How tall is Ben Shapiro

Ben Shapiro's Height

5ft 7 (170.2 cm)

American political commentator. He has mentioned he is 5ft 9 numerous times on twitter, including a dig at Trump: "LOL! Even I, at a strapping 5'9", have bigger hands than 6'2" Trump. Sad! Weak!", and a mention of his weight "5'9" and a ripped 155.". In 2021 he Compared Height to a student who claimed 5ft 9 and thought Ben was 5ft 5.

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Average Guess (207 Votes)
5ft 6.34in (168.5cm)
okecksdee said on 27/Nov/23
Meltdown said on 24/Sep/23
Candice Owens is about 5ft 6 to maybe 5ft 6.5, and Ben Shapiro is slightly taller than her. I'd give him a weak 5ft 7.5, or strong 5ft 7.

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Danimal said on 29/May/23
richard dye said on 13/Jan/23
Ben is about an inch taller than Rogan. Rogan is set at 5'7 making Ben about 5'8.

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Rogan is nowhere near 5'7".
Jolapizza 6'0 1/2 said on 16/May/23
Not 5'9 at all.
Hovey Benjamin said on 27/Apr/23
I walked past him at the Americana outdoor mall in Glendale, CA several years ago. He was with his wife and kid. He was definitely not 5'9" or even 5'8". Bro is short.
tony t. said on 13/Apr/23
You think Beiber would edge him out, Rob?
Editor Rob
I think if measured Bieber would be the taller man.
Duhon said on 11/Apr/23
It is possible he is actually 5'7", but the round face, slender build and high pitched voice does give the impression of someone 5'5" and under. Some ~5'7" men can get away with appearing 5'9" in the right foot wear, Ben is the opposite.
Johan 185 cm said on 8/Apr/23
Yes 5'7" range. You can tell he isnt a guy who is average height wise, dont even need someone to compare. I guessed 169-171 range just from seeing him on a few clips.
Povv said on 6/Apr/23
He's one of those people who is taller than he looks, he's always had a small build and looked young for his age. I always thought he was 5'4/5'5.. I would give him a 5'6.5. Definitely no way near his 5'9 claim though.
Dante Ferraro said on 5/Apr/23
Strong 5’9
Zeph Zeph said on 13/Mar/23
5'9 fresh out ofbed
Cynner said on 8/Mar/23
Why does everyone want him to be short? This is hilarious
richard dye said on 13/Jan/23
Ben is about an inch taller than Rogan. Rogan is set at 5'7 making Ben about 5'8.

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Duhon said on 14/Dec/22
@zahxd there is nothing about Ben Shapiro that points to him being 5'9" aside from him saying he is. We don't know how tall that "5'9"" guy in crowd in that youtube video really was and could have been a plant. No way Ben is the same height as Tom Hardy if they ever meet.
Ndomingu said on 12/Dec/22
There’s a YouTube video from 5 years ago where Ben answers mail in questions with his dad. At one point in the interview, Ben starts talking about how he got bullied for being small when he entered high school (he was like 5’1”, 115 or 120 lbs at the time; it’s hard to believe how anyone just shoots up another 8 inches after that, haha). Then, Ben says it was before he hit his growth spurt and that he’s actually 5’9” now. After that, his dad agrees with it by saying that Ben is actually 5’9” and that he’s 6’0” (that his son Ben is 3 inches shorter than him). Even if you look at photos of them on Google, it does look about 3-4 inches between Ben and his dad. The reality is it’s probably more like that Ben is actually 5’7” and his dad is actually 5’10”. It’s not uncommon for some 5’10” men to claim that they’re 6’0”.
zakxd said on 12/Dec/22
He's literally 5'9 lol
5'7 and a fraction said on 26/Nov/22
I think 5'7 is his max, 5'6 3/4 maybe. His not particularly deep voice is probably what gives the impression he's shorter when he isn't.
Bobbyh3342 said on 23/Nov/22
not a chance in hell ben is under 5'7
184guy2 said on 21/Nov/22
Which one was at 5'6.75
Shapiro or Rogan ?
Editor Rob
Ben was
Meltdown said on 10/Nov/22
In real life, Ben Shapiro gets a weak 5ft 7.5 from me.

The top of his head was nearly eye-level next to 6ft+ Jordan Peterson.
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He was marginally taller than Candace Owens who is listed 5ft 6 to 5ft 6.5.
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That stunt bringing a 5ft 9 dude on stage at a college speech I believe was planned and rehearsed due to controversy over his height. 155 lbs is possible, but at 13–15% body fat at very best which is hardly ripped. He's a very smart guy, but plays it safe too much with telling the truth for fear of being cancelled by the woke mob.
Leighton Tang said on 17/Sep/22
Would be interesting to see him stand to a real 5'9 guy like Tom Hardy or Jamie Foxx and claim to be the same height as them. Then he would be the one destroyed by facts and logic.
Duhon said on 15/Sep/22
I actually don't hate Shapiro as much as some do out there, but continually claiming to be 5'9" is making him come off as insecure. He's a relatively small framed 5'7" max man, which is fine as he doesn't make his money off his size.
Ndomingu said on 13/Sep/22

Ben Shapiro, Michael Knowles, and Drew Klavan all look in the 5’7” range, but I wouldn’t doubt that any of them may claim that they’re 5’9” or even 5’10”. I’m not really buying that Ben is 160 lbs either. Michael has listed himself as 145 lbs on an online resume somewhere, so I highly doubt Ben would weigh much more than that in reality, if he even does at all. If he does weigh around 160 lbs, it would just be rather surprising to me. Matt Walsh can look a solid 6’0” or maybe even 6’1” at the most. Hopefully, I find that video quote you’re talking about at some point.
heightchecker34 said on 12/Sep/22
Ben claimed recently on a Daily Wire show, that he was 5'9 160 lb and had to wear larger size clothing cause more people in America are obese. I pray to god he isn't 5'9, cause he looks so tiny and Im 5'9 lol.
Leighton Tang said on 24/Jul/22
@Nel Enrique Cristian Schmidt Cornjero

Read Rob’s comment on Mike xxx’s post
Leighton Tang said on 22/Jul/22
If Ben Shapiro is 5'7, then how tall does Lauren Chen look? She certainly seems nowhere near her 5'7 claim and also looks shorter than Lauren Southern (Perhaps more so than she does next to Shapiro despite being listed the same, though their footwear is unknown).

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Editor Rob
Might have thought within 5ft 5 range
Nel Enrique Cristian Schmidt Cornejo said on 13/Jul/22
Based on this video is 5'9"

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184guy2 said on 5/Jul/22
and height inflator accusing another height inflator
5'7 and a bit said on 16/Jun/22
He's 5'6 1/2.
Cole McNeil said on 4/May/22
Leighton Tang said on 2/May/22
So how tall would you say the '5'9 student' is really? Turns out that Shapiro wasn't the only height inflator.
Editor Rob
At the time from looking at other photos I'd have thought he was somewhere in 5ft 8 range. Like I screencapped at the time click here he joked about lifts too.
Xander Aguas said on 26/Apr/22
Saw this dude in The Valley. He's actually between 5-8 and 5-9, and may weigh between 135 and 140. He's small and has a tiny head, which makes him look 2 to 3 inches shorter.
CookieCutter said on 13/Apr/22
@Bobbyh3342 I could care less for Ben Shapiro but it's not hateful to state the truth that this man is not even 5'7. He is a lift wearer. That's the only explanation for his magical growth spurt in his 30's. He knows he's not 5'9 and purposely lies about it.
Bobbyh3342 said on 9/Apr/22
This is supposed to be about height ,, not about whether we like the persons politics or not,,, but with that being said , i have Ben at 5'9 in shoes 5 7and change barefoot, i think the 5 6 guesses and flat 5'7 guesses are more due to hatred for Ben and less about what height he is..
IceCold said on 31/Mar/22
@Blasto If you notice, you will see - almost every little boy has a big mouth
Blasto said on 31/Mar/22
Ben’s a little boy with a big mouth. Not over 5’6”.
Bensheight said on 13/Mar/22
His voice also makes people think that he's shorter than he really might be.
Sean said on 10/Mar/22
Ben Shapiro has been on Bill Maher's show and this week Maher was on Shapiro's podcast and they were photographed together. It's clear that 5'7"-listed Ben Shapiro is about an inch taller than 5'8"-listed Bill Maher. I think their heights need to be flipped.
CookieCutter said on 7/Mar/22
Average guess is correct. This man is around 5'6. He is skinny fat which with the right attire helps him appear not as short especially with lifts. That kid that claimed 5'9 looked to be 5'8 and Shapiro still appeared 1 inch shorter. Now add in lifts and he is 5'6. Seriously him and Joe Rogan confuse a lot of people because their proportions match 5'5-5'6 men. People don't realize because almost everyone adds a inch to their height anyways and these little men wear lifts to compensate so they appear 5-7 to 5-8.
BoobleGooble said on 3/Mar/22
I think 5'6.75 is a perfect listing for him.He looks anywhere between 5'6.5-5'7 and sometimes 5'6 flat
Mickie said on 19/Feb/22
@Ndomingu - I think a small framed guy can look taller due to having a small frame potentially when he's standing all by himself, but when standing next to a taller, larger framed guy I think it adds to the overall impression of "wow that guy is being totally dwarfed".
Mike xxx said on 14/Feb/22
5'8" or 5'9" proven here.
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Editor Rob
He could pass for 5ft 8 range if we could prove the other guy's height.

But has anybody measured the other guy barefoot?

An actual proof of height: Guy on Right claimed 5ft 8, still does in fact.

I measured him under 5ft 6 and 3/4 Click Here, witnessed by Jenny too.

But let's forget about that and pretend the guy is 5ft 8. After all, he claimed it, so why not believe it, right?

So Jenny is near 5ft 10 then...

And let's take proof by association one step further Click Here. I'm now over 5ft 11 😎
Ndomingu said on 13/Feb/22
@Ndomingu said on 12/Feb/22

“In a more recent episode where 4 of them had God (funny joke they made about it) give them the clues related to their company name to escape it, Ben was paired up with Michael; and then Matt was paired up with Andrew Klavan.”

I forgot to mention that the theme of that Escape Room game was based on the 2022 film “Shut In” (with Ben, Michael, Matt, and Andrew in it). The other game with just Matt and Michael was called “The Great Escape” (Al Capone themed as mentioned before). It’s all part of the Daily Wire folks adventure series YouTube videos. It’s pretty easy to find and observe them all from what I discussed in my previous/earlier comment.

I have also seen Ben having a small frame discussed before. I feel like it would make him look taller than if he were medium or large framed because of a skinnier appearance. The only way people can tell frame size now is if they check their wrist size, but I have heard your torso structure also plays a role (sometimes elbow breadth as well). I think some people have told me in the past that Ben is shorter than he actually is for comedy sake, but if they’re being serious about it they peg him as around 5’7” more often.
Mickie said on 12/Feb/22
I still think his listing at 5'7" is quite accurate. I know some people think he's even shorter, but I thought next to Bill Maher for example, that seemed implausible. Ben held up quite well there. Even next to Cenk Uygur, who claims a weak 5'9" but is no taller than Rob imo (and stretches his posture a lot in photos) there wasn't a very big difference between them. I mean, not the way it would have been if he was 5'6". 5'7" works for Ben, but he's a small framed 5'7" guy who can look very little next to bigger men.
Ndomingu said on 12/Feb/22

I recently watched an Escape Room thing that the Daily Wire guys did a few times recently. Feel free to check them out on YouTube, they’re really interesting!

I would agree with you that Michael Knowles is probably like 5’7 1/4” or 5’7 1/2” tops, as he only looked slightly taller than (barely edged out) Ben Shapiro during the game when they were in the room together trying to solve the clues. When Michael did the game with Matt Walsh in a previous encounter (for an Al Capone theme), Matt seemed significantly taller than Michael in it; so Michael’s 5’10” listing is way off or anything that would be over 5’8” for that matter. In a more recent episode where 4 of them had God (funny joke they made about it) give them the clues related to their company name to escape it, Ben was paired up with Michael; and then Matt was paired up with Andrew Klavan. Andrew seemed around Ben height when he stood next to Matt, so 5’7” is probably a fair guess for him too (he had some online listing for that too, but since he’s in his 60s now, I would probably peg his peak height to be around 5’8”).

Overall, it’s fair to say that Ben, Michael, Andrew, and even Candace Owens (5’6 1/2”) are all close in a similar height range (more or less to 5’7”) and then Matt is much taller than all of them by like at least half a head (probably 6’0 1/2”).
slothee said on 9/Feb/22
Ben's height fluctuates over the years and various footage, but it seems very unlikely he's 5'9". 5'7" is a good listing for him.

With Rand Paul, who's 5'6-7", Ben looks 5'7". With Ted Cruz, who's 5'10" he looks 5'6". I don't know how tall Larry King was in his later years but he was unlikely to be 5'9", and Ben looks the same height as him. Click Here

Alongside solid 6'3" Charlie Kirk and 5'6-7" Candace Owens, he looks, once again, 5'7" range. Click Here

With Joe Rogan several years ago, they both looked about the same height, around 5'7ish". Click Here
But as of the past year or so when photographed with 5'7" Rogan or compared to the self proclaimed 5'9" guy on stage at a convention, Shapiro really does look 5'9", or at least close to it like 5'8.5". Click Here

Two possibilities; 1. He got limb lengthening surgery to gain 1.5+ inches of height, or 2. He started to wear lifts. Either point 1 or 2 happened and it happened within the last two years, but I think point 2 is obviously likelier.
BoobleGooble said on 3/Feb/22
Looks 5'6.5 next to other people,i think 5'7 is too high
viper said on 27/Jan/22
Yeah, I have a hard time to believe he's 5-7
CookieCutter said on 26/Jan/22
Obvious lift wearer and height fibber. No way this man is over 5'7 that's for sure. the picture of him with Ted Cruz proves his 5'9 claim is ridiculous. Even Trump respects the +2 inch rule but it looks like Ben didn't get the memo.
Linke said on 21/Jan/22
Maybe Ben just had a magic growth spurt in his late 30's ;) Seems like some Stallone magic there. He actually looked almost same height as Gina carano.
Original138 said on 20/Jan/22
@Duhon is probably right, the guy is likely a smaller guy claiming to be 5'9.
Danielb12 said on 18/Jan/22
Joe Rogan and Ben Shapiro need downgrades. I can’t believe Ben got bumped up
Ethan Larsen said on 16/Jan/22
weak 5'6", needs a downgrade.
Duhon said on 15/Jan/22
The "5'9" guy yes, was either a plant or typical of a lot of 5'9" guys who are really ~5'7" but go by 5'9".
Henry said on 14/Jan/22
The allegedly 5'9" guy in the audience was a plant and a paid shill by Ben Shapiro. Since Shapiro is going to these kind of lengths to lie, he must be even shorter than I though.
I though he was 5'5 3/4" morning height, but he may be even much shorter than that.
Henry said on 14/Jan/22
Rob, Shapiro really needs a downgrade to 5'5 3/4" max. He's a known lift wearer and Joe Rogan was still 1 1/4" taller despite lack of hair and Shapiro's massive lifts.
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Billy Johnson said on 24/Dec/21
I used to post on this site a long time ago and kinda just stopped. But I recently came back because I’ve been seeing Shapiro claim to be 5’ 9” on TikTok a lot.

Not sure if this one has been posted yet but how do we explain this pic of him and supposedly 5’ 8” Ted Cruz?
Click Here

Not to mention a lot of people are saying Shapiro (himself) mentioned he wears lifts. Just wondering.
Editor Rob
Cruz never looked as short as 5ft 8
toddd0461 said on 24/Dec/21
I think 5'7-5'8 range seems fair for Knowles. He didn't look too much taller than 5'6.5 Candace Owens. Also, there's a good chance that Walsh is a solid 6 footer.
Jawilder said on 13/Dec/21
@Bhizzle haha, that was probably set up or another not even 5’7 guy claiming 5’9.
Mickie said on 13/Dec/21
Yeah I've thought 5'7" could be the mark for Ben for quite some time personally. He's controversial because he's a political figure. Sometimes people who agree with him will want to argue he is closer to what he claims and people who disagree with him try to argue he is even further away from his claim than he really is because they're letting their opinion of his politics cloud their judgement of his height. To me, he looks like a naturally smaller framed 5'7" guy. A bigger framed guy of the same height might give off a different impression. Ben can look really little when posing with taller, bigger framed guys.
Bhizzle said on 9/Dec/21
5’9 man gets on stage next to Ben - Click Here
Ndomingu said on 6/Dec/21
@David Tang said on 15/Aug/21

I saw on one other source it says that Michael Knowles is 5’8” and 145 lbs. That definitely sounds credible for him, but I could peg him as either 5’7” or 5’8” tops. Michael Knowles and Ben Shapiro I’m sure would be eye level with each other height wise if they aren’t exactly the same height.
David Tang said on 3/Dec/21
rob, why the boost. his listing of 5'6.75 was perfect. he doesn't look taller than the previous listing.
Editor Rob
I think he drops height in some poses
heightyheighterson said on 27/Nov/21
Click Here

Ben clearly has taken to wearing lifts which would explain the confusion regarding his height. you can see in this pic a 29 year old shapiro is 5 inches(my guess) or so shorter than ted cruz. In a recent pic he's only 1-2 inches(my guess) shorter. At some point he just decided to wear lifts for his image/machismo/etc...but if we go by barefoot heights he's definitely not cracking 5'6(my guess)
Joel Martin said on 22/Nov/21
You have been disproven I’d like to trust your page but you obviously haven’t stood next to him in order to make this claim. Click Here
Editor Rob

Well, all height listings are guesses...but I've no idea how tall the student is barefoot. I mean if you believe he's 5ft 9 barefoot, then Click Here - would you also believe his word Ben had lifts and thicker shoes?

I don't think Ben had much thicker sneakers than the guy at all, although had camera advantage obviously.
Robby Harris said on 17/Nov/21
Would you say Shapiro has a higher chance of 5'6.5" or 5'7", Rob?
Editor Rob
Maybe his posture has made him look shorter and he's a bit taller than you expect.

You know if he met Big G, would it be a surprise if Ben was taller...maybe not
Sean said on 17/Nov/21
Ha, I came here to draw attention to the same thing. The other guy does not look proportioned like a 5'7" guy, looks a legit 5'9". Both have comparable footwear. Yet there are plenty of pics of Shapiro looking short. Fascinating.
Smallie Bigs said on 15/Nov/21

What say you to this?
Click Here
Editor Rob
That was quite amusing, but I don't know how tall the other guy is...if he was 5ft 9 Ben didn't look less than 5ft 8 there.

The other guy also said he wasn't a plant, although he mentioned lifts.

WIth Gina Carano he's looking taller too!
Ian Vector said on 29/Aug/21
Rob, how tall do you think Andrew Klavan and Matt Walsh are?
Andrew Klavan next to Ben Shapiro: Click Here
And Matt Walsh next to Candace Owens (who is probably wearing heels): Click Here
Editor Rob
The previous commenter mentioned Matt claiming 6ft but saying 6ft 1...he did say that on Twitter (6ft 1). He looks over 6ft in that shot with Candace, though if he admits 6ft then I think that's fair of him.
Ndomingu said on 28/Aug/21
Oh, I know Matt Walsh also works for Ben Shapiro at the Daily Wire. In one of his podcasts on The Matt Walsh Show he said that he was a 6’0” man who tells people he’s 6’1”. At least he’s honest about lying about it, but he does look significantly taller/bigger than much of his Daily Wire coworkers, including Ben Shapiro himself.
David Tang said on 15/Aug/21
rob how tall do you think michael knwoles is? he's listed as 5'10 but what i can see, he's not taller than ben?
Editor Rob
yeah he might be 5ft7 range too, check him out Here. That's not a 5ft 10 man.
eastend said on 13/Aug/21
You cant see the shoes here but ben looks a lot taller than his sister
Click Here
Ian Vector said on 6/Aug/21
I really think this guy is below 5' 6". No way he's just under 5' 7".
Sebas96 said on 26/Jul/21
Based on pictures of him and Rogan I estimate Ben's height to be 5'8 or just under that at a minimum. I have noticed his neck is a bit curved so he would look taller if he extended his back. If you look at pictures of the intellectual dark web he looks about as tall as Bret Weinstein (5'7) and Sam Harriss (5'8-5'9). People that say he's 5'4 are dead wrong and I also highly doubt he is 5'6.
Ian Vector said on 14/Jul/21
The average guess is way too low. 5' 6.75" is a reasonable guess. No way in Hell he's 5' 9" though.
SD172 said on 6/Jul/21
In this video,Click Here at 3:16 he describes himself as a "5'9 165 Jewish guy."
ChaosControl 6'2.5/189.2cm said on 19/May/21
I bet that if I met him (probably won’t, I live in the UK and don’t care for his political comments) he’d probably be like “dude you’re so big, what are you 6’5? Cause I’m 5’9 and you’re towering over me” then I’d tell him I’m 6’2 and he’d throw an absolute fit
Badar said on 18/May/21
He's 5'6 or so. 5'9 is one of the craziest lies i've heard of in a while.
Ian C. said on 5/May/21
Attaboy, Meltdown. You got him.

Shapiro does regularly does something that is so offensive that very, very few other celebrities do it: He brags about being rich, with the explicit assumption that wealth is evidence, not only of economic competence, but moral superiority. People on the political right will often equate wealth with good character in a general kind of way, but most have the sense not to actively court other people's resentment by citing their own successes as evidence of that theory.
Meltdown said on 22/Apr/21
Ben's 5ft 6¾ and nerdy height doesn't care about his 5ft 9 and ripped feelings.
Aj06 said on 13/Apr/21
People who lie bout there height by 3 to 5 inches I mean half an inch even an inch off I can go ok with but by three to five inches its kinda ridulcous.

He is not 5'9 nor 5'11 5'6 best.

im 5'2.5 male so by his strandes I would probably be at least 5'5-5'6.
Ian C. said on 9/Apr/21
Let us say, as it seems to be true, that Shapiro really does lie about his height. That's really quite stupid, because he gives live talks, and everybody in his audiences can see that he's short. You can lie about your height to people who have never met you in person, but it is folly to try it if they're in the same room and they're not blind.

Even if he was tall, he sounds short. He's got a nervous, too-fast delivery, and a squeaky voice.
viper said on 6/Apr/21
That stadiometer is way off
Eric W Tam said on 5/Apr/21
@ben - 6'0 He tweeted something like "I may be 5'11 on the stadiometer, but spiritually I'm 6'6", something like that, gimme some time to dig it up, couldn't find it now for some reason
Chaos Control 6'2.5 said on 25/Mar/21
If I met him he’d probably think of me as 6’6ish, and God forbid if Christian or Canson met him
Ben - 6'0 said on 24/Mar/21
@Eric Tam

Can you show me where he claims 5’11?
Jay Water 5'10 1/2 said on 22/Mar/21
This is why 5’9 guys get a bad rep...shame on you Ben...5’6 1/2
Chaos Control 6'2.5 said on 13/Mar/21
Eric Tam said on 12/Mar/21
LMAO he's claiming 5'11 now I'm so weak. Il voe you Ben but dude if you are claiming 5'11 I'm going back to claiming 6'2

Don’t cause then I’ll have to claim 6’6
Eric Tam said on 12/Mar/21
LMAO he's claiming 5'11 now I'm so weak. Il voe you Ben but dude if you are claiming 5'11 I'm going back to claiming 6'2
Duhon said on 10/Mar/21
@jhkl what's the source of that? It looks like a DM he sent but those have been faked so often. He's publicly stated he's 5'9" on twitter several times.
jhkhl said on 9/Mar/21
ben just said he was 5'5" on twitter
Click Here
vastlybetter566 said on 8/Mar/21
Shapiro is a little guy. How tall do you think his head might be, Rob? Average for his height?
Editor Rob
ben's head looks barely 9 inches, just under it in fact.
2pacalypse wow said on 8/Mar/21
@mskatelexington, prove it.
mskatelexington said on 7/Mar/21
I am a 5'4 woman and I met Ben Shapiro at an event once. I was wearing sandals, he was wearing dress shoes with a heel and was still shorter than me. I even have our picture to prove it. I was not well versed with his opinions at the time, and now find it hilarious knowing his tag line is "facts don't care about your feelings." The fact that he's 5'3 doesn't care about his feelings!
Ian C. said on 16/Feb/21
Ben Shapiro is a height liar? Perfect. Although I generally agree with him, the guy is insufferably smug, and one of his brag points is that he's immaculately honest. Don't fib about your height then, pal.

Also, I didn't realize that Jordan Peterson was so tall.
nicster said on 15/Feb/21
hes prolly 5'7-5'7.75
Meltdown said on 31/Jan/21
Ben Shapiro is a tough one to pinpoint. I know he looked shorter than Joe Rogan in that Google image search you've all been looking at, but if you stand him up next to Jordan Peterson (6ft 1) or Dave Rubin (5ft 10), he could definitely pass for 5ft 8 or slightly under.
Mickie said on 8/Jan/21
I think Rogan is more height aware in that photo (posture wise). They're both around 5'7", arguably 5'6.5" - 5'7" range. It's possible Joe has Ben by some mms but I'm not sure.
shoopdawhoop said on 1/Jan/21
I'm 5'11 and towered him when I met him. 5'6 seems right, he's about the same height as my younger sister.
vastlybetter566 said on 28/Dec/20
I think when people try to sell the idea of Ben Shapiro being super short, like 5'3, it's just a way of mocking Ben Shapiro's lack of honesty, when it comes to his height. Remember, he's the facts guy.
viper said on 28/Dec/20
The average guess is just 5-6
Duhon said on 25/Dec/20
@Mickie I don't see Ben as a strong 5'7". Joe Rogan is probably really under 5'7" himself and he seems to edge Ben somewhat Click Here

People do underplay Ben's real height but a lot of that is in reaction Ben overplaying his height. As a small framed 5'6-7" nobody is going to buy him as taller than that.
Morgan Kaye said on 22/Dec/20
Stood next to 5'8.5 Kiefer Sutherland, Ben looks 5'6.5 max.
Mickie said on 19/Dec/20
@vastlybetter566 - To be fair, a lot of people DO WANT Ben to be shorter than he is. He's not 5'9", but he's also not 5'4" or 5'5" like some are saying. He's about 5'7". That's what he looks with Joe Rogan and even 5'6" flat with Bill Maher looks like downgrading. I think he's at worst what Rob has him at here a weak 5'7" and possibly a full 5'7". 5'9" is obviously an inflated claim, though.
vastlybetter566 said on 14/Dec/20
@Juss Sayin

Why is Cenk Ugyur, who is a little over 5ft8 (claim: "barely 5ft9") at least an inch taller than Shapiro? Is Ugyur actually over 5ft10? Doesn't seem to be the type of person who would downplay his own height.

Click Here

Joe Rogan is 5ft7, claims 5ft8. Why does look taller/almost same height as Shapiro?
Click Here

Nobody "wants" to make him smaller than what he claims, he IS smaller than he claims, snowflake.
Jusss Sayin said on 13/Dec/20
Here in the U.S height is recorded with your shoes off. I think Ben is 5’9” but in these pics we have no way of knowing what kind of footwear the people are wearing. For example no shoes I’m 5’7” but In my regular tennis shoes 5’7 1/2 but I also have boots that have no sort of after market height enhancers that make me stand 5’9 1/4. Also what is the weird obsession with wanting him to be smaller than he is?
vastlybetter566 said on 11/Dec/20
Shapiro is a dwarf. Sizewise and intellectually. Ironic that his special interest is the difference between men and women. He loves ranting about how different they are in size and personality. He should take a good look at the women around him, many of them are notably taller and heads and shoulders above him in most other aspects.

At his tiny height, he would be best served with a tiny personality.

Love this quote from Hasan Piker about Shapiro:
"ben you're 5'3, can't grow facial hair and weigh 100lbs soaking wet. if we can both be considered men, you should probably be a bit more open minded about gender expressions. it's clearly not as rigid a binary as you try to imply it is."
john bomfire said on 6/Dec/20
in his videos the ones on youtube his spine height is looking really short
tony t. said on 6/Dec/20
Would you consider adding John Stossel, Rob? He's around 5'10 supposedly.
Faus said on 4/Dec/20
Hes deffo not even 5’7
Duhon said on 26/Nov/20
@heightist who is more foolish then those who believe him to be 5'6" or he who claims he stands 5'9"?
Heightist999 said on 25/Nov/20
This guy is literally claiming 5'9 and people think he is 5'6? LOL
J2Frenzy said on 5/Nov/20
@Sandy I think he was taking a dig at Trumps tiny hands
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 30/Oct/20
A strapping 5ft9 with huge, man-sized hands? How can you believe the gobbledegook about his hands when he's over-estimated his height by over 2"?

5ft6.5. 🤷‍♀️
vastlybetter566 said on 25/Oct/20
It's weird how meaningless the term "Facts don't care about your feelings" is to Ben, when it comes to height. This might be kitchen sink psychology, but maybe his whole "I talk about the uncomfortable facts" persona is just him compensating for his real self, that has a very hard time dealing with uncomfortable facts.

I'm similar in that regard. When I'm with other people, I always look out for opportunities to point out "unsayable truths", that might make others feel uncomfortable. But overall, I have a very hard time dealing with shortcomings and other unpleasant things about life myself.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 25/Oct/20
Claiming 6'0" at your height is actually more honest than 5'11" though, being that you're only 0.2" below it.
Bbroccc said on 24/Oct/20
LOL that comment from Bart (below me) is spot on - so many people lie about their height that we might as well all claim we are over 6’2 — I would confidently assume that 70% (or more) of people fib about their height by an inch or two (for some very odd reason), and that includes those who are tall to begin with - I am 5’11.825 exact (8/10 short of 6) and I still tell people 5’11 instinctively (usually by accident though lol) but regardless, I technically can call myself 6 ft easy without it actually being a lie, but what would be the benefit? - but for some reason people are so weird that they HAVE to say their taller than they are - they make it seem as if their manhood depends on being a few inches taller (like sh*t, we might as well all be 6 feet plus and forget about the beautiful aspect of uniqueness and diverse characteristics that make us who we are) —

Anyhow, I kind of just went on a tangent, but this is the first time I am exploring this site and it amazes me to see how many of these celebrity weirdos lying about something as dumb as a few inches due to insecurities—

Nevertheless, this small pointless crap has somehow annoyed me - which is more pathetic than people lying about a freaking couple centimeters LOL - the fact that this stresses me out is very concerning :)
Bart said on 15/Oct/20
Seems odd to me a guy like Ben who is clearly off the charts sharp and bright would lower himself to inflating his height. I'm a hair under 5'10 and find it bizarre when (often girls) will tell me they are 5'9 and the top of their head is level with my eyes. So I guess that means I can start walking around telling people I'm 6'1?
FriedChicken said on 1/Oct/20
A guy who'd measure a little bit under 5 ft 7 but not as low as 5 ft 6 flat as many would believe. He'd definitely be taller than Jack Black or Ben Stiller. I imagine Ben would look similar to Nick Jonas or Dj Khaled.
Bass said on 23/Sep/20
Benjamin A. Shapiro looks to be five foot six and an eighth of an inch.
gio crolla said on 5/Sep/20
hey rob how tall do you think Tom Macdonald is? he claims 6'1 but a quick google search of him next to ben shapiro shows he most likely isnt
Editor Rob
maybe got caught short a bit with posture/pavement? Here is photo. I've not seen enough of Tom to know if he's under 6ft an inch or two.
dao56235 said on 20/Aug/20
Rob, Joe Rogan looks taller than Ben. Don’t you think he needs a height downgrade at least 5’6 1/4?
Editor Rob
I think Joe is a guy who can stand very well to maximise his posture, whilst Ben isn't a guy who puffs his chest out or cares about looking taller.
Thomas asdasd said on 8/Aug/20
Happy to discover that I'm his height twin... And I'm also Jewish! :)
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 26/Jul/20
Then that means Lauren's nowhere near her 5'7" claim. She could be more 5'5" range, at least based on the pic.
Vincent Letruth said on 24/Jul/20
Men lie about their height because most women are shallow s about it. You could be 6" taller than a woman but still have her try to shop you over an inch so yes men lie. But womens entire appearance is a lie but yet we focus on men stretching the truth 🤣
Editor Rob
Check out this photo with Lauren Chen. One of Ben's favourite's - she's in heels, he's a bit taller and she claims 5ft 7.
"I told you I was 5ft 9!" 😎
vastlybetter3333 said on 24/Jul/20
Rob, imagine if you were a journalist or political commentator interviewing Shapiro about political topics. During the interview, he gets personal, saying something like: "I'm a 5'9 guy".

Would you interrupt him and go: "Well, actually..." or would you ignore it, to avoid him getting angry like a baby?
Editor Rob
It would depend if I knew a person well enough to know if they'd go a long with a bit of banter/humour on the subject.

I certainly wouldn't have a stadiometer backstage, and be saying "Ben, let's just check that...oh, would you mind taking your shoes off too" 🧐

Though if I were a talkshow host I'd definitely have a measuring segment at the end. No guest would leave the show without it...but then if they knew they were gonna get measured, how many would actually agree to do it?

Even by myself, who isn't going to bend the stadiometer or call out the wrong height or anything 😎
vastlybetter333333 said on 23/Jul/20
Neil is listed at 5'9 on google. Maybe he was around 5'7 in his younger days and lost a bit of height since then.
Mickie said on 30/Jun/20
Yeah that Dr. Phil picture has got to be one of Ben's favorites. Dr. Phil was probably never 6'4", and has shrunk in addition. Ben held up well next to Bill Mather too. I think Ben is right around 5'7", realistically. I know some people like the thought of him being 5'4" or something, but he's not THAT short. Still lies about his height, though.
Vastlybetter said on 29/Jun/20

Yes, for example in an interview with BBC journalist Andrew Neil, a member of the conservative party, Ben was confronted with facts by the journalist. Shapiro was unable to deal with any of the facts, presented by the host, so he accussed the interviewer of being "on the left"and "left" the interview.

That's just one example. Check out his views on homosexuality or climate change. You will find out that this person is a "feeling guy". His views are based on a 2000+ year old fantasy book. He should not be taken seriously by anyone.
Editor Rob
I once saw Andrew at Glasgow Airport, he was shorter than myself...I wonder if both Ben and Andrew share the same height.

I wouldn't like to get into an argument with Neil either!
Nik said on 28/Jun/20
I bet Trump agrees that Ben is 5'9"!
Editor Rob
Check Trump and Lennox/Seagal.
Nik said on 28/Jun/20
He may think that I am 5'10" and that Rob is 5'11"!

Ben can have his 150th comment!
Vastlybetter said on 27/Jun/20
What happened in that pic? Did Dr Phil experience massive height loss or is Shapiro wearing massive boots here?

The height difference between Phil and Ben is supposed to be at least 18cm. So even if Shapiro was a true 5ft9, he would have to be below or at least right at Phil's eye level, unless Phil has an eye level that's absurdly low.

What am I missing here?

Either Dr. Phil's posture is extremly bad or Shapiro is standing on something.
Editor Rob
If anybody questions Ben's height, he simply takes that photo out of his wallet and says 'Told you so!'

I don't know what's going on, but Phil could well be shrinking and slouching.
Vastlybetter said on 26/Jun/20
Shapiro is absolutely blind to facts. I feel sorry for anyone as driven by feelings as Shapiro is.

I bet if Rob measured him at just under 5'7, Shapiro would be outraged. He would claim that Rob is "clearly on the left".

Anyone who thinks of Shapiro as shorter than 5'9 is CLEARLY a communist and on the left.
Editor Rob
Ben with Dr Phil who claimed 6ft 4...he holds up surprisingly well there.
Thomas LFA said on 25/Jun/20
Was he upgraded to 5'6.75"? I don't buy it at all. Flat 5'6 guy at night, probably 5'6.5" on a good day.
MD said on 9/May/20
Click Here
Gman89 said on 30/Apr/20
His motto is “facts don’t care about you’re feelings”. He seems to base himself around telling the truth. Then clearly lies about something so trivial. Just shows anyone can be insecure. Real height id say 5ft51/2 to 6.
Editor Rob
If a man can lie about something as trivial as height, what other truths will become effortless fabrications.
Thereel said on 18/Apr/20
Also nice video Rob you come across very personable, you should make more to attract guests, Disappointing he lies it kind of harmful to his image we can all see he's no wear near 5'9" I would guess 5'7
Thereel said on 16/Apr/20
I feel like I've been indoctrinated because I used to be fairly liberal but after binge watching you tube this quarantine i'm like.......... Click Here
Peter175 said on 11/Jan/20
I'm willing to bet money he's the type to wear lifts.

He did look shockingly tall with Maher but with Cenk he's not above 5'6.25
Peter175 said on 10/Jan/20
He should just double down his claim to 5'9 in shoes or in the morning, so it wont look so ridiculous when he gets dwarved by real 5'9 ers.

His one of the few males I've seen shorter than Joe Rogan on his show and Joe is lucky if he hits 5'7 before bed (Ben is probably 5'6.25-5 and Joe is probably 5'6.5-7.
Xenia said on 7/Jan/20
It‘s interesting that his sister claims to be 5‘8. She looks pretty tall, I believe her. Isn‘t it rare that the male sibling is shorter than the female sibling?
Watto said on 16/Dec/19
I've been amazed with the accuracy and objectiveness of the heights on this site, but this one is being way too generous to Ben. 5 foot 5 or 5 foot 6 in his dreams. While I wouldn't say I'm exactly a fan of him I admire his intellect and oratory skills, but I can't defend anything more than 5'5 1/2.
TheBat said on 15/Dec/19
Ben needs a reality check with his height. He's a weak 5'6, that 5'9" claim is an abomination.
Luke anderson said on 14/Dec/19
I’m exactly a legit height of this listing 5’6 3/4 barefoot, I rarely get called short, when I wear a set of runners I look pretty ok compared to most people, but I can almost guarantee this guy is about 5’5” max with his presence in photos.
I can generally look pretty sizeable next to someone 5’8” not 4 inches shorter.
5’5 is being generous.

I’d definitely edge him out and I’ve never claimed 5’9” because that’s just ridiculous, most I’d ever claim is 5’7”.
TheBat said on 31/Oct/19
Still believe he's 5'5.75". Probably thinks the average is 6'1"+
Andiloveher said on 18/Aug/19
Seems like it's feeling over facts for Ben when it comes to his height.

If anyone ever tried to measure him, I'm sure he would react the same way he reacted to Dr. Phil.

Running away.

Click Here
Voiceless Dental said on 15/Aug/19
Claimed 5'9 again on Tuesday: Click Here
Denise said on 22/Jul/19
5'6" on his best day ever.
Peter175 said on 12/Jul/19
I'd give him an honest 5'8 in shoes but 5'9" barefoot is an insane claim.

With peterson the photo was shopped, in the non-shopped one though, a leaning peterson still looks over 4 inches on Ben
Mickie said on 15/May/19
@Vikki it is 100% true there were some photos of Peterson and Shapiro that are photo shopped online. They look ridiculous, and make Ben look clearly south of 5 foot tall.
Duhon said on 23/Apr/19
Ben again claiming he's 5'9" on twitter Click Here
Vikki said on 19/Apr/19
Shapiro with Jordan B. Peterson (6'1), while claiming to be 5'9: Click Here

He insists that other pics have been photoshopped but I'm doubtful, considering we can't see their feet
Angus said on 15/Apr/19
5'8" next to ted Cruz who is 5'11-5'11.5 next to trump who is almost 6'1"
Mickie said on 6/Apr/19
@ William Trotman - You were looking at a photoshopped photo.

@ Duhon - Hard to say exactly from the one photo because of their different postures... Joe looks 1 - 2 cm taller, but he also looks to be standing a little better. I think both guys are roughly 5'7", which is around what Rob thinks too.
Duhon said on 5/Apr/19
Ben and 5'7" Joe Rogan Click Here
William Trotman said on 3/Apr/19
So if Ben Shapiro is somewhere around 5'7" then when is Jordan Peterson (listed at 6'1") getting an upgrade to around 6'7"? The dude is at least a foot taller than Shapiro in a picture I can't link to for some reason, and I see no indication he's wearing six inch heels or standing on some kind of platform.
Dempsey said on 10/Mar/19
Considering 5'9" is probably a 2 inch inflation, that would give him a "true" height of 5'7" - but I have a hunch that he guesstimates this height while in dress shoes. Taking into account a ~1.5" heel (which is pretty standard) that would be ~5'5.5" barefoot. I'd give him a 5'6" flat or maybe a mite less in the morning. 155 pounds is most likely inaccurate. Sounds like he added 15ish pounds.
P.S., Ben For 2020
TheBat said on 7/Mar/19
More like 5'5.75" lol. Ben's 5'9" claim is a literal joke.
TheBat said on 6/Mar/19
It makes me laugh every time that Ben thinks he's 5'9", just an absolute joke of a claim. The more I look at Ben he is about 5'5.75".
Mickie said on 5/Mar/19
When Crowder says 6-2, 2 and a quarter, the "2 and a quarter" is in reference to his weight. He's claiming to be 6'2" and 225 pounds there.
Editor Rob
Yeah that's what it can sound like. He has claimed 220, 218 and 214 pounds on his twitter, but also claimed to have shrunk too...I would give him a solid enough 6ft 2 for his height, but I am not so sure he lost height....
Ian555 said on 3/Mar/19
Rob have you done a page for Steven Crowder? He says he's 6' 2" or 6' 2 1/4" you hear this at the 33:59 mark of this video Click Here. Honestly I think he could be that tall based on this video he towers over almost everyone in the background Click Here. Also I'm curious but do you agree with the things he and Shapiro have to say or do you try not to talk about your political opinions?
Editor Rob
I think he has some views many agree and disagree with.
I've read Crowder mentioning a fraction over 6ft 2 on twitter too, he may well be that mark...the 1/4 figure.
IR said on 26/Feb/19
Ben Shapiro exaggerates about his height, 5' 9", who is he kidding? I heard him quote that he's a " 5' 9" 165 Jewish guy " when confronted by police in a youtube video. Leftist Police THREATENS To Arrest Ben Shapiro, Watch How He Responds ----- he said "You have 30 members of security just for a 5'9" 165 Jewish guy". Referring to himself of course.
KUT said on 25/Feb/19
Oh, good, so I'm 5'11" then.
I just like how he disses 5'9" for being short when isn't, actually, 5'9".
LOL2019 said on 24/Feb/19
// Ben claims to be 5'9" at 24 seconds: Click Here //

He also claims to be 10 pounds heavier now, (all muscle!) at a "massive 165lb" LOLOL

And he sounds like he is sucking helium 24 hours a day...

Does helium build muscle? lol
Eric W Tam said on 24/Feb/19
Time to claim 5'10 1/2" for myself, once I am a voice on politics.
Danimal 5'9 3/4" said on 21/Feb/19
Mickie said on 30/Jun/18
Either Shapiro needs a little bit of an upgrade or Bill Maher needs a downgrade (at least on his current height). I can't agree with Shapiro being more than .5" shorter than Maher Click Here
Editor Rob
Certainly Ben seems in 5ft 7 range, but always a chance Bill could be losing a fraction. I never realised he was 62 now.

Bill looks shorter than he used to. He used to have a longer neck and has no neck at all anymore. His entire upper torso seems shorter. I'm surprised that after running this site for so many years that you still only think that a 62 year old might have only lost a fraction? The average man loses 1/3 to 1/4" every decade between 30 and 70 years old Rob and then almost a full inch between 70 and 80. So, at 62 years of age, the average male will have lost between 3/4" and 1".
Danimal 5'9 3/4" said on 21/Feb/19
JD 5'9" said on 15/Feb/19
I think in a recent interview he admitted to being 5'7".

You think? Provide the interview or say nothing at all.
Danimal 5'9 3/4" said on 21/Feb/19
Ben claims to be 5'9" at 24 seconds: Click Here
JD 5'9" said on 15/Feb/19
I think in a recent interview he admitted to being 5'7".
Jdubbz said on 30/Jan/19
How insecure do you have to be to claim 5'9 when you're actually 5'6 range? Jesus christ.
Joerg Smith said on 8/Jan/19
Rob, you need to add Jordan Peterson to this site. He is probably about as famous as Ben is right now.
MJKoP said on 29/Dec/18
Daddy Egg said on 24/Nov/18
Ben Shapiro is actually 5'4 1/4. Proof: Click Here

LOL, from the same source claiming Cenk is 4'10"!
Mickie said on 15/Dec/18
With Bill Maher and Larry King, I think that's enough proof to give Ben the full 5'7". Remember, Cenk is trying to look taller in the photo with Ben as well. And Jordan Peterson claims 6'1.5".

I'm not arguing over 5'7", just that bang on 5'7" is very fair. He can look 5'8"-ish with Bill Maher (but can look 5'6" range too).
Danimal 5'9 3/4" said on 29/Nov/18
Ben with a 5'6" girl: Click Here
Ben with a 5'8.25" Cenk Uygur: Click Here
Ben with Jordan Peterson who is literally leaning over so not to tower over Ben, yet still had at least 4" on him WITH the lean: Click Here
Ben's in the 5'6" range imo.
Daddy Egg said on 24/Nov/18
Ben Shapiro is actually 5'4 1/4. Proof: Click Here
Giorgi said on 21/Nov/18
Rob, can you also add Jordan Peterson and Sam harris..
vaux said on 10/Nov/18
5'6 seems a bit short, I'd give him at least 5'7
TheBat said on 3/Nov/18
@Christian 6'5 3/8"

He truly does lol! I think Ben looks more like a flat 5'6" and 5'5.5" at the least. The 3/4 is highly unlikely from what I can tell seeing him next to Ted Cruz.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 30/Oct/18
He gives real 5'9" guys a bad rep.
Anonynon said on 27/Oct/18
Are you really sure with 5'6.75"???? Looks lower 5'6", similar to Rand Paul. I just can't see him taller than someone like Jonah Hill for example. Maybe 5'6.5" at most. There's a picture of him with Rand Paul, and although his eyes are above Rand Paul's eyes, his head is smaller, and there's always a chance of him wearing dress shoes that give +1.75.
Editor Rob
I think Ben claiming 5ft 9 is possibly a 2-inch inflation.
Greatman said on 15/Oct/18
Iirc Trump's hands are in the 25th percentile.
CommonKim said on 9/Oct/18
There is No way he is 5'9. He barely looks 5.7
Littlelee168cm said on 4/Sep/18
True mickie and no-one would see the difference between a guy being 5ft 6.75 and 5ft 7 anyway even if some on her may disagree with me
Mickie said on 26/Aug/18
I'm not even convinced that Trump's hands would measure quite as small as people claim they do. They're probably small for his height, but I can't say I trust the veracity of e-measurements that much (why celebheights is so great).

In any event, I think after seeing him next to Bill Maher, Larry King, and Cenk Uygur that Ben at least deserves to be listed at the full 5'7" and not less than that.
Meiser said on 12/Aug/18
His hands are only slightly bigger than Trump's.
Mickie said on 5/Jul/18
It's true Maher could be sub 5'8" these days. If I was Rob I would list Maher at a "current height" of 5'7.5" and bring Shapiro up by a fraction too.
Peter175 said on 3/Jul/18
At first I thought he was like 5'6 but after seeing him around other people, Imma go with that ambiguous strong 5'7 range that can seem very short at times and other times quite average.

He hasn't looked below this listing to me and has looked nearly 5'8 at times
NotBenShapiro said on 1/Jul/18
On Bill Maher's show he looks taller than Maher. 5'9 seems plausible (especially with his bad posture)
Mickie said on 30/Jun/18
To be honest, I could even see him edging out Maher possibly, but they're basically the same height. No more than a half inch difference either way.
Mickie said on 30/Jun/18
Either Shapiro needs a little bit of an upgrade or Bill Maher needs a downgrade (at least on his current height). I can't agree with Shapiro being more than .5" shorter than Maher Click Here
Editor Rob
Certainly Ben seems in 5ft 7 range, but always a chance Bill could be losing a fraction. I never realised he was 62 now.
Boob said on 27/Jun/18
He's 5'5" or 5'6" max. No way he's even close to 5'9". He looks pretty small all the time. 5'9" is not small and people always call him short so yea. I honestly give him under 5'6"
YL07 said on 22/Jun/18
Man, I'm pretty disappointed he claims to be 5'9", when you estimated him to be more of a weak 5'7" guy than a 5'9" guy. That means he wouldn't be able to reach 5'9" in his morning height or sneakers, even 1" sneakers wouldn't cut it. I know I shouldn't judge his height claim if he's trustworthy or not. Now I'm really unsure if I can trust his political views or not, I did caught a few lies from him time to time other than his height. I guess he can be pretty trustworthy sometimes, and sometimes he might lie about a few things or could accidentally misinform us. Oh well, no one is perfect I guess.
Adf said on 12/May/18
The reason why people think 5'9 its short LOL
Matt99 said on 7/May/18
This is why 5’9 is considered short...
Vinnie said on 22/Apr/18
Can you add Dr Jordan Peterson? He's another one who operates in "that" circle whose gotten internet famous recently.

There's a couple of pics of him standing next to Shapiro and he looks to be 4-5 inches taller.

I'd peg him at a shade under 6'.
Paul Warner said on 20/Apr/18
Idk why everyone around here is pretending it's a big deal how tall he is. I'm just here because Google doesn't have a listing and I need it for a meme.
Fred12435 said on 24/Mar/18
Ben Shapiro is an extremely smart and sharp man but he lies about his height. I think he is 168 cm.
c-mo said on 23/Mar/18
lol at him claiming 5'9

no surprise that 5'9 has a wrong repute when so many 5'6 - 5'7 guys claim it

I can imagine also some 5'4-5'5 guys doing that but in general those rather claim 5'7 lol

I am 5'9.25 in the evening and my brother is about 5'8.4 in the evening and I look a little taller next to him especially when we have shoes on because he always wears thin sneakers while I prefer thicker shoes because of my height interest :) and people often guessed me as 5'10.5 - 5'11 in my life

a barefoot 5'9 is not tall but it is a lot taller than many think and it is actually a pretty solid height . I like my height . ideally I would like to fall in the 179cm - 184cm range at night but oh well is how it is

you have to imagine that shapiro claiming 5'9 is as if I would claim 5'11.5
Boba Fett said on 22/Mar/18
People are always taking jabs at this guy's height, so there's no way he's 5'9".
Thunderfin said on 9/Mar/18
5'9? That's a good joke, much like his commentary.
Duncan27 said on 23/Feb/18
Check out those pics of him standing next to Steven Crowder. Crowder (he claims he's roughly 6ft2) is a head taller than him. In all talk shows, Shapiro is dwarfed by almost everyone, even the smaller folk.
Jake94 (5'9 said on 22/Jan/18
Not sure I buy that pic where Cruz towers over him. Think he's at a pretty major footwear disadvantage. Still claiming 5'9" is silly.
Ethan said on 15/Jan/18
Looks 5’7 barely
Inez said on 9/Jan/18
ahaha lol 5'9 is bs. 5'9 and 6'2 are most common height to exaggerate imo. 5'6.5 at best
Anonymous said on 9/Jan/18
Hes 172.5cm Ted is 179cm ..
Anonymous said on 1/Jan/18

Cruz wears cowboys boots which give him a few inches in height
Rez said on 1/Jan/18
Only trolls or biased conservatives think he’s above 5’6
Paul NS (6ft0.5) said on 29/Dec/17
Hambubger, you are imagining things. Cenk has always been listed here as 5'8.25, and Obama is not listed an inch over Trump.
HonestSlovene said on 29/Dec/17
I'd say a weak 5'7" for Shapiro and a decent 5'8" for Cenk seems legit enough. I agree that conservatives are judged a bit harsher (look at the average guess for him), but I think Robs guess of Shapiro would be very close to what he would measure. He always looks 1-2 inches shorter than Cenk in every picture, Alex Jones always looks an inch taller than him though.
hambubger said on 25/Dec/17
There are definitely not two inches between Cenk Uygur, listed here as 5'9", and Shapiro at under 5'7". Another case of this site's bizarre bias against conservatives (the site also has Trump an inch shorter than Obama, when pictures of them together show they are definitely too close in height to call).

That being said, Shapiro is probably actually 5'7" and Cenk 5'8". Or to look at it another way, if Cenk is 5'9" as stated, then Shapiro is 5'8", just 1" shy of his claim.
Marc said on 25/Dec/17
oop did he get an upgrade? I saw you posted Cenk and noticed they had a pic together where he looked not too too far in height so i thought i'd check here again. :P Man i stand 5'8 and am not willing to admit even one inch. ppl would sniff me out
Editor Rob
as I said 4 days ago, I think he can look near 5ft 7 more than 5ft 6.
Rick said on 24/Dec/17
Ok, should have scrolled down before mentioning Ted Cruz, the second picture makes the 5'6 listing more believable.
Rick said on 24/Dec/17
Also there's a picture of him standing next to 5'9 maximum Ted Cruz where there's at least a 4 inch difference between them.
Rick said on 22/Dec/17
I'm surprised he's this tall. Maybe he just has a short body but he always looks like he's standing on a box in photos. Maybe that's where the rumours that he's barely 5'2 come from.
Craig said on 19/Dec/17

How do you explain the many photos of King looking as tall or taller than Seacrest? This just suggests that the estimation of DJ Khaled's height is off. There are other photos of Larry King, like loads with De Niro (all over google images) demonstrating a recent height of at least 5'7.5. Shapiro looks to be about King's height while leaning in. I may be overestimating Shapiro's height, but this listing is a clear underestimation
Guest said on 17/Dec/17
Craig said on 12/Dec/17
Shapiro seems to be in the 5'8-5'9 range, 5'7.5 at the very least
Is that you again Ben ? 😆
randomuser said on 17/Dec/17
@Craig Larry King is nowhere near 5'9

Here he is with 5'6.5 DJ Khaled: Click Here

Shapiro is 5'6.5. 5'8-5'9 is trolling
Editor Rob
Larry King has lost several inches in height, he used to claim 5ft 10, actually a few years ago he still claimed 5ft 10.
Craig said on 12/Dec/17

That's a fair point. I'll grant it - but here's Ben with Larry King, and Larry King with Ryan Seacrest, whose height is well documented as between 5'7 and 5'8. King is clearly considerably taller than Seacrest (shoes included), and Shapiro seems to be of similar height to King if not taller:

King and Seacrest:
Click Here

Shapiro and King:
Click Here

King could've shrunk between the time of the two photos though. Shapiro seems to be in the 5'8-5'9 range, 5'7.5 at the very least
Adamz said on 12/Dec/17
ben rekt the stadiometer
brandonknight said on 12/Dec/17
His rabid fanboys will still claim Ben "rekt" the stadiometer.
Paul NS (6ft0.5) said on 11/Dec/17
Eh, that brief walking clip doesn't really show us anything - the camera is so uneven that the best it shows is that Shapiro and Wallace aren't massively apart in stature. The meme that Shapiro's 5'4 is clearly an exaggeration, but it seems impossible for him to be above this listing.

Besides, no genuine 5'8-5'9 would constantly joke about how short they are...
Craig said on 11/Dec/17
This listing is incorrect

He had an interview with Chris Wallace in which they walk down the hallway side-by-side... he's clearly about or above Wallace's height, and Wallace is no shorter than 5'8" (there are pictures of Wallace with many figures whose heights have been well documented)

Link to video with Wallace: Click Here

He's between 5'8" and 5'9"
MJKoP said on 25/Nov/17
@Rob: '"mr" Bornstein'....not sure if that was deliberate, but very nice nonetheless! :D
Nik said on 22/Nov/17
At 5'6.5" Ben is not that small! He is not 5'9" though and Trump is not 6'2"!
Marc said on 21/Nov/17
Man I was waiting on this one cuz I had hard time believing 5ft9 I HV a feeling he may give in one day and admit he is a 5"9er if the listing is true it's hard to get away with that
EM said on 19/Nov/17
@randomuser - what in that one low quality photo? Yeah he could look under 5'7" there. Most people have some photos where they look either a little shorter or a little taller than they would measure... Like I say, I haven't seen enough of Ben next to people of known height to make a rock solid conclusion about him. I mean, if Cenk Uygur is really 5'9" you could even say Ben looks closer to 5'8" next to him. As of right now, I think Rand is a strong 5'6", Ben 5'7"-ish, and Cenk a strong 5'8". But I'm open minded.
MJKoP said on 19/Nov/17
omar said on 17/Nov/17
Ben Shapiro lying about something? No way, I don't believe it.
Editor Rob: to be fair, the Doctor probably called out '5ft 9' but he simply got the 9 and 6 mixed up, so let's not blame Ben for the Doctor's incompetence 😏

And which doctor might that be? Harold "Six-foot-three 236 lb. Donald J. Trump would be the healthiest President ever elected into office" Bornstein?!?!?!?

Click Here
Editor Rob
yes, mr Bornstein has a habit of mix-ups!
randomuser said on 18/Nov/17
EM said on 16/Nov/17
As for Ben, I know he's going to be the sort of guy who has fan boys overstating his height and haters understating it. Objectively, I haven't seen enough of him to be sure, but I suspect he could be more 5'7" than 5'6.5".
Sounds like you're one of the fanboys. A full 5'7? No way. He wasn't taller than 5'6 Rand Paul
Cobber said on 18/Nov/17
Do you reckon his morning height is 5’9” and he simply shrinks 3-4 inches throughout the day? 😂
omar said on 17/Nov/17
Ben Shapiro lying about something? No way, I don't believe it.
Editor Rob
to be fair, the Doctor probably called out '5ft 9' but he simply got the 9 and 6 mixed up, so let's not blame Ben for the Doctor's incompetence 😏
Adamz said on 16/Nov/17
I am 69.0000 inches out of bed and 174.1cm mid-day. so my 69 inch claim isn't a lie, technically. Wanted to add that.
Adamz said on 16/Nov/17
randomuser said on 27/Oct/17
Needs a downgrade. Here he is with 5'8 Ted Cruz Click Here

He wears lifts to look taller but doesn't have the frame or typical head size of a 5'6.5 guy
Editor Rob: not sure Ted is a 5ft 8 guy...

With Mike Pence he is usually a couple of inches taller, and Pence was measured 5ft 10 in shoes.

I once again agree with Big Rob. I have also seen the ted cruz/ ben pic on google images. I do not think Cruz is 68 icnhes. 70 inches seems more likely than 68.
Adamz said on 16/Nov/17
Look, I don’t think Shapiro really cares about his height that much, but you have people like Milo Yiannopoulos, mentioning his height. Ben probably just googled average height and saw 69 inches is close enough to it and went with that without really caring. Just to mitigate the ridicule during the flame war. I am 174cm 68.5 inches myself and I always just say 69.0 inches because it's frequently regarded as baseline average (or near it) in white western countries like the US, UK and Canada.
Adamz said on 16/Nov/17
Editor Rob: Shapiro doesn't seem like a kind of guy who is wearing anything but normal shoes.

I agree with you, Big Rob.
EM said on 16/Nov/17
Same guy Dennis Prager next to Kareem: Click Here

As for Ben, I know he's going to be the sort of guy who has fan boys overstating his height and haters understating it. Objectively, I haven't seen enough of him to be sure, but I suspect he could be more 5'7" than 5'6.5". Obviously not the 5'9" he's mentioned though.
EM said on 15/Nov/17
With Dennis Pragger, who is allegedly 6'4": Click Here
EM said on 14/Nov/17
Absolutely baseless to assume he was in lifts and Cenk wasn't.
Editor Rob
Shapiro doesn't seem like a kind of guy who is wearing anything but normal shoes.
Adamz said on 12/Nov/17
short, but good speaker!
randomuser said on 12/Nov/17
Powerhouse said on 11/Nov/17
I’m very surprised to see Ben is this short, I thought he was rounding up to 5’9 and was 5’8 and change
How are you surprised at all? In every photo/video, he looks short
MJKoP said on 11/Nov/17
Regarding Cenk: I have no qualms giving him the very weak 5'9" he's claimed. Rob has Ana listed as 5'3" and even in her heels, he completely destroys her...for some time, I honestly thought he was the 5'11" to 6'0" he always got listed as. His claim seems very realistic, perhaps even a self-downgrade. Ben was almost positively wearing lifts around Cenk, as they are basically arch rivals AND Ben has a painfully obvious height complex, which he gets constantly ridiculed for. The fact that Cenk(who seems not to give a crap about physical appearance and tends to focus on more important things) was STILL taller than a height-obsessed Ben is almost definitive proof that the barefoot difference would be much greater than what it appeared to be in photographs. Ben - 5'6.5" Cenk - 5'9" or 5'8.75" minimum.
Powerhouse said on 11/Nov/17
I’m very surprised to see Ben is this short, I thought he was rounding up to 5’9 and was 5’8 and change. This to me is slightly damaging to his validity (im a big fan of his) as it shows how willing he is to exeggerate his own height a great deal, it shows a clear dishonesty.
Peter175 said on 11/Nov/17
Anonymous, I guess that does sound a bit sexist, but how hard is it really to take off your shoes at a doctor's office or just get a measuring tape to find your range? Rounding up an inch is fine and normal, if Ben said he was 5'7 I'd have no qualms with it. But srs 2+ inches is just insane. Where's your dignitiy. I'm inclined to believe that most people know their general height range but just fraud because they're insecure.

Case in point, nearly every 6ft3+ guy I know gives out their honest barefoot height and some will even round down. It's only really men who aren't tall that feel the need to lie about their height
EM said on 10/Nov/17
@Dan - It probably was the angle, yes. Cenk is slightly taller than Ben. If Ben is listed at 5'6.5", Cenk should be listed somewhere in the 5'7" - 5'8" range. Both have claimed 5'9" on a couple occasions.
John said on 10/Nov/17
Too many Ben Shapiro fanboys trying to upgrade him in the comments. 5'6.5 is the absolute max he could be. He is obviously a lift wearer yet his radical rightwing fans in the comments choose to ignore that fact.
Dan said on 10/Nov/17
Wow, I thought he toward over Cenk when I saw their debate online. I guess it must have been the camera angle.
Shredder said on 10/Nov/17
Cenk could be added soon , he looks 5'9.
Editor Rob
he might not be as tall as 5ft 9, possibly 5ft 8
Peter175 said on 10/Nov/17
Rob, I need your help.

What is Ben's height while wearing a pair of dons 4 inch cowboy boots, fresh out of bed from 9 hours of sleep, Busting a Gut and standing on one leg?
Editor Rob
5ft 11 and 7/8ths
Anonymous said on 9/Nov/17
With Rand Paul (5'7"), he looks about the same height, maybe a little taller. With Ted Cruz (5'10/11"), he looks about 3.5 inches shorter. This makes Ben Shapiro around 5'7.5". I know it's funny to make fun of height fibbers, but in this case he's not exaggerating by that much. Most people wouldn't exaggerate by over 3 inches, especially considering his public appearances, where one's height can be estimated.
EM said on 9/Nov/17
Shapiro is slightly shorter than Cenk, as Rob says. But they're close enough in height such that If Shapiro is 5'6.5" that means Cenk is also telling a pretty significant fib by claiming 5'9". The difference between them could be around an inch, but there's no chance on God's green earth that it's 2.5".
Anonymous said on 9/Nov/17
Peter175 said on 8/Nov/17
Yeah I find it hard to respect someone, particularly a male who adds more than half an inch to their height.

1 inch is massive. Like a flat 5'8 claiming to be 5'9, but even worst are the guys who fraud up by 2+ inches. Zayn Malik is a good example. clearly insecure and wants to be taller. Zendaya is the same but its kinda weird for a tallish girl to be obsessed with being tall
Why particularly a male? That sounds quite sexist. Anyway, the vast majority of men add more than half an inch to their height. Most people don't know their exact height. It's not fair to judge them and disrespect them simply because they exaggerate their height by an inch

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