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5ft 8.36in (173.6cm)
Tunman said on 2/Jul/20
Rob,so Jenny now wakes up at 173,5? I guess she's like 171,2-,3 by the end of the day.Interestingly her loss seemed more important between 40-45 than between 45-50.
Editor Rob
I've not checked her morning height, but at worst she's down to 5ft 7.5, that's the low for her.
Mr height said on 2/Jul/20
Rob paul got measured 5 foot 9..... and three quarters. My guess is 5 foot 9 and three quarters
Editor Rob
That's my NBA Height ๐Ÿ˜‡
Mark Allan said on 2/Jul/20
Rob, Do you think itโ€™s very unlikely alot of people would measure 6โ€™9 in the world?
Editor Rob
I've never thought about how many say 7 footers or taller there are living, it is something I'm sure somebody has calculated.

Would be interesting to see figures for each of the heights and how common they are.
184guy2 said on 1/Jul/20
Why Jenny already lost half inch and isn't even in hers fifties ? I believe you take care of yourself and herself preventing early loss with a few exercises , psoture, stretches
Editor Rob
She's lost height due to her work, remember she works over a desk bent over half the time...when you do it for years, it takes it's toll on the upper spine.

I did try to get her to do exercises years ago to alleviate it, but she didn't manage to keep them up.
Nik Ashton said on 1/Jul/20
Joao Pedro said on 1/Jul/20
I am a 20 year old Brazilian who is always on the 180cms range. Would that be statistically above average, Rob?
Editor Rob
In Brazil it's several cm above average.
Editor Rob said on 1/Jul/20
I hadn't done a video of Jenny's height for a while, so did one this morning, it was about 10.45am after being up at 6am.

What's interesting is Jenny has lost the same height as the thickness of sneaker in the video.

Click Here
Nik said on 1/Jul/20
Hanov said on 30/Jun/20
@Rob-o Paul

We need more 6'5.5" guys, they aren't monsters, they don't hit 198. There is more 6'6.5" than 197 cm guys i think.
Editor Rob
I'll put the height-signal out for them!
Olympian said on 30/Jun/20
@Sandy Cowell

My analysis of the supernatural is a culmination of many years in the making since I took an interest at the age of 14. My brief, but no less insightful, phase with the Jehovah's Witnesses has given me the tools necessary to realize that such fruitless ideology is, as Solomon once remarked a "chasing of the wind". I do not believe in God in the same manner as others do. I also do not believe that one's moral choices are dictated by some supreme being, a favourite quotation of mine comes forth from the 2014 video game, Assassin's Creed Unity, which sees a wisened, but no less cynical Assassin, Arno Dorian, remarking on the consequences of the French Revolution.

In full, his words were as follows: "The Creed of the Assassin Brotherhood teaches us that nothing is forbidden to us. Once, I thought that meant we were free to do as we would. To pursue our ideals, no matter the cost. I understand now. Not a grant of permission. The Creed is a warning. Ideals too easily give way to dogma. Dogma becomes fanaticism. No higher power sits in judgement of us. No supreme being watches to punish us for our sins. In the end, only we ourselves can guard against our obsessions. Only we can decide whether the road we walk carries too high a toll. We believe ourselves redeemers, avengers, saviours. We make war on those who oppose us, and they in turn make war on us. We dream of leaving our stamp upon the world... even as we give our lives in a conflict that will be recorded in no history book. All that we do, all that we are, begins and ends with ourselves."

Like Arno, I believe in moral existentialism. I believe that ultimately, we are the judges of our choices and only we can decide if our path in life carries too high of a toll. If God or some supreme being sits in judgement of us, let me ask anybody this: do human beings have free will? The Bible writes that God granted humanity free will as a gift, but clearly, it was shown that upon exercising of this "gift", such ones would be punished. I see God as more of a dictator than a benevolent leader insofar as The Bible paints him, especially the Old Testament.

I have read the synopsis of the Conjuring films, even of the Annabelle Doll, which was considered one of their most infamous cases. Quite frankly, I remain skeptical of any paranormal phenomena because it cannot be proven rationally. Keep in mind that reason and logic are different, you can reason that something fantastical is real, but that doesn't mean it's logical.

And yes, I agree. Leatherface is dead simple and lacks the alluring mystique of The Shape whose motivations remain uncertain even to this day. What drove him to murder his sister Judith Myers on Halloween Night, 1963? Does he seek to reexperience the murder indefinitely with each murder he commits? His personification as The Shape suggests there's a driving force responsible for his actions that go beyond what is normal.

I'll be resuming my weightlifting later today when it cools down.

Talk to you soon, Sandy. :)
Sakz said on 30/Jun/20
@Sandy Glad to hear your cat returned safely. I remember you telling me about all the cats you own in one of our discussions.
Nik Ashton said on 29/Jun/20
@ jano - How tall are you?
Nik Ashton said on 29/Jun/20
Look at this:

Click Here
Nik Ashton said on 29/Jun/20
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 29/Jun/20
@ Rob - You have a pleasantly large family, and it's ace that they all take an interest in what you do.

Here's wishing you and Jenny a really good week! XXX ๐Ÿ˜
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 29/Jun/20
@ Tall In The Saddle - I omitted to thank you for swerving to avoid cats when you're out driving. You've saved a great many heartbroken people and fellow cats, who go sniffing for their kin when they suddenly disappear.

Have a great week, Tall! XXX ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿˆ
Sakz said on 28/Jun/20
@Greg Ego being the operative word, which funnily enough I've also called him out on as shown in my post. Good to see someone else has spotted it too.
Olympian said on 28/Jun/20
@Sandy Cowell

I think it's time to address your concluding thoughts with my own.

Faith, in general, is a criterion for fully enjoying one's life and achieving, according to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, self-actualization. I suppose you could catalogue faith under emotional or mental wellbeing. Too many people are faithless which means they are merely spectators of life and go through the paces. Having something to strive for requires faith, but I would like to preface that faith is meaningless without hope. Faith and hope are two sides of the same coin, I think.

I have discovered that my coping mechanisms continue to see me through turbulent times. I have postulated that those who meander on the streets as busybodies continue to do so because they are devoid of comforts at home. What sort of existence is it to spend all of one's hard earnings on petty materialism rather than long-term investments such as a nice TV and an entertainment system? Surely with the latter, you prevent yourself from becoming a busybody on the streets. It is better to be indoors, now more than ever, than to wander outside and cause a nuisance to those around you. I have never prided myself on excellent fitness or pursued that lifestyle relentlessly. I merely view fitness as a means to achieving good health, but that is all. I am not a fitness nut. I would much rather spend my time with a good book in my hands or paying video games.

We have invested in weights here at home, so I lift weights on occasion. I rely on walks for my cardiovascular health, but I do not enjoy this humid, sticky and dirty atmosphere. The air here clings to you and you smell. I hate this feeling. I never had that problem in Greece.

I haven't enjoyed any comedic subject matter for quite some time now. I have been watching He-Man each night, which I thoroughly enjoy. If only I had the power of Grayskull...

I have observed since I am a member of a plethora of horror groups on Facebook that it attracts an intelligent and mature crowd. Those who join comic book groups tend to be immature, base, and ignorant. And entirely conformist. Horror group peers do not behave like little kids. I may begin to write my first blog entry, but skip my entry on Leatherface as my knowledge on The Shape is immense.

Thank you for your good wishes, Sandy. I wish the same upon you, your friends and your family.

Cheers! :)
Mark Allan said on 28/Jun/20
Rob, Can you gain a few mm if you do a bust a gut measurement or is that just being stupid?
Editor Rob
If you want an extra couple of mm, I am sure most people could really strain and do bust a gut.
Tall In The Saddle said on 28/Jun/20

Yeah, I think we can all relate to and respect what it means to have a pet, whatever particular animal we are compelled toward. Suffice to say, some pets are much less mainstream than others, like, say, ferrets. To each his/her own.

That mice story is unreal. Never seen anything like that. Mice"nado" shall we call it. Like a cross between the movies THE BIRDS and WILLARD (the latter actually about rats, but close enough). Of course cockroaches aren't too thrilling either but then there are those that actually have their pilot's licence, airborne disease carriers, like they weren't bad enough just crawling across the ground.

All the best to you also
FiveEightJake said on 28/Jun/20
Rob how accurate are bmi machines in gyms? I had a friend who I thought I was taller than get a near morning measurement (7:45am) of 175, are they 100% reliable or can you leave your shoes on etc, I thought he was more weak 5โ€™8 range.
Editor Rob
I haven't tested one properly, I've seen others use them and from what I saw, it was reasonably accurate if you stood straight. However, the bmi figure I don't know if that was precise, I only looked at the height reading!
Nik Ashton said on 28/Jun/20
Hanov said on 27/Jun/20

Is over 5'1 short for a girl proportonally?
Editor Rob
5ft 1-2 will look short, though it depends on proportions - you can have 5ft 2 women with taller proportions and 5ft 6 women with proportions or they photograph short.
Canson said on 27/Jun/20
Jdubbz said on 24/Jun/20

I have absolutely no issue with people claiming a halfway point between their morning height and their low, but many people tend to forget the fact that height loss is not linear, and your halfway point in height will be reached far before half the day is over. You can be at that halfway point only 2 hours or so out of bed. Your rate of loss will slow down after that obviously, but the fact is that you're closer to your low than your morning height for the majority of the day. I personally think the best claim is either a low or maybe a quarter inch above your low (imo that is the "true" halfway point of your height given that it's approximately your average height throughout the day), but to each his own.

@Jdubbz: I agree with most of what you said. In my case if itโ€™s a normal day when I donโ€™t hit the gym Iโ€™m at my halfway point an hour out of bed as I lose about 1cm by then (.9cm usually). Thatโ€™s assuming the person loses 3/4โ€ or 2cm
Greg said on 27/Jun/20
@Tall in the Saddle you know I canโ€™t even drop down to your level of stupidity even if I wanted too. Iโ€™m not arguing with you man, youโ€™re straight up trolling people here for an ego boost. Iโ€™ll be honest I didnโ€™t even waste my time reading your entire comment best of luck to you pal ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 27/Jun/20
Hey Rob!

Do you have any nephews, if you don't mind my asking? I've had dreams of you and a couple of your little nieces were in my dream, and, of course, tall Jenny. You were taking pictures of your nieces who were sitting on a bench.

As you'll be aware, I'm always dreaming of the people I'm writing about - and watching - and that includes you!

Cheers Rob! ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘
Editor Rob
On youtube there are a few Niece/Nephews ๐Ÿ˜‰ Big Gemma/Lewis/Iona/Rose/Adam/Dawn are all my Scottish family ๐Ÿ‘ And a couple more have popped up over the years in photos too, though never appeared in a video though.

Big Rose is youngest at age 12, Dawn is 14, Iona 16
Sakz said on 27/Jun/20
@Tall In The Saddle Aww somebody got the hump? Was that an attempt at sarcasm through me as you can't come up with anything original yourself anymore? Quite telling I must say! Ah so now it's posting to you exclusively. Haha clearly you lurk on this page only anticipating my replies rather than venturing, or maybe it's just the same ignorance that I've mentioned all along. Either way, can't stroke your ego there I'm afraid!

Hmm I didn't realise there was an 'independent posting' rule. Something else you clearly invented on the spot to desperately try to conjure up an argument. Well Mr Independent poster, look at a couple of comments below which I'll spoonfeed to you. They prove my point all along. This 'non independent poster' was clearly acknowledged and agreed with, AND even said to have stated facts! Is your ego going to get in the way of accepting that too? Looks like we all just 'piggbacked onto one side' by your deluded logic. Oh wait, perhaps it was just me as that conveniently feeds into your biased and inconsistent narrative. Either way it'll be the same unoriginal copout I'm sure, further illustrating your lack of self respect and intelligence!

Olympian said on 24/Apr/20
Yes, that's what I was getting at this whole time. It's very difficult to contest information like that if various news sources are all regurgitating it, so there's bound to be truth to it. Obviously AndrewV was going to take offense to it, but I never say anything for the sake of offending people. I've done my research and formed my own conclusions and my own judgments. There's no harm in that, especially when the latter two are influenced by said research.

Miss Sandy Cowell said on 29/Apr/20
@ Olympian/Bobby - I have just reread your comments and those from Sakz and Jdubbz and I really enjoyed the way some of the facts were actually written, and, although it's not easy to laugh at anything regarding this situation, I found a good deal of humour in how you three portrayed the hard facts.
OriginalAnon said on 26/Jun/20
Rob, I am surprised that there's no page for Marco Pierre White "the godfather of gastronomy". You've got a page for many, but not Marco, who is renowned. Marco's height is often discussed, due to his stature but also presence. Come on, big Rob.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 26/Jun/20
@ Tall In The Saddle

High Tall!

How pleasing to hear from you, and thank you for sending your best wishes as regards Pixie's safe return. ๐Ÿˆ You'd never guess what? He only went missing AGAIN! My brother says, and quite rightly so, that he hasn't really been missing at all, but he too gets worried when the little fella doesn't turn up for his food and rest. I was in the garden from 2.30-4 o'clock AM the other morning and could hear him miaowing pitifully in the garden of the neighbour who has added spiky extensions to his already high fence. By spiky, I mean he has left the nails poking out of a section of wood. Now he's the type who wouldn't think twice about harming them, having threatened them on more than one occasion, shortly after which two of my cats were run over in quick succession. But I have no proof....

We all have creatures which freak us out, usually based on experiences from our lifetimes. I find maggots absolutely abhorrent, so therefore if I see flies in my house, I spray them. When I was 17, I had to clean some maggots from a wound that my cat had picked up fighting. He was a bully of a cat, but Pixie is small and placid. If I see loads of mice or rats together, it freaks me out, and that dates back to the time when I was 23 and waiting to board an underground train. There was a mini tornado in the tunnel, and countless mice were caught up in it and whirring round and round, being completely lifted off the ground. The whirlwind was so fast that it would have been impossible to count the mice, but there happened to be quite a number of them. I actually felt sorry for them because I was worried they would be hit by a train, but if I'd gone to help them, I'd have stood a good chance of being hit myself because I'd have had to climb onto the tracks. That feeling of helplessness and confusion stayed with me for quite a while.

My cats bring into the house mice, the occasional bird, frogs and toads and once a goldfish. The main hunter cat, Cordercy the Second, passed away just after Christmas, 2017. He's the one who caught the frogs, toads and goldfish, and another late cat of mine, called Honey, a small female tortoiseshell, caught pigeons with Cordercy. Once I woke up and had to wade through a sea of feathers in order to go to the toilet! Furthermore, the feathers were on the stairs and downstairs too, and when I arrived downstairs, Cordercy and Honey were each plucking a dead pigeon. I confiscated the unfortunate birds and picked up the feathers, thereafter hoovering the place! ๐Ÿ˜ฃ

I suppose I like all animals, barring maggots/flies and certain other horrible, faceless insects, including slugs and flying ants. I dread the time of year when all the ants leave their nests, and go out of my way to stay indoors.

I have no idea how many cat lives Pixie has lost out of his nine, but I do know of cats who have survived falling out of high balconies, including the one my Mum had as a youngster and the two I kept in a flat with my ex until he died, when they came to live with me at my Mum's, where they were loved and spoilt rotten! ๐Ÿค—

It was great to hear from you, Tall In The Saddle! ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ˜บ

I wish you an enjoyable weekend,

All the very best,

Sandy XXX ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘
Canson said on 26/Jun/20
@Jdubbz: In my list 194 and 192 can be interchangeable. Tough decision. I think 6โ€™3.75 is more like what I would want more so than 6โ€™3.5โ€ and something like 193.6-.7 6โ€™4.25 like I am now more so than a full 194. The thing I donโ€™t like about the amount over the mark is that thereโ€™s no added benefit between that and 193 as itโ€™s my ideal.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 26/Jun/20
Hey Bobby! I'm replying to your comment dated the 24th June before the previous one - because I can't resist it!

Your analysis of the supernatural is the route that a more logical person would take, and that includes people with high IQs - so no surprise there then! My brother (full brother, as I have three younger half-brothers), told me about an article he read about a family who were openly praying at their sick relative's hospital bedside, and the staff treated them as simpletons - disgusting. Not that I see God and religion as supernatural at all. That tends to conjure up unpleasant beings and experiences, and the sending of Jesus Christ just over 2,000 years ago gave proof to those in need of it, especially his rising from the dead.

I'm glad you've heard about Ed and Lorraine Warren. The 'Conjuring' films are based on their experiences, and played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga. You might be interested in checking out these films; they are very scary and based on fact. I'm sure you'd like them, Bobby, as they contain plenty of strong horror and excellent story lines. I agree with your views on Leatherface. He comes from a family of evil cannibals, with very low intelligence. They enjoy watching people pleading for their lives, but haven't got skills of empathy, like most of us, so cannot be reasoned with. I think the original 1974 version is the best. I remember at the time of its release, they were thinking about introducing a double 'X' certificate, there being a double 'A' for people of 14+, which turned into a 15 when the new certificates were introduced in the mid-eighties. When my Mum came to this country, there were only 'U' certificates (for Universal audiences of all ages) and 'A' certificates, which stood for adults only - over 21s, I should imagine. As movies became progressively more violent and covered subjects that would never have made the Silver Screen earlier in the 20th Century, the certificates were revised. The '12' came along, I believe, with a 'Batman' film, starring Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson, and a Kylie Minogue/Charlie Schlatter movie released on Boxing Day, 1989, called 'The Delinquents'. I popped along to see both. The aforementioned film is now a '15'.

I, too, have been far too sedentary for my liking and that it why I'm using my vibrostation again. I'm on Day 7 now and I already notice a big difference. I was using this when I first came to Celebheights, so I know it works. I have to be careful not to have it on too high because I have thin bones, even though I've had a diet rich in calcium nearly all my life.

Here's wishing you a great weekend, Bobby,

All the Very Best!

Sandy XXX ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘
Canson said on 26/Jun/20
@Jdubbz: in my case I wouldnโ€™t mind if I lost only 1/4โ€ or cm and it happened after the first two hours of being awake. Meaning no additional height loss. I would be content with 194 out of bed and 193 at a low. In the example you gave, I would go with the middle and say 193. 6โ€™4 flat or 6โ€™3 7/8 afternoon would be my ideal and I wouldnโ€™t mind 6โ€™3.76 or 6โ€™4 1/8โ€ either. Iโ€™d take somewhere 192.5-193 or 193-193.5 over 194. Iโ€™m only slightly higher than my ideal today. In full CM Iโ€™d go with:

193 (1st)
192 (a very close 2nd)
194 (a very close 3rd barely less than 192)
191 (3rd)
190 (4th)
189 (5th)
188 (6th)
187 (7th)
195 (8th)
196 (9th)
186 (10th)
Then 185
Tall In The Saddle said on 26/Jun/20

Congrats. Locking yourself in as THE TROLL via several, self defining, random, negative SIDELINE drops of your own re discussions you weren't/aren't even part of. Posting vicariously. I certainly had NO interest to address you or ref. your comments prior to. Fact is, it was like Greg who? Your first drop was appropriately addressed directly. Of course, as THE TROLL, you didn't reply/answer. You just waited to TROLL again with another asinine SIDELINE post, reaffirming your own "status". Good stuff.
Greg said on 25/Jun/20
@Nick Name Height measurements on one leg vary from person to person. Iโ€™ve heard some people only gain only a small fraction while others gain close to an inch. Personally I can measure a bit over 5โ€™11 at my lowest with one leg, Iโ€™ve tested it a few times and seem to get about 1/2-3/4 of an inch with it. Iโ€™m not sure why this is, if only this could be our barefoot height.. I wouldnโ€™t mind that at all. Do you guys just ask for their height or actually measure? I think measuring would be best without footwear but I can see how time consuming that might be.

Having to measure every single person just to list their height when they get a passport would be a hectic process by the sounds of it. I think Rob is an honest example of a 5โ€™8 guy he wakes up at nearly 5โ€™9 and goes down to a bit above 5โ€™8 at his lowest. Youโ€™re right majority of guys who are 173-174cm will be tempted to claim 177-178cm or something like that. Also here in America we donโ€™t list our height on our passports only on our drivers license. And I have to admit most guys who I see lie at least by 1-2 inches. In fact itโ€™s almost become a tradition or bad habit here to list your height an extra 1-2 inches on your drivers license. I think itโ€™s stupid the DMV doesnโ€™t check you just write it on paper and they put it on your license. I usually have the option to round up or down since Iโ€™m about 5โ€™10 5/8ths in the afternoon I just put 5โ€™11. We donโ€™t use metric here. I used to have 5โ€™10 at one point but can honestly remember getting measured in dress shoes at the Docโ€™s when I was like 15 or so for my permit. I was probably realistically 5โ€™8.5-5โ€™8.75 or so back then and the nurse told me โ€œitโ€™s okay donโ€™t take off your shoes, oh wow you grew!โ€ Because she had me at 5โ€™8 range the last visit and this was before my actual spurt ๐Ÿคฃ you could almost hear Big G Angels singing his national anthem from the comfort of his Brooklyn apartment with a nice stadiometer view ๐Ÿ˜Ž out his window. Legend says he will be getting Robs face tattooed on his arm with his initials in bold writing โ€œ5โ€™8 G Walks Tall like Rob Paulโ€ talk about great tattoo ideas.. but anyways, back on track. So I noticed a lot of people lying at the DMV. I also hate the people that swear by their fake claim on their DL and think that automatically proves they are said height.. As if you canโ€™t just put anything down there, like the crazy inflations Iโ€™ve seen is beyond me. 5โ€™9 guys having 6โ€™1, 5โ€™9 having 5โ€™11-6โ€™0, 6โ€™2.5 having 6โ€™5, 5โ€™10 having 6โ€™0-5โ€™11. And the list goes on and on. I think if they started actually measuring these guys they would see a curve going upwards in real measured heights to license/passport listed heights.

Also dating websites report that the average male exaggerates by at least 1.5 inches since the U.S average for males is about 5โ€™9 and OKC a dating app mentioned that the average maybe over there was listed at just over 5โ€™10.5 so 1.5 inches between the real average and OKC average for men. But it makes sense because on those dating sites men lie in order to meet arbitrary height requirements set by women. They often want men to be 6โ€™0+ or at least a minimum of 5โ€™10 so naturally some women might subtract 2 inches from a guys listed/claimed height. I remember when I said 5โ€™11 before some woman thought I was 5โ€™9 without having met me. This just backs up the stigma of men exaggerating their height. Also, if I where to just take a morning height measurement in Nike Airmax 720โ€™s getting near 6โ€™1, then jump on one foot and tippy-toe it and get about 6โ€™2ish and claim that then only when the girl meets me to have her see that I am actually under 6โ€™0. It just shows you are insecure and have an ego, a poor display of character if you will.
Tall In The Saddle said on 25/Jun/20

Too funny. AS IF you could instruct anyone re written expression and comprehension. Your lacking in those departments has already been broken down and upheld.

Also good to see you posting on other threads/subjects in your own right rather than only posting to me almost exclusively. It really screams that you don't take me seriously, doesn't it? So much so, in the very process of posting to me you make sure to include your oh so believable "disclaimer". LOLOL.

Now, does Polly want a cracker? You're clearly unsteady on your perch, wavering back and forth, feathers ruffled. Not bereft of life but clearly bereft of original thought and expression. Only good for piggy backing (the meaning of which you obviously don't get) and mindless mirroring.
Tall In The Saddle said on 25/Jun/20

Yeah, good to hear of Pixie's return. TBH, I'm not that partial to cats but I would never hurt them or wish ill upon them. I've certainly put myself in a bit of danger at times swerving/braking in order to miss them as they've darted out of nowhere across a road. Luckily, only near misses, no hits.

Maybe just me, but I can't stand the feeling of a cat brushing my leg. Aarghh! It's akin to the feeling I get when touching or hearing polystyrene (TM Styrofoam) being rubbed together. It's literally unbearable! Yes, those are my only Kryptonites. LOL.

As they say, cats have 9 lives, and aside from the mythological basis for the saying, cats literally possess the physical equipment to allow them to dodge death that many more times than much less capable creatures.

What life # would you say Pixie is on? Imagine strapping a GoPro with infrared to your cat to see exactly what she gets up to and into during her hiatus'. Or maybe, you don't want to know. Hehe.
Olympian said on 24/Jun/20
@Sandy Cowell

After some reprieve, I am back once again to address your second correspondence addressed to my person. I've been somewhat sedentary save for a bit of infrequent weightlifting and household chores.

I have never seen the "Poltergeist", my exposure to paranormal/supernatural films, as you already know, is quite limited to only a few films I have seen which include The Grudge series, but they are quite comical after the first film and Amityville Horror. Outside of these films, I mainly only watch horror slashers. I suppose if the film were meant as an allegory for ideology then the statement would be factual, but if it directly related to life and death, then I would adamantly, vehemently disagree. For what little I understand of paranormal folklore, I can assert (with knowledge on religion) that demons are not human entities, but are rather Fallen Angels. I suppose you could consider a demon to be supernatural in the notion that it has no earthly origin. Spirits, such as ghosts, I would define as very much preternatural, having earthly origin but exist beyond the natural realms of science. It's disheartening to hear of this little girl's death at such an age.

I am not sure I believe there is any direct connection between the death of cast members and the production/development of the original Poltergeist film. Sometimes events have a strange way of coinciding with each other, but that in itself is not indicative of anything maligned or supernatural. I simply believe that such individuals were victims of their unique circumstances. As for knowledge about life beyond death, I am rest assured at least, most religious individuals (At least of the Christian faith) do not believe in the afterlife. That is to say, it was expressed in The Old Testament that the living were conscious of dying but those deceased were conscious of nothing at all. To this day, modern science has never disproved this rationale.

As for your mother's precognitive assertions that she would be injured during the War and then announcing the day it would happen, I again do not believe it was the work of any psychic phenomena but rather of basic human reasoning and logic. One certainly expects that living in turbulent times as war that they are bound to be injured before such an event can complete its course. Then, expressing with certainty the day an injury would befall you, you naturally expect that such an ordeal could only befall you if you have behaved with subversive attitudes towards those who have coerced you into certain services. Additionally, you may have been apprised, either through radio broadcasts or via word of mouth, that the fighting has escalated throughout the area and is expected to converge on your location within an allotted time. So, suffice to say, I have attempted, to the best of my cognitive abilities, to rationalize your mother's experiences during the War.

I know the story of Lucifer, although I do not recall him ever being referred to by that name in the Bible instead of going by Satan. Dennis Wheatley reminds me of the late demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren. I am ashamed to admit that when I was younger, I yearned for the chance to study under them. I was much more prone to superstitious thoughts back then. Of course, all of this still makes for fascinating thinking material, but I would never devote my life to a practical pursuit of these things. As for what invokes a human being to be compelled to murder another man, there are some answers of a Biblical mindset that suggests impurity and imperfection by way of sin, is ultimately responsible. An imperfect mind is therefore capable of succumbing to darker, baser instincts. However, I think it is much more complicated than a simple answer. A man's circumstances, unique to him, can ultimately lead him to kill especially if the catalyst responsible is an abusive childhood.

I have yet to write my first entry. I am not at all well-versed or interested in Leatherface. I find him rather simplistic compared to The Shape.

I'll be sure to pen my next response in the following days, to your conclusion.

All the best to you, Sandy. :)
Jdubbz said on 24/Jun/20

I have absolutely no issue with people claiming a halfway point between their morning height and their low, but many people tend to forget the fact that height loss is not linear, and your halfway point in height will be reached far before half the day is over. You can be at that halfway point only 2 hours or so out of bed. Your rate of loss will slow down after that obviously, but the fact is that you're closer to your low than your morning height for the majority of the day. I personally think the best claim is either a low or maybe a quarter inch above your low (imo that is the "true" halfway point of your height given that it's approximately your average height throughout the day), but to each his own.
Jdubbz said on 24/Jun/20

I'd definitely opt for less variance as well. Considering I lose over 3/4", closer to an inch, I'd much rather only lose .25" or better yet nothing. I know most people above 6'4 range don't want to be any taller, but I'd be quite happy if my low was the same as my out of bed. I've noticed lately that although my low has stayed consistent for a couple of months, the rate at which I lose height each day varies regardless of activity. Yesterday for example, I walked 7 miles in the afternoon, yet I was still a quarter inch above my low and only hit my low at midnight (~15 hours out of bed). Today I somehow hit my low only 5 hours out of bed, despite lounging around my house all day. Inconsistencies like that kinda bother me even though they don't really mean anything. I'd much prefer that my height remain static during the day. Unfortunately, gravity is a thing in this universe. I've heard a lot of people over the years claim something along the lines of "morning height is your true height since your spine is uncompressed" but it seems to me like a naturally compressed spine is more representative of our true height given that it is our default state in any position other than lying down horizontally or at a decline.

I know you'd rather maintain your current variance since you're happy with your low and don't want to be 6'5 or above, but if you were a typical strong 6'3/weak 6'4 guy (6'4.25-.5 out of bed and 6'3.5-.75 at a low), would you rather not lose height and remain 194 throughout the day? I know if I were in that position I'd definitely take 194 over 192 range.
Oguz Efe said on 24/Jun/20

Rob, I measure 175,8 cm out of bed and 172,1 cm when i'm about to sleep. Is this a normal height shrinkage?
Nick Name said on 24/Jun/20
Rob the point of my comment is....Nobody would scrutinise it if you would claim that you are 1,75m or 1,76m. I would accept this and this height would be in your passport. I am on one leg almost 1,86m. After a long day before bed I am 1,82,5m. But everbody thinks I am strong 6 Foot 1 (1,85m). But that is known by every 6 Footer. I dont know if you know this with strong 5,8. Do people assume that you are 1,75m??? My 1,53m short wife always underestmate the height of 5 Foot 8 guys and thinks, these guys are 5 Foot 7 or less. And she always overestimate 6 Foot guys. These guys are Giants in her world. How are your feelings about this? Do you think that this is a common estimation among people in general? Especially for woman who are less than 5 Foot 4? And men who are less than 5 Foot 10. The funny thing is...women taller than 5 Foot 10 say that I am a dwarf. So in my world 65 percent of all humans think I am tall.
Editor Rob
I'm sure the people I measure 5ft 9 would question it, because I'm shorter than them.
Nick Name said on 24/Jun/20
Hey Rob.
What is your morning height out of bed on one leg? Almost 1,77m? A lot of people with your height saying 1,77m. And many people saying 1,80m. Their height in shoes on one leg out of bed. I know this because I have to ask the people in Germany who will make a new passport. Im in the office for passports. After 2000 Passports I guess 50 percent of all men are cheating 2,3 cm. 25 percent are cheating 5 cm. And the other 25 percent say the truth. Men over 1,90m are the honest. Some men in this height area underestimate how tall they are and finally they are 2,3 cm taller.
Editor Rob
5ft 9.5 is possible on one leg...then one-legged tip toe, I'd clear 6ft. Might as well claim it I guess โ˜บ๏ธ

Actually scratch that, my hair at the moment is about 4-5cm long at the crown, so if I spike it up, I could be scraping 6ft 3 with hair ๐Ÿ˜Ž
Nik Ashton said on 24/Jun/20
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 23/Jun/20
Hey Rob!

I don't believe what I've just seen advertised. I saw a gold sequinned face mask with two sexily made-up eyes poking out up top, selling for quite a large number of dollars! Fancy turning a face mask into a fashion accessory; what will they think of next? ๐Ÿ˜ฃ
Editor Rob
I have quite a few masks on the go, Jenny made a bunch of them and since on public transport it's compulsory, we gave a bunch away to friend/family. They are mostly comic related, like star wars, doctor who and the walking dead...although my favourite is a cat one!
Greg said on 23/Jun/20
@Sakz heโ€™s no better than Willes190 and mrfunnyguy the real trolls of celeb heights and canโ€™t forget about Arthur!
Nik Ashton said on 23/Jun/20
@ Sandy Cowell - You are very welcome! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜„
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 23/Jun/20
@ Nik - The 4444th Comment 'up for grabs' sounds extremely comical! If I do it, then so be it, but if I don't, they'll be plenty of others waiting to be filled! Cheers Nik and I wish you and your lovely Mum a great week!
Sandy XX ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ‘ XX ๐Ÿ’
Jack Daniels said on 22/Jun/20
Hey Madhair I 'm practically like you (get up at 179.5 cm and between 177.5 and 178 cm before bed, depending of the work of the day.) We are just on the tall side of average, but no more. My co-workers (womens) thought that I'm 6'1" because of my long legs. It's the first time that a person think I'm 6'1" ! Hi Rob I send some words about Liam Gallagher and his Police Measurement.
Olympian said on 22/Jun/20
@Sandy Cowell

That is quite alright, I understand there will be some delay but Rob's moderation of the comments notwithstanding. The lengthiness of your responses provides me with ample things to remark on and allow me to introduce my topics. I have always preferred discussions of this nature over quick, superficial texting. I, too, must be in the correct mood to continue our correspondence and sometimes this means allowing some time to expire so I can ponder on everything that's been written.

I was taught to pray as well, but they were never lessons I took to heart nor were they ever enforced on me. Perhaps it is a misfortune of my being, but I require something more tangible in order to believe in anything. However, I still ascribe that faith is necessary, even if it's only faith in yourself and your own abilities. I theorize your mother was only spared further punishment due to her German ancestry although prosecution of Germans was not unheard of.

I remember questioning where I came from, but it was always described to me as "being a gift from God". Likewise, I realize that life is often posited as a miracle. Still, a little more explanation in the matter would have been sufficient. I have often read that childbirth and conception could be adequately described as being "when two people love each other". It is still censorship of the real truth but I suppose sparing childhood innocence from the actual chemistry is the wisest course of action.

Self-punishment as a means to guilt trip one's parents is an interesting psychological ploy but it's one I never felt compelled myself to do. The best response, in my humble opinion, is to simply close yourself off from those who prosecute you. Nobody can hurt you if you pretend they don't exist anymore.

Of course, blaming an unborn child for unfortunate circumstances is an irrational thing to do, but I have seen such things play out in movies and on TV. I never understood the reasoning behind it, but people often require a scapegoat to avoid confronting the real culprit, usually, they do so when they know they are at fault.

Moderation is the best standard to take towards anything, including beliefs. I, naturally, detest those who come across as overly zealous and domineering in their world views. These beliefs don't have to be religious, they can also be political. I think people should be able to subscribe to whatever beliefs they desire, but they have no right to infringe beliefs on others. It is my choice, as it is anyone's, what I will believe in. I have seen "Carrie" as well but I did not really take to it very seriously, I thought it was quite nonsensical. Of course, women have tended to be prosecuted since the birth and rise of Christianity and since all women "were" and "are" Eve's descendants, they were surely evil. I still think such reasoning is idiotic. I have a lot of respect for the women I know and I don't treat them as being beneath me simply because I am a man. I have never heard of The Enfield Haunting but it brings to mind The Amityville Haunting which, as you may know, was sensationalized and fabricated to explain DeFeo's psychotic behaviour. There have been other cases of course, such as The Demon Trials, but it's all a bunch of hocus pocus. Still fun to think about, however.

I will get to your newest responses in time, but for now, I require a reprieve.
Sakz said on 22/Jun/20
@Tall In The Saddle Lol your opening paragraph says it all. It's called sarcasm ever heard of it? Yes that's how seriously I'm taking you in case you hadn't noticed. More ironic piggybacking and projection as I expected, which is why I already addressed it prior. Any further deflection from it is just more ignorance on your part.
Tall In The Saddle said on 22/Jun/20
@Public Enemy

Cool. Thanks.

I also wondered if the force of gravity wasn't necessarily equal over the earth's surface.

Apparently, due to the earth not being perfectly spherical or uniformly dense, gravity does in fact vary. Also, gravity is weaker at the equator due to centrifugal forces created by the earth's rotation. They gave the example: if you weighed 100 lbs at the North Pole you would weigh 99.65 lbs at the equator. As far as I've read, in terms of the effect of gravity on height throughout a day, studies haven't found any difference between those living at the equator and those living anywhere else on earth.
Tall In The Saddle said on 22/Jun/20

Sakz said on 20/Jun/20
"@Tall In The Saddle Aww you were on the same page. Lol if you say so!"

Err, yeah, I did say so. It's fact. Wow man, STILL wasting more space pointlessly repeating other posters with a nonsensical placement of a LOL tag to go. I didn't need to advantage myself upon Andrew's reply to me and post a s ing reply between us. A direct, independent poster, UNLIKE yourself.

No, as far as orig. opinion, direct address and fielding replies, Olympian posted independently. You didn't. You were the piggy backer. As to acknowledgement, yeah, your sideline commentary was well understood and agreed with, wasn't it? Now that's a big LOL. And you claim those comments were concurred with? I don't think so. All you could manage was to clarify who and what you were talking about. Well done. And now falsely claiming "back at me" that I have piggy backed on your words. There's that delusional bubble again.

I've already addressed stating that I had moved on. Perfectly rational, correct and NO preclusion to further posting or replies. I already identified your comprehension issues and again, surprise, surprise, you're trying to repeat same back at me, again, with no meat. You literally stated that's all you had to say on the matter. NOW you're actually trying to extricate yourself from your own unequivocal proclamation in ALL hypocrisy and ignorance. Haven't seen you post much of anything else or garnering any particular attention aside from piggy back comments and comments re other posters and their discussions and more recently, only follow up hot air comments to my posts. Nothing to say of any consequence in your own right which is why you played your little piggy back sideline role in the first place, so it's more than laughable and ironic that you would falsely question anyone else's dignity.

Suffice to say, your rating of anyone else's credibility and commentary on their being taken seriously means ZERO.
Nik Ashton said on 22/Jun/20
184guy2 said on 21/Jun/20
@Rob , I measure my armspan facing the wall ( like measuring the height ) , and obtain a better result than back to wall . Any problem in that way ?
Editor Rob
There can be a fraction difference depending on how you hold your arms...I wouldn't worry much about it.

In Scotland I rarely hear arm/wingspans being discussed in conversations.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 21/Jun/20
@ Rob and Nik - Thanks for your good wishes regarding Pixie's safe return. ๐Ÿˆ
Nik Ashton said on 21/Jun/20
@ Sandy Cowell - Congratulations on being the author of the 4141st comment on this page, there is still the 4444th comment still up 4 grabs!
Tall In The Saddle said on 21/Jun/20

You're flattered? LOL. So much so, checking out my comments elsewhere. If ignorance is bliss, then you must be feeling absolutely euphoric. Living in a deluded bubble, firing from the sidelines must feel safe but obviously ego centric and non progressive. Directly addressed, then you're all at sea. Good on you.

I've already proven your hypocrisy and dually applied standards. Now you suggest same of me with no meat and then point to my deliberately using "waffle" back at you, IGNORING your previous use of "same old", among other phrases, "back at" me. It's great you're having fun expressing yourself in ALL hypocrisy, pointing out same is like shooting fish in a barrel.

I didn't state anything to preclude posting further replies, particularly in address and refutation of any further inanities IF you chose to post same. Which you have. Amusing. Swinging like a grinning monkey on a false premise. You couldn't deal with direct address and refutation in the first place. Nothing has changed. Hehe.

Atop that, 29 May 2020 you stated "That's all I have to say on the matter". Already highlighted and of course conveniently ignored because it's yet further evidence of your evasion of the facts and consistently demonstrated hypocrisy.

But hey, you're having "fun". LOLOL.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 20/Jun/20
@ Olympian - ...and finally, Bobby, whether we have faith in a higher power or not, we all need aims, something to look forward to, to help our egos even, to keep ourselves stable and well balanced.

The past few weeks have been an enormous strain on everybody, young and old alike, and it helps if we are keeping ourselves occupied and happy instead of coping in a negative way, for example, drinking and/or smoking too much, over or undereating, lazing about all day or losing patience with those we are living with. Prayers can be a comfort if we've been lucky enough to have been brought up with strong beliefs or discovered them under our own steam, but we still need to feel we have a purpose instead of stagnating indoors all day and becoming unhealthy and losing whatever fitness we had before this horrid outbreak.

We see on our TVs that it's good to keep in contact with family and the people we know and love. Exchanging ideas on how to keep fit and eating healthily is going to make us feel instantly better. If you rely on going out for walks, or going down the gym, the opportunities for which are now limited at best and at worst, expose us to someone with the virus, think about investing in a piece of gymnasium equipment. Many can be bought and paid for in instalments, and that is how I acquired my vibrostation, which I've been too afraid to use since my hip replacement operation because I'm sure that overusing it, and having it on ridiculously high, contributed to my hip crumbling, but I've recently started using it again because lack of exercise is a real downer. I had three ten minute sessions today on the lowest speed and it definitely made for a feeling of elation, almost as good as a walk, minus the fresh air!

A hefty dose of comedy is very uplifting and plenty of fruit and vegetables and low-fat, high-protein food is a great prescription for feeling more alive.

You can still continue studying for your degree, Bobby, at your own pace, and with as many breaks as you fancy - for your video games, films and for getting your project about fictitious movie serial killers off the ground. I think it's a great idea because they aren't real and will give people a means of escapism. Getting into horror films, which were 'X' rated then, and included practically all of them, was a right of passage and would earn you instant respect among your peers! Nowadays, of course, because everything and anything can be played at home, it's a bit object defeatist to rate them with an overly high certificate. It wasn't like that in my day....

Once again Bobby, all the best to you and your family and friends,


Sandy XXX ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘
Nik said on 20/Jun/20
Nik Ashton said on 20/Jun/20
@ Kadeem4376 - Also the internet is full of young people who are taller than older people and celebs are taller than average too! Not only that but a lot of people lie about height (celebs and non celebs) so itโ€™s no wonder the perception of so many people is skewed! Thatโ€™s why someone of my height is seen as diddy (nowt wrong with that) and thatโ€™s why 5โ€™10โ€ or 5โ€™11โ€ is seen as average to many!
Sakz said on 20/Jun/20
@Tall In The Saddle Aww you were on the same page. Lol if you say so! Well me, Sandy and Olympian certainly were as evident by their acknowledgment which you conveniently ignored and brushed aside immediately in your opening line, as that feeds into your blatant twisting and deflection of presented facts to suit your own biased narrative. Ah the same 'sideline' copout how original. A lot to say yet hardly anything of substance. A pity but says a lot. I would say go back and read the comments again for your own benefit but it's clear your brain dictates that you only speak from a limited perspective, so you're beyond help on that front therefore there's nothing else to say. Oh just one thing, I noticed you're piggybacking off of me with the whole projection of 'moving on' (haha so ironic), so I have to call out the double standard there. It was all I had to say on the matter at that point, however your biased narrative and failure to comprehend prompted further detail and discussion (gave you a bit more credibility before that you see).ย  From that point onwards, I just decided to call you out on your hypocritical double standards as I already pointed out.

In addition to that, and this is the main point, I wasn't the one who said, and I quote, "I've moved on man", and then suggested I do the same so nice try attempting to get the last word in ever since once you knew that was to no avail. So how you going to skirt around that? Oh wait you can't. Maybe if you had some dignity and actually acknowledged this rather than piggybacking off of what I said, you'd actually move on. At least then you can be taken seriously and have some credibility in what you say.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 20/Jun/20
@ Olympian - Hi again Bobby! I've just had my break, including 10 minutes on my exercise machine, and I'm back refreshed and raring to go!

Have you seen the Steven Spielberg film 'Poltergeist', directed by Tobe Hooper? I'm not talking about the remake but the original one, from 1982. There are quite a number of interesting statements in that film which coincide with what I've read to be factual. One of them is that 'nothing really dies', but this is not a movie for those seeking solace; it's more a warning to keep away from false leadership. The spirits in this are not at peace because they were corrupted by an evil entity during their lifetimes, who promised them a feeling of belonging. Then, very thoughtlessly, the gravestones of those buried in a burial ground are repositioned and the bodies left there, unbeknownst to their relatives, and a family home built on top of the graves. Do I believe it to be a possibility? Heaven help us if it could be. The corruptive leader shows up in 'Poltergeist II' and the third one and is demonic, and as revolting to look at as your worst nightmare, with almost translucent, inhuman skin, hollow looking eyes and an eerie voice, spurting out what he expects the family to believe is comforting and true but is drawn to the life-force of their little girl. She died in real life while making the third part (child actress Heather O'Rourke), maybe of an allergy to the water, (not sure) at just 12 years of age. Other members, I think a total of 5, of the original cast, passed on shortly after the making of the first Poltergeist film. I saw a programme about mysterious deaths of cast members of this film and 'The Omen', and it was explained in the documentary just how dangerous it is to make films about that sort of thing, and giving away things we aren't supposed to know. The devil gets angry, the narrator said. My Mum said that we aren't meant to know about what happens after we die, let alone frivolously take up the black 'arts'. She knew that doing the cards, as she did, was dabbling into the unknown, but after telling her Mum for weeks in advance that she was going to get wounded in the War and then when the day came, saying to her Mum, 'It's today', I think the interest and attraction proved too tempting for her. Her own Mum did it, after all, and held sรฉances, one of which she witnessed when she hid behind a chair as a child.

It says in the Bible about how the angel Lucifer, meaning 'Bringer of Light', and God's most beautiful angel, physically speaking, was too greedy and wanted more power and more everything and he, along with the angels who were like-minded, were cast out of Heaven and that's when their beauty was taken from them and they became demons. Innocent goats were actually sacrificed because of their resemblance to Satan, who has horns and cloven hooves. Messing about with this stuff is perilous in the extreme, and one man who knew that was Dennis Wheatley. That is why his books based on his own research, came with safety amulets. I think the Christopher Lee part from 'The Devil Rides Out' is semi autobiographical of Wheatley. The film is on tonight at 2.35 in the morning, a far more appropriate time than I've known it to be shown, which was in the middle of the day. This is my favourite part that Christopher Lee plays, because he plays a 'goodie', and the whole film warns people NOT to even think about messing with dangerous things. I'm all in favour of that. The book itself was written in the 30s. The other terrifying film based on a Wheatley book, in which good prevails, is 'To The Devil...A Daughter'. Christopher Lee is as scary as hell in that and it's Richard Widmark who, like Lee in the earlier film, has studied all about witchcraft, so he knows what he's talking about. I think Widmark, this time round, plays the Dennis Wheatley 'representative'.

It's not totally out of the ordinary to wonder what makes a person out-and-out evil and go on a killing spree. There's a film called 'Kalifornia', which stars David Duchovy as Brian, a man who is studying such people, and even goes on a 'tour' to the sites where murders have taken place, accompanied by his girlfriend. He even feels that they need help and understanding rather than the death penalty. Then the couple meet psychopath Early Grace, played by Brad Pitt, and his innocent girlfriend, Adele, played by a childlike Juliette Lewis, and take them along because they need financial help to fund their tour. The film, thankfully, has funny bits, but is also extremely violent. Unlike Michael Myers from 'Halloween' and Jason Vourhees from the 'Friday the 13th' franchise, the former of whom represents the Boogie Man himself and the latter of whom is the son of a loose cannon of a mother, Brad Pitt plays a sociopathic psycho killer. I don't think that David Duchovy has much sympathy with killers after he and his girlfriend (Michelle Forbes from 'Star Trek') battle for their lives against him. ๐Ÿ˜ฃ

I'm sure a project such as you describe will attract horror film fans worldwide, Bobby - but do be careful!

Conclusion to follow....

Have a great weekend, Bobby,

All the very best!

Sandy XXX ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ‘
Public Enemy said on 20/Jun/20
@Tall In The Saddle
Nice points on morning height which I agree with after I go for a doctors appointment.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 20/Jun/20
@ Olympian - Hi Bobby! It's been a whole week since you wrote to me so please accept my sincerest apologies for the delay in replying. I take my replies to you very seriously, and I cannot write them in a stressful situation. Ideally, I have to be alone in the house and in an atmosphere of complete tranquility, or I fear I might come out with a garbled response. I have read through your comment and taken notes as to what I feel I can embroider upon, and there is plenty!

I, too, as you know, was brought up with faith, and as I came from a one parent family, I saw how much my Mum depended on hers. She had come to England in 1948 after the War, having just lost her firstborn son. She went on to miscarry four times and then, nearly eleven years later, my brother was born. Then I came along when my brother was just over two years old. My Mum experienced a great deal of hostility from a few people for being German. One was a neighbour, who called her a 'bloody Nazi', having no idea what she'd been through in the War, standing her ground to an SS Officer and long before then, refusing to join the Hitler Youth, and getting beaten up for it. I saw that something was keeping her afloat, and that was her faith. We were taught to pray when we were tiny, and it became second nature to me. I didn't even have to pray out loud because I knew instinctively that God is omnipresent.

I started questioning where I came from at three - not out loud, but to myself. Obviously, I talked about it to my Mum, who said "You grew in Mummy's tummy."

That didn't quite suffice; I wanted to know more than that, and I knew that I'd only find the answers within myself, and a higher power, if you like. I developed ways and means of sidetracking my curiosity, and one of those things was my love for animals, and how they could be content with just being themselves. My Mum was much harsher on me than my brother, thinking that he suffered more as a result of the marriage break-up, so I was penalised for nearly all our childish pranks. As a result, at there years of age, I started starving myself. It was the one way I could get my mother's attention and small kids equate attention with love. When 'Playschool' came on TV, at around four o'clock, I felt I'd achieved something if I hadn't eaten all day. I rapidly lost weight and enjoyed the feeling of being hungry. It helped me think more and diverted my Mum's attention away from my brother, who was actually an Asperger's sufferer, but little was known about it those days.

Subconsciously, I think she blamed me for the marriage break-up, because she was pregnant with me when my Dad found someone else. I've heard, and understand, both of my parents' side of the story now. My Mum was clever, older and superior, and must have belittled my Dad, throwing in his face that she earnt more money - in the 50s, before I came along - and that must have been dreadful and humiliating for him. It's not surprising he had to leave and go and prove himself, which he did with his new wife and family, coming third in the Businessman of the Year awards and having dinner with Margaret Thatcher and the other four winners.

Having faith is all very well, but you're so right in philosophising that one needs something to believe in - to strive for and with which to gain inner contentment.

Being overly religious can indeed be dangerous, as is demonstrated in the Stephen King novel 'Carrie', based on his first book by the same name. It was the New Year of 1977 and my class had just finished mock 'O' levels in the December of '76. Practically all of the youngsters in my class were reading the book, including me. I think we felt we needed a break from our studies, and Stephen King was a writer we nearly all took to. Many of the kids saw it together at the Bromley Odeon, not wanting to take me because I looked too much like an undeveloped kid - which I was! However, I saw the film three days after I turned 16, which was the first time I'd been admitted to the Odeon, which was VERY strict about letting youngsters in. I loved the film and being artificially scared witless, but I wasn't keen on the story of how a young girl could get persecuted by her religious freak of a mother for becoming a woman. If you see 'Carrie II' - not written by Stephen King, more's the pity - you see that Carrie has inherited her psychokinetic powers from her father's side, because she has a half-sister who also has the destructive 'gift'. I doubt that it was King's intention though. I've read that for those with these powers, reaching puberty triggers them off. Have you heard of The Enfield Haunting, Bobby? I remember reading about this in the newspapers when I was 12, in 1973. One of the 'Conjuring' movies is based on this true story and there is a serialisation, starring Timothy Spall, all about it, and both these dramas are well worth checking out.

I'm going to have a little break now and I'll be right back after I've been to the loo.... ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿšฝ๐Ÿต
Nik Ashton said on 20/Jun/20
Edouard said on 20/Jun/20
@madhair: in your case I think that claiming 178 is not accurate at 100 % (that is your evening height basically). You are more 178.7 (It's a middle value between your morning and before bed height) , so you can say "I'm almost 179 cm", in fact you wake up above 179 cm (179,7), and you go to 177.7-177.8 only if you work out, but if for example you don't train even before bed you are 178 cm.
Canson said on 19/Jun/20
@Jdubbz: at times I wish there were no variance or at least very little. Like 1/4โ€ between the two. It would be cool if we could pick any height within that range so say if you woke up at 6โ€™0.75 you could choose between 6โ€™0โ€ flat afternoon that you would likely dip down to and 6โ€™0.75โ€, which I feel most people would select. Of course in my case, going off my actual range of 6โ€™5/6โ€™4.25, I would go with 6โ€™4.25 or 6โ€™4.25-.5 range which would give me my 194cm flat. What would you choose?
Canson said on 19/Jun/20
Edouard said on 19/Jun/20
@Canson: yes you're right, height has nothing to do with modesty, height is only a factual thing. But what I wanted to mean is that in my opnion claiming a number that is right in the middle (for example 178 is in the middle between an out of bed 179 cm height and a before bed 177 cm) is perfectly reasonable. However, if you don't believe so and you think that the fairest choice would be to claim before bed height I fully respect your opinion, even if I don't agree with.

I donโ€™t think there is anything about being fair involved. You can claim how you feel. I try to stay away from fair and modest in those terms because you do measure it. Fair would mean that itโ€™s adequate if anything not that someone is deserving of something. I would say how someone would look is more like it. And you would look between 177-178 to many
madhair said on 19/Jun/20
Canson said on 19/Jun/20
Yes in the metrical system I'm closer to 178 but I'm a 5'10.25 guy 5'10.25 = 178.4
Nik Ashton said on 19/Jun/20
@ Sandy Cowell - I am so glad that little Pixie turned up, itโ€™s great that he was purring โ€˜n all! It must have been an amazing kerfuffle as he was rolling up and it will have been a dream come true for you and Christopher when he came running in!
Canson said on 19/Jun/20
madhair said on 18/Jun/20
Not exactly the same. I'm 178.1 before dinner and just before bed I'm usually 177.9 but If I've been in the gym I can go down to 177.7 before bed. Yes I'm a solid 178 guy but I could claim 5'10.25 so I'm 178.3 at lunch. I actually claim 5'10.25 and 179 can be good too. 178 is my lowest claim. In the past I've been measured 179 and yes it was like at 9 am at the doctors.

Mine only varies after dinner if I am on my feet for long stretches of time. Thatโ€™s like going out to the bar or doing something very strenuous. Otherwise Iโ€™m always still the same as I am in the afternoon. In that case, 178 would be my claim
Edouard said on 19/Jun/20
@Canson: yes you're right, height has nothing to do with modesty, height is only a factual thing. But what I wanted to mean is that in my opnion claiming a number that is right in the middle (for example 178 is in the middle between an out of bed 179 cm height and a before bed 177 cm) is perfectly reasonable. However, if you don't believe so and you think that the fairest choice would be to claim before bed height I fully respect your opinion, even if I don't agree with.
madhair said on 18/Jun/20
Not exactly the same. I'm 178.1 before dinner and just before bed I'm usually 177.9 but If I've been in the gym I can go down to 177.7 before bed. Yes I'm a solid 178 guy but I could claim 5'10.25 so I'm 178.3 at lunch. I actually claim 5'10.25 and 179 can be good too. 178 is my lowest claim. In the past I've been measured 179 and yes it was like at 9 am at the doctors.
Sakz said on 18/Jun/20
@Tall In The Saddle Hahaha so not compelled to respond by your own admission, yet continue to do so anyway just to look superior for personal insecurities I would bet. Aww but I am flattered though. How can I not be when you're not only taking the time to respond and reference my posts, but now even using the same words such as waffle!? Blah blah just clutching at straws drivel again only now ironically resorting to projecting the word hypocrite, just when you know you've already been exposed as that by responding. LOL.

@Greg I see. Just further illustrates what I've been saying and he understandably wasn't given the time of day over there. At this point I'm just having fun calling him out on his hypocritical double standards, since I already said what I needed to in regards to the initial point of debate.
madhair said on 18/Jun/20
Canson said on 16/Jun/20
I'm curious on your height. If you could change your height how tall you'd like? I mean 194 cm is very tall but have you ever felt uncomfortable being 194? Would you like 190 better. This is just an hipotetyc question.
Tall In The Saddle said on 18/Jun/20

You, involved? LOL. Hardly.

Piggybacked on one side to be exact and commented indirectly/negatively re those actually involved on the other side. You went in deep as a typical sideliner is prepared to go. Nothing to do with avoiding controversy. Absolute rubbish. When you post falsely as you did, of course one is naturally inclined to refute. Andrew and I didn't have to respond to or acknowledge one another and YOU certainly were not paid any heed by either of us until your own pointless comments re us. LOL. Clearly Andrew and I were on the same page BUT we opined in our own right and weren't playing like "sideliners" commenting on others indirectly.

Your poor comprehension or deliberate ignorance is problematic. Repeat. I only ref. the prior moniker in relation to comments under same. You're the ONLY who kept waxing on about ref. to the name change "inventing" a non existent issue. When Andrew made comment re the name change, did I respond or go into "sideline" mode?. LOL. Not at all. Certainly not like you.

I've qualified how I have literally moved on but obviously that didn't forfeit due reply to stupid follow up comments. So, for you, did that mean getting in your own "last word" with more falsehoods and then another "last word" after that, reverting to your all so typical "sideliner" commentary mode? You've actually proven me correct, resorting to your favoured posting M.O. Quite a deluded narrative you're creating for yourself. I addressed YOU and YOUR comments and you've been popping out of gear ever since and notably still responding to my posts you've falsely labelled as "meaningless".

You commented re me indirectly. I responded to same directly. Sounds pretty even. Might've ended there but obviously too much for you to handle being critiqued in kind and, god forbid, directly so. Cleary not your style. You haven't been proven "right" at all. Like I said, among other things, several posts prior you said that's all you had to say. Really? Not so clever and quite the hypocrite, looking more and more silly by, your own standard (dually applied, yet again), with each and every follow up post. LOL.


Tough guy? Big shot? These sorts? Another peripheral commentator with no idea. They tend to attract one another. Great. There was no shutdown and I've acknowledged and corresponded with Canson since and Olympian too and my direct interactions with them have nothing to do with sideliners like you or Sakz and I certainly have a lot more respect for the former pair than you two.

Now it's just you and Sakz together, nattering pointless nothings between you re other parties and discussions you weren't involved in. The least compelling and most annoying type posters.
Nik Ashton said on 17/Jun/20
@ madhair - How old are you?
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 17/Jun/20
Hey Rob, Jenny and all of you!

I have some great news. My little ginger tomcat, Pixie, has just turned up after being missing for over two days, despite the stormy weather. It isn't like him and I felt sick with worry. I dreamt of him before I called him and even in my dream, it felt too good to be true. It's been very noisy round here of late, with drilling going on next door, but even so, the little chap always comes when it's raining.

Well, when I woke up, I went to the kitchen and put the kettle on. Then I opened the door and called him and there was a huge kerfuffle and then Pixie came running and miaowing! He was soaking wet and starving, so I dried him with kitchen roll and he had a massive feed and now he's drying by the heater and purring.

It certainly put things into perspective as to what's important, and he's a member of my family! ๐Ÿˆ๐Ÿ’•
Editor Rob
That's good to hear Pixie is safe!
Kadeem4376 said on 17/Jun/20
Hey Rob do you think certain people particularly above average men have selective height bias where they only register people taller than them and disregard the majority that are shorter.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 17/Jun/20
@ Keith 5'10" - You're very welcome! Just stating facts, of course....

@ Olympian - I'll reply very soon. It's always great to hear from you, and all too often triggers a new curiosity in something you chat about! Cheers Bobby!
Sakz said on 16/Jun/20
@Tall In The Saddle Thanks for proving me right with yet another post! So they're 'non replies' AND 'false' yet you keep taking the time to respond to them. LOL thanks for that. Anyway for your information, I was actually involved in the discussion at one point with Olympian as evident by my posts to him which both he and Sandy acknowledged. I just didn't go deep into it because I felt it could be too controversial on a site like this, which is why it didn't carry over into your end of it. Just thought I would quell that argument since it seems to be your fall back despite being inaccurate.

Furthermore, it's funny you mention Andrew and being an active participant in the discussion because he never even acknowledged or responded to you, apart from when you mentioned something as trivial as Bobby's name change to feed into your pc arguments (which he also called you out on). Olympian then even responded to you with 'whatever' in the end because I imagine he was sick of your constant meaningless follow ups just as displayed here. Anyway, keep making yourself look sillier with more responses to my 'false non replies' despite claiming to have moved on. You're just proving me right!
Canson said on 16/Jun/20
@Jdubbz: Iโ€™m thinking more an hour out of bed or less. For me 2 hours is only 1/4โ€ above my afternoon. I could claim 6โ€™4.5 without issue at that stage but I go with 6โ€™4โ€ since Iโ€™m 6โ€™4.25 afternoon height. The older Iโ€™ve gotten the more content Iโ€™ve become with just being 6โ€™4 as opposed to 6โ€™4.5
Canson said on 16/Jun/20
madhair said on 15/Jun/20
Canson said on 14/Jun/20
Nope. Height before bed is not the same as your evening or dinner height. Since we wake we are losing height progressively throughout the day. Of course we lose like 80% the first hour. My case:
I start the day at 179.7 cm and 2 hours later I'm 178.5, At lunch I'm 178.3, just before dinner 178.1 cm but If I go to the gym before dinner I'm around 177.9. Before bed I'm somehwere 177.7- 177-9 cm
I'm a solid 178 guy

Your height before bed is the same as your afternoon or evening height provided no extra activity. I mentioned that last nugget because you can go up if you lay around. You are definitely good claiming 178 because you would be 178 after 5 hours. I donโ€™t use metric but I would claim 194 more than likely. Iโ€™m a solid 194 at lunch and about 193.7 or 193.8 in the afternoon. I stay the same even right before bed
Greg said on 16/Jun/20
@Sakz Yep, if you go over to the Jon Lithgow height page and see some of the exchanges between him and Canson you can see he tries to act all tough like a big shot or something for no reason. But he gets shut down quickly. Unfortunately sometimes celeb heights attracts these sorts of people though.
Greg said on 16/Jun/20
@Rob yeah he looks around my range I think proportionally too. I would say above average maybe, he stated in an in person meeting that No girls going to reject you over a few cm. He gave this example โ€œ if youโ€™re 183 now youโ€™re 188 if youโ€™re 178 youโ€™re 183, if youโ€™re 174 now youโ€™re 178โ€ his exact words where no girls going to whip out a tape measure and go oh youโ€™re a cm shorter no BJโ€ or something like that but I agree lying isnโ€™t recommended. Thatโ€™s why I donโ€™t trust his claim in his bio he listed himself as 6โ€™0 but admitted to being 178-179 LOL,
Greg said on 16/Jun/20
@Progking you could even get tall comments at 178-179 depending on your proportions. At 180+ you would too, I think it just depends on the scenario and your footwear and stuff.
Nik said on 16/Jun/20
Tall In The Saddle said on 16/Jun/20
Re Doctors opting for morning measurement. I would guess that it represents the most reliable and consistently uniform measurement after full decompression, your max. height/length before gravity pushes you down, the rate of which being influenced by variations in daily activities, including time simply being on your feet. For Doctors to properly identify permanent height loss, be it via normal aging or possible health issues, it makes sense that from a medical perspective at least, for their intents and purposes, morning height represents true height.
Tall In The Saddle said on 16/Jun/20

Using the word "conveniently" AGAIN as if it means anything. Now "desperation"? Pointless rhetoric.

Obviously, my "moving on", as qualified in my previous post, had nothing to do with your comments. Atop all else, don't flatter yourself falsely also. LOL.

Why would anyone else have an issue aside from those you referenced in what was ONLY your issue out of the side of your mouth in the first place? Most issues are confined to posters who, go figure, actually address one another directly but then there are the random sideline chimers like yourself who blow hot air.

I certainly don't appear silly which is clearly a non sensical false value your placing in order to preclude due right of reply (actual, on point reply, that is).

As far as you were aware, as at your last post, I had not replied so you were the LAST WORD on the subject and then posted AGAIN re myself and the subject to be the LAST WORD again, reverting back to type with the same old, indirect and lame sideline commentary. Taking the back door entry yet again with your last post while suggesting that it would be "quite silly" someone else to post again.

So I'm a last word freak YET it was YOU who posted back to back LAST WORDS re me and the subject. Nice going. A last word freak yourself and hypocrite to boot.

I didn't address or indirectly refer to you at all, let alone critically in the first instance as you did me several times, so, until my address of same, you were happy enough to be the first and last critical word re a discussion you didn't actually directly participate in with said posters.

I posted a simple and due response to your lame sideline critiques. With my response, what became instantly obvious is that YOU, as a sideline commentator, don't cope well with due critique of yourself and you moved off the factual points from the get go.

YOU actually stated in a post, several posts back, that it was ALL you had to say on the matter. So, by your own definition, you must view yourself as appearing increasingly quite silly with each and every post thereafter. Again, another illustration of your hypocrisy and dual standards. This is one of those points where you would suggest you stopped reading in blatant evasion of solid counter facts. Wow.

As to the stupid claims of point scoring and measuring contests, they're simply the usual dismissive go to(s) for those who find themselves on the short end of a disagreement they were happy to indulge UNTIL they're soundly refuted then it's cop out time.

I see yet AGAIN the ref. to this site being about height after all. Another deflective go to when positions are proven incorrect. Read your own non-height related comments which were clearly not an issue for you. Just more hypocrisy...

If you hadn't "bothered" to comment on me (and several times at that), I wouldn't have addressed you in the first place. Forget the bait and switch. While I do read everything, your posts otherwise weren't compelling and didn't interest me at all. If you were bothered at all, you should've thrown down and directly addressed those you were speaking of. But of course, that would require more fact based rationale than one way, sideline waffle.


Nice drop in, third person commentary. A man after Sakz's heart, obviously. LOL. Another poster whose comments have not compelled me to either address or ref. them YET they need to ref. me. LOL. So you suppose to instruct Sakz on who he should and shouldn't correspond with, like he can't think or speak for himself. That says a lot at both ends.

Stupid judgement call also but typically in line with the mentality of those prone to making sweeping and false sideline calls in the first place.
Jdubbz said on 15/Jun/20

Idk man I'm getting the point where I don't really mind morning height claims anymore. I'd never do it because I feel no need, but if someone were to claim a height that they'd measure like an hour or two out of bed, I wouldn't have any issues with it. Out of bed height or especially out of bed + shoes is where it becomes too much for me. When you say morning height are you referring to the straight out of bed height, or more a 1-2 hour out of bed height?
madhair said on 15/Jun/20
Canson said on 14/Jun/20
Nope. Height before bed is not the same as your evening or dinner height. Since we wake we are losing height progressively throughout the day. Of course we lose like 80% the first hour. My case:
I start the day at 179.7 cm and 2 hours later I'm 178.5, At lunch I'm 178.3, just before dinner 178.1 cm but If I go to the gym before dinner I'm around 177.9. Before bed I'm somehwere 177.7- 177-9 cm
I'm a solid 178 guy
Nik Ashton said on 15/Jun/20
Tall In The Saddle said on 15/Jun/20
Greg said on 13/Jun/20
@Sakz I wouldnโ€™t bother with him judging by a few comments that Iโ€™ve seen him exchanging between him and a few other posters itโ€™s like heโ€™s always trying to one up someone. Last time I checked this was celeb heights not a PP measuring contest.

@Greg, who are you referring to?
Sakz said on 15/Jun/20
@Greg I got the same impression right away. Either that or trying to get in the last word to be smart which just ends up looking like desperation to me, especially when I've already summarised and explained. He conveniently claimed to have moved on right after I told him nobody was making an issue of it aside from him, so he would look quite silly bringing it up again.
Mark Allan said on 15/Jun/20
Rob, I never knew Luxembourg had an average male height of 5โ€™11 that surprises me I found videos of different average heights in each country
Blanc said on 14/Jun/20
What would you personally say are the ethics and reasons not to lie about height if you probably won't be called out? Or is it just the virtue of honesty. It's just a little white lie
Editor Rob
The little lies can be easy and the more of them you tell, the easier the habit becomes. It could lead to a pattern in which those bigger lies also come far easier.
Blanc said on 14/Jun/20
Can you fit a lift inside the Hogan Interactive and how big? Can I pull off looking 5ft 8 with them from 5ft 6?

Also could you link a good source that ships to India thanks
Editor Rob
You can fit a small lift that gives another 1cm, so it takes you to 2.5 inches, but I feel it's not as comfortable...much better just using Interactive without any additional lift. I'm not really sure about which companies might ship to India. It might be best to look at Ebay even for second-hand that do ship.
Tall In The Saddle said on 14/Jun/20

Who else commented negatively and falsely from the sidelines re Andrew and myself, who, unlike yourself, were active participants in the discussion, making and responding to all points? Don't kid yourself. Also, you can ignore the obvious quotation marks around the prefix NON and the figure of speech employed. Your "follow up" posts addressed to me confess to limited reading capacity and do not converge with the counter points made. They're not worthy of being called replies. I already moved on in terms of posting on several other subjects and on other threads. So if you think that's great, then good or should I say, "Whatever". Unless I read another false follow up post then I won't feel inclined to post an ACTUAL dissection and refutation of same. Simple enough.
Canson said on 14/Jun/20
@Madhair: your height before bed is the same as it is during the day when people see you. Itโ€™s the morning heights that arenโ€™t the same
Nik Ashton said on 14/Jun/20
@ madhair - I like your name!
Keith 5'10 said on 14/Jun/20
@Sandy Thanks a lot! :)

@Christian 6'5 3/8" I agree tho. My family tells me that I'm more like my uncles than my parents. My uncles are around 5'9", maybe a bit more.

"P.S. Forgive the lateness of my reply."
Greg said on 13/Jun/20
@Jano Yeah but you do realize that listings here and regular claims will vary. Thatโ€™s if you go to a doctors and the stadiometer is calibrated properly then you have a noon measurement. Now sometimes the doctors can be off a little or they donโ€™t tell you to take off your shoes because you donโ€™t know any better plus they seem to not care. Also I think at an at home measurement with Robs method or something is the best way to do it. On a flat surface of course again most people donโ€™t realize height changes throughout the day. So I think if some people measure themselves early in the day and round up or go with that I donโ€™t see a big deal. Because you wonโ€™t have people measuring themselves right before bed usually.
Greg said on 13/Jun/20
@Sakz I wouldnโ€™t bother with him judging by a few comments that Iโ€™ve seen him exchanging between him and a few other posters itโ€™s like heโ€™s always trying to one up someone. Last time I checked this was celeb heights not a PP measuring contest.
Greg said on 13/Jun/20
@Canson It was Arthur and Andrea with the exception of a few others who occasionally chimes in but they where the worst with their antics. I donโ€™t blame Bobby for constantly discussing his height because people kept challenging him and telling him heโ€™s 5โ€™9.5 or something like that if thatโ€™s an extreme low for him. Now I think we shouldnโ€™t go based off of extreme lows or petty remarks trying to downgrade people. Arthur just doesnโ€™t seem to care about CH that much seeing he comes back to post once or twice than polite fizzles out and doesnโ€™t bother to go back on. Andrea I occasionally see post but they are always ready for trouble in my opinion. Arthur also lies about his height based on how he acts and says he always feels barely average or on the shorter side in hindsight he isnโ€™t better than someone like Ice or French/Funny Guy. They all are annoying and should really not be allowed to visit this website.
Greg said on 13/Jun/20
@Olympian @Canson Canโ€™t say myself that I thought I was taller by a whole lot. I used to think I lost only a half inch because I didnโ€™t measure correctly and now I realize that 5โ€™10.5 was an afternoon height for me with some exceptions of a bit over but 5โ€™10.3-5โ€™10.4โ€ being a general low for and 5โ€™10 3/8ths seems like an extreme low. But Iโ€™ve seen tons of guys shorter than me claim 5โ€™11-6โ€™0 and one guy even thought he was 5โ€™11 but he might be 6โ€™0 now as I comfortably edged him so goes to show if we all try to estimate our height based on other people we will skew numbers in reality.
Greg said on 13/Jun/20
Hey Rob how tall do you think this guy looks? Click Here He is a dating coach PWF on YouTube. Heโ€™s claimed 6โ€™0 and 5โ€™11 but he admitted to being 178-179cm advising guys to exaggerate their height by a few cms. I donโ€™t trust his claim I think he was being more honest when he said 5โ€™10-5โ€™10.5 Iโ€™m guessing 5โ€™11 would be a morning height for him. And 6โ€™0 a morning height in shoes or something.
Editor Rob
I don't recommend exaggerating height. He could look over 5ft 10
Canson said on 13/Jun/20
madhair said on 13/Jun/20
Canson said on 12/Jun/20
He is not 177 during the day just before bed. That's the reason he finds too modest claiming your lowest height when you really are taller earlier hours and when people see you more during the day...
Edouard said on 11/Jun/20
Based on this website you are a 177 guy which I'm not agree on this. You are a 178 guy without doubt. Actually tests and checks are usually done at morning. If you were a pro athlete you would be described and listed as 179 cm.

But he isnโ€™t a pro athlete. And what does modest have to do with height?
Olympian said on 13/Jun/20
@Sandy Cowell

I was brought up to be religious myself, but I would define myself as being more philosophical and rarely as spiritual. Nothing beyond that, however, as I recall proof to be convinced of anything's existence. I have experimented with prayers and have concluded that God is either apathetic to my concerns or doesn't exist. Still, I've never been much of a believer, so maybe it requires a bit of blind faith. I do not necessarily believe faith is a terrible thing to have, even Victor Hugo recognized that faith was a necessity to human beings. Faith in nothing is bad for one's mental health if you ask me. It doesn't have to be religious faith, it can be faith in yourself or faith in a higher commitment such as humanitarian pursuits.

That personal and embarrassing issue reminds me of Stephen King's "Carrie" in that Carrie is led to believe that her menstruations are a product of sin (her blood) and she will be punished by God. Of course, her mother was a religious fanatic not unlike a Jehovah's Witness or a Mormon. By some strange chance of fate, she develops psychokinesis (often called telekinesis) after being humiliated at her prom. She then goes on a killing spree and eliminates everyone that has never been unkind and/or cruel to her.

I took a passive interest in the paranormal as a teenager and even dabbled in an inclined philosophical manner regarding the potential existence of apparitions and the afterlife. Of course, these thought experiments merely provided me with recreational recourse and that's all. Naturally, I think it's at least probable that an apparition could theoretically exist in a quantum state. That is to say, if your consciousness could survive your physical death, you would become a spirit. It never occurred to me then, but the paranormal goes hand in hand with mind-body dualism. A secular way of expressing the invisible soul and the physical body. Ideas like these are centuries' old and date back to Socratic thought.

I have never heard of Dennis Wheatley, but I may check him out one day to see what he has written. I was in the process of reading the novelizations of the Halloween series and had plans to read through novelizations for Friday the 13th. I've also been tinkering around with an idea to start a blog series on horror slasher character studies. I was fleshing out the blog around two months ago, but I haven't launched the site yet. The scariest supernatural program I have seen was "A Haunting", there were a few episodes that got scared me good. I'm not caught up with the show though, but the narrator is probably the scariest part of the show. He's very good.

Ah, yes, I could never quite understand why Satan was associated with goats. I reckon it was due to the animal sacrifices (even humans) of the Pagans.

Of course, as always, I believe that if an experience can be replicated then there is a higher rate of believability and stability. For example, "facts" are merely opinions that have endured the test of scientific scrutiny and continue to do so. A fact which becomes out of date ceases to be credible and once more becomes a subjective reality. Another example I can think of is "Thursdayism" which is a belief posited by those who believe that the universe and everything in it were created last Thursday. Such a view is difficult to discredit simply because they can argue, "How can you prove otherwise?" The existence of aliens is a theory I am more willing to accept because the universe is infinitely expanding (in laymen's terms, it's infinitely large although not quite the same exact thing) so one can argue that there is a solar system with intelligent life, somewhere. Of course, such a theory is science fiction right now.

Thank you, Sandy. I'll do my best, they're saying the next semester for Fall/Winter 2020-2021 will be virtual, so I won't have to come to campus.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Sandy. ๐Ÿ˜Š
Olympian said on 13/Jun/20

I mean, that's what I claim anyway (178) since that is the mathematical average of my two extreme measurements (179 and 177). Realistically, my measured average would be 177.5/5'9 7/8s which is the same as a textbook 5'10.
James B 172cm said on 13/Jun/20
rob i think it was former poster vibram who said on yahoo answers that being a short guy with an athletic physique is the equivilant of being a fat girl....
Editor Rob

Imagine people had to put their face to everything they typed online...they might think twice.

Internet Anonymity can bring out the worst in people.
jano said on 13/Jun/20
Madhair in this site he would probrably be listed 177.5, however 178 i think also is his proper height, but anyway who cares about 0.5 cm?
jano said on 13/Jun/20
I have a little bit O type legs probably thats a reason for it, because when i put them together i can straighten them out a little bit more.
Editor Rob
Narrower hips vs wider hips could be a reason for a couple more mm difference in some people.
Realist said on 13/Jun/20
You are about 174 out of bed anyways Rob I wanted to know if you could add rapper Lupe Fiasco I think he is 5'9.5 at least and claims 5'10 so he's somewhere in that range.
madhair said on 13/Jun/20
Canson said on 12/Jun/20
He is not 177 during the day just before bed. That's the reason he finds too modest claiming your lowest height when you really are taller earlier hours and when people see you more during the day...
Edouard said on 11/Jun/20
Based on this website you are a 177 guy which I'm not agree on this. You are a 178 guy without doubt. Actually tests and checks are usually done at morning. If you were a pro athlete you would be described and listed as 179 cm.
Canson said on 12/Jun/20
Edouard said on 11/Jun/20
It's too modest to claim your lowest height. I'd like to know Rob's opinion.

What does too modest mean? The question is how tall are you? Itโ€™s nothing to do with modesty
jano said on 12/Jun/20
I tried to measure myself with feets together and apart many time, and there was an avarage 3-4 mm difference between the two measurments, is it sure you checked that properly Rob?
Editor Rob
You could get a slight difference, although personally for me it's Negligible.
Progking said on 12/Jun/20
I think 183 cm in the afternoon is the start of tall, 181-182 is tallish but you still could get some tall comments
Sakz said on 12/Jun/20
@Jack Daniels It's all subjective. Scientifically speaking doctors consider morning height to be your 'real height' and I understand the logic behind it as you touched on. However, when you throw in the question of what to claim that's where you'll get differing opinions, which in turn creates the debate of what is your 'real height'.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 12/Jun/20
So did I. I used to believe that I was a legit 6'6", up until around 5 or so years ago. Even when I was a newcomer on CH, I still often claimed it, until I eventually stopped it completely.

@Jack Daniels
But the problem is that we live on earth, not in outer space. If we base our age (which is the amount of times the earth revolves around the sun) and the dates of the calendar on the earth, then we should base our heights on the earth's gravity as well. Can't conveniently pick and choose when it suits us.

To some people's credit though, not everyone who prefers a morning height wants to make themselves taller. Matter of fact, when I first commented here, I prefered the morning over the evening as well, but I've never wanted or felt the need to inflate myself. Morning claims are impractical at best, and dishonest at worst. But I wouldn't go as far to say that it's invalid, unlike a shoe claim.
jano said on 12/Jun/20
Rob's point is, that when one is measured at the doctor it is usually already at lunch time which makes sense. Although there are some people here who claim for example that Cavill is just 183 cm because he raches it at evening, that's the part i can not understand too why would you consider evening height (Rob does this for his own height but not for the other listed heights here, those are mid afternoon heights i think, basically 1- 1.5 cm lower then out of bed height). If for example you are 185 cm at the morning and 183 cm evening, then 183.5 รฉs 184 are the possible good claims i think. It depends on how much you shrink until lunch time-mid afternoon. Some folks with better posture holds pretty well until late afternoon and shrink just a cm, other folks go down to near their low pretty fast.
Mark Allan said on 11/Jun/20
Rob, You know how you made the video about height obsession a few years ago the one where you answer the phone and say Hi 5โ€™8 Rob here etc well I was thinking next time my phone rings for a laugh Iโ€™ll pick it up and say Hi 6โ€™0 Mark here no I havenโ€™t been in an accident but can I ask you a question how tall do you think Vin Diesel is haha
Editor Rob
One thing during lockdown was the lack of spam phone calls!
Edouard said on 11/Jun/20
@Olympian. No, not at all. I mean, It's true that claiming out of bed height maybe It's not accurate because no one sees you after you have waken up. It's more reasonable claiming a middle height between out of bed height and before bed height, It's too modest to claim your lowest height. I'd like to know Rob's opinion. For example, If I am 179 cm out of bed and 177 cm before bed I'd claim not 179 nor 177 but 178 and I think It's perfectly fair.
Edouard said on 11/Jun/20
No Rob, you are too modest in your claim. You are 174 cm, not 173 cm, because at your worst you are 173.4 cm, but you have always taught us that true height is that measured 4 hours after you have waken up, so you are 174 cm not 173 cm, and you are a real 174 cm (not as people who claim 178 cm and are 174 cm), so you have an average height, but you have some advantages such as good looking, very good blue eyes and good proportions so that you appear taller than you are.
Nik Ashton said on 11/Jun/20
Jack Daniels said on 10/Jun/20
Who said that we all must say our evening heights (to be the truth) ? I don't understand that. Why we must downgrading our height ? It's cause of the gravity ! Our real heights should be right off the bed. Dont forget the astronauts are taller by a few cm, when they come back on earth. It'only cause of the earth's gravity. I know that you probably disagree with me but I defend my theory. Jack.
Mark Allan said on 10/Jun/20
Rob, Do you think 181 to 183cm is start of tall territory for a male in the U.K. and US?
Editor Rob
once you get near 182cm, it is entering a range in which you will feel and be described as tall, albeit not as often as if you were over 183cm though.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 10/Jun/20
@ Olympian - Hi Bobby! I genuinely used to think I was around one-and-a-half inches taller than my actual peak height, so you're not the only one. I wonder if there are people out there who think they're smaller than their height? Imagine the nice surprise if someone found out that he or she was taller, and it was all the difference that was needed to acquire a much sought after job position? That would be such wonderful news and music to the ears!

When I was a youngster, there were loads of careers which were height dependent. It isn't quite like that now, though I don't think that it's altogether a wise move. The first tiny policeman I saw was being laughed at by a group of school kids. Instead of defending him, his colleague laughed as well, as did the spectating adults. I felt quite sorry for him, but wasn't in the mood to make a stand, or I'd have probably said something. (I had a cat in a carrier, having just visited the vet).

Anyway Bobby, I hope you're having a good week and I'll say goodbye for now by ending on a positive note: my brother heard on the radio today that it's more likely for a kid to get hit by a bolt of lightning than it is for him or her to catch the coronavirus. I sincerely hope that's true. ๐Ÿคž

My very best wishes to you, as always,

Sandy XXX ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘
jano said on 9/Jun/20
Hi Rob, what do you think abourt Fila mindblower, how much height does it give?
Editor Rob
Not as much as the disruptor's give.
FiveEightJake said on 9/Jun/20
Rob you said that the average height of 16-25 year old males in the UK is 5โ€™9.5 - 5โ€™10.5, does that mean average female in same age range is 5โ€™3.5 - 5โ€™4.5?
Editor Rob
For Females it's close to 5ft 4.5 for average height.
Canson said on 9/Jun/20
@Bobby: even then you were unfairly receiving it for being 1/4โ€ under the mark and rounding up to 5โ€™10โ€.
Olympian said on 9/Jun/20

I used to believe I was taller than I was in the past. So, the fibbing was unintentional on my part, but I'm not trying to excuse myself from having done so. I just didn't appreciate people bringing up my claims in the past just to call me a liar, I had obviously learned my true height by then and was claiming, what I still think, to be a fair and reasonable height for myself.

But yeah, I think people get too caught up in claims here. I'm okay with rounding up or claiming the average between morning and evening. Some people have to make it so complicated when it really isn't. It's so ridiculous reading people's questions about what they should claim as though they are incapable of thinking for themselves.
Olympian said on 9/Jun/20

Okay, first of all, why do you have 6'0 in your username if you're not that tall, to begin with?

Second of all, are you explicitly admitting that you are 177.8cm in the morning? If so, you can expect to fall to 175.8cm. With your stats, you are an 176cm/5'9.25. A legit 177cm wakes up at a minimum of 178.7 to a maximum of 179 and falls to 177/177.2. Therefore, he can expect to measure 178 earlier in the day.
Nik Ashton said on 9/Jun/20
@ allyverson222 - I like your name!
Mike L. said on 9/Jun/20

Gracias for the Spanish lesson. Youโ€™ve just given me another good reason to check out your site!

Best regards!
Bogusbu6'0 said on 9/Jun/20
@Rob a legit 177 cm guy what would he measured during the day? I mean on this periods: Right after bed, midday and before bed. If I'm 177.8 just after bed what should I claim?
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 9/Jun/20
@ Christian - But why shouldn't I walk about singing? I hadn't been drinking, or I wouldn't have been so astute! He had, and I took him down with one blow. I've hadn't ever hurt anybody to that day.

I think I was picked on because I look little. That's what my Dad's neighbours said to me when I explained to them what had happened on a train in broad daylight. They said that I look vulnerable and trusting. Usually I am, buy not any more.

Regarding my Dad's neighbours, they took me to their Evangelistic church. The husband had found me on his doorstep stroking his Siamese cat and let me in, and I met his wife and later, his two children, who were very clever! He baptized me with the Holy Spirit, and my Dad didn't believe it. After two nights of no sleep, I had the energy to clear up his whole garden. He grew suspicious then, having seen what I can be like after two nights up. If you want me to enhance on the experience, I will.

Cheers Christian, and thanks for your support. It's 7.42am and I am listening to Kate Bush. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘ XXX
Canson said on 8/Jun/20
@Christian: yea itโ€™s not sad at all. Whatโ€™s sad is having to feel the need to claim a morning height just to make yourself feel taller
Sakz said on 8/Jun/20
@Tall In The Saddle Haha 'same old'. Well I can say right back at you. I see the same old 'sidelines' popping up which makes zero sense considering I posted a comment just like everybody else here. I guess by that logic they're all posting from the 'sidelines' too. Also, there's no such thing as 'non' replies. You either reply or you don't and I did. Just because they're not in line with your dissections doesn't make them 'non' replies. Aside from that, great! I'm glad you finally moved on. Good on you! I guess you won't feel inclined to post on the matter again then, although something tells me that won't be the case...
Nik said on 8/Jun/20
Tall In The Saddle said on 8/Jun/20

The same old "I stopped paying attention at..." cop out "waffle". Just as predicted. Now it's "Whatever Mr Dissector?" Like due dissection is a bad thing. I guess so if it upholds your own failed attempt at same from the sidelines. Thanks for the tag. LOL. So tell me again, what's up with the current generation? Could it also be their commenting on content which they admit they didn't read properly (patently obvious in your case, from go to whoa). I've moved on man, I suggest you do same instead of posting anymore "non" replies.
Nik Ashton said on 8/Jun/20
allyverson222 said on 8/Jun/20
Hey Rob
My height is about 176.5 in the morning.
When i was measure at night it was 175cm(sometimes 174.7 or 174.8)
What is my real height?
Editor Rob
175cm is what I'd claim with your stats.
Ernesto Cano said on 7/Jun/20
Hola rob mido 1.82 en la noche sin zapatos
Pero en la maรฑana cuando estoy recien despierto mido entre 1.84 a 1.85 sin zapatos
Cual es mi verdadera estatura?
Editor Rob
Puedes decir que tiene 1,83 metros de altura. Es una altura razonable para dar.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 7/Jun/20
There's nothing ridiculous about it. And Rob actually doesn't even wake up at a full 5'9", as he wakes up at 5'8.75"-5'8 7/8". And his low's 5'8 1/8", so I get that both 5'9" and 5'8" are out of his range, but that still doesn't make his 5'8" claim ridiculous. If you're gonna say that a 5'8" claim is ridiculous, then also say the same thing for a 5'9" claim.

What's so "sad" about it? It's not like claiming an evening height is downgrading yourself.

Good, you had every right to defend yourself, especially in a situation like that. It sucks that there are people like him in our society. Fortunately, my girlfriend was never sexually harrassed or molested during our relationship, at least not that I know of.
Nik Ashton said on 7/Jun/20
Canson said on 7/Jun/20
@Christian: itโ€™s funny how when someone tries to convince Rob that heโ€™s 5โ€™8.5 or 5โ€™9 that itโ€™s โ€œwhy do you claim 5โ€™8?โ€ Yet when someone else claims say 5โ€™10 thatโ€™s 5โ€™9.5 there is nothing said. The only one that Iโ€™ve really Ever seen called out on his claim to that extent was Bobby and that was because of how often he discussed it back then. Not because of his claim itself. To his credit, he doesnโ€™t do that anymore and he is very honest with othersโ€™ claims too so I commend Bobby on that now and the poster he is today. But the worst part is that heโ€™s 5โ€™9.75 afternoon and got crap for His 5โ€™10 claim yet other guys are much much worse. Now he had some higher claims but he acknowledged that he fibbed at least. But I donโ€™t think any of that is as bad as Rob at 5โ€™8 1/8โ€ being called 5โ€™9โ€ let alone the excuses used to arrive at that mark. Last but not least, he claims 5โ€™8โ€ and constantly has to explain or defend himself on his own site after the standard has been well explained. Itโ€™s sad if you ask me.

A poster who you and I know who inflates heights on the regular once argued briefly with Rob about which stadiometer he measured on and that it read 5โ€™8 3/8โ€. This is after Rob not only mentioned the conditions under which he measured (very little activity that day) but he also mentioned that the machine was off once. But Iโ€™ll pose food for thought here. If Rob measured 5โ€™8.5 or 5โ€™8 5/8โ€ or maybe even 5โ€™8 3/8โ€, And someone said that Rob is only 5โ€™8โ€ instead of 5โ€™8.5, that you would see that poster called out until the cows come home. I mean it would be the case where for every 10 posters that see that comment, that 7-8 would probably comment on it. Conversely, if the next poster called him 5โ€™9 (from 5โ€™8 3/8โ€) Iโ€™m sure those 7-8 wouldnโ€™t bother to correct the poster as they did the previous post. Instead, you may see one or two people who are balanced in both directions call it and that would be one person out of 10 or even 15-20 ppl. Lastly, if Rob measured 5โ€™8 1/8โ€ on a machine but that machine was 1/4โ€ under and he were really 5โ€™8 3/8 that there would always be an issue with that.
Canson said on 7/Jun/20
Kkvv45 said on 6/Jun/20
I think itโ€™s strange to say that youโ€™re 5 ft 8 when youโ€™re 5 ft 9 in the morning. Most people at your height would have said they were 5โ€™9. I agree that that morning heights are heights you canโ€™t hold for a long period of time, but still, I think 174 cm is more precise. Ridiculous to claim a full inch shorter than your morning height. Also: Jenny said in one of your latest videos that she is 5โ€™7 and 3/4. She measured 5โ€™8 and a half in the morning! Itโ€™s too far away from your morning heights. Do you wish to be shorter than you are or something?

Heโ€™s not 5โ€™9โ€ in the morning. Heโ€™s between 5โ€™8.75- 5โ€™8 7/8 which heโ€™s said many times and 5โ€™8 1/8โ€ in the afternoon. So heโ€™s not a whole inch shorter than in the morning. I Donโ€™t see the issue with a 5โ€™8โ€ claim at that stage being you agree that the morning height is not all that accurate. A guy who measures 5โ€™8-5โ€™8 7/8 range throughout the day is 5โ€™8 period
Mark Allan said on 7/Jun/20
Rob, When you ever have spare time could you make a couple more you tube videos they are interesting but I know your probably busy most of the time
Editor Rob
I'd like to do it too if I can find the time and energy.
Canson said on 7/Jun/20
@Christian: and 5โ€™8 7/8 was his max. Some days he was only 5โ€™8.75 like you said before
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 7/Jun/20
@ Bobby - Firstly, I'd like to say that having beliefs in anything otherworldly is rarely associated with clever people, who want scientific proof. Even Christianity has been poo-pooed by the more scientific among us, but not by me. Not only was I brought up that way, I have had prayers answered unbelievably quickly, the youngest incident taking place when I was 7 and my pain was taken away immediately after I prayed, which was after my Mum suggested that I do so. I'd been screaming all day but I didn't want the doctor called because the problem was around an embarrassing and personal area. That happened to my friend when she was 18 and she had to go to hospital. I called an ambulance for her. She was too shy even to tell me. The girl was adopted and went from home to home, so she put me down as her next of kin. (I was 11 years her senior). Ergo, the doctor could discuss with me what was wrong with her. She said, "If left untreated, the illness can get out of hand and result in a high temperature."

That's when I thought about my miraculous recovery at 7. I was too young to be suffering from anything psycosomatic. My friend received the appropriate treatment and was back to her normal happy self within days.

The one thing that scientists could prove, at least this was the case in the 80s when I started my interest in the subject of the paranormal, was that when a spirit passes from one plane to another is that it uses energy, hence the area where the apparition takes place becomes cold. Have you ever read anything supernatural by Dennis Wheatley, Bobby? The books, which Hammer turned into films, were 'The Devil Rides Out', from 1967/8, and 'To The Devil A Daughter', from 1976/7. Wheatley had made a lifelong study on the subject and only sold his more Satanic books with a safety amulet. I get the feeling that Christopher Lee's part in 'The Devil Rides Out' to be semi autobiographical of Wheatley. Lee displays the knowledge that Wheatley had acquired over his lifetime, and uses it against the Satanist played by Charles Gray. I saw that film when I was very young and it scared the cr@p out of me! Now it is shown by the Horror Channel in the middle of the day, which I find ridiculous. You even see a siting of the Goat of Mendes, which is Satan himself. At least the scary 'Inspector Morse' episode, 'The Day of the Devil' is sensibly never shown during the day. It also features an image of said goat, albeit one that character Keith Allen, who plays an escaped convict and practicing Satanist, 'conjures up' in order to scare the Hell out of some people who practice the esoteric arts. Ironically, the episode stars the niece of Christopher Lee.

I received a Wheatley film yesterday called 'The Lost Continent', which is also a Hammer film. I don't think I've ever seen it, but I sent away for it because it's based on a Dennis Wheatley novel. I think it's more science fiction...

I'd like to add that 'Blackadder' actor Tony Robinson, whose DVDs I'm quite addicted to, doesn't believe in 'that sort of thing' - not to my knowledge, anyway. He presents things from a scientific point of view.

My experience in my spiritual healing friends' blue healing room was believable to me because of where it took place. I hadn't had anything like that happen before, and then what Keith had gone through - being held down in there - did indeed make sense. I hadn't credited as real before, but I did afterwards.

Next time, I'll talk about my Mum's wartime premonition. She knew she'd be injured and she told her Mum, "It's today!"

Have a great up-and-coming week, Bobby, and enjoy your studies.

All the very best to you,

Sandy XXX ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 7/Jun/20
Rob and Mark Allan - I've never dreamt that Rob's actually measured me but I've had plenty of dreams of Rob and many of the visitors, based on what I know about their heights and nationalities. Of course, I know full well what Rob looks like and how he sounds! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 6/Jun/20
@ Tall In The Saddle and Christian - This guy was hardly what I'd consider a youngster. He must have been in his 30s, but he was drunk and making lewd suggestions. I was walking back from the off licence having needed some fags, a four pack and cat litter. I was singing along to Genesis loudly on my phone and that's when he approached me, probably thinking that I was a bit merry myself. I've been attacked before and you never recover. I just saw red and took one swing at this hooligan.

When I got home, I phoned my boyfriend. He never usually asks me about height, but this time he did. I'd put him at 5ft10/11 - definitely taller than my 5ft9 boyfriend, and my Jim laughed heartily. He said the thug would be too embarrassed to tell anyone that a woman of my size floored him. It was to my advantage that he was drunk, and he hit the ground straight away. I left the scene as quickly as I could because I didn't want him to get up and follow me home. Had he done so, he'd have ended up in a worse way than ever because my boyfriend would have come round!

I don't advocate violence, but this time it was entirely justifiable. With any luck, he won't be trying this with any other women.

@ Nik - I don't consider that I'm 'safe' when I go out, and as it was getting dark, it was a bit silly of me, I suppose, but why the blazes shouldn't anyone go out as and when....? 'Rocky' and 'Rambo', by the way, are films starring Sylvester Stallone, 'Rocky' being about a boxer and 'Rambo' (I recommend 'First Blood'), being about a war hero who's attacked and retaliates in no uncertain terms.

Cheers to all three of you!


๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘ XX ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘ XX ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘ XX
Jack Daniels said on 6/Jun/20
Hi Christian 196.5 cm ! What a great height. For Rob, I saw on Youtube that his morning height is practically 175 cm (5.9 and 7/8 is equal to 174.9 cm. He said himself 175 cm, no ? Rob is it right ? It'so sad to tell to others our evening height...
Editor Rob
Under best sleep condition I might get close to 5ft 9, but usually 5ft 8.75 to 7/8th range is a more common morning range for myself over last decade.
Mark Allan said on 6/Jun/20
Rob, If you sometimes get to 174cm can you not claim 5โ€™8.5 instead of 5โ€™8 or is that pushing it a little?
Editor Rob
when I do physical labour I will get to my low range much quicker than just 'office' type work.
Olympian said on 6/Jun/20
@Sandy Cowell

I believe in what I can tangibly experience whether it's something I can taste, touch, see or hear. I know food is real because I can see it, I can touch it, and I can taste it. I know I am real because I can think (such a concept is infinitely more complex than I can adequately explain) and so on.

My own parents believe in the supernatural or at least subscribe to that sort of thinking. There was a time when I did as well, but such an exercise is merely a philosophical endeavour for me. I simply believe that one's "fate" is merely a series of predicted outcomes based on patterns of behaviour. If someone you know is a notorious gambler, then you can predict they will go bankrupt one day and possibly lose everything they own. However, I don't believe in any sort of paranormal phenomena, such things are pseudoscience at best. It would be interesting to document, but I don't think we can conclude the existence of ghosts simply because of strange occurrences.

When it comes to matters of belief, I trust in my own mind and in what I can perceive and experience. If an experience cannot be reproduced and repeated then it is erroneous and not worth any brainpower, in my honest, humble opinion. Ghost stories still make for interesting and oftentimes exciting thinking material, but that's all it is for me.

I have heard of Indisdious, but my interest in supernatural horror is considerably less than my interest in thrillers and horror slashers. I've been thinking of watching Ouija, but something about seeing a little girl overtaken by a malevolent entity stirs up paternal instincts in me and makes me want to throttle the evil ghost myself. The last paranormal film I saw more recently was Mama, but that was a few years ago.

I have heard of accounts of people describing similar phenomena during life and death experiences, the usual "light at the end of the tunnel" or "I saw God." I don't necessarily believe these experiences, I simply believe that it's all an elaborate dream produced by your subconscious because you want to believe there's an afterlife rather than anything spiritual actually making contact with you. As for your experiences, I think the lady's husband was having a seizure and muscle spasms. I do not doubt for an instant that seizures and muscle spasms were mistaken for demonic possessions at one point in time. I think it's quite possible that you experienced a hallucinatory situation or were half-awake. I have sometimes woken up and been unable to move my own body because I was temporarily experiencing sleep paralysis. I have also, rarely, experienced the odd moment of hearing a demonic voice whispering in my ear. I blame such situations on my late-night binging of horror games, at the time. I had finished a session of The Walking Dead.

I am flattered you think I am intelligent. I believe you are well-learned and intelligent yourself.

Enjoy your weekend Sandy, and give your boyfriend my kindest regards.
Kkvv45 said on 6/Jun/20
I think itโ€™s strange to say that youโ€™re 5 ft 8 when youโ€™re 5 ft 9 in the morning. Most people at your height would have said they were 5โ€™9. I agree that that morning heights are heights you canโ€™t hold for a long period of time, but still, I think 174 cm is more precise. Ridiculous to claim a full inch shorter than your morning height. Also: Jenny said in one of your latest videos that she is 5โ€™7 and 3/4. She measured 5โ€™8 and a half in the morning! Itโ€™s too far away from your morning heights. Do you wish to be shorter than you are or something?
Editor Rob
If I'm not putting stress on spine I could be near 174cm at 11am, however, if I'm doing actual work, involving more strain, I will drop closer to my low range.
Nik Ashton said on 6/Jun/20
@ Sandy Cowell - You are not someone to be messed with after what you did on Tuesday night, it was so important that you defended yourself. I also like it that your boyfriend now calls you Rambo!

I also like Slambo, Rocky (which you made up too!), or just Balboa!

Nik Ashton said on 6/Jun/20
@ Sandy Cowell - You are not someone to be messed with after what you did on Tuesday night, it was so important that you defended yourself. I also like it that your boyfriend now calls you Rambo!

I also like Slambo, Rocky (which you made up too!), or just Balboa!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 6/Jun/20
@ Tall In The Saddle - They're an amazing couple of stories, I must say! I particularly enjoyed the one about the lighthouse, and can liken it to an experience a lady I used to meet walking her dogs told me.

She lost a loved one, and at the very time of his death, a broken old grandfather clock started ticking after years of not working. This happened every night for a few months after the death, and at the time of his death. When the clock started up, her two dogs would start barking, and wouldn't stop until the clock stopped, which was for the duration of the time the clock would be ticking. The lady's follicles would be standing on end as a result of the drop in temperature.

This next 'story' is even better because it happened to me on the very day my late boyfriend's Mum died. I'd had to phone my boyfriend and tell him, and he screamed and cried. He was very close to his Mum, she having brought him up single handedly.

I was walking to my Mum's and crying loudly. It was a route I'd taken since I was 11, so 17 years. Suddenly, a couple of pure white shining cats with pink eyes came up to me, miaowing and rubbing themselves against me, which was of great comfort. They were so clean and pure, and they almost glistened on that December day. They were so friendly, and I slowly stopped crying. It didn't occur to me at the time that they might have been sent by Pip's Mum, who used to go to spiritualists' meetings regularly. That dawned on me when I looked for the white cats days and weeks afterwards. I knocked on local residents' doors to ask whether they knew the cats, and nobody did.

Pip's Mum had a cat-related story to tell as well. At one of her spiritualists' meetings, one of the regulars - a woman - died. Her husband was very upset because his wife's cats wouldn't come near him anymore. A seance was held to get in contact with the woman and on that night, when her husband arrived home from the meeting, all the cats (around 4 or 5) went up to him and were friendly towards him for the rest of their lives.

I think our loved ones send us signs to comfort us. I don't doubt at all that your lighthouse would shine at your mother and sister. I consider myself fairly open minded as regards this sort of thing, but I am in no doubt that we go on after we pass.

The things I've seen have been anything but frightening. However, when I found out that the black 'arts' were being practiced by people up and down the road in which I lived with Pip, I stopped going there. I didn't want to see anything nasty, having come across a man who used to dabble. His house was never warm, despite the fire being on high. I know he put spells on people who upset him too, and he even cast spells on some bikers (not the ones I was friendly with, but others, who didn't like the chapter of 'angels' I knew), when they frightened me into hospital one night after I'd been down a night club which played rock music.

He read scary books by Alastair Crowley, one of which, a book called 'Knox Om Pax', he left round my flat. I read a bit of it and it was cruel and frightening. Thereafter, I put the book in my spare room. That night, I went to sleep playing music, and I had a dream that an ethereal-looking little girl in a pale blue dress came out of the spare room, lifted the stylus, and slammed it down on my disc. The racket woke me up, and I climbed out of bed and walked over to my record player, where the disc was still stuck. I turned it off and took the record out of the player, expecting to find a fair amount of damage.

It was perfect! ๐Ÿ˜ฐ

I don't look for occult happenings; in fact I avoid them for all I'm worth. I limit myself to films, and don't read books about that sort of thing either because they are dangerous. I read one book and it finished with the line, 'If you're interested in the occult, you don't have to look for it - it will find you'. A few weeks after I read that book, I met the bloke who practiced that sort of thing. I leave it alone at all costs and choose my faith in God over anything else.

Take care now, Tall In The Saddle! Enjoy your films and the joy of learning. It's so much more fulfilling!

Cheers to you and your loved ones,

Sandy XXX ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘
Mark Allan said on 6/Jun/20
Rob, I literally just had a dream where you measured me on a stadiometer in a supermarket and I turned out to be 5โ€™10 or 5โ€™11 when Iโ€™m actually a 6 footer i was devastated when you said your either 5โ€™10 or 5โ€™11 and I was like no I canโ€™t be Iโ€™m 6โ€™0 then I woke up after that measured myself and thankfully I was 6โ€™0 ๐Ÿฅต๐Ÿคฃ
Editor Rob
You know you've got height on your mind when you dream of something to do with CelebHeights ๐Ÿ˜
Tall In The Saddle said on 6/Jun/20

Sure. Something piques our interest and there are myriad resources to then research more for ourselves.

Doyle's son, Kingsley, did die during WW1 in 1918. However, upon reading further, the finer details are that he was seriously wounded in 1916 at the Battle of the Somme, eventually resigned his commission and ultimately passed from pneumonia as a complication of the 1918 Flu. Still, Sir ACD's interest in the occult did actually predate his son's passing.

I found it very interesting that while he didn't come up with the ideas, Doyle introduced fledgling methods of detection in his books, methods which were not yet mainstream but later would become so, viz fingerprinting, analysis of gun powder residue etc. At the time, some institutions that taught law and crime detection even recommended his books as required reading.

Similarly, H G Wells books were underscored by his own substantial knowledge of science and physics in particular, especially apparently in his book THE TIME MACHINE, which also included some astute prophetic narratives re society. His book was written 10 years prior to Einstein's ground breaking papers on Relativity and Special Relativity YET it included cornerstone attributes of Einstein's papers, being the relationship of time with the other 3 dimensions of space giving us 4D Space Time and the relative passing of time, a very real subjective experience, influenced by relative speed and frames of reference. So, it seems, such ideas were going around for some time but it took Einstein to firm up the exact math, science and physics involved.

Einstein apparently said that imagination is more important than knowledge since it isn't limited and gives rise to further progress and evolution of human kind. I get that line of thought and often think that imagination is linked to all that can and will manifest or be realised in one way or another at some point in time.

Diverting off subject (LOL), I see Sir ACD was sometimes listed as 6'2" but more often 6'1" while Houdini is estimated at just 5'4". Photos of the two together support the suggested height disparity.

There is also about 8 mins or so worth on YouTube of Sir ACD speaking directly to camera in 1927. Amazing stuff.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 6/Jun/20
@Jack Daniels
You're basically claiming a morning height then. I'm not saying I'm against it, but don't use that to inflate others. Rob isn't 5'9", as he never even measured as tall as 5'9" out of bed, as the most was 5'8 7/8".

What did the "perv" try to do to you?
Tall In The Saddle said on 5/Jun/20

Not all heroes wear a cape. Some merely carry a walking stick and they know how to use it. Swoosh, swoosh, THWACK! Itโ€™s just not safe to walk the streets anymore (Monty Python Hellโ€™s Grannies ref.). LOL.

Iโ€™m a target for motorised carts. Nearly mowed me down on more than a few occasions with a maniacal driver at the helm.. One such guy swooshed past me and then screeched to a halt outside a Bottle Shop. Got off his cart perfectly able (a divine miracle perhaps?), went in, came out with a case of beer, loaded up and sped off again. LOL. Good luck to him. If the day comes, just for kicks, I think I might also be disposed to taking out cocky young leg walkers who get in my way. Teach them youngโ€™uns a lesson! Haha.
Paul 5' 10 said on 5/Jun/20
Hi Rob,

You are not gonna believe this!

I've been following your great site since 2009. I've commented on many listings - trying to be highly methodical in my estimates and more often than not, being very accurate. I've even met one or two celebs, just on the off chance!

Well, I've only just realised this week that I've in fact been living a LIE.

I have measured 5' 10" (178 cm) morning height and 5' 9.25" (176 cm) at night, COUNTLESS times! I'd have bet my house on me being the same height as someone like Harry Melling or Josรฉ Mourinho.

I got a 5' 9 75" at the doctors once but just assumed they'd mismeasured me, since I always thought I was nearer to 176 cm.

However, I stumbled across your video about the best and worst surfaces to measure on. My above height measurements were always taken in my bedroom and living room, both of which have carpet flooring.

So, I've since measured myself in the bathroom and kitchen multiple times - both of which have solid, hard tiled flooring.

Well, it turns out that unbeknown to me for ALL this time - I'm actually 5' 10.5" (179 cm) morning height and 5' 9.75" (177 cm) at night!

So I've been fleecing myself out of HALF AN INCH!! ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

It's like how you came out at below 172 cm on carpet, except you actually knew you weren't as low as that.

Now, this inevitably means that the celebrities I've met and provided commentary on over the past decade (including; Boris Johnson, Gary Lineker, Todd Carty, Lleyton Hewitt and Dave Grohl) - I accidently undercooked slightly!

I can go into this in more detail on their pages.

I'm like 'G', but in reverse! Haha ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿคฃ

I'm gonna claim 5' 10" (178 cm) from now on, as that's what I typically measure in the afternoon and it's a nice round figure. But I don't mind people referring to me as my 5' 9.75" (177.2 cm) low though.

I reckon you'll get a fair amount of people who suddenly realise they've been mismeasuring themselves, after seeing your video. It'll be interesting to see...

Seems kinda obvious now but I really did underestimate the effect of measuring on carpet versus bathroom flooring, and was SURE I was a 176 cm at night guy!

So, I am now walking tall-er - thanks to big Rob Paul! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Cheers ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ‘
Editor Rob
Well that's good you discovered a more precise height. Even what can look like a decent surface could knock (or add) a fraction to folk's height.
Ellis said on 5/Jun/20
@Christian 6'5 3/8: Most of my family is actually on the overweight side for my mom. For my dad, they are mostly on the average side, I would say they are more mesomorphic. I'm an ectomorph, always have been, even though now I'm much heavier then before, I still have a slender frame, and I don't think I will ever shake that off. I don't wanna pass 230 in my prime, because then I will probably be perceived as overweight by some. My stats are I'm 6'8 1/8 when I get up, and I'm 203 lbs. Weight gain has always been my problem, and I've been so insecure about it, a couple of years ago(used lightly) I was 150 lbs(When I came back home in December I was a frail 166). My dads side is full of strong men, my father himself when he was young was strong too. I consider myself to be strong now, but back then I was a literal stick. Regarding height, for my moms side, men very rarely exceed 6 feet(excluding me and my brothers). For my dads side, men are pretty commonly 6 feet, the tallest are around 6'3(excluding me and my brothers). The thing that I have on my family is windmill dunks lol. Also, that is pretty insane, you have two cousins that are almost the same height but their weight disparity is so much.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 5/Jun/20
I don't think I'd call it "exceptionally tall" though. The average man that had the same parents as Keith does, would've made it to around 5'8"-5'9", so he's above average but not exceptional or unusual. Someone like Jdubbz is very unusual, in that he's nearly 6'6", but neither of his parents are over 170cm. That's insane. He must have other family members who're also very tall.
Nik Ashton said on 4/Jun/20
Jack Daniels said on 4/Jun/20
Hi Rob. So you hit the 5.9" inches in the morning(even a little above), and you are describe at only 5.8" ? I 'm personnally 5.10" and 3 quarters (179.5 cm) top off the bed and 5.9 and 7/8 (177.5 cm) after a hard work day. 5'10" after a cool day. I think I'm honest when I describe myself at 5.10 and a half. So what height should I say ?? Jack D.
Editor Rob
Some guys would say 5ft 10, others 10.5 if measured at 9am, because they'd be close to it...
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 4/Jun/20
That's interesting. Are your family members thin, average, or on the fatter side? I'd say that my natural physique is a cross between ectomorphic mesomorphic, which makes sense because my dad's a mesomorph (5'11" 210) and my mom's an ectomorph (5'11" 130). But I have extended family members of every body size and shape. I have a 6'7" range cousin (tallest in my family) who's an endomorph and weighs 300-350 (his weight has fluctuated), but his 6'3" brother's an ectomporph who's like max 160, if even that. Funny how one's twice the weight of the other, despite sharing the same parents, being only 4" apart, and eating similar foods, as both eat mostly junk. And then, the 6'7" cousin has a son who's around 6'4"-6'5" and is a mesomorph, based on the pics I've seen of him. I guess him to be around 240-250, but never met him personally though. He's currently a college student, so he's more than likely done growing taller.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 3/Jun/20
My boyfriend's new nickname for me is Rambo! I knocked someone out yesterday with my walking stick! Pervs beware! I'm out to getcha! ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ–•
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 3/Jun/20
๐Ÿ™Š Correction Time! ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’ฉ

I actually saw Fairport Convention on August the Fourth 1979, with Led Zeppelin. ๐Ÿ˜
Tall In The Saddle said on 3/Jun/20

Okay, here's my "supernatural" experience. Preface, a few years prior to same my wife and I had purchased an ornamental garden lighthouse with a solar powered rotating beacon. I also bought my parents the same lighthouse at the same time. As with many solar powered devices, the beacon light eventually stopped working. I took it apart. It was supposed to be waterproof but water had gotten in and everything was rusted/corroded beyond repair and ants had made a home out of it also.

Moving forward maybe 6 months to a year, My Dad passed on and my Mum stayed with us for the following few months. We often sat outside, near the pool and the lighthouse was in the corner. Mum confirmed that the lighthouse we'd given them had also stopped working a little while back. Then one night, a few days into Mum's stay at our place, the beacon randomly lit up and stayed on. It didn't rotate but we noted the light was pointing directly at my mum. This happened a number of times within the first 2 weeks of Mum's stay and only when Mum was outside, never when it was just myself or my wife. It happened on a couple of occasions when my sister came over also. The light would stay on for up to maybe 5 minutes then go out. Shortly after the first 2 weeks the light ceased to work forevermore.

Anyway, I'm aware of some explanations for this in ALL possibilities but really, quite the long shots given the context, exact timing and duration of the lighthouse's temporary reactivation. I've stayed with the facts exactly as I recall them and never talk this stuff "up" because whatever the answer, I like to keep it real and respectful as to any implied connections with our loved ones who have passed on.

I will always remain open but disposed to thorough questioning of such events.

Years ago I went on a GHOST TOUR with my wife. Typical setting, it was Halloween, at dusk, a 100 year + old Church and huge cemetery attached, varying head stones littering a long green slope. We sat down in the Church first and got the historically material and ghostly run down on the place. After that, we came out and I thought to ask if my wife and I could go back inside the Church to stand separately, alone, in the two confessional rooms, at the front corners of the church. Were the hairs on my neck standing up? Hell yeah, but as spooky as the setting was, alas, nothing out of the ordinary to report.

Later, we all stood looking out over the cemetery as our guide, a woman in her 50s/60s, gave some further rundowns. She was a bit ODD which was appropriate I guess. I always remember he name, HAZEL, as in HAZEL "NUT". LOL. She appeared to have a blackened out front tooth for Halloween effect but up close, her front tooth was literally missing (queue sinister background music). Anyway, she pointed out what she said was an "orb" over a distant head stone, and immediately clutched her chest as if overcome. I asked could I go down to check it out. She "you can BUT I'm not going down there".

So I ventured down slowly and respectfully past numerous and increasingly older graves until I reached said grave which had a very small tree above it. In that tree was a lolly wrapper hanging from a very thin protruding branch that couldn't be seen from a distance, so the silver side of said lolly wrapper was reflecting some light whilst appearing to be suspended in the air. LOL again. Of course I retrieved the "evidence" to show our "guide" who had little to say about the discovery and explanation. This same guide also claimed she was pushed to the ground a few times by an invisible force when conducting previous tours. I leaned to my wife and whispered "Well a few spirits of the "other kind" before each tour will do that to you, won't it?"

Anyway, despite the lack of a supernatural experience on that particular occasion, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I seriously want to be spooked and most horror movies don't do it for me anymore because I've seen pretty much every trick in the book recycled over and over.
Olympian said on 3/Jun/20
My knowledge on Doyle is admittedly confined to Wikipedia and some light reading on Houdini, but it was something I accidentally became aware of. Naturally, my interest was piqued when I read that Doyle took an interest in Occultism.

I suppose one's tendency to believe in the afterlife after experiencing the death of a loved one is only natural, but I don't know if such a belief is meant to serve any comfort or not. Telling yourself or anyone else "Grandpa is in a better place now.", is that true? I do not think so. I guess the comfort of one's mind behaves in an order of magnitude beyond what is rational.

The world was still experiencing a transitional age from religious to secular during Doyle's lifetime, so it makes sense that his newfound beliefs were able to foster any kind of support. People were more religious in those days.

Those "fairies" are curious phenomena but I believe them to be a refraction of light captured through the camera's lens. Of course, I am not an expert on the matter but this seems to be a rational explanation, at least to me.

I never read that Houdini himself held any hope about contacting the afterlife or hoping to communicate with his deceased mother. I think what is more puzzling is the mysterious and tragic nature of Houdini's death. Any accounts I read are very lacklustre on the subject.

I guess at the end of the day, it goes to show you that certain realities are entirely a fabrication of the human imagination.
SharpshooterTom said on 3/Jun/20
Rob, in the unlikely event you encountered a celebrity who had undergone limb lengthening surgery, how would that effect their listing on here? Would you give them two different heights like you do for ageing celebs who have shrunk?

I just wonder if its considered 'cheating' to be officially stated as say 6ft when you were previously something like 5'8, like there should be an asterix beside your new height or something? Or would they be listed like every other 6ft person?

Although I haven't considered the former, I have considered suppliments like glucosamine to try to increase my low height from 5'7.5 to something closer to 5'8 to give me a more legit claim of calling myself 5'8 so to speak. Studies have shown glucosamine increases your height by 2-4mm, sometimes as much as a quarter of an inch (by retaining water). Even something as small as that would still feel as if I'm cheating a bit though.
Editor Rob
I'd still view their new growth as a peak height.
Sakz said on 2/Jun/20
@Tall In The Saddle Lol whatever Mr Dissector. I stopped paying attention after you said 'nothing new in your reply to change my position', since that wasn't even the intention when I replied! So what was you may ask? Well to simply say what I had to say which I did. Anyway, you keep waffling because as I said that was all I had to say on the matter and I don't see anybody making an issue of it aside from you. So do carry on...
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 2/Jun/20
@ Keith 5ft10 - You grew exceptionally tall considering the heights of your parents. That's not the only thing that's exceptional about you: your music taste is ACE! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘Œ๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽง๐ŸŽต
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 2/Jun/20
@ Yang - No problem! Yes, all celebs are people - just like us! ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘ XX
Ellis said on 1/Jun/20
@Christian: Yeah, for sure. I do it as a hobby, but I'm consistent. I was just tired of being the stick in the family(I'm not anymore lol). And I want to look good physique wise. I also want my physique to match my imposing height. I don't want to be an imposing person, I've never been about intimidation, but it could better prepare me for a potentially threatening situation.
Nik Ashton said on 1/Jun/20
@ Sandy Cowell - Thanks! 5โ€™11.5โ€ is definitely a tall height, it may be right at the bottom of the tall range but it is there! I mean if 5โ€™6.5โ€ is a short height then it is a no-brainer that 5โ€™11.5โ€ is a tall height! The 5โ€™11โ€ - 5โ€™11.5โ€ range is clearly above average and all the heights within this range are quite tall ones or maybe even tall ones!
The 5โ€™10โ€ - 5โ€™11โ€ range is definitely above average too and it could be argued that 5โ€™10โ€ is a fairly tall but it is not more than that!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 1/Jun/20
@ Tall In The Saddle - Hi there, Tall...!

Yes, indeed I do think that birds can home in on bright colours. Just look at what magpies are capable of! Other birds aren't that far removed from them, after all.

We have a couple of magpies living in close proximity to us, and rarely do you see one without the other. Yesterday my boyfriend came round and we had a picnic in the back garden. He was playing music from his phone's playlist, and that included 'Don't Fear the Reaper'. I'll have to ask him if he's seen Blue Oyster Cult. He's seen bร nds I haven't seen and vice versa. He's particularly outraged that I saw The Who in 76 and he did not! It was 44 years ago yesterday. Also showing were The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Little Feat, Fairport Convention and many more. He saw Led Zeppelin at Knebworth, like I did, but he doesn't remember whether it was the fourth of August or the eleventh. I saw them on the fourth.

We were joined by Ottica in our picnic, who ate pieces of chicken from Jim's sandwiches. When the cocktail sausages came out, she went quite nutty, so now her new nickname is 'Sausage'!

Once when Jimmy Hendrix came to England, he let a couple of green parrot-like birds loose; well either that or they escaped! You can see the green birds' ancestors flying around all over our area to this day!

I'm playing early Pink Floyd right now, when Syd Barrett was still a member. Some of their music was really eerie, either that or very funny. I like 'The Gnome' and 'Matilda Mother', about a Siamese cat!

I wish you a great week, Tall In The Saddle!

Love and all the very best to you!

Sandy XXX ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽง๐Ÿ˜ต๐ŸŒž
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 1/Jun/20
@ Olympian - Hi Bobby! I've just browsed through your comment to 'Tall In The Saddle', and came across the line that you don't believe in the supernatural. I'm afraid I do. I come from a family who, though Christian, have dabbled in fortune telling via the cards. My Grandmother told my Mum her entire future before she left Germany, and it all came true. She used to hold seances too, some weird things of which my Mum witnessed as a child. My father, too, has an interest in such things, and used to travel on his astral planes when he was younger. Furthermore, he did at one time live in a haunted house, and when the spirits would pull the bedclothes off his small sons and frighten them, it was time to move.

I don't believe in curses, except for ones done by true gypsies. My Mum's Mum told her, "Never turn a gypsy away..." She knew someone who had done just that and the following morning, having been perfectly healthy before, she couldn't walk.

Have you seen the 'Insidious' quadrilogy Bobby? That's the sort of horror movie that I enjoy now. I was into slasher films in my teens and twenties myself, but now they have to have that extra bit more oomph to hold my attention. I recommend the movie, 'Kill List', which is English. It's a very violent film, about a couple of guys who 'waste' those who they genuinely think deserve the death penalty, at their hands. Indeed, some of the things these crooks have done are unspeakable, as is the case with a vicar, who abuses his young charges.

One of the guys is a family man and his friend plays the field, getting involved with the witchy woman. They both suffer the most unspeakable fates, as do the wife and child of the family man. Try and see it, Bobby - it's really good!

I, too, subscribe to Mr Nightmare, but I haven't heard of the other fellow. I laughed when I read that you do too!
I once got involved with some spiritual healers, and they put me up one night in their blue healing room. Early in the morning, I was stroked my a human hand. I took it quite for granted that it was the lady of the couple, but when I turned round, all I could see was an indescribably bright light. I got up and told the lady. She took it quite for granted that it had happened, her husband having been held down violently by an unseen force in that same room, an incident I didn't believe had happened. (He had alcohol problems). After what happened to me, I asked my Vicar about it, and why I'd had a pleasant experience whereas my friend had not. He replied that spiritual healing disturbs the rest of those who have passed on and that is why such practices are against the Church. I wasn't one who had disturbed their peace, so I had a comforting experience.

As regards self-education, I think that, having acquired the qualifications available to me, it's very much down to learning for the sheer joy of it at my time of life. If I could achieve a certificate for what I'm learning about right now, I'd be up for it - sure I would. My boyfriend is one person I know who has gone through life acquiring qualifications, and excelling at everything he's put his heart into. I must say, I'm proud of him for that. He came round yesterday for a picnic. When I talk to him about you and say, "Bobby...", he says, "Who?" Then I add, "Bobby - the intelligent one!"

He knows who I'm talking about then, having agreed on your views about the origins of the coronavirus and plenty more besides!

Cheers Bobby, and have a great week!

All the best,

Sandy XXX ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘
Randeep Singh said on 1/Jun/20
Rob If Last Year I Was A Size 10 In Shoes Now I Am Size 11.5 Is There Correlation Between Your Feet And Your Height Thanks ๐Ÿ‘
Editor Rob
You may still have some height growth left.
Nik Ashton said on 1/Jun/20
Tall In The Saddle said on 1/Jun/20

Yes, definitely enjoyable to muse over such things. My knowledge on Doyle is limited to my long ago readings on Houdini and his association with Doyle as a by product of Houdini's own life story. Used to be into the old magic as a kid.

As is often the case, many people's interest and desire to believe in the afterlife follows or increases with the death of someone they were extremely close to and/or someone with whom they need to resolve a standing issue from the living years.

Doyle lost a son during WW1 and it seems his desire to believe in the afterlife either started or intensified from that point. With wholesale death at that time, mediums were in big demand. As creator of the world's most rational and perfectly deductive character, ironically, Doyle's own advocacy of the afterlife lent considerable and apparently credible support.

However, Doyle was suckered hook, line and sinker by the an apparent photograph of fairies, by way of more than obvious early 20th century photoshop effort which was, suffice to say, proven to be fake.

Similar to Doyle, I think Houdini held as much hope to contact his own deceased mother but didn't allow it to interfere with his objectivity and obvious knowledge of trickery otherwise. With each unsuccessful stone turned (viz fraudulent mediums), I guess Houdini's hopes diminished proportionally and certainly he became a champion for the exposure of charlatans who he (me also) naturally detested.

Still, Houdini never said never and shared a code word with his wife which, if there was an afterlife, he would transmit after his own passing via a medium for absolute confirmation. Alas, after many years and countless mediums, his wife lamented that the code word was never conveyed and gave up on it. I could be wrong but I seem to recall reading that his wife later claimed (or someone she divulged to) that the code word was finally revealed to her by a medium (I think it involved her receiving much needed money) but she later recanted or rejected the claim.
Tall In The Saddle said on 1/Jun/20

"Make of it what you will".

I already did. Considerately. Nothing new in your reply to change my position. Rather, just some more comments to affirm it. I do read everything, for better or worse. Hehe.

Let me guess. You will probably say I lost you at "@Sakz" ( "cop out") but here goes anyway.

Unnecessary for you to reply and state you didn't read properly. If that's the case, best not to reply at all.

By your own admission, you apparently don't read fully but still see fit to comment from the sidelines on the attributes and dynamic of a discussion you didn't directly participate in. I already said I don't take offence. I address. I guess you didn't read that either. Implying or suggesting offence taken is simply a false dismissal to deflect from addressing valid points in counter.

You said of course you're aware of other off subject discussions. And..your point is? You isolated this discussion, no other "off topic" discussions before or since. Thus my point, which you have reaffirmed and which is obviously proof of an inconsistently applied standard. Fact. Not opinion.

I've no problem with opposing opinions. Your sideline "narrative" re the discussion was simply false and biased. The orig. discussion was not fixated on origin, an origin that was not denied. Express address of origin was introduced later in tandem with express blame. FACT, not an opinion. I've already stated and proven this yet you repeat the same falsehood AS IF you don't read fully (oh, that's right, you don't).

You said that you interpreted mud slinging on both ends. I would easily contest that observation from my end but I don't have to in order to illustrate another OBVIOUS double standard. You ONLY commented negatively re "one end" and certainly not the other, in fact voicing your support for the other end (viz "piggybacking") but not actually naming or addressing those to whom you were referring. Again, FACT, not opinion.

Delay in my posting was due to device/carrier issues. FACT, not opinion. A FACT that I have already stated. Again, it appears you're still trying to imply or suggest otherwise POINTLESSLY. Yep, still going with the half baked approach. What happened to the deflective "shouldn't be surprised with the current generation" line? LOL.

Great. You sorted out the confusion. It doesn't change HOW that confusion arose in the first place, the reason for which I've already outlined. Half baked side line commentary. Online version of snide.

Btw, discussions evolve naturally and reasonably by way of incrementally introduced and connected associations (viz slavery which didn't suddenly appear). The specific address of origin and blame was an "evolved" line on the orig. discussion which you are trying to falsely demarcate as the ORIG. DISCUSSION. An evolvement you took no issue with and climbed upon. Certainly not height related, so just another one sided veto line you're trying to pull. LOL.
Keith 5'10 said on 1/Jun/20
@Greg Thanks for the response.
My mother is exactly 163cm and my father around 170cm.
And yes, I was around 1/8 to 1/4 shorter the last year.
I grew a little when I started to work.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 31/May/20

Do you know anyone who had a second growth spurt in their 20s? If you can share it.
Because it's strange that i personally had see two lucky guy grow which is still hard to believe. One is my cousin who stop growing at 17 was a legit 6'2 shorter than his 6'3 dad but grow into 6'4 in his early 20s and a friend of my use to be 5'11 3/4 (stopped growing at 19) grow again and reach up 6'0 3/4 in his mid twenties. It's unbelievable when i have see it my own eyes over the years. They both have been visited my place in different days when i get out a measurement on my cousin at 193.1cm and my friend measured at 184.9cm both were evening height it shocked me a little bit how much they grow as an adult.
Editor Rob
Personally I can't think of anybody I know who gained height past 21 of any note.
Mark Allan said on 31/May/20
Rob it gets worse look at the video description and listen to her

Click Here
Editor Rob
If you look in the comments, the other big scam is "Mobotallor Secrets". The amount of spam I see for that is unbelievable, it puts me off reading comments on youtube as I have to delete all that mobotallor nonsense.
Canson said on 31/May/20
@Christian: at least you made it at the Varsity level. Thereโ€™s something to be said about that.
Blake said on 31/May/20
Rob, I know you have the celebrities your height searcher, but I think it would be nice if when you entered the site to have an option to add your height and then when you click on to a celeb page it can compare your height to the celebrity and tell you the difference between your height and the celebrity or if your exactly the same. Or just a whoโ€™s taller game or something. I realise implementing these things on your end is hard but it would be so fun.
Hulk23 said on 31/May/20
I check again and the difference between my height with shoes on (all stars + socks) and my height barefeet (with no socks even) is 1,5cm...I used as I said before these pair of converse every day for almost 10-12 hours per day since December so the insole is consumed...
Editor Rob
A couple of mm compressed then.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 31/May/20
@ Bobby and Tall In The Saddle - I'll reply later. My brother noticed that next door had stuck up yet another piece of wood to prevent our cats from climbing into their garden, but this time, they left a jagged nail in it. My boyfriend is coming round soon to 'return the item to its rightful owner!'

Not satisfied with the rules regarding the virus being relaxed, they have to 'create their own fun', and if this means that one of my cats gets hurt, then so much the better, they think.

I'd have thought people of their ages might have grown up by now.
Mark O' Connor said on 31/May/20
I see that I still lose 2.3 cm, because when I measure 188.3cm at a low in the morning I reach 190.6cm and when I measure like 188cm at a low I am 190.3cm out of bed.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 31/May/20
Whether it be weightlifting/bodybuilding (don't know if you're considering it to be a professsion or not) or basketball, it's a good thing that you have some sort of a path, even if it's just for amateur/hobby purposes. Some professions allow you to intertwine your career and hobby together (like Rob for example), and I think that it's best, because you can make your salary doing the same thing you love, at the same time.
Yang (5 footer 8, 173, Aries) said on 30/May/20
@Sandy. So sorry for late response. To respond your comment from last week, yes all celebs do matter even if they are most underrated actors..
Nik Ashton said on 30/May/20
@ Sandy Cowell - The dogโ€™s clangers, the dogโ€™s dinner! ๐Ÿฉ๐ŸŽพ๐Ÿฝ!

Smell of dog, eat like a dog!
Nik Ashton said on 30/May/20
@ jano - Cos Rob doesnโ€™t think that being taller would make him more of a man! ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ‘Œ
Olympian said on 30/May/20
@Tall In The Saddle

I've read up on the topic of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's dabbling into Occultism, a lifestyle he adopted well after his publication of Sherlock Holmes ended. He even befriended Harry Houdini and was convinced the escape artist was a supernatural being calling forth magical aid to bedazzle people during his performances. Ironically, it was Houdini who remained the rational skeptic and attempted to explain to the author that his stunts were mere physical performances calling forth both skill and prestidigitation (I had to go scrolling through the script of "Oz The Great and Powerful" for that word).

They were estranged at some point, but Doyle's arcane beliefs did surprise me. How can somebody capable of writing such a logical and rational character be capable of illogical and irrational beliefs?

I don't believe in the supernatural and it is my belief that those who are inclined to such thinking tend to convince themselves of realities that would never befall them, such as curses. However, it is certainly enjoyable to ponder these things, that's all it is for me a philosophical endeavor.
Hulk23 said on 30/May/20
Hi rob, I know you listed the Converse All-Star (classic model) at 0,7โ€.
I wear a pair of these shoes every day from December 2019 so the sole is a bit consumed then yesterday I check the height of the sole and I notice a 0,5/0,6โ€ height. Itโ€™s possible that the sole become thinner?
Editor Rob
Some models of converse have stronger insole material than others. If you have worn some of the sole and there is slight concave shape to insole you could have lost 3mm.
Nik said on 29/May/20
@ Sandy Cowell - Or ***ff** it up, **ss** it up, f**ff** it, **ll*** it up, ***pp** it up! What about making a ๐Ÿฉs **nn** of it?
Greg said on 29/May/20
@Keith 5โ€™10, Hello we are almost the same height. Iโ€™m 5โ€™11 morning and fall to about 5โ€™10 3/8ths at a low sometimes Iโ€™m 5โ€™10.4-5โ€™10.5 a few hours out of bed. Now Iโ€™m not sure how tall your mother is but my parents are 5โ€™3 and 5โ€™10-5โ€™11ish. My great uncle was also 6โ€™6-6โ€™7 so definitely tall for someone during his time. Have you grown anything in the past year? If so thereโ€™s a small chance of a fraction but I doubt you will gain something like several inches. Most guys stop growing by 18 and a rare few will gain anything in their 20โ€™s. Height also varies a lot I know guys with shorter parents than me who ended up being way taller than me. I would also like to be a little taller too. Like say an extra inch or two wouldnโ€™t hurt. Say, you could try stretching and like hanging from a bar. Take glucosamine and perform posture exercises maybe you can maximize your final growth and gain hidden height if it turns out you have any.
Sakz said on 29/May/20
@Tall In The Saddle Hahaha yes that was indeed half baked wasn't it!? About you not posting. To be honest I don't have the attention span or patience to read all your post so I'll summarise (no offence). All in all you feel the subjects in question were relevant to the discussion, which is absolutely fine. I saw it a different way, hence I said what I said without going too deep into it. I even used the word 'seems'. It's all in perception. It wasn't a 'double standard' as you claimed. It was how I perceived it because the origin of Covid-19 was the initial talking point, however I then saw all these other topics suddenly popping up which really just ended up looking like mud slinging on both ends. From there one thing slowly led to another.

At the end of the day, everybody is going to have their own take/observations and just because it's not in line with yours, doesn't make it half baked or a double standard. That's really all there was to it from my point of view, and I cleared it up with Sandy in the end aswell without any dispute. That's me addressing it quite simply and as for the flow of the discussion, I was referring to this particular one only. I'm fully aware others also drift away from height, even though strictly speaking this shouldn't be the page for it. That's all I have to say on the matter so make of it what you will.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 29/May/20
There was a question on 'The Chase' last night about actress Patsy Byrne, the answer of which was that she played Nursie in Blackadder the Second, which was about Queen Elizabeth the First, played by Miranda Richardson.

Please could Patsy have a page, Rob? She appeared in an episode of 'Inspector Morse' and plenty more besides, as well as theatrical productions. I read that Patsy was 5ft3 - in her prime, of course! Thanks Rob! ๐Ÿ˜‹
Mark Allan said on 29/May/20
How tall do you think Alphonso Davies is Rob? the Bayern left back heโ€™s listed as 1.81m or 5โ€™11.25 he doesnโ€™t look much shorter than Lewandowski if Lewandowski is 6โ€™0 then Davies has to be 5โ€™11.5
Editor Rob
At Toronto Whitecaps at 16 he was down as 5ft 10, then at 17 5ft 11. By 18-19 he is getting that 181 at Bayern, whether a full 5ft 11.5 I don't know.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 29/May/20
I contemplated about quitting in the middle of the season, but officially made the decision after it was over. I probably wasn't skilled enough to enter at the collegiate level anyway.
Tall In The Saddle said on 28/May/20

All good. Not trying to change you or your opinion.

If I may, the subject of Sherlock Holmes is interesting. For all of Holmes logic, brilliance, scepticism and deference to materials facts, his creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was an avid believer in the Supernatural. So much so, that he was easy prey for tricksters. His associate, Houdini, with whom he often argued over the subject, was not fooled at all. Houdini knew every trick in the book, including those of fraudulent mediums. He did approach them with an open mind, primarily in the hope of contacting his later mother. However, at every turn, he was able to unveil the tricks employed and confirmed that no contact was made.

I maintain an open mind but, after all possibilities are entertained, I have yet to experience anything that I would call 100% supernatural. Would I like to experience same? Hell yeah but I don't allow the hope for same cause me to be gullible, which unfortunately is often the case for many hopeful people, even for the great Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
Keith 5'10 said on 28/May/20
Hi Big Rob!
Any chance of growing after 19 for me?
My mum is a strong 5'4 and dad 5'7 i think.
I'm 5'10 at night. Most of the day 178-179cm range.
My cousin (19 years old like me) for example is a strong 6'0. His father is just an icnh taller than mine and his mother is very short (5'2 I guess).
My grandfather was around 6'1 in his peak.
I have a strong 5'8 girlfriend too!
Tall In The Saddle said on 28/May/20

DON'T FEAR THE REAPER: In the background of the actual song you can the faint sound of the percussion instrument cowbell being rhythmically hit with a drum stick. This gave rise to Will Ferrell writing a skit for SNL portraying the first studio recording of the song with Will going hilariously over the top with the cowbell. It's easily called up on YouTube if you're interested.

Interesting observations re animals during these times. I've noticed less timidity, particularly with birds, which aren't necessarily scattering like they might normally do when you get close. I actually find it flattering in terms of coexistence. I noticed a bird the other day, fervently flipping a flattened and obviously empty McDonalds chip carton over and over, I guess in the hope that an oversighted chip might fall out. As I understand, smell and taste aren't particularly strong qualities amongst birds in general though they are better developed in some species of birds than others.

Made me think. The Golden Arches (the yellow M for McDonalds) was clearly visible on the carton. I wonder if birds recognise and become accustomed to the meaning of such symbols as we do? Marketing genius reaching even into the Animal Kingdom? LOL.

One last random musing. After a night at the club the McDonald's drive through window was the only place open to buy food. As wavering drunks, we used to queue up on foot, along with the cars. By the time we ordered and got our food, on top of the alcohol we had already consumed, the "free" carbon monoxide had us more than giddy! Ah, the good old days.
Nik Ashton said on 28/May/20
Nik Ashton said on 28/May/20
@ Sandy Cowell - Or the dogโ€™s **ll*x or the dogโ€™s **t*x!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 27/May/20
@ Tall In The Saddle: That's very funny indeed! The innocence of kids, bless them!

That reminds me of a slot that Noel Edmonds had on his breakfast show back in the 1970s. It was entitled 'Misheard Lyrics', many of which I didn't understand at 12/13 years of age. I couldn't see why Noel was laughing so much at the misheard lyric, 'You and me and Leslie!'

It was meant to be 'You and me endlessly...'

That was at a time when I didn't know what a threesome was!

Cheers Tall..... ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘ XXX
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 27/May/20
Hi Rob and all!

I've just been watching a couple a pigeons having a scrap on my fence. There were feathers and bird cr@p flying everywhere! Then I went next door to witness Livielia jumping up and getting swiped in the face by her Auntie Cordercelia!

Are animals feeling the tension that we are or are they partial to a good rut or what....?

๐Ÿ˜• ๐Ÿฆ…๐Ÿฆ…๐Ÿˆ๐Ÿˆ
Editor Rob
I am sure many animals noticed less humans out and about the last few months, and of course many dogs and cats wondering why the Humans are around all day every day!
Nik Ashton said on 27/May/20
Tall In The Saddle said on 27/May/20

I see the same standard in your posting. You stated "conveniently" and "wonder why". Each way bet. Care to be more on point and comitted? Either I didn't post or couldn't post, correct? Like, let's just say you were misunderstood by poster(s) previously given a similar half baked approach.

I tried to post. No luck. Thus the delay. I eventually tried another device and carrier that worked. I understand some other posters had issues previously also. I do not believe I was blocked for any particular reason otherwise. Very simple.

I don't take offence. Certainly I haven't whined indignantly or asked for apologies. I simply address. Which is what I will do now.

You wrote "well thought out" AS IF that's a bad thing. You said "essays" AS IF long and drawn out but ignore the "essays" they were in response to, "essays" that you piggybacked on. You said you "shouldn't be surprised with the current generation". BUT I am not of the current generation and besides, whatever one's generation, it has nothing to do with it. Address the comments therein rather than invoking a sweeping and invalid rhetorical dismissal.

OR, would it be appropriate for me to dismiss opinions of others with an "Okay Boomer" or suggest that the current generation's self contained opinion's are only good for a week or so until their next "epiphany" or that anything written that's more than 2-3 lines is an "essay" and beyond their attention span?

The name change was NOT a talking point. It was a point of ref. to prev. comments and also happened to demarcate a complete shift in accent, from outright dismissal to outright blame. Beyond my initial ref. point, you made it into a talking point with several posts of your own since. The ORIGINAL discussion aptly focused on due heed and preventative actions NOT blame. The fixation on blame was introduced by one poster, no one else. The subject of Slavery was perfectly relevant within the context from which you plucked it out, that being historical wrong doings, culpabilities, obligation to apologise and/or compensate etc. There was no skirting at all around the question of origin, possible causes and related contexts. Simply remaining objective and not moving along the same prejudiced lines as some are disposed to or blindly follow does NOT equate to deflection or skirting.

Clearly you sat on the other side of the fence in the discussion which is, of course, your prerogative but your summation of the discussion and related dismissals were false and one sided. It really boiled down to this attitude, "Let's not let valid counter facts and due context get in the way of a good argument. Just pretend they're irrelevant and dismiss them".

As to FLOW, what flow? This thread is agreeably miscellaneous and often not height related. Also, I'm not up to speed with the apparent statute of limitations re ref. to prior opinions. Is it one day, two days, 1 week etc.? Does it matter if the prior opinion, which was not as old as you would like to suggest, supports an ongoing pattern of blowing off whilst being woefully uninformed/incorrect and then aggressively pivoting contrarily into another direction shortly thereafter? I see....probably best to have the facts reasonably in place before opining...don't you think?

Anyway...moving with the flow....
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 27/May/20
@ Tall In The Saddle - When I've finished playing Steelye Span, I'm going to meet once again with 'Don't Fear The Reaper'.

I'm not exactly familiar with what a cowbell is, except that it was a nickname used for me when I was a kid at school. I thought it a trifle naff!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 27/May/20
@ Nik - But Nik, the dog's danglers is A Good Thing! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿฉ๐Ÿฃ

@ Mike L - Much appreciated! ๐Ÿ˜‰

@ Tall In The Saddle - I most certainly will be on the look out for this great lady's Birthday! ๐Ÿ˜๐ŸŽ‚
Olympian said on 26/May/20
@Sandy Cowell

Which is my point, of course. Self-education can only be taken so far, but when an individual is not accredited by an institution of like-minded compatriots who foster an authority on the subject matter then that person will not get very far trying to convince others of his or her knowledge and expertise. It's simply the nature of people, I'm afraid.

If I am seeking an adrenaline rush, I simply take to watching horror movies, mainly slasher films like Halloween, or listening to late-night scary stories as narrated by YouTubers such as Mr. Nightmare and Corpse Husband. Yes, this concept of Yin and Yang can actually be dated back to the Ancient Greek schools of thought. I am very confident that Aristotle or Plato posited very similar ideas.

That's an interesting title for a movie, it reminds me of the latest Sherlock Holmes video game to come out, which is called: Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter. The premise is that in the previous entry, Jim Moriarty, the arch-nemesis of Sherlock Holmes, had a secret daughter which he bequeathed to Holmes to look after in his dying breaths. So, The Devil's Daughter concerns a very humanized Holmes that has the role of an absentminded but well-meaning father figure to Katelyn Moriarty (Holmes). It's an excellent title and I enjoyed how Holmes was brought back down to earth while maintaining his sheer brilliance. He's not as arrogant as previous iterations of the character but he still astounds in impressing others with his high intelligence.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your week, Sandy.

It's been a pleasure corresponding with you as always.

Olympian said on 26/May/20
@Tall in the Saddle

Whatever you say, mate. You won't change me. I'm an individual with my own thinking, I don't bend to the will or influence of others.
Mike L. said on 26/May/20
@ Miss Sandy Cowell -

Hope you also have a great week!

๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ˜€

Nik Ashton said on 26/May/20
@ Sandy Cowell - I like your ๐Ÿ“-up!

I also like ๐Ÿ’ฉ-it up!

Or make a ๐Ÿฉs **ll**** of it!

Or ***gg** it up!

Just blame the auto**ll***, it always **gg*** (***g*, ๐Ÿ’ฉs) everything up!
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 26/May/20
I misread it. It was 187.7, when I thought it was 188.7. I agree with both you and Jdubbz.
Tall In The Saddle said on 25/May/20

Be on the look out for Olivia De Havillandโ€™s birthday, sheโ€™s closing in on a spritely 104 as at 1 July. The movie CAPTAIN BLOOD was made like 85 years ago.
Ellis said on 25/May/20
@Christian 6'5 3/8: Currently, I'm in college. I don't play for the college basketball team, it is a D1 college basketball team, but still, I don't really love the game like I once did. I'm more into weightlifting now, my bench press is rapidly increasing, the part that is odd is that, I'm benching numbers that a person with 2-3 years of experience should be benching, and I started taking it seriously around a year ago(probably less, because it has always been on and off, until 4 months ago). Also the calculator only takes into account the weight differences, not the fact that I have a full head on an average man(which should be weighed in my favor, because my frame is less compact, and more lanky)
Blake said on 25/May/20
Rob, you do an article on late bloomers and early finishers out of the celebs you have on your site. It might help some people and be interesting
Tall In The Saddle said on 25/May/20
Catching up:-


Great song but "more cowbell" would've been nice.

Among others, favourite cartoons as a kid - FRACTURED FAIRY TALES narrated by the inimitable Everett Horton (whose first name was taken by none other than Kenny Everett who was also a big fan).

Multiple cartoons featuring DICK DASTARDLY (and Muttley the dog). Got hold of some old copies for my son when he was about 4 years old. He loved them but he misheard the main character's name and kept calling him BIG BASTARDLY. Close enough. LOL.
Sakz said on 25/May/20
@Tall In The Saddle You conveniently couldn't post. I wonder why. Anyway my response to Sandy was stating that I found people's deflection of the initial topic funny (don't even remember exactly what she said initially since it's been weeks you see). It wasn't meant to be a well thought out essay like you provided. If you took offence to that aswell then I can't help you. I guess I shouldn't be surprised with the current generation. Also in future, it's probably best not to drag up old points weeks later since it just kills the flow of the discussion. This is meant to be a height forum after all so it's not really ideal.
CD said on 25/May/20
Hey Rob, not really commented on here lately, hope you and everyone else is staying safe ๐Ÿ‘

Unfortunately a few months ago I had an incident where something fell on my stadiometer and the blue plastic cracked and is no longer viable. Obviously I had the same model as your old one. Is there one you can signpost me to as Iโ€™d like to order a replacement but not necessarily the same model.

Editor Rob
That's a shame it cracked, try OurWeigh or MedScope.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 25/May/20
@ Nik - No! This time round, it was definitely my ๐Ÿ“-up! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ XX

@ Mike L - You're more than welcome. Have a great week, mate! ๐Ÿ˜๐ŸŒž๐Ÿ‘ XX
Canson said on 25/May/20
@Christian: did you play your full Junior year or did you quit during the season? As far as playing at the collegiate level, itโ€™s hard, I can tell you that. Having Even been considered at the collegiate level is very impressive and something to be proud of
jano said on 25/May/20
The originalIce, yeah i think too, that rob is very gentlemen about his height, he doesn't count his tallest stand(bust of a gut), he uses late evening height and even at late evening he reaches usually 173.25 - 173-5 and not 173, so this 173 cm is basically his very very low, which is definetely not the way to go. This is funny, because, what an avarege people does is he meusare himself/herself out of bed, and then lie 2-4 extra cms to that height. But i think the thing is Rob is owning this page and he wants to be the most legit he can be, that's why 173 cm is his claim, but i think if he would claim 174-175 cm, really nobody in the world would even raise an eye. Personally i am 1.5-2 cm shorter on an avarage day at evening, than out of bed, so what i do is that i simply substract 1 cm from my out of the bed height and just go with that, in that counting Rob would be a fair 174 cm guy.
jayp said on 25/May/20
Hi rob I was wondering if you could help me out with my question please I feel I may have a growth spurt I am 24 I know sounds old for that to happen I am 5ft 8.5-5ft 9 I am the same height as my dad he is my tallest parent but when I was a teenager I was very small for my age I was always the shortest in every year in school my mum is 5ft 1 so I thought because of that I could of been shorter the tallest family member was my grandfather my mums dad he died when I was 10-11 I think but he was pretty tall maybe 6ft 1 his parents were a lot shorter than him I am in a tricky situation as I suffer with sleep and hormone issues so this is bad for my wellbeing especially my sleep it wreaks havoc on it recently my appetite is through the roof but Iโ€™m trying to eat as I normally do (sensibly) not wanting any weight gain but Iโ€™m pretty thin last measured couple months ago 63kg I have huge stretch marks on both sides of my hips and my inner left bicep I previously had no hair on my hands and now itโ€™s growing in strangely same as my chest and stomach I didnโ€™t start shaving until I was 20-21 Iโ€™ve been having growing pains in my legs but not sure if itโ€™s just fatigue one noticeable thing is that my knees are really pointy now as in stick out I think that is common in growing teens I was wondering what do you think about this? Thank you.
Also I thought to ask you as gpโ€™s will only say your too old to be growing so itโ€™s something else more serious to look into
Editor Rob
24 is extremely late to gain height, but not impossible...a guy like Ralph Macchio seemed to put on a final 2cm or so at age 24-25
Nik Ashton said on 25/May/20
Tall In The Saddle said on 24/May/20
Iโ€™ve been trying to get posts through without success.


I did submit a reply to your last post addressed to me 2 May 2020 but it didnโ€™t post. Truncated version. Trying to falsely modify and/or withdraw posits that I have already addressed and refuted/expanded upon as appropriate doesnโ€™t necessitate me having to repeat myself. My prev. posts stand without compromise or discredit. Actually get a clue yourself instead of asking anyone else to do same which is clearly in projection of own deficiencies. Volleying back (as you do) with no meat and simply for its own sake = zero.

@Sakz - re your piggy back shout out from the sidelines re prev discussion and those who remained โ€œnamelessโ€. LOL. Half baked, totally false and clearly applying double standards. Dissection of same too easy if queried.
Nik Ashton said on 24/May/20
@ Sandy Cowell - Or maybe your auto**** spelt it wrong!
Mike L. said on 24/May/20
@ Miss Sandy Cowell -

Thanks so much!


Mark Allan said on 24/May/20
Rob, Two 6โ€™5 centre halfโ€™s yeah It would be intimidating especially for Alfredo Morelos ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‰
The Original Ice said on 24/May/20
@Christian - I remember those days! I also remember him distinctly saying that he never did below 5'8, so I always thought, "Then why the hell is he claiming only 5'8?!" I'm casual conversation with people who aren't interested in height, I can see there 5'8 claim. But, on here? With us? That quarter of an inch should be reported! LOL

@ Canson - Honestly, I'm not much a fan of the 1/8 measurements. When you really think about it, it's roughly 3 millimeters. 3/10ths of a centimeter! No one is that good just by eyeballing even in person, so considering we're mostly using pictures and video, it seems excessive. As for the height Rob has listed, it's fine since he is that height at some point of the day. I just think the 5'8.25" listing would be most accurate. It's also easier to compare across the board because most people don't report lower than 1/4 inches on their height. Even countries that use centimeters, they'll either say 165 or 164/165 to indicate a mid point (roughly 1/4).
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 24/May/20
Did you play during college as well? I was going to, and was even attemtping at an athletic full ride to a prestigious university, but I quit playing ball in my junior year of high school, because I decided to go on to a different career path.
Mark Allan said on 23/May/20
Rob, What height would you say big Chris Jullien is? Iโ€™ve always thought 6โ€™5 barefoot and 6โ€™6 in football boots or any other footwear
Editor Rob
Jullien and Ajar both look around 6ft 5, it must be quite daunting facing up to those guys as a striker!
Canson said on 23/May/20
@Christian: I agree with some of what was said but not all. I agree what Ice said as far as 5โ€™8.25 because Rob uses a method of 5 hours out of bed. On a normal day he would be that height but if we use afternoon heights 5โ€™8 1/8โ€ is ok. As for him listing himself at 5โ€™8 vs 5โ€™8.25 maybe he shouldโ€™ve gone with the latter but as far as him considering himself 5โ€™8โ€ for a rounded height thatโ€™s not an issue
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 23/May/20
@ Yang - Oh, yes! All celebrities matter! I remember a showing by a TV cook and he had movie actress Liv Tyler on as a guest! Of course, I went out of my way to see it, as I absolutely adore Liv!

All celebrities contribute to our lives, and to what degree will depend on our interests. It's particularly of relevance now, because we are required to spend so much of our time at home that we can even make time for developing new interests.

All the best, Yang!

Sandy XX ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘

@ Mike L - When 'Emmerdale' played Blue Oyster Cult's 'Don't Fear the Reaper' at the beginning of each episode in which they showed possible scenarios of how Andrew Scarborough's character Graham Foster was killed, I simply had to get my mitts on a copy of 'Some Enchanted Evening', the album from whence it came. It's a brilliant album!

My best to you too, Mike!

Sandy XX ๐ŸŒ๐ŸŽถ
Nik Ashton said on 23/May/20
545 eighths!
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 23/May/20
@The Original Ice
I remember years ago, that Rob used to list himself as only 5'8" flat. I've always thought that he was downplaying himself a little by listing himself as that, but that was when Rob didn't implement 8th fraction listings.
Ellis said on 22/May/20
@Christian: Yeah a bit, they would be casual about it though, like telling me that I should strive to put on more weight. I had an excellent jump shot, and even now it is still elite. For example, I can still hit 5 jumpers in a row routinely.
@Dark: It varies with everyone, I have a friend who was 6'8 at 13, I thought he was gonna be easily a 7 footer, but he hasn't grown since. I'm 6'7.25, and I could say on some degree we have the same problem, but honestly you can't let it get to you. I already know that 5'0 girls are going to immediately eliminate me almost all of the time because I'm 'too tall', but do I care? F-no, that is their loss. You can't let this beat you down, you don't wanna go down that path man. It's so bad that I've had many occurrences where I've been out to dinner with friends(not recently of course), and I see a very attractive girl staring me down, but when I stand up she looks down or away from me.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 22/May/20
๐Ÿ˜œ Correction Time! ๐Ÿ˜œ

I spelt Ms Kinski's first name incorrectly. It is spelt Nastassja Kinski.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 22/May/20
@ Olympian - Hi Bobby,

I can't see any of us going to a self-taught doctor when you can get the real thing. What an appalling idea! The only time such a thing might happen is if the world had to start pretty much from scratch preceding a nuclear war, and Heaven help us if that happened. ๐Ÿ˜ฃ

Deriving excitement from fictitious violence is, of course, an adrenaline rush. My taste in films and music tends to be on the masculine side. Yet I have interests that are very feminine. We're all a balance of yin and yang, good and bad, light and dark. I know plenty of women who are into horror films, but many who can't stand them. The same is true with men.

I got hold of a film this week about artist Caravaggio. I haven't seen it yet, but it looks worth seeing and is controversial enough to be 18-rated. I'll let you know whether it's any good when I've watched it.

Last weekend, Sunday to be exact, my boyfriend drove us to the Norfolk coast, totting up some 500 miles there and back. The people there were very friendly and it made a pleasant change to get out. I have 'The Chase' on in the background, but at 10 o'clock, there is a super scary film on called 'To The Devil A Daughter', which I reckon is the most frightening Hammer film ever made. It stars Christopher Lee, Nastajjia Kinski and Richard Widmark. It's on a TV Channel which specializes in the showing of old films. This one's from 1976 and was the last Hammer film to be made for years, but then they brought them back again.

Wishing you a great weekend, Bobby! My brother, who's an incessant chatterbox, has just returned from upstairs, so my thought processes won't be working too well in a minute....

Cheers and all the best to you!

Sandy XXX ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘๐ŸŒž๐ŸŒ
Mike L. said on 22/May/20
@ Miss Sandy Cowell - Youโ€™re right.


Blake said on 22/May/20
Rob, if I measure 5 ft 10 to a bit over 5 ft 10 in the morning, would say Iโ€™m average or below average. I am basically a couple of millimetres over 176cm at night, very close to 5 ft 9.5. I think that Iโ€™m average for the whole population but I might be a wee bit shorter than people of my age 19, but Iโ€™m not sure. I also, remember at 17 being 174.3cm so I grew a couple of cm which is the average growth from that age so I think Iโ€™m done now. You should be proud of me Rob Iโ€™m throwing some Scottish in there now
Editor Rob
Average 19-year old is a bit taller than yourself, but consider the time of day they measure height - 5ft 9.5 might be a figure you could go with, so you are really just a cm below average 19 year old.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 22/May/20
Wow, 95 lbs at 5'6"-5'7"? I'm quite surprised that you could even be involved in athletics at that weight. Were any of the coaches/officials worried about you?
Nik Ashton said on 22/May/20

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

Celebrity Fan Photos and Agency Pictures of stars are © to their respective owners.