How tall is IShowSpeed

IShowSpeed's Height

5ft 7 (170.2 cm)

Darren Watkins Jr is an American youtube personality who has over 16 million subscribers.

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5ft 6.94in (170cm)
5'11james said on 26/Apr/24
5'11james said on 25/Apr/24
@Cooper Clarke

Yeah there's a chance that Speed could've grown a bit in the last year or so.
Cooper Clarke said on 25/Apr/24
Well Rob, I reckon Speed might be due for an upgrade now. He looked the same height as Neymar who is 5’8 flat, doesn't look any shorter than Deji nowadays (who I, along with many others on here, think should be upgraded to 5’7.25 at least), and I believe Speed's at the age where he can still grow since he's only 19. (Growth tends to stop at 21 for guys, though you can stop growing earlier than that of course) I'd say Deji's 5’7.25 and Speed's now 5’7.5. (can look 5’8 tho I'm not sure if he's the full 5’8 yet or not, but he can't be a flat 5’7 comparing him to Neymar) I'd say 5’7.5 is a good enough listing for now, but he could reach the full 5’8 soon. He could claim it at this point anyway. (Not 6’1 though, that's just ridiculous 😂🤣) And I'm pretty sure that in 2022 he was like 5’6 to 5’6.5 so Speed's obviously been growing since then since he's clearly not 5’6 anymore.

You could look into more recent photos though just to be sure of Speed's actual height, and then decide if you think he's grown and if you will upgrade him, but I think Speed is taller than listed nowadays by at least half of an inch.
Rondo99 said on 24/Apr/24
Hi Rob, how tall do you think Duke Dennis from AMP is approx? He claims 6’2 but looks closer to 6’
Editor Rob
6ft 2 sounds optimistic for him, I think 6ft to 6ft 1/2 might be closer.
Cooper Clarke said on 21/Apr/24
Hi Rob, do you think Speed could have grown taller? I've heard lately that he's starting to look more 5’8 these days.
Editor Rob
Maybe 5ft 7.5
NBCUNIVERSALFAN said on 25/Sep/23
Professional_Drive said on 19/Sep/23
It's all genetics for his height.

There's a photo of him from several years ago with his dad, and he only looked 2 inches shorter than him at the time, and his mom doesn't look much taller than 5 feet in the photo she's in.

I don't think he's going to grow anymore. Maybe an inch, but he's pretty much in the short-average range.

It's like how Adin Ross's dad is short. It's all genetics.
Sandy Cowell said on 16/Sep/23
This is such an incredibly funny picture and it always cheers me up!

Darren gets 5ft7. 😂👌🏼
unkn0wn said on 9/Sep/23
Here's some other recent examples I could find too but it's hard to tell whether he's just well angled or not
Click Here (with 5ft 7 listed Deji)
Click Here (with 5ft 8 listed Neymar)
Click Here (with 5ft 6 listed Vikkstar123)
unkn0wn said on 9/Sep/23
How tall does he look in these new charity match photos (accounting for the fact he's not wearing shoes)? Click Here
Benzerious said on 7/Sep/23
Upgrade? Doesn't look under 5'7 next to KSI in this recent video.
Click Here

Speed 5'7.25?
5'11james said on 7/Sep/23
With 5'10 3/8 KSI on a recent photo

Click Here
Abdul 5'10 said on 2/Sep/23
169 cm
7272 said on 30/Aug/23
I'll give Kai Cenat a listing of 5'4 ⅛ from this video of him with Ice Spice alone.Click Here
Benzerious said on 29/Aug/23
I think it's time to add Kai Cenat now. This isn't really a good picture but what do you think rob? I see 3.5 inches Click Here
Editor Rob
Could be a weak 5ft 4 there.
John Mickey said on 8/Jun/23
Click Here

Adin Ross looks taller than Neymar who is listed as 5ft8

Adin Ross and Speed: Click Here==

What do you think of this?
7272 said on 5/Jun/23
Click Here this youtuber estimated Kai Cenat to be 5'3.75 to 5'4 actually pretty decent take here
Editor Rob
Near 5ft 4 does look plausible. He did a video with Ice Spice and with a sandal on could look a couple of inches taller.
SuperFC said on 1/May/23
Hi Rob, how tall does Central Cee look next to Speed?
We need a page for Central Cee aswell.
Glacierr said on 17/Apr/23
Hi Rob, how tall does Chunkz looks next to Speed?

Click Here=

Im seeing a 5’11-6’0 range
Editor Rob
Hard to imagine him over 6ft there (even accounting for less footwear)
adrianposter said on 15/Apr/23
I highly doubt he’s gonna grow anymore as he’s looked the same height for the past year.
7272 said on 13/Apr/23

This is the most subscribed twitch streamer Kai Cenat

Click Here (with 6'2 listed Kyrie)

Click Here (10:15 with 5'7 flat Speed)

Click Here (0:20-0:30 with 178.8 KSI)

Click Here he measured himself super inaccuratly at 63 inches

He's way closer to 5'4 than 5'3

I'd say 5'4 is a good listing for him
Cooper Clarke said on 13/Apr/23
@1212 Speed's definitely not taller than Deji. And Deji's not even 5’7.75, he's probably like 5’7.25 to 5’7.5 max and Speed's just 5’7 flat. 5’9.5 is way off. He's also way more than an inch shorter than KSI who was measured at 5’10.5.
GERAD HOKJH said on 13/Apr/23
Ive always thought he was 5’7. Seems spot on
brien said on 12/Apr/23
Kai is probably 5'4 not 5'3 because you can see the 5'4 reaches the top of his head and also that measurement is unlikely to be accurate
7272 said on 12/Apr/23
Then if Kai is 5'3

Agent is 179.7 cm weak 5'11

Duke Dennis is probably almost 6'1 so 184 is decent for him

Fanum and Davis are in the strong 5'6 to 5'7 range

AMP Chris is 5'8-5'9
rajsk said on 12/Apr/23
@1212 KSI is a flat 5’10 and here he is with speed, quite a few inches shorter:

Click Here

Deji is also arguably 169-170, not 172 and speed looks the same height (keep in mind he’s slouching a little which makes him look a fraction shorter)

Click Here
1212 said on 11/Apr/23
Nah I'd more say he's like 5' 9 1/2 (176 cm), when he is standing straight he doesn't look too much shorter than KSI who is 5 10 1/2 (179 cm), he's also noticeably taller than deji who's about 5 ' 7 3/4 (172 cm)
Zain09 said on 11/Apr/23

Kai measured himself without shoes on stream and he hit 5’3.

Click Here
Alanna said on 11/Apr/23
For some reason I thought he was in his 20s
7272 said on 10/Apr/23
I think Kai Cenat deserves a page

He looks to be around 5'4 with 5'11 Joe La Puma Click Here
Britney Spears fan 2000 said on 10/Apr/23
He just turned 18 its possible fir him to grow more just dunno how likely that is.
Cooper Clarke said on 9/Apr/23
@7272 I honestly wouldn't rule that out if he's still growing. An inch growth after 18 is still somewhat possible even if most don't grow after that, so 5’8 is definitely possible. I think that the most I can see him growing to is like 5’9, but that's of course only if he's lucky. (Like I said earlier with 5’8-5’9 being the most I can see him reaching)
Discord said on 9/Apr/23
It's near impossible for him to grow to 6'3. Genetics sometimes can skip tall height. I knew someone who was 175 and 19 years old male, his mom 179, his father and his older brother both 190 cm. Genetics can be cruel sometimes.
7272 said on 9/Apr/23
I think he'll grow to 5'8.
Sinous Silver said on 6/Apr/23
@Cooper Clarke:

Completely agree. 6'3 is merely impossible for him at his current age. It may have been different if he were 14-15 years of age. Also agree regarding 5'8/5'9 being his best case scenario. I was 5'7 at 17 and grew to 5'8 at 18 and that was a lucky final spurt which many don't get. In all honesty, it's very likely he's done growing completely.
Cooper Clarke said on 5/Apr/23
@ExpertHeightInspector Ok, a few things I wanna say here, 1: Not all people will grow to a certain height just based on their parents' genetics alone. 2: Speed is already 18, which is the age where most males tend to stop growing, and even if it's not completely stopped by that point, probably not much growth left, unless they're a late bloomer, like Jewels already pointed out on this page. And 3: Even if Speed was still growing, I doubt he'd reach anywhere near 6’3 because that would be an 8 inch growth which is a huge growth for an 18 year old after they turn 18, even for late bloomers. Maybe 5’8 or 5’9 if he's lucky, but even then that's probably unlikely to happen. He'll most likely just stay at 5’7 until he gets older and starts to lose some height.
Abdul(177cm) said on 2/Apr/23
c gun said on 2/Apr/23
When you say someone is 5'7 does it mean they are 5'7 right after waking up, or is it their minimum height?
Editor Rob
I would think more towards lunchtime. I believe he clears 5ft 7 out of bed!
khaled taban 5ft9 said on 1/Apr/23
@Jewels- I've grown almost 4 cm since I was 18.
El Gato said on 1/Apr/23
Listing is good, i watch him often and I think he would measure just around 5'7, although i wouldn't go over it personally, better chance of 5'6.75 than 5'7.25 🤪
ExpertHeightInspector said on 31/Mar/23
He'll most likely end up being 6'3 due to his parents genetics. Give it 2-3 years and then do a reassessment.
Mrahman said on 30/Mar/23
Is 5'6.5 possible rob?
Editor Rob

That was the lowest range I thought he could be…
Cooper Clarke said on 29/Mar/23
@Britney Spears fan 2000 I wouldn't say quite a full inch between Speed and Deji, maybe half an inch max but definitely not a full inch. Speed is close enough to 5’7.
FriedChicken said on 28/Mar/23
@56zain1 High School football team listings aren't accurate they're either very rough measurements or self reported. One of the linemen who was listed as 6'3 for the high school I went to, was at most 6'1 - 6'1 1/2 range compared to me.
RC-XD4 said on 28/Mar/23

That's just a listing, they do that. ive stood next to speed and he looks about 5´6 1/2 if not 3/ 4.
7272 said on 28/Mar/23
@Britney Spears fan 2000

I think that photo of Speed and Deji is horrible. Deji was closer to the camera that made him look taller.

I do think Deji deserves a fraction upgrade though, he looks a smudge taller than Floyd Mayweather
56zain1 said on 27/Mar/23
He is 5'8. He is listed as 5'8 by his football team.

Proof: Click Here
Britney Spears fan 2000 said on 26/Mar/23
He is shorter than deji deji is like 5"6-5"7 because ksi is like 5"10 and he's been measured. Deji is like 3-4 inches shorter and speed is like a inch shorter than deji. Woah Vicky is also the same height I'd say deji is actually 5"7 a d speed is 5"6
Daniel Lee said on 26/Mar/23
Messi is 5'6 3/8
Tawehret said on 26/Mar/23
Speed must be in speed if he thinks he’s 6 foot…. If he’s 6’ then I’m 6’7
Glacierr said on 25/Mar/23
Hi Rob,I was wondering how tall do you think Joe La Puma is
Editor Rob
Anywhere in 5ft 10-11 range.
Sandy Cowell said on 25/Mar/23
Hasn’t IShowSpeed’s page filled up quickly? It seems to happen quite frequently with YouTube stars. Perhaps I’m missing out by not visiting them!

Five seven.
AaronZamora said on 25/Mar/23
5’6 MAX
brien said on 24/Mar/23
I think he is 5'7.5
Ben - 6'1 said on 24/Mar/23

You sure you’re 6’6 then? 9-10 inches would put speed between 5’8-5’9, which is impossible. He’s lucky if he’s 5’7.
Gian 181cm said on 24/Mar/23
There's a photo of him with Joao Felix who claims to be 181cm, although the angle isn't good, he looks to be in the 5ft9-10 range in this photo.
Let's agree that even the angle is not good 4.25 inches is hardly disguised.
Click Here
RC-XD4 said on 23/Mar/23
Ive met Speed before and Im 6'5 3/4 (6'6) and i towered over him and adin who i think is about 5'8. I think i had about 9-10 inches on him.
Cooper Clarke said on 23/Mar/23
@moonlight2024 I never said Speed was unintelligent, I just found it funny that he is literally listed as bang on 5’7 on here, which is the same height as he calls out Messi for being (although Messi is actually only listed as 5’6.5 on here so Speed is still slightly taller than Messi) because of how coincidental it is, and not necessarily because of his height claims. I never said anything about Speed claiming to be 6’1, as well as claiming 6’2 once, that is not why I called it hilarious.
Ben - 6'1 said on 23/Mar/23

He’s not joking lol. Look at his reaction when the other guy says he’s only 6’. He doesn’t believe him.

I’ve seen enough of Speed to know he’s far from intelligent, or funny.

People only like him because he’s so stupid that it’s entertaining.
Oho said on 23/Mar/23
Rob I would like to know what height do you consider and most people consider very short for a man worldwide. Also I'd love to see you doing a height chart for both genders
Ema said on 23/Mar/23
Adin Ross looks 5'5 right here
Click Here
7272 said on 23/Mar/23

Most of Speeds content is literal satire. He's not unintelligent, he knows what he's doing. The more stupid that he does, the more his views go up. That's why he's at 16 millions subscribers.
Juicy James said on 22/Mar/23
Hey rob can you add Kai Cenat he claims to be 5’10 but everyone calls him 5’3
Carlos Santana said on 22/Mar/23
5'6.5"(169cm) to 5'7"(170cm) a little bit crazy but a really fun guy haha
7272 said on 22/Mar/23
I'd say Adin Ross is 5'7.25 to 5'7.5
7272 said on 22/Mar/23
I think Adin Ross is a fraction taller than Speed. He barely looks 5'7 with 6'2 listed Andrew Tate Click Here

Adin and Speed Click Here

Adin and with Polo G Click Here

I think Adin Ross is probably 5'7.25 Click Here
Benzerious said on 22/Mar/23
If he's 5'7, then how tall is NLE Choppa? Because he always looks 6'0 range next to Polo G and he doesn't even look over 5'10 Click Here
Editor Rob
Could be a bit over 5ft 10.
5'10-Abdul. said on 22/Mar/23
167-168 cm.
Jewels said on 22/Mar/23
khaled taban 5ft9 said on 20/Mar/23

Unlikely. Most people don’t grow when they’re 18 and over unless they’re maybe a late bloomer, he’s likely at his adult height since he’s been the same height for two years so it’s extremely doutbful he’s gonna grow anymore.
moonlight2024 said on 21/Mar/23
@Ben I think if you can't tell an obvious joke then you are unintelligent. Very ironic to call Speed the unintelligent one when it's you! Speed plays a role for humor. Everyone knows he isn't 6 foot, so he says it sometimes to mess around. Have some social awareness - people joke a lot. Same with @Cooper Clarke
adrianposter said on 21/Mar/23
you should also add adin ross whose another one of those famous streamers as well, he slightly edges out speed like 5’7.5-5’8 range
Cooper Clarke said on 21/Mar/23
@DZT Speed also laughs at Messi for being 5’7 when he is literally exactly 5’7 himself which is hilarious.
khaled taban 5ft9 said on 20/Mar/23
He's flat 5'7". He could grow a little more since he's 18, but ... you never know!
7272 said on 20/Mar/23
Kai Cenat deserves a page as well. Claims 5'7 but looks like a solid 5'4 with 6'1.5 listed Kyrie Irving Click Here
DZT said on 20/Mar/23
He said he's the same height as Messi in a music video and most people believe Messi is 5'7 soo
Halflifecrab said on 19/Mar/23
How tall do you think Adin Ross is Rob? I think they look pretty close in height.
Editor Rob
They look within half inch of each other.
Gian 181cm said on 19/Mar/23
I thought he made a joke lol
I thought that only 6ft-6ft 1/2 would be able to make them 6ft1 believable
Sandy Cowell said on 18/Mar/23
IShowSpeed has ‘wild staring eyes!’ Yes, indeed a perfect example of such eyes, as described in Pink Floyd - The Wall.
Ben - 186cm said on 18/Mar/23
He claimed 6’1 once which is insane Click Here

Not to be rude but I don’t think he’s a particularly intelligent guy to think he’s 6’1 when he’s clearly short. What’s worse is the guy he’s with in the clip calls him out on his claim and then Speed estimates the guy at 6’4, which means he thought the guy was only 3 inches taller than himself, despite there being a solid half foot between them.

The unknown guy claims 6 foot, which would make Speed max 5’6, but if you really think Speed is 5’7 then maybe the other guy is 6’1. I haven’t seen enough of speed to be sure personally.
Editor Rob
Never claim to be 6ft+ when you stand beside and have to look up 5 inches to a real 6 footer 😃
Cooper Clarke said on 18/Mar/23
5’7ish range is fair. He could be a quarter inch shorter than Deji based on a photo of them together but Deji could be 5’7.25, and he also looks around 3 inches shorter than KSI, so I will give Speed 5’7 flat.
Juicy James said on 17/Mar/23
Yeah he’s 5’7 flat he’s only like 3 inches taller than 5’4 Kai Cenat
James (179cm) Jones said on 17/Mar/23
I'd give speed 5'6 ⅞ or a flat 5'7.

He's got a bad posture tho, as seen in a clip with KSI and Speed both doing a face off, which KSI is 5'10 ¼ or 5'10 ½, jj looks a solid 3 or 3 ¼/½ inches taller than speed, even though Speed has really bad posture.
Click Here
Sandy Cowell said on 17/Mar/23
I’ve never heard of IShowSpeed, until today.

7272 said on 17/Mar/23
Great addition Rob!

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