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5ft 8.36in (173.6cm)
Sakz said on 3/Aug/20
@Olympian Educated or not, it doesn't excuse a bad attitude and name calling, especially when the individual hasn't even directed his post to you. You'd think an older person would be maturer and know better but that's clearly been dispelled in this case.
Mark Allan said on 3/Aug/20
Did you see that master class of a performance from Edouard yesterday Rob? class player important we keep him
Editor Rob
Yes, a good start to what will be an interesting season. Must be hard playing without a crowd, might be a good few months before any smaller crowds are allowed, who knows when full houses will be back at sport in the UK.
spainmen192cm said on 3/Aug/20
Rob, what do you think that are the best exercises to maintain height as you age and keep you in good shape ?

Do you workout?

I have heard that lifting weights could be good for maintaining height and be in good shape, but also that if you lift very heavy that can cause height loss quickly (The Rock is an example)
Editor Rob
The mere act of keeping active, be it regular walks, is a start. I do basic at home workouts, without equipment a few times a week, and simple stretches before/after. Jenny has been keeping it up too over last few months.
Triplescrew said on 2/Aug/20
Guys, busting a gut or "military posture" doesn't necessarily make you taller because it's not good posture. It encourages you to puff out your chest and curve your lower spine. Good posture actually feels like a slight hunch or like you're leaning back, because it comes from tensing your core muscles. If you do this and hold your head/shoulders a bit back (as if you're leaning against a wall) you will achieve good standing posture without it feeling like you're straining yourself. And if you have a decent core you can hold this for hours.
Christian 6'5 3/8 said on 2/Aug/20
What do typical light up shoes give? Click Here
Other than when I was a little kid, I've never owned a pair, and obviously I wasn't aware of height at all as a child.
Editor Rob
They don't look as much as an inch, I'd expect nearer 0.75 range
FiveEightJake said on 2/Aug/20
Rob, where do you get your information on UK averages from? I could only find nhs health survey from 2018 and it said the average male was 175.6cm and females 162.1 do you know where I can find averages for all ages, specifically for the 18-24 age range. thanks Rob.
Editor Rob
Here is the progression for various age ranges from the health survey data: Click Here.
Hulk.23 said on 2/Aug/20
@mark O’Connor of course the average height in Italy is I think something like a strong 5’9 (5’9.25-5). As well the 99% of Italians claim to be a little taller than their real height. I think 5’9 might be considered as an average morning height but personally at 5’11.75 tall I feel taller the average. In the northern a person 6’2 tall is considered very tall, usually claim to be 6’3 and nobody doubt it. I know more than one persone who’s in the 6’2 area and claims 6’3 or 6’3.5
Christian 6'5 3/8 said on 2/Aug/20
I never knew that you actually sold merch. What's the link to the site, so I can check it out?

Did that delivery boy look a legit 6'3" to you? I get that it's harder to guess him accurately because of the massive height difference though.
Editor Rob
I stopped mentioning the link a long while ago.
Sakz said on 2/Aug/20
@Tall In The Saddle Oh and it looks like your petty insults have caught the moderator's attention too. Take my advice and rein in the obsession unless you want to dig a bigger hole for yourself, which I'm perfectly fine with.
Mark O' Connor said on 1/Aug/20
@Hulk.23 I think that in the countries with a 5'9 average( or less of course), 6'2 can be considered the start of very tall or maybe 6'2.5.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 1/Aug/20
Hi Greg!

A hip replacement operation isn't done to increase your height, but if you've lost height as a result of your injuries, the chance of regaining some afterwards, IF you keep up with the exercises, is very good.

Never having been an avid measurer of myself, I only really started noticing I'd lost height because I couldn't see as much of my head in the bathroom and hall mirrors as I used to, and I was buying kids' clothes aged 11/12 instead of 13. They're so much cheaper, and for basics like nightwear, T-shirts, jeans etc, I see no need to buy the expensive stuff. I found out for sure that my height loss was real after weighing and measuring myself on various computer weighers. When I was convinced, that very night, I found Celebheights. I wanted to console myself by finding stars I admire who were around my new height. The height loss continued, and nearly a year down the line, my name was put down for the operation. By then I was 4ft11, at around 11am, and now I'm 5ft1 after having been up for the same amount of time.

My Mum had problems with her discs and sciatica too, and I told her she wasn't eating enough calcium and protein. After the fall downstairs, she was operated on almost immediately. Make sure, Greg, that you eat a well-balanced diet to help your bones become stronger, resulting in a better posture. I still take painkillers, but I recommend the use of heat patches and heat/freeze rubs as a more sensible alternative. However, these merely keep the pill-popping to a minimum. I still need them every day, and have done so after a fall in the snow well over a decade ago.

I know I'll inevitably lose more height with age, but see it A Good Thing that I was able to stifle the problem in the bud with the operation, regaining a pleasing amount of my lost height.

Any effort you make in the keep-fit department will help you, Greg. I'm using a vibrostation now, but I don't have it on high like I did before! The results are excellent, and what with civilization being advised to stay in because of the coronavirus, I thought I'd have another go at it. I noticed a big difference within days; yes, muscles actually have 'memories', and if you've spent your life working out, as I have, the muscles soon come back.

Wishing you a great weekend!

Sorry about the late reply,

Sandy XXX 😁👍🥛💪😉
Blanc said on 1/Aug/20
Just like you are, most celebrities you meet will be at their low at conventions right? So celebrities are listed roughly close to their low?
Editor Rob
on average there might be a few mm's more lost. So whilst not really at lowest, many might be close or within 1/4 range of it.
Olympian said on 1/Aug/20
@Tall in the Saddle

I don't understand why you and Greg keep going back and forth. I would just let bygones be bygones. You have my respect because your English isn't at a grade five reading level. You are educated, either in whole or in part, in the English language. That said, continuing to goad each other on isn't going to get you anywhere.

Greg has given up on the exchange considering he hasn't bothered with a worded response, so I'd just let it go. Or try and bury the hatchet, as we did.
Sakz said on 1/Aug/20
@Tall In The Saddle Hahahahaha now that was a hot air post if I've ever seen one. Now hypocrisy as well as deluded projection. Never fail to outdo yourself eh. Self contradiction along with whining and ranting because apparently we're not behaving. Aww cry me a river hahaha. Repeating my words and phrases there I see in classic projecting fashion, and even stalking posts on the general heights page. Oof further evidence of how we've gotten to you. Somebody needs to get a life. Bruised ego still hasn't recovered from that one comment months ago (indirect at that so even more sad), which is how the insecurity was first triggered! Keep wallowing in self pity there or for your own sake, ride away as I said because you've proven your worth and that obsession isn't healthy. Oh I'm having fun alright don't worry about that. Keep insulting the thorns in your side while claiming to 'pay them no heed'. What's not to love? Be my guest! Not fussed either way because the joke is on you.

@Greg See how obsessed and riled up ol saddle pop is getting? We aren't 'behaving' and we're hurting his feelings. I think somebody needs a tissue. Whatever will we do!?
Tall In The Saddle said on 1/Aug/20
It's already obvious you're an A Clown. Posting an Emoji self portrait really wasn't necessary. Thanks anyway..back to GENERAL I'm guessing to try and troll every other poster..LOL.
Editor Rob
Guys, let's be kind. Insults gets us nowhere.
Hulk.23 said on 1/Aug/20
@mark O’Connor
I live in a big city located in the north-west of Italy and here if you are almost 6’ like me you’re still consider tall. Even in the new generation.
According to you that if you are 6’2 or more then you will be consider very tall, but I think this valid for all world countries
Hulk.23 said on 31/Jul/20
My dentist measured me just one time per year since I was 12 until 18.
The reason was because he wanted to check my Bones growth for the orthodontic appliance. I was measured only one time since I was 18 (by my pt in gym) with an old stadiometer. As I said before he stated I was 183cm but I was with socks on and I have done before many exercise for the decompression of the back. I think he might have checked something like 182,5-6cm and round up to 183cm.
As I said I usually am 182,2-4cm on a good day, 182.0cm on a normal day and at worst i am 181,8-9cm (it happens like 1 time on a week statistically). I used to consider my self a 5’11.65”/182,0cm
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 31/Jul/20
I could do with a new Celebheights T-shirt myself, Rob! I'll try a different colour this time. The one I have is still perfectly serviceable, but another one would be most welcome.

You can't have too much of a good thing, and it's an ideal conversation starter. Cheers to you all, Sandy XXX
Hulk.23 said on 31/Jul/20
I think even Big Rob will change his claimed height from 5’8 1/8 to 5’8 1/4 (which is his honest real height in my opinion) he can mantain most of the estimates he has made in the past and which he has a photograph. In many picture he held a prudential margin so the estimates are the same even considering busting a gut measurements.
Greg said on 30/Jul/20
@Tall in the Saddle ☝️🤡
Greg said on 30/Jul/20
@hulk.23 I see well, that’s different. Here in the U.S Dentists generally don’t measure you. Although a friend of mine claimed he was measured by a dentist before. I just never have. 6’0 is 182.8cm so if he rounded you up a little that’s fine. 182cm is 5’11.5 or a bit over. Here in America we use the imperial system. I would say you can say you’re 6’0 or 183cm with no issue 👍. Lol I prefer to measure myself because a lot of times doctors don’t do it right, or somethings wrong with their stadiometer.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 30/Jul/20
@ Hulk.23 - So you were measured by your dentist, were you 😕? That sounds unusual, unless he weighed you too if you needed to have an anaesthetic. When I was 12 years old, I had four molars taken out and the dentist used gas to knock me out. He gave me the normal dose for the average 12-year-old, which was far too much as I was underweight. It took me ages to come round and my poor Mum was panicking and told him off! I doubt that the dentist was that frivolous with his patients again.

Cheers Hulk.23 and nice to meet you! All the best, Sandy Cowell 😉👍
Mark O' Connor said on 30/Jul/20
@Greg Yes I live in Italy and the average is closer to 5'8 than 5'9. Already 6'2 can be considered the start of very tall in most regions of the country imo.
Blanc said on 30/Jul/20
@Glady that's just a teeny bit over Rob's stats, very similar. Just go with 174 cm or 5'8.5"
Nik Ashton said on 30/Jul/20
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 30/Jul/20
Hi Rob and all!

I had a letter from the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home this morning because I take part in their Paw Draw! 🐾😂

That reminded me of something my boyfriend told me last picnic we had. Did you know that all the animals who reside at the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home were successfully fostered out at the onset of the coronavirus. I think he heard it on Paul O'Grady's 'For The Love of Dogs' programme. How impressive is that?

Somehow I don't think I'd have the heart to give an animal back, but the fosterers out there do such an amazing job to be so strong. I had two friends who fostered cats, and I used to come round with food for the girl who lived near me. I knew her brother, who was one of the wittiest people I'd ever met, and she, Zena, had a sister who was a full-time Mum. What a lovely family and I found it a privilege to know them.

Cheers Rob and everyone! 🐶🐈🐩😺🐕
Johnny 181-182 cm said on 30/Jul/20
@Rob would you call busting a gut a correct measurement? I am nearly quarter of an inch taller by busting a gut. I go from 5ft 11.25 to 5ft 11.5 at my low when I bust a gut.
Editor Rob
It's actually recommended by many (including the UK health statistic survey which suggests the nurses ask participants to breathe in).
It does achieve our maximum measurable height, but for some it could be 1-2mm differnece, others maybe 5-6mm difference compared to a normal standing tall measurement.
I mean when I take my height I'm standing very well, I can maintain that posture for more than the 5 seconds that I feel I can with busting a gut measurement.
For me, it doesn't feel natural straining every sinew for 2-3 more mm.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 30/Jul/20
Hey Rob!

I had a delivery boy yesterday, called Chris, for the third time and he's very polite and nice. I was wearing my Celebheights T-shirt and I asked him how tall he was because I'm interested in that sort of thing. He was 6ft3, and I gave him a heart-high hug!

Have a great day everyone, Sandy XXX
Editor Rob
That's cool you still wear your t-shirt. My hoodie is getting worn out a bit, I'll need to buy myself a few more celebheights hoodies 😎
I was making a video with Jenny the other day (not schedule till end of September) but she - without prompting by myself - came down and was in her own celebheights t-shirt 👌👌
Hulk.23 said on 30/Jul/20
Actually Greg, I think are almost 8 years nobody measured me and the last time I was measured I was by a dentist when I was 18. In all measurements he made ne didn’t tell me how tall I was he simply check height and write it on a paper and I wasn’t interested about it so I didn’t check too. I was recently measured by a pt because I asked him and he told me 183cm but I was with socks on and he round up a small fraction of cm. I am 182cm.
In Italy when a doctor need to know your height then he simply asks it to you. Maybe a dietist can measure your height but sincerely I never gone ;)
Tall In The Saddle said on 30/Jul/20

Poor old vacant Polly. Still bereft of original thought but still flapping those wings. Feathers CLEARLY ruffled. Hasn't stopped repeating MY observation verbatim since. Speaks for itself, doesn't it? "It" not meaning Polly of course. He doesn't speak for himself. His parroting and indignant tone speaks for him. No assumptions on my part. Just your own false implications and then self contradictions which I have perfectly highlighted. You're not countering anything. Same old Polly. LOL.

As always, you're parroting with no meat. Just posting mindless follow ups for their own sake, tiny head crest rearing up at full, indignant attention, repeating my "fancy vocabulary" to a word. Who's obsessed? LOLOL. Lesson in simple logic. Referencing me is not ignoring me. Doing so indirectly is no different. Certainly nothing to boast about. It's simply a typical, ill equipped, side-liner's back door cop out approach.

If you're an original in any way, it's in your unparalleled stupidity. Man, you couldn't even copy "Implied" correctly. Yes, you can own that one for yourself. Good stuff Polly. I can hear the squawking right now. Hahahehe.

Ride away? LOL. You wish. Very ornery and contrary for someone who claims they're having "fun". Sure you are, Polly. Hahaha. Nah. There's a delinquent Karate Kid and his trusty, sycophantic parrot still roaming town, fixin' for more attention by way of trolling. Karate Kid's long history is there for all to see. Dodge needs cleaning up. Happy to oblige, ma'am. If they behave themselves I'll pay them no heed, just as they were paid no heed in the first instance. Easy enough even for the most simple to understand..even Polly..err, maybe. Hahaha. In denial of himself, clearly drawn to my comments, expressions and words, not the other way around. Again, the posting history doesn't lie.

Let's see if the Kid and his Polly don't shamelessly contradict themselves yet again. LOL.
Johnny 181-182 cm said on 29/Jul/20
@Rob busting a gut are you 5ft 8.25 at your absolute low?
Editor Rob
Yes I'd class myself around that with bust a gut.
Canson said on 29/Jul/20
@Greg: lol I don’t get why people do that. Rob has said many times that he’s 5’8 1/8” or 5’8.25 best case. In essence if he is 5’8.25 I’d be 6’4 3/8” if he’s 5’8 1/8 in 6’4 1/4” although I can hold a mm over the 1/4” at times
Greg said on 29/Jul/20
@Hulk23 Just measure yourself I am surprised you claim to never have measured have you never been to the doctors and had a check up or something? I am not sure haven’t been to Italy’s but I would guess 5’8-5’9 is the average.
Greg said on 29/Jul/20
@Jake Campbell Huh? He literally measured a bit over 5’8 at his low where are getting 5’9.5? Or are you referring to his NBA height which is 5’9.75”?
Blanc said on 29/Jul/20
Overall is 1.5 cm below your morning height a good claim? Does 168.5 cm at noon warrant a 5'6.5" or 5'6.25" listing?
I finally did manage to hit 170 cm on the dot after a 10 hour slumber :o

Also I would assume based on an intuitive judgement the number of visitors increased during this time although the site revenue could've decreased so it shouldn't be much of a difference?
Tall In The Saddle said on 29/Jul/20
@Greg Who?

There goes another cracker. As predicted. LOL.

Ah, Karate Kid has ONE WAY fatal attraction to my posts. Kid none too bright. Kid trolling. Hitherto not on my radar, Kid seeking attention. Kid needs to keep falsely advertising intelligence not demonstrated otherwise. Kid easily intimidated. Kid easily triggered. Kid jealous of healthy egos and superior intellect. Something definitely not right upstairs. Ah, but it has ALL been said before about you, hasn't it Kid? The Kid's posts on GENERAL read like ongoing therapy sessions with a good sprinkling of self induced melt downs. The threads very own Toxic Avenger. LOL. So many conflicts, so many "trolls", so many "inferior" intellects to be getting on with, eh Kid? Even the "troll ghosts" of your forum past still "haunt" you. LOL. Nah, couldn't possibly be something remiss with you, eh Kid? I mean, you're not dillusional are you? Such lack of self awareness never seizes to amaze me. Hahahee.
Sakz said on 29/Jul/20
@Tall In The Saddle Oh saddle pop. Developing quite the obsession aren't you! The aim isn't intelligence since that's clearly above your level. I think that projection is getting a bit old now don't you think? They're simple counters to your one sided arguments, which you make all too easy for me. The fact that I'm able to constantly do that should give you a hint. I don't expect you to understand though since ignorance is bliss. Hahaha right older chap. So you're not from the current generation. Congratulations! It's just first impressions were that of a snowflake you see but presumption on my part. Give yourself a pat on the back for some much needed recognition. However one little fun fact again. Don't forget you assumed I was old which falsely implyed I wasn't from the current generation, so great job creating another double standard. Oops sorry to burst that deluded bubble again but it's just so easy! Uh uh I was referring to you starting to ramble on and rant to Greg now too, despite him not even addressing you initially. Still going on aswell while he completely ignores you hahahaha priceless. Ruffled your feathers nonetheless just like I clearly did. Looks like somebody didn't like being called out so the point stands either way. Ah more sarcasm. Couldn't mirror me more if you tried.

Anyway, I think we're done so ride away. Don't fall off on the way since I know you like looking down for scraps to feed that ego. Maybe this time cut out the rambling and focus on the saddle. It will be much better for you, if you can somehow pry yourself away from me.
Hulk.23 said on 29/Jul/20
@Christian 6’5 3/8
In my opinion you need to see the matter from a different point of view: there’s no universal stature, and it is a paradox. It’s enough that I am slightly bent more or that I have a small pain in my back that my stature can vary from a couple of mms to many cms...the solution is to find a limit standard value beyond which we cannot go. The logic is that the person without standing on tip toes or manipulating his posture beyond that balire cannot go. For this reason in my opinion would be wiser to use the maximum “honest” height though. Keep for example Big Rob: Big Rob claims to be 5’8 and 1/8 and for sure is an honest claim. He posted many videos where he was measured that height. But you need to consider that if Rob wants then he can measure shorter (if he keep a worse posture) or even a tad taller (with the bust gut height). However he cannot go over the bust gut height unless he would keep his tip on toes or he manipulate his height (for example using thick socks or keeping a coif on head...etc). In my opinion rob should use his bust gut height so close to 5’8.25” from what I’ve understand or even a bit more...
Kan said on 29/Jul/20
For men what is the average of nose lenght ? I Mean from the middle of eyes to the tip nose.
Is 2 inch or just over it a big nose ?
Editor Rob
If 1.4-1.5 it would be a short nose, 2-2.25 a longer nose
Glady said on 29/Jul/20
I measure myself 175.3 cm in the morning and day time I slip to 173.6 cm as Iam health care worker I was measured 173cms in my hospital . And in other hospital I was measured at 173.6cm . When I measured myself in the evening at my home I was same at 173.6cm. How much height must I claim personally?? Or is there any defect in our hospital stadiometer. What do u say mr rob??
RJT said on 28/Jul/20
Hi Rob

I genuinely want to know why you put your 'height' at only 5 ft 8 1/8 or 173cm where you can easily say 5ft 8 3/8 or around 173.7cm because thats what you measured at afternoon in your video about daily shrinkage?

If you go by lowest, then shouln't all other guys you met in person also be listed at their lowest? E. G if you met Welling and Alastair Cook at afternoon then you estimated them to be at least 6'2.5, then they could fall to 6'2.25 or 6'2 flat or even under it at night for example, that's actually what happened to me and it's not wise to assume they won't fall under it imo since we actually never measure them at night.

And also some of the people you measured like big Lewis he was 6ft half inch at afternoon during that time, so he could easily drop to or under 6 ft flat at night, making his height not 6ft 1/2.
Editor Rob
For a proportion of people, sometimes 1-2pm can be close to their low, like 2mm off the lowest range. Other folk could still shrink 5, or more mm.
It depends of course on our activity, the time we rise etc.
Christian 6'5 3/8 said on 27/Jul/20
@Viper and Rob
But I never actually put my back on the stadiometer (or tape measure in my case, since I don't own a stadio) or wall. I wonder if doing that has any effect on my mesurement. I'll try it out soon or later.
Editor Rob
The stadiometer rod can effectively sit in the middle of your back and backside, so won't inhibit your stance...but be careful when measuring back/bum against a wall - that can lead some people to curving their spine and losing a couple mm.
Greg said on 27/Jul/20
@Sakz Yep, it’s amazing how big people’s egos are and in the ways that they work. This can be said for a couple of useless posters on Celeb heights, I don’t even need to mention names; but when I say it I’m sure a couple of people come to mind. Lol Troll in the Saddle is what he should change his Nic too. It suits him perfectly, cheers bro haha 🤘.

@Miss Sandy Cowell Greetings there, always a pleasure to speak to you on so many different levels of intelligent conversation. It’s nice we can all get United on Celeb heights l think that is awesome to say the very least. That’s interesting I wasn’t aware that you could get an operation like that to give yourself a certain amount of height back.

Oh wow, yeah I wasn’t aware that it did that to you. Interesting I imagine you would be the youngest paitient there. And I’m sure everyone was nice and friendly that’s pretty neat. I see that there’s many different things you can go on about correct posture and stuff. I’m hoping to gain some more height from correcting my terrible posture. Plus yoga and stretching seems like it can benefit you. I’m sorry to hear that your mum had to go through that... sounds really awful and I am all too familiar with pain unfortunately I have a bad back and Neck. Some damaged discs so it’s not fun I suffer from some pain and I have to take off from sports and activity as well As icing it and taking medicine but it does become better after time.

Also, yeah I mean everyone always wants something they can’t have. It’s almost like a system that way, it basically is tricky sometimes but yeah 1/8th isn’t bad. I read you can gain up to an inch but that’s if you really have a spine tilt/ back tilt but we will see hopefully all goes well.

You make some very interesting points Sandy and I enjoy reading your posts as always!

Take care,
Jake Campbell said on 27/Jul/20
Rob looks tall but I think he is closer to 5'9.5 tbh

5'9 3/8 for Big Rob
c-mo 176.2cm said on 27/Jul/20

I tried the bust a gut measurement but I am not taller doing it lol . why ?
Editor Rob
Your normal 'stand tall' posture must be good. If you also breathe in doing bust a gut and really force it, most people can get a little extra, some more than others.
Hulk23 said on 27/Jul/20
@greg I do not know exactly how tall people think I am. I know only that I am usually considered “a tall guy”. In Italy if you are in the 6’ zone then You’re still tall. Since I knew I was 182cm tall I think the percentage of people o knew claimed their real height has been 2/3 on 100 people. The most of people claim to be taller. As I said sometimes I claim to be 184cm and everybody believe me. You need to consider that I am usual to wear converse al star so since midday to the night probably if measured I will be 183,5cm or very close to it.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 27/Jul/20
@ Rob - I've just had a thoroughly good look at Jenny's merchandise, and I'm definitely going to be buying some cat face masks, greetings cards and whatever else I like the look of. My cats will warm to her cushions, and they won't mind what they depict! 😹🐈😸 What a hardworking girl Jenny is, and so very productive and creative. 😀👌
Editor Rob
She is a talented crafter!
Mark Allan said on 27/Jul/20
Rob, I lost my job this month due to the COVID crisis can I work with you at Celeb heights haha?
Editor Rob
That's unfortunate for people like yourself who lost work. A lot of folk worldwide got hit hard during the last few months financially.

This site took a hit too of course.
Tall In The Saddle said on 26/Jul/20
Hey Sandy

Yeah, I joked with my son calling it his "Goth" pet. He's no Goth but there are such people who like to "accessorize" with similar left of field pets in line with their preferred image. Prob with some is they don't possess the due and proper commitment required of a legit pet owner otherwise.
Obviously cold blooded, these little fellas need a heat lamp and heat pad to keep their temp right. Hug? Best I could do was put Sir Cedric on my left shoulder close to my neck, figured he might feel my heart beat for reassurance. He seemed comfy. Also care has to be taken to pat in the direction of his spikes. They're not too thrilled if you go against the grain. Funny you mentioned how it would go with cats. My son also has a kitten named Zelda (name change pending: looks like it will be "Sonic" as in THE HEDGE HOG, I believe. These kids can't make up their minds, LOL. As to the cat lizard interaction, so far so good at the moment, with both being held, they met for a friendly mouth touch but I told my son to keep his eye on the dynamic lest little Kitty, in time, turn into predatorial Tiger. LOL.

Take care
Tall In The Saddle said on 26/Jul/20

Haha. Thoroughly incapable of intelligible follow up posts. In pure deflection and prejudice from the outset, "disses" and divorces himself from the "current" generation. End game? To falsely imply that I was of the "current" generation. NOW, in pure self contradiction, wheels back to his being part of the "current" generation. Doesn't know if he is Arthur or Martha. Doesn't know if he is coming or going. LOL.

Speaking of pets. A few pity crackers thrown his way and poor old vacuous Polly now proudly (in blissfully maintained ignorance of course) firmly perched on the Karate Kid's shoulder. Random crackers thrown his way thereafter for positive reinforcement. And to suggest I "started it" with Greg Who?, well the posting history doesn't lie and clearly illustrates otherwise. Good one Polly. Careful not to get parrot fever if you haven't got it already. You're clearly impaired enough as is. LOL. Hahahahehe.

@Greg Who?

Yep, still proving your one way attentiveness to my posts via none too dignified sideline posting. Already called it. Some more scanning of GENERAL opens up a real Pandora's box on the precarious psyche of Greg Who? aka Karate Kid. Some major issues there, upheld over a LONG period. Projecting ALL that he is on to anyone who merely disagrees and/or logically turns back his BS. Intimidated by healthy egos, intellect and opposing conviction. Folds like a cheap tent upon disagreement and resorts to smack which he clearly isn't good at either.

Such preoccupation with past posters and old discussions. Such insecurity. Such self contradiction. Still trying to "last word" on those departed. Someone really needs to pay a shrink. This forum ain't the place to sort yourself out. LOL. Daniel Son need to loosen warrior head band, much too tight, brain obviously starved of much needed oxygen. Consult with trusty parrot likely to follow. Aarr! Hahaha.
Blanc said on 26/Jul/20
Rob what's the minimum morning height in order to even call yourself 5ft 7 (the weakest one without lying)?
Editor Rob
at least within 5ft 7.25-7.5 range.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 26/Jul/20
You do make a good point. Some people's normal posture heights are lower than others, so basing the bust a gut as the standard method simplifies everything. But one problem though, is that a bust a gut posture is forced and strenuous, and no one can consistently hold it all day long. If you walk around busting your gut all day long for several days, you'll eventually get back/neck/shoulder issues.
Sakz said on 25/Jul/20
@Sandy That's good to hear. It's always nice to have some downtime and relax with those you love. Luckily the weather has been good aswell so perfect for a picnic. The work your boyfriend's friend does is admirable. I remember you telling me about Jim's own work when it comes to helping the homeless. As for the musician, it would be good if you can find out his name. Hopefully you're able to share it when you do.

Thank you for your well wishes and I wish you the same. I hope you're enjoying your weekend aswell. I look forward to hearing from you again. Take care.
Hulk23 said on 25/Jul/20
@ Progking I live in country which use the metrical system so claim 6 feet doesn’t mean anything, the most of people don’t know what does it mean. Actually I use to claim sometimes 182, others 183 or 184 it depends by the context. At the end, in different times but I can measure all of them.

@comment95j I know what does Big Rob means, I’ve only said that if you keep a “Norma posture” is hard to have an object measurement. A posture of a person can change by a couple of mms to more cms so in my opinion would be better to have an objective posture so the highest posture you can keep standing without socks and with no tip on toes. As I said before when I were measured (I haven’t from many years) doctors asked me to stay straight as a military and I think most of measurements are done with highest posture.
I think this is the only way which can help us to know how is the real shrinkage of a person by the years. If all measurements were made with the person who keep the highest posture then if you make two different measurements far years one from the others than there’s a good chance to know exactly the shrinkage.
Sandy A Cowell said on 25/Jul/20
@ Rob - Good luck to Jenny with her stretching programme. I suppose the same can be said for many desk workers, and it must be depressing for the sufferers. Having been a secretary myself, and stranded to a desk in order to make a living, it makes me wonder if anybody out there pauses to think about the risks these people are taking. Sometimes in the tea breaks, I’d go for a walk round the office and I’d find myself far more productive afterwards. If only our bosses would give us the chance to take a bit of (paid!) exercise, I’m sure it would pay dividends.

Jenny must really enjoy her work; it gives her the opportunity to put her creative side to good use. I’d love to be able to peruse through her merchandise and buy some presents for family and friends , Jenny-style!

🦋🌸☃️🥇😃👍🍵 XXX
Editor Rob
Well if yourself or anybody in the UK is looking for any face coverings, she's got a lot of fabric. Give her a message on Sookie Stitches.

Here is Some Cat ones, some finished and in progress. I wear comic ones a lot. And since you can wash them, I have 1 for every day of the week 👌

They're £4 each or 3 for £10.
MD said on 25/Jul/20
Don't necessarily need him added, but I was curious how tall you think former American presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is? His campaign was asked his height during the campaign and was given as 5'9", but he looks a bit shorter than that.
Editor Rob
5ft 8.5 is possible, 5ft 9 absolute most I'd have guessed.
Greg said on 24/Jul/20
@Hulk23 Yeah I find it more accurate to measure yourself at home granted you’re standing normally on a flat surface and the walls are level. I’ve generally measured myself more accurately between 179-179.5 cm in the afternoon. In the mornings I can obtain 5’11 or 180.3cm. I usually just say 5’11, often times I’ll say almost 5’11 on celeb heights since most people don’t use morning height here. It would be easier to just claim morning heights if we didn’t shrink because of gravity. Most guys will lie up or have no clue how tall they really are so they will claim a random height or maybe get measured in shoes and claim that. Who called you out? And what did they say. I’m usually guessed at 5’11-6’0 if not taller.
Blanc said on 24/Jul/20
Should you claim busting a gut height though? It really is your height with the best stance possible
Editor Rob
I'm 5ft 8.25 if we go by bust a gut.
viper said on 24/Jul/20
Rob what's the point of your back against a stadiometer or wall when measuring
Editor Rob
Against the stadiometer, it provides a general optimal position for standing at your tallest.
Canson said on 24/Jul/20
@MD and Rob: it may be the angle but I agree with Rob. Physically he looks a strong 6’5 or weak 6’6 (not a solid 6’5) but we also don’t know how tall Obama is today. I personally see him as 6’0.75 nowadays and 6’1” in his prime

Also @Editor Rob: what do you think about the footwear?
Editor Rob
Possibly close to 1/4 advantage for Obama's shoes.
Hulk23 said on 24/Jul/20
@Big Rob so basically with the bust a gut height you might be considered as a 5’8 3/8 or 173,6cm guy at least and being prudential.
I think it’s better to use the maximum height of a person because it’s a limit height: you know that the person cannot be taller that this height.
I think if you consider a different height then you have to accept that the person might be taller or shorter by his posture...that’s my opinion
Editor Rob
actually as I type this I checked mid-day bust a gut and was the same as the other day trying a 7pm, 173.8-9 zone!
Comment95j said on 24/Jul/20
@Hulk23 if I know well, Rob always saying that you should measure yourself with your normal posture and with straight head
Progking said on 23/Jul/20
@Hulk123 yeah a good amount of 6'1 guys claim 6'3, a legit 6'1 looks pretty tall so does 6'0. People think im 6'1-6'2 even though i am just over 6'0(183-183.5) at a low and around 6'0.5 in the afternoon, close to 6'2 in shoes though so i just say 6'1 to people. I would claim 6'0 if i were you and people wouldnt notice the round up
Progking said on 23/Jul/20
@Hulk123 yeah a good amount of 6'1 guys claim 6'3, a legit 6'1 looks pretty tall so does 6'0. People think im 6'1-6'2 even though i am just over 6'0(183-183.5) at a low and around 6'0.5 in the afternoon, close to 6'2 in shoes though so i just say 6'1 to people. I would claim 6'0 and people wouldnt notice the round up
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 23/Jul/20
@ Tall In The Saddle - Hi again Tall!
I checked out some Bearded Dragon pictures and videos, and yes, they are the little fellows I thought they were. I saw greenish ones, blue/grey ones and pale ones, and I saw how they puff themselves up in the head region, which I assume is to drive away potential predators.

Being a lover of all animals, I would indeed entertain keeping one. I think I'd be able to manage giving one a hug somehow! I've watched interesting programmes on reptile experts, and they always, always show these tiny dinosaurs. You say they are affectionate - well that suits me fine!
Your young son has every reason to be proud of Cedric, and I'm sure his mates will be pestering their parents for Cedric's relatives. I can just picture the scenes....😂🤣

Cheers Tall in the Saddle and have a great family weekend,

Sandy XXX 🐉😁👍
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 23/Jul/20
@ Nik - Thanks for wishing Erramius a Happy Birthday! The cats had catnip in every downstairs room, including the hall, and ate treats all day. It seems like only yesterday that she was a tiny ball of white fluff - she was six weeks and three days old when I got her.

Take care and enjoy the rest of your week and your Mum too,

Sandy XXX 😁👍💐
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 23/Jul/20
@ Sakz - Hi Sakz! Yes, we certainly did have a good, fun-filled time on Tuesday, my Jim and I. We sat in the shade on some chairs he bought especially, bless him, and we chatted about a fellow with whom he's working, helping the homeless. This chap is in a band, and I checked them out and was very impressed with their atmospheric music. There was a picture of the boys and I guessed Jim's mate correctly. The reason I could do this is because I know his brother plays in the band too and they really do look alike. I picked out the one who I considered the kindest looking one, and got him spot on! Then I was told that his brothers do voluntary work too, so they're a lovely bunch of boys, with beautiful hearts of gold. 💛

Not many celebs were mentioned this time, but who knows? One day, the band could make it big, their names and heights on CH. An eminent musician from a well-known band wants to makes them known in America. I forget his name now, unfortunately, but will mention it when I find out.

Okay then, Sakz! Here's wishing you the best of days and a thoroughly enjoyable up-and-coming weekend.

My very best to you,

Sandy XXX 😁👍
Nik Ashton said on 23/Jul/20
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 23/Jul/20
@ Greg - Hi Greg! You're too right about the grass being greener on the other side - for women and girls. However, I have yet to meet a guy who doesn't want to be taller, apart from the very tall, who seem to be quite happy with the way they were made, especially when they're round me and can put things out of my reach. That one is just so old hat, and reminds me of what our parents and other grown up relatives do when we're kids. Now it just gets on my nerves! Another thing I don't like is when a tall guy bends down to listen to me. That happened a lot in my late teens and twenties because I was softly spoken, but I'm quite loud now; I think I learnt to be more assertive from my boyfriend. Now he can really BELLOW, and has demonstrated how he used to shout when he was a Sergeant in the Army. He showed me how he marched too because I asked him to; he marched out of my garden, across the road and went right into the garden opposite and I LMAO! If the neighbours had come out, I know he'd have come up with something funny.

When I gained a couple of inches after my hip replacement operation, I was actually regaining height that I'd lost through needing such a drastic op; it's bloody painful and I wouldn't want to have another hip operation unless it was really necessary. My Surgeon, who was excellent, measured my legs pre-op, and my faulty leg was all of 4 - 5cm shorter than the other one, so it makes sense that I put some height back afterwards. I had an epidural beforehand and I needed a tranquilizing injection for the doctors to be able to keep me still as I was shaking so much. Then when I came to, it was magical! I was out of pain for the first time in well over a year. My Surgeon, who saved me until last, said to me that he'd never seen such a mess. Because I was on such strong painkillers beforehand, I had to get them every day, and my hip literally crumbled. I was by far the youngest patient in there too, being the only person in my 50s. There was one of 66 and the others were in their 70s and 80s, but great company and interesting to talk to. We all got on very well, and the experience was a good one, aside from the pain, which set in as soon as the epidural wore off. It was sheer hell to get in and out of bed just to answer the calls of nature!

A friend of mine, a woman I met online, had hers three years younger than I was, due to her compulsion for keeping fit in her younger years, a bit like me really. She told me that her doctor was suggesting that she should have another one, and she said she'd put it off for as long as possible. They really are horrid operations, and my Mum, who had hers at 78 after a fall, never recovered and was bedridden and in pain for the rest of her life.

I've thought of asking my doctor for glucosamine for my bones, but whether I get it remains to be seen. I wouldn't want to ask for anything trivial right this minute, what with the coronavirus, because I want it for my height really. I get huge, unpalatable calcium tablets, which taste revolting.

Oh yes, you have fans here all right, Greg! The advice you dole out is of the good, solid variety. If you recommend stretching, as does Rob, I might try it too. An eighth of an inch is an eighth of an inch, which is better than a poke in the eye! I might go through some of Rob's videos again for ideas.

Always great to speak with you, Greg,


Sandy XXX 😁👍
Editor Rob
Jenny this year has done a bit more exercise and basic stretching, which is good. As I say, she spends too much time bent over a table making cards or sewing and it really has been main cause of her height loss.
Black Noir said on 23/Jul/20
Hey, I was told by Greg to clear my cookies and I should be good to comment? So am I good to comment rob?
Editor Rob
Stick with this Noir name, if you use other names sometimes it can lead to problems.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 23/Jul/20
@ Tall In The Saddle - Hi Tall! I agree Erramius is doing well, especially in that she shows no signs yet of losing weight and is still as perky as can be expected. I always wanted a white cat, ever since I was a small girl, and I was so happy to get one. She can hear as well, which is often not the case with albino cats. Her Mum is a purebred and her Dad a black cat. Her two siblings are black like their Dad and I wish I'd bought them too!

A Bearded Dragon seems very much the sort of pet a young boy would plump for. They look just like little miniature dinosaurs, and I can certainly understand the attraction for a kid. I have no idea as to their intelligence or how affectionate they are though, but they sound very interesting. I'd like to have the opportunity of observing one; I don't know how my cats would react to one, but they don't strike me as animals that run around, so the felines would soon give up harassing them. Yes, I like all animals, but I've never kept anything that isn't furry. So Cedric watches television, does he? I'd love to see that and watch the reactions on his face! I bet your son will love showing Cedric to his mates, who will, in turn, want Cedrics of their own! You've opened a can of worms there, or should I say, mini dinosaurs. I'm going to check them out on the internet later, to make sure that the image of the animals I'm conjuring up in my mind are the right ones. I'm almost sure they are. I watch enough animal programmes, after all....

Great to chat to you, Tall In The Saddle!

All the Best,

Sandy XXX 😉👍🐉
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 23/Jul/20
@ Olympian - Hi again Bobby! So you started weight training at just 14, did you? My word, that's early, and I can understand how it might well have impaired your growth, your protein intake being used to make muscle tissue rather than going towards your height. From a woman's point of view, a nice, muscle-packed body is preferable to a slightly taller one. My boyfriend was lifting heavy weights at 14 too, and he grew to 5ft9, but he's as strong as an ox. He can pick me up with one hand, which is ridiculous. He said he could and I said, "*ollocks! Prove it!" So he did...

I know I definitely stunted my potential height by starving myself. My Dad's family tends to be tall and my Mum's medium. The lowest I ever measured as fully grown twenty something was 5ft1 after a hard day's grafting and walking miles, but I disputed it because I was measured with a tape measure. Usually I was 5ft2 and on the odd occasion even 5ft3 in the morning.

If I hadn't gone to a private school, I would probably have just messed about, but I had to prove that I was worth the money, and I enjoyed working and learning. We took exams every term, the results being displayed for all to see. I would have felt very embarrassed if my results had been lousy. Other, older kids, many of whom I fancied - I was at a mixed school - could just walk into our classrooms and stare at our results, so I had loads of reasons to prove myself. The fact that you did so well without having that to spur you on makes me respect you all the more. In my primary school, the other kids would tap me on the shoulder and say, "Be funny!"

So I had to entertain the class and often got told off and sent out. Consequently, I failed my 11+, which was more than a mere exam, but the collective effort of the final two years. Without a private education, I'd probably have continued clowning around.

I do think that today's youngsters lack discipline in their upbringings. When I grew up, even the teachers could hit us, and I know that the other two half-German girls - and particularly their older brothers - suffered dreadfully at the hands of their MOTHERS, with canes and belts. My Mum smacked us, which was normal, but my Dad never did. Mum would compare a bit of smacking to the horrendous forms of discipline she saw growing up pre-War. She was nearly 16 when the War broke out.

There is a happy medium with kids, which involves bringing them up to show respect. Violence can always backfire, but I don't believe in soft-soaping kids either. When I looked after kids, I treated them as equals and didn't speak to them in a soppy, squeaky voice. I did spoil them a bit, and any money I earnt went straight back on the kids. Ha ha ha - I enjoyed it, and so did they, and they'd kick up a scene when I had to go home, so I'd tell them bedtime stories, which would be about funny things that had happened to me in the past. The parents would be wondering why there'd be so much laughter coming from their room and I told them. They were perfectly cool about it as they were open-minded people. I'd never swear in front of the kids, because I don't think it's right for kids to swear just because adults do, thereafter getting into trouble at school. That's so unfair on them.

Okay, Bobby, I'm going to sit through the 'Classic Coronation Street' that I missed yesterday.

Cheers and have a great rest-of-the-week and weekend. Before I go, I thought I'd tell you to seek out a film called 'See No Evil', starring Eric Bana, Edgar Ramirez and Sean Harris. It's a true story, harrowing to watch in that it's about possession, but has a lovely ending. I saw it again, for the umpteenth time, the other night and thought that I MUST tell Bobby about it. It's horrific in the extreme, but the story is excellent, and the ending brought tears of happiness to my eyes.

All the best!

Sandy XXX 😁👍
Ernesto Cano said on 23/Jul/20
Hola rob sabias que los hombres dejan de crecer a los 21 años,pues yo tengo 18 me quedan 3 años para dejar de crecer y mido 1.82 por la noche pero mi crecimiento es muy lento,hace 2 años media 1.81 solo he crecido 1 cm en 2 años cuanto crees que vaya a medir a los 21 si mi crecimiento sigue asi de lento
Editor Rob

Algunos niños aún crecen hasta los 21 a 24.
Si creces otros 2 cm, creo que sería posible.
Eagleeye said on 22/Jul/20
@Rob if a celebrity is for example 5'10 5 hours out of bed but then loss 1/4 of inch... how tall is that celebritie ?
Editor Rob
It depends on what height you class people - 5 to 6 hours out of bed, or if you give people a low.

It's fair to go with 5 hours out of bed, so 5ft 10
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 22/Jul/20
@ Olympian - I Bobby! I was going to have to ask you what a Super is, but you explained it, so now I don't have it necessary. I learnt from Stephen Fry's QI that when a person shuffles the cards, they end up in so many different arrangements that it's impossible to repeat one that has been done already. It is personal to that person. He did give a figure, but it was on a new DVD of mine, and I haven't taken any notes yet. I've just been either laughing or in awe at what is being discussed. I don't know whether you get QI in America; it stands for 'Quite Interesting', but is ridiculously interesting and incredibly funny, full of statistics and presented by one of my favourite celebs, who is also an actor and is Hugh Laurie's comedy partner. Stephen starred in the second two Hobbit films, and if you've seen them, you'll see that he is a huge bloke.

I have a couple of pet hates when it comes to English, one of them repetition and the other is purloining other people's ideas. Before I wrote on Celebheights, I'd do write-ups on the likes of Amazon and overused exclamation marks - but only to a degree. Then when I started writing on Celebheights, I did find that arguing over small bits of height rather amusing, and gave accordingly witty remarks. The use of exclamation marks is like saying, "You'd better find this funny, or else..." instead of letting the reader decide for himself. I had tried to cut down on them, but was still busily at it until your comment came through. I thought, "Well, what is this repeated use of exclamation marks if it isn't repetition itself? It's AWFUL - bloody awful!"

I don't think that it can be associated with a boisterous person, but a person who'd perhaps like to be a little more forceful. I consider myself slightly above average in the extrovert department, and I won't be changing any time soon, not at my age. I also need my own company, and if I keep company, it needs to be with someone who is interesting and educational. My boyfriend is one such person, who had already seen quite a bit of the world even before he joined the Army, in his late teens. Now there are few parts of the world he hasn't seen.

Supernatural beings do indeed include God, the maker of everything. The evil entities are those who were cast down from the Heavens for wanting more, the leader of whom was Lucifer. People who follow the left hand path do so because it is easier to have your wishes granted by a being in close proximity, but at the cost of your soul. Long before you were born, in the October of 1987, the 15th to be precise, there was a massive storm, with no prior warning. I had a friend who'd listened to a radio show and on this show, it was revealed that a very powerful dabbler into the black arts had summoned the Element of Storms, and she was very angry and wreaked havoc. I heard this from someone I knew very well, and who was somewhat sceptical about that sort of thing himself. Ergo, it was impossible to have predicted what was going to happen. I had to walk to work the following day, and enormous trees had been uprooted and were lying in the road, thus making it impossible for public transport. The journey was perhaps 5 miles long and only a handful of us made it into work that day. The damage was prolific and had to be seen to be believed. It's since been referred to as The Great Storm.

Whether I believe that this element was summoned or not is debatable, but I'm definitely extremely open minded about things like this, far more so than most, I'd say. People who believe in God do accept that evil is a living force, but one that isn't as powerful as God. Nothing and no one is. I've had prayers answered miraculously quickly, and I've prayed so hard that I've felt energetic and high afterwards. Yes, I've had experiences that would be classed as supernatural, but the vast majority have been beautiful and reassuring.

I get pleasure out of simplistic and childish things, and only last year, I bought on eBay a soft Scooby Doo dog! Yes, I used to watch that cartoon myself as from the age of 8, and all the regular ones, many of which exist today, but mainly online.

Always great to chat to you, Bobby,

All the very best,

Sandy XXX 😁👍
Hulk23 said on 22/Jul/20
@big Rob yeah I’m sure it will happen that sometimes people not stand at their tallest however I remember that in the past all times I was measured by a third person (for example a doctor) he asked me to stand with “a military posture” so with the tallest posture I can get with my body. Obviously keeping my feet solidly on the floor and with no shoes on. When I discovered to be a 182cm guy (at my low) then I understood that the most of people claim to be taller than their real height. I met for example people who are as tall as me who claim to be from 6’0.5 to 6’1.25 or even people who are 6’1 and claim to be 6’3...this is the reason why usually when someone asks me how tall I am then I reply my middle height (183cm) or even my morning height (184cm). Nobody contested my claim until now.
Definitely how tall are you (lowest height) if you keep your tallest posture?
Editor Rob
Well, at 7pm today as I reply to this I checked a bust a gut on stadiometer and got 173.8-.9 but it hurt the spine.
Sakz said on 22/Jul/20
@Sandy Enjoy your picnic! Sounds like you're going to have a great time.

@Greg I guess people's egos work in different ways. From what you're telling me, he doesn't look like somebody who should be taken seriously in the first place. Calling somebody out, then completely ignoring him and going to the shore instead is quite telling. It's easy to see who won the battle there! Hahaha 'Troll In The Saddle' does have quite the ring to it. Don't worry just sit back and watch him mindlessly ramble on. It will definitely make for funny reading I'll tell you that. Take care mate.
MD said on 22/Jul/20
Actually, typed too soon. Looks like crruent Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama is said to be 202 cm. Man, this area of the world is tall.
MD said on 22/Jul/20

Thanks for the answer on LA Mayor Eric Garcetti. Yeah, I thought perhaps not quite a full 5'11".

I have another question for you: Do you know who the tallest head of state or government currently is? I'd have to think that at 198 cm that current Montenegrin President (and former Prime Minister) Milo Đukanović has to be awfully close to claiming that title if he doesn't outright:

Click Here

The article shows two other politicians from that country at the time the article was written were even taller than that. Given that this area is known as having some of the tallest people in the world, this doesn't surprise me.

Nearby Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić also looks awfully tall. I think he's given 199 cm, but he doesn't quite look it to me.
Editor Rob
You can see Milo with Obama. I'm not sure if he was 6ft 6 there, but 6ft 5 range maybe.
I am not as familiar with all the Presidents/Prime Ministers.
Eagleeye said on 22/Jul/20
@Rob Paul

You said you are 173.3 cm to 173.7 cm in lunch. How you make that?
Editor Rob
There could be about 3-4mm difference on some days at lunch depending on how active I am.
Greg said on 21/Jul/20
@Miss Sandy Cowell
Hi again, it’s nice talking to you and I’m glad my posts have that effect on you and what not. Yeah I mean basically that’s just how it goes sometimes you can’t escape it. Interesting so a hip replacement actually made you 2 inches taller than? That’s awesome I wouldn’t mind gaining 2 inches, I think that would be a nice boost. I managed to gain an 1/8th of an inch from stretching and taking Glucosamine. I used to be 5’10.25 at my low and now I can manage 5’10 3/8ths. I have damaged discs in my back and I think I might be able to receive some hidden height (let’s hope) my Chiropractor was telling me that I should do an assortment of exercises so slowly but surely. Yeah it seems my friends and people outside of CH aren’t that interested in height. What a shame, maybe that’s why I like visiting this website. Because I have something in common with the posters on here. Also, I think that a lot of people just have no clue about how tall anything is anymore.

I have the video done I just need to upload it to you tube. I’ve just been really tired and lazy lately. Maybe I’ll pop it on over night if I don’t forget. Not that I have to prove myself to anyone but it’s nice to make people feel salty once in a while. It also sucks that Rob removed the user heights page. Most of the measurement videos had been on there. Maybe one day it can return or so a lad dreams.

Also, I heard some short girls wanting to be taller and some tall girls wanting to be shorter. It’s weird, I guess as they say the grass is always greener on the other side. Yeah interesting I guess that makes sense. Hope all is well. Take care until next time Sandy. My fans love me 😂
Greg said on 21/Jul/20
@Sakz Yeah I usually reply with my phone; but it’s much more convenient to use my computer. Unfortunately it wasn’t but letting me reset cookies and as a result I couldn’t post. Yeah I knew he wasn’t going to show. Although for his ego I would have thought he would just to try and “appear” tough. Funny how he doesn’t show up to spar me yet he shows up with a few friends to go down the shore lol. It’s funny how people only do what is convenient for them. Thanks Mate, you as well. Always appreciate intelligent conversation. As for “Troll in the Saddle” I can’t take him seriously he can have fun talking to himself 😂. I won’t bother replying to him as it will just be a repeat of what happened with Andrea or Arthur and I. At least he’s practicing his creative side on us. 👀
Hulk23 said on 21/Jul/20
Big Rob, today I watched for the first time the video which you posted in YouTube called “bust a guy height measurement” and actually I am a bit confused. I always thought (and I think the most people on this website) that when you will be measured then you have to stay with you maximum height. Of course your have to be without socks and not on your tip toes but however I always thought that your posture must be the best. I watched you are almost 1cm taller in the second measurements so now I am a bit confused because you claim the first height...please gimme some explanation :)
Editor Rob
You can claim your absolute tallest if you want, we are talking a couple of mm variation from standing very well to really straining. In some cases you could get near a cm difference.
When I measure people I always ask them to stand tall, but not many really bust a gut for an extra couple of mm.
Sakz said on 21/Jul/20
@Tall In The Saddle Parrot alert! Cut out the 'LOL' after every sentence because you're not fooling anybody. You just look more desperate and deluded. Unless of course laughing helps feed into that delusion, in which case that would make perfect sense. Seems like the senility was projection after all hahahaha.

So presenting facts with my arguments is 'hot air'. Truly spoken like somebody in denial. Commenting on the current generation (my own) suddenly equates to being old!? Hahaha oh my deluded lost friend. Nice try twisting once again. I'll give you a B for effort. That give you the recognition and attention you desperately crave? I don't need to 'try' to insult because you've done a good job exposing your own weaknesses and making yourself look like a fool. I've simply reaffirmed them and anyway, petty insults aren't my style because I don't have low standards like you, which somebody else has already pointed out. You see it doesn't matter if you're only addressing me as your bad attitude is there for all to see because newsflash, it's a public forum. Of course you would say all that. One word. Ego. Who decided to address an indirect comment WEEKS after I already made it and everyone had moved on? Clearly it caught your attention and got under your skin. You must have really stewed on it in that time. Talk about sad and desperate. I think you should go and talk to somebody about that inferiority complex you got going there.

Anyway, I don't see that saddle on. You waiting for a goodbye? You won't be missed that's for sure so do yourself a favour and ride off in your deluded bubble with your happy ending. Unless of course you want to continue with your ranting and rambling in which case you can be my guest. I see you've started it with Greg aswell because he too has got you flapping your wings. Further illustration of the senility you projected wouldn't you say? I enjoy the amusement as I already mentioned so it's a win win for me. Clearly pushing those buttons after all!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 21/Jul/20
Hey Rob and all!

I've just had my boyfriend on the phone. He wants to put tomorrow's picnic a day forward to today. He'll bring the food round, usually fruit and veg for me, and I said, "I don't care if we sit in the garden and eat cheap baked beans!"

He said, "You'll blow next door's fence down!"

I added "That would be fun, wouldn't it?"

"Yup! A mission likely to be accomplished if I brought round some fart bars!" (My name for some cereal bars available from the pound shop). "Your knickers don't half take a pounding after some of those! They're like a poor old ship being blown about in a hurricane!"

"Indeed they are!" I laughed!

Well, he'll be round at 11.30, and he'll doubtless have some more celebrity stories to tell me. He's met loads.

Here's to a good Tuesday, everybody! I'll continue with my 'Countdown' now....

Sandy 😁👍 XXX
GTB172cm said on 20/Jul/20
Hi Rob, I am 173Cm in the morning and 171 before bed, perhaps a couple mm shorter after a long day. My mum is 5’5 and my dad is 5’11, is there any chance I can get to 5’10, considering I’m nearly 18
Editor Rob
Find out if your Dad gained 17-20 range, it would be a good sign if he did you have some height left in the tank.
Hulk23 said on 20/Jul/20
Big Rob, with which frequency do you reach your low claimed height 5’8.125?
For example usually everyday? Only some days?
Editor Rob
Some days I could still be nearer 8.25 than 8 1/8th.
Tall In The Saddle said on 20/Jul/20

Erramius is travelling well. I was always told for cats that it was 7 years for every human year. I just read that by 2 years of age, cats actually equate to a 25 year old human and then age the equivalent of about 4 years per every human year thereafter. Is that right? If so, the Big 70 is just around the corner for Erramius, say in 3 months?:)

My son recently bought himself a Bearded Dragon. 2 years old. Life span 8-10 years average. Longer if really well cared for. Name Buster. My son has renamed him Cedric, to sound more regal and after a Harry Potter character. LOL. Not a pet I would've necessarily thought of but a cute little fella actually. Affectionate too. I was also told he likes to watch television. Go figure. Can't wait to see that. I wonder how he would go with the Jurassic Park series, watching his prehistoric relatives tearing it up.
Nik Ashton said on 19/Jul/20
@ Sandy Cowell - I hope Erramius had a great Birthday yesterday, she is now the same age as Bogerley! I like your choice of emojis!

Cheers, Catnik!
Tall In The Saddle said on 19/Jul/20
@Greg Who?

Still presenting as THE troll. Trolled me when, hitherto, I had made no ref. to or address of you, let alone negative in nature. Fact. But Trolls ignore facts. Head in. Head out. It's part of the job statement, ain't it? Also, trying to "tap" into and "capitalize" on old disagreements between posters. Big fail there but the MO is clear.
Scurrying to GENERAL perhaps for some more self affirming Mean Girl tweets? Better things to do? LOL. AS IF, you Celebheights "Influencer" you, with your "fans" and "haters". LOL. There's a count for comments. Too bad there isn't a count for the ignorant use (and misapplication) of the term TROLL. Only in that regard would you be "King". LOL. I mean, virtually all and sundry are "Trolls" to you, and so many posters you don't like. You obviously need that to "lift" yourself.
Just a hint, scanning some of your many and varied signature altercations and criticisms of other posters (like I compare to that? LOL), just maybe, the "toxicity" and "negativity" you "claim" to recoil from ACTUALLY surrounds you. Escaping from yourself is impossible. Anyway, just a thought.
Sailing the trolls seas? Formidable stuff. Why not Troll, troll, troll your....? Well, you literally missed the "boat" on that one.
Oh, and try to resist thinking of what I do in the mornings or anytime for that matter. Wow. That's a bit weird and more than disturbing. LOL. It's a case of efficient check in, check out and treating others in kind. Your investment is obviously a lot more needy than that. Feel free to crawl back under your rock.
Tall In The Saddle said on 19/Jul/20

LOL. Another hot air post, Old Fella.
The argument was "won" from the outset. A succinct and factually supported refutation of your imbecilic sideline observations. You had nothing so, from the get go, you strayed from any logical, fact based replies. You "tried" to insult. Failed and now crying poor. Don't kid yourself. In the face of my post, you immediately drew your own demarcation on generation with the asinine suggestion of "offence" being taken and "not surprised with this generation". Do you remember that Old Fella? You certainly act as if you don't, thus implied senility. LOL. My address is exactly directed toward YOU, no one else. LOL, you're not very good standing on your own two feet, are you? Trying to deflect all the time. You are a parrot and you don't even understand what it means, even going so far as to parrot back the term parrot in ALL ignorance. LOL, I couldn't define you any better than you have unwittingly (obviously) defined yourself. Hahahehe. Oh, and err, NO, my comments caught your attention, not the other way around. Quite the a$$ up view you have on everything. LOL. Keep rocking back and forth in your seat, laughing to yourself in all ignorant bliss (bless you, you're having "fun", Haha). Sadly, you still haven't "conjured" up anything original or intelligible. Or, perhaps placate yourself with another Mean Girl "tet a tete" with Greg. Talk about sad and amusing at the same time.
MD said on 19/Jul/20

Knowing that Obama is 6'1", how tall does that make Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti?

Click Here

He's not over 5'11", surely, but I can't tell if he's right at 5'11" or a bit below.
Editor Rob
5ft 10.75-11 could be possible for him. There's some photos out there with Ferrell or see with Olmos, doesn't look quite 5ft 11 there.
Eagleye said on 18/Jul/20
If the base of a stadiometer is tilted up, where should I stand? Lower part? in the middle? in the upper part? (Large base)
Editor Rob
Ideally try to make it more level by moving it. If you measure facing and then standing with back and get more than a couple of mm difference, it may show there is some floor/wall issues.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 18/Jul/20
@ Rob - Re: Ottica, the long-haired, black cat.

Thank you so much, Rob. This is very much appreciated. I've had two bad dreams about cats of mine who were run over since this happened, plus a cat whose life I managed to save, (in my dream) who was a ginger one I've never owned before.

Yes, our pets mean so much to us, they really do. Cheers Rob!

avi said on 18/Jul/20
Hi Rob,

I slept for a good 10 hours and after an hour or so of being out of bed I appeared to measure around 6'0.5ish

The tape measure was not far from 6'1.

Is that reasonable to lose a 0.6 -0.7 inch of height by late night?

I'm definitely not a full 6'0 when at my low.
Editor Rob
Yeah you could still lose near 0.7, if you have almost a full inch of total shrinkage.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 18/Jul/20
🐟🐈🐟 Happy Birthday Erramius! 🐟🐈🐟

A Very Happy Birthday to my beautiful white pussycat, Erramius, who becomes a teenager today, and I'm not talking cat years!

Now let's celebrate...

🎏🌿(Catnip - 🌿)

Love, Meowmy XXXXX

viper said on 17/Jul/20
Rob you should do a video of the finger method of measuring your height with a measuring tape like you did in the Brad Pitt page
Nik Ashton said on 17/Jul/20
Look at this:

Click Here
Editor Rob
I may return to a big beard in the future. But with wearing masks a lot at shops probably for a few months, I'm keeping well trimmed.
Nik Ashton said on 17/Jul/20
Blanc said on 17/Jul/20
I don't understand, like you said you usually measure higher facing the wall. I bought a stadiometer since I was traumatizing my mum with all those wall markings lol and the situation is quite similar to the can: 168 cm back against the stadiometer and 166.8 cm facing it.

Could this indicate I have an anterior pelvic tilt or any posture issues? I now understand the 5ft 5.5 doctor measurement I got a while back. So do I go with the higher measurement classing myself as a strong 5ft 6 measuring 168 cm 4 hours out of bed?
Editor Rob
you might have some sort of tilt or the floor is sloping a bit and it's not apparent.
Joao Pedro said on 16/Jul/20
I was measuared at 180 cms 13 hours after waking up. Is my actual height 181 or 180cms, Rob?
Editor Rob
It's a height you can claim (181) and I doubt many would be questioning it.
Nik Ashton said on 16/Jul/20
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 16/Jul/20
Hi Rob, Jenny and all you lovely lot!

We just had a major crisis on our hands. My brother was walking Ottica home from the vet's and she escaped from the cat box. He phoned me up and I flew into my clothes, put a mask on and without even combing my hair, I shot out and limped off!

I prayed all the way there, and rescued her successfully. Then I walked her home in the box, talking comfortingly to her all the way.

I told my brother, Christopher, that he did the right thing in phoning me up so that I could act quickly.

We're going to have a grand evening tonight, grateful that all our cats are safe and sound.

Wishing you all a great evening too,

All the very best to every one of you,

One very relieved Sandy XXX 😁👍🌞🐈
Editor Rob
That's good to hear you managed to get her home safe!
Olympian said on 16/Jul/20
@Sandy Cowell

Continued because I ran out of space again.

To close, my prior thought, I was writing that the constant use of exclamation marks also desensitize their meaning over time. Nik persistently uses them and I suppose he influenced your use of them too. A period for most, if not all, sentences is grammatically correct unless otherwise intended. I suppose if you're upset or excited, you will use an exclamation mark to convey those feelings, but I am normally calm and collected. My English isn't at a P.h.D level either, but I've learned a lot about how to write effective sentences since majoring in Writing.

That reminds me of the film Cabin Fever which is about a female author who is gang-raped by a bunch of hillbillies, including the Sheriff. She survives her ordeal and proceeds to hunt down and violently murder her rapists which includes castrating one. I am not usually a fan of grotesque horror or gory films, so I do not know what persuaded me to watch that.

Supernatural horrors, psychological horrors or thrillers, and horror slashers remain my cup of tea, I also enjoy creature films such as Jaws or any film with sharks.

As for tempers flaring, I like to think of it as not being a selfish human being and taking the time and consideration to wear a mask. I may be 25 and not in the risk zone, but if wearing a mask assures that 80-year-old man then I will. That and I happen to take my health seriously. Unlike many young people who think they're invincible just because they're young.

Enjoy the rest of your week, Sandy. :)
Olympian said on 16/Jul/20
@Sandy Cowell

I would argue my interest ignited when I first watched Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island (1998) at age 10. I have always been intellectually fascinated with the supernatural. While the Bible paints it in a wicked light, I simply disagree on the basis that even God is a supernatural being. It is highly hypocritical to acknowledge the existence of God but to view the supernatural as inherently evil, just how paradoxical could that be? Power by its nature is neither good nor bad, it is simply a means by which someone can utilize to accomplish their goals. If some being chooses to use it for malicious ends that does not discredit the power itself, it merely reveals what kind of character this individual has. Suffice to say, the supernatural is a lot like that analogy, there are good supernatural beings and there are bad supernatural beings, but the supernatural as a paradigm of existence is just like any other kind of philosophy. That said, I don't believe in tarot or fortune-telling, perhaps when I was younger I entertained the notion as being real but I now know better.

She was simply bizarre? I suppose that rings true for many people who reek of conspiracy theories and paranormal sightings. Provided she was a decent human being, I can't fault her.

I have never attended a private school in my life unless you now count university since it is a private institution and not publicly funded. Before that I was always in public schools but tended to transfer schools quite frequently, my education was anything but stable. Normally obese people tend to reek of body odour as the food they eat tends to leak out of them, so to say. I have especially paid special notice that they often reek of expired cheese or milk. A peculiar but disgusting fragrance. I have never taken to mathematics, what little I learned was only because it was mandatory. I have never enjoyed the quantities and numeracy. I only know the basics to get by in life.

I have known some teachers to be strict, but not temperamental. I suppose that kind of thing is taboo these days, but it often makes me wonder if the current generation suffers for it. People are, regrettably, very sensitive nowadays. I remember winning a few awards back in high school for English class and for P.E of all things, but I have mellowed down from that experience. In the words of Bob Parr from The Incredibles (2005), my motto in life has graduated and has thus culminated in one realization: "It's psychotic! They invent new ways to celebrate mediocrity, but when somebody is genuinely exceptional..." here he gets cut off by his wife, Helen Parr aka Elastigirl. I should mention they were discussing their son's (Dash Parr) commencement from the 5th grade to the 6th grade if I recall.

I should also preface that Bob Parr aka Mr. Incredible is nostalgic for the "Glory Days" and misses being a Super, an individual with superhuman powers who fights crime, but a lawsuit by a crabby suicide jumper forced the Supers into retirement in the '40s. Part of Bob's ranting at that moment is that he feels boxed in and punished. He has these extraordinary abilities but he's being forced to be "normal". Dash had earlier expressed an interest in competing in sports but is denied the opportunity because his super-speed is an unfair advantage. Now, he gripes to his mom about her always preaching that he should try his best, so by that logic, he should be allowed to use his super-speed, even promising to "slow up" to give the normal kids a chance. At some point, exceptionality comes up, and Helen tells him that 'everybody is special" and Dash says, "That's the same way as saying no one is.". I just want to point how profound that statement is and how sadly relevant it is today.

What I'm getting at is these "awards" were ultimately meaningless, I haven't done anything that nobody before me hasn't. Of course, I'm not saying your accomplishments were invalid, but what I am trying to say is how wholly insignificant it feels to have the same accomplishments as everybody else around you. Bob's comment about exceptionality boils down to the fact that they are Supers, they have superpowers.

The Green Goblin said the same thing to Spider-Man in the 2002 film, he said "Those teeming masses exist for the sole purposes of elevating the few exceptional individuals onto their shoulders." Something along with those things, he then gestures to Spider-Man and says, "You? Me? We're exceptional." It's a philosophy that I understand and which I appreciate because it's sadly true. That got a little more philosophical than I intended, but just to reiterate I no longer see any virtue or worth in awards.

As for lethargy, I have always been quite the couch potato as a kid. I would prefer to play video games than play sports outside. My argument being that video games can hold my attention and they are fun, sports get boring. Ironically, my cousin was overweight and I was not. As for your growth, I began weight-training at age 14 and often wonder if I had waited to start at age 20 if I would be taller now.

The exclamation marks are overdone I think and aren't necessarily grammatically correct unless specificity is required to generate a certain tone. Therefore, what I perceive when I see people use exclamation marks all the time is an individual who is hyper and constantly shouting, so I have no doubt that would be annoying to most, if not all, people. I also just think that -
Sakz said on 16/Jul/20
@Tall In The Saddle Hahahahaha boy your ignorance knows no bounds. Microscoping every little detail to try and conjure up something worthwhile, but instead going around in circles. You never fail to give me a good laugh so thanks!

Anyway, I literally explained all of that but surprise surprise, your ego wasn't having it as well established by now. You'll have to keep stewing on that I'm afraid. Oh I've touched a nerve alright, as evident by all of your name calling and recent petty insults. Projecting your own insecurities no doubt. Nice try twisting the name calling point. 'Dimwit', 'old' and 'senility' ring any bells? I mean I'm not old so it doesn't even apply to me, but talk about insulting to those who are on here. Classless and tasteless but not surprising. Carry on showing those true colours as they're there for all to see. Parroting? Oh the irony! Uh-uh look in the mirror pal. Same old 'sidelines' and 'piggybacking' come to mind, not to mention parroting back words such as projection, but only after I referenced said word to call you out for doing it. Now suddenly questioning intellect, again after I already called you out for the lack of it on your end. And finally of course the sarcasm, which was employed after I had already done so. You are the literal definition of projection and parroting post after post. Desperate and unoriginal as I said, but I can take credit for making you a bit smarter than you have shown to be.

Carry on looking for more scraps in my posts doggy. I would say it's like talking to a brick wall but at least a brick wall is sturdy, unlike you and your arguments. As I said whatever helps you sleep at night and ride off into the sunset, so saddle up!
Sakz said on 16/Jul/20
@Greg No problem. Respond when you're good and ready. Anyway, I'm not surprised he didn't show. In fact I would have been surprised if the opposite had occurred! It's just a case of all mouth and no trousers as I said, which is not surprising considering the type of character he is. You've clearly got your priorities straight, so you don't have to pay anymore attention to someone like him. It's nice interacting with you too on a more personal level. I avoid trolls or negative posters as you've probably noticed during my time here, because they exist everywhere on the internet. However I've clearly caught the attention of one in particular who is full of himself aswell, therefore I'm happy to show him his place for amusement if nothing else.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 16/Jul/20
@ Greg - Thank you for your lovely upbeat comment. It's cheered me up every time I've read it! It's always nice to be appreciated.

I see no point in arguing over something like height, but having said that, I used to be one of the worst examples of
someone who overestimated his/her own height, genuinely believing I was up to 2" taller than my actual height. Then I was measured by my doctor and found out the truth. I know that now the only way I'll be heading is downwards, so I'm making the most of being 5ft1. At least I'm 5ft something! Three years ago, before my hip replacement op, I was only 4ft11. I'm the sort of person who will get chatting to people in a supermarket, for example, and ask about height, be it how tall they are or how tall they reckon I am. I'm fond of talking to couples with a noticeable height difference, not that I'm going out much at all now, but I did when I was!

I'm totally in agreement with you that someone who chooses to pick on a member of the Celebheights community and start a fruitless argument over his height is indeed suffering from personal insecurities. I think that out of any section of internet surfers, those who visit Celebheights are going to be as precise as they possibly can be about how tall they are.

You go ahead, Greg, and post us that video! I'd like to end on the note that I think it's easier for a short woman to be accepted than it is for a short man. My Mum knew a tall woman who was jealous of my Mum's 5ft4 or so, as she was back then, saying, "Men prefer tiny women!" What poppycock is that? Each to his own and the same applies to women. I've never gone out with a guy for his tall height or lack thereof, and I sincerely hope that no one has chosen to go out with me for the same reason...

Great to chat with you, Greg; I've noticed that you have quite a few 'fans' out there, and when it comes to solving common sense problems on the General Height page, you are THE voice of reason.

All the very best!

Sandy XXX 😁👍
Mark Allan said on 16/Jul/20
Rob, I done height checks on amazon Alexa speaker and I said how tall is Robert Paul and it said I don’t know the height of Robert Paul how disgraceful haha, also I checked Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio and their heights were correct at 5’2 and 6’2
Editor Rob
Yeah I'm not quite famous enough...of course the real reason is that everybody and their Auntie already knows my height!
Eagleye said on 15/Jul/20

Can you carry your stadiometer to other places or is a bit delicate?
Editor Rob
I took the old blue one to America once, and the white one is pretty sturdy. It packs up into a little bag you and you can carry it about.
Nik Ashton said on 15/Jul/20
Mark Allan said on 15/Jul/20
Rob, would 6’0 be considered a giant in the Philippines?
Editor Rob
Very tall range
George Thomsonw said on 15/Jul/20
Hi Robb p,cello Scott, I'm from Ayr & stand 5ft 11" barefoot, not the tallest of guy's and not short just average to slightly above average height I'd say. My point is, as I'm a big fella, weighing over 400lbs, and my back lower curving slouching extra. Do you think tick lost weight my true height would be bang on the 6ft Mark to possibly even 6ft 1" . My Dr. Has told me this b4.
Editor Rob
At your current weight, your spine may be under a lot more pressure and hindering how well you stand. It could be the case if you dropped to around 200 pounds and took up some basic stretching, that you have some hidden height and could measure nearer 6ft.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 15/Jul/20
@ Rob and Hulk23 - Philip Stone is an excellent idea. I've asked for him before myself. His chilling performance in 'The Shining' and his 1971 part as Alex's Dad in 'A Clockwork Orange' made him an instant star. Stone had a minor role in 'The Medusa Touch' and he starred in the 70s series 'Doomwatch'. I saw him in an episode of 'A Touch of Frost' in later life, playing a corrupt stinker!

The height I found for him just now is five eleven, so that seems a pretty safe bet.

Could he have a page please, Rob? 😌
Nik said on 14/Jul/20
avi said on 14/Jul/20
Hey Rob,

I put a tape measure against me and with my other hand I used a hand held mirror and held it over my head to see where I came up.

Looks like 5'11.5 zone.

Could I be short changing myself with this method? Normally I get 5'11.8ish early evening.

Is it best to have the mirror be level with my height as opposed to holding it above my head at an angle?
Editor Rob
It's not a method I'd recommend. Always safer to try actual measurements. Saying that, it can give a rough idea of the range you might fall.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 14/Jul/20
@ Olympian - Hi Bobby! I don't think I can attribute any one single factor as the trigger of my interest in the supernatural. Perhaps people are drawn to things that are mystical and can rarely be seen, but coming from a home wherein my Mum sat asking the cards her future, which she did because her Mum used them, (and a whole lot more besides), and my Dad used to travel on his astral planes, it doesn't appear all that strange to me. I do acknowledge that prying has its dangers, and for that reason, I do not meddle with the cards, but I know how to read them if I really want to. I've heard them referred to as 'The Devil's Prayerbook', and that puts me right off.

That strange teacher of ours never stank of alcohol, and I think youngsters pick up on drug use. No, she was just naturally odd, taking no pride in herself as a woman. She had short, dark unstyled hair and was completely unadorned in every way. She wore the same grey trouser suit every day, and I don't remember ever hearing her laugh or even smiling. I'd say her temperament will have had everything to do with her past. She didn't openly display anger and she was encouraging if a student deserved praise.

The school I went to was a private one, so our parents had to pay for our education. I think she lost her job because she was absent so much with jury duty. Apart from not sticking to the studying of classical books, I wouldn't say she was the worst example of the teachers we came across; two male teachers stank to high heaven, one of B.O. and the other because he didn't wash. The one with B.O. used to gaup at the well-endowed girls when we went swimming, and I noticed this because I couldn't swim, and I'd watch him with my beady eye, a float under each arm, and I couldn't believe his lack of shame. I didn't work at his subject, which was mathematics, because he made me feel sick! I'd get by on the homework front by swapping, say, my French homework for another student's maths. Actually, my mental arithmetic was good and I did pass an exam in it, called an L.C.C., which stood for London Chamber of Commerce. I'd say that now my arithmetical skills are very good. Not a day goes by which doesn't include the totting up of sums and the working out of averages. I enjoy that sort of thing.

The other unhygienic teacher had a frightful temper, and the kids, myself being one of the worst culprits, played up on it. I got away with more than most because I enjoyed science, especially human biology, and, along with my friend Janice, won a science project award in 1975. I worked away at it during the school holidays, and enjoyed it enormously.

Overall, Bobby, my schooldays were extremely happy ones. It was at the age of 11 that I started walking to school, which would be 5 miles a day, to save my bus fares. If I felt lazy and caught the bus, I'd find my concentration powers considerably reduced. I suppose I became an exercise addict, and this in turn, kept my weight down and delayed my development. I knew it would and was pleased. My only regret now is that I know full well I could have grown a few inches taller. I could have achieved a better height if I'd started studying nutrition earlier than I did, which was when I was 15 and-a-half. When I worked out how little protein I was eating per day, it was quite frightening. I could have achieved keeping my weight down but grown taller if I'd been counting my grams of protein when I was growing. At 15 and-a-half, I was fully grown.

Sometimes I find comments of mine that I wrote 2 and 3 years ago and I can't believe how many exclamation marks I used back then. It really impairs enjoying what would otherwise be quite a funny comment. It started occuring to me when I was doing write-ups on Amazon, and it took someone of less than half my age to finalize the decision to 'only put one in if it would be bad English not to.' So there you go. You helped me out in a way for which I feel extremely grateful, so THANKS. Oh yes, that warrants one without doubt!

Having started my day watching a film called 'The Nightingale', which I bought because it has fantastic write-ups, I found the subject matter too violent for my liking. It's about a woman hell bent on revenge after being raped, then again in front of her husband, whose retaliation causes him to get shot, and her innocent baby girl is thrown by a soldier against a wall for crying. I'm assuming she is going to get her own back on these evildoers, who those days, really were above the law. This is a hard hitting story based in the early 19th century. I won't wish to see the beginning again. I needed a tranquilizer after that, as I felt so angry.

For a while now, my favourite genre is psychological horrors or thrillers. I've noticed you share my liking for them too. Then I'm fond of supernatural horrors with an essence of believability. Leigh Whannell's tales fall into this category, and I know you will enjoy them. There's a quadrilogy of 'Insidious' movies. Do check them out when you have the time.

Tempers continue to flare where I'm located, so that means people are still having difficulty getting to grips with such a radically changed world. How about this for something superbly silly: I know someone who moans the blue from the sky at the thought of compulsory mask-wearing! If that is all it takes to save lives, isn't that a tiny sacrifice to make?

Enjoy the rest of your week, Bobby,

Sandy XXX 😉👍
Comment95j said on 14/Jul/20
@cmilzz be clear. do mean 5'7 is for brazil ethnic males or overall brazil population?
FiveEightJake said on 14/Jul/20
Rob, I’m curious, has celebheights became more and more popular with the rise of social media? Do visitors increase year on year?

I am 24 and up until last year or two I never really cared or gave height any thought at all, but obviously now if you’re active on any social media you can’t really escape the glamourising of tall people and the discrimination towards short people. I was just wondering if more and more people are becoming more interested.
Editor Rob
Visitors have been within a kind of steady range for many years. It's more about trying to keep things going.
Kan said on 14/Jul/20
What is the distance between the hair start and the top head for men ? I think it’s between an inch up to 1 1/2 inch.
There is a common range or is a factor that does not depend by the stature
Hulk23 said on 14/Jul/20
I use to measure myself after a shower too. I stay with wet head because it helps to keep down The hairs and without socks. I think I’m this conditions you can reach easily your true net height.
Greg said on 13/Jul/20
@Miss Sandy Cowell
My apologies for the delayed response, I’ve been meaning to reply to you. You post a lot of great and informative things and like I was mentioning to Sakz are one of the few intelligent posters of celeb heights. You don’t troll and are very blunt with your statements and for that I appreciate you. It means a lot when people don’t just spew random nonsense and have some smart things to say. Bobby would also fall under that category as I see you and him often have some great exchanges as well.

I noticed that there’s a fine line between intelligent people and just trolls who have no idea what they are talking about. That being said it seems not everyone could appreciate “pure Russian intellect” as once mentioned by someone here who was trolling but that comment made me laugh. I’ve read some funny comments from people who lost their minds and have said some questionable things. This person said “ I was 70.5 inches of Pure Russian intellect” but since I now measure a bit taller than previously from correcting my posture and taking glucosamine I will upgrade myself to nearly 71 or 70.75” inches of Pure Russian intellect.. ready to go at will haha. Some afternoons I can manage 5’10 5/8ths on relaxed days so that’s closer to 5’10.75” but in real life I claim 5’11, most people guess me to be 5’11-6’0 if not taller due to my proportions.

But, I am a strong advocate of claiming anything you measure be it morning or night. I used to claim 5’10 back when I wasn’t as height aware and even then most people thought I was taller. Goes to show how many people don’t understand height or under/over estimate. Usually over estimate though, I also seem to have a lot of Haters/Fans on here lol which is interesting. Seems that people find it hard to believe common sense. I actually have an updated measurement video I’ve done near my low which shows my measurement. I’ll do an updated morning height video one day. Just to show a few people here who are skeptical of my claims 😂 which is funny because I have no reason to lie. Ajax thinks I’m 5’9 range so that will shut him up. But he’s one of those trolls so I just kind of sit back and laugh at what he says. These are the same people that try to upgrade Rob to 5’8.25 or 5’8.5 if not closer to 5’9. In the video I measure a bit under 5’10.5 at a low with laying down briefly but generally I can be about 5’10 3/8ths at a low. It’s funny when people are insecure they start projecting their insecurities into others. For instance, he’s under 5’10 so to try and make himself feel better he tries to say that I’m 5’9 range which is funny because I haven’t been 5’9 since 17 and had my last spurt up at 18.

But I remember before there would be arguments of Bobby’s height and a whole narrative dedicated to how tall is he. People seem to try and wind him up and give him a hard time for rounding up 1/4th of an inch. He’s fair enough to claim 5’10. Anyways cheers, always a pleasure and take care Sandy!
Greg said on 13/Jul/20
@Sakz Hey man sorry, been meaning to reply just haven’t had the time as I wanted to formulate something lengthy and that had a lot to digest. So basically, he didn’t show lol. As usual, people who are narcissistic they think very highly of themselves. Patrick Bateman is a good example from American Psycho, except he’s smarter than that Napoleon complex lad. But it’s funny because he seems to only show up or reply when it’s easy for him. People like that are users and leeches and only seem to drain the life from others. It’s funny though because of course he showed up when it meant for having a group trip to the shore with some friends. But I didn’t want to go as I don’t like some people in the group that went along. Plus I have a lot of things I need to take care off at home. But anyways it’s always nice to talk to someone here who isn’t a troll and toxic out of their mind. It’s great reading and responding to some of what’s left of celeb heights intelligence. Sandy as well I’ve been meaning to respond to here and I will briefly.
Greg said on 13/Jul/20
@Rob Ishak Ishak claims 5’11, but upon looking more at him he seems a decent 5’10, maybe a morning height claim he often looks 5’10.5 or thereabouts to me. Has good proportions though.
Greg said on 13/Jul/20
@Tall in the Saddle Best of luck to you my Troll May you sail the troll seas and don’t come out from under the bridge too long you might get sun burnt 😉. Reason I brought up Arthur and Andrea is because they are known for their statements to try and wind people up as you are trying to do yourself; but keep trying bud.
Sakz said on 13/Jul/20
@Tall In The Saddle Hahaha yes! That's more like it! Petty insults because you can't win an argument and counter presented facts. That's more your style right there as already mentioned. It showed itself in the end. Well done for proving Greg right. At least you finally gave in and can move on. Oh just one more thing. Enough with the old. I know you're not from the current generation like I am but no need to project that onto me!
Tall In The Saddle said on 13/Jul/20

So you "read" on point refutations as you having hit a nerve? My my. Obviously a much desired but completely unfulfilled goal on your part. You tried to suggest same re Andrew V. Very lame.

Old fella, you're too funny in your transparent projections. I know who's nerves are twitching. Excuse me but your Freudian slip is showing and it ain't pretty.

Re name calling. Err, excuse me, Mr Pot? More self contradiction. Seems you don't even read your own posts properly let alone anyone else's. Re posting on other subjects on this thread and others. Hard Facts: I did so, before, during and after. Context: After calling you out, I clearly was not preoccupied responding exclusively to you as you clearly were with me on this thread. T'was my obvious point. Truth hurts I guess causing some to divorce themselves from reality. You quoted Sandy. Your second to last post. I addressed same. Now it's "Since you want to ref. Sandy"?? Nonsensical and easy to prove as such. Which I have just done. No doubt another sound refute over your head. The meaning of "sideline" as applied is obvious ("swoosh" again). You made indirect, neg. and biased comments re the posters on the other side of the debate, not the subject. I called you out for same and proved you were wrong and ever since it's been laughingly obvious who can't handle due critique. You didn't comment on origin and culpability beforehand, you piggybacked after its infusion into the discussion. Already highlighted and proven. Such is the manner you gain your so called "recognition". Hehe. Olympian stated his case directly and independently and our discussion passed through. Much beyond your capacities to have actually participated directly in the full discussion in your own right and now it's back to your usual "piggybacking", "sidelining" and "leaning". A real non-entity with nothing orig. to contribute. LOLOL.

"All you had to say" well preceded my stating I had "moved on" (already qualified) and you still posted another hot air follow up after that. Pretty stupid to go there yet again in repeat hypocrisy. But go there you did. LOL.

Your parroting, not just re opinion but all the way down to words and phrases would be embarrassing for anyone else but not you of course. I guess it's all you can manage and it's also highly indicative of a very limited intellect and vocabulary. Ignorance is bliss, eh?. Keep rocking back and forth in your seat, one day you might just conjure up something that's actually intelligible and original. Best of luck with that. Thus far, there hasn't been any promise of same. LOL.
Nik Ashton said on 13/Jul/20
ajax509 said on 13/Jul/20
@Greg I'm inclined to believe you don't tell the truth. You wouldn't start drama for 2.7mm. period.
Tall In The Saddle said on 13/Jul/20

Yeah, as the posting history clearly indicates, with no prior interactions with you nor any indication of any inclination toward same (repeat, Greg who?), but it was me who perversely sought you out and posted negatively and insultingly re you in the 3rd person to begin with (viz TROLLING) to "try" and wind you up whilst pleading, in all contradiction and hypocrisy, that I am not here to argue and have better things to do. My bad. LOL.

My other bad habit is, while posting non-height related stuff, including indirect maligning of other posters (viz TROLLING again), in all ignorance I repeatedly point out at the same time, when it suits me of course, in false "high road" fashion, that this is a forum reserved for height, after all. Wow. Knock yourself out with the emojis, they're really cool in lieu rational articulation. Sorry, I don't mean to get all creative, clever and smart on you. Boy, howdy doody, you do prefer a lot of one way caveats to safe guard your untenable view points, don't you? LOL. Failed? Hardly.

The proof is in the pudding. See if you can help yourself not to ref. or post to me and see if I pay any heed to Greg Who? The answer to that latter question should be obvious since these were the conditions prior to your attempts to TROLL from the sidelines. Should mean more time for you to do "better things" and that much less time contradicting yourself. LOL.
Hanov said on 12/Jul/20

If a 5'9-5'10 guy loss after lunch 2-3 mm, how much loss a 6'2 guy?
Editor Rob
It might not be much more, and because of the variation in discs. However, I'd say there is a trend for longer spines to lose a little bit more overall.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 12/Jul/20
Re: My Comments Total

Thanks very much for your trouble, Rob! 😁👍
6james94 said on 12/Jul/20
Awesome thank you
Nik Ashton said on 12/Jul/20
@ Hulk23 - I am about 5’7.25” on an average day and in a morning I am close to 5’8”!
Tall In The Saddle said on 12/Jul/20

Now now, Polly. This is getting like THE NOTEBOOK and implied senility. Yet again, in dulcet tones, it was me who called you out for your vacuous, indirect side line commentary which was addressed and proven false out of the gates. Facts and context in tow. End of story right there and bed time for you.
You've "bothered" with indignant hot air, sans facts, ever since because it clearly rankled you. LOL, you're not fooling anyone trying to expressly advertise otherwise, except maybe fooling yourself out of sheer necessity. Still can't post anything original in your own right. Still posting vicariously. Still posting exactly as profiled and forecast. Still posting in all delusion and feeble mindedness. Still posting from the sidelines. Still posting nothing else but on this thread. Still proving me correct, over and over again. Thanks for that. I'm guessing not a lot else going on upstairs or in your life Old Fella. No offence, of course, just say'n'...LOL.
Sakz said on 12/Jul/20
@Sandy That is interesting. I've never paid much attention to cats until about a year ago since more of them have started roaming the neighbourhood. They certainly walk around like they own the place, especially my land! Of course The problem with them constantly doing their business on the lawn is that it attracts a lot of flies, who of course feed on it. I don't think much can be done to deter the cats so just have to deal with it I guess.

On another note, I was quite intrigued the other week to spot a hedgehog outside my house which I haven't seen for many years, as their population has severely declined in the last decade or so. It curved into a ball to protect itself from a fox who was sniffing around it, to the point where the fox trotted off not knowing what to do. Quite fascinating to see.

Thanks! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
Mark Allan said on 12/Jul/20
@Greg look how short he looks next to Steven Schapiro who is 6’1 range

Click Here
cmillz said on 12/Jul/20
Nah, it’s 5’7 (at best).
Jdubbz said on 12/Jul/20

What do you mean women have better proportions than men? Is it because they generally have smaller heads?
6james94 said on 11/Jul/20
Thank you I like the name. If you’re refering to the rock and metal sub genre that’s my favorite one. Dream Theater, being my favorite band: I appreciate you sharing that information as well thank you.
Hulk23 said on 11/Jul/20
Big Rob, you have any idea about the height of the British actor Philip Stone? He played different kind of roles in movies like Shining, Orange Clockwork and Indiana Jones and temple of Doom...thank you!
Editor Rob
He looked 5ft 11 range, though had himself listed as six foot in those casting directories.
Mark Allan said on 11/Jul/20
Rob, Say when I measure myself can you get an accurate measurement if you stand with the tape held beside you instead of a wall measurement if your eye precision is good is that the easier way to tell what range I am in cause I measure myself holding the tape measure next to me but I make sure it’s nice and straight
Editor Rob
You can get a rough idea of your height, but it's not going to be as precise as an actual measurement, which is preferable if wanting to find your true height.
Hulk23 said on 11/Jul/20
@nik Ashton
I am 182cm precisely (182,3 on a good day and 181,9cm as lowest height). I use to say (in Roman system) I am 5ft11.65 or 5ft11.75 (if you apply a 1/4 Inche units). When it happens I fall down the 182,0cm measurement (like 181,8-9cm) it happens rarely and in particular conditions, for example in summer when the temperature is warmer and when I haven’t kept a good hydration. Out of bed I am taller than my current height by 2cms so 6ft0.5/184,1cm. And you?
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 11/Jul/20
Hey Rob!

If it's not too much trouble, would you please be able to tell me how many comments I've done now? 🤔 I don't think I've known for over two years. Thanks, Rob! 😁
Editor Rob
Almost 13,000...but bear in mind some comments in the past have been deleted - I don't let the rob paul/general height/sookie pages keep going on indefinitely, I purge old comments, so it might be nearer 14000.
6james94 said on 11/Jul/20
I always make sure to go down on my skull when I measure myself. It’s actually easier after a shower. Though when pressing down my skull like you said how much error can I get using a Pringle’s can or febreeze can? Thank you for your help
Editor Rob
Error could be plus or minus a mm, maybe 2.
Olympian said on 10/Jul/20
@Sandy Cowell

That's alright, the pandemic has yet to fully settle down and it is affecting mass psychology, so I am certain this is only adding to the existing stress of current personal issues at home, work, and school.

The supernatural continues to interest me, but it remains of solely philosophical thinking material. At this point, I am merely repeating what you already know. My initial introduction into the horror universe was spent watching reruns of A Haunting, a couple of the episodes were rather intense and I became terror-stricken. After some time, I became desensitized to the show because I grew to expect the jump scares (a cheap but frustratingly persuasive gimmick). That same year I began watching horror slashers by the dozens. I spent my nights watching hours of science fiction horrors, psychological thrillers, and the principle horror slashers (Halloween and Friday the 13th).

Although that is very disturbing, I wonder what kind of upbringing your teacher must have had to be compelled to expect her students to read such mature material. I think that experience can be explained through two very likely scenarios: she was inebriated or she was under the effect of hard narcotics. A third, and perhaps just as likely, the scenario is that she suffered from some kind of psychological disorder that is prone to causing hallucinations.

I don't recall having any strange teachers or indeed professors from my time spent as a student, the strangest professor I had endorsed unfaithfulness though, so if you felt like cheating on your partner, you should. And perhaps it's a mark against me, but he was also a homosexual. He did not need to reveal this fact to anybody, his effeminate way of speaking was a dead giveaway, but I also find homosexuality to be quite strange.

I was rather lazy when it came to PE, I didn't start taking it seriously until I was 14, but was back to being lethargic at 17. I am not what you call a "fitness nut". I just do the bare minimum to stay healthy.

Yes, The Shape is the title given to Michael Myers. Nick Castle was credited as The Shape by John Carpenter, not as Michael Myers. Such an act was done to dehumanize Michael to portray him as a force of nature.

That's okay, I can at least count on you to give me insightful things to ponder on when you do respond as opposed to the half-baked responses I commonly see from proclaimed "friends".

Enjoy your weekend, Sandy :)
Greg said on 10/Jul/20
@Tall in The Saddle Wow you sure showed me, “Nailed me to a T” on a cross. Guess you can call me “ G-seus Christ” now. But I didn’t bother reading all of that since you just wind people up and try too hard to be all creative and stuff with your “insults” and “remarks” good luck in life champ 😂😂 👏. Mission failed better luck next time, I have better things to do than to argue on an Internet forum that’s meant for height and not who can out insult who 🤣🤣.
Greg said on 10/Jul/20
@Ajax509 5’9 or 5’8ish for me like yourself would be unlikely Little Ajax. They got me at 178.8 or just over 5’10 3/8ths and when I came home I was about 5’10.5 after laying down briefly sorry to burst your bubble champ 😉. I was just curious on Robs perspective because at home measurements on a flat surface and level walls are more accurate. But just like on general I guess we can’t help a good troll huh?
Progking said on 10/Jul/20
@6james94 tape measures are generally accurate, i compared mine with a ruler the other day to check and it was like 2 mm off but the ruler likely just had a small error. Comparing my tape measures to each other they are pretty much the same so it doesnt matter. A can works but you can also just grab a hardcover book that looks flat enough and hold it over your head. When you feel it just touch your head lightly thats when you mark your height.
holyman175 said on 10/Jul/20
Good evening Rob. I did an experiment just measuring my height being awake 24 hours. I was surprised because I thought I was going to shrink more but I figured out my height was the same as my usual low before bed. Since I wake up till I go to bed I shrink 1.8 cm- Well I was 24 hours on my feet and I lost 1.9 cm max 2 so it's practically the same lost.
Editor Rob
That's pretty much typical height loss, and only really if you took part in an hour of sport (and measured straight after) would you find you might fall a little under your typical low range.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 10/Jul/20
@ Sakz - What never fails to amaze me is the different lavatorial habits adopted by cats!

Some of them bury their business, yet others just walk off, leaving it for people and other animals to slide out on. I have cats who bury theirs and plenty who can't be bothered!

We have litter trays all over our house, and I prefer being able to pounce on their mess before they get the chance to cover it up with litter, leaving me to root around for it! I use inexpensive polythene bags to do the job and I'm so efficient at it after all these years that it takes me a mere few seconds per 'session'.

I've never owned a dog, but I've lived with them before, and the ones with whom I lived were very clean dogs indeed, putting many of my cats to shame!

Have a great weekend, Sakz!

All the best,

Sandy XXX 😁👍
Canson said on 9/Jul/20
I don’t get why people keep asking Rob the same question as to why he goes with 5’8 1/8” vs 5’8 1/4”? 5’8 1/8 is his afternoon height which is his normal low and the standard here. But really, Does it change any outcome with what he claims? He’s still 5’8” either way and he has shown multiple times that he measures 5’8 1/8”. Better yet, does it change the person he is if he claimed that extra 1/8”? Yet you never see or shall I say very very rarely see a guy who is say 6’0” range out of bed and 5’11.5 that claims 6’0” get any questions. Interesting how it works.
Comment95j said on 9/Jul/20
@cmillz not like a whole decimeter. Brazil average is 5'8
Greg said on 9/Jul/20
@Mark Allan another thing I wanted to add in regards to Kanevsky. He used to make videos with Connor Murphy who claims 6’2, now assuming Connor is a legit 6’2, Eric looked 3-4 inches shorter than him. Now Connor could be 6’1.5ish or so, I wouldn’t guess him lower than 6’1 range as he always looks really tall in his videos. But that’s another person I’m curious if Rob adds seeing all the attention he’s been getting lately would be interesting to see what the legend Rob lists both Eric Kanevsky and Connor Murphy as. Maybe David laid will eventually get a page as well.
6james94 said on 8/Jul/20
Hey rob I don’t want a sarcastic answer or joke answer. What kind of measuring tape would you recommend for a accurate celebheights measurement? I used a few different measuring tapes and had a similar stadiometer like yours for a short period of time and on those I’ve measured myself five nine and three quarters sometimes as high as five nine and seven eighths in the morning or when I wake up and five nine at in the evening though I work nights so I usually would be up way past six hours when I’ve been up for 10 and did two hours of dishes and been on my feet for seven hours so i would of been up 12 hours I would drop down to five eight and three quarters I did use a flat cutting board to flatten the floor and still got what I usually get. Though I don’t know if I’m measuring myself right I usually use a febreeze can or Pringle’s can and all the measuring tapes I got get me at the same measurements. At the doctors office I’ve been measured at five nine and five nine and a half. I’m only asking because I’m trying to figure out what my actual height is
Editor Rob
It's more the method that can introduce the error, rather than the tape measure. Every tape I've bought over the years has been as accurate as the last.
If you face a wall, and take time to make sure your object is touching your skull, then I'd go with that figure.

Some rims on cans can be thicker or curve slightly. The pringle can isn't too bad. The best can is one that if you lie it on a work surface, the base (part that will touch the wall) and the full length of the can is all sitting and in contact with the surface.

Nik Ashton said on 8/Jul/20
@ Greg - 👍
Nik Ashton said on 8/Jul/20
@ Hulk23 - How tall are you?
Nik Ashton said on 8/Jul/20
@ cmillz - You are so right! 180 cm is half a decimetre above average in the UK too!
Greg said on 8/Jul/20
Rob how tall would you guess this bodybuilder to be? My guess between 5’10-5’11 range in fact he looks like he would measure similar to me. Click Here
Editor Rob
Doesn't seem under 5ft 9 range, but above how much above it is harder to tell.
Nik Ashton said on 8/Jul/20
Kan said on 8/Jul/20
How is the average size for the chin. From the end of the chin to the start of the lower lip? I think is about 1.5 inch. Is in your opinion a 2 inch chin big ?
Editor Rob
If you had 2 inches from say bottom lip to tip of chin, that is big. 1.5 would be more common.

Women generally have smaller chins on average, so 1-1.5 range is a quite common range from the bottom lip to tip of chin.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 8/Jul/20
@ Olympian - Hello Bobby; at last I have a chance to digest what you've been discussing, and it's been well worth the wait. I've had an eventful, turbulent couple of weeks, but I'm not at liberty to discuss what's been going on because it involves someone close to me. Added to that, it's not easy to grab time to think for myself. I've always been expected to be strong and dependable, but one can only take so much.

Ironically, I too was 14 when I started being interested in a different type of phylosophy - the supernatural. I think it had a fair amount to do with a shared interest in the horror genre of films that the youngsters in my class were 'hooked' on. When we were just 12 and 13, we had a strange female teacher who had us reading thrillers, including detailed descriptions of sex and rituals, and when we had finished the recommended books, she was fully in favour of the reading of gruesome horror books. Whether that had an effect on us is hard to say, but it can't have done us much good. She described an incident to us about a walk she took late one night through a park, and suddenly the temperature dropped and the atmosphere was misty. She turned round and fled, believing that there was something supernatural going on. Whether or not it was true I don't have the vaguest idea, but to tell a classful of 12 and 13-year-olds about that wasn't right, and if you offered a kid of that age if he or she wants to read scary stuff or Shakespeare, most will opt for the creepy material. We didn't have Shakespeare on our curriculum until the third year anyway, and I found the old English way of phrasing things new and exciting. The strange female teacher, who wore the same grey trouser suit every day but didn't stink, so she must have had a fair few of them, lost her job, the reason being that she took loads of time off due to courtroom duties. Then, Bobby, it was back to the Classics! 😄👍 Three years later, Stephen King books appeared on the scene and we were all reading 'Carrie', having just completed out mock 'O' Levels.

I feel it was bang out of order to force kids to read adult books. None of us complained, and the woman lost her position due to jury service. She was an encouraging PE teacher, if a trifle plump, and had us running cross country routes. I was a promising little runner and she wanted me to join a running club, but my Mum wouldn't hear of it and wanted me to concentrate on my academic work.

We drifted into horror films together and attending these films was regarded by the others as a badge of honour! Only one boy managed to get into see 'The Exorcist', but he was a year older than the rest of us, 15, and the rest of us were seething with jealousy! 😂🤢

I'm going to have a mug of tea now and go back to find your other interesting comments. I guess it was quite an experience to take a trip down memory lane and analyse the possibilities as to what triggered this interest in scary films etc. I was going to ask you who 'The Shape' is, but you explained who he is in your last comment - the sick, black-eyed emotionless bogey man from 'Halloween'; I saw that at the pictures in 1978.

I shall continue later, Bobby! I'm going to watch 'The Chase' now. 😄📺

All the very best to you, and please accept my apologies for the delay in replying,

Sandy XXX 😉👍
Sakz said on 8/Jul/20
@Greg If his ignorance and stupidity didn't seep out so much I wouldn't bother at all, but that's not the case unfortunately for him. He just digs a bigger hole with every post employing his one sided narrative while failing to acknowledge any of the other facts, therefore I agree with what you said about his ego. For that reason I enjoy calling him out coupled with some sarcasm so it's a case of personal amusement for me if I'm honest. I've never had to interact with somebody like that on here but there's always a first for everything. I don't consider him a troll, just rather ignorant and short sighted on this particular matter. I agree with everything you said there though.

As for your friend of a friend, I've come across people like that myself. People who like to back bite yet don't want to say it to your face. Of course I can't compare them to anybody on here since this is a public forum, but the point stands. Everything you said is typical youth behaviour which I've also come across. I never understood the obsession with wanting to be 'tough', but as you said insecurities and lack of self worth play a role. It looks like the the guy you mentioned let his mouth run away with him as lots of people tend to, which I've seen plenty of times. It's clearly a case of all mouth and no trousers. He's been spoilt which has gotten to his head. It's good you feel you don't have to hang around with too many people because it's about the quality of your friends, not the quantity. While I've not come across anybody outright brag about having been to jail, I have seen people share it over social media as a badge of honour it seems. It's strange but again I guess it's about coming across as tough so nobody messes with them.

I appreciate you taking the time to tell me all that. If he doesn't show then you have your answer. It'll confirm that he's an entitled and insecure person who's not worth the time of day. Generally though you're right about not bothering with people like that, unless you fancy a bit of personal amusement which is another matter.
Mark Allan said on 8/Jul/20
How tall do you think Jeremie Frimpong is Rob? No site has an accurate measurement for him he does look quite small on the field
Editor Rob
between 5ft 5 and 6 is quite possible for Frimpong
ajax509 said on 8/Jul/20
Greg said on 6/Jul/20
Hey Rob are you more likely to get an accurate measurement at home granted all conditions are perfect, no tilt in floor or wall. Flat surface and correct size of Aersol can or object used to measure as opposed to the doctors? Lately I’ve been undermeasured more at the doctors than at home, they don’t use a proper stadiometer it seems flimsy and sometimes they don’t bother to check if it’s placed on a carpet or whatever. Just interesting also I tested out weighing myself on a few different scales and the ones at the doctor also funny enough for me a few pounds less 😂.
Editor Rob
If you take care and know your own home (as in walls/floor look straight), there's no reason you shouldn't get a recording of your height within a small margin of error, like 1-2mm.

Indeed, a proportion the stadiometer/bars used at Doctor's have been abused and bashed down on so many heads, they might be giving more than 1-2mm errors...
@Greg What height did they measure this time? Maybe you're simply a 5ft 9 range guy ;)
Nik Ashton said on 8/Jul/20
Tall In The Saddle said on 8/Jul/20

I didn't "try". I nailed you to a T. There's that deluded bubble again. It's patently obvious who's keying their life out in a forum. LOL. Including yet another pathetic and self defining "sideline" post.

It's revealing that you put so many third party narratives out there re people who you "think" are playing it tough, acting like big shots, insecure, trolling etc. Same whiny stuff, on and on and then leaping from your skewed perception (borne out of a true inferiority complex and attempt to self protect) to falsely elevate your self. Take a look in the mirror and you will see exactly the person you claim others to be. LOL.

That last anecdotal post, advertising yourself as a combat sport participant, was laughable, containing the usual "subordinate" player(s) in your "story", replete with a KARATE KID injury to overcome also. Wow. You spend a LOT of time talking about people you claim or imply are beneath you to try and raise yourself up, using the forum above and beyond as your vehicle to do so.

Your irrationality is loud and clear. No, of course you don't bother arguing with anyone you perceive as "negative" and "toxic". Instead you drop one way TROLL POSTS and "waste" time writing screeds about all those who, without intention, apparently "intimidate" you, in clear expression of your own toxicity, negativity and insecurity.

Like, it was Greg Who? who referenced me first. A hypocrite straight out of the gates.

My gosh, I don't even know who Andrea and Arthur are but they obviously rankled you and I doubt that they would be so seriously occupied with you as you are clearly so occupied with them. Among all your other clear projections, that is truly sad.

"Houston, we have a Walter Mitty..!"

Like I said, why don't you and Sakz get a room or, at the least, strike up a discussion that doesn't involve neg. third party commentary re this, that and the other poster. It seems to be all you two are good for.
Mark Allan said on 7/Jul/20
Rob, yeah I think Kanevsky is definitely under 6ft tbh, I think he’s a lift wearer cause next to Cassady Campbell who is listed as 5’10 he looks the same height and also looked the same next to Rich Piana but Rich Piana was nowhere near 6ft in my opinion all these bodybuilders tend to fib about their height and Kanevsky is one of them in numerous videos on you tube he’s stated he’s 6ft but looks about 5’6 with a huge body tbh
Leo2001 said on 7/Jul/20
@Rob I decided to check my eye level and it came 161.5cm,173cm would be a good claim?
Editor Rob
That's a possible height range for you, but always best trying to get a measurement of the top of your head.
Sakz said on 7/Jul/20
@Tall In The Saddle It still speaks! With quite some hostility too so it looks like I hit a nerve.
Hahaha if they're 'nonsensical' how are you able to 'pull them apart' in the first place? Name calling eh. The insecurity is really ramping up to match the ego. Wow that was the best you could come up with!? More biased one sided commentary to suit your deluded narrative. Nothing new there. Must have really racked your brains on that one, but that wouldn't be saying much! Anyway, I'm once again happy to pull you up on a few things just to make your arguments look even more ridiculous. Firstly, it wasn't just the once as he responded to a few posts. If you weren't so ignorant you would know that, so I can't help you there and I won't be spoonfeeding anymore. Fun fact: at one stage he too called you out on your pc arguments which really made me laugh (hint hint). It seems they aren't very popular with others either.

Secondly, since you now want to reference Sandy, I have conversed with her at length a number of times well before you showed up on this page so that's another meaningless argument. In fact if I remember correctly, you only conveniently popped up on here with your dialogue once the pandemic hit (strange), but that's another mysterious matter altogether so I won't comment.

Thirdly and finally, I've never denied the point scoring post which you keep using as a cop out because surprise surprise, I was the one who said it after all and unlike you I don't paint a false picture. However, and this part you conveniently neglected, it was AFTER I'd given my thoughts on the same subject so it wasn't by any means 'from the sidelines'. It was simply an observation from my end and not meant to be derogatory, but clearly it triggered your sensitive soul. Something else I already addressed but your ego unsurprisingly wasn't having it, because that would mean you were wrong and actually have to take responsibility. Anyway it doesn't change the fact that your arguments were pc as pointed out and nobody really agreed with them, whereas I got more recognition through just outlining a few points (ouch). Newsflash! Not everything has to be a full blown discussion and that doesn't make you any more or less credible as it's a free site.

So you've been on other threads with other posters. So have I. You want a medal? You only started doing that once you realised I wouldn't back down to give the illusion that you had moved on, while still addressing me. If you hadn't have done the latter there would be credibility on that front, and I'd have got the message therefore wouldn't have said anymore. 'Leaning on Greg for support?' Ha right! Sorry to burst your delusional bubble yet again but unfortunately for you somebody else sees through your ego and desperation. He simply made an observation which I agreed with, and he's apparently seen you in action enough to come to that conclusion so good on him. Somebody else you're not very popular with and it's quite clear he ruffled your feathers with his post.

Basically to conclude, your arguments had zero merit once again and they just further illustrated you clutching at straws through desperate false arguments. If in your mind that's 'calling me out' and 'shooting my posts down' (laughable because I'm still here responding), then great! Whatever helps you ride off into the sunset with your happy ending to sleep at night.
Hanov said on 7/Jul/20
Call me crazy guys, but even at 5'9 i think 156 cm (5'1.5") and above aren't short for women proportonally. Women have much better proportions than men. A 5'8 girl looks like a 5'9 guy for example.
Sakz said on 7/Jul/20
@Sandy No problem! Absolutely. Animals are part of people's family so they look out for them just as they would their kids. I find it quite sweet because I am fond of animals, despite not yet owning a pet of my own.

With that being said, my neighbours own a Labrador which they've had for about 8 years, and more recently a family opposite have taken in a couple of cats. Generally I don't mind cats even though I prefer dogs as they are more sociable. However, I've now seen the downside of cats in the neighbourhood as they have made it their mission to frequently do their business on the lawn, mainly in my front garden. It can be quite frustrating but at the same time nature calls I guess. They can also be a bit too loud at times for my liking, especially when they're fighting one another. I was actually quite glad when I spotted a fox chase off one of the cats, as he didn't look very pleased with the intrusion along with the stares he was getting.

Anyway, I'm glad your late boyfriend's dog made it home. They are smart animals who can surprise a lot of people. Look after yourself and I hope you're having a great week.
Kan said on 7/Jul/20
If I say that this guy have a near 11 inch head than 10
Click Here
Click Here
Can be possible in your opinion ?

Second question:
Why you still go with 5ft8 1/8, I mean you are a good 5ft8 1/4 in my opinion. no one on this site have a night height
Editor Rob
From the one photo it's harder to tell, but I remember him mentioned in the past and over 10 could be likely since he's also a rather tall fellow.

I feel with a lot of celebs I'm near my low range. Of course, filming at home I won't be at my low, so if I were watching all my videos I'd give me 5ft 8.25 too!
Hulk23 said on 6/Jul/20
Actually in Italy “going to the sea” means stay on the beach and taking the sun or even playing volleyball or others sports on the beach. I never gone on the boat :) I stayed for many hours under the sun and maybe I didn’t kept a good hydration. Generally I noticed that in winter I usually am a couple of mms taller than my absolute lowest height while in the summer with warmer temperature I reached it easier...
Edouard said on 6/Jul/20
Rob, i have to ask you an important thing: when i measure me as straight as i can with the body which is not relaxed I measure 178-178.5 cm. When i measure me staying slouched down and with the body relaxed I am 174 cm. Which is my true height, that measured when i stand very straight or when I stand relaxed?
Editor Rob
Stand at your tallest, without socks or rising up on your toes...that's the true measure of a man.
Greg said on 6/Jul/20
@Sakz I guess I reached the maximum capacity of the message. But he also went to remedial high school so that says a lot. He’s supposed to come to my gym tomorrow and spar me; but I doubt he will show or he will have some sort of excuse. I told him despite messing up my back and recently getting out of urgent care for stomach issues after recovering for a few days. Because my health is the most important and comes first, I will take him up for challenge. But I bet he will just not answer when it comes time or have some dumb excuse because he’s done this before when people in the group made serious plans he just went MIA or said he didn’t agree to it when he did. I just think arguing with negative and toxic people like that is a waste of time and is so draining. Which is why I stopped bothering.
Greg said on 6/Jul/20
@Sakz Yep I know those types of people all too well, based on his comments to others on different posts I realized he is nothing but an insecure troll, who is desperate for attention. And that’s sad; but if that’s how he gets off let it be. I think the mere fact that he has to go out his way to try to intimidate and act like a big shot on an Internet forum just says it all. He tried firing back at me and calling me and troll and just saying some other nonsensical statements that actually made me laugh 😂😂. How can you take someone like that seriously, why he’s no better than the likes of Andrea or Arthur. People who are confident with themselves and aren’t projecting don’t go out of their way to start things with other people.

It’s actually funny because he reminds me of someone who’s a friend of a friends. Really short bloke about 5’2, maybe 5’3 on a good day who’s always angry and aggressive and does nothing but lie and run his mouth 24/7🏃. He’s fake and half the time talks smack behinds everyone’s back. I’m surprised they still even hangout with him because he’s extremely toxic. Well the other day my friends and I where peacefully talking in a group chat that he happened to be in. Usually he doesn’t even say a word; but for some reason he just stared attacking me for no reason. So of course I fired back and called him out for all the nonsense that he was saying. And he is trying to act all tough and said he will come to my BJJ/MMA gym and spar me or whatever and that supposedly he has 10 years of MMA experience and some other rubbish how he used to train with some good UFC fighter. But mind you there’s no proof of him training anywhere, no photos even with him and said professional fighter. I wasn’t even said that I was the best fighter but I have a few years martial arts experience and I am training in BJJ to better my grappling game. The sport is all about being humble and there’s actually a few skilled fighters who train at my gym and you never hear them bragging about how good they are or how they can beat so and so. Which is actually why I love the Dojo I train at because nobody looks down upon you and they all try to help you out. But this kid is significantly smaller than me, however with a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu I quickly learned not to underestimate your opponent based on size because some smaller people here where working me with good technique. Hell the main professor here is about 5’3 maybe and 140 and he destroys everyone he’s a 2nd Degree Black belt and used to be a pro MMA fighter. But what was funny to me was that he said that my gym isn’t as good as I’m saying it was and that there’s maybe 2 ok fighters there and that nobody who was good was going to train at a gym located near the suburbs. Which I actually laughed because we had so many guys who won completion and semi-pro/pro MMA fights so I told him to come in and he can challenge those guys too since he is implying that he could beat them. And he said I was putting words in his mouth; but it’s like well if you are saying there aren’t that many good fighters wouldn’t that mean it would be easy for you to beat them? I think he’s just full of it because he’s said stuff before he hasn’t committed too. Or lied about, the main thing with him is he inherited money from his family so he’s really conceited and barely worked a day in his life. He literally couldn’t hold a stable job and all he does is sit on the couch all day and smoke narcotics. And walk his dog, isn’t physically active has a terrible diet and drinks a lot. He tried flaming me for driving for uber and door dash as a part time job yet he doesn’t even work he just has money. Basically he lives at a house that’s all paid for by inheritance and does whatever he wants. Not that it’s a PP measuring contest (but according to him it is). I told him at least I was working and going to college and have an internship in my future career field. As far as I know he’s just being negative and lying because he hates his life. You can tell the kid trying to is overcompensate for something. He tried saying he loves his life and that I have no friends because they don’t hang with me. Yet the real reason I don’t hangout as much is because I’ve been focusing myself and just taking a break from all that useless drama. I even told him that I do have some real close friends who have my back and I do see them when time permits. But he’s just a waste of time arguing with him is like talking to a wall. He also has been in and out of jail before for cyber crimes.. 😂😂 This kid truly is pathetic. He tried lying about going to jail and said he was on a “cruise to Italy” yet my friends and I found the paper work that shows him going to jail. Then when he finally got caught his response was “ at least I survived jail” as if it was something to be proud of. He always thought he was invincible, he was so delusional to the point where he used to say if a cop tried to arrest him “ he would tell him that’s he’s fired” Because he thinks all that money is going to save him. He also lies about how much his family actually has because he claims he has a yacht, a private jet and some other bollocks when other friends called him out for it he couldn’t back up his claim. He does have money but it’s not as much as he’s claiming to have. Also, he used to photoshop fake checks of large amounts to make it look like he was making money, he says he makes $20,000 a month but he literally has no job or college degree
Greg said on 6/Jul/20
Hey Rob are you more likely to get an accurate measurement at home granted all conditions are perfect, no tilt in floor or wall. Flat surface and correct size of Aersol can or object used to measure as opposed to the doctors? Lately I’ve been undermeasured more at the doctors than at home, they don’t use a proper stadiometer it seems flimsy and sometimes they don’t bother to check if it’s placed on a carpet or whatever. Just interesting also I tested out weighing myself on a few different scales and the ones at the doctor also funny enough for me a few pounds less 😂.
Editor Rob
If you take care and know your own home (as in walls/floor look straight), there's no reason you shouldn't get a recording of your height within a small margin of error, like 1-2mm.

Indeed, a proportion the stadiometer/bars used at Doctor's have been abused and bashed down on so many heads, they might be giving more than 1-2mm errors...
biffdub said on 5/Jul/20
This is hilarious, I love the work you're doing duder! So much dedication here. I have a pic of me and Rickson Gracie barefoot if you want
Mark Allan said on 5/Jul/20
Rob, Are you familiar with Erik Kanevsky the Bodybuilder and you tuber? He’s listed as 6’2 on some sites but I just watched a prank video and he is standing beside 6’1 ish Steven Schapiro and Steven towers him there’s no way he’s even 5’10 here with Steven if Steven is 6’1 what would you put Kanevsky? He looks short in this video maybe he’s lost height due to all the Bodybuilding?

Click Here
Editor Rob
He's been mentioned a few times, it's just a question how much under 6ft he is..
Canson said on 5/Jul/20
@Editor Rob: so she’s lost around 1/2” or from her peak. That’s not horrible given she likely lost most of it due to the slumping over like you mentioned once within the neck area
Editor Rob
Although in that video it was just before 11am, we are up early like 6am, she can still hold 5ft 7 5/8th at dinner time from the previous time I checked a later height, so a good 1/2 to 5/8ths lost by now.
Canson said on 5/Jul/20
@Editor Rob: you would’ve been listed 5’10” under the old style of measuring (morning height plus shoes). It’s likely you would’ve measured something like 5’8 5/8 an hour or less out of bed and been rounded to 5’8.75 and then another 1.25” for the basketball sneakers.
avi said on 5/Jul/20
@Mark Allan

Rob hope all is well.

This article basically gives an educated guess on how many 7 foot + people
Other one is the math behind getting estimates of different heights.

I was always interested too in what estimates are for each of the heights. Like between 4'5 and 7'5

Seems a good guess is around 2000 to 3000 7 foot + people in world
They say only 85 to 150 in US are 7 + but it could be more in opinion since we attract many athletes from all over the world.

Places like Asia , South America will have less people this tall.

Click Here

Click Here
Editor Rob
If you were to watch sports, you might get a false impression that there would be a far greater amount of 7ft plus men in the world, however a few thousand sounds likely.
Mark Allan said on 5/Jul/20
Rob, Waking up and first steps out of bed I measure just under 6’1 about 185cm, In that case am I a solid 6’0?
Editor Rob
That sounds like a strong six footer.
Danimal 176.7cm said on 5/Jul/20
184guy2 said on 1/Jul/20
Why Jenny already lost half inch and isn't even in hers fifties ? I believe you take care of yourself and herself preventing early loss with a few exercises , psoture, stretches

Women lose 0.5" every decade after 30 years of age. By the time they hit 70 years old, they will have lost 2". From 70 to 80 they lose 1.25" and it only ramps up after that.
Danimal 176.7cm said on 4/Jul/20
Hey Rob, I'm not sure where to upload this question, but Could you please let me know how much height this version of Nike Shox would give me? Here's a link to the shoe: Click Here
Editor Rob
A little less than the big R4/NZ shox I'd have thought, though I have yet to see that model in a Nike shop here in Scotland...
Hulk23 said on 4/Jul/20
Rob, recently I spent a couple of days at the sea and I noticed that at night, after a good amount of hours under the sun and with no keeping a good hydration, I usually reached my absolute lowest height. It’s normal or simply I checked bad my height (the method was the same however)?
Editor Rob
You might have reached your real lowest on the boat.

That is something I've never done - measured height on a boat!
Tall In The Saddle said on 4/Jul/20

Angry? LOL. Apparently you wish. Talk about a dimwit in complete denial. Pulling apart your non-sensical follow ups is hardly challenging.

Olympian was simply replying to one of your petty sideline comments. Olympian was actually engaging Andrew V directly at the same time and going forward. Go figure. Clearly beyond your tiny comprehension and capacity to discuss anything in your own right, of course. Sandy commented on the DISCUSSION, not the other posters. BUZZ. Wrong again. LOL. I won't speak for Sandy except for saying that it was addressed to Olympian, with whom Sandy often corresponds with, not yourself, so I wouldn't get too giddy over whatever degree of credit you "think" you were afforded whilst at the same time ignoring the brilliant reception to your idiotic "point scoring" post. Too funny, man.

Either pretending to be too stupid for logical discussion on your own two feet or actually being that stupid. No matter. Repeating me and in the same breath (keystroke stream) suggesting I am copying you. Wow. Seriously Polly, c'mon now. Ignoring the fact that since I called you out (yet another false narrative on your part and literal flip on the facts) I was actually posting re other subjects to other posters on this thread among others. So, while easily shooting your posts down, I obviously was not hanging for your paltry follow ups which were essentially all you were posting on this thread.

As to self respect. Talk about another desperate deflection. Obviously in possession of a lot more than you and certainly enough to address other posters directly, point for point, in lieu of being very much prone to insipid sideline comments and a total inability to defend same when called out. Still leaning on other posters for support. I mean, do you and Greg want to a get a room? A couple of neurons shared between you, maybe enough to create a spark for a discussion that doesn't actually involve indirect and neg. commentary re other posters to falsely inflate yourselves. LOL.


After several unequivocal TROLL posts (in all hypocrisy) and direct call outs on same, you finally crawled out from under your rock, if only for a moment. Yeah, yeah, didn't read my whole comment routine but read my comments on another thread. Yawn. Peas in a pod, as I said. From your vantage point, I sure wouldn't call anyone else stupid. LOL.

I read some of your stuff on GENERAL HEIGHT. Quite the "Mean Girl" aren't you? Did I infringe on your self perceived "Clique"? LOLOL. Indirect and neg. comments on this, that and the other poster, including some posters who, it seems, don't even post here anymore. How sad. What's the self defining "Mean Girl" angle on them? Of course, they're all TROLLS, they're INSECURE, no one takes them SERIOUSLY, they think they're BETTER, they think they're SMARTER, etc. LOL.

My own moniker and discussions with other posters dropped several times without addressing me directly. Trying to engender a neg. opinion re other posters who YOU don't agree with or who have contested you. Stating that Olympian seems to like me "for some reason" but you don't. Like, who cares what you think in that regard? Talk about egocentric. Even trying to denigrate people for their grammar while citing the "petty" behaviour of others. So and so forth. More than sad.

It's more than obvious who is actually insecure on this board, projecting all over the place, with a delicately balanced ego that attempts to downgrade others (including those who haven't even engaged them) in order to inflate themselves and cajole their own self esteem. As far as that MO goes and as directed at me, a big fail.

But hey, your own unparalleled stupidity and insecurities don't allow for you to rise up and "argue" your point. Subject to no further references re me, no more time wasted on you.
Tall In The Saddle said on 4/Jul/20

Thanks. It's the least I can do (swerve, brake, whatever it takes). Putting my one and only life at risk to save one of the cat's 9 lives. LOL.

That's an interesting discussion you're having there with Olympian. On such matters my Mum used to quote Shakespeare: "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy." Nice.

For me, the point is, we know enough of ourselves to understand that our knowledge, while increasing with time, is still limited and often, greater knowledge demands even more questions.

Science is great and creates models to explain and predict. Much more reliably than the collated data and evidence for for Supernatural phenomena. BUT, the models often suggest realities we will never see, such as atoms etc., technically intangibles in their own right and based on faith in the suggested reality of the model. Sometimes there are multiple models that still give the same explanation and predictions but suggest completely different realities.

Science is also big on cause and effect, taking it all the way back to the Big Bang. At that point, science isn't so definite about preceding cause, not so sure about existence or explanations prior to the Big Bang.

Whether in terms of spirit or actual matter, the question still applies: eternal existence vs something from nothing. Within the limitations of our logic (or at least mine) they appear as the only two options. Both possibilities eliminate an initial cause so both options are somewhat mind boggling and paradoxically entwined.

So science currently entertains either an eternal universe, expanding and collapsing on repeat or one that popped out of nothing, with the suggestion that "nothing" is an unstable condition that inherently has to turn into "something" and that particles are capable of popping in and out of existence. Not exactly far removed from certain notions re the supernatural.

One analogy that isn't completely out of a kick: Imagine a super sophisticated self-learning computer that could over time track and explain its own evolution all the way back to the moment it was switched on but naturally be unable to explain who or what turned it on and why. Its understanding would be limited to its own history and the seemingly inherent, inflexible logic plugged into it.

Anyway, a more than fascinating subject.
Cam Kennedy said on 4/Jul/20
I am a 18 year old who is 5'11 do you think it is possible for me to reach 6ft? My parents are both 5'8.
Editor Rob
If you gained another inch, it's more than half of 18 year olds would gain.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 4/Jul/20
🎊🎉 Happy Independence Day! 🎉🎊

I'd like to wish all Americans a Happy Independence Day. 😁👍
Jdubbz said on 3/Jul/20

As a 197cm guy, thank you for your comment lol. It would be nice to see more celebs who are around my height.
Nik said on 3/Jul/20
Nik said on 3/Jul/20
@ Oguz Efe - I like your name!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 3/Jul/20
@ Olympian and Tall In The Saddle - I'll be replying very soon.

@ Olympian - I have to be alone to be able to concentrate on a reply. I did 2 out of the 4 I needed to do this morning because I was on my own. In order to reply to you, I go through what you've written about and make notes. I'll enjoy it once I get down to it. I always do, but I can't have a background of incessant waffling, if you catch my drift, which I know you do! 😉
Nik Ashton said on 3/Jul/20
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 3/Jul/20
@ Sakz -. Thank you so much for the message regarding Pixie's safe return. It's a very worrying time when animals go missing, as any animal owner will confirm.

My late boyfriend's dog, Blitzen, once went missing in the park we used to frequent for his exercise. He was worried out of his mind and looked for him everywhere, asking anyone he came across in the vicinity if they'd seen a dog fitting his description.

When he arrived home, Blitzen had beaten him to it!


Have a great weekend, Sakz! 😁 XXX
cmillz said on 2/Jul/20
That’s like a whole decimeter above average in Brazil.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 2/Jul/20
Ha ha, Rob! Big Iona looks incredibly pleased to have grown to 5ft4 and five eighths in last year's video! I did laugh when she put her high heels on and had you measure her and she was taller than you! Great video BTW....😉

Editor Rob
I last saw Iona a couple of weeks ago, from 2 metres apart.

Standing beside her Mother I'd put her around 5ft 6, but I haven't measured her yet...hopefully will update her height this year.

What is interesting in that video, she gains a few mm more height in the same heels compared to Jenny, but then her foot is longer. Jenny is a size 5UK.
Tunman said on 2/Jul/20
Didn't you say that you're actually 173,8 at you lowest?If your friend is 175 early in the morning then likely he's around the same mark or maybe even 173-73,5 if the actual mark was a 174,5 rounded to 175 by the machine?
While I wouldn't rely on that kind of device(stadiometer/wall measurements are still better),the fact that you thought he was a little shorter than yourself is interesting.If the machine turns reliable then underestimating him by something like half inch isn't that much.I mean there are a lot of factors that can make someone seen as a little taller or shorter than he actually is.
Tunman said on 2/Jul/20
Rob,so Jenny now wakes up at 173,5? I guess she's like 171,2-,3 by the end of the day.Interestingly her loss seemed more important between 40-45 than between 45-50.
Editor Rob
I've not checked her morning height, but at worst she's down to 5ft 7.5, that's the low for her.
Mr height said on 2/Jul/20
Rob paul got measured 5 foot 9..... and three quarters. My guess is 5 foot 9 and three quarters
Editor Rob
That's my NBA Height 😇
Mark Allan said on 2/Jul/20
Rob, Do you think it’s very unlikely alot of people would measure 6’9 in the world?
Editor Rob
I've never thought about how many say 7 footers or taller there are living, it is something I'm sure somebody has calculated.

Would be interesting to see figures for each of the heights and how common they are.
184guy2 said on 1/Jul/20
Why Jenny already lost half inch and isn't even in hers fifties ? I believe you take care of yourself and herself preventing early loss with a few exercises , psoture, stretches
Editor Rob
She's lost height due to her work, remember she works over a desk bent over half the time...when you do it for years, it takes it's toll on the upper spine.

I did try to get her to do exercises years ago to alleviate it, but she didn't manage to keep them up.
Nik Ashton said on 1/Jul/20
Joao Pedro said on 1/Jul/20
I am a 20 year old Brazilian who is always on the 180cms range. Would that be statistically above average, Rob?
Editor Rob
In Brazil it's several cm above average.
Editor Rob said on 1/Jul/20
I hadn't done a video of Jenny's height for a while, so did one this morning, it was about 10.45am after being up at 6am.

What's interesting is Jenny has lost the same height as the thickness of sneaker in the video.

Click Here
Nik said on 1/Jul/20
Hanov said on 30/Jun/20
@Rob-o Paul

We need more 6'5.5" guys, they aren't monsters, they don't hit 198. There is more 6'6.5" than 197 cm guys i think.
Editor Rob
I'll put the height-signal out for them!
Olympian said on 30/Jun/20
@Sandy Cowell

My analysis of the supernatural is a culmination of many years in the making since I took an interest at the age of 14. My brief, but no less insightful, phase with the Jehovah's Witnesses has given me the tools necessary to realize that such fruitless ideology is, as Solomon once remarked a "chasing of the wind". I do not believe in God in the same manner as others do. I also do not believe that one's moral choices are dictated by some supreme being, a favourite quotation of mine comes forth from the 2014 video game, Assassin's Creed Unity, which sees a wisened, but no less cynical Assassin, Arno Dorian, remarking on the consequences of the French Revolution.

In full, his words were as follows: "The Creed of the Assassin Brotherhood teaches us that nothing is forbidden to us. Once, I thought that meant we were free to do as we would. To pursue our ideals, no matter the cost. I understand now. Not a grant of permission. The Creed is a warning. Ideals too easily give way to dogma. Dogma becomes fanaticism. No higher power sits in judgement of us. No supreme being watches to punish us for our sins. In the end, only we ourselves can guard against our obsessions. Only we can decide whether the road we walk carries too high a toll. We believe ourselves redeemers, avengers, saviours. We make war on those who oppose us, and they in turn make war on us. We dream of leaving our stamp upon the world... even as we give our lives in a conflict that will be recorded in no history book. All that we do, all that we are, begins and ends with ourselves."

Like Arno, I believe in moral existentialism. I believe that ultimately, we are the judges of our choices and only we can decide if our path in life carries too high of a toll. If God or some supreme being sits in judgement of us, let me ask anybody this: do human beings have free will? The Bible writes that God granted humanity free will as a gift, but clearly, it was shown that upon exercising of this "gift", such ones would be punished. I see God as more of a dictator than a benevolent leader insofar as The Bible paints him, especially the Old Testament.

I have read the synopsis of the Conjuring films, even of the Annabelle Doll, which was considered one of their most infamous cases. Quite frankly, I remain skeptical of any paranormal phenomena because it cannot be proven rationally. Keep in mind that reason and logic are different, you can reason that something fantastical is real, but that doesn't mean it's logical.

And yes, I agree. Leatherface is dead simple and lacks the alluring mystique of The Shape whose motivations remain uncertain even to this day. What drove him to murder his sister Judith Myers on Halloween Night, 1963? Does he seek to reexperience the murder indefinitely with each murder he commits? His personification as The Shape suggests there's a driving force responsible for his actions that go beyond what is normal.

I'll be resuming my weightlifting later today when it cools down.

Talk to you soon, Sandy. :)
Sakz said on 30/Jun/20
@Sandy Glad to hear your cat returned safely. I remember you telling me about all the cats you own in one of our discussions.
Nik Ashton said on 29/Jun/20
@ jano - How tall are you?
Nik Ashton said on 29/Jun/20
Look at this:

Click Here
Nik Ashton said on 29/Jun/20
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 29/Jun/20
@ Rob - You have a pleasantly large family, and it's ace that they all take an interest in what you do.

Here's wishing you and Jenny a really good week! XXX 😁
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 29/Jun/20
@ Tall In The Saddle - I omitted to thank you for swerving to avoid cats when you're out driving. You've saved a great many heartbroken people and fellow cats, who go sniffing for their kin when they suddenly disappear.

Have a great week, Tall! XXX 😁👌🐈
Sakz said on 28/Jun/20
@Greg Ego being the operative word, which funnily enough I've also called him out on as shown in my post. Good to see someone else has spotted it too.
Olympian said on 28/Jun/20
@Sandy Cowell

I think it's time to address your concluding thoughts with my own.

Faith, in general, is a criterion for fully enjoying one's life and achieving, according to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, self-actualization. I suppose you could catalogue faith under emotional or mental wellbeing. Too many people are faithless which means they are merely spectators of life and go through the paces. Having something to strive for requires faith, but I would like to preface that faith is meaningless without hope. Faith and hope are two sides of the same coin, I think.

I have discovered that my coping mechanisms continue to see me through turbulent times. I have postulated that those who meander on the streets as busybodies continue to do so because they are devoid of comforts at home. What sort of existence is it to spend all of one's hard earnings on petty materialism rather than long-term investments such as a nice TV and an entertainment system? Surely with the latter, you prevent yourself from becoming a busybody on the streets. It is better to be indoors, now more than ever, than to wander outside and cause a nuisance to those around you. I have never prided myself on excellent fitness or pursued that lifestyle relentlessly. I merely view fitness as a means to achieving good health, but that is all. I am not a fitness nut. I would much rather spend my time with a good book in my hands or paying video games.

We have invested in weights here at home, so I lift weights on occasion. I rely on walks for my cardiovascular health, but I do not enjoy this humid, sticky and dirty atmosphere. The air here clings to you and you smell. I hate this feeling. I never had that problem in Greece.

I haven't enjoyed any comedic subject matter for quite some time now. I have been watching He-Man each night, which I thoroughly enjoy. If only I had the power of Grayskull...

I have observed since I am a member of a plethora of horror groups on Facebook that it attracts an intelligent and mature crowd. Those who join comic book groups tend to be immature, base, and ignorant. And entirely conformist. Horror group peers do not behave like little kids. I may begin to write my first blog entry, but skip my entry on Leatherface as my knowledge on The Shape is immense.

Thank you for your good wishes, Sandy. I wish the same upon you, your friends and your family.

Cheers! :)
Mark Allan said on 28/Jun/20
Rob, Can you gain a few mm if you do a bust a gut measurement or is that just being stupid?
Editor Rob
If you want an extra couple of mm, I am sure most people could really strain and do bust a gut.
Tall In The Saddle said on 28/Jun/20

Yeah, I think we can all relate to and respect what it means to have a pet, whatever particular animal we are compelled toward. Suffice to say, some pets are much less mainstream than others, like, say, ferrets. To each his/her own.

That mice story is unreal. Never seen anything like that. Mice"nado" shall we call it. Like a cross between the movies THE BIRDS and WILLARD (the latter actually about rats, but close enough). Of course cockroaches aren't too thrilling either but then there are those that actually have their pilot's licence, airborne disease carriers, like they weren't bad enough just crawling across the ground.

All the best to you also
FiveEightJake said on 28/Jun/20
Rob how accurate are bmi machines in gyms? I had a friend who I thought I was taller than get a near morning measurement (7:45am) of 175, are they 100% reliable or can you leave your shoes on etc, I thought he was more weak 5’8 range.
Editor Rob
I haven't tested one properly, I've seen others use them and from what I saw, it was reasonably accurate if you stood straight. However, the bmi figure I don't know if that was precise, I only looked at the height reading!
Nik Ashton said on 28/Jun/20
Hanov said on 27/Jun/20

Is over 5'1 short for a girl proportonally?
Editor Rob
5ft 1-2 will look short, though it depends on proportions - you can have 5ft 2 women with taller proportions and 5ft 6 women with proportions or they photograph short.
Canson said on 27/Jun/20
Jdubbz said on 24/Jun/20

I have absolutely no issue with people claiming a halfway point between their morning height and their low, but many people tend to forget the fact that height loss is not linear, and your halfway point in height will be reached far before half the day is over. You can be at that halfway point only 2 hours or so out of bed. Your rate of loss will slow down after that obviously, but the fact is that you're closer to your low than your morning height for the majority of the day. I personally think the best claim is either a low or maybe a quarter inch above your low (imo that is the "true" halfway point of your height given that it's approximately your average height throughout the day), but to each his own.

@Jdubbz: I agree with most of what you said. In my case if it’s a normal day when I don’t hit the gym I’m at my halfway point an hour out of bed as I lose about 1cm by then (.9cm usually). That’s assuming the person loses 3/4” or 2cm
Greg said on 27/Jun/20
@Tall in the Saddle you know I can’t even drop down to your level of stupidity even if I wanted too. I’m not arguing with you man, you’re straight up trolling people here for an ego boost. I’ll be honest I didn’t even waste my time reading your entire comment best of luck to you pal 😂👍.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 27/Jun/20
Hey Rob!

Do you have any nephews, if you don't mind my asking? I've had dreams of you and a couple of your little nieces were in my dream, and, of course, tall Jenny. You were taking pictures of your nieces who were sitting on a bench.

As you'll be aware, I'm always dreaming of the people I'm writing about - and watching - and that includes you!

Cheers Rob! 😉👍
Editor Rob
On youtube there are a few Niece/Nephews 😉 Big Gemma/Lewis/Iona/Rose/Adam/Dawn are all my Scottish family 👍 And a couple more have popped up over the years in photos too, though never appeared in a video though.

Big Rose is youngest at age 12, Dawn is 14, Iona 16
Sakz said on 27/Jun/20
@Tall In The Saddle Aww somebody got the hump? Was that an attempt at sarcasm through me as you can't come up with anything original yourself anymore? Quite telling I must say! Ah so now it's posting to you exclusively. Haha clearly you lurk on this page only anticipating my replies rather than venturing, or maybe it's just the same ignorance that I've mentioned all along. Either way, can't stroke your ego there I'm afraid!

Hmm I didn't realise there was an 'independent posting' rule. Something else you clearly invented on the spot to desperately try to conjure up an argument. Well Mr Independent poster, look at a couple of comments below which I'll spoonfeed to you. They prove my point all along. This 'non independent poster' was clearly acknowledged and agreed with, AND even said to have stated facts! Is your ego going to get in the way of accepting that too? Looks like we all just 'piggbacked onto one side' by your deluded logic. Oh wait, perhaps it was just me as that conveniently feeds into your biased and inconsistent narrative. Either way it'll be the same unoriginal copout I'm sure, further illustrating your lack of self respect and intelligence!

Olympian said on 24/Apr/20
Yes, that's what I was getting at this whole time. It's very difficult to contest information like that if various news sources are all regurgitating it, so there's bound to be truth to it. Obviously AndrewV was going to take offense to it, but I never say anything for the sake of offending people. I've done my research and formed my own conclusions and my own judgments. There's no harm in that, especially when the latter two are influenced by said research.

Miss Sandy Cowell said on 29/Apr/20
@ Olympian/Bobby - I have just reread your comments and those from Sakz and Jdubbz and I really enjoyed the way some of the facts were actually written, and, although it's not easy to laugh at anything regarding this situation, I found a good deal of humour in how you three portrayed the hard facts.
OriginalAnon said on 26/Jun/20
Rob, I am surprised that there's no page for Marco Pierre White "the godfather of gastronomy". You've got a page for many, but not Marco, who is renowned. Marco's height is often discussed, due to his stature but also presence. Come on, big Rob.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 26/Jun/20
@ Tall In The Saddle

High Tall!

How pleasing to hear from you, and thank you for sending your best wishes as regards Pixie's safe return. 🐈 You'd never guess what? He only went missing AGAIN! My brother says, and quite rightly so, that he hasn't really been missing at all, but he too gets worried when the little fella doesn't turn up for his food and rest. I was in the garden from 2.30-4 o'clock AM the other morning and could hear him miaowing pitifully in the garden of the neighbour who has added spiky extensions to his already high fence. By spiky, I mean he has left the nails poking out of a section of wood. Now he's the type who wouldn't think twice about harming them, having threatened them on more than one occasion, shortly after which two of my cats were run over in quick succession. But I have no proof....

We all have creatures which freak us out, usually based on experiences from our lifetimes. I find maggots absolutely abhorrent, so therefore if I see flies in my house, I spray them. When I was 17, I had to clean some maggots from a wound that my cat had picked up fighting. He was a bully of a cat, but Pixie is small and placid. If I see loads of mice or rats together, it freaks me out, and that dates back to the time when I was 23 and waiting to board an underground train. There was a mini tornado in the tunnel, and countless mice were caught up in it and whirring round and round, being completely lifted off the ground. The whirlwind was so fast that it would have been impossible to count the mice, but there happened to be quite a number of them. I actually felt sorry for them because I was worried they would be hit by a train, but if I'd gone to help them, I'd have stood a good chance of being hit myself because I'd have had to climb onto the tracks. That feeling of helplessness and confusion stayed with me for quite a while.

My cats bring into the house mice, the occasional bird, frogs and toads and once a goldfish. The main hunter cat, Cordercy the Second, passed away just after Christmas, 2017. He's the one who caught the frogs, toads and goldfish, and another late cat of mine, called Honey, a small female tortoiseshell, caught pigeons with Cordercy. Once I woke up and had to wade through a sea of feathers in order to go to the toilet! Furthermore, the feathers were on the stairs and downstairs too, and when I arrived downstairs, Cordercy and Honey were each plucking a dead pigeon. I confiscated the unfortunate birds and picked up the feathers, thereafter hoovering the place! 😣

I suppose I like all animals, barring maggots/flies and certain other horrible, faceless insects, including slugs and flying ants. I dread the time of year when all the ants leave their nests, and go out of my way to stay indoors.

I have no idea how many cat lives Pixie has lost out of his nine, but I do know of cats who have survived falling out of high balconies, including the one my Mum had as a youngster and the two I kept in a flat with my ex until he died, when they came to live with me at my Mum's, where they were loved and spoilt rotten! 🤗

It was great to hear from you, Tall In The Saddle! 👌😺

I wish you an enjoyable weekend,

All the very best,

Sandy XXX 😁👍
Canson said on 26/Jun/20
@Jdubbz: In my list 194 and 192 can be interchangeable. Tough decision. I think 6’3.75 is more like what I would want more so than 6’3.5” and something like 193.6-.7 6’4.25 like I am now more so than a full 194. The thing I don’t like about the amount over the mark is that there’s no added benefit between that and 193 as it’s my ideal.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 26/Jun/20
Hey Bobby! I'm replying to your comment dated the 24th June before the previous one - because I can't resist it!

Your analysis of the supernatural is the route that a more logical person would take, and that includes people with high IQs - so no surprise there then! My brother (full brother, as I have three younger half-brothers), told me about an article he read about a family who were openly praying at their sick relative's hospital bedside, and the staff treated them as simpletons - disgusting. Not that I see God and religion as supernatural at all. That tends to conjure up unpleasant beings and experiences, and the sending of Jesus Christ just over 2,000 years ago gave proof to those in need of it, especially his rising from the dead.

I'm glad you've heard about Ed and Lorraine Warren. The 'Conjuring' films are based on their experiences, and played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga. You might be interested in checking out these films; they are very scary and based on fact. I'm sure you'd like them, Bobby, as they contain plenty of strong horror and excellent story lines. I agree with your views on Leatherface. He comes from a family of evil cannibals, with very low intelligence. They enjoy watching people pleading for their lives, but haven't got skills of empathy, like most of us, so cannot be reasoned with. I think the original 1974 version is the best. I remember at the time of its release, they were thinking about introducing a double 'X' certificate, there being a double 'A' for people of 14+, which turned into a 15 when the new certificates were introduced in the mid-eighties. When my Mum came to this country, there were only 'U' certificates (for Universal audiences of all ages) and 'A' certificates, which stood for adults only - over 21s, I should imagine. As movies became progressively more violent and covered subjects that would never have made the Silver Screen earlier in the 20th Century, the certificates were revised. The '12' came along, I believe, with a 'Batman' film, starring Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson, and a Kylie Minogue/Charlie Schlatter movie released on Boxing Day, 1989, called 'The Delinquents'. I popped along to see both. The aforementioned film is now a '15'.

I, too, have been far too sedentary for my liking and that it why I'm using my vibrostation again. I'm on Day 7 now and I already notice a big difference. I was using this when I first came to Celebheights, so I know it works. I have to be careful not to have it on too high because I have thin bones, even though I've had a diet rich in calcium nearly all my life.

Here's wishing you a great weekend, Bobby,

All the Very Best!

Sandy XXX 😁👍
Canson said on 26/Jun/20
@Jdubbz: in my case I wouldn’t mind if I lost only 1/4” or cm and it happened after the first two hours of being awake. Meaning no additional height loss. I would be content with 194 out of bed and 193 at a low. In the example you gave, I would go with the middle and say 193. 6’4 flat or 6’3 7/8 afternoon would be my ideal and I wouldn’t mind 6’3.76 or 6’4 1/8” either. I’d take somewhere 192.5-193 or 193-193.5 over 194. I’m only slightly higher than my ideal today. In full CM I’d go with:

193 (1st)
192 (a very close 2nd)
194 (a very close 3rd barely less than 192)
191 (3rd)
190 (4th)
189 (5th)
188 (6th)
187 (7th)
195 (8th)
196 (9th)
186 (10th)
Then 185
Tall In The Saddle said on 26/Jun/20

Congrats. Locking yourself in as THE TROLL via several, self defining, random, negative SIDELINE drops of your own re discussions you weren't/aren't even part of. Posting vicariously. I certainly had NO interest to address you or ref. your comments prior to. Fact is, it was like Greg who? Your first drop was appropriately addressed directly. Of course, as THE TROLL, you didn't reply/answer. You just waited to TROLL again with another asinine SIDELINE post, reaffirming your own "status". Good stuff.
Greg said on 25/Jun/20
@Nick Name Height measurements on one leg vary from person to person. I’ve heard some people only gain only a small fraction while others gain close to an inch. Personally I can measure a bit over 5’11 at my lowest with one leg, I’ve tested it a few times and seem to get about 1/2-3/4 of an inch with it. I’m not sure why this is, if only this could be our barefoot height.. I wouldn’t mind that at all. Do you guys just ask for their height or actually measure? I think measuring would be best without footwear but I can see how time consuming that might be.

Having to measure every single person just to list their height when they get a passport would be a hectic process by the sounds of it. I think Rob is an honest example of a 5’8 guy he wakes up at nearly 5’9 and goes down to a bit above 5’8 at his lowest. You’re right majority of guys who are 173-174cm will be tempted to claim 177-178cm or something like that. Also here in America we don’t list our height on our passports only on our drivers license. And I have to admit most guys who I see lie at least by 1-2 inches. In fact it’s almost become a tradition or bad habit here to list your height an extra 1-2 inches on your drivers license. I think it’s stupid the DMV doesn’t check you just write it on paper and they put it on your license. I usually have the option to round up or down since I’m about 5’10 5/8ths in the afternoon I just put 5’11. We don’t use metric here. I used to have 5’10 at one point but can honestly remember getting measured in dress shoes at the Doc’s when I was like 15 or so for my permit. I was probably realistically 5’8.5-5’8.75 or so back then and the nurse told me “it’s okay don’t take off your shoes, oh wow you grew!” Because she had me at 5’8 range the last visit and this was before my actual spurt 🤣 you could almost hear Big G Angels singing his national anthem from the comfort of his Brooklyn apartment with a nice stadiometer view 😎 out his window. Legend says he will be getting Robs face tattooed on his arm with his initials in bold writing “5’8 G Walks Tall like Rob Paul” talk about great tattoo ideas.. but anyways, back on track. So I noticed a lot of people lying at the DMV. I also hate the people that swear by their fake claim on their DL and think that automatically proves they are said height.. As if you can’t just put anything down there, like the crazy inflations I’ve seen is beyond me. 5’9 guys having 6’1, 5’9 having 5’11-6’0, 6’2.5 having 6’5, 5’10 having 6’0-5’11. And the list goes on and on. I think if they started actually measuring these guys they would see a curve going upwards in real measured heights to license/passport listed heights.

Also dating websites report that the average male exaggerates by at least 1.5 inches since the U.S average for males is about 5’9 and OKC a dating app mentioned that the average maybe over there was listed at just over 5’10.5 so 1.5 inches between the real average and OKC average for men. But it makes sense because on those dating sites men lie in order to meet arbitrary height requirements set by women. They often want men to be 6’0+ or at least a minimum of 5’10 so naturally some women might subtract 2 inches from a guys listed/claimed height. I remember when I said 5’11 before some woman thought I was 5’9 without having met me. This just backs up the stigma of men exaggerating their height. Also, if I where to just take a morning height measurement in Nike Airmax 720’s getting near 6’1, then jump on one foot and tippy-toe it and get about 6’2ish and claim that then only when the girl meets me to have her see that I am actually under 6’0. It just shows you are insecure and have an ego, a poor display of character if you will.
Tall In The Saddle said on 25/Jun/20

Too funny. AS IF you could instruct anyone re written expression and comprehension. Your lacking in those departments has already been broken down and upheld.

Also good to see you posting on other threads/subjects in your own right rather than only posting to me almost exclusively. It really screams that you don't take me seriously, doesn't it? So much so, in the very process of posting to me you make sure to include your oh so believable "disclaimer". LOLOL.

Now, does Polly want a cracker? You're clearly unsteady on your perch, wavering back and forth, feathers ruffled. Not bereft of life but clearly bereft of original thought and expression. Only good for piggy backing (the meaning of which you obviously don't get) and mindless mirroring.
Tall In The Saddle said on 25/Jun/20

Yeah, good to hear of Pixie's return. TBH, I'm not that partial to cats but I would never hurt them or wish ill upon them. I've certainly put myself in a bit of danger at times swerving/braking in order to miss them as they've darted out of nowhere across a road. Luckily, only near misses, no hits.

Maybe just me, but I can't stand the feeling of a cat brushing my leg. Aarghh! It's akin to the feeling I get when touching or hearing polystyrene (TM Styrofoam) being rubbed together. It's literally unbearable! Yes, those are my only Kryptonites. LOL.

As they say, cats have 9 lives, and aside from the mythological basis for the saying, cats literally possess the physical equipment to allow them to dodge death that many more times than much less capable creatures.

What life # would you say Pixie is on? Imagine strapping a GoPro with infrared to your cat to see exactly what she gets up to and into during her hiatus'. Or maybe, you don't want to know. Hehe.
Olympian said on 24/Jun/20
@Sandy Cowell

After some reprieve, I am back once again to address your second correspondence addressed to my person. I've been somewhat sedentary save for a bit of infrequent weightlifting and household chores.

I have never seen the "Poltergeist", my exposure to paranormal/supernatural films, as you already know, is quite limited to only a few films I have seen which include The Grudge series, but they are quite comical after the first film and Amityville Horror. Outside of these films, I mainly only watch horror slashers. I suppose if the film were meant as an allegory for ideology then the statement would be factual, but if it directly related to life and death, then I would adamantly, vehemently disagree. For what little I understand of paranormal folklore, I can assert (with knowledge on religion) that demons are not human entities, but are rather Fallen Angels. I suppose you could consider a demon to be supernatural in the notion that it has no earthly origin. Spirits, such as ghosts, I would define as very much preternatural, having earthly origin but exist beyond the natural realms of science. It's disheartening to hear of this little girl's death at such an age.

I am not sure I believe there is any direct connection between the death of cast members and the production/development of the original Poltergeist film. Sometimes events have a strange way of coinciding with each other, but that in itself is not indicative of anything maligned or supernatural. I simply believe that such individuals were victims of their unique circumstances. As for knowledge about life beyond death, I am rest assured at least, most religious individuals (At least of the Christian faith) do not believe in the afterlife. That is to say, it was expressed in The Old Testament that the living were conscious of dying but those deceased were conscious of nothing at all. To this day, modern science has never disproved this rationale.

As for your mother's precognitive assertions that she would be injured during the War and then announcing the day it would happen, I again do not believe it was the work of any psychic phenomena but rather of basic human reasoning and logic. One certainly expects that living in turbulent times as war that they are bound to be injured before such an event can complete its course. Then, expressing with certainty the day an injury would befall you, you naturally expect that such an ordeal could only befall you if you have behaved with subversive attitudes towards those who have coerced you into certain services. Additionally, you may have been apprised, either through radio broadcasts or via word of mouth, that the fighting has escalated throughout the area and is expected to converge on your location within an allotted time. So, suffice to say, I have attempted, to the best of my cognitive abilities, to rationalize your mother's experiences during the War.

I know the story of Lucifer, although I do not recall him ever being referred to by that name in the Bible instead of going by Satan. Dennis Wheatley reminds me of the late demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren. I am ashamed to admit that when I was younger, I yearned for the chance to study under them. I was much more prone to superstitious thoughts back then. Of course, all of this still makes for fascinating thinking material, but I would never devote my life to a practical pursuit of these things. As for what invokes a human being to be compelled to murder another man, there are some answers of a Biblical mindset that suggests impurity and imperfection by way of sin, is ultimately responsible. An imperfect mind is therefore capable of succumbing to darker, baser instincts. However, I think it is much more complicated than a simple answer. A man's circumstances, unique to him, can ultimately lead him to kill especially if the catalyst responsible is an abusive childhood.

I have yet to write my first entry. I am not at all well-versed or interested in Leatherface. I find him rather simplistic compared to The Shape.

I'll be sure to pen my next response in the following days, to your conclusion.

All the best to you, Sandy. :)
Jdubbz said on 24/Jun/20

I have absolutely no issue with people claiming a halfway point between their morning height and their low, but many people tend to forget the fact that height loss is not linear, and your halfway point in height will be reached far before half the day is over. You can be at that halfway point only 2 hours or so out of bed. Your rate of loss will slow down after that obviously, but the fact is that you're closer to your low than your morning height for the majority of the day. I personally think the best claim is either a low or maybe a quarter inch above your low (imo that is the "true" halfway point of your height given that it's approximately your average height throughout the day), but to each his own.
Jdubbz said on 24/Jun/20

I'd definitely opt for less variance as well. Considering I lose over 3/4", closer to an inch, I'd much rather only lose .25" or better yet nothing. I know most people above 6'4 range don't want to be any taller, but I'd be quite happy if my low was the same as my out of bed. I've noticed lately that although my low has stayed consistent for a couple of months, the rate at which I lose height each day varies regardless of activity. Yesterday for example, I walked 7 miles in the afternoon, yet I was still a quarter inch above my low and only hit my low at midnight (~15 hours out of bed). Today I somehow hit my low only 5 hours out of bed, despite lounging around my house all day. Inconsistencies like that kinda bother me even though they don't really mean anything. I'd much prefer that my height remain static during the day. Unfortunately, gravity is a thing in this universe. I've heard a lot of people over the years claim something along the lines of "morning height is your true height since your spine is uncompressed" but it seems to me like a naturally compressed spine is more representative of our true height given that it is our default state in any position other than lying down horizontally or at a decline.

I know you'd rather maintain your current variance since you're happy with your low and don't want to be 6'5 or above, but if you were a typical strong 6'3/weak 6'4 guy (6'4.25-.5 out of bed and 6'3.5-.75 at a low), would you rather not lose height and remain 194 throughout the day? I know if I were in that position I'd definitely take 194 over 192 range.
Oguz Efe said on 24/Jun/20

Rob, I measure 175,8 cm out of bed and 172,1 cm when i'm about to sleep. Is this a normal height shrinkage?
Nick Name said on 24/Jun/20
Rob the point of my comment is....Nobody would scrutinise it if you would claim that you are 1,75m or 1,76m. I would accept this and this height would be in your passport. I am on one leg almost 1,86m. After a long day before bed I am 1,82,5m. But everbody thinks I am strong 6 Foot 1 (1,85m). But that is known by every 6 Footer. I dont know if you know this with strong 5,8. Do people assume that you are 1,75m??? My 1,53m short wife always underestmate the height of 5 Foot 8 guys and thinks, these guys are 5 Foot 7 or less. And she always overestimate 6 Foot guys. These guys are Giants in her world. How are your feelings about this? Do you think that this is a common estimation among people in general? Especially for woman who are less than 5 Foot 4? And men who are less than 5 Foot 10. The funny thing is...women taller than 5 Foot 10 say that I am a dwarf. So in my world 65 percent of all humans think I am tall.
Editor Rob
I'm sure the people I measure 5ft 9 would question it, because I'm shorter than them.
Nick Name said on 24/Jun/20
Hey Rob.
What is your morning height out of bed on one leg? Almost 1,77m? A lot of people with your height saying 1,77m. And many people saying 1,80m. Their height in shoes on one leg out of bed. I know this because I have to ask the people in Germany who will make a new passport. Im in the office for passports. After 2000 Passports I guess 50 percent of all men are cheating 2,3 cm. 25 percent are cheating 5 cm. And the other 25 percent say the truth. Men over 1,90m are the honest. Some men in this height area underestimate how tall they are and finally they are 2,3 cm taller.
Editor Rob
5ft 9.5 is possible on one leg...then one-legged tip toe, I'd clear 6ft. Might as well claim it I guess ☺️

Actually scratch that, my hair at the moment is about 4-5cm long at the crown, so if I spike it up, I could be scraping 6ft 3 with hair 😎
Nik Ashton said on 24/Jun/20
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 23/Jun/20
Hey Rob!

I don't believe what I've just seen advertised. I saw a gold sequinned face mask with two sexily made-up eyes poking out up top, selling for quite a large number of dollars! Fancy turning a face mask into a fashion accessory; what will they think of next? 😣
Editor Rob
I have quite a few masks on the go, Jenny made a bunch of them and since on public transport it's compulsory, we gave a bunch away to friend/family. They are mostly comic related, like star wars, doctor who and the walking dead...although my favourite is a cat one!
Greg said on 23/Jun/20
@Sakz he’s no better than Willes190 and mrfunnyguy the real trolls of celeb heights and can’t forget about Arthur!
Nik Ashton said on 23/Jun/20
@ Sandy Cowell - You are very welcome! 🙏😄
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 23/Jun/20
@ Nik - The 4444th Comment 'up for grabs' sounds extremely comical! If I do it, then so be it, but if I don't, they'll be plenty of others waiting to be filled! Cheers Nik and I wish you and your lovely Mum a great week!
Sandy XX 😄👍 XX 💐
Jack Daniels said on 22/Jun/20
Hey Madhair I 'm practically like you (get up at 179.5 cm and between 177.5 and 178 cm before bed, depending of the work of the day.) We are just on the tall side of average, but no more. My co-workers (womens) thought that I'm 6'1" because of my long legs. It's the first time that a person think I'm 6'1" ! Hi Rob I send some words about Liam Gallagher and his Police Measurement.
Olympian said on 22/Jun/20
@Sandy Cowell

That is quite alright, I understand there will be some delay but Rob's moderation of the comments notwithstanding. The lengthiness of your responses provides me with ample things to remark on and allow me to introduce my topics. I have always preferred discussions of this nature over quick, superficial texting. I, too, must be in the correct mood to continue our correspondence and sometimes this means allowing some time to expire so I can ponder on everything that's been written.

I was taught to pray as well, but they were never lessons I took to heart nor were they ever enforced on me. Perhaps it is a misfortune of my being, but I require something more tangible in order to believe in anything. However, I still ascribe that faith is necessary, even if it's only faith in yourself and your own abilities. I theorize your mother was only spared further punishment due to her German ancestry although prosecution of Germans was not unheard of.

I remember questioning where I came from, but it was always described to me as "being a gift from God". Likewise, I realize that life is often posited as a miracle. Still, a little more explanation in the matter would have been sufficient. I have often read that childbirth and conception could be adequately described as being "when two people love each other". It is still censorship of the real truth but I suppose sparing childhood innocence from the actual chemistry is the wisest course of action.

Self-punishment as a means to guilt trip one's parents is an interesting psychological ploy but it's one I never felt compelled myself to do. The best response, in my humble opinion, is to simply close yourself off from those who prosecute you. Nobody can hurt you if you pretend they don't exist anymore.

Of course, blaming an unborn child for unfortunate circumstances is an irrational thing to do, but I have seen such things play out in movies and on TV. I never understood the reasoning behind it, but people often require a scapegoat to avoid confronting the real culprit, usually, they do so when they know they are at fault.

Moderation is the best standard to take towards anything, including beliefs. I, naturally, detest those who come across as overly zealous and domineering in their world views. These beliefs don't have to be religious, they can also be political. I think people should be able to subscribe to whatever beliefs they desire, but they have no right to infringe beliefs on others. It is my choice, as it is anyone's, what I will believe in. I have seen "Carrie" as well but I did not really take to it very seriously, I thought it was quite nonsensical. Of course, women have tended to be prosecuted since the birth and rise of Christianity and since all women "were" and "are" Eve's descendants, they were surely evil. I still think such reasoning is idiotic. I have a lot of respect for the women I know and I don't treat them as being beneath me simply because I am a man. I have never heard of The Enfield Haunting but it brings to mind The Amityville Haunting which, as you may know, was sensationalized and fabricated to explain DeFeo's psychotic behaviour. There have been other cases of course, such as The Demon Trials, but it's all a bunch of hocus pocus. Still fun to think about, however.

I will get to your newest responses in time, but for now, I require a reprieve.
Sakz said on 22/Jun/20
@Tall In The Saddle Lol your opening paragraph says it all. It's called sarcasm ever heard of it? Yes that's how seriously I'm taking you in case you hadn't noticed. More ironic piggybacking and projection as I expected, which is why I already addressed it prior. Any further deflection from it is just more ignorance on your part.

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