How tall is Georges St Pierre

Georges St Pierre's Height

5ft 10 (177.8 cm)

Canadian mixed martial artist who has won 3 UFC Welterweight titles and has acted in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. He is listed on his website as standing "5 ft 10 inches" and weighing in at "170 lbs".

How tall is Georges St Pierre
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Average Guess (123 Votes)
5ft 9.87in (177.5cm)
Ek said on 19/Mar/21
Rob, I'd love it if you added John Danaher to the site. He's a famous MAA and Jiu-Jitsu coach. At 32:40 of this podcast he claims to be "just a little shy of 5'11"" Click Here
But with GSP he looks about 5'9" Click Here
Mr.Lacroix180 said on 10/Feb/21
Hi Rob, just letting you know that a lot of these weights they are billed at are after water cutting, and not their actual weight. A lot of these fighters have conditioned bones and are heavily muscled and cutter water to make the weight they have to weigh in at. They often times weigh a lot more than their fighting weight, GSP for example I think walks around at 190lbs, but fought at at 170lbs (welterweight) and even 185lbs (middle weight). The same goes for McGregor, I think you have him in here at 145lbs, a weight he hasn’t fought at since 2016 I believe. He now fights at 150lbs but 170lbs is his walk around weight. As for the listing I think it’s spot on, I wake up around 181 and go to sleep 179 (I tend to say I’m just under 5’11” or 5’11”) and believe I would edge him by near an inch. GSP is the greatest martial artist of all time.
FloJ said on 5/Feb/21
Click Here

Hello Rob please click and take a look for yourself. 6'0 listed Lima facing off Usman. Both wearing the exact style shoes. Usman looks about 179. That is assuming Lima is 183 at night. Which I don't think he is.
Editor Rob
could be about 3-4cm in it
Ferris said on 14/Dec/20
Yo Rob, This guy legit to add to Martial Artists Category?

He's done some MA Action films.
Hulusi said on 10/Dec/20
Not a full 1.77 I guess. I'd say 176.5.
Hey Rob what would you say for Kamaru Usman's height?
Roots4828 said on 4/Nov/20
Under 5’10”. Barely taller than Conor. There was a shot with Dana, GSP and Michael Bisping and GSP was looking shorter than Dana.
Meo said on 9/Sep/20
Rob you don't seem like a big mma fan but request you to add more MMA fighter atleast champion
Kamaru usman
Max Holloway
Dustin Poirier
Jorge masvidal
Joseph177 said on 28/Jul/20

Right? I am glad someone else noticed it as well.
From what I have seen Masvidal and Colby looks very similar in height. My guess is that they are both around 177.5 - 178cm at night before bed, and close to 179.5 to 180 cm right out of bed. Masvidal looked taller than boxer GGG (listed as 176.5 on this site).

I think GSP is around 177 cm at night time.
Kira said on 26/Jul/20
Even at the end they stood face to face and Usman had 2 cm on him. Btw Considering how Usman looked next to colby, I have Colby taller than Masvidal. Even during the Ufc 225 Vlog series I thought Colby looked taller than Masvidal although they're pretty close to each other (in terms of height lol).@Joseph177 So how tall do u think Colby is?
Joseph177 said on 25/Jul/20
@ Me.T
The fight is not up on fightpass yet and the PPV expired. I will try to comment once the fight is up to see exactly which round. It's in one of the first 3 rounds. After the bell rang Usman and Masvidal both fully postured up to stare at each other before the ref told them to go back to the corner. Usman does look to have 2 cm on him.

Before I always thought Usman is 179 to 179.5 because he barely edges out any 5'10 guys. Obviously that figure is still possible but this is the 1st time that I thought he could be 180+. Or else Masvidal might even be something like 177.5.
Me.T said on 22/Jul/20
What round did you see that, I was surprised at the height difference at the weigh in but then I saw Usman’s shoes. When they were both barefoot and shook hands at the end I saw Usman as hardly taller, I don’t have him more than 180, have you seen his pic next to Tyson? He hardly edges him.
Joseph177 said on 18/Jul/20
I was quite surprised that Usman looks to have 1 full inch on Masvidal or minimum 2 cm. They stared down each other (Both barefoot) after the round ended. Unless Usman is 181 cm or else Masvidal is no more than 178. I was expecting the height difference to be not noticeable at all. Before I had Usman at 179ish but now I think he is a full 180 cm.
c-mo176.2cm said on 14/Jul/20

can you give a value in centimeter (evening) for beterbiev ? your answer is a bit blurry

Editor Rob
close to 181
c-mo 176.2cm said on 11/Jul/20

on these photos boxer Artur Beterbiev is next to GSP

what do you guess Beterbievs height to be ? (evening height)

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
Editor Rob
Can seem closer to 5ft 11
T.180 said on 10/Jul/20
Hi rob can you please make a page for Jorge masvidal. Surely he’s big enough to get onto your ufc fighters now. After his face off with Usman I reckon he’s 178, stands quite portly and is frequently in slides or barefoot at the face offs where usman stands straight and with big shoes. I’d give Usman 180 though.
Kurzzawa said on 16/Jun/20
Rob maybe downgrade this guy to 5'9 3/4 ? If Khabib is 5'9 i cant see inch difference here even with footwear advantage. There is 1cm difference... Click Here
Editor Rob
177 is quite arguable for him.
Kira said on 13/Jun/20
@Joseph177 Colby looked pretty close to Usman during the face off. He's prolly at most 2 cm shorter. And looking at Usman with rashad I think he's about 5'10.5".So I think u could rule out 5'9" flat for Colby. Imo he's really close to 5'10". Probably b/w 5'9.75"- 5'10.25".
Joseph177 said on 3/Jun/20
Click Here

Rob, the link here has the tale of tape for Colby Covington. He is listed as 5'9 here. That's earlier in his career. I have never seen UFC under listed a height of a fighter. Do you think he is around 5'10? He looks a tiny bit shorter than Masvidal and Usman.
Editor Rob
Could he be just 5ft 9? I think you can safely rule out 5ft 10-11 range for him.
Joseph177 said on 20/May/20
If Khabib is 175 cm then GSP goes to 177. The link below has a photo of them together. 2cm difference max.

Click Here
Jkiller said on 29/Jan/20
Weak 5'10, 177cm max.
truthteller25 said on 14/Dec/19
I never seen him in person but he looks 5'8.5 on TV
BT said on 13/Dec/19
@Editor Rob: Think Usman is likely under 5'11: Click Here
Editor Rob
With israel it could seem likely
pacenik said on 23/Nov/19
hello rob i wanted to ask you what do you think about ufc fighters' wingspan (or reach as they call it). for example gsp is 5'10'', but his wingspan is listed at 76 inches. that's 6 inches longer than his height. i mean he does look like he has a bit longer arms than maybe an average man of his height, and he really does have broad shoulders, but come on, 6 inches longer than his height? that's too much if you ask me. do you think they measure their reach and add like 2 inches to everyone?
Editor Rob
Well I have not studied Pierre's wingspan to be able to tell if it is near 6 inches longer, but if you look at a photo like This, you can imagine it as being several inches longer than his height!
177.7cm/weak 5'10 said on 9/Nov/19
Hey rob, how tall do you think Jorge masvidal is ? He’s listed at 5’11 mostly would u say he’s 5’10 or 11 what are ur thoughts?
Editor Rob
No more than 5ft 10
Joseph175 said on 10/Oct/19
Hi Rob, how tall do you think Kamaru Usman is? 178 or 179cm?
Editor Rob
Having looked a little more I think he has a chance of 5ft 11
179-180 said on 3/Oct/19
The guy on the right is listed 5’9, the guy on the left is listed 5’9 he was listed 5’8 Click Here
ConorFan. said on 25/Sep/19
GSP facing off with Anderson Silva a couple days ago.
Video: Click Here

Looked roughly about 3inchs or so difference there. Although he can look shorter, GSP is about 5'10, lowest I'd go would be 5'9.7.
Logan M Barringer said on 7/Aug/19
@Rob what do you think Matt Hughes is? I stood next to him for a pick once. I consider myself 5'8" range and felt like we were the exact same height. George always seemed a good inch taller than him.
Editor Rob
between 5ft 8 and 9 seems possible
mma fan said on 25/Jul/19
Hi rob. How tall do you think UFC fighter Kevin Lee is here with GSP: Click Here
Editor Rob
Kevin can seem a couple of inches smaller there, but whether their posture is identical is harder to tell.
c-mo said on 6/Jul/19
bj penn is probably around 5'5 - 5'6 . just like joe rogan
cino said on 30/Jun/19
Hi Rob, how tall do you think BJ Penn is?

Here he is with Georges St Pierre Click Here

With Joe Rogan Click Here

He's listed as 5-9, but he is maybe shorter?
Editor Rob
He seems like he's at most 5ft 8
c-mo said on 8/May/19
I take my comment about khabib I made here on this page back . I dont think khabib is 176cm but 174cm

and I think gsp is 177cm
CZV said on 27/Apr/19
Hey Rob how tall do you think does this guy next to Georges look to you Click Here

Here he is with Evander Holyfield Click Here

and Ter Stegen Click Here
Editor Rob
Could be 5ft 11 range
c-mo said on 12/Apr/19
Conan said on 21/Jun/18
I'm 5'9.9" (177.4 cm) on barefoot in the morning. So I guess his height is about 5'9.7" (177 cm).


what does his height have to do with your height ? lol
Daycringeothon said on 2/Apr/19
Cowboy Cerone listed at 6’1” most of his MMA career. Likely just (181-182). Could be 182.5cm but no more. 183cm closer to the afternoon is still possible.
Daycringeothon said on 1/Apr/19
If Conor is 5’8.25”

Dustin Poirier 5’7.5” flat. Max Holloway does look 180cm 5’10.75-5’11” minus the hair.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 26/Mar/19
Actually, having a big head gives the illusion of being shorter.
Chris sam said on 24/Mar/19
At first glance I could tell he is 5'9 he has a huge head gives the illusion he's taller
CZV said on 21/Mar/19
Ok thanks Rob I really thought that this guy is 178cm max
CZV said on 20/Mar/19
Who could seem taller? Georges or the other guy?
Editor Rob
The other guy in that instance.
CZV said on 18/Mar/19
Rob how tall would you assume is the guy on the left?. On some occasions he has been listed as low as 5ft 9. I think that Pierre is the slightly taller one but he may be closer the camera and the other guy may not stand fully straight.
Click Here
Editor Rob
He could seem nearly an inch taller there.
Joao Pedro said on 20/Dec/18
This is another guy that in my opinion is shorter than 5ft 9,5 listed Jeff Seid.
Littlelee168cm said on 15/Aug/18
Does look 4 inches taller than 5ft 6 listed Matt serra so this listing is accurate
Animus said on 9/Aug/18

I wouldn't say McGregor has long hands, which is what would count in a wingspan measurement - they look quite average in length. I also don't agree that shoulder width is the limiting factor with respect to wingspan - arm length is as important a contributing factor. In McGregor's case he not only has long arms as you point out, he also has genuinely broad shoulders.

I don't know McGregor's true wingspan. If it's in fact 74in, he's venturing into the domain of elite NBA point guards in terms of length (that's 8% above his height). Eye-balling photos of him and NBA point guards, he doesn't seem quite as disproportionate as they do. It's hard to judge, though, since a 6'8 wingspan on a 6'2 guy is probably going to seem more disproportionate than a 6'2 wingspan on a 5'8½ guy, even though it's about the same ratio. All in all I'd say McGregor's wingspan is 72-73in.
ConorFan. said on 2/Aug/18

Conor has big hands and long arms. Usually with guys most of their wingspan comes from the shoulders if they have a reach on the larger side, but with Conor its the opposite, most of his reach comes from the arms. So taking that into account i think Conor's reach is 73inch minimum and 74inch max. Ive also seen that video, after the guy says "72inch" he immediately refuses and says that it should be a little longer than that.
Animus said on 29/Jul/18
He has said himself that he walks around at 190lbs. He's got the build of a gymnast except he's 5ft10, which is why he looks swole. As for his wingspan, it's likely 74 inches. UFC tends to inflate the wingspan of their fighters with 2 inches (Conor McGregor, for example, has a measured reach of 72 inches - you can find the measurement on YouTube). That's the typical wingspan of a six-footer.
6'0" said on 21/Jul/18
5'10" on the dot and I wouldn't doubt his 6'4" wingspan. He has broad shoulders and he does possess some long arms for his height. Dude is jacked too. I think he cuts to 170 and 185. Probably walks around at 200. He may not be tall but he is for sure a physical specimen.
Conan said on 21/Jun/18
I'm 5'9.9" (177.4 cm) on barefoot in the morning. So I guess his height is about 5'9.7" (177 cm).
saltyfish said on 9/Jun/18
He's probably 175-176cm. I think a legit UFC 5'10'er is Yoel Romero. And I reckon dana white is around 177-178cm and he stands next to alot of fighters, which should give a good comparison.
Sonny Black said on 4/May/18
GSP’s 5’9 range, met him in Toronto in 2011. I’d give him 5’9 1/4 at the most.
Leno said on 28/Apr/18
Solid 5'10
Animus said on 16/Mar/18
His torso is so developed and his jacket so large that his legs seem short in the picture despite the fact that he is a long-legged 5ft10 man.
BT said on 1/Feb/18
@c-mo: I'd say Khabib could be around 175 cm from what I've seen, sometimes I get a 174-174,5 cm range impression, but he could be over that. 176 cm, I'm not so sure he looks that when comparing him to someone like Cormier and Cain Velasquez. It would be interesting to see him face to face with Conor, I bet they would be very close. As for GSP, I'd agree that 176,5-177 cm range could be closer than near 178.
c-mo said on 9/Jan/18

there is more of a chance that khabib is 175cm instead of 177cm . 177cm can be his early noon height

together with 178cm iron mike - Click Here

Click Here

I dont know about their footwear . maybe tyson has thicker sneakers because on some other pics they looked more similar heightwise but tyson seems overall 2cm taller taking all photos into account. rob said about mikes night height :

"177.7-177.9 range I think around there is probably his low mark."

so around the 5'10 mark at night for tyson . if we substract 2 cm from that khabib is 175.7cm or so . of course I am being ridiculously precise right now with my guessings which might come off as silly but it helps comparing them better

but I dont think he is 177cm late in the day let alone 178cm

and gsp looks roughly 1cm taller than khabib which makes my analysis of 177cm for gsp perfect . I think gsp is a legit 177cm guy like 177cm midday and most of the day something around 177cm and potentially falling a little below it like 176.7cm or so at nighttime . and khabib is probably 175.5cm at nighttime or so

so khabib - 176cm

gsp - 177cm

tyson - 178cm
c-mo said on 8/Jan/18
I analyzed him and compared to him to other fighters and also to dana white . GSP seems more 5'9.5 - 5'9.75 rather than a legit 5'10

I think his height in the evening is around 176.5cm . maybe a bit more

with 174cm conor mcgregor - Click Here

I think Fedor is 181-182cm . next to GSP Click Here

I have a friend who I have measured at almost 181cm in the evening on the stadiometer . and I (176cm) look similar next to my friend as gsp does next to fedor

with 182cm Randy Couture - Click Here

dana white seems to be a legit 178cm guy with a high possibility being 179cm from what I have analyzed so far comparing him to tyson , couture and others . there are some pics of dana white next to gsp but they are not the best because of odd angles and such but dana seems to be a little bit taller than gsp

and of course we dont know the footwear in the pics I linked but my guess for gsp is 177cm . like if I had to give a very precise guess myself I would say something like :

fresh out of bed 178.5cm

1-2 hours out of bed : 177.5cm

5-6 hours out of bed : about 177cm

night : 176.7cm

GSP height : 5 ft 9.75 in - 177.16cm
Tonyx said on 19/Dec/17
Click Here
Here he is with the 177cm UFC listed Khalabeeeb. Don't just look at their eye level, look at everything else too.
Google lists his height at 177cm and his reach at 178cm.
I want to point out, on his official website, not the UFC one, but his own website Click Here clearly lists his height as 177cm. He is listed at 177cm pretty much everywhere, including the UFC. He def. looks it.
Here is GSP with Conor Click Here where Conor has injured his leg.
Here is Khabib with Conor Click Here where Conor seems to be barefoot after a fight.
Khabib and Conor do not wear thick soled footwear to look taller. GSP on the other hand, does tend to wear more thick soled sneakers from time to time(ofc not lifts or elevators, nothing even remotely like that).
If GSP is 5ft10in tall then why did UFC list his height at 5ft10.5in tall before his last fight? On the other hand, if he is truly 5ft10.5in tall then why not just round it up to 5ft11in tall, because in the cage he can certainly pass of as a 5ft11in guy.
I think GSP is a very muscular, long armed 5ft10in guy. I just can't see him under 5ft10in. A part of me even wants to downgrade him. Not a fan of his fighting style, though i do respect him as a fighter.
ConorFan said on 16/Dec/17
@TonyX thats the real question, see'ing as the shortest his reach has been listed is 74inch and the highest is 76inch i would go with the 74. But i think that they lie and exaggerate reach to, Conor's reach went from 72inch to 73inch now 74inch. I think Conor's reach is 73inch (he has big hands)
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 14/Dec/17

I'm not sure exactly, but I have a suspicion that many fighters even have their reach exagerrated, not just height.
Tonyx said on 13/Dec/17
Guys, how long do you think his actual reach is?
ConorFan said on 7/Nov/17
5'10 is fair, but he could look much shorter at times i would say even 5'9.75. But funny enough like i said before they had Him and Tj's heights increased by .5 so GSP went from 5'10 to 5'10.5 and Tj went from 5'6 to 5'6.5 but i think Tj is shorter than 5'6. George has big traps and a short neck which is a bad combo becuase it makes you look short.
Frost said on 6/Nov/17
His relatively large head and traps combined with his smaller neck gives a slightly disproportionate look. Makes him seem shorter than he is.

Looks 5'10 to me.
pauly e said on 6/Nov/17
I've always thought he's a tad under 5'10. they used to list him at 5'10 forever....then it went up to 5'11 towards the end of his last run in the ufc. the other night they had him at 5'10.5. i'd guess like 5'9.75
DruceLee said on 5/Nov/17
They put GSP from 5'10 to 5'10.5 and Bisping from 6'2 to 6'1
Chad said on 5/Nov/17
He's a little over that..close to 5"10.5
Marquis said on 5/Nov/17
Consistently looks 5'9".

And props on GSP winning the middleweight title over Bispig just recently, after a four-year layoff. That's kinda wow.
ConorFan said on 4/Nov/17
Funny enough the weigh in Vs Bisping had GSP at 5'10.5 but it also had TJ Dillishaw at 5'6.5 so might be a mistake on UFC on Fox's part.
highlysuspect said on 2/Nov/17
Think he’s the full 5’10”. His muscle mass and short neck make him look shorter than he is
Lucho said on 28/Oct/17
GSP 5'9.75
Bisping 6'
ConorFan said on 23/Oct/17
@Kourosh i agree 5'9.5 is fair. And more realistic imo
Kourosh said on 18/Oct/17
An inch taller than conor. Conor is 5'8.5 so GSP is 5'9.5
ConorFan said on 16/Oct/17
I say 5'9.5 is fair, he struggles to look a full 5'10, maybe because of his short neck and big traps. Plus in his pic with Conor he was a legit 1inch taller
Ally183 said on 14/Oct/17
I struggle to see more than 3-4cm between GSP and Bisping. Either GSP is taller or Michael is shorter
Adam said on 13/Oct/17
Hes always looked a solid 5ft 10 but recent pics everywhere he looks like hes lost some height all of a sudden.
MD said on 8/Oct/17
With Matt Hughes, most often listed at 5'9"

Click Here
Kekou said on 7/Oct/17
I think he's at most, 5'8-5'9.5". He doesn't look like a 5'10" man. And the UFC isn't a reliable source, he was once listed as 6'0"and 5'11".
datguy said on 7/Oct/17
Hey rob in the most recent face off between Michael Bisping and Georges it looks like the difference is definitely more than 2.5 inches. what do you think?
Editor Rob
it could be 3 inches worth.
Anonymous said on 5/Oct/17
here is another pic of gsp standing next to 5'10" joe duffy, gsp can't be over 176cm I think he is more like 174-5cm Click Here
Animus said on 24/Sep/17
A legitimate 5'10 guy who stands up well to 183-184cm Michael Bisping. He could be in the 178-178½cm range rather than just below 178cm.
5'10.25 / 5'10.5 said on 17/Sep/17
Rob, how is he listed 5’10”? I think he is 5’8.5 or 174cm
Here is him next to a legit 5’10” joe duffy
Click Here
Animus said on 14/Sep/17
GSP is a proper 5'10 - he's heavily muscled, so he can appear shorter, but he's definitely 5'10.
James said on 8/Sep/17
I live in Montreal and see him out from time to time. He's about 5'8" tops.
ee said on 3/Sep/17
Damn, he's taller than I thought. He's probably one of those guys thats so thick he looks shorter than he is.
Kourosh 5'9.5 (176cm-177cm) said on 10/Aug/17
you have inability to read, i even said in my picture GSP was barefoot and rogan was on his sneakers but the point is even he is 5'10 barefoot, he should not appear shorter than him unless rogan is 4inches heel which is doubtful. If you do not like the pic, the video of his last fight's post octagon interview is on youtube go ahead and watch it
As terrible my picture is , your pic is a terrible pic as well to judge a height since we see only shoulders and above. I am not saying GSP is as tall as rogan which is not. I am saying he is taller but he is not a full 5'10 person more likely 5'9.5
truth said on 6/Aug/17

terrible picture. it's not just the fact rogan has thick shoes (compared to GSP's bare feet) and is closer to the camera, the picture is literally taken from underneath them. put your phone on the ground and point it towards yourself with a 10 second timer. are you suddenly taller than the building or mountain (or whatever the **** is) behind you ? no. yet the picture will show that. obvious exaggeration so I can drive the point forward. Anything closer to the camera taken from underneath will look massive/taller compared to everything else. how about THIS or THAT picture, both taken from a straight angle or from above so you can see where the top of their heads is.

Click Here

Click Here
Kourosh said on 26/Jul/17
Click Here
look at this pic. He is not even taller than joe rogan. I know you are going to say he is barefeet, rogan is on high heeled shoes and closer to camera but it is very strange a 5'10 guy should never looked shorter than a weak 5'8 person under any circumstance unless joe rogan is on massive lifts which i doubt.
even said on 20/Jul/17
height : 5'10" , weight : 174 lbs
even said on 7/Jul/17
1778 mm i mean 70 inches or 5 feet 10 inches
Animus said on 5/Jul/17

My suspicion is that the UFC adds 2" to the wingspan of fighters and roughly 1" to the height of fighters. It at least fits with McGregor who has had his wingspan listed as 72" earlier in his career and now has a listed wingspan of 74". Therefore, GSP's wingspan is likely 74", which is essentially the average wingspan of a six-footer; in other words, he's a good bit longer than your typical 5'10" guy.
Animus said on 5/Jul/17

Well, GSP is 185-190 lb without any body fat, whereas the average American male is arguably overweight.
ok said on 2/Jun/17
His wingspan height seems faker than his vertical height
Joe joe said on 28/Apr/17
Rob 170 is his fighting weight. Not his actual weight. he would be closer to 185/190 in he every day life
Original said on 28/Mar/17
Could be somewhere between 5'9.5" and 5'10.
ee said on 28/Mar/17
The Canadian who's height and weight is exactly that of the average american male; 5'10, 190-195...
MD said on 6/Mar/17
Truth, those pictures should tell you something else. GSP is certainly not taller than he's listed.
Andy 185cm said on 16/Feb/17
@Derrick Nate is the taller of the two brothers. Hes in the 184-185 range. Nick is at the 182-183 range
andreea said on 11/Jan/17
Rashad evens and Dan henderson were 5'10 listed at the begining of their careers and they look easily 2 cms taller than GSP. I would say 176 cm for GSP. Also he looked only 2 cms taller than mcgregor. He is NOT 5'10 that for sure.
James said on 9/Dec/16
188 Drogba has 5 inches on GSP here right Rob? Click Here Has always looked more of a 177 guy to me.
Editor Rob
he could look 177ish in the photo.
Adam said on 29/Nov/16
Strong 5ft 10, could be 179. Hes stands up well to six footers.
josh jeffords said on 9/Oct/16
Georges has said both 5 9 and 10 but he has never said 170.. he is around 190 fighters cut weight.
Seen him fight every professional bout he is easily 5 9 could be 10 no more.
Id say the 5 10 claim was before he did a lot of heavy strength training he was leaner early on.
He is obviously 1.5 inches taller than Connor stop measuring hair that would be about 5 10 unless Connor is even shorter..
travis said on 5/Oct/16
yup he a legit 5'10
MS said on 27/Sep/16
Gsp can be 177-178 cm. That makes Rory 182-183 cm.
pauly e said on 6/Sep/16
I would have guessed him at a weak 5'10. he was listed as 5'10 in the UFC for years. I think they stretched that to 5'11 towards the end of his run. My guess would be 5'9-ish. like 5'9.25 - 5'9.5
Johno said on 1/Sep/16
Edges Dana White though, this 5'10 listing is about right; 5'9.75 is another viable option.
MD said on 30/Aug/16

This is a bit too tall. Here he is with 5'8"ish Conor McGregor:

Click Here

I think if even by some far chance that there is a difference in footwear, it really doesn't appear that he's got nearly a full two inches on Conor.
Guillaume said on 28/Aug/16
Met him at the aiport in Montreal yesterday. I'm six feet and he was very close to me in height. So 5 feet 10 inches is no stretch. Got a selfie with him. Great guy!
Kourosh said on 1/Jul/16
Conor and GSP posture almost same and from the picture you can tell they are on even ground so i dont really think GSP can be full 5'10.

Do you know kenny florian? he is about 5'8 and in a picture with GSP they were almost same height.

Also after fight in octagon interview he is barely taller than Joe Rogan.

I think 177 cm is the best fit for him.
Chris175 said on 6/Jun/16
That pic with Mcgregor is on a sidewalk, which usually slopes towards the road. legit 5-10
Chris175 said on 6/Jun/16
I reckon hes a legit 5-10 evening height, been curious about him for years.

Recently he has taken instagram photos with points kickboxers Roman Brundl and Raymond Daniels, Ive met both and got pictures with Daniels, hes easily 6-2 next to me at 5-9, and st Pierre looked taller standing beside him than I did.
Oscar said on 5/Jun/16
Less than a inch taller than 5'8.25" listed McGregor, who is also leaning a bit and losing some height in the picture. Either GSP is a lot shorter' which I doubt based oh the photo. Or McGregor is close to or is a legit 5'9". He is taller than 5'7.5" Rogan in shoes whilst barefoot as well.
James said on 4/Jun/16

Great photo! That pretty much leaves no doubt about either of their heights. Maybe GSP has a 1/4 inch more of shoe thickness. But not enough to debate.
So, Arnold looks to be 5'11" on the dot and GSP possibly 5'10 1/2". It's amazing how much Arnold has shortened.
Kourosh said on 4/Jun/16
@hayt really?
Then how come he is barely taller than Conor ,McGregor Click Here

remember GSP usually wears thick sneakers that can easily give an inch of height.

he is close to 5'10 but i dont believe he is full 5'10 .

176.5 to 177cm 5'9.5 suits him well
hayt said on 3/Jun/16
he's not under 5'10. cherry-picked pictures and angles from jealous people. here he is with arnold schwarzenegger, listed now at 182cm here and who used to be 187 cm. nearly identical height. there's a reason they upgraded his listing to 5'11 in the ufc

Click Here
James said on 3/Jun/16
I would believe 5'10". But he says on many occasions that he walks around at 190 lbs. He is only 170 for weigh in. I think "the tail of the tape" lists him at 5'11".

But then again, they always list Randy as 6'2" and he is nowhere close to that. But I think GSP is close to 5'10"
James said on 3/Jun/16
Downgrade to 177cm Rob?
Lmeister said on 3/Jun/16
I think he is 5ft9.5. Usually they list him 5ft10 and 177cm in metric. Just rounding up for imperial.
SAK said on 3/Jun/16
5'9.5" is a better fit for him. Never quite looked the full 5'10".
When standing alone, and nothing to compare to, he does seem to appear shortish. Something about his proportions maybe.
Crane said on 2/Jun/16
I'd prefer 177 cm according to the pics of him with the other Welterweight fighters.
Kourosh said on 2/Jun/16
one of the best MMA fighters but he is not this tall. He is in 5'9 range

i give him 5'9.5 177cm no more.
Aaron Zamora said on 2/Jun/16
He should be downgraded to 5'9.5 I think that's about what he looks
Gaz said on 2/Jun/16
But saying that i have seen him listed 5'9.5 before but i have seen him at 5'11 as well so 5'10 is good
Gaz said on 2/Jun/16
Fair listing for GSP. Average looking guy.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Jun/16
Can look under this...
Animus said on 2/Jun/16
His actual weight is around 190-195 lb. When he competed in MMA, he cut down to 170 lb to be a welterweight.
MD said on 2/Jun/16
Here he is with Mario Lopez who is probably listed too tall at 5'9":

Click Here

So, he looks his listed height against him just about. But then you see a picture of him with Usher, who is about 5'8" (also probably a bit shorter):

Click Here

He's not a whole lot shorter than his listing, but 5'10" is probably still a bit too much.
:D said on 2/Jun/16
One of the legends of the sport!Always looked shorter than that to me but close enough :)
Lucho said on 2/Jun/16
My favourite figther!!! I'm sure he is 177cm. He looked that in the ring against his opponents
Oscar said on 1/Jun/16
Rob, I don't see a near two inch difference between Conor McGregor and Georges st Pierre, st pierre even has the posture advantage with McGregor leaning forward Click Here either a upgrade for McGregor or a significant downgrade for St Pierre. Based on other fighters I'd estimate St Pierre about 5'9.5" and McGregor a weak 5'9"
Editor Rob
you could argue he looks 5ft 9.5 there.
princessdiana said on 1/Jun/16
You should have added a page for Nick or Nate Diaz instead. If George is 5'10 how tall would that make Nick Diaz?
James said on 1/Jun/16
Hmm interesting, I always assumed he was 5'9 range
Aaron Zamora said on 1/Jun/16
He can't be this tall. He looks 5'9 at best
Powerhouse said on 1/Jun/16
Good to see him listed on here, it would be great to see some other MMA fighters on here. I'd be interested in your opinion on how tall Chris Weidman, Luke Rockhold, Nick Diaz, Nate Diaz and some others are.
HB said on 1/Jun/16
Thanks for adding him. I'd say this is an accurate listing. What would that make fellow fighter Rory MacDonald in this photo? He's listed at 6'0". Click Here

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