the Saddle We almost got worried you wouldn’t respond again going off on a tangent in utter lunacy of a page in the untold cringe story book that nobody other than yourself is going to end up reading. Good job wasting your time champ 👍
Yuval said on 2/Sep/20
Hi Rob, can you guess how tall is Benny Gantz? He is a leading minister in Israel, claimed 191 cm. He has a photo with Jared Kushner, and they look almost the same with Gantz edging him out a bit.
Curious guy said on 2/Sep/20
@Mark O' Connor

No matter how many times u tried to write urself about 6'3, u ain't and uare at best 187cm afternoon so weak 6'2 that assuming if u grew at all since u used to write multiple times u were 186cm just earlier this year. I stand by my opinion, the moment u got conscious of ur height and u found out ur fave actor taller, u forced ur measurement since u want to be as tall as them mistaken it to be growth. Please stop that image ure forcing upon us just to make u feel better.

I'm sorry but this is the plain truth and im not trolling, esp since u haven't post any proof at all and just claiming it out of thin hair. We live in democracy after all so we're free to give opinion and like I said, nothing is given in good ole America, everything must be earned, so until u do so instead of just claiming it out of thin air here on the grand internet where literally anyone can claim anything they wish to be, we"ll agree to disagree. Thank u.
thatmanoverthere said on 2/Sep/20
Kind of a weird question, but why claim your absolute low height when people will rarely see you at that height? I get that it’s just a matter of preferences, but still, wouldn’t most people think you’re taller than that when seeing you during the day? I’ve watched many of Rob’s videos, and he seems to consistently measure in at about 5’8 3/8” (sometimes even as a low height). All things considered, in Rob’s case, I think claiming to be 5’8 3/8” makes much more sense than claiming to be the height he currently goes with.
Editor Rob
5ft 8 1/8th would be low range after a more physical/working day (like at conventions) but at home I'd go with 5ft 8.25 as a kind of range. I have no problem if folk viewed me as 8.25.
BrianC said on 2/Sep/20
If you guy by measurements 4-7 hours out of bed, which seems to be the standard for celebs on the site, I think Rob would fall into the mid high 173 range. (173.5 - 173.8)
Olympian said on 2/Sep/20

I thought so too, and a minor correction, the film came out in 1984, not in 1987. I don't know where I got 1987 from, I must have confused it with RoboCop which is also another good movie. Birthday celebrations can be costly, but I'm now at that age where I simply don't care for that traditional "Happy Birthday" to you. I'm not anybody special, so I've stopped caring for it. I also used to be profoundly aware of my mortality and thought that was life was ultimately meaningless, as an ode to Benjamin Franklin, so naturally, I concluded that the certainties of life were twofold: death and taxes. Which is indeed true. I now think differently and realize that every minute spent in constant anxiety is pointless, I would much rather enjoy my life than condemn my existence. As for leather jackets, in hindsight, I should have ordered in a size 46 as a 44 feels small around the shoulders, but with a size 43 chest, a 44 was the best option for me. I did, of course, loosen the D-Rings and the jacket fits much more comfortable around me now.

There are quite a few words that I am prone to thinking about which strike me as sounding very odd to the ears. The English language is very strange. Why is it spelled "jello" but then spelled "gelatine"? In both instances, the alliteration is palpable but the two words begin with different letters. It still befuddles me how we went from "shortened language" to "slang", it's very weird and does say a lot about the evolution of English grammar. Of course, even my spoken English, while legible, would be considered informal English if compared to English scholars of the 1800s which brings me to another observation: Formal English does not utilize contractions. You would have written or said "I do not" instead of "I don't". Nowadays, both are considered valid and correct uses of English. Naturally, dialectally, humans are prone to speaking with contractions at least with the English language. Yes, it is very stunning that for as long as I have been alive that this Russian guy never bothered to learn proper English while living in Canada. Yes, in non-English speaking countries, I would imagine and rightfully expect, that the native language will be the dominant form of speech, but English has become an international, commercial language. It has also strangely become an academic/scholarly language in the last 200 years or so. Regarding immigrants, I think it boils down to feigning innocence and stupidity by refusing to learn proper English as they can always fall back on the premise of knowing very little English. Of course, if you mention money to them they immediately understand what you're talking about. Yes, English has surprisingly become quite a complex and domineering language especially since the 1800s which is where I would point to the emergence of modern-day English.

They're all good books although I have yet to start reading Jurassic Park, I will get to that book eventually. As for video games, I play quite a large variety of them. I'm a big fan of the Assassin's Creed series (eagerly anticipating Valhalla), I loved TellTale's The Walking Dead series, I have played and finished the Bioshock trilogy, I have played and finished the rebooted Wolfenstein series (except Youngblood, which is subpar), I have played and finished the Metro trilogy which is based on a series of books (I was actually reading Metro 2033 but took a break on it, it's a tedious book). I also enjoy some Rockstar titles, namely L.A Noire, Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Redemption 2, I am currently on a binge playthrough of RDR2, it's a fantastic video game. I also play horror games, namely Alien Isolation and the Outlast games which are both great. After I'm finished with RDR2, I'm thinking of starting the Mafia series next as at the very least, Mafia: The Definitive Edition will keep me occupied until Assassin's Creed: Valhalla releases. I enjoy playing retro games too, especially Legend of Zelda titles.

I occasionally will go outdoors myself, but even that is fairly solitary. If I were close to some good hiking trails, I would love to make a day of it and just get lost in nature. The serenity and quietude of being away from a bustling city of people is an empowering feeling to have. Of course, I don't mind having some company for such experiences but being on my own creates a unique sensation for me.
Greg said on 2/Sep/20
@Sandy Cowell I apologize for the delayed response, I’ve been meaning to reply to you. Yeah by years I meant like right around when I first started posting here which was around 2014 if I’m not mistaken. I’m sure I stumbled upon CH a few times before but I’ve never actually bothered to contribute.

Rob sometimes is too lenient with what he lets go past the filter and some comments are very rude or troll/ and unnecessary. That being said Arthur is a Twat and I’m sure he too will return one day comment back for a little and go back on a hiatus. That’s how he usually is. I’m not surprised he was harassing Bobby and I too. I remember he kept trolling Bobby and trying to call him a 5’9.5 guy or something like that.

That’s nice of you to visit your cats resting place and I am sorry to hear about that again. That sounds very tragic but maybe you can get another animal in the future to keep his girl friend company? Hopefully those foxes don’t mess anything up. And yeah by the looks of his family’s Instagram posts I believe he is. Thanks for your kind words Sandy. Until next time. Hope all is well.

Sakz said on 1/Sep/20
@Olympian Good choice of film. I see you kept your birthday low key, which is nice. I also don't celebrate it like I once did and at one point I thought it was pointless because it marks being one year older, therefore closer to death. However I soon realised while that's true, it's not the mindset to have as life should be enjoyed and as positive as it can be. I'm quite fond of leather jackets and had one when I was younger, which unfortunately I grew out of. I don't even remember my chest size but as I'm not very wide, it won't be too big.

In regards to 'slang', I was aware of the meanings behind it. I mean I always thought the word itself sounded odd in the sense that it's informal, which is essentially part of the definition along with shortened language as you mentioned. It's normal to use the odd bit of it here and there as opposed to 100% formal English, though I second what you said about grammatically correct English which I pride myself on as mentioned. Communication is very important in day to day life and that's where I believe mobile phones, which are now very popular, don't help. Of course they do also bring advantages. It's quite stunning that the guy you mentioned spoke poor English, despite having lived in Canada for as long you've been alive haha. To add to the point about ignorance, it wouldn't surprise me if his background also played a role, since I imagine Russians enforce their own language a lot because it's not an English speaking country after all. I've certainly seen it here in England with people of different backgrounds, as that then influences how one speaks the native language. It also really bugs me when some immigrants don't bother to learn the language, especially over here. Social integration is important and how they expect to contribute to society is beyond me. It's quite shameful since it's a basic requirement, and in England of all places. It seems they're just happy to drift along and reap the benefits. English is quite a complex language so the manner in which it's spoken by an individual does say a lot about their intelligence, so you aren't alone in making a judgement on that front.

It's good that you've started reading again, especially in the current situation we're in. Quite a variety you got there. Halloween, Jurassic Park and Planet Of The Apes would be convenient for me since I've seen the films. I too remember watching the film for Lord Of The Flies. Always a nice little touch to go with the book. Reading something which keeps you engaged is one which you are most likely to finish, so it's always important to pick wisely. Out of interest which types of video games do you enjoy playing?

To conclude, I'll back up what you said in your final paragraph. I enjoy the discussion and the quality of it is intriguing. Common ground can be challenging to find at times, and many people nowadays do prefer to be outdoors. However there are also whose who prefer to stay indoors for different reasons. It varies as it depends on what the individual likes to do. I'm also not very outgoing myself, though occasionally catching up with a good friend of mine is always nice, especially since I can have some interesting conversations with him. He's also quite relatable on an intellectual level which isn't common as we said.
Mark O' Connor said on 1/Sep/20
@Rob I saw a gigantic guy today he was a bit more than a head taller than me, being about 6'3. His head was also huge, How tall would you guess him. I think he was over 7 feet
Editor Rob
Could have been a big 7 foot range, they are rare!
Nik Ashton said on 1/Sep/20
Tall In The Saddle said on 31/Aug/20

I never read any pair more foolish and blatantly self incriminating. WOW.

Since my LAST POST 13 Aug 2020, SIX more posts followed from the unwitting comedy duo, K Kid and his faithful, sycophantic sidekick Polly, including no less than THREE more posts after Rob embedded a warning and dropped the B word in K Kid's own post.

ONLY the most dim witted would then accuse the other party of being infatuated and obsessed...but then it is K Kid and Polly after all. It figures. Ignorance and hypocrisy personified. They both ref. me first, such is their fatal attraction and interest in my comments. Obviously no interest in their comments UNLESS they neg. ref. me, then a reply to same is more than DUE.

Really Polly, you have to stop deluding yourself on that score. Neither yours or Greg's contributions a compelling otherwise, whatsoever.

Polly KNOWS they were paid NO heed otherwise but I naturally responded to their attempts to insult. Poor Old Polly, still struggling with comprehension skills that were apparently sealed off at the primary school. Haha.

ONLY K Kid and Polly cried about name calling, not I. I illustrated their overt HYPOCRISY in moaning and whining about same. ONLY K Kid and Polly appealed to Ed Rob for intervention and banning. LOL, talk about hypocritically waving the WHITE FLAG after being outdone in their own chosen mode of discourse.

And the evidence is in yet again, still posting like butt hurt Mean G's between themselves, literally stating the same things over and over. Hilarious.

So Greg isn't infatuated and obsessed, constantly posting about me, Andrea, Arthur and THE REST, outside of direct discussion, replete with name calling? Haha, Sakz, again, you're not very sharp are you? What say you about Greg's miserable disposition and neg. obsessions toward numerous posters and broadly applied name calling? Was Rob's last advice, embedded in Greg's post ONLY directed toward him?

Don't let your tiny, double standard head burst over that little conundrums. Maybe you need to make another pathetic shout out to Greg for assistance on that one. I mean, you have sidestepped EVERY point highlighting your double standards ONLY to go on and contradict yourself even more. Nice work.

Recycled? LOL. Not me. YOU both. More hypocrisy. Like the book you TWO keep waxing on about? Your own invention, repeated ad-nauseam? How about Greg? Still dropping the same poster names and insults, over and over, is that a book's worth of fiction or perhaps a potential case study on mental health?. LOL. All the while, still moaning, whining and making idiotic, hypocritical appeals to Rob? The dude is clearly a loser, living his life out online and not even holding his own in the virtual world. Too sad.

Sakz, all that I have ALREADY said and rationally upheld about YOU, you have merely repeated back with NO MEAT. Unoriginal. A Parrot. Vacuous. Prone to false narratives, delusions, self contradictions, hypocrisies and OH SO sensitive to critique returned in kind. Squawk! Hahahehe. Oh, and YOU pair brought up Olympian and Canson, such is YOUR obsession re my comments and discussions with others. I duly replied and highlighted your nonsensical assertions. LOL. Also, don't speak for them. The audacity. They can and have spoken perfectly well for themselves. You're simply not good enough and attempting to overlay your own delusional narrative over the opinion of others only makes you looks smaller yet again.

Also, try to butch it up a bit. If you're going to try and "bring it", at least when you FAIL, as you always do, don't hypocritically moan about the mode of engagement you embraced ONLY to find yourself outdone within the very same parameters. Put simply, save the Boo Hoo when you're served in kind or head back to the sidelines where you belong. LOL.

PS, about that book, a hint for you guys since, as per your OWN banal repetition, you are OBVIOUSLY inclined toward same, given the depth of the said characters (or should I say, lack thereof, LOL), the target audience is obvious. A children's book, with pop up pages. Kid's love to chuckle at stories involving delusional fools bumbling their way through life without a clue. You guys could have a best seller on your hands. Hahahaha.
RJT said on 31/Aug/20
Rob, If at afternoon my nosetip is at 5ft 8 5/8, lower lip at flat 5ft 7 and chin at 5ft 5 1/8, would your top head be under my nosetip then if we're photographed together? Wouldn't that make me taller than 6'2.5" guys like Welling/Routh and put me nearer 6'3 guys such as Zach Levi or late Dave Legeno? Your top head reach Welling/Routh's nosetip while your top head was under Levi/Legeno's nosetril.
Editor Rob
Only yourself can be sure of an exact height, because head sizes can vary a bit and one man's mouth could be 2cm higher or lower than another's.
Greg said on 30/Aug/20
@SomeRandomDude2020 Interesting how you only seem to lose 2cm and 2.5 in extreme cases I think that’s not a big loss. I think you’re a legit 5’11 in my book. You hold closer to the mark I’m about 180.5cm out of bed and 178.7cmish at my low I fluctuate sometimes as I’m truing to correct a back tilt but if you claimed 5’11 no one would bat an eye.
Olympian said on 30/Aug/20

Why don't you ever mention the voice acting accreditations under actors? Mark Hamill is so well-known for providing the voice of Joker. Voice acting isn't some smalltime industry or amateurish career. It takes a lot of skill to be an effective voice actor, I really think you should expand the database of CelebHeights to include other talents in addition to athletes, politicians, and regular actors.

You'll be improving the quality of your site greatly as many of us who visit are bound to know well-known people that have appeared in popular media. For example, have you ever considered adding authors to your website? You've added Stephen King, have you not?

I think this is something that you should ponder because you'll attract more visitors to your website this way.

Might I also suggest implementing an automated message system for your forums? It will save you the time of moderating all the comments on your own. I have suggested this to you before, but I don't think you were taken with the idea.
Editor Rob
Sometimes descriptions could be expanded, though the site isn't aiming to become Wikipedia/imdb level in terms of listing an actor's work.
Sometimes I sacrifice films and instead mention height related quotes.
I see the unfiltered comments every day, so I feel the site needs daily moderation to remove the obvious spam and gibberish.
Ryan Cohen said on 30/Aug/20
Hey Rob If Someone Measures At 182.23 Cm How Would They Generally Feel Around UK Or Scotland 👍
Editor Rob
Tall in many situations, but amongst young squad, maybe not as often, probably feeling upper average range.
Around_6 said on 28/Aug/20

When you classify people into certain heights, do you assume certain activity levels and time of day? From my home measurements, I think I'm at least 6'0 on a lazy day even at night (around 12-13 hours after getting up), but since I'm not really going out of the house too much these days, I'm not sure what I'd be otherwise.
I do find that some people think I'm under 6'0 (possibly because I'm overweight and don't have excellent posture).
Editor Rob
Just normal activity really.
Olympian said on 28/Aug/20

I don't celebrate my birthday the way I did as a kid, but I did have some cheesecake and watched a movie. I think it was The Terminator (1987), a very good movie. I also bought a leather jacket from Wested Leather after a lot of indecision regarding my size since they deal with inches in the leather business. I went with a size 44 chest after measuring my chest size at 43 inches, and the jacket fits like a glove, it is very tailored and streamlined. The pockets are unfortunately too small to stick my hands in, but I can at least put my keys inside them.

Yes, and you'll probably be surprised to know that "slang" is another way of actually saying "shortened language". It is slang for slang, that blew my mind when I read about it. I for certain that even my spoken English isn't what I would call formal, but my written English is at least grammatically correct to the best of my ability. I simply think that learning how to communicate well is a must-have for everybody, but I'll give you an example; I received a call from some kind of electronics repairman the other day, he was a Russian guy, and his spoken English was horrendous. I could not make sense of what he was saying to me. He was also soft-spoken, usually not an issue, but would it have killed him to speak up more? The moral of this little tale is that this guy had been in Canada since '94, the year I was born, and had never bothered to learn proper English. I think this comes down to ignorance as to when you find yourself in a new land with a different language then you have to take the time to learn about the culture and the language because it's the only way to thrive. I for one cannot fathom doing business with anyone if I cannot communicate with them. Maybe it's a touch judgemental, but I naturally assume someone's intelligence is very low when their English is poor.

I have taken up reading again recently as of 2018. I have read Pierre Boulle's Planet of the Apes, George Orwell's 1984, Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451, Richard Curtis's novelization of Halloween (1978), John Passarella's novelization of the recent Halloween (2018), Keith R.A. DeCandido's novelization of video game Alien Isolation, and so on. I was even in the process of reading Peter Benchley's Jaws (I read up to five chapters) before taking a break on it. As of the 2019-2020 academic school year, I was in the process of reading the novelization for Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers before the lockdown was initiated. I tend to read when I am on the train and commuting to campus. I remember studying Lord of the Flies in the 7th grade, we even saw the film adaptation for it. At present, I have been thinking about reading Jurassic Park or resuming my read through of Jaws. I tend to flip-flop between books, even video games, so it is difficult to remain fixed on one thing for too long unless the book is particularly intriguing as Planet of the Apes was.

So, in. short, I am very appreciative that I am able to communicate so effectively with yourself since you are so close to my own age. Perhaps even another criticism I have is about finding common ground. Most people in our age bracket tend to have interests which require being outdoors whereas mine are more solitary in nature.
Nik Ashton said on 27/Aug/20
@ Sandy Cowell - Well, well, well, my Mum and I have been known to whistle three! 🕳
Canson said on 27/Aug/20
@Blanc: yes but you lose that 1/8” very quickly. I’ve gotten the extra little bit in the morning myself. I’m about a flat 196 on extended sleep out of bed but the result after an hour is still the same 194.7/194.8 as it would be if I measured my normal 195.7 out of bed
Glady said on 27/Aug/20
I have one my friend who is 6.3 and weighing 245 pounds n he is basically wearing size 14 sneakers is this huge foot common over 6 foot men?? What do you say mr rob Paul 😉??
jamess said on 26/Aug/20
hey rob if i measure 186cm at 11pm what would be my morning height and is it reasonable to claim 187cm as my height?
Editor Rob
Yeah, a 187 claim is probably in the middle of your range, I'd expect you are no less than 189 range out of bed.
Sakz said on 25/Aug/20
@Olympian I turn 25 at the end of next month, so that makes me a year and a bit younger than you. I noticed it was your birthday the other day. Hope you had a good day if you like to celebrate them.

Slang in our generation is indeed very prominent. In regards to writing, messaging friends in an informal manner day to day, as an example, definitely plays a role. That's the most effective form of communication in this modern day and age, therefore most people don't utilise their education nor do they have the desire to write in proper formal English. I mean when you think about it, when else would they have the opportunity to do so? You become used to writing in a certain way and education is undermined as a result. Even conversing face to face is now slowly going out of the window due to modern technology. It's good you still value your education and like to write intellectually, since that's definitely not the case for the majority in our age bracket.

As for reading, I did most of it during my school years aswell as part of English Literature. I remember it being a struggle at first since I wasn't used to it, but I did my best because I knew it was part of the subject and therefore important. Lord of the flies was the book we studied and it was quite enjoyable. Video games are a popular source of entertainment especially now, since people don't socialise as much as previous generations would have. They didn't have the luxury of games and televisions after all, so that explains it. Of course those who did in later generations obviously didn't have the technological advancements that we do now. It's good you're able to balance entertainment and studying, without the latter being affected. It shows good dedication. I completely agree with your final sentence too. I'll add to that by saying it's generally good to utilise your skills and education, no matter how old you are.
James B 172cm said on 25/Aug/20
Rob my brother said once that I will never kiss a girl because I have an “unattractive body”

Do you think he might be referring to my height?
Editor Rob
Well, it's a distinct possibility...but some folk say things out of envy too.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 25/Aug/20
Well, Nik, I sing three!
Nik Ashton said on 23/Aug/20
@ Sandy Cowell - My Mum sings 2!
Blanc said on 23/Aug/20
@Rob you said the extra hour (s) in bed doesn't affect your morning height much but in my case a normal 7 hour vs an 8-10 is the difference between me measuring 5ft 6 7/8 and just 5ft 7 flat in the morning which I did get this morning on the same "verified" wall
Sakz said on 22/Aug/20
@Sandy Hi! If I'm not mistaken you live in London and foxes are indeed quite bold over there, since they've become used to being around lots of people and it's a convenient location for them due to high levels of food sources. Where I live, they are very timid around humans. They are also very sensitive to noise, so I'm not surprised they're put off by the sound of your walking stick. Good on you for putting that predator in his place. Can't be too careful nowadays and in that situation it's normal to want to defend yourself.

As for all your cats, I can imagine they keep you very busy. They are good to socialise with aswell which is always uplifting. Exercise is also very important and I myself have started walking more, although I understand your apprehension after your terrible ordeal. It's comforting to know you have a caring boyfriend by your side and the work he does is admirable. A good person and you're lucky to have each other.

Nice talking to you as always too. Hope you have a great weekend. Take care and hopefully talk to you again soon.
somerandomdude2020 said on 22/Aug/20
Hey rob I'm 181.5cm in the morning and 179.5cm at night I work 4 days on 4 days off as a nurse 12 hour shifts and after my shifts my extreme low is 179cm would you classify me as a 5'11 guy or 5'10.5?
Editor Rob
I think it's fair for you to be considered almost 5ft 11 guy.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 22/Aug/20
@ Kan, Rob and Bobby - Now that was a reply which DEFINITELY justified an exclamation mark! 😉
Olympian said on 21/Aug/20
@Sandy Cowell

I wholeheartedly agree that 26 years of age is indeed very young. I don't feel any different physically than I did as a teenager except for being taller, of course.

My social life is rather abysmal, but most of my friends are in the Millennial age bracket. I believe the oldest correspondence I carry out is with yourself. I feel that those in my age group or younger lack the maturity and the sincerity to be stimulating conversationalists, so I tend to avoid them in favour of communicating with maturer individuals.

It's rather funny how even a person in their 20s gets referred to as a kid, but you see this kind of thing all the time in the movies. I suppose it's to represent how much older everybody else is by comparison.

I agree I have always wanted a leather jacket and now is the best time to be wearing one. One day, I will be too old for such fashion so I'd better make use of my youth at present. I have already procured it. The package with the jacket arrived two days ago, by my count. I have quarantined the package and will open it up this upcoming Wednesday. I have heard that viruses can live on non-organic surfaces for a couple of days, so my family has taken to quarantining the mail and delivered packages, such as from Amazon or in my case, from Wested Leather.

Cheers, Sandy :)
Olympian said on 21/Aug/20

Oh, right. Your wording implied that you may have been substantially older than me, but I'm glad the confusion was cleared up. So, you're around 25 years old? I recently just turned 26 about a week ago.

That's precisely how I've always felt whenever I hear others speaking, especially those in our generation. Even when it comes down to writing it is extremely rare to see our generation use proper English. I suppose that my reluctance to rarely use slang makes me come across as a hard-ass, but I valued/value my education and I am not going to throw it into the drain simply because I am not in high school anymore. There's a mixture of different ethnicities where I live as well, although I reckon that the Eurocentric populace is starting to become a rarity as I seldom see another Caucasian person like myself who still holds conservative political views.

That's exactly right. I seldom read now except for a rare few occasions, but I used to read a considerable amount of books before I graduated high school. I owe my continued developing vocabulary to my former bookworm lifestyle and besides, I have also read academic articles and the sort for university papers.

I think very few people take their education seriously, most would prefer to do other things. I can't fully condemn them as I prefer playing video games to studying, but somehow my grades haven't suffered for it. However, you are correct, there is a time and place for one's vernacular, but I still think people ought to take the time to construct legible sentences. It's a respectable thing to do. It shows consideration for the other person's intelligence, after all.
Blanc said on 21/Aug/20
@Rob Okay I bought a spirit level, turns out most of my walls are tilted to the right and but have a slightly uneven slope throughout, and coincidentally the wall I measured this morning was the most accurate one and so is my metal aerosol; my final morning height without busting a gut is 169.9 cm / 5ft 6 ⅞ so I'll consider myself "almost 5'6.5" now, hopefully I will grow a fraction and improve my already fair posture and use glucosamine to gain a fraction and have an accurate measure of future potential gains.

A lot of people do that hocus pocus measuring by using their hand onto a mark and I used to do that before after making a maybe inaccurate height chart by stacking up rulers and used to miraculously cope/decide that I "grew" an inch every once in a while when my hand was simply going up or down with a bias towards up even without me realising. Maybe my posture doesn't have a whole lot of scope for improvement though because I even cured my ATP and stand with almost military posture ever since I became height aware and sometimes rise up on toes and habitually raise my eye level a little all the time.

Even some walls I would visually guess as tilted to the right are actually left tilted somehow to show how imperceptible such a tiny difference is.

Which male celebrity would you guess is my closest height match based on your estimation?
Editor Rob
Really, any on this second page of 5ft 6.5 guys might be very close to yourself.
Mark Allan said on 21/Aug/20
Rob, I’ve watched Wolf Creek so many times that last night I had a dream where John Jarratt had his shotgun on his back and his big knife in his pocket wearing exactly what he does in Wolf Creek the hat too and he hunts down me my family and friends around the town where I live it was freaky to say the least there was a point where I looked up a hill and he pointed his shotgun in my direction but thankfully he never shot haha
Editor Rob
I am sure everybody has had celebrity related dreams, horror celebrity dreams too.

Tonight somebody somewhere may well be having a dream that Sylvester Stallone is hunting them down after they stole his shoe lifts.
Black Noir said on 20/Aug/20
Hey rob, how can you tell if your ground level whether it be home, outside, etc; is flat?
Editor Rob
It's difficult. Even in the old video I did in a house I was renovating Click Here, it was nearly 3/8th inch different than in the kitchen and living room.

But if you were to look at the door frame and floor you wouldn't have guessed it could be that much different.

A spirit level could tell you if there was a problem though!

It's always worth bearing in mind when somebody gives their height, they are assuming the floor/wall is perpendicular. It may not be, and so there's always potential room for over or undermeasurement.
Ryan Cohen said on 20/Aug/20
Hey Rob If Someone Measures 182.12 Cm At 12:15Am What Height Should He Claim Thanks Hope Your Staying Safe During This Lockdown 👍
Editor Rob
They can claim to be six foot, as during the day they'll be around that mark.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 20/Aug/20
@ Rob - Headphones? With my cat-killing neighbour? Not on your nelly! 😝

I sing as well!

Sakz said on 20/Aug/20
@Olympian Haha no I'm actually around a year younger than you, though I can see why you were led to believe that. 'We young people' would be more appropriate. You're right that every era had some form of slang, so I suppose it's just the English language constantly evolving. I just feel it's quite prominent in our generation and overtakes proper English a bit too much for my liking. Over here where I live there is a mix of different ethnicities which also plays a role.

As for the reasoning behind it, it's really just down to a lack of reading as you said. I myself don't read and prefer other forms of entertainment like you do, however I still pride myself on good verbal as well as written English in particular and always look for ways to advance it. I can relate to what you said in your final paragraph too. Just another example of the prominence of slang and how people become too reliant on it. There is a time and place for it.
Kan said on 20/Aug/20
For what you know how big are men lips ? I checked mine from top upper lip to tip lower lip and it isn’t over 1 cm. Is it common for men ?
Editor Rob
You might find women could have on average slightly thicker lips, but it's something I've not looked in detail at! I just checked mine, and around 1.5cm I think from edge of top lip to edge of bottom (not pouting!).
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 20/Aug/20
Hi Rob!

I've been having a morning listening to classical music online. I checked out Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture and came across a comment I rather liked, which read thus:

"Roses are red
Violets are blue
When I listen to Tchaikovsky
My neighbors do too!" 😆
Editor Rob
I still listen to classical music now and again, plus movie scores, though it's through headphones mostly 👍
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 19/Aug/20
@ Sakz - Hi Sakz! I just love animals and enjoy perusing round pet shops at the exotic animals that have to be imported into this country. I hardly ever go out now but I went to the bank's hole-in-the-wall the other night at gone 2 in the morning. I feel safer at that sort of time. I saw a young couple, with the girl considerably taller than the guy and said hello, and I saw four foxes! They're are very bold round where we live, and will stop and stare at you. I've even been chased by foxes before, and was terrified, but they're put off by the noise of my walking stick. I feel safer with the thing since I was approached by a sexual predator the other week, warned him to leave me alone, he didn't, so he copped it. I was happily singing along to Genesis on my phone, and he was drunk and thought me easy prey. I've never hit anyone in my entire life before, except for in play fights.

On the way home, my back 'went', and I was pleased I'd taken along my stick! I'd never use it on an animal, only a pervert. I've thought of taking a can of catfood out for any hungry foxes if I go out in the future, but they really do feel put off by the noise of the stick.

I have five cats sitting on my bed right now, which is quite normal! I sit on my bed to watch TV, but there's plenty to do round the house with 11 cats to look after. I also use a piece of gym equipment - and it works. My muscles have come back, and it didn't take long at all. Before my back and hip problems started, I was walking 10-20 miles a day. Then I was attacked on a train in broad daylight, and that made me scared to go out.

I have a lovely, supportive boyfriend, who understands, and when he was a Sergeant in the Army, there were even sexual predators there and he had them dealt with in the strongest possible terms, making sure they lost their jobs without pensions.

I'm continuing with my evening now in the hope that this world will never see such mass destruction that wiped out the dinosaurs, giving rise to the little mammals, who grew bigger when protein-rich pulses started growing.

Nice, as always, to chat to you,

All the best,

Sandy X😁X
Blanc said on 19/Aug/20
@Rob do an AMA on reddit for fun?
Editor Rob
I can barely keep up with answering questions on this site and youtube at times 😧
Engine said on 19/Aug/20
Hi Rob,

If one takes a look at passport photo and by examining length of the face can one make estimation of the person's (male or female) height. Is there a bell curve that fits length of face to height. The reason i am asking many times by looking at the profile photos when i guess the height often i am incorrect.
Editor Rob
It's something that would make a good PhD! Feeding all the dimensions from photos and actual heights and being able to give a reasonable guess for height based on factors.
Sakz said on 19/Aug/20
@Greg LOL. Now watch him whine over you insulting him while completely ignoring his own part in it initially. Can't wait for the double standard. Yeah recycled is the word, much like all of his posts. There goes that book about us then, although I didn't have high hopes anyway. Oh well he'll continue obsessing over us no doubt, despite claiming to pay us no mind on more than one occasion. Another classic self contradiction by the ol saddler.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 19/Aug/20
Hi Greg!

By 'years ago', how far are you going back? I've been here for four years come the end of next month, during which time I've learnt to avoid reading many an insulting comment, but I do remember the one to which you referred about some guy calling a member of CH a 🐓 *ucker, which I found entirely unnecessary. People like that are simply showing themselves up, and should be ignored. It can't have been very nice for the guy on the receiving end though, and I hope he saw the rude person for what he was - a troll. I did, and I'm sure so did the majority of our other members. We should feel able to voice our opinions freely.

I was more than a little surprised when Arthur starting picking on Nik and myself. I thought, "What have we ever done to him?"

There was no talking him down and I ended up taking what he said with the pinch of cheapscape salt that it deserved. What a silly thing though, to row over height and who we choose to chat to! I read something the other day which is definitely applicable to me about morning and evening heights not necessarily being relevant. How about nightworkers, and people who sleep odd hours? I'm like that, often pouncing on forty winks which can turn into hours when I'm relaxed and out of back pain. Then I tend to stay up all night....

I'm pleased to hear that your friend has a new dog. Each and every animal is unique, and that's what makes them so special. My boyfriend is both a cat and a dog lover, and I never tire of hearing the stories he has to tell about his Great Dane, and how he whimpered when he had diarrhoea and messed all up the wall. Now a cat wouldn't have a guilty conscience at all!

I go to Ulercy's grave around twice a day or more, to make sure it hasn't been disturbed by the foxes. I buried him next to his identical twin brother, who passed on just over two years ago. Cats can vary in how much affection they show their owners, but as I keep quite a lot of cats, they team up with each other, selecting their own feline friends. Ulercy's girlfriend is missing him terribly, and seems to be comfort eating, but there's nothing as sad as seeing a once buoyant animal turn to skin and bone.

Sending you my best wishes, and here's to a good late August for you and everyone on Celebheights. I appreciate your writing to me. I hope your friend enjoys his new pup! 🐶🐾

All the very best,

Sandy XXX 😉👍
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 19/Aug/20
@ Olympian - Hi Bobby, 26 is still very young, believe me! When I was your age, I was hanging out with (mainly) people in their 30s and 40s, so I didn't feel very old at all. When you're still in full-time education and everyone is as young as you are, you'll be tempted to think of your earlier years of schooling and how the years have flown.

At just turned 26, I was asleep on a settee while picking up my stuff from a former boyfriend, who had violent tendencies, so I brought my brother along. I had a drink for Dutch courage, the ex wasn't in at the time, so my brother answered the door, not knowing this bloke was wanted for motorbike offences. The Police came in, pointed to me, rather concerned, and said, "Who's the little kiddie?"

I was still being chucked out of pubs and 18-rated films, but I enjoyed that and then produce my passport!

Time does fly by so quickly though, so make the most of your young years. One of the ways you can do that is by dressing in clothes that make you feel great about yourself, and they're never going to look as good on you when you're in your youth. Those jackets are very smart, and you have the height to carry one off. At 22, I wore a motorcycle jacket with fringed sleeves, and it drowned me. Some old shop lady mistook me for a little boy. 😣

All that, one's memories, are what life is all about, so have as much fun, Bobby, as you can creating yours!

Cheers and all the best,

Sandy XXX 😄👌
Blanc said on 19/Aug/20
@Rob Should I buy a spirit level to see how level my walls are, how precise is an average one - if I used it on a wall will the bubble show "roughly in the middle" on basically any remotely straight-ish surface (probably not because then it would be pointless) or sensitive to even a little deviation from perpendicularity and the bubble will be aligned likewise to show within 1 mm of accuracy?

The few mms error here and there are annoying me but the seca 213 is too expensive here
Editor Rob
a spirit level could show your walls were flat or slightly uneven if the bubble was a few mm's off central.

Many walls/floors aren't perfectly perpendicular, you could have areas on a wall/floor that give 1-2 degree slopes that are (to the eye) hard to spot, but might knock (or add) a couple of mm to your height.
Olympian said on 18/Aug/20

You must be older than I am based on the use of your vernacular, when you write "young people" it leads me to believe that you are in a different generation. That said, I don't agree with the use of "street lingo", but every era had its fair uses of slang or shortened language.

I think it comes down to people just not taking the time to read literature anymore since entertainment now comes in other forms, so the improvement of vocabulary has taken a back seat. I admit that I prefer playing video games over reading now save for during commuting times as it's a good way to pass the time.

Granted, I am a Writing major, so I pay extra attention to one's grammar and how they write. An argument falls apart when I see slang terms in place of proper English. I think I was born in the wrong time period, I feel so disconnected from other people my age group, at times.
Greg said on 18/Aug/20
@Sakz Yeah I am not feeling Simp in the Saddles writing either. It seems too condensed and compact. It’s just a repetition of his dumbs one liners and he doesn’t put anything new just the same recycled crap over and over again. I think he should let his kid do the writing he would probably do a better job anyways.
Greg said on 18/Aug/20
@Rob if you ban the guy that said the C word off of general and Troll in the Saddle if he keeps on going I will personally donate to the Golden Stadiometer fund to keep it nice and slick and always ready to measure 😉.
Olympian said on 17/Aug/20

Hey Rob, do you miss being in your 20s? Life would've seemed simpler back then for you.
Editor Rob
I miss the teenage years a fair bit, in terms of responsibilities etc. 20's was interesting for me as I was finding the path I wanted to take. In hindsight, there are some branches I'd have taken earlier or avoided completely!

I realised I am not suited to a 9-5 Office lifestyle...I would rather work in my nightgown from the comfort of my own home, at the hours I wish on the projects I desire 😎
Sakz said on 17/Aug/20
@Sandy You're absolutely right. Animals are very intelligent and you only have to take cats, foxes and dogs (which are most common around us) as examples. Rats are also in that category because of how relentless and persistent they are. Hahaha well they do depend on humans to survive, although they are also very adaptable so I'm sure they would be fine without us. It would be very strange to entertain the thought of them taking over nonetheless. Hope you have a great week.
Mark Allan said on 17/Aug/20
Rob, what you think the difference is here between John and Ryan Corr?

Click Here
Editor Rob
looks maybe 4cm

Canson said on 17/Aug/20
@Christian: you also have a cousin who is 6’7” range, right? Was he on the same side of the family as the 6’6/6’7 great uncle? Also have you seen said cousin recently? I remember you said he claims 6’9” lol
Mark O' Connor said on 17/Aug/20
@Rob I read a lot of opinions about head size, for some people makes you look shorter for others taller. What is your opinion, I have a long head (but not wide) and I am quite tall, would it make me look taller or shorter? And is there a difference between a short person with a big head and a tall person with a big head in how they look to others?
Editor Rob
It harks back to visual illusion like This idea.

People don't always look at the top of your head, they sometimes don't even realise that they might be tilting their head up to talk to a taller person (who is tilting their eyes down) - suddenly 4 inches can 'feel' in their mind like 2 inches.

Same with shoulder/chin heights.
Greg said on 15/Aug/20
@Sandy Hi again,
Yeah you said that really well, I’m sure my friend would appreciate hearing that from you. And again I agree that is a very valid point by far. Yeah Great Danes they tend to not live long right? That’s a long time though 15 years if I am not mistake for one to live. But wow that’s crazy, smh. However, yeah they got a new German Shepherd Puppy who’s almost 6 months he’s a mix I believe. Looks really unique, although I’m not sure this is just going by photos and videos I’ve seen off of Instagram I’ll ask my friend the next time I manage to see him.

Yeah trolls, so many of them I wish Rob would stop being so lenient, he’s letting so many troll and toxic comments go through. If this was my website I would have banned them by the lot. I even seen a comment on general that was posted of somebody calling someone a “c*ck sucker over “ giving an opinion. How ludacris is that? That’s just absurd that’s not how you talk to someone at all. But then some people like Connor get banned for flaming people out so it doesn’t make any sense.

As for Arthur yeah I noticed that too, he likes to troll and wind people up. He’s been banned for calling someone a manlet but Rob gave him another chance, he basically let him have another go at trolling the forums. Also Andrea would always chime in and go off on a tangent about useless stuff, I remember them and I would argue on Misha Collins page over me being about the same height as him and that set them off apparently. I think Arthur will come back like he usually does for a bit and then not go on for a while. It’s a shame trolls get away with those things but lots of cool posters retire probably because of annoying trolls like such. It’s a shame. Celeb heights was really different many years ago I miss that.

Greg said on 15/Aug/20
@Christian oh wow, yeah he was really tall for his time. He was an outlier. I’m not sure how tall his parents where but I don’t think they where anywhere close to the very tall/giant range. It was on my dads side, both my aunt and father described him as being over 2 meters tall and built like a Tank. I seen a photo of him carrying two women on both his shoulders and I was just like wow “ The Russian Thor Bjornson “ 😂. Still impressive though because I can’t think off of the top of my head another relative who was over 6’0 I’m sure there could have been a few somewhere in the family tree I’m just not sure.
Greg said on 15/Aug/20
@Sakz Yep, anytime. Seems Numbnuts over there is ahead of the game he fired up his type writer; and at this point is just recycling useless and overused lines. It’s only a matter of time before Rob bans him. Reading his cringey post “ blah blah blah Karate kid, blah blah blah olympian blah blah Greg blah blah Sakz” he must have no life and all the time on his hands. No Job, probably collecting unemployment as we speak. I’m sure someone could even be paying him to type all of those cringey things 😂🤦🏻‍♂️.
Editor Rob
I think it's best we all try to show some refrain at times and not throw insults.

They're not needed 👍 And could result in a ban!
Sakz said on 15/Aug/20
@Tall In The Saddle Hahahaha do you know what was most amusing in your latest rant? The fact that you now wanted Rob's recognition by inviting him to 'confirm that sentiment', only for him to give you nothing! Ouch. Now that's a LOL moment. Getting more and more desperate eh. YOUR post caught his attention yet you're still defying him with all your unoriginal name calling and insults. Naughty naughty. So you're 'cool' with the rest. Aw well congratulations for finally making peace! Point was that that wasn't the case initially and once they realised your ego would trigger never ending follow ups, they decided to relent and be the bigger men. Nothing to get too excited about. Bet you gave yourself a much needed pat on the back after that. Ah more old man nonsense, only now claiming he writes and thinks like one. Hmm fair enough. That clearly indicates I'm mature as well as wise beyond my years, so thanks! Anyway, back to seeking recognition through delusional storytelling...

@Greg I don't rate ol saddle pop's latest practice chapter. What do you think? I mean the infatuation is still there so can't fault him for that, but lacking anything original again. I don't think the book will sell, let alone a film haha.
Ashutosh said on 15/Aug/20
Hi Rob if someone measured exactly 182cm in 12:30 pm how tall he should be ??
Editor Rob
He could claim almost/about 6ft if he wants
Sakz said on 15/Aug/20
@Olympian Absolutely. I suppose there is more additional studying involved for those who do not have it as their first language therefore there is more dedication behind it, whereas those who have it as their first language tend to become complacent. Modern technology basically does everything for you nowadays which means no effort is put into anything anymore. Of course it does save time, but also provides disadvantages as we've pointed out.

A big issue for me, however, is young people who have unfortunately resorted to 'street lingo' if you will, which means they are no longer capable of speaking proper eloquent English. It's a shame because this wasn't the case before my time. It does bug me but it's just something young people have been overexposed to. Whatever happened to just speaking normal English in a country where the language itself originated and is predominately spoken. Quite a shame as I said.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 15/Aug/20
@ Blanc - Ah, bless you for that, Blanc. Thank you kindly, Sandy XXX 🌝
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 15/Aug/20
@ Blanc - Ah, bless you for that, Blanc. Thank you kindly, Sandy XXX 🌝
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 14/Aug/20
@ Sakz - Thank you kindly for your good wishes regarding my little Ulercy. It'll be a week tomorrow but I'm still expecting to see him. His friend Melazier, pronounced like the country, has been calling for him; it is hard for the furry friends of the deceased animals as well as the humans. I know elephants actually mourn their dead for an appreciable amount of time. Animal intelligence has always fascinated me, and they don't have to be huge to have big brains. Rats are clever and if the human race died out for some reason or other, the rat population would probably take over, or so I have read. I'd rather not think about it though!
Have a great weekend, Sakz,

All the very best,

Sandy XX 🐈
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 14/Aug/20
@ Nik and Alverna Ashton - Thank you both very much! I keep checking on Ulercy's grave, but I think I dug a reasonably deep hole to keep the foxes at bay. I rolled a hefty piece of stone, which was impossible to lift, over and over again until it arrived at where Ulie is buried, and I've written his name and a brief message on it for him. It's basically how I referred to him since kittenhood. Thank you once again, Sandy XX😁 XX💐
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 14/Aug/20
Hi Greg!

Thanks very much for your condolences as to our losing of Ulercy.

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend's 7-year-old German Shepherd dog, Fry. Animals really are members of the family, and the following is coming from a cat lover: I feel it could be worse losing a dog because they are so faithful. They are always with you and so eager to please. Generally, larger dogs live shorter lives than smaller ones, but an Alsatian isn't that big, and to develop a fatal illness at such a young age is tragic. I think the more love you show to an animal can help boost its immune system, but can't cancel out hereditary illnesses or cancer, for instance. My boyfriend had a harlequin Great Dane and, weighing in at 15 stone at their largest, which is how much his dog weighed, he wasn't expected to live for longer than 10 years. He lived to 15, and became very ill and so weak that his legs wouldn't allow him to walk up the flight of stairs to their home. He had to be carried up.

All deaths are sad and there is, or shouldn't be, a scale as to how sad those that are left behind feel. Losing my cats does hit me very hard, and I also feel pain when a friend of mine loses an animal.

I know how you feel about certain members of Celebheights saying unnecessary, cruel and senseless things. I can sum this up in one word: Arthur. He was in the habit of picking on my conversations with Nik and when your name is written down, you can't really help but read the contents! Now I try to avoid reading through negative messages. There's no relevance to them on a height site, and if he's after confrontation, he should go elsewhere, preferably outside because that sort of person is a coward through and through.

Aside from Arthur, I haven't had trouble with anyone at all.

Thank you very much for your lovely letter,

Sandy XXX 😁👍
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 14/Aug/20
Yeah, there's no clear cut minimum/maximum age limit of being a "youth" or "youngster", as far as height stats go. Some surveys cover 18-30 year olds, and some only 20-25.
Five Eye said on 14/Aug/20
@Big Rob

Rob, i read you said the celebrities are listed 5-6 hours out of bed or 2-3 mm over their low.
So, Do you listed to them 2.5 millimeters over their low or what?
I mean to celebrities who you have never seen.
Editor Rob
It's a general guide to consider height near lunch.
Sakz said on 13/Aug/20
@Greg Thanks. Education without basic decency doesn't hold much value for me so that was my point. As for the book, me and you will no doubt be at the forefront, although the delusion may be off putting for many. I like your suggestion of a film too to take it one step further. All I'll say is watch this space...
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 13/Aug/20
@ Canson - Hi mate! Yes, I gained height after my hip operation, but then 5 months before I went in to have it done, which was also the day my legs were measured, there was quite a large discrepancy between each leg - 4-5cm. I asked my surgeon whether I'd gain my lost height and he said, "Yes, it should make some difference, but you have to do everything you're told post op."

By that he meant the exercises.

Before my boyfriend and I made it to the car, and I told him that I needed a full hip replacement, he seemed more shocked than I was. He's very worldly-wise and knew I was in for a stinker, Well, as I was saying, before we arrived in the carpark, I asked him whether my height would improve. He did tell me off somewhat, saying "You have more important things to worry about right now...." but knows where my head's at and reckoned that I'd probably end up halfway between the two heights - my original peak and my new low. I did!

Cheers, Canson XXX 😁👍

@ Rob - It's just occurred to me how lucky I was to only have five months to wait, having been offered a cancellation. Your poor Mum, my Dad and my Uncle have had to wait for simply ages because of the coronavirus delays, and the cancer treatment delays have been life-threatening. It's so unfair. 😢 I hope they all get sorted soon. All the best, Sandy XXX 💐😁
Editor Rob
At the moment she's in no rush for a new date, although I have become her gardener now 😇 My joints are still fine.
Forever_Learning said on 13/Aug/20
Hey Rob, I'm 184+ cm in the morning, and down to around 182 by night (at least by my own aerosol can measurements, the last time I visited the doctor (which was in the evening), he told me I was 6'0, but may have rounded up a little bit) there a way we can maintain our morning height or at least not lose all of it? I'd like to be a strong 6'0, rather than rounding up. It feels very annoying to be at this though a bit more exercise as a teen could have helped.
Editor Rob
Very hard to avoid shrinking during the day.

Unless you had regular (3-4 times) 20 minute lie downs...
Olympian said on 13/Aug/20
@Sandy Cowell

Hi Sandy, thank you for the early well wishes for my upcoming birthday. It is difficult to believe that I will be 26 years old soon, sometimes I blink and recall that I only recently graduated high school even though it has been close to a decade since then.

I think I will treat myself to ordering a leather jacket from Wested Leather which is actually from your corner of the world, in England. Few people know this, but Wested Leather formerly Leather Concessionnaires, was contracted by Bermans and Nations to design a leather jacket for Harrison Ford for his role as Indiana Jones. I have recently just acquired a tailor's measuring tape from Amazon to get my chest size, so now it's only a matter of time before I order from them.

Click Here
Blanc said on 13/Aug/20
@Sandy I'm sorry to hear that :[
Tall In The Saddle said on 13/Aug/20
@Sakz and Greg

LOL. The Karate Kid and his faithful Polly. What a comedy team. Talk about enough rope. STILL writing about me. STILL "trying" to insult. STILL so very preoccupied and clearly butt hurt. STILL talking a false game. We know exactly WHO has the fatal attraction. LOL. Everyone, hide your bunnies, lest they be boiled by the deluded, vengeful, Mean Gs clique. They say Hell Hath No true Girls, right?....hahaha.

Repeat, Ed Rob advice was addressed "Guys". And I would invite Ed Rob to confirm that sentiment.

The Mean Gs transparent approach ain't working. It's laughable. So, against obvious fact, they've desperately tried to twist Rob's address/advice, hide behind the twist & then keep posting in defiance of the advice. All the while, trying to call for nonsensical banning for that which they are EXACTLY guilty of doing. Haha. Polly still can't read (as clearly implied) but anyone else with a modicum of literacy understood Rob's address. LOL.

Very obvious who has the needle and who is trying to avert replies that easily debunk them. Falling behind with each and every exchange BUT ala Trump, after being exposed yet again, they keep telling themselves in all delusion that they still did well. Duh! Too funny.

Polly cited name calling as unacceptable but poor Old Polly initiated it and perseveres with it. So that makes Polly a hypocrite and worse still, the only one crying poor about it just because he's been outdone in that dept. Poor show Polly. Polly also mentioned "starting" with posters, "name calling" and "stalking". Why Polly, you just nailed Greg aka Karate Kid to a T, not me. Nice analysis of Greg. Or did you miss Karate Kid ticking all those boxes before anything else with me and many others before me? Zero credibility Polly. Oh, and while Polly keeps whining that his comments were "indirect" (he doesn't even realize that's an indictment against himself), he ignores the fact that NO ref. was made to his "sidekick" Greg Who?, who TROLLED in from nowhere. Did I say credibility ZERO? Well, it's actually increasing, into the negative. LOL.

The other two posters, Olympian and Canson (see Polly, you still can't get your half baked posts right, can you? LOL) were brought up by Greg and YOU, Polly, respectively, to try and capitalize on prev. disagreements. LOL, it's obvious that myself and said posters are cool despite your false narratives and attempt to spark something up. Now that is desperate. Keep setting yourself up to trip over your own stupidity and self contradictions. Of course, on the other hand, while I clearly didn't and don't need help, Greg clearly saw that you did, so K Kid TROLLED in and desperate Polly was all his.

Ah, so easy to slice and dice you guys. No false implications on my part re my age. Poor Old Polly divorced himself from the "current" generation (which he now claims he is part of, LOL). He writes like an OLD man, thinks prejudicially like an OLD man. Called him Old and he's been butt hurt ever since, feathers flying every which way, repeating same back. LOL. He still doesn't comprehend how to address posters directly or who's actually being addressed. Olympian addressed me and only me, not poor Old Polly, who clearly needed yet more attention and the opportunity to "try" and write over Olympian's own comments and sentiments. LOL, talk about trying to push another false narrative out there. He really is dumb but that's okay, I don't mind highlighting it over and over but he does most of the work for me. LOL.

Greg aka Karate Kid. A clearly embittered and issue ridden individual as per his posting history anyway, but referencing my son, well, how pathetic is that? "Greg:Can you imagine when his kid groups up?" LOL. Even pre-school, they could spell and express themselves far better than your current efforts. Lucid thinking is must platform for quality writing. K Kid's thoughts are clearly scattered. Time to group up, Karate Kid. Haha.

And don't pretend you haven't, in all ignorance, often tried to critique the grammar and spelling of others, even those whose first language clearly is not English, and you still end up making a fool out of yourself. A real 24 Carat Idiot and Loser. Haha. You're very preoccupied with circus' and clowns so it appears you're speaking from your own early life experiences, an upbringing that obviously robbed you of much needed education. Hahahehe.

Man, among other neg. observations by others re YOU, I will say no one has ever suggested (and in all seriousness) that I was bi-polar or guilty of gas lighting. How about you? LOL. And, since you want to pathetically appeal to our Ed Rob, the real question which you are clearly projecting, IS, how have you flown under the radar for so long, with your long history of clashes and attempts to insult and incite? LOL.

Another fail on the part of the would be Mean G's. LOL. Tried it all on but now appealing to the "ref" to DQ the other guy because he fired back far better within the same scope of engagement. It doesn't get any more lame than that. LOL. Still can't spark a discussion between yourselves or anyone else without mentioning me. Very obvious whose egos are bent and who is still crying after the fact, imparting their distorted tales of woe. LOL. Now toddle off Mean G's if you can't deal with due replies. Haha.
Olympian said on 13/Aug/20

Yeah, smartphones play a significant role in people's use of languages, especially their grammar. Our very own spellcheck technologies and autocorrect also mean that people pay less attention to the technicalities of their messages than they used to, in times past. At the end of the day, if English, or whatever language you speak, is your native tongue then there's no ZERO EXCUSE to write so poorly. I cannot in good conscience condemn someone if English is their second language. I have also noticed that ESL people tend to write proportionally better than native speakers. I often correspond with individuals who live elsewhere in Europe where English is not the dominant language, and they have proven to me how much better their grammar is, or can be, compared to somebody who grew up speaking English.

As to the rest, it's very nice having a comrade in mindset, that's difficult to come by nowadays.
Mark Allan said on 13/Aug/20
Rob, What do you think of new signing Albian Ajeti have you seen him play much? Hope he is good
Editor Rob
I know very little of him, or his height!
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 13/Aug/20
Wow, that's a bit taller than my great uncle (mother's side) who was allegedly rumored to be 6'6"-6'7" range. Was that great uncle on your mother or father's side?
Kan said on 12/Aug/20
Editor Rob: If 1.4-1.5 it would be a short nose, 2-2.25 a longer nose

How big is yours ?
Editor Rob
a bit over 2 inches. From pupils to chin is around 5 inches.
Sakz said on 12/Aug/20
@Sandy I'm sorry to hear about your cat. I know you look at your pets as family so it can't be easy. My condolences to you and may he rest in peace.

@Olympian I see your point too. That was quite interesting to read and I would say modern technology such as mobile phones play a role in that. People have become quite fixated on them which means they no longer read or write as much as they once would, despite so many resources being available to them. And thank you. The feeling is mutual. You're quite relatable with your mindset.
Johnny 181-182 cm said on 12/Aug/20
@Rob you are saying that 6ft - 6ft 1 keepers are below average. Do you think Iker Casillas did pretty well considering he is 5ft 11 range?
Editor Rob
Today 6ft-6ft 1 is below average for a keeper. Iker done remarkably well at his 5ft 11 range.
Nik Ashton said on 11/Aug/20
R.I.P Ulercy

My Mum and I are so sorry that Ulercy has passed away. I do know that you and Christopher gave him a good life.

We are always there for you both.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 11/Aug/20
@ Olympian - Hi Bobby! I believe you have a birthday coming up, so I'd like to wish you a very happy one when it comes along....

I hope you are well and enjoying life to the full.


Sandy XXX 🎂
Ingatious77 said on 11/Aug/20
Hi rob, im new here. I want to ask you if there is any possibility to grow 1 or 2 cm more at my age. Now i am 20 years old and i am 5 10.25 at night and i grew 1.5 cm between eighteen and nineteen years. Also i want to add that i am goalkeeper in argentina and i always doing sports. Am i still having a chance to grow a little more?. If you know any advice about it please tell me. I will be very grateful
Editor Rob
Some guys still gain a final bit of height in 20-22 range, but it's the minority. Take any growth as an extra bonus if get it at age 20, because most guys are at their full height.
Tunman said on 11/Aug/20
Of course,I didn't think about including children and babies in the general average otherwise it would be probably more around 4 feet.I was just implying that the older generation (like 50+)is likely to have lost some height and that we should take their peak height but then everyone has its own opinion on the subject
Well it could be interesting if it was possible to give a final definition of what is general average/youngsters average...I mean sometimes the latter even includes guys as young as 16 up to 24 other times it starts at 20 up to 30
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 11/Aug/20
@ Christian - One big hug from me:- 🤗
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 11/Aug/20
Your welcome anytime!
Greg said on 10/Aug/20
@Nik Ashton My dad I think I was about 5’10/5’11 range peak and my mom about 5’3ish. However, my great uncle was like 6’7 according to my dad and photos I’ve seen of him.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 10/Aug/20
It's strange how I don't get asked the question of why I claim halves, as much as you get. It could be just a regional thing. But on the rare occasion that I do get asked, I just simply respond and say it's because I'm closer to 6'5.5" than either 6'5" flat or 6'6" flat.

@Public Enemy
That's why I'm not too fond of terms like "noon/afternoon height" and evening height", because not everyone sleeps and wakes up at the same time. A noon height can be 8 hours for one person (those who wake up at 4 AM), yet an out of bed height for another (those who wake up at 12 PM)
Greg said on 10/Aug/20
@Sakz @Tall in The Saddle. You know that’s a great idea, he has done a lot of writing already. Poorly described and illustrated narrative but it’s okay we can let him work on it. The more he practices with these lame puns and rhetorics the closer he will get to becoming successful. We can even make a movie based on the book. He will partner up with George Lucas. Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg he will have great success with this thanks to us. He will star as himself, G will be in the movie and so will Andrea and Arthur. Rob can be the producer and it will be the tail of the celebheights clown who could. He will go down in history and the greatest clown of all time. He should actually go against Pennywise in a death match. 🤡✍️🎈🎊
Greg said on 10/Aug/20
@Miss Sandy Cowell, Hey Sandy apologizes for the slightly delayed response and you have my condolences I am sorry to hear about your cat. My friend dog recently passed too, he was a German Shepherd I think no more than 6-7 years old named Fry. It seems he also died from some sort of illness. It’s really sad when animals pass because they are basically like family members. That’s a shame indeed. I agree with everything that you said in your previous post. It’s always nice to have a positive exchange with posters as opposed to the negative and toxic example that “Tall in The Saddle” provides. It’s best not to stoop to there level, it’s just funny sitting back watching to see how worked up they get and as long as Rob allows the 🤡 act you know. I do believe some people miss the way to the circus and have to show off their “celeb height” muscles in attempt to be cunning and witty. But alas it doesn’t work. The only cunning person we have is Glenn Cunningham and that’s a bad representation of celeb heights 😂 I missed the site many years ago when it was more jolly and open to positive discussions rather than the negativity and trolling. Rob is too lenient in my opinion I would have banned “Tall in The Saddle” by now. But seems Robs letting his insults and toxicity slide for some reason maybe it’s entertaining during this pandemic haha who knows. Like he banned Arthur except I believe he was given a second chance. Although if I do remember correctly Arthur got banned for much less than Saddle is getting away with now 🤥. Interesting.

Anyways, I hope everything is well with you and the stuff that happened previously goes towards the better of happenings.
Cheers Sandy hope everything is going well until next time!
Canson said on 10/Aug/20
@Sandy: that’s interesting. You regained height after hip replacement? I usually hear of people losing it after but in your case you had some issues prior to the replacement so that may explain it
Canson said on 10/Aug/20
@Public Enemy and Editor Rob:

While I don’t know Rob’s exact pattern of height loss, if it’s anything like mine, the 5’8 3/8” for him would be around 2 hours after waking. Best case maybe he’s slightly over and slightly under 1/2” by then. So let’s say hypothetically he’s 5’8 7/8” out of bed, he’d be down to 5’8.5 (with my pattern) or if someone like Christian (5’8 5/8) after one hour then 5’8 3/8 or 5’8.5”. He would still come out around 5’8 1/8 even if simply sitting upright as opposed to compression. 5’8 1/8 according to Rob is a normal afternoon measurement
Greg said on 10/Aug/20
@Sakz Lol yeah no doubt, he has a lot of issues which I hope he can resolve within time. And if not then he will be forever cursed or something like that. Yeah I noticed the dude has a lot of mental issues which hopefully he sees a specialist for. But whatever he does behind closed doors other than write nonsense on these forums isn’t our business I suppose 😂 let him go on and on and we just sit back and laugh. Definitely an ego thing, it’s actually entertaining! I like your response to Bobby. Very thoughtful and insight, you shouldn’t commend people for having good grammar and rhetoric skills if they are complete douche nuggets. You have to be a decent person first of good character. Otherwise people see right through the act you put on.. smh lol yeah he really thought you where older than him. Poor Grandpa Saddle Pop.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 10/Aug/20
@ Christian - Thank you so much for your sympathetic message. I just went out to buy some cigarettes and I bought a can of gin and tonic. I didn't even bother whether or not it was the low cal variety. When I was approaching my road, I had the urge to listen to the Small Faces' track 'Green Circles'. When my boyfriend died 28 and a half years ago, I played this group and Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac as I was walking about the streets, just to cope with things. Funny that one of Stevie Marriott's songs should come to me at a time like this.

Thanks again, Sandy XXX
MD said on 10/Aug/20
Wow, and literally 10 consecutive comments in the Height Request thread on Aug 6.
MD said on 10/Aug/20
Wow, this Slim 6'1" guy was practically every other comment on August 7th.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 10/Aug/20
I see where you're coming from, but nearly all average height stats only cover either 18+ or 20+ year olds (meaning adults), and not children. The true average heights of countries would be a lot shorter, if we include people of all ages, including children and babies.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 10/Aug/20
RIP Ulercy, I personally don't know how it feels like to have a pet cat pass away, but I've heard that it can be as hard as losing a human family member.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 9/Aug/20
Re: Ule-Ule

Thank you very much Rob. I had four cats in attendance when I buried him.
Canson said on 9/Aug/20
@Christian: my view is anything over 1/4” maybe into that 1/3” range then you could consider a claim of 1/2”. 1/4” or less round down. Even in mine I’m slightly over the 1/4” some days at 6’4.299 and I round down because I’m at the solid 1/4” probably 4 days per week along with being asked why I claim it instead of 6’4” or why don’t I claim 6’5”. It’s too much work for me when I’m already tall as is
Public Enemy said on 9/Aug/20
@Editor Rob
You wake up pretty early so in the afternoon you are probably at your low. How much taller are you at 12 pm as opposed to say 2 pm in the afternoon assuming that you wake at 5.30 am.... and do you measure 5’8 3/8 at 12pm.
Editor Rob
Some days I can still be 5ft 8 3/8th at lunch, depends just what I've been working on through the morning. And from 12 to 2, there could be very small shrinkage...sometimes mid-day and evening height is only a couple mm apart.
Olympian said on 9/Aug/20

I simply mean to highlight Tall's impeccable use of writing versus what I commonly see elsewhere on forums. It is most unfavourable to have disagreements with somebody if they can barely read above a 5th-grade level which is surprisingly the average literacy rate for Americans.

Of course, Sakz, you also write incredibly well and I respect you for that.

You can check the link here: Click Here

It is quite sad. People are more educated than they have ever been in the past and yet refuse to exercise the tools they have been granted to improve their own literacy.
Sakz said on 9/Aug/20
@Tall In The Saddle Quite the storytelling there aswell which I forgot to mention. Maybe you can write a book about me and Greg since you're so infatuated with us. Don't think it would sell much mind you!
Sakz said on 9/Aug/20
@Greg Well I have no clue how old he is but a lot older than us clearly. Hahaha how ironic was it that he called me 'old' when I'm probably about 10-20 years younger than him. It's good you pointed that out as it further exposes the projection we've been talking about. Oh and the ego tell me about it. Something else I've mentioned countless times and he keeps proving us right everytime with each response.
Sakz said on 9/Aug/20
@Tall In The Saddle Hahaha I see your little getaway did nothing for that ego. Aww you ok there? An awful lot of projection once again. Accusing me of it AFTER I already called you out for it in the first place pretty much says it all unfortunately for you saddle pop. Literally nobody has called me out for the false things you said about me there, so you're on your own. Every interaction I've had with posters has been positive. You, however, can't say the same so clearly trying to convince yourself through more projection in typical ol saddle fashion. That or maybe convincing the other two posters you suddenly mentioned for some much needed support and recognition. Dishing dirt which just reeks of desperation.

Anyway, I've told you to ride away in your deluded bubble but you haven't done that, which tells me you want to continue going around in circles with self-validation. I think you should look up the definition of insanity. You've not achieved anything other than attract Rob's attention with your insult (yes your post not Greg's), as well as baffle two other posters with what it is you're trying to accomplish. Carry on painting me and Greg as the big bad monsters out to get you as you're clearly doing. It's pretty funny and sad I must say!
Mark Allan said on 9/Aug/20
Rob, I hear a lot of football commentators nowadays say that goalkeepers and Defenders that are 6’0 to 6’2 aren’t the biggest do you think it’s a matter of their perceived view of the players Cause to me 6’0 to 6’2 is tall nonetheless
Editor Rob
The average height of keepers/defenders has increased with time, maybe a few inches since the 60's, so today 6ft defenders aren't tall guys, 6ft 3-5 is a big defender and goalkeeper nowadays.

A 6ft to 6ft 1 keeper is below average even for that position!
Blanc said on 9/Aug/20
@Ethan99 Obviously
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 9/Aug/20
Hello Rob and everyone,

My beautiful blue boy cat has passed on after a long illness with his liver, which turned out to be cancer. It spread to one of his kidneys. The last time he went to the vet, at the end of the week, he had painkilling injections. I knew it was just a matter of time.

He'll be playing with his identical twin brother, Fletchley, now. They'll be young and sprightly again and both free from pain and very happy to be reunited.

RIP Ulercy XXXXXXXXXXX (He was 11)

My love always and forever,

Meowmy, Jim, Christopher, Melazier, Banana, Banana Junior, Erramius, Pixie, Felinia, Porkipine, Ottica, Cordercelia, Livielia and little Manelia.

Always in our hearts. 💕💗💖💙⛪
Editor Rob
Sorry to hear of your sad news 😿
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 9/Aug/20
Hi Canson,

I do have back trouble, but the sudden height loss came as a result of hip trouble. That's when I had my hip replacement, and I was able to regain some of my lost height. Alas, I don't think there are many, if at all, back operations in existence which would result in an increase in height, but having said that, there was a girl in my class at school who needed a back operation and it corrected her posture. It must have been agony. She was off school for months. We all went to see her in hospital post-op, and she was very brave and in good spirits.

She took her 'O' levels the year later - and excelled. Yes, she was clever, witty and deserved her success. She had the most infectious laugh I've ever heard! 😂🤣

Cheers Canson and have a great week,

Sandy XXX 😄👍
Blanc said on 9/Aug/20
@Rob Click Here
Editor Rob
An interesting site, though a topic I've never read that much about.
Canson said on 9/Aug/20
@Sandy Cowell: well said and that’s what we’re here for

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