How tall was Väinö Myllyrinne

Väinö Myllyrinne's Height

8ft 3 (251.5 cm)

Finnish giant. When he was inducted into the army he was 7 feet 3 inches, and grew to 8ft 1.25 inches. In the 1970's Guinness Records noted he "may have stood 8 feet 3 inches at one time". The highest he was ever billed in the press was 9 feet 1 inches.

Väinö Myllyrinne kättelemässä

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Average Guess (34 Votes)
8ft 3.25in (252.1cm)
5'7 and a fraction said on 7/Jun/23
Fionetyg said on 22/May/23
Under 8ft

Proof please. Or are just trolling?
Fionetyg said on 22/May/23
Under 8ft
Robbe said on 12/Feb/23
Just for fun, Väinö here with Elizabeth Zollner, who was a circus midget. I could't find her height, but she looks 4ft range there Click Here

Väinö is dropping maybe 2in there. That lady looks pretty much the same height as that that short guy there with Soormo and Hannan Click Here
Robbe said on 10/Feb/23
Yeah, reporter could have been rounding up, or down, who knows.

P.S. Väinö looks pretty much the same with his 179cm Marmon, as he does with that reporter.

Click Here

Those Marmons are pretty big cars, weight around 2500kg, and wheelbase 3 meters. Looks quite modest next to Väinö, but with normal person it's a different thing Click Here

Like said before, Väinö drove his car from backseat lol. What a sight that must have been 😛 😛 😛
Xeaonittyy said on 8/Feb/23
@Robbe Thank you for letting me know. From photo with reporter, Vaino looks is 8’2 - 8’3. I got no idea if reporter downgraded his height (for example 171cm), by saying about 1,7m or just rounded as he been shorter.👍 Indeed it’s rare interview.
Robbe said on 6/Feb/23
@Xeaonittyy, the reporter who interviews Väinö here says "i'm about 170cm but i feel like a midget looking at Väinö". It's the very only time we can hear Väinö speaking. Very rare interview. They are speaking in swedish language there. Väinö spoak several languages as mentioned before. At the end he speaks finnish to his fellow citisens listening in finland.

Click Here

"About 170cm" could mean slightly under that mark though, like 168-169cm, perhaps.
Xeaonittyy said on 5/Feb/23
I think I was kinda inaccurate,the tape is straight.
Xeaonittyy said on 5/Feb/23
@Robbe Could you send your list of 8-footers???
Xeaonittyy said on 5/Feb/23
@Robbe That photo of Trung is from January 2019, 12:40 PM, he was barely able to stand, and used wheelchair to move around, he was only coming to hospital once a month for about day, for blood transfusion, due to kidney failure, where he had 2m60cm bed. At photo he is 252.5cm, according to guy who measured him. BTW according to news articles, Ngoan (trung's father) states that he is close to 180cm, or around 175cm barefoot, and we can see that on tape he is around that height, if it was fully straight. I seen other measurement, around Trung's own house(?), where he WASN'T measured out of bed. Please understand that people like trung don't lay always and when he first came to hospital with sickness he was around 2m52, and it was reported same week by news. idk about 5cm growth spurt later, but 8 ft 3 is confirmed for sure.

@Robbe I have 1 more question, could you send source stating that guy around Vaino is 170cm??
Xeaonittyy said on 4/Feb/23
I believe Vaino is already 8’3, he seems to be bigger than when he served in police.
Btw that photo of Zia and Arif is from 2015, and he grow 3 inches like 1 year later, compared to Arif Mehmood he looked like 8 ft 3 in that new phoyo, I did estimation sometime ago and I will send it here when I will find the photo. And make estimation also Wahid Hannan meet Mr Bean statue and were 5’8. Photo of Zia you picked has high angle so it may be not 100% reliable to use but it’s still good charr.
Robbe said on 4/Feb/23
Väinö and Trung compared to 5'7 reporter Click Here

Trung is barefoot, but Väinö is further away from the camera. Trungs height is debatable, cause he was always measured straight out of bed, which is basically your morning height.

Anyway, these guys were most likely very close in heights. Probably within an inch.
Robbe said on 2/Feb/23
I don't know how tall Väinö is in this photo, but if he is 8'3 range, that guy looks 5'7.

Click Here

If Väinö is 8ft range there, that guy is no more than 5'4.

These guys looks also 5'7 range if Väinö is 8'3 there Click Here

But they are also only 5'4 range if Väinö is "only" 8ft there. What do you say Nippu, is Väinö in his peak in those pics? He looks pretty huge there.
Jam said on 25/Jan/23
Rob, any idea why his growth plates would stay open for so long?
Editor Rob
I remember once reading about delayed closure, when they were still open at 30, but it seemed to be a very rare occurrence.
Nippu said on 16/Jan/23
Robbe its because 7´11 is around his standing height. Not even near to 8´3. He can stretch him 8´0 with shoes on. They use Sultans max lying down height and i think there is also small correction.
Robbe said on 15/Jan/23
Isn't that clip where Väinö is cycling on that "Tall man" video? I recorded that video when it aired out on telly about 10 years ago, but i have erased it long time ago. My bad. It should rerund on TV. I wont pay any money to see it, espesially if it's only 13mins long. Original is 19 mins. Has anybody rent that video?

P.S. Sultan looks actually only 7'11 with Wadlow there in 2012, but he is tilting his head backwards there, so he is dropping height Click Here
Nippu said on 14/Jan/23
@Robbe sure i am and i also have all pictures and the guys height (his family reported) who are measured Vaino. I will check it out. Its old stuff for me so i have just refresh my memory. He was like 5´10 or so. At the time Vaino stood really tall and have almost perfect posture. And he still got like 17 years left.
Xeaonittyy said on 12/Jan/23
I’m also not sure if Zia was at his peak height on image.
Xeaonittyy said on 12/Jan/23
Film about Vaino Myllyrinne Click Here
Xeaonittyy said on 12/Jan/23
Great estimation! I also wonder if Soomro is 8 footer, but its weird. He was claimed to be 7’9 measured, but himself said 8’0.45 perharps if he grow. I
’m pretty sure Zia is verified member of 8 footer, because as far I know, arif meet riaz who meet Soomro, but at the time Soomro could be less? Arif also meet Muddasir who is close to 8 ft, perharps 8 ft…

Soomro being 8 ft would be suprising, but I wonder if he was measured at 8 ft after he grew. He is sadly ill now , and suffering from lung disease.
Robbe said on 12/Jan/23
Naseer Soomro is listed 7'9 but he looks taller than Zia Rasheed compared to Wahid Hannan Click Here

Could Soomro really be a legit 8 footer?
Xeaonittyy said on 10/Jan/23
I’m curious, can anybody send their 8-footer list?
Robbe said on 10/Jan/23
@Nippu, have you read this SE magazine 1944 from Sweden?

Click Here

It says there are many pictures of Väinö. Wonder if they measured his height as well. In the cover thay are measuring his waist as we can see. It's on sale for about 15 euros + shipping. It would be interesting to see the pics, but the price is a bit too high in my opinion..
Xeaonittyy said on 9/Jan/23
@Toby Barrett

It was before he grew, again, I can see you disputing height…
Nippu said on 9/Jan/23
@Robbe My information sources are Vainos Doctor, Also his nephew Kalervo directly and media reports who were atleast alive early 2000. Same people who make those photoshoots and measured Vaino. But they had not any data. Also my grandfather served armytime in WW2 with him after he was wounded. He was workin near miinapaja. He was a person who actually told me most of Vaino Storys in 80´s when i was a kid.

Kalervo said that Vaino never had any growth spurth. As i have notice before. The year were Vaino is rising in car is 1935 so Vaino is 27year old. He did grew after army very fast but not too fast to handicap him. He was allready "around" 8ft at young age. After that he never stopped growing but did grew only like 1cm a year. His bones never closed so he was able to grow taller. Otherwise he would start grow wider.

Vainos barefoot height was 252´8cm at the end. Seura magazine reporter said he was 245cm but did not stand straight. He was bending his knees because of rheumatism. Measured was made in Vainos house. His hair touch a roof as Kalervo also said and reporter said same thing. Vaino also took reporters hole head in his hand. Yhtyneet kuvalehdet have picture about that. I had it before but its lost somewhere. I try to ask it again. I have to go where. They give me only paper copy for free.

These are measurements with Vaino wich i know. Im just using my memory but it gets close enough.

1. Vaino going to army 222cm
2. Vaino Leavin army 226cm
3. Vaino 1935 around 236-242cm
4. Vaino getting his licence to drive 238cm (Finnish Police)
5. Vaino get new one 243cm (Finnish Police)
6. Vaino measured people around him beside to wall (marker is still there) 245cm
7. Seura magazine "245cm"
8. Vaino telling his own height was 247cm when touring. He was downgrading himself. Papers mentioned mentioned 248-251cm and 254cm and even 9´1 once.
9. Vaino measured his licence to drive last time 248cm
10. Time of death 252,8cm measured by doctors. He was also measured bigger hand than Wadlow

Thats all i know. There are of course hundreds of storys people who meet him. Most of the interviews are found in newspaper HS. Helsingin sanomat. They are allways accurate. They are most reliable source after doctors. Its not tabloid paper. I will make fb page or something where i can share my photos of Vaino wich i think u have not seen? Atlest there are some of those.
Toby Barrett said on 8/Jan/23

Väinö's height was 247 cm barefoot.
Nippu said on 8/Jan/23
@Thanks for comparisions. That probably is Vaino´s car. Not 100 sure. At that time Vaino was not his full lenght. I i remember right this is from year 1935.
Xeaonittyy said on 8/Jan/23
Sultan stand 8 ft 1 in shoes, in 2012 Click Here" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Click Here Click Here
Robbe said on 8/Jan/23
I found out that Väinö's Marmon is actually 70,6in (179cm) high, so my picture was pretty close. Only mistake was i put Väinö too short on the chart 😛

@Nippu, do you know what year was that? Was Väinö already in his peak by then? He looks pretty much the same height with the car, as he looks with that 5'7 reporter in 1944.
Xeaonittyy said on 7/Jan/23
I’m curious, can anybody write their list of 8 footer?
Nippu said on 7/Jan/23
@Xeaonittyy i have seen several films of Vaino when i was a kid. Just cant find them anyplace. They are somewhere but i have no idea where i start searching. Vaino´s bisycle is near Helsinki. U can see his clothes and other stuff also. And his suit also wich u can find few photos. Suit is around as tall as i am. Without shoes.
Toby Barrett said on 7/Jan/23
Click Here
Robbe said on 7/Jan/23
I believe this is Väinö's car Marmon? Click Here

If Väinö is as listed there, that guy appears 5'9 range, about the same height as the car Click Here

Väinö is dropping some height there, so i put him slightly under 8'3. It would be interesting to know is that model really 175cm high. I tried to google, with no success.
Robbe said on 7/Jan/23
@Nippu, Wessels with Muddasir and Sultan Click Here
Toby Barrett said on 6/Jan/23
Click Here
Xeaonittyy said on 6/Jan/23
Personally I believe hes 8 footer, just good estimation including feet is needed, and it would prove that hes legit member. Muddasir meeting Wessels also proves that Abiodun is legit member.
Xeaonittyy said on 6/Jan/23
I once saw video of Vaino riding a bike in 1940s but never saved it… does anybody have link to this video?
Xeaonittyy said on 6/Jan/23
@Nippu Sultan was measured 8 ft 2 in with shoes, at Saint Paul Parc!
Xeaonittyy said on 6/Jan/23
@Robbe I think estimation is inaccurate because we cannot see down of on that photo. I recommend to somebody to make second estimation. But Vaino! That reporter proves his height, even more proof.
Xeaonittyy said on 6/Jan/23
@Robbe I’m not sure but I think that Rashid grow after that picture was taken.
Nippu said on 5/Jan/23
Now i say WOW! Finally new giant and picture with Wessel is golden proof. I know Abiodun Adegoke but he has lost a lot of height because his back7spine problems.

Ok now he must go and challange Sultan! Even if he is under 8ft still. Someone could make comparision Wessel & Sultan and Wessel and Muddasir. Sultan dont stand 8´3. He look to me as tall as Sultan does. And Sultan is looking around 7´10 to 7´11 without streching. This picture also shows that late Leonyd Stadnyk was even near what he claimed.
Robbe said on 5/Jan/23
Yeah, Muddasir looks close to 8ft there Click Here

Also, you can clearly see from pics that Muddasir's left foot is indeed shorteer than the right one. So i would't say he has no probs. Dunno though it's related to his height.

P.S. Zia Rasheed with 5'8 guy, compared to Väinö Myllyrinne with 5'7 reporter Click Here

Amazing is that Väinö is further away from the camera there, so that reporter is favored there 😲 😲 😲
Xeaonittyy said on 4/Jan/23
@Toby Barrett Abiodun was said to stand 236cm once, but 231-233cm looks more trustyworthy.
Toby Barrett said on 3/Jan/23
@Nippu, @Robbe

Many reports on google about Muddasir Gujjar are from 2019 - 2020. Check these photos out.

With Georg Wessels (found by @Xeaonittyy): Click Here
With Abiodun Adegoke (stands c. 7'7", but is corrected 7'9"): Click Here
Estimation with Abiodun: Click Here
Nippu said on 3/Jan/23
@Robbe that would make Vaino like 220cm and we know it was not his height. And doorframes must be around 180cm then? There just are no match. In genarally Finland standard door is 200cm plus frames. It has been standard like ages. Today it is 210cm. So standard has been getting bigger because people are getting taller. It should be imo 220-230cm.
Robbe said on 3/Jan/23
@Nippu, i live in same type of detached house like Väinö, build in 1949. The ceilings are 240cm in every room, and the doorframes are 196cm. So it's possible Kalervo is right about the ceilings.

About Muddasir, im not so sure he is a 8 footer. He said to be 7'9 last year. Has he grown 3in since then? Also i noticed he was kinda limping when walking. Seemed like his other leg is shorter than the other? Or there's something wrong with his ankles.I would like to see him running. If he's totally healthy, he should have no probs running pretty fast.
Nippu said on 2/Jan/23
Google search said he is "only" 7´6? Anyone have better information. He looks tall. Even taller than 7´6.
Xeaonittyy said on 30/Dec/22
Muddasir Gujjar got actually no problems nowadays, in mobility as well in posture he’s perfect
Xeaonittyy said on 30/Dec/22
@Nippu I don’t suggest that Vaino is dubious, as he is verified, but whh you suggest that Asians giants got always poor measurements? I’ve seen few of them measured from toe to tip of head with straight tape, either by doctor or by people reporters whatever. It’s noti like that giants like Trung etc aren’t 8 footers, as they’re legit, I seen already 4 measurements by different people measuring trung and every of those was smilar, not exact because of his issues like curved legs, spinal curvature, but at end of his life they estimated him at 256-257cm which is really unquestionable, gigantic. Few media measured his bed. I’ve also heard that his father was 175cm, and his other siblings mostly 180cm, which is tall for Vietnamese, as you could see in video he look like measured compared to his father. I can send all evidence one day but IMO he is one of last people to doubt over 250cm. 250cm in 2018, 252cm in Januraey 2019, and in May, 256-257cm, LEGIIIT. And let’s go back to Sultan and Brahim, I know exactly what you mean, because I saw their barefoot measurement, Sultan was 245cm and Brahim 243cm, which is their afternoon measurement, but Brahim could been little less measured in night, whatever he is 8 footer corrected to me and Kosen corrected 251cm maybe ? I got no idea but its very possibly. But if we were talking about poor measurements, of course we can mention people like Carroll who I doubt a lot. Ghazi, Barman, Ijaz, Vikas… I think most legit here would be Uppal as hos tape looks most legit to me, I can also mention Ijaz whose measurement we saw, and it was 7 ft 8.5, but they claimed that he grow? I think its very possible. Barman ans Ghazi are uncertain but I got hope for 8 foot, I get it why there is so much doubt but It’s only my current opinion, I hope more photos will be found soon. Also there is this new giant named Muddasir Gujjar who claims to be 8 ft, I saw picture of him and Wessels and he look legit to me, he also meet few other celebrities in Dubai.
Nippu said on 29/Dec/22
@Xeaonittyy And every and i mean every giant over 8ft have same kind of problems. Sometimes even in same year u can pick a photo and think was he really over 8ft. Only who is out of this convertion is of course Wadlow. All other is fair to give some doubts. Like Kosen and Brahim they actually never stand what they have been measured. So yes it fair to ask those questions but to me Vaino case is closed. Atleast he never was more than 8´4. My doubts go mostly those asian giants who has been measured poorly and they own family also mostly. Some countries doctors are not as reliable as some other countrys doctors. Like in Finland its a law to make maeasurement right or u are not doctor anymore. 3rd world country doctors are good but they hands are not tight than Finnish doctors. To me Vaino is 248-253cm tall. But its not puclic information. Protection of privacy in hole other level here in Finland. Things are good way in Finland. If i choose (wich i done) that no phone telemarketing can not call me its really easy to do. No that s*hit in 6years. Or even police can not get my medical information. Not even my family if i make that decision. Actually only 2 of my family members can see my medical information and 1 hospital. Nobody else.
Nippu said on 29/Dec/22
@Xeaonittyy Vaino did not want to stech his full height. He really did not care as his nephew said. But time of his dead he was 252,8cm tall. They did make him "straigt" after dead. But he could not fit 250cm coffin as Vainos nephew said and also some newspapers. Vaino mostly try to live as normal life as he could. He only basically met his old friends and refuse most of interwievs. His money situation was good so no need to make them too much. Vaino did a lot of money when he toured in Europe. He was no cheap 7´2 shot who did not make much imperssive. Even Royals in all over Europe want to meet him. Sadly i have not seen any photo of those. 251,3 or 4 is just Guinness. I belive doctors who actually mearused him. And as i told before one of them is my neighbour. Finland has low population so its not really that impressive. And i have met a lot of people and places where Vaino was photographed. They still exist so its not hard to find his height. I did that in early 2000 when this thing was not so popular and we had lack of photos also in Vaino.
Xeaonittyy said on 27/Dec/22
@Nippu, can you write, how was Vaino supposed to grow 13cm after he lose height due to rheumantism, as you once claimed that he was measured at 252.6cm at death. Also mention this “His nephew said that Vaino did not stand as tall as he could because of his rheumatism and cant remember what was his height in that time. It was 240cm” of course I could believe 251.4cm (this was top height) But only if he got treated he could be this 252.8cm at death, with bended knees as you say. but you claimed that Vaino still has rheumatism… So what should I believe?
Nippu said on 26/Dec/22
@Robbe my house is about same era. We have also same kind of doorframes. My house ceilings are 270m wich is standard in Finland that era. Never seen a house in that era with 250cm ceilings. My apartment in Helsinki Ceilings are 350cm. But doorframes are 99´9% 6´8. U can only custom made them shorter. There are 230cm frames also but used like hall entraces.

Why would Vaino all the people make less than standard heihgt ceilings? I have upstairs 240cm ceiligns in my 3 bedrooms. But all other rooms are 270cm at height. I think Vaino had different heights in his house. i think that is Vainos room with 270cm ceiling. But i think other rooms have been 250cm or so? That is because then newspapers make story of Vaino they all said that when Vaino walked in (place interwievs was made) kitchen his hair touch the ceiling and make this noise when he walk. So we know Vaino was not 270cm so it must would have been other room as this one. But we have better evidence about his height. He has been photogaphed 2 famous people who height was 200cm and 203cm. Also those support around 2,5m at heihgt.
Robbe said on 24/Dec/22
Väinö's nephew Kalervo Myllyrinne says the ceiling is 250cm:

"We went often to Väinö’s sauna, especially in summer. His sauna was built to accommodate his height, as opposed to his house. The house had standard ceilings 2.5 meters (8 feet 2.5 inches) high, so that Väinö just was able to stand up straight inside."

Charles Stevens is probably referring to the picture below, posted many times before. The height detective's 3D model gives ceiling height 266cm, which is too high. So his modelling isn't so accurate.

Click Here

Väinö indeed looks clearly under 8ft there, if the ceiling is 8'2.5, but it's probably just the angle/posture. Väinö visited Sweden couple of years earlier, and looked every bit of 8'3 with a 5'7 reporter.
Nippu said on 19/Dec/22
@Charles Stevens Vaino is proven 8´4 at his death. And he was in 1940s allready 8ft. What picture you try to comment? I cant see any link? He was measuered multiple times. 238cm, 243cm, 248cm and final height was 252,8cm. Also 1 time in puclic in for big newspaper in Finland.I cant find the story. I should contact directly the magazine. It was also filmed. I was his final years. His nephew said that Vaino did not stand as tall as he could because of his rheumatism and cant remember what was his height in that time. It was 240cm + but could not remember exact height. Vaino himself said that then he was touring in Europe his height was "only" 247cm. And 1 time he was measured 245cm where he was standing against wall. The marker is there still today. Vaino was measured half sitting position 7´6 =D I think Lasoi did that. He was sitting near 203cm world champion heavy weight wrestler. Vaino has proven multiple times to be more than 8ft. He has been close to someone famous who height we know or object which height we know. So Vaino has never been ? mark. We have also a lot of pictures where he is 222-226cm tall. It was a year when he served army.
Xeaonittyy said on 18/Dec/22
@Charles can you send us this picture?
I also wanna see an reference that claims the ceiling is 8 ft 2.
Charles Stevens said on 12/Dec/22
A picture of Vaino at his tallest in the 1940s. The ceiling is 8'2". Even with his hat above his head it doesn't touch the ceiling. His height: 7-6 to 7-8.
Nippu said on 10/Sep/22
@Xeaonittyy 251,4 is just guinness round up 8´3. 252,8 is Hospital measrusement. Guinness have no any data of Vaino or not many other giant. Only Wadlow they are perfect.
Xeaonittyy said on 7/Sep/22
Xeaonittyy said on 20/Jul/22
Nippu said on 16/Jun/22
That picture shows perfetly that Vainos Shoe size (58 EU) was small for man that big. But his hands were huge. I wonder why his feet were not same caliber?
Robbe said on 15/Jun/22
Väinö with two average height woman Click Here
Robbe said on 24/May/22
The Dutch Giant compared to Väinö Click Here

Nippu is 2.5in shorter than Olivier, so Nippu's tophead would hover around 3.5in under Väinö's chin 😜
Robbe said on 20/May/22
Tallest man ever in Sweden was Gustav Edman, who was supposedly 8'1 but in reality he was no more than 7'4 range. Looks quite modest compared to Väinö Click Here

Also Clifford Thompson, known as "Scandinavian Giant", supposedly 8'7, was only 7'5 range. Gets dwarfed by Väinö who was not at peak yet in this pic i believe Click Here
Robbe said on 15/May/22
If Väinö was 7'3 range in the army, that guy next to him is shorter than Big Rob Click Here
Robbe said on 11/May/22
27 year old Väinö chilling at a party in 1936 Click Here
Toby Barrett said on 24/Apr/22
also @Xeaonityy why did u randomly unadd me from discord what did i do?
Toby Barrett said on 24/Apr/22
@Nippu i have stopped taking part in this debate
Toby Barrett said on 24/Apr/22
i feel like most giants have disputed heights like li yu qing claimed 7 ft 6 looks 7 ft 2 in picture
Nippu said on 24/Apr/22
Xeaonityy I never lie. Trung is also in my opinion very tall. Taller than Rogan and Carroll. But its gonna get close to Vaino. Ww must remember that Vaino was measured with bended knees 252,8cm. He had at the end rheumatism. That is why the doctor said that he could have been taller if they would correct his height. But they did not and im fine his 8´4 even is several people surpasses him. But nobody has make me impressive more than Vaino. Perhaps Wadlow. And he was first true giant i know and saw documentary about him. He look to me oversizes Jaws. Im retired for this "job". I enjoy that u guys started doing this again. I also like to have good depate =) Cheers! Personally i dont wanna find unhealthy giants as Trung. First healthy then height. Sadly usually it is opposite.
Xeaonityy said on 23/Apr/22
Nippu. I don't wanna be offensive to you, but I fell like, that you love to lie and want to Vaino be 'second, tallest verified person', which isnt true, probably past history there were more than 5 giants taller than him, one of them was trung, there is a lot of proof, just do research.
Xeaonityy said on 23/Apr/22
Kha Le Le just holded his hands at the half of his, there is a lot of evidence of trung being over 8 ft 4. Click Here
Check how big hands are there, way bigger than head (29cm) - Click Here

Click Here

Trung was also there standing 8 ft 5 in, because there is 26 marks, not 25 Click Here
Toby Barrett said on 23/Apr/22
if Harold Lloyd was 5 ft 10 then aasen was 7 ft 4.5 max im saying that because he looks taller than 7 ft 2 but looks shorter than 7 ft 5 but still is really tall
Nippu said on 23/Apr/22
It always seems to be who stands beside of giants. Thats why we get different heights of giants.
So we must rely people who heights we really know. Machonov was really tall. Here are few pictures.

7´2 John Aasen and G. Auger. Auger is a bit taller. Like 7´3. But he was mentioned 7´6 and even 8´4 then he died. So it shows how giant height will grow easily in papers. He died same height than this very photo. This is one of is not the last one photo about him. Auger shoud be a giant in the movie but Aasen replace him because he passed away Click Here

But here he is with Machonov who is way taller than Auger. Click Here

They really did know how to bring short people around them. Then i have picture of machovonov there he dont look that tall compare to surrounded people. Click Here

As the Trung perhaps he had tall but still small hands. They are not gigantic like Vainos etc. some other giants. Vainos hands were a bit bigger than wadlows and more bulky. I had it down somewhere but no time to find it now. Im have to go my summerhouse very soon.

xeaoityy take it easy. We have same goal here. Verifi giants heights and its not easy if maeasurement are made really badly. And i dont get it bc it is really easy to make good measurements?
Toby Barrett said on 22/Apr/22
though machnow looked taller than vaino in some images
Toby Barrett said on 22/Apr/22
vaino being 7 ft 1 would make the men in the images he is in midgets when i believe atleast 7 ft 11
Xeaonityy said on 22/Apr/22
Trung's hands were nearly 1 ft (30cm), his legs were 1m5cm, before he strunk to 7 ft 10, he was 8 ft 3, due to worms.
Xeaonityy said on 22/Apr/22
Trung's hands were nearly 1 ft (30cm), his legs were 1m5cm. Vaino looks 7 ft 1
Nippu said on 21/Apr/22
What a GREAT measurement technich =D Poor guy. He had almost normal size hands and look like 7´6 in first viedo. Second is even more mess than first one. Who the hell measured bed and not people??? That was not evidence at all. He is far from Wadlow. And first video the short guys technich was really something. U guys are really lighting my day. He was tall but do not compare him to Wadlow. Even in one eye u can see he is not even close to that tall.
Xeaonityy said on 20/Apr/22
Evidence of Ttrung being 8 ft 10.7 Click Here

His bed being measured here, also clearly to see that he is very close, his foot are upside the tip of the bed, so even closer.Click Here
Nippu said on 20/Apr/22
Im waiting for evidence that 8´10 =) I only can ask that doctor who weasured him send me a signature letter so i can post it here. Would it be enough. Vaino was still growing when we measured him standing at shoes 8´3. We know the building and its heights. All u need. But Vaino was steady growing every year. He did not have any growts spurts. He just did grow. His nephew Kalervo who lived same house with him has been said it also. I actually did Vainos real height 248cm for long time until i found proof his real height. Well 248cm and 252´8cm is not really a big thing. U can not see it in eye u must know or know how to measure right people in pictures. Ruler is totally wrong way to do it if u wanna be accurate. Until u show HARD evidence we go by Guinness wich is of course wrong but that is the list what people look and belive bc they dont care to be sceptical.
Toby Barrett said on 19/Apr/22
@Xeaonityy muhammad ghazi was african he was from egypt
Xeaonityy said on 19/Apr/22
Nippu. If there is evidence of Vaino being over 8 ft 1, please post any photo which prove it.
252.8cm is a wrong measuring tape, he was max 8 ft 1.
I also know a lot more about Trung, and other asian giants, such as Sa'id Muhammed Ghazi.
Trungs coffin was 9 ft 10.5 in (3.02cm). In his last days he was measured at 8 ft 10.7 in (2.71cm). The height was also measured by one of Vietnamese youtubers. Also in May 2019, Ho Van Trung was taller than few months before, his height was back them 8 ft 3.5 in (2.52cm), although he was still growing, to a height of 8 ft 5.5 in (2.58cm), and he was close to his bed (2.61cm) long.
Toby Barrett said on 19/Apr/22
@nippu Vaino measured 252.8 post mortem meaning living 247 cm
Nippu said on 18/Apr/22
Just measured people dont beds =)
Nippu said on 18/Apr/22
Vaino was measured at young 8´3 in normally heels. He did not have to wear boots or tophat. And nobody else giant did want to visit him in his era. As i have said many times. Vaino was measured 252,8cm (8´4) at his dying height. But my neighbour a one of the doctors said that he was not fully stainghen up bc of his rheumatism. So corrected if u want to talk Vaino was probably 8´5 if they would strainghten his knees. His coffin was 250cm tall and he was not able to go there. They must bend his knees to fit him his final mortal place. I know like 10000% more about Vaino than u guys. I also have been talking his relatives and other people. And we have photoproof and also doctor who measured him. But u are only based in newspapers etc. Guinness never measured him. They just use his early standind measurement. Vaino has offically measured 222, 228, 238, 243, 245, 247 and 252,8cm. In 3rd world countrys u dont get that reliable information.
Xeaonityy said on 17/Apr/22
If you wouldn't lie, you would mention that vaino myllyrinne was measured at 252cm at high wheels! This means that he would be about 247-248cm barefoot. Which is also proven by some newspapers, 4cm difference isnt a lot. Speaking about trung; his bed was measured at 8 ft 7 in (2.61cm). Click Here
There is evidence that he grew, since the time when he were 8 ft 1 in. You can watch this video, it is kind of proof that he was atleast 8 ft 4 in - 8 ft 5 inClick Here
Toby Barrett said on 17/Apr/22
@Nippu vaino was 8 ft 1.2 barefoot max he only 8 ft 3 in shoes that means kosen corrected is taller than vaino and jinlian corrected taller than vaino too myllyrine never was even close to 8 ft 4 barefoot yet alone 8 ft 3.5 theres a better chance of trung being 8 ft 4.5 than vaino and thats really saying something
Nippu said on 17/Apr/22
I dont lie. Just being skeptical. Vaino was 8´4. A bit less but more 8´4 or 8´3. And Vaino could stand that 8´3. That austian giant has so many heights. Its so old case that i dont give much credit of death certificase. I dont remember what we give him in TTM. It was about 8f? But not more max 1 inch more. I can found u dozens of certificates there are peaople over 10ft. Trung 8´1? Photo evidence. Never trust his own family measurements. But yes he is impressive tall.
Nippu said on 17/Apr/22
Click Here
Toby Barrett said on 16/Apr/22
franz winkelmeier death certificate dont lie he was 2.59m tall
Xeaonityy said on 16/Apr/22
@Nippu, stop lying, I know that you know a lot about psychology. But that don't means that vaino will always be the second. Trung had escalated knees and spine in november 2018. Few months later his spine and knees began to fix, due to medicine. His bones were weak. There is evidence of him standing at 8 ft 1. Although he was still growing, and got into his peak body length in May 2019 (if not november 2019); 8 ft 4.5 in.Click Here. It can be clearly seen that he is taller than in october 2018. His bed were also measured at 8 ft 7 in. he was so close to it. STOP LYING THAT YOU DIDN'T SEE ANY OF THOSE EVIDENCE. VAINO ISN'T THE SECOND TALLEST MAN, THERE IS EVIDENCE.
Toby Barrett said on 16/Apr/22
or maybe like 3 people im not sure about the actual number
Toby Barrett said on 16/Apr/22
more than you would think then lol
Chaos's Throwaway said on 16/Apr/22
Toby Barrett said on 15/Apr/22
@Nippu quite alot of people were taller than vaino but u claim "no evidence" or "8ft max" when they had spine curvature and likely were their claimed heights corrected

“Quite a lot of people”
We’re talking about 8’0+ guys here, there’s not many of them
Toby Barrett said on 16/Apr/22
vikas uppal shrink cause 1 leg shorter than the other and he had spine curvature and lost height when walking still atleast 8 ft 1.5 by that point
Toby Barrett said on 16/Apr/22
vaino was only 8 ft 3 in his shoes and post mortem barefoot 8 ft 1.75 same height as zeng jinlian and a likely candidate for taller than vaino is franz winkelmeier he was 8 ft 6 peak height verified on death certificate and young vikas uppal was 8 ft 4 no correction maybe 8 ft 5 corrected
Toby Barrett said on 15/Apr/22
ho van trung was 8 ft 10.5 by the time he died no dispute im not even joking
Nippu said on 15/Apr/22
@Toby Older Vaino also lose height at time but they never corrected it. I dont know 100% any taller than Vaino exp. Wadlow. There must be a process and medical peoeple. And even that is not proof in 3rd world countrys. Vaino could have been corrected 8´6 and Wadlow 9´3. But i dont count corrected heights.
Toby Barrett said on 15/Apr/22
@Nippu quite alot of people were taller than vaino but u claim "no evidence" or "8ft max" when they had spine curvature and likely were their claimed heights corrected
Nippu said on 13/Apr/22
Press do that a lot. Vaino never claim that. Nobody has been close to Wadlows height. And not many even Vainos.
Toby Barrett said on 11/Apr/22
when did he get billed at 9 ft 1 by the press Rob?
Editor Rob
It was in This kind of article he was called that height.
Nippu said on 9/Apr/22
Yes they still exist. Some u can find in internet but most of them not. I just have to pay small price to get a link. And then i must just copy photos and share it here. Like Wadlow u can find hundred of phots of Vaino. But we can only have few giants like J. Carrol etc. and never seen photo of J. Carroll taller than 7´6 with good posture. He lived pretty modern age. He was standing 7´2 in his latest standing photos. With bad posture. That is the reason why i doubt A LOT of Carrols 8´6 or what ever it was. Its basically impossible that he never reach even 8ft corrected. To me he is Hoax. He was tall but not real giant as 8 footers are.
Robbe said on 9/Apr/22
@Nippu, you mentioned earlier that you found 50 new pictures of Väinö. Didn't you managed to get a link here? It would be interesting to see those pics.
Nippu said on 8/Apr/22
Yep. But i like to be just posting. I like the subject. I have mentiod before that my Grandfather served in army with winter war with Vaino in Helsinki. He was wounded in battle and was moved to place where Vaino was making mines etc. And he tell me a lot storys about him. I was just a little kid and even in pictures Vaino looked like oversize jaws in James Bond movies. The height was not why i was so amazed of Myllyrinne. He was just huge giant who look like normal person. That make me curious. Im just genetic. I dont look giant. I look just normal. just a it taller than most. But i can make a case if i see 7´2 guy claiming to be like 7´8. Not in my watch. Im tall enough to see it very closely. And to me they dont even lie so much. A bit perhaps but not so much. To me 7ft is tall guy but not a giant. U can even drive almost every car etc. Real problems start after 7´6. Btw. Vainos Shoulder height was about 7ft. Perhaps 7´1?
Robbe said on 8/Apr/22
@Nippu, yeah ive allways wondered why you have claimed both 6ft and 212cm lol 😁 Well, now we know 😁
Nippu said on 7/Apr/22
Nakke Kuusajarvi was not real person imo. Never heard about him. Well i did but not met. He was a guy who was actually trying to bully tall people but he never showed up. As for Jarne i had not perfect look but i think he has some sympthoms like Matthew Mcrory had. Thats closest i can claim. Better posture. And i have give my height some various heights because i was member in Finnish national team in sports. If i give my height its pretty easy atleast Finns to know who i am. I stay under my nickname Nippu. I can say im well over 2 meter tall. I actually might have give my false and real height in old posts? But i am under 7ft. I have seen many people much taller than me. As i said before i have met 7´7 electric guy here in Finland. Did seem genetic but was not much of the talker. And Leevi is 222cm tall and Sami Eerola is 218cm tall. Those 3 are tallest as i know the sure. But i have seen various 7footers like 10 in Finland. Only Leevi i have not met. They estimated that there is 2800+ 7 footers his planet but i think its like 10000+. 7ft dont really turn your head that much. You just notice that that dude is pretty tall. No newspaper stuff. If u go near 7´7 its different story. Brahim is tallest who i have seen in person i guess. Im not a stalker but then i go next to Lohja. There lived or live Jarne and 222cm Leevi. I can go and atleast drive where Jarne should live if he live anymore? And i cant say was he over or under 8ft. If no proof i want a proof. Otherwise we must look only giants who height we can verify. Most giants dont let Guinness measured them. Most common reason is that they are not that tall. U can also fix a ruler also. Today its really easy. Too easy. Oh yes and in Helsinki metro i saw guy who could not stand straight in the train. Never measured the metro "wagon" height. Its hard me and this guy was well over roof. Like 5-10cm. There was also video clip in youtube about him. But now its gone. He is also mystery to me.
Robbe said on 6/Apr/22
Jarne is really a mystery. Nobody seems to know nothing about him. If he really was measured 244cm back in 1989, and is still alive, he could be the 6th tallest living person today. And second tallest in Europe, after Sultan. Like said, peak height counts, not current. If Jarne is still alive, he is nowhere near 244cm today, that's for sure. Somebody should really investigate this Jarne case, ie. finnish press.

Btw Nippu, what do you know about Nakke Kuusajärvi, another finnish giant who was (is?) 229cm? Is he still alive? Nobody seems to know nothing about him as well 😕 😕 😕
jeremy1 said on 5/Apr/22
Can you tell more about you seeing jarne salmivirta? Did his face look acromegalic or was it like proteus syndrome?
How bad was his spinal curvature?
ChaosControl2 said on 4/Apr/22
@Nippu if you don’t mind how tall are you? I’m sure I asked you this before but I forgot the answer
Nippu said on 4/Apr/22
Jarne was a mystery. Person was alive and lived 50km there i live. He was camera shy and i never seen any photos of him. But i did see him at his parents yard. Dont know how tall he was really but eye sight give me feeling 7´9- max 8´0. He had bad posture and he had some kind of issues his face. i think that was a case why he did not wanted to be photogaphed. He was not looking like Siah Khan but he has similar problems. So i put him no evidence section. I have no idea how Guinness got that 8ft. Jarne was born in 1968 so he might be alive today? But really i dont know and its his choice. Or was? Even Finland has high medical care system we cant keep sick people alive. But if he is alive he is probably in bed bc his standing was far from perfect. I have met Brahim. He was max Brahims height or bit less. But no more 8 footers in Finland. They treat gigantism etc. so well in here. We will find more 8 footers for sure but i dont belive we found 9 footer.
Toby Barrett said on 3/Apr/22
there was another finnish giant that got listed in the finnish guinness books in the 80s and he was 8+ foot but looking his name up brings nothing and his name was Jarne Salmivirta
Nippu said on 30/Mar/22
Toby i live in Finland same area where Vaino lived. My neightbour is doctor who measured him 252,8cm (almost 8´4) tall. Measurement was made in Kirurgic hospital in Helsinki. There were 3 doctors to do it. It was his death height and his weight was 170kg. And he spend his last 6 months in hospital and lose a lot of mass so probably his normal weight was 185-210kg. Younger he was muscular. And was strong till the end. He died at cancer. And we calculated Vaino standing 8´3 with shoes. In the picture he is standing good posture. So i think Vaino and Wadlow are rare cases who height we really know. Check this. Click Here
Toby Barrett said on 28/Mar/22
the old guinness books list vaino at a more realistic 8 ft 1 1/8 as well
Toby Barrett said on 23/Mar/22
Lauris mom was 4 foot and his dad was 5 foot 9 apparently
Robbe said on 14/Sep/21
Väinö with 7'7 Reino and 7'9 Lauri Click Here

If Lauri was really supposed 246cm, measured by the undertaker, he would have looked like this next to Väinö Click Here
Robbe said on 25/Aug/21
Lauri Moilanen's head was at least 12in. Joonas looks pretty small next to 7'9 Lauri.

Click Here

Lauri appears 7'9 in that picture, but like said, he could have been even taller. Lauri's shoulders werent so broad, but he weighted 181kg, and wasn't fat, so he must have been pretty big boned.
Robbe said on 22/Aug/21
On the left real deal, and on the right Väinö with 15in head Click Here
Robbe said on 19/Aug/21
I've been making calculations of Väinö's head size, and it can't be 40cm, like Nanni Toije stated. Comparing Väinö's head to normal sizes people heads, it appears no more than 13in.

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

I put 8in head to Väinö's wife. She is slightly closer to the camera, but Väinö's head is nowhere near 40cm there either. Im pretty sure Väinö's head was around the same size as Wadlow's (13in). So Nanni was "slightly" exaggerating when saying "Im looking at his head, it's at least 40cm long" 😜
Sharuyan said on 17/Aug/21

I don't know if Vaino was taller than Sultan but he sure did hold his height much better and had no problems walking. Why are Sultan and Brahim so thin and skinny compared to other giants?
Nippu said on 17/Aug/21
Robbe. That time picture was taken Vaino was in shoes 253cm tall. 8´4 almost. And i mean in shoes. Barefoot probably 248 or 249cm tall. His final height 252,8cm is his death height. As i told before here my neighbour was one of the doctors who measured him after he passed away. He is over 80 years old but going pretty stong. And his mind is sharp. He still ave his license but dont work anymore. He did treat Vaino several month. Did say that u can not understand his SIZE if u only see him at pictures. Everything was big in Vaino. His shoe size was actually pretty small (58) for his size. Avarage guess here is starting to reach his real height. Vainos death weight was 170kg. Sultan Kosen weight now 140kg. Vaino was allready lose a lot of weight that time. He did hit 200kg at his best.
Robbe said on 14/Aug/21
Joonas Suotamo would look like this with Väinö and Reino.

Click Here

I don't know how tall Väinö is in that pic, but i put him 248cm range there, so we can compare him to Reino and Joonas. Reino was a huge giant, but he looks pretty modest next to Väinö. Not to mention poor Joonas 😜
Robbe said on 3/Aug/21
Yeah, Rutanen was howering around the same height as Neil Fingleton, and Paul Sturgess. After Rutanen there haven't been a real giants in Finland i believe. Im not sure tho. Current tallest guy being only 218cm. Some would call him just a semi giant Lol 😛 😛 😛
Nippu said on 2/Aug/21
I agree that Rutanen is around 228-231cm. There are some more photos of him also in net but not better than these. He also did lose a lot of height at aging. I guess he was around 7´3-7´4 when he passed away? He was never BIG like Vaino just tall and small headed.
Robbe said on 1/Aug/21
There is also another Finnish giant Reino Rutanen (1900-1964) who was sopposed 237cm. I don't think he was quite that tall, there is actually pretty good evidence of his true height. Here he is standing next to a height scale, looks 232cm with shoes on Click Here

Reino standing next to a 6'1 guy Click Here

You can cleary see the 6'1 guy is standing on higher ground, so he is favored there.

Reino had relative small head for his size, doesn't look much bigger than an average guy's noggin really. Compared to Lauri's head, the difference is noticeable Click Here

I believe Reino was around 228-230cm. Lauri gives taller impression than Reino, when both standing among average height people.
Nippu said on 31/Jul/21
They are all far realated each other and they ancestres are same Paltamo area. I mean Lauri, Louie and Cajanus. In Kajaani there is a pub named "pitka Taneli" means tall Taneli. There is life size puppet also. Atleast was. Have been there for wild. In Cajanus there are so many height calculations in Haarlem Netherlands where he was measured if i remember right 265cm. In Finnish national museum owns his clotchs and life size painting. There he is around 247cm tall.
Daycringeothon said on 27/Jul/21
Daniel Cajunas another Finnish giant from the 1700’s was somewhere between 223cm-228cm. He was once titled ‘The Tallest man on Earth’. He has an immortalized statue and plaque in a Dutch City. He was distantly related to Myllyrinne on the maternal side.
Pekkq said on 3/Jul/21
236-246cm I heard. 246cm More often.
Nippu said on 29/Jun/21
Lauri was really strong and big. In Finland we think he was 246cm at his tallest and his final height. His clothing also support this but i have no proof. I know he was well over 230cm but how much will stay mystery. Sadly i have not find any bullet proof evidence about his height. All i know is Vainos height. But if i must guess i think he was 8 footer. He look really huge every single picture.
Arch Stanton said on 24/Jun/21
Big lad! Yeah he looks about 8 ft in the photo I'd say. Finnish incidentally one of the very hardest languages to learn they say. I always enjoy seeing words beginning with Aa like Aalto and those dots above letters!
Robbe said on 22/Jun/21
Couple of more pics of Lauri.

Click Here

Väinö's head was supposed 15in, Lauri's one looks pretty huge as well Click Here

If Lauri's head was 13in, he appears just over 8ft with shoes on Click Here

Some guy (looks average height) standing on Lauri's 250cm memorial Click Here
Editor Rob
He does have a very big head, could well have cleared 8ft
Nippu said on 18/Feb/21
I. Just found about 50new pictures about Vaino. Try to make a link here. Not sure is it available internationally.
Nippu said on 1/Jan/21
Yes. Think Vaino`s hands are at that time biggest in the world. Ever. But as you can see he had small feet compare his size. Only 58-62 european size.
Robbe said on 30/Dec/20
Nanni Toije says also in that radio clip that Väinö's birth weight was 6,5kg, and height 60cm. Compared to Wadlow's 3,8kg/51cm there's quite a difference. So Väinö was already huge as newborn, while Wadlow was just average sized.

Nanni is most likely there with Väinö, so that's how 170cm looks next to 248cm Click Here
Nippu said on 26/Dec/20
Yes iit is. It is on Swedish but last words he say in Finnish to say hi his relatives in Finland. That was pretty cool. I can understand Swedish also so this was treasure to me.
Robbe said on 22/Dec/20
P.S. That radio clip i believe is the very only one recording where we can hear Väinö speaking. So it's pretty rare treasure. And the interviewer is a she of course.
Robbe said on 20/Dec/20
Väinö speaking few words here in Swedish radio back in 1944. He is speaking Swedish and Finnish language. The interviewer says Väinö's head is minimum 40cm, which is 15,7in. So it's really much bigger than 12 inches. Interviewer also says Väinö's reach is 265cm.

Click Here (3:30 and onwards)

The interviewer says he is 170cm. Im not sure if he is in the pic there with Väinö.
ChaosControl 6'2.5 said on 19/Dec/20
Vaino’s head looks smaller because he’s looking down it’s easily like 15”
Nippu said on 19/Dec/20
But i guess his hands were allready bigger than Wadlow at this point?
Robbe said on 19/Dec/20
If Väinö is 8ft also in the pic above, the guy appears again 6ft range lol.

Click Here

Väinö's head must be at least 12in?
Nippu said on 18/Dec/20
I think Vaino is "only" around 8ft in that picture. Little bit later he reach that 8´3. Just my opinion.
Nippu said on 18/Dec/20
I think Vaino is "only" around 8ft in that picture. Little bit later he reach that 8´3. Just my opinion.
Robbe said on 24/Nov/20
If Väinö is as listed, the guy on the left is 184cm, and the guy on the right 189cm.

Click Here

I put average 9in head to the guy on the left.
Editor Rob
close to 6ft is possible for the guy on the left, Vaino's head looks quite long in comparison.
6'3 Julian said on 7/Oct/20
Imagine his weight. 450? 475? 500+?
Tall In The Saddle said on 28/Mar/20

You're the man! Thanks for the info. Yes, as much as we would like, photos of contemporary giants together are uncommon because, as you said, the height exaggerators would be quickly found out.

Vaino and Wadlow's life times overlapped from 1918 to 1940. Though I understand Vaino was still growing as at 1940, what a meeting of Giants that would've been with photographical evidence to go?
Nippu said on 28/Mar/20
Vaino was married 1942-44. Around 2 years. No kids. Vaino`s roots go to Paltamo. Same area have been also Daniel Cajanus and Louis Moilanen. Atleast Cajust is related from mothers side. There was also veveral others 220-228cm tall giant like srtongman Rauvan Jaakko (228cm). Myllyrinne` family are all normal size. I know that his later relatives is tested for gigastism. Do not know how many. I only have met one. Ville Myllyrinne. Famous actor/comedian in Finland.

Vaino was probably most strongest and mobile giants ever. Atleast over 7`7+ giants. He also speak around 6 languages. He was pretty rich also. People really pay to him that they could meet him. Even privatly. Other giants did not like to tour with him.Well they managers refuse when they had met Vaino. In that era 7ft+ humans mostly tell they are half over even full foot taller. If u are tall enough u don`t have to lie.
Tall In The Saddle said on 25/Mar/20
Thanks Nippu.

Yeah, I've checked that link before. I thought you might've found a "free" path to the same video. I am a cheap skate. LOL.
I don't know if you've mentioned it before, but did Vaino marry, have children? Also, did he have any siblings and was there any instances of extreme height among his relatives, were his parents of average size?
I think a lot of claims of great strength associated with "giants" are likely untrue or at least exaggerated. Many of them are compromised health wise anyway and the bigger you get, P4P strength diminishes but I guess their absolute strength is still noteworthy. HOWEVER, claims of Vaino's strength appear to be better substantiated in its own right and he did look very strong, able and well proportioned, unlike a lot of other "giants".
Nippu said on 19/Mar/20
I will. Document about Vaino.. Only problem is that it cost couple dollars. I`ll send link anyway. Click Here

The doll which Actually look horrible has Vaino`s actual clothes and shoes. Last year they found 3 pairs of Vaino`s shoes and his skiis and some other stuff. His sister`s former house.
Tall In The Saddle said on 9/Mar/20

Thank you. The WW2 footage played fine. If you are able to link any further footage of Vaino it would be very much appreciated. He deserves the exposure.
Nippu said on 20/Jan/20
Click Here Hope u can see this. Myllyrinne early 1940 working at winter war 2. He did hard work and minimun height at that place to work was 180cm and must be really strong. There is more somewhere about him but i must find it again.
Nippu said on 19/Jan/20
Click Here

In this video from vienna he look around 7`10 not 8`2 but was still growing. And only at the end in the ship he meet a lot of small people. Example pause video around 0:22. We did find (around 10years back) that ship`s height. Not this boat but similar. Top of the roof was more than 230cm so Vaino is atleast 7`10 or even 8ft in this video. He was growing all the time slowly so it is hard to tell exatly how many centimeter he was at that boat trip.
Nippu said on 19/Jan/20
He was measured several times. At army 222cm and 226cm. After that 238cm, 242cm, 245cm and 247cm. Meilahti hospital measured him 252,8cm after he did pass away. His weight was 170kg. There is a lot of pictures where he is and look like true 8 footer. He was 7ft before he was 15 or 16. Also photo evidence about that. At tallestman sight we could measured him (with photos beside doorframes etc.) at 8`3 in shoes standing height.
cmillz said on 24/Dec/19
Pretty sure it was confirmed with photographic evidence that he did indeed stand at 8’3” at one point in his life. Wasn’t he measured that too?
Alex Katch said on 16/Dec/19
I think the 8ft 1¼in is the best for him.
Isvainoreally8-3?? said on 15/Dec/19
Rob do you really think vaino is a legit 8-3 ?? Out of all videos I've seen of him (not so many by the way) he was standing with a whole bunch of really short old men and women most of whom I feel are below 5-3 ......and really only gave me an impression of 7 feet tall .....he doesnt look anywhere near 8 feet at all let alone you have any pics or videos of him at that height ?? And how tall do you think he is ??
Editor Rob
Some photos he might not have been at fullest height, but there's a few out there he looks well over 8ft
Nippu said on 23/Feb/19
Thank you Rob =)
Nippu said on 10/Feb/19
Why not picture here? There are lot of pictures about Vaino.
Editor Rob
There is one from wikimedia now.
Tunman said on 21/May/18
Yeah around 70cm difference I thought,but it's hard to tell when there is such difference.
Nippu said on 19/May/18
I allready solved this. I met a doctor who measured Vaino after he was dead. He was 251,6cm tall lying down but his knees was just a bit bended. So he said his "corrected" height would have been about 255-257cm tall. Some spinal damage but not much. But measured he was 251,6cm. He also was still growing at the time. Not much but little. He could have reach 260 cm if he would last 8 more years.
mrtguy said on 10/May/18
Rob, just being that tall without crutches is very scary and I'm sure his head 4 times the size of an average man
Robbe said on 21/Apr/18
I think that guy with Väinö is around 180cm. Here Brahim (246cm) with some 190cm guy.

Click Here
Bobby said on 16/Apr/18
So, how tall is the other guy? He's probably tall by normal standards but looks dwarfed in comparison.
mrtguy said on 14/Apr/18
Rob, you think he edge Sultan out, I mean he had no crutches and plus his head and hands were bigger??
Conan said on 3/Apr/18
He was a giant man, with 8 ft 3 in (251 cm), he was tall as Sultan Kosen. I'm 5 ft 9 7/8 in (177 cm). If I can meet him, I would like a dwarf guy, Lol
Tall Sam said on 2/Apr/18
Could've been around the same weight as the 8 inch taller Robert Wadlow, which would put him around 220-230 kg I think but he had some boxy (obviously custom made) suits that could be throwing me a bit.
Nippu said on 30/Mar/18
Vaino´s dying weight was 175kg. I think he was aroun 200kg in his prime. And his best heihgt we never know. Lying down more than 250cm. That is almost a best what i can do. But i have my ways. Just wait and see =)
Nippu said on 30/Mar/18
Vaino´s dying weight was 175kg. I think he was aroun 200kg in his prime. And his best heihgt we never know. Lying down more than 250cm. That is almost a best what i can do. But i have my ways. Just wait and see =)
Anshelm said on 30/Mar/18
Finnish editions of Guinness World Records listed him at 247 cm until the late 1980s, the same as his official website by his nephew. However, later editions (starting with 1989, I think) changed this to 251.4 cm (obvious truncated conversion of 8'3"), no doubt to match the original UK edition. I find it more than likely that the figure of 8'3" is the result of converting with the 2.5 cm "metric inch" (99 × 2.5 cm = 247.5 cm). Later Finnish editions of GWR (c1989–1992) also had a footnote mentioning that he was measured a more precise 246.8 cm at death.

Curiously, GWR 2015 lists Myllyrinne marginally taller (251.4 cm) than Sultan Kösen (251.0 cm).

Daniel Cajanus was much shorter than claimed. At least the 1981 and '82 Finnish editions of GWR mention that according to Car Langer's measurement of his right femur in 1872 that could have been 222 cm at most. The Tallest Man website mentions that his height with shoes was marked at 7'4¼" on a pillar when he visited England in 1741 and 1742, and that's the height they use. Click Here Strangely many Finnish sources still use the higher claims, even though they've been never recognized by the Finnish edition of GWR
Tall Sam said on 29/Mar/18
Wonder what he weighed, he looked to be somewhat less slender than many of these giant gentleman.
Robbe said on 29/Mar/18
Väinö's mom was from Paltamo, where lived also a giant, Daniel Cajanus(1703-1749) who reported to be 247cm. He may have been even taller than Väinö. Highest billed height was 283cm for him. So it's arguable which one was taller. Anyway, quite a coincidence!

Saw an old film where Väinö was working in his daily job, hammering something with his coworkers. Väinä had a huge, special made sledge hammer. Others used normal sledge hammers, which looked like toys compared to Väinö's one :D
Tall In The Saddle said on 28/Mar/18
Nippu - careful what you so long wished for - it's now your sole responsibility to populate Vaino's page with as much information and photos as you have at hand. Lol. I'm joking.

You mentioned Vaino's uniform, here it is in the Artillery Museum of Finland -Click Here

Also here is Vaino showing off his height and strength relative to his fellow average sized soldiers in the military - Click Here

I have some measure of Swedish genes from well up in the ancestral line but unfortunately I don't speak/read Finnish. However, in the accompanying text I can make out 1929 and 226 cm = 88.976" = about a few hairs under 7'5" at age 20. Not bad. Later in the article I see 247 cm which pretty much = 8'1.25" the measured height Rob has listed at the top of the page - that measurement was made in the year prior to Vaino's passing I believe when he was about 53 yo. I also see further down again 251.4 cm which is 8'2.98" pretty much the 8'3" that Vaino was guessed to have stood at one time. Though not officially measured at 8'3" I think it's a reasonable reverse extrapolation from his final measurement at a later and likely height deteriorated age.
Nippu said on 28/Mar/18
Yep! Time is my enemy. I have run my own firm/firms. So i try to get some holiday to do that.
Nippu said on 27/Mar/18
Rob. I have tons of information about Myllyrinne. More than any websites. Perhaps i can find that info for you? I have not even read all off it.
Editor Rob
It's certainly worth documenting if you have time.
Some Guy said on 27/Mar/18
I saw his uniform in the military museum in Hämeenlinna and it was unbelievably huge! When I was in the army, the tallest guy in the company was about 6'8 and even he would have looked tiny next to Väinö.
Nippu said on 27/Mar/18
Finally. Thank´s Rob. I have waiting this maybe 10 years or maybe more???
Editor Rob
Well, never say never...I think Vaino was one of the few in the 8ft range who seemed to not suffer as badly physically (in movemement/posture terms) as other giants.

It would be interesting to see how long his head was, in photos I would have guessed well over a foot long.

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