How tall is Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo's Height

6ft 1 (185.4 cm)

Portuguese footballer who has played for Sporting CP, Manchester United, Real Madrid and Juventus. He was listed as 186.5cm on Madrid's website although in a Sky Documentary about him, a 3d Laser Scan measurement was given as 185.1cm (and in another clip showed the computer screen itself having 185.8cm). For his Waxwork, Ronaldo stood in a half inch boot with a slightly wider than normal leg stance and Was said to be 185cm in the pose. In 2017, Real now list him as having measured 187cm.

How tall is Cristiano Ronaldo
Photo by PR Photos

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Average Guess (814 Votes)
6ft 1.14in (185.8cm)
par2n said on 2/Dec/23
Closer to 6'1 1/8 imo
185.4cm Elais said on 30/Nov/23
Kaka is now listed 1.85m only by google
berta said on 25/Nov/23
maybe closer to 186.
185.4cm Elais said on 27/Sep/23
Angel Di Maria is now listed as 178cm by google. Though thats the lowest i could possibly see him.
Abdu-5'10" said on 27/Sep/23
mdiz said on 26/Sep/23
Ronaldo looks 186 cms to me.
5'7 and a fraction said on 25/Sep/23
Legit 6'1 guy. He has the proportions of someone who is 6'2.
JovanU said on 24/Sep/23
Rob why not 1/8 or even a 1/4 upgrade for Ronaldo because he is in 186 range for 3-4 hours out of bed I'm sure.See him with Djokovic in the gym they are basically eye to eye there and Novak is closer to 6'1.75
185.4cm Elais said on 22/Sep/23
@Ben 186 Yeah agree. Not only the smaller forehead but even his eyes are really near his eyebrows (dont look at the photo of Ronaldo above) cause thats taken from below. When he doesnt lift his brows they look really close to his eyes, closer than mine. His eyelevel could probably be under 11cms.
Arch Stanton said on 21/Sep/23
Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai and Russell Brand give off a taller impression than Ronaldo Ben!
Ben - 186cm said on 19/Sep/23
Probably the tallest looking 6’1 guy on the site. Insanely good proportions. Always looks imposing in pictures with other people. High eye-level too. In decent footwear during the day he would look 6’2 range compared to the general public for sure.

Here he is with 6’4 Ngannou, footwear isn’t visible in this particular pic but Ronaldo’s got sandals on and Ngannou has some variety of Jordans Click Here

2.5 inches shorter. I think this listing is lowballing him a tad. I can believe the 186.5cm measurement from his early Madrid days.
TurtleZach4 said on 17/Sep/23
@185.4cm Elais


CR7 is probably just over 185.5 cm in the afternoon but not quite over 186 cm like Kaka for example
185.4cm Elais said on 12/Sep/23
Casemiro could be about 6 feet tall, 5'11 3/4-6'0. (182.2-183cm). I personally think he is just shy of 6 foot, about 5'11 3/4 (182.2-182.5) but 183 is arguable and possible. Looks very similar to Ramos.
JackSentinel01225 said on 7/Sep/23
He screams 1.87M
185.4 Elais said on 7/Sep/23
@Harris Ahmed 100% agree on that one
Canson said on 5/Sep/23
@Rampage: probably more 6’1.75 out of bed. 6’1 at night perhaps
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Sep/23
I think 6ft2 straight out is possible for a guy like Ronaldo...
mordor said on 2/Sep/23
His height is 186.4 cm at its low
Harris Ahmed said on 31/Aug/23
My estimation is Ronaldo wakes up at 6ft 1 3/4 then is 6ft 1 1/8 for the whole day then is 6ft1 flat at a low. What that make sense ? Or maybe drop to 6ft 7/8.
Abdul 5'10 said on 31/Aug/23
Putifer said on 30/Aug/23
Met him many times. 184 cm
5'10 Abdul said on 8/Jun/23
188 cm.
185.4cm said on 5/Jun/23
Also since Cristiano is known to come to the training sessions way earlier than his teammates and trains more overall, he has shrunk more and could be at the absolute lowest on the pitch or very low, more so than his teammates.
185.4cm said on 25/May/23
Kroos 180
Ramos 182.5
Benzema 183.5
Bale 183.5
Xabi Alonso 182
Pepe 186
Ronaldo 185.4
Vini Jr 174.5
Modric 169
Tallish guy said on 21/May/23
Rob, what would his eyelevel be like?
Editor Rob
At times looks 4.25 inches
Cold Water said on 20/May/23
Ronaldo: 187 cm
De Gea: 188 cm
185.4cm said on 20/May/23
@ItalianChad Cristiano isnt the only tiptoeing its pretty common these days, players like Casemiro, Xabi Alonso, David Alaba, Pepe did it often and even Erling Haaland done it a couple of times already and he is already 194-195 and tallest in the teqm. Chill bro
TurtleZach4 said on 19/May/23
@5'10 Abdul

Only in shoes
5'10 Abdul said on 17/May/23
188 cm
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/May/23
189cm in football boots I can definitely see but no way barefoot. Those three listings above sound pretty legit but taken at different times. 186.5cm could have been mid-morning while 185.1cm might've been an extreme low after a match?
QM6'1.75"QM said on 15/May/23
Yep, 189cm is absolutely ridiculous and impossible, maybe with air max nike on. Take a look on CR7 around 189cms Russell Westbrook/ 4cms difference (5?).
187cms range is morning height, probably.

He's great example of real 6'1" guy!
oren metser said on 14/May/23
1.87m/6'1 and 2/3 morning height
Marble said on 14/May/23
Open a ticket to google in order to bring Ronaldo back to 6ft1
189 cm it is simply ridiculous !
Arch Stanton said on 11/May/23
I wouldn't be surprised if he paid Google to change his listing to 189cm hehe!
ItalianChad said on 9/May/23
He's 6'1'' and apparently self-conscious about his height for whatever reason (does he wanna be 8 foot?), so much so that he actually stands on his tiptoes when posing with his teammates on the pitch (and especially next to a goalie). However, he's such a narcissist that he probably had his PR team change his height on Google to 1.87 some time ago, and now that's even been bumped to 1.89!!! Absolutely preposterous! Is he growing in his late 30s? How'd he manage? Has he been listening to those height-increasing subliminals on YT?
jusq said on 5/May/23
Ronaldo's listing on google just got changed from 187cm to 189cm, wow
185.4cm said on 2/May/23
On the same page where the Real Madrid players' listings/measurements are, only Ronaldo, Karim, Casillas and Ramos have been used on this page. Ronaldo was at 186.5cm, Karim at 184.1cm, Casillas at 182.2cm and Ramos 183.2cm. But there was also Alonso at 182.7cm, which seems legit for his earlier day height cause i always thought he was a 182cm guy. Exactly between Ramos and Casillas. Also Marcelo listed at 171.9cm, Pepe at 187.1cm and others. I believe those are actual measurements a bit earlier in the day cause they seem pretty legit. Pepe and Ronaldo always had the same height or Pepe had the 1/4 inch edge.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/May/23
188cm first thing
oren metser said on 30/Apr/23
Ahmed Amer said on 28/Apr/23
187 cm clear
Ahmed Amer said on 28/Apr/23
Ronaldo is 187 cm of course. The laser measurement took 185 cm as highet because he wasn't standing in the right position. He was widening his feet apart like his freekicks' technique
Pony 172.5 said on 28/Apr/23
Click Here
How tall is the guy next to him?
Editor Rob
I listed him as 6ft 4 on here.
TurtleZach4 said on 27/Apr/23

Like with my Federer comment

I feel like Cristiano is a perfect candidate for a 6'1 1/8 listing (185.8 cm) tho this listing is still fine as Kaka is a more legit 6'1 guy
Maahin Chowdhury said on 24/Apr/23
He’s now listed at 189 cm or 6’2.5 on google 😂
pov said on 21/Apr/23
Do you think he deserves an upgrade Rob? I’d look at the average guess too. I this listing is slightly harsh. He was laser scanned at 185cm after a rigorous exercise, which means this is him at his very lowest. I don’t doubt he wakes at 187cm in the morning, and would measure mid day 186cm without rigorous exercise. The issue is we always see him at his lowest as he’s an athlete. He gets a 6”1.5 for me
Editor Rob
Well I don't disagree with 6ft 1 and 1/8th as a figure I might measure him on the stadiometer.
anomymous said on 20/Apr/23
I think he is 186.0 cm ..laser measurement showed 185.1..but it was not good posture and probably at night. so he might yave shrank 2 cm by then..and if he was actually given a proper stadiometer measurement at afternoon ..then he would easily clear 186.0cm..or would measure it streched out
GERAD HOKJH said on 17/Apr/23
I think 6’1 ¼ possibly 6’1 ½
mdiz said on 15/Apr/23
Looks like 6'1.25" inches.
Discord said on 15/Apr/23
6'2.5 guy wouldn't be towered by 6'4 guys like Ngannou and Tom Brady.
QM6'1.75"QM said on 11/Apr/23
Abdul(177cm) said on 5/Apr/23

Ronaldo is nothing about 6'2"!!!
A real 6'2" guys like Tommy Lee or Mitch Lucker (R.I.P) have way more lankier body and longer legs/bones, lol.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a perfect example of 185cms range tall guy and avg guess is probably his afternoon barefeet!!!

Don't forget, he's really good postured and always standing very straight!!!
Cboos said on 9/Apr/23
Abdul(177cm) said on 5/Apr/23
Harris Ahmed said on 30/Mar/23
Rob you contradict yourself often. You say listings in site aren’t lows but you also said Ronaldo doesn’t go under 6ft1. How does that make any sense ? You do this for many celebrities.
Editor Rob

Only those who lost me bets 🤨

No, some I didn’t decide on a quarter inch upgrade…the thing is he did get a body scan measurement around 6ft 1.
Kanye east said on 25/Mar/23
I think 185-6 is perfect. Google meanwhile has his listed at 189..
Tallish guy said on 25/Mar/23
from now he is 1,89m according to google hahaha
Harris Ahmed said on 25/Mar/23
If Ronaldo has as good posture as you say Rob, how could he be losing 3cm during the day ? Ronaldo is maximum 187 in the morning. Makes no sense that a guy with this good posture would lose that much.
185 Tim.Will_son_T said on 22/Mar/23
6'2.5 maybe in 1.2 inch shoes
Harris Ahmed said on 22/Mar/23
He used to be listed as 187 on google but now it says 189 lol. Really odd
185.4cm said on 19/Mar/23
Gavi, Pedri, Camavinga and Valverde deserve a listing one day.
Gavi looks around 5'7, Pedri about 5'8, Valverde 5'11 or almost, Camavinga about 6 feet. He is about an inch taller than Valverde whos listed the same as Camavinga himself. Valverde looks 5cms taller than Vini whos 174 and 175 max.
185.4cm said on 19/Mar/23
@Harris Ahmed Ronaldo's height is no mystery pal. He is the most perfect 6'1 guy there is and he is known to be that range. Sure there are people who think 6'2 is Ronaldos height but people dont need to be sherlocks or height experts to tell Ronaldo is 6'1 so there is no mystery.
185 Tim.Will_son_T said on 18/Mar/23
He has 6'1.25 ,no question!
Harris Ahmed said on 16/Mar/23
Ronaldo’s height is the biggest mystery.. some say he’s 6ft1 then the other half say he’s 6ft1.5. I guess we’ll never know for sure. Rob, do you think he’s closer to 6ft1 or 6ft1.5 ?
5'10-Abdul. said on 16/Mar/23
Rory said on 13/Mar/23
187 is a shoe height I think for Darwin Nunez. Barefoot I can see him being 184-5 range.
JovanU said on 12/Mar/23
Rob I'm 186cm flat in the afternoon on a basic day. Would me and Cristiano be around same height if he didn't have training in the morning?
Editor Rob
You might be. Also with his high eyelevel, he probably is guessed taller than he measures by many.
TurtleZach4 said on 10/Mar/23

I would rate from tallest to shortest

Ter Stegen
Pickford or Costa (Idk where to put them in the final two places)
Rory said on 10/Mar/23
For me Ter Stegen and Rashford tallest at solid 186 then Kaka a few mm behind, Pickford and Ronaldo inseperable and Costa as the shortest falling to 6ft0.75 at his worst about 1cm below Ter Stegen/Rashford.
Sagg said on 9/Mar/23
How tall would u say Darwin nunez is barefoot? He’s listed at 1.87m
Editor Rob
Under 187
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Mar/23
Rob, who do you rate as tallest to shortest out of Ronaldo, Rashford, Kaká, ter Stegen, Costa and Pickford?
Editor Rob
Tough to say really...I doubt any of them really are dropping much under 6ft 1 at a low.
Fdd said on 6/Mar/23
Rob how much height does football boots add and is this measurement barefoot
Editor Rob
Roughly an inch, but Ronaldo definitely got near 6ft 1 with a decent posture (although maybe not as good as an actual measurement) with a laser scanner without footwear.
JovanU said on 22/Feb/23
Rob is Cristiano over 6 ft 3 flat in the morning with some AF1 sneakers on?
Editor Rob
I'm sure he'd get about 6ft 3 in them first thing.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Feb/23
I think peak Arnold may still beat out Ronaldo
Tallish guy said on 13/Feb/23
Rob what do you think who would measure taller, Ronaldo or Arnold at his peak?They both tend to have similar body proportions althought ronaldo is skinnier and have smaller head.
Editor Rob
Would be interesting to measure Ronaldo properly, but it could turn out both were very close under the same stadiometer.
185.4cm said on 11/Feb/23
@Cold Water Ramos is clearly more than 1cm taller than Kroos, in every team photo they were side by side with both standing without tiptoeing and Ramos was atleast 2cm taller than Kroos or an inch, since Ramos is a weak 6 footer, Kroos is no higher than 5'11. Most likely a 180cm guy, look at him next to Lewandowski as well whos about 6 feet. Looks atleast 2 inches shorter than Ronaldo as well.
185.4cm said on 8/Feb/23
The best goalkeeper in the world Emi Martinez deserves a listing some day. Looks about 6'4.
Cold Water said on 30/Jan/23
Ramos: 1 cm shorter than bale and benzema, 3 cm shorter than ronaldo, 1 cm taller than kroos

Bale,Benzema: 1 cm taller than ramos, 2 cm shorter than ronaldo

Ronaldo: 2 cm taller than bale and benzema, 3 cm taller than ramos
Ayu said on 19/Jan/23
Ronaldo Ramos seem to be similar height there.
Click Here
185.4cm said on 6/Jan/23
The new Real Madrid star Federico Valverde would be a great listing. He is a tallishly built player, i thought about 5'11. Similar to Kroos, built similarly too and in a photo of them celebrating the Spanish Supercopa in 2020 with 169-170 Modric, they both had atleast 10cm on Modric, wouldnt say its the best of photos but both really similar in height and proportions.
186guy said on 3/Jan/23
Hes always a solid inch taller than 6 foot guys, hes clearly over 6 1.
185.4cm said on 2/Jan/23
Keylor Navas and Casemiro too would be great additions. Keylor Navas who was seen standing next to Ramos in almost every Real Madrid team photo, seems to always have a little edge on Ramos who's a 182-182.5cm guy at low and 6ft or 183cm at lunchtime. Keylor is atleast a solid 6ft guy at low. I'd say Keylor is slightly over 6ft (183.5-184 range), looks very similar to Benzema. Casemiro who's listed mostly as 185 is kinda of a tricky one cause he can be seen tiptoeing in almost every Real Madrid team photo like Cristiano hence making himself look taller but seeing him standing next to Cristiano who's a solid 6'1, clearly he is not 6'1 and looks maybe more than an inch shorter than Cr7 himself. Casemiro's about 182cm range, close to 6ft range. Kroos looks about an inch shorter than Ramos in all team photos and an inch shorter than Lewandowski who's about 6ft. Kroos is about 180cm range.
Joanis said on 1/Jan/23
He has the same height I had at my senior year. 185-186cm depending of the day. Anything above 186cm is an exaggeration for Ronaldo.
Daniel Lee 173 cm said on 31/Dec/22
He sometimes looks 6'1-6'1 1/8, even a few times 6'1.25, because of his perfect posture, small head, small eyelevel, good pshysique and long neck.
Then, 6'1 flat is probably so perfect to him
185.4cm said on 30/Dec/22
There are a lot of famous footbal stars that heights are missing from this page, I guess its the lack of height evidence of those players. Those players being James Rodriguez, Angel Di Maria, Toni Kroos and Vini Jr for example.
James Rodriguez is around 176-177cm
Di Maria is identical with Mbappe, about 178-179cms
Toni Kroos, 179-180cm, clearly atleast an inch shorter than 6ft Lewandowski
Vini Jr, 174cm range
Emil said on 24/Dec/22
@Daniel Lee 173 cm

Puyol and Mascherano are both below 180 cm, and they were great defenders. Height is certainly an advantage but it can be outweighed by guile and athleticism
Daniel Lee 173 cm said on 21/Dec/22
GRXj17 Even in soccer, that height is a bit short for a goalkeeper or defender. He needs to be nearer to 6'2.
I think he is 6'1 flat, at most a hair above it by 5 hours out of bed
GRXj17 said on 19/Dec/22
187.2 in the morning then drops to about 185cm flat during a game or a highly active day which is pretty much everyday to him. Hes a sportsman so his morning height and night height vary more than the normal person. 187-185cm range definitely. My personal listing for him would be right in the middle 6ft1 1/4 (186cm). Hes a legit 6ft1 pretty much a perfect height for a all around athlete.
Jawilder said on 14/Dec/22
Rob has Ronaldo listed perfectly. He’s a legit 6’1 and nothing more.
anomymous said on 11/Dec/22
2006 Ronaldo could have been 6 foot 1 1/4 inches 186cm flat couldnt rule out 6 ft 1 1/2 either ..
easily 186 - weak 187 in his early 20s
Supdude1223 said on 11/Dec/22
Abdul-DK said on 10/Dec/22
186 cm.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 5/Dec/22
6ft2 straight out of bed I think is highly likely
Cold Water said on 4/Dec/22
185-189 cm
iLogic7 said on 1/Dec/22
Can you add Mateo Kovacic from Chelsea he has been listed this seaseon as 178 but last season he was listed as 175
Emil said on 1/Dec/22

I'd say there's a small chance Ronaldo just about hits the 6'2 mark out bed. But it's unlikely imo.
Probably 6'1.75 out of bed, a fraction above 6'1 before a game and slightly below 6'1 after.
Abdul-DK said on 28/Nov/22
Daniel Lee 173 cm said on 23/Nov/22
There is 0% chances Cristiano is 6'2 flat out of bed

You exaggerate with the number, I’d say the chance is small.
185vietnamese said on 27/Nov/22
He's alway much shorter than guys like Ferdinand or Pogba so definitely no more than this listing imo, he's often looks weak 6ft1.
I alway knew that Piers Morgan and Jordan Peterson are not 6ft
Daniel Lee 173 cm said on 23/Nov/22
There is 0% chances Cristiano is 6'2 flat out of bed
Original said on 23/Nov/22
There are possibilities that his low is 185.8cm as he was measured back 2011 or 2012. For me, he is a solid 6'1, but I would say he frequently looks around 186cm compared to other people though.
Emil said on 23/Nov/22

He keeps making probable legit 6 footers like Piers Morgan and Jordan Peterson look like 5'11 guys.

Must be his posture, his footwear or perhaps his eye levels is higher than normal.
Editor Rob
Higher than average eyelevel helps a fraction.
QM6'1.5"QM said on 22/Nov/22
OMG, guys, stop this talk, he's not 187-188 or 189cm!
He's a real 6'1" guy!!!
Please, remember, CR7 always have incredible posture and standing there very straight.
185-185.5cms range is the most accurate guess.
Probably flat 185 by evening.
A little bit more than 6'1" is possible in the noon/lunch.
But 6'1.5" or over is meaningless blah-blah talk!!!
Daniel Lee 173 cm said on 19/Nov/22
Probably 6'1 1/8 at noon

185.2-3 cm at low
187.1-2 cm morning


184.9-185.0 at low
186.8-186.9 morning
Maahin Chowdhury said on 12/Nov/22
Rob, how tall is Erik Ten Hag? 5’11-5’11.5 range you reckon?
Editor Rob
5ft 11 maybe
c-mo superduperultramegastrong 5'9 range said on 11/Nov/22
the pic with jordan peterson confuses me to be honest . whats going on . could cristiano be 188-189cm ?
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 16/Oct/22
There’s no chance of him ever measuring up at 6’2 1/2”. He looked no taller than 6’1” next to Tom Brady. 6’1 1/8” is the most I could buy.
recapa said on 14/Oct/22
@Tallish guy, i dunno if we are seeing the same pic but if you look closely you can see that kaka is the taller one by a bit which he is.
Tallish guy said on 12/Oct/22
Another evidence that Ronaldo is little bit taller than Kaka!
Click Here=
Emil said on 9/Oct/22

Ronaldo 6'2.5? Come on he's not even that tall out of bed. I think Peterson is 6'0 flat these days, and Ronaldo is a fraction above 6'1.
186guy said on 9/Oct/22
Is you put this guy under a stadiometer after lunch he would get 186 cm , hes clearly 186, needs upgrade
186guy said on 9/Oct/22
Is you put this guy under a stadiometer after lunch he would get 186 cm , hes clearly 186, needs upgrade
JD1996 said on 9/Oct/22
That’s a big 1.5 inches lol
bgh said on 8/Oct/22

That’s more like 1.5 inches.
Meltdown said on 2/Oct/22
A recent full body picture has been floating around of Cristiano Ronaldo and Jordan Peterson. Their footwear, stance, and position from the camera are all very similar. Ronaldo looks about 2.5 inches taller. So they both can't be 6ft 1.

Even if you consider the downgrade of Peterson's height by 1 inch given his age (which is near 60), it still doesn't account for the 2.5 inch difference.

I think Peterson was 6ft 1 and is now 6ft even. Ronaldo however is still his peak height which I believe is at least 6ft 2 ½.

Click Here
ZDA said on 30/Sep/22
Ronaldo is a flat 6 ft 1 guy 185.5 cm. He isn’t a strong 6 ft 1 guy like kaka.
Orginal said on 29/Sep/22
@khaled taban 5ft9 Ronaldo was measured at 185.1 cm for Castrol Edge in 2012

Actually it appeared as 185.8cm on computer somehow... which I think it is closer to the truth.

I believe he is a 185.8cm guy, who is also very very conscious about his own height, I don't rule out small lifts and tip toes in photos to look 188cm or 6'2 for example.
Shamsi said on 27/Sep/22
@frankburjan That is true. Indeed, the americans have inferiority conplex when it comes to body height. As for my guess of Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro, I think strong 6ft1 but not a person who is 6ft1.25-6ft1,5 like Ricardo Kaka.
Argentina said on 26/Sep/22
6' 1⅜" for Cristiano Ronaldo.
frank burjan said on 15/Sep/22
Cristiano ronaldo is 6'1 according to scans. Which makes jordan peterson 5'11. Americans are famous for overstating their heights at least 2 inches and he is no exception as americans have a height inferiority complex amongst many others.
Blaine said on 10/Sep/22
Wow! Ronaldo with Jordan Peterson, both listed as 6ft 1. Peterson looks shorter than me here 😳 Click Here
pov said on 10/Sep/22
Ronaldo is defo over 6”1. He just posted a photo with 6”1 listed Jordan Peterson, and Ronaldo looks clearly taller by a few inches. He is also standing slightly behind him. Also I don’t think Jordan peterson is 6”1. Maybe he was 184cm peak, and lost a bit of height?
Maahin Chowdhury said on 10/Sep/22
Hey Rob, you should add Antony. Ronaldo towered over him in this pic. I’ll reckon Antony is around 5’5-5’6 range with Ronaldo. But in fifa 22 it says that he is 5’9.

Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Sep/22
Should really be the first to get listed 6ft1⅛(185.7cm)
pov said on 8/Sep/22
Baffles me how people try and downgrade Ronaldo. The jelously is actually real. I believe his mid-day height without exercise is 186cm. Therefore I will label him as a strong 6”1. At his lowest, with exercise he’s been measured as 185cm. And his measurements at Real and Juve at 187cm I believe reflect his true morning height.

Solid 6”1 Ronaldo. 186cm.
khaled taban 5ft9 said on 6/Sep/22
@184 guy- Its shoe and posture advantage.
khaled taban 5ft9 said on 5/Sep/22
@Pierre- I don't even know how you can spot the difference of one cm. Its an insignficent difference and may be lost in posture.
However, If Ronaldo is 184 like you say, then Ramos is only 181 cm. Since there is at least 3 cm between him and Ronaldo. Do you believe Ramos could be that short? I don't think so.
Jolapizza 6'0 1/2 said on 5/Sep/22
@Rampage(-_-_-)Clover So if we take your estimations, he should be listed at aorund 6'1 1/2. Even tough I think that you are upgrading him because he doesn't look over 6'1 next to Maguire.
184 guy said on 5/Sep/22
There is new photo with kaka where he looks taller(maybe shoe advantage) .Cristiano is really in 6'1.5 range and he needs upgrade. Click Here=
JovanU said on 3/Sep/22
Does Cristiano fall into 184 range after a full soccer match? There's a possibility. Morning 187.5-188
Night 185.5
Extreme low 185 flat or few milimeters under
Pierre said on 3/Sep/22
Rory said on 2/Sep/22
I honestly don't see how someone,assuming they've seen a lot of Ronaldo over the years,can decide he's under 6ft1. You must really have to cherrypick your moments and ignore the 95% of the time Where's he's looked 185+ to construct your belief of him being 184. It's just strange,ignore all his measurements,ignore all the hundreds of people he's stood with where has has looked 185+, but focus on the handful of occasions where he might look 184.

Imo in your case you focus on official heights of guys that you compare to Ronaldo.Official heights are sometimes a little bit generous ...
Rory said on 2/Sep/22
I honestly don't see how someone,assuming they've seen a lot of Ronaldo over the years,can decide he's under 6ft1. You must really have to cherrypick your moments and ignore the 95% of the time Where's he's looked 185+ to construct your belief of him being 184. It's just strange,ignore all his measurements,ignore all the hundreds of people he's stood with where has has looked 185+, but focus on the handful of occasions where he might look 184.
Pierre said on 31/Aug/22
I have a real doubt on the fact the laser stadiometer that measures him 6'1" had a medical accreditation.I never have seen this type of stadiometer in any medical center .Next to Thierry henry or Zlatan Ronaldo looks lower than the 6'1" mark imo.
Pierre said on 31/Aug/22
I have a real doubt on the fact the laser stadiometer who measure him 6'1" had a medical accreditation.I never have seen this type of stadiometer in any medical center .Next to Thierry henry or Zlatan Ronaldo looks lower than the 6'1" mark imo.
Rory said on 31/Aug/22
The reality is Ronaldo measured 185.1 when he wasn't quite standing his best. For a proper measurement he'd probably be around 185.5. As for Kroos 5ft11 is the lowest I'd ever accept,with 11.25 being probably more likely
Cbrady said on 30/Aug/22
@ Jawilder and @ recapa-- I have not understood the thinking that Cristiano was a 186 man when he has repeatedly measured in the 185 range by different methods. I think this listing is perfect for him but I am not sure if he is all the way down to 184.5 at his extreme low. I would think his extreme low might be 184.8 but I don't consider that to be a totally fair representation of his height.
khaled taban 5ft9 said on 30/Aug/22
@festus- Ronaldo was measured at 185.1 cm for Castrol Edge in 2012. He is a solid 6'1" guy, no one can deny that.
Toni Kroos always looked a little shorter than Ramos, whom I believe is a solid 182 guy.
So 185.5 for Cr7, 181 for Kroos, 182 for Ramos.
Jawilder said on 29/Aug/22
@recapa I agree all the way
recapa said on 29/Aug/22
@Festus,thats not a 2 inch difference with westbrook its more like 1.5 inch and he is about 1-1.5cm shorter than 186-186.5 kaka Click Here most of the time.cristiano is 185 flat at worst which is basically a legit 6ft1 .and, if you dont believe me check him out in this preseason pic and you can see that he is comfortably taller than 182-182.5 ramos and 183-183.5 benzema
Click Here could be 184.5 at an extreme low tho.
festus said on 28/Aug/22
It's tough for me to regard Ronaldo as an 6'1 guy as he's 2 clean inches shorter than westbrook Click Here and clearly 1.5/2cm shorter than 186 kaka Click Here. also at least 7' shorter than magic Johnson Click Here.

He was listed as 184 till like 2010 for a reason. For me Ronaldo is a 184 guy
recapa said on 27/Aug/22
@185.5, i disgaree.he looks around 181 most of the time .here he is with 183-183.5 lewa Click Here thats an inch difference at best.
185.4cm said on 27/Aug/22
So now you're gonna judge by one single photo huh. If 179 is too low, 180 certainly is the max for him. Have you seen him next to Ronaldo, and unlike one photo, there is plenty of them next to Ronaldo in several photos so youre gonna tell me thats a 4cm differnce between him and Cristiano, no way. Clearly more. And Lewa who is either 182-183cm, Kroos looks atleast an inch shorter. He is 180 or 179. Also doesnt look any taller than Marco Reus who's also 179-180. Cant think of hin at 181. Good proportions make him look taller yes. Although i'm still growing a little bit I also get called tall even tho i'm around the same height as those two. But yeah whatever. 180 at most.
Rory said on 23/Aug/22
Click Here

Look at Kroos there with 185.5 Ronaldo,183.5 Benzema,169.5 Modric,175 Isco and 191 Varane you can't say he looks under 5ft11 there. The more I see I think 181 range for Kroos,179 just can't see at all.
Rory said on 23/Aug/22
@Jay B, you might think Kroos is 179 but you're wrong imo. I think this photo is a good one.

Click Here

Aside from Ronaldo who is standing on one leg and so looking 6ft2,the rest are standing normally and I see Navas 6ft0.5,Ramos 6ft,Kroos 5ft11.25,Varane 6ft3 and Benzema 6ft0.25.
Jay B said on 23/Aug/22
@Rory, I think Kroos is 179cm and Casemiro is 182cm
Rory said on 22/Aug/22

Click Here

Click Here

Kroos looks less than 2 inches shorter than Ronaldo,who is a very solid 6ft1 guy. I think 181-182 is very fair for Kroos,personally I'd totally rule out 5ft10.5. I think either 11.25 or 11.5.
185.4cm said on 19/Aug/22
And the reason Casemiro can look 2cm taller than Benzema in team photos cause you can Casemiro ia tiptoeing in many team photos. Otherwise he would be 2cms shorter.
185.4cm said on 19/Aug/22
@Rory Its not way off at all. Those are the most accuarte ones, Kroos at 179-180 and Casemiro at 181-182, and I've been looking at their height for a while and i know much better about this than you. If Kroos was 181cm "minimum", why does he look signifantly clearly more than 4cm shorter than 185cm Cristiano? Like 6cms in most photos or clearly shorter than 182-183 Ramos, about an inch ATLEAST. Same thing with him and 6 foot Lewandowski. If Casemiro was 183-4cm, why does he look more than an inch shorter than Cristiano? There is more to tell but i dont want to write a bible. Kroos is 179 minimum 180 is questionable. I've been looking at those two's heights a lot now and 181 "minimum" for Kroos is way off and Casemiro at 183-184 is way too high. In fact Kroos was listed at 180cm at Bayern which is the most believable if you look at him next 6 foot players. I get it, 179 is sure the minimum for him but there is no way he is anything over 180cm most of the time.
Rory said on 18/Aug/22
Those guesses are way off for Kroos and Casemiro.Kroos is 181 minimum and 182 maximum and casemiro looks 183-4.
Ronaldo 185.4cm said on 17/Aug/22
I would like if Rob considered adding some other Real Madrid players to celebheights. Toni Kroos and Casemiro would be some good additions. Kroos who's listed at 183cm barely looks a full 180cm next to players like Ramos, Cristiano and Karim. Sergio Ramos who's 5'11 3/4 to 6 foot always had atleast an inch on Kroos in most team photos with the same posture. I'd say about 5'10 1/2 for Kroos. (179cm) Casemiro who's listed at 185cm looks clearly shorter than Cristiano and slighlty so than Karim and Ramos in most photos. I would say about 5'11 1/4-5'11 1/2 for Casemiro. (181-182cm) Looked about 1-2cms taller than Kroos in the Super Cup having a slightly worse posture than Kroos as well. Kroos can look taller cause he never seems to have a bad posture. I was there in the Super Cup btw. Great performance from both of the two players.
QM6'1.5"QM said on 12/Aug/22
Yeah, 185 in the evening and 187 in the morning. He's not that tall as 6'1.25" in the evening (barefoot).
He always been about 1cms shorter than Kaka.

Pierre said on 4/Aug/22
He looks barely 6'1" next to Zlatan, Tom Brady and Bolt (there is probably his extreme low).

Maybe his lifelong training, pull-ups, diet, supplements and good posture make him looks over 186cms, but he is really not that tall and doesn't have enough lanky proportions to be 186cms range height!

Completely legend, CR7! ;)))
Jay B said on 12/Aug/22
I think he's actually 186cm. We always see him at his lowest, after exercise, and he still looks a solid 6'1. I don't doubt he measures 187cm in morning at all, like Real and Juve listed him as. I think 186cm in mid day without exercise.
Pierre said on 4/Aug/22
Next to Zlatan listed 6'4.5" he also looks under 6'1" = Click Here Click Here Click Here
Arch Stanton said on 4/Aug/22
I know what you mean on the long neck giving off a taller impression. Chris Hemsworth too. I'd be interested to know how many hours he exercises a week. His football training and playing and how many hours in the gym or exercising outside of "work" in total. It's got to be at least 20 hours I'd have thought. I'm finding it tough to get below 12% body fat and I do at least 90 minutes exercise a day now!
Sam Cloth said on 3/Aug/22
Hey Rob, saw him in real life on Sunday In a pre season friendly. Looks about a solid 6’2. Would you rule it out?
Ben R said on 2/Aug/22
Strong 6’2. Saw him play on Sunday against Rayo Vallecano. How likely is that Rob? Would you rule it out?
Editor Rob
6ft 2 sounds like the upper end of what people would guess him as.
Original said on 23/Jul/22
Sebasti?n Molina said on 22/Jul/22
188 cm in the morning
186 cm at night
Rory said on 21/Jul/22
188 within a minute of waking is likely, I see him as a very solid 6ft1. If he turned up at the doctors 2/3 hrs out of bed and got measured he'd probably get 186.5, which I believe he was once listed as. I'd say he frequently gets guessed as 6ft2.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Jul/22
188cm first thing isn’t entirely impossible
Leopard said on 8/Jul/22
6'1" maybe 6'1.25"
Pierre said on 5/Jul/22
Thierry Henry listed 6'1.5" /Ronaldo = Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
Pierre said on 5/Jul/22
Cold Water said on 28/Jun/22
Same height as Djokovic

Both 186.9-187.3 cm

Click Here

Here is Novak Djokovic next to Prince Albert of Monaco same distance to the camera = Click Here

Prince Harry listed 186.1 droping a good quantity of height next to Prince Albert Click Here

(Ronaldo droping a good quantity of height next to Prince Albert = Click Here
Pierre said on 5/Jul/22
Ronaldo/Magic Johnson = Click Here Click Here Click Here Finally I start to doubt on his full 6'1" .
liaesthetic said on 1/Jul/22
I'm new here so I hope my choice of estimation doesn't go too far from logical precision.

The conclusion of 185cm (6ft 1) seems quite off for him. If he really is a 185cm person, an estimate of 184-184.5cm won't be easily eliminated but it's the other way around in his case. I realized that there was a pattern that represented the fake height and the real height of the players, the pattern was nothing but adding 2 cm to their height. An example is Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who is actually 194cm (approximately 6'4.5") but disguises himself based on his official profile to be 196cm. That also applies to several other players from my perspective, like Pique, Messi, Ramos, etc. But that doesn't seem to always prove accurate, at least not for this one consistent player. Ronaldo is a strong 6ft 1, probably either 6'1¼ or 6'1½. This is quite evident from how he stands tall next to several other athletes. Not forgetting to mention from how he tends to be taller than some of the solid 6'1" players but there's a noticeable height difference when he's with someone who's been certainly proven to be 6'2". I'll vote 6'1¼ in conclusion but I won't give up the possibility of option 6'1½, I'll probably vote for the latter if there is strong evidence to match it. He has the proportions of a 6'2" with a habit of standing up straight which will make him look taller than he really is, but he's not that far from the height anyway.
Cold Water said on 28/Jun/22
Same height as Djokovic

Both 186.9-187.3 cm

Click Here
uriah said on 23/Jun/22
Strong 6ft1 (186)

Does not strike me as someone who hits anything lower than 185 at night.

186 perhaps in the afternoon-ish

187-188 when waking up is more than believable

Oddly enough his insanely long neck can at times make him look taller
HE has the eye height of a strong 6ft2 due to that and his small forehead

Also, morata is not 190 him and CR7 look the same height at most times with morata slightly edging him out on rare occasions.

2 images for reference:

Click Here

Click Here

If morata is truly in that 189-190 range then Madrid were right in listing CR7 as 6ft2
Original said on 15/Jun/22
Asensio 5'11, Kroos 5'11.5, Ramos 5'11.75, Benzema 6', Bale/Casemiro 6'0.5" (?), Cristiano 6'1
Eli Shahar said on 8/Jun/22
He’s easily 6’1. No more no less.
Cold Water said on 7/Jun/22
Ronaldo - 186 cm
Bale, Benzema, Navas, Casemiro - 184 cm
Ramos - 183 cm
Kroos - 182 cm
Asensio - 181 cm
QM6'1.5"QM said on 5/May/22
These two numbers were just mixed and confused in 2009-10...because Ronaldo was number 9 and Kaka – number 8... It's just strong proof that 1cm is visible difference and Cris fall in 185-185.4 range (before the bed).
So 186.5cm for Kaka and 185.6cm for CR7.

The end of story ;)
Mohammed 170cm said on 1/May/22
Debruyne 179, Mahrez 178, Rordi 189, Sterling 169, Foden 170, Gabriel Jesus 175, Zinchenko 175, Cancelo 181, Walker 182, Stones 188, Fernandino 179, Bernando Silva 169, Grealish 179, Ake 178, Laporte 189, Ederson 187
Mohammed 170cm said on 1/May/22
Marcelo is 172, Kroos 181, Xabi Alonso 182, Varane 190, Courtois 199, Militao 186, Casemiro 182, Rodrygo 170, Asensio 180, Mendy 177, Fede Valverde 181, Hazard 171, Alaba 179, Mariano Diaz 180, James Rodriguez 178, Raul 178, Casillas 180
Mohammed 170cm said on 1/May/22
Ramos is never taller than 182. Ronaldo could be 186, but that's the max for him. Modric is 169. Carvajal and Vazquez are 171, Isco and Vini Jr are 174-175
Lava said on 26/Apr/22
Differently 187 cm

When he was listed 185 cm, Benzema was listed 187 cm, Bale was listed 183 cm, Modric was listed 174 cm, thats not accurate

Ronaldo: 187 cm
Bale/Benzema/Casemiro/Navas: 185 cm
Ramos: 184 cm
Kroos: 183 cm
2017 page, thats so accurate

Differently Ronaldo 2 cm taller than Bale and Benzema and 3 cm taller than Ramos
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 19/Apr/22
He usually looks about 6’1” next to some of the measured athletes. The 6’1” listing is perfect for him, and I still safe to say that Ronaldo almost certainly measures in the 187-187.5 centimeter out of bed typically, which is likely why he claims that mark. It’s not really inflation.
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 19/Apr/22
Maybe 6’1 1/2” would be a mid morning measurement. His out of bed height is likely somewhere around 187.3-5 centimeters.
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 19/Apr/22
“Luke88 said on 14/Apr/22
Never met him. Usually he gave me the impression to be visibly taller than Max Allegri and I think the Italian head coach is a strong 6-foot like 183-183,5cm in the metric system.
I think Ronaldo is a honest 6’1/185,5cm with a good chance to be 6’1.25/186cm. Rob did you ever listed him at 6’1.25-5/186-7cm?

He was once listed at 6’1 1/2” a while back. That’s likely what he measures early morning.
Sampez said on 14/Apr/22
187-187.5 out of bed
185-185.5 before bed
Cold Water said on 14/Apr/22
186.8 cm - Night, Before Bed
Luke88 said on 14/Apr/22
Never met him. Usually he gave me the impression to be visibly taller than Max Allegri and I think the Italian head coach is a strong 6-foot like 183-183,5cm in the metric system.
I think Ronaldo is a honest 6’1/185,5cm with a good chance to be 6’1.25/186cm. Rob did you ever listed him at 6’1.25-5/186-7cm?
wreck said on 13/Apr/22
187 cm
Idvsi said on 4/Apr/22
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 2/Apr/22
Cristiano Ronaldo with Carmelo Anthony:

Click Here

It may not be the greatest angle, but the difference appears to be no less than five inches.
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 31/Mar/22

There are people who estimate Bale at 6’2”? They should take a look at a photo of him standing next to Bollywood actor, Hrithik Roshan who is billed at 5’10-5’10 1/4”:

Click Here

And there’s even a photo of him standing next to Carmelo Anthony, who was measured at just over 6’6”:

Click Here

He’s clearly around six feet tall.
185.4cm said on 31/Mar/22
@Celebheights 6"1.5" Well those 6'1 1/2 or 6'1 3/4 are not even ridiculous compared to those ridiculous Gareth Bale "6'2" talks. Man is almost an inch shorter than Ronaldo and gets 6'2 claims a lot, specially at some point in the comment section like a year or two ago. Thats like saying Ronaldo is almost 6'3 range, which he obviously isn't.
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 30/Mar/22
Peyton Manning with Tom Brady:

Click Here

Peyton Manning with Joe Manganiello:

Click Here

Eli Manning with Peyton Manning:

Click Here

Peyton would clear Ronaldo by an easy four inches.
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 29/Mar/22
Tom Brady is about the same height as Eli Manning, and both of them appeared to be around 6’4” around Eli’s brother, Peyton. Factoring in the footwear advantage Tom Brady has by Ronaldo, I think he’s around three inches shorter.
Victor Ldway said on 29/Mar/22
Ronaldo is 1,87 cm tall
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 29/Mar/22

I agree that Ronaldo is around 6’1” in the afternoon. I don’t get where the 6’1 1/2”-6’1 3/4” arguments are coming from, given how he never looks above his listing next to measures celebrities.
185.4cm said on 27/Mar/22
I wonder how tall Thomas Muller is. Surprised he is still not listed after all these years. He is gotten better with age, like a fine wine. Anyway,to me he's always looked around 184-185cm tall. Looks similar to 6ft Lewandowski but actually slighty taller.
Original said on 24/Mar/22
He can look even 6'1.25 with Tom Brady. Usually looked pretty well 6'1 with Chad Ochocinco as well.

Sorry, but I can't see four inches here (Yep, I estimated the difference between the footwear being at least 0.5 inch, something around 1.5cm).

Something around 8cm is also reasonable according to this pic. (9cm is the max I can go)
Click Here

In that Ronaldo "185.1 measurement", the PC registered "185.8cm" in fact (alongside other measurements). I had the video.

Overall, I think 6'1 is fair enough for him... of can he can look a bit below or above that mark, for angles, footwear, posture etc, but I will not cherrypicking nothing here.
Canson said on 24/Mar/22
I wonder if Russ really did gain 1/4” and is 6’2.5 at his afternoon now? Or if Ronaldo’s posture could be the issue there along with a possible footwear advantage?
Andrea said on 24/Mar/22
Well if I didn't take footwear into consideration, I wouldn't have guessed him over 184 (considering that Brady probably isn't over 193 himself). The question is how much more footwear Brady really has... If as much as 1.5cm like Original said, then yeah, a solid 6'1 isn't unbelievable for him, though I certainly wouldn't say he never struggled to look 6'1.
Look at him with Rio Ferdinand: Click Here Click Here Click Here Granted that Rio could well be a bit over 6'3, that's also well more than just 2 inches between them, and I doubt their footwear is going to be much different in that case.
... Or a measured 6'2.25 guy like Russell Westbrook: Click Here Again, unknown footwear, but certainly over 1.25 inch shorter.
... Or another measured guy like 6'1 Chad Johnson: Click Here I post this photo because you can see the footwear (which if anything does favor Ronaldo), but there are several ones of them and Chad constantly seems to have the edge!
All in all, while I agree that he generally can pass for 6'1, I also think there's a good chance he dips a bit below that (and in fact he technically does if that 185.1 measurement is reliable!).
Rory said on 23/Mar/22
Hmm not sure about those measurements,some seem credible but I can't really see Ronaldo measuring 187.3 and Benzema 185.1 unless it's literally within 15 minutes of them waking up. Also seems a bit too much of a coincidence three players would measure exactly the same(185.1).
Ajax 175.6cm said on 21/Mar/22
Cold Water said on 21/Mar/22
Bale: 185.1 cm
Benzema: 185.1 cm
Ronaldo: 187.3 cm
Varane: 191.2 cm
Modric: 172.2 cm
Marcelo: 173.7 cm
Casemiro: 185.1 cm
Ramos: 184.2 cm
Nacho: 180.2 cm
Vasquez: 173.2 cm
Kroos: 183.2 cm
Carvajal: 173.2 cm
Luca Zidane: 183.3 cm
Isco: 175.7 cm
Madrid Web 2017

Medical check-ups height
Is that from the 'Cold Water Database' ?
Very constructive, almost a work of art!
Daniel Lee said on 21/Mar/22
Cold Water said on 21/Mar/22
186.8 cm - Night
187.3 cm - Lunch
188.7 cm - Morning

In your dreams.
Cold Water said on 21/Mar/22
Bale: 185.1 cm
Benzema: 185.1 cm
Ronaldo: 187.3 cm
Varane: 191.2 cm
Modric: 172.2 cm
Marcelo: 173.7 cm
Casemiro: 185.1 cm
Ramos: 184.2 cm
Nacho: 180.2 cm
Vasquez: 173.2 cm
Kroos: 183.2 cm
Carvajal: 173.2 cm
Luca Zidane: 183.3 cm
Isco: 175.7 cm
Madrid Web 2017

Medical check-ups height
185.4cm said on 21/Mar/22
@Andrea You didnt take Brady's high heels into consideration. So Ronaldo never struggled to look 6'1 in neutral pics, honestly he is the most stereotypical 6'1 i've seen.
Cold Water said on 21/Mar/22
186.8 cm - Night
187.3 cm - Lunch
188.7 cm - Morning
Cold Water said on 21/Mar/22
Ronaldo: 186.8 cm and shoese 1.8 cm 188.6 cm

Tom Brady: 193.2 cm and shoese 3.8 cm 197.0 cm
Mohammed 170cm said on 20/Mar/22
@Rob, do think Ronaldo being a professional has helped in his growth to this height? Ronaldo's father most likely was below 6'0 and his mom doesn't look above 5'4" nowadays. His older brother looks at most 5'11". Another case might be Ramos, whose father is only 5ft8, but he managed to reach 6'0.
Editor Rob
Maximised his height, as many athelets can do through teen years towards 20.
Rory said on 20/Mar/22
Can't really see him looking under 6ft1 with Brady all things considered.
Canson said on 19/Mar/22
@Original: the pic with Brady given the footwear advantage, puts Ronaldo at what he’s listed and Brady would be about 6’4 flat or a small hair over at most. I don’t rule out 6’0 7/8 for Ronaldo either but to me he’s always looked a solid 6’1” afternoon like he’s listed
Original said on 17/Mar/22
Click Here

1.5cm shoes advantage to Tom Brady who looked around 9cm taller than Cristiano Ronaldo imo, the real difference should be closer to 7.5cm all things considered. If Brady is 193, then Cristiano can pass for 185.5 imo.

Better video here:
Click Here

It isn't four inches difference to me, perhaps closer to three inches than four the gap.

Cristiano is probably a solid 6'1. He struggled more with Ibra who should be around 6'4.5".
Andrea said on 16/Mar/22
Certainly struggles to look 6'1 with Brady. Just like he did with Ibra, Ferdinand or Westbrook before.
6'0.75-6'1 I can buy that, but nothing more for sure!
Kshss said on 16/Mar/22
Jawilder said on 16/Mar/22
About the pictures with Brady, I still think Ronaldo would measure 6’1 without footwear difference and it was around an extreme low for him. 6’1 flat at a low.
Original138 said on 16/Mar/22
I could be wrong but wouldn't you lose some height after a 90 minute football match. He might be at an extreme low with Brady. Not to mention possible footwear differences.
DEEJ said on 16/Mar/22
@OriginalAnon - Saw a photo of him with Tom Brady recently which made him look tiny. But Ronaldo just played 90 mins of football - height at his lowest. Also he was wearing sliders, and Brady was wearing pump shoes.

Ronaldo definitely is 186cm mid-day without strenuous exercise.
Cold Water said on 14/Mar/22
Ronaldo: 186 187 cm
Bolt: 195 cm

Click Here
Rockaway said on 14/Mar/22
The more I see, the more I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t hold the full 6’1 throughout the day.
Wehrmacht180 said on 14/Mar/22
With Tom Brady 193 cm
CR7 is no more than 185 cm.
OriginalAnon said on 13/Mar/22
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

With Tom Brady. Regardless of footwear, he is definitely not over 6'1''.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Mar/22
Some of Cold Water's estimates would be realistic early morning, would never list them those though
khaled taban 5ft9 said on 9/Mar/22
@Cold Water- 2017 page is the most accurate? Ronaldo was listed at 187, when he never was taller than 186 ( He could br 185 as well).
Ramos is closer to 182, Bale is 184 not 185. Marcelo is closer to 172 with a guy like Neymar for instance.
Cold Water said on 7/Mar/22
Bale: 185 cm
Benzema: 185 cm
Ronaldo: 187 cm
Varane: 191 cm
Modric: 172 cm
Marcelo: 174 cm
Casemiro: 185 cm
Ramos: 184 cm
2017 Madrid Web

Benzema: 184.1 cm
Ronaldo: 186.5 cm
Ramos: 183.2 cm
Pepe: 187.1 cm
Marcelo: 171.9 cm
Alonso: 182.7 cm
2011 Madrid Web

Bale: 183 cm
Benzema: 187 cm
Ronaldo: 185 cm
Pepe: 188 cm
Ramos: 183 cm
2013 Madrid Web

The 2017 most accurate
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Feb/22
Slim, no way under 185.5cm
Slim 6'0.25 said on 27/Feb/22
I used to think he was 186 but now believe he’s between 184.5-185cm
185.4cm said on 24/Feb/22
A signifant thing about proportions no one realises or notices are the legs. Some footballers with bowed or in-curved legs can be well proportioned but them being bow legged worsen their proportions. Neymar, Zlatan, Mbappe and Isco Alarcon have all signifacntly bowed legs and it worsens proportions, even if some of them are well proportioned. Ronaldo has some very, very straight legs and McTominay as well. And a guy like Varane is slightly knock kneed, the opposite of being bow legged and he has the best propotions for his height that i know. So you have gotta have the whole package for looking very tall, but this bow leggedness is not that big of a thing for many when it comes to proportions, but it is still is notable, for me atleast.
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 19/Feb/22
With Usain Bolt:

Click Here

Peyton Manning with Usain Bolt, just to establish the latter’s height:

Click Here
Daniel Lee said on 18/Feb/22
Out of bed: 187.1 cm
Noon: 185.7 cm
Night: 185.2 cm
Cold Water said on 16/Feb/22
186.6 cm - Night
187.6 cm - Lunch
188.5 cm - Morning
Ryan Taylor said on 12/Feb/22
What do you think Ronaldo’s morning, afternoon and night measurements would be Rob?
Editor Rob
Seems a good chance he might be 6ft 1 still at teatime
186cmnight said on 10/Feb/22
187 - 185 cm morning to night imo. Could drop under at an absolute low (could be 184.5 after a strenuous match late at night) but by this sites standards a legit 185. 6'1 to the naked eye.
Ajax 175.6cm said on 8/Feb/22
As he got 185.8cm busting a gut and 185.1 standing normal tall at that laser beam machine, both measurements included his hair, he can't be over 6ft 1 that's for sure.

Well he had a wider stance while measured.
Ian Momo 'Questionable 5'10' said on 1/Feb/22
186 cm for Ronaldo,
Ajax 176.8cm said on 31/Jan/22
@185.4cm You're obsessed with Ronaldo and Rashford?

Ronaldo is far from his peak and Rashford should better train penalties.
Ajax 176.8cm said on 28/Jan/22
Varane might have the edge so Pogba at 6ft 3 flat is also reasonable.
HRA10222 said on 28/Jan/22
Rob, how tall is the Prince of Dubai next to Cristiano Ronaldo?
Click Here
Editor Rob
Maybe 5ft 7, he does likely have less footwear.
Ajax 176.8cm said on 27/Jan/22
Varane same size as Pogba, 6ft 3.25
Grandpa said on 27/Jan/22
Click Here

Hey, Rob. Could you take a look of the picture of Ronaldo with Federico Bernardeschi, who is often listed as 183 or even 185 cm tall? How tall is he really, around 181 cm? Thanks.
Editor Rob
The angle and position of Ronaldo could be making Federico appear a big shorter by 2cm
Nuts & nutbutters said on 25/Jan/22
Will you bring Raphael Varane?
Solid 6"3.75 guy
Editor Rob
I'm not sure
Tfw said on 21/Jan/22
Robhe looks a strong 186 for me and he is probably a tad over 187 waking up.

Solid 6ft 1 and 1/2 man.
185.4cm said on 13/Jan/22
Him and Rashford are height twins imo. As much as I've seen them play together and whenever they're side by side, for example talking to each other, theyre exactly the same height. Seen a few photos of ones, Rob has got the listings spot on. Rashford does have a hair advantage, making him look a few mm or a cm taller but with removing those advantages they are like height twins. Both strong 185cms guys at night imo.
khaled taban 5ft9 said on 8/Jan/22
@Rob-How tall is Casemiro? I always thought he was 183-184, but Ramos is 182-183 and he edged him out. I feel he is more like 181 range.
Editor Rob
He could be near 6ft, rather than 6ft 1 which seems hard to imagine
Terry Chan said on 7/Jan/22
Rob, how do you think why Ronaldo is obviously shorter than De Gea by 1-1.5 inches when they are playing in Manchester United?
Thomas Sincan said on 31/Dec/21
He is strong 1,87 cm
Cold Water said on 24/Dec/21
186.1-187.0 cm - Night
187.1-188.0 cm - Lunch
188.1-189.0 cm - Morning
GET wider no 2 said on 19/Dec/21
Okay Ronaldo 1.85 hmmmmmm
Raphael Varane 1.91
Cristiano Ronaldo 1.85
Gareth Bale 1.84
Karim Benzema 1.83
Sergio Ramos 1.83
recapa said on 19/Dec/21
@Ayu, i think that cr7 is a bit closer in the 2 pic that you linked but i agree he is at least 1 inch taller i thought that it can be 3cm tbh as i think that ramos drops to the 182-182.5 range .check this pic out Click Here seems like a good 3cm difference to me.
Ayu said on 17/Dec/21
I think Ronaldo is underlisted. In almost every photo with ramos he looks about 1.5 or 2 inches taller than him.
Click Here
Click Here
Antoine said on 16/Dec/21
He is listed at 187cm since season 2019 I think. In my opinion, 187cm is Ronaldo's out of bed height. Most of the day he is about 185cm.
recapa said on 11/Dec/21
@Mordor, here is cristiano in 2008 next to 183-183.5 lampard and 186.5-187 JT and 195-195.5 peter cech Click Here he is taller than super frank by a 2cm or so there and shorter than john terry by 1-2cm and john is listed at 6ft1 1/2(186.7) here at the site and always looked around that and he always was listed at 187 in the internet so he isnt any taller than that also cristiano was 23 in the pic in 2008 so fully grown.
Cold Water said on 10/Dec/21
Zlatan 7.6-8.0 cm taller than Ronaldo Click Here

Zlatan 193 cm, Ronaldo 185 cm or Zlatan 195 cm, Ronaldo 187 cm
Canson said on 9/Dec/21
@Mordor: they’re not really dinner per se. most people don’t lose anything after about afternoon. My afternoon is my low usually and only 1/8” below my lunchtime
wadmin said on 8/Dec/21
186 for me
The lowest possible for him is 185.5 and he probably goes to bed at this height.
Wehrmacht180 said on 7/Dec/21
185 cm
mordor said on 7/Dec/21
@ok recapa.Btw i didn't know that the height guesses at this site were about dinner time.That's then the absolute low of anyone's height.So yeah at dinner maybe Ronaldo dips under 186 by some millimeters then.But i will continue to guess anyone's height based on his midday height not dinner height.Maybe that dinner height is more relevant to footballers (night time match).Best guess in my opinion is when someone has lost half of the average height loss the average human loses.Maybe around midday or even sooner.Even 3-4 hours after bed someone may have lost half of what is gonna loose all day.So then exatcly is the time to measure your height.Right in the middle of the daily height loss.It doesnt matter if that happens few hours after bed.After all most dont dip more than 2cm if not less.
CR7=186,2CM midday:)
recapa said on 7/Dec/21
@Mordor , this site is based on dinner time heights not midday but yeah i agree that cristiano is around 186 when its midday and i also agree that he probably wants to be taller as he tiptoes in almost every team pic to look taller but what i dont understand is why. he honestly has the perfect height imo but guess people can be insecure about the pettiest stuff.
mordor said on 6/Dec/21
@Canson I didn't say that i have the absolute truth of his height, i just give my opinion with pics.I believe he is 186cm about afternoon.And about that laser measurement i am not sure if it is really trustoworthy to get his real height beacuse i don't know what time was that measurement taken and also when i saw that video i clearly saw CR7 had his legs wide apart when getting measured with laser certainly not standing tall.So considering those two parameters i just say he is like 186cm about afternoon maybe 185,(8-9)cm.Late night i believe he dips down to 185,5cm.But again one's height is when u get measured about 2 hours after bed.Whether someone is a strong lets say 6ft1 u cant know for sure depends on what exercise u do and also depends on your spine structure.
mordor said on 4/Dec/21
@recapa He is 186,2cm flat around midday.I don't give much importance to night height.Someone must measure max 2-2,5 hours after bed to get his real height and claim that height.Anyway i believe and - that's a bit off topic - that Ronaldo is a bit height obsessed too and likes to look taller at team pics.He would pay millions to be 6ft2 i guess :P The same with Trump to be the 6ft3 he claimed :P
Canson said on 4/Dec/21
@Mordor: although he can look a strong 6’1 at times he only measured 185.1 and 185.8. I think Rob has him listed appropriately as he isn’t 186 afternoon height

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