How tall is Travis Van Winkle

Travis Van Winkle's Height

5ft 11 ¼ (181 cm)

American actor, best known for playing Danny Green in TV show The Last Ship and for appearing in films like Friday the 13th and Transformers. On Instagram he said "This just in: I'M STILL GROWING. I've been a solid 6'0 for my adult life. Well.. Today I'm officially 6'1 #EatingMyWheaties" and also joked "6'8 officially, but on screen I look 6'0". In this convention photo, I was wearing Skechers, not much different than his Converse.

Travis Van Winkle at MCM Comic Con Manchester 2015
5ft 8 Rob and Travis (age 32) @ MCM Manchester, 2015

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Average Guess (71 Votes)
5ft 11.28in (181cm)
Gavin v said on 28/Nov/23
Rob, could he be 5ft 11 7/8 first thing and dip down to 5ft 11 1/8 or flat 5ft 11 at evening time?
Editor Rob
Maybe out of bed has a good chance of 6ft flat
Dmeyer said on 10/Jun/23
Solide 3cm over arnie arni might bรฉ close to 5-10 today
Darksol64 said on 17/Apr/23
3 inch difference in pic sounds perfect to me, considering he's losing some height being wider-legged.

Has a noticeably above average tallish body - compared to the average here in the USA, at least. So I absolutely believe 5'11 and some change.
Daniel Lee 173 cm said on 1/Jan/23
@Rob How much height does he lose with his legs apart compared to you?
Editor Rob
Nearly 9 inches between heels of sneakers can take 1/8th off.
al001 said on 24/Oct/21
There is absolutely no way this guy is under 5โ€™11 like people are saying
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Oct/21
@Jake: He should get that easily
Jake said on 18/Oct/21
Could he be 6ft range out of bed or is that a little too high Rob?
Editor Rob
Yeah there is a chance of that first thing.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 18/Oct/20
With Travis's name, I'd far sooner have a height entry in 'EatingMyWheaties' ๐ŸŒพthan 'EatingMyWinkles'! I loathe the things! When my Dad eats shellfish, I have to leave the premises. I can't STAND the smell!


Travis gets 5ft11.5, so a little 'tip' because I so thoroughly enjoyed sounding off on his page about my hatred for revolting smelling fish!

Nik Ashton said on 11/Jun/20
Heโ€™s 5โ€™11.25โ€ โ€œ#EatingMyWheaties"
Easy E said on 21/Feb/20
looks 5'11.5 in the pic w/ rob
Jkiller said on 19/Feb/20
Could possibly pull off 181cm max
Johan 185 cm said on 11/May/19
5'11" flat guy claiming 6'1"....just look at those lines. So many guys this range try to claim 6'1" now, it was 6' in the past what changed?
Bobby 5'10 (178) said on 19/Apr/19
I can't see him at 5'11.25, but maybe 5'10.75, Rob's eyes are slightly above his mouth area. I think there's a greater chance of 180 over 181.
Peter 180cm said on 1/Jan/19
Actually he might even be a fraction under 5'11 as 5'8 comes in atleast an inch above his eyebrows and 5'7 above his eyebrows abit as well while 173cm is lower on my forehead than his and 170cm is at the bottom of my eyebrows.His claims are laughable! :P
Peter 179cm said on 20/Dec/18
He looks no more than 180cm.5'10 is above this guy's hairline so im guessing 5'11 flat.Maybe 181 at noon.
VelikiSrbinn said on 17/Dec/18
5'11.25 is the absolute MAX he can pass for, but I'm thinking more 5'11 flat.
Sandy Cowell said on 15/Dec/18
I think Travis could pass for 6ft or just under at first glance.

I have decided on 5ft11.5, and I don't think that's being unrealistic at all. There is no Christmas bonus sneaked in there, I promise!

VelikiSrbinn said on 24/Nov/18
6'1? That's no more than 3 inches difference there LOL..
Zampo said on 23/Oct/18
To me and solely from the photo (which looks like a pretty good one for judging height), he looks 5'10.75. Doesn't look over 5'11.
Nik said on 5/Aug/18
He probably does pull off 5'11.25", maybe fractionally more!
Jakob said on 3/Aug/18
Rob, I'm guessing a 5ft 11 range guy claiming 6ft 1 like Travis wouldn't want to measured next to a guy like Chris pine?
Editor Rob
It would be interesting if he ever stood beside Pine and they both called out their claims.

I think I know who I'd bet on looking an inch taller...
Jordan87 said on 30/Jul/18
6'1" LOL. Busted!!!!!!
Rourke said on 13/Jul/18
This just in! Youโ€™re no more than 5โ€™11
Micky said on 4/May/18
I think he could actually measure 182. No way 185, but just because he looks 181 in a photo doesn't mean he's exactly 181.
Rico 5'8.75 said on 24/Mar/18
He's a solid 5'10.75", rob is behind him a bit, and Travis has more footwear
Bobby said on 28/Sep/17
@CS, yeah, I'm 5'10 and have claimed 5'11 before, I mean, I reach 5'11 in shoes, so it's not technically lying.
Bobby said on 28/Sep/17
I swear Robs look a decent 5'10 range while he looks a decent 6'1 range.
Balrog said on 24/Jul/17
It would have been better for him to just stick with the 6 feet claim. He does like a legit 5'11'' guy here.
6'1-6'1.5 Guy said on 26/May/17
5'11 the guy wants 6'1 ...
However, this is not new
World Citizen said on 24/May/17
I think he looks 5 ft 10.5 here
Pierre said on 7/May/17
By the scale he's about 5"11',imo he has a little lift because his shoes are looking very large,i have the same shoes and a strong feet(i'm around 270 lbs) and my shoes are never looking like this
S.J.H said on 9/Apr/17
5'10.5 and rob was little behind him
delvin chung said on 5/Mar/17
Is 180 cm possible
Editor Rob
a flat 5ft 11 is very possible, wouldn't rule it out.
Mathew Robinson said on 23/Feb/17
I'd say 5'11.5" would be very fair, since Rob is a strong 5'8". I see just a little bit more than a flat 3 inches here.
Mike said on 20/Feb/17
Lol at 6ft 1, doesn't even look over 5ft 11 here tbh. 180 is the most I would guess him at.
CS said on 3/Dec/16
I know a guy who is about 5'11 range and also claims 6'1. Like wtf. I don't see the logic in it all lol. 6'0, ok fine. But 6'1!? Where do people get the audacity and logic?
Parker said on 9/Nov/16
Editor Rob: It would be like me at 9am in a big pair of Nike's pointing at the stadiometer saying 'look, 5ft 10 folks!'...

Maybe that's where Kevin Hart gets his 5'4 from? lol
Sam said on 8/Nov/16
no ly, you should be honest to prove a point that other people are lying, and just for honesty sake its better to say your real height anyway. 2 inches IMO is pushing it, but it does almost seem the norm these days. Shouldn't have to worry about lying if you're 6'0+ because most people or a lot of people will probably think you're tall in person anyway so there is no need to lie.
Editor Rob
Sam, I'm impressed with honesty in height, regardless of the actual height of the person.

If he'd said he measured at 9am in sneakers, it's probably not much of a lie really, he could be close to it.

It would be like me at 9am in a big pair of Nike's pointing at the stadiometer saying 'look, 5ft 10 folks!'...
Bob101 said on 14/Sep/16
Lol I liked how this site never takes footware into account.

You are apparently bang on 5'8 yet in this picture you have your height as 5'8 in trainers and travis just over 5'11 in his trainers.

Editor Rob
I've drew the lines to show how many inches difference there is in a photo as if I am 5ft 8 barefoot.

If there's any difference in footwear mentioned, just visually account for that fraction in the mugshot.

There was 2 ways to do it: Here.

The problem is though that at a glance people are seeing 5ft 8 Rob, then the line might show my hair brushing 5ft 9 or if I was in an inch sneaker a bit over 5ft 9.

For me it was simpler to visualise as though I'm barefoot and if there was any difference in footwear simply account for that based on the line.
ly said on 25/Aug/16
nowdays every strong 5ft11 guy is claiming 6ft1 wtf am i supossed to claim now im 186cm should i claim 6ft3.25 so everybodys else lies are in tune
John said on 23/Aug/16
If you want to inflate your height Travis, at least just say 6'0 and not "solid" 6'0, cause you're not...
I believe it's just a pathetic attempt to convince people even more that he's a real 6'0. Or maybe Travis was measured shortly after out of bed and was measured exactly at 6'0 (hence his "solid" 6'0 claim), since most people lose about 0.75" from morning to evening, and he's probably not aware of the fact that people lose height. But there's no excuse for him to claim 6'1"
Mat said on 27/May/16
He had probably been measured in sneakers at 6 foot, now with a little thicker sneaker and a morning measurement, he could be 5'11.5-75 and get 6'0.75 with shoes
Dionisio Rojas said on 20/May/16
Loving the rollover image effect!!!
truth said on 18/Mar/16
Upon first look I thought this guy was weak 6ยดish (182cm), but looking close I think 181cm is closer. He has a large forehead, his eye level might be what a 5ft11 person would have but the end of his head makes him at least around 5ft11.5.
NBAer said on 29/Feb/16
More 180 flat in my opinion-Rob comes in over 3cm above this guy's eyebrows,so max 7cm difference between them.
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 18/Feb/16
Looks right on 181 cm but I really wouldn't entirely rule out 182 either.
Andrea said on 26/Oct/15
In this clip he can look near 6' (more 6 than 5 inches taller than Jonah Hill), actually: Click Here
But he is not that tall, more 5'11 with Rob (and Jared Padalecki)...
Andrea said on 26/Oct/15
Naa, i wouldn't say "3 good inches", he looks roughly around 180 with Rob, but something in 5'11 range is believable! 181 is just the most he'd measure... If he looked 3 good inches taller in person, i am sure Rob would have given him no less than 5'11.5 (maybe even 5'11.75) :)
TJE said on 26/Oct/15
181 is fair. There's a good 3 inches between Travis and Rob. He's got a very long eye level btw.
seb1.91 said on 26/Oct/15
He must be at least 5 ft 11, I am 6 ft 2 and my grandfather is 5 ft 11, and the difference is exactly like yours.
Sam said on 16/Oct/15
Nah I feel this is the right listing for him. Looks 3 inches taller than Rob.
Big C said on 15/Oct/15
Guys I think hes 5ft 10.75 he looks no where near 181cm to me, 5ft 11 flat isn't impossible though, 180-180.5cm somewhere between that is what I think he will measure barefoot underneath a stadiometer.
linke said on 15/Oct/15
Always guessed 5'10-11 for him. Does look closer to 5'11.
RoryJS said on 15/Oct/15
Looked taller than Elyes Gabel on "Scorpion" (s02e04). Though it may have been because of the shoes.
184.3cm (Night) said on 15/Oct/15
Looks around 5'11 on the nose, although Colm meaney looked taller in his pic.
Andrea said on 14/Oct/15
When you say 5'11 RANGE, do you mean somewhere between 5'11 and 5'11.99 or something more "restricted"? As i said, i do think he'd measure somewhere between 5'11 and 5'11.25... I did think he might have measured 181-182 but, after seeing him with you, i don't think he's over 181!
Editor Rob
nearer 5ft 11 than 6ft, so 5ft 11.25 is ok, 5ft 11 isn't impossible but I think 181 is what he may measure...
Colm said on 13/Oct/15
He's 5'11" flat, no more no less.
Fluffi Fluffsson said on 13/Oct/15
How could he mismeasure himself that much?
Editor Rob
in shoes earlier in the day and not bashing a stadiometer down and you may get over 6ft!
Andrea said on 13/Oct/15
Rob, do you agree that this guy is not under 5'11?
Editor Rob
yeah he's somewhere in 5ft 11 range I believe.
We actually were standing here a long time I remember as Travis didn't have the right salute, at least the photographer was saying that to him!
Sam said on 12/Oct/15
Hmm, this guy goes into too much to write it off like he's claiming a shoed height. Rob's listing seems accurate.
Big C said on 12/Oct/15
@Alex 6'0 I doubt he's over 5ft 11, looks 5ft 11 with the converse but take away the 1.6cm advantage he will look a weak 5ft 11 like 5ft 10 7/8ths or 178.9cm which is what I think Frank will be if he got measured, they both look weak 5ft 11 guys to me.
Big C said on 12/Oct/15
I think this guy could be the same height as Big Frank who is also near enough 5ft 11 both guys could be just shy of it, what do you think Rob?
Chuckie Cheese 2 said on 11/Oct/15
6 feet 1... hmmm with a good pair of sneakers and Dr scholls maybe. Rob if you were more 5'9 ish that day, then i could believe 6 feet... but if you're more 5'8", yeah 5-11 and a wee bit for this guy. Good actor though, I just don't know if he's still growing at age....32?!!! I grew a bit from age 18 to 24, but it was maybe... 1/2 an inch at best.
Editor Rob
it's 5-6 hours on my feet before this photo is taken so I'll be near low.
Max said on 11/Oct/15
This just in: I'm actually only 5'11, let alone 6'0, or god forbid 6'1!!! In other words, I'm just a big fat liar!!! :D :D :P :)
Andrea said on 11/Oct/15
He doesn't look above 5'11 with Rob... I myself thought that 5'11.5 was possible, before Rob met him! If Rob decided to give him 5'11.25, I doubt there's even a small chance he's 5'11.5! 5'11-5'11.25 is probably his what he'd measure!
Allie said on 10/Oct/15
Strong 5'11 so 181. That converse look kind of different from the normal/traditional converse shoes.. are they thicker in any way rob?
Editor Rob
nah they're just normal type converse.
Jake:1.84 m- 1.85 m said on 10/Oct/15
Rob, could he be 5ft 11.5in? He looks 181-182 cm range. Maybe the 6ft is first thing in the morning.
Editor Rob

Travis in person is nearer 5ft 11 than 6ft.
Mike said on 10/Oct/15
Why would he feel the need to claim 6ft 1 if he said 6ft? 6ft 1 is outrageous...
Mike said on 10/Oct/15
180-182 range
Jim Hopper said on 10/Oct/15
6-1"???????????? Idiot
Alex 6'0 said on 10/Oct/15
Def not 6'0-6'1. 5'11.25-5'11.5 I can see
120 said on 9/Oct/15
Well, that was quite some embarrassing claims.
Matthew190 said on 9/Oct/15
Maybe he could measure 5'11.5"? Certainly he's not really 6'1" without shoes.
Jordan said on 9/Oct/15
More Like a Solid 5'10.5 .
Big C said on 9/Oct/15
Rob are those Converse all stars shoes Travis is wearing? He could even be just shy of 5'11 if that's the case.
Editor Rob
our footwear is very close.
Ivy 5ft 7 said on 9/Oct/15
He looks 5'11" flat with you Rob why 181cm?
Andrea said on 9/Oct/15
Yeah, he just doesn't look a big 6' with you... Let alone 6'1! I wonder how he got that mark... Rob, do you think he'd be similar to Michael Rosenbaum, if measured?
Slothee said on 8/Oct/15
Solid 6'0"? 6'1"??? Lol even if he claimed to be a weak 6 footer he'd still be exaggerating. 5'11" at most!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Oct/15
That quote sounds brutally delusional
Clive said on 8/Oct/15
Hah! how embarrassing for him
Grant said on 8/Oct/15
Why do you think he would claim 6'0/6'1 morning measurement with shoes on?
Andrea said on 8/Oct/15
Wow, you met Travis, Rob! I asked you about him a few months ago and i didn't expect you wou would have met him :)
My guess was somewhere between 5'11 and 5'11.5 rather than the full 6' he got listed at! Jared can definitely look near 5 inches taller than him (well, no less than 4.5)... He looks about 5'11 with you! I certainly wouldn't put him under 5'11, so 5'11.25 is believable (he might still measure nearer 5'11 flat at his lowest though)! As always, great work, Rob :)

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