How tall is Michael Bisping

Michael Bisping's Height

6ft ½ in (184.2 cm)

English Mixed Martial Artist, who fights in the UFC. He once claimed "I'm a grand specimen - I'm 6'2 of prime British beef"

How tall is Michael Bisping
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Average Guess (188 Votes)
6ft 0.16in (183.3cm)
Vertical fact said on 25/Sep/23
I'm seeing 5'11 and change for Bisping, it's amazing he's still claiming 6'2. He's still young enough not to have shrank so his 6'2 claim is totally bizarre
Abdul 5'10 said on 17/Sep/23
182 cm max
5'10-Abdul. said on 17/Mar/23
5'10-Abdul. said on 5/Mar/23
We can’t guarantee of how tall he exactly is, but he’s at least 180 and 183 at his maximum potential. So let’s say he’s 181 cm. Discussion closed.
5'7 and a fraction said on 20/Feb/23
6'0 3/4 is way too much for Bisping. The guy has never consistently looked close to 6'1 to me. 183cm max.
Sh0ckeh said on 18/Feb/23
Michael Bisping is 6'0.75 (184.5cm). He looks tall next to alot of other UFC people.
Sandy Cowell said on 8/Feb/23
He has a Christmas tree in the background, so Michael can have a comment, and a guess for 6ft0.5. 🎄😁
Jawilder said on 5/Feb/23
5’11.75 not the full 6 feet
Abdulrahman said on 30/Jan/23
180 cm.
Guest66 said on 22/Jan/23
Bisping has been overlisted for years, he's somewhere around 5'11.5", current listing is very generous.
5'7 and a fraction said on 21/Jan/23
@Rob, maybe 6'0.25 might be closer to the truth?
Abdulrahman said on 13/Jan/23
Ben - 186cm said on 9/Jan/23

This look like 6’0 1/8 vs 6’4 to you? Click Here=

He doesn’t even reach Ngannou’s eye level. That’s 5’11 vs 6’4.

Alright, I changed my mind. He is 180 cm.
Ben - 186cm said on 9/Jan/23

This look like 6’0 1/8 vs 6’4 to you? Click Here=

He doesn’t even reach Ngannou’s eye level. That’s 5’11 vs 6’4.
Abdulrahman said on 8/Jan/23
Legit 6’0
Abdulrahman said on 7/Jan/23
Ben - 186cm said on 5/Jan/23

GSP is 5’9.5, putting Bisping between 5’11 and 5’11.5

I don’t get why you disbelieve the average guess and the listing about GSP. He is 5’10, and Michael is 6’0 1/8.
Ben - 186cm said on 5/Jan/23

GSP is 5’9.5, putting Bisping between 5’11 and 5’11.5.
Ben - 186cm said on 5/Jan/23
@5’7 and a fraction

They’re likely similar in height but Jake actually looked taller next to Francis than Bisping did. I see both at a maximum of 5’11.25.
Abdulrahman said on 2/Jan/23
183.3 cm.
Abdulrahman said on 2/Jan/23
Ben - 186cm said on 1/Jan/23

Rubbish. 180-181cm. Legit 5’11.
It’s not rubbish to think he is as tall as listed, where did your rubbish thought come from??? And how can he only be 180, when he clearly looked closely 3 inches taller than Gsp in their fight in 2017??
Ben - 186cm said on 1/Jan/23

Rubbish. 180-181cm. Legit 5’11.
Abdulrahman said on 26/Dec/22
183-184.84 cm.

Legit 6’0.
Ben - 186cm said on 26/Dec/22
Bisping is 5’11 range. This is one of the few listings on the site that I really don’t like. No 6’ 1/2 guy would fall under Francis Ngannou’s eye level. It just doesn’t happen. Really needs a huge downgrade ASAP.
Abdulrahman said on 20/Dec/22
183 cm.
5'7 and a fraction said on 1/Oct/22
Yeah, his son's maybe 6'1 - 6'2 range perhaps.
Bisping 183 flat.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Sep/22
Wow his dad is 6ft5! His son is maybe near 6ft2. Michael’s feet are spread further apart
ItsOverAnakinIhaveTheHeightGround said on 17/Sep/22
Rob, how tall would you say Paddy Pimblett is?

Here he is next to Bisping
Click Here
Editor Rob
Considering barefoot, not far from 5ft 10
Duhon said on 13/Jul/22
How tall do his son and father look like next to him? Click Here
Editor Rob
His Father looks at least 4 inches taller, but likely was 5 inches taller, his son over an inch taller
184guy2 said on 2/Jul/22
6' flat , not over
Ben - 6'1.5 said on 14/Jun/22
What’s going on in this picture Rob? Click Here=
Editor Rob
Yes it was posted before and he struggled to look 6ft, even accounting for bit less sneaker which I suppose backs up what Sonny was saying, he could look shorter in person.
5'7 and a bit said on 21/May/22
6'1 is a joke. Clearly not that tall. Remember first seeing him mentioned with this picture of vin
Click Here in a video being described 6ft ½ to 6'1 and thinking how silly it was.
Of course when I initially saw him listed 6ft ½ on here, I thought it was an improvement in comparison to what Bing had him listed at. However it still looks too much IMO. looks generally closer to 6'0 flat a lot of the time and sometimes even 5'11. I just don't think he holds up as a 184 guy.
barry 184 said on 25/Apr/22
Animus said on 18/Apr/22
In the clip below you can see Bisping walk around London with Ariel Helwani, who is 5'11½, according to this site. To my eye Bisping comes across as a strong six-footer. 6'0¼-6'0½ is what he'd measure, if he stands straight, I believe.
Click Here

Ariel Helwani is 5'11" flat next to 5'11"1/2 guys like rampage Jackson.
Ild say bisping is 6'0" flat
Animus said on 18/Apr/22
In the clip below you can see Bisping walk around London with Ariel Helwani, who is 5'11½, according to this site. To my eye Bisping comes across as a strong six-footer. 6'0¼-6'0½ is what he'd measure, if he stands straight, I believe.
Click Here
Dan177cm said on 18/Apr/22
Seems roughly about right for Mike.

Rob what would you give for his fellow Brit UFC fighter Paddy Pimblett?

Looks 5”10 for me. Maybe a bit over it.
Motobeslide said on 4/Apr/22
Click Here
Here he is with 6'4 Francis. Even the full 6 foot looks a little tough here...
Plissken said on 26/Mar/22
What height do you think JaackMaate is?

Click Here
That's him next to Michael Bisping, and he looks about 6 ft 2 maybe even more tbh.

Google has him as 5'11 lol
Click Here
Editor Rob
Obviously not a 5ft 11 guy, here is What he claims, which is 6ft 3!
Kbjb said on 19/Mar/22
Sonny Black said on 12/Feb/22
Rob you gotta downgrade him. I lose faith in this sites stats when I see Bisping listed 1/2 an inch taller than I am when he was shorter than me when I met him. Not only that but he was wearing thicker shoes than my Converse sneakers I had on when we met. He’s 5’11 - 511.25.
ChaosControl1 said on 2/Jan/22
Chael Sonnen is around the same height as Bisping when they stand straight
Mmmhmm said on 9/Nov/21
He probably 6’0 flat.
ChaosControl said on 2/Sep/21
I really like Bisping but he’s 183-184, nothing more
ChaosControl said on 21/Aug/21
He always hunched over in staredowns and had his head forward
ChaosControl said on 9/Aug/21
No way Bisping is under 6’0
Guest66 said on 8/Aug/21
@Ben, And Max is more of a 5’10 1/2 to 3/4 guy.
Bennn said on 8/Jul/21
Click Here

He is 6'0 judging by this pic next to 5'11 max holloway
Lkks said on 25/Apr/21
Michael Bisping is similar guy to my height in fighting.
Animus said on 2/Jan/21

By describing Darren Till as a 'solid' 6'0, I meant that he doesn't fall below that figure. Many would say that you can be considered a six-footer falling 1/16th or even 1/8th of an inch shy off the mark in the afternoon. Darren Till would stay at or slightly above 6'0 through the afternoon, is my contention. He basically looked the same or slightly taller than Steven Gerrard. 6'0 is good for Till for now, but I wouldn't be completely surprised if he measured a few millimeters above 183cm.

What are you basing your views on Nate Diaz' height? And Bisping's? Both of those mean regularly, consistently, in fact, look six feet and above. Nate Diaz is slightly taller than his brother, Nick Diaz, who is a solid 182cm (see Nick with Helwani). Nate could be similar to Till, as a matter of fact; a guy who doesn't dip below 6'0, a strong six-footer. Bisping is at least as tall as Nate Diaz, if you see them together. So anything below 6'0 is impossible for Bisping, that's just the way it is. I personally think Bisping looks slightly taller than Nate Diaz, if you watch their interaction on that MMA show on Fox. So, I think 6'0¼ or 6'0½ suits Bisping. It's obviously a far cry from what he's claimed in the past, but he's simply not below six-foot, that's just not serious. He's a strong six-footer, weighing roughly 220lbs currently in retirement.

Whittaker I'm not so sure about. In one of his face-offs with Till, he did look pretty close in height to him with quite a bit more footwear (Till was in slippers and Whittaker had a decent-sized sneaker, if I recall correctly). In the Octagon the height difference was a lot more noticeable, closer to 1½ inches on first impression. While the difference might not be quite that big, I don't think Whittaker is only 2cm shorter than Till as you suggest. Whittaker looked about an inch taller than ~5'10 Yoel Romero. So, depending on how tall Till and Romero actually are (Till's range is probably 183-183½cm and Yoel's range is 177-178cm), Whittaker can place on different sides of 5'11. With Adesanya he could come across as a stronger 5'11 and with Yoel a weaker variety, so I think I'll average the two impressions and say 5'11 (with a pretty big error bar).
berta said on 25/Sep/20
rob maybe he is half inch overliste. i cant believe how vin diesel could look 1 ich taller than a 184 guy. vin disels lifts look so be max 1 icnh and then that would make him 184.
Muhammad ALI said on 27/Aug/20
Rob what’s your thoughts on Luke Rockhold
Editor Rob
claimed 6ft 3, but may not be quite that mark.
Crane said on 10/Aug/20
@Animus Till is 6'0 flat like he was listed. Can the same be said about Whittaker and Bisping?
I don't think so. Bisping is equal to Nathan "Nate" Diaz who is 5'11.75.
And Whittaker?
Whittaker is 3/4 shorter than Till. Watch Fight Night Abu Dhabi: Till vs Whittaker, you'll understand.
Muhammad Ali23 said on 1/Aug/20
Rob what’s your thoughts on Darren till looks 184cm to me and Robert Whittaker 181cm to me
Editor Rob
Till can look a decent 6ft
Ambiguous J said on 31/Jul/20
@Animus I'd say Till and Bisping would pretty much measure the same. I do think Till is more of a 6'.05 guy and Whittaker is more of a 5'11.5 or 5'11.75 guy, hence the nearly inch difference. Don't see Whittaker as low as 5'10 in my opinion, i think 5'11 flat is even too short for him.
Animus said on 29/Jul/20
Darren Till looked a good 1½ inches taller than Whittaker in the Octagon right before their fight. I'd say Till is a solid 6'0, so Whittaker is 5'10½ or 5'10¾. I don't see 5'11½ for Whittaker, even though he looks close to that in the beach video.
saltyfish177cm said on 23/Jul/20
Big Rob, long time since i last commented. I have a question, how do you think Darren Till and Rob Whittaker stack up next to eachother in this vid linked below? as we can see they look similar in the face off, but Darren is in sliders and Rob is in trainers. What dyou think the difference would be barefoot? I have always thought darren looked a solid 6 foot, and rob always looked 5'11

EDIT: forgot the link - Click Here
Editor Rob
Darren probably half inch or so taller given they look pretty close but obvious footwear advantage to Robert
Saint Rover said on 30/May/20
This guy must be 182 cm... If you are complete dana white
K1 said on 28/May/20
He is weak 6ft1 because he looked two inches taller than Ksi and Ksi is weak 5ft11
184guy2 said on 19/May/20

Why you did'nt add my 17/May comment about Bisping and Megan ?
Editor Rob
If a comment doesn't appear, try again. If there's a link make sure to use or tinyurl.

Unfortunately I can't answer all comments directed at myself, which is a possible reason.
184guy2 said on 18/May/20

How tall do you think is UFC fighter Megan Anderson , considering she is dehytrated and barefeet beside a Michael Bisping in footwear and hair advantage ?
Click Here
She is billed 6' BTW
OriginalAnon said on 19/Mar/20
He definitely did not look 6'2'' next to Rockhold, who looks a legitimate 6'3'', or 6'2.5" at least.
Guest66 said on 29/Dec/19
Masvidal is leaning there though, therefore loosing some posture, Bisping is probably no more than 2in taller and I have Bisping at 6’0” at most. Daren Till and Bisping have to be super close in height.
177.7cm/weak 5'10 said on 17/Dec/19

How tall does masvidal look next to Michael bisping In this pic like 178cm?

Click Here

Also do you think a 6footer like Darren till would edge out Michael?
Editor Rob
Seems a couple of inches difference there.
truthteller25 said on 14/Dec/19
I seen him fight he looked 6 foot max none of these guys looked taller than their listed height and usually atleast 3 cms shorter.
Animus said on 15/Nov/19
Jacare is a strong six-footer, in my opinion. He's probably only slightly shorter than Bisping. He's an 1-1½ inches shorter than his upcoming opponent Jan Blachowicz (listed at 6'2"), who was around 1 inch shorter than Luke Rockhold (listed at 6'3"). Say Rochold is 6'2½. Then, according to the argument at least, Jacare is 6'0-6'0½.
saltyfish177cm said on 3/Oct/19
WEidman is a solid 6'1-6'1.25. Rockhold around 6'2.5. I think jacare at the most 6 foot

demian maia also a solid 6 foot
Frost said on 27/Sep/19
@conorfan Darren Till isn't 6'1". 183cm is more likely for him.

Also Jacare isn't 2 inches shorter than Weidman.

Click Here

They're wearing the same shoes I believe there. 6'1" for Weidman and maybe 6'0" for Jacare but that's a bit of a stretch.
ConorFan. said on 26/Sep/19
RDA is a weak 5'7 closer to 5'6.
DC 5'10.
Ben Askren 178cm same with Jorge.
Jacare 5'11.5 max - he's in his forties.
Darren Till 6'1 184-5cm.
Rockhold 6'2.8
Weidman 6'1.5 Max
saltyfish177cm said on 3/Aug/19
mma heights are all jumbled. some are accuratly listed, some are blatant lies. i believe bisping is a weak 6 footer. wakes at 6 feet even, goes to bed at 5'11.5. i believe Jacare Souza is also a weak 6 footer.

daniel cormier is no more then 5'10

ben askren and robbie lawler maybe 5'10.25-5'10.5

jorge masvidal 5'10.5

kamaru usman is not 6 foot at all. is more around a weak 5'11

darren till is a strong 6 footer, accurately listed. i bet sooner or later the ufc will try bump him up to 6,2 lol

leon edwards is the same height as till, solid 6 footer.

rashad evans 5'10.5

Rampage jackson defo not 6'1. more like 5'11-5'11.5

Chael Sonnen strong 6 footer, bit taller then bisping

Wanderlei silva probably a 5'11, but his horrendus posture makes him 5'10

kelvin gastulem 5'8

Raphael Dos Anjos around 5'8 - 5'8.5

I think chris weidman is a legit 6'1 and rockhold a legit 6'2.
saltyfish177cm said on 2/Aug/19
@Importer I actually think he looked more 5'11.5-.75 next to look, who can look an honest 6'2.
Importer said on 24/Jul/19
My last comment is maybe a little bit optimistic in-regards to Bispings barefoot height however next to 6'2 Luke Rockhold he looks nothing below 183cm.
Importer said on 24/Jul/19
KSI has head tilted up, and looks 2inch judging by eye-level. Take off footwear and it's bang on 2inch difference.
saltyfish177cm said on 22/Jul/19
Big Rob, what do you make of this picture of KSI and bisping? Bispjng is in trainers and looks 2 inches taller then KSI, so that would make him only 1 inch taller. Chael sonnen also looked taller then him despite Bisping being closer to the camera. Bisping also lies on his podcast calling himself 6’2

Picture here:
Click Here
Editor Rob
would struggle to see him more than 2.5 inches taller that moment, so he can seem barely 6ft with ksi.
Charlie said on 16/Jul/19
@Guest66 how is it "way closer" when its equally in the same direction? He obv isnt below 6 ft tbh.
Importer said on 9/Jul/19
KSI 178.5cm
Bisping 183.5cm
Importer said on 9/Jul/19
@Guest66 nothing below 6ft. He has 2inch on KSI.
Guest66 said on 7/Jul/19
@TheBat, 5’11” range is way closer to his real height than 6’2” is though.
TheBat said on 30/Jun/19
6'0.25 would be a better listing. People saying he's in the 5'11" range is way off just like his 6'2" claim.
Space said on 12/Jun/19
6’1” is not accurate for bisping. I always thought he was a hair under 6’0” (5’11.75”). I’m not talking smack, I just think his height is slightly exaggerated.
Guest66 said on 31/Mar/19
Okay Rob, I got your subtle hint lol, you don’t see Bisping under six feet at all, but what about 6’0” flat for him ? I personally feel he could measure anywhere between 5’11.5” to 6’0.25”, he’s kind of tricky.
Editor Rob
Can look 6ft, but will he measure just on it, or over it - at the moment I'm still thinking he could pull a fraction over it.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Mar/19
Pretty sure he edged out Nate
Jancys said on 24/Feb/19
Closer to 6ft 0.
Guest66 said on 23/Feb/19
I think he is much closer to 6'0 flat than he is to 6'1, it's something majority will agree on I guess.
olney28 said on 5/Jan/19
He's a little shorter than Jason mayhem Miller. I can see 6'
Jenuin said on 5/Jan/19
Looks little over 6ft to me
Animus said on 15/Nov/18
No, anywhere near 182cm is impossible. He's at least a flat 6'0. He's not a guy with great posture - he tends to bend his neck in a distinctive manner.

He's not shorter than Nate Diaz, who many believe to be at least a solid six-footer. Bisping is somewhere in the 183-184cm range.
Edimar184 said on 7/Oct/18
6ft 1/2 is max range at evening for this guy... Strong chance to be only 6ft 1/4.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 9/Sep/18

I agree, I can see 184 as a morning height at worst. Maybe 184.5 morning and 182.5 evening.
Kyle Cranston said on 7/Sep/18
I always believed he was 6'1 flat but he's probably 6'1.5 with pretty thick shoes on. 6'2 is lowkey laughable since he wasn't that much taller than KSI. So 184 out of bed MAX from me
saltyfish(177cm) said on 5/Sep/18
Rockhold is a tall guy listed as 6'2 and can look it, but due to the numerous exaggerated height listings of the UFC I highly doubt he is a full 188cm. He is likely around 6'1.

Bisping looks to be atleast 2 inches shorter them him, as shown here:
Click Here
Click Here

Plus Bisping only had an inch on KSI, who is around 5'10.25 - 5'10.5.
jay123 said on 24/Jul/18
i think he is legit 6”1
Deee said on 15/Jul/18
At times can look a weak 6'1 no where near his 6'2 claim but barefoot is just over six feet id say just look at him with Ksi on Ksis YouTube channel not more than a two inch differerence and Ksi is around 5 foot ten flat.
Animus said on 13/Jul/18
Paying close attention to him next to Nate Diaz, I’d say Bisping actually does edge him. Nate Diaz looks a solid enough six-footer, so Bisping might really be a 184cm guy.
Yas said on 23/Jun/18
No way he's under 6'0.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 19/Jun/18

182 is the worst I'd have him at, but it's not impossible.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Jun/18
182cm is too low
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 17/Jun/18
He might even be under 6 foot. I'm not seeing a 6'0.5" impression at all.
Yas said on 15/Jun/18
He isn't wearing shoes dude. He takes off green and black footwear passes them to a guy. After the stare down he walks off in socks.
Yas said on 14/Jun/18
He isn't wearing shoes dude. He takes off green and black footwear passes them to a guy. After the stare down he walks off in socks.
Good guy said on 13/Jun/18
Yas, Bisping is wearing shoes in that stare down while Rockhold is barefoot and he still looks Atleast 2.5 inches taller.
Yas said on 13/Jun/18
Click Here
The guy is not under 6'0, it's plainly obvious.
Sonny Black said on 4/May/18
Met Bisping at UFC 132, would post the picture too if I knew how (even tho it’s blurry and not the greatest pic). I’m 6ft flat out of bed and I had 1/2 an inch to an inch on him. His real height is anywhere from 5’11 - 5’11.5. Definitely under 6’0.
Guest66 said on 17/Apr/18
Are you going to downgrade him Rob ? I bet he is not taller than a guy like Randy Couture
joe joe said on 8/Apr/18
UFC heights are a lot of times boosted for instance Daniel Cormier is listed as 5'11 but he himself in interviews says he is 5'10. I don't need to go into the over inflated heights of the randy Courtures Brock Lesners and the Alitair overeems. They have all had their heights boosted by at least 2 inches at one point or another by the UFC. Watch this vid with Tyrone Woodley talking about his Height. He says "I claim 5'9 but really i'm 5'8" The UFC has him listed at 5'9 which he clearly isn't. watch from 15:15

Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 5/Apr/18
184/185cm, IMO
RockyC said on 27/Mar/18
Good listing for Bisping, would like to see a page for Luke Rockhold Rob. I know it's been requested many times. He's a tall bloke, i can see him anywhere from 6'2.75-6'3.25, definitely bigger than the rest of the MW division.
Guest66 said on 26/Mar/18
He is not even 6’0 flat, the way he looks next to 5’10 guys like GSP and KSI proves it
jonas said on 19/Mar/18
KSI is himself almost 6 fot so Believe this guy is 183-184cm but 6"2 was absurd to claim thats a basketball listing
Ali183 said on 19/Mar/18
GSP KSI Wanderlei Silva prove that Bisping is nothing over 182
saltyfish said on 16/Mar/18
Click Here

Ksi in socks facing off with Micheal Bisping in trainers
Animus said on 12/Mar/18
Looking at photos of him with Luke Rockhold the difference is not as big as people claim - he can pull off looking 6'1 next to Rockhold. He is definitely not below 6'0. GSP is a solid two inches shorter than him. We have known for a while he is in the 6'0-6'0½ range. Before I leaned towards the lower end of that range, but he might really be 6'0¼-6'0½.
Jordan87 said on 27/Feb/18
A guy like this would certainly inflate his height, as he does his MMA Skills. Guy is past his prime at 38, this is evident as he is getting knocked out by younger competitors. Guy should report his height accurately as well as retire.
BT said on 18/Jan/18
From all I've seen of Bisping over the years I would be shocked if he managed to measure 184 cm at his low. I'd put my money on somewhere around 182 cm, maybe close to 183 cm, as his posture is a bit tricky at times.

Here is Mike next to featherweigh champ Max Holloway, who is listed 5'11, and looked about 2 inches taller than McGregor when they competed back in 2013: Click Here. Bisping is not 2 inches taller than Max. 6ft could be a fair listing, but I wouldn't go over that.
Anonymous said on 9/Jan/18
Vin diesel looks to be half an inch taller than Bisping
ConorFan said on 7/Nov/17
@Adam Luke recently posted a medical examination of his leg on his instagram story (forgot what that specific procedure is called) but on the computer it said that his height is 190cm and when you convert that to feet its 6'2.8 roughly, now i know that could be a mistake maybe he might of told the doctor that he's 6'3 and doc entered it wrong, but i think he is a legit 6'3 or close enough to call it even by looking at that.
Good guy said on 7/Nov/17
He looked atmost 2 inches taller than a legit 5'9.5 in St Pierre, So 5'11.5 at best. Another reason that he's 5'11.5 is that both Anderson and Luke had a good few inches of height on him(especially Luke).
Anonymous said on 7/Nov/17
Bisbing is strong 6' - 6'0.5, people saying he is under 6' is silly.

Gsp is 5'9.
Adam said on 6/Nov/17
Hard to pin this guys height down. He looks 6ft 1 against GSP but looked 5ft 11.5/ 6ft against Luke Rockhold. I was surprised how much taller Rockhold was over Bisping. Maybe Rockhold is taller than 6ft 3?
Animus said on 5/Nov/17
I feel confident that he'll measure below 184cm. He's in the 183-183½cm range.
highlysuspect said on 2/Nov/17
Bisping looks 184-185cm. He doesn’t have great posture
highlysuspect said on 2/Nov/17
Good guy there’s at least 1.5 inches between them in that pic. Rashad’s eyes are at bispings nose
ConorFan said on 29/Oct/17
@Good Guy i agree Mike could be around the 5'11 mark, but i dont think Rashad is a legit 5'11. He was shorter than 5'11.75 listed Rampage Jackson, by about 1.5inches. So my guess for Rashad is 5'10 / 5''10.5. But now that i think about it the 6ft listing doesnt seem to be a big stretch for Mike, but we have to keep in mind that those were old pictures and he could be around 5'11.75 or a very weak 6ft at (182.9cm) in my opinion.
ConorFan said on 28/Oct/17
My guess is around 5'11.5. And my reasoning for that is he was around 3/4 inches shorter than 6'3 Rockhold, he was easlily 2/3inch shorter than 6'2 Anderson Silva and 2.5inch Taller than 5'10 (5'9 imo) GSP.
Powerhouse said on 24/Oct/17
2 inches taller than GSP, much shorter than Rockhold. I know people who have met him and they say 5’11.5-6’0. From what I have seen of him 6’0 max he can be.
Spot On said on 13/Oct/17
6' and a half (184 cm) Spot On.
He claims 6'2 but he was shorter than 6'2 Anderson Silva and clearly than 6'3 Luke Rockhold.
And about 2 to 2.5 inches taller that GSP
Adam said on 7/Oct/17
I agree with Animus. He looks 6ft 1 when with shorter people but looks 6ft when with taller people. He looks much taller than George St Pierre in their latest stand off.
BT said on 6/Oct/17
@ee: Whittaker has actually been listed 5'10.5 a few times. I think that's a reasonable shout for him.
Kourosh said on 26/Sep/17
i met bisping back in 2014, i am 5'9.5 and he had about 2.5 inches on me.
Animus said on 24/Sep/17
Bisping is quite difficult to figure out. He's taller than 6'0 and shorter than 6'1, but where he falls in that range is a mystery. 6'0½ is an entirely understandble listing for this reason but 6'0¼ is certainly a possibility. I'd wager that he is somewhere in the 183½-184½ range.
MD said on 23/Sep/17
Yep, he's not even 6'0".
Modoc said on 21/Sep/17
Take every ufc height with a grain of salt. I live in a city where many fighters train and guys they list at 6'3-6'4 stand eye to eye with me and I'm not even 6'1
Sonny Black said on 19/Sep/17
I met Bisping and I'm 6'0 flat but I had at least half an inch on him, we were standing on a flat floor in the airport, definitely suprised how small he was.
Adam said on 14/Sep/17
I used to thunk he was 6ft 2 but then I saw him against Luke Rockhold and I was shocked by the height difference. People really do lie about their height.
faza said on 13/Sep/17
Would have guessed Bisping 6ft0.5 in that 6ft- 6ft1 range certainly not 6ft2.

How Tall would you guess Luke Rockhold he is listed as 6ft3?
Claudio said on 8/Sep/17
Nate is underlisted at 6'0" he's 6'1" or close to it. Nick was always listed an inch taller but Nate looks atleast the same or if not taller. I've met Bisping and he's close to 6'1" but not sure about footwear.
ee said on 4/Sep/17
Rob, can you do Robert Whittaker? The UFC claims he's 6'0 but this guy is more like 5'10.5 next to Lote Tuqiri. He might not be famous enough yet but I bet he soon will be.
5'10.25 / 5'10.5 said on 3/Sep/17
Bisbing is barely 6’
GSP: 5’9”-5’9.25
ee said on 2/Sep/17
Cool, I got it right!
I saw TJ Dillashaw in person once and memorized his height and shoes (pair of boots that's about 1.5 inches at most because that's the norm) then went home and measured my own height barefoot. I'm 172 cm or 5'7.7 and he was like an inch shorter than me, so he's 5'6 even (my shoes are like an inch). Compared this with Dom, Dom's a legit 5'9. Dom next to Bisping, Bisping's around 6'1 but also not 6'1. This is perfect but maybe still a shade shorter. Unfortunately it's impossible to tell whether someone's 6'1 or 6'1.25...
Animus said on 2/Aug/17
This is a very generous listing, to put it midly. He didn't look more than two inches taller than GSP at the announcement of their fight. I think Bisping is 6'0¼" in the afternoon, possibly slightly shorter - I would be quite surprised if he was a solid 184cm tall later in the day.
andre said on 28/Jul/17
Christian-196.2cm you are out of your mind. Jones is at least 193 cm tall. Actually he looks closer to 194 cm than 193 cm. You go and watch him with EVERY SINGLE 6'4 guy and he looks taller than ALL of them. I would say he is 6'4.25 ft. 100% minimum 6'4....
Animus said on 9/Jul/17

Nate Diaz might be a bit taller than a flat six feet, which means Bisping might be as well.

Diaz is about the same height as Michael Jai White: Click Here

Diaz edges him out a bit, but there is a difference in posture. If Jai White is legitimately 6'0½", then Nate Diaz must be taller than a flat six feet.

Nate Diaz should probably be added at 6'0¼". Bisping being measured at a 6'0" or a weak 184cm seems more likely than the current listing of a strong 184cm.
even said on 7/Jul/17
6 feet is the minimum for this man
Jordan said on 5/Jul/17
Always looked big to me, no shorter than 6'1

has anyone seen Bisping's dad? he is massive, over 6'5
bakk said on 25/Jun/17
183cm for maximum
Guest66 said on 3/Jun/17
I knew he wasn't 6'2, to me he always looked roughly about 6 foot, was guessing him between 5'11.5-6'0.5
Kourosh 5'9.5 (176cm-177cm) said on 1/Jun/17
No less than 6'0.5
Original said on 28/Apr/17
@Al No?

Click Here

I think he is 6' flat. He looks the same height of Nate Diaz (solid 6')
Zack said on 14/Apr/17
Lots of respect for GSP but I can't see him winning the fight against Bisping. I would rather see GSP vs Conor for an interim welterweight belt. Yoel Romero needs that belt. I'm pretty sure Romero would probably put away Gegard Mousasi, but it would be a waste of time to see him fight Anderson. Silva is not the same anymore. Yoel Romero is the real Middleweight champ. I think it's time we stay in 2017, and not 2010.
Verba said on 9/Apr/17

The actual joke is the 184cm listing here on a guy who's 1+ inches shorter than 6'1 listed fighters during staredowns
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Apr/17
182cm is a joke
Realist said on 3/Apr/17
I was guessing 6'1 but this could be accurate Tony Jaa is 5'6 so yea.
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 2/Apr/17
Verba said on 2/Apr/17
Looked 5'11.5" with a weak 6'2 Anderson Silva (who's a tad shorter than 6'2 listed Chris Weidman) . Not a single chance that he's almost a 6'1. What made you think Michael is a strong 6'0 footer @Rob. It would put him on par with Nate Diaz who's more desevering of a 6'0.5 or 6'1, but Michael is clearly shorter than Nate.


You're right, Bisping may not even be 6ft, Rob has overlisted him. But Silva and Weidman are both closer to 6ft1 than 6ft2, as Silva looks 6cm shorter than 192cm max Jon Jones. As for Nate, he's 183cm, 10cm taller than 173cm Mcgregor.

Bisping 182
Silva 185-186
Weidman 186
Jones 191-192
Nate 183
Mcgregor 173
Verba said on 2/Apr/17
Looked 5'11.5" with a weak 6'2 Anderson Silva (who's a tad shorter than 6'2 listed Chris Weidman) . Not a single chance that he's almost a 6'1. What made you think Michael is a strong 6'0 footer @Rob. It would put him on par with Nate Diaz who's more desevering of a 6'0.5 or 6'1, but Michael is clearly shorter than Nate.
Original said on 28/Mar/17
6'0 guy, good example.
Jake said on 28/Mar/17
Yoel Romero is definitely an inch shorter than him without the bodybuilding look.

Yoel Romero vs Bisping vs the title should be next.
berta said on 25/Mar/17
vin disel is 2-3 cm taller in every photo with lifts and military posture.this guy cant really be taller than the listing
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Mar/17
For me he doesn't look like a flat 6ft guy. I think he could be 184/185cm more than 183/184cm. 188cm is extreme and that quote is extremely arrogant but typical MMA fighter talk...
MD said on 5/Mar/17
There is a video floating around of him on-the-spot trying to get a fight with Tyron Woodley. Tyron gives himself and is regularly listed at 5'9" but is a bit shorter. You can't see their feet, but even assuming Bisping was in flater shoes and Tyron in boots, I was surprised how they were nearly eye-to-eye. Anyone find this video? Anyway, goes back to my thinking that Bisping has to be closer to 6'0" tops.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Mar/17
Rob, how likely is 6ft0¾?
Editor Rob
I looked at this guy's posture, at times he really isn't standing well, i can see how he can look only six foot at times, but if got measured near 6ft 1 early in the day, you could always say 6ft 0.75 is arguable to list him at.
HB said on 4/Mar/17
Bisping and St-Pierre had a stare down yesterday. Looks to be about 2" difference between them without taking footwear into account.

Click Here
Dave said on 4/Mar/17
Solid 6ft 1
Lucho said on 31/Jan/17
Cung lee 174.5 cm
Bisping 182/183 cm
Tito Ortiz 188 cm
Forrest 190 cm
berta said on 25/Jan/17
the same height as nate diaz. 183-184
Levi said on 13/Jan/17
Nate is a strong 6'0" at the very least. He is at least as tall as his brother who gets 6'1" listings very often
Dinny said on 1/Jan/17
He looks a bit shorter than Nate Diaz who is listed 6'0. Look at this clear picture Click Here It's safe to say, Bisping is about 6'0.
BT said on 27/Oct/16
@Editor Rob: I'm just wondering who you've been comparing him to and what height you think those people are to make you believe Bisping is 6'1?

I've been looking at UFC fighters' heights for the last three years or so and I must say, compared to a guy like Luke Rockhold who looks around 6'2.5, Bisping struggles to look much over 6ft. And compared to Brian Stann who is about 6'1, Bisping looks near an inch shorter. A smidge over 6ft is arguable, but he's not a legit 6'1 guy imo.
Editor Rob
I thought he was a guy who has a kind of forward neck posture, but if he was measured 6ft 1 earlier in the day he could be a 6ft 0.5 guy.
Aza said on 10/Oct/16
He looks just over 6ft
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Oct/16
Not sure I'd go as low as 6ft
MD said on 10/Oct/16
Not a full 6'1" and looks closer to 6'0" than 6'1". He doesn't grossly overestimate, but it's still a significant one.
BT said on 9/Oct/16
@HB and @Editor Rob: Here's the video of Bisping with Nate and Kenny Florian: Click Here
Diaz looks a little taller than Bisping when standing properly. Nate mostly looked about 4in taller than McGregor, sometimes a bit less, somewhere in 183-184 cm range is arguable for him.

Also, Kenny Florian is nowhere near 5'10 - he's about 1-1.5in taller than Jose Aldo, who's about 3 inches shorter than McGregor.

Here's a picture of Bisping Standing next to Tyron Woodley who's about 5'8 and Dana White who has claimed 5'10 (I think): Click Here.

Again, I highly doubt Bisping is over 6ft. If he's a legit 6'1 then Nate Diaz is at least 6'1 and McGregor at least 5'9.
Rory said on 9/Oct/16
6ft1 measurement in the morning depends on what time though, if 5 mins out if bed it'd mean he's probably 6'0.25-5 in the evening, if 2/3 hrs out of bed though then he may not fall below 6'0.75.
anon said on 8/Oct/16
He looks in the 6'0- 6'1 range Likely around 6'0.5 or just under if I had to say specifically
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Oct/16
Rob, MMA fighters surely don't measured in shoes?

I'd have thought a decent 6ft1 for this guy.
Editor Rob
could he be only 6ft? I've looked more at him and could see how he can appear that short, but his posture? Doesn't look good half the time.
HB said on 8/Oct/16
Maybe he is nearer 6'0. Here he is with Nate Diaz (Billed 6'0) and Kenny Florian (Billed 5'10).

Click Here
Jackson said on 8/Oct/16
Looks 6 foot and a half to me. Maybe 6'2 in the morning with shoes on
Crane said on 8/Oct/16
Definitely not 6'1... Just look at his staredown pictures with a real 6'1 Brian Stann. 6'0 more likely.
Editor Rob
somebody mentioned he got 6ft 1 in the morning, the general opinion seems to be he could be nearer 6ft!
Krist said on 7/Oct/16
Yeah he never looks 6ft2 with other 6ft2 listed fighters. Here are pics of his staredowns with Alan Belcher and Anderson Silva both of whom who are listed as 6ft2 on sherdog.

Click Here

Click Here

Obviously can't tell forward but I doubt there is that much difference.
Editor Rob
if he did get measured 6ft 1 morning, then 6ft-6ft 0.5 could be very possible.
Josh jeffords said on 6/Oct/16
Watched every fight in ufc he is averase to tall for middle weight and was average for light heavy that means 6ft to 6 1 FYI fighter rarely stand up straight watch weigh ins he is a long lean 6 1.
Glad he finally found his 180 power!
brad said on 6/Oct/16
Compared to other fighters I don't think he's even 6 foot. Maybe morning height. I think 5'11 1/2 MAX.
BT said on 6/Oct/16
Personally I doubt he's over 6ft.
mma fan said on 6/Oct/16
there was an interview long time ago stating by his doctor that he was 6'1 in the morning, looks more 6'0.5
e said on 5/Oct/16
6'0 is more accurate
HB said on 5/Oct/16
Great addition, Rob! I guessed 6'1, looks it with Anderson Silva and Luke Rockhold.
pauly e said on 5/Oct/16
He always gave me the impression of a guy just a bit over 6'0. If I had to guess I would say somewhere around 6'0.5"
Lucho said on 5/Oct/16
Tito Ortiz should be 6'4 then. He is no more than 6'0 for sure
d5299 said on 5/Oct/16
Great fighter, been watching him for a long time. Never looked over 6ft.5 to me though.
Kic said on 5/Oct/16
Looks 6'1 standing next to Anderson Silva and Luke Rockhold at the weigh in.(btw Bisping's offical UFC listing is 6'1)

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