How tall is Bo Svenson

Bo Svenson's Height

6ft 5in (195.6 cm)

Swedish Actor best known for the original Walking Tall, The Inglorious Bastards, The Great Waldo Pepper and Heartbreak Ridge. In the 1970's described 6ft 5, for instance 1976 lima news, "If you're 6-foot-5 and weigh 225 pounds". He also mentioned a taller height in The Pittsburgh Press (1981), saying "I'm 6 feet 6 inches tall and i weigh 235 pounds".

How tall is Bo Svenson
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6ft 5.4in (196.6cm)
Arch Stanton said on 13/Sep/17
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With Ali and Travolta there this does look more accurate than 6'5.5-6'6. Standing his best I think a smidge over 6'5 isn't impossible though.
Arch Stanton said on 13/Sep/17
Mm didn't look over 6'5 with John Travolta though.
Arch Stanton said on 13/Sep/17
Is 6'5.25 or 6'5.5 peak really that unreasonable? Looked more than 6.5 inches taller than Redford.
Editor Rob: he was described as 6ft 5.5 in late 70's, I've seen that mentioned before...always a chance he could have been between the 2 figures and sometimes rounded up.
Arch Stanton said on 13/Sep/17
Rob can you add The Great Waldo Pepper? He did look a decent 6'5 with Robert Redford in The Great Waldo Pepper. 6'5.25 isn;t impossible for peak.
PLB said on 9/Apr/17
Everyone here seems to think Swenson was 6'6" or so. I would have said 6'3". Maybe I'm wrong. I did see him literally eye to eye. He ran into me again literally. He was drunk in Rome and was reeling around early in the morning. I'm 6'4" and I thought he was a bit shorter than I am. But I could be wrong. He was definitely the tallest movie star I ever met. Michael Douglas was a midget. Karl Malden was an average guy and OJ Simpson about the same. Gregory Peck was so thin he seemed small.

I once met Clifford Ray at my local Chinese laundry. He was considered a short NBA center. But he intimidated the hell out of me. Basketball players are tall. Movie stars aren't.

Male movie stars generally have to be shorter than 6'4" if they want to be cast in a leading role. Producers want the flexibility to cast the best available female star. Some female stars are close to six feet but many aren't. If the male star is six seven or so there are only a few female stars who can be paired up with them.

Several tall guys like Alexander Skarsgarde and Paul Bethany lie about their height. They claim to be shorter than they actually are. If you are much taller than six four they put you in a lizard mask and you play an alien monster. Some shorter guy gets his name above the title, gets to kill you in the last real and gets the girl.
anonymous said on 8/Apr/17
At least 6'6 way back in the early 70's which would have been peak height time. In "Big MO" 1972-3, he was so much bigger than Bernie Casey who was NFL Database 6'4 215 he was like 3 inches taller.
berta said on 17/Mar/17
rob maybe giving him half inch more could be a better listing? dont think he was shorter than me at peak
Anonymous said on 25/Dec/16
Was listed on this very site as being 6'6.5 years ago. Rob,..wondering where that very specific listing would have come from? Also I saw him called 6'7 on some circus of the stars episode back in about 78-79.
Editor Rob: he was added at 6ft 6.25 in 2004.
berta said on 19/Oct/16
this is the absolute smallest he was. i think he was between his claims
LoganNoll1996 said on 20/Dec/15
Seems as though almost everyone on here is convinced he's 6'6". Seeing him in Snowbeast(great movie by the way), he towered everyone except Clint Walker who was 6'6" himself. 6'5.5" is as low as I would put him but I agree with the 6'6" listings.
Sam said on 2/Dec/15
As I've said before I think he was a bit over the 6'5" back in the day...any chance you'd split the difference between his claims Rob?
Sam said on 31/Mar/15
This is one of the few guys who claims 6'5" who is slightly downgrading rather upgrading himself. I believe at peak he'd be somewhere between the 6'5" and 6'6" marks.
Sam said on 13/Nov/14
Actually, I agree with KROC, when straightened up Svenson and Clint Walker seem roughly equal.
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Sam said on 11/Nov/14
I'd bet he'd be very similar size to Clive Mantle, I think a 6'5.5" listing would be better for Svenson.
MrTBlack said on 11/Nov/14
I believe he's around 6'6". 6'5" isn't totally out of the equation but the 6'4" listing is ridiculous.
KROC said on 23/Apr/14
Looked the same height as Clint Walker in the movie SnowBeast. 6'5 it is.
Sam said on 24/May/13
I actually think at peak he was 6'5" and change, if not a full 6'6". Looking at him next to other actors and I believe he was taller than myself (6'5"). Next to pro footballer turned "Sloth" John Matuszak in North Dallas 40, who I believe had a verified 6'7" height in his football days, there is not much height difference between Matuszak and Svenson there.
Stark said on 23/May/13
Bo is at least 6'5". If you've seen him in North Dallas 40, he towers over Nick Nolte who is six feet.
tstark said on 8/Feb/13
He's every bit of 6'5". He could pass for 6'6", though he's definitely one of Hollywoods big men.
A-Jax said on 24/Nov/11
He has to be taller than that. Rob, all though that article said 6'5", I really think we should put him at 6'5 1/4 even then that underestimating this guys height. He's like 6'6" at least.
LAN Jiao said on 6/Nov/11
peak 6'4.5-6'5 , now probably 6'4.
greg said on 15/Jun/11
made some nice clips for Bo on my youtube page, I'm 5'8 and he is at least a full head taller, really nice guy to work with, still working too!!
greg lewolt youtube page
Sam said on 31/May/11
Compared to guys slightly over 6 feet like Nick Nolte or Quentin Tarantino, this guys just looks towering. I think he's downplaying his height to 6'5". I think 6'6" or 6'6.5" is probably closer to true peak height.
TERRY said on 25/May/11
Danno said on 30/Mar/11
I heard that he was once 6'6"!
Don't know if that is true, but 6'5" is tall itself!
Danno said on 13/Mar/11
Joe Bob is absolutely right. We were watching the episode with Merlin Olson as the guest star and when Bo Svenson stood next to him, I couldn't believe the difference. Bo is one tall guy!
nick said on 8/Mar/11
I know Bo...he's still huge even in his 70's he' atleast 6-5 now. Im 6-2 and he dwarfed me. Great guy.
V.C said on 9/Feb/11
Bo is over 6'6" because he is slightly taller than Tom Selleck, Fred Dryer and Clint Walker. He obviously 6'6" or 6'6.5" without shoes & probably 6'7" with shoes. I recalled Tom is 6'4", Fred & Clint are both 6.5".
Shadow2 said on 18/Dec/10
In the "Hunter" episode, Svenson and Dryer are exactly the same height facing each other, but Svenson seems to be wearing cowboy boots and Dryer normal shoes. This was one of the very rare scenes in "Hunter" where Dryer's 6'6" character met an adversary equal to him in height.
Anonymous said on 14/Oct/07
A perfect way to see how tall svenson was back in his prime in the 70's is to look at some still shots of him and Bernie Casey in their basketball attire from the the movie 'Big Mo' from 1973. Casey was a very sucsessful actor who played 'Big Mo', and was a star N.F.L. pro football player for years back in the 60's for the San Fransico 49ers and the L.A Rams. He is listed by the offical as 6'4 and 213. In the two still promotional photos from the movie the two are standing shoulder to shoulder basically in a stairdown. The best thing about the photos is that they have the same uniform on and the photos go from head to toe and you can see that they have the same shoes on, so everything is equal. Rarely is a photo so imume to angels and footware ect. Svenson towers over Casey minimum 2.5 inches and more like 3 inches. I can see why Svenson has been put at 6'6 1/2 because he is at least that and maybe 6'7. Also Svenson looks at least 15-20 lbs heavier than the 215 lb Casey. Svenson was 6'6 1/2 to 6'7 230-235 back in the 70's. I think the 6'5 stuff comes from what he says he is today, which is possible because he is a 66 yr old man, a shadow of his former self.
Anonymous said on 11/Oct/07
I've seen Quintin Tarritino put at 6'2 1/4 and is said to be one of the tallest directors. If that's true, then Svenson must be about 6'7.
Fred said on 15/Sep/07
thekidd, You say that their is as much as a 7" difference between Svenson and Carradine, and you say Carradine was 6'1. That would put Svenson at 6'8 in the boots. Which would mean that he was probably at least 6'6 without them, but you say he was not a 6'6 guy. I just see some conflicting there.
tops said on 4/Sep/07
He was 6'6 and about 240. He was about the same height as Doug France(alcie Weeks)in North Dallas Forty, who was the guy who was beating him on every play in the big game before they broke his leg. France played for the LA Rams and is listed by the NFL as 6'6 270, Although there are some 6'7 listings of him.
fp said on 18/Aug/07
I've seen pictures of him with Quentin Tarantino from Kill Bill, he looks about 5" taller. Tarantino Height is always put at 6'1 - 6'2, usually 6'1.5 footware seemed the same, Hard not to put him at 6'7 when he was young, because he would be 6'6-6'7 now even according to those pictures, and he was a senoir citizen in Kill Bill, he's 69 now.
thekiddd said on 18/Aug/07
Here is one thing I did notice on Svenson. In the Kung Fu episode "The Spirit Helper" You see him next to Carradine. It does look like a 6 or 7" height difference, but Carradine is 6'1" ( I know he is listed as 6' but I think he is 6'1") And he was barefoot. As Svenson was wearing really big boots to make him look very tall when he really isn't that much taller than him. So he wears big shoes that is why he looks like a 6'6" plus guy.
thekiddd said on 1/Aug/07
This guy really has a way looking very tall. I remember previously on this site, even Rob thought he was at least 6'6". I guess he found a quote from the 70's saying he was 6'5" so he got changed to it. If someone's height is quoted in the times, the subject is automatically dropped, period.
Paul said on 28/Jul/07
SN, Clint Frazier was listed at 265 by the NFL.
jake said on 28/Jul/07
Soild 6'6. I always thought that Clint Walker was about the biggest, most impressive actor from back in the 60's & 70's. I thought that nobody was as big as him, but I've seen some still shots of him and Bo Svenson on set behind the scenes from back in the mid 70's and much to my surprise Svenson was about the same size in both height and physical build(broad shoulders ect). The fact that he was as tall was'nt so suprising, but I did'nt know he was that bulky too. Now I'm sure that Walker was more chisled out and had a little more of a weightlifter look, but again, Svenson looked just as broad and looked to weigh about the same, which was surprising because I've seen Walker's weight listed at between 235-270. Svenson was a monster back in his day.
DOW said on 7/Jul/07
I saw him and Fred Dryer together in L.A. in the early 80's, they looked like they could be brothers. They were about the same size, although Svenson was a little taller, 1/2 inch or so, and a little heavier, 10 lbs.
SN said on 1/Jul/07
I think he was 6'6, in North Dallas Fourty he looked about 2 inches bigger than Cliff Frazier (Monroe) Who played football for UCLA, Kansas City Chiefs, Philadelphia Eagles, and was listed at 6'4 260.
Anonymous said on 27/May/07
I think Svenson was about 6'6" and 230. Back in the late 60's early 70's it was said that Svenson was the 2nd tallest leading man in Hollywood behind James Arness, about a half an inch shorter, and nobody even seems to debate that Arness was 6'6 1/2 to 6'7". In the movie Snowbeast Svenson stood the same height as Clint Walker who was 6'6' and 245.
Kid-Icarus said on 16/Apr/07
He can appear taller than 6'5" but I really think he isn't. 6'5" is the truth for when he was younger. It did say 6'4" on some site but I think they shaved off an inch right there.
Pat said on 24/Feb/07
I ran into Bo Swenson in Rome about thirty years ago. He was drunk and carousing. I recognized him and called out to him. I believe I called him Sven Boson. He came over and asked me if I knew him. I said no and he lurched away down the Via Veneto. I thought at the time he was supposed to be 6'7". He had been in a movie "The Great Waldo Pepper" with Robert Redford where he dwarfed little Bob. I think they were adding to Bo's size to explain Redford's alarming size on screen.

Svenson looked me in the eye. I'm 6'4". He might have been as much as 6'5" but not 6'7".

BTW Redford also made a film around that time called "Little Fauss and Big Halsy" in which Redford played Big Halsy. Michael J. Pollard who was in fact bigger than Redford played the "little" guy.

The studios were pushing Redford as a romantic, action lead. It didn't help his image much when he played next to Svenson. It would be like Alan Ladd working with John Wayne.
sam said on 12/Sep/06
Tarantino is 6'1.5", according to this site. He has passed for 6'2" in the past, but 6'3" is way too tall a listing for him.
sam said on 11/Sep/06
Svenson looks about 5 inches taller than Tarantino, which would make 6'6.5" about right.
Anonymous said on 9/Jun/06
How interesting that all the bios on him say he is 6'4. He sure looks taller than that.
sam said on 25/Apr/06
Yeah, Matuszak looked about an inch or so taller than Svenson. Svenson's definitely more than 6'6" (not 6'4"!)
sage said on 8/Nov/05
He stood eye to eye with Clint Walker in the movie "Snowbeast". Neither guy was taller than the other.

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