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leo176 said on 1/Dec/23
Hi Rob, could you look into whether the German head coach Hansi Flick appears to be 177cm as listed? He sometimes gives off a short impression, but at the same time, I think he might be 175cm at the lowest. Thank you.
185.4cm Elais said on 27/Nov/23
Ruben Dias, Rodri, Frenkie De Jong or Ferran Torres and Rudiger height? Ruben looks a strong 6'1 or atleast 186cm for me. Ferran Torres should get a listing too since he got 182.1cm and 181.6cm measurements leaked. I was surprised he was measured that tall. De Jong was always 179cm in my eyes. Rodri seems no less than 189, could be in the 190 zone. As for Rudiger he does have a poor posture but I dont think he is a solid 6'3 guy the worst he can ever be is 6'2 1/2 but I thought about 190cm like he is listed. Looks always atleast an inch taller when standing straight than Militao who for me seems more 6'1 1/2 (closer to 187cm) rather than 186 like listed. Also Cancelo seems 180cm tall, no less than 179 though
Tallish guy said on 27/Sep/23
Rob can you please add new Manchester city star Joško Gvardiol. There is video of him having measured by nurse but they didn't show the mark. At 3:15 he said his height is "185 186 centimeters"
Click Here
Editor Rob
Yeah, he'll be around a long time at the top level.
Arch Stanton said on 13/Sep/23
That Kieffer guy looks like he is part Eastern European, reminds me of a cross between Laurence Harvey and Jack Posobiec.
185.4cm Elais said on 12/Sep/23
Actually Asensio looks nearer 180 nowadays from what i've seen
JackSentinel01225 said on 12/Sep/23
How tall is kieffer moore? premier league striker for Bournemouth.
Editor Rob
He has a very tall look, 6ft 4-5 range
Arjun Deckha said on 7/Sep/23
Hello Rob, I don't know if you have recently but Xavi Simons has been listed at a whopping 179 cm! He looks quite a bit shorter next to Dani Olmo and Kevin Kampl, guys in the five-ten range on Leipzig. He used to be listed at 168 cm, it must have been an old listing, but surely he cannot be no more than 175-176 cm and this is a case of a massive overlisting?
Editor Rob
I'd agree that he looks more 5ft 9 than 10 range.
185.4cm said on 3/Sep/23
Also Fede Valverde looked just about 2 inches taller than Vini at Club World Cup final and and in the photo when they both were announced as Real players back in 2018 along with Courtois, looked 4.5-5cms taller than Vini. So yeah, weak 5'11. Maybe 179.5-180. Specially next to folk like Kroos and Camavinga.
185.4cm said on 3/Sep/23
Militão, Araujo, Fede Valverde and Camavinga deserve a listing some day. Fede Valverde is definitely overlisted. Looks atleast an inch shorter than Camavinga in some team photos and other photos whos 182-183 and shorter than Kroos who could be 181, 180.5 or solid 5'11.Fails to give a 180 impression often but has the best possible proportions. Weak 5'11. Militão is listed as 186 almost everywhere, However, looks often more than that, looks about 187 range, 186 is the least i'd give him. A big inch taller than Benzema and looked taller than Bellingham. Araujo looks 6ft2 or 188cm like listed. Marco Asensio is also defo not 182 but more 179ish. Camavinga looked taller than Kroos in the team photo both the match of Real Chelsea and Barca Real in April. Camavinga could be 6 feet tall, very near it atleast.
Rory said on 10/Jun/23
Well if Schmeichal was 6ft3.5 then I assume he's lost near 1.5 inches at 59...but I'm not really buying that

Click Here
Emil said on 8/Jun/23
Tallish guy said on 26/May/23

Rob, who is taller Haaland or his brother?Seems like he is still gaining at every new photo of them.
Click Here==

Editor Rob
Erling looks taller, but it's not by much now.


Guys, Astor is 5 years older than Erling, he's not gonna grow lol
Arch Stanton said on 7/Jun/23
Schmeicel with weak 5'11 Alex Ferguson Click Here easily 6 ft 3. I could believe 6'3.5.
Rory said on 3/Jun/23
Rob, what's your view on Peter Schmeichels peak height ? Had a reputation as being a big imposing keeper and was described as 6ft3,4 and 5 but I think he was shorter than billed, I think 6ft2.5.
Editor Rob
I could see him 6ft 3 range.
Ousmane said on 29/May/23
Hi Rob, what’s your estimate for former Arsenal player Shkodran Mustafi?
Editor Rob
Close to 6ft
Tallish guy said on 26/May/23
Rob, who is taller Haaland or his brother?Seems like he is still gaining at every new photo of them.
Click Here==
Editor Rob
Erling looks taller, but it's not by much now.
Ousmane said on 19/May/23
Hi Rob, what’s your estimate for former Chelsea player & England international Ross Barkley?
Editor Rob
Wouldn't have guessed him any taller than 6ft.
Tallish guy said on 19/May/23
Rob, i found interesting height of Manchester city player Cole Palmer.
I dont know why but he is now listed 189cm on various sites but he is barely taller than De Bruyne.Also he is 182cm on transfermarkt.How the hell can he be listed 189cm if he cant even get this height in shoes.Maybe his own claim?
Editor Rob
First thought was 6ft 1! But really only a brief glance.
Ousmane said on 16/May/23
Hi Rob, what’s your estimate for Manchester United player Diogo Dalot?
Editor Rob
Can look about 6ft
leo176 said on 13/May/23
Rob, how tall do you think Saman Ghoddos is? He is listed at 176-7 range but I think this figure is laughable.
Editor Rob
Would have said around my height, check him with Big Zlatan
Dkw said on 11/May/23
Victor Valdes never looked 6ft similar to Ronaldinho I'd say
dd125 said on 4/May/23
valverde height? i was thinking 181-182
Nik Ashton said on 3/May/23
@ Rob - Please add Leeds United and former England manger Sam Allardyce, his peak could be similar to Wenger’s! His current would be interesting to know too.
Tom 6ft1.5 said on 29/Apr/23
Rob what is your estimate for Wenger's peak height ? 6ft2.5 ? 6ft3 ?
Editor Rob
Almost 6ft 3
Muhadi said on 18/Apr/23
Rodrygo Goes listed 174 cm on Real Madrid website but 171 cm Eden Hazard edge him out at this 2021 Instagram photo Click Here=

What do you think Rob?
Editor Rob
More I've seen of Rodrigo, the less he looks over 5ft 7.
7272 said on 15/Apr/23
Click Here= 5'8.5 Pharell and Hakimi
Ousmane said on 14/Apr/23
Hi Rob, what’s your estimate for Arsenal player Thomas Partey?
Editor Rob
Wouldn't guess him over 6ft
Maahin Chowdhury said on 12/Apr/23
How tall is Thomas Tuchel? 6’2-6’3 range I think. Seems to look significantly taller than Pep during the Man City vs Bayern quarter final clash. Sadly bayern got beaten 3-0.
Editor Rob
Gives me a 6ft 3 impression.
James Laurence said on 7/Apr/23
How tall do you think Lisandro Martinez is as I doubt he's 5'10 I put him in the 5'8 range 173?
Editor Rob
No chance of 5ft 10, but weaker 5ft 9?
Scissor said on 6/Apr/23
Hi Rob, What's your estimate on Leeds player Brendan Aaronson? He seems to be a little bit taller than his US colleague Christian Pulisic,Can see 176 to 178
Editor Rob
Yeah, he might edge Christian a bit.
BHRAAG said on 5/Apr/23
Hi Rob, Gavi is listed at 173cm on google, do you think he is in that range? Most photos with Lewandowski he appears below his eye level, so i'm a bit confused about Gavi's status. I would be very grateful if you answer it.
Editor Rob
Not convinced a full 5ft 8 for him.
Tallish guy said on 29/Mar/23
Rob, what do you think of croatian player Borna Sosa who plays at Stuttgart.
He is listed at 187cm everywhere but that doesn't make sense because he is visibly shorter than Gvardiol who is 6'1.
Editor Rob
Yeah, that listings seems a few cm high!
Ousmane said on 28/Mar/23
Hi Rob, how tall do you think Benjamin Pavard is (defender for Bayern Munich & France national team)? Some sources online list him as high as 187cm, but in several pictures with his former teammate Robert Lewandowski, he looks the exact same height as Lewandowski… sometimes even a bit shorter. Do you think his slim frame gives him the impression of being as tall as 187cm?
Editor Rob

Yeah his frame could suggest he’s around 6ft 1, but seems less.
Parker said on 27/Mar/23
How tall is Pep Guardiola?

I could never decide on him, 179 was my first thoughts really.

I think he's a tad taller than that Rob. Here with Jordi Cryuff listed 183-185 around the web
Click Here

With Gary Lineker Click Here

With Alex Ferguson Click Here
Maahin Chowdhury said on 25/Mar/23
How tall is Pep Guardiola? 5’11? Maybe you should you add him since he is one of the greatest managers.
Editor Rob
I could never decide on him, 179 was my first thoughts really.
Abdallah said on 21/Mar/23
Rob, Casemiro is listed at 183 cm,
around what figure do you think his Height his?
Editor Rob
I can believe that figure.
HRAAA10222 said on 18/Mar/23
Rob, Cucurella is listed as 172 cm.
How tall do you think he is?
Editor Rob
It's not an unreasonable figure, I'd have thought near that!
Aditya Semwal said on 15/Mar/23
Khvicha Kvaratskhelia
Georgian football player- napoli (serie-A)
any thoughts on him listed as 6' ?????
Maahin Chowdhury said on 12/Mar/23
My height listings for Manchester United players including the manager

Ten Hag - 180 cm

De Gea - 188 cm
Dalot - 184 cm
Wan Bissaka - 183 cm
Varane - 191 cm
Maguire - 193 cm
Martinez - 175 cm
Lindelöf - 186 cm
Shaw - 180 cm
Malacia - 170 cm
Casemiro - 183 cm
Fred - 172 cm
Eriksen - 178 cm
Sabitzer - 178 cm
Mctominay - 191 cm
Bruno Fernandes - 177 cm
Antony - 172 cm
Sancho - 180 cm
Rashford - 185 cm
Weghorst - 197 cm
Martial - 182 cm
Garnacho - 178 cm

Not really familiar with Pellistri, Iqbal, Mainoo and the rest. And any of you wondering if I am a united fan, yes I am.
183dylan said on 7/Mar/23
Hey @Rob

how tall do you think Kai Havertz is? Chelsea lists him at 193 cm while Google puts him at 190.
Editor Rob
6ft 4 seems too high
Rory said on 3/Mar/23
I think 6ft1.75 for Maldini is fair. Easily over 6ft1 but I'm not sure I'm buying solid 6ft2. Zlatan can look near 3 inches taller than him at times. I think Shevchenko is certainly under six foot, and at best 5ft11.5. I tend to think he'd be 5ft11.25 though.
Emil said on 28/Feb/23

How tall would you put Maldini? He's listed as 186 cm, but I think he looked a solid 6'2
Editor Rob
He could seem closer to 6ft 2 than 1
DZT said on 28/Feb/23
@RJT Weghorst is 6’5 max, he’s never looked above that height
Samayan said on 27/Feb/23
How tall do you think Lisandro Martinez is
Editor Rob
Could be 174cm range
Maahin Chowdhury said on 23/Feb/23
How tall is Jadon Sancho? I think he is around 5’11, he looked around the same height as Ten Hag and 2 inches shorter than Rashford.
Editor Rob
Probably closer to 11 than 10, a bit deceptive as I never think of him as over 5ft 10 when on the field!
Emil said on 22/Feb/23
184 cm for Torres? He wouldn't even measure that out of bed. Maybe that was an early measurement in cleats though, but even that doesn't seem likely
khaled taban 5ft9 said on 21/Feb/23
@Rob- Any idea how tall is Dani Ceballos?
Listed at 179 cm, but I feel he is something like 175-176 cm (Strong 5ft9 range)
Editor Rob
First thought was 177cm range!
Emil said on 21/Feb/23

Any thoughts on Andreas Christensen (Barcelona)? I think anywhere between 185-187 cm is possible
Editor Rob
Strong 6ft 1 range looks possible
Tallish guy said on 21/Feb/23
Rob how much under?
Editor Rob
At least half inch under 6ft 2, maybe more.
Tallish guy said on 18/Feb/23
Hi rob how tall is croatian mma star and ex amateur footballer Mirko 'Cro Cop'? He is listed 188 cm but i think he was never that tall barefoot.
Editor Rob
Likely under that. Look at him Facing Up to Lovren, who got measured near 190cm.
FiveEightJake said on 8/Feb/23
Saka with KSI

Without knowing footwear… 5’9 seems a good shout
spainmen192-3cm said on 6/Feb/23
Rob, also a football player that might be worth considering is the spanish footaller Ferran Torres he was measured at Barcelona at 181.6cm in the morning at his medical before signing. Between 9 a.m and 11 a.m.

Then on another ocassion in the 2022-23 Barcelona medical he was measured 182.1cm.

What do you think, he can look a 5ft11.5 guy? Despite this measurements he is listed at Barcelona website at 184cm.

Here are the videos:
1. 181.6 at 0:25 seconds
Click Here

2. 182.1 at 1:28 min.
Click Here
Tallish guy said on 4/Feb/23
It is strange that Lovren is listed 188cm everywhere on Google when he is measured 190cm on video linked bellow. From what age could that 188 measurement be?
Tallish guy said on 4/Feb/23
Rob how tall is Jordan Henderson? Why is he listed as 182cm everywhere when he is obviously taller than that?
Editor Rob
Clears 6ft, can look 185cm
spainmen192-3cm said on 4/Feb/23
Rob, maybe you want to add Dejan Lovren to celebheights? He was measured at his medical in Southampton at 190cm. If you see the video it starts at min. 2:00 he inspires and the doctor measures bim. After that he asked how much he measured, and the doctor replays: "190cm". I believe it was without shoes.

What do you think?

Here its the video:

Click Here
Rory said on 2/Feb/23
No less than 6ft1 for Bellingham, I think he arguably edges Jordan Henderson who has always looked a textbook 6ft1 guy. 6ft1.25, and close to Rashford wouldn't surprise me for Jude. I think 6ft1 or 1.25 is his range.
spainmen192-3cm said on 2/Feb/23
Rob, also a football player that might be worth considering is the spanish footaller Ferran Torres he was measured at Barcelona at 181.6cm in the morning at his medical before signing. Between 9 a.m and 11 a.m.

Then on another ocassion in the 2022-23 Barcelona medical he was measured 182.1cm.

What do you think, he can look a 5ft11.5 guy? Despite this measurements he is listed at Barcelona website at 184cm.

Here are the videos:
1. 181.6 at 0:25 seconds
Click Here

2. 182.1 at 1:28 min.
Click Here
spainmen192-3cm said on 2/Feb/23
Rob, maybe you want to add Dejan Lovren to celebheights? He was measured at his medical in Southampton at 190cm. If you see the video it starts at min. 2:00 he inspires and the doctor measures bim. After that he asked how much he measured, and the doctor replays: "190cm". I believe it was without shoes.

What do you think?

Here its the video:
Click Here
ViridianForest said on 31/Jan/23
Hi @Rob, how tall do you think Enzo Fernandez is? He's listed at 178cm, but when he is stood alongside Mbappe, Enzo is a little short next to him. He looks to be 5'8.5" or 5'9" imo.
Click Here
Click Here=
Editor Rob
since he is losing some height, maybe he is over 5ft 9 but not as tall as 178cm.
Tallish guy said on 30/Jan/23
Rob what do you think of Jude Bellingham?Is he really 6ft1?
Editor Rob
On the field he gives that kind of impression to me.
rwattret said on 29/Jan/23
Rob how tall does Sean Dyche look?
Editor Rob
Wouldn't have thought less than 6ft
ZDA said on 29/Jan/23
Hi Rob,
How tall does van gaal look to you?
Editor Rob
Could give 6ft 1 impression
Gian 181cm said on 26/Jan/23
Rob, I advise you to study the possibility of putting Real Madrid defender 'Eder Militao', he is 25 years old and probably another 9-10 years at a high level.
He looked 6ft1 - 1/4 (and he is listed by the Real Madrid website at 186cm).
Real Madrid website - Click Here
Close to Alisson (190cm) and Thiago Silva (180cm):
Click Here= true
Click Here

It's just a suggestion, I don't know how the organization would be for choosing celebrities and whether or not it's a tradeoff and an extra page is cost.
Gian 181cm said on 24/Jan/23
Marquinhos 179cm and Richarlison 183cm, the rest I agree.

I also think that Cavani next to 5ft 11 guys like Thiago Silva and Suarez gives the impression of 185cm.
Tallish guy said on 19/Jan/23
Rob what do you think of Croatian defender Joško Gvardiol? He is listed 185cm.
Editor Rob
Compared to Lovren, I think weak 6ft 1 looks ok.
RJT said on 19/Jan/23
Click Here jump to 1.25

Weirdly he said "hopefully it's still 179, what was it 6'6?"

Too bad the angle wasn't clear, but the medical guy replied "yeah" when Weghorst asked whether he's 6'6...

He looks visibly taller than someone like Van Dijk so maybe he really is 197, add him Rob.
Frodo Baggins said on 31/Dec/22
Gakpo measured 191.5cm on his medical (Click Here - at 1:58). Looks like a very fair height check, no 'breath in' like in City's medicals and other "tricks". Honestly, I thought he could measure at 192.5-193 before.
Editor Rob
6ft 3.25 would be a fair listing.
Daniel Lee 173 cm said on 18/Dec/22
After Copa America 2021 and World Cup 2022, Dibu Martinez needs a page
Rick84q said on 14/Dec/22
@Rob how tall is yassine bonou goalkeeper for morroco also excelent keeper hes listed 1,95m?
Daniel Lee 173 cm said on 11/Dec/22
Van Gaal was probably 6'1-6'1.25 and now 6'0.25"/6'0.5
Rory said on 8/Dec/22
Leao walked out of the tunnel with Ronaldo in the Portugal v Switzerland game and he looked a clear inch taller than him,with 186 possibly 187 Maldini he also had a clear edge so I'd be surprised if he was less than 6ft2,I'd have thought a pretty solid 6ft2 range.
Tajaun said on 2/Dec/22
@Rob My last comment seems to not have made it through. How tall do you figure Cody Gakpo is? He's listed at 6'4".
Editor Rob
Cody looks anywhere in 6ft 3-4 range, not as tall as Van Dijk from what I've seen.
khaled taban 5ft9 said on 2/Dec/22
@Rob- How tall is Gabriel Martnelli?
Editor Rob
On the pitch looks pretty average.
Daniel Lee 173 cm said on 1/Dec/22
@Rob How tall is Dani Carvajal ?
Editor Rob
Does look a bit taller than Modric at Madrid, but not a full 5ft 8
Ousmane said on 1/Dec/22
Hi Rob, what do you think is the morning and evening height of Granit Xhaka (Arsenal player)? He’s listed on the internet anywhere from 183cm-187cm
Editor Rob
With Roger Federer, looks not much different, maybe Roger a little bit looser posture?
Nik Ashton said on 25/Nov/22
Sam Kerr (5’5” - 5’6”) was described as minute on TV!
Original said on 23/Nov/22
@khaled taban 5ft9

Rodrygo when near Hazard can hold his height quite well, as well as being easily taller than someone like Modric.

Click Here

There are other pics when they looks similiarly to this pic one next to other. Rodrygo should be around 5'7.5. Antony is taller than that, he has bad proportions though. I can buy 5'7.75, but not much less than that.
mande2013 said on 23/Nov/22
I wonder if the published team averages in the article below are according to official listed heights or "Rob Heights":

Click Here

P.S. Kanté's absence probably inflates France's average height.
Robbe said on 23/Nov/22
Dutch goalkeeper Andries Noppert is listed 6'8 and looks that height with 6'4.25 Van Dijk Click Here
Maahin Chowdhury said on 22/Nov/22
Rob, how tall is Patrick Vieira? I have seen a 6’4 claim on fifa and google. He does indeed look very tall.
Editor Rob
Seemed near 6ft 4 on the field
Emil said on 22/Nov/22
Thanks for sharing your insights. I've seen both players up close as well, and could tell they weren't much taller than myself. Højbjerg could even be 6'0 flat like me
khaled taban 5ft9 said on 20/Nov/22
@Orginal- Rodrygo is 5'7" at most and Antony is 5'7.5" at most. Rodrygo is shorter than Hazard and Antony looks about 6 inches shorter than C. Ronaldo.
Emil said on 20/Nov/22

Any thoughts on Pierre Emile Højbjerg?

I think weak 6'1
Editor Rob
For me, doesn't look a full 6ft 1, but could be 184
Emil said on 19/Nov/22

Any thoughts on Danish striker Yussuf Yurary?

Listed 6'4 but no way he's more than 6'2 range.
Editor Rob
Yeah, Poulson is a tall guy but not a 6ft 4, somewhere in 6ft 2 range looked likelier.
Original said on 14/Nov/22
Martinez could be 5'8.5, but no much lower than that.
Heir of Darkness said on 13/Nov/22
Rob, how tall do you think Arsenal defender, William Saliba, is? He's listed online at the 192-193 cm range, which honestly seems believable for him.
Dkw said on 11/Nov/22
How about Lisandro Martinez from Man Utd?
Feels like he's doing 5'9 a disservice
Orginal said on 9/Nov/22
Some Brazilian footballers imo:

Gabriel Jesus - 5'9
Richarlison - 5'11
Vinicius Junior - 5'9
Martinelli - 5'9.5
Raphinha - 5'8.5, looks a bit shorter than Vini (?)
Antony - 5'8 (same height of Neymar)
Rodrygo - 5'7.5
Neymar - 5'8
Thiago Silva, Marquinhos - ~5'11 (both looked 3 inches or even 8cm taller than Neymar)
Alves - 5'7.5
Casemiro - 6'0.5
Alisson - 6'3
theonewiththecontacts said on 11/Oct/22
Thoughts on Liberpool’s Darwin Nunez, Rob?
Editor Rob
At most 6ft 1 from seeing him a bit more.
Emil said on 8/Oct/22
Plenty of footballers are overlisted.

Denmark's national team has plenty of players who are. Like Eriksen who's listed at 182 cm lol
Tallish guy said on 5/Oct/22
Rob,how tall is Presnel Kimpembe(PSG player)?On official psg site he is listed 183cm but clearly looks over it!I actually think he's grown after 19.
Editor Rob
Can look 6ft 1
Man without honor said on 4/Oct/22
Rob, how tall is Anthony Gordon? Listed as 1.82cm but he's for sure taller than Lampard, looked a lot taller than (1.82 listed) Gallagher in the England's u21 match.
Editor Rob
He could be over 6ft
khaled taban 5ft9 said on 1/Oct/22
Rob, How tall is Antony (Manchester United Player)? Listed at 172, looks below that mark.
Editor Rob
Initial thoughts are not far from 5ft 7.5.
John Greenwood said on 21/Sep/22
Rob, how tall is Mbappe? Is he really 182-183cm (6'0)? On fifa and online forums, people have been saying that he's grown to 6'0.
Editor Rob
He looks under 5ft 11 most of the time, so I've no idea how the 182cm came into existence.
ViridianForest said on 16/Sep/22
Hey Rob, how tall do you think Callum Hudson-Odoi is? For some reason he's 182cm tall according to Bayer Leverkusen's website. He was listed 178cm for sometime. Could it be he's grown another 4cm?!
Editor Rob
I doubt he grew to 182! Looks less than that.
HRAAA10222 said on 15/Sep/22
Rob, how tall is Phil Foden?
Editor Rob
Somewhere in 5ft 7 range
W_dynwa said on 31/Aug/22
Please make a Jordan Henderson page
Dkw said on 30/Aug/22
Che Adams is listed 175cm and 70kg on wiki
Definitely above 178cm imo and also stocky so would say considerably heavier than that
AP174 said on 27/Aug/22
Hi Rob, the player which height’s most talked about surely needs a page? Lisandro Martinez 172-173cm, same as Salah imo
FloJ said on 19/Aug/22
Click Here

Hello Rob, I need your help on this one. One of the shortest goal keeper Sergio Alvarez is listed at 179 cm. He is not that famous so I copied a photo for you to take a look. He the one on the right beside Iago Aspas. If Aspas is 175-176 cm do you think Alvarez is indeed 179 cm?
Editor Rob
Looks a bit less than 179 there.
Nik Ashton said on 25/Jul/22
Leif Davis is an interesting one, he’s listed as 5’4” on some sites and he’s listed as 6’3” on another!

Angle said on 19/Jul/22

Yeah, that’s fair too. I think even taking into account his hair and gut busting, i still don’t think he measures under 178cm on that medical. Always holds up well with the rest of the England lads who are around 5’10-11 range.
Angle said on 18/Jul/22
So with the Kalvin Philips video, is he getting a page now? think a 5'10 listing on the dot is fair.

Reckon he's not too far off my height. Close to 180cm in the morning dropping to 177.8 on the dot or just below depending on the day.
Editor Rob
10.25 maybe isn't unfair.
Marco99 said on 15/Jun/22
Jonus said on 10/Jun/22
Ancelotti's peak was 184cm in his youth and now he's 180-181cm. Cristiano Ronaldo looks 1-2 inches taller

Actually Jonus 184cm peak height for Ancelotti is simply ridiculous...He has been always listed 179cm and I think for his peak height was fine...
Maybe today he has lost 1 o 2 cm but I am sure he was a little under 180cm as peak height...
Look a young Ancelotti with a young Paolo Maldini (listed 186-7cm) Click Here Ancelotti has a better posture than Maldini in the picture and however Maldini has at least 2-2,5 inches on him...
5'8 boy said on 11/Jun/22
Would you say Real Madrid and France midfielder Camavinga is a true 6 footer?
Editor Rob
He could look close to it, like near 5 inches on Modric.
Jonus said on 10/Jun/22
Ancelotti's peak was 184cm in his youth and now he's 180-181cm. Cristiano Ronaldo looks 1-2 inches taller
BGeez said on 6/Jun/22
Personally I think Antonio Conte could be around 174/175cm. Defo not 178 tho.
Dan 177cm said on 5/Jun/22
Rob how tall is Paddy Pimblett?

Sorry it’s another non footballer in here.
Editor Rob
Could be close to your height
Cristaronaldo said on 4/Jun/22
Rob what do you think about Bernardo Silva who is listed as 173cm but looks way too small on the pitch for a solid 5'8 guy. Looks even shorter than 171 Foden. Imo he looks like he is 169cm.
Editor Rob
5ft 7 could be right for Bernardo.
FloJ said on 28/May/22
Rob do you think Carlo Ancelotti is 179 cm? What is your guess on him?
Editor Rob
Had a quick look and could see 179 or 180 as possible, maybe he has lost a fraction by now.
Dan 177cm said on 28/May/22
Rob what do you think about the rapper Aitch’s height?

Up until about a year or 2 ago he looked quite average proportionally, however he now gives off a tall impression - potentially 6 foot region.

Do you think he could be a lift wearer or is it more likely he gained substantial height in his late teens / early 20’s?
Editor Rob
Not seen enough of him lately to really tell.
Okidoki said on 24/May/22
@Rob How much taller would you say Pep looks than Ancelotti? Ancelotti may have lost a bit of height with the years, but he always seemed to be around 5'10 to me. Would you give him the 179 he is listed at, peak height?

Carlo is a legend, one of my favorites. As you have Ferguson, Mourinho and Jurgen Klopp here, maybe you could consider giving Ancelotti and Pep pages? Ancelotti is one of the greatest managers of all time and Pep has been among the best for over 10 years. Just to give a few suggestions for the football pages.
Dan 177cm said on 22/May/22
Rob any idea of Danny Ings height?

Looks another 5”9er to me
Editor Rob
Maybe 176cm, you might edge him out
Blake said on 20/May/22
Rob, is Antonio conte a 5 ft 8 range guy?
Editor Rob
Certainly doesn't look 5ft 10, but a flat 5ft 8? I'm not sure he's that low.
khaled taban 5ft9 said on 17/May/22
Dan 177cm- For me Sancho is 5ft9 1/2
Dan 177cm said on 17/May/22
Rob can we finally get an accurate listing for Jadon Sancho? I think he would be my height twin at 177cm, however he can look either side of that mark at times.
Peaky Blinder said on 8/May/22
Rob what do u think how tall is inters star lautaro martinez?
He is listed as 174cm guy
ChristianPerkins said on 8/May/22
Does Alan Brazil have Brazilian ancestry? Or it has nothing to do with it? The only other person with "Brazil" as their surname that I know was the wrestler Bobo Brazil, but that was only his ring name. (real name was Houston Harris)
Editor Rob
More likely originates from some Irish lineage.
Anonymous J said on 5/May/22
@Rob: any ideas on your fellow Scotsman Alan Brazil? He seems to hold up well next to Ray Parlour. My Guess is a strong 5'9 now. May have been a bit taller in his youth when we was a bit thinner lol.
Editor Rob
I think claimed 5ft 11.5 in his prime...a guy who lost height by now, maybe he wasn't far off 5ft 11 in his heydey.
khaled taban 5ft9 said on 27/Apr/22
@Rob- How tall is Man city defender Nathan Ake?
Listed at 180, looks shorter though.
Editor Rob
I think he's a bit under 5ft 11
Nik Ashton said on 25/Apr/22
Sam Kerr would be a great add.
Waineboi said on 24/Apr/22
How tall is Newcastle sensation Bruno Guimaraes?
Looks miles off his listed 182cm
Editor Rob
I'd never have thought over 179cm
Grandpa said on 22/Apr/22
Hey, Rob. I saw the newest addition in Elliott and I'm wondering why are you adding such young players when, at the same time, not having listings of some major stars of the sport? Isn't it like having Michael Madsen on this site and not Brad Pitt? Sorry if bothering and thanks. Big fan of the site.
Editor Rob
I came across Harvey's quote, and so gave him a page.
Okidoki said on 20/Apr/22
The reason i also choose those 3 is because they look quite German i think they are a good example of average height young Germans. Yes, i think Kroos likely edges him, he could look shorter than Ana Ivanovic his wife, but is probably close to her height.
Okidoki said on 18/Apr/22
@Rob Who would you go for being taller, Kroos or Shweninsteiger? Could we also say that Kroos, Bastian and Marco Reus are the epitome of average height young Germans?
Editor Rob
I might have opted for Kroos, but all, based on stats of young Germans would be comfortably average.
Rory said on 18/Apr/22
I don't think I'd go less than 181 for Kroos, and I'd completely rule out 179. I think he usually looks near 182cm though. I'd go 5ft11.5 for him I think.
The Batman said on 15/Apr/22
Hi Rob, how tall is Dimitri Payet?
Editor Rob
Looks within average range beside Henry
Grandpa said on 14/Apr/22
Hey, Rob, me again. I really love football and my favorite players are centre-backs because I always play that position with my height of 182 cms. I like these modern pacey defenders who aren't that tall, like Marquinhos, Alaba, Lucas Hernández, Koundé, Upamecano... Could you, please, answer and add some of them. Or at least say your opinion on their heights? Thanks!
Parker said on 13/Apr/22
Okidoki said on 12/Apr/22
@Rob Would you say Guardiola is full 5'11-5'11.25 range?
Editor Rob
I wouldn't go that high for Pep.

Interesting - Here's Pep with Gary Lineker Click Here Click Here
Okidoki said on 12/Apr/22
@Rob Would you say Guardiola is full 5'11-5'11.25 range?
Editor Rob
I wouldn't go that high for Pep.
Luke88 said on 11/Apr/22
I am a Juventus supporter and those are some listings of my favourite team (for me):

Szczesny: 6’4.5/75 (194-5cm)
Danilo: 6’0.25 (183-4cm)
Chiellini: 6’1.5 (187cm)
De Ligt: 6’2.25 (189cm) *(a friend of mine met him and took a pic with him. My friend is two good inches taller than me so 187cm is comfortable for him and Matthijs was visibly a little taller so I think he’s for sure a little over a flat 6’2)
Bonucci: 6’2.5 (189cm) looked visibly taller than Chiellini and very close to DeLigt
Rabiot: 6’2.75 (190cm)
McKennie: 6’ (183cm)
Arthur: 5’7.5 (171cm)
Locatelli: 6’1/1.25 (185-6cm)
Cuadrado: 5’9.25 (176cm)
Dybala: 5’9.25-5 (176-77cm) (didn’t look 2” taller than a solid 173cm guy Alessandro Del Piero)
Morata: 6’2 (188cm)
Vlahovic: 6’2.5-2.75 (189-90cm) (generally he looks a little taller than Morata)
Chiesa: 5’10.5 (179cm)
Allegri: 6-6’0.25 (183-4cm)

I believe most of time the height of the footballer that the clubs published are correct. I my life I met players like Buffon (for sure 190-191cm), Nedved (177cm is fine) and Ronaldo the phenomenon (he was as tall as me but I met in 2011 and at that time I was in the 181cm zone so 5’11.5 is believable)…I never thought they were taller or shorter than the height that you can find on the clubs site.
Grandpa said on 7/Apr/22
Hey, Rob, could you add some more soccer players? The World Cup is getting near and it would be cool to see some new additions. Maybe some new stars like Marquinhos, Valverde, Giménez, Dias, Llorente, White, Gvardiol, Jović, Dendoncker, Koundé, L. Hernández... Please add some of those great potentials and thanks!
Grandpa said on 30/Mar/22
Hey, Rob, could you add Marquinhos, please? Thanks.
HRA10222 said on 27/Mar/22
Rob, can you give Dani Alves a page? He’s the player with the most trophies in football history!
khaled taban 5ft9 said on 24/Mar/22
@Rob- Dest has measured 173.1 at Barcelona medical check. So isn't he's more like 172 since he was likely measured earlier in the day?
Editor Rob
Depends really on just what time that measurement was, but it's likelier to be before mid-day.
khaled taban 5ft9 said on 19/Mar/22
Hi Rob, How tall is Seedrof? Listed at 177, but looks a bit shorter than this.
Editor Rob
Could clear 5ft 9 a fraction
Jakob said on 19/Mar/22
Hi Rob, Emile Smith-Rowe of Arsenal is listed as 1.82m, surely he's not quite that tall? I would have thought 5ft 10 range.
Editor Rob
182cm seems too high for Emile, whether only 178cm though is something I'd need to keep an eye on.
Ethan Patch said on 18/Mar/22
Hi Rob how tall do you think Sergino Dest is?
Editor Rob
Can look about Griezzman's height range.
Nik Ashton said on 18/Mar/22
@ Rob - Please add Leeds United manager Jesse Marsch, he is only the second American to manage in the Premier League and he has managed at the highest level in the USA, Germany, and Austria! He was also the assistant manager of the USA national team! Jesse is listed as 180 cm online and he looks very similar in height to Gary Neville!

@ Rob and all visitors - How tall is Jesse Marsch?
Lula said on 14/Mar/22
Hey Rob, What are you feel to Lavezzi (174 cm), look this photo near verratti (165 cm) and there are some photo where Lavezzi will be 3-5 cm more tall than he
Click Here
Editor Rob
Maybe there is a tilt in the photo helping the left side compared to the right as they did seem like 3cm apart there, which I think is too little in reality.
khaled taban 5ft9 said on 7/Mar/22
@Rob- What is your guess on Phil Foden? Would you give him 170 or 171?
Editor Rob
Maybe just over 5ft 7
Hrms said on 24/Feb/22
@Rob, can you add Atletico madrid player Stefan savic? He is listed as 1,88m on google, but somewhere else he is listed as 186cm. I think that he is is legit 186cm.

With Djokovic

Click Here

With Cristiano ronaldo

Click Here
Henry97 said on 23/Feb/22
Rob how tall is in your opinion the head coach of Juventus Fc, Massimiliano Allegri? I read he’s listed from 181cm to 183cm.
Actually I think he’s easily taller than a strong 5’11 guy, I think he’s an honest 6 footer…maybe 6’0.25/183,5cm?
Editor Rob
He can look roughly 6ft
Lula said on 22/Feb/22
Hey Rob, how is taller Mascherano? He is 174 on internet but for me is 171-172 cm
Editor Rob
174 would be a generous measurement. Can't see him coming up above 173cm on my stadiometer.
Okidoki said on 18/Feb/22
@Rob What about the great Totti, was he quite as tall as his listed 5'11?
Editor Rob
Could seem over 5ft 10 at times, but I'm not sure about a proper 5ft 11
khaled taban 5ft9 said on 17/Feb/22
@Rob- What is your guess on Liverpool player, Harvy Elliot? Listed at 5'7" on Transfermarket.
Editor Rob
If you see him recently with Jota, who I don't think is 5ft 10, then he does seem a good couple of inches shorter.
Okidoki said on 16/Feb/22
@Rob Would you have guessed Robben 5'11 as he is listed and is he really 4 inches taller than 5'7 listed Ribery?
Editor Rob
180cm seems ok for Robben
Y2jbaby said on 9/Feb/22
Burak yilmaz ?
Johnson said on 31/Jan/22
Sorry not 102 kg but 85.80
He was measured after a long flight from Dubai to Barcelona. He arrived at 13:30 in Barcelona and then he was supposed to pass medical check

Click Here
khaled taban 5ft9 said on 31/Jan/22
@Johnson and @Rob- I think he was measured earlier in the day and/or measured with hair. I don't think he looks more than 175 on the field.
Johnson said on 30/Jan/22
@Rob Adama looked measured correctly in the video,and marked 175.9 and 102.0 kg

They measured him in the afternoon

Editor Rob
Yeah, somebody else mentioned it and if it was in socks 5ft 9 and change is fair. Although was his hairstyle totally flat...
Waineboi said on 30/Jan/22
Adama Traore filmed on stadiometer @ his Barcelona medical....the value was 175.9 on a substantial amount of hair and possibly in trainers, definitely below 5ft 9 I'd say
Click Here you can see the measurement @ 1.50mins
Mohammed 170cm said on 27/Jan/22
@Rob- What is your guess on Toni Kross? He's very tricky, sometimes looks as low as 179 and sometimes looks as high as 181.
Editor Rob
Could be 181
JamesBond said on 27/Jan/22
Hey Rob,Can you add footballers more?Such as Chelsea captain Azpilicueta.
Thanks a lot
Joe Pavel said on 13/Jan/22
Hey, Rob. Big fan of this site and football, so I'd really like to see some more listing like Thiago Silva, Diego Milito, Verón, Marquinhos, Bernardeschi, Militão... Could you add some of them? And what would be your guesses on them? Thanks, you Vennegoor of Hesselink!
Andrey200 said on 30/Dec/21
And I wonder where Nick Pope's 191 listing came from. One of the most bizarre official listings I've seen.
Editor Rob
That listing is likely a leftover from age 17 and never got updated. It does happen on occasion.
Andrey200 said on 30/Dec/21
I suppose I should put my question about Andriy Lunin here, didn't see that this page existed. So yeah, he looks 193-194 with Courtois.
Okidoki said on 30/Dec/21
Milan had so many graceful players then like Maldini, Nesta, Seedorf, Kaka etc. As for Pirlo, he is one of the most technically gifted and intelligent players of all time for me.
Okidoki said on 30/Dec/21
@Rob Agreed on the Beckham part, i would personally go for 5'9.5 instead of 5'9.25, maybe not the full 177 though. Overall, i would say he seemed to slightly edge out Seedorf by a tiny fraction though, don't know if you agree with that. They are really close though. Both are some of my favorite players of all time and that Milan side from 2002-2007 reflected how football was back then. Those times are missed, magical at times. Football today is more marketing and business for me.
Editor Rob
Yeah I watched that era too and remember him against Celtic too, always seemed a graceful player who made up for a lack of pace with ingenuity and vision.
Okidoki said on 29/Dec/21
@Rob How tall was Pirlo? They would often compare him to Chuck Norris, because of the way he looks and how he behaves. Chuck claimed 5'10, but Pirlo was always closer to that than him. He is listed at 177 cm, was he closer to that or 176? The reason why i am asking is because his former teammate Seedorf, is listed as both 176 and 177. Who would you have guessed was the tallest of them?
Editor Rob
Sometimes 5ft 9.5 looked arguable...176cm would fit with how he seemed to look with Beckham back in the day.
Ali183 said on 28/Dec/21
Barca’s new signing Ferran Torres (listed at 184cm) was measured at 181.6 at his medical check up, u might wanna give him a page too big Rob

Click Here
here’s the link, scroll to 0:26
recapa said on 26/Dec/21
@Rob, how tall was the legendary nesta he is listed at 187 in the internet which he is obviously taller than it .here he is with 186 range kaka think in the 189-190 range perhaps.
Editor Rob
With Kaka he could look 6ft 2 range.
Original said on 25/Dec/21
@Rob How tall looks Gabriel Martinelli to you? He is usually listed as 5'10 or even as 5'11, but he is shorter than that for me. I do think he is somewhere between 5'9 and 5'9.5, 5'9.25" is my guess.

Saka is another that I'm not sure if he is a legit 5'10 either: Click Here
Editor Rob
both guys could be 5ft 9-10, although in the past I didn't think Saka was over 5ft 9!
Okidoki said on 7/Dec/21
@Rob If Verratti is 5'5 range, how tall is his wife Jessica Aidi? She is listed as 175 cm, but i don't think she looks near that, as i think Verratti looks at most 166 cm i would say, near Messi he looks around that range.
Editor Rob
looks nearer 5ft 6 than 9!
recapa said on 30/Nov/21
@Rob , xabi alonso leaked measurements back from 2011 said that he measured 182.7 at the morning what would that make him in the afternoon in the 181-181.5 before bed or more like 181.5-182,cheers.
Editor Rob
a 5ft 11.5 to 11.75 range would be ok listing
Italian guy said on 27/Nov/21
What do you think about Rabiot? Listed at 188 cm on most sites and 192 cm on others. Can he be something like 188.5-190.5 cm during the day, what do you think? Sometimes looks taller than Bonucci and clearly taller than Morata and Chiellini. @Editor Rob
Editor Rob
Maybe he is between those 2 figures.
BGeez said on 23/Nov/21
Click Here

Antonio Conte X Del Piero. Conte may be around 5'9-5'9.25?
recapa said on 20/Nov/21
@abdallah11 ,not too sure but if i had to guess i think that luca is a weak 6ft guy (182-182.5) as he seems shorter than strong 6ft (183-183.5) lewandowski as for leroy i have tohught somewhere between 181-182 for him since he has thick hair that makes him look taller here he is with braids next to 178-178.5 ozil Click Here he seems 2-3cm taller wich puts him in the 181-182 range,cheers.
abdallah11 said on 16/Nov/21
how tall are Sane and Lucas Hernandez (bayern fc) both look around 6ft more or less but juss wondering the exact fiure innit
Ajax (5ft 9 3/4 - 5ft 10 5/8) said on 16/Nov/21
Bayern midfielder Kimmich does claim "morgens fast 1,77" which indicates that he is closer to 5ft 9 in the afternoon. Pause at 2:00 min
Click Here

It's a very precise claim, indicates he is aware of morning height, might be worth adding to your database.
Editor Rob
yeah it was interesting mentioning morning, I think 5ft 9 is fair.
recapa said on 16/Nov/21
how about inter,s dynamic duo de vrij and skriniar .de vrij is listed at 189 and he honestly looks it but next to skrniar he somewhat looks shorter than that i,d have thought that the 189 was an early morning figure for him and he is more likely in the 187.5-188 not lower range as for skriniar he is listed at 188 which seems a bit low for him as he always edged de vrij by a 1cm i think that the 188.5-189 range suit him well.
Editor Rob
Not seen much of them off the field really to tell if 188 is closer.
recapa said on 13/Nov/21
my guesses for some juventus players : chiellini (186.5-187) he appears 186 a lot but when he stands straight i,d belive that he could measure 187 but no higher so (186.5-187) is perfect for him,morata (187.5-188) i believe that alvaro could measure up to a flat 6ft2 but no higher as he always seemed to have 185-185.5 cr7 by 2-3cm, bonnuci (189-189.5) easily taller than morata by 1-2cm and the same if not a little taller than 188.5-189 mandzukic and he is only 1cm shorter than 190-190.5 buffon, barzagli (185.5-186) this one was tough but most of his career he was listed at 186 so i doubt that he i any taller and he is shorter than chiellini too and about the same height as cristiano or if any a 1/4 taller than him .
Italian guy said on 13/Nov/21
Any guess for Rugani? Listed both 188 cm and 190 cm. And Bonucci? Can he be 188 cm?
Editor Rob
Bonucci at 188 seems reasonable, rugani might be 189
Mohammed-170cm said on 12/Nov/21
Hi @Rob. How tall do you think Vinicuis Junior is?

Editor Rob
I've thought c-b range was possible
Jakob said on 12/Nov/21
Rob, the former Premier League defender Brede Hangeland looked very tall, he was was listed at both 1.95 and 1.99m, could he be that big? I'd have guessed maybe 1.97.
Editor Rob
199cm could be closer
recapa said on 12/Nov/21
@Rob, sorry for bothering you so much but dont you think that toni kroos or varane or casemiro or marcelo are long due and if i have to suggest a name i,d say that auba deserves a page he is listed at 187 but he looks more like a legit 6ft1 (185-185.5) guy.
Editor Rob
there's still lots of potential names out there.
Paul 5' 9.75 said on 5/Nov/21
From seeing Conte so far with some of the Spurs players, he's giving me a 175-176 cm impression.

Can't see a full 5' 10"

Maybe he's 5' 9.25" at best.

Rob, any guesses for him?
Editor Rob
With Del Piero Click Here he looked a bit taller.
Paul 5' 9.75" said on 2/Nov/21
Any guesses for Antonio Conte?

He's listed everywhere as 5' 10" (178 cm).

But I thought he looked no taller than José Mourinho and possibly slightly less. Though Mourinho often looks 5' 9.75" on match days, due to the thicker footwear he wears.

recapa said on 30/Oct/21
how tall do you think the juve legenderary duo bonnuci and chiellini are rob? .chiellini was always listed at 187 while bonnuci was sometimes listed from 189 to 190.i wanna hear your thoughts about them.
Editor Rob
186-7 could be ok for Chiellini. Sometimes they don't look much different, but maybe Bonnuci is the taller guy, 190cm I can't believe though.
Sizehans said on 22/Oct/21
Ivan Toney of Brentford is an interesting one.

Listed at just 179cm on official Brentford website but can be listed as high as high as 187cm on other sites.

Based on his playing style and how he matches up against other Prem stars this season, I was surprised to see him officially listed as low as 179cm, I’d imagine he clears that fairly easily.
Editor Rob
Yeah he ain't no 179cm guy, that's likely from 17 age range and never updated.
recapa said on 9/Oct/21
xabi alonso is probably a strong 181 guy as he measured at 182.7 in the morning , 181-181.5 before bed and 183-183.5 out of bed.
recapa said on 3/Oct/21
howw about a page for the best defender ever maldini .he is listed at 186cm and i think that he is at least that height probably even 187cm tbh.probably specifically in the 186.5-187 range like guys such as steph curry,john terry etc..
Nik Ashton said on 23/Sep/21
@ Rob - Please add Rodrigo De Paul.
rlheight5'11 said on 22/Sep/21
@Rob Yeah not sure he's 5'11 and has a stocky build too, making him look shorter. That photograph was taken this year so saf probably struggling to hold on to 5'10
Editor Rob
Weak 5ft 11 is probably closer for him, he definitely ain't over 5ft 11 that's for sure.
Nik Ashton said on 21/Sep/21
@ Inches_to_cm - Bamford might be worth a page, after all he has represented England at senior level!

@ Cold Water - Bergkamp might be worth a page too!
rlheight5'11 said on 21/Sep/21
@Rob Shaw and Alex. What do you think? Click Here
Editor Rob
could argue Alex 5ft 10 in recent years and Shaw 5ft 10.5 there
Omar 165 said on 18/Sep/21
@Rob-What are your thoughts on Pedri "Barcelona player"? He is listed as 174 on FCB website.
Editor Rob
Could see him 5ft 8 range
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Sep/21
Wenger was always looked like a 6ft3 range guy, 6ft4 seems a stretch.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Sep/21
Rob isn’t Denis Bergkamp long overdue?

Another guy who was under listed like John Terry. Solid 6ft1½ if not nearer 6ft2. I actually think he edges Thierry Henry
Cold Water said on 17/Sep/21
Bergkamp: 187 186 cm
Van Persie: 185 186 cm
Wenger: 193 cm

Click Here

Current: 191.1 191.4 cm
Peak: 193.0 193.1 cm
Ovidiu said on 15/Sep/21
Can we get an opinion on Luke Shaw? Different websites have him at 185cm, looks about the same as Sancho, which looks slightly shorter then Ole in the last training videos ahead YB game. 177 for Shaw and 175,5 for Sancho?
rlheight5'11 said on 10/Sep/21
@Rob he claims 179? That isn't a bad claim and likely closer to what he measures or 178.5 for ole and Ronaldo 185.5.
Editor Rob
yeah, was mentioned a year or so ago on here.

And another random footballer height from the past.

David batty is 5ft 7, claimed it in his biography.
rlheight5'11 said on 8/Sep/21
Ole pictured with Ronaldo recently. Do you see 178cm for him? Click Here I thought ole had a page. Another photo Click Here
Editor Rob
Can seem near 3 inches taller with if Ole is the 179 like he claims, you can see 186-7 range there
Nik Ashton said on 1/Sep/21
@ Rob - How tall is Leeds United player Dan James?
Editor Rob
doesn't look over 5ft 7 on the pitch.
Hrvoje said on 25/Aug/21
Hey Rob how much do you think Arsene Wenger is tall now? Click Here
Editor Rob
I think he could have went from over 6ft 2 10 years ago to now a bit under 6ft 2 like 1.5
Rigved said on 2/Aug/21
Hey rob how tall do you think neymar really is he is more like 173 cm to me is he really that tall ,in one interview Messi and neymar looked exactly same
Zach Catselbow said on 24/Jul/21
Hey Rob, how tall would you say Wissam Ben Yedder looks on the team AS Monaco? He is listed at 170 cm but I’m not 100% sure that’s right.
Editor Rob
I'm not so sure on him
FiveEightJake said on 23/Jul/21
Click Here Sancho & Ole

Ole who claims 179cm here @2:11 Click Here

Does he make Sancho look weak 5’10 range Rob? Ole is nothing less than 5’10 and his claim could be fairly honest.
Editor Rob
Sancho doesn't look much shorter than Ole...who maybe one time did get 179cm for a medical.
5'8 boy said on 20/Jul/21
Rob, how tall would you Jaden Sancho is, 5'10?
Editor Rob
not seen enough I feel yet
Andrea said on 18/Jul/21
Yeah, I'm Italian, Jakob. Thanks... I guess? xD Although I generally don't follow football, it is always exciting to see your own national team winning!
Owen Yao said on 17/Jul/21
Hey Rob, could you do a page of both Toni Kroos and Thomas Muller please?
ChaosControl 6'2.50 said on 17/Jul/21
Nik Ashton said on 16/Jul/21
@ Rob - You were right about Italy coming good, England couldn’t have gone closer to winning it without doing so.

Yeah England actually did really well, regardless of what the yobs and the gammons think
Jakob said on 16/Jul/21

I've never spoken to you before but was wondering by your name if you were Italian. If so, congratulations on winning the Euro Cup, I was going for them myself (not Italian) as I like this particular side's spirit and attitude as well as their excellent defence and midfield. Worthy winners IMO.
Jakob said on 16/Jul/21
Hi Rob, if you get time I'd love to see a page or two on some of the bigger Euro Cup finalist big names. Donnarumma in particular is a big lad, he's listed as 6ft 5in and looks at least that height. Thanks
Nik Ashton said on 16/Jul/21
@ Rob - You were right about Italy coming good, England couldn’t have gone closer to winning it without doing so.
Nik Ashton said on 16/Jul/21
@ Blake - Good idea!

🎂 !
Nik Ashton said on 16/Jul/21
@ Parker - This is a wonderful clip, thanks for that! What I am about to say is something I would say to everyone and I know Lorenzo would too.

Lorenzo’s message to everyone is not to give up and to always believe in yourself and try to realise your dreams. I know that if Lorenzo hadn’t made it is a top footballer (if he hadn’t it would have been nothing to do with his height) then he would have played at whatever level he would have been capable of and failing that he would have looked at being a good manager, board member, or a good supporter. Keep the eternal faith and passion for what you love and you will always be remembered by others, you will always be able to inspire others by being like this too. There don’t have to be any barriers for anyone in life and there is always hope. Anyone can prove anyone wrong with anything and whether they do or not the effort they put in will speak volumes for them in a good way, I would never tell anyone they couldn’t do something and I would always believe they could however long they had previously been trying for.

ChaosControl 6'2.50 said on 16/Jul/21
@Andrea Donarumma around 197 is something i can see. He looks well-built so he could probably get away with 198-199, and the commentators ranting about how he’s a giant doesn’t help
Andrea said on 16/Jul/21
RJT, I think the main reason Rob added Immobile is to try to "dispel" the 185cm he usually gets listed at!
Chiellini and Donnarumma wouldn't be bad names for sure... Chiellini I remember was listed at 186 at one point (before 187), and he certainly looks no shorter than that, I can certainly buy 186-7. Donnarumma I'd like to know what he claims now, it wouldn't surprise me if the 196 is an "old" listing and he's now grown over that. I know his brother called him 199, although I'm not sure he's quite that tall either!
Parker said on 16/Jul/21

Here's a nice little clip about Lorenzo Insigni, one of the Italy team who was told by many clubs he was too short to play football.
Click Here

Great to prove people wrong!
Nik Ashton said on 16/Jul/21
@ Parker - My Mum did say during the Euro’s that one or two of the England players look short and I kind of agreed!

Parker said on 16/Jul/21
Nik Ashton said on 23/Jun/21
@ Rob - Is Aguero taller than Foden and if so by how much?

Here's Foden and Aguero, not a great picture
Click Here

Here he is with 5'11 Kevin DeBruyne. Click Here

I'd guess Phil closer to 5'8 than 5'7,but not over.
Editor Rob
you can see a couple of years back a little clip, but tricky to say because Foden is nearer
Blake said on 14/Jul/21
Rob, how tall is Juergen klinssman? 5 ft 10-11?
Editor Rob
would have said over 5ft 10 looking at him...for some reason back in those days I'd have probably thought he was taller than he actually is. Maybe gave off a bigger impression.
Matt99 said on 14/Jul/21
@RJT I think 187 range is too much, Kane who is solid 187 imo easily edged out Chiellini during the kick off coin toss and penalties. I could buy 184-185 range.
RJT said on 14/Jul/21
How about adding some Italian players such as Chiellini or Donnarumma? Imo they deserve pages more than say, Immobile.

Chiellini looks 187 range
Donnarumma probably 196
FloJ said on 13/Jul/21
Rob what is your guess on Roberto Mancini? He is listed as 179 cm but does not edge out 175 James Milner. Please provide an estimate.
Editor Rob
not sure I'd have went as high as 179 for him!
Blake said on 10/Jul/21
Rob, a page for Gareth Southgate or Sir Gareth Southgate soon. Looks 5 ft 11.5-75 to me
Matt99 said on 10/Jul/21
Rob would you buy Reece James as 175-176 range? 5’9.5 would be the maximum I’d go imo.
Editor Rob
could be into stronger 5ft 9 range
5'8 boy said on 3/Jul/21
Rob , how tall is Bukayo Saka, 5’8.5?
Editor Rob
that could be a reasonable figure, he did seem at least an inch taller than someone like Foden, but shorter than guys like Grealish over an inch
Nik Ashton said on 3/Jul/21
Inches_to_cm said on 3/Jul/21
What do we think about Jude Bellingham and Tyrone Mings?

Also @Rob- is football coming home?
Editor Rob
It's got a good chance and if it does, then we can at least say Scotland managed to draw with the champions ;)
Matt99 said on 3/Jul/21
During the FA cup final Mount looked at least 5’10 on the pitch, especially when seeing him next to people like 5’9 Vardy. Rob would you consider a 5’10 flat listing?
Editor Rob
5ft 10 on the nose might be a mark to consider if he gets a page.
Eric W. Tam said on 30/Jun/21
Are the Xhaka brothers sons to a 6'8 father and a 4'10 mother? That's the only reason I can think of for Granit being 6'0-6'1 and Talaunt being 5'7-9 (he's listed all over the place though recently he's listed as 5'8)
SAK said on 29/Jun/21
Anyone give estimates for tge England squad at Euros. Mount?
Editor Rob
Mount could look nearer 5ft 10 than 9
Jonus said on 25/Jun/21

Yeah I Watched the match against France and he looked as tall as Pepe tbh.

Still you never know, a 6'0.75-6'1 guy can look as tall as a 186 guy, it's only 1cm difference haha :)
LeoL55 said on 24/Jun/21
Hey Rob, what do you think about Emerson Palmieri and Jorginho’s height? On google Emerson is listed 176 cm, but on other sites he is 179 and 181, while Jorginho is listed as 180. They are almost the same height. Moreover Jorginho on field looks the same height as Dybala who is actually 176/177 cm. Federico Chiesa is 175 cm and since he moved to Juve his height has increased by 5 cm. But his height is really similar to Jorginho’s.
Why are these important football teams adjusting the height of these average height players? What is the main purpose of this behaviour?
In my city (Florence) I’ve seen a football player that is listed as 178 cm , but in reality he is around 170-172 max!! Foolish
Editor Rob
Jorginho didn't seem much taller than a guy like Pulisic, so I'd rule out 180cm for him and 5ft 9.5 maybe is closer
Nik Ashton said on 24/Jun/21
@ Rob - How tall is Dwight Yorke? Is he closer to 5’9” than 5’10”?
Editor Rob
would have guessed under 5ft 10
Rory said on 23/Jun/21

I probably wouldn't go that low for Ruben Dias, he looks at least as tall as Pepe who has typically looked a 186 guy. Id say 6ft1-1.5 for Dias.
Nik Ashton said on 23/Jun/21
@ Rob - Is Aguero taller than Foden and if so by how much?
Editor Rob
I think Foden can edge out a guy like Raheem, but be a little shorter than Sergio, so he may well be somewhere in 5ft 7-8 zone.
Dutchland said on 21/Jun/21
Hi Rob , Kai Havertz listed 6’2.5 (189cm) but i think is a bit more like 6’3.25 of teammate Hummels (190.5 or 191).What do you think about?
Editor Rob
that 189 seems ok
ajax509 said on 21/Jun/21
@Jonus Yeah, could be combination of final growth spurt and better stance.

Though can't say how many years there are between these pictures.
Blake said on 21/Jun/21
Rob, who do you see winning the Euros?
Editor Rob
I really think it's more open, but still think France or Italy might come good this year.
Jonus said on 20/Jun/21

I feel like Ruben Dias is 6'0.75-6'1. He looks tall, but not as tall as a 6'1.5.
Rory said on 19/Jun/21
Id say 6ft1.5 for Ruben Dias, had a faint edge over 6ft1.25 Pepe during the Portuguese national anthem at the Euros.

Rui Patricio-188.5
William Carvalho-187.5
Ruben Dias-186.5
Jonus said on 19/Jun/21

Fair enough.

Click Here This was the picture I was trying to show you. We can rule out 184cm for sure. I think he is 186-187 now. and the picture you showed me before he was 183-184cm. The lowest I would go for him is 185cm no less. Minimum 185. Maximum 187. So That averages at a strong 186cm.

Click Here Kimp at 19/20 years old (184cm)
Click Here Kimp at 23 (186cm)

He looks like he got a final bit to boost him up to like 6'1 3/8ths. What do you think?
Nik Ashton said on 19/Jun/21
@ 5'8 boy - Rob should give him a page! (Autocorrect tried to change should to shirks)
Matt99 said on 18/Jun/21
Rob did you take a look at the New England squad photo? Kyle Walker makes Kalvin Philips look 5’9 on the nose and Grealish 5’10 flat. I think Grealish is below the 179 mark but still 5’10 range. They should all be wearing the same shoes as they all picked their own sizes from the M&S range beforehand. It’s worth a look, although some players might not be standing taller than others, it is still interesting to see. Like Rashford next to Walker is a clear 2 inch difference, which makes your listings pretty spot on.
Editor Rob
yes mentioned on Grealish page, if they are all level, I'd say Rice was taller than Marcus, then Walker maybe 181 range, Grealish does seem about 5ft 10 at most there.
Axel Lextor said on 17/Jun/21
Hello big Rob I would like to ask you how much do you think thiago silva and marquinhos are listed in 183. but they seem to range 178-180
Editor Rob
Silva 5ft 11.5 isn't impossible, but I think I would agree with others who think 6ft is a bit much
ajax509 said on 17/Jun/21
@Jonus 183cm could be from his junior days. Still wouldn't go over 6ft 1 flat for him.

Of course, Rabiot doesn't tower him.
5'8 boy said on 15/Jun/21
Rob, how tall do you think Billy Gilmour is? and do you think he can still be growing?
Editor Rob
I think he's finished, can look 5ft 6-7 range
Nik Ashton said on 14/Jun/21
@ Rory - Good idea, I’d like to see Kalvin Phillips with a page too!

I wanna know if he’s 177 or 178!
David Donatus said on 14/Jun/21
Rob, could you tell me how tall John Stones defensive partner Ruben Dias is?
Editor Rob
sometimes looks very close to Ronaldo
Rory said on 13/Jun/21
Id like to see a page for Gareth Southgate, England manager, he must be famous enough by now. I think a classic six footer.
ajax509 said on 12/Jun/21
Immobile got listed 181cm by Borussia Dortmund.

2 inches, nothing more nothing less Click Here
David Donatus said on 11/Jun/21
Rob how tall is John Stones? Listed as 188cm and looks tall on the pitch.
Editor Rob
might not be far off that mark
recapa said on 10/Jun/21
195-195.5cm peter cech with van der sar Click Here der sar is at least 6ft6 .
Blake said on 9/Jun/21
Rob, what about Tyrone Mings? He is said to be 6 ft 4 5 you could add him on the site give him a listing he will start for England at the euros.
Editor Rob
he did claim to be 6ft 5, can look taller than 6ft 4 flat
Jonus said on 8/Jun/21

He looks a solid 187/188 guy

@Ajax509 Haha Rabiot doesn't tower him, they look the same height. Rabiot edges him out yes.
Riccardo89 said on 7/Jun/21

Hi Rob i would like to know your opinion about 2 players.

First is Ciro Immobile, who plays for Lazio. He is a strange one because he is listed at 6'1 but he does give a shorter imoression to me.

Click Here
With 6'3 Milinkovic-Savic

Click Here
With Luis Alberto 5'11 range

Click Here
Again luis alberto.

And the second player is Christian Vieri, listed 6'1 or max 186cm.

Here with Lukaku, Click Here

Here in his prime with Ronaldo
Click Here

With Ronaldo and 195/196 Francesco Toldo.
Click Here

With 6'3.5 Blanc and 5'11.75/6' Thuram, Click Here not good picture.
Editor Rob
Immobile never really looks like 6ft 1

However Vieri used to give a tall impression like 6ft 1.
Lava said on 7/Jun/21
Van Der Sar: 198 cm out of bed. 197 cm lunch. 196 cm before bed.
ajax509 said on 6/Jun/21
PSG does have him at 183cm, though he gets inflated up to 189cm through the web.

A solid 6ft 2 Rabiot does tower Kimpembe.

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