How tall is RM

RM's Height

5ft 11 (180.3 cm)

Kim Nam-joon is a South Korean singer "RM", known for being part of the BTS pop group.

How tall is BTS RM
BTS: V, Suga, Jin, Jungkook, RM, Jimin, J-Hope
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Average Guess (53 Votes)
5ft 10.4in (178.8cm)
Renato1 said on 4/Jan/21
179 cn
Mzee said on 2/Jan/21
RM is 1,80 cm out of bed. 1,79 throughout the day. Jin is 1,77 cm, V 1,76 cm, Jungkook 1,74 cm, J-Hope 172 cm, Suga is 1,70 cm and Jimin is 169 cm.
Iril said on 31/Dec/20
@Klooless Sorry but there is no chance that he has grown up recently since he is now 25.. I don't why people still believe this things but if you google at what age a man stops growing it will say somewhere 18-20.. And maybe at 22 if he has a late growth spurt.. But there is no chance one can grow at 25.. no offense but people nowadays still believe at this kind of things and it's ridiculous. You really believe he is just 2cm shorter than Namjoon.. I highlh doubt so.. Rob what do you think?
Klooless said on 30/Dec/20
@Iril Taehyung doesn’t wear lifts anymore, he has not worn lifts in years. When they get measured for their heights it’s an annual health screening, so those are their real heights and weights without shoes. Taehyung has recently said he grew at his latest health screening and is slightly shorter than his dad who is 180cm. None of them wear lifts, they just wear platforms or heeled boots (Jimin) depending on the occasion and stylist choice. We have seen Taehyung still be taller than Jin and Jungkook even when they wear platforms. When they’re all lined up Taehyung is clearly bigger not just frame wise but also his height than majority of the members..Namjoon to me is a solid 5’11.
nz said on 29/Dec/20
@Rob, Usually if someone is exactly 180 cm in korea, and really in the entertainment industry in general, they would report something higher. Its probably more likely for rapmon to be 178-179.
Jin would be 176-177
V 175-176
Jungkook and Jhope 174-175
Suga and Jimin 171-172
Iril said on 28/Dec/20
Honestly.. BTS's height are a curious thing since with thr exception of Namjoon.. the others are confusing and comparable.. For example V looks pretty tall in pictures and usually looks a little taller than Jin when they line up for pictures on award shows, but I believe he is a lift wearer along with Jimin and Jungkook.. I used to think Jin is a exactly 5'10 and his proportions indicate exactly that.. but I'm starting to think he is nothing over 5'9.5 (a weak 177cm) Jimin and Suga seem pretty much the same height and I don't get why they usually mock Jimin over his height when he is not even that short conpared to Jungkook and J-hope... In my opinion:
RM strong 5'11 (180cm)
Jin 5'9.5 (177cm)
V 5'9.25 (176cm)
Jungkook 5'8.5 (174cm)
J-Hope 5'8.25 (strong 173cm)
Suga ans Jimin both 5'7-5'7.25 (170-171cm at the very most if they stay in their best posture)
claims like 5'6 (168cm) or 5'9(175cm) for Jimin and Suga or 5'10 as most army claim for Jungkook are just ridiculous and not to be taken seriously.
nz said on 22/Dec/20
Recently Jin measured 178.3 and Jimin measured 174, Would you reckon that the measurement was in shoes? That would downgrade them to 175-176 and 171-172 respectively.
Editor Rob
this is something hard to know...have they mentioned anything about RM yet?
nz said on 21/Dec/20
You think jimin and jin measured barefoot?
I personally think they were wearing shoes which would give jin about 175 and jimin 171.Jin's a strong 5'9 and Jimin is 5'7.5
Editor Rob
this is the eternal question, if those measurements really were barefoot or not.
Chris L said on 16/Dec/20
Hey Rob! Just trying to give my take on BTS's height.
RM is def in the 5 11 range.
- I really consider Jin at least 5 10 tall. Proportions tell a lot about a person's height. RM and Jin could easily pass for 6 feet if they wished to (which is quite characteristic of 5 10-11 people).
- V/taehyung is definitely in the 176.5-178 range. His proportions honestly do no look short at all. V acted in a drama with Korean actors at around 6 2 (they're actually that freaking tall) and he honestly looked at max 4 inches shorter.
- Jungkook (who loves chunky shoes) and J-Hope are sorta confusing for me, since they sometimes look quite a bit (2+ inches) shorter than RM (who rarely wears big lifts, if at all). However, their proportions honestly dont indicate them any shorter than 173-174 I believe.
- For Suga, I might guess somewhere around 5 7. He's a pretty cool guy who honestly doenst seem to care too much about height, wears little to no lifts and seems very comfortable in his shoes. Seems in that range in comparison to the 5 10-11 dudes.
- I really believe Jimin to be more or less around 168. Really don't see him hitting 170 at all. Jimin's proportions have always seemed "short". Although his legs seem long, his head seems disproportionate to the rest of his body. Keep in mind Kpop stars are skinny af to maintain the illusion of height and even his nice proportions dont really mask how awkward his head is in relation to his whole body. Jimin is the biggest lift wearer in the group and still consistently looks 2-3+ inches shorter than most members.

- As a 173 cm flat guy myself, I've noticed that people within 2 inches of each other are barely noticeable. I dont stand out much in relation to the 5 10 guys. On the other hand, my 5 6 friends honestly dont look too short next to me as well. Whenever, there seems to be a huge height disparity, in normal settings, thats pretty indicative of a 3+ height diff to me
Editor Rob
well proportionally Jin never seems as tall as 5ft 10, however sometimes beside RM he can seem closer to that mark than just 5ft 9
Nolan Matthews said on 14/Dec/20
Rob, Apparently Jin is 178cm range

Click Here
Editor Rob
All that dancing seems to be making them grow 😂
Orbitalmeteor said on 8/Dec/20
This guy is known for having great body proportions in the kpop industry. What do you reckon his head size and inseam to be?
Editor Rob
not sure on inseam but I don't think his head is that long for his height, it might seem a bit longer than it really is.
Danny.Batba said on 5/Dec/20
Rob could you please answer the last question of mine, how tall do I think RM wakes up at? Your judgement is always the best
Editor Rob
5ft 11.5 I think...there is a chance he falls a fraction under 5ft 11
Bangtan said on 30/Nov/20
How do the members come off as looking so tall? Especially Jin, V and Jungkook if those 3 are only around 5’8”-5’9”?
Spring said on 27/Nov/20
I also agree that you should add the rest of the members. They are well known global superstars! :)
lydia1 said on 27/Nov/20
I second the requests for you to add the rest of BTS!!!
Be said on 17/Nov/20
Hey Rob could you also add the rest of the members since they are incredibly famous and lots of people are wondering what their real height is too! Also how tall do you think Jin and V are?
Lifegoeson said on 16/Nov/20
Hey Rob could you please add the rest of the BTS members heights? Also how tall do you think Jin and V are?
Wrlccywlrfh said on 16/Nov/20
Hey Rob,

Do you think Jimin is really 174cm? If he's being honest then Jhope, V, and Jungkook could really be 176cm-178cm. What confuses me is that there is some noticeable gap difference in height of 3 of them compared to RM.
Editor Rob
I wouldn't have guessed him as 174, but then some people surprise you with a measurement.
Wrlccywlrfh said on 15/Nov/20
Apparently Jimin is 174cm on twitter?
Editor Rob
in the comment below it showed bts posted his apparent measured height of 173.6 last year and 174 this year.
Jay N said on 15/Nov/20
Hey Rob.

I think RM needs a downgrade to 5ft 10 3/8. Here he is with Robin Roberts who's listed as 5'9, and RM has around a 0.25 to 0.5-inch shoe advantage over her. Yet, he doesn't look 2.25 inches taller, at most 1.5. I think he needs a downgrade to a strong 5'10. Robin Roberts also is clearly taller than Jimin, who looks 5'6 in this video, V at a weak 5'8. They're also notable lift wearers, and even admit it in several videos. Despite the odd angle as well, I feel there's such a noticeable difference that Robin Roberts is taller than every single BTS member besides RM based on this video.

Click Here
Jay N said on 14/Nov/20
Rob, here's the tweet that shows Jimin's height listed as 174 cm.
Click Here
Editor Rob
thta's interesting they tweeted it!
Jack Jefferson said on 13/Nov/20
Hey Rob,

Jimin’s height is listed as 174cm here. It looks like like a medical documentation idk for sure
Editor Rob
there was no link, if you can find the link again it would be interesting
armyfan10 said on 5/Nov/20
Hey Rob, can you calculate the heights for the rest of the BTS members?

Blake Stevens said on 6/Oct/20
Hey Rob,

Do you think this older from tallest to shortest is correct?

RM, Jin, V, Jungkook, JHope, Suga, Jimin
Editor Rob
I'm still not so sure on them, their footwear/hair/height varies more than I imagined at first...

I mean I don't know if any of them would wear a lift, but sometimes I raise an eye at the prospect.
Nico M said on 4/Oct/20
Hello Rob, How tall does Jhope look? I was thinking 173cm range?
Editor Rob
Plus or minus a fraction
Michael Myers said on 10/Sep/20
Hello Rob, How much inches/cm would the Prada Cloudbust give?

Click Here

Also how tall would a 5’8” Jungkook be in them?

Click Here
Editor Rob
Not seen expensive sneakers like that, but if they were under 1.5 I'd be a bit surprised.
Pedro Lucas said on 9/Sep/20
Very accurate 5'11
Dtrigueros64 said on 26/Aug/20
The shortest member is jimin who claims your height Rob 1.73 cm do you feel this to be accurate? He looks more like 1.70 -1.72 to me.
HeightActivist said on 21/Aug/20
I saw a video and picture of BTS with taylor swift and RM seems a little bit shorter than her, if Taylor swift was wearing heels she would be about 180cm considering people say she is about 175cm. So if RM is 180cm he should be about same height as Taylor swift In heels right? I feel he is more like 176-178cm range.
Anna Macy said on 18/Aug/20
Hello Rob!

How tall is Jimin? I was thinking he’s about 170cm/5’7”
Editor Rob
roughly around that range could be what he measures.
mintt said on 18/Aug/20
Click Here
hey rob, how tall do you think the tallest guy here is? 6ft-6ft 1 range?
Editor Rob
bit over 6ft
VitoCheng said on 20/Jul/20
Kyle Stanley said on 7/Jul/20
Hey Rob, what do think V’s weight is? His profile says 62kg/137 lbs

I was thinking 130 range
JJ xo said on 6/Jul/20
I have met BTS in late 2018. RM is 5'10. The rest of the boys are from a weak 5'6 to 5'9. RM typically wears regular shoes whereas the rest of them wear lifts, especially Jungkook and Jimin. So they're all looking taller than they are apart from RM. Jimin is the shortest at a weak 5'6. Suga is 5'6. Jungkook is 5'7. V at a weak 5'8. Jin is 5'9. The Kpop industry would NEVER list a 5'11 guy as 5'11. He would be bumped up over 6 foot if he were truly 5'11. It is ideal to make the idols seem taller than they are. So they'd bump up RM's official height by a bit and have him wear regular shoes while the other boys are in lifts. So now they aren't that much shorter than RM and are comparable to a fairly tall guy. Also James Corden in shoes was taller than every single one of those barefoot boys apart from RM and Jin. And I suspect James Corden is a little bit lower than 5'8 for most of the day.
Alex Ross said on 3/Jul/20
Hey Rob, is there any chance RM is 5’9.75-5’10? Is that the lowest you would go for him?
Editor Rob
5ft 10 you could make a case for.
Blake Lee said on 29/Jun/20
Hello Rob, I’m curious about V’s 178/5’10 listing he’s seems 5’8” range like Jungkook
Editor Rob
5ft 10 for V seems less likely than 5ft8-8.5 range
Keejay Speed said on 26/Jun/20
Just look at them when they visited James Gordon his TV Show. When they stand next to him they don't even look taller than him and James Gordon is only 173cm
Junior T. said on 22/Jun/20
Hello Rob, should this listing be changed to 5’10.5?
Editor Rob
5ft 10.5 is a possible measurement for RM.
Shawn Jeffrey said on 18/Jun/20
Hello Rob, How much would say RM weighs? His profile says 67kg/148 lbs but that seems a little low.
Editor Rob
150-160 range could be ok
Mike Sanchez said on 14/Jun/20
Hey rob you have puth at 5'10 is jungkook in the 5'9 range he looks an inch shorter to me

Click Here
Editor Rob
that moment he can edge rm out.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 2/Jun/20
I can see standing on a platform carpet near an inch next to Ashton Kutcher on James Corden show making Kim Nam-joon look 6'0-6'1 including camera advantage. Click Here this forum caption making me laugh when it says Kim Nam-joon as tall as Kutcher.
jaehyun said on 7/May/20
@Someonez you're wrong.
RM - 180 cm
Jin - 178 cm
V (i think he's taller than kook) 177-178 cm
Jungkook - 176-177 cm
J-Hope - 175-176 cm
Suga indeed is 174cm
Jimin is 172cm.
That's according to official heights by BigHit and my guess.
Mr. Handsome said on 4/May/20
Tallest member of bts at 5’10.5
BTS said on 1/May/20
Click Here

Hi Rob, this is pretty good image to compare their heights as they are all standing in order from shortest to tallest! How tall do you think each of the members are Rob? Jungkook’s footwear obviously gives him a boost, but all the other members are wearing standard dress shoes.

Jimin - 2nd from the left
Suga - 3rd from the left
J-Hope - 5th from the left
Jungkook - 7th from the left
V - 8th from the left
Jin - 10th from the left
RM - 11th from the left
Samuel R said on 23/Apr/20
Hey Rob, do you plan on adding the other members?
Editor Rob
I might consider it.
Portland said on 14/Apr/20
Hey Rob, who do you think is taller Jungkook or V?
Editor Rob
I am not so sure about those guys.
Anthony P said on 11/Apr/20
Hey Rob

How tall do you think Suga is? ( The dude second to the left in the pic above)
Editor Rob
Suga's height could be in 5ft 7 range
Nike Airmax said on 2/Apr/20
Hey Rob shouldn’t his listing be changed to 5’10.5?
cmillz said on 2/Apr/20
definitely no taller than 5’10.
Peter175 said on 31/Mar/20
They aren’t tall or short band. If you took 7 random Korean guys of their age range it would work itself out to the shortest being a weak 5,7 and the tallest being a weak 5,11 just like here.

RM can look under 5,11. I’m not sure about footwear But they did a performance with James Corden and they were barefoot and none of them actually looked it too short. Maybe he is 179-180 and Jimin and Suga are 5,7. These are some of the most honest kpoplistings I’ve ever seen on their profiles. Seong ri was a legit 5,6 range and had been listed as 176. GD at 177 when he’s 171 max.
1994 said on 28/Mar/20
once again, my estimates:

jimin: 5'6.75" (Self proclaimed smallest member, 1cm shorter than suga)
suga: 5'7" (often has worse posture than jimin)

j-hope: 5'7.75" (about inch taller than jimin)
jungkook: 5'8.25" (bit taller than j-hope, tad smaller than v and jin)
jin: 5'8.5"
v: 5'8.5" (jimin says 3-4 difference between him and v)

rm: 5'10" (has rather a small head, higher eye level, can seem taller as result)
Levi said on 26/Mar/20
Seeing him next to Fallon, Corden and Mendes I'd say 5'10" at a push, can look 5'11" in the elevated boots though. 6'0.5" Mendes was quite a bit taller than all of BTS, to the point where they commented on him being tall (why would they if Mendes was at a stretch 2" taller than RM, that's not a large difference).
Shade said on 24/Mar/20
Hey Rob, recently they performed on James Corden's show barefoot, and you can see them hugging James at the end, so could you estimate their heights with that? Here's the link Click Here I personally think they are all shorter than their profiles say, especially the shortest members Jimin and Suga
Editor Rob
RM Did look taller than James, exactly how much is harder to tell.
Nik Le said on 29/Feb/20
Have u watched them with James Corden and Jimmy Fallon? I think he is 5'10 at the most.
Someonez said on 21/Feb/20
I think Jungkook grew up, he is at least as tall as V. I've seen their height barefoot with James Corden it seems

RM 180 cm
Jin 176-177 cm
Jungkook 174-175 cm
V 174-175 cm
J-hope 171-172 cm
Suga 170
Jimin 169
cool person said on 20/Feb/20
hey rob, how tall is this korean american model irene kim? she took a photo with a couple of the bts members Click Here
Editor Rob
5ft 9 range
Iril said on 12/Feb/20
Rm 5'11
Jin 5'9.75
V 5'9.25
Jungkook 5'9
J-hope 5'8.75
Jimin 5'7.5
Suga 5'7.5

Not sure but I believe I am a accurate on my guessing
Goku son said on 11/Feb/20
Hey Rob
How tall does Jin look and how much does he weigh?
His profile says he’s 5’10.5 and 139lbs.
Editor Rob
5ft 9 would be closer than 10.5
1993 said on 10/Feb/20
once again, my estimates:

jimin: 5'6.75" (Self proclaimed smallest member, 1cm shorter than suga)
suga: 5'7" (often has worse posture than jimin)

j-hope: 5'7.75" (about inch taller than jimin)
jungkook: 5'8.25" (bit taller than j-hope, tad smaller than v and jin)
jin: 5'8.5"
v: 5'8.5" (jimin says 3-4 difference between him and v)

rm: 5'10" (has rather a small head, higher eye level, can seem taller as result)
Bolvark said on 9/Feb/20
Hey Rob,

BTS recently performed their new Song on the Late Show with James Corden. All of the Members Performed Bare feet and at the 3:35 Mark you can see Corden Hugging some of them. Maybe that'll help you guess the Heights of the other Members. Here's the Link Click Here
Benton R said on 8/Feb/20
How tall does J-Hope look?, he's seems to be a little shorter than jungkook who you said is in the 5'8" range.
Editor Rob
I'm not sure he is much under 5ft 8
Kyle S said on 8/Feb/20
Hey Rob
I was wondering how much Jungkook weighs, as he known the muscular one
His profile says 70kg/154lb but I was thinking he was more in the 140 range
Editor Rob
I couldn't really pinpoint, but 145 maybe
Iril said on 29/Jan/20
Rob you should start adding the other members's height sincd they are at the peak of theid fame right now and their height listings have been curious cases for some time
yeaboi said on 21/Jan/20
rob I think he's a rapper technically speaking (rm = rap monster)
Garrett said on 14/Jan/20
Rob, would you say that these guys are between 130-150 pounds/ 60-70kg
their profile say that and it seems to be a little low imo
Editor Rob
Yeah they look quite slim guys
Owen smith said on 4/Jan/20
Jin is said to be the second tallest. How does he compare to RM?
Jack carson said on 31/Dec/19
How tall does Jungkook look is RM is 5’10.5/11
Editor Rob
Can seem somewhere in 5ft 8 range
Daniel teresa 123 said on 27/Dec/19
Click Here
Rob if rm is 5'11 or 5'10.5 how tall is jimin?(the shortest member)
Editor Rob
Almost 5ft 8 there
Justin B. said on 22/Dec/19
I think @ Michael J. was asking Rob about Jimins height
not whoever Mike was lol
I'm curious about him as well he looks 5'7 range
Michael J. said on 21/Dec/19
Mike how tall do you think Jimin is?
bonkers said on 20/Dec/19
and I would be really surprised if jimin is anything above 5'7"
bonkers said on 18/Dec/19
rob I honestly dont see a 4 inch difference between him and jimin, maybe sometimes, but most of the time it seems nearer 3 inch difference between the tallest and the shortest member.
Editor Rob
I could see 3 up to 4 inches, anywhere amongst that.
Daniel teresa 123 said on 6/Dec/19
Jungkook and v are 5ft 8 barefooted jin 5'9 rm 5'10 jimin looks 5'8 to me i believe the smallest is suga whos around 5'7
Daniel teresa 123 said on 6/Dec/19
I dont remenber the video specifically but there is a clip where charlie puth and jungkook are standing face to face and jungkook said something about how much taller charlie was than him. If charlie is 5'10 then jungkook looks 5'8 5'8.5
james mann said on 14/Oct/19
hey rob, bts is known to wear shoe lifts so what do you think is his height considering this?

thank you
Editor Rob
I am not aware if any of them wear lifts, though this would NOT surprise me one bit.
Aaron S said on 13/Oct/19
Rob how much do the BTS members weigh?
Editor Rob
I couldn't even guess that.
1993 said on 10/Oct/19
my estimates:

jimin: 5'6.75" (Self proclaimed smallest member, 1cm shorter than suga)
suga: 5'7" (often has worse posture than jimin)

j-hope: 5'7.75" (about inch taller than jimin)
jungkook: 5'8.25" (bit taller than j-hope, tad smaller than v and jin)
jin: 5'8.5"
v: 5'8.5" (jimin says 3-4 difference between him and v)

rm: 5'10" (has rather a small head, higher eye level, can seem taller as result)
Josue said on 8/Oct/19
Click Here
Josue said on 7/Oct/19
My rough estimates for BTS members:

RM Namjoon for the most part looks 5'11".
Click Here

Smallest guy in the group is Suga Yoongi
Click Here

Jimin 5'8"
Click Here

Jungkook 5'9"
Click Here

Jin 5'9 1/4"
Click Here

V TaeHyung 5'9.5" he tends to be taller than Jungkook for most of the part and Jin at times.

Jhope Hoseok 5'8.5"
Click Here
Jeff Oh said on 5/Oct/19
I still think 5'11 is a tad high. Jimin and Suga the shortest members are around 5'7". V and Jimin are told to be 4cm apart (so I pin V at 5'8.5 range) and that would make rm 5'10 max imo (inch and a half differnce betweeen the two i think). Either that or he is slouching often.
Keith 5'10 said on 29/Sep/19
He looks very large (even more because he is very slim). I go for strong 5'11
MD said on 29/Sep/19
This current listing is a bit too tall, right?
Hyung said on 29/Sep/19
Rob also is there a chance that he is 181 cm like he is listed. Because he always looked like a 5”10.5 to me. He was barely taller than Charlie Puth if not around the same height. Also Shawn mended towered over him by 4 in
Editor Rob
181 seems too high, 5ft 10.5 might be a chance.
Hyung said on 29/Sep/19
Also Rob I was wondering if you might add the other BTS members. Love your website. Thank you
Editor Rob
If we can be sure on this guy, then I think the other heights fall into place.
Kfan8 said on 29/Sep/19
He is listed at 181.68 cm (5'11.5") on the Kprofiles site.
Other BTS members:
Jin 179 cm (5'10.5")
Suga 174 cm (5'8.5")
J-Hope 177 cm (5'9.7")
Jimin 173.6 cm (5'8.3")
V 178 cm (5'10")
Jungkook 178 cm (5'10")
Army said on 28/Sep/19
Rob is there a chance he is 179 cm, he is currently listed at 181 cm, also what do you think is BTS V height. Thank you
Editor Rob
either 5ft 10.5 or 11, anywhere amongst that range I feel could be argued. I think overall he seems the tallest of these guys. V looks under 5ft 10 in comparison....

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