How tall is Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner's Height

5ft 6 (167.6 cm)

American celebrity. In 2012 on twitter, Kylie gave her height as "5'6 [inches tall]" and also mentioned everybody thought she was taller than she actually is, saying again in 2014 that she was only "5'6". She subsequently said "I'm like Five-Seven...maybe". In 2016 she mentioned her weight on her blog: "I used to be 120 [pounds]. I was really skinny. Now I'm pushing like 136. But it's alright, I like the chunkiness. I don't really think I have the fattest ass, but I know my angles".

How tall is Kylie Jenner
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Average Guess (164 Votes)
5ft 6.25in (168.3cm)
Realist said on 21/Feb/23
A weak 5'6 she might be 140-145 on this picture. 136 is kinda skinny for a 5'6 woman anyways. I wish every celebrity wasn't lying about their weight to keep everyone else insecure about theirs. She has an average healthy body.
Abdul-177DK said on 9/Oct/22
166-167 cm max.
Schmitty said on 14/May/22
5'6¼" is correct
Houari said on 28/Jan/22
She's only 1.65 tall, that's pretty obvious
Leesheff85 said on 21/Dec/21
Looks 5ft 6
HEIGHTAN said on 27/Sep/21
Looks 5'7"
Rebeca said on 5/Jun/21
I think she's at least 170 cm, 5'7. When she said she had less she was very young and must have grown up a bit. Plus she seems to be the same height as her best friend stassie
IntergenderWrestling102 said on 29/Apr/21
5'6.25 - 5'6.5. Looks about same height as Travis Scott (5'10) in heels.
heyyyyyyyy said on 1/Mar/21
slim 6'1 said on 9/Jan/21
Around 5’6”
vastlybetter566 said on 18/Dec/20
Kylie is pretty lucky, in many departments, but also in body size. She has a nice height of 5'6 and a healthy body and weight. I can see why women would be filled with jealousy.
Ashton Martin said on 21/Nov/20
yall talkin bout 5 6 she is no more than 5 4.5 look at her pics with tyga who is 5 7
recapa said on 24/Oct/20
maybe a little above the listing 168cm.3 inches shorter than her older sister kendall
Victor Germann said on 25/Aug/20
170 barefoot
The French Dude said on 9/Aug/20
That 5'7 claims sounds funny ngl, 5'6 sounds right, maybe even 5'6 1/2, but i still thinking 5'6 is her height.
Turtle master said on 24/Jul/20
Kylie 5’6

Kendall 5’9

Kourtney 5’0

Kimberly 5’2

Khloe 5’8
joshua said on 17/Jul/20
Ive seen Kylie express to be 5'7 on Instagram and i really want that to be true but seems unlikley. I say about 5'6.5 is about where she stands.
Anna Smith said on 1/May/20
How much would you say she weights now?
Editor Rob
Her lockdown weight might be around 137-140 pounds
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 30/Mar/20
Well done Kylie for donating life-changing amounts of money to a woman's empowerment group of girls. I saw this on the Ellen show.

5ft6. 😁💐
The hamburger said on 12/Mar/20
I guess she is 5ft 6. How tall is she with those Click Here
Editor Rob
Not much over 3 inches from them, maybe even 3-3.1 range
Deep Purple said on 11/Jan/20
I saw a video where a couple thought that she is 176 cm.
@Chris Junior Well, all kardashians don't look like americans for me.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 10/Oct/19
Kim and Kylie look like bollywood stars. 😂😂
Jesse Dumont said on 13/Sep/19
5'6.5" at most, but I'd say 5'6" is most accurate. Might wake up at 5.6.5" but nothing more. My brother is 5'7" and I just don't see her being as tall as him. She definitely gives off that 5'6" vibe. No shorter or taller really.
khaled taban said on 6/Jun/19
No more than 5'6" flat!
Kie said on 26/Feb/19
She is def taller Than that. Just Google pics of her and jordyn together, they look pretty much the same height Maybe like 2 cm difference and jordyn is 175cm. I think Kylie is at least or exact 170 cm
Gerdo Paolli said on 26/Feb/19
Around 165 cms
Kelly Germany said on 23/Feb/19
No more than 168 cms.
Jancys said on 22/Feb/19
She is around 3.5 inches shorter than Kendall. 168 cm is alright.
Ben James said on 5/Nov/18
I think she's no more than 5'6" flat because she was wearing heeled boots and still wasn't taller than 5'7" Tyga.
Png said on 14/Oct/18
Kylie has to be 5’7 or a little bit taller. Definitely not any shorter than that.
Nastaran said on 11/Aug/18
She is 165 cm she is not taller than beyonce
ana said on 22/Jul/18
I think she is a solid 168 but carries highest heels on the market and looks huge.
Paula said on 16/Apr/18
No less than 167cm, but no more than 169cm. I think 5'6 barefoot is just fine to me.
Nik said on 15/Apr/18
Kylie is over 5'6" but under 5'7"! She is nearer the former though!
Ann said on 13/Apr/18
She kind of slouches and poses in a way that makes her look shorter. From Khloe's baby shower they look very similar in height. Is 5'7 possible?
Kimmi said on 4/Apr/18
In this picture kylie is standing in front of a height wall (?😂) and she is obviously above 6’0, almost 6’5.
Of course she’s wearing high heels, but they only make her 4 or 5 inches larger.
Rob, do you think kylie could be about 5’8?

Click Here
Editor Rob
Sometimes standing a foot in front of a wall can add inches as it seems to be doing here...unfortunately I'm not sure what she'd be there!
Matt99 said on 14/Feb/18
I don’t get why people find her so attractive and the rest of them, they’re all fake to be honest.
Cass said on 10/Feb/18
She's a little shorter than tyga so I'm guessing 167 would be accurate. Nothing lower
Kimmi said on 7/Feb/18
I think she‘s probably 172cm, compared to khloe (176cm)
MAD SAM said on 22/Jan/18
She’s 165 cm
Lemina said on 21/Jan/18
Yeah I would say 5'6-5'7. I remember an interview and she said a lot of people when they meet her say she isn't as tall as they thought she was.
Anonymous said on 27/Dec/17
@Colendya, that pic is fro years ago, before either of them hit puberty.
huxley said on 14/Dec/17
5"6 barefoot 5"7 with shoes she pretty tall compared to her Kim and kourtney
Oliver said on 8/Dec/17
Rob,would you be surprised if she was 5ft 6.5? I think next to her sisters, she looks 5ft 6-7 range.
Editor Rob
5ft 6.5 might be the most I'd argue for her.
LG said on 26/Sep/17
kylie aint no 5'6"...5'2" maybe...I was standing next to her when she had flats on as I was digging her beautiful feet...and I'm 5'7"!
Sweet potato said on 19/Sep/17
Kylie looks big but is actually short. She and Kris are about the same height. So I guess this is pretty accurate.
Slim said on 18/Sep/17
5'6.5" she's kinda tall.
Colendya said on 12/Sep/17
Kylie is also just a littel bit smaller than Cody Simpson (5'11)

Click Here
Colendya said on 8/Sep/17
Maybe 5'7 or 5'8 for Kylie. She and Jordyn (5'9) are very similar in height.
Mimi said on 3/Sep/17
5ft6 and full of plastic enhancements.
Phil said on 8/Aug/17
She might be just over 5'6 but I doubt 5'7. Kris is 5'6 and they are almost exact.
banana said on 4/Aug/17
looks quite tall. at least 5'7. my quess from her pictures would be 5'7,5
anonheight said on 6/Jul/17
5'7. She looks like she could pass for it.
Ally said on 5/Jul/17
I honestly think she is 5,5
Ally said on 5/Jul/17
Why do I feel like that's how Selena Gomes looks in can't keep my hands to myself and she has a zendaya face
Lovatic said on 24/Jun/17
She looks maybe 3 or 4 inches shorter than Kendall, and 3 or 4 inches taller than Kim. Probably 5'6.
Nik said on 29/May/17
She's quite tall!
hi said on 28/May/17
kendall is prettier. 5"6 is accurate i think.
World Citizen said on 28/May/17
She can give a taller impression but I think this listing is ok.
laya said on 27/May/17
she's not that short
May said on 29/Apr/17
There was a video a few months ago where she says she's 136 pounds, and describes herself as "chunky"
Vic said on 28/Apr/17
Rob, around how much does she weight in your opinion?
Editor Rob
I'm sure her 'resume weight' would be something like 125 pounds, but in reality I would say over 130 nearer 135 range.
Lanaka said on 18/Apr/17
I guess she could be even be 5'6 barefoot but not more than that!
Lanaka said on 16/Apr/17
No more than 5'5.75. Her true barefoot height.
May said on 5/Apr/17
Looks taller than Bella Thorne who is 5'6" at least.

Click Here
Milanaka_Maliio said on 4/Apr/17
I think 5'6 is a little too tall for Kylie. Her true barefoot height standing straight I think is 5'5.25-5'5.5
Jay said on 24/Mar/17
She's gotta be over 5'6. She wouldn't always tower over Kim, if it were only 4 inches.
MadDrummer said on 6/Mar/17
She looks a strong 5'7" to me. Khloe is no more than 2" taller than her, if even that much.
Chris said on 5/Feb/17
5"6.75 possibly the full five seven
Mma fan said on 9/Jan/17
She is at the most 2 inches shorter than khole, nothing more
Nik said on 12/Dec/16

She could be a fraction under 5'7" in my opinion, or you maybe right in saying that she is a solid 5'7". I certainly think she is more likely to be over 5'6" than under 5'6".
L said on 10/Dec/16
Am I the only one that thinks she's a solid 5'7?
Kimi said on 8/Dec/16
she even called herself a 'tall glass of water' and if you look at current pictures you can see she's taller than 5'6. It's time for an upgrade rob.
Chris Mills said on 6/Dec/16
Strong 5ft 7in for Kylie Jenner
bruh said on 14/Nov/16
She looks tiny next to Kendall because Kendall is a strong 5'9'', not 5'7''-5'8''
Kay said on 6/Nov/16
Kendall is not 5'7/5'8, she's 5'9.5". The boots Kylie's wearing in this photo are described as 4" on the designer's website, and she towers over Tyga in them Click Here. In sneakers they are very similar in height Click Here
Addison said on 3/Nov/16
could 1.66 or 1.67 be a possiblity for Kylie? in 4 inch heels, the ones she typically wears (which in cm are about 9-10cm) she doesnt tower over tyga and she looks tiny next to 5'7-5'8 sister Kendall Jenner?
Aza said on 2/Nov/16
Off course she's beautiful.......because she's Indian!
Jay said on 23/Sep/16
Rob, could she be over 5'6?
Editor Rob
could pass for a bit over, but these girls usually are in big heels.
James said on 19/Sep/16
She looks Iranian
K said on 16/May/16
She appears closer to khloes height in most pictures, do you think 5'7" is possible?
M said on 13/May/16
She is the most beautiful of all Kardashians.Also their mum Kris Jenner is very good loking women for her age.
Leo said on 9/May/16
Yes, 5'6. Three inches shorter than Kendall
Yo said on 12/Apr/16
You have Hailey Baldwin at 5'6.5??? That makes no sense. Barely has an atvantage over Kylie with much more footwear Click Here
Jay said on 24/Jan/16
Should be 5'6.5 at least.
May said on 22/Jan/16
That quote of her saying 5'7" isn't recent, it's from March 2013.
Anekee said on 19/Jan/16
Kylie Jenner is 5'7" now.
Her she's talking about her height: Click Here
Now she's at eye-level with her sister Khloe: Click Here
Editor Rob
sounds like she's not sure, I wonder if she has actually been measured in the last year.
DR said on 7/Jan/16
Ah, just now noticed Hailey listed at 5'6.5" on here - seems more accurate but Kylie still looks 5'7"-5'8" to me.
DR said on 7/Jan/16
Trying to hide her height or maybe has grown some more in the past year? She just looks so tall -- 5'9" Hailey Baldwin is only a smidge taller than her in various pics. Also came across this pic from last month where she seems to actually edge out 5'9"/5'10" Khloe, although the latter is leaning so that could throw off the measurements. Kourtney looks 5'0" range as usual. As for the other two, that is not a 5'6" and a 5'10" together if I've ever seen it. Someone needs an upgrade or a downgrade methinks?

Click Here

Click Here
Fray said on 30/Dec/15
She is 5'6"
pixie said on 20/Dec/15
In Vogue magazine, Kylie is a spread with Lottie Moss who is around 5'5", and looks only a bit taller so I think 5'6" is pretty accurate
newdude said on 17/Dec/15
if kylie is 5'8 then tyga needs to be increased. however i think she is 5'6.
rob can you please explain the picture I included a few comments below
sar said on 15/Dec/15
just look at this pic by may ... like i said kylie is around 5'7-5'8
May said on 15/Dec/15
Her and tyga are pretty close in height Click Here
newdude said on 11/Dec/15
if she is 5'6 and tyga is 5'7, then how comes he looks taller that her in this pic. note, she is wearing heels
Click Here
sar said on 8/Dec/15
i think she lies about her height... you can tell by the way she walks (head down) and the type of heels she wears that she's probably insecure about it..
184.3cm (Night) said on 8/Dec/15
. In 2012 on her twitter she gave her height as "5'6" and also mentioned everybody thought she was taller than she actually is, saying again in 2014 that she was "5'6"

This forum is a good example.

The female Beckham that shows up height liars.
kira said on 6/Dec/15
rob don't you think it's time for an upgrade ?
Editor Rob
I'm not sure, last year she still said she was 5ft 6 and has been since 15.
marcinho said on 5/Dec/15
does her shoulder makes her appearing taller than she is?She has def. broad shoulders for a girl hasn't she?
kiki99 said on 4/Dec/15
i sow her, she is over 5.6 & pretty much better the her sister. she is can be vs model (vita sidorkina is 169 and vs model)
marie1997 said on 2/Dec/15
she is 5'6" those shoes she is wearing gave her a good 3 inches
andrea said on 8/Nov/15
She measured 1.72, it has the same height of Jaden Smith.
sar said on 26/Oct/15
what ? shes obviously taller just because she looks down and tries to appear shorter doesn't mean she is plus if you look at the sidewalk hailey stands slighty higher. so kylie is between 5'7 and 5'8
kendallRose said on 21/Oct/15
she is shorter then Hailey Baldwin who is 5.7 so 5.6 right for her
Click Here
James said on 9/Oct/15
Yeah, this is accurate. I ran into her and she seemed avg at best. She looks tall only in comparison to her sisters (besides kendall) who are midgestic.
Maverick said on 23/Sep/15
She surely looks taller than that.
Dom said on 21/Sep/15
She's between 5'7" and 5'8"
Cata said on 7/Sep/15
in her new instagram post she looks nearly the same height as model Jasmine Sanders who is 5'9". There's only a 1-2 inch difference and Kylie is barefoot. I think she's around 5'7" now
louise2002 said on 26/Jul/15
i believe kylie is 173-174cm. She could be a glamour model. + her fece is mutch interesting the kendall who look like a tipical Bollywood star;) Go Kylie!!!
tina said on 24/Jul/15
@m i see what you mean but if you look closely even considering maybe the small 'hidden' heel they still give her max. 5cm
M said on 21/Jul/15
@Tina those boots which Kylie wears on your picture, gives her good 7cm in height (although it doesn't seem at first glance).If somebody wants to give expression of taller person, then very carefully chooses the type of the heels, and those heels for sure have such effect (They look like 4cm heels, but in reality they give additional 7 cm in height).
tina said on 13/Jul/15
@louise2002 i also think so
don't know why rob doesn't see it ^^
mila said on 12/Jul/15
Emily@ my and my sis look like this,I'am 174 she is 179-180.
i see only 2.5 inch difference
louise2002 said on 12/Jul/15
Emily@ my and my sis look like this,I'am 174 she is 179-180.
i see only 2.5 inch difference
Emily said on 10/Jul/15
Hey Rob :)
Could you estimate the height difference here? Click Here
Editor Rob
in that photo it wouldn't look more than 3.5 inch
tina said on 5/Jul/15
how is she still listed at 5'6 rob ?
Click Here

Click Here (all wear shoes with similar platform)

Click Here (here kylies platform seems maybe 1 cm taller than khloes)
so said on 2/Jul/15
yeah i also would put her at 5'8
Yasamin said on 19/Jun/15
I think she is taller than 5'6 she is about 5'8
katie666 said on 15/Jun/15
she looks really tall though...
Skye said on 26/Apr/15
Given her pics with her sisters, I thought she at least 5'7, maybe 5'8.
This seems right though.
Ally said on 14/Apr/15
5'6 seems correct, she's not one of those girls who would lie about their height but can look taller sometimes.
Rae said on 13/Apr/15
What would her morning height be?
Dana said on 3/Apr/15
5'6 for Kylie and 5'8 for Khloe ? Seems like a fair listing.
Rae said on 3/Apr/15
Highly doubt she's under 5'6". She never looks more than 2 inches shorter than Khloe, they're pretty close in height these days. She strikes me as someone who doesn't want to be any taller. In a recent interview she mentioned that she wishes she was as short as Kim or Kourtney.
Krista said on 1/Apr/15
Rob, do you really believe a 10cm height difference between Kendall and Kylie? Can't help but think Kylie's taller than 5ft6, unless Kendall is shorter than we think.
Editor Rob
at times it can look about 3.5 inches
Sarah said on 30/Mar/15
Is 5ft 5.5 possible Rob?
Editor Rob
usually I think 5ft 6 is on the money for her, but 5ft's not impossible, but I'm not so sure on it.
shawn said on 24/Mar/15
Tyga is 2 inches taller than her, but Rob, how tall do you think Tyga is? He is listed 173cm everywhere but to me he looks more like 171-172cm, what do you think?
Editor Rob
around 5ft 7.5 range could be possible, I wouldn't have guessed him over that, sometimes he looks less, but maybe it's his posture that is loose.
Zee said on 23/Mar/15
She looks 5.6 on the dot to me...she's about the same height as her mother and she's certainly roughly two inches smaller than Tyga.
kay said on 2/Feb/15
she says she's 5'7" in this video Click Here
Guest said on 21/Dec/14
I think she reached her peak. A 5'8 Tyga is a bit taller than her. 5'6
Taylor said on 20/Dec/14
What does that mean rob?
Editor Rob
well she claimed to be 5ft 8 and even that I think is a possible stretch.
Taylor said on 20/Dec/14
Rob how tall do you think Hailey Baldwin is? Is the around 5'9" claim accurate?
Editor Rob
she claimed lower, I might add her to begin with at what she said!
Taylor said on 1/Dec/14
Click Here kendall wth georgia jagger
Kndall 5.9
Kylie 5.6
max said on 5/Nov/14
she is not 5'7, she even claimed 5'6, if she were taller she would have been having it alot easier when it came to modeling, jaden smith stands taller than her, so that is proof
Michelle said on 22/Oct/14
I meant October 9 when she tweeted that.
Michelle said on 20/Oct/14
Kylie tweeted a fan on October 8, 2014 saying she's 5'6.
Kit said on 7/Oct/14
There's only like a 3.5 inch max difference between her and Kendall. I think she's 5'7" now.
Bishop said on 13/Aug/14
Rob, if Kylie is 5'6" then Kendall can't be 5'10.5". There is no way there is a 4.5 inch difference between them.
tiny said on 21/Jul/14
Kylie is 5'7" & 135 lbs whereas Kendall is 5'9" & 115 lbs
delvin said on 28/Jun/14
i woild just say 170 cm
Kate said on 19/Jan/14
Her claim of 5'6" was back in September 2011. She's around 5'7.5"-5'8" now.
Kate123 said on 14/Jan/14
Rob this was over a year ago don't you think she could've grown since then?
Editor Rob
I think that is her final height
Natttt said on 10/Jan/14
She needs an upgrade. I'd say 5'8"
jess said on 7/Jan/14
More like 5' 7" or 5' 8" now. She's not that much shorter than her two taller sisters.
Natasha1 said on 3/Jan/14
Looks about 2-3 inches shorter than Kendall. I'd say 5'8" this was 2 years ago so she's most likely grown since then. Needs an upgrade
tiny said on 4/Oct/13
shorter than kendall (5'7" to 5'10"), heavier than kendall (140 lbs to 120 lbs) and more curvaceous than Kendall.
IR said on 20/Jul/13
now Khloe knows how it feels to have younger and taller sisters. Just like Khloe towers her two older sisters, Kim and Kourtney are older and shorter.
Lea said on 15/Jul/13
In this Ustream of Kylie from 15/07/2013(Click Here) at around 20:20 she says her height is "in between 5'7 and 5'8"
CoCo said on 2/Jun/13
she is probably no more than 5'5, 5'6 at max
Just said on 13/May/13
She's just 15 years old, so still growing...

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