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Johnson said on 18/Sep/17
@ma I told you about Matuidi... Juventus web updated at last! He is 180 and 75 kg. I guessed right my prediction was 179-180
Appe 183.3cm said on 18/Sep/17
@Luca IMO:
MArracash 189cm
Romagnoli 188cm
Petagna 188cm
the Slav said on 16/Sep/17
I think Eriksen was measured early morning in football boots hence the 182 cm. Barefoot he's 178-179 at the most
Luca said on 13/Sep/17
@Appe please,Could you tell me your opinion about marracash after googlin' his pics with romagnoli and petagna? (I can't link the photos)
Johnson said on 13/Sep/17
I told you guys. Messi's double from Iran is quite shorter than Messi

He met Casillas
CR7 said on 13/Sep/17
what about Marcos Rojo?
Show said on 13/Sep/17
@johnson sorry wrong link.
Luca said on 12/Sep/17
What about benatia?
Johnson said on 12/Sep/17
@jjj Eriksen's height was changed several months ago... I don't know why

@show you posted the pic wrong
Show said on 11/Sep/17
@Johnson Kagawa is 172.this man on the right is 175 Click Here
Johnson said on 10/Sep/17
Which pictures?
Johnson said on 9/Sep/17
Umtiti 182
Verratti 168
jjj said on 9/Sep/17
@The Slav: Yeah i noticed Eriksen's upgrade too. I'd say he looks a solid 5'9, so i have no idea where 182cm comes from as he much shorter than that.
jjj said on 9/Sep/17
I have no idea why Christian Eriksen's height has changed from 5'10 to 6ft now?? i'd say he's around 5.9.5 let alone 5'10 or 6ft!
show said on 9/Sep/17
@Johnson This is the true:En la primera foto veo 2 centimetros entre Walcott y Rooney.A Ashley Cole yo le daría 1,72
show said on 9/Sep/17
@Johnson look at this Click Here
anon176 said on 9/Sep/17
5ft 11.25 measured Odell Beckham edges out Sané...
Luca said on 8/Sep/17
What about Mario Gomez?
Johnson said on 7/Sep/17
@The Slav there are also errors typing figures. Trippier is listed 178 instead 173
anon176 said on 7/Sep/17
Sané not much over 5ft 11 and probably closer to 80kgs now.
X185 said on 7/Sep/17
@appe .... with 6,2 john stones, Leroy looks 5'11.5 ... might be 6' on a good day but don't think he's over it, similar to Kyle walker IMO.
The Slav said on 6/Sep/17

Yea he looks the same height as Soldado. The 182 cm was probably measured in shoes
Luca said on 6/Sep/17
@Appe sanè Could be 183 cm
Johnson said on 6/Sep/17
@CR7 Jordi Alba was measured last year 170.2-170.3 in a video. I doubt Messi is shorter than him.
CNROM89 said on 6/Sep/17

Klopp is 6'3,75 or full 6'4. Not over for sure. Next to İbrahimovic he looks 0,5-0,75 inch shorter than him.
Jakob said on 5/Sep/17
I'd vote 192 for Klopp. He's taller than Wenger but shorter than Tufel.
Appe 183.3cm said on 5/Sep/17
@Rob @All what's your opinion on Leroy Sanè height? He's listed 184cm x 74kg.
CR7 said on 5/Sep/17
Messi 168,4 - 168,7 cm
Neymar172,5 - 172,7 cm
Suarez 180,0 - 180,3 cm
Johnson said on 4/Sep/17
@theSlav @Rob

Eriksen is shorter than 181 Paulinho. He looks around 179 with 179-180 Soldado

Click Here
Johnson said on 3/Sep/17
Yes, Clyne can be 174 and not 174.5 and Wijnaldum is a good 176.
Luca said on 3/Sep/17
@Appe I agree with you on the fact that gue pequeno could be almost as tall as me,but who is taller between him and marracash? Marracash claims to be 189-190 cm but he looks to be a bit less in pics with football players...Could you tell me your opinion after watching some pics,please? They're my favourite italian singers,but living in Sicily I don't know if I will ever meet them...
Johnson said on 3/Sep/17
I correct myself, Lacina Traoré is listed 2.03 and he is not more than around 199
Johnson said on 3/Sep/17
Balotelli has pictures back to back with Cesc Fabregas

Click Here

Lacina Traoré is listed 201 and he is not more than around the 199 mark
Blake said on 2/Sep/17
Rob, what do you think about Jurgen Klopp 6 ft 4-5?
Editor Rob: looks close to 6ft 4
show said on 2/Sep/17
@Johnson Click Here , Click Here Nathaniel Clyne is 174 maximum
the Slav said on 1/Sep/17
Christian Eriksen is now listed at 182 cm on Spurs' website. Dosent even look 5'10 to me
Editor Rob: I thought he looked over 5ft 10, but not over 5ft 11.
ma said on 1/Sep/17
balotelli 6 ft 2 out of bed.
6 ft 1.25 at dinner
Appe 183.3cm said on 1/Sep/17
@Luca I'm pretty sure Balotelli's range during the day is: 189cm -186,5cm.
Z186 said on 1/Sep/17
@johnson ...can't really see with that as it happens too fast but it does end in a .7 .... although they have that wooden scale on the wall which has like 170 , 175, 180 etc marked on it... and he actually looks less than 175 against that.... maybe he's slouching there but surely he's not slouching nearly 3cm he is 176.7cm, maybe he's 175.7cm ..... I think you can actually trust barcelona with their player heights etc on the site, they seem more honest/accurate than other clubs. As they state he's 176... he most likely he is that give or take some mm's depending on the time of the day.

@Luca I think balotelli is similar to mortal, 186.5 ish, I guess they get measured in trainers which is where these guys get their 189cm listings from...
Johnson said on 31/Aug/17
Dembele is 178. Barcelona update figures of their signings. Nelson Semedo was measured live 177.6 by the way
Luca said on 30/Aug/17
What Mario balotelli's out of bed/night height range Could be?
jjj said on 30/Aug/17
I think Ousmane Dembele is 179cm. Him and Riyad Mahrez have the same proportions, and are very skinny which makes them look lanky.
184guy said on 29/Aug/17
@Rob , how tall do you think is Hummels from Bayern???
184guy said on 29/Aug/17
Talking About Süle , he Looks at least 4cm taller than Hummels . He is at least 194cm and probably in the 194-195cm range
. He is listed everywhere at 195 / 194 , 6'5
Johnson said on 29/Aug/17
@Z186 thanks I didn't knew someone could read that

Denis Suarez is 176.7 at 1:21?

Click Here
Z186 said on 28/Aug/17
@Johnson , it says Paulinho is 181.4 cm ...
ma said on 28/Aug/17
Thanks mate. I will wait your updates.
Luca said on 27/Aug/17
What about koulibaly?
Johnson said on 27/Aug/17
@show Trippier is around 173

2 cm max taller than Sterling 171

Click Here

with Bertrand 179 and Sterling
Click Here
show said on 27/Aug/17
@Johnson how tall is Kieran Trippier. I thing 173-174
Grey said on 26/Aug/17
Rob, how tall's Coutinho in your opinion?
CR7 said on 26/Aug/17
Johnson said on 25/Aug/17
@ma very soon we will know medical height for Matuidi. Juventus website the last year updated medical data of players, even real weight that weeks later changed to ideal weight

Also, Matuidi did the medical test in the evening the other day with Juventus!!! Rob will be interested on this. I read the news
ma said on 24/Aug/17
N zonzi looks 6 ft4.
I have a question for the new Juventus player Matuidi....
I have not seen enough for this guy but for me until now he looked 177 cm.... for sure over the billed height of 175 cm
It's very strange that he is listed as 175 cm...Or he could be a really solid 175 cm. What do you say?
Andrea said on 24/Aug/17
Luca, unfortunately I don't have any instagram account... :(
jessman said on 24/Aug/17
N'zonzi looks 6'5. When he was playing for Stoke he was taller than Shawcross (6'3) and about the same as Begovic (6'5). He stacked up well against Crouch. Strangely, he was listed 189cn (6'2.5) while at Stoke. Wikipedia lists him at 6'3 today, for what it's worth.
Luca said on 23/Aug/17
@Andrea if you tell me the name of your instagram account,I can follow you and show you both the pics,so you'll see ;)
Johnson said on 23/Aug/17
@Appe I know we are exact with height but what does this mean?

Chiellini 187.516 cm
- Buffon 191.163 cm
- Bonucci 188.561 cm

Are you kidding? Why not Chiellini


Buffon 191.163328471308 cm
Andr_APPE_Torino_Economia said on 23/Aug/17
I live in Turin and I usually met Juventus players.
Here I provide a list of the footballer that I met:
- Chiellini 187.516 cm
- Buffon 191.163 cm
- Bonucci 188.561 cm
- Dybala 177.248 cm
- Higuain 182.842 cm
- Marchisio 178.783 cm
- Morata 186.645 cm
- Pogba 190.947 cm
I met them many times going on the university and I m almost sure on them.
CNROM89 said on 23/Aug/17
@Rob and guys

How tall is Sevilla player N'zonzi? He looks 6'5 to me. What dou you think?
Editor Rob: can look that tall
Andrea said on 23/Aug/17
Luca, if there is a 5cms difference between you and him, that would make him 183-4 and I seriously doubt he would be that low. While you can't, maybe, 100% rule out 188, I do think he's over that range. I have seen him with a few legit 188 guys and I think he edges them out. Maybe you could post your sister's picture?
Luca said on 23/Aug/17
@Appe Could you tell me your opinion about: pogba,lukaku and balotelli morning/night height?
Luca said on 22/Aug/17
@Andrea talking about the pic,it looks like there are 5 cms of difference between me and him,so I think he can't be more than 188 cm...
CNROM89 said on 22/Aug/17

6'1,75-6'2 is good for Drogba i think.
Andrea said on 21/Aug/17
Hmm. Maybe he's dropping some height with your sister? I have seen many photos and videos of him in the past and, as I said, I think he could be either 189 or 190. 188 and 191 are less likely, IMO, and I certainly wouldn't argue under or over that range (188-191)! Speaking in inches, I think he's closer to 6'3 than 6'2. If you are 188-9 range, I'd expect him to be around a cm taller...
ma said on 21/Aug/17
Most accurate listing I ever seen on this site.
Per189 said on 21/Aug/17
Ibrahimovic: 194,3 - 194,5 cm
Pogba: 190,7 cm
Smalling: 193 cm
Fellaini: 194 cm
Matic: 193 cm
Courtois: 198 cm
Cech: 193 cm
Mertesacker: 199 cm
Neuer: 192,8 cm
Boateng: 189 cm
Hummels: 190 cm
Buffon: 191 cm
Bonucci: 189 cm
Varane: 191 cm
Pique: 192,4 cm
Busquets: 188 cm
Jerry said on 20/Aug/17
How tall do u think drogba is I estimate anywhere between 187cm to 189cm what do u guys think
Johnson said on 20/Aug/17
Paulinho Bezerra, new singing from Barcelona.

Measured Live!!! (only for big screens, I cannot see)

59 sec
Click Here
Andr_APPE_Torino_Economia said on 20/Aug/17
Some listings:
- Morata 186.653 cm
- Ronaldo 185.474 cm
- Torres 184.39 cm
- Ramos 182.717 cm
- Lewandowsky 183.612 cm
Per189 said on 20/Aug/17
How tall is Marcos Rojo?
Luca said on 19/Aug/17
@Andrea,but watching the pic of Garko and my sis,he looks noticeably shorter than me (and I measure 190,75 cm just out of bed and 188 cm at my Absolute lowest)... I reckon he could be 187-188 cm,nothing more
Darren said on 19/Aug/17
I think Mertesacker is 2m. I wonder did Courtois is 199 cm?
Luca said on 19/Aug/17
Rob,Could you add a page for romelu lukaku? He's actually one of the best strikers and he's got an interesting height!
CNROM89 said on 18/Aug/17

Could you add Ricardo Kaka? He looks 186-187cm range i think.
Andrea said on 18/Aug/17
Luca, I'm italian too... Garko has claimed 190, 191 and even "192 without shoes" once. I think he generally can look near enough 190. The lowest I'd argue is 189 and he may well be in that 189-90 zone but I think he's taller than just 188. I can't believe he's a barefoot 192, though.
Johnson said on 17/Aug/17
@Rob please can you add Marcus Rashford or post the quote by him??
Editor Rob: well I looked at him this year and feel he did gain a bit over the last year and can seem 6ft 1
X185 said on 17/Aug/17
According to this article and 2 other similar Ines... rashford is now 6ft... Click Here
Editor Rob: it's believable, he doesn't seem less than six feet and I found a quote by him.
Johnson said on 17/Aug/17
@Appe sorry I meant this pic about Bernardeschi

Candreva 179, Darmian 184 and Bernardeschi weak 182
Click Here
show said on 16/Aug/17
@Johnson Walcott and Peter Crouch Click Here and Serge Gnabry Click Here
andrea_appendino_torino said on 15/Aug/17
I think that morata is 187.345 cm in the morning and 186.735 cm early evening
Luca said on 15/Aug/17
I agree with you...I reckon bernardeschi could be something like 181 cm at his lowest
Johnson said on 15/Aug/17

Here you can see 2 shots of Italian squad on suit and official shirts (plus more pics of heights) and you will see Candreva 179 Darmian 184 and Bernardeschi weak 182

Click Here
Appe 183.3cm said on 14/Aug/17
@Luca you're welcome bro!
I suppose Alessio Romagnoli is in the 187-188cm range for sure. On Patrik Shick I am not so sure but on the pitch he can look easily 189-190cm.
I am wondering how tall is Federico Bernardeschi (he s listed 183cm but doesn't look that tall)
Johnson said on 13/Aug/17
@show too much angle and posture does not help in the clip I bet 175 173.5 and solid 172

Click Here
Luca said on 12/Aug/17
@Appe What about Alessio Romagnoli and Patrick schick?
CNROM89 said on 12/Aug/17

İ think Mor is 5'5. Maybe 166 cm but ı don't think he is 169 cm.
CNROM89 said on 12/Aug/17
@Rob and guys

How tall is Niklas Süle? I think he looks 6'4-6'4,5.
Editor Rob: not seen enough of him to tell.
show said on 11/Aug/17
@Johnson Click Here 7:46 Wllian ,Ashley Cole and Hazard
Luca said on 11/Aug/17
@Appe your suppositions are often right and useful,thank you Man!
Appe 183.3cm said on 10/Aug/17
I have always guessed Garko at 188cm even if I never met him.
I think you re sister guess is right 😉
Mighty said on 8/Aug/17
@Rob what do you think how tall Emre Mor is? Listed as 169 cm but seems to be smaller
Appe 183.3cm said on 8/Aug/17

Seems very strange. Ter Stegen is surely nothing over 185cm.
Johnson said on 8/Aug/17
20th june I said Ter Stegen was 186. I guessed right!! 3-hours + he must be around that figure.
Johnson said on 7/Aug/17
3 sec
Click Here

Ter Stegen measured at 186.8!!!!
Luca said on 7/Aug/17
@Appe What's your guess about Gabriel Garko's height? Even if I hate him I'd like to know your opinion because my sister (which is 178 cm) has recently met him and she told me that he doesnt seem to be a full 190 cm man...What's your thought about it?
Johnson said on 6/Aug/17
@show yes Ashley Cole is 173.5
Show said on 5/Aug/17
@Johnson Click Here Ashley Cole and 183 Kyle walker
Johnson said on 4/Aug/17
I reckon Mbappe is 179 cm.
Johnson said on 3/Aug/17

Jones 188
Wilshere 173
Baines 172.5
Johnson said on 3/Aug/17

Denis Suarez is measured live here!!


Click Here

Anyone can see the figure?
Ajs said on 2/Aug/17
How about Kylian Mbappe? Listed 5'10" but can look close to 5'11" I think.
Johnson said on 2/Aug/17
@2meterpeter Mata is not 5'6 he is 171 or 171.5 cm. See with Rooney
Ronaldo said on 2/Aug/17
'ESPN' website is unreliable

Height registered on the 'ESPN'
Van Der Sar 190 cm
Skrtel 184 cm
Chiellini 193 cm
Bale 180 cm
CR7 184 cm

Real height
Van Der Sar 197,5 cm
Skrtel 188 cm
Chiellini 187 cm
Bale 183,5-183,8 cm
CR7 185,5 cm
Ronaldo said on 2/Aug/17
What's your guess on
Denis Suarez
Luis Suarez
X185 said on 2/Aug/17
Kyle walker might be as high as 1.82m
Show said on 2/Aug/17
Baines and Wilshere Click Here:
Johnson said on 1/Aug/17
@Appe yes, Walker is textbook 183

Sergio Ramos is solid 183. With Beckham

Click Here
Johnson said on 1/Aug/17
There Benayoun looks not over 173 but Mascherano appears like he is cheating on his posture
Appe 183.3cm said on 1/Aug/17
Guys, what's your opinion on Kyle Walker, defender of Manchester City which has just spent 55mln £ to buy him. Is he a real 6ft? Thank you
Johnson said on 1/Aug/17
@show I cannot see wilshere and baines
Johnson said on 31/Jul/17
With Rafa Nadal

Click Here
CNROM89 said on 30/Jul/17

any guess for Roma player Federico Fazio? He listed 195 cm, i think 6'4,25-6'4,5 is good for him.
2MeterPeter said on 30/Jul/17
Any guesses on Mkhitaryan? Listed at 5'10 in places but seems a weak 5'8 at best. Here he is next to 5'6 Mata: Click Here
Show said on 30/Jul/17
@Johnson.Mascherano and Benayoun Click Here:
Show said on 30/Jul/17
Leighton Baines and Jack wilshire Click Here:
Show said on 30/Jul/17
Welbeck 185 with kayle walcker and jagielka Click Here:
Hamad said on 30/Jul/17
Rob, do you think David Silva is 5 ft 7 or 5 ft 8?
Editor Rob: 5ft 7 at most
Johnson said on 29/Jul/17
@show good picture to add to the collection. Baines is 173 and not the 170 he is listed
Johnson said on 29/Jul/17
@All Anyone with a good tv screen can read the figure for Denis Suarez at 1:41???


Link 1.41 sec

Click Here
Johnson said on 29/Jul/17
Hey guys. I have been watching Marcus Rashford since his debut in 2016. Back then he was as tall as he is now.

His 180 listings are quite older than his debut in Premier League

He is textbook 6'1 since his debut
Appe 183.3cm said on 28/Jul/17

I think morata is more a "weak" 187cm or a strong 186cm guy. I'm honestly pretty sure about it. 0,5cm taller than Cristiano and 1cm shorter than Chiellini who - I repeat - always looked taller than Alvaro when played for Juventus.
Show said on 28/Jul/17
@Johnson a.k.a Taturas Click Here Jagiela and Leighton Baines back to back
Appe 183.3cm said on 28/Jul/17
@Luca tall family! I would expect your bro to gain other 3-4cm if he's only 16. If I was him I would claim 189cm which is pretty honest.
Luca said on 27/Jul/17
What about the good CB Eric Bailly?
Luca said on 26/Jul/17
I think 193 cm could be reasonable for szczesny,while Rashford is about 6'1... @Appe I have a question for you and for everyone else wants to answer... My younger Brother is turning 16 and he's reaching my height! He measures 190.75 cm immediately out of bed and 188.3 cm at the end of the day... He usually claims to be 190 cm,but which height do you think he should claim? (In cm) In addition to that,how tall do you think he is going to become? (My older sis measures 178-179 cm,my mom is 171 cm and my father is as tall as my bro: they really look alike each other!)
ma said on 26/Jul/17
Wojciech Szczesny is similar to Buffon, maybe 0.5 in taller but no more... For me he is a weak 6 ft 4 guy ( better 6 ft 3.75)
He always get listed at 6 ft4 when he moved in Rome he got 6 ft 5
CNROM89 said on 26/Jul/17

Maybe. But he is taller than Edin Dzeko some pictures and ı don't think Dzeko under 6'3,5.
X185 said on 26/Jul/17
I'm a Man Utd fan so watch quite a bit of Rashford,
I think his 180cm billing was from when he burst on the scene at 18 as he was the same a Daley Blind at that time. He may have been 181 or 182 by the time Jose arrived and he's grown around 3cm since those early listings. Therefore he's going to be 6' - 6'1 barefoot and around 187 in trainers I'd suppose. I'd peg him at 184-185cm ... he has a slim wirey frame which can make him look taller in photos.... but alongside 6'2 carrick or 6'3 Pogba it's easy to see he's definitely not 187 barefoot...

Also @Appe.183.3cm... morata is interesting! He never really used to look much taller than bale... and around Cristiano s height... but watching him with Chelsea he seems taller than 6'1 Costa, so yes he might reach near 187cm ... Chelsea will probably bill him at 189 as Juve did though! We'll have to wait for his profile!
Jakob said on 26/Jul/17
Szczesny was listed 193cm on an old Arsenal listing. I think he looks an honest 6ft 4 guy, Mertesacker is the only 6ft 6 guy who can make people that tall look average! I remember once Spurs playing Werder Bremen and he barely looked a full inch shorter than Crouch, I wonder if Per could be 6'6.5
Appe 183.3cm said on 26/Jul/17
@CNROM89 Szczesny is aroound 192cm, I wouldn't say more than that.
@Ajs Rashford is in the 185 range in my opinion
carlo said on 25/Jul/17
rashford looks 184-5 next to 187 henry

Click Here
Ajs said on 24/Jul/17
Am interesed to see everyone's thoughts on Rashford's height, it seems to fluctuate massively depending on who he's next to. Can look anything from 182 to 187 I think. He's certainly taller than his 5'11" listing on Wikipedia. Interestingly, Mourinho said that he had grown 3 cm in the last year in his press conference the other day.
Ajs said on 24/Jul/17
I was wondering about people's thoughts on Rashford's height? It seems to fluctuate massively depending on who he's next to, can look anything between 182 and 187. He's certainly taller than his 5'11" listing on Wikipedia. Interestingly enough, Mourinho actually said that he'd grown 3 cm in the last year in his press conference the other day.
CNROM89 said on 24/Jul/17
@Rob and guys,

What dou you think about Juventus's new goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny? He is listed 6'5 everywhere but he isn't 2 inches taller than Buffon. I think 6'4 or 6'4,25 is very possible for him. What dou you think?
Editor Rob: he honestly could look 2.5 inches smaller than big Per, so I wouldn't go above 6ft 4.
SportsHeight said on 23/Jul/17
Rob, did you ever have a guess for Oliver Kahn? One of the great goalkeepers of all time. Usually listed at 6'2".
Editor Rob: yes around that range.
Johnson said on 22/Jul/17

@All Anyone with a good tv screen can read the figure for Denis Suarez at 1:41???


Link 1.41 sec
Click Here
Appe 183.3cm said on 21/Jul/17
IMO -even if you asked Rob- during the day he is always between 187 and 186cm.
I bet he's around 188cm just out of bed, no more. When played for Juventus he never looked taller than a guy like Chiellini who I personally know and -as said before- is a perfect example of a 187cm guy.
spainmen192cm said on 20/Jul/17
Rob, how tall do you think is Alvaro Morata, the new player of Chelsea
Ronaldo said on 19/Jul/17
Morning height

Neymar 174,1 cm
Rakitic 183,5 cm
Grey said on 19/Jul/17
Salah is about 5ft8
Appe 183.3cm said on 19/Jul/17

Rugani is a weak 190cm
Caldara is 187 cm

They are the future central couple defenders of Juve FC.
Luca said on 18/Jul/17
@Appe What about Rugani?
MUFC17 said on 18/Jul/17
Pogba 190 cm
Lukaku 189 cm
Canson said on 17/Jul/17
@Ma: I think Johnson was spammed tho because this other poster inflates even higher. Johnson is almost consistently 2cm off or so not a full 1.5" or so
Ronaldo said on 17/Jul/17
Messi 168,5
Suarez 180
Neymar 173
Pique 193
Rakitic 183
ma said on 17/Jul/17
You inflate most heights...I don't know if you consider them barefoot or just the out of bed height
Johnson said on 17/Jul/17
@All Anyone with a good tv screen can read the figure for Denis Suarez at 1:41???

Click Here

I think it is 176.7 but I am not sure
Appe 183.3cm said on 17/Jul/17

IMO Only Napoli can fight against Juventus for the Italian serie A. I can see Milan around third/fourth place.
I think they are generally measured in the morning but obviously, for many reasons, they could be measured in the afternoon too.
Matt said on 16/Jul/17
Suarez 182cm
Messi 170cm
Neymar 175cm
Benzema 182.5cm
Bale 183cm
Ronaldo 185cm
Sturridge 180cm
Henderson 184cm
Luca said on 16/Jul/17
@Appe Do you know what time football players are usually measured during their medical checks?
Luca said on 16/Jul/17
@Appe thanks for your guess... however even if I love playing football and watching football matches I don't have a favourite Team.I agree with you: Bonucci's transfer was really unexpected! Ac Milan is building a really nice Team to become again competitive; I can't wait to see what will happen on the next season!
Luca said on 16/Jul/17
@Appe thanks for your guess... however even if I love playing football and watching football matches I don't have a favourite Team.I agree with you: Bonucci's transfer was really unexpected! Ac Milan is building a really nice Team to become again competitive; I can't wait to see what will happen on the next season!
Canson said on 16/Jul/17
@Johnson:with all do respect in regards to the last statement you inflate almost every single person tho even beyond Rob's listing. so how is that good at calculating heights? That's just one sided and many estimates here are better
sg8 said on 16/Jul/17
any guesses on gary medel, scott parker, joey barton and roy keane? naby keita?
Johnson said on 16/Jul/17

Neymar is 174 not 176, Messi is 170 not 171, Iniesta is 171 not 172... etc etc etc
Johnson said on 16/Jul/17
@Rob there are a user who has taken my username.

This message is not by me:



Here are my guesses:
Suarez 182 cm
Messi 171 cm
Griezman 176 cm
Iniesta 172 cm
Mascherano 174 cm
Neymar 176 cm
Torres 185 cm
Rakitic 184 cm
Ronaldo 186 cm
Benzema 185 cm
Ramos 183.8 cm
I m perfect to find the real heights, trust me and remember it in the future.
Appe 183.3cm said on 16/Jul/17
@Luca as said before I saw frequently Chiellini who is surely a legit 187cm guy but nothing over. Taking into consideration this I think Bonucci is a legit 188cm but not over it. (1cm difference between them is the maximum I can see). Barzagli is as tall as Chiellini.
Are you an AC Milan supporter? Bonucci's transfer was very unpredictable from my point of view.
sg8 said on 16/Jul/17
Is mascherano 170 cm or 174 ?
Johnson said on 15/Jul/17

Here are my guesses:
Suarez 182 cm
Messi 171 cm
Griezman 176 cm
Iniesta 172 cm
Mascherano 174 cm
Neymar 176 cm
Torres 185 cm
Rakitic 184 cm
Ronaldo 186 cm
Benzema 185 cm
Ramos 183.8 cm
I m perfect to find the real heights, trust me and remember it in the future.
Benu said on 15/Jul/17
Don't underestimate footballers heights. They aren't like actors. They don't lie about their height as they actually get measured properly.
Johnson said on 15/Jul/17
About my last comment it was adressed to all people who thinks that I am bad calculating heights. I just wanted to prove them wrong with facts and figures... but it is a bit ironic nobody is perfect and I fail and I am the first recognizing it. I change predictions etc... I don't mind failin in height as long as we could guess finally how tall celebs are
Luca said on 15/Jul/17
What about Bonucci?
Johnson said on 15/Jul/17
@Tyson Mascherano has been measured 174.7 this year gust a but method morning

You can see the picture

Click Here

Kun Agüero is 173

Nelson Semedo, new player of Barcelona has been measured at 177.6

Second 21
Click Here
Tyson said on 15/Jul/17
@Rob Hey Rob, How tall is Morata?

A) 6'1.5
.. said on 14/Jul/17
Hey Rob, how tall is liverpool's new signing Mohd Salah?
Editor Rob: seems an average height fella.
Johnson said on 14/Jul/17
Anyone with good screen can read the figure for Denis Suarez at 1:41???

Click Here

I think it is 176.7 but I am not sure
Nhut Nguyen said on 14/Jul/17
What is the height of Renato Sanches ? Is he 176cm ?
Luca said on 14/Jul/17
What about Bonucci?
Appe 183.3cm said on 14/Jul/17
My guess on most famous footballers listed by Rob on the site. I'm referring to "tea time heights" - afternoon heights:

- Cristiano R. 185,4cm
- Gareth Bale 183,7cm
- Fernando Torres 184,3cm
- Lewandowski 183,2cm
- Messi 168,9cm
- Rakitic 182,5cm
- Gerrard 182,6cm
- Ronaldinho 179,5cm
- Casillas 180,8cm
- Ronaldo Naz. 182,2cm
Tyson said on 14/Jul/17

Neymar claimed 175 cm in a tv programm and said Mascherano is 170 cm.

Neymar 172-173 with Masche Click Here
Masche with 170cm Agüero Click Here

Without the photos i can go with 5'7.5 for Mascherano without counting has small head and eyelevel.
Canson said on 13/Jul/17
@Johnson: I would stray away from comments like that honestly lol
Johnson said on 13/Jul/17
Yes, I am very good calculating heights. I am very aware of it. I said some time ago Mascherano was 173.5 and Neymar was 174.

Now you will see in the picture that Mascherano is measured morning 174.7. And I discount him cms due to gut busting and to be early morning

Click Here

Players are measured barefoot
Click Here
Jakob said on 12/Jul/17
Thanks for the reply Rob. I think Wenger was maybe 189 or 190 peak, and now maybe 188. He does still look taller than a guy like van Persie by about an inch. Do you think somebody like Wenger who is probably a big advocate of fitness and stretching has lost very little height? He does look the same with a guy like Henry now compared to with him say 20 years ago. I think that kind of fitness focusing on stretching and flexibility might help. Also, if you get time I'd love to see an Arsene Wenger page (confession I'm a big Arsenal fan!). Thanks Rob and enjoy your summer!
Ronaldo said on 12/Jul/17
Pogba: 191 cm
Ibrahimovic: 194.5 cm
Smalling: 193 cm
Fellaini: 194 cm
Cahill: 190 cm
Courtois: 198 cm
Matic: 193 cm
Mertesacker: 199 cm
Cech: 193 cm
Chiellini: 187 cm
Mandzukic: 189 cm
Lewandowski: 182.5 cm
Boateng: 189 cm
Hummels: 190 cm
crk15 said on 11/Jul/17
@175 cm
Know those ",5" are MM, as weel that "1" are Metres not CM. But surely you understood.
crk15 said on 11/Jul/17

Mostly of heights of famous people in Google or that stuff are in shoes. If Cr is 1,85 in Google, hes probably shorter than that.
175 cm said on 11/Jul/17
crk15 said on 10/Jul/17
Real Madrid heights in my opinion:
Zidane: 1,83
Keylor: 1,81 cm
Carvajal: 1,69,5 cm
Pepe: 1,86 cm
Varane: 1,91 cm
Ramos: 1,81 cm
Nacho: 1,77 cm
Marcelo: 1,73 cm
Casemiro: 1,82 cm
Modric: 1,69 cm
Kroos: 1,79 cm
Kovacic: 1,76 cm
Isco: 1,73 cm
Asensio 1,78 cm
L.Vázquez: 1,70,5 cm
James: 1,77 cm
Bale: 1,83,5 cm
Cristiano: 1,84 cm
Benzema: 1,83 cm
Morata: 1,86 cm

You know there's a difference between cm and mm ?
ma said on 11/Jul/17
There is no way Cristiano Ronaldo is only 1.84 cm tall. For me he could be 100 times taller than you posted plus 1 cm :P
Canson said on 10/Jul/17
@Tino: not a clue lol! Don't know much about him. But the guys I see play

Crouch 201-202
Ibra 194194.5
Pique 192-192.5
Pogba 190-191
Rio 190-191

The heights I give are at their lowest (the way Rob measures) not Morning height. Most of these guys are measured in the AM and maybe a 1/4-1/2" off. I believe Ibra's measurement but not Pique don't know even at a morning height how he got that (bust a gut most likely). He looks a guy who is weak 6'4"
Luca said on 10/Jul/17
I thought that pogba was taller than lukaku too ... what are your guesses about the belgian striker?
crk15 said on 10/Jul/17
Real Madrid heights in my opinion:
Zidane: 1,83
Keylor: 1,81 cm
Carvajal: 1,69,5 cm
Pepe: 1,86 cm
Varane: 1,91 cm
Ramos: 1,81 cm
Nacho: 1,77 cm
Marcelo: 1,73 cm
Casemiro: 1,82 cm
Modric: 1,69 cm
Kroos: 1,79 cm
Kovacic: 1,76 cm
Isco: 1,73 cm
Asensio 1,78 cm
L.Vázquez: 1,70,5 cm
James: 1,77 cm
Bale: 1,83,5 cm
Cristiano: 1,84 cm
Benzema: 1,83 cm
Morata: 1,86 cm
Jakob said on 9/Jul/17
Rob, how tall would you guess goalkeeper Jens Lehmann to be? He was consistently listed as 190cm nearly everywhere during his career, and does look about 6ft 3 to me.
Editor Rob: I'd have thought near 6ft 3 was possible, he looked taller than say Wenger.
ma said on 9/Jul/17
In a recent video, Lukaku with Pogba looked around 187 cm, if we consider Paul a good 191 cm...
Tino said on 9/Jul/17
@johnson thanks, could you also tell me how tall yaya sanogo is he is listed between 190cm to 194cm. He has a picture with podolski and santi cazorla on google images. Thanks
Ronaldo said on 9/Jul/17
Courtois: 198 cm
Mertesacker: 199 cm
Pogba: 191 cm
Smalling: 193 cm
Mandzukic: 189 cm
Matic: 193 cm
Fellaini: 194cm
Cahill: 190 m
Ibrahimovic: 194.5 cm
Cech: 193 cm
Ronaldo: 185.5 cm
Kaka: 186 cm
Chiellini: 187 cm
Kyle Walker:
Ozil: 177 cm
Cavani: 184 cm
Lewandowski: 182.5 cm
Boateng: 189 cm
Hummels: 190 cm
Johnson said on 9/Jul/17
@Appe I have seen medical control figures for Jordi Alba 170.2-170.3 and Iniesta 171.4. Both barefoot. There are clips

Messi is not shorter than Alba. Medical tests for Messi must be around 170.4.

As for Griezmann I know that he is taller than people like Dani Alves 172.5 and Patrice Evra 173.5

Koke (Atletico de Madrid) 176, edges out Griezmann only by 1 centimetre

I think Dybala would only edge Griezmann out by 1.5 cm no more

@Tino Welbeck is 185
Tino said on 8/Jul/17
@canson how tall do u believe Danny welbeck is ? He gets listed at 6'1 and 6'2
Appe 183.3cm said on 8/Jul/17
Opinion on Mauro Icardi height? He s listed everywhere 181cm.
Appe 183.3cm said on 8/Jul/17
My bet on Messi would be 170,5cm just out of bed and 168,8cm before bed. I dont know Griezmann so well but from all that I ve seen I would list him 174cm not 175cm.
Canson said on 6/Jul/17
@Johnson: keep in mind that this is Celebheights not Celebshoeheights. Messi is a morning 5'7" tops. That's his listed he's likely 5'6". I don't know how tall your boy Griezmann is but I do know that you inflate everyone in a picture with him to make him 174 or 175.
Canson said on 6/Jul/17
@Johnson: keep in mind that this is Celebheights not Celebshoeheights
Johnson said on 6/Jul/17
@Appe that means you also agree with me than in medicals and at lunch Griezmann is around 175 and Messi 170

The other people commenting here as @ma and @175 should see that I think exactly as Appe on predictions. I also think before bed Messi would be 169,Griezmann 174...
Canson said on 5/Jul/17
@Johnson: I respect you because you're respectful. However your when you inflate someone who is even if supposedly measured (most sports measurements are over inflated rather than under) just to make someone a listed height. I'd believed it more if you said they weren't as tall as listed. The heights you receive from these soccer clubs are likely in cleats or are just talking out of the rear in their part to you
Appe 183.3cm said on 5/Jul/17

Messi 169cm before bed
Griezmann 174 before bed (i do think 173cm is too low)
ma said on 5/Jul/17
@175 cm

I' ve always seen it like you, but lately I consider his estimates as in shoes otherwise these estimates would make me too shocked.

Anyone in this site, when is reading a Johnson comment, should consider that his guessed height are with shoes on.
Tino said on 5/Jul/17
How tall is Patrick veira in his playing days, I see him listed between 190cm to 193cm
Johnson said on 5/Jul/17
@Appe can you say your estimations on Messi and Griezmann?
175 cm said on 5/Jul/17
Johnson your estimates/opinions are BS
Canson said on 5/Jul/17
@Johnson: I agree with Ma

Messi being listed 5'7" on a roster does not mean he is really 170cm. Johnson you receiving info from a club is not 100% reliable info. They can simply feed you a higher listing just as other clubs exaggerate the height of their players. You don't believe Derrick Rose being only 6'1.5 so why believe that the other guys listings. The pic you posted of Rose and Phelps on Rose's page you are seriously fooling yourself into believing he is taller or as tall just to make Antoine Griezmann 5'8" like he's listed because you said Rose makes him look an inch shorter. Remember you also said that Kobe is 196.4 when he was measured by his wife at 6'4.75 (195cm) just because Pique didn't appear 6'4 with him same with Ibra where you said "don't take the 194 seriously because you couldn't hear the decimal point of his listing). Upgrading people like Ibra just to make others their height
Canson said on 5/Jul/17
@Johnson: I agree with Ma

Messi being listed 5'7" on a roster does not mean he is really 170cm. Johnson you receiving info from a club is not 100% reliable info. They can simply feed you a higher listing just as other clubs exaggerate the height of their players. You don't believe Derrick Rose being only 6'1.5 so why believe that the other guys listings. The pic you posted of Rose and Phelps on Rose's page you are seriously fooling yourself into believing he is just to make Antoine Griezmann taller
Canson said on 5/Jul/17
@Johnson: you didn't do that with Rose. He is guessed at 6'1" range by everyone on that page. The 6'2.5 had nothing to do with Ronaldo. It started with Griezzman when you posted a pic of both of them together. I clearly remember it. It's because Griezzmann didn't appear 5'8" with him. You can't simply upgrade Rose just to make someone else (Griezzmann). The height he is listed. Then you're now trying to make Rose taller than Phelps or as tall as him just to justify it.
Johnson said on 4/Jul/17
@Canson People picking on me... but I coincide my predictions with other users on this thread

I give my opinions honestly you can agree or not I can be right or wrong. And I would not have any problem to meet Rob, Derrick Rose, Griezmann or whichever of you and measure all of them and be measured etc

I believe Rose is just an inch over Cristiano Ronaldo but it is just an opinion

@Appe as for Torres I do not know him personally but I have the medical figures for last 2 seasons of Atletico 185 and 186 (185.5 is rounded 186)... he can be around solid 185 at morning medicals a little later dipping below 185. A person met Atletico players and said he is around 185
Johnson said on 4/Jul/17
@ma no my friend.

I list Messi 170, Suarez 181 and Rakitic 183.5

Canson said on 4/Jul/17
@Ma: agreed. I don't necessarily know if he embellishes his own height. But agree he adds height to most when truthfully most people here on this site are overlisted to begin with especially if Rob hasn't met them himself face to face. It's just that only a select few will call it in that direction whereas anyone calls out someone who downgrades (to me upgrading is worse especially if someone has already stated or is listed a height and I say that because most people add an inch or two).but Johnson mentioned below that he reaches out to the clubs and they "give" him a height. Now if that is true then he is likely being fed "shoe heights". For example he has Said derrick Rose when someone met him in person (2 people exactly on his page) and both said he's 6'1" or under but Johnson argues 6'2.5" (his pre draft was 6'1.5) and said he's taller than Phelps when he's not. That is naive thinking because he used rose in a comparison with a soccer player Antoine Griezzman and made him look not as tall as his listing.

Now me having played ball all the way up to college level and having played against many pro players I will say that it is more likely that a player is overlosted than underlisted. Even their barefoot heights.

And yes most people don't grow once entering the league and if they do it's typically offset with what they are listed already in the pre draft or combine bio especially if their initial measurement was a bit higher than their normal average height (morning measurement or roundups). To think multiple players grew 1" or more is crazy. If anything it just brings them to what their pre draft may already state if even that. That said I've played ball against Jarrett Jack who is 188-189 he was 2-2.5" shorter than me. If we look at him next to Rose although both are listed 6'3" Jack is taller than both Rose and Steph Curry (who's also listed 6'3"). Jack is the same size as Westbrook is which is why people believe Russ is taller than he is because he's actually listed at his real height. I've also met Phelps in person in Atlantic City and had him by a solid 2" so his listing is accurate at worst he's maybe 6'2.25 as I measure about 194cm at my low.
ma said on 4/Jul/17
I deeply respect @Johnson too, but I think that he guesses height taller to make his height claim more belivable ( it is probably inflated by 1-2 inc).
That's why he list Messi at 171cm Neymar at 175 cm Suarez at 182 cm Rakitic at 184 cm and other BS that he wrote.
He just come to celebheight read a listing and argue 2 cm taller for each guy randomly.
Appe 183.3cm said on 4/Jul/17
@Luca On Guè I would say he could be 190,5cm out of bed and just over 188cm night time. This is my personal opinion but I repeat, I don't know him well to judge, only saw him once in an elevator.
@johnson Thank you. Why are you saying you know Torres is 184.5 -184.7 cm?
Canson said on 3/Jul/17
@Ma: I respect Johnson but that's a very true statement that you said. He guesses soccer players higher and makes others in pics with them higher like derrick Rose (suspecting he "grew" when you have a 6'1" guy on his page that met him) along with Russell Westbrook too
Canson said on 3/Jul/17
@Johnson: word of advice. Most clubs and teams inflate their players heights. Rarely are they taller than they are listed
Luca said on 3/Jul/17
@Appe Sorry for my insistence,but I really really like him and I'm so curious about his height (I've never met him,living in Sicily). What would your prediction be if you had to guess his morning/night height range? Thanks again 4 your availability ;)
Appe 183.3cm said on 3/Jul/17
Saul Niguez is at least 183cm (watch Photos of him with Fernando Torres).
You re welcome! i am not that familiar with them but last year I saw guè in an hotel in Milan. He could be easily over 188cm
Johnson said on 3/Jul/17
@ma no my friend. I am in contact with players and clubs. I agree with Appe. And I know Fernando Torres is 184.5-184.7. If I would upgrade Torres I would say he is 186.5-187
Ronaldo said on 3/Jul/17
I think James Rodriguez is 1.77 - 1.78
He has a height difference from the Gareth Bale
Ronaldo said on 3/Jul/17
Stegen 185 cm
Pique 193 cm
Rakitic 183 cm
Suarez 180 cm
Messi 168.5 cm
Neymar 173 cm
ma said on 2/Jul/17
You need to consider that every height guessed by @Johnson is in shoes since it is always 1-2-3 cm taller than the real one:)
Ronaldo said on 2/Jul/17
Asensio is 1.79 m
guy said on 2/Jul/17
is Falcao really 177?? He may be 177 if James really is 180.
Ally182 said on 2/Jul/17
Bellerin is no more than 176cm
Saul 181 (as tall as his clubmate Carrasco)
Asensio 179
Deulofeu 174
D. Suarez 175
Sandro 175
Johnson said on 2/Jul/17
@Blake No solid. He is just 177.8 (5'10 exactly)
ma said on 2/Jul/17
you upgrade Ascensio and Bellerin...And deulofeu to me look shorter. I don't know the other guys
Blake said on 1/Jul/17
@Johnson no chance Bellerin is a solid 5 ft 10
Johnson said on 30/Jun/17
Spain u21 players 2017 European Championship

Dani Ceballos 177.5
Bellerin 178
Deulofeu 175.5
Marco Asensio 181
Marcos Llorente 183
Jonny Castro 170
Sandro Ramirez 175
Denis Suarez 176
Saul Ñiguez 184
Rory said on 30/Jun/17
Zidane and Cavani could be near 187 out of bed imo. Both look minimum 184, and more often 185. Probably 186.5 cms out of bed. Zidanes posture isn't perfect but standing tall he looks about 6ft 1 range and Cavani can look 2 inches taller than Suarez on occasion, no less than 1.5 inches between them.

Straight Out of bed - 186.5-7
Last thing before bed - 184.5
Luca said on 30/Jun/17
@Appe thanks for your nice opinions
;) Could you tell me what do you think of marracash and guè pequeno? I would be really thankful,i like Them a lot
Alex said on 30/Jun/17
Bastian Schwwinsteiger (183cm)
He looks the same height as his wife ana inanovic
Alex said on 30/Jun/17
Bastian Schwwinsteiger (183cm)
He looks the same height as his wife ana inanovic
Johnson said on 30/Jun/17
@Appe I list Januzaj 182
Ronaldo said on 30/Jun/17
'ESPN' website is unreliable

Height registered on the 'ESPN'
Edwin van der Sar 190 cm
Giorgio Chiellini 193 cm
Gareth Bale 180 cm
CR7 184 cm

Real height
Sar 197 - 199 cm
Chiellini 187 cm
Bale 184 cm
CR7 186 cm
Appe 183.3cm said on 30/Jun/17

Opinion on Adnan Januzaj? He was listed 180cm in M. Utd. (old listing), now in Borussia Dortmund he's listed 182cm. Could he be taller?
Ronaldo said on 30/Jun/17
what's your guesses on:
Lilian Thuram
Marcel Desailly
Edwin van der Sar
Frank de Boer
Jaap Stam
Phillip Cocu
Dennis Bergkamp
Patrick Kluivert
Davor Suker
Johnson said on 30/Jun/17
The Brazilian footballer Savio Bortolini shrunk at 43!! Now he looks 173. As younger he looked 175

What do you guys think?? Unusual case
Appe 183.3cm said on 29/Jun/17
@Luca I agree with you drogba is probably not over 188cm.
Since my height during 90% of the day is between 183cm and 184cm I usually claim to be 184cm. If I was you I'd claim myself 189cm (and I think it's honest) even if @Rob would probably list you 188cm.
Johnson said on 29/Jun/17
I have Drogba 188 in my database
Luca said on 29/Jun/17
@Appe Drogba seems to be 187/188 cm...however,what height do you usually Claim? I usually measure 190,7 cm out of bed and 188,1 cm at my lowest...Which height would you claim if you were me?
Appe 183.3cm said on 29/Jun/17

Do you think Didier Drogba is really 189cm tall as he has always been listed?
To me he appears like a 187cm type but I'm not so sure on him.
ma said on 28/Jun/17
Zidane 184.75 cm
- F. Torres 184.5 cm
- Lewandowski 183.5 cm
- Cavani 184.3 cm
- Sergio Ramos 182.7 cm
- Higuain 182.2 cm
Ronaldo said on 28/Jun/17
- Zidane 185 cm
- F. Torres 184.5 cm
- Lewandowski 183 cm
- Cavani 184 cm
- Sergio Ramos 182 cm
- Higuain 182 cm
Appe 183.3cm said on 28/Jun/17
@Johnson I agree with you on the fact that Sergio Ramos would be the shorter among these footballers if measured.
@175 cm Your guesses are too low on my opinion (except Cavani's one who I think it's ok around 186cm out of bed).
@Luca I wake up around 185,2cm +/- 1mm.
Robin said on 27/Jun/17
How tall do you think, German footballer - Per Mertesacker is. He's listed at 198cm, but looks much taller than that, next to others. He towers over other players.
Luca said on 27/Jun/17
@Appe what is your height range?
175 cm said on 27/Jun/17
My fresh out of bed bet for appe: I guess on Cavani edges you out.
184,5 Zidane
185,0 Torres
183,5 Lewandowski
186,0 Cavani
184,0 Ramos
183,5 Higuain
182,5 Lamela
183,0 Niguez
Johnson said on 27/Jun/17

Possibly only Ramos does not hit 185.5 straight outta bed

Typical heights:

-Zidane 184.5
- F. Torres 184.5
- Lewandowski 184.5
- Cavani 185.5 (not very sure)
- Sergio Ramos 183
- Higuain 184
- Lamela 184 (he claims 185)
- Saul Niguez 184
Appe 183.3cm said on 27/Jun/17
who/who not of this players hits 185,5cm mark (or over) just out of bed:

- Zidane
- F. Torres
- Lewandowski
- Cavani
- Sergio Ramos
- Higuain
- Lamela
- Saul Niguez

if you want, please write side of each one the exact "just out of bed" height.
Johnson said on 27/Jun/17
Gerrard 183 and Benitez 177.5

Click Here
175 cm said on 27/Jun/17
Steven Gerrard is lucky to hit the 6ft mark out of bed...
sg8 said on 27/Jun/17
Gerrard is clearly 185 cm, he has a bad posture so he seems 183. He is listed 185 many places, and was also lister 188 back in the days.
Ronaldo said on 26/Jun/17
Ronaldo 181 cm
Rivaldo 187 cm
Ronaldinho 179 cm
Luca said on 26/Jun/17
@Appe I thought he was a bit shorter than cr7 too ... maybe he could measure 183-184 cms
Johnson said on 26/Jun/17
@sg8 Gerrard 185?? Ferdinand 196??? Scholes 168??

Are you serious?

183, 191.5 and 171 is a more accurate listing
Appe 183.3cm said on 26/Jun/17
Opinions new AC Milan striker Andrè Silva from FC Porto?
He's listed on the web 185cm, 183cm and 182cm. After watching many photos of him together with C.Ronaldo I would go for a strong 183cm guy (maybe a hair over)

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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