How tall is Tim Roth

Tim Roth's Height

5ft 7 (170.2 cm)

British Actor best known for roles in movies Reservoir Dogs, The Incredible Hulk, Rob Roy, Pulp Fiction, Meantime, Vincent & Theo, Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead, Gridlock'd, Funny Games, Selma and Planet of the Apes. On TV he starred in Lie To Me. In a 1995 article, it mentioned "the 5-foot-7-inch Roth", although in a late 1980's Spotlight casting directory, Tim was described as "Height 5 feet 8 inches".

How tall is Tim Roth
Gemma Arterton & Tim
Photo by PR Photos

How tall is Tim Roth
Kelli Williams (near 3" heels) & Tim
Photo s_bukley/

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5ft 6.39in (168.6cm)
thebatman97080 said on 1/Jun/23
I can't see him being any taller than 5'6 1/2 peak. 52 year old Harvey Keitel was around a half-inch taller than him in Reservoir Dogs plus the boots he was wearing looked to have a decently tall heel.
NoChance said on 17/May/23
5'7"? No chance. If you have seen a film called, "The Hit", he's standing with shoes next to a barefoot Terrence Stamp and he's approximately 6" shorter and 4" shorter than a ~5'9" John Hurt. 5'5" max.
jokey said on 10/Oct/22
At the first time i thought he was something like 5'5, looks very tiny standing on its own. But he's nothing below 5'7 in his peak to be honest, sometimes he looked the same as 5'8 Harvey Keitel in Reservoir Dogs and people said he was taller than solid 5'6.5 Big G in one of his photos with celebs (which got unfortunately deleted).
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 10/Feb/22
In 'Reservoir Dogs', Tim doesn't half look tiny and helpless next to stockily-built Harvey Keitel. You can't help but feel sorry for Tim, what with his terrible stomach injuries, but 'Reservoir Dogs' is one funny film - as in strange funny rather than amusing, LOL funny - and we the viewers get to know, and even like, the naughty hoodlums because we see their human, chatty sides. I think that Tim's Mr Orange 🍊 has a genuine liking for Harvey's Mr White, and he trusts him implicitly. πŸ€β“πŸΆ

We see Steve Buscemi (Mr Pink) complaining about the callous shooting spree that Mr Blonde (Michael Madsen) has been on, and he has feelings and sympathy for the victims who were shot, which demonstratess that he has a good side to him. Mr Orange is really an undercover policeman, and thinks nothing about killing the woman who shoots him in the guts. 😒 Why should he feel he has any more right to kill than the others just because of his job?

Quentin's films do strange things to our heads, I find, and we laugh at scenes that shouldn't be laughed at at all! I saw this, and 'True Romance', with my Dad many times, and we'd laugh - and squirm! - at the very same scenes.

Dad remarked on Tim's short little stature, adding that cops used to have to be positively tall in, say, the 50s and 60s. The first height stipulation for male police officers that I recall reading about in the newspapers was 5ft8 or 9, and for ladies, it was 5ft4 or 5 but every so often, a shorter candidate would be accepted. This will have been in the mid to late 70s. In return, I'd be able to fill my Dad in on the acting histories, nationalities and other more personal information of the stars, including their heights, of course! πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘Œ My Dad was very informative as regards 'True Romance' and the historical backgrounds of the excellent Sicillian discussion between Dennis Hopper and Christopher Walken.

By the end of my 5-month long visit, Dad knew all my favourite actors and quite a bit about them!

Tim gets 5ft6.5. πŸΎπŸΆπŸ˜±πŸ”«πŸ˜’πŸ’°πŸ’Ž
2pacalypse wow said on 7/Nov/21
Never was 5'7". Although with 2Pac he could pull it off..
Tall Sam said on 29/Sep/20
I agree that he's of similar height to Bob Dylan, most likely 5'6.5" for the better part of a day. I've been a big fan of his ever since Reservoir Dogs.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 14/May/20
πŸŽπŸŽ‚πŸŽˆπŸŽ‰ Happy Birthday Tim! πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸŽ‚πŸŽ

A Very Happy 59th Birthday to Tim Roth!
I just found 170cm for him so I will go back up to 5ft7 for the English actor who puts on such a convincing American accent for the many American films he stars in, including Quentin Tarantino's greatly enjoyable masterpieces.

Miss Sandy Cowell said on 22/Apr/20
@ Comment95 - In all fairness to Tim, he is doubled up in pain throughout much of 'Reservoir Dogs', and looks tiny with the caring Harvey Keitel, but in fairness to you, Tim doesn't look too tall in 'Funny Games' either, and makes no attempt to take on the two (much taller) young thugs, Michael Pitt, who is around 5ft11 and the shorter Brady Corbett. One thinks, "Why isn't he making any attempt whatsoever to defend his family?"

Okay, so they knock Tim to the ground at the beginning with one of his own golf clubs, but surely there would have been other ways? I showed the film to my boyfriend, who thought he played a wimp, which is rather a contrast to some of the parts I've seen Tim in!

Altogether, a brilliant actor and I have bought movies before because he's starred in them. Al Pacino isn't tall, and he's played the hard man in every film I've seen him in. Tim plays a combination of both tough and vulnerable, but he's always worth watching.

I think 5ft6.5 will suffice!

Comment95 said on 19/Apr/20
in Reservoir Dogs he looks like a tiny, 5'6 person, so i dont know
Anna Smith said on 12/Dec/19
He's probably like Bob Dylan who, with good posture, can be 5'7, but in general he seems around 5'6. Especially in "Lie to me".
Pierric said on 8/Dec/19
Hi Rob, could you make an estimation of French actress Jeanne Balibar (on the left of Tim Roth). I'd say 180 with shoes, a kind of heals which can give fore me an advantage of about 8 cms. If Tim Roth is 172 on shoes, I'll put her at about 172 barefoot. Are you agree ? Thanks

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Editor Rob
That's a fair enough estimate for her
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 26/Jun/19
How many times does Tim use the 'F' word in the opening scene of 'Pulp Fiction'? I'm going to have to count one day! It's particularly funny because he's a very well-spoken man.

As he's 58 now, I reckon Tim has lost a bit of height. I saw him made up to look much older in a recent part he took, playing a role that had previously been played by Richard Attenborough, as a creepy mass murderer. He didn't look much more than 5ft6, and that cannot be blamed on the make-up department! πŸ˜πŸ“Ί

This time round, Tim can have 5ft6.5.πŸ‘
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 14/May/19
πŸŽ‚πŸŽπŸ˜ Happy Birthday Tim! πŸ˜πŸŽπŸŽ‚

Tim turns 58 today. He doesn't look it, does he? The man has fascinated me in films galore, from 'Reservoir Dogs' and 'Funny Games' to 'The Incredible Hulk'.

Have a good blast today Tim! πŸ˜πŸ‘


World Citizen said on 11/May/18
Hey Rob do you think he lost height?
Editor Rob
that could be possible now, though maybe 1/4 of an inch
Parker said on 11/Sep/17
If Tim is 5'7, Kurt Russell & Sylvester Stallone are 5'10.
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errybodyshutup said on 11/Jul/17
typical british slouch
Joe said on 9/Jul/17
Rob, do you think the previous average guess of 5ft 5.9in was understandable, even though it's quite unlikely?
Sandy Cowell said on 24/May/17
β˜€Correction Time!β˜€

That was meant to be 'Harvey Keitel is a noticeable CHUNK taller than Tim', instead of the 'word' that I put down, which isn't a word at all so we might as well forget it, whatever it was!
Joe said on 21/May/17
Rob, do you think he's still 5'7", or do you think he should get a downgrade? Also, do you think he could have ever been more than 5'7"?
Editor Rob
wouldn't go over 5ft 7, and can understand 5ft 6.5 range as being possible. He does though have a kind of loose posture at times, making him seem barely even 5ft 7...
josh jeffords said on 10/Mar/17
Love this guy at least back in the 90s fantastic actor small suits him.
Played everything from a cool cop to a menacing psycho with ease.
He looks 5 7 to 8 on film shoes lifts and angles aside he was likely 5 6.5 to strong 5 7.
From memory he seemed close to a pre inflated banderas but I havent seen four rooms in a long time.
May need a peak and now height he is not a young man 5 7 peak.
Pitch_Fork said on 27/Feb/16
166-167 now max. 167-168 peak max
He has always looked 5'6'' or a bit less to me. The dude is really small. Pics with Waltz just prove that (if you wanna say he crosses his legs thus slouches take a look at other pics).
james said on 10/Feb/16
Lol in The Hateful 8 Sam jackson's character calls him "little British man"
ghijok said on 30/Jan/16
Struggle to see how he's 170cm when next to Christoph Waltz.

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184.3cm (Night) said on 17/Nov/15
Funny reading those old comments from Big G, it was obvious back then to some that he was 5'6.5-5'7 range comparing him to Roth. Especially that Mcfan guy guessing G at 5'8 in sneakers he is probably right on the money. Although with those portman's maybe 5'8.5.

Tim looks good at 5'7 anyway, not in the least height conscious.
Thomas said on 14/Nov/15
I recently met Mr. Roth at the AFI film fest for the screening of his film "Chronic". I'm 5'6 and he appeared to be an inch or two shorter than me. By the way, he was relaxed, a gentleman, and was very kind to me personally. Amazing actor by the way.
mande2013 said on 23/Jul/15
And Little Odessa too...
Sam said on 26/Jun/15
Rob, could you add Meantime, Vincent & Theo, Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead, Gridlock'd and Selma to his credits?
Sam said on 8/May/15
He's got such bad posture but I wonder if he's unlikely enough to have lost some height before 60.
Mike said on 12/Jan/15
Can you add Pulp Fiction and Lie to Me?
Sam said on 7/Jan/15
I do believe he's a 5'7" guy but he slouches quite a bit and it can make him seem even shorter. I think he & Keitel might have given the best performances in a Tarantino film in Reservoir Dogs, except for maybe Uma in the Kill Bills.
Realist said on 12/Jun/14
Rob he has lost atleast an inch he looks like a dwarf with Nicole Kidman who's 6'2.5 with those heels.
Powerhouse said on 28/Sep/13
About 5'6
Matt said on 12/Aug/13
Was a little shorter than Harvey Keitel, who was a strong 5'7-.5 in his peak.
Silent d said on 8/Oct/12
He has really bad posture. He walks with a hunched back. I think if he straightened up, he could be much taller. I think he went to chiropractor to crack his back, he would be taller. What do you think rob but he is quite old though? He does look 5 foot 7.
PHL said on 30/Mar/11
cmon guys ... a 5'7 guy dont look that short in ALL ocasions. he exactly height is probably 5'5.
John said on 17/Mar/11
I'd say 5'6 to 5'7 sounds about right if he's in shoes.
kookierx said on 9/Mar/11
same here

NO more than 5-6.5" MAXIMUM imho
TruebloodFan said on 2/Feb/11
looking at him in 'Lie to me' series I've been watching these days, he looks a strong 5ft6. The guy is never fat and he's very cool, so that helps him looking a full 5ft7. On the other hand, he hunches a lot, maybe that makes him look 5ft6, while in reality he's 5ft7.

p.s. @Tony Greene; about Phillippe...the guy is no more than 5ft8...the average height of man.
toni said on 31/Jan/11
Looks 5'6 at most. He was so tiny in the hulk movie
Sam said on 3/Dec/10
to parker

the u.k is not the world.

the worlds most populated countries (besides western countries):
China, India, Pakistan, bangladesh, ethiopia, egypt brazil,indonesia, vietnam,japan are below 5ft8 in average male height.

its mainly because of nutrition reasons
Edwin said on 16/Nov/10
I can't believe he 5 ft 7. No way. He looks tiny.
maggie said on 28/Oct/10
Tim Roth is so cool. He is 5'7". It says on all his bios
Ashley said on 17/Jun/09
He's a solid five-seven. And as for him being a "dick", everyone has their bad days, and he's also known for being a little cool toward male fans but from female fans who've met him I've heard he treats them like gold.
Hugh 190cm said on 12/Jun/09
If Roth is 5ft7 then Glenn has to be 5ft8.
Yaspaa said on 23/Apr/09
Looked a lot shorter than Jennifer Beals (albeit in heels) in the new episode of 'Lie To Me',it's looking like he could be 168.
MD said on 19/Jan/09

More than anything else, this probably shows that Wahlberg is a huge lift wearer (which would actually in finally getting Wahlberg's height correct), but here is Tim back in 2001 at the Planet of the Apes premiere with Mark Wahlberg:

Click Here

Click Here

Again, this shows either that Roth is not even 5'7", or yet another piece of proof Mark's a lift wearer.
leonari said on 26/Oct/08
Rob: After looking at several of his movies I really think he is no more than 169 cm. What do you think?

Editor Rob
don't know about that, there's a chance but is he kind of guy with good or loose posture?
Rachel said on 23/Oct/08
Well, it certainly doesn't help figuring out his true height when he hunches all the time. He's a great actor, but his posture is terrible.
Heightdetective said on 28/Apr/08
His posture isn't best, 169-170 cm seems correct to me.
Anonymous said on 24/Mar/08
Hilary, just curious why you insist on wearing 4 inch heels when you're 5'8"?
Hilary said on 26/Jan/08
I met him last month at a screening of Youth Without Youth. I'm 5'8 naturally and was wearing four-inch heels, and when I got to talk to him after the Q&A session, he was considerably shorter than I was. Don't quite remember the specifics, but I'd put him at tops 5'7. Probably closer to 5'6 these days.
Incidentally, I only got to speak to him for maybe five minutes or so, and he was quite nice to me. Very modest, maybe somewhat uncomfortable with this sort of attention, but not rude at all.
Daniel said on 27/Nov/07
He looks like a 164, same height as JOE PESCI and MICHAEL J FOX. I can buy it 5'7...
Bengalltigerr said on 17/Oct/07
He looked about 172 in Reservoir Dogs ,I don't think he's 169.
glenn said on 7/Sep/07
hell,he can look 5-8 in front me at times and can very well be.
gangsta said on 6/Sep/07
in the first pic he does look an inch shorter than glenn, in the second he looks around the same height as glenn, but its very hard to point out whos taller if one person is an inch taller than the other
glenn said on 28/May/07
read my posts for his demeanor,he was rude and didnt want to pose the first time.nicer the 2nd time.and drunk.
Wcstats said on 28/May/07
wow glenn, he's really that unfriendly. I never knew. You got my curiosity going. I never pay attention to his real life interviews. Is he as unfriendly as the characters he plays in the movies?
James said on 27/May/07
Glenn if he is 5ft7 then why is he exactley the same height as you???
James said on 25/May/07
Glenn, when you asked to pose with him for the first photo was he confrontational?
Anonymous said on 14/May/07
5 ft 7-5 ft 6.5 are dead on for this guy.
Anonymous said on 28/Mar/07
In the film 'Gridlock'd', Roth is only a smidge shorter than Tupac Shakur; I have Roth at 5'8" and Tupac at 5'8.5
glenn said on 17/Feb/07
roth could be 5-8.i wouldnt give anyone a height mcfan being you and i had problems before.
mcfan said on 16/Feb/07
Roth and Glenn look the same height. Glenn, are you sure you're 5'9.5 in sneakers? That's pushing it quite a bit. I'll give you 5'8 in sneakers from the photos I've seen on this site.

Editor Rob
you can't 'give' someone a height, if they have measured themselves at and stated this height in sneakers or shoes.

I am 5ft converse or 'fashion sneakers', 5ft 9.1-2 with normal shoes/average sneakers (this is what I am in every pic 2006 I took), and just about 5ft 9.4 in Nike Shox...

which I must say could be the CelebHeights award of "sneaker of choice" for 2007...I think I might have to pull a Franco and become a 24/7 walking talking advert for shox! - Nike, if you're reading, send me few spare pairs of green and white shox, 9.5us please ;)

but anyway, Roth's head could be slightly closer, and if the camera is relatively close you gotta take a little amount into consideration.
Glenn said on 14/Feb/07
Oh,leonari,he had casuals.
neishow said on 13/Feb/07
dont understand glenn, he looks the same height as you. (173cm???)
Anthony said on 13/Feb/07
He looked marginally shorter than Harvey Kietel in "Reservoir Dogs", about half an inch. If Kietel's 57.5, than Roth is probably 5'7 even. And Monica Bellucci probably has on heels.
The Horse of FUNK said on 13/Feb/07
Don't know why, but he looks 171cm with Glenn.
Glenn said on 5/Oct/06
I heard others tell me he isnt too friendly.
antron said on 4/Oct/06
seems like he has a big head (literally, I really don't care how nice he is), no?
Glenn said on 4/Oct/06
He said no to this first photo with an attitude.I embarressed him in front of his friends and got him to pose.
Glenn said on 4/Oct/06
Bumped into him again last week.alot nicer,but drunk.looked 5-6,but that was an pic back,he looked close to my height.the man is no smaller than 5-7.maybe a littlemore.
Joe said on 2/Oct/06
I would say he is 5'6 but not under that. He does seem like a dick in interviews. I still love his work. What made him seem like such a sausage glen?
sam said on 11/Jul/06
Why did you say "a sausage", Glenn? Are you saying he's a dick or were you thinking of food?
Wcstats said on 2/Jun/06
He can appear quite small. A friend of mine met him and said he was close to my height and i'm 5'8. So 5'7 is probably on target.It's too bad i wasn't there to meet him so i envied my friend. Good actor as he's good at playing the bad guys.
Mr. T said on 20/Apr/06
He looked 5'6"-5'7" right next to 6'1.5" Tarantino in Four Rooms.
trueheight said on 16/Mar/06
he maybe 5'8 based on Grid'locked, he looked just marginally shorter than 2pac who is 5'9-5'10

Editor Rob
he had, what looked like bigger footwear in that film
TNTinCA said on 15/Feb/06
Looks pretty close to 5'7" in my opinion. Outstanding actor by the way.
Glenn said on 15/Jan/06
correct.and a sausage.
CelebHeights Editor said on 31/Dec/05
Don't know what magazine, but: "He's tiny, is Tim. Looks around 5ft 5in, although he's doubtless officially 5ft 7in."
mcfan said on 18/Jul/05
Tim Roth seemed about a half-inch taller than Jennifer Connelly in "Dark Water." I'll give him 5'7 at the most.
delfonic said on 4/Jun/05
I waited on him in a London restaurant. I think 5' 7" is fairly accurate. He had boots on and was still a solid couple of inches shorter than me (I'm 5'9" exactly barefoot).
leonari said on 4/Jun/05
No they are not the same height I wold go for 5'8" 2 PAc and 5'7 Roth...5'9" seems to high for Pac
Lmeister said on 4/Jun/05
I think U are right Rob. Tupac is around 1.25 inches taller than Roth...

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