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5ft 10.83in (179.9cm)
JK said on 29/Aug/07
I don't know about Robben, What do you think Rob? I once saw a listing for him which gave 186cm and really didn't look right

Editor Rob
not sure on him
Anonymous said on 29/Aug/07
met ronaldo twice in manchester . i'm 6'1 , he had 1 ,maybe 2 cm on me. definitly he's a strong 6'1
Anonymous said on 29/Aug/07
Robben is 5'11 or just under.
Van persie is 6'1 i think.
ER. said on 29/Aug/07
Rooney looks 5-9 1/2 to me, Gerrard 6-0 1/2 and Beckham 5-11 1/2. Ronaldo I don't know, his athletic "long looking" build can make him look taller than he is, my best guess would be 6-1 1/4.
RW said on 28/Aug/07
How tall do you think Robben Van Persie is? 6 feet even?
RW said on 28/Aug/07
my guesses are

David Beckham - 5'11-5'11.5
Steven Gerrard - 6' 1/2 - 6'1
Wayne Rooney 5'9
Cristiano Ronaldo - 6' 1/2 - i really think Ronaldo is 6'1 max, maybe even just under, i think he has a very lean athletic build that makes him look taller
JK said on 28/Aug/07
How tall do you think Steven Gerrard is? he dosen't look anymore than 6'0.5'' Maximum
ian said on 28/Aug/07
rooney is sometimes listed 5' 10", but really does'nt look more than 5' 9" beside any other player. Maybe not even that. Beckham is a several inches taller, and i do regard him as 5' 11"
jose said on 27/Aug/07
rooney is listed as 5 10
AM said on 27/Aug/07
rooney is not 5'10 from any angle
jose said on 26/Aug/07
c ronaldo is pushing 6 2
6'3'' JK said on 26/Aug/07
Cristiano still looks 6'1.5'' with 5'10'' Wayne Rooney even when he is slouching Click Here
RW said on 24/Aug/07
i went to an LA Galaxy game the other night and was real close to the field. granted i wasnt level with beckham i couldnt gauge 100 percent but i am usually good at comparing people to one another (like his team mates) and can get an idea based on his body proportions and i would guess him to be 5'11-5'11.5 like Rob has him. he looked just under 6 feet.
6'3'' JK said on 23/Aug/07
Look Here Click Here John Terry is 6'1.5'', Owen is looking 4 inches shorter than Beckham so he is just about 5'8'', Beckham is 5'11.5'' and Frank Lampard looks about 1 - 2cms taller than Beckham so he is a solid 6'0'' or maybe 6'0.5''
glenn said on 21/Aug/07
yeah,rob has him accurate.he is between 5-11 and 6ft.hard to say as he was limping and had a slouch when we saw him.less on the 6ft,more closer to 5-11.i remember my initial reaction was he wasnt tall,nor short.heard he didnt do it before the game either and doesnt do it anyway game day we know.
Rachelle said on 21/Aug/07
I saw Becks the other night, he had dress shoes on and looked 6'0"-6'0.5"ish to me. So, I agree with what Rob has, 5'11.5"

Glenn, your thoughts??
Viper said on 20/Aug/07
Damon isnt 6-1. Hes lucky If he even reaches 6-0. He was listed at 6-0 just a few years ago. Damon is Max 6-0 at best.
Reminidi said on 20/Aug/07
I'd peg Damon about 6-1, Jeter 6-2.5
dmeyer said on 20/Aug/07
looks 2.5 in shorter than will smith and 1.5 to 2 in smaller than 6'0.75 zidane i think he is more 180 181
marco said on 17/Aug/07
Seems like cristiano has grown a bit after his 18
look at this video : Click Here

doesn't look much taller than garry neville, who is 5'10.
this is at the start of his career @ manchester united.
lummox said on 17/Aug/07
Daria Werbowy (the model in the video) is 5'11.5"
jose said on 13/Aug/07
how tall is the model w/o heels
yngve said on 13/Aug/07
About Cristiano in the vogue magazine. If you look at this vid, it seems like the female model is taller than him (in high heels tho). Freeze the vid at 03:30 sec and you'll see.
Click Here
Viper said on 13/Aug/07
Jeter seems shorter than 6-3, even If hes listed at that. And Johnny Damon would be an inch taller than Beckham at most in reality. He use to be listed at 6-0.
jose said on 12/Aug/07
jeter is listed at 6'3''
Bryan said on 12/Aug/07
Damon, Jeter, and M.Rivera are all listed as 6'2". Beckham looks to be the same height as Rivera but way shorter than Jeter and Damon so who says any of these Yankee stats are accurate? Beckham is 5'11"
6'3'' JK said on 10/Aug/07
David Beckham is 5'11.5'' Max as he is listed here
Vegas said on 10/Aug/07
Cristiano Ronaldo 6'2??? I guess that makes 6'7 Peter Crouch at least 6'9 in reality Click Here and Click Here and

Viper is 100% correct, Beckham is max 5'11 although he looks 5'10 at most here next to 6'7 Peter Crouch Click Here
jose said on 9/Aug/07
i agree with jk ronaldo is pushing 6'2''
6'3'' JK said on 9/Aug/07
Next to 5'9'' - 5'10'' Wayne Rooney, Cristiano is 6'1.5'' maximum, he isn't anything lower than 186cms though
Viper said on 9/Aug/07
Beckham looks about 5-11 with 6-1 1/2 - 6-2 A-rod, and he might even be slouching a little.
Joey said on 8/Aug/07
Here're some more photos of Cristiano Ronaldo for interest. I believe he's around 6'1" but boy...I swear he can pull off looking much taller.
From Vogue magazine with Canadian model Daria Werbowy:
Click Here
Next to Rooney:
Click Here
Next to Lehmann:
Click Here
With Ferdinand:
Click Here
Viper said on 8/Aug/07
"A-rod is 6'3. the players on the Yankees don't exagerate their height. George Steinbrenner makes sure of that."

Are you kidding me? Thats laughable. Just about every player on the yankees roster is inflated, or any other mlb team for that matter. Ive seen many of these players up close and they can be inflated by as much as 4 inches in some rare instances. Most of the time its 1-2 inches. Baseball is the worst when it comes to heights.

Here's A-rod with 6-4 Cal Ripken and 6-4 Tom Brady. Looks 2 inches shorter than those guys at the very least. Actually he looks more 6-1-6-1 1/2 with Ripken. Click Here

Hes also barely taller than 6-1 Barry Bonds. 6-3 is impossible for A-rod, and he might not even reach a full 6-2. I give him 6-1 1/2 though.

Also its pretty questionable If Jeter is 6-3. Here he is with 6-2.75 measured Terrell Owens and he looks 1-1.5 inches shorter in this 2007 golf classic gallery. Click Here Technically Owens doesnt even reach a full 6-3 and he has Jeter by at least 1 inch, maybe a little more in that pic. Both wearing similar footwear. Both with similar posture.
Lurker said on 8/Aug/07
A-rod is 6'3. the players on the Yankees don't exagerate their height. George Steinbrenner makes sure of that.
Viper said on 7/Aug/07
A-rod is a weak 6-2, more 6-1 1/2 really.
RB said on 6/Aug/07
Beckham is pictured in next to Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter (both listed at 6'3").Pretty good way to compare his height.

Editor Rob
did glenn say once he compared one of those 2 guys to a friend, and he looked near to 6ft 3?
lummox said on 6/Aug/07
Here are two pics of him with Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez who are both 6'3"
David's wearing canvas shoes with probably .25 to .50 of an inch sole.

Click Here
Click Here
Natalie said on 6/Aug/07
Latifah could be in heels in that pic. you cant really tell. -> that not true, you can see that she is wearing a flats if you look the pictures. I don't know why people still say that Becks is 6 ft. That pictures from Jax proof that he is 180 at the most.
Jax said on 6/Aug/07
If you take a look at the 2 photos linked in my last post - the ones that are marked "... LOOKS LIKE SHE IS WEARING FLATS" you can see the heels of her shoes.

The hem of Latifah's jeans is resting on the back of her shoes.

The heels of her shoes are not pointy like stilettos and the height of the back of her shoes appears to be the same height as the front where her toes are - hinting that she is wearing flat shoes
Anonymous said on 6/Aug/07
Not really. her jeans cover the heel portion. my wife wears heels that are very flat in the front all the time. like i said, im not saying she is in heels, but there is a possibility...
Anonymous said on 6/Aug/07
It's kinda obvious she's wearing flats.
Anonymous said on 5/Aug/07
Latifah could be in heels in that pic. you cant really tell.
Anonymous said on 4/Aug/07
So can you explain why he is practically the same height as Queen Latifah who is not even 5'10.
tttt said on 4/Aug/07
If katie homes is 5' 9" and with heels I say she is 5 11? no rejection?
then that proves becks is a 6 footer
ian said on 3/Aug/07
where did you "hang out" with him Joe? Supremely manufactured random comment with no basis or argument to back up claim!!
Pete said on 2/Aug/07
joe, it must be some other beckham
joe said on 1/Aug/07
he's 6', I hung out with him.
Pete said on 30/Jul/07
ive been saying it for months. beckham is 180 at the most.
somebody said on 29/Jul/07
here you can see the video of beckham meetin queen latifah ... both wearing flip flops ... i guess he is not standing as tall as possible ... but glenn said she gave an impression of being 5´8? strange ... judging by this video becks looks more like 5´10 barefoot and 5´11 in shoes (like some of here say)

Click Here
Anon said on 29/Jul/07
Glenn said Latifah is 5'8 on her page so if thats true then Beckham needs a downgrade.
dmeyer said on 29/Jul/07
he dosnt look over 180 by latifa
Jax said on 29/Jul/07
Here are a few recent photos of David running into Queen Latifah while shopping with his wife.

David is wearing flip-flops and it appears that Queen Latifah is also wearing flat shoes. They look to be very close in height.

So... either David is shorter than 5'11.5" or Queen Latifah is taller than her listed 5'9.5".

Queen Latifah looks like she is wearing flat shoes
Click Here
Click Here

And Queen Latifah and David look very close in height
Click Here
Click Here
Bleemo said on 28/Jul/07
That pic that Rob put up is interesting in that he is roughly the same height as Alan Shearer. I haven't met many actors, only a few minor ones not worth mentioning.

I am however a lifelong Newcastle fan and they used to train just outside of Durham and me and my dad used to go watch them. This changed about a year after Shearer came and Keegan left, but I was fortunate enough to get Alan's autograph which I still have to this day on a photocard of him in his Newcastle kit. He definately was close to 6' of that i am sure, he always says 182cm and that sounds bang on.

Interestingly enough my dad brought up a point I'd forgotten about recently. We met Peter Beardsley outside the training ground when he played for us during the early Keegan period. Everyone was amazed that he wasn't that short as he often looked tiny on tv, when in fact he was the same height as my dad at roughly 5'8. Maybe the odd camera angles during the matches make them look smaller?
Vegas said on 28/Jul/07
funny thing is Peter Crouch was listed at just 198cm in the World Cup last year. Thats just 6'5.8". A 198cm Peter Crouch would equal a 6'2 Rio Ferdinand though.

I doubt Crouch is under 6'7, those world cup listings were bogus
Mitch said on 27/Jul/07
180cm - as documented in his autobiography. Why would he say he's 180 if he were taller? makes no sense.. he's 182 with cleats on.
Zach said on 27/Jul/07
Vegas - I remember last year a BBC Radio presenter on Five Live saying theres no way Crouch is only 6'7. He said he (the presenter) was 6'5 and Crouch just towered over him. I wouldnt be surprised. Apparently Trinidad and Tobago had a 6'7 defender up against crouch at last year's WC but Crouch towered over everyone that day. When you're that tall you might want to downgrade a little. Rio's minimum 6'3, god knows why he's listed as 6'2 so often.
SALLY said on 27/Jul/07
Click Here no more than 5`11 latifah is in flip flops as is beckahm
Anonymous said on 27/Jul/07
There's a clip on youtube of Reggie Bush and David Beckham if you type in "Beckham meets Bush". They meet in the beginning and Bush looks taller. As the clip goes on, it looks like Bush isn't taller, but they do look the same height. Now Bush was measured at 5'10-7/8" at the combine and I am sure that this is early in the day as well; definitely before noon. Anyway, check it out and see what you think..
6'3'' JK said on 26/Jul/07
Beckham definetley looks about 6'0'' near Will Smith, so he is 5'11.5'' definetley
dmeyer said on 26/Jul/07
realy looks about 5 cm under zidane
dmeyer said on 26/Jul/07
he looks a solid 4 cm under zidane who claims 6'0.75 in could be 181
Vegas said on 26/Jul/07
again guys please explain to me how rio ferdinand can be 6'4 seeing as Peter Crouch is just 6'7?? Click Here and Click Here

As you can see from them teams photos crouch has ferdinand by an easy 4" in both. If Ferdinand is 6'4 then Crouch is 6'8-6'8.5" no question.

Editor Rob
speaking of picture here's one Ferdinand Campbell Shearer and Beckham.
Pete said on 26/Jul/07
that pic evidences becks wearing lifts. hes 180. even in his bio hes stated as 180. maybe will smith is only 6'1/2.
Anonymous said on 25/Jul/07
I think 182cm or 183 for Dadvid Beckham is ok because for sites that I seen for him hes listed between 5'11" and 6'0", and most of the listed height for soccer players is accurate. So I think 182 cm like Rob saids is ok for him. And talking about Rio Ferdinand I have his height listed between 6'2" or 6'3" Could be 189cm but I actually think he is taller than that to be he those look like 6'4" I dont know if they are underestimating his height but I think 193-194cm is what I think this guy is at.
Marty said on 24/Jul/07
Smith is definitely on the curb in the last pic, look at this one: Click Here

Smith is still down on the curb but he's standing a little bit more straight on this one, and he's still taller than the Beckster. Also look at Smith's footwear, slippers, look at Beckham's footwear, heeled shoes.
matt said on 23/Jul/07
6'2 i say is about right for c ronaldo neville said his height on an interview to be 6'2
Jackalar said on 23/Jul/07
Looking at this pic: Click Here

Beckam looks taller than Will Smith who is apparently 6Ft 2.. I've never bought Beckam being "5Ft 11.5" and this pic confirms that for me.
18,181 said on 23/Jul/07
Click Here
bechma is a legit 6footer and will msith is 6'1flat. he looked the same or a smidge less than chris tucker too.
ian said on 18/Jul/07
beckham is not taller than zidane, i seriously can't imagine how anyone would think he was. Even in that pic posted by surreal, if you take beckhams hair out of the equation there is min 2 inches

pic 1 - Click Here

pic2 – Click Here

pic 3 (small pic beckham in centre between zidane and ronaldo) Click Here
popa12 said on 17/Jul/07
jose was right about ronaldo being kept from playing. i think the 1,84 height for him is mostly from when he was at sporting and the first season at manchester, but it is posible that he grew. but i found some recent sites where ronaldo is listed 6'2 .
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
john said on 17/Jul/07
i think when they measured him they measured him when he just became proffesional saying he is 6 and a half and that they never measured him again he looks taller then zidane and zidane is 6'1
john said on 17/Jul/07
i think ronaldo is 6'1 in some pics he looks tall and others he looks small overall i think ferdinand is a solid 6'3 and ronaldo is not that smaller then him
Hmm said on 17/Jul/07
Since when was 180cm short? o_O
Pete said on 17/Jul/07
SurReal, Its weird how people trust pics when if u know about photography you would never rely on that. I met him in person. face to face.rel
SurReal said on 16/Jul/07
Beckham is near enough to be considered an actual 6 footer! Besides, compared to 6'1 Zidane, Beckham does look only an inch shorter. Check out this pic.
Click Here
Scarlett said on 16/Jul/07
Looked over 6tf when i met him...he was wearing trainers,not big heels. I think he's the height listed, mayeb a cm over.
Pete said on 16/Jul/07
this is so wrong. I met him so many times and hes 180 cm. even my girlfriends say hes short. Im 6 feet and hes shorter than me both wearing trainers.
6'3'' JK said on 15/Jul/07
My brother went to a United Game long time ago, he was sitting not that far but said Beckham did look near enough 6'0'', so 5'11.5'' is right
Alex said on 15/Jul/07
He's probably 5'11-5'11.5 and at that height you can easily be mistaken for 6'0.
CM said on 14/Jul/07
C.Ronaldo is pushing 6'1 but hes definitely that height tops. he looks taller on the field because he is always on his toes, which is what good players do. and i always thought ferdinand was closer to 6'2 but he does tower lampard in some pics and hes listed at 6'0
6'3'' JK said on 13/Jul/07
I think 182cm is really correct for Beckham, Rob how come you upgraded him?

Editor Rob
I spoke to a few more people who had seen him. They were saying he looked near 6ft.
jose said on 12/Jul/07
ronaldo when he was young was kept from playing because he was estimated to be 6'2'' from bone analyis i say right now he is 6' 1 and a half. they kept him from playing so his bones would grow better
55 said on 12/Jul/07
ronaldo to me looks 6 1 1/2 wes brown is 6 1 and ronaldo has him by a little
shikoku said on 12/Jul/07
Christiano - 6'0.5 feet- 184 (meat him at the Amsterdam Tournement clearly a bit unde 6'1
Beckham - 5'11 1/4- 1.81 (meh he didnt look 6ish to me in the real life soap)
Ronaldo 6'0,5- 184 compared to the other players when the national song plays...
16 yrs and 5"10 said on 11/Jul/07
during the world cup last year..they gave the profile of a few footballers in the newspaper..there cristianos height was listed as 184cms thats 6'0.5...he looks the same he must be 6'0.5 tall
big ups said on 6/Jul/07
ronaldo is around 6ft 1 inch i chill with him once and a while im 6 ft and he is clearly an inch maybe 2 taller then me
ebz said on 6/Jul/07
iv stood next to cristiano and he looks about 6ft.....

im around 5ft 8
Fabiano said on 4/Jul/07
The truth is, C Ronaldo is 185 cm tall.
6'3'' JK said on 23/Jun/07
Ronaldo is Clearly 187cm near enough 6'2'', next season if i go to a Man U match and if im lucky to get close enough, then ill see how tall he is
daniella said on 21/Jun/07
i met cristiano ronaldo . he is a tall guy and cute :P . he was clearly taller then my 6' brother
jackk said on 21/Jun/07
picture of ronaldo next to 174 cm deco

Click Here

I'd say C ronaldo is about 184 cm not more....
MD said on 16/Jun/07
Rob, why don't you add Cristiano Ronaldo?
pablo said on 15/Jun/07
Cristiano ronaldo was listed at 184cm for manchester united. I'm saying he's 187cm with shoes on.
6'3'' JK said on 12/Jun/07
David Beckham is 181 - 182cm
Jack said on 11/Jun/07
Rooney looks 5'9 Ferdinand looks 6'4 Ronaldo looks 6'2 Click Here
fabrizio said on 8/Jun/07
Kaka is 186 cm
Anonymous said on 7/Jun/07
how tall is KAKA??
6'3'' JK said on 6/Jun/07
Whoa Rob look at the height Difference between Ferdinand and P diddy lol, P diddy is a 5'11'' guy and ferdinand has 6 inches on him, i would say Ferdinand is 6'4'', Wayne Rooney is 5'9'' - 5'10'' range, and Ronaldo is 186cm - 187cm as you said Rob
Anonymous said on 5/Jun/07
C Ronaldo isn't 184cm, no 6'1.5, is 185 cm barefoot
Anonymous said on 5/Jun/07
it's not a very good pic Click Here
but in this one ferdinand doesn't dwarf ronaldo

Editor Rob
I was just looking at some pics of Ferdinand, you know, he's a big solid guy, no less than legit 6ft 3, check him here with: Rooney and P Diddy. Some would guess he had 6 inches on diddy...

ian said on 5/Jun/07
vegas is right about rio, crouch is at least five inchs taller in every picture i've seen of them, both in boots on the pitch and in the official england picture in suits for world cup. Ronaldl does look about 6 1". Don't know why he looks so small beside the picture fedex posted with rio
Jason said on 1/Jun/07
[Editor Rob: Christian is what I was talking about, not the old ronaldo.]

Ohh ... my bad lol.
6'3'' JK said on 31/May/07
Sorry i didn't mean to say Denis Wise i meant Denis Law, Ronaldo is around 6'2'' because look at the picture Rob posted on 27/04/07 which shows Ronaldo with Law and Ronaldo is slouching but still is 5 - 6 inches taller than 5'9'' Law, Ronaldo is near enough 6'2'' so no more lame excuses Everyone!
Anonymous said on 31/May/07
i don't really know how tall is figo (i think around 180 cm) . here is a pic of him and cristiano ronaldo
Click Here
Jason said on 31/May/07
Ronaldo 6'1 1/2''??? You fellas been drinking? :P

He's in the 5'11'' range. Zidane is taller than him. 6'1 1/2'' Mark Viduka was also a good bit taller than him - about 2 inches - when they were face to face at the start of the Australia/Brazil game at the World Cup last year.

Editor Rob
 Christian is what I was talking about, not the old ronaldo.
Vegas said on 31/May/07
Ronaldo is about 1-2" max taller than 5'10ish Gary Neville in fedex's picture

Fact remains Ferdinand is dwarfed by Crouch so he cant be more than 6'3, so what is then happening to Ronaldo in Fedex's picture??? maybe ferdinand is closer to camera or something??

Dennis Wise is listed at 5'6 btw and is probably shorter than this.
6'3'' JK said on 30/May/07
You make me laugh Vegas, look at the picture that Rob posted of Ronaldo near 5'9'' Denis Wise on 27/04/07, Ronaldo easily has 5 - 6 inches on him and Ronaldo is even slouching!, and Rob even said "No less than 6ft 1 range, he very well could be one of those players near 6ft 1.5...186cm pushing 187"

Editor Rob
Denis Law :) Wisey is a bit shorter...but yes, Law did look 5ft 9 in person when I saw him and Ronaldo looks like he's nearer 6ft 1.5 with law in that pic.
tuga said on 30/May/07
i think ferdinand is at least 6'3 . ronaldo is no way shorter then 6'1
Vegas said on 30/May/07
6'3" JK; Ferdinand 6'4'' or 6'5''???? Ferdinand may be 6'3 at the most but no more. 6'7 Peter Crouch is easily 4"+ taller than Ferdinand Click Here I doubt Ronaldo is much over 6ft to be honest; lets see him beside Crouch to see if he truely is just 5" shorter!!!
Drew said on 30/May/07
In that picture with Henry, there is 2.5inch difference tops. So 181-182cm is right.
6'3'' JK said on 29/May/07
Rio Ferdinand is probably a legit 6'4'' or 6'5'' because he towers over near 6'2'' Ronaldo
AD said on 29/May/07
Becks.....he's been described as a six footer on AND off the pitch by commentators, pundits and official profiles...I very much doubt whether a 5'10" guy would be described as this. I remember a docummentary in which one of his old mentors described how he told Beckham to drink Guinness and lots of milk in his youth, and he said 'it must have worked cause he suddenly grew to around 6 ft 1'...I can understand someone mistaking him for 6'1" if he's really about 5'11.5"...but not if he's really 5'10". I'm 5'10", and no-one would describe me as 6'1"!
fedex said on 28/May/07
how tall is rio ferdinand? he looks huge in this photo
Click Here
ms crababel said on 24/May/07
X.. he dont look 7 cm shorter..i would say 10 cm..look at the shoulders..the guy is a obvious 5'10 barefoot
Gonzalo said on 24/May/07
He looks 1`81 in that pic to me, X
X said on 23/May/07
Check this picture Click Here
Henrey is 1.88m does beckham look he's 1.81m?
Anonymous said on 22/May/07
I agree with ms crababel 178cm barefoot (5'10") and 180cm (5'11") with shoes. Most listings are at 180cm. Also on the field he does look shorter and off the field at showbiz events looks taller? lifts?
ms crababel said on 22/May/07
i say he looks like a 178 cm guy..180 cm with shoes..the 181 claim is just ridiculous..90% of places on the internet says his own book 180..and isnt 180 a nice round number? i think he fudges his height a weee bit..why shouldnt he..he is becks..he can do anything
ian said on 22/May/07
henry is usually billed as 6' 2" but did look a couple of inches shorter than patrick viera who was usually listed as 6 3". Id say 6'1 - 6'2 for henry
Parker said on 22/May/07
Photographed in the morning papers next to Thierry Henry looks about 2.5 inches shorter. Anyone know Henry's height?
X said on 21/May/07
Click Here
Note that Robinho is only 1.72m and he's sloching
Anonymous said on 16/May/07
Interesting observations. Few point to make. I've never seen an athlete's height undercast, it's usually spot on or slightly generous to account for shoes. He has a long slender torso, which gives him a tall look but his legs are very average. He also wears clothes and shoes that give him a taller appearance. From all the pics I've seen - including all the stats - I belived he is 179-180cm barefoot. Often people who are 5'11" will say they are 6' or had a "growth spurt to 6'". However, there is no ghostwriter in the world who would list him at 180cm if he were indeed more than that. He does not seem like the kind of person who would appreciate being "short" changed!
fabrizio said on 11/May/07
beckham is 181 cm no more because is shorter of 2 inches of ronaldo(183 cm)
Dunken said on 27/Apr/07
C. Ronaldo is 6'1/6'2. met him many, many times.
adi said on 26/Apr/07
Click Here
ricardo is 1.88 and caneira is 1.79 . ronaldo is 6'2 for sure
michael said on 23/Apr/07
joey is right . ronaldo is about 187-188 cm , he said on several interviews that we grew . i saw him against france at the world cup last year , he was taller then zidane , who is suposed to be 6'1
ian said on 18/Apr/07
I have met ronaldo and he had about two inches on me (im 5'11) mu 6'2 brother was noticably taller than him. I have noticed the pundit Jamie Redknapp is obsessed with players heights and always refers to ronaldo as 6'2 and John terry as being at least 6'2. This would put crouch close to 6'10"!!
somebody said on 16/Apr/07
c. ronaldo gets listed at 184cm on almost every page in google ...
Joey said on 13/Apr/07
Beckham is definitely 5'11" at least. While we're on the subject of football, does anyone happen to know how tall Cristiano Ronaldo really is? I read his height ranging from 6'0" to 6'2". I realize he might still be growing. I've heard football analysts refer to him as a "big guy at 6 foot 2 inches with legs like a gazelle". Ronaldo definitely looks taller than most of the players on the pitch so I'm thinking his current height's gotta be at least 6'2".
Pete said on 13/Apr/07
met him many times. hes 5-11 but looks taller because of slim body.
James said on 11/Apr/07
I think 6ft sounds a lot more accurrate.
AD said on 5/Apr/07
If you tap in 'david beckham height' in google, the majority of results say 5'11.5". Some say 5'11" and some say 6ft. If you really study lots of photos of him, especially with 5'4.5" Victoria who mostly wears heels bringing her up to over 5'7".... it's seriously doubtful that he's anywhere under 5'11"-5'11.5" barefoot.
Lmeister said on 25/Mar/07
Rob, I'm sorry for posting so many comments about the same subject, if U could edit them into a one comment...More about the height of hockey players. A friend of mine who is a solid 5'9' used to play hockey in the top level in Finland and University hockey in USA. He was always listed 5'10'' in hockey stats...
Lmeister said on 25/Mar/07
On the other hand Hockey/basketball players especially shorter than 6'0'' add 1-3 inches to their heights...
Lmeister said on 25/Mar/07
Hmm why would they be measured shoes on? At least in Finland the players are measured barefeet.
Lex said on 24/Mar/07
Yes Rob, Beckham is 181 cm. I know for sure, that most of football players are mesured with shoes on....but I don't know why in Maddame Tuassad's he appears to be at least 6'1....I'm 181 cm and his WAX toweres over me...maybe the staff maid him taller!!!!
Parker said on 21/Mar/07
Teddy Sheringham is 6'1-6'2
mooky mark said on 20/Mar/07
Height detective I think Beckhams posture is poor in both those pictures.
Height Detective said on 16/Mar/07
In this photo with 6.0 teddy sheringhan ,becks looks like an inch shorter ,sure sheringam has his arm around his shoulders ,but anyways looks like he is fairy tall.
Click Here
In this other photo even with becks near the camera (which makes him look taller) he still looks shorter than sheringam
Click Here
AD said on 15/Mar/07
Anonymous, your suggesting that Becks is 1.80 with shoes on would make him a 5'10" guy! I just don't understand your need to do this. I've also seen other more up to date profiles list him as 1.82. As for his book, the profile including his height is a cut and pasted profile from his very early Manu days ..not something he's added himself, just straihgt from the Manu fact in the same book he calls himself 'six foot'. I've seen many photos and footage of him and I'm yet to see any where he looks any less than 1.81/1.82 ....even when he's just wearing sandals or being barefoot! In these pictures, with heels, Victoria would be 5'7", J-Lo 5'8" and Beyonce 5'9".... no WAY is becks a 5'10" guy!
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Anonymous said on 13/Mar/07
AD, Becks is usually listed at 180cm, even in his book, at the end he is listed at 180 and during the 2006 World Cup he was listed at 180. The question is that with shoes or barefoot. Footballers heights are usually given with the football boots on.
In London, a recent drive to find stars for the 2012 Olympics, young people were measured with shoes (trainers) for their height. They were looking for males who were at least 6'3 and females 5'11+
Anonymous said on 12/Mar/07
A lot of 5'10 /5'10.5 people claim to be 6'.
I am 5'10 (12st 7lb) US 175LB and 95% of people tell me that i am 6' (i have to correct them and say no..only...5'10) Becks with his lean build can easily pass himself of as a 6' guy. I can see how people would belive he is 6'
Pete said on 9/Mar/07
leung, beckham is very polite and cool in a natural way. he doesnt have that stupid ego stars attitude. he wears what they tell him to wear btw
Leung said on 8/Mar/07
When Beckham mania started a decade ago I thought there was too much hype about him. But these days I have come to realise and admire his great style, he is well groomed and I love his attitude of wearing whatever fashion he wants and getting lots of different hair styles over the years. And to top it off he comes across as a pretty decent guy, unlike many arrogant sport stars.

I agree with most people here that estimate Beckham’s height as 5’11” – 5’11.5”
Pete said on 6/Mar/07
AD, so true. when he 1st came to madrid on his very first press conference at his hotel he was barefoot. which was hilarious. its not an issue for him.
AD said on 5/Mar/07
Sure Anonymous, but my point about the book is that in his own words, in one part, he talks about 'the growth spurt which took me to six foot'... (don't get me wrong, I personally think that he's more towards 5'11' , maybe a tad over), but these are more 'HIS WORDS' rather than the 1.80m on the profile at the back... which is just a 'cut and pasted' profile from his early Man U days. By looking David... he doesn't particularly care what height people think he is, cause he always knocks around in sandals and flip-flops...height just isn't an issue to him. To some people it just doesn't matter.
Anonymous said on 4/Mar/07
AD: I still don't think that he would allow a shorter height to be listed in his biography. Who would?
Good picture you provided with Robbie.
I think that's further evidence the Robbie isn't 6 foot.
Lmeister said on 3/Mar/07
He doesn't seem like a 6 footer compared to other atheletes. A solid 5'11''...5'10'' comments are nonsense...
Jack said on 2/Mar/07
Really? He looked a SOLID 6 foot when i met him! A tall guy for sure.
horacle said on 2/Mar/07
Beckham always look at least 5'11. I think he is a solid 5'11.25.
asian dude said on 28/Feb/07
Firstly i'd like to add that Beckham is the greatest celebrity/athlete alive, and i hope that what i'm about to say won't effect our relationship, sorry Becks (hehe i havent even met him)... Beckham is most deffinately not 6ft, matter of fact i believe he is closer to 5'10" then 6ft. In a number of pictures that i have seen him in, he really looks ummm, kinda averagish. But in other pictures he can pull of 6ft. In soccer games, he doesnt look that tall at all. I would say 5'10" to 5'11". Nice call Rob
AD said on 27/Feb/07
Pete, if you're 183 then I agree that he's not as tall as you, I'm purely talking about people here suggesting he's 5'10". David usually wears sandals or flip-flops in lots of photos, and still appears to be fairly tall... definately taller than 5'10" but not quite 6ft I'd agree.
jim said on 26/Feb/07
well 5ft10 ain't short Pete, is this girl you know a heightist?
Pete said on 26/Feb/07
AD, I meet Beckham at a local gym where he brings his kid for swimming classes. Im 183 and im taller than him. thats all I know. My dad met him inside an elevator at a mall and told me he wasnt as tall as he thought. A girl at the gym told me he was "short and with a very kidish body type"
AD said on 23/Feb/07
Sure Pete, though I'm not sure if Robbie Williams at 5'10" and wearing lifts is really a proven thing. This site and others seem to all agree that Robbie is around 6' and most pictures I see of him is with normal trainers. My point below is just addressing some of the claims on here that David is actually 5'10". I'm just saying that doesn't add up after looking at photos of him. My guess is he's 181-182 barefoot (5'11.5"). I just don't see the need to insist that celebrities are always actually smaller than they appear. I've seen David listed a lot at between 181 and 183 and I haven't ever seen him appearing any less than this.
Pete said on 23/Feb/07
AD, Robbie Williams is 5-10 but wears elevator shoes. Robbie once claimed himself he was 5-10 and this was when he started to become famous. Becks 180-181 for sure.
AD said on 22/Feb/07
Ok I hear what you're saying... but my point is that the profile at the back ISN'T something that he's personally written or put in himself, it's the Man U profile from when he turned pro, and it's more likely that he'll be told by his PR people: 'By the way David, there'll be some credits at the back of the book including your Man United profile.' I seriously doubt if he's going to even notice the '1.80m' bit and argue with it because firstly I doubt whether he thinks of his height in cm (he describes himself as six foot)... and secondly I don't think that kind of detail bothers him enough to scream at them to up-grade his height on his original profile. As for suggesting that he's 5'10" barefoot... I've only ever heard him described as six foot by books, sites, commentators...and himself! I don't think a 5'10" guy would be described as six foot by everyone else....AND look as tall as he does in photos next to other people. PLEASE...take a look at this picture...a barefoot David with a barefoot (6'0") robbie williams! and tell me if you still think he's below 5'11.5":
Click Here
MD said on 20/Feb/07
Very good point, anonymous.
Anonymous said on 19/Feb/07
I think it was his 'offical' biography. It's unlikely he would have let his researchers put in a shorter height. That's crazy!
It's more plausible that he is in fact 180cm.
AD said on 19/Feb/07
His autobiography says 180cm but the researchers from the book would have obtained this info from his original Man U profile which was made when he first turned pro at about 17. He says himself that he had a late growth spurt which took him to 6'. His England and Real Madrid profiles were made a few years after the 180cm profile....and have him as 182cm / 183cm. Most sites have his height from age 20 listed as 5'11.5" which I really think is about right.
Pete said on 19/Feb/07
jim, cowboy boots give people 2 inches of height? 5cm? ok, so that xplains many things...
Anonymous said on 17/Feb/07
Well his autobiography listed him as 180cm. So god only knows why CelebHeights thinks he is taller than even 'he' thinks he is!!

The question is.. is that 180cm with or without shoes!
jim said on 15/Feb/07
Adam this may have been due to footwear, isn't the advert a western theme? So cowboy boots give people a couple of inches of height.Makes sense seeing as Henry is listed as 188cm and Beckham is near 6ft.
Adam said on 10/Feb/07
My Master in kung fu ridley tsui actually help directed him in the Pepsi Commmercial. He said he is like 6"2 and my master is like 6 feet. They said he looks 5"11 cuz he is skinny. And Henry is like 6"4
Global said on 26/Jan/07
Ronaldinho: 181cm
Beckham: 181cm
Zidane: 185cm
Raul: 178cm
Ronaldo: 183cm
Lampard: 183cm
Terry: 188cm
Ballack: 189cm
Kaka: 186cm
Harry said on 23/Jan/07
John Terry is now listed by Chelsea as 188cm on the official site anon 13/11/06.There's no disputing Beckham is in the 180-183cm range, those cms don't really count as much as a 5ft11 guy can come off as 6ft.
Pete said on 16/Jan/07
its even worse with his weight. in some places he is listed as 67 kg and in some others he weights 74 kg. beckham is 180 but with shoes he reaches 6 feet.
Height Detective said on 15/Jan/07
Beckham is listed in the Madrid website at 182cm but when you click on his profile , it shows 1.80 as his height.
dmeyer said on 15/Jan/07
near zidane he looks no more than 181 but zidane is a proper 185 cm if i meet beckam i could be a good judger since i am pretty mush 181
MD said on 12/Jan/07
If he is listed at 1.80 m in his own book, perhaps it's time to revist this according to Anonymous' November 13 posting.
Anonymous said on 13/Nov/06
During the 2006 World Cup, in Germany, Ronaldino was listed at 1.76m (weight 72kg)That is 5'9.25 I had him pegged at 5'8 at the most, because he looks small on TV
I think the 1.78m listing is with his shoes! As Beckham is about the same height as Ronaldino, i believe Beckham is 1.78m barefoot and 1.80m in football boots. Beckham was listed at 1.80 during the 2006 World Cup. His own book, it gives his stats and his height ais listed as 1.80m
If he was 1.82m they would have put it in his own bookas 1.82m Time for a downgrade to at least 1.80m Even the line up with some of the England squad show him to be around 3 inches shorter than John Terry, who is listed by Chelsea at 6ft1
PC said on 4/Nov/06
Time for a downgrade I think. The pic that Ian provided shows that Beckham is 180cm at the very most
Anonymous said on 29/Oct/06
That picture with Beckham in the line up with his England team mates, shows a solid 3 inch height difference between John Terry and Beckham, this clearly shows his ACTUAL height of 5'10. His lean build gives th impression he is taller than his actual/real height. five ten barefoot max. Good find Ian!
Ian said on 9/Oct/06
On chelsea's website Terry is listed as 6ft1 and Beckham is clearly shorted by good few inches that photo with Terry,owen,becks and lamps.
Anonymous said on 29/Sep/06
That pic with Ronaldinho shows Beck to be the same height at 1.78m (5'10) The height he has been listed for 90% of his career is 1.80m (5'11)
I do think that his barefoot height is 1.78m and the 1.80m listing is with his football boots. His skinny build makes him to appear to be taller than he really is. His own book lists him at 1.80m and during the 2006 World Cup, he was listed at 1.80m
Stevie G said on 1/Sep/06
But if Lampard would put his head back a little he would be taller. His shoulders are clearly higher than Beckham. But Beckham closes the gap a little with his neck and head. But Lampard always has his head a little bit in front of his body. When measured at 183 cm he probably puts his head back to be as tall as possible. Terry has that posture all the time. I beleive Becks is about 181 cm.
Anonymous said on 27/Aug/06
In the pic with Terry, Owen, Becks and Lamps, Beckham seems about 1.5-2cm shorter than Lampard, but then if you look at Becks' and Lamps' legs, Becks is wider apart. If he stands as straight as Lamps, they are the same height really.

Conclusion: Beckham is 182cm definitely, maybe 183 cm at a push if standing as tall as can be.
ande said on 15/Aug/06
becks is 5-11 because juding him next to nearly 6-8 peter crouch he looks about a full 8-9 inches smaller
raj said on 15/Aug/06
jk, no hes not. hes 5-11 on the dot but looks taller cuz of his skinny body
JK said on 14/Aug/06
182cm is bang on for beckham, but i guess he can call himself 6ft because he is just a centimeter off it.
Grace said on 13/Aug/06
I think 5'11" seems right, though I always thought he was much taller than he actually is. Cristiano Ronaldo looks to be about 2 inches taller, which would make sense as he is about 6'1-2".
Anonymous said on 8/Aug/06
rob i saw ronaldinho with kobe bryant 2 days ago and ronaldinho was near the lips of bryant which,i can say fr sure he is 197 198 cm without my opinion ronaldinho is no more than 178cm or 179 cm.for example i have 199,5 cmwithout shoesand in the morning i have 200,5 or 201cm without shoes.
dutch hispanic guy said on 6/Aug/06
ROB, check this picture:
Click Here

what do you think? ronaldinho and beckham look the same height.
JK said on 2/Aug/06
I think 186 - 187cm is right for Terry, he only looks 2-3cm taller than Lampard.
Clown said on 1/Aug/06
I think Terry is taller then 185. He has always been listed very low but he appears to be 188 -189
DudeX said on 30/Jul/06

Becks : 181-182
Owen : 171-172
Terry : 185
Lampard : 183
Stevie G said on 30/Jul/06
van ni goal: If Beckham is 177 - 178 then you have to explain my previous post with Beckham standing beside Lampard, Owen and Terry. It does'nt make sense. Fredrik Ljungberg and Beckham is not the same height. Must have been a bad angle or something.
Huey said on 27/Jul/06
Beckham himself dosent seem sure. In his book he talks about "the spurt that took me up to six foot" but then his stats at the end list him as 5ft 11in (180cm)
Gotxo said on 19/Jul/06
Guam- They measure them without boots, but as it's been prooved, in football exaggerations and lies are up to date as much as in most of sports.

Cristano Ronaldo looks the 184cm that the stats gives him.
TheMan said on 18/Jul/06
What is weird is Peter crouch is sopposed to be 6,7 and yet he's listed as 198cm making him 6,6. You have to be atleast 200.5cm to be 6,7 Strange things are happening with peoples heights guess he got it wrong or the papers did as they ALWAYS state him as 6,7.
DudeX said on 15/Jul/06
Editor Rob your picture shows Rooney at same height as Cole(white one) ( 175cm)
raj said on 13/Jul/06
guam, thats what they say. anyhow beckham is no 6 ft without shoes. Cristiano ronaldo? no idea about him. never met him.
Guam said on 1/Jul/06
raj , tell me , they measure the players for the stats height with football shoes on ?
raj , do you know the real height of Cristiano Ronaldo ?
Anonymous said on 28/Jun/06
so JK is gerrard 5ft11? I've met Lampard i am 6f1.5 and he seemed for sure 6ft
JK said on 27/Jun/06
Lampard is taller than gerrard!! everyone knows it!!!! Lampard is only taller by 1 inch when he stands up straight. Rob i am sure even you know lampard is taller, Have you seen the poster Rob???

Geoff said on 26/Jun/06
I've been studying him for the last 5 years and can say that he's 180 cm.
JK said on 19/Jun/06
You've got to be joking about Gerrard being taller than Lampard! Anonymous have you seen the latest england world cup squad poster that was free in the newspaper, if you seen it then compare Gerrard and Lampard's height and Lampard who is finally standing straight in the poster is about 1 or 1.5 inches taller than Steven Gerrard!
JK said on 16/Jun/06
Yes lampard is reasonablly taller than beckham, I think Lampard is 6'1'',
I've always heard that Gerrard was taller than Lampard, but i just saw a recent photo of them and Lampard was taller!!
Smooth said on 11/Jun/06
David Beckham's autobiography: "Both Feet on the Ground" was published on October of 2003 (he was 28 then so his growing years were finished). He lists his height at the end of the book as 180cm (which is 70.87 inches, just under 5'11"). Why would he underestimate his height in his autobiography? Again 182cm is probably him with boots on, but 180cm is probably him barefoot. Any comments on this (5'11" is his height if this is true)...
Fffh said on 11/Jun/06
I met Lampard with my 5'10'' cousin, and I am 183cm which is just about 6ft, and lampard was actually a bit taller and he towered over my cousin, i didn't know he was this tall util i met him.
Anonymous said on 11/Jun/06
Frank Lampard is a definite 6ft whoever it is sayin he's 6ft 1 is smaller than they think they are.
raj said on 5/Jun/06
if beckham is 6 feet and im gonna start saying im 6-1. its amazing how people always look shorter of what they really are!
raj said on 3/Jun/06
Exactly! IM talking about meeting him in person. My best friend is 184 and hes taller than beckham also. the weird thing is that some girls at the gym say hes shorter than what they thought but very handsome. he truly is as handsome as in pictures and hes very friendly. I like the guy cuz hes just down to earth.
raj said on 2/Jun/06
guv'nor, im 183 on the dot and i see him every week. zidane is 185 (6-1) and hes way taller then becks.
beckham is one cm taller than raul and raul is 180 at the most. theres so many pics that proof it.
The Guv'nor said on 30/May/06
Confirmation boys, this is way out. I have just watched the England versus Hungary friendly international and during the pre match anthems Beckham was stood next to Tottenham Hotspur Goalkeeper Paul Robinson, a man listed at and who looks fully 6' 3". No way in the world was Beckham 3.5" shorter than him, absolutely no way. He is 6'1" at very least IMO. Maybe someone can find a pic of this to back me up?
raj said on 30/May/06
he goes to this gym in madrid with his wife and hes 5-11 on the dot. Im 183 and im a bit taller than him. hes very skinny but wide torso. very skinny arms and well built legs.
ali g said on 30/May/06
Michael Ballack is 6"4 but on Pro Evoloution he is listed as about 6"1-6"2. Pro Evo heights are very inaccurate
Leung said on 28/May/06
I agree that Beckham is a solid 6ft. Even on the occassions where Beckham has been out in public wearing thin sandals or flip flops he is tall. Like many people have already mentioned, the 5’11” measurements would be from his early days as a pro when he was still growing.
The Guv'nor said on 27/May/06
Having watched Beckhams whole career in England I think his height is being underestimated here. His official player stats will have followed him since the start of his pro career and he has certainy grown since then. I think he is 6ft absolute minimum, my own view is that he is nearer 6'2". I remember seeing him line up for the anthems for England many times and he looks at least 6'1" compared to other players, maybe more.
Anonymous said on 20/May/06
i never knew that rob that is a hell of a lot to grow and Azarea the height listings on pro evolution are really innacurate
Maverick said on 29/Apr/06
FIFA WORLD CUP 2006 OFFICIAL LICENSED STICKER ALBUM (page 13)list David Beckham's height as 1.80m (5'11) weight 74kg. the 182cm listing is with their boots! someone i know plays semi-professional football says he gets measured in his boots just like the professional football players!...there you have him listed for the 2006 World Cup at 180cm! Rob any thoughts?
joi029 said on 7/Apr/06
Beckham is 5'11 exactly (180cm). I know this because 1. Footballers are often measured with shoes on and 2. He always wears shoes with high insoles and heels. Every pic I see of him where shoes are seen (Heat and Hello) there's always a big heel. I don't know many who grew after 18 and he was listed at 178 at 17.5 so if he's a late bloomer I give him an extra inch max, which takes him to 180.
funkmonk said on 23/Mar/06
Nice sighting Stan! so 5'11" to 6' is it for Beckham. With any sighting there will always be a slight margin of error probably about an inch like this one.
Stan said on 22/Mar/06
This should put an end to this. I used to work at Old Trafford as a catty. And i've seen beckham several times. my good guess, he's probably 6 foot. Definately not an inch more. Anything more is probable due to his shoes or something. 5'11 sounds good too. Like i said, i haven't held a tape to his side before but i'm 6'4 and his head comes up to about my eyebrows. thats including his hair. He used to wear it pokey when i was there. He's definately not taller than 6 feet. probably 5'11
AD said on 16/Mar/06
The height listing of Beckham at 1.80m comes from his original Manchester United profile which was probably made when he first turned pro, but that would have been in his late teens; he mentions in his autobiography that he was always very small and had a very late growth spurt that took him to six foot. I think 1.82m is about right.
stAs said on 8/Mar/06
what a good picture posted by funkmonk! again it shows that raul is not 180cm.
and for sure zidane is 185 and beckham looks more like 181 in this pic. as i said many times at real madrid the players heights a not always correct as it happend with owen, gravessen and i stil think raul is about 177-178cm.
Gotxo said on 28/Feb/06
Hey Rob, i think this guy Funkmonk has been lead to a good clue:
We all think that Zidane is a good 185, right? Beckham's & Raul's heights are
yet to be proved, knowing all this wich heights shoul you give them both based on this photo?

Editor Rob
the ground can account for a little sway in heights, but still I think Beckham is near enough 182cm, Raul in 180cm. Zidane usually looks a 185cm guy
funkmonk said on 27/Feb/06
Beckham, Zidane and Raul
shawn said on 22/Feb/06
hes quite tall,and rob,dont nsult us by putting him the same height as jason bateman for example, he always stands out next to ur average 180 celebrity...
Anonymous said on 16/Feb/06
he is 180cm, his height is inflated to 182/183cm!...they add a bit to all footballers' heights!
stAs said on 4/Feb/06
yes I agree Beckham looks 182cm but Raul......
Gotxo said on 3/Feb/06
Maybe, but in fact raul is not even an inch under thoug, i would dare to say that he's 179cm. I still think that Beckham is a bit over 180cm, 182cm sounds good.
BTW a better shot:
Gotxo said on 2/Feb/06
Imran, that's absurd. A regular shoe gives you 2,5cm, a football (the word soccer is Banned here) has studs under it's sole and gives you more than that.
He's a lil taller than figo, who's a belivable 5'11"
stAs said on 16/Jan/06
Gotxo on the official site there was a period when they had a flash object that listed quickly player height, weight etc. and this flash object was reduced to the information of David Beckham:
Country: England
Height: 1.80m
Weight: 74 kg
Age: 30
Gotxo look again on that link(not the players bio but look at the link and the green field with Beckham's pic). I just wanted to say that there was a short period of time when real madrid listed Beckham at 180cm.
stAs said on 16/Jan/06
I don't know about Beckham he does realy looks 181-182cm, but I stil think that real madrid doesn't make correct measure all the time and they like to add sometimes a few cm for their players. for example Gravesen was listed at 183cm!! now he when he wants to leave the club he was put down to his real height 178cm, also Owen was 176cm at newcastle he is 173cm, I still have doubts about Raul's height(181cm) and also some other player looks suspicious.
Anonymous said on 15/Jan/06
sakanna you are a fool he's a little smaller than Super Frank Lampard officially and bonafide 183cm tsk tsk some people
Sakanna said on 9/Jan/06
Beckham is definetely a 6' footer. Why? Because I've seen him hugging Ronaldo at the end of the 2002 World Cup match (Bra 2x 1 Eng) and he's taller (maybe 1/5 inch, but is taller). I'd say he's 1.84cm (6' and half).

Also, do not blindly believe the stats on the team sites. A lot of times they only have the athlete's height when he becomes pro (usually at 18 or 19 years-old), then they never touch it again. Once I met a player who's listed as 5'11" 1/5 and he was 6'1"...
stAs said on 3/Jan/06
Gotxo check this
Lex said on 30/Dec/05
My uncle in spain met Raul, and he said he was 178 cm, near to 5'11.....and so this explains why Beckham looks much taller than 180 cm!
Gotxo said on 24/Dec/05
Recently the Reald Madrid has released some figures of it's best players in various sizes. They are very accurate, given the height and weight of the players for Beckham is 182cm and it coincides with the height the club advertises for him on it's page (they've never had given 180cm to him stAs). Even in the box of the figures is remarked the length of they toy in both cm & ". Mebbe i'll buy one on a VIPS store.
stAs said on 20/Dec/05
i allways thought he's 182-183, and i don't know why on the official site of real madrid he apears with 180 and Raul with 181, thats 100% he's taller than Raul check this
Lex said on 10/Dec/05
I met an italian football player Inzaghi Filippo (Ac Milan), he is listed at 181 cm (5'11.25), and in person he is tall like me (181 cm) and so It would be nice to compare a foto of F. Inzaghi near David Beckham......
Jay said on 29/Nov/05
I always thought Beckham was 6 foot. He said on this programme once.
Height Detective said on 22/Nov/05
Look at this photo :

They are barefoot , and compare Beckham whit Ronaldinho , who is listed mostly 1,81 , practically they have the same height or may be 1 cm advantage for Beckham so he for sure is NOT a 6 footer.

LMAO said on 22/Nov/05
saw him yesterday and hes bigger of what I thought. he has a belly too.
Anonymous said on 28/Sep/05
measurements from medicals can underestimate, as often they take measurement from the front top of the head which can be a cm or two lower then the middle or back part of the top of ones head, thats why beckhams medical height could appear to be 182cm, and not more
Lex said on 16/Aug/05
The picture beside Ronaldo (183 cm) shows that he is not 183 cm, because he seems 2 cm shorter.
Jon said on 12/Aug/05
Every website I've found has him listed at 180cm 5'11". Footballers often have their heights recorded with their shoes on, which might account for listings above. When I played they always added an inch to my actual height.
TJ said on 19/Jul/05
Alex, I imagine your sister was wearing heels. Women tend to forget that when judging how tall/short a guy is. Beckham is certainly his listed height.
kevin said on 18/Jul/05
actually roberto carlos is listed as 168 cm and he does look close to this height, maybe 167 cm but not less.
Lex said on 22/May/05
Beckham is a shade over 5'11. Comparing him with some football players shows him exactly at 181 cm.
jimbo said on 5/Mar/05
Beckham is 6 foot .
Paula said on 3/Mar/05
Stood next to him. He's 5 ft 10 max.

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight or shoe size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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