How tall is Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian's Height

5ft 2in (157.5 cm)

American television personality. In 2008 on Fox News she mentioned "remember I am 5'2" and 1/2" and on twitter in 2010 was giving "5'3" as her height, although in 2011 mentioned "I'm 5'2"" and gave her own list of Kardashian heights: "Kourt-5' Kim-5'2" Khloe-5'10" Kendall-5'10" Kylie-5'8" Rob-6'". Her shoe size is: "Size 6.5 but in sneakers 7.5", her vital statistics are "34, 26, 39" and she stated her weight as being "Right under 120 lbs".

Kim, 5ft 9 Khloe and 5ft Kourtney.
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Average Guess (48 Votes)
5ft 1.87in (157.1cm)
:) said on 17/Sep/17
@charlene what is the definition of very short lol. not trying to defend kanye but 5'7 is not "very" short imo.
Charlene said on 31/Aug/17
I think that Kim is no more than 4'10". Her husband is very short and she is smaller than he.
Slim 182 cm said on 20/Jul/17
If she's looking 5'7 with 5 inches of heels, that'd make her 5'2, no more, she is a short woman.
even said on 5/Jul/17
no more than 157
Lanaka said on 30/Jun/17
5'1 range for Kim K !
XXX said on 28/Jun/17
If she said 5'2 and a half she's probably 5'1 and a half, that's what I'm guessing
Height Girl said on 25/Jun/17
She listed 5'1 on her own Myspace so why now is she saying 5'2 sometimes and 5'3 other times? Next thing you know she grew again. lol I thought she was between 5'1 or 5'2 but who's to argue with classic Kim?
Lovatic said on 24/Jun/17
5'2 or 5'3.
Linda said on 19/Apr/17
What accounts for Khloes height. I know that Kylie and Kendall take after their 6'4" dad
Lanaka said on 16/Apr/17
5'1 for Kim K!
ben said on 15/Mar/17
Owen said on 3/Mar/17
Totes 5'2". Totes.
Chris said on 5/Feb/17
I don't believe she would be under this listing likely a bit over next to celebs barefoot is better.
Bricks said on 16/Dec/16
I've met her. She's probably 5-2 at most.
M said on 9/Dec/16
She is just1.52m,Kourtney is 1.50m.
george said on 6/Dec/16
hey big rob, please can you make a page for Kim k's ex. NFL player Reggie bush. google has him at 1.83 but we all know not to trust google when it comes to heights.
Sandy Cowell said on 1/Nov/16
@ Sarah - I thought she's 5ft2 and a half on the dot!
Sarah said on 30/Oct/16
5'2" on the dot
Rojina said on 21/Oct/16
@tiny....Kim and Eva could almost be sisters. Eva's much smaller in physique and height but prettier just slightly
sam said on 8/May/16
rob how tall do you think reggie bush is kim k's ex the nfl player
aida said on 1/May/16
kim is taller than 5'1 , I'm 5'1 and she is taller according to her legs and even her arms
I think 5'2 or 5'2 and 1/2 is the most accurate.
M.A.R.S. said on 23/Oct/15
Her and Nicole Richie are the exact same height. Google photos of them. Richie always admits to being 5'1. See for yourself. Kim is very small
Mickey said on 17/Oct/15
When I type in Google search "Kim Kardashian height", is showing 5' 3"?!? What is her real height?
[Editor Rob: I think if you compared her to Kourtney, 5ft 3 seems a bit too much.]
Lisa tuxson said on 23/Sep/15
Thought she was shorter
Michael said on 17/Sep/15
5'2" max this lady. I would say 5' 1.5" would be more accurate.
Ethan said on 6/Sep/15
Rob, how tall would you say she is in these heels?
Click Here
Please respond!!!
[Editor Rob: they look a pretty high angle, but won't really give much over the 3-3.1 inch range]
Kay said on 22/Jul/15
@Kk it says 5'3", not 5'1". if you scroll down on that page there's a better quality image
Mike said on 18/Jul/15
Any idea on robert kardashian senior's height? I've heard 5'5' but standing next to 6'1' OJ Simpson he looks taller.
Kk said on 10/Jun/15
Someone's unearthed her old Myspace page where she lusted her height as 5'1".Click Here
Heightgirl said on 24/Apr/15
Kim was spotted in the most massive elevator shoes ever and still looked shorter next to 5f5 Whoopi Goldberg in flat shoes: Click Here Kim in the most huge wedge shoes I have ever seen: Click Here This makes me really question her 5f2 claim. I saw her sketchers cut out and it was tiny! Like under 5f tiny! Maybe it wasn't life size, however? I think she may only be 5f max and Courtney 4f10 or less.
BGee said on 12/Dec/14
5'1 - 5'2 max. Hasn't she claimed 5'3 too?
noname said on 20/Nov/14
Difference of Kim and Kourtney of height is about 1 inch.
TJE said on 12/Sep/14
Kendall: 5'9.75
Khloe: 5'8.25
Kylie: 5'6
Kim: 5'2
Kourtney: 4'11.75
User said on 8/Jul/14
Rob, do you think Kim could be closer to 5'1.5" or 5'1.75" ? She looks 4 inches shorter than Lindsay Lohan (who is listed as 5'4.75") when Lindsay is in heels that give her 1 inch advantage. So that makes Kim 3 inches shorter than Lindsay - 5'1.75".
[Editor Rob: generally I've thought she looked near enough her 5ft 2 claim, but a chance of being a fraction shy? Maybe.]
kk said on 23/May/14
I think shes under 5'2. always looks quite short next to orther celebs in photos. maybe 5'1/2. Also, don't understand the hype around her, as i dont find her to be particularly attractive. but hey,kudos to her for finding a way to make a name for herself and millions.
daddy said on 25/Jan/14
Ray J IS 5'7 and from the looking at the 'tape' of them standing next to each other (kim bare-footed),she appears to be about 5'2
RL said on 22/Dec/13
I dated a girl who was 5"4' and she told me a story of seeing Kim at a promo event and was surprised by how short she was. She said she couldn't have been no more than 5"2'.
o.k said on 7/Dec/13
Kim is 5'0 alot of celebs lie but one way I found it out is a recent picture of her and Lindsay Lohan at International Art Festival.Lindsay is standing next to Kim they are both wearing same sized heels. Lindsay states she is 5'5 so no way can Kim be 5'3.Lindsay Lohan towers over Kim in that Picture by at least 5 inches making Kim Kardashian 5'0.
tiny said on 4/Dec/13
Kim - 5'1" & 135 lbs, Kourtney - 4'11" & 95 lbs, Khloe - 5'9" & 170 lbs
hmm said on 3/Dec/13
@someone & ice: All three sisters are wearing similar length heals. Kim is more than a 1/2 inch taller than Kourtney here. And people have different facial feature placements. So, if Khloe were standing up straight she'd probably be almost an entire Kim's head taller than Kim.
IR said on 29/Nov/13
Khloe has mentioned Kim is 5' 1" so I will believe Khloe's claim, but no way will I believe her claim of her own height when she said five-ten. Khloe is 5' 9" at the most.
SK said on 20/Nov/13
She's not taller than 5'1"-5'2". I've seen her in person, and she's short, stocky, and extremely pear-shaped. She's always wearing massive heels, but even with heels on, she still looks short. Most of her Playboy photos were taken of her lying down or sitting down (no full-body shots of her standing up). They always use that trick on short women.
Beachy7777 said on 10/Nov/13
I am 5'3" and she walked slowly past me in the street and we were both wearing flip-flops. I'd say 5'2".
someone said on 1/Nov/13
well kourtney is 5 foot 0 kim is barely taller than her so i'd say kim is 5 foot 0 a half
Randomgirl said on 14/Oct/13
In this pic kourtneys knees look higher, anyone else notice that? It's also strange because Kim looks like she might be slightly closer to the camera.
little sue said on 4/Aug/13
Eva not curvy!! she has a slight athletic figure with a wide rib cage and small hips whereas Kim has a classic pearshape/hour glass figure.
tiny said on 2/Aug/13
always get confused between Kim Kardashian and Eva Longoria because both are so short and extremely curvy. The only area where Eva loses out is the booty.
nona said on 9/Jul/13
Kim - 5'0" & 140 lbs (pre-motherhood days), Khloe - 5'8" & 175 lbs, Kourtney - 4'10" & 100 lbs
ice said on 24/Jun/13
Kim comes up to Khloe's nose; therefore, Khloe is not 7 inches taller than Kim, unless she has a 13 inch head. I see 5 inches. Khloe is 5'7, Kim is 5'2 and Kourtney is 4'11 1/2.
SelmaMartin said on 10/Jun/13
Kim has never looked more than 5f2. And regardless of what she says, she weighs at least 125-130lbs, not pregnant.
Her sister Courtney is probably 5ft and weighs 110.
kg said on 7/Jun/13
even in this photo with khloe and kourtney she seems 1 insh taller than kourtney and they wear the same height of heels
dman9500 said on 2/Jun/13
hi Rob, one source says kim is 5'3. do you think thats true at all?
[Editor Rob: she has said 5ft 2, 2.5 and 3 as her height]
true said on 24/May/13
5'2.5 would be closer
Heightgirl said on 23/May/13
nilkn, Kim doesn't look 5' flat to me. I think she's 5f1.
nilkn said on 10/May/13
She honestly looks about 5' flat to me, possibly 5'1". I think even 5'2" is pushing it.
anon said on 22/Apr/13
A aupreme athlete like Serena cannot be compared to reality TV celebrities. Serena is way too big and strong compared to even Khloe Kardashian so comparing her to tiny Kim is not on
Arch Stanton said on 18/Apr/13
@Sepideh. If Kim was going to lie she'd be claiming 5 ft 7 like Shania Twain wouldn't she!!
Arch Stanton said on 18/Apr/13
Rob Kardashian is 5'10"-5'11" I think. He's taller than Scott Disick anyway. I originally thought Scott was 5'11"-6'0 range but I think he's more 5'9"-5'10 actually as he's a bit shorter than Kendall.
Sepideh said on 14/Apr/13
Hey Rob, do u think Kim lies about her height if yes why?
[Editor Rob: I don't think she really lies much, she looks about 5ft 2 in general]
Tila said on 30/Mar/13
Rob, how tall are her sisters. Kendall and Kylie Jenner?
[Editor Rob: they both claim 5ft 10 and 5ft 6...I think those girls are telling the truth about their height]
Heightgirl said on 28/Mar/13
Sources say Kim is "about 5f1" Click Here
lofty 1.92 said on 11/Mar/13
Kim looks about 5 ft and Kourt about 4ft 8in
talker said on 9/Jan/13
kim looks like a midget next to Serena Williams.Like 10"shorter.She barely reaches 5'in my book.
Even 5'1" is generous.
mike 181cm said on 6/Jan/13
Rob you need rob kardashian. Are you still looking in to him?
[Editor Rob: how many of these kardashian's are there!]
nicole said on 31/Aug/12
Kim is 5'1". Khloe has said it
J.J. said on 25/Aug/12
Rob please try and spot the difference between her and Bruce Jenner's daughter Kendall(5'10")?
I see a good 2" difference between them!
J.J. said on 24/Aug/12
Rob is Khloe even taller than 5'8"?
[Editor Rob: I think she looks in 5ft 9 range, I'm sure someone posted a mention on here once of Khloe saying she was almost 5ft 10. ]
Brad said on 1/Aug/12
Her booty measure is for major talk, not her height.
Alex (London) said on 1/Aug/12
Bigger booty? Any chance of a photo - for strictly research purposes!

QUOTE: AT says on 31/Jan/12
I am not a fan or anything, but I thought I'd add my thoughts. I am about 5'1 - 5'2, weight 122lbs, have a larger butt (38.5") with a 26 waist. I fit into 26 Seven jeans/J-brand. Maybe it's the bone structure?
LeBron6 said on 30/Jul/12
No way Khloe is 5'9.75". As she only looks 4-6 inches taller then 5'2" Kim in the picture.
Fiona said on 16/Jun/12
Khloe and I are dead on in height:
5 ft. 9.75 in. or 177 cm by metric.
Aria said on 6/Jun/12
5'2" is right because Kourtney's only 5'0"
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Heightgirl said on 6/Jun/12
Kim was recently photographed with 5f4 Olivia Munn in April and she looked to be around 3 inches shorter. Kim was wearing 4 or 5 inch heels and I don't think there was a platform. You couldn't see Munn's shoes so she may have been wearing platforms. I believe that Kim is around 5f1.
AT said on 31/Jan/12
I am not a fan or anything, but I thought I'd add my thoughts. I am about 5'1 - 5'2, weight 122lbs, have a larger butt (38.5") with a 26 waist. I fit into 26 Seven jeans/J-brand. Maybe it's the bone structure?

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