How tall is Jackie Shroff

Jackie Shroff's Height

6ft 0 (182.9 cm)

Bollywood Actor. Said in a fan chat he stood '6 Feet'

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5ft 11.33in (181.2cm)
mdiz said on 26/Sep/23
@Rob:- You seem to be generous to some of the bollywood actors :-). Below are my guesses.

Jackie Shroff : Current 5'10.75" peak 5'11.25"
John Abraham : Current 5'11.75" peak 6'0"
Abhishek Bachchan : 6'1.5"
Amitabh bachchan : Current 6'0.5" peak 6'1.75" so his claim of 6'2 was not wrong as he was close to 6'2"
Rana Dagubatti : 6'2.5"
Arjun Rampal : Current 5'11.75" peak 6'0"
Arjun Kapoor : 5'11.75"
Sanjay Dutt : Current 5'10.5" peak 5'11". He slouches a bit so I think due to which he appears half an inch smaller atleast.
Anil Kapoor : Current 5'8.75" peak 5'9"
Ajay Devgan : 5'9"
Akshay Kumar : Current 5'10.5" peak 5'10.75"
Suniel Shetty : 5'9.25"
Hrithik Roshan : 5'10.5"
Randeep Hooda : 5'10.75"
Emraan Hashmi : 5'6"
Salman Khan : 5'5.5"
Dharmendra : Current 5'5.5" peak 5'9.5" he has shrunk a lot compare to other old actors.
Jitendra : 5'9"
Shatrughan Sinha : Current 5'11.25" peak 6'0"
Shahrukh khan : 5'7"
Aamir Khan : 5'4"
Kapil Sharma : 5'8"
Shahid Kapoor : 5'7"
Varun Dhawan : 5'7.25"
Siddharth Kapoor : 5'11.5"
Vivek Oberoi : 5'10"
Ritesh Deshmukh : 5'9"
Chunkey Pandey : 5'10.25"
Aditya Pancholi : 6'1"
Ranveer Singh : 5'9.5"
Niketan Dheer : 6'4"
Varun Tej : 6'3.5"
Prabhas : 6'1"
Booman Irani : 6'0.5"
Kunal Kapoor : 6'2.5"
Allu Arjun : 5'7.25"
Ram charan : 5'6.25"
Aditya Roy Kapoor 6'1.25"
5'11 sunny said on 5/Jun/22
@rob but jackie shroff might have lost an inch and he looks shorter than John abraham who is 5'11 3/4 so jackie might be between 5'10.5- 5'11.5 at this age and akshay was ah inch shorter so, we can conclude that akshay might be somewhere between 5'10-5'10.5 and his claim of 6'1 is too much. By the way, thanks for your reply
5'11 sunny said on 4/Jun/22
@rob how much tall is akshay kumar on left side of jackie shroff is looking?
And both of them are in flats so it's best image as per me to consider akshay kumar's height.
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Editor Rob
I'd have thought an inch or so, if Jackie has a fraction more shoes.
5'11 sunny said on 4/Jun/22
Very nice
Happily5.7 said on 20/Apr/22
Rob how tall is the gentleman beside jackie shroff looking, he has claimed both 6 feet,and 6 feet 2 inches with his hair, his name is kartik aryan but i feel he is 5"10 ,max to max 5"11 as because he is no taller than hrithik roshan and others 5 foot 10ers Click Here
Editor Rob
Karthik could be 5ft 10-10.5
uddipta saikia said on 12/Apr/22
He Has A Very Bad Posture This Days
Samadrito mitra said on 28/Mar/22
Jackie Shroff is 6ft tall becz if he is 5.10 or 5.11 then what about his son Tiger shroff.. Tiger shroff real height is approx 5ft10 and his father is 2 inch taller than him. But some pictures they both are looking same.. but approx Jackie Shroff sir is 6ft tall.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Mar/22
Even with worse posture, Amitabh still has a good 2in on him. Jackie could have been a little shy of the 6ft mark peak...Amitabh could look over 6ft2 a lot though

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uddipta saikia said on 18/Feb/22
You Need To Downgrade Him. He looks Shorter John Abraham Who Is 5'11
So Please
Chaitanya Sinha said on 30/May/21
Jackie shroff needs a downgrade ASAP.
Matthew Lean said on 26/May/21
Amitabh and jackie with some lady Click Here
mdiz said on 4/Mar/21
Sanjay Dutt and Jackie both are 60+ now.

Seems like 179.5 cms now a days however a strong 5'11" at his peak

Even Sanjay Dutt seems 179 cms these days. He has lazy posture so most of the times looks like 5'10" to people however when stand for measurement he can still be little above 5'10". Sanjay Dutt seems to be a weak 5'11" at his peak 5'10.8" and 5'10.4" nowadays. I may be not 100% correct but that's just my guess.
Precision said on 14/Aug/20
Sanjay Dutt is biggest pretender, currently he is 5'9.5" while Jackie might be 5'10'
Linke said on 13/Aug/20
Jackie might be 5'11 these days. He has one of the worst postures that I have seen among bolly celebs. Sanjay Dutt on the other hand has lost 1.5 inch at least. Which is shocking considering he is only 61!

Peak: 180-81
Current : 177 for sanjay
Binu Singh said on 17/Jul/20
Rob Jackie Shroff has a bad posture this days he needs to be Downgrade
Chaitanya Sinha said on 6/Jul/20
Hello rob,why dont you upload sanjay dutt's height ? Upload his height also
Tanmay Singh said on 11/Apr/20
I think he was never a complete 6 feet guy. Anil Kapoor's real height is 5.9 feet and in when Jackie sheriff was young then he was 2 inches taller than Anil. But now he became old and his posture his become bad. And when he was standing with his son Tiger shroff who's real height is 5.85 feet he was roughly 1.5 inches to 2 inches taller than him. So in my opinion Jackie shroff is 5.10 or maybe 5 feet 10.5 inches.
ecovmo said on 6/Jan/20
I agree with other commenters.

Maybe he was 6 feet in his prime but he has really bad posture and he's definitely shorter than John Abraham.
JoeyAmirato said on 5/Dec/19
Rob, please add his current height 5'11. Jackie Shroff peak height was 6 ft. Jackie looks like 5'11 now.
DarkPower729 said on 4/Aug/19
6’0” is ridiculously tall for him. I’d say he’s about 5’11”- probably 5’10.75”.
Mohammed5'11 said on 4/May/19
I think he is around 5'11 but how he is taller than john abraham? In their new movie (romeo akbar) john looks taller than jacky by 1.5 inch 100% so if you said jacki is 6foot so john 6'1
Ricky muliawan hansyar said on 2/Apr/19
I guest jackie lost height between 1-2 cm now. Come on he is 62 years old now.
afzal said on 29/Mar/19
Looks 179 cm to me compare and downgrade please
RUDRA PRATAP said on 26/Mar/19
Click Here

Hey rob ... kindly visit to this link , if mr Bachchan is 185-186 cm at this age , how can he be 183cm !!! They both look the same.
What u think ???
Editor Rob
I would have said Jackie looked a bit further forward, maybe making him seem a bit taller.
Neelasish Send Roy said on 7/Mar/19
So Rob please watch Akalya (1991) and Kohram (1999).
Neelasish Send Roy said on 28/Feb/19
What is shroff's peak height,Rob?(he looks 2 inches shorter than 6'1" amitabh and abhishek bachchan):
Editor Rob
His six foot claim might be a bit much, but I need to look at him with amitibah
Siddharth Dwivedi said on 27/Aug/18
Doesn't look more than 2.5 inches taller than 5'9 listed anil kapoor
arun kc said on 9/Aug/18
@sach Mithun da is same height as Jackie
About 5-11. Seen lot of mithuns films
arun kc said on 9/Aug/18
I think Jackie was listed at 6-1 during his
leading man movie roles in the 90s.i gottaken in by his listed height and thought him to be actually 6-1 that time i used to take claimed or listed height at face value.
But ever since visiting Rob's site regularly I now know better!saw him recently in Delhi at a friend's daughter wedding where Jackie had come as a celebrity paid guest star.i could not believe how short Jackie looked! Barely 5-11Besides the bride's 6-1 cousin.these movie stars at least Indian are not as tall in reality as they look in movies.
raju said on 8/Jan/18
Rob he is nt 6ft, even 5ft 9/5ft 10 akshay kumar is taller than him Watch this video.Click Here
Jackie next to 5ft 4.5 salman looks 2 or 3.5 inches taller in the same video.
sach said on 5/Nov/17
Mr.Rob do you know about mithun chakrovarty 's height? Please add him. I think he is sorter than jackie sroff .
debabrata dhar said on 26/Jul/17
jackie is around 1 inch taller than akshay and 2 inch shorter than amit ji so hes between 5ft10in to 5ft11in
Baaghi said on 3/May/17
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5'10' said on 6/Feb/17
Rob you have listed his son Tiger Shrauff 5'9" and Jackie Shroff as 6'.....Here is a pic of both father and son ,,,, what do you say????
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Editor Rob
a lot of the time, big Jackie has awful posture.
Aza said on 24/Oct/16
Jackie @ 6'2 is 'birdie numnums' requiring extreme vetting ..........extreme vetting.
aza said on 11/Oct/16
I've met jackie he was 6'2 in his prime now might be 6'1'' or 6'0.5''
Borats Chicken said on 10/Oct/16
Rob, your planning to add peak height now? hes starting to look more 5'11'5 to 5'11.75
Editor Rob
not sure how much he could have lost.
Aza said on 10/Oct/16
6' is a spot on listing for Jackie at his peak. He has terrible posture today and would say he is 5'10.5 today
ken said on 8/Oct/16
i met jackie shroff and im 6 foot and he's taller than me
rocky said on 1/Oct/16
he's around sidharth malhotra's height
heightchecker34 said on 12/Aug/16
A 6 ft man (183 cm) in his prime without a doubt. One of the few guys in the bollywood industry who actually measures up to the six foot mark. These days there are so many wannabe six footers and they all measure between 5'11-5'11.5. Even Sanjay Dutt was a 182 cm guy, Tiger Shroff is a 5'9 guy and you can tell Jackie easily still has a couple of inches on him, might measure around the 181 cm mark today. A real rugged man and a no-nonsense tough guy, he puled it off quite well and realistically. These days, there are rarely any men of that caliber left in the industry... and sadly I doubt his son is going to fill his void.
jajamen said on 22/May/16
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Rob, how tall you reckon his son is? 5'10?
Editor Rob
jackie half the time can have loose posture, I think typically he measures a few inches taller if standing up tall.
kreyzig 6ft 3 said on 15/Feb/15
Hi Rob,he is an inch taller than 5ft 11.5 akshay 184cms is closer for him.
phi said on 5/Feb/15
5'11 most likely
monty said on 30/Jul/13
his real height is 6'1'' after heels his height is 6'2
akhil mangalore said on 4/Sep/11
all are wrong ...jackie's exact height is 5.11" which is my height too...u people surprised how i know?few months back he visited our city for opening of hospital.that time v stand together and i clarified my doubt.but his shoulder is v brod....i wonderd that he is same as my height.bcz i was thinking he is ..above 6".thank u guys
Pj said on 2/Jun/11
Jackie shroff's real height is 5.11,i met him during inaugration of my father's book shop,he himself said he is 5.11,so he is not a six footer....but he is really open minded and cool guy....just love him in PARINDA,RAM-LAKHAN,HERO,KHALNAYAK,100 DAYS,etc.
Truth said on 30/May/11
Jackie Shroff height is 6.2 in his prime. look old movies like kartoos khalnayak jackie looks 3-4 inch taller than sanjay dutt.
Truth said on 31/Mar/11
Jackie 6FT (6'1 In His Prime)
Sanjay Dutt 5'11 (6FT In His Prime)
If You Look At These Two Together You Can See 1 INCH Difference EASILY Between The Two!!!!!
Truth said on 31/Mar/11
Jackie 6FT (6'1 In His Prime)
Sanjay Dutt 5'11 (6FT In His Prime)
If You Look At These Two Together You Can See 1 INCH Difference EASILY Between The Two!!!!!
Octopus paul said on 6/Mar/11
He is a legit 6 feet tall actor.
HULK said on 26/Feb/11
Priyam said on 11/Feb/11
fair assessment said on 26/Jan/11
5' 11.5 looks his most precise height. I doubt that he is a genuine six footer. Back in the 90s there was a movie of Amitabh Bachchan and Jackie Shroff and jackie was 1.5 to 1.75 inches shorter than amitabh.

So Jackie was 5'11.5 to 11.75 and Amitabh 6' 1 to 1.5
Ejel Khan said on 10/Jun/09
No way is Jackie 6' .... 5'11" in his peak, and 5'10.5" is a better estimate.
neha said on 7/Oct/08
ya...he looked equal height to amitabh in boom & abishek in refugee....but he was clearly an inch shorter than yukta mookhey in a filmfare function few yrs ago & yukta was in yukta may be close to 6'2" & taller than all bollywood actors except kunal kapoor & nikitin dheer
Umar said on 30/Sep/08
Jackie Shroff is 6ft barefoot, but normally he's 6"1-6"1.5.
Im only 5'8'' said on 2/Jul/08
He does look 6'-6' the movie Akayla there was about 1-2 inches in difference between him and amitabh..and since amitabh is 6'2 jackie is 6'
AM said on 24/Aug/07
jackie shroff had 1 inch on akshay kumar in bhagam bhag .
akshay kumar is not 6'feet tall!!!
316 said on 4/Jan/06
I have seen Jackie Shroff in person at Mumbai Airport, and i must say he is arnd tht 6' mark, but very lanky and slouches a bit.
Kal said on 4/Dec/05
Had a cousin who met this dude in person, and reports he's much taller in person than he expected. For reference my cousin is 5"10 (5"10.3 if we're being super accurate - me and my relations we be real nit-pickers!)
Anonymous said on 12/Nov/05
lol if he is 6 feet....Amitabh Bachan should be 6 feet as the movie Boom they both look the same height

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