How tall is David Beckham

David Beckham's Height

5ft 11 (180.3 cm)

English football star has played for clubs like Manchester United, Real Madrid and LA Galaxy. In his 2004 book 'My Side' a career page compiled by Mark Baber included: "Weight: 10st 13lb (75kg) [sic] Height: 5ft 11in (180cm)." and in another book he published - Soccer Skills - he was listed as 5ft 9.

How tall is David Beckham
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Average Guess (323 Votes)
5ft 10.88in (180cm)
Resurrection of Edwards said on 19/Feb/21
beckham has looked anywhere from 179-181 but 180 cm would be best bet.
slim 6'1 said on 15/Feb/21
Vincent Caleb said on 13/Feb/21
I think Beckham would edge Pitt.
I think itโ€™s the other way around, Beckhamโ€™s leanness may make him look taller than what he actually is
slim 6'1 said on 13/Feb/21
Sorry genau but Beckham as looked identical height wise to Allen Iverson whoโ€™s suspected to be 179cm
Vincent Caleb said on 13/Feb/21
I think Beckham would edge Pitt.
Genau said on 10/Feb/21
Pitt is nothing over 5ft11 beckham on the other hand has a good chance of 5ft11 1/4
slim 6'1 said on 8/Jan/21
Pitt would edge Beckham ๐Ÿ‘
Tys da 5'10 7/8 said on 2/Jan/21
Hey big Rob I do believe that David Beckham is at minimum a weak 5'11 but do you think he wears lifts? Iv seen him on occasions stand well next to 6'1 guys and other times he has barely looked taller than a 5'10 celeb (like his son Brooklyn.
Editor Rob
I am not sure if David would be a guy who'd wear lifts...but like many celebs he's varied a bit in photos from under to over 5ft 11.

From all i've seen I doubt he is really less than 5ft 11
slim 6'1 said on 1/Jan/21
Take the quarter inch
Alan mctavish said on 31/Dec/20
When i watched man utd with beckham playing in that great team i didnt take him as a 6ft guy. He didnt stick out as 6ft with other players around him. I first thought he was 5'10" 05. Flat footed with out the heavy thick hair. And maybe 5' 11" at a push. I saw him standing next to ryan giggs in full photo standing up strait and giggs said he was 5' 11" and becks looked the same height. Not bigger or smaller. So al have to give becks 5' 11" plus i saw ryan giggs next to alex ferguson who was 6ft. And alex looked at least an inch taller than ryan giggs!!!!
Canson said on 30/Dec/20
@Slim: agreed. Similar to Allen Iverson whoโ€™s about 5โ€™10.5
Slim 6'1" said on 30/Dec/20
Weak 5โ€™11@ range
Slim 6'1" said on 24/Dec/20
179-179.5cm at his low
stiggles said on 23/Dec/20
Nailed on 5ft 10..
Eric W Tam said on 3/Dec/20
@RJT guess Rio was the most honest. Lol 188 for Gerrard is laughable. I mean they may as well give Carragher 190 if they would give 6'2 to Gerrard (which is what he claimed once, kinda like 5'7 Ben Shapiro claiming 5'9, those two arbitrary inches)
RJT said on 1/Dec/20
I remember back then in PES games ps2, Becks used to be listed at 183cm, Rooney 178cm, Caraggher at 185cm, Gerrard at mighty 188cm lol.

Guess almost every English players get extra inch and even 2 inches for Gerrard. Interestingly Rio was still 191cm.
Genau said on 30/Nov/20
5ft11 - 5ft11 1/2
Ronaldo 185.4cm said on 14/Nov/20
If any chance add Romeo Beckham, thought he looked pretty much 6 feet range next to his dad
Slim 6'1" said on 11/Nov/20
weak 5'10" 179cm
Jann said on 4/Nov/20
He is 6 ft 183 cm
My height 1.83 cm said on 29/Oct/20
James B 172c, said on 27/Oct/20
I thought he looked a strong 5โ€™11 next to James corden
Slim 6'1" said on 25/Oct/20
About two inches between Gordon Ramsey and this guy
Slim 6'1" said on 25/Oct/20
Not the full 5โ€™11โ€ more 179cm
Resurrection of Edward said on 19/Oct/20
i personally think he needs a fraction to 5โ€™10.5,doesnโ€™t looks 5โ€™11 anymore.
Kev said on 4/Oct/20
Who's the tallest among Lampard, Gerrard and Beckham?
Editor Rob
I'd stick with Lampard edging Gerard, who is taller than David.
Resurrection of Edward said on 2/Oct/20
noway 190 lbs for becks.he dosent look nowhere near that.more like 168/170 lbs if iโ€™m not mistaken.
James B 172cm said on 27/Sep/20
Rob do you think David Beckham Is really 190 pounds now?
Editor Rob
I'd have said under it.
Resurrection of Edward said on 24/Sep/20
anywhere from 179-181 but 180 cm seems to be the spot.very reasonable listing by rob.
GTB173cm said on 23/Sep/20
Iโ€™d give him 179-179.5cm or 5โ€™10 3/4
grizz said on 14/Aug/20
According to most recent sketch with James Corden, he currently weighs 190 lbs Click Here . He still looks surprisingly fit given his height/weight ratio
Almost 180cm guy said on 10/Aug/20
I don't know how this is possible but Beckham looked taller than Travolta in their photos together from 2013: Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
Rob, what do you think of these photos?
Editor Rob
Sometimes travolta can look about 5ft 11 in recent times. Beckham too has passed for 5ft 11 and change in photos.
Jkiller said on 5/Aug/20
An okay 5'11.
LV said on 2/Aug/20
I worked with him on a photo shoot about 15 years ago and these days I see him at the school drop off in South Kensington. Although I think he looks smaller in person, when you see photos of him with Victoria, she is usually about 5ft 8 or 9in in her huge heels and he is still taller than her. So I give him 5 ft 11 in.
Hulk.23 said on 31/Jul/20
Watching his past matches then he could appeared as a weak six footer (between 181cm and 182cm). I will choose the lower estimate so 5โ€™11/180cm is perfect
JeffersonGold said on 29/Jul/20
I'm confused. In this photos, David is clearly tall 185-186. He's the same height(+-2cm) as will Smith. How is this possible?

Click Here
Click Here

QM6'1QM said on 22/Jul/20
JeffersonGold said on 6/Jul/20

Ok, i have few pics for you, bro. What do you think now ?!
Note: Kaka had measured by Real Madrid on 185.6 cm.

1. Click Here
2. Click Here
3. Click Here
Original said on 18/Jul/20
5ft 10.88in (180cm)

Some can argue between 179 - 181, but ~180 seems to be correct. I think more 5'11" than 5'10.75".
JeffersonGold said on 6/Jul/20
He looks the same height, and sometimes taller than Henry Cavill (184-5) and Charlie Hunnam (184-5), but you say he is 180 cm tall. How do you explain this?
MarcusTheSwede said on 25/Jun/20
Look at Youtube where David Cook Food with Gordon Ramsey Thats Listed at 6โ€ 3/4 quarters clearly Gordon atleast 4-5cm taller My Geuss David isnt taller then around 178cm max. Fantastic person But dont think his fully 180cm. Thanks
Steven Wade said on 6/Jun/20
The Ricky Gervais look alike gets 5"10 from me.
JohnMoore-162cm said on 26/May/20
@Greg-Beckham is no shorter than 5ft10 1/2" , not taller than 5ft11 though.
Greg said on 14/May/20
I think Beckham seems 5โ€™10.5ish same height as Jake Gyllenhaal, also Romeo Beckham seems like 1.5 inches taller than his Dad so maybe he is a legit 6โ€™0.
Greg said on 14/May/20
@Edwards 5โ€™10.25 claiming 5โ€™11 is fine because they are that height early morning and just drop down closer to 5โ€™10, not every 5โ€™11 guy is going to be exactly 5โ€™11 some might be a bit under others a bit over it just depends.
MD said on 7/May/20
Yes, not quite 5'11". Not much shorter, but not a full 5'11".
Jam Cherry said on 5/May/20
179.5 cm at 5โ€™10.75โ€ is perhaps most acceptable
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 2/May/20
โšฝ๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽŠ Happy Birthday David! ๐ŸŽŠ๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽ‚โšฝ

Wishing David Beckham, the sportsman with a heart of gold, a very happy 45th Birthday. ๐Ÿ…

5ft11. ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ‘

OriginalAnon said on 8/Apr/20
Angle of the photo is not favouring Beckham, but a legitimate 5'11'' guy does not look like that against a guy like asap rocky who is at best 5'10''. Beckham could be 5'10'' later in the day.
Ezequiel said on 22/Mar/20
This picture has me very confused: Click Here

With a 5โ€™10 A$AP Rocky and he looks shorter, probably about an inch or so. The footwear seems pretty similar too. Although, A$APโ€™s posture looks a little better though.
OriginalAnon said on 20/Mar/20
Zidane is at least 2 inches taller than Beckham, who I think is 5'10.5".

Click Here
Phail said on 28/Jan/20

I think the most reasonable explanation is that whoever entered his height into the biography converted 180cm wrong - to 5.9 feet instead of 5'11". They probably saw a 180cm listing for him, and wanted to include an imperial measurements alongside it. Shame they messed up!

You have to remember that these kinds of books are actually produced by group of peoples - it's not just Beckham sat at his desk slowly bashing out some words. Scores of people would have been involved in the production of it. Given that, the mistake makes sense - all it takes is one fool to mess up the conversion...
edwards said on 18/Jan/20
@ deep purple

youโ€™ve made a good point.
Deep Purple said on 12/Jan/20
Maybe they measure him at 179 cm but they looked the stadiometer bad and saw 176 cm, so make sense the listed 5'9.
TheHawk said on 6/Jan/20
Romeo taller than his dad like 2cm and he is 16-17 he can reach 6โ€™1 still way to go. Iโ€™ll go for beckham 180cm
179dude said on 2/Jan/20
@James B, Heโ€™s only 17, boys stop grow at 21 - 22, i think he can reach 6โ€™1 or 6โ€™2 range, anyway, i give David flat 5โ€™11, the listing is correct! ๐Ÿ‘
edwards said on 31/Dec/19
@ xeon 5'8

because most of the guy's who claims 5'11 are 5'9 or 5'10.
Xeon 5'8 said on 18/Dec/19
180 flat, he seems tall like about half of 5'11 flat guys
James B said on 16/Dec/19
Rob in a picture posted today his son Romeo looks near 5โ€™11.5 next too David

I have no doubt Romeo will end up being a legit 6ft
Editor Rob
Still could get into that range
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 27/Nov/19
Recently someone told me that Beckham is only 5'9 1/2 in person on facebook. Seriously that is low ball height for him. I wouldn't go below 5'10 1/2.
Nik Ashton said on 25/Nov/19
@ Greg - Itโ€™s a shame he doesnโ€™t player soccer in American anymore, you could have met him and compared heights!
edwards said on 23/Nov/19
@ greg

fully agreed dude.i dont see beckham more than max 179 barefoot.he always has a thick hair,very thick hair that may give him 3-4 cm.he also wears quite thick shoes.beckham is known to change hairstyle and have thick hair.i have him at max 179 cm.
Greg said on 21/Nov/19
@Nik Yeah he would likely look close to me, I doubt if he where to edge me it would be by anything noticeable.
Nik Ashton said on 16/Nov/19
@ Greg - Thanks! It would be great if you were photographed with him! Heโ€™s listed as 6โ€™0โ€ on some sites!
Greg said on 14/Nov/19
@Nik after seeing more of him between 5โ€™10 3/8ths- 5โ€™10.75โ€ is possible Iโ€™ll guess 5โ€™10.5โ€
edwards said on 14/Nov/19
@ lensy

lensy said on 9/Nov/19
179 cm for becks
Nik Ashton said on 2/Nov/19
There is talk that he is shorter than his son Romeo!

Itโ€™s great to give him his 1850th comment!
Nik Ashton said on 26/Oct/19
@ Greg - Thanks! Whatโ€™s the highest you would go?

A) 5โ€™10.5โ€.
B) 5โ€™10.75โ€.
C) 5โ€™11โ€.
D) Something else.
Blaze said on 24/Oct/19
I've just realized how tall his second born son has gotten recently, last time I came by one of their pictures he was a head shorter than David. But on his recent Instagram post Romeo looks just as tall or even taller than him.

What would you say for his height? and also do you think he has hit his ceiling already or there's a chance that we'll see a beckham whoo's over 6ft
Greg said on 19/Oct/19
@Nik I think David Beckham is more a weak 5โ€™11 than legit though I wouldnโ€™t go under 5โ€™10.5 for him. He looks tallish but many others would agree thereโ€™s times heโ€™s looked sub 5โ€™11, def not 6โ€™0
khaled taban said on 19/Oct/19
@Bobby 1.78m ,
he looks 6'0" I agree with you , but he isn't 6'0" .If you look at him with C.Ronaldo , Beckham is AT LEAST 5cm shorter.
Beckham is 6'0" only If Cristiano Ronaldo is 6'2" !
Nik Ashton said on 19/Oct/19
@ Bobby 1.78m - I-N-T-E-R-E-S-T-I-N-G!
Nik Ashton said on 16/Oct/19
@ Greg - Interesting!
Greg said on 14/Oct/19
Bobby 1.78m said on 10/Oct/19
Looks 6'0.
c-mo said on 8/Oct/19
@ MD

I looked that Asuka Cambridge guy up and he is listed as 179cm but google also says 180cm

we cant know his exact height unfortunately but lets say he is 179cm ...david and him look pretty much the same height on the pic . however depending on how they stand , headshape ,camera angle etc I wouldnt rule out that david is still 180cm when he stands strong

from all what I have seen of david I can not see him below 180cm really . but hes 179cm is possible . I would be highly surprised if he was below 179cm at nighttime
MD said on 26/Sep/19
With 5'10" Japanese sprinter Asuka Cambridge:

Click Here
Wayne B said on 26/Sep/19
I read somewhere he has one leg shorter than the other... So technically he has two heights, depending on which leg he stands on. :p
saltyfish177cm said on 18/Sep/19
Big Rob, How tall can Khabib Nurmagomedov look next to David in this pic?

Click Here
Editor Rob
I think they seem close enough to their listings there, though I can see how at times 5ft 9 has been possible for Khabib. Beckham himself I still give 5ft 11 as he typically looks it.
Nik Ashton said on 1/Sep/19
Itโ€™s incredible he was listed as 5โ€™9โ€!
Yang (5 footer 8, 172-173) said on 28/Aug/19
@Mhmdmahmoud853, Its's possible that some actors do have shoe lifts to make themselves to look taller than as he is..... May be once in awhile for premieres and for special occasions and if he has to be surrounded by all taller gurus etc. Not as always.....
Mhmdmahmoud853 said on 18/Aug/19
If he only 5'11 so why he looks taller than people and looks some times as 6feet or 6'1
Do you think he wears a shoelifts?
Yang (5 footer 8, 172-173) said on 14/Aug/19
He rather looks more like 5ft 10 3/4 than solid 5ft 11 180cm when standing with Prince William with 6ft 2 3/4 189cm. Looks like 4 inch height differences between them...
edwards said on 5/Aug/19
i think he is 5'10.75 now,he is looking slighly under 5'11 currently
edwards said on 2/Aug/19
I 100% agree with you dude,i has seen him in brentwood in la in 2012 and again in balthazar in nyc in 2015.i am a legit 6 foot,i am exactly 183 cm and beckham i think was about 1.5 inch shorter than me.i fully agree on you with this
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 1/Aug/19
Kobe make Beckham seem like a solid 5'10 range guy.
Greg said on 31/Jul/19
Tbh Iโ€™m seeing him more as a weak 5โ€™11 with a chance of 5โ€™10.75โ€ heโ€™s likely not a legit 5โ€™11 he often looks average amongst crowds sometimes barely looking much over 5โ€™10. Wouldnโ€™t be surprised if he was 5โ€™10.5โ€.
edwards said on 21/Jul/19
this extremely good looking english soccer star along with brad pitt,tom cruise and george clooney is one the most good looking guy ever.he never gets old,he becomes more good looking the more he ages,a good example of 5'11 guy.beckham and brad pitt is example that 5'11 is a great height
khaled taban said on 21/Jul/19
@Bakel, Sergio Ramos is a legit 182.5cm man and Beckham looks an inch shorter than him, see this :Click Here
khaled taban said on 17/Jul/19
@Bakel, 6 foot is impossible for Beckham, Both Ronaldo and Kaka have 2 inches on him.
Also,If Beckham is 6'0", Raul must be 5'11" which is wrong.
Kimblemur said on 12/Jul/19
@Bakel No chance is he โ€œmore likely 182/183โ€ haha. Lampard is a flat 6 foot guy, Beckham is clearly 2 or 3cm shorter, so by your logic and this picture, Davidโ€™s more likely 180/181.
edwards said on 11/Jun/19
5'11 is quite the spot,he is officially listed as 180 cm at manchester united in looks quite reasonable for.he looks 1 inch taller than 5'10 raul and 2 inch shorter shorter than 6'1 cristiano ronaldo.5'11 is spot.
khaled taban said on 10/Jun/19
People who say Beckham is 5'10" flat have to look agian, he is 1 inch taller than Raul Gonzalez who is 5'10".
If he is shorter than 5'11", probably 5'10.75" or 5'10.5" but never belwo that!
cmillzz said on 8/Jun/19
actually, I wouldnโ€™t rule out 5โ€™10.5โ€ after looking at him again. Not sure Iโ€™d go much under that though.
khaled taban said on 28/May/19
Here with Kaka (186.5cm): Click Here
khaled taban said on 28/May/19
Drogo, yes that's what I am saying.
I think It's very unlikely for Ander Herrera to be taller than 182cm (As he has been listed as 182cm since a long time), so the rule says Beckham must be shorter than Hererra by 1.1-1.3 inches
Drogo said on 25/May/19
I think he looks 178-179cm with Ander Herrera. There is at least a solid 3cm between them
chhani said on 24/May/19
i think he looked smaller at royal wedding of prince williams he was smaller than most male so i think he is about 5"10 or something
James Grossman said on 23/May/19
Looking again, when I said 5'11.25," that was silly. He looks 6' consistently, 5'11.75" at the lowest.
khaled taban said on 22/May/19
Also, I'd say Beckham looks weak 5'11" with Ander Herrera, that's a difference of inch~3cm not only 2cm
khaled taban said on 21/May/19
Rob, I want your opinion on this picture
Click Here, Beckham looks taller than 180cm with 178-179cm Kylian Mbappe.
Editor Rob
Can look 181 range there
Original said on 15/May/19
Honest 5'11
c-mo said on 9/May/19
anything below 179cm or above 182cm is impossible for him thats for sure (I am talking about evening heights)

the question is what exactly he is between those figures . from what I have seen of him I gravitate towards around 181cm evening so a listing about 5'11.25 - 5'11.5 might be nearer to the truth
edwards said on 2/May/19
happy belated birthday becks
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 2/May/19
๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŽโšฝ๏ธ Happy Birthday David! โšฝ๏ธ๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽ‚

Have a superb day, you good sport, charity worker and Father. ๐Ÿ˜

5ft11. Far too young to have lost any height!

Josh Peck said on 10/Apr/19
Rob, here is David Beckham with 1.82cm listed Ander Herrera Click Here what are your thoughts about this? I think at least 2-3 cm difference in this picture.
Editor Rob
180 and 182 still seem believable enough.
Bora said on 8/Apr/19
I think he is solid 6 feet with his foot advantage
edwards said on 30/Mar/19
Morning/out of bed -181.89cm ,Afternoon - 180.3cm, night/Before bed - 179.75
cmillzz said on 21/Mar/19
Yeah it seems like around this height (5โ€™11 range) is when a guy can really start to look tallish and very well proportioned. Solid height.
Lkkss said on 7/Mar/19
Morning/out of bed -181.89cm
Afternoon/Before bed - 180.3cm
James Brett 172cm said on 6/Mar/19
I still think beckham looks 5โ€™11 next too Iker
Jamie T. said on 5/Mar/19
Click Here

Here, (180.3 cm) David Beckham with (181 cm) Iker Casillas and (185.4 cm) Cristiano Ronaldo. I see more than 1 cm difference between Beckham and Casillas, also in multiple pictures where they are together. Can you check it Rob? He might be exact 5โ€10
Editor Rob
5ft 10.5 is a figure he has looked on occasions like that.
Mr D said on 28/Feb/19
He's defo 6'1 lads
James G. said on 24/Feb/19
Under 5โ€™11โ€ is silly. This guy is 5โ€™11.25โ€
Edwardm said on 20/Feb/19
5โ€10 Asap Rocky taller than David Beckham Who is 5โ€11 ?
What are your thoughts about this Rob?

Click Here
Editor Rob
I'm not sure if the camera is helping the person on the left of the photo.
Carlo frenzetti said on 31/Jan/19
I don't know if he's 180 or less but I am sure Ancellotti is 1.79cm, same height as me and I met him, and if you see pictures with david and ancellotti, david looks shorter
Miguel Calado said on 27/Jan/19
still don't understand the 5ft9 in his book...
Editor Rob
An honest mistake...probably just not spotted.

Just the other day I had a function I was trying to change and it's only about 20 lines of code. I spent about 2 hours trying to figure why it didn't work, and was about to give up when I notice a variable had a lowercase letter when it should have had an uppercase ๐Ÿค“
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 23/Jan/19
He looks a strong 5โ€™11โ€ by Will Smith:

Click Here

Before people jump to the excuse that the ground is uneven, itโ€™s only by a slight fraction. The footwear is uneven by no more than a centimeter, so I see two inches tops between them.
James Brett said on 17/Jan/19
Rob there looks at least 3 inches between him and James cordon here

Click Here
Editor Rob
I'd still keep them around current heights, but Beckham has at times seemed 5ft 11 and a little, he can pull it off.
c-mo said on 16/Jan/19
Rob: Beckham at times has looked 181. Owen is what you could say is a 171-2 range guy, with 172 being the most I'd estimate him as.


and what height is the footballer on far left on the last pic ? what is your guess ?
Vibram said on 15/Jan/19
I think A flat 5'11 (180cm) is spot on for him. 3/4 inch taller than Giggs, 2 inches taller than certified 5'9 wayne rooney.
c-mo said on 14/Jan/19
rob you have met michael owen and listed him as 172cm

david beckham seems to be rather 182-183cm standing next to michael owen . what do you think ? it looks more than 8cm difference to me personally

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

also whats the height of the footballer on far left ?

Click Here
Editor Rob
Beckham at times has looked 181. Owen is what you could say is a 171-2 range guy, with 172 being the most I'd estimate him as.
edwards said on 26/Dec/18
he was measured exactly 180cm during his time with manchester united at 2003,so there is no doubt he is exactly 180cm not less and not more
TheGreat said on 3/Dec/18
@Rob, I am 179 cm, would the difference be noticeable if I stood next to Beckham?
and what do you reckon his evening height is?
looking forward to your reply
Editor Rob
There are some photos of Beckham with someone like Giggs Like This in which you'd think they are the same height...Giggs himself basically claimed 179cm. 1cm at times can seem barely noticeable, but other times it can look more than it is. I'm sure there are actors I've met who I think are 1cm taller or shorter but it's not appeared like that.
edwards said on 14/Nov/18
@rob ,do you think 5 feet 10.5 is arguable,he can look 5 feet 10 at times with prince harry or william.posted by poster marcusthesweden ,beckham look exact 2 to 2.5 inch over corden who is 5 feet 8.and by the way most of the people are claiming beckham like 181 or 180.5 when he is clearly listed as 180 cm during his career with manchester united,why is it rob,he is 180 cm when at manchester united and people argue about 180.5 or 181,does he has a growth spurt that took him to 181 or what rob,i believe nobody gets a spurt at 25 years ,he was exactly 180 cm and how can he be 181 or so on,he can look 5 feet 10 at times,but imho he is 179cm what do you think rob,hope to get reply from your side
Editor Rob
I would be more surprised if Beckham measured 5ft 10.5...
MarcusTheSwede said on 12/Nov/18
He is 177-178cm look at video with James Corden 173.4cm and see it doesnt differ more then maximum 3-4cm. Just look for gods sake. Beckham is 177-178cm without boots. Click Here
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 5/Nov/18
180cm is legit when he looks it with 185cm Obama so 183cm is a shoes height he looked. Don't get fool by his hair though.
strawberri said on 27/Sep/18
Rob, I want to know why does he look so tall? he looks like a legit 6 footer. So is it his posture or does he wear lifts ?
Editor Rob
Any solid 5ft 11 guy can look taller at times. He's not got a big head, which also helps.
Tango said on 14/Sep/18
Rob so here with charlie hunnam who is listed at 183 cm he looks the same height. So i think that maybe he is 183 cm tall or maybe charlie hunnam is not at his listed height.
Click Here
Editor Rob
He can look pretty close to Charlie, maybe 181cm range as his hairstyle looks thicker.
Alex B said on 10/Sep/18
He is billed at 6 ft flat. I do not believe he is 6 ft I would say around 5.10 or 5.11 feet tall.
HonestSlovene said on 4/Sep/18
he can look as low as 5'10.5" and as high as 5'11.25". Never seen him look a flat 5'10" and 6'0". In the pic he looks shorter than Figo, who is 5'11".
Dinho1999 said on 4/Sep/18
I was going to post that photo pointing out on how beckham looks considerably smaller even when (imo) he is a legit 180cm but on Real Madridโ€™s Instagram page there is a picture with Carlos, beckham, Figo and beckham has at least 2 inches on figo but yet in the group photo due to a lowered floor or because he is further back than others itโ€™s given the illusion that he appears around 2 inches smaller than his real height.
James B 172cm said on 29/Aug/18
Well he certainly can look 5ft10 range next too prince william at times.
cmillzz said on 23/Aug/18
Lol, flat 5โ€™10 is a joke for him.
May00 said on 22/Aug/18
5'10 for Beckham isn't exactly unbelievable tbh, considering his picture of him with his son Brooklyn who is listed as 5'9.5 on this page, they look exactly the same height. Give or take maybe half a centimeter.
niranzan pandey said on 11/Aug/18
rob,first of all,great job for creating a celebpage.hope you will respond.i have meet beckham in berverly hills and and must be 5 feet 10 in my honest the way i am a legit 6 feet guy and beckham seems to be 2 inches shorter than me.5 feet 10 could be arguable
Editor Rob
I don't think many would estimate Beckham under 5ft 11, it's surprising to hear he can look 5ft 10 in person.
Ab9 said on 8/Aug/18
5'10 (178 cm)
Yuval said on 23/Jul/18
Roy Keane is 5'10 or 5'11..looks similar to Sir Alex
Canson said on 15/Jul/18
@Honest Slovene: that looks right. Heโ€™s not noticeably taller than Allen Iverson. If anything similar. AI is around 5โ€™10 1/2 barefoot at a low
Randomdude12 said on 13/Jul/18

I'm surprised you don't have a page for Roy Keane

arguably the greatest footballer to come out of Ireland and ex Manchester United captain
HonestSlovene said on 12/Jul/18
5'10.75"-5'11" IMHO.
Frankie said on 10/Jul/18
Gracian must be David's press agent lol!
Judging a person by his appearence next to a much taller man is pretty misleading, because taller people tend to slouch a bit to, you know, speak more easily. You can clearly see in that pic of Beckham and Ronaldo (the brazilian), where Ronie has his bust tilted. Same with Zidane.
Wayne Rooney isn't probably a full 5'9 himself.
Truth is if a man like David Beckham put his height at 5'11 in his official autobiography , that's the absolute maximum he could reach.

And by the way: ALL athletes are officially measured in shoes.
Gracian said on 4/Jul/18
Between Beckham and Zinedine Zidane there is no difference of almost two inches, here's the proofs: Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Beckham looks more than two inches taller than Wayne Rooney: Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Between Beckham and Rio Ferdinand there is no full four inch difference: Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
He really looks bit over 5'11". Rob, have you seen enough to give Beckham at least 1/8 of an inch over 5'11"?
Editor Rob
181 is a figure many would estimate him at. Maybe he still has a chance of it.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 2/Jul/18
Beckham look almost 2" shorter than 6'0 3/4 Zidane how can he be 5'11 1/4?
Gracian said on 22/Jun/18
Rob, I think Beckham really should get an upgrade. I found a lot of evidence for this.
Next to John Travolta: Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
He looked much taller than George Clooney 10 years ago: Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Next to Viktoria Beckham: Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
He did not look much shorter than Will Smith: Click Here
Click Here
Next to Zac Efron: Click Here
Next to Prince Harry and Prince William: Click Here
With Will Ferrell: Click Here
With Hugh Jackman: Click Here
With 5'11.5" Ronaldo: Click Here
With 5'11.75" Robbie Williams: Click Here
I could argue about 5'11.25" because he really looks closer to 181 cm than 180. Rob, can you give him at least 5'11" and 1/8 inch? Please, Rob, answer me.
Editor Rob
Beckham could be argued to be a little over 5ft 11, I think many people would also estimate that he might measure just over 5ft 11 flat.
Canson said on 19/Jun/18
Zamp, theyโ€™re close. Maybe within 1/2โ€. Beckham could dip slightly under the mark as well and only be cm or 1/4โ€ taller. AI o would estimate at a weak 5โ€™11โ€ not a solid 5โ€™10 like some say or a strong 5โ€™10
HonestSlovene said on 16/Jun/18
179 cm is closer for him than 181 cm but overall I'd say 180 cm is spot on. Maybe 179.5 cm after training.
MAD SAM said on 4/Jun/18
Debatable could be a 179 cm guy
Leno179 said on 2/Jun/18
5'11 not a single more or less
Zampo said on 23/May/18
@Canson, just checked the pics and I say they do look very similar. They must be within a fraction of each other!
Canson said on 22/May/18
@Zampo: that makes sense as he looks similar to Allen Iverson in height who is about 5โ€™10.5 at a low. Likely that both guys measured in the morning 5โ€™11
Zampo said on 22/May/18
I think the metric system suits him. A 180 cm guy. I reckon 5'10.75, more often than not is what he would measure at the end of the day. 5'11 in the early afternoon, so a reasonable listing.
QM6'1QM said on 16/May/18
Beckham 6.5 cm shorter than Kaka (185.6 cm): Click Here.
Math: 185.6 - 6.5 = 179.1 cm (5'10.5"). It's a perfect listing for David Beckham. Nothing more, not taller!
Khaled Taban said on 14/May/18
Strong 5'11"
C-Mo said on 10/May/18
rob regarding evening height . is there more of a chance of 180cm or 181cm for becks ?
Editor Rob
If we're talking evening, I think probably 180, but I can see how 181 during lunch isn't exactly impossible for him.
Mark182 said on 2/May/18
Looks 2 inches Shorter than Ramos and barely 1 inch taller than Robbie Keane so 5'10.
mikeyup said on 27/Apr/18
why would he list himself at 5ft9?
Editor Rob
I think we can safely call the 5ft 9 instance a typo, that wasn't picked up on a read through.
AskRob said on 16/Apr/18
Hey Rob, how tall could be the shirtless guy?
Click Here
Editor Rob
Seems a decent 5ft 9, he does have a thicker sneaker than brooklyn there.
Greg said on 10/Apr/18
@James B 170.8cm yeah but so does a guy of any height, we are all going to lose height in old age so it doesnโ€™t really make a difference and yeah 5โ€™11 is a solid height I wouldnโ€™t say tall but tallish/above average.
Sports said on 10/Apr/18
1.83cm with shoes
zzzzzammagaaahhd said on 7/Apr/18
Think he was probably just bout 5'11 in his heyday but has lost just a teeny tiny smidge
James B 170.8cm said on 6/Apr/18
Greg- 5'11 men do lose more height as they age compared too 5ft6 men because of a longer spine.

5ft11 is actually quite tall its only 5 inches under 6ft4. That is not far off 6ft4.
Adnan said on 4/Apr/18
5'11" maybe 5'11.5"
Greg said on 3/Apr/18
@James B 170.8cm no thatโ€™s ridiculous that can happen with anybody of any height, 5โ€™11 is the ideal height very solid height.
Gracian said on 2/Apr/18
Rob, I suggests Beckham could be the first man on your website that would be listed as 5'11" and 1/8 inch.
James B 170.8cm said on 2/Apr/18
cmo- slightly disagree about having no health issues at 5ft11.

Your more likely than a 5ft7 man too develop cancer because you have more cells in your body

You will lose on average more height as you age compared too a 5ft6 man
c-mo said on 30/Mar/18
he is a very good looking man and his height and also proportions look ideal or almost ideal and very aesthetic . just google him with other people (like search for : david beckham group photo) I am always saying that 5'11 - 6'0 are the best heights a man can be

- you are a little above average but dont tower people
- not too tall in any way and not short
- blend in with people and not sticking out even when you are a little taller than many men at the same time
- dating : matches very well with women of most heights wether they are short or tall and women from many heights will like your height
- clothes , beds , cars/busses/planes ,doors , health etc etc = no issues in any of these things

the only thing that is a bit of a downfall (especially with 5'11) is that when there are many guys who are 6'2 and over around you you will get a bit "eclipsed" and might wish you were a little taller in such situations. but seriously doesnt matter because your height in itself is still very good looking and tall enough . there will be a lot of men who you will be taller than too dont forget that (in fact there are more men who are shorter than you than taller) . I mean you are even taller than average 5'9-5'10 guys let alone men who are under 5'8 and also a lot taller than the vast majority of women . and the amount of men who are 6'2 or over is still not that big even nowdays . at 6'0 you are more "safe" from such situations I just described . if you are a legit 182-183cm at night and have a good posture and maybe prefer thicker sneakers too you will be tall to many people anyway . I would say that 6feet even is the perfect height and 5'11 being great too and not far off from being perfect

dont get me wrong . of course taller than 6'0 is also good. I would say as long as you have the right build anything up to 6'6 or maybe even 6'7-6'8 has its own advantages and can be great . especially around 6'2 with the right proportions is phenomenal .

there is a black gentleman in the gym where I train who looks to be something like 6'5 or so maybe even a bit more and I sometimes envy his height when I see him and it looks really good on him. it has its own kind of special effect . but in general at somewhere around 6'0-6'1 I noticed that it is starting to get diminishing returns and some (even if only slight) disadvantages start more and more the taller you get. I even have known a guy who was "only" 6'1.5 or so who wished they he was a little shorter . on the internet many things are exeggerated and people either inflate their heights or talk stupid things but reality is different . the notion that when you are short you are less of a man or are weak and unattractive is also false . there are many men below 5'8 who are sucessful and strong , good looking etc. . of course there are disadvantages the shorter you are but people online make it seem as if short men have no chances which is just stupid .

and at 6'0 you definitely are plenty tall enough and it is the perfect height to be in my experience

but yeah 5'11 is phenomenal as I said and David Beckham is one of the living proofs of it (and there are many more)
James B 170.8cm said on 22/Mar/18
Rob was 180cm in his biography? 181cm guys might just put 5ft11 down as there height without bothering too say 5ft11.25.
Editor Rob
Well it was just 5ft 11, of course the Editor also made a mistake one year and had him as 5ft 9 - shows that proofreading can still lend to mistakes slipping through ;)
HonestSlovene said on 21/Mar/18
@whyisntanonymousworking Anyone who uses the made up term "white masculinity" isn't really a person to be taken serious of.
Jafars said on 20/Mar/18
Rob, are you sure he isn't more of a solid 181 guy? He holds up too well next to Rafa & Charlie Hunnam...
Editor Rob
That is a height many would argue he has looked....but he had 5ft 11 in his biography which I have gone with.
c-mo said on 19/Mar/18
legit 180cm . maybe 181
Sean5 said on 17/Mar/18
10 stone 13 pounds is around 10.9 sone, 75kg is around 11.8 stone
David Peckham said on 11/Mar/18
Look at photos and F word video of Beckham with Ramsey. There is more than an inch difference for sure.
Junior Hernandez said on 1/Feb/18
Beckham look at least almost 5'10 with Kobe and Jack Ma. I would like to heard an interview that Beckham will put out words that he is only 5'9. Lol.
Canson said on 28/Jan/18
@Christian: I agree. People round up in 5cm increments as opposed to an inch
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 27/Jan/18
@James the real one

I agree, the Imperial system makes people get away with exaggerating their height more easily.
James the real one said on 26/Jan/18
@jjj Hi. You are the perfect example of why the United States would benefit from the Metric system, which is more accurate than the Imperial system. You say about David: "He's an inch off 6 foot, you literally wouldn't be able to tell the difference". Excuse me my friend, but you take advantadge of the Imperial system to be ambiguous. There are 3 cm of difference between 1.83 m (6 ft) and 1.80 m (5.11). Absolutely everybody can see the obvious difference between a standing 1.83 person and a person who measures 1.80. We all can see the 2 cm difference between Cristiano and Bale, go figure with 3 cm.
whyisntanonymousworking said on 13/Jan/18
He's clearly 5'9 at the most and probably closer to 5'8. I mean look at the consensus on Bradd Pitt now (apart from those so desperate to cling on to the epitome of what white masculinity is in their eyes) which basically points to him being 5'8 or under (barefeet with Gwenyth etc) but I don't want to go off on a tangent. Take a look at a picture with Brad and Becks, take in to account Brad's lifts and assumed footwear and bam, you've got Becks height. Growing up he never looked any where close to 5'11 on the pitch and in comparison with other players that height, hell no.
Michael said on 10/Jan/18
He looks 5' 11.5" (181cm or slightly more).
jjj said on 8/Jan/18
@Anonymous: Oh please his proportions are fine. He's an inch off 6 foot you literally wouldn't be able to tell the difference.
Guest66 said on 4/Jan/18
I donโ€™t get these over 5โ€™11 estimates. I think he looks Robโ€™s listing at best, and 5โ€™10 wonโ€™t surprise me at all.
Canson said on 2/Jan/18
@Anonymous: well said
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Dec/17
Out of bed: 182.73cm
Before bed: 180.55cm
Cameron said on 20/Dec/17
Weird that an athlete would get under listed at 5'9". That's very unusual.
James B said on 13/Dec/17
Looks a bit over average too me
Anonymous said on 9/Dec/17
he is of a slender build so he looks taller almost 6 foot.He has the proportions of an average sized man,not someone who is 6 foot.
TheReel said on 4/Dec/17
Anonymous said on 21/Nov/17. YEP theres nothing wrong with it i think a few people on celeb heights need to come out of the closet its such a shame some people still can't accept themselves in twenty seventeen
Height said on 3/Dec/17
181 cm-182cm
Nagy said on 1/Dec/17
i think 5'10 is more legit for him
Tom Colton said on 30/Nov/17
Look at video with real Madrid players, 182cms listed Toni kroos has at least 3cms on becks. Click Here
Anonymous said on 21/Nov/17
anon176 said on 10/Nov/17
@James B
Facial Beckham isn't much above average really...
Guys like Cristiano Ronaldo, Mario Gomez or Mats Hummels are taller and way better looking. I don't think Becks would be a model if he weren't a celeb.

Ok, after reading all your comments and big drama I get it, you are not hetero. Nothing wrong with that but just leave all the drama and hate.
James B said on 15/Nov/17
funny story my mate told me how him and Paul scholes were standing next too each other and beckham said while giggling "You 2 could be twins"๐Ÿ˜ƒ
THeReel said on 13/Nov/17
That's true James ever since the birth of his daughter he has started looking MUCH older, however i've just started to realize that these comments we've been making are starting to get rather inappropriate for heterosexual males, so let's stear these comments away from this man's looks shall we?, btw how did he seem like he "was up his own arse" when your mate met him?, how did your m8 meet becks that's interesting, and also how tall did your m8 think he looked, cheers in advance. Because I think he's 5'11 on the dot with 6'5 stormzy
James B said on 12/Nov/17
Yeah I'd say Beckham was better looking in the 2000s then he was now.

Hes starting too get wrinkly now which is why you rarely see him clean shaven. If he had no facial hair or botox it would be shocking how old he would look.
TheReel said on 10/Nov/17
@anon176 remember Becks is getting on a bit now and the prime for male aesthetics should be early twenties to mid thirty's, after mid thirty's skin starts losing too much of it's elasticity, in his prime he had model tier facial aesthetics for sure
Nik said on 10/Nov/17
@ anon176

Come off it. I am high average and he is better looking than me!
anon176 said on 10/Nov/17
@James B
Facial Beckham isn't much above average really...
Guys like Cristiano Ronaldo, Mario Gomez or Mats Hummels are taller and way better looking. I don't think Becks would be a model if he weren't a celeb.
Anonymous said on 9/Nov/17
Solid 5'11.
THeReel said on 7/Nov/17
Lol @ Canson replying, I told you I wouldn't read and I havent!, so good day sir. Telling Celeb Heights the straight facts since 22/12/10.
James B said on 26/Oct/17
Rob hard question but do you think Beckham might take HGH?

His forehead seems too have grown much larger throughout the years which is a side effect of HIGH.
Editor Rob: I wouldn't dare to speculate, though as an adult taking hgh certainly won't effect your height...
lolo said on 26/Oct/17
I was watching his Instagram account, he looks 5ยด11ยดยด at least.
Do you think 181-182 is possible for him, Rob?.
Editor Rob: Beckham has pulled off looking over 5ft 11 at times...but overall I thought 5ft 11 flat was the best mark for him.
James B said on 24/Oct/17
He looks at least the same height as brad pitt
TheReel said on 23/Oct/17
He's 6 inches shorter than stormzy in the video of the too it should be on you tube still....
Canson said on 23/Oct/17
@TheReel: well youโ€™re the one who first of all blasted SJH and then started saying someone is a bad person because you feel he โ€œliedโ€ to a terminally ill patient all because you feel heโ€™s 6โ€™5.75 and that he said and was measured by his wife at 6โ€™4.75. I donโ€™t think his wife is that dumb at least not as dumb as you. So whoโ€™s ignorant now. Someone who has never met the man saying he lies to terminally ill patients like you do? That is beyond ignorant and stupid to even say something like that about someone you donโ€™t know. And I can care less about Kobeโ€™s extra marital affairs. That is his business. You base your estimates for height off whether you like someone it appears which shows youโ€™re biased. And yes I am happily married. No need to go there because I highly doubt anyone would even touch your dumbass not even a prostitute. So yes me making a comment like this to you was well warranted when you one go and attack SJH like you did and then go and make a comment about Kobe โ€œlying to a terminally ill patient like thatโ€. Youโ€™re a ****ing piece of ****. Why donโ€™t you go to see a therapist.
Johno said on 22/Oct/17
Ferdinand was a few inches shorter than Anthony Joshua and has about ~6-inches on Ian Wright, so he could be a flat 6'3 possibly dropping to 6'2.75.
Canson said on 21/Oct/17
Agree with Junior on This one. And Christian is right both Lebron and Larry brown described AI as 5โ€™10/5โ€™11 as did a friend of mine whoโ€™s 6โ€™0โ€ that met him said he was noticeably taller than AI and pegged him 5โ€™10 and change.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 21/Oct/17
Junior has a point. Rio Ferdinand my opinion is a very solid 6'3" and looks around 12cm taller than Beckham, so even if Rio's 191cm, it would make Beckham 179cm. And that matches up with how he looks similar with Iverson, who's around 179cm himself.
Johno said on 20/Oct/17
If he listed as 5'9 in his own football book that he has published, he might of been rounding down.

A flat 5'10 is what he is probably at.
Junior said on 20/Oct/17
I don't think Beckham is anything above than 180cm. Some fans claim him must be 5'11.5-5'11.75" sort of BS really unacceptable. If Beckham is 182cm than his ex team mate Rio Ferdinand would be 194cm. Just lol.
Canson said on 18/Oct/17
Looks similar with Allen Iverson. May dip under 5โ€™11โ€ in the afternoon but not by a lot
Peter181cm said on 14/Oct/17
Anywhere between 5'10.5 - 5'11 ;)
5'10.75 sounds good for him!
HonestSlovene said on 12/Oct/17
@Guesser It's around 177 cm in the UK and 175 cm in Spain/Italy. The 175 cm figure for the Uk counts 16-18 year olds, who can still grow a few cm on average.
Guesser said on 8/Oct/17
max said on 29/May/17
Here in London 6 foot won't feel anywhere near as tall compared to say Rome or Madrid.

Wrong. The average height in Italy and Spain is the same as in the UK (5'9).
Johnson said on 8/Oct/17
@Appe I think Beckham is a little shorter. 180 at night. Ramos is 2-3 cm taller than him
Appe 183.3cm said on 7/Oct/17
Beckham wakes up 183cm and go bed 181cm. This is my estimation. I ve also seen a recent pic in Milan with Mattia De Sciglio who I met and is a legit 182cm. They look identical inthe photo even if we can't see the footwear.
rich said on 6/Oct/17
beckham has at least half an inch advantage in footwear from that pic below with murray

but hes still taller than 5'11.

somewhere between 5'11-6'

5'11.5 is my guess

5'11 is too small
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 4/Oct/17
I know that I've linked this photo before, but I find it to be quite interesting. With a 6'2" Andy Murray:

Click Here

I really struggle to see 3" full inches between the two of them in this photo (or in any of the photos that the two have taken with each other), and it doesn't even appear as if Beckham has a footwear or a posture advantage (quite the opposite as Beckham appears to be slouching).
d-dawg said on 2/Oct/17
Rob how tall would you say Ramos is? because he's listed as 183cm, but he looks more 184 and 185 and times, unless he's a legit 6ft and other players have exaggerated heights lol
Editor Rob: I still ain't sure on Ramos, he can vary from 6ft to under.
Anonymous said on 30/Sep/17
Click Here
What do you think rob ??
Editor Rob: Jose can look near 5ft 10 there!
RC said on 23/Sep/17
I saw him at a mall in Dubai in 2015 and he looked shorter than 5โ€™11โ€. Iโ€™m 5โ€™10โ€ and he was about an inch shorter than me. We were both wearing casual sneakers. I would say heโ€™s 5โ€™9 1/4โ€. He didnโ€™t look short but 5โ€™11โ€ Would be a lie.
Canson said on 6/Sep/17
@johnson: you don't even need rob you can do it just with a doctor in the afternoon after normal activity. Just be honest with yourself
Johnson said on 27/Aug/17
@Original Asensio is listed 180
Original said on 25/Aug/17
He looks the same of Asensio (181) there, imo he is either 180 or 181. Solid 5'11.
Hijopotamus said on 16/Aug/17
@Ben, Ramos is 183 and Beckham 180 but looks a bigger difference as if Ramos was 184 and Beckham 179...or else!
Ramos with Raรบl have an even bigger difference but I'm pretty sure Raul is 178 or maybe a sloucher 179.
Johnson said on 16/Aug/17
The thing is in my days off I don't wake up earlier than 11-12 am. Perhaps it is not the same 3 hours after that than 3 hours after 7:30 am

About Rob he does not deep below 173 before bed normally. And on medicals tests he is 173
Johnson said on 16/Aug/17
@Canson yes I am a mistery I would like to be measured by Rob.
Ben said on 15/Aug/17
Click Here

Looks 5'10" here with six foot Sergio Ramos.
Canson said on 14/Aug/17
@Johnson:you shouldn't be at your low after 3 hours that is unheard of. But I can see you losing the full inch 2.5cm if you are on your feet a lot and it would likely be at nighttime. My definition of a true height is maybe 5-7hrs out of bed. If you're like 1/8 from your lowest or at your lowest
Johnson said on 13/Aug/17
I actually think I shrink 2.5 cm, but it depends on the day, the funny thing is I get to my low early, most of all If I go outside, 3 hours + after waking up early, then I am already in my low, but sometimes relaxed at home before bed I am 0.5 cm more than my low. Similar to Rob's case I think
all haters said on 11/Aug/17
177cm. he is shorter than korean soccer play hong myung bo(182cm)
Canson said on 9/Aug/17
@Johnson: that's exactly the same with me I lose 0.9 typical in 1st hour awake and 1.9 for the day if I don't go to the gym. I consider the 193.9 my actual height and just round up to 194 or 6'4 1/2 as for this site but list myself on paper with drivers license and on Medical records i fill out im listed as 6'4" as my doctor measured me at 6'4 3/8 on my last physical
Canson said on 8/Aug/17
@Slim182: I don't understand that last statement. That celebheights lists early evening vs PM heights? Early evening is about 6pm correct? That is PM as far as I'm concerned and that's also typically what your set height for the day is. People here on the site generally do not understand that nighttime height and Mid afternoon are typically the same thing. Like Christian mentioned below in Rob's case that's how Rob measures evening 5'8 1/8 vs maybe a mid afternoon height. You also see in Christian's case he has his height rounded off at 196.5cm which is near his lowest but because the low varies a couple mm based on factors such as gym or being on his feet he can be 196.2 or 196.4 possibly at night. its similar to how I can measure 195.8 out of bed (6'5.08) and am 6'4 3/4 after an hour (194.9cm) which is a 0.9cm loss after just 60minutes of being awake and not even strenuous activity. Typical after 2 hours at least for me I'm near 0.5 inch loss (about 6'4 5/8) which is 0.46" from out of bed. Once you hit around 6-7 hours is when you typically begin to near your low. After 7 or maybe 7.5 hours I don't lose additional height unless I'm on my feet constantly or go to the gym 193.7 or 193.9. I tested once at 193.1 and once .2 but both are not normal and I only got that low because I purposely was on my feet to determine what my low was. If you test from that stage 7/8 hours until you go to bed under normal circumstances you will see it doesn't vary at all probably. Maybe 1mm.

Also You have to remember when Rob is discussing he is talking a normal day as well not when you have been lounging around. He has even said that when he meets a celeb he tries his best to be at his normal 5'8 1/8 or at best between 1/8-1/4".
Most of my assessments that I make tho are based on me measuring in the 6'4 1/4-3/8 range since I generally fall at 193.9 which is why I told you that you cannot assume that someone is claiming their lowest like where Hippo is 182 at his lowest and you saw where he admitted he isn't. He said 181. You will get people like me or Christian who claim the "range" of our afternoon heights 6'4.25-.5 and 6'5.25-.5 respectively or may get others for example Shane admitted he claims his out of bed height of 6'2" before but when he is analyzing a height he states that as well, and typically even guesses the height on both ends of Morning and evening to be consistent.
Johnson said on 8/Aug/17
@Canson I also lose 2 cm from out of bed to before bed

In 1 hour also I have shrunk 1 cm
Canson said on 7/Aug/17
@Hippo: you may be a hair over 181 on a normal day at a low. I also at 6'4 and change lose 1.9 on a normal day and that's with a pretty proportionate body long legs and decent torso. I wake up a hair over 6'5" and normally am 6'4 1/3 at night barring any circumstances

But I admire your honesty! Means when people claim as I mentioned to Slim182, one shouldn't assume that it's a low height because there are some that measure at their highest some lowest across this site. That said Beckham would likely come out 179ish but as mentioned that's prob close enough to 5'11" to get by claiming it
Canson said on 7/Aug/17
@Slim182: that's not correct at all about Rob. He has always been 5'8 1/8 at his lowest and that isn't a dehydrated low he has said before he has before dropped to a solid 5'8" as an absolute low (as far as being measured). If he wakes up 5'8.75-.8, 5'8 1/8 shouldn't be a surprise being the average person loses around 3/4" per day he actually loses less than that but has also stated that his peak out of bed was 5'8 7/8 which makes the 5'8 1/8 more realistic as a low. He has said before 5'8.25 was with the extra 1/8" from the stadio and that he is usually in the afternoon 5'8 1/8. He will sometimes go with a number between 1/8-1/4" to keep it safe not to downgrade anyone due to underestimating

As for one cm I do agree on that because I also lose about 1cm after an hour of being awake. Typically on a day where I'm leaving to go to work is when I did it most accurately and was 6'5.08 out of bed (195.8cm) and 194.9 after an hour then got home was down to 193.9 around 7 or more hours of being up
Slim 182 cm said on 7/Aug/17
Also canson, big robs a legit 5'8.25 man but when he's dehydrated (to avoid going to the bathroom every 20 minutes) he drops to 5'8 and one eighth. And if his body had little water in it it'd likely measure the flat 5'8. So yes, that quarter inch means a lot.

Just assuming you were judging from robs page. Cause I believe 1 cm is lost after waking(half inch.)
Slim 182 cm said on 7/Aug/17
But we list early evening heights rather than pm heights so... I'm confused.
Hipopotamus said on 7/Aug/17
Canson, you are right! I measured myself 183cm right after waking up and after a long day I was 181!
Now, this adds another variable to the equation of the model "guessing heights".
Shoes, possible lifts, posture, hair, time of the day...
Canson said on 7/Aug/17
@Slim182: I think s true definition of weak 6'0" is waking up at maybe 6'0.25-6'0.5 range rather than flat 6'. Example if a guy wakes 6'0 they're likely 5'11.25 at night which is a strong 5'11 imho. I think 5'11.5-.75 is weak 6 then above that is solid category up to a little over 6'
Slim 182 cm said on 6/Aug/17
Canson, to be fair, rob has 184 listed as 6'0.25 and 6'0.5 and it's confusing as 184 out of bed people are claiming weak 6' rather than flat. Wether as people who are 183.5 out of bed are weak 6 footers, and 184.5 out of bed, are close to the strong 6' range... it's why google converter is a really useful tool! ๐Ÿ‘๐ŸปAnd rob does round up half intervals(example 6'3 is 190.5, I didn't mean to rat out anyone I just want to contribute.)
Canson said on 4/Aug/17
@Slim182: I don't disagree he can pull off 5'11. But Hippo mentioned 2cm difference and he didn't state when he was measured time of the day. There are people here on the site who use their lowest on a normal day or thereabouts or people who also use their out of bed or midday height when comparing. I've seen it all here. But I know for my case and Christian based on my interaction with him over the last couple years he's speaking of an early afternoon (1/8" above normal low max or even normal low). That said Hippo could be 182 at his lowest or even a tad over or could be 181.5 at his lowest. Also when talking 2cm that could easily be 179.2-.3 since it's pretty close at that point. or could he be a solid 180 or 180.5 best case. Beckham even if he is below the mark is high enough imho where he could round up (from the looks of it). He looks a weak 5'11 to me minimum. Whereas Allen Iverson I have to believe Larry Brown when he said 5'10/5'11 as I have many people I've also heard say (themselves 6'0" or 6'1 or 5'11 areas) that AI is 5'10/5'11 as well also saw Lebron say he's about 5'10.5. Beckham may edge him by a hair 1/4" and we prob won't notice that easily tbh.

In my case when I've met a celeb (haven't met many recently other than Carmelo Anthony and Terrell Suggs in the past few years I've been on the site) I always used to compare them to myself at 6'4.5ish or how they look compared to someone else I know that's reliably the height they claim. Before I came to the site I didn't realize it really varied that much but come to find out I'm not even a full 194 at night so I have essentially knocked maybe an 1/8 off what I initially thought and if they are close enough to a listed height give them the benefit of the doubt like Anthony had me 1.5-2" according to multiple people my wife included and he looked 4-5cm taller than me so I would give him his listed 6'6.25 pre draft where he may only fall 1/8" below that.

In the grand scheme anyone could claim however they measure whether evening or morning but for consistency purposes I go with afternoon or evening since more people will inflate their height than downgrading themselves. Thus I don't believe in inflating someone who is already being honest about their height (although there are maybe one or two celebs here like Willig who I believe claimed 6'6" that I would say is 6'7").
Nik said on 3/Aug/17
He's a weak 5'11"!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Aug/17
C isn't impossible either I guess. He's good benchmark to compare others who claim to be his height or taller.

I think he'd edge out Brad Pitt
Slim 182 cm said on 2/Aug/17
Ok he's 180.5, 5'11. Mystery solved.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Aug/17
Slim, I'd say D. Looks a rock solid 5ft11 guy in general.
Hijopotamus said on 2/Aug/17
Click Here

Remember this? How tall is Queen Latifah?

Another interesting fact was when David gave his first press conference in Madrid he was barefoot.
He used to paint his feet nails and walk barefoot many times ....or just in flip flops. This guy has no problem with his height and I can't see a big dispute or controversy as with Brad Pitt who is hard to guess.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 2/Aug/17
@Slim 182 cm

Why would you try to inflate Hijopotamus to 183 when he clearly stated he's 182? It seems you're biased and want Beckham to be 181 any way possible. It's fine if you believe he's 181, but don't try to inflate people who you've never met or seen (like Hijopotamus) just to accomodate your beliefs.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 1/Aug/17
@Slim 182cm

I never said 181 is outrageous, it's just pretty unlikely. I think you would be easily 2cm taller than him.
Slim 182 cm said on 1/Aug/17
Johnny said on 18/May/16
@Rob which slot will you put Beckham in:

(A) 184 cm/182 cm
(B) 183.5 cm/ 181.5 cm
(C)183 cm/ 181 cm
(D)182.5 cm/ 180.5 cm
(E) 182 cm/ 180 cm
(F) 181.5 cm/ 179.5 cm
Editor Rob: anywhwere in EtoC zone, at times he can look 5ft 11, other times even a bit more.
Slim 182 cm said on 1/Aug/17
@Hijopotamus, if you're a decent 182-183 guy and becks is around 2 cm shorter than you, that would make becks 180-181. @Christian, becks 181 isn't outrageous like Jackman 5'10, it's reasonable and scroll down far enough, rob pins becks within the 5'11 range, It's close.
debabrata dhar said on 1/Aug/17
5ft10in tall guy

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