How tall is Israel Adesanya

Israel Adesanya's Height

6ft 2 ¾ (189.9 cm)

Nigerian-born New Zealand professional mixed martial artist and kickboxer who currently fights in the UFC. In 2014 he said on Instagram "I'm 6'3".

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Average Guess (132 Votes)
6ft 2.65in (189.6cm)
Whistling White Wolf said on 25/Sep/23
Here you can see Israel's rival Alex Pereira compared to fellow mma fighters Dominick Reyes, Jiri Prochazka and Glover Teixeira Click Here

Do you think the heights are accurate?
Djura Jovanski said on 9/Sep/23
Rob, how tall do you think Sean Strickland is?
He looks 3 inches shorter than Israel but they list him as 6'1
Editor Rob
I doubt he's 6ft 1, but might clear 6ft a bit
Antonio Mattos said on 8/Sep/23
Rob, how tall should I list myself as? 193, 193.7 or 194.3?

This is me with UFC Fighter Jailton Almeida
Click Here

This is Alex Pereira and Almeida
Click Here

Izzy and "193 Ngannou"
Click Here
Editor Rob
You could probably look 194cm to people in public. I'd go with what the height you can measure yourself barefoot around mid-day.
XAM3AT ?ETPOB said on 3/Sep/23
is derrick lewis real 6'3?
Ben - 186cm said on 3/Sep/23
Easy 190cm for sure.
?????? ????? said on 1/Sep/23
pereira is a true 6'4 in my opinion
Kai Wolley said on 30/Aug/23
Hi Rob,

Can we get a thread for Alex Pereira and Derrick Lewis?
Tawehret said on 27/Aug/23
Hey rob, how tall do u think Israel’s team mate Carlos ulberg is?
Editor Rob
Can seem 2cm taller
Taeanzw said on 8/Jun/23
Logan Paul’s height. This dude is not 6,2
Duhon said on 7/Jun/23
@Ak97 that photo is misleading this is a better representation of how Izzy measures up to Logan Click Here Watch the actual video too, he appears taller than Logan by about an inch or so.
Glacierr said on 6/Jun/23
I believe Israel Adesanya might be flat 6’2-6’2.5
Ak97 said on 30/May/23
Here he looks a flat 6”2 (or maybe hair over) next to Logan Paul
Click Here
Duhon said on 29/May/23
He seems to edge out 6'3" listed Chris Hemsworth here Click Here
Vmoenz said on 24/May/23
Adesanya 6'2.75
Pereira 6'3.75
Sh0ckeh said on 22/May/23
Let's be real guys, theres no chance Israel falls under 6'3. The guy is one of the tallest guys in the room most of the time you see him. He is most certainly a perfect 6'3 (190.5cm)
7272 said on 13/May/23
We've estimated Alex Periera to be 193-194

How tall does Dillon Danis look next to him? 179.7? 180? Click Here==
Samuel Oluwashemire said on 21/Apr/23
I would guess 189.5 - 190
Discord said on 18/Apr/23
Pereira is taller than Reyes who is same height as Jon Jones.
Antonio Mattos said on 12/Apr/23
Rob, would you say Alex Pereira reaches the full 194 cm as he is listed?
Editor Rob
Maybe 193-4 zone
Discord said on 12/Apr/23
Click Here=

5'10 Oliveira next to these rivals.
Duhon said on 11/Apr/23
Would like to see Pereira next to Ngannou who is a textbook strong 6'4". Pereira looks 6'4" next to most others in the UFC.
7272 said on 9/Apr/23
I think 6'3.5 is perfect for Alex Periera. He pulls off a near inch every time they face off.
Discord said on 9/Apr/23
Click Here=

He consistently looks 4 cm taller, Rob. Will you add his page?
Editor Rob
He does look over an inch taller.
Discord said on 7/Apr/23
Click Here

Click Here
Discord said on 7/Apr/23
I think Pereira deserves a page, Rob. You can check the difference between them in recent faceoffs. 192-194 range fs.
Toto said on 6/Apr/23
Just saw the press conference face off, Pereira in dress shoes and Israel in sandals i think is a clasic 6'4 vs 6'3 difference problably 189-190 adesanya 192-193 postan
Duhon said on 4/Apr/23
Interesting Jason Mamoa says he was "shocked" at how tall Israel is Click Here
Editor Rob
Looks a bit more than an inch taller there.
Xndok said on 4/Apr/23
Adesanya 190
Ngannou 193
Usman 180
ppc said on 29/Jan/23

Seems more than an inch shorter than Paul in Click Here (even if you factor in shoe diff)
Click Here
Click Here

@Rob I know they're not the best pics but what would you roughly guess for Costa if Logan is 6'1.5?
Editor Rob
Maybe 184
nz said on 29/Jan/23
How tall is his teammate dan hooker. Looks 5
179 cm range here

I remember he looked similar range to islam during faceoffs
Abdulrahman said on 19/Dec/22
Daniel Lee 173 cm said on 19/Nov/22
I'm pretty sure Adesanya is 6'2.5"
Original said on 13/Nov/22
Don't think there are a inch difference between Pereira and Adesanya, I would say around 0.5 inches, maybe a bit more, but not that much.

Adesanya 6'2.5 to 6'2.75 and Pereira 6'3.25 is more probably.
Nicholatte said on 12/Nov/22
Pereira is 191.5 and adesanya is 189cm
Original said on 12/Nov/22
@ppc Costa can't be 5'11.5, he looked only ~2.25" inches shorter than Adesanya (listed as 6'2.75" here) and maybe and inch shorter than Logan Paul (listed here as 6'1.5").

In resume

Adesanya 6'2.75, Costa 6'0.5" or a 0.25" downgrade for each one if you want.
Abdul-DK said on 9/Nov/22
Abdul-DK said on 14/Oct/22
189 cm
Alejandro Regalaldo said on 17/Sep/22
190cm is his height in kickboxing
Click Here
@4:10 mark
ppc said on 12/Sep/22

Click Here
Click Here (Francis in dress shoes and Izzy in slides)
Click Here

Either way I still have Izzy at ~6'2.5 for now, he can look the listed claim most of the time but he does look under it too while never really looking above it.
Seanc said on 11/Sep/22
rob just curious how tall you think khamzat is?
Editor Rob
Got a frame which can suggest 6ft 2 although a few on here believe him to be weak 6ft 2.
ppc said on 10/Sep/22
Curious to hear what others think of Costa and Vettori. Always thought they were both legit 6 footers but Vettori looked the same as Whittaker in their recent fight. Maybe my eyes are deceiving me. Whittaker's always struck me as a legit 5'11 guy.

Hard to believe Costa is under 6ft, tho I have seen pics of him looking shorter than Till and Sage Northcutt. 5'11.5 would be the absolute min I could believe though.
Journal said on 10/Sep/22
ppc said on 29/Aug/22
Looks closer to 6'2 flat in most pics with Ngannou

• Every pic with Francis I saw, he looks no less than 6'2¾, if Francis is 6'4.
ppc said on 29/Aug/22
Looks closer to 6'2 flat in most pics with Ngannou
Chcjcjjcc said on 20/Aug/22
@Chaos's Other Throwaway Yes, but it's difficultà determinate exact height, more people look tall than their hekghfs
Snsj said on 19/Aug/22
Jiri 190.5
Adrsanya 190
Adam Fernandes said on 14/Aug/22
I don't think he is under 6,3. I could 6,3 at night while holding 6,3.25 most of the day. I also think Reyes is 6,4.5. Reyes is huge. Furthermore, Jiri's staredown was barefoot while Reyes was in sandals. Jiri doesn't have the best posture either. In his photo with Izzy he is about 0.5 inches taller. He could be as high as 6,3.5 and as low as 6,3.
House Of Chaos said on 10/Jul/22
Adam Fernandes said on 5/Jul/22
He's around 6,3. He took a picture with LHW champ Jiri Prochazka at UFC 276. Jiri was about 0.5 inches taller. I always thought Jiri was a strong 6,3 and its appears that is the case. I got Jiri at 6,3.25.

Jiri at 6’3.5 seems a bit high, I would’ve guessed more around 6’2.25. He looked sub 6’2 staring down with legit 6’4 Dominick Reyes but because of Reyes’s footwear I’d put him above 6’2
Duhon said on 9/Jul/22
Not 6'4" but 6'3" could be argued.
Matt logan said on 7/Jul/22
6'2.75 sounds right definitely not 6'4" or 6'3" 6'2.5" to 6'2.75 more like it
Adam Fernandes said on 5/Jul/22
He's around 6,3. He took a picture with LHW champ Jiri Prochazka at UFC 276. Jiri was about 0.5 inches taller. I always thought Jiri was a strong 6,3 and its appears that is the case. I got Jiri at 6,3.25.
Mbsk said on 4/Jul/22
Daniel Lee said on 1/Jul/22
in insta he looks 6'2.5 next to Ngannou on
yousef saboor said on 27/Jun/22
Rob I messaged you on Instagram I really appreciate it if you could get back to me
Editor Rob
I hadn't checked any messages, but just had a glance and saw one person had sent about 30 height chart photos and a few other messages.
Sorry, I really am pushed for time and anything I answer about height I usually do on this site or occasionally on youtube.
Chaos's Other Throwaway said on 20/May/22
Nobody’s saying 5’9 is short. They’re saying it’s shorter than the billed 6’9, which is objectively true. If 5’9 was the same as 6’0 it would be called 6’0. 5’9 is objectively less tall than an above average, arguably tall height, that doesn’t make it short
Carlos Santana said on 14/May/22
Duhon said on 4/May/22
@djdj I didn't mean 5'9" is short that Yoel himself is not as short as 5'9" as another poster implied.
Djdjddjdd said on 3/May/22
@Chaos's Throwaway Ok but in both cases there js normal size, 5 ft 9 or 5 ft 10
Djdjddjdd said on 3/May/22
@Duhon 5ft 9 Is not short bit below
Chaos's Throwaway said on 8/Apr/22
Duhon said on 6/Apr/22
Yoel Romero is not as short as 5'9". He was listed at 6' by the UFC but earlier in his career he was listed 5'10" which seems more accurate.

He’s between the two. I’d say 5’9.5 but .75 isn’t inpossible
Duhon said on 6/Apr/22
Yoel Romero is not as short as 5'9". He was listed at 6' by the UFC but earlier in his career he was listed 5'10" which seems more accurate.
Black Noir said on 22/Mar/22
Hey rob what’s the lowest you’d argue for izzy and dm hooker?
Editor Rob
Not sure I'd go much under 6ft for Dan, but there's still a bit of a chance Israel could be closer to 6ft 2 than 3. I can see the argument for it.
Daniel Bott said on 17/Mar/22
He goes to CityFitness Newmarket he is about 6’1-6’2. Was surprised how small he was height was
ChaosControl2 said on 5/Mar/22
Click Here

I can barely see 5 inches here let alone 6. If Izzy’s over 6’2 Yoel has to be at least 5’9
Motobeslide said on 2/Mar/22
Given that we think Masvidal is around 5'10 ish, there's a vid of him and romero here Click Here
if you go to the 2:45 mark you can see masvidal is a quite a bit taller than romero. I'd say romero is 5'8 and a bit. He's definitely struggling with 5'9 imo. And if you watch romero's weigh ins with adesanya, even if we say romero is 5'8.5, I'd say adesanya is a mid 6'2.
Mathew carter said on 1/Mar/22
I’ve ran into Izzy a few times back home in Auckland NZ and Im just under 6’2 (187cm) and he had about an inch on me so 6’3 or just under 6’3 sounds pretty accurate. P.S Izzy wears a lot of air maxes/elevated heel shoes that give him the extra height advantage hence the 6’4 claim.
Duhon said on 27/Feb/22
Standing with Anthony Joshua Click Here
Jawilder said on 17/Feb/22
imhassane said on 12/Feb/22
I think he is 187-188cm max, you can look at him with Derek Brunson who is 185cm and they are nearly the same and also with Fares Ziam who is a French UFC fighter who is 185cm, they are almost identical and I myself is 187.7cm ~ 188cm, The difference between I and people who are 185cm is almost the same so I’d say he is 188cm
heelyRS7 said on 12/Feb/22
Barely looks 6'2 with 6'1 fighter Click Here
ChaosControl1 said on 11/Feb/22
Can’t decide on Whittaker, Rob are you gonna add him if he wins tomorrow night?
ChaosControl1 said on 31/Jan/22
Us man looks around 5’11. Sometimes looks over sometimes under. I’d say 5’10.75-5’11. 180cm would be right on exactly
Bwk said on 30/Jan/22
You should make a page for Kamaru Usman Rob. He’s listed at 6’0” everywhere but there’s no way he’s that tall. I think he’s probably 5’11.25”.
ChaosControl1 said on 20/Jan/22
Adesanya in the 6’2.5-75 range makes sense. He can look the full 6’3 proportionately but with real 6’4 guys there’s more than an inch difference
Costa is somewhere around 6’0.25-5, his 6’1 is rounded up but he doesn’t look below 6’0 often enough
Romero I would’ve guessed 5’9.5-75, UFC billed him an outlandish 6’0 fortunately Bellator put him at a much more reasonable 5’10
Bob walker said on 19/Jan/22
He’s 6’2.5 max go watch his kick boxing fight he was same height even shorter than the dude who was listed at 6’2.5. He’s 189.25 at best but 189cm in my opinion at midday which is a fair time to measure
Motobeslide said on 2/Jan/22
Click Here
So that's Thiago Santos with Jon Jones here, looking at the vid with Rampage and Jones and comparing them, I'd say Santos would probably be the same height as Rampage if not shorter, there's definitely 4 inches between jones and santos imo.
So if Santos is like 5'11.5, surely he must be the same as Texeira.
Click Here
Click Here
The angles might be weird but I'm not even sure if Texeira is even an inch taller than Santos, look the same height to me.
Chaoscontrol 6'2.75/190cm said on 23/Dec/21
Click Here
Glover Texeira at 5’11 seems a little low with 6’3.25-6’3.5 range Jones Click Here
Plus he’s at least an inch taller than listed 5’11.5 Rampage. I’d say Texeira is 6’0.5-6’1
Motobeslide said on 23/Dec/21
Saw an old fight of glover teixeira against carlton jones where teixeira is listed as 5'10, much shorter than his ufc listings.If we watch conferences such as the one with him and jon jones the height difference is very apparent. If we put him at 5'11 ish,and say jan blachowicz is slighly taller at 6'0, 6'2 for adesanya would even be a stretch. Thoughts? Click Here
Motobeslide said on 22/Dec/21
Found an old fight of glover teixeira against carlton jones where teixeria is listed at 5'10. Click Here this is much shorter than his listed ufc heights. If you watch conferences with him and jon jones, the height difference is very apparent. I'd believe teixeira is 5'11 having seen all this. Now if we compare him with błachowicz, blachowicz is barely taller if not the same height. Let's say we stick him at 6'0, putting adesanya at 6'2 would be quite reasonable imo if we go off all this.Thoughts?
Chaoscontrol. said on 8/Dec/21
I think he’s a strong 189-190cm. Maybe 189.5. 190 is rounded and I can see him measuring 6’3 around 10am. Possibly a little past 6’3 out of bed
JamesLover said on 19/Sep/21
I think 190cm is what he really measure also he was listed 190cm in glory that is more accurate measuring fighters than the ufc.
KobeIstheGOAT said on 17/Jun/21
Isreal listing might be the trickiest. At times he looks 6’3 with big guys like Francis Ngannou but barley looks 6’2 with Robert Whittaker(5’11.25) and Anderson Silva(6’1.25). I have no clue what his height is now
Chaos 6'2 1/2 said on 17/Jun/21
UFC bills him as 6’4, presumably to make it sound more impressive that he can fight as a middleweight
Chaos 6'2 1/2 said on 15/Jun/21
Yousef 6'3 5/16 said on 13/Jun/21
I’m 6 foot 3 and 5/16 I noticed adesanya back in 2018 when I met him was shorter then me fractionally I’d give him 1.9m no less

Why the hell do you measure your height to 16ths of an inch
Yousef 6'3 5/16 said on 13/Jun/21
I’m 6 foot 3 and 5/16 I noticed adesanya back in 2018 when I met him was shorter then me fractionally I’d give him 1.9m no less
Yousef 6'3 5/16 said on 13/Jun/21
I met him once I’m 6 foot 3 and 5/16 and he’s a tiny bit shorter then me but you would have to look closely to see he’s no shorter then 1.9m
KobeIstheGOAT said on 13/Jun/21
Here’s a pic with a legit 6’4 ngannou with dress shoes...I think 6’3 is perfect for him. What are your thoughts rob?
Click Here
Editor Rob
not a big amount in it, but israel looks the shorter of the two, and first photo 6ft 3 and 4 looks believable.
randomdude2021 said on 12/Jun/21
Agreed on most of them Tactialsmurf but a few corrections

Whittaker 5'11 (I remember he was once listed at 5'10 in one of his early UFC bouts)
Till 6'0 - 6'0 1/4
Costa 6'0
JamesLover said on 12/Jun/21
If Vettori is a real 1.83cm Adesanya is no less tan 190cm but i have doubts of Vettori being a solid 6'0.
Click Here
Tacticalsmurf said on 11/Jun/21
My take on Middleweight heights:
Izzy: 6'2 3/4 - 6'3 (as listed)
Brunson: 6'1
Paulo Costa: 6'0 1/2
Darren Till: 6'0 1/2
Vettori: 6'0
Whittaker: 5'11 1/2
Cannonier: 5'10 3/4
Hall: 6'0
Gastelum: 5'8
178.7cm said on 10/Jun/21
Face off from today Izzy vs supposed 6ft Marvin how tall does Marvin actually look maybe 5’11.75? What are your thoughts rob?

Click Here
Editor Rob
could look more than 3 inches for sure in face off.
Chaos 6'2.5 said on 9/Jun/21
@FloJ £100 says that if i ever meet Adesanya we’ll be eye to eye
FloJ said on 8/Jun/21
Vettori himself claimed 6'1 which seems a bit high. I think Vettori is 182-183 cm.
FloJ said on 6/Jun/21
Interesting take. Vettori and Adensaya had a pre fight interview. Vettori said to Adensaya they just hype you up, list you as 6'4 but you are actually 6'2.
I think Adensaya is 6'2.5
Mickie said on 4/Jun/21
I knew this guy wasn't the billed 6'4", I thought he looked closer to 6'2". Maybe he's between 6'2" and 6'3"?
Canson said on 25/May/21
@Chaos Control: I’d say the same. Your height or 1/4” taller at evening height perhaps. afternoon height tho is probably the same as yours at most (6’2.5)
ChaosControl 6'2.5/189.2cm said on 19/May/21
Thinking Izzy’s my height
Jesse Dumon said on 30/Apr/21
Osna said on 13/Apr/21
He's a strong 6'2", almost 6'3"
JamesLover said on 8/Apr/21
6'3 flat for the baddest middleweight of the planet
viper said on 5/Apr/21
Canson said on 15/Jan/21
6’2.5-6’3. No way a guy who is 185 would look that healthy and proportionate if he’s 6’4”.

Well, he looks like he could fit inside me, lol
Zonedd said on 2/Apr/21
6’1.5” at the most for Adesanya. He was a hair shorter than Anderson Silva who isn’t even a full 6-2

How can Adesanya be over 6-2?
JamesLover said on 22/Mar/21
6'2 for him to be honest
Bob walker said on 16/Mar/21
I don’t get how people are saying there is over an inch difference been him an jan, that was a 1.5cm at the absolute max difference at the face offs. Adesanya 6’2.25 max, jan isn’t even a full 6’2
Jan Wojnowski said on 12/Mar/21
6'2.5 at his lowest, 6'3.25 out of bed... it's fair to say he's 6'3
TakamTheKing said on 12/Mar/21
@maa Jon Jones is 6'3.5 max
maa said on 11/Mar/21
Adesanya 6ft2.5
Blackovisck 6 ft 1.25
Jon Jones 6 ft 3.75
Dominick Reyes 6 ft 4
Paulo Costa 6 ft 0.75
Joel Romero 5 ft 10
Kamaru Usman 5 ft 10.5
Jorge Masvidal 5 ft 10.25
Robert Whittaker 5 ft 11
Darren Till 6 ft
Alistair Overeem 6 ft 3
maa said on 11/Mar/21
Adesanya 6ft2.5 ---- 189 cm
Blackovisck 6 ft 1.25---- 186 cm

Same height difference between Adesanya and Silva ( in their faceoff they were identical with Silva with flipflop and Izzy barefeet).
Big T said on 8/Mar/21
What confuses me the most is how tall Paulo Costa looked with Adesanya. Just a shame they never had a proper face off. Costa could look almost as tall as Blachowicz comparative to Adesanya.
Rawarii said on 8/Mar/21
From what I've browsed through NZ fighter database, there're 3 lists for him.
Debut at 2008-2014, 6'2". 2015-2018, 6'3". 2018-present, 6'4".

Yup, the whole thing's a mess.
184guy2 said on 7/Mar/21
Blachowicz typical 6'1.5 guy
Adesanya 6'2.5 , 6'2.75 at most , can look shorter at times but 6'2 and change isvery believible
Oloche said on 7/Mar/21
I really don't understand how you guys measure this stuff isn't this 2inches

Click Here
I really don't know
Editor Rob
I'm not sure that looks more than 2cm
Nkvd said on 6/Mar/21
@Robb what you think of his real height, rob?
when in the ring, several kickboxing fights of his looks a bit shorter than 6’2” opponents.
Sounds ridiculous but true if pay heavy attention to it.

Ufc like adding two inches on top confusing quite
Editor Rob
he's a tricky guy to pin down, really I can see how sometimes just 6ft 2 looks possible
Big T said on 5/Mar/21
If you watch the actual post weigh-in face-off where they have identical footwear, I think Adesanya is more than an inch taller than Blachowicz. Israel has a smaller head so he gives the illusion of being even taller than that, but even taking the different proportions into account it looked a bit more than 1 inch.
Aziefaison7 said on 5/Mar/21
I feel Adesanya is a solid 6’3 and Jan Blachowicz 6’2. Also Jimi Manuwa should be 6’3, because he looks around the same height as Izzy when he faced off to Jan
TheRope said on 5/Mar/21
I'd downgrade him to 6'2.25".

Doesn't look a full 2 inches above Blachowicz, who is listed at 6'2", but I think slightly under 6'1", since 6'1" listed Jimi Manuwa looked slightly taller than him.
hydra said on 5/Mar/21
Looked about 3.5-4 cm taller than 6’2” listed Jan Blachowicz. Marginal differences in footwear.

I’d estimate Jan to be around 6’1.5” and Israel to be around 6’3”-6’3 1/8”.
TakamTheKing said on 5/Mar/21
@Lanky Black is 6'1 look face to face to Reyes Adesanya is 6'2 not more.
Tacticalsmurf said on 5/Mar/21
Jan & Izzy's footwear: Click Here
Jan & Izzy's face-off: Click Here
I think izzy looks about an inch taller here but clearly has the footwear advantage. How tall do you think both Jan and Izzy look here? To me izzy comes across as a legit 6'3 guy but i'm not so sure about Jan. Jan is listed as 6'2 and can look it often. Would be interested to see your thoughts on this one.

My Prediction for UFC 259:
They both have the ability to knock each other out for sure but jan hits harder. Jan has more power when it comes to RAW KNOCKOUT POWER and a is bigger build than izzy and has the grappling advantage and wrestle decently and is a calculated striker whereas izzy is literally one of the slickest, technical, precise, intelligent person who has insane takedown defence and insane striking. There's a reason he's 20-0 with people like Tavares, Brunson, Silva, Gastelum, Whittaker, Romero & Costa on his resume. If jan tries to take izzy down, i think he'll fail and izzy will keep the fight standing and if izzy is taken down, i think he'll get to his feet quickly like how aldo use to pop back up in reign / prime. I really think this fight will be a stand up fight. People don't realise and appreciate how good Kelvin Gastelum's grappling actually is and he shot for a take down 9 times and only got 1 against izzy and he didn't have him down long. I think we'll either see jan feinting the take down, making izzy react, confuse izzy and getting inside with fast, explosive movements and catch him and get him late round 1 or 2 by ko OR i think we'll see izzy keep him at range, fight technical and intelligent and work out jan's bad habits and catch him coming in and get a late tko/ko win - probably 3rd/4rd Round and utilise his footwork, movement, timing and technique and fight iq as a path to victory. Tough fight but as a big izzy fan i back him on this one.

I think Sterling beats Yan & Nunes beats Anderson.
Lanky said on 4/Mar/21
Did not measure favourably compared to his 6’2” listed opponent for this weekend. They looked practically identical in height - Adesanya just having the edge, but then also with a footwear advantage at a glance.
Crane said on 2/Mar/21
I almost forgot about this guy.. Saw the new Adesanya trailer today, went straight here immediately.

@Rawari I don’t understand why these celebs, athletes, and fighters couldn’t just claim what they actually are, why the need to lie. If you’re 188, just say 188. And the organisations too should be ashamed cooking up rubbish and used it as official stats. It makes ordinary folks who curious to know the truth but don’t understand much about height/lack the means necessary to calculate it buy into it.
Chaos Control 6'2.5 said on 28/Feb/21
Taller than me but you’d need a keen eye to notice it
yojo said on 25/Feb/21
@Rawari MMA Junkie has Israel at 6'2 Click Here
Probably forgot to upgrade Izzy to 6'4
Rawari said on 22/Feb/21
A Kiwi here, I used to train at CKB back in 2013-2014. I’d advise young men don’t buy into UFC listings as they never measured their athletes height behind the scene same as other MMA/Kickboxing/MT organisations out there. Height lists you’ve seen are made up stats.

To us, Adesanya’s barefeet height has always been 188 cm, and it’s unlikely for him to grew another 5 cm.
Howsyourday said on 21/Feb/21
So if hes a weak 6’3” then ig he doesn’t have an 80” wingspan
Klay 98 said on 14/Feb/21
what a joke Adesanya is 6'4 he is not even a full 6'3 guy.
Canson said on 15/Jan/21
6’2.5-6’3. No way a guy who is 185 would look that healthy and proportionate if he’s 6’4”.
Big T said on 7/Dec/20
Click Here

Israel is shrinking in my estimation. With 5’8 1’/2” Kelly Slater he basically looks 6’2” imo
Tacticalsmurf said on 4/Dec/20
israel adesanya is 6'3
Jonus said on 2/Dec/20
@John Mickey

Yeah I just saw that video now. I'd actually bet money that Jake Paul wears lifts
John Mickey said on 29/Nov/20
This is abit weird, the height difference with Jake Paul here doesn't seem to be that much. Maybe Jake wore lifts or something I’m not sure. What do you think Big Rob? Click Here
Editor Rob
Could look nearer 6ft 2 than 3 with Jake, assuming same footwear height..
Guest66 said on 25/Nov/20
I wouldn’t bet on him being shorter than 6’2.5” if Anderson Silva is really a bit over 6’1”.
Iuio said on 30/Oct/20
188 cm maximum, 187.5 to be precise like some of these gentlemen's sources pointed out.
Don't know what you guys were thinking when talk about a boxer/fighter height.
UFC is known to be extremely unreliable when it comes to their rosters' height.
They "Weigh-in" barefoot naked before the fight but they never "Height-in" ever once ever since UFC 1.

Don't know if you height addicts still but I do remember the good old days back when 6'0" Shane Carwin was given 6'5", 6'1" Frank Mir was given 6'3", 6'0" Cain Velasquez was given 6'2", 6'1.5" self-proclaimed Junior Dos Santos was given 6'4"...
Not surprise at all with Adesanya.
elrohi said on 19/Oct/20
@Rob Isreal lisst at 6'2" Click Here and Click Here,
CAdesanya, i assume 188CM is his non-shoe height before he got famous and the UFC typically sizing him up like they did pretty much every fighters when got famous,
Paulo Costa use to at 5'11 before UFC gave him add up 2 inches.
an exact 6'2" tall guy typically appear 6'4" if leaves to imagination. my friend is 188 cm and even he walking without shoes colleagues calling him 195c m
Roots4828 said on 14/Oct/20
Click Here Look at Juan Espino who is listed as 6’3” on Tapology (6’4” on Sherdog) at 0:22 compared to Adesanya at 3:16. Makes me think Adesanya is between 6’2.5” and 6’3”. Most of the fighters’ listed heights can be found either on the UFC website, Sherdog, or Tapology.
Roots4828 said on 14/Oct/20
Probably measures slightly under 6’3”. Other fighters with similar billed heights to Adesanya look taller.
184guy2 said on 9/Oct/20
@Rob , don't you think 6'2.5-6'2.75 is more likely than a full 6'3 ?? He looked shorter than 6'3er Reyes and not over 2.5in than Costa ??
Editor Rob
Maybe chance of just under 6ft 3
Shamil said on 9/Oct/20

Isarael look 187-187.5 cm in that video even with Tiptoe. Good research there dude
Nik Ashton said on 8/Oct/20
I applaud Israel for his honesty!
Wolfzilla said on 6/Oct/20
I’ve met Izzy multiple times, I live on the same street as him. I can tell you that he is not 6’4”. I am about 188cm, and face to face Izzy is about the same height as me, maybe a cm or so taller.
Lanky said on 5/Oct/20
I think Romero is closer to 5’9” than 5’10” in reality. He looks pretty similar to Khabib Nurmagomedov side-by-side.
Roots4828 said on 4/Oct/20
I think Paulo Costa is 6ft.
Crane said on 2/Oct/20
]@Rob I found something rare today after doing heavy research: Izzy Adesanya vs Gele Qele Qing, Click Here @0.57 Adesanya was standing posting on one leg similar to how Lesnar stands vs Overeem at UFC 141 press conference back in 2011.

Back then, Adesanya was still listed at 188, Qele was listed at 188 too and still doesn't change. Qing edges Adesanya out 1 cm. Your thoughts on Adesanya's actual height?

Adesanya now at 6'4: Click Here
Qele still at 6'2: Click Here
Editor Rob
6ft 4 listing just seems too high from what I've seen till now...this is not a 6ft 4 man with Joe Rogan, unless Joe is on his tip-toes...and I'd never accuse him of that! 😑
I will accuse him of brightening up photos with his smile though, he always seems to manage that - other celebs should take Joe Notes.
Black Noir said on 30/Sep/20
How tall do u think Israel’s friend dan hooker is rob? In cm that is
Editor Rob
Can pretty much look 3 inches shorter, in some photos a bit more or less
Guest66 said on 28/Sep/20
Izzy seems to be like an almost 6’3” guy rather than a solid one, 6’2.75” is what he would measure I feel. Costa really didn’t look to be under 6ft next to Izzy, so 5’11” range is out of the question for him, 6ft flat or a hair above for Costa.
Roots4828 said on 28/Sep/20
Click Here Costa’s height is confusing, here he is looking short. I hope he gets added at some point.
Roots4828 said on 28/Sep/20
I’m 90% sure Costa slipped off his sandals when facing off with Yoel Romero. That’s why he only looks 2 inches taller.
Big T said on 27/Sep/20
I am really surprised by how tall Costa looked in the cage...he really looked 6’1” in there
Jesse Dumont said on 27/Sep/20
6'2.5" to 6'3" for sure. Might be a weak 6'3" That means Costa is 6'0" to 6'0.25". Not anymore or any lower imo.
Roots4828 said on 27/Sep/20
It’s impossible for Paulo to be under 6’ if Israel really is 6’3”. Perhaps Yoel Romero is 5’10.5”, Paulo: 6’.5”, and Israel 6’2.5”? I haven’t looked too much into Yoel but those figures would explain things.
Roots4828 said on 27/Sep/20
Costa does look 6’1” next to Adesanya.
Animus said on 27/Sep/20
Paulo Costa seems like a legitimate 6'0. He could seem taller with Adensaya throughout this fight week, but seeing Costa next to Romero I don't think he's much above 6'0.
jetacus00 said on 25/Sep/20
Paulo costa pictured next to sage northcut and uriah hall was clearly around 5'11 or 6ft...izzy is labeled 6'3 in his kickboxing boots and probably 6'4 in ufc because he wore shoes...paulo 5'11 1/2, izzy 6'3
Sic said on 25/Sep/20
Izzy is not 6'3, he looks around 6'2 1/4 to me, Costa Is a legit 6 feet, was Always Listed like that, and Izzy looked Just 2 inch taller than him, on costa's Channel in YouTube after the face off Costa's mates were very surprised of Adesnaya's size cause they expected him to be way taller,Costa's coach even sayed he Is a liar cause he isn't as tall ad he says
maa said on 25/Sep/20
Costa is definitely around 6 ft 1...Looked 2 in shorter than Adelasanya.
Worst case scenario Costa 6ft 0.5 and Izzy 6ft 2.5 in
Vieana said on 25/Sep/20
Izzy wasn't standing tall in that face off but but one thing for sure Costa is atleast 6 ft
beebee said on 24/Sep/20
it's obvious Izzy is 6'3. We all knew he was 6'3 and somehow when he got to the UFC they started saying he was 6'4. Look up any pre UFC tape. He's 6'3.
pacenik said on 24/Sep/20
just watched a face off between adesanya and costa. honestly, costa does look like he's around 6ft 1 if israel iz 6ft 3. at least on that video.
Joao Pedro said on 24/Sep/20
On the videos of the staredown between him and Paulo Costa, he doesn't even look like he would measure the full 190cms. My guess is 189cms (6ft 2.5).
Don't you think, Rob?
Vieana said on 17/Sep/20
Again their are so many fighter in UFC whoes height are very intersting to discuss
Vieana said on 17/Sep/20
5 ft 11 for Romero
Costa I think is anywhere between 6ft to 6 ft 1 maximum is 6 ft 1 but he could be a solid 6 ft guy for sure
Guest66 said on 4/Sep/20
Costa is looking to be pretty close to 6ft I think, might be a solid one actually. He looked noticably bigger than Romero and not much shorter than Logan Paul.
Joao Pedro said on 28/Aug/20
Rob, how tall do you think Paulo "Borrachinha" Costa is?
He is listed as 6ft 1 by the UFC, altough, I am 5ft 11,25 and I have a hard time seeing him as noticeably taller than me.
Editor Rob
Seems an impossible listing of 6ft 1, but under 6ft? That could be more fair.
Shabri Kumar said on 23/Aug/20
I’ve met him in real In real life I’m 6’1 and 1 half he was 2 inches taller than me I would give him a 6‘3 1/2
Black Noir said on 4/Aug/20
I think he’s probly 190.3 cm or the same as Chris Hemsworth; I wonder if he still claims 6’3
mkwd said on 20/Jul/20
Tapout, Glory, Fightclub, MMAJunkie. They all list Issy Adesanya at 188 cm or 6'2.
This is interesting..
Animus said on 30/May/20
Yoel Romero is around 5'10. Here he is with Adesanya: Click Here
Clooony said on 19/May/20
Adesanya is 6'4 and not even a hair less than that
Josh Jeffords said on 13/Mar/20
Yeah he was listed at like 6 2 back in the day kickboxing and metric equivalent.
I dont believe he was growing then so 6 2 .5 would be my guess.
Funny Ufc slapped 6 4 on him then I saw 6 3 and tapology has him at 6 4 conversely Glory Kickboxing has him at 6 2, 190cm .
ConorFan. said on 8/Mar/20
Yoel's 175cm tops (shorter 5'9). By bed time he's probably around 5'8 flat. Plus the Olympics put him down as 174cm. Which makes me wonder how tall is Rogan really. I saw an easy 2.5inch between him and Yoel.
ManwithNoName said on 7/Mar/20
What is your estimate on the height of Adesanya's title challenger Yoel Romero? He is listed at 6 feet by the UFC but I think he may have been listed at 5'10" back in his Olympic wrestling days for the Cuban national team.
Click Here
Editor Rob
He can seem at least 2 inches shorter there (than his ufc listing).
Canson said on 27/Feb/20
@Big Troy: I would put Carter Williams at about my height 193.5-194 in the afternoon and Adesanya at 6’3 or maybe 190cm Worst case. Here’s a comparison with Anthony Joshua. Kobe against MCW was likely taller as his 195 was likely an afternoon height for him

Click Here
Joseph 175 said on 7/Feb/20
Rob UFC 248 face off just finished. What is your guess on Yoel Romero? He is so hard to guess! Looks anywhere from 176-179.
Jkiller said on 17/Jan/20
Honestly can't see anything below 190cm for Israel. Between 190-190.5cm 100 %.
Big Troy said on 12/Jan/20
I agree with maa, if Basketball player Michael Carter Williams is 195 cm, I don't think Israel is over 189 cm. Click Here
Because Michael Carter Williams is shorter than Kobe, he's likely not over 194 maybe 193.5. Israel could easily be 188.5 or 188 cm.
Redwing said on 18/Dec/19
Click Here

Hi rob what do you think of his height? How tall is Israel?
Editor Rob
Compared to say Anderson Silva and Francis Ngannou, he could look 6ft 2.5 up to 3
Joseph175 said on 24/Nov/19
Rob, what’s your guess on Kelvin Gastelum’s height? He is listed at 5’9.
Editor Rob
Always seems less than listed height, even 5ft 8 at times is a stretch
Animus said on 2/Oct/19
I’d love to see a listing for Whitaker. I don’t think he’s much more than 5’11. He might even be slightly shy of it. (He was listed at 179 cm for one fight in the UFC.) I think Donald Cerrone would be perceptibly taller than him - I peg Cerrone at 181-182cm - especially considering Cowboy often wears big boots.
Big T said on 1/Oct/19
Adesanya also looks at least 6’3” with 6’6” Paul Pierce.
Guest66 said on 22/Aug/19
A shade under 6'3" flat is probably what he stands at.
maa said on 19/Jul/19

I agree with you, after seeing more of Whittaker I guess he is around 5 ft 11...
Frost said on 16/Jul/19
Whittaker and Tavares were both listed 5'10.5" but were both bumped to 6'0" for whatever reason. Think tavares might even be listed 6'1".

Click Here

Tavares is the shorter man so the 5'10.5" might be his range and Whittaker something like 5'11" flat. They both do not look 6'0" next to Adesanya.

UFC listings of the past were kind of a joke
maa said on 9/Jul/19
Hi Rob,

can you please tell me how tall the champ Rob Whittaker is? Billed at 6 ft, in the video he has footwear disadvantage. I believe he is around 5 ft 11.5

Click Here
Editor Rob
I'd have said 5ft 11.5 at most there.
Mew said on 7/Jul/19
I am curious about Whittaker height .
Robert is definitely taller than yoel Romero who is also listed at 6 ft but I believe he is more like 178. the least I would go for Whittaker might be 5 ft 11 1/2
Big T said on 5/Jul/19
If Israel is 6’3” or less then Robert Whitaker is definitely under 6’. The height difference in the face off was more than I expected.
Undisputed said on 20/Apr/19
please add badr hari !!!!!
Guest66 said on 13/Mar/19
Rob, have you seen photos of him and Silva from the weigh-in ? He was barefoot and Silva was wearing pretty chunky flip flops, gaining a solid inch from them, and Israel edged him out by about a fraction at least. In my opinion Israel is 6’2.5” minimum but not quite 6’3” flat, maybe 6’2 3/4 will be the best shout ?
Editor Rob
6ft 2.75 might be the lowest I'd go.
maa said on 13/Mar/19

I STRONGLY disagree with you on Jon Jones/Israel Adesanya comparison. Please look at Jones pic with Silva and similar footwear...Jon is 2.25 in taller...Israel is not even 1 in taller than Silva as the stage proves it ( Adesanya barefoot was very similar to Silva with shoes).

Silva 6 ft 1.25
Adesanya 6 ft 2.25
Jones 6 ft 3.5

Aldo Woodley is a little shorter than Conor, probably TWOOD is a weak 5 ft 8.
Max Halloway is not far off the 5 ft 11 mark, but probably around 5 ft 10.5 as he wears sport shoes with higher heel than usual shoes.
Frost said on 8/Mar/19
Tbh the way the photo is framed I don't think he really edges him out by much. Conor seems to be standing better as well. I'm of the mindset that Conor is likely below the 5'8.5" mark all things considered so yeah a 5'8 listing works for tyron. They're probably not more than a cm apart.
Guest66 said on 7/Mar/19
@Frost, Tyron himself claimed to be 5'8", McGregor is edging him out.
Frost said on 6/Mar/19
I believe Dana is 5'10" and not much more.

@maa, if Khabib is indeed 5'9-5'9.5" in height then it's safe to assume Max Holloway isn't far off his 5'11" listed height.

Click Here

I also think Tyron Woodley and Conor Mcgregor would get similar listings if he was added here.

Click Here

He's more than likely shorter than his 5'9" listing. Also this works for Israel. He's a noticeably tall guy and I doubt there would be more than inch between him and Jones. Maybe a quarter off the mark but that's about it really.
Nik said on 26/Feb/19
I don't think Dana White is any more than a flat 5'10"!
maa said on 26/Feb/19
Clearly not 190 cm...Anderson Silva has the same heigth with 0.75 in footwear...No more than 6ft 2.5 in
Miiiiiiighty_- said on 25/Feb/19
Well his fight with Anderson clearly debunked the 6'4 possibility.
He looked 190cm at best there..

As for Dana, looks 5 inches shorter so 5'10 at best ( Israel has a wider stance )
Not quite 6'2 said on 22/Feb/19
*sigh* starting to get tired of this. Almost every page people are determined to downgrade someone. Be real, 190cm is bang on the mark for Israel at absolute worse 189 but I highly doubt it.
ConorFan. said on 22/Feb/19
I agree with this listing, he didnt appear massively taller than Anderson Silva, 2inch at most. Although he's very lanky in general which makes people think he's bigger than what he actually is. Good job Rob 👍🏼
mike dent said on 21/Feb/19
Hey Rob , can you do Robert Whittaker, Yoel Romero, Tony Ferguson, Tyron Woodley

These are the MMA fighters which I can't really guess there heights, there legit stars in fact more famous than Israel
saltyfish177cm said on 21/Feb/19
Dana is around 179cm he ever so slightly edges Mike Tyson
maa said on 21/Feb/19
HE needs a downgrade...

6 ft 2.5 in
Littlelee168cm said on 21/Feb/19
So dana white must be around 5ft 11 then?
Editor Rob
5ft 10 or 10 and change I think is more likely.
Jordan87 said on 20/Feb/19
The Guys Says he is 6'3", Looks 6'2-6'2.5", of course the UFC Lists him at 6'4"!!!.....My favorite was When Frank Mir was Listed at 6'3 and Carwin was listed at 6'5", yet Mir is actually a Half Inch Taller.

UFC is just as bad as Wrestling in some cases.
maa said on 20/Feb/19
Dear Rob,

please can you add Dana White? I would also appreciate Velasquez, Whittaker, Woodley, Holloway and TJ Dillashaw
Guest66 said on 20/Feb/19
@maa, Agree, either Silva is a legit 6'2" or this guys is in 6'2" range himself.
SnerhagAip777 said on 19/Feb/19
How long is his head? It doesn't look large for a 6ft3 man.
Redwing said on 19/Feb/19
Awesome that you added him rob!! Wooo!! Do you think he’s more 192 cm or 191 cm?
Editor Rob
Well he claimed 6ft 3, I know he was also listed 191cm so you could argue he has a chance of 6ft 3 and a fraction.
maa said on 18/Feb/19
Barefoot HE is exactly the same height as Silva with 1 inc shoes....I would go for 6 ft 2.5 in for him, not sure a full 6 ft3....his scrawny frame helps him

Click Here:
Stepehen Newell said on 18/Feb/19
Barely taller than Anderson , looks in the 188-189 range to me
Randomdude0000 said on 18/Feb/19
easily looks 6'3 there with 5'10 Dana White
Rocky Balboa said on 17/Feb/19
Barefoot 6'3 is a fair call I believe. The UFC lists him as 6'4 which he likely pulls off in shoes

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