How tall is Michael Madsen

Michael Madsen's Height

6ft ½ in (184.2 cm)

Peak height was 6ft 2 (188 cm)
American actor best known for films like Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill, Species, Donnie Brasco, Thelma & Louise and Free Willy. In this photo he had about 0.9-1 inch more footwear than me.

How tall is Michael Madsen
5ft 8 Rob and Michael @ LFCC 2014

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Average Guess (64 Votes)
Peak: 6ft 1.8in (187.5cm)
Current: 6ft 0.49in (184.1cm)
Jtm said on 2/Sep/23
did he start losing height in his 40s? he was at least inch shorter tan benicio del toro in most sin city premiere pictures.
Arch Stanton said on 1/Sep/23
The Getaway is a great film IMO, surprised to see it so poorly rated. The original was my favourite film of McQueen's, but some elements of the remake were as good and if anything a bit better IMO, I know most will disagree. Baldwin and Basinger were great in it. Madsen quite rightly says he was proud of it and said "It was a pretty good movie. I don’t think it was really released right. I think it should’ve been a wider release. I think they should’ve left it out a little bit longer."
Arch Stanton said on 1/Sep/23
There were scenes in Donnie Brasco where I thought he looked 189cm and 215-220 pounds. He made Johnny Depp look really small and scrawny! In Reservoir Dogs he could also give a strong 6'2 impression, though I don't think he looked as heavy at that point. There was something Elvis-like about him I thought, obviously dyes his hair black, but it suits him (unlike the tattoos).
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 31/Aug/23
Could look a solid 6ft2 in the 90's, sometimes 189cm...crazy amount of height loss. I reckon he's in the 230lbs range today.
Arch Stanton said on 30/Aug/23
He could even look 6'2.5 back in some of his 90s films. Quite a heavy set guy too, he looked like a big bear with Johnny Depp. What would you guess for his weight Rob and co?
Editor Rob
He's looked trimmer at times in the past, but at the point I met him I would have said 215-20
thebatman97080 said on 28/Aug/23
Google for some reason has him at 6'0.
Gerald S said on 27/Mar/23
Rob, could Madsen please join the Bond Actors tag as Damian Falco?
Sandy Cowell said on 20/Mar/23
When I first saw Michael in Reservoir Dogs ‘doing his little dance’, I actually thought he could be all of 6ft3 or 4!

6ft2 peak and 6ft0.75 now. 👂🕺
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Mar/23
Properly measured I think this guy can still manage 6ft0½ at least if not a bit more. Peak was undoubtedly 6ft2 if you watch Reservoir Dogs and The Getaway. Ridiculous amount of height to lose at 65 nonetheless.

Berta, Steve Williams is the guy you’re thinking of. He always looked solid 188cm minimum on 21 Jump Street, X-Files and LA Heat. Could’ve done a Jack Charlton (listed here 6ft2 but put down 6ft1½)
berta said on 19/Feb/23
4 cm loss ia alot for his age, what is average by then, maybe 1,5 cm?. At peak he did look around 188 but there may be that his real peak height only was 187? Nothing under that ofcourse but i dont see him as tall as legit 6+2 guys. Think about the black guy that played in the x-files, he was only 187 according himself and he does look taller than this guy at peak.Hm what i am saying is i think he have lost alot of height but not 4 cm, maybe was 187.87,5 and now 184,5 if he stands tall. lost 2,5-3 cm
Sandy Cowell said on 7/Feb/23
‘Mr Blonde’, Michael’s character in ‘Reservoir Dogs’, was an answer on The Chase today. The guy got it right, adding that he’d seen it.

I’ve seen it so many times that I know it virtually off by heart, so I can be very annoying to watch it with!

6ft2 peak and 6ft0.5 now. 😄
mark thompson said on 27/Jan/23
peak: 6’1.75
photo w/ rob: 6’0.75 base height, 6’1.5 in boots
today: ~5’11.5
Linke said on 29/May/22
Matt6'4.5, my dad has surprisingly not lost any significant height at 65. My mother has lost some height and she's 61.
Matt6'4.5 said on 26/May/22
Rob, do you feel 1.5 inches of height loss is a lot for a man who is only 64? My father (63) has only lost about .5–.75 inches.
Editor Rob
1.5 at 64 is more than you'd typically expect to lose.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 29/Jun/21
Poor Michael. I haven't heard that he suffered a broken leg.

If someone breaks a leg when fully grown, i.e. after around 30, and the later the accident, the bigger the risk of it messing with height in later life, do you think, Rob, that it's more damaging than it would be if you broke a leg as a growing youngster? It would certainly make sense. Kids were always breaking limbs at school, yet they always seemed to recover one hundred per cent. Actually, I think I've just answered my question, but your thoughts on the matter would be very much appreciated, and those of anyone who cares to contribute, possibly with his/her own personal tale.


Michael gets 6ft2 for his peak and 6ft and half-an-inch for his height today.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Jun/21
He looks like a guy whose got back issues...has he had surgery Rob?
Editor Rob
I don't know, but he broke his leg a few years back and that probably didn't help his height (and posture).
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 6/Jun/21
@ Rampage Clover - I've seen both those films many times and I agree with you.

6ft2 peak; 6ft1 today.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/May/21
Clearly was 6ft2 peak if you watch Reservoir Dogs and Donnie Brasco
Mickie said on 23/Feb/21
I'm giving him 6'1.75" peak and 6'0" current.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Feb/21
188cm peak is fair, at times could look a bit over it even
slim 6'1 said on 11/Jan/21
I’d say 187cm peak
Currently I’m unsure of what he’d be
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Nov/20
Didn't look under 6ft2 in Reservoir Dogs or Thelma & Louise, thought more 189cm than 187cm to be honest
Kale 186.5 said on 19/Oct/20
I always thought Madsen was a strong 6'2 weak 6'3. He towered over all the other cast members in Donnie Brasco, granted many of them were in the 5'5-5'8 range, but he still looked a legit tall guy.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Oct/20
How he looks next to you Rob doesn’t necessarily represent what he’d measure potentially
Editor Rob
He shrunk more since the first time I seen him, when he could stand well, but last 5 years you'd notice he struggles to look over 6ft in person.

A bit like Kane Hodder...over 10 years ago, even with boots he was noticeably taller than last year.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 6/Oct/20
Another amazing fact I found out last night was that Michael's Vic Vega from 'Reservoir Dogs' is brothers with John Travolta's Vincent Vega from 'Pulp Fiction'!

6ft2 peak and 6ft0.5 now.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 25/Sep/20
🎁🎂🎈 Happy Birthday Michael! 🎈🎂🎁

Wishing the handsome actor Michael Madsen a very enjoyable 63rd Birthday. If he'd been born a little earlier, he'd have been excellent in the Godfather trilogy. I'm a particular fan of Michael's gangster films. I think that it's his forte, but I've enjoyed everything of his I've ever seen.


6ft2.75 peak; 6ft0.75 today. XX 😄👌

OriginalAnon said on 28/Aug/20
His posture has never been very good. In fact, it has been terrible for quite some time. I think he was 6'2'' at his tallest. He still looks quite tall in that photo despite the terrible posture but he won't be much over 6' if at all these days. He has definitely lost height. I have no doubt that his poor posture earlier in life will have contributed to greater height loss.
Tall Sam said on 19/Jul/20
Rob, could having bad posture like Madsen even when young and capable of straightening up potentially cause relatively early or more height loss?
Editor Rob
Bad habits can lead to issues later on, especially getting towards age 60 when the body is starting to get older. But, taking up some basic exercise could help greatly, even for a guy like madsen. Maybe even recover an ability to stand and look taller.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 17/Jul/20
Still a blinding actor, regardless of how much height he's lost. He has a cool voice as well! 😎

Peak - 6ft2
Now - 6ft0.5
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Jul/20
Rob, could he be really be down to 6ft now?

That’s a ridiculous amount of height for a 62 year old to lose
Editor Rob
Yes, he coul be around that now, last time I seen him he had a leg cast on after breaking his leg, which might also have effected his height a bit.
Richie said on 15/Jun/20
Madsen looks 6'1" in this pic, he's leaning slightly yet still has between four and five inches on Rob.
Keith Bacchus said on 9/Jun/20
If rob is 5 foot 8 5 foot 8.5 then he looks 6 foot 2 at least in this pic
Nik said on 20/May/20
Look at these:

Click Here

Click Here
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 20/May/20
@ Nik - His sister, Virginia Madsen, is 5ft4.5, so she's much smaller for a woman than he is for a man. She's in some excellent films as well, including the Clive Barker horror, 'Candyman'.

6ft2 in 'Reservoir Dogs';
6ft0.75 now
Nik said on 12/Apr/20
@ Sandy Cowell - You are very welcome! I too think that 6'1" is possible for his nowadays height!

How tall is his sister?
Sandy A Cowell said on 9/Apr/20
@ Nik - I hadn’t actually noticed! Thank you for enlightening me!

I really like Michael Madsen and his sister is in some excellent movies too!

6ft2 peak
6ft1 today 😄👍
Sandy A Cowell said on 7/Apr/20
That’s a load of Botox! Check ‘im out on Revervoir Dogs! And how about Donnie Brasco?

I ain’t coherent at the moments.
Nik Ashton said on 5/Feb/20
@ Sandy Cowell - It’s great you gave him his 200th comment!

He’s losing a good few inches there!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 17/Jan/20
I've just been watching Michael doing his little dance in 'Reservoir Dogs', but before then, I had an excellent opportunity to compare him with strong Chris Penn, who, probably because he lifts Michael clean off the ground, gave me the impression that Chris and Michael were near to each other in height. They aren't, and I even noticed Chris looking up to Michael when they were having their fun slanging match in Lawrence Tierney's office!

Doubtless 6ft2 then, 6ft0.75 now. Still as sexy as ****!

Nik said on 16/Jan/20
His shoulders are much higher up than Rob's!
al001 said on 8/Dec/19
@Yang (5ft 8 Chinese men)
With the boots there looks to be a 5 inch difference even with him hunching down a bit. He’s at least a solid 6’0.5.
Some Guy said on 7/Oct/19
In Reservoir Dogs, his body looks incredibly disproportional. He has long legs, but an extremely short back. Either that, or he has always poor posture, or he pulled his pants all the way to his armpits.
Nik Ashton said on 26/Sep/19
I think he can pull off being 6’0.5”!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 25/Sep/19
🎁🎶🎂 Happy Birthday Michael! 🎂🎶🎁

My favourites of Michael's roles just HAVE to be as the ruthless Mr Blonde in 'Reservoir Dogs' and the parts he plays in 'Donnie Brasco' and 'Thelma and Louise' - all crackin' films!

Michael turns 62 today. I'd like to wish him the happiest of Happy Birthdays! 😉

6ft2 peak;
6ft0.5 now.

Miss Sandy Cowell said on 9/May/19
Great picture!

I have seen 'Reservoir Dogs' so many times that I know the lines off by heart💓! Michael 'Mr Blonde' Madsen's little dance and his chat with Nice Guy Eddie, played by the late Chris Penn are among my favourite bits!

6ft1 now and 6ft2 peak, though I would have believed 6ft3 once.
Yang (5ft 8 Chinese men) said on 3/Feb/19
May be need to downgrade him to 5ft 11 quarter somewhere around cause you stand up bit above his eye level despite he was wearing higher heels than you did. Looks like 5footer 11 to me..
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Oct/18
Looked a strong 6ft2 in the early 90’s
Rising - 174 cm said on 13/Oct/18
Look at this page: Click Here Carl Weathers is taller in every pic and it looks like Michael is wearing cowboy boots. Much better chance of Carl still measuring 6'1" than Michael, imo despite Carl being a decade older! Was Michael really a full 6'2"? He'd tower over the Donnie Brasco cast because some of the cast like Pacino and Bruno Kirby were short and Johnny Depp was average or even the low side of average.
Editor Rob
He has shrunk in last 5-6 years. He might still have a bit looser posture beside Carl making him look shorter.
berta said on 1/May/18
i think he could look 6 foot 2 thanks to always have boots on but was 187 peak and today he is a little under 6 foot 1. he and kevin costner did look very close in that western movie together
Paul22 said on 19/Mar/18
How tall do you think his son Christian is, Rob? He is listed at 1.88.
Editor Rob
Yes, he might be near that mark.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Mar/18
Rob, have you seen him recently at events?
Editor Rob
I did see him a couple of times, he can look barely 6ft at times, I think it might be likely he has lost another little bit of height over last 4 years.
josh b said on 16/Jan/18
He's certainly lost a load of height and can have abysmal posture now, lifestyle playing a big role in that. I mean, look in my photo below, he's got a hat and cowboy boots yet is still only a little taller than myself.
Editor Rob
He might be heading towards 6ft soon, but I do think was still near 6ft 1 5 years ago.
Duffer 5ft 11 said on 3/Jan/18
Big solid bloke with an enormous melon. 6'1 and change in his youth, but probably about 6 feet even nowadays. Pushing 60 I think?
James B said on 3/Dec/17
Intimidating guy
Kourosh said on 18/Nov/17
he also had a part in Scary Movie 4.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/Aug/17
Rob, could he still clear 6ft when measured and just appear that way or do you think he's actually dropped another inch?
Editor Rob
he really could be at most 6ft 0.5 now...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Aug/17
He looked 188-189cm in Donnie Brasco and Reservoir Dogs
josh b said on 3/Aug/17
Click Here
he had cowboy boots, was a character.
Ted said on 26/Jun/17
He would easily hit the 6' 2'' mark with better posture here. Possible 6' 2.5'' peak?
Fred84 said on 12/May/17
Hello everyone! I have seen many movies with Michael Madsen. I am interested in heights of the celebrities, but I could not find the height of Larry Bishop - how tall could he be? Maybe 175-178 cm? Picture taken from movie Hell Ride 2007: Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/May/17
He's losing at least 1in in that photo.
Pierre said on 11/Apr/17
He's slouching but Rob isn't looking very straight.Without his advantage of shoes i think the peak of Rob's head is easily higher than his eyebrows.6"0' max in my opinion
Thomas Veil said on 10/Apr/17
He looked over 6'2 in the old days. Now with bad posture probably around 6 foot even
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Mar/17
I think he'd still measure a decent 6ft1 today
Lorne??? said on 18/Mar/17
I'm sorry, I can buy that he has lost near 2 inches. About an inch, I can buy, he is heavy and Apperantly has a hard lifestyle. Also likely measures taller than he appears now.

He certainly was a tall guy, 187-188 for sure.

This listing is OK, but, I personally go with just under this listing:

6ft1.75 peak, now 185-5.5 I guess,.

188 is far from impossible, I just think he is young to have possibly lost 3cm of height, and it pretty much rules out
berta said on 31/Jan/17
he looks like he could be 186 in the photo. but if we take away the cowboy boots, then he isnt taller than 184. strange in old movies he actually looks 188. But i dont think he can have lost that mutch height. peak 187 and today if he stands well he could be almost 186. 1 cm loss
Arch Stanton said on 30/Nov/16
Well, he definitely had an easy inch on Kevin Costner in Wyatt Earp, so certainly a proper 6'2 in his prime. He's lost height early. Could be his heard living lifestyle, a heavy smoker and drinker I think.
newbie said on 30/Nov/16
Nt surprising he could come off as 6'3+ in Reservoir Dogs when a lot of the cast are quite short, seeing him with guys who are in the 6'2-6'3 range I can't see him being 6'2 at peak, maybe close to it but can't see even 6'2.
Sandy Cowell said on 7/Oct/16
It just goes to show how huge 6ft2 really is! I would have thought he was nearer 6ft4 in Reservoir Dogs and Donnie Brasco, though when he was on Celebrity Big Brother, good sport that he is, he did look somewhat shorter! A great and charming actor and I am very fond of him!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Sep/16
Yeah, probably hiding at least 1in in that hunch...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Sep/16
Rob, could he even be dipping under 6ft1 by this point?

I've seen him pop up recently in a few things and he looks barely above average at times. A far cry from the 90's when his height actually stood out and was most likely one of the reasons he got work playing a heavy.
Editor Rob
he definitely walks about shorter than he could stand I feel. A guy who can look 5ft 11-6ft to people probably, but uncranks his back and still measures over 6ft.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Sep/16
Question is...could he have been that tall?
Arch Stanton said on 13/Jun/16
Yes, he could pass for a legit 6'2.5 in Reservoir Dogs!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Jun/16
6ft2 minimum in Reservoir Dogs.
will said on 8/May/16
Looked tall in reservoir dogs. Maybe 6'3 at times even with his poor posture
Dmeyer said on 26/Apr/16
Tarantino is near 187cm with à 0,75 in sneaker , Madsen looks 6ft 1 with the heels 1,7in on hé dosnt even look a 6 footer with Tarantino
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Apr/16
Moke, obviously he doesn't look it there and I'm not explicitly stating that he WAS 6ft3.
Moke said on 21/Apr/16
@ Rampage
Undeniably 6'3? Yeah right...
Click Here
Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Apr/16
Rob, what you make of these?

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

That last picture especially....and Costner isn't standing that far behind. Looks undeniably 6ft3!
Editor Rob
it's tough to say based on those stills. I mean what about This one!
david said on 5/Apr/16
Potential height of '6'2.5
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Mar/16
Channing Tatum isn't quite 6ft1. I think this guy might've edged him. Both were shorter than Jackson for sure though
james said on 10/Feb/16
I've seen hateful 8 and 6'1 Channing Tatum is the same exact height as him ..6'2 Samuel L Jackson looked an inch taller then him when he was holding him and Tim Roth at gun point against the wall ,atange because Jackson should be losing inches in his mid 60's but still a strong 6'2 while the younger Madsen is losing height slowly
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Jan/16
Looks 6ft2-3 in Reservoir Dogs and Donnie Brasco. Looked At least 3in taller than Chris Penn.
Anon said on 25/Dec/15
Its weird because he was actually the same height as channing tatum in the hateful eight?
Dave189 said on 12/Nov/15
I saw him yesterday at LAX, legit 6'1"...
Paleman said on 6/Nov/15
Just look at how long his legs are in Reservoir Dogs. The guy was an EASY 6'2", maybe even as tall as 6'2.5".

Today he doesn't seem to be quite that height, though. I guess a rough lifestyle cost him a couple of centimeters huh? Looks about 6'1" now.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Oct/15
Rob, do you think he's still a decent 6ft1 or might be falling a little shy now?
Editor Rob
I seen him in blackpool last month, really he walked about like a 6ft guy I thought, he certainly looked taller last year, but then he had cowboys, maybe I seen him on a rare occasion that the cowboy boot helped him reach his highest height.
Arch Stanton said on 20/Sep/15
Yes, he could look 6'2.5-6'3" in the early 90s, certainly he could look a comfortable 6'2" guy. Yet in recent years can look struggling with even 6 ft 1 now.
the shredder said on 17/Sep/15
I watched Reservior Dogs recently , This guy honestly looked about 6'3 in that film , Maybe the other guys are less than listed?
memememe said on 8/Sep/15
So he was 6 ft. 2 peak? Is that what mainly evryone is sayingg? How can you lose one inch at the age of 57? Come on now. First danny glover, than ted dibiase. Who else? These excuses have to stop. Why dont people just face the facts that alot of these actors arent as tall as we may have thought. Peak height 61.25. Oh and now that we know madsen was never 6'2, brad pitt has never been 5'11.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Sep/15
6ft2-2½ in Reservoir Dogs. Tallest guy there followed closely by Tarantino...
Michael said on 27/Aug/15
He's gotta be 6'1.5-6'2, was the tallest one in Reservoir Dogs.
Mon said on 25/May/15
He has a big torso that is progressively collapsing of late like Gérard Depardieu, His sitting height is shockingly affected but back when he was in his 30s he was way taller.
Judd said on 23/May/15
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 21/May/15
188-189cm looks about right next to Quentin Tarantino and Chris Penn.
Around the same in Donnie Brasco w/h Depp and Pacino. In Kill Bill I couldn't find a decent shot of him with Uma Thurman to tell but I reckon an easy 2in if not more in his favour.

Rubbish posture will make any 6ft2 guy a weak 6ft1 or less. He may have had surgery.

mmmm...i am not sure about the fact he ever been and seemed a honest 6'2".
for example look at him in getaway (1994). at times he probably was at "peak" and he didn't seem for sure 2,5" taller than Alec Baldwin (5'11.5")...the curious thing is that they had both same shoes (cowboy's boots).

i think he was in youth 6'1.5-1.75" while today he has already lost 0,75" so 6'0.75-1" is right on!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/May/15
188-189cm looks about right next to Quentin Tarantino and Chris Penn.
Around the same in Donnie Brasco w/h Depp and Pacino. In Kill Bill I couldn't find a decent shot of him with Uma Thurman to tell but I reckon an easy 2in if not more in his favour.

Rubbish posture will make any 6ft2 guy look a weak 6ft1 or less. He may have had surgery.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/May/15
188-189cm looks about right next to Quentin Tarantino and Chris Penn.
Around the same in Donnie Brasco w/h Depp and Pacino. In Kill Bill I couldn't find a decent shot of him with Uma Thurman to tell but I reckon an easy 2in if not more in his favour.

Rubbish posture will make any 6ft2 guy a weak 6ft1 or less. He may have had surgery.
Mon said on 16/May/15
His posture is probably a fixed feature by now. Still looks a solid 6'1' in almost every comparison. A barefoot Michael was at least as tall as Daryl Hannah in 3 inch heels in Kill Bill, even though he he had his customary slouch.. Hard living costs you some extra height by your late 50's. Someone who burnt the candle at both ends for 3 decades, yet still looks 6'1'', could quite easily have been a weak 6'3'' with the good posture of early adulthood.
Lorne??? said on 14/May/15
Yeah Andrea, that is an example of him looking 187...

@Arch Stanton: He could certainly pull off 6'2 in the 90's; but do you really think 187 is laughable? I mean if he's 184-185 today, then certainly 6'2 was the most h could be, and I'm just suorised your so completely ruling out any less than that, when normally you're one of the most open minded here.

I just don't see him losing more than an inch of height in his 50's, and since he looked 187-188(IMO) then 6ft1.75 seems fair enough.

I seem to be one of the only people who thinks he wasn't a full 6'2, though, even with this new evidence.
misha said on 13/May/15
Nice photo - I would say the excessive leaning neutralizes his extra inch in
footwear so we're seeing him as he really is relative to you. I'd say 6'1.5".
Thus 6'2" twenty years ago is certainly credible. And only people who are
modest about their height lean like that, which implies a general modesty.
Mon said on 13/May/15
His legs always look long, at least a strong 6'2'' at peak. Hard living has probably lost him more height than others his age.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/May/15
184-185cm w/h Rob.
Josh1 said on 9/May/15
I thought he was 6'0.5
Maximus said on 9/May/15
6' to 6'1....not short by Hollywood standards.
Andrea said on 4/May/15
He can look 4-4.5 inches taller than Jonnhy Depp in Donnie Brasco... I can certainly buy 6'1.5, maybe 6'1.75 at a stretch but not the full 6'2.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/May/15
He looked 189cm in Reservoir Dogs and Donnie Brasco. Not under 6ft2 peak.
Lorne??? said on 3/May/15
He could look 187-188 in the 90's, Andrea.(At least if you trust my judgement).

I always though 6'2 was generous, I mean I wouldn't have completely ruled it out, but with him being barely 6'1 today, I just can't see it, unless we are supposed to honestly believe he's lost 2.5-3cm in his 50's???

To top it all off, Rob says 184 isn't ruled out, and he also looks that mark at times.(like in this pic). Then again, Rob also said he looked a big 6'2 in cowboy boots...

Peak height 6ft1.75, I still give him, and a liberal 6ft1 now.
A6'1Guy said on 1/May/15
@GP You do realize you shrink with age? Not to mention that everyone shrinks throughout the day?
GP said on 30/Apr/15
It's amazing that some people by watching movies can just tell someone's height. I always thought he was 6'2" due to always being the tallest in his movies until I dealt with him 6-7 years ago and realized that there is no way he was 6'2" or in that range.
Andrea said on 28/Apr/15
Arch, based on what does he look 6'2 in Reservoir Dogs? On his "proportions"? 189 is Brandon Routh's range and he never looked as big as that!
Andrea said on 28/Apr/15
Dmeyer, he looks near 185 in this picture, no less than 4.5 inches taller than Rob (and possibly a fraction over)... And all this not considering Michael's posture! Rob said he's losing max an inch with him but he also has got around an inch more in shoes... I think 185 is the most he could be today... Weak 6'1! And i wouldn't worry too much about the fact that he can look smaller than Quentin Tarantino since Rob has shown some pictures where he can look more 5'9!!! Having seen some pictures of him, he's actually a guy who's got terrible posture at times...
Arch Stanton said on 28/Apr/15
Rob watch Reservoir Dogs again, this guy was looking 189 in it to me!
Arch Stanton said on 28/Apr/15
See his 90s film, yes, this was about as good an example of 6'2" as you could get IMO.
Arch Stanton said on 28/Apr/15
I've seen most of his 90s film and anything under 6'2 IMO is laughable. In fact I'd say in some films he could pull off 6'2.5 more than 6'1.5. He was undoubtedly minimum 6'2" I'd say. Today he looks struggling with 6'1 but might be posture.
Lorne??? said on 27/Apr/15
I never thought he was a legit 6'2, to me he looked a good 187, like 6ft1.5-75. Of course he could look 187-8 in the 90's, but I never believed h ha lost that much height by age 50.

But I kept my mouth shut, because everyone else thought he was a legit 6'2 guy. But now with this photo, he needs a downgrade. He looks 6'1 range here, with the cowboy boots.

Of course pics can be deceptive, but this looks a good pic. He certainly isn't over 185cm.

I think, at least downgrading him to 6ft1.75in peak would be fair, as he wasn't less than a very strong 186/7. Today.

Today, he likely is 6ft0.75 at low.
Dmeyer said on 27/Apr/15
Not considering posture he looks 9-9.5cm taller if he has 11-11.5cm eye Level , so plus 2.5cm posture so so about 12cm about 6'1 minus boots more 183cm but i do bélieve he is 185 but how Côme in moSt pics he looks smaller than Tarantino
Andrea said on 27/Apr/15
Naa, Dmeyer... He doesn't look as short as 6' in this photo, but he looks max 185... Rob did say he's not losing more than an inch compared to himself so, considering the shoe difference, he's max 6'1 today! Good chance he's a weak 6'1, IMO! Never been a big 6'2 guy, i can buy 6'1.5 at peak, though! Remember he's only 56, maybe he's not lost a full inch! Rob, what do you think about a 6'1.5 peak and 6'0.75 today?
Editor Rob
I need to see him in early 90's stuff again.
I think the cowboy boots helped his posture, as I say I seen him standing around talking with a crew and this photographer (who himself is near 6ft) and he was over 6ft 1 and near 6ft 2, that was the best I saw him standing for 20 seconds.
ewan said on 27/Apr/15
well if rob has seen him in person and saw what he looks like before and after the photo was taken then he is most likely 6'1 as listed.
mId said on 25/Apr/15
I'm a little chocked by this 6'1 listing actually.. I saw him a few years back at a convention here in Sweden.. I'm 6' and my brother who was with me is 6'1.. and I don't think he was my brothers height.. I would actually peg him at my height or one or two centimeters under me even.. But I didn't really study his height so I can't say for sure about this one, I'm just saying I wouldn't have guessed he would be 6'1 from what I saw. Seemed like a cool guy though.
Oanh said on 25/Apr/15
Michael is slouching enough to lose 1 inch next to Rob;however, he gets it back with the 1" heel advantage. Pretty much evens out. I'd give him 6'1". He was great in Donnie Brasco.
Christian said on 25/Apr/15
Seems like he has back problems but standing up straight today I agree he looks around 6.0.75-6.1.
Arch Stanton said on 24/Apr/15
@Rob I told you he was struggling with 6'1 with Gareth Thomas!! He was in cowboy boots and barefoot 6'3" Gareth Thomas still looked noticeably taller!
Judd said on 24/Apr/15
I agree with 6'1.5" peak height and 6'0.75-1" current one.
Dmeyer said on 24/Apr/15
Looks 6ft on thé pic and 1in more shoes he looks 5'11
Andrea said on 24/Apr/15
Yeah, i see what you mean, Rob... You're saying you've been quite "lucky" he didn't stand as bad as he did with some of the other congoers... In any case, 6'1 is the most he could be today and he easily might drop a fraction under it! You're still convinced he was a big 6'2 guy, though? He didn't look that tall with Johnny and that actor Chris Penn listed at 5'11 (in The Reservoir Dogs)!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Apr/15
Losing 1in at 57 is pretty bad though.
the shredder said on 23/Apr/15
Looks 6'1 with the slouch , 6'2 with posture , take off the inch of boot you get 6'1 or around that
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Apr/15
He's not standing good here at all...
Andrea said on 23/Apr/15
He didn't look a big 6'2 next to Johnny Depp (in Donnie Brasco)... I think 6'1.5 peak and 6'1 max now would be more appropriate!
Andrea said on 23/Apr/15
If he's standing pretty good here, then how can he be 6'1? He doesn't look over 6'1 and he's got an inch more than you! He looks more 6' range... And since he's only 56, i highly doubt he's ever been a legit 6'2 in his life!
Editor Rob
he has lost height in last decade I believe.

The point is compared to me he's actually standing decent and the photo isn't bad. I think he looks near 185 so at worst would be 6ft.

With other people though he can struggle to look anywhere near it.

One last example to show what it could have been like...this guy in person who looks between 5ft 5 and 5.5: Chap with Ramsey and Madsen.

It's not too bad a photo for showing him close to his height, because as can be seen, he can look 5ft 9 with 2 guys who are actually 2-3 inches shorter than myself :)
The Exorcist said on 22/Apr/15
The picture above isn't good for judging how tall he is because of the slouchy way he's standing, leaning in towards Rob with his arm around him, and almost pushing his chin down into chest. The only clear thing we can tell for sure is that Rob's eye level is below his mouth.
Editor Rob
he's actually standing pretty good here, he's not losing more than an inch compared to myself...

Look at This photoAnother photo. Bear in mind that guy is leaning and in person he's a couple of inches shorter than myself. So he's standing about 5ft 5 there and Madsen isn't over 5ft 9.5 in comparison.

It could have turned out a lot worse ;)
Moke said on 22/Apr/15
I don't think he ever was a legit 6'2''. But he always has had a very poor posture. Same here. Difficult to say how tall he really is.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Apr/15
He's developed a bit of a squashed neck.
berta said on 22/Apr/15
dont Think he lost that mutch. was probably 187 and is 186 now
Judd said on 22/Apr/15
Terrible posture! If that guy is 6'3 then he doesn't seems taller than 6' but the posture is terrible.
However if he standing straight is 6'1" today than I wouldn't put him at full 6'2" as peak height.
6'1.5" or even 6'1.75" is better!
Andrea said on 22/Apr/15
Lol, and that's how a 6'2 guy (considering he's probably got an inch more footwear over those guys too) would look? He looks 6' tops... Again, for the third time, what about his posture? He must have a terrible one to explain this...
josh b said on 21/Apr/15
Brilliant photo rob :) shame I couldn't get one with him but hey ho
Editor Rob
I was only one at this moment in room with him as I was later getting this pic, so seeing him standing with the photographer and crew he looked a 6ft 2 guy, but then seeing he had cowboy boots I think he's around 6ft 1 range.

As I said to you, I did ask him if he wanted to do a back to back pose but he wasn't up for it.

He is actually standing pretty good here! He could have looked a lot different, for instance: With a 5ft 4-4.5 guy and a 6ft 3 guy...
Andrea said on 21/Apr/15
He's only 56 and he's already lost an inch, Rob? MMM... Was he standing fine here with you or not? If not, he's not even 6'1 (today)... Of course, Rampage has "guessed" him 189 at peak, strange :)
Hypado said on 21/Apr/15
Yes i believe in Peak height was 6ft 2in (188 cm) for Michael Madsen.

Great actor by the way.
GP said on 21/Apr/15
He was never more than 6'1". I dealt with him about 7-8years ago and he was 6'1" then. I don't understand the height loss. He is in his 50's and was most likely 50 when I met him. It's not like he was an action star doing his own stunts like Jackie Chan. I could believe a cm loss but a full inch/3cm?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Apr/15
Rob, is 184cm possible today?
Andrea said on 21/Apr/15
Looks 6'1 at best with you, Rob... If you consider he's also got an inch more in footwear, he looks 6' at best in the picture!!! Do you think he was losing some height in posture when the photo was taken?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Apr/15
He might be 186cm today.
Not under 188cm peak, though.
JJF said on 2/Apr/15
Looks correct, Rob.
No more than 6'1" - stood next to him at LAX check-in three years ago, the guy had some serious cowboy boots on and he had about 1.5" on me (I'm 1.84m).
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Mar/15
He looked very imposing in Reservoir Dogs...reminded me a bit of Ben Affleck.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Mar/15
He's put on fair bit of weight and rarely appears sober at events now.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Feb/15
Rob, would surgery have something to do with his height loss?
Editor Rob
wear&tear maybe.
cole said on 1/Dec/14
Did you get a pic or did you just see him up close, Rob?
Editor Rob
yes, I was 'late' for the photo so just on my own with him.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Nov/14
188-189cm range peak
Andrea said on 1/Oct/14
Too bad Rob met him and he would have given him 6'1.5 if there was even a chance he was that tall :)
Editor Rob
no he actually looked 6ft 2 although he had cowboys on.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Sep/14
186-187cm standing straight.
Arch Stanton said on 21/Aug/14
Looks easily 6'2" in Kill Bill Volume 2.
grizz said on 14/Aug/14
My lord, his height loss is even worse than in case of Schwarzenegger-3 cm loss and he didn't turn 60 yrs!
Crash said on 10/Jun/14
avi, studies show the height loss beginning around 30ish and slowly building up after then, so that by 60 on average 2cm has been lost for a man, and 3cm for a woman. These are just averages so some lose less by this time (or perhaps even none) and others will lose more but the majority of people will have lost at least some height by 60.

By 80 it will almost always be very noticeable height loss though... well over an inch generally.
avi said on 9/Jun/14
@Crash says on 7/Jun/14

shouldnt lose any height til 60s and should be very little. with good posture many men never lose more than 1/2 by 80s
Crash said on 7/Jun/14
Believe it or not most people have already lost a small fraction of an inch by 40 it seems, increasing to approximately 1cm by age 50 on average. So it's not so unbelievable that this guy shed a half inch by now.
Arch Stanton said on 1/Jun/14
Rob, there's a typo on Donnies is what I was trying to say!
Arch Stanton said on 30/May/14
Rob can you correct to Donnie? Back in the 90s I have to disagree jtm, he really looked a solid 6'2" next to guys who were listed 6'-6'1". Today I agree, he looks like he's struggling with 6'1" today.
Editor Rob
he's a laid back guy posture wise and losing some height in his 50's has always looked probable.
jtm said on 28/May/14
his posture is terrible but i don't think he was ever 6'2. look at the pictures with rourke in 2005 and he doesn't look taller than 6'0 in his recent pictures with tarantino.
Nick Breckon said on 29/Mar/14
When I wrote the Walking Dead Game Season 2 Episode 2: A House Divided, I met Michael Madsen who voiced the main antagonist of the episode... Carver.
He looked about 1.89 (6'2.5")to 1.90 meters (6'3"),any thoughts Robert? he looked like he was wearing flats to me.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Mar/14
I think Baldwin has always been 5ft11 range and just wore lifts in movies to hold his own opposite guys who are genuinely 6ft+. Madsen was 6ft2-6ft2.5 peak and now is 6ft1.5-6ft2. I don't think he's as low as 6ft1 flat even though he could look it on Big Brother.
Arch Stanton said on 12/Feb/14
In The Getaway he didn't look that much taller than Alec Baldwin oddly, maybe 2 inches. Baldwin did look 6 ft in that film though.
Captain Stewie said on 11/Feb/14
I'd say this about the Kill Bill star who is is in my Favorite video game...

Peak= 1.89 meters
Now= 1.88 meters
I can say this because I am a 1.87 man and he seem taller than me.
Mr. R said on 11/Feb/14
When I saw him a few years ago at a museum, he was still a full 6-2.
Cole Everett said on 9/Feb/14
I'm a 1.86 man and I saw him once after his Dishonored acting and he seemed a little shorter than me, posture? Possibly old age?
dmeyer said on 8/Feb/14
Charlie 176cm even with better posture He Will look max 10cm taller 186cm and He had slight more shoes from your peak He Is not more than 185cm
Arch Stanton said on 7/Feb/14
Rob can you add Donnie Brasco, Species, Free Willy and Mulholland Falls to the list?
Arch Stanton said on 7/Feb/14
Yeah he was struggling with even 6'1" next to Gareth Thomas but I think posture had a bit to do with it. Either way it's virtually impossible that he could still be 188cm if Gareth Thomas is 191cm. Thomas was still taller than Madsen wearing cowboy boots!! Granted though Madsen easily looked 6'2" back in the 90s and if anything look 189-90cm, in films like Reservoir Dogs and Donnie Brasco.
Dan Brody said on 6/Feb/14
I met him once and I'm 1.88 meters tall, and looked still the same as me, Rob have any thoughts?
Editor Rob
I think his posture at times can make him look just 6ft 1, but between 6ft 1 and 2 range today still.
Charlie238 said on 30/Jan/14
I met Michael Madsen this past summer at an airport. I was wearing regular sneakers and he was wearing boots which may have given him a little extra height. I took a picture with him and I have posted a link to it below. I am 5'9.25", and even though he is slightly leaning and is wearing boots, I believe 6'1.5" - 6'2" is about where he is at.

Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Jan/14
The current height range you got there looks spot on. He'd probably still be 6ft2 when he wakes up.
I reckon his peak was...

6ft2.75/190cm out of bed
6ft2.75/190cm early morning
6ft2.5/189cm morning
6ft2.5/189cm lunchtime
6ft2.25/189cm afternoon
6ft2.25/189cm evening
6ft2/188cm night
6ft2/188cm before bed
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Dec/13
Arch: Gareth Thomas? He's listed at 6ft3 and 6ft4. Rugby heights are usually spot on, so I think 192cm is possible for him.

As for Madsen, Reservoir Dogs and Donnie Brasco were two instances when he was cast with considerably shorter actors which might've added to the illusion of more height. I still think its quite possible he was 6ft2.25/189cm peak. Never 6ft3 though except in shoes.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Dec/13
I'd be shocked if he was 6ft-6ft1 now. But he does struggle to look 6ft2. Gareth Thomas has been listed as 6ft3 and 6ft4. My guess is that he might be 6ft3.5. Those rugby listings tend to round those centimetres up or down e.g. 6ft3/192cm or 6ft4/192cm etc.
Arch Stanton said on 17/Oct/13
He definitely looks noticeably taller in films in the 90s than he did on Big Brother. It would seem a joke saying he was as low as 6'-6'1" when if anything he looked nearer 6'3" than 6'1" in the 90s but if you saw him in cowboy boots next to the rugby player on Big Brother who is a legit 6'3" and barefoot 6'2" looks a joke let alone 6'3". He was shorter in cowboy boots than the rugby player barefoot. I can't explain it, maybe he has lost an inch at least.
Arch Stanton said on 17/Oct/13
I think Penn had on sneakers though in Reservoir Dogs. He really looked 6'1" ish I thought in that film.
Arch Stanton said on 17/Oct/13
Yeah he can look 189-90cm in Donnie Brasco too.He's definitely not that today. He's shorter than the legit 6'3" Welsh rugby player in cowboy boots.Strange for him to have lost height.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Sep/13
@Arch: Chris Penn might've worn lifts to look more imposing as Nice Guy Eddie. But I see your point. There wasn't much between him and Madsen.

I still think 6ft2-3 in the 90s is believable. If Tarantino is/was 6ft1-1.5, Madsen was possibly a fraction over 6ft2.
Arch Stanton said on 15/Sep/13
He was barely taller than Chris Penn in Reservoir Dogs. Granted he looked proportionally around 189 as Rampage says but Penn looked like 6'1" in comparison.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Jul/13
In his 20s and 30s he might've been 6"2"-6"3".
Definitely looked 189cm in Reservoir Dogs and Donnie Brasco.
Brad said on 22/May/13
Looked 6'1.5" in Die Another Day as he looked to be the same height as Pierce Brosnan. (Both 6'2" peak heights listed) But he could have passed for 6'2.75" (190 cm) in Reservoir Dogs, no doubt about that.
jimmy said on 15/Apr/13
Arch Stanton says on 7/Dec/12
I have 2 or 3 copies of Die Another Day on DVD which I couldn't sell when I once bought up Bond collections and sold them off individually and made a profit. Nobody would buy Die Another Day LOL, second worst Bond film after View to a Kill in my opinion. Quantum of Solace, third worst.
[Editor Rob: I have multiple copies of films, I end up buying ones I've forgot about...I must have about 3 copies of casino royale...

ffs, the worst is that for some unknown reason I have 4 'collectors' copies of Red Scorpion...madness!]

At least A view to a kill had Christopher Walken .Rob were you a fan of Dolph Lundgren?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Mar/13
187-188cm today
188-189cm peak
Arch Stanton said on 18/Feb/13
Nup I've still got three copies of Die Another Day I think and gave away a few as copies so I definitely had about 5 at one point! Jaws is a cool film, nothing wrong with that!
Arch Stanton said on 18/Feb/13
6'5? for Madsen is crazy. I guess he could seem 6'3" in Reservoir Dogs. I used to have 5 copies of Die Another Day and 4 copies of World is Not Enough Rob! In the olden days when people were looking to replace their VHS tapes with DVDs I used to buy DVD boxsets and break them up and sell em and as you can imagine everybody already had those two so they always ended up being left.
Mikey T said on 23/Jan/13
When I watched Reservoir Dogs, I thought that he was at least 6'4" or 6'5". I didn't think that he was 6'2"
Ka said on 7/Dec/12
Arch, Die Another Day wasn't that bad, but I understand your argument. Too much sci-fi tech imo. Brosnan in that movie looks near 6'2 next to Madsen
Arch Stanton said on 7/Dec/12
I have 2 or 3 copies of Die Another Day on DVD which I couldn't sell when I once bought up Bond collections and sold them off individually and made a profit. Nobody would buy Die Another Day LOL, second worst Bond film after View to a Kill in my opinion. Quantum of Solace, third worst.
Editor Rob
I have multiple copies of films, I end up buying ones I've forgot about...I must have about 3 copies of casino royale...

ffs, the worst is that for some unknown reason I have 4 'collectors' copies of Red Scorpion...madness!
Arch Stanton said on 7/Dec/12
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 22/Oct/12
Actually I saw Die Another Day last night and he looked evenly matched with Pierce Brosnan maybe a hair taller. Near 6ft3 in Reservoir Dogs and in Kill Bill. He has terrible posture. Maybe he's still 188cm and was 189cm peak. Looked really tall in Donnie Brasco.

Gareth Thomas has been listed from 6ft2 up to 6ft4 in the past. I'd say a strong 6ft3 maybe 6ft3.5 even?

Gareth Thomas is a solid 6 ft 3 guy, 6'3.5" is possible. I actually saw him last month in a car waiting at traffic lights just outside Bridgend but that's no good to estimate his height LOL. Madsen in cowboy boots was still shorter than him barefoot, 189 peak I strongly doubt. Granted he could look a full 6 ft 2 in his earlier films and did edge out Brosnan.
Editor Rob
I seen gareth earlier this year at an event...I thought he was close to 6ft 3, but didn't look over it.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Oct/12
Actually I saw Die Another Day last night and he looked evenly matched with Pierce Brosnan maybe a hair taller. Near 6ft3 in Reservoir Dogs and in Kill Bill. He has terrible posture. Maybe he's still 188cm and was 189cm peak. Looked really tall in Donnie Brasco.

Gareth Thomas has been listed from 6ft2 up to 6ft4 in the past. I'd say a strong 6ft3 maybe 6ft3.5 even?
Juan said on 17/Oct/12
The guy has bad posture it's evident in Kill bill and even in Reservoir Dogs. I'm betting this guy was like 6'3 in Reservoir dogs, maybe 6'2 3/4 in Kill BIll
Shaun said on 9/Sep/12
Jake: 1.82 m-- 1.83 m-- 1.84 m says on 6/Sep/12
He's only 53-54, he can't have lost much height (if any at all). Strong 1.87 m (6f1.75) peak, and still that today.

Trust me Jake if you saw him next to legit 6'3" Gareth Thomas you'd even be doubting he is as high as 6'1.5". He was still shorter than a barefoot Thomas in cowboy boots. I'll agree he looked a full 6 ft 2 peak, looked 6 ft 2 next to Colin Salmon in Die Another Day. But if you saw Big Brother at the beginning of the year you could see wasn't as tall as 6 ft 2 barefoot. I haven't been watching the new CBB as the "celebs" are just the worst going including that "Rhian I got texts from Vernon" bimbo.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Jul/12
In Reservoir Dogs he could pass for 6ft3...
Not suggesting he was that tall. But
189cm peak isn't out of the question
Shaun said on 27/Jan/12
When I saw him look only about an inch shorter though I think he was in cowboy boots and Gareth barefoot! But the fact he was an inch taller than Tarrantino apparently at one time would indicate he was 6'2" at some point. He's approaching mid 50s so might have lost a cm or two or maybe its just posture....
Shaun said on 27/Jan/12
Yeah I think 6'1" is more likely as he's been wearing cowboy boots a lot and Gareth seems to mostly be barefoot and he still looks more than an inch taller. He does look more 6' most of time because of his posture, as you say he can look more 184cm a lot rather than 188cm. I'm sure he's not what Rampage thinks though.. Gareth's a big guy 6'3" and 16.5-17 stone I think and Michael isn't close to that.
Editor Rob
whether he has lost height I don't know, but it is quite possible today 6ft 1.5 is nearer.
Shaun said on 26/Jan/12
Its 4:44 he's not slouching for once and the difference actually looks at least 2 inches and he's nearer the camera and in cowboy boots.. Can you only see an inch difference Rob?
Shaun said on 26/Jan/12
Click Here

Then he looks 4 inches shorter if you pause at 4:48. Gareth is a legit 6'3" but Madsen looks nowhere near 6'2" when they walk. I know its difficult to tell the exact difference but if you pause at 4:48 there looks quite some difference and its difficult to see how he could be slouching that much!!
Editor Rob
he could be 6ft 1 today
Small dude :( said on 23/Jan/12
6'2 when standing straight but his poor posture probably means he walks around at 6'.
Shaun said on 22/Jan/12
I caught a bit of it the other night and they were stood side by side and he was standing straighter and yeah he did look very close to 6'2" in comparison.
Shaun said on 21/Jan/12
Click Here

Rob see 1:08-1:10, he looks a lot shorter than 6'3" Gareth Thomas don't you think? I know he is slouching but he doesn't even look close...
Editor Rob
hard to say from that clip
Shaun said on 20/Jan/12
Mmm, if he had on inch on Tarantino I doubt he is under 6'2. But he's not 189cm unless Gareth is 6'4". I think Gareth has been legitimately measured at 6'3" and looks it and I'm pretty certain Madsen is at least an inch shorter and I think he's been wearing cowboy boots and sneakers in the house all the time too and Gareth always seems to be barefoot.
Shaun said on 20/Jan/12
Yeah he slouches an awful lot. At times he barely looks taller than Romeo MC who I think is 5'10"ish. He looks more 6'0 a lot as he always seem to be leaning forward as you say. 6'3" Gareth the gay Welsh rugby player seems to have more than an inch on him even when he seems to be standing fairly decent. I think he's more likely 6'1" and change. He was in Die Another Day I can't remember though if he ever stood next to Pierce Brosnan..
Shaun said on 9/Jan/12
He looked real tall though next to Denise Welch and Sonia from Eastenders, almost towering although I suspect they're both quite short.
Editor Rob
denise says she's 5ft 4.
Shaun said on 9/Jan/12
No it isn't Rampage. He's on Celeb Big Brother at the moment. I caught a glimpse of the start of it yesterday and I saw him standing next to legit 6'3" Gareth Thomas and he was definitely 1-1.5 inches shorter than him. I'd say he is somewhere close to a flat 6'2", most likely a tad under rather than over.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Sep/11
6"2.25(189cm) is closer
Shaun said on 30/Jul/11
Legit 6'2". Taller than Tarrantino.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Jul/11
Looks 189cm next to Tarantino...but in Kill Bill opposite Uma Thurman he only looked 186-187cm.
thebad7 said on 19/Jun/11
Very prolific character actor. He makes even crappy films worth watching because of his presence alone. He slouches quite a bit, but when he does stand straight, he's an easy 6'2".

@Rampage: I agree with you: in photos with Quentin Tarantino, he looked to have about 1" on QT.

James said on 12/Jun/11
really 6'0-6'1 in photos? I think he looks 6'2 a lot of the time. in resivor dogs looked the 6'2 mark.

This guy is a classic example of what a real 6'2 looks like unlike Clive Owen, Will Smith or Hugh Jackman.................. then again he did appear a fraction shorer than 6'1.5 Vinne Jones in one photo (probably just bad posture)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/Jun/11
Looks under 6ft2 because he's bulky...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/May/11
I think 6ft2-6ft2.5 is closer
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Apr/11
6"2.25 or 188-189cm
Anonymous said on 1/Dec/10
In Reservoir Dogs he looked really tall and slim, like 6'3. However, in his recent films he seems to have put on some weight and lost some height, not to mention his slouching posture. Still looks about 6'1.5 to me.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Nov/10
Rob could 189cm be possible?

Editor Rob
I don't think he looks that tall
Danny said on 10/Jun/09
He looks big in Brasco cause Depp is only 5ft 8/9 and Pacino is like 5ft 5/6. Anyone 6ft 2 will look noticably taller than men of that height. Especially given his frame.
Norge said on 17/Feb/09
He looks big as hell in Donnie Brasco, seems like 6'2 is the perfect height...
Spence said on 6/Dec/08
he looks 2inches lower 189 Ashton Kutcher.. This guy 6ft at most
Q. Mountbatten said on 24/Oct/08
Well I met him at a gallery once, he was a good 4-5 inches shorter than me so I guess 6.1 6.2 but a big guy all the same.
adam said on 19/Sep/08
At least 6-2 definitely and also looks pretty big in build. I`d say a solid 200 pounds, could be more.
jake said on 17/Sep/08
6-2, 190lbs
Mr. R said on 6/Aug/08
He is 6-2.
Hugh said on 1/Apr/08
6ft2.5-6ft2.75 sounds more conveniant. Great actor.
Gago said on 9/Jan/08
Met him, big guy, deifinitely 6'2.
Bengalltigerr said on 17/Oct/07
He is quite tall,I don't know why he always does that thing but I do believe he is a real 6'2 actor.
sam 2 said on 13/May/07
He is 6'2" on the dot !!
G-unit said on 25/Jan/07
legit 6'2 guy
Anthony said on 13/Nov/06
He's not A - list, but he's pretty well know. Love the guy, great actor.
Glenn said on 13/Nov/06
I love him.but he isnt A-list.
Anthony said on 18/Aug/06
Even though he spent the enite movie slouching, I did see a visible two inches between him and Willis in "Sin City".

Also here he is with cast of "Kill Bill":

Click Here

If he straightened up, he looks he'd definitely be a tad bit taller than 6'1.5 Tarrentino, so 6'2 or maybe a little more.
Glenn said on 17/Jul/06
More closer to 6-3 to my eyes.
Half bake said on 15/Jul/06
How can Goobs speculate him being 5"11? He's 6"2. Maybe even taller in his younger days.
CelebHeights Editor said on 6/Feb/06
Another angle with 6ft 1 Ginola...this guy ever straighten up???
goobs said on 19/Jan/06
Check out miami vice season one. Theres an episode he's in and next to Don Johnson who's sporting those thin soled loafers. Looks about 5'11 to 6'0 next to Dons 5'9"-10". I'm off to check out "Wyatt Earp"
Max said on 25/Dec/05
6'2'' totally.In a Wyatt Earp he is tallest guy,taller than Hackman,Costner and Quaid
bob said on 14/Oct/05
I noticed he never stood up straight next to Bruce Willis in Sin City while they were in the same shot, probably because they didn't want Willis looking 2 inches shorter than someone.
Mr. R said on 10/Oct/05
Believe it or not Rob, I saw Michael Madsen on Saturday night at the Basquiat exhibit in downtown LA. He actually stood right next to me while I was examining a painting. He had on boots, but they had a regular sized heel. Without a doubt, he is a straight up 6'2".

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