How tall is Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith's Height

5ft 6.75in (169.5 cm)

American actor best known for roles in films After Earth and The Karate Kid.

How tall is Jaden Smith
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Average Guess (55 Votes)
5ft 6.88in (169.9cm)
james deen said on 11/Oct/17
Jaden is looking taller since his last time with nicolas ghesquire. He looks roughly the same height or maybe taller but it maybe his smaller head , so i can't tell
Based off this photo Jaden could be up to 5'9' or more
Click Here
Zeco said on 11/Oct/17
He is still a child. Although he is 19 years old, I say that his true height is 170 (without hairstyle of course), but his expected length should have been about 175.5 because his mother is short (151). His shortness is some environmental factors and malnutrition or insufficient exercise.
Anonymous said on 5/Oct/17
Is it unusual for men of his generation not to be 6 foot by the time they are 19?
Anonymous said on 4/Oct/17
Woah,i'm surprised by this given his father's height ur child will automatically be at least 6 foot.
Canson said on 25/Sep/17
@Anonymous: yes Will is tall but Jada is very short. It's a mixed bag at that point and don't know. It's not worth speculating over it really
insomniak said on 24/Sep/17
@Anonymous stop spewing pseudo science garbage
Anonymous said on 23/Sep/17
its not that rare to grow past 19 you can get a big spurt that age to even 10 inches even age 20 its rare when it passes 20s to grow extreme Im 5ft11.5 and 17 i know i can get a big growtb spurt in my 20s its gods choice if we grow not ours i think jaden will get a big big growth spurt in his 20s will is tall i think jaden could make it to 6ft4 by 21 he could get a big growth even he didnt grow for a year it could reason taller genetics determines a better chance even a big growth spurt in his 20s i would be suprised because will is tall he could make it to 6ft4 its possible
Frost said on 17/Sep/17
It's not rare to grow past 18 it's just rare to have that increased be something noticeable. We're talking a cm or two. A few lucky ones do see substantial growth after 18 but that is a true minority.
KH said on 12/Sep/17
Its pretty rare to grow past about 18 in fact a lot of people's growth plates close as early as 16 or 17. Still the same as last year a weak 5'7. A lot of people are surprised by his height but his mother is tiny and Will is tall but its not like he is 6'6 or something and often a person's height is close to any average of the two parents.
Peter175 said on 23/Aug/17
Well it was barely a year ago but I suppose a growth of half inch isn't impossible but hes nearing 20
Theheightunoponed said on 20/Aug/17
shorter than cara Click Here:
james deen said on 17/Aug/17
@Peter175 I think jaden has grown since his last public encounter with justin bieber. He has been looking taller lately atleast a 5'7- 5'8
Peter175 said on 10/Aug/17
James deen thinking about how he looked with Justin just last year its not really possible for him to be above this listing
Peter175 said on 9/Aug/17
@james deen, I wouldn't be all that surprised if he was 171/5'7.25 but I highly doubt hes 5'9 range. Definitely a bit shorter than Justin Bieber

Rob, any thoughts on his sister? (See my below post)
5'11.25 at noon said on 7/Aug/17
@Ryo-chan try playing basketball jumping eating right e.g. Vegetables and getting plenty of sleep you might grow 2 inches more before it's all set and done.
My father was 5'8.5 max while my mother at 5'6 max the tallest I ever measured was 182cm or about 5'11 2/3.
james deen said on 3/Aug/17
@Peter175 I think Jaden may have grown taller since he was 18. Looks more 5'8-5'9 now but I agree Willow looks more like will and seems to have gotten more height from him then her mother.
Fan said on 3/Aug/17
5' 6.5'' tops. Click Here
Peter175 said on 31/Jul/17
Okay, I've compiled some pictures of his sister Willow smith from the past 1-2 years (most are from 2017 or late 2016) with her family and some other celebs. She doesn't have a lot of pics with other celebs but I think we can get a good idea of her height from the following

With her 4'11.5 mother
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Beach photo
Click Here

Looks over 5 inches taller than her mum

Her 5'7 brother
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Click Here

With 5'6" Kylie Jenner
Click Here

See their footwear better
Click Here

Kylie has a slight heel advantage I suspect is near half inch.

Her whole family(not in a heel but a regular boot)
Click Here

Not more than 2 inches shorter than Jaden.

She appears to be more than 5 inches taller than her mother but around 1.5-2 inches shorter than her brother.

She is also about an inch and a half shorter than Kylie in the photo but kylie is standing taller and has a bigger heel.

My guess is that she is probably a spot on flat 5'5" or 5'5.25. Wouldn't go below 5ft5 for her. 165-166cm is a good place to start her

She isn't exactly tall but she got more of Will's height genes than her brother who isn't more than 2 inches taller. She is almost 17 and all these pics are from the last year or so, I doubt she will be getting any taller

Look at her with Jaden in this video(Notice how good his posture is and he has a bit of a heel himself; probably isn't below 5'8 in them)
Click Here

What do you guys think?
Jackie said on 28/Jul/17
This guy ended up in a marginally worse situation than my brother. Our dad's 6'0.5" (1.84m) while our mum's 5'1.5" (1.56m) and my brother (who's 19) ended up 5'8.5" (1.74m). It was a bit worse for Jaden though-an 18cm difference between him and his pap!
Colonel Sanders said on 26/Jul/17
he looks 175 cm actually so now but of course he could also be still 170 i mean yeah his dad is 187 but his mother is only 151 so he can even be lucky LOL :D
Mr. 5'8.5 said on 14/Jul/17
I think that he is a little taller now than he was last year. Rob, do you think he looks about 5'7.25 range here with Jay-Z? That looks like about a six inch difference, even though Jay-Z is tilting his head, he is standing up straight.

Click Here
Mike said on 11/Jul/17
I think he may have gotten taller now.
Warren said on 7/Jul/17
5'4" u said lol
both r taller than u
chino said on 3/Jul/17
Jaden has been looking taller lately. A friend of mine who is 5'11 said he guessed him to be about 5'9. I think Jaden maybe 5'8-5'9 at this point
Ben said on 25/Jun/17
James Deen, 5'9"-5'10" would be pretty near your final height
Cathy said on 19/Jun/17
Cara Delevingne's real height is 5 4. They look about the same height. Jayden's mother isn't even 5 feet tall,that could be the dominant gene.
james deen said on 18/Jun/17
i'm 15, 5'6 and have 33 inch inseam and a 14 inch torso and 8 inch hands. Will my torso grow. could i reach 5'10 -6 foot
Hans said on 14/Jun/17
He's Father Will Smith 6'1 its so tall... and he's only 5'6 or 5'7 like Justin Beiber?
hi said on 28/May/17

i dont think you'd grow much anymore if you're 17.
i'm 17 and i only grew like a centimeter so far.
ok said on 25/May/17
Similar to my dad in his, prime can stretch to 170
Ryo-Chan said on 23/May/17

Thank you for answering my question.
I'll find the way to grow more immediately 😂
Ben said on 20/May/17

It depends on if how much your parents grow at your age.
If you're born 1999 I'd say you'll hit the 173-176 range and if you're born 2000 then I'd say 175-178 range.
Ryo-Chan said on 16/May/17
My dad is 172-173cm (5ft 6.4 - 5ft 6.7) and my mom is 162cm (5ft 3.1)
And I'm 17yo still about 170cm.
Do you think I'll grow more in the future?
World Citizen said on 14/May/17
Hello Rob,

On his IMDB page it stands he is 5 ft 8,5 (174 cm).

How likely is that ?
Editor Rob: I wouldn't have guessed him that tall, though in 5ft 7 range today is very possible.
foxparty123 said on 6/May/17
I think this picture of Jaden and Kanye West shows jaden has to be around 5ft6 if not less, the difference in height is pretty large and kanye is only listed as about 5ft8, what do you think?
MDVG said on 6/May/17
Worked on The Get Down. Stood shoulder to shoulder. We are the exact same height with same shoes. 5'7 not a hair more.
Blake said on 5/May/17
You really think he has grown? He is over 18 now
jyr said on 2/May/17
there were photos where jaden looked taller and some cara did so i guess it was street level.
Kyle said on 2/May/17
Rob, if Cara is listed at 5' 7'' then she need to be upgraded or Jaden downgraded to 5' 6''
Peter175 said on 29/Apr/17
Cara looks maybe half inch taller than Jayden at most.

He is between 5'6.5 and 5'7. correct listing
Warren said on 27/Apr/17
wow imperceptibly upgraded I didn't notice that anyway Congrats!
Usuario said on 27/Apr/17
5ft 7.5in or more out of bed? Rob?
Editor Rob: he could be 5ft 7 range now...I will keep an eye on him and see if he looks more often this range, if he is, might be 172cm out of bed.
Leo2001 said on 24/Apr/17
Jaden and Cara
Click Here
miko said on 24/Apr/17
Rob he looks anywhere up to an inch taller than Cara Delevigne on the set of a new movie.

Click Here
Editor Rob: impossible to tell on the street, though he could be in 5ft 7 range.
Hugzz said on 22/Apr/17
Recently seen with "Big Sean" - Click Here

5ft8 ish now?
Me said on 21/Apr/17
He is probably only 5.5 look at his picture with Cuba Gooding Jr who is 5.10" tall. Jayden is much shorter than Cuba.
jyr said on 19/Apr/17
Jaden is an 1-2 incches taller than cara on set photos for their new movie.
jyr said on 13/Apr/17
jaden recently cut his hair and looks about 5'7-5'8. d to see how young he looks and his proportions. I'm feeling maybe a spurt is still in the cards maybe
jyr said on 7/Apr/17
@juan Jaden smith has not ever talked on his height
Juan said on 6/Apr/17
170cm is 5'7 right? 169cm is 5'6.5 rob? What is the differen? If i was jaden i claim 5'7 at 170 not 5'6.75.
jj said on 2/Apr/17
how tall do you think willow is rob? she seems to be taller than him in recent photos
Realist said on 30/Mar/17
He needed the slight upgrade.
Cameron said on 29/Mar/17
I guess he didn't get his fathers height genes.
jyr said on 29/Mar/17
@Quoter 987 Yeah he has been looking taller and taller every now and then lately, he is getting there. Plus he still looks young so he may just be going through puberty slower. i think he could very well still reach 5'10 - 5'11 like his brother.
Peter said on 29/Mar/17
Hi Rob, I wonder what height of celebrities are you putting on this Web ? Do you roughly calculate their morning height or their height in photos ?
Editor Rob: think of it as more afternoon than morning.
Quoter 987 said on 29/Mar/17
He will reach 5'9 or 5'10, much like that kid from the British dance group Diversity. At 18 he was looking 5'4 next to 5'8 Tom Daley and now looks 5'10 next to his 6'4 leader of the group. Both him and Jaden probably just have very late growth spurts.
Boomga said on 29/Mar/17
I would say he's max 5'8 and min 5'6.5 ... Besides he's brother and dad are tall , i think he'll have a late growthspurt that'll boost him to around 5'10 or greater
Sandy Cowell said on 25/Mar/17
@ Wizo - Hello! If only attitudes would change and people would take your advice and treat everyone with equal respect regardless of height. The shape, colour, religion...and so on are also issues which fall under ridiculous discrimination. Why? Because we're all supposed to be a certain way? How boring would that be! I'd love for there to be more love and tolerance in the world! It is slowly happening though; if you just think back to as recently as the 19th and 20th centuries, society has come a long way, but there is still so much room for improvement!
Just today, I had a programme on in the background as I went about my business, called 'Dinner Date'! There was a lovely young woman from Trinidad, called Luan, who, when asked about her ideal partner, didn't insist on a certain height! She was interested in personality! Then the following person looking for a boyfriend was exactly the same - no height was stipulated! I felt so pleased! When the young men are asked about their desired partner, I've noticed it tends to depend on their own heights, but the women nearly always want 'tall'! Eek! It makes no difference to the quality of a relationship, and I think as people progress through life, they find that out for themselves!
Yes, I do think acceptance for the shorter and taller, black, white or brown, fat or thin is all better than it used to be, though out of the issues raised, it is seen as most acceptable to judge people on height, which is madness as we have no say in the matter, and for instance, with Jaden here, why ever would he even think he had a rough deal on the height front if society was more sensible?
Cheers Wizo - and there is nothing wrong with your grammar or your English usage for that matter! Both are very good!
Phil said on 25/Mar/17
@ Wizo
I was joking. It was actually a Will Smith "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" joke.
Carlton said that his height was average and
Will told Carlton that he was average height for a woman.
Wizo said on 24/Mar/17
@Sandy Cowell
That post was primarily directed at Phil, but since you posted a comment it will be my pleasure to reply

We do live in a shallow society and as of today heightism is still real even if it's something unconcious to some. Still, I believe that the best option we have right now is to make a change by starting with ourselves and how we treat people. By doing this others might notice aswell and do it. Well, eventually it will be something good like I said.

It's true that a lot of people still judge others when it comes to height, and especially when dating(I guess men are having it harder than woman, still I do symphathize for taller woman aswell since a lot of them feel that they look intimidating to a lot of men.) However, I'd like to believe that not everyone is like this and I have hope. When you meet a person that doesn't care about height then that person is a keeper, either as a friend or as a lover. Still, you need to get surrounded by people with a positive mindset.

Sorry for any gramatical mistakes, I'm in a hurry :) Have a nice day.
Sandy Cowell said on 23/Mar/17
@ Wizo - I do agree with you that it's not a very nice attitude to put people down for their height or judge them by it! I'm guilty of it in the past, certainly when I was younger, but I think I've been around long enough to know that if you're nice you're nice, regardless of your height and the same applies the other way!
I have never shunned a potential friend on the grounds of his or her height but people do, especially when choosing a 'partner'!
You did well Wizo to make a stand like that! 👍👍
MrTBlack said on 23/Mar/17
It looks like he's not done growing afterall. I think 6'0"+ will always be a distant dream for him but he can hopefully make it to at least 5'9" or 5'10".
Wizo said on 22/Mar/17
Phil said on 11/Mar/17
@ Dear Sandy, you know what, 5 foot 6.5 is a good height... for a woman.
That's not nice of you to put down people because of their height. You're simply making people around that height feel bad. Maybe you would achieve something great for yourself if you would be more friendly with others and mantain a positive attitude towards people regardless of their height. Just saying, don't care what height you are.
Sammy Derrick said on 20/Mar/17
Click Here
This meme made me laugh but I think that Jaden Smith is taller than Alfonso Ribeiro.Jaden Smith(170cm/5'7)
Editor Rob: Jaden can look near 5ft 7 these days...
Sandy Cowell said on 14/Mar/17
@ Phil - Yeah, yeah, it is true! It's a good height for a woman, but as nobody has a choice in the matter, it's better to dwell on the positive factors of one's height and one is that it is simply the only way we were made and that makes us all fantastic and unique whatever height we are!
Phil said on 11/Mar/17
@ Dear Sandy, you know what, 5 foot 6.5 is a good height... for a woman.
Sandy Cowell said on 7/Mar/17
@ Phil - Yes, his Mum is 4ft11 and his Dad is 14 and a half inches taller! That's what makes him himself and why would he want it any other way? He's perfect the way he is! 👌
jyr said on 6/Mar/17
@phil irrelevent given the fact Trey smith's (will smith's other son) mother is 4'11 as well but Trey is about 5'10 - 5'11
Phil said on 5/Mar/17
This is what happens when your mother is 4 foot 11. He is below 5 foot 7.
Johnson said on 25/Feb/17
@Kevan you mean is 5'7.5 barefoot or that he is 5'7?
Kevan said on 24/Feb/17
I stood right next to him in NY. He's a solid 5'7.5 in Vans.
Nev said on 17/Feb/17
Jaden's slight frame suggests that he has finished growing. I think his full adult height will be around 170cm.
Johnson said on 10/Feb/17
Nicolas Ghesquiere is no less than 5'8 and Jaden Smith is similar or slightly shorter. I really doubt Jaden Smith is shorter than 171 cm nowadays...
Chris said on 8/Feb/17
Correction 5'8. He's grown a lot
chris said on 1/Feb/17
saw jaden. he's around 56
Phil said on 28/Jan/17
No way. He is still 5 foot 6 and a half.
Tony said on 28/Jan/17
I saw him last year, he looked 5'9 - 5'10. (Im 5'11)
Redus said on 26/Jan/17
Photo with the Weeknd right here who is listed at the same height as Jaden. The Weeknd is in lifts while Jaden is in flats so I would say they are about 2 inches apart. So yeah I believe Jaden should be updated too 5'8 - 5'9
5'9 said on 22/Jan/17
He definetly isn't any shorter than 5'8". 5'8" to 5'8.75" at max
jyr said on 20/Jan/17
in the livestream he will not divide us he looked about 5'9" . looked taller or the same height as shia lebouf.
Redus said on 20/Jan/17
I think we need an update he looks real taller lately.
Moody said on 18/Jan/17
At age 18 given how young he looks I would still hold out hope for a cm or two. I doubt a larger spurt is in the cards.
MrTBlack said on 11/Jan/17
Yeah I think this is it for Jayden. Being tall is usually dominant but not always the case. He's more like his mother facially as well IMO.
Omar said on 11/Jan/17
He isn't even close to 5'9"... He is done growing most likely.
Realist said on 5/Jan/17
I grew a total of about 4-5 cms after 18 but I was never really short or tall. And gained 0lbs but my weight was already 200 then so couldn't afford to gain 5 lbs. 5'8 is definitely a possibility for Jaden. I was already like 5'5 at 14 and at 23 just 5'9.5 its a disappointment because I tried to grow. At 15 16 and 17 I was stuck at 5'7 and 18 19 and 20 5'8 at 21 I reached 5'8.75 and 22 5'9.25 now I average 5'9.5
Phil said on 3/Jan/17
i guess Jaden's final height is 5 foot 6 and a half. he is 1 cm taller than Ribeiro ( Carlton Banks)
Dmeyer said on 3/Jan/17
M'y mom Peak 153 father Peak 175-6cm me 181-2
Jeff said on 5/Dec/16
How tall is Willow now Rob?
Editor Rob: Jeff, I've not really looked at Willow much.
Leonardo 1.73m said on 1/Dec/16
Will Smith 6'1.25
Jaden Smith 5'6
Jada Pinkett Smith 4'11
James said on 3/Nov/16
It's not impossible sam. HE has a short mon
weord said on 29/Oct/16
what does it say in the height predictor? anyone tried that? add will and jadas heights together and it should give an estimate
littlesue said on 25/Oct/16
His Mom only 4ft 11.5 though so half way would be about right
sam said on 22/Oct/16
he's only 18 he can grow taller because his dad is 6ft2 it's impossible for being 5'7 when your'e parent are tall !!!! i'm shocked
Tiago said on 15/Oct/16
He is very short...
Arnold said on 13/Oct/16
Actually met him and me being about 5'5-5'6 I was looking in the reflection in the glass and we seemed the same height about so I guess he is about 5'5. He's pretty short in person kinds was uneasy when I saw him cause he looks tall in photos.
Rubio said on 26/Sep/16
He looks like 5ft 5 - 5.5 honestly
James said on 18/Sep/16
These comments are funny lol. I doubt he cares about his height . I don't think he's praying he grows taller he probably don't give a dam it's not like height is the only thing he's got going for him
James said on 18/Sep/16
These comments are funny lol. I doubt he cares about his height . I don't think he's praying he grows taller he probably don't give a dam it's not like height is the only thing he's got going for him
Chris said on 14/Sep/16
The kid smokes though. Could have stunted things.
Chris said on 14/Sep/16
I'm his age and similar height, just look at the dude - he definitely has some more inches on him. For the past few weeks I've been having intense growing pains and stretch marks, I've scheduled a doctor's appointment to see if there is more growth going on, but I've heard a ton of stuff about substantial growth from 18-21 for late blooming males. He could make it anywhere from 5'7 to 5'11 in my eyes.
Warren said on 10/Sep/16
Is possibility all taken Will's DNA to Trey Smith?? (similar will's height but not look alike will's face)
Jaden and Willow's are really looks like father's face but not similar will's height maybe from mother's DNA
Warren said on 10/Sep/16
Is possibility all taken Will's DNA by Trey Smith?? (similar his height but not look alike will's face)
Jaden and Willow's are really looks like father's face but not similar will's height maybe from mother's DNA
Average Guy said on 7/Sep/16
Correction to my comment:

*Jaden's first growth spurt seems to have been his final growth.

Also, I think that 5'6.5 is believable, Justin Bieber seems to be 1 inch taller, which is crazy because JB's dad is much shorter than Jaden's dad. Hopefully Jaden's growth plates are still open and he still has a chance. Hopefully further height is still in his genes despite having a short mother. My cousin's dad is 6'1 and his mother is about 5'1 and he ended up being 6'1 still.
Average Guy said on 6/Sep/16

I doubt he is a late bloomer because he actually had a growth spurt and shows signs of puberty (voice change, much wider shoulders than at age 12, and etc.). Hopefully his growth plates have not closed yet otherwise he's screwed. His parents should have considered HGH a long time ago. I don't think it's fair for him to be so far below average and have a father so far above average. His dad shot up to over 6 feet in one growth spurt, hopefully, Jaden's first growth spurt is not his final growth. Hopefully he does gain a couple inches.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 6/Sep/16
@Warren I've noticed that they always have unusually small heads as well (which Jaden Smith has).
Warren said on 1/Sep/16
I think a person who has a late bloomer body has also skiney body with long legs
yeah I bet he'll grow at least 5cm he'll get's taller than justin Bieber!(really hope)
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 30/Aug/16
Jaden Smith was below Will Smith's lips last year, but was up to at least his nose at the Suicide Squad premier. I think that he has grown at least 2 CM within the last year (based off of this evidence).
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 23/Aug/16
I grew 4-5 CM after 21, so it's definitely possible for him to grow at 18+.
Warren said on 19/Aug/16
and I hope that he'll becomes at least taller than Justin Bieber
Warren said on 16/Aug/16
I hope he'll get's at least 5'9, and I hope he is Late Bloomer just like me !!
gian92 said on 13/Aug/16
I have friends with a short father but they are tall , for example a 5'8 father and 6'2 son and a 6' father with 5'9 son . It'a all' relative , depends from many factors
The Man said on 8/Aug/16
How is it that Willow's taller Jaden despite being 2 years younger and female?
Simon said on 8/Aug/16
My mom is 163 my father is 170 and I'm 171-173 (not sure) I took after my fathers fathers side who are generally short (I'm the tallest on my fathers fathers side) while my fathers mothers and my mothers both sides are taller and I'm one of the shortest on that side. I'd say Jaden will grow to 177 at most.
Lynx said on 8/Aug/16
@Marc He's eighteen, i don't think he'll grow over 5'9'' top
Leonardo 1.73m said on 8/Aug/16
Rob if his father is 6'1.25... Is likely 5'6.25 for him?
Editor Rob: you really could argue anywhere amongst 5ft 6-7 for him.
eee said on 7/Aug/16
correction: I hope he gets to 5'8"
Marc said on 6/Aug/16
Wonder how tall he will get with a tall father
spainmen191cm said on 6/Aug/16
Rob, in the last photos of him with Bieber 2 weeks ago he still appears shorter, so I think that he wil end up not hitting even 5ft7¡ Because he is 18 already
Editor Rob: he could be finished growth now.
the Slav said on 31/Jul/16
He's not a late bloomer lol - more the opposite
Jensen said on 30/Jul/16
Hope he stays 5'6. It would make all of the Carlton jokes seem funnier if Will Smith's own kid grows up to be Carlton's height. :)
Tom said on 29/Jul/16
Click Here Jaden with Justn,
maybe he is 5'9 Justin is shorter than him
hops said on 24/Jul/16
hope he gets to at least 5'10
Phil said on 20/Jul/16
If Will Smith were 5 foot 6.5 , people would laugh at him.
Borats Chicken said on 20/Jul/16
Rob, possible upgrade? looks like hes 5'7 now.
BS said on 14/Jul/16
Sucks I was 5'7 at 12, im 5'7 at 20. Hurts... This guy got lucky growing at 17, but then again, Will is tall
bob said on 13/Jul/16
is he really 5'9 now?
Phil said on 13/Jul/16
He is still 5 foot 6.5 . End of story.
Jake said on 12/Jul/16
He's grown. He's 1.74 m(5'8.35")-tall now. Probably a late bloomer like Will Poulter. Wouldn't be surprised if he reached (6'1")-(6'2") by the age of 20.
JustSomeone said on 9/Jul/16
@Paul ¿genetics? I heard that height is inherited mostly of the mothers, which seems to be your case, but it is probably like everything else, depends on what genes you have inherited. Both my parents are 5'5 and I am a 5'7 female and my brother is 6'.
Swiggity said on 8/Jul/16
Did he grow? Google is saying he's 5'9. Must be hard being that height when your father is a good 6'1-6'2. Not making fun of it, I'm 5'7 myself.
jajamen said on 25/Jun/16
Rob, has he gain any cm in the past few years??
Editor Rob: he doesn't look to have gained anything noticeable, but we will see...I wonder if he is finished growing now.
Paul said on 25/Jun/16
My dad is 5'10 and my mam is 5'4. Im 5'8- 5'9..can someone tell me why I didn't surpass my dad? I know guys with 5'3 dad's and smaller moms who are 6'4
heightguy said on 23/Jun/16
he should be upgraded to 174cm, it is what his imbmd is saying as of 2016. makes sense cause he is still in growing phase, what do you say to that rob?
Editor Rob: from looking at photos of him recently, I can't see him being over 5ft 7, let alone 5ft 8.5.
Ice said on 30/May/16
A tall mother is a better card for height genetics , If a man is 6'2 his parents dont have to be that tall , but if a woman is 6'2 , her parents must be super tall . Therefore taller grandparents = better height genetics .
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 30/May/16
Trey Smith actually is listed as 6'3" on Google. We all know that it's false, however.
Phil said on 27/May/16
i agree with you MD. Btw Trey's mother Sheree is 4 foot 11.5.
MD said on 27/May/16
Yeah, where is anyone getting 6'3" for Trey from? He's clearly inches shorter than his dad, too.
Phil said on 26/May/16
Dolby101 that is not true. Trey Smith is 5 foot 10.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 26/May/16
He looks super young for his age (he looks 12-13), so I can see him still grow taller from 18-21.
truth said on 24/May/16
Well he has a short mother, so anything above 5ft7 range would be unrealistic. Still at 17 he could manage to squezze another 2cm as I did, since guys stop growing between 18 and 19 on average. For example I am really close to my dad ( weak 5ft10.5 and he is a weak 5ft11.5), but my mom was close to 5ft6 peak so that is why and sister is 5ft7.
Dolby101 said on 23/May/16
His brother is 6" 3 and Jaden is 5"7 that's crazy!!
spainmen191cm said on 9/May/16
Rob, had he stopped growing?
Editor Rob: not looked at him recently
5 said on 8/May/16
What???Will is 6"2!!!!
Simsimi said on 30/Apr/16
Michael Jordan's brother is 5'7.75
182cm 16 yo said on 14/Apr/16
My dad was 179cm and my mom 150cm,i am 182 and 16 years old
crazyone2 said on 9/Apr/16
my dad was 178 and my mom 176, I am only 172.. So I guess everything is possible :p
James B said on 4/Apr/16
He must feel pissed of at his mom jaden
Phil said on 4/Apr/16
@ Hambubger
Jaden has just very short mother. Jada is 4 foot 11.5 . It' s not a growth hormone deficiency.
hambubger said on 1/Apr/16
I grew only about 1cm after 17. Most of my growth sport was from 15-17. I suppose there's still time, but not much - with all Will Smith's money though, he couldn't get some HGH for Jaden?

On the "bright" side, he'll be able to play teens well into his early 20s.
Phil said on 22/Mar/16
By the way, Jaden is a skinny guy. Being thin makes you look taller. He is 5 foot 6 or 5 foot 5.5.
Phil said on 22/Mar/16
@ Billy
I couldn't agree with you more .
Little 5 foot 6.5 Jaden = Big Will Smith Carlton height jokes karma.
Sam said on 18/Mar/16
At 17 a few guys still commonly gain a cm or two, but most significant growth has already stopped before then.
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 11/Mar/16
lelman said on 28/Feb/16
Isn't it pretty rare for big spurts to happen after 17? I know they do, but normally don't people see a couple cm after that age, if anything? I think most people plateau even before that, I'm pretty sure I was about 5'10" when I was 15/16, I might have grown a cm or two since then but I'm pretty sure it's negligible.

I'd be very surprised to see him pass 5'8". Surely a solid 7 inch difference between father and son is very uncommon though, even considering his short mother. Genetics are funny.


Typically yeah, there's not gonna be more than a few cm tops for most after they turn 17. Of course there are exceptions to that rule.
John said on 3/Mar/16
Even if Jaden still has a growth spurt left, I can't really see him top out more than 5'9". His mother is very short.
TJE said on 1/Mar/16
No, it's actually common to grow until 19
lelman said on 28/Feb/16
Isn't it pretty rare for big spurts to happen after 17? I know they do, but normally don't people see a couple cm after that age, if anything? I think most people plateau even before that, I'm pretty sure I was about 5'10" when I was 15/16, I might have grown a cm or two since then but I'm pretty sure it's negligible.

I'd be very surprised to see him pass 5'8". Surely a solid 7 inch difference between father and son is very uncommon though, even considering his short mother. Genetics are funny.
Pampa said on 24/Feb/16
After your calculations and estimates I think it's nearly impossible to predict a person's height only considering his parents' and without knowing his/her relatives' measures. For example my dad is 184cm (6' 0.5''), my mom is 164cm (4' 4.75'') and I'm 193cm (6' 4'') at 19... I could be lucky, but I also have tall (male and female) cousins and uncles. So, genetics (and external conditions).
grizz said on 11/Feb/16
@TerrBear, both of your parents are fairly tall, that's why you got to your current height.
Both of Jaden's parents - aren't.
TerrBear said on 5/Feb/16
My dad's 6'1" and my mom's 5'7" and I was 5'5" till I was about 17, now I'm 20 and 6'0". I was a late bloomer so he still might get near his dad's height, but then again I got a little height from my mom's side too considering Jada just over 5' he might be stuck at that height.
Mikey said on 31/Jan/16
His height and parents height literally resemble my height and parents height
120 said on 17/Jan/16
I bet he might claim to be 5'8" - 5'9" range, since he is somewhat close with Justin.
Mat said on 31/Dec/15
Rob, do you think Glenn could edge Jaden out?
Editor Rob: they probably would look similar if barefoot together.
Billy said on 27/Dec/15
That is what Will smith gets for making fun of Carlton's height all the time.
Billy said on 26/Dec/15
I get this is what Will Smith gets for always making fun of Carlton's height, LOL!
grizz said on 26/Dec/15
I had a friend who was 5'10 range till the age of 17. But then he gained some height and at the age of 19 reached his final height 6'1 (maybe a quarter below).
Optimistically, 5'9 might be Jaden's adult height. Realistically,I predict 5'7 range for him.
It's funny how Will always made fun of Alphonso's height in Fresh Prince while his own son is around that height lol
Editor Rob: it will be interesting to see how much height he could gain.
Richkid123 said on 24/Dec/15
Looks 5'7"
Peter175 said on 22/Dec/15
I was 168 when I turned 17, he could perhaps jump up to around 5'9-5'10
sprite said on 22/Dec/15
My mom and dad are 5'3 and i ended up at 5'11!
Idk said on 21/Dec/15
His father near 6'2". Gotta say this kid got shafted lol
Drob92 said on 20/Dec/15
Dunno if that formula is correct or accurate I think it more has to do w/ genetics . My father was 71.5inches in his peak and my mom was tiny at 62 on a good day. I ended up 72.5inches at 23 years of age and my 16 year old brother is 72in and counting. Where as in my fathers brother is 76inches at his peak and his son my cousin is 70in as an adult. Genetics, plays key I don't believe Haden will be as tall as will however I firmly believe he will ATLEAST hit 5'11. I predict a strong 6fter though give him 4 more years Kevin Costner jumped 8 in in college
plus said on 19/Dec/15
@Mat and for girls what is the height formula? Do you really think that the variation of 8 cm is also to 8 cm less? I don't think so. It could be -4 +8. Look at my case: 161+161/2=161 + 6= 167. I am 176 and I surpass the maximum prediction of 175.
Willes190 said on 18/Dec/15
Lol he's dad is 6'2, and Jaden is barely 5'7, thats a 20cm differance between father and son, that is extremley rare
Mat said on 18/Dec/15
According to the predicting height formula for males in cm, it's [(father's height + mother's height)/2] + 6 with a variation of 8 cm, so

(187+151)/2=169, 169+6= 175 cm this is how tall he should be. Now with an 8 cm possibility of error, the range he should be is 167 minimum - 183 maximum. If he gets to 175 cm by the time he is 20, he should consider himself really really lucky!
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 17/Dec/15
MrTBlack said on 2/Dec/15
I'm thinking that this is probably it for Jaden, guess he got the short end of the stick (no pun intended) in regards to height. Hope he at least reaches 5'10" since that's average for an African American male.


It's doubtful he grows that much as he's 17 already. He'd be very lucky to even hit 5'8" if he's 5'6.5" at 17. 5'7" seems like a realistic adult height for him, but we'll see.
Bryan said on 8/Dec/15

I guess I'm lucky then

My dad is 6'1.5, mom is 4'11 and I ended up at 5'11.5
grizz said on 7/Dec/15
Usually really tall guys subsonsciously strive towards really short women in order to get average-sized progeny.
However, Will Smith isn't all that freakishly tall and ended up with a really short woman - the joke's on Jaden.
He could've been his father's height only if his mother was of average height at least.
MrTBlack said on 2/Dec/15
I'm thinking that this is probably it for Jaden, guess he got the short end of the stick (no pun intended) in regards to height. Hope he at least reaches 5'10" since that's average for an African American male.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 30/Nov/15
I'm predicting that he will reach 5'9"-5'10".
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 30/Nov/15
I think that Jaden Smith has more time to grow as he's still 17, and he doesn't even appear as if he's fully grown yet. People can even grow after 18-19. Anyhow, he's 7" inches shorter than his father, Will Smith, who was 6'1 1/2"/187 CM in person, so this listing is accurate.
spainmen191cm said on 29/Nov/15
Rob, do you think that he had finished growing? I would be very dissapointed if I was him and ending 7 inches shorter than my dad!
Editor Rob: when your Mother is barely even 5ft, you have the chance of inheriting some combination of genes that means you end up very average.
James Edward Crowley Maximus Meridius said on 28/Nov/15
Rob is it he has grown he was listed at 5ft 7in last year he could be 5ft 8in by now i don't think he will reach his dads height since maybe if he was a late bloomer he was not a late bloomer he is above average bloomer not really a average bloomer and definitely not a early bloomer he could easily reach 5ft 10in or 5ft 11in he is only 17 he still has years of growth left in him at least 4 years of growth left he could be reach 5ft 10in barefoot when he is 21 we will see if he will grows more in the coming years you will have upgrade his height every year until 2019 when he stops growing he is nowhere done growing year his dad was already done growing at 13 he reached his full height of 6ft 1.5 6ft 2in Jaden carried growing past 13 how is that possible.
Editor Rob: how much more he can grow is hard to say because we know big Will has genes for early growth and no later spurt...
TJE said on 28/Nov/15
I figured he was somewhere between 169 and 171.
Sam said on 27/Nov/15
His sister is 5'7 1.70,
Kenny said on 25/Nov/15
Hi rob do u reckon he is done growing or if not what height do u think he will reach when done?
Editor Rob: in the last year I think he looks to have plateaued a bit.
Sam said on 25/Nov/15
Why is he so short? His sister is almost as tall as him

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