How tall is Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo's Height

6ft 1 (185.4 cm)

Portuguese footballer who has played for Sporting CP, Manchester United, Real Madrid and Juventus. He was listed as 186.5cm on Madrid's website although in a Sky Documentary about him, a 3d Laser Scan measurement was given as 185.1cm (and in another clip showed the computer screen itself having 185.8cm). For his Waxwork, Ronaldo stood in a half inch boot with a slightly wider than normal leg stance and Was said to be 185cm in the pose. In 2017, Real now list him as having measured 187cm.

How tall is Cristinao Ronaldo
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Average Guess (577 Votes)
6ft 1.1in (185.7cm)
Nuclear said on 10/Apr/21
He can look 6'1 1/8 because he has a very good posture. He is dead on 6'1 flat.
Slim 6'1.5 said on 8/Apr/21
184 and below should be dubbed impossible just like 187 and above
He’s a solid 6’1 dude
185 at worst case 186 at best case 👍
Nuclear said on 4/Apr/21
Its weird because Mandzukic was called a 187 cm guy when he joined to Juventus (bayern munich listed to Mandzukic 187 cm so Juventus too in an article). That listed put to Cristiano at weak 6'1.

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em97 said on 2/Apr/21
185.1 cm is what he was measured at with a laser or what ever you call that measuring device in the sports science movie testetd to the limit and im sue that was late on the day where he was active so Ronaldo is for sure a solid 6“1 guy i would go for 186 cm for him
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Apr/21
Rob, should there be a cut-off point with the average guess where you decide whether to upgrade/downgrade someone?

Ronaldo's pushing 600 votes with an average of just over 6ft1
Editor Rob
It's interesting for visitors to see that option.

If I think another figure might be closer I do consider it and change listings. I am aware of many names people generally think could be a fraction higher (or lower) than the current figure.

Sometimes it is a 50/50 for me. If you were going with ranges, then I would agree Ronaldo has a greater chance of 6ft 1 to 1.25 than 0.75-1.
Ethan Larsen said on 29/Mar/21
My guess:

187 cm out of bed
186 cm during the day
Alexy1 said on 27/Mar/21
6ft to 6.1ft is very believable
Omar 6' said on 25/Mar/21
6'1 not more
Eusebiu - 6'1" (185 cm) said on 25/Mar/21
His 187 cm listing is obviously inflated and out of the question.

I wouldn't go as high as 186 cm because Kaka (listed 186,1 cm) is visibly taller then him (I see 1 cm between them).

Many people estimate him taller because he is fit and lean with a small head which can create an illusion of being taller than he actually is.

Most of his medical reports put him in the 185 cm range because he was measured on different ocassions from 184,9 cm up to 185,8 cm - also, note that medical reports and measurements are taken in the morning, usually 2-3 hours after waking up !

I believe Ronaldo is a strong 185 cm guy and the 6'1" (185,4 cm) listing is spot on.
Lava said on 23/Mar/21
187 cm
Slim 6'1.5 said on 12/Mar/21
A solid 6’1 worst case scenario
Canson said on 11/Mar/21
I’ve seen more pics on the field. I’m not so sure he even goes below 185. He may well be a full 6’1” at a low

@Renaldo: I see what you’re saying now. I also wonder if Pique busted a gut. I could see Ronaldo as a guy that measures maybe low to mid 187 out of bed. That’s sort of where I have Pique. Mid 194 range out of bed and 192.4 afternoon. Could be 5/8” between Pique and Ibrahimovic
Rory said on 11/Mar/21
His 6ft2 claim to Piers Morgan should probably be included at the top of the page. To my knowledge its the only time hes claimed a height.
6ft6 said on 8/Mar/21
QM6'1.5"QM said on 4/Mar/21
Flat 6'1"!
plycploc said on 3/Mar/21
Rob why the comment section is blocked for the celeb request?
Editor Rob
at the moment I spend more time looking after parents, so my time is unfortunately a bit more limited.
Tajaun said on 28/Feb/21
I can see 186 cm for him tbh.
Original said on 28/Feb/21
186cm is what he can pass for.
hydra said on 23/Feb/21
He dips to 185.4 at the absolute lowest, I’d say that’s his extreme low. He’s likely 187-187.5 range when he gets out of bed.

186.5 cm is perfect for Cristiano.
BB9 said on 21/Feb/21
Never under 6ft 1. He is somewhat shorter than rio, thierry(slightly taller than cristiano) and ruud van nistelrooy, so i would assume 6ft 2 is out of the question. If kaka is 6ft1 1/4(186.1cm), I’d say 6ft 1 is a spot on for cristiano. Anywhere between 185.4cm-185.8cm is arguable.
Ronaldo 185.4cm said on 18/Feb/21
@slim 6'1 nah, only by Busting a Gut he may just reach that mark. But ur somewhat right though, for those saying he can't hit that mark, how did he hit 187 even though that wasn't even out of bed? That was like 1-2hours after waking up so right after waking up with busting your guts fully air inside, he could hit that mark. 187 is out of the question if he already hit that even though it wasn't out of bed. Strong 187cm out of bed with normally measured yeah.
Erdem said on 18/Feb/21
Hey Rob, what do you think of CZN Burak's height? Google claims he is 1.95m.He looks 6 ft 2 next to Ronaldo and 6 ft 4 next to Will Smith.

with Ronaldo 185.4cm(6 ft 1):
Click Here
with Will Smith 186.7(6 ft 1.5):
Click Here
Editor Rob
6ft 3 range maybe
johnnysidgursson said on 14/Feb/21
About the photo of the world cup 2006, he was only 21, maybe with the amount of exercise that an athlete is exposed he may grow an inch
Ronaldo 185.4cm said on 13/Feb/21
Guys I burst into laugh when I saw Lorenzo Insigne who's 160-163cm, listed at 1.93 by google 😂😂🤣 Is Google actually okay?
slim 6'1 said on 12/Feb/21
Easily clears solid 6’2” out of bed
plycploc said on 11/Feb/21
Rob look at what i've found: Click Here
Editor Rob
I'll save and reupload the photo Here of that 184 mention on the card!
Genau said on 10/Feb/21
Flat 6ft1 is fair but nothing higher
slim 6'1 said on 8/Feb/21
@Rob, add robin van persie
slim 6'1 said on 8/Feb/21
Bale and cr7 are underlisted
Anton_186 said on 6/Feb/21
@winkler91 I’m absolutely agree with you! For example, I am 186,3 cm out of bed and 184,2 cm before bed. My extreme low height - 184,0 cm. I think Cristiano extreme low height - 185,0 cm, but no less. I am almost have the same height like him. That’s cool)
Maybe I can grow 1 cm to be like CR7, but I am already 21 years old. What do you think I have a chance?
winkler91 said on 5/Feb/21
187.3 out of bed
185.4 his low

But remember CR7 does sports throughout the day. I think he often falls to his extreme low after soccer game at 185cm. I think on a normal day without too much sports he will be easily 185.5-186cm in the afternoon.

His 187cm listing means he maybe listed 186.5 after 1 hour and then was decided to list him at 187cm. In reality he is nothing over 186cm. 186cm is good in metric.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 5/Feb/21
⚽🎂🎁 Happy Birthday Cristiano! 🎁🎂⚽

Here's wishing Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo a splendid 36th Birthday. I remember my 36th - it snowed! ❄️

6ft1. 👌😁🍻😆👍

Goodfood said on 2/Feb/21
Good 1.87
1.83 Man tall said on 1/Feb/21
Ronaldo 6ft3 hmmm
Bale 6Ft4 ok
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Feb/21
Okay if Bale is 187cm then Ronaldo is verging on 6ft3!
1.84 yeah said on 30/Jan/21
My height is 1.84 Bale taller than me yes. He was with me.
Bale was definitely above 1.85 like 187.5
I agree that Ramos is 1.82 1.83
Like Benzema 1.83
Same as Ronaldo Bale
ajax509 said on 29/Jan/21
Ronaldo 6ft 1
Bale 6ft 1/4
Ramos 5ft 11 3/4
Benzema 6ft 1/4
slim 6'1 said on 28/Jan/21
Cr7 at 186
Bale at 184
Ramos at 182
Benzema at 183
berta said on 28/Jan/21
i think 186 is his real height
Bang8501 said on 26/Jan/21
6ft1 is fair for him.Click Here
1.83 Man tall said on 26/Jan/21
Ronaldo 1.86 but
Bale does not mean that it is 1.84 Bale is mostly slightly hunched 1 cm
If Ronaldo is 1.86
Bale 1.86 1.85
I think they are the same
johnnysidgursson said on 24/Jan/21
Hey Rob, looking at various photos, You have considered that he is over 185?, because he is almost the same height as 189-190 boys like Bonucci, De Ligt and Khedira
Editor Rob
He can look 186cm a fair amount
Rory said on 22/Jan/21
I think when it comes to measuring height its best to claim what you measure at a normal time. Practically no one measures their height out of bed so that's out, and very few people will measure their height at their absolute low either say after being on feet for 15 hrs. So I think recording your height at around lunchtime, maybe having been up for 5-6 hrs and done some moderate exercise, gone to shop etc is fair. What you measure then is probably 1cm higher than your absolute low range and maybe 1 or 2cm lower than your out of bed height. Seems fair to class you as that height imo. I think at that point a guy like Ronaldo would measure roughly 186cm.
Mikester said on 20/Jan/21
sampex, with those measurements wouldn't he be 6ft1.25/6ft1.5? or do we measure our before bed height as our height? doesn't make much sense to me consider our absolute lowest, right before bed, height to be our absolute height, so to speak.
Jean Bodt said on 20/Jan/21
Click Here @editorrob how much is De light? He is listed as 1,89 to me looks 1,86.7 next to Cristiano
Editor Rob
might be near 6ft 2
Sampex said on 14/Jan/21
187.5/188 out of bed
185.5/186 before bed
Solid 6ft1
Guessheight said on 14/Jan/21
Definitively 185cm at his lowest,186-7 in morning, this measurement is accurate,I remember in fifa him being measured at 185 and 186, also 184 in Manchester utd whe he was about 20
klaw said on 13/Jan/21
How tall is Joe La Puma from Complex sneaker shopping? Ronaldo looked 3" taller, I was surprised because I assumed Joe is 6'.
Editor Rob
I thought in the past maybe 5ft 11, his height varies a bit in those episodes
pov said on 13/Jan/21
I have commented countless times Rob on this post, I usually agree with your listings - But don't you think it's a little harsh to list him as a flat 6'1?

Considering he was measured 185cm after rigorous exercise. I personally believe he'd measure 6'1.5 mid day without exercise. We see him at his lowest all the time. I don't doubt he'd measure around 187cm in the morning, as real madrid and juve have listed him at.

He's 6'1.5 for me.
Editor Rob
a majority would give him probably 186cm, 6ft 1 could be a low range for him.
Ronaldo 185.4cm said on 13/Jan/21
But still Canson, if Ronaldo got already measured 187cm (think he was Busting a Gut) But, that wasn't even out of bed, that was like an hour or two after waking up, so imagine how tall just out of bed and BUSTING A GUT too. So then 187cm is out of the question. 187 is too low then, so this is my point. Yeah a good 187cm actually a little over out of bed but 187cm with fully a Busting a Gut he is much above.
Canson said on 12/Jan/21
@Ronaldo: I see what you’re saying. Was he legit 187? Or did it specify? I ask because he may have been 186.5.
johnnysidgursson said on 10/Jan/21
Almost 6'2, he got a good posture, 185-186 guy
Mikester said on 8/Jan/21
6ft1 and an eight.
Im sturdy 1.83 said on 8/Jan/21
In advanced body measurement, there is a 3 cm error margin during height measurement, it shows you shorter, while in the tape measure, it shows you close to 5 cm.
Rory said on 8/Jan/21
Solid 6ft1 man so 187.5-188cm out of bed and 185cm at his absolute worst. Typically though during a normal day at lunchtime 185.5-186cm probably.

Busting a gut doesn't give you an extra third of an inch. Difference between standing tall and Busting a Gut is about 3mm.
slim 6'1 said on 8/Jan/21
I believe a nibble over 6’1” is possible 👍
Ronaldo 185.4cm said on 7/Jan/21
@Canson Yea but you did you notice that I said "Fully Busting a Gut"?. He is sure 187 or more out of bed yea, but Busting a Gut.. He is def 188cm range with fully Busting a Gut because If he was already measured 187 at Madrid, because if were other players then measured 2cm more than they actually are and not EVEN out of bed, which means theyre more out of bed, how isnt ronaldo then? And Consider the fact that he was measured 187 and wasn't oldvsn out of bed, imagagind out of bed with fully busted a gut, 187 is out of the question in this case. 187 too low, he is 188cm range and 187.2cm with a normal measurement. I know Canson he is 187 or more, but I'm talking about Busting a gut not simple things.
ChaosControl 6'2.5 said on 7/Jan/21
@Winkler91 that’s more like a legit 6’1 I think
Ronaldo 185.4cm said on 6/Jan/21
@Canson Well did you notice how I said fully Busting a Gut). I know 187 or more actuallay out of bed that's too basic things but 188 could be with fully busted a gut. With including that, if 188 is still then too much for you, then 187 is too low for him. 187-187.3cm out of bed but Busting a Gut increases 5-7mm so he is 188cm range prob Busting a Gut. Thats what I meant.
Ronaldo 185.4cm said on 6/Jan/21
@Canson yea but see I meant that FULLY Busting a Gut right after waking he could hit that range. But as I said like you, he is 187.2-3cm range but right after waking up with fully Busting a Gut he could be
Canson said on 6/Jan/21
@Progking: yea that’s what I was thinking but the afternoon and low wouldn’t vary. Maybe 185.7 lunch and 185.4 afternoon/evening. Possibly he is a solid 6’1” and 6’1.75 out of bed maybe like you said 6’1 7/8 and 6’1 1/8
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Jan/21
Canson, I would say 188cm is definitely within reach out of bed...
Progking184 said on 6/Jan/21
@winkler91 he could be a strong 6'1, or 6'1 1/8, and not fall below 185.4 at a low and be like 185.8 in the afternoon.
Canson said on 5/Jan/21
@Ronaldo: I doubt he’s 188 out of bed but 187 range I can see being he has a good chance at a classic 6’1” like listed. He could be like Ibrahimovic where he is what he’s listed out of bed (196 in Ibra’s case) and falls to 194 range. For Ronaldo I could see a chance at 187-187.5 out of bed and 185-185.5 afternoon. In his case if he measured 186 range an hour out of bed he likely got his 187 listing from that. Seems consistent with Pique who is listed 194 (2 cm less than Ibra) and looks about 2 cm less than him.
Ronaldo 185.4cm said on 4/Jan/21
@ChaosControl 6'2.5 No, Real list him as having measured 187, so he was measured that mark prob an hour after waking up, I think he busted a gut (If someone doesn't know what that means, it's basically breathing air in, which makes you around 5mm taller (5-7cm). So an hour after waking up possibly that mark but out of bed possibly 188 with fully busted a gut. So he is slightly over 187cm prob, not 187 flat like Winkler said but it's possible too but considering that measurement he is around 187.2-3cm.
Lafferty said on 3/Jan/21
I would think 6ft 1 1/4 is very possible for Ronaldo.
Ronaldo 185.4cm said on 2/Jan/21
@winkler91 I could see as a smidge over 187 after waking up. 187.2-3cm could be possible depends on whether he is Busting a Gut or not. If he would Bust a Gut, he could possibly just hit that 188cm range.
QM6'1QM said on 1/Jan/21
winkler91 said on 31/Dec/20

Amazing guess 100%! :)
ChaosControl 6'2.5 said on 1/Jan/21
I think his team listing him 187 is just them bigging up one of their best players
Canson said on 1/Jan/21
@Winkler: that is a damn good estimate. He probably got measured early morning in the 186 range and was rounded to 187 for his listing. Meaning an hour out of bed it could be 186-186.5. I notice Ibrahimovic is listed 196 and he’s more 194 or could even be a weak 194 (worst case) like I am. However I could see Ibra being marginally taller than me as he may maintain actually 194 in the afternoon
winkler91 said on 31/Dec/20
My guess:

187,0 out of bed
185,4 afternoon
185,1 night

186 flat possible in a 2-4 hours measurement.
Im sturdy 1.83 said on 31/Dec/20
@Ronaldo 185.4cm
Bale easily 1.85
Bale 1.83 1.84 blah imposseble
Ronaldo 185.4cm said on 30/Dec/20
@Im sturdy 1.83 How is Bale taller than Ronaldo when Bale measures shorter than Ronaldo, Bale 185 in the morning and Ronaldo 187 in the morning too, and he looks shorter in most photos.

@winkler91 If 187 is "too much" for ronaldo, then 185 is "too much" for Bale too.
Slim 6'1" said on 30/Dec/20
186cm is arguable
winkler91 said on 29/Dec/20
He is a 186 max guy. 187cm claim is too much. 6'1 afternoon is a good listing.

He is legit 6'1 who might claim 186 in cm.
Im sturdy 1.83 said on 28/Dec/20
@Ronado 185.4cm
İ think Bale taller than ronaldo
Lava said on 26/Dec/20
2 cm Grew / 2009ㅡ184,9 cm / 2017ㅡ187 cm
Ronaldo 185.4cm said on 25/Dec/20
@183.4 No, he is not 184, Ozil was also measured at 1.73m when he is 1.77m in real life. Also, Ronaldo's 185.1cm measurement on 3rd Laser Scan without standing straight and legs widely open, can tell that he is a very solid 185cm guy. He is above 185cm, 6'1 is perfect. He is about 2cm taller than both Bale and Benzema
Ronaldo 185.4cm said on 24/Dec/20
@183.4 No he is not 184, Ozil was 173 on the pose too, even though he is 177cm range in real life. 185.1cm measurement while not even standing straight in a 3d Laser Scan in the afternoon , doesn't lie. He is about 2cm taller than both Bale and Benzema.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 21/Dec/20
Christiano looks taller in the picture above! Perhaps that's because, when faced with a true 6-foot-1 guy, we see just how tall he really is.

He can have 6ft1.25. ⚽🎄🎅⛄🎁
Slim 6'1" said on 21/Dec/20
186cm is likely for ronaldo
183.4 said on 21/Dec/20
If cristiano ronaldo stands 185 cm in this video that means he is 6ft1/2 or 184 cm barefoot because he had a flat shoes on Click Here
Ronaldo 185.4cm said on 11/Dec/20
@RJT Thats not near the best photo to use, look at Nistelroy and Rio, in reality their height difference is around an inch or 2.5-3cm and in the photi difference is there like 8cm and also look at Rooney looks only like an inch shorter than ronaldo but in reality much more so in that photo seems like the more you go the right the taller they appear. And, dont go as 6'1, the highest you could go with, 6'1 in reality is almost like the most legit you could go with.

And I rhink Ronaldo was 184cm range in his early days at United.
Hyper said on 10/Dec/20
Rob, here’s more of the 2cellos with other people.

Here’s them with Vitali Klitschko — Click Here

And here’s them with Michael Strahan. — Click Here

And compare them with Cristiano Ronaldo — Click Here

I wasn’t sure because Vitali and Strahan are slouching. So I assumed the taller one (Luka) is over 6’1” and the shorter one is over 5’11”.
Canson said on 9/Dec/20
If there was ever prototypical 6’1” this is it. If anything he may dip to 185cm here and there but not less

Julius Butler said on 28/Nov/20
I think Ronaldo is more like 6ft3. If you compare him to Imbrahimovic, who is like 6ft6, it seems right.

Ibrahimovic is 194cm. 6’4 3/8 or 6’4.5
GTB172cm said on 9/Dec/20
@Julius Ibra 6’6? Really? I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s over 6’4 but Pogba’s 6’3 and Ibra isn’t 3 inches taller than Pogba. I would go 6’4.5 for Ibra and 6’1.25 for CR7.
RJT said on 8/Dec/20
Knew him since 2003 cause I am Man utd fan
Click Here

In 2004, got towered by 6'3 Rio and look 2" shorter than 6'2 Nistelrooy so probably was weak 6'1 as he was 19 then.

Honestly this listing is the tallest I'd go.
Vincent Caleb said on 7/Dec/20
First of all, no I did not use bad pictures. One was in dark lighting, the others were good, where he appeared to be flexing. I posted a good pic of him if you actually looked at my post. Also, if you think he looks 8% at MOST even in the pic of him in the darker lighting, then you need to get your eyes checked. Maybe 9% is possible, but no less. As far as his height goes, no he is not closer to 6’2”. You say 6’1.75” afternoon, then 6’1” at an absolute low, but unless he wakes up at 12:00 pm then there is no reason he would lose another 3/4 of an inch. He is 6’1” flat. Afternoon doesn’t really vary much from night height, even on extreme lows usually not more than a quarter, definitely not 3/4. You encouraged me to look up lighting, I encourage you to actually look up his diet. You say he has a zero carb diet(which is ridiculously ignorant to think) yet I looked it up and it is definitely not zero carbs. To further destroy your argument, he is even quoted saying he eats lots of carbs-“I eat a high protein diet with lots of wholegrain carbs, fruit and vegetables, and avoid sugary foods,” he continued. Beyond alcohol, he has previously said he steers clear of “sugary sodas and processed foods”. I also read that he eats 3000 calories a day in the same article. So before spewing random bro science in the comments, fact-check what you are about to write. Cheers
Inches_to_cm said on 5/Dec/20
Rob, what do you think about Man United's latest signings- Donny Van De Beek and Edinson Cavani. Both are listed at 184 cm.
Editor Rob
I did give a page for Cavania at that height...not sure Van de Beek seems as tall as 184.
aero said on 1/Dec/20
@Vincent Caleb

You used the worst possible pictures to decide his bodyfat percentage and he still appeared to be 8-9% range.

All of the pictures you chose of him were in the worst lighting possible, and then you compared him to someone in ideal lighting. If I were you I’d look up a video on how lighting affects what physiques look like. Oh and also one of the pics you showed was of him in the offseason while on vacation and he STILL LOOKED SUB 10 PERCENT RANGE.

End of discussion, his abs, chest, legs and vascularity all show he is 8% at an absolute high. He’s very lean, he has a close to 0 carb diet which means his caloric intake is low, further indicating he keeps no excess energy/fat sources.

Not to drift off of the main topic at hand, he’s closer to 6’2” than he is to 6’1”. 6’1” at an absolute low, 6’1.75” in the afternoon.
Erim said on 29/Nov/20
He's like 187(min) = 6ft 1 3⁄4 clearly. And who are arguing about his body fat go and watch Greg Doucette aka most informative doctor on the planet . He knows everything about %99.5
Julius Butler said on 28/Nov/20
I think Ronaldo is more like 6ft3. If you compare him to Imbrahimovic, who is like 6ft6, it seems right.
Ronaldo 185.4cm said on 24/Nov/20
What I also noticed is that guys with bent legs can look shorter and their legs too but when you look at ronaldo from a front view, his legs are completely straight his body is completely straight and has a straight tall body. Actually sometimes looks like his legs go a little more outside than normally. A guy like Varane looks also very tall with those little outside going legs and thought he was taller at first.
Vincent Caleb said on 23/Nov/20
When you look at him flexed, and pumped up I could maybe buy 9% if we are being generous. It’s just there are so many people who look much leaner at 6-7%. I mean the dude is in great shape still.
Ronaldo 185.4cm said on 22/Nov/20
@Vincent Caleb Nice to hear you're fan of him me too, but how's 7% an internet number if he had 7% when he was tested to the limit and also 7% at Juve medicals, i mean, at times he could've had more body fat by a few % but 7% too.
Vincent Caleb said on 21/Nov/20
@ Ronaldo 185.4cm:
I am a big fan of him too and I think he is in very good shape and is 6’1” at a low. He is simply not 6 or 7% body fat.
Arch Stanton said on 21/Nov/20
Click Here

That's a legit 7%, no doubt. Insane!! He's not far off Bruce Lee look there. Must have been a very jealous a-hole to guess 13% on that site!! Of course a guy like him probably works out incredibly hard when those tests come around, and he might not be that all year around. I agree with you on dangerously low levels, I'd say 6% is the cut off point on that. Didn't Mike Tyson claim 0. something bodyfat on Rogan? That's hilarious!!
Slim 6'1" said on 20/Nov/20
I reckon 186.5 at his low
Vincent Caleb said on 20/Nov/20
If you think 10% body fat is high for Ronaldo you should see some of what people are guessing him in bodybuilding forums. I see 13% a lot. But really, look at the bodybuilder Alberto Nunez and you will see he measured 6-7%. I honestly would have guessed him 5-6%. He looks way leaner than Ronaldo and it is not even close. Ronaldo is a very fit and athletic dude who is in great shape, but some bodybuilders work decades to try to achieve 6% body fat on a stage for even a short while, and you want me to believe Ronaldo, a footballer, holds it year round? Holding sub 7 percent for any long period of time is extremely unhealthy, and Ronald’s body is already taking a pounding in his sport. So yes, in internet numbers, he is 7%. In actuality, he is 10%.
Ronaldo 185.4cm said on 20/Nov/20
Yeah it is a proven fact that he has 7% of body fat so don't know what makes it so hard to believe

But anyway, Rob how tall do you think Bonucci is? Might be 189cm because the photos I've seen of him with Cristiano aren't bad and looks to be a good inch taller than Cristiano. 188-189cm, 6'2 range for me.
Ronaldo 185.4cm said on 20/Nov/20
Yeah it is a proven fact that he has 7% of body fat so don't know what makes it so hard to believe it.

But anyway, Rob how tall do you think Bonucci is? Might be 189cm because the photos I've seen of him with Cristiano aren't bad and looks to be a good inch taller than Cristiano. 188-189cm, 6'2 range for me.
Arch Stanton said on 19/Nov/20
No, I'd say 7% is absolutely legit.
Arch Stanton said on 19/Nov/20
Yeah he looks a legit 6 - 7% bodyfat. Most of the 6% claimers online are nowhere near his level. The only way you can keep it that low is hours upon hours of training every single day and a strict diet. His dedication is amazing, it will be interesting to see how much training he keeps up when retiring. Of course it helps being paid what he is to be the the fittest he can possibly be but he strikes me as a guy who'd workout like clockwork even if retired.
Im sturdy 1.83 said on 18/Nov/20
I think CR7 perfectly 1.86 1.87
Vincent Caleb said on 18/Nov/20
Sorry dude, but Christians does not have 7%. I’ll draw more comparison photos.
Click Here
There he is looking no less than 10%. No visible deltoid striations, not vascular, very lean but nothing under 10%.
Here is bodybuilder Jamie Alderton who has been measured as 10.8% before, but here he is probably a flat 10%.
Click Here
Here is better pic of Ronaldo:
Click Here
Still no deltoid striations. He also has a lack of separation between muscles, as you can see in the shoulders, although part of it is how he is holding is arms. He is a lean dude but I think 7% is a little crazy. He looks 10% to me.
Ronaldo 185.4cm said on 17/Nov/20
@Vincent Caleb You're right. Nothing suspicious about me I ain't Cristiano ;D But he actually does have 7% body fat and I know about it. Not only in 2011 he had 7% when he was tested to the limit but also when he joined Juventus in 2018 even then he had 7% of body fat at the medical. But he could've had 10% or so but at the medical he di have 7%. And to mention I'm not only here for Ronaldos page but also other tall Celebrities, athletes and footballers to be clear.
J2Frenzy said on 17/Nov/20
@Vincent yeah Ronaldo probably has similar body fat to the 2 of us. I was just wondering if it was the guy himself posting because of his username
Vincent Caleb said on 16/Nov/20
Ronaldo 185.4cm is a good poster, nothing suspicious about him. Maybe just a big Ronaldo fan. Although, he doesn’t seem so know too much about body fat percentages cause there is no way Ronaldo is anywhere close to being as low as 6-7%. Here is a pic of Alberto Nunez, a bodybuilder who did a test and was measured at 6.2%.
Click Here
As you can see, Ronaldo is nowhere near that lean. As a fellow gym rat, I commonly see people overestimate the amount of lean mass a person has. In some pics 10-11% body fat is what Ronaldo looks. He could be similar to J2Frenzy and myself in body fat. Cheers
J2Frenzy said on 16/Nov/20
I could believe he’s sub 10% body fat, not sure if as low as 6 though. Maybe 7-8
Resurrection of Edward said on 16/Nov/20
@canson and ronaldo

agreed with everything you guy’s said.
J2Frenzy said on 15/Nov/20
Nobody else think it’s suspicious that a poster on Ronaldo’s page has his name and is claiming his height?
Maroon said on 15/Nov/20
Rob, how much do you think was tall Cristiano s'dad ? Click Here already 6ft 1 in this.)
Editor Rob
looks an inch or so shorter in some photos
Im sturdy 1.83 said on 15/Nov/20
Ronaldo 1.85.5cm
bale easily 1.88 1.90
James Brett 172cm said on 14/Nov/20
Ronaldo 185.4cm said on 14/Nov/20
@James B 172c
Yeah, it is true. He has maintained his low body fat percentage all the time, he had 7% of body fat when he was tested to the limit back in 2011. And I think he has still the same 6-7% of body fat.

what do you think his weight is?
Jdubbz said on 14/Nov/20
@James B 172c:

I'd have guessed he was closer to 10%, but I'm sure he's been 6-7% at some point. It's quite difficult to actually maintain that level of leanness year round.
Ronaldo 185.4cm said on 14/Nov/20
@James B 172c
Yeah, it is true. He has maintained his low body fat percentage all the time, he had 7% of body fat when he was tested to the limit back in 2011. And I think he has still the same 6-7% of body fat.
James B 172c, said on 13/Nov/20
I read up that Ronaldo has 6 or 7 percent body fat

Not sure if that’s true though?
Ronaldo 185.5cm said on 13/Nov/20
@My height 1.83 cm
Bale is not taller than Ronaldo and not even close to 6ft2, because he looks always a little shorter than Ronaldo and he was listed as 1.83m when he joined Real Madrid, so he is definitely 183.5cm range (6'0 1/4) because that 1.83m listing doesn't mean he is exactly 1.83 I think he was taller than that by a few millimeters, but it was rounded to 1.83m. So he is a little over 6 feet. 6'2 is out of the question. That's like saying Ronaldo is 190cm range or just almost 6'3.

@OriginalAnon Agree, he could be just about flat 185.4cm in afternoon or noon but no more than 185.5cm. But still a little over 185cm. But the thing is that ronaldo is often seen at his low point.
Slim 6'1" said on 11/Nov/20
a more solid 6'1' than this try 186cm
My height 1.83 cm said on 11/Nov/20
I think Bale taller than CR7
Bale sturdy 6 feet 2 inch footer
OriginalAnon said on 9/Nov/20
Still 187cm on Wiki, with this note - The number varies between 1.85 and 1.89 by source. Sports Illustrated gives 1.85, Luca Caioli 1.86, Sveriges Television 1.865, FIFA and EA Sports 1.87,Soccerway and Eurosport 1.87 and Portuguese Football Federation 1.89.

Not over 185.5cm.
Ronaldo 185.5cm said on 6/Nov/20
@Canson Thanks!
Canson said on 4/Nov/20
@Ronaldo: well said!
Ronaldo 185.5cm said on 30/Oct/20
Cristiano is one of the guys in this site who's not just a perfect 6'1 guy, but he also looks it, looks a perfect 6'1 too. Such perfect body proportions. He's no less than 185 in the afternoon for me. Maybe after a game he could be 6'0 3/4 range. (184.8cm) And Bale could be pretty much 6 feet after a game. Zlatan is no more than 6'4 1/2 nor Cristiano no more than 6'1. A perfect 6'1 guy. No less or no more. This listing is perfect.
Canson said on 27/Oct/20
@Recapa: yea he’s one of the most legit 6’1”s on this site. I think 187-187.5 out of bed and a solid 6’1 at a low
recapa said on 25/Oct/20
6ft1 is good enough for cr7 but i guess that you can make a case for an 0.25inch update
Giuliano said on 25/Oct/20
Rob how u can explaun that sonetimes ronaldo looks 6ft2 there with ibra and sonetimes strong 6ft1, is it maybe because this day on the pic maybe cristiano wakes up later and ibra wakes up earlier?? Because if ronaldo was sleeping before obviously he is 2 cm taller than later Click Here
Editor Rob
I've never seen great photos of ROnaldo/Ibrahim standing on solid ground...on the pitch, they can look sometimes 3, sometimes near 4 inches apart, but generally less than 4
Slim 6'1" said on 24/Oct/20
Strong 6’1” like 186cm
181guy said on 23/Oct/20
@pov Strenous exercise below 10 minutes, lol. He measured 185.1 in Tested To The Limit documentary...So I think he's 185.4-5.
pov said on 12/Oct/20
185cm measurement was taken after strenous excercise, so we can assume he is 185cm at his lowest. Real measured him 187cm in the morning, which i believe. as even i shrink about 2cm in the day. i would give him 186cm overall as the height he is most of the day, without excercise.

the thing is ronaldo is always seen at his lowest as he's an athlete. this is why i give him 6'1.5 (186cm)
Slim 6'1 said on 9/Oct/20
Ronaldo like mark gatiss could be 186cm males
Slim 6'1" said on 9/Oct/20
My danish and Dutch genes are why I’m 6’1-5-75
Scott 5'6 said on 8/Oct/20
On a show quite long ago they had him measured at 185.1cm so I think 6’1 just about
Lava said on 6/Oct/20
2009: 184,9 ㎝
2017: 187 ㎝
Scott 5'6 said on 4/Oct/20
I would give him 6’1.5
Hyper said on 3/Oct/20
Rob, I'm curious. What made you think the 2cellos duo was nearly 6'3" and nearly 6'0", when i showed you the picture with them and Cristiano Ronaldo?

Click Here

Was it the other pictures, you saw of the duo, together? I can under if the guess was 6'2" and 5'11.5", but I was surprised at the nearly 6'3" guess for the taller one.
Editor Rob
Ronaldo looked to have a little camera advantage, so I wouldn't have ruled out almost 6ft 3 and almost 6ft for the other guys. Of course, if you were to look at a lot of photos of someone, you might get a better sense. The odd photo or 2 sometimes can favour one height, over another.
Slim 6'1" said on 2/Oct/20
I still think 186cm is debatable for him
Glady said on 29/Sep/20
Ronaldo is a legit 6.1 guy saw his recent pic with lionell messi
Slim 6'1" said on 27/Sep/20
6’1.25” 👍 be happy rob u underlisted him!
Slim 6'1" said on 20/Sep/20
186cm just needs proof to convince editor rob
Van Halen said on 9/Sep/20
Pepe was listed 185 in the World Cup 2014, and 186 in some souces.
Ronaldo 185.5cm said on 9/Sep/20
@And Pepe isn't a 187-88cm guy, he could be 186cm-186.5cm, max 6'1 1/2 (186.7cm) for me. Always looked pretty much the same height as ronaldo, ronaldo is the guy who you can call a very legit 6'1 guy.
Sampex said on 8/Sep/20
187.5 out of bed
185.5 before bed
He is in the 186 range during the day
181guy said on 5/Sep/20
Rob, do you think he's precisely 6'1?
Editor Rob
If you measured him 9-10am I think he's going to clear that mark....6ft 1 for Ronaldo might be an afternoon range.
And said on 31/Aug/20
Look At his new instagram post he stands with Pepe 187-188 cm. Same height
Jeevehs said on 31/Aug/20
He’s a solid 186
OriginalAnon said on 29/Aug/20
185cm. He's clearly not 187cm like some are pushing.
183.5menemen said on 26/Aug/20
Ronaldo: 187.3
Bale: 186.5
Benzema: 184.4
Ramos: 184.2
Zutkil said on 24/Aug/20
Solidest 6ft1 footballer, I'd say 186 cm
Allie said on 22/Aug/20
Actually, in the photos I posted, neither seems to have the best posture, but still.
Allie said on 22/Aug/20
Here's CR7 with Brazilian fashion model Ana Beatriz Barros. They did a photo shoot a few years ago. Her agencies list her as 180cm/5'11 but she's been said to be slightly taller and is listed on Celebheights and certain online sources as 5'11.5.

CR7's wearing dress shoes and Ana's wearing some kind of flats (as shown in the last picture). She's also bending her knees/slouching a little bit. Some people on her page thought she could be 5'9 (175) to 5'10.5 (179) but standing next to Cristiano I don't see it...

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Van Halen said on 19/Aug/20

183.4cm said on 18/Aug/20
Cr7 Has a 6’2 bird eye View because he has less forehead so he can look close to 6’2 187cm most times plus he started taking herbo life that helps him maintain a height of 186.2 cm at times with his unique slim built body structure.
Slim 6'1" said on 14/Aug/20
186.5 looks possible
Lava said on 11/Aug/20
Robben and Casillas Click Here
Lava said on 11/Aug/20
Robben and Casillas Click Here
Lava said on 11/Aug/20
Robben and Casillas Click Here
Lava said on 11/Aug/20
Raul and Casillas Click Here
Lava said on 11/Aug/20
Raul and Casillas Click Here
Ronaldo 185.5cm said on 10/Aug/20
@Lava Haha Raul is an inch or more shorter than Casillas, you are making sure just becasuse of one photo again, and casillas is taller in that photo what are you even seeing, even rob listed Raul at 5'10 which looks good for him, if Casillas got measured 182.2cm he is definitely taller than 181 or 182 he could be 6ft out of beed, Raul something like 5'10.75" range maybe) But Casillas is surely taller than Raul by an inch atleast!

Ronaldo 187.3cm 6'1 3/4
Casillas 182.5-9cm 6'0
Pepe 187.8-188cm 6'2
Ramos 184.2-5cm 6'0 1/2
Kaka 187.8-88cm 6'2
Benzema 185.4cm 6'1
Raul 179.4-7cm 5'10 3/4

Robs listing overall are accurate
Lava said on 9/Aug/20
their out of bed heights:

Casillas: 181 ~ 182 cm
Raul: 182 ~ 183 cm
Slim 6'1" said on 6/Aug/20
Lmao lava Ramos is 180 in ur dreams
Slim 6'1" said on 6/Aug/20
Flat 6’1” 185 is perfect 👍
ajax509 said on 5/Aug/20
IMO their out of bed heights:

Casillas: 6'0"/182.9cm
Pepe: 6'2"/188cm
Ramos: 6'0.5"/184.2cm
Metzelder: 6'4.5"/194.3cm
Kakà: 6'1.75"/187.3cm
Cristiano: 6'1.75"/187.3cm
Robben: 5'11.25"/181cm
Raul: 5'11"/180.3cm
Benzema: 6'1"/185.4cm
van Nistelrooy: 6'2.5"/189.2cm
Higuain: 6'1.25"/186.1cm
Ronaldo 185.5cm said on 5/Aug/20
Cristiano Ronaldo is listed at 1.87 again by google, he is overlisted by a 1cm!
Lava said on 4/Aug/20
Casillas: shorter than Raul Click Here

Raul was measured 180,1 cm (2009)

Casillas: 179,3 cm (2009)

Ramos: 180,3 cm (2009) / 184 cm (2017)
Hulk.23 said on 3/Aug/20
In my opinion the low heights which follow:

Casillas: 5’11/180,5cm
Pepe: 6’1.5/186,5cm
Ramos: 6’/183cm
Metzelder: 6’4/193cm
Kakà: 6’1.25/186cm
Cristiano: 6’1/185,5cm
Robbed: 5’11/180,5cm
Raul: 5’10.75/180cm
Benzema: 6’0.25/183,5cm
Van Nistelrooy: 6’2/188cm
Higuain: 6’0.5/184cm
Ronaldo 185.5cm said on 3/Aug/20
@Lava doesnt seem accurate after saying Ramos was 180.3cm and Casillas 179.3cm, show me the proof of those "measurements". Ronaldo at 184.9cm is believable at a very low.
Lava said on 1/Aug/20
@Ronaldo 185.5cm
Ronaldo 186,5 cm was just profile listed, and Ronaldo was measured 184,9 cm and Kaka 185,8 cm (2009)

and Ronaldo was measured 187 cm / 83,5 kg (2017)
Hulk.23 said on 31/Jul/20
Same height as Barack Obama, honest, genuine and stronger 6’1/185cm who sometimes can pass for a 6’1.5 guy
Ronaldo 185.5cm said on 31/Jul/20
@Lava i dont know what are u trying to say ramos being 5'11 is a joke and casillas being 179.3cm is a joke too, casillas is atleast 5'11, i would say even a little bit more. Raul being 180.1cm is too much he looks 5'10 tops.

Casillas was measured 182.2cm

Ramos 183.2cm

Ronaldo 186.5cm

Pepe 187.1cm

Arbeloa 183.5cm

Marcelo 171.9cm

Xabi Alonso 182.7cm
ajax509 said on 30/Jul/20
@Lava Stop posting nonsense!
Lava said on 29/Jul/20
Measured 2009

Casillas: 179,3 cm / 83,2 kg / blood type A

Pepe: 187,1 cm / 85 kg / blood type AB

Ramos: 180,3 cm / 80 kg

Albiol: 189,2 cm / 82 kg

Marcelo: 173,8 cm / 72 kg

Metzelder: 193,7 cm / 85 kg / blood type B

Kaka: 185,8 cm / 79 kg / blood type B

Van Der Vaart: 175,8 cm / 72 kg / blood type AB

Cristiano Ronaldo: 184,9 cm / 85 kg / blood type B

Robben: 180,8 cm / 77 kg / blood type AB

Raul: 180,1 cm / 80 kg / blood type A

Benzema: 183,1 cm / 82 kg

Van Nistelrooy: 188,8 cm / 87 kg / blood type B

Higuain: 182,0 cm / 80 kg
Lava said on 29/Jul/20

Casillas: 179,3 cm / 83,2 kg / blood type A

Pepe: 187,1 cm / 85 kg / blood type AB

Ramos: 180,3 cm / 80 kg

Albiol: 189,2 cm / 82 kg

Marcelo: 173,8 cm / 72 kg

Metzelder: 193.7 cm / 85 kg / blood type B

Kaka: 185.8 cm / 79 kg / blood type B

Van Der Vaart: 175,8 cm / 72 kg / blood type AB

Cristiano Ronaldo: 184,9 cm / 85 kg / blood type B

Robben: 180,8 cm / 77 kg / blood type AB

Raul: 180,1 cm / 80 kg / blood type A

Benzema: 183,1 cm / 82 kg

Van Nistelrooy: 188,8 cm / 87 kg / blood type B

Higuain: 182,0 cm / 80 kg
Lava said on 28/Jul/20
Tested 2009

Casillas: 179,3 cm / 83,2 kg / blood type A

Pepe: 187,1 cm / 85 kg / blood type AB

Ramos: 180,3 cm / 80 kg

Albiol: 189,2 cm / 82 kg

Marcelo: 173,8 cm / 72 kg

Metzelder: 193.7 cm / 85 kg / blood type B

Kaka: 185.8 cm / 79 kg / blood type B

Van Der Vaart: 175,8 cm / 72 kg / blood type AB

Cristiano Ronaldo: 184,9 cm / 85 kg / blood type B

Robben: 180,8 cm / 77 kg / blood type AB

Raul: 180,1 cm / 80 kg / blood type A

Benzema: 183,1 cm / 82 kg

Van Nistelrooy: 188,8 cm / 87 kg / blood type B

Higuain: 182,0 cm / 80 kg
QM6'1QM said on 25/Jul/20
Ronaldo 185.5cm said on 21/Jul/20

He's absolutely honest and strongest 6'1"!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Jul/20
I could see him scraping 189cm in football boots, they usually add at least 3cm…
Ronaldo 185.5cm said on 21/Jul/20
I wish he had a 186cm listing on google and messi 169cm like before, Ibras listing has been accurate all the time on google
Dream said on 20/Jul/20
Folks, question. In your views, how tall do you think the 2cellos duo looks, with Cristiano Ronaldo?

Click Here
183 guy said on 19/Jul/20
He is 186.5 187
Georg88 said on 17/Jul/20
Strange how Google says he is 189 cm now. First, many years ago, he was listed at 184, then 185 and for a couple of years 187 cm. And now suddenly 1,89 m.. luckily we have celebheights to correct that! This guy is 1.85!
Guy66 said on 13/Jul/20
Solid 6'1 for sure
berta said on 13/Jul/20
he looks 185-186 that means 6´1 is the best listing. about 185,5 is probably what he get under a stadiometer.
Ronaldo 185.5cm said on 12/Jul/20
Rob, could you create a page for Xabi Alonso, here he is listed at 182.7cm. Could be around 5'11 3/4, he looked that always. And im assuming those millimetre accurate heights are measurements, because why would they randomly put some millimetres to their listings, of course they gotta be measurements. But those 181 and 189 and 180 arent measurements because they aint millimetre accurate. There is Arbeloa at 183.5cm, Casillas at 182.2cm, Xabi Alonso at 182.7cm, Benzema at 184.1cm, Marcelo at 171.9cm, Ramos at 183.2cm, Kaka at 185.6cm. And actually pepe at 187.1cm and ronaldo at 186.5cm. Pepe and ronaldo never had a lot of difference so 6mm makes sense.
Hanov said on 8/Jul/20
@Chris Junior Hernandez 1990

Never, you are fan of Cris

He has a new haircut, he looked shorter now because his head looks bigger and not small.
184spanishguy said on 6/Jul/20
187.5/188 out of bed
185.5/186 before bed
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 1/Jul/20
Small head help Cristiano to pull off looking near 6'2 when standing alone.
Ronaldo 185.5cm said on 30/Jun/20
Rob, could you create a page for Haaland? Or maybe when his height growth is finished. He has been listed 194 during his career, his 194 listing came probably at 18-19 year old and since he is a late bloomer he could have grown a bit or will grow a little bit more. He grew from 16 to 18 a lot according to one video.
Dream said on 29/Jun/20
I think he is really a guy who can look a classic 6’1” guy.

However, I’m still trying to figure out the size of the 2CELLOS duo, with Cristiano here. — Click Here

The Left Gentleman (Luka) looks a strong 6’1” with Ronaldo. The middle guy (HAUSER) is tricky. He looks 5’11”, with Ronaldo, but I could be wrong.
Dream said on 29/Jun/20
I think he is really a guy who can look a classic 6’1” guy.

However, I’m still trying to figure out the size of the 2CELLOS, with Cristiano here. — Click Here

The Left Gentleman (Luka) looks a strong 6’1” with Ronaldo. The middle guy (HAUSER) is tricky. He looks 5’11”, with Ronaldo, but I could be wrong.
Nik said on 28/Jun/20
@ Matt Evans - How tall are you?
Hanov said on 25/Jun/20
He never looked weak 6'2
185.5cm said on 24/Jun/20
@QM6'1QM How is he max 185cm when never has been measured under 185 after his early 20's, 185.1cm at a low while not standing straight and not Busting a Gut. And a lot of players get measured in a straight standing position while Busting a Gut. Lets be honest cr7 is the most legit 6'1 ever/ive ever seen.

Rob, how tall do you think Casemiro is, he has been listed 6'1 all the time, but doesnt look that. He has been tiptoeing often as well.
Editor Rob
Would be surprised if Casemiro was near 6ft 1, generally he looks under it.
Matt Evans said on 24/Jun/20
Looks a solid 6’1 to me, 186cm would be my guess, never looks a full 6’2 but usually looks comfortably 6’1.
Hanov said on 22/Jun/20
@Rob @Canson

He brokes his fingers. His wish height is at least 188 cm to 190 cm
QM6'1QM said on 22/Jun/20
Hanov said on 16/Jun/20

Agreed, lol. He's maximum 185/ 6'1", only good right posture, small head and long legs makes him look taller like 6'2 or something else. I know it cuz i have literally the same aesthetic of body and naturally skinny look to people.
Canson said on 21/Jun/20
@Hanov: he doesn’t strike me as a guy who desires to be taller.
Editor Rob
Have you seen how often Ronaldo tip-toed for before team photos.

At least in those situations he appears like he wants to look taller.
Hanov said on 19/Jun/20
189 is his wish height xd
Hanov said on 16/Jun/20
Lol He is listed 189 in Google. He is max a solid 185.1 cm
Big brain time said on 16/Jun/20
I don't understand one thing. People compare Djokovic to Ronaldo from that foto, but one thing in mind is that ronaldo had a solid sneaker advantage there and the angle favors him kinda, he tends to wear thick sole sneaker lately(like very thick af1, every air max, Nike Shox), that's also why I believe when people say he grew in his 24+ it's basicly that his footwear changed(and he started to stand tall on pictures like [standing on his toes xD])I would say 185 is probably very acurate height in most of his day.
pov said on 12/Jun/20
Don't blame the lad for claiming 6'2. He's been mugged off right here, was measured at 185cm after exercise and wasn't standing straight, in addition to this a laser scan is not as accurate as a tape measure. I believe he's a full 186cm mid-day without strenuous excercise. 187cm in the morning, as he's been measured by real and juve. I'd give him an average of 186cm overall, as I think that's fair.
Nik said on 11/Jun/20
@ Marta - Great idea! I have seen her listed as 5'6" and I have even seen her listed as 5'7"!
Ulf Jonas Hiller said on 30/May/20
Oh, and hey, it seems natural to me that this test would have been done early in the day (afternoon at the latest) so at to test his vigor and so forth. My morning/out of bed height is usually a quarter to half-inch taller than my (rest of most of the day height)then my before bed hight is about the same lower than my morning (except for my right out of bed) height).

So obviously this wasn't his morning height. He had likely shrunk between a quarter and a half-inch (more likely quarter) so 185.1 + .635 =185.735cm (a little över 6'1". but immediately after awakening measurements don't count (I sometimes measure myself at 6'1 & 1/2 /186.7cm, or thereabouts, right after waking up [on GOOD days...bad ones were maybe 6'1+1/4] but then shrank quickly by half an inch to 6'1 +/- a millimeter, or on bad days down from 186 to 185 or so). Then typically right before bed, it could drop sometimes all the way to 6ft 0.5 in, especially after having been awake more than e.g. 24 or 36 hours straight (insomnia).
Ulf Jonas Hiller said on 30/May/20
Why say he's 6'1" when the scan machine in the documentary showed his exact height to be 185.1cm. You should say 6 feet and 7/8 inches, which is as good as EXACTLY 185.1 (185.1025 to be precise).

I chose the 6ft 3/4 guess because 7/8 wasn't an option.
PS. This documentary, 'CRISTIANO RONALDO - Tested To The Limit!' (can be found on youtube)
is from 2011. Ergo, Ronaldo was already 26 by this time and had stopped growing several years ago.
Editor Rob
An argument could be is he at his tallest posture or not...I mean it looked good, but always a chance of a fraction more
Marta said on 29/May/20
Rob, could you make a page about Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, who is a head (24cm) shorter than ronaldo barefoot, so 162cm is a posibility, what do you think?
Mark Allan said on 29/May/20
Rob, I see google now lists him as 6’2.5 or 1.89m he clearly isn’t as high as that with Djokovic they look the same height but Djokovic isn’t 6’2 I’d list Djokovic the same as Ronaldo the highest I would put these two men is 6’1 or 6’1.25 do you agree? That 6’2.5 listing for Ronaldo is rubbish
Editor Rob
I posted the link back in October. Here it is once again, Click Here.

A decent pose and 3d laser scanned Ronaldo was 185.1cm. However, Busting a Gut could push him several mm higher.
Appe said on 28/May/20
Ronaldo in early career 184 cm (now listed by Juve 187 cm)
Torres in early career 183 cm (now listed 186 cm)
Lewandowski in early career 181 cm (now listed by Bayern 184 cm).

It seems a bit too much they've grown all 3 cms after 18-19yo honestly. I think in the football business there is the habit to boost famous players heights. (see now Ronaldo listed 189 cm on google).

My opinion is that Ronaldo is a strong 185cm (clearly shorter than Chiellini who I personally know and who is nothing over 187 cm for sure).
Elias said on 27/May/20
He is listed at "189 cm" on google now =D
I agree that he can look 186 cm - 188 cm range at time, he always look very close to 6ft2 players. It's funny because he described David De Gea as very tall but when you see pictures of them together, they are very close in height. In my opinion CR7 is a very solid 6ft1 guy, he looks similar to Kaka who is listed at 186 cm also and I think he is taller than someone like Roger Federer. If you compare the pictures of Federer and Djokovic and then the video of Djokovic with CR7, then it's obvious than CR7 is taller than Federer.
Anton_106 said on 24/May/20
@Ronaldo 185.5cm
In film “Ronaldo: Tested to the Limit“ his height was 185.1 cm. The film was shot in 2011. At that time, Cristiano was 26 years old and at this age he had already reached peak height (he didn't grow up anymore). If we assume that on the set of the film due to physical exertion, he achieved absolute low height, then: (I Guess)
Out of bed: 187,4 - 187,5 cm
Before bed: 185.3 - 185.4 cm
Absolute low: 185.1 cm
186 cm - average
What do you think? Is it possible?
XenOInterloper said on 24/May/20
@Ronaldo 185.5cm

I understand ur point. I'm saying that pepe is definitely close to the 6'2 range. Weak 188 maybe. But still taller than Cristiano by a few cm's.
Yes kane is definitely taller than ronaldo as well but there arent many good photos of them so it's hard to see the exact difference.
But with pepe I'd say hes slightly below the 188 range and Cr7 is slighly below the 186 range based on the side by side photo I linked.
Ronaldo 185.5cm said on 23/May/20
@Anton_186 if he is 185.5cm, i would say 187.3cm out of bed. If he is 186, he is something like 187.8cm and an absolute low height is around 184.7cm if hes 185.5cm, if 186 flat i would say 185.2cm. Before bed usually about 185 range, 185.1-6 depending on on how tall he really is.
186.5cm 17yearold said on 22/May/20
it now says 189 on google after briefly changing to 185, i wasn't checking for it, it was honestly coincidence when i was googling Ronaldo, strange that he can't be honnest, he is claiming 6 ft 2.5, though in person i would say i am slightly taller than him at 186, he is most likely 6 ft 1.02
Anton_186 said on 22/May/20
@Ronaldo 185.5cm
What do you think, how tall is Cristiano “out of bed”? What height is “absolute low” for him? And “before bed”?
Ronaldo 185.5cm said on 22/May/20
Kane is actually over 187cm
Kane obviously edges him out*
Ronaldo 185.5cm said on 20/May/20
@XenOInterloper Its ur opinion though but no way pepe is 188 or 187,5 because even transfermarkt listed him at 1,87 which is usually more accurate than google. And pepe was using tip-toes often as well, again focusing only on cr7. But i would say they are same height because 1. I havent seen him being obviously taller than cr7 compared to KANE and cr7, Kane is obviously edges out him. And he is 187cm, and pepe doesnt in any proper photo. Thats what i was saying.

Like i said show me some proper photos then but yeah this is getting insanely boring
XenOInterloper said on 19/May/20
@Ronaldo 185.5cm

Well I mean that photo kind of is the best of the bunch as they are standing side by side at good posture with a good photo angle. Other ones aren't that good though as usually one of them is slouching or not standing straight up.
And yeah like I said many times both of them are similar in height but pepe is taller though.
Team photos are a bust though as arms are placed around shoulders and Cr7 tends to tippy toe in them anyways.
pov said on 17/May/20
I feel it's a little unfair to label him 185cm, as he was measured this after strenuous excercise. I believe if he was standing next to other 185cm listed guys, or a 184cm bradley cooper for example, you'd see a clear and obvious difference and that Ronaldo is taller. I know from personal experience, after excercise you are at your lowest height straight away. I believe Ronaldo would measure 187cm (as he's been measured by Juve and Real) first thing in the morning, and he'd be 186cm mid point, and 185cm at lowest as we've seen. So I'd give Ronaldo 186cm overall as it is the midpoint.
Original said on 16/May/20
Solid 6'1 at his low. 185 lbs at his peak (2008-2014) and now around 170 lbs.
XenOInterloper said on 14/May/20

Fair point. I think pepe may be a weak 188 but he could easily claim that back when he had hair.
Maybe pepe 187.5 and ronaldo 186 probably
Ronaldo 185.5cm said on 14/May/20
@XenOInterloper They're pretty much the same height the photo you showed isnt nearly the best so dont go with that. Show me some photos of pepe being taller than him at a better angle this time im kinda curious to see because i didnt see a photos like that. Pepe isnt a 188 guy because ven tranfermarkt listed him at 1,87 and transfermarkt is usually more accurate than google.

@JohnMoore-162cm Yeah pepe might be that height but i dont see him as a 187 guy. More like 186-186.5cm but not 188cm or 7. But its opinion. Btw ronaldo is listed at 1,89 now by google :I
Ronaldo 185.5cm said on 14/May/20
@XenOInterloper They're pretty much the same height the photo you showed isnt nearly the best so dont go with that

@JohnMoore-162cm Yeah pepe might be that height but i dont see him as a 187 guy. More like 186-186.5cm but not 188cm or 7. But its opinion. Btw ronaldo is listed at 1,89 now by google.
Ronaldo 185.5cm said on 14/May/20
@XenOinterlooper yes but still those photos better than the photo you showed).

@6ftsomething i can agree with that i hate the fact that i can't change my name in celebheights lmao

I mean his posture is very good* not well, my english is still kinda bad lmao
6ftsomething said on 11/May/20
I think 185.4cm is too low for him, sure I think he could measure this at night but if we're talking like 5 hours out of bed, I think He'll measure 186cm easily. I think you should upgrade him to 186cm Rob
183 guy said on 9/May/20
185? We are Serious?
He is 186.5 187
JohnMoore-162cm said on 9/May/20
@XenOInterloper- For me Ronaldo is more like 185.5 -186 cm and Pepe is 186.5-187 cm
Don't forget Ronaldo was measured by 3D leaser as 185.1 cm , if this was an absolute low , then Ronaldo is around 185.5 cm most of the day , maybe weak 186 cm at lunch time.
It's hard to see this guy holding figure like 186.5 or 187 cm except by morning
183 guy said on 8/May/20
He is 187
XenOInterloper said on 7/May/20

He's definitely taller. Not by much, probably by 1cm or 2cm at most. But he does edge him.

Ronaldo is Average 186-186.5 and pepe is Average 187-88.

They are similar height though. But when you see them standing at full height side by side its evident pepe is taller by just a bit.
Nik Ashton said on 7/May/20
I wonder if he actually is 6’1.07”!
Geazy said on 5/May/20
Rob , how tall do u think was Alessandro Nesta , he seemed on the pitch a strong 187 guy
, here with Cristiano Ronaldo
Click Here
Editor Rob
Would have thought somewhere in 6ft 1 range
Nik Ashton said on 5/May/20
@ Ronaldo 185.5cm - That’s easily done, don’t worry!

I bet a lot of players have jumped on the bandwagon and started standing on their tippy toes, the question is who started it? One thing, if someone wants to stand on their tippy toes and fool others then they need to stand on the back row!

@ Jam Cherry - I like your name!
Jam Cherry said on 5/May/20
Strong 6’1” at 185.5 cm
JohnMoore-162cm said on 4/May/20
@XenOInterloper-Pepe is only 1/2" taller than Ronaldo , Pepe is more like 186.5 to 187 cm definitely not taller
Rory said on 4/May/20
I think of all the height descriptions of Ronaldo the 185.8 definitely sounds feasible. I could see him measuring that in the afternoon/early evening for sure.
XenOInterloper said on 3/May/20
@Ronaldo 185.5cm
Except the photos you showed werent very good. They werent standing at full height.
The one I provided really just shows that pepe is a few cm's taller than Cr7.
I agree they are similar height but pepe is slightly taller, that's what I'm saying.
If you can link a photo of them side by side standing at full height straight up where ronaldo is taller. Then I may change my opinion. But, it's pretty evident pepe is in the 187-88 range where ronaldo is in the 185-86 range.
Ronaldo 185.5cm said on 1/May/20
@XenOInterloper LMAO.. really.. its so ridiculous when i literally showed more and better photos to you but when you showed only ONE photo. With the tiest angle. You are immidiately like closing the case. Those 3 photos what i showed are all better than what you showed, its honestly stupid how you're immidiately assuming pepe as a "clearly taller guy" with one ty photo but when i showed 3 better, you are complaining lmaoo dude wake up honestly no offense but really bro
Geazy said on 1/May/20
ROB why on this Picture Ronaldo seems much shorter than 191 cm listed Mats Hummels and even shorter than 186 cm Thomas Müller , how tall do u think is Hummels And Müller?? There Ronaldo seems like 184 cm
Click Here
Editor Rob
Maybe Ronaldo is in a mid-stride, not standing with feet together.
Mark Allan said on 28/Apr/20
Rob, There is a pic of Ronaldo with AJ if you study the pic closely could AJ be on slightly lower ground than Ronaldo or could Ronaldo be wearing lifts because they looked close in height in that pic of them now if AJ is 6’5.5 and Ronaldo is 6’1 they shouldn’t look as close in height as they do in the pic of them Ronaldo wearing lifts maybe?
Editor Rob
Ronaldo is a fly guy with tip-toeing at times, but he also sometimes can pull off 187 with other folk.

You can see Joshua (after fighting in boxing shoes) with footballer Troy Deeney...(Video shows bigger difference who claimed 6ft
XenOInterloper said on 26/Apr/20
@Ronaldo 185.5cm

Those photos arent really helpful because they arent taken at a proper angle with them standing at full height. They are either slouching or not standing straight.
The photo I provided is the best evidence. Unless you can show me a photo that shows them side by side with them standing straight up with good posture (with their bodies in full sight), I see no reason to believe pepe is around 186.

Don't know why your hostile all of a sudden lol. Calm down, we're discussing a players height, not politics, relax. Lmao
Toni_186cm said on 25/Apr/20
Hi, Rob!
I noticed such an interesting detail: as a teenager, I collected football stickers for the Champions League magazine 2008-2009 from FIFA. Cristiano was then 24-25 years old, he played for Manchester United. On his sticker was written: height - 184 cm. Most likely, this height was measured in the evening (another words - before bed height) . Today, having analyzed the information on this site, I concluded that now his “before bed” height is 185,5 cm.
Could he have grown by 1,5 cm in 11 years? What do you think?
Editor Rob
It might have been a height from 18-19 range, when he was at his Portuguese club.
Xen0Interloper said on 24/Apr/20
@Ronaldo 185.5cm
Provide a photo of them as an example. Because they're aren't many good examples of them standing at near full height side-by-side.
Maxi rodriguiz said on 24/Apr/20
With 187 jerze dudek

Click Here
Ronaldo 185.5cm said on 23/Apr/20
"Xen0Interloper If i just go with photos: What about: Click Here

and: Click Here

Click Here

So you should have done your researches, just please stop saying something without knowing thats so stupid honestly
Ronaldo 185.5cm said on 22/Apr/20
@Xeno0interloper One photo doesnt tell the the truth and, what do you mean "because of the build"? I've seen a lot of photos of them side by side. So why do you talk about the built when i have seen a bunch of photos of them being literally the same height side by side. I dont talk about the build he gives on the pitch but for real you know what i mean.. Like i said, there are a lots photos just google pepe and ronaldo portugal and start talking after that. Then you'll understand. Pepe is around 186. But he is tall though. A well proportonied dude as well.

@Nik Ashton sorry i meant tip toes it was a spelling mistake

And Rob, how tall do you think James Rodriguez is? He looked about 5'9 1/2 to 5'10 next to ronaldo.
Editor Rob
Rodriguez can seem near 5ft 10
Nik said on 20/Apr/20
@ Ronaldo 185.5cm - That's interesting. thanks!
Xen0Interloper said on 19/Apr/20
@Ronaldo 185.5cm

Yes you should do your research about their heights. When you google them together, there aren't many photos of them standing side by side. But this one Click Here shows that pepe is clearly a few centimeters taller than cr7. Cr7 just seems taller sometimes because of his build.
nizman said on 18/Apr/20
Strong 6'1
Ronaldo 185.5cm said on 16/Apr/20
Xen0interloper, @ Alkaooa92xdo Guys, do your researches about pepe and ronaldo, just google "pepe and ronaldo portugal". They are very similar in height. I think pepe is around 186 like ronaldo.

@pov you are around 183.5cm, its not the midpoint. But you can claim 184 for sure.

@Nik Ashton Ronaldo isnt the only standing with top toes, but yea its interesting, did all this start because of ronaldo im not sure but casemiro and pepe started doing it, also Rui Patricio after ronaldo started doing that weird habitat.
Canson said on 16/Apr/20
@POV: The only thing is that Rob if he knows someone’s stats would give that person their lunchtime or afternoon height. If he is 187 out of bed then 186 would be an hour after waking and 185 would be his afternoon height. If anything maybe the argument could be 185.5
Ronaldo 185.5cm said on 15/Apr/20
Guys, you have to do your researches about pepe and ronaldo they are very similar in height, just google "pepe and ronaldo portugal"

@Henry Leme That was his low height. And he was standing his legs open.

@pov 184 isnt your midheight, 183.5 range is your real height, its not the middle one but you can claim 184cm.
Henry Leme said on 15/Apr/20
Cristiano is 185.1 cm!
He was scanned by a 3D scan who got his exactly height in the Sky Sports documentary "CRISTIANO RONALDO - Tested To The Limit!"...
Click Here

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