How tall is Paul Gascoigne

Paul Gascoigne's Height

5ft 9 (175.3 cm)

English former Professional footballer who played for teams such as Newcastle, Tottenham Hotspur, Lazio and Rangers F.C (1872-2012). In this photo I had about 0.2 inch more sneaker than his sandal. In his own autobiography he writes in the Gazza File: "Height: 5ft 9in, Weight: normally 11 stone 10lbs, but have been 14 stone - don't talk about it" and in 2018 said "I'm 5ft 9".

How tall is Paul Gascoigne
5ft 8 Rob and Paul @ Sportsmania 2011
I am a marked man. Every time I go out there are people coming up to me. I wish I was as big as Frank Bruno, but I'm only 5 ft 9 in.

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Average Guess (35 Votes)
5ft 8.59in (174.2cm)
Emil said on 23/Dec/22
Looks barely taller than you in the pic, Rob.
Did he look 5'9 in person?
Editor Rob
I definitely thought he was nearer 5ft 9 than 8.
Jakey said on 21/Feb/21
5'8.75 for the legend Gazza!
Nik Ashton said on 3/Jan/21
He’s barely taller than me!
Canson said on 1/Jan/21
I agree with Rob 5’8.5 now a days
Rem said on 10/Aug/20
Rob you are slouching in this pic. Do you think he manages to be 2 cm taller than you?
Editor Rob
Back then I felt up close Gazza was nearer 5ft 9 than my height, however last time I seen him, Ian Wright looked a more 5ft 9 guy beside him. He possibly lost half inch now.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Jul/20
Strong 5ft9 peak, Rob?
Editor Rob
Might have been a comfortable 5ft 9. I think I met him when he was still pretty close to his peak. Today he could be 1/4-1/2 less.
JohnMoore-162cm said on 4/May/20
He looked 5ft9 at his peak , at least 5ft8 3/4"
Nik Ashton said on 9/Feb/20
It’s very commendable that Gazza doesn’t claim 5’10”!

Gazza does look like he is Rob’s height twin but he may just edge him out, but not by very much at all!
Abey B said on 29/Jan/19
Jessman said on 7/Feb/18
When did he play for Everton?
He played for Everton for nearly 2 years back in the early 2000s. Walter Smith liked signing veterans past their best like him, Mark Hughes, Richard Gough and David Ginola. I saw him in bar in Liverpool and he was taller than I was expecting, but he did have big cowboy style boots on. Was probably 5 ft 9 range, but that was about 18 years ago, I think due to his health issues he's shrunk since then.
Bobby said on 23/Jan/19
Struggling to see 3/4s of a difference here. Either he's really losing posture and dropping height or he's the same height as Rob is.
Sandy Cowell said on 11/Oct/18
Isn't he the one known as 'Gazza'? Even I know that! I remember him laughing his balls off when he was in a soccer shoot-out for Comic Relief; they played in the nude! ⚽️⚽️⚽️⛹️

Gazza looks 5ft8.75 here.
ReallyShortRussianDude said on 10/Jun/18
Click Here

Rob, how tall do you think Saunders looks with Gazza?
Editor Rob
He's not much smaller, somewhere in 5ft 8-8.5 may be possible, though I think Gazza in last 2 years might have succumbed to a fraction height loss.
Canson said on 3/May/18
Considering Rob has a footwear advantage, this is probably Not too far off. No less than Rob said the second time he met him of weak 5’9” (5’8 1/2 or 3/4)
Bribliblibli said on 28/Feb/18
Rob está encorvado, aunque Gascoigne también, pero no tanto como Rob. Creo que Gascoigne puede ser un 174,5 ( 5' 8'' 3/4 )
miko said on 11/Feb/18
I think general poor health over the last 10/15 or so years & bad knees/injuries might well have knocked a bit off Gazza.
Jessman said on 7/Feb/18
When did he play for Everton?
IceMonster said on 6/Feb/18
Saw him in my local chippy when in his Everton days. He looks like he’s scraping 5’8”, he was noticeably smaller than me at 5’9”
Johnson said on 5/Jan/18
Paulo Futre is listed 1.75 and looks taller than Gascoigne
Pierre said on 18/Jun/17
Imo Rob is slouching more;same heights =5"8'range
Editor Rob
Gazza is taller in person than 5ft 8.5 guys like say Ralph Macchio and Michael Emerson.
James said on 17/Dec/16
He looked 5'9" at his peak. Why does he keep going back to rehab when it doesn't work for him?
persk said on 2/Dec/16
was 174cm

is 173cm
Editor Rob
trust me, big Gazza in person is (or at least the first time I seen him) 5ft 9. Last year though, he could look a weaker 5ft 9
Roger said on 29/Aug/16
I really can't see more than 1cm difference here taking into account both are leaning. If Rob is 173 in this picture then Gazza is 174.
Johno said on 13/Aug/16
5'8.75 avg.
Editor Rob
5 years ago he looked more a comfortable 5ft 9, last year I seen him, he could look more a weak 5ft 9 but given his problems, losing a fraction by late 40's is very possible.
truth said on 18/Jun/16
Looks 5'9 but I could buy around 5'9.5" in his early days.
5'9.5'' said on 12/May/15
Due to his higher than average exercise, health problems and alcoholism it is likely that he'll have prematurely lost more height than the half a centimeter a man his age is expected to
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Feb/15
Rob, is Gazza really 1in+ taller than you?
Editor Rob
he looked a decent 5ft 9 up close.
Shadow Warrior said on 17/Jan/15
Why did you not mention Rangers as one of his teams? I've met Gazza a few times, I'd say 5ft 9 is pretty accurate.
One Seventy-Six said on 5/Nov/14
Yeah 176 cm. Gary Lineker (177 cm) edges Gazza out by a fraction. Good to compare other footballers heights with.
kramer2088 said on 11/Jul/14
Pretty close to his official listed height of 5ft 10, which is pretty good compared to most celebs/sports stars.
SaveUsY2J said on 5/Apr/14
@Rhonda- It's a quarter of an inch. How is anyone supposed to differentiate that?
avi said on 14/Feb/14
I fail to see more than .5 here...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Nov/13
About 1in on Rob if standing tall. This is fair
Vibram said on 1/Sep/13
Met him and he was about 1/2 inch shorter than my 177cm. 175cm / 5ft9 flat would be right for his playing days.
LG69 said on 19/May/13
@mark87, lol at 5'10". He's 1/2" taller than Rob in the photo. Factor in Rob's near 1/4" footwear advantage and it's about 3/4" difference. At least he's 5'8 3/4", at best 5'9".
Football said on 7/May/13
Not much taller then rob, about 174 cm. A bit under 175/5'9
Gaz said on 29/Apr/13
5'10''? lol then that would make Rob 5'9'' which he is not.
mark87 said on 30/Mar/13
He is 5'10
truth177-179cm said on 21/Mar/13
id guess around 175cm.
Yaspaa said on 20/Mar/13
Or just over 5'9 like Rob says.
Stephen said on 8/Jan/13
175 is a fair estimate for gazza
Zach said on 9/Nov/12
Wow. This guy was listed as 5'10 throughout his playing career.

Genius btw. Albeit a wasted genius.
Maximus Meridius said on 23/Aug/12
@Dean 5ft 9.25 David Beckham is only in his late 30s he hasn't lost any height yet people lose height after their early 50s he is still 181cm 182cm range.
MrX said on 2/Feb/12
He is solid 175cm (175cm in the evening)
theenforcer22 said on 16/Jan/12
To be fair Greg, I never checked his footwear, I'd guess he had a good pair of boots on. I used to wear shoes which were as flat as slippers for work when I worked in bars. So that could have made him taller than me.
Horace said on 25/Dec/11
In his playing days he was 5'10. I was next to him in 1990 before the Italia 90. The accounts of his height in many books and sites are between 177-79cm. This height Rob has placed i feel is absolutely spot on! Hes become more feable in recent years and I feel hes lost an inch.
Shaun said on 21/Dec/11
I'd have guessed he was 5'9" from his playing days. But this guy does look like the stereotypical British guy you'll see on some package holiday in the Med with a football shirt and ghetto blaster!!
theenforcer22 said on 15/Dec/11
Stood next tim him in a bar in Liverpool about 10 years ago (when he was an Everton player). Im 5 ft 9 and he was definitely taller than me, looked about 5 ft 10. He was in good health though with a good strong back and posture.
Dural said on 14/Dec/11
You used a different picture, but there are several. He doesn't look 5'11.5" in any of them.

Not to forget he was just a tiny bit taller than 5'9.5" Caroline Wozniacki. 5'11" flat would be a fair listing for Becks.
ChiasmataX said on 13/Dec/11
@ Dural yeah, I used your picture and put them on Beckham's page lol. I think he's under 180cm when he's near barefoot.
@ Andre He's about 5'9.25" because if you compare his ear-level it is about right (ear-level is more accurate than eye-level to compare height when both people had weird posture)
Andre said on 8/Dec/11
Editor rob , in my opinion hes not 5 foot 9.25 at all , i am 5,9 ,25 and i am a good bit taller than my father tjat is 5,8,25 =)
Dural said on 8/Dec/11
ChiasmataX says on 6/Dec/11
@ Dural unless he was not standing straight he looked about 175-177cm there as Queen Latifah might be under 177cm.


I guess he wasn't standing completely straight, but that still doesn't make him 5'11.5".
Bakura said on 7/Dec/11
You have more credibility on this site than ACG, yet you downgrade almost everyone and few agree with your absurd estimations. *Everybody* thinks you downgrade, it's not just his opinion. As he stated, trying to reason with you is futile. You are a sad, sad troll, and you know it.
Physics Enemy said on 7/Dec/11
Becks = 5' 10", clear as crystal.
ChiasmataX said on 6/Dec/11
@ Dural unless he was not standing straight he looked about 175-177cm there as Queen Latifah might be under 177cm.
Physics Enemy said on 6/Dec/11
LOL Bakura, I did address his criticisms. I implied he thinks I downgrade because HE upgrades, which I thoroughly explained in my post and is general opinion on most pages. Fact is I have more credibility on this site than ACG.
Bakura said on 5/Dec/11
@Physics Enemy- I love how you spend the entire comment making futile attacks on ACG without once addressing or even acknowledging the legitimate criticisms he made against you. You are an absolute joke.
Dean 5ft 9.25 said on 5/Dec/11
Rob do you think Beckham either used to wear lifts or has shrunk?

I say this because back in like the early 2000's he appears like 181-182ish range but more recent pictures do peg him more average 178-180cm range?
He looks shorter when gotton older? shrunk?
Dural said on 5/Dec/11
If Beckham is really 5'11.5", why did he look clearly shorter than that with Queen Latifah, Kaka, Roger Federer, Prince William, Gordon Ramsey and Kobe Bryant? I'm not convinced he's 5'10" flat, but 5'11.5" is pushing it.

Beckham and 5'9.75" listed Queen Latifah
Click Here
Shaun said on 4/Dec/11
Beckham is about what he is listed at 5'11.5", but he can look a flat 5'11" t times and did make Prince William look nearer 6'4".
Horace said on 30/Nov/11
Beckham is over 5'11. Maybe slightly but he is over that. Physics enemy ive met Gazza and Becks in my time. Gazza in 1990, and Becks in 07 I think. Im 6ft. Been measured numerous times by GPs and doctors. Beckham was virtually my height when I met him and he wasnt wearing lofty shoes.

Gazza aswell was alot taller than i first expected. I feel he is taller than the height listed, which I feel is correct when considering his height today.

You can even compare and look at becks with other players and people and you can see he is taller than 5'11
Vegas said on 30/Nov/11
Physics Enemy says on 21/Nov/11
Beckham is definitely under 5' 11" Parker. He's 5' 10.25" at the very most

soccer height listings don't mean much, look at glenn loovens listed 5'10 on cardiff citys official page Click Here and loovens with rob..... Click Here the official premier league site has peter crouch listed under 6'6 ffs

beckham looked around same height as tony blair so i would be surprised if he is ~5'10 Click Here
Physics Enemy said on 29/Nov/11
You've never even had your height measured, ACG. You sound like a typical member of the public, who inflates height by 1.5 - 2" and thinks 6' is pretty average.

Borderline short men are not 5' 9" - 5' 10" as you think, they are under 5' 7"; because average height is 5' 9". You were one of the fools who thought Glenn was a solid 5' 8" at night and Stallone was 5' 10.5", if I recall correctly.

Infact, you still think a short man like Stallone is 5' 10"; 1" above average height. You're a laughing stock on most pages, everyone knows you upgrade.

I mean, you STILL think Glenn was underlisted at 5' 7", when he was measured 169.1 cm (5' 6.575") a matter of 4-5 hrs post-wake. You've lost your marbles.
ACG said on 28/Nov/11
To Parker and everyone else: reasoning with Physics Enemy is futile, so don't even bother. To him, every celebrity is AT LEAST an inch shorter than they are in reality...probably one of the worst downgraders ever to plague CH.

Beckham at 5'10?? PUH-LEASE!!
Horace said on 26/Nov/11
WOOOOO!! Been waiting for this height. I love Gazza. I reckon right now this is accurate. Always seemed 5'10 to me though. Next to a 6'1 Peter Shilton and 6'1-2 Waddle he always seemed 5'10 or even taller (which I doubt). Right now though I think this is accurate. He is getting back on track but for a while he was a sick, sick man who couldve easily dropped in height. The Gazza File is in his book isnt it? Which wasnt released until his career was up
Editor Rob
yes in 'Gazza:My story'.
Dean 5ft 9.25 said on 23/Nov/11
I agree Beckham is never 178cm. Hes 179.5cm at worst and 181cm at best.
miko said on 22/Nov/11
Beckham is 5'11, maybe a little more.
ChiasmataX said on 21/Nov/11
Accurate listing. Just look at their ear-level.
Physics Enemy said on 21/Nov/11
Beckham is definitely under 5' 11" Parker. He's 5' 10.25" at the very most but I think he's a solid 5' 10" in reality. He was even listed at 5' 10" in his very early playing days.
Parker said on 20/Nov/11
Physics Enemy says on 19/Nov/11
I doubt Best was 5' 9" in his 20's Parker, based on that pic with Becks. Becks is 5' 10". Unless Becks is wearing customs there.

Sorry Physics - no way is Beckham under 5'11.
Physics Enemy said on 19/Nov/11
I doubt Best was 5' 9" in his 20's Parker, based on that pic with Becks. Becks is 5' 10". Unless Becks is wearing customs there.
Brad said on 19/Nov/11
Funny how nobody here from the states has probably heard of him but then who in the U.K. has heard of Tim Tebow.
Parker said on 18/Nov/11
Physics Enemy says on 17/Nov/11
Re-watched the Piers Morgan interview and in the old footy clips he looks 5' 10" range by eye, leaness/build/TV could be aiding that. Doubt he's under 5' 9". Not sure whether alcoholism decreases height ... why would it?

I don't know - but George Best was 5'9 in his 20's. Here he is age 57/58 next to David Beckham
Click Here
Physics Enemy said on 17/Nov/11
Re-watched the Piers Morgan interview and in the old footy clips he looks 5' 10" range by eye, leaness/build/TV could be aiding that. Doubt he's under 5' 9". Not sure whether alcoholism decreases height ... why would it?
Physics Enemy said on 17/Nov/11
Rob does have a 0.2" footwear advantage (read caption).
Dean 5ft 9.25 said on 16/Nov/11
U have a massive slouch here rob and he still only looks 5'8.75 174.5ish. I know hes leaning too but your posture is horrible. Id peg him 5'8.5-5'8.75. He claims 5'9 and probably lost height in his crazy lifstyle.
5'9.25 seems awfully generous
Editor Rob
I watched him with the 5 people in front and he had a slight lean every time so I was trying to match him a bit.

but I really didn't think he looked any less than 5ft 9.
Ras said on 16/Nov/11
I see 5'8.25".
avi said on 15/Nov/11
seems 5'8.75 here Rob no way near inch taller
SAK said on 15/Nov/11
Impressed about him being honest about his height, seems a real rarity among male celebs to quote the actual height.
Lmeister said on 15/Nov/11
A true legend :)
Physics Enemy said on 14/Nov/11
Real men don't inflate their height, like Gazza and Tyson. They arguably underlist themselves. Rob is the same. People like Glenn, Pitt, Bieber, Stallone etc have massive complexes and lie to protect their false image. There's nothing wrong with being the height you are, accept it. You earn respect by being honest rather than trying to deceive people.
GP said on 14/Nov/11
he claims 5'9", but throughout his career they listed him 177, it's interesting that they inflate even football players' height. Rob, you must've been very happy, he was a one of a kind player, who always fought for the ball and never gave up
Physics Enemy said on 14/Nov/11
Gazza !!! I'll take your word for it Rob since he's in sandals and neither of you are standing straight. Great interview with Piers Morgan the other night.
miko said on 14/Nov/11
Seems about right Rob.

Always been listed at around 5'10 I think.

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