How tall is RM

RM's Height

5ft 11 (180.3 cm)

Kim Nam-joon is a South Korean singer "RM", known for being part of the BTS pop group. In one Video he said he was 6ft, although in Korean mentioned it as 180cm.

How tall is BTS RM
BTS: V, Suga, Jin, Jungkook, RM, Jimin, J-Hope
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Average Guess (161 Votes)
5ft 10.56in (179.2cm)
AJ said on 25/Apr/24
Hi Rob, here are military photos of V and RM. How tall would you say V in these photos if RM is 5'11". I'm assuming even footwear for military. I wouldn't rule out 5'9" based on this photo, although 5'9" would be max.
Editor Rob
Yeah I can't see V over 5ft 9 beside RM in those photos.
7272 said on 23/Apr/24
RM: 5'10 ¾
Jin: 5'9 ¼
Suga: 5'6 ⅞
J-Hope: 5'7 ¾
Jimin: 5'6 ¾
V:5'8 ¾
7272 said on 22/Apr/24
Couldn't find a good angle but Jungkook and Usher look the exact same in height.

Click Here

Click Here
Psuedo said on 22/Apr/24
Rob, I think we can confidently add V as a flat 5’9. He’s here with RM in standard military boots side by side.

Looks 2 inches shorter? What do you think?

Click Here
Editor Rob
It looks unlikely he's over 5ft 9
7272 said on 21/Apr/24
Looked at the rest of BTS lately?
Editor Rob
I'm probably back to the drawing board as I haven't looked at them since last year!
rdn said on 1/Dec/23
*J-hope ~173.4
rdn said on 1/Dec/23
RM 180.3
Jungkook 174.6
Jin 176.8
Jimin 169.6
Suga 170.2
J-Hope 172.7
V 175.3
7272 said on 29/Nov/23

Mark: 5'7
JayB: 5'9 ¼
Jackson: 5'6 ¾
Jinyoung: 5'9
Youngjae: 5'8 ¼
BamBam: 5'9
Yugeyom: 5'11 ¼
7272 said on 29/Nov/23
@Malcolm Oliver

I think I'll give him a full 5'11. I was heavily considering that but I thought Tao edged him out but now looking at pics him and Tao literally look the exact same
Malcolm Oliver said on 28/Nov/23

I know ⅛ isn’t that much of a difference but would give Sehun the full 5’11. He edges out 6'0 ¼ Pattinson (even if he were wearing lifts it’s still a noticeable difference)

The same difference between him and Kai is the same between him and Chanyeol probably
7272 said on 27/Nov/23
Revisiting EXO

Kris: 6'1
Chanyeol: 6'0 ¼
Tao: 5'11
Sehun: 5'10 ⅞
Kai: 5'9 ¾
Luhan: 5'7 ¾
Lay: 5'7
Baekhyun: 5'6 ½
Chen: 5'6 ¼
Suho: 5'6
D.O: 5'5 ¼
Xiumin : 5'5
7272 said on 24/Nov/23

Have you seen Jungkook recently? He was just with Fallon and Jack Harlow and was making a bunch of videos and interactions with loads of people on your page.

Click Here

Click Here
Editor Rob
In the past I've thought 174,5
7272 said on 26/Sep/23
Yeah the more I look at the clip I could could out 5'9. 5'8 ¾ for V
7272 said on 25/Sep/23

How tall does Taehyung look with 5'3 listed IU? Click Here 34:28

5'9 looks absolutely perfect for him there and he has flat shoes or sandals on.
Editor Rob
Looks over 5ft 8 in the clip...possibly close to 5ft 9.
rdn said on 3/Sep/23
Yujin could actually be 173 just like she recently claimed, but it's probably her morning height. As for Wonyoung... I think she looks 1.5 cm taller than Yujin, so 174?
7272 said on 3/Sep/23
Yeah Jimin looks 5'7 ¾ here and it looks like his heel is way thicker than Jimmy's Click Here
seedman438 said on 2/Sep/23
hey rob, you mentioned that RM was closer to the camera and it was a very tricky photo to judge the height difference between Chris Martin and him. However, I found a better photo with a level camera angle, of him standing next to 6’2 listed Ashton Kutcher, what do you think his height is here? Honestly can’t see it being a 3 inch difference
Click Here
Editor Rob
Could look 2 inches shorter, although we have to bear in mind that carpeted area is adding a little extra.
7272 said on 2/Sep/23
How tall does Jimin look with 5'11 David Beckham and 6'0 ¼ Rob Pattinson Rob? Click Here
Editor Rob
Actually looks between 5ft 8-9 there! Robert is losing some height in posture.
nz said on 31/Aug/23
Personally I think wonyoung and yujin might actually be 172/173 respectively. We know yujin looked the exact same height as yoon who has recently measured 172.6 exactly
Click Here
Here are yujin and yoon again. Although the shoes could play a role
Click Here
seedman438 said on 31/Aug/23
rob he seems taller in this photo with 6’1.25 listed Chris Martin Click Here
Editor Rob
RM is a bit nearer the camera, which is low down. Very tricky photo to tell the true height difference between them.
Weak5'11james said on 30/Aug/23
RM looks to be 5'10.75-5'11 range. He could be 5'10 7/8 or even a flat 5'11 if hes lucky.
7272 said on 30/Aug/23
Suga: 5'6 ¾ Suga barely looks 5'7 with Draymond Green
Click Here
J-Hope: 5'7 ¾

Jimin: 5'6 ¾

V: 5'8 ¾

Jungkook 5'8 ⅛ to ¼ (Jungkook looks visibly taller than J-Hope 24/7) Click Here
7272 said on 30/Aug/23
I think Taehyung 100% deserves a page at 5'8 ¾
Vij said on 29/Aug/23
I think we have a consensus on the member heights.

RM: 180 cm
Jin: 176~176.5 cm
V: 175.3~176 cm
Jungkook: 173.4 cm
J-Hope: 172.7 cm
Suga: 170 cm
Jimin: 169.5 cm

I am being straight up, this is as objective as it can get. The heights I listed are 100% correct, max +- 1 cm. They all deserve listings.
7272 said on 28/Aug/23
Rob what are your hypothetical listing on the other 5 members?

Editor Rob
I'm almost back to square 1 on those guys, as I've not looked for months now.
Mimi said on 28/Aug/23
@Malcolm I think so too. I've noticed that he usually wears dress shoes with chunky heels. Not that he needs it though, his small face and slim figure is enough to make him appear taller than he is.
nz said on 25/Aug/23
Anyone got guesses on h1-key?

Seoi says she is 168 and hwiseo looks a bit shorter than seoi despite being billed as 169
7272 said on 25/Aug/23
How's life treating ya rob?
Editor Rob
Still a solid 5ft 8, so I'm happy.
Malcolm Oliver said on 11/Jun/23

Eunwoo’s a weak 6ft guy, maybe at most the full 6. But I wouldn’t be surprised if he wore lifts regularly too..
Weak5'11james said on 9/Jun/23
5'10.5 guy. He has the proportions and everything.
Mimi said on 7/Jun/23
Rob, how tall do you think Cha Eunwoo is? Here's a clip of him with Jessica Alba at the Chaumet event in Paris and you can see both their footwear.

Click Here
Editor Rob
Could look 6ft 1 range there, though the ground may not be entirely flat.
UEDO said on 30/May/23
Rob, RM is the guy with the dark blue shirt.

Jin is on the left of him, while Jungkook is on the right of him. They're in equal sandals.

How tall do you think they look? They look awfully close, Jungkook looks almost 5'9 in this.

I don't really see a big difference with Jin/Jungkook with RM. Maybe RM needs a downgrade? Or Jin/Jungkook upgrade?
UEDO said on 30/May/23
@ rajsk

Those photos are so skewed, the angles are off, and we can't even tell their footwear properly in a lot of those photos. The ones I sent are unbiased angles and raw footage with equal footwear.
Malcolm Oliver said on 29/May/23

I still only see an inch difference between Suga and J-Hope
rajsk said on 27/May/23
I’d give Suga the full 5’7 flat @malcolm oliver
Malcolm Oliver said on 26/May/23
Jimin 169.5
Suga 169.7
J-Hope 172.1
JK 172.7
V 174.6
Jin 175.9
RM 179.7

It’s been this consensus for a while now
rajsk said on 24/May/23
@7272 do you think 172 flat for J-Hope and 174.6 for V would be accurate based on that video?
rajsk said on 23/May/23
@UEDO I’d honestly say downgrade RM, just can’t see Jin being 177 and Jungkook as 174. This is one instance, compared to other instances where there’s been a greater gap in height

Click Here
Click Here
And we’ve established Jungkook wears lifts and RM doesn’t

Click Here

Click Here

Same with Jin, I can see a 3.5cm difference

I’d still stick to 5’8 flat for JK and 5’9 1/4 for Jin. In comparison I can’t see V anywhere near 5’9 1/4 either, I’d still stick with 5’8 3/4
7272 said on 22/May/23

Pause at 4:56 in this video Click Here
Order Left to right -- Suga, Jin, RM, Jimin, J-Hope, V

they're all wearing Sandals in this video keel this in mind

J-Hope looks way too similar to Taehyung in height.

RM doesn't hold up to a full 5'11 next to Jin
7272 said on 22/May/23

Looking at that video RM does look under 5'11
7272 said on 22/May/23

Jins listing is perfect. 177 for him is kinda pushing it honestly, but I do think RM 100% percent deserves a fraction downgrade.
7272 said on 21/May/23

We do.

And if V had a page as of the moment it would probably be one or if not the biggest on the site.
UEDO said on 21/May/23
Going to be honest, if RM is 180cm Jin needs an upgrade to 5'9 1/2 at least. Jungkook arguably 5'8.5, V arguably 5'9 1/4.
Click Here
Click Here
Order Left to right -- Suga, Jin, RM, Jungkook, Jimin, J-Hope, V
Watch the video for yourself, they're side by side with equal sandal footwear.

Rob, doesn't Jin look basically 177cm with RM? I don't see 4cm difference between them, looks like 2-3cm. Jungkook also looks 5'8.5 here too with RM?
Would you say they're a lot closer in height than they look? I know a lot of photos circulate with them in footwear, but a lot of them are with angles and lifts, when we see side by side equal footwear the difference isn't really that much.

Should RM get a slight downgrade, or the other members such as Jin should get a quarter inch upgrade?
UEDO said on 19/May/23
I think V and Suga should have a page here, we have a general consensus on their heights.

V ~ 5'9
Suga ~ 5'7
Malcolm Oliver said on 18/May/23

To be fair, RM actually does claim 6ft (though he mixes it up with 180cm)

I think they were honest with his height to make all the other members seem close. We know RM rarely, if ever, wears lifts so if other members do they stack up to him well. That means all their heights on average are all close somewhat

It’s not like EXO or NCT where one member is wayyy taller than others. In BTS they are all somewhat close (or can make it seem that way)

Just look at the picture above and you’ll see it
rdn said on 18/May/23
It seems Chaewon isnt 160 as some of us have been thinking.

Look at her height difference with Kwon Eunbi (for those who dont know she’s an ex IZ*ONE member and now a soloist), whose real height is said to be 158.4 (idk if she actually got measured or not but either way I trust it, she looks that height). That definitely doesnt look like a 2 cm difference

Click Here
Click Here

After this I'd say her 163 listing is accurate. Could be flat 5'4/162.6 too as someone estimated here a while ago but she looks taller than Eunbi by more than 4 cm so I guess she’s 163 as listed then
rdn said on 18/May/23
165 for Heize, I’ve seen more pics of her and I’d say she’s 165 range max
rdn said on 18/May/23
Heize 166
rdn said on 18/May/23
*korean soloists
Suran, Jessi, Heize and Lee Hi are not really considered kpop artists because they're not idols. Their music is more hip-hop/r&b

Also I'd say Suran is rather 155
rdn said on 18/May/23
Some female kpop soloists:

Chungha 158
Sunmi 167
Hyuna 162
Taeyeon 156
IU 160-161
Jeon Somi 169-170
Jessi 167
Lee Chaeyeon 165
I was going to estimate 163-164 for her but she edges out 163.8 measured Minju so I guess she’s 165 as listed then. She also looks a bit taller than her sister Chaeryeong so I'd say her listing is accurate, idk
Choi Yena 160
Heize 166-167
Lee Hi 152
Suran 154
rdn said on 17/May/23
Click Here

barefoot Chaeryeong, looks 160 max from that angle
nz said on 16/May/23
How tall is woodohwan here.
Listed at 5'11 but looks 5'9 max next to tao
Click Here
And joy
Click Here
N00 said on 16/May/23
178.8 is definetley his height in shoes and we all know he wears thick af shoes.
He's probably 174-175.

I know plenty of guys who do that
7272 said on 16/May/23
I'm still super curious why BigHit didn't bile RM as 6'0
7272 said on 16/May/23
I'd say V and Suga deserve pages

I'll give Suga the benefit of the doubt though, he's been looking like a flat 5'7 lately Click Here Suga and 6'6.25 Luka

Suga and 6'2 listed Curry and 6'5.5 Klay Thompson Click Here
7272 said on 16/May/23
I actually wouldn't be mad if V had a page at 5'9

Him and RM exactly have a 2 inch difference but I think RM deserves a fraction downgrade down the time.

If RM is flat 5'11 then V is flat 5'9
rajsk said on 16/May/23
@UEDO I’d argue Jungkook is a 5’8 (barely any difference between him and 5’7.75 J-Hope) in which case I can definitely see 5’8.75 for V. The difference between V and Jin is too great to be only 1cm and Jin is 5’9.25
rdn said on 15/May/23
Yuqi is listed as 162-163 on Kprofiles but looks barely shorter than Xiaoting here

Click Here

Could Xiaoting actually be 166?
UEDO said on 14/May/23
I mean V claims he's 178.8 which is laughable, I feel at best he added 3cm to his real height of 175.8cm. Or 175.3cm flat. He's too noticeably taller than Jungkook who's like 5'8 1/4, there's too visibly difference between the two.

And the video with RM posted walking with V, clear 2 inch difference.

I think V deserves a page as he's the most popular member in the band. 5'9 listing is perfect for him.
bgh said on 12/May/23
Click Here
Kyujin and Sullyoon’s height difference barefoot (24:40)

I think that looks like a 5cm difference? Not 7-8cm like people were speculating
Malcolm Oliver said on 9/May/23

Classic 2 inch difference
rajsk said on 9/May/23
I’d say dead on two inches @7272
7272 said on 8/May/23
What's the difference between V and RM?

Click Here
7272 said on 8/May/23

174.6 is fair for V. He's a super weak 5'9
rdn said on 8/May/23
Chaewon edges out Sakura noticeably here, looks like a 3 cm difference? If so then her profile/listed height of 163 is accurate and Sakura is 160

Click Here
7272 said on 8/May/23

they all sprouted except for Taeyang

TOP: 179.1
Daesung: 172.7
Seungri: 170.8
GD: 168.9
Taeyang: 164
UEDO said on 7/May/23
That website is really outdated and BigBang has definitely grown since, especially T.O.P. Based on photos, I'm 99% confident this is their actual heights.
T.O.P: 179cm. Tall-looking skinny guy. Really good proportions, looks much taller than he looks. 2.25 inches taller than Daesung, but looks a bit under 5'11 with other 5'11 celebrities.
Daesung: 173cm, typical 5'8 guy.
G-Dragon: 168~69. 5'6.5 guy.
Taeyang: 164cm. 5'4 range.
UEDO said on 7/May/23
5'9 flat for V is not out of the question. Saying he's 174 is stretch because all the other members like Jungkook and J-Hope are in that 172-173 range, and V does not look 1 centimeter taller than them.

V has consistently looked to be at least 5'9.
rajsk said on 7/May/23
And that’s why 5’9 flat is out of the question for V. 174-174.5 range is more like it. Jin consistently looks over 1cm taller than V and it’s safe to assume V has bigger footwear on average
rdn said on 7/May/23
Thoughts on BigBang’s height based on the pics shown in this article?

Click Here
rdn said on 7/May/23
What about BTOB and/or PENTAGON? Any guesses?
7272 said on 7/May/23

Click Here V looks a smudge over 5'9 with his York Chain trimmed loafers which gives him 15mm in height Click Here

Yoo Jaesuk who got measured at 5'9 Click Here

Click Here Yoo Jaesuk and V are both wearing socks in this photo

Jin and V the difference always looks over 1 cm Click Here
Click Here
UEDO said on 6/May/23
Click Here

The host on the left has admitted to being 179cm, and he looks a solid 2.25 inches taller than Jungkook.
7272 said on 6/May/23
Yeah, 5'8.75 seals the deal for V.

Taehyung wore york trained trimmed loafers in the set of BTS mv "Butter"
7272 said on 6/May/23
Click Here 3:25 awkward silence MV

Woojin could be taller than Seungmin?
bgh said on 5/May/23

Gyuvin 183
Ricky 181
Gunwook 180-181
ZhangHao 178
Hanbin 177-178
Jiwoong 176
Yujin 175
Taerae 171
Matthew 169
7272 said on 5/May/23
Thoughts on NCT127?

Johnny: 184
Taeil: 165
Yuta: 171.5
Doyoung: 176.5
Jaehyun: 175.9
Jungwoo: 179.1
Mark: 171.5
Taeyong: 170.2
Haechan: 169.7
rdn said on 4/May/23
Thoughts on 8TURN and/or TEMPEST?
7272 said on 2/May/23
My height estimagion from this BigHit family shoot photo (Right to left) Click Here

Soobin: 185
Huenning Kai: 181.2
RM: 179.7
Jin: 175.9 (has footwear advantage)
Yeonjun: 176.5
V: 174.6
Jungkook: 172.7 (major footwear advantage)
Beomgyu: 173.4
J-Hope: 172.1
Taehyun: 171.5? (J-Hope and him have the same footwear)

Click Here 3:09 but Taehyun looks slightly taller than J-Hope???
7272 said on 2/May/23

The more I look at the photo it's probably a 1.5 cm difference

179.1 cm looks debatable for RM in that photo

RM: 179.7
Huenning Kai:181.2
Soobin: 185
7272 said on 2/May/23
Click Here Suga and Jimmy Fallon
rdn said on 1/May/23
Any guesses on ONEUS’ heights based on this photo?

Click Here
rdn said on 1/May/23
I take back my 171 guess for Yunjin, she looks 169 range max
SWQ said on 30/Apr/23
Click Here
Eunchae looks slightly taller than Kazuha
rdn said on 30/Apr/23
I zoomed the image and compared them by looking at their hair first and I agree he has a cm on RM like you say, but then I looked at the top of their heads (scalp) and I think that way he does look 2 cm taller?
rdn said on 30/Apr/23
@7272 yeah you're right

In this photo he does edge him out, could be 1 cm like you say but to me it looks more like 2 cm? The difference is noticeable enough that's why I think it's rather a 1.5-2 cm difference, but maybe it's just how I perceive it. Also unless Soobin was wearing insoles he could actually be 185 as listed if Huening Kai is 181

Click Here
7272 said on 30/Apr/23
I'm revisiting EXO

Tao: 180.3
Sehun: 179.7
Kai: 177.2
Luhan: 172.1
Lay: 170.8
Baekhyun: 168.9
Chen and Suho: 167.6
Xiumin and D.O: 164-165
7272 said on 30/Apr/23

I think Huenning Kai is 181. He has a good cenimiter on RM.
rdn said on 29/Apr/23
Thoughts on Lee Chaeyeon? (Chaeryeong’s sister)
rdn said on 29/Apr/23
Momo 162
Tzuyu 170
Jihyo 159
Nayeon 163 (not so convinced tho because she doesnt look 4 cm shorter than Jeongyeon to me)
Mina 162
Chaeyoung 156-157
Dahyun 158.6 (morning height)
Jeongyeon 167
Sana 162 range?

Bae 170.5
Sullyoon 167-168
Kyujin 161
Haewon 159
Jiwoo 157
Lily 159.5?

Sullyoon and Kyujin's height difference (24:38 and 24:50)

Click Here

I now see Sullyoon more as 168, Kyujin 160 maybe?

Taehyun 172
Beomgyu 173-174
HueningKai 180
Yeonjun 176-177
Soobin 183-184

Yunjin 171
Kazuha 168
Eunchae 165-166? I have no idea what to estimate for her at this point
Sakura 160
Chaewon 160

Wonyoung 172-173(?)
Yujin 171-172(?) (self claimed 173)
Liz 168 (looks at least 5 cm taller than Rei tho)
Rei 164(?)
Gaeul 159(?)
Leeseo 160(?)

I’m still confused about Gaeul and Leeseo’s height, sometimes they look the same height or very very similar like they visually look same height but are actually some mm apart, sometimes Leeseo looks either only a bit (max 2 cm) or noticeably taller (3 cm or more) and sometimes it’s Gaeul the one who looks taller, it’s much less often though

Imo Liz looks 5-6 cm taller than Rei and 8-9 cm taller than Gaeul and Leeseo. Yujin looks 2-3 cm shorter than Wonyoung now (at least from my perception) and 4 cm taller than Liz.
So if Liz is 169 then Yujin is 173 as she claims, but is she really that tall? If she’s 173 then what about Wonyoung? 175-176? No way lol
I can see 172 for Yujin but not as high as 173. Wonyoung being 173 is possible tho. But at this point idk if they all look that tall because of angles or if they actually grew and are that height now
7272 said on 29/Apr/23
Okay so the taller members of stray kids add 4cm to their heights?

I noticed that pattern in Hyunjin, Seungmin, and Woojin

Hyunjin: 175.3
Seungmin: 172.7
Woojin: 172.1
I.N: 171.5
Lee Know: 170.8
Felix/Bang Chan: 168.9
Han: 167.6
Changbin: 164?
Alphaheight said on 28/Apr/23
Does it seem like RM needs a downgrade?
rdn said on 28/Apr/23
Taeyang and Lisa's recent collab

Click Here

At 1:54 their height difference can be seen better, they look very similar but Lisa seems to be slightly taller

So I’d say Lisa is 165.5 as we’ve been discussing already and Taeyang probably 164?
rdn said on 28/Apr/23
If Daehwi is 170 (or rather 169.5?) then Hyunjin is 175, I watched the video again and they seem to have a 5 cm difference
7272 said on 27/Apr/23
5'7 Lay Zhang and 6'6 listed Kawhi Leonard

God this guy is wearing huge lifts
Click Here
7272 said on 27/Apr/23

I think almost all the Astro heights are somewhat authentic

JinJin revealed he was 5'7 and I think he rounds up. So I'd say 5'6.5

MJ: 5'8.25

Eunwoo: 5'11.75 (weak 6'0)

Sanha: 6'1

Moonbin: 5'11.5 (rounds up)

Rocky: 5'8.75

May Moonbin rest in peace. This news is so devastating to the KPOP community.
7272 said on 27/Apr/23
I think most Astro Members heights are actually authentic.
rdn said on 27/Apr/23
I’d say Daehwi is rather 169
rajsk said on 27/Apr/23
I still can’t see Jimin as the full 5’7, maybe I wouldn’t go as low as 5’6.5 for him but I can see 5’6.75

V could pull off 5’9 but the difference between him and Jin seems more like 1cm, I’d still stick with 5’8.75 for V if Jin is 5’9.25. I’m certain RM is 5’10.75 and in that case I can’t see Jin as 5’9.5 the difference is too great, 5’9.25 is spot on
Heir of Darkness said on 27/Apr/23
Maybe too early, but any guesses on the ZB1 members?
7272 said on 24/Apr/23
Click Here

I'd take flat 5'9 out for V....
7272 said on 23/Apr/23
Click Here Pay atention to the first seconds of the video and 0:42

I definitely clears 5'7. He's looks like a flat 5'8 with Puth.

That's a perfect two inches
7272 said on 23/Apr/23
Click Here I wonder if Jungkook would have an inch on bieber if they interacted
7272 said on 21/Apr/23
Here's the photo

V and 5'5 listed Lisa in heels

He could pull off 5'9 Click Here=
7272 said on 21/Apr/23
V pulls 5'9 with 5'5 listed Lisa in heels
bgh said on 20/Apr/23
How tall was ASTRO’s Moonbin, who unfortunately passed away yesterday?
7272 said on 20/Apr/23

How tall does Jimin look with Jimmy Fallon?? Click Here 7:42
Editor Rob
Maybe almost 3.5 inches, though his heel looks a bit thicker than Fallon's. Could believe at least 5ft 7.5 there.
7272 said on 20/Apr/23

Jungkook and Justin Bieber are expected to make a collaboration. How will Jungkook stack against Bieber?
Editor Rob
Let's wait and see.
rdn said on 19/Apr/23
Golden Child's Bomin, ASTRO's Sanha, Stray Kids' Hyunjin and AB6IX's Daehwi (the ones who did a performance of Red Velvet's psycho) for an interview on Music Bank
Click Here

I know it’s from almost 3 years ago but I dont think they’ve grown more anyway. What would be your guesses on each one of them based on their height difference?
Bomin 180?
Sanha 185?
Hyunjin 174?
Daehwi 170?
rdn said on 19/Apr/23
@bgh I agree
rdn said on 19/Apr/23
Any guesses on FIFTY FIFTY? Just found out about them because of their song Cupid
UEDO said on 18/Apr/23

I agree with your listing, and I'd give Jin the 5'9.5.
UEDO said on 18/Apr/23
Click Here

Is Jimin pulling 5'7 range here?
Editor Rob
Yeah around 5ft 7 there, not sure about a full 5ft 7.5 though...unless RM has a little bit thicker sneaker.
rdn said on 18/Apr/23
As for what other idols wear or have ever worn insoles, I’d add Stray Kids’ Changbin and Han too. Changbin wearing lifts is obvious because how else would he look as tall as I.N and have such a small difference (if there’s any, at least not a noticeable one) with Seungmin who we peg at 173
Click Here
Alphaheight said on 18/Apr/23
Is 5'7 range arguable for jungkook?
Like 5'7.75 or 5'7.5 mid_day?
Editor Rob
I think he clears 5ft 7, a question of how much.
Alphaheight said on 18/Apr/23

Click Here

Any guesses?
Editor Rob
Can look a bit more than 3 inches!
pillow lead said on 17/Apr/23
Also, the reported height of one of the Judo instructors in the TXT video is 5'5
pillow lead said on 17/Apr/23
Click Here

Thoughts on TXT's height based on this video? Since footwear and most likely insoles aren't at play
7272 said on 17/Apr/23
@rdn then hope must be wearing massive lifts

5'7 for Jay
bgh said on 17/Apr/23
Sorry guys, late

Yuna 167
Yeji 164
Chaeryeong 163
Ryujin 161
Lia 159

Concert in BKK.
rdn said on 15/Apr/23
Apart from some BTS members, Blackpink's Jennie and some ITZY members, what other Kpop idols do you guys think or know wear or have ever worn insoles?
rdn said on 15/Apr/23
@bgh what are your thoughts on Itzy now after having seen them at that Music Bank festival in Paris?
rdn said on 15/Apr/23
@7272 you said Jay Park could be 5'6 flat but he edges out Jessi (listed as 167cm) noticeably here and they dont have their shoes on
Click Here
7272 said on 13/Apr/23

Once you get all the members can you create a category and put them in a KPOP Idol category

(Same goes for Kris Wu and IU)
rdn said on 11/Apr/23
Yeah could be, he looks taller than Kazuha and I’ve seen guesses of 166 and 169 for her here. I estimated 168 range

Unless we assume Jimin was wearing insoles he could actually be close to that height like you say. Considering his height difference with Kazuha there, I’d say she could actually be in the 166 range? But she looks taller than Eunchae and Eunchae towered Kyujin who’s estimated at 163-164 here??
If she’s 166 range and Eunchae says she’s 170 (with shoes and out of bed? maybe) now... Something doesnt add up. I can say for sure that Eunchae isnt 170, most likely not even 168 either. Because if she was that height then what about Kazuha? Lets take into consideration that Kazuha looks shorter than Jimin (at least in that video, Jimin could’ve worn insoles tho, I dont think so but idk at this point, if he’s really that much taller than Kazuha without insoles then how tall could her be?) who isnt taller than 170 flat. Eunchae looked significantly shorter than Kazuha there but looked barely shorter than J-hope who we peg at 171-172.
Idk their heights are really confusing

I watched the video again, specifically the part when Eunchae is next to Sakura and Kazuha to greet Jimin
At 1:29 you can see she looks noticeably shorter than Kazuha and same height as Sakura, Sakura even edges her out a bit?Well I watched their ‘Like Crazy’ dance challenge with Jimin and I could see her shoes have a thick platform, so that’s why. But still, even if she was wearing those chunky shoes, if she didnt only look similar height or the dame but even edged her out a bit (and it’s
also noticeable enough) that means Eunchae isn’t that much taller than her actually. But then why did she look that much taller than Kyujin? She claims to be 170 yet looked noticeably shorter than Kazuha
rdn said on 11/Apr/23
What would be your guesses on 2NE1? I know they disbanded in 2016 which is a very long time ago but I think that group has not been discussed here yet despite being one of the most popular 2nd gen Kpop groups
7272 said on 11/Apr/23
Jimin holds up on a near 5'7 in that LESARRIM vid
Malcolm Oliver said on 10/Apr/23
Solid 5’7 (171cm) is the highest I could see Suga ever measuring. He likely only wakes up at that in the morning and falls to 5’6.5 at night. He holds onto a weak 5’7 more than Jimin but only barely

Jimin 169.5
Suga 169.7

J-Hope has them by an inch
JK is 2 inches shorter than 5’10 Charlie Puth so 5’8, at the most 5’8.25. Wakes up 5’8.5, falls to 5’7.75 at night

J-Hope 172.1
JK 172.7

You start to notice a trend that they lose half an inch from their morning height (which would be their true height). By night it’s more like 3/4 of an inch (2cm)

V 174.6
Jin 175.9
RM 179.7

Case closed.
rdn said on 10/Apr/23
Any guesses for Apink? They made a comeback few days ago
rdn said on 10/Apr/23
*171 max
Doesnt look taller than 170 actually. I guess it’s the angle?
rdn said on 10/Apr/23
Eunchae claims to be 170 cm now.
She looks a lot taller than Kyujin here Click Here (this is another proof that Kyujin is definitely shorter than 165-166, if she was that height she wouldnt look that much shorter than Eunchae, and considering how much taller Eunchae is she’s definitely taller than what I’ve been estimating for her which is 164-166, it seems she’s still growing) so it’s possible but I wouldnt say she’s actually that tall, she looks shorter than Yunjin, also look at her shoes (I think Kyujin’s shoes are also thick tho). If anything she’s 168, 170 is a bit of a stretch but if she’s really that tall then what about Kazuha and Yunjin? Kazuha didnt look that much taller than 166-167 Sunmi

Here’s a video of Eunchae with jhope (starts at 5:41), she looks just a bit shorter than him
Click Here
Jhope looks 171 range max there
7272 said on 10/Apr/23
I think 5'7 is fair for Suga and 5'6.75 is fair for Jimin.

IU was wearing 2 inch platforms while Suga was wearing Salamon XT-6 which have 1.25 cm to the heel.

Suga clears 5'7.

If Suga is 5'7 these are my new listenings

RM: 180
Jin: 175.9 or 176.t
Suga: 170
J-Hope: 172.1
Jimin: 169.7
V: 175
Jungkook: 173.4
ezza said on 10/Apr/23
suga and IU (11:08)

Click Here

bad angle but i think it's the only one, you can see the footwear tho.
Editor Rob
I'd say within a small fraction of each other. Her shoe is over an inch, his sneaker at least 1 inch.
7272 said on 10/Apr/23
Jungkook looks an inch taller than 5'7.25 Scooter Bruan (2nd guy to the left)Click Here=

Jungkook is wearing what looks like AF1 which gives him 3.3 cm and Scooter is wearing boat shoes which give him about 5 cm

I could easily give Jungkook 5'8.5 here, but 5'8.25 is likely
7272 said on 10/Apr/23
@editor rob

How tall does Suga look next to IU who's listed at 160 cm on here. He looks a bit over 5'7 here, I think he has a major footwear advantage.
Editor Rob
Yea 171cm or a Solid 5ft 7 there...if we knew footwear, it would be interesting!
ezza said on 10/Apr/23
suga next to IU (160cm listed here)

Click Here
rdn said on 9/Apr/23
Jhope and Jimin with &TEAM members
Click Here
Sandy Cowell said on 9/Apr/23
RM has the head and the face of a much shorter person so I was surprised to see that he’s actually 5ft11.

Anyway, he’ll be getting that height from me!
chad michaels said on 8/Apr/23
@bgh, what’s your consensus on ITZY?
rdn said on 8/Apr/23
Thoughts on Xikers? They’re a recently debuted KQ boy group
Finally Ateez isn’t the only group under that company lol
rdn said on 8/Apr/23
Stray Kids
Lee Know 170-172 (171?)
Bang Chan 168-170 (169?)
Hyunjin 174-176 (175?)
Felix 167-169 (168?)
Changbin 163-165 (164?)
Han 166-168 (167?)
I.N 171-172 (171.5?)
Seungmin 172-174 (173?)
rdn said on 7/Apr/23
Seulgi and Karina (listed as exactly 167.8)
Click Here
Seulgi is said to be 161 measured as we already know (could actually be a bit shorter like 160.5 maybe? idk), Karina doesnt look that much taller than her Pause at 2:30 and 3:28
rdn said on 7/Apr/23
Red Velvet
Joy 166
Seulgi 160-161
Irene 155-156
Yeri 157
Wendy 155

I do believe Joy is 166 as she claims. If not then 165 minimum, no less than that. Look at her height difference with 155-156 Irene here
Click Here
rdn said on 7/Apr/23
I was wrong that Momo is a measured 163, there isn’t any video of her measurement. (I'm not saying there has to be a video of it to prove that it's true but it’s generally only completely trusted and regarded as true if there’s a video that shows and confirms it and not if the person only self reports it because there’s the possibility that they’re lying/inflating their height or that the measurement was done by themselves incorrectly/inaccurately)
I thought she said she’s 163 because she got measured at it but turns out that she simply claims to be that height. It’s listed on her profile as her real height because she said it in a video where a fan asked how tall she is but after some search on yt I didnt find any video of her getting measured. She measured herself then. But honestly I do believe she’s 163 as she claims, makes sense considering her height difference with Dahyun
bgh said on 7/Apr/23
Seeing ITZY tomorrow. Went to their press event today and I was pretty far away so couldn’t really peg. I’ll be up close tomorrow tho, but so far it seems like RJ is shorter than Lia and YJ is taller than Chaeryeong. Yuna isn’t much taller than them too. None of them are in the tall range, or at least 5’6+
rdn said on 5/Apr/23
at least referring to that he’s *probably actually not as short as he looks there
rdn said on 5/Apr/23
@Malcolm Oliver
169.5 is arguable for Jimin but he definitely looks shorter than that here
Click Here
What are your thoughts on it?
Idk how to notice if an idol is wearing insoles by looking at their feet, but if he looks that much shorter than he usually looks it means he often wears lifts for performances and when he’s on stage in general but he wasnt wearing any for that occassion and that’s why he looks significantly shorter than how we’re used to see him. He looks even shorter than 168 range there.

Would you say it’s because of the angle? I’m not sure if I’d say it’s the angle but rather his actual height. I could be wrong and it’s all due to that specific angle (at least referring to that he’s actually not as short as he looks there) but still I’m not sure he’s as tall as 169.5. 168.5 suits him more in my opinion

As for RM and Jin, look at their height difference here
Click Here
Click Here
We’re listing them as if they’re 4 cm apart but they definitely have a bigger difference than that in those photos
Could be RM’s shoes being thicker or is he really that much taller?
rdn said on 5/Apr/23
Guesses on Billie and Kep1er?
rdn said on 3/Apr/23
As Will123 said, could you list the height of Twice members?
Click Here

In case you need to know their names
From left to right/shortest to tallest:
Chaeyoung, Dahyun (measured 158.6 but claims to be 161 now), Jihyo, Mina, Momo (measured 163), Nayeon, Sana, Jeongyeon and Tzuyu
Editor Rob
Maybe at some point will add a couple, especially the one measured.
rdn said on 1/Apr/23
Bae 170
Sullyoon 167 (edges out Kyujin noticeably, their difference looks more than 4 cm. I saw a recent pic and Sullyoon was taller by like 6 cm or even a bit more, idk if it’s caused by footwear, angles, one wearing thicker shoes than the other or whatever but their height difference was definitely bigger than 4 cm)
Kyujin 162
Lily 159 (160? Looks a bit taller sometimes. But I’m not sure that she’s only 2 cm shorter than Kyujin)
Jiwoo 158
Haewon 159
Has actually a very small difference with Kyujin, at least thats what looks like in this comeback, could be Haewon’s shoes being thicker because in their dance practices Kyujin does edge her out noticeably, idk.
Haewon looked notoriously taller than Jiwoo in their latest MB interview but it’s the other way around here and they’re both are wearing the same shoes
Click Here
Here Lily edges out Haewon noticeably and I thought they were around the same height?
Click Here

Angles make their heights be confusing and difficult to estimate. Different angles alter their heights and make them look shorter or taller whether the camera is closer or further from them that I dont really know which camera angle to trust more for my estimations.
In interviews they look shorter but in dance practices they look taller, it seems that the closer the camera is the shorter they’ll look and the further it is the taller they’ll look, and idk which one would be better to use for estimating, my guesses would be more precise if they’re based on closer or further perspectives/camera angles?

Also how can Kyujin be taller than Ryujin (I’ve seen guesses of 160 and 162 for her here. I guessed 160 in my Itzy listing) but still look shorter than her here even despite wearing heels?
Click Here
Either Ryujin was wearing a lot of lift pads or Kyujin is actually shorter than we think
7272 said on 1/Apr/23
Taehyung looks like a weak 5'9 in this video with RM Click Here

rdn said on 31/Mar/23
How tall does Jimin look next to Taeyang here?
Click Here
I dont know exactly how much taller Jimin is but you can see he edges him out noticeably.
I’ve seen some of you claim 162.5 for Taeyang, others say 164
Let’s say they’re 6 cm apart so if Taeyang is 162.5 then the 168.5 claim for Jimin would be spot on. Or Taeyang 163 and then Jimin 169
Idk what’s their exact height difference anyway, those are just examples of what could be. How much would y’all say their difference is? Looks like they have more difference in the first clip than in the second one
Editor Rob
2.5-3 inches could be a possible difference there.
Malcolm Oliver said on 30/Mar/23
Look how they stack up next to near 6’3 Ashton Kutcher: Click Here

You can argue lifts, but those only take you up so much. Common lifts add about 2 inches and even from what we know, half of them probably don’t even wear them (RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope). RM can pull off 6ft there; if we assume lifts, then there’s even good chance for 5’11

Also this classic example: Click Here (3:00)
where V and Jin are virtually the same, if not barely, and Jimin holds up to them pretty well. If RM’s a weak 5’11, then they are all 5’7-5’9 range there no question. And he has the advantage of being closer to the camera

Not trying to deny any listings since I do believe they can measure that, just not all the time or during the day

It seems like their listings consistently get chipped away by cms so just wanted to clear the air here (since I’ve seen all types of comments, old and new, come and go and thought up listings from there). Let me know your thoughts on this
Malcolm Oliver said on 30/Mar/23
I think you guys are reaching with some of the listings, maybe they measure that at a low but certainly hold up higher throughout the day

RM 179.7
Jin 175.9
V 174.6
JK 172.7
J-Hope 172.1
Suga 169.7
Jimin 169.5
rdn said on 30/Mar/23
Yeah I’d say he looks taller because of insoles, you guys have often talked about it here, also certain angles make him look taller too. Imo he’s flat 172 barefoot, or somewhere in the 172 range but no more than that so the 172.7 claim could be true but to me that’d be the limit for his barefoot height
I agree with rajsk, I can also see RM as a flat 179

RM 179-179.5
Jin 175.5
V 174-174.5
JK 172-172.5
JHope 172
Suga 169-169.5
Jimin 169
rajsk said on 30/Mar/23
RM 179
Jin 175.5
V 174
JK 172
J-Hope 171-171.5
Suga 169
Jimin 168.5
rdn said on 29/Mar/23
I think JK is 172 range no more, he often looks taller but I think it’s because of lifts, although I’m not entirely sure

I’d now go with these estimates for BTS
RM 179-180 (179.5)
Jin 175-176 (175.5)
V 174-175 (174.5)
JK 172-173 (172.5)
J-Hope 171.5-172.5 (171.5)
Jimin 169-169.5 (169)
Suga 169.5-170 (169.5)
Will123 said on 29/Mar/23
Rob, could you please list the height of Twice members?

Click Here
rdn said on 28/Mar/23
Lily 159
Sullyoon 167
Bae 170
Kyujin 163
Jiwoo 158
Haewon 162(?) (I dont think she’s actually only 1 cm shorter than Kyujin but she looked noticeably taller than measured 158.6 Dahyun in their most recent MusicBank interview, also looked taller than Jiwoo so in that case she isnt what some of you guys have estimated for her which is 158-159)
Malcolm Oliver said on 28/Mar/23
There’s also the fact that Lisa was measured some time out of bed. Most likely the BMI was the main reason for it all though

She’s easily 5’5 range as is Rosé 5’6+. An inch difference more or less

Rosé 168.5 (168.3)
Lisa 165.5 (165.7)
Jisoo 162 (161.9)
Jennie 160.5 (160.7)
ezza said on 27/Mar/23
TWICE in a line comparing heights

Click Here (2:43-2:52)
7272 said on 27/Mar/23
@Malcom Oliver

Yeah Shawn could be argued for 6'1. Perhaps I'm a little hard on Jimins height. His height is the most confusing compared to the members, his body measurements are tiny. Shoe size, weight, hand size, Jimin is the smallest in every measurement.
rdn said on 26/Mar/23
Blackpink meeting Selena Gomez
Click Here

Selena is listed as 164.5 here. She and Lisa look of similar height (Selena seems to be a bit taller tho), so yeah I think Lisa could actually be 165.5
She’s at least 3 cm shorter than Rosé who has said to be exactly 168.7 (which i’m now pretty sure it’s not her morning height), so if Rosé isnt taller than that then I’d say Lisa being 165.5 would be more reasonable and accurate. I said the 166.5 measurement being true makes sense to me because of her proportions and giving a taller impression (especially when she’s alone, like in her solo mvs and performances) that one would think she’s at least that height, but seeing her in fan-taken/off-stage/non-photoshoot pics/videos/clips and her height difference with Rosé I’d go with the 165.5 number
rdn said on 25/Mar/23
Rob and some other people here say that what Lisa measured could’ve actually been 165.5 instead but that they wrote 166.5 so it matches her mbi result. Imo the 166.5 measurement being true makes more sense to me given her proportions

About Rosé, she looks noticeably taller than Lisa but I wouldnt say 170, especially because she claimed to be 168.7 a while ago. If thats true then Lisa is actually 165.5 and they were right that her measurement was likely edited, because to me they’re at least 3 cm apart
rdn said on 25/Mar/23
Guesses on XG?
Malcolm Oliver said on 25/Mar/23

When it comes to huge height gaps like that, I don’t think 1cm difference makes much difference in the disparity. Shawn has been argued for 6’1, even a fraction over at most, so 169.5 still checks out with your reasoning

I don’t think Jimin is that far off from J-Hope and JK either, also he noticeably edges out Taeyang
SWQ said on 24/Mar/23
Ni-ki and Key interaction
Click Here
Ni-ki looks 5'11 imo
SWQ said on 24/Mar/23
found a video of lisa measurement
Click Here
If that's true, Rose is almost 170
7272 said on 24/Mar/23
@editor rob

I think this is the closest we'll get to get Jimins height Click Here

How tall does he look with 5'11.5 Jimmy Fallon
7272 said on 22/Mar/23

Harry is a flat 5'10 he looks way shorter than Chris Pine.
7272 said on 21/Mar/23
I think flat 5'11 is out for RM. Maybe a weak 5'11 (179.7) suits him well. It was whose interactions he had with Shawn Mendez and Drake that ruined it for me.

I think Shawn had a little over 6 inches on Jimin in the video. Click Here I think 169.5 is out for Jimin. 168.5 suits him

Here was the footwear Shawn had and compare it to the rest of the group Click Here Click Here

Drake had a good 2 inches on him and Shawn was towering him.
UEDO said on 21/Mar/23
V took a picture with Harry styles who’s arguably 178-179. Don’t know about his footwear but 5’9 for V is still arguable.
7272 said on 19/Mar/23
@editor Rob

Look at this interaction of 5'11.75 and BTS from 2019

RM looks like he almost got edged by 2 inches. Keep this in mind they're all wearing lifts. Click Here 0:19-0:21

5'10.75 downgrade?
Editor Rob
Case for Drake being 6ft is strong there.
nz said on 19/Mar/23
Click Here

momoland yeonwoo is probably around 168. She measured 170 with vans which should give 2 cm.
rajsk said on 19/Mar/23
@Malcolm Oliver
I reckon that’s the most accurate listing for BTS. I still don’t know whether RM would measure 179 or a fraction higher. I could see him as a flat 179 tbh
Malcolm Oliver said on 19/Mar/23
If Jimin is 5’6.5, then everyone else should be marked a fraction lower. But that throws off all the listings, so maybe he measures that at his lowest

Jimin 169.5
Suga 169.7
J-Hope 172.1
JK 172.7
V 174.6
Jin 175.9
RM 179.7

That means for everyone else, that fraction under is the lowest they measure
pillow lead said on 19/Mar/23
I think the confusion around Joy's height comes from her almost always being in heels (sometimes higher ones then her members), her members being significantly shorter, and that she has really good proportions. I agree with rajsk that it's unlikely she would grow past 17-18 and she's probably still around there.

I also found this account that saw her in person and said she looked average height, maybe around 164.
Click Here

Lastly, here is her next to SNSD's Tiffany who was estimated to be around 161 by someone here.
Click Here

The angles make it difficult but it's clear that they look quite close in height here, and both are in quite high heels. If Joy were really around 166-68 the gap wouldn't be so close.

I also wouldn't go by what they have said in interviews as it's been known that they inflate, so I'm not sure I trust Seulgi's 161 number. I mean it's even been seen that when idols are measured on TV, as in Lisa's case, the numbers can be altered and edited.
nz said on 17/Mar/23
@rdn joy said she's 166 cm in her interview. I think she's around that height
rdn said on 17/Mar/23
Well, Joy could be a case like Momo from Twice. I thought she was 167-168 like she’s listed at (i remember she was listed on her profile as 168 first during some years then got changed to 167 recently or a few years ago idk) due to her proportions but it turns out she’s actually 163.
Joy’s case is similar, I remember she initially used to be listed at 168 as her "official height" but is now at 167 as her approximate real height. At least according to Kprofiles.

But as I said, Joy looks noticeably taller than 161 Seulgi (is said to be her real measured height) so she cant be 163 in that case, if not 167 then she’s at least 165-166 imo. Maybe you guys are right, idk. Im not saying it as a fact anyway, it's just my opinion ofc

I said I agree that she could’ve been 163 during their debut/first years because of this photo Click Here
But this is a pic from the year they debuted Click Here and this one Click Here from when Yeri was already part of the group and Joy already edged out Seulgi significantly. Seulgi’s real height has apparently been confirmed to be 161 and that doesn’t look like a 2 cm difference to me
rajsk said on 17/Mar/23
@rdn Joy was about 17-18 when red velvet debuted. Women generally don’t grow after 14-15. She’s most likely 163 currently
rdn said on 17/Mar/23
@pillow lead
I’d say those were their debut heights. Joy is taller than 163 nowadays. The 167 listing is right imo. She looks noticeably taller than Seulgi so I doubt she’s 163. I agree with her being 163 during their first years as a group but not anymore
pillow lead said on 16/Mar/23
Imo Red Velvet is shorter than your estimates. People who've seen them irl say they're very short, barring Joy who's average.
Joy's profile when she first debuted put her at 163, using that I'd say:

Yeri, Wendy, Irene around 155, Seulgi around 160, and Joy 163.
rdn said on 16/Mar/23
I forgot to add jhope. I think he’s 172
rdn said on 16/Mar/23
Lee Know looks rather 170 range here. 171 max. So I’d probably lower my estimation to 170-171?
Click Here
Also look at his height difference with Seungmin here
Click Here

His height is confusing because it seems he might be a bit shorter than we think but he normally looks taller, like he could actually be 172. These pics are some examples
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
5'10-Abdul. said on 16/Mar/23
7272 said on 16/Mar/23
Jay Park is probably 5'6 flat.
7272 said on 16/Mar/23
Yeah,I don't think Jimin is 169.5 anymore. 168.9 is alright for him.
Alphaheight said on 16/Mar/23
I would say solid listings
Malcolm Oliver said on 15/Mar/23

Jay Park likely isn’t 5’7 (even Jimin holds up better next to J-Hope)
SWQ said on 15/Mar/23
Thoughts on &TEAM?
Alphaheight said on 15/Mar/23
Maybe insoles?
rdn said on 14/Mar/23
RM 179.5
Jin 176
V 174.8
Jungkook 172.5
Jimin 168.9
Suga 169.5
I dont think Jimin is any taller than 169 after that video I watched of him dancing with Soobin and Beomgyu. He looked shorter than usual in that video, he normally looks taller than he looked there and I guess it’s because he wears lifts and he wasn’t wearing any that day so that explains why he looked significantly shorter there.
Look at his height difference with RM here, that looks 10-10.5 cm I think? so he’s 169 max
Click Here
I’ll leave it at 169 but he looked shorter than that in that video, he’s 168 range max without insoles

Jennie 158
Jisoo 161
Lisa 165.5 (morning height)
Rosé 168.7 (morning height)
If those heights are measured in the morning then what’s their height the rest of the day?

Haerin 161
Minji 164
Hyein 167
Hanni 158
Danielle 159

Yunjin 169.5-170
Kazuha 168
Eunchae 165.5-166
Sakura 160?
Chaewon 160?
I’m not sure about Sakura and Chaewon but in some photos they look 5-6 cm shorter than Eunchae so 160 could be right I guess.
I’m a bit confused about Kazuha and Eunchae’s height difference and Eunchae’s height, sometimes they look 2 cm apart max but there are also times where Kazuha edges her out significantly, like here
Click Here
Chaewon still looks noticeably shorter than her despite wearing thick platform shoes so then Eunchae isn’t 164 as I had guessed

Yeji 163
Chaeryeong 164
Lia 158
Ryujin 160
Yuna 167
Based on this Music Bank interview
Click Here
These are pretty much the same guesses as @bgh gave so yeah I agree with you now, I think those are accurate or very approximate.
That interview has made me realize they’re actually bit shorter than I thought. They look taller on stage, so I guess you guys are right about their insole usage. I didnt know some of them wear insoles so thats another reason I thought they were taller

Stray Kids
Bang Chan 168.5
Lee Know 171-171.5
Felix 168
Changbin 164
Han 167.5
Hyunjin 174.5-175
I.N 171.5-172
Seungmin 172.5-173
rdn said on 14/Mar/23
Guesses on Red Velvet?

Seulgi’s confirmed real height is said to be 161. The real heights of the other members haven’t been revealed but their approximate real heights are listed as the following:
Irene 158
Yeri 158
Wendy 159
Joy 167

Yeah I think those approximate heights are right, what do you guys think?
7272 said on 14/Mar/23

Click Here pause at 7:50

V struggles to look 5'9 with RM and all of them are wearing sandals
rdn said on 14/Mar/23
Thoughts on ITZY’s heights based on this airport video? Click Here

Lia easily the shortest. And why/how does Yeji look so tall? Lol. She even edges out Yuna there. Are you guys sure she isn’t at least 167?
She was listed as 170 first then it was changed to 167. You guys claim 163 for her, but she looks way taller than that there. Some of you mentioned insoles, is that the reason? Well yeah what other thing it could be if she’s actually 163 range.

Noticing a sudden height increase and looking noticeably taller than usual is the only way I can know an idol is most likely wearing lifts. I still don’t know how I’m supposed to know they’re wearing that thing by looking at their ankles (especially if the idol is wearing pants and/or shoes that hide them, the pants for being long and the shoes for being high on the ankle part) which is where I’m supposed to look to notice if their heels are lifted due to the insoles. I never paid attention to it anyway but if I’m going to try to guess their heights as accurately as it’s possible or at least approximately then I guess I’d have to know if they’re wearing insoles or not and know how to notice that, because it seems insoles are a common thing among some (or most?) Kpop idols
7272 said on 14/Mar/23
The idol industry heights are confusing.

Here's Jay Park and solid 5'11 YugyeomClick Here

What range does Jay Park look?
7272 said on 14/Mar/23

Click Here

Click Here

5'9 is arguable but 5'8.75 has been the general consensus for V for like 2-3 months
UEDO said on 13/Mar/23

That’s odd, Jay Park is a 5’7 guy and J-Hope looks to have solid 2-3 inches on him, even though we all thought J-Hope is a 5’8 guy.
Alphaheight said on 13/Mar/23
In @udo's link
Does jungkook look 5'8 to you?
I think he seems sligtly less than 5'8,what's your opinion?
Editor Rob
I can see how barely 5ft 8 looked arguable in the photo.
udo said on 12/Mar/23

Yoo Jaesuk has the camera advantage because he's on the side and is closer to the camera than V. Can still consider V at 5'9.
udo said on 12/Mar/23
@Editor Rob

How tall is Jin looking here next to RM?

Click Here
Editor Rob
In 5ft 9 range
7272 said on 12/Mar/23
Jay Park looks like he got towered by 172.1 J-Hope Click Here
rdn said on 11/Mar/23
Le Sserafim with Sunmi. She’s listed at 166-167. Thoughts?
Click Here

It's actually a bit hard to guess because of their posture and the fact that they’re dancing instead of standing still but well I think these would be my guesses
Sunmi 166
Kazuha 168.5
Eunchae 164
Sakura 160
Chaewon 160.5
Yunjin 170

Chaewon looks taller than Sakura there but it’s because she’s wearing heels, I cant see her shoes well but I think they’re heeled boots?
Idk if she’s actually a bit taller than Sakura or the same height. She looks noticeably taller than her sometimes/in some photos but I saw it’s because her shoes have a thicker sole/platform, she’s probably taller than her but by like 1 cm max, idk
rdn said on 9/Mar/23
I now think Leeseo is probably 162, she looks around 3 cms(?) shorter than Rei here
Click Here

Wonyoung 171
Yujin 170
Liz 169
Rei 165
Leeseo 162
Gaeul 160

But if Leeseo is 162 then why did she look significantly taller than 159-160(?) Jihyo in that interview? She’d have to be at least 165 range to have that height difference with her
rdn said on 9/Mar/23
@pillow lead
I agree. Jennie indeed looks visibly shorter than Jisoo there, and they’re both wearing flats so that’d confirm that Jisoo is the taller one.
I searched "who’s shorter between Jennie and Jisoo" on Google and I found a question in Quora titled as "what do you think about Blackpink’s real height" so I clicked on it and read some of the answers, and while there are a few people who think it’s Jisoo (and posted this photo as proof: Click Here. but I read comment under a related question to the one I clicked on say that she looks taller there because she’s wearing insoles, this is a link to that comment Click Here) the majority think it’s Jennie and these are two of the photos they showed as examples
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Yeah I’d now also say that Jennie is shorter, she looks noticeably shorter in those photos and they’re both wearing flat shoes.

About the person who said Jennie looks taller in that pic because she’s wearing insoles/lifts, is she? I keep forgetting that stuff exists and that there are both male and female idols who wear them. The person who said she’s wearing insoles in the comment said that they looked at her ankles and that’s how they knew, I did the same but I don’t see anything that tells me she’s in fact wearing them? Her ankle is supposed to be lifted due the insoles but for some reason they don’t look lifted to me? I compared her ankle with Rosé’s and to me they look the same? If it wasnt because that person said she’s wearing insoles I wouldn’t have known and it would’ve gone unnoticed to me
rdn said on 7/Mar/23
I recently watched this bp interview on music core
Click Here and I noticed Jennie is barely shorter than Rosé there. I’ve seen videos and pics taken by fans and their height difference is quite noticeable and Rosé edges out her significantly (the photos shown in the article I sent in my comment about Lisa at the end are some examples, this photo taken at a concert too Click Here) but in that interview they have such a small difference that they visually look of same height if you don’t pay attention to it
Alphaheight said on 7/Mar/23
Yeah i guess it's fair since him and jungkook are almost identical
Would you agree on jimin being 169?
7272 said on 7/Mar/23
A fraction downgrade would be likely
bgh said on 7/Mar/23

Bae 170
Sullyoon 167
Kyujin 163-164 (she looks significantly shorter than Bae/Sullyoon)
Jinni 162
Lily 160-161
Haewon 159
Jiwoo 158
7272 said on 7/Mar/23
It's been time for an RM downgrade. He only looks 4 cms taller than a 176 Jin. I think he needs to be a 5'10.75. He has the proportions, but constantly looks under it.
7272 said on 6/Mar/23
I don't see JHope as 5'7.5, that's an honest low for him. He looks an inch taller than Jimin and Suga. 5'7.75 is correct for him.
rajsk said on 6/Mar/23
@bgh even 5’8.25 would be pushing it for JK, honestly can’t see any higher than 5’8 flat for him
rdn said on 6/Mar/23
I changed and lowered my guesses on IVE for the third time, are these ones more accurate? Im not sure what to estimate for Leeseo now though

Wonyoung 170.5-171?
Yujin 170?
Liz 169-169.5?
Rei 165? (looked at least 5 cm shorter than Liz in the airport video I sent so if she’s 165 range then Liz isn’t shorter than 170)
Gaeul 160-161?
Leeseo (?)
She looked at least 166 next to Jihyo who’s listed as approximately 160, but she looks noticeably shorter than Rei and I peg her at 165 range and no less than that. also Leeseo sometimes looks of very similar height as Gaeul and if she’s taller it’s by 2 cm max and other times she looks around 5 cm taller so now idk what to estimate for her anymore
bgh said on 6/Mar/23

Jungkook looks 172-173 in my opinion. V is definitely 5’8.75. I can’t see him at 5’9 flat. Jungkook is 5’8 flat. 5’8.25 at the maximum.
Alphaheight said on 6/Mar/23
Is it time for RM's downgrade?
Alphaheight said on 6/Mar/23
If V is 174.6
And jungkook is 172.5
And J_hope 171_171.5
Suga 169.5_170
Jimin 169
I mean that seems accurate i don't know why wouldn't it make sense
rajsk said on 6/Mar/23
V 5’8.75 and JK 5’8 flat seems fair
7272 said on 6/Mar/23

Jungkook at a flat 5'8 wouldn't be bad, but it's very likely. There are a lot of videos and photos of V struggling to look 5'9.

I'd say Jungkook is a flat 5'8
pillow lead said on 5/Mar/23

Yeah I agree now, the height difference between her and Lisa is pretty small.
Click Here

What would your guesses be for Kep1er? A clip I saw of Xiaoting next to Wonyoung at MAMA made her 168 claim seem very off.
Click Here at 2:04
UEDO said on 5/Mar/23
If V is 174 range, Jungkook has to be like 172 which doesn’t make sense. I really do think 175 flat is the best listing for V.
bgh said on 5/Mar/23
Click Here

gaeul next to 165cm soogeun. looks 4-5cm shorter.
Alphaheight said on 5/Mar/23
If V is 5'8.75
What height would you list Jk?
7272 said on 4/Mar/23
5'9 is out for V

Jaesuk is a fraction taller while V slightly tilts his head Click Here (1:41-1:44)

All of the individuals are wearing socks in the same video Click Here

V is 5'8.75
7272 said on 4/Mar/23
Click Here

Jaesuk 5'9
Minho 5'10
Xiumin 5'6 or 5'5.75
7272 said on 4/Mar/23
Rewatching an old performance, and there looks like to be a 1.4-centimeter difference between V and Jin Click Here 6:18 to 6:25

Click Here 6:16 both are slightly slouching too.

Click Here Look at the footwear between 175 measured Jaesuk and Jin 5:59

V is 5'8.75. I think he measures near a solid 5'9 when he gets out of bed.
rdn said on 4/Mar/23
Ok I think I went a little over with those guesses I wrote for IVE. Those are based on what I estimated for Wonyoung (173) and Yujin (171.5-172). But I don’t think Liz is any shorter than 169, at least not anymore, Yujin looks 172 to me tho, at least angles and her body proportions make her look that tall, if she’s not 172 then 171.5, I lowered my estimation for her in this listing to ask if you all agree with these guesses more but I can’t seem to see her shorter than 171.5 if she doesn’t reach 172

I’ll fix it
Wonyoung 171.5 (I still think she’s anywhere in the 171-173 range? idk, or if not 171-173 then 171-172, but no shorter than that. maybe she doesnt reach 173 actually but her proportions and certain angles make her look that height sometimes)
Yujin 170.5-171 (but she looks more 172 to me most of the time, at least she has the proportions of it)
Rei 165-166
Gaeul 161
Liz 170
Leeseo 163-163.5
Is this now a more accurate estimation?

As for Leeseo, although she usually looks just a bit taller than Gaeul and they’re so similar that they visually look the same height, there are times where she edges her out by a bit more and looks like she were like 5 cm taller than her now.
But this is recent (9 days ago) Click Here and Leeseo looks like she’s the same height as Gaeul or a tad taller like 2 cms taller max. So in that case I’d agree with @bgh’s guess for Leeseo.
Liz looks taller than usual there, her height is one of the most confusing to me. While I could see her at 167 range sometimes like @bgh claimed, she’s actually taller than that and has always edged out Gaeul by a large amount so she isn’t only 167, yeah she probably was 167 range before in their Eleven era but she has definitely grown and is taller now or at least looks like it. She looks noticeably taller than Rei and is also very close to Yujin’s height or I’d rather say she’s a bit taller than her now, or maybe isn’t but looks like it because of the camera angle. Idk. She looks like she was the tallest member now, at least seen from that angle. I don’t think I was wrong with my 169-171 estimation or that I went far with it. I probably went a bit far with 171 and she isn’t that tall (although she kinda looks like it sometimes or close to it, at least that’s my impression. In that video too and looks like she’s the same height as Yujin or even a bit taller. Idk if it’s all because of the camera angle or she simply grew and is taller now. Now that I watched the video again I’d say she rather looks 170 range? But she edges out Rei by what looks like 6 cm? and I doubt Rei is shorter than 165 range) actually but she surely isn’t shorter than 169. So I think 169.5-170 is fair.
Leeseo looks around the same height as Gaeul in that video, looks a tad taller like 2 cms max. So that’d make me lower my estimation for her from 165-166 to 163-163.5 like @bgh said. But look at her height difference with Jihyo here Click Here, Jihyo is listed at 160 as "approx. her real life" height on kprofiles, if that’s true then Leeseo would have to be at least flat 166 to have that height difference with her
bgh said on 4/Mar/23
@pillow lead
Think Rosé isn’t taller than 168.
UEDO said on 3/Mar/23
I'm being straight up, I only see a 3 cm difference between RM and Jin.
Click Here

In that video, barefoot, I don't see a full 2 inch difference. That looks like what a 176.5cm guy v.s 180cm guy looks like. I think V should get the 175.3 flat because he's clearly a 1cm+ taller than Jungkook, who is arguably a decent 5'8. There is NO way that the difference between V and Jungkook is like 1/4 inch, it's much closer to 0.75.
rajsk said on 3/Mar/23
I can’t see V at a flat 5’9, 174.6cm
rdn said on 3/Mar/23
Wonyoung 173
Yujin 171.5-172
Liz 170
Rei 167-168
Gaeul 161.5
Leeseo 165-166

I’m actually not that sure of my estimations for the members other than Wonyoung and Yujin. I haven’t really thought an estimation for the other members yet because it’s a bit confusing sometimes and I don’t really know how to estimate heights that much yet, I’m still in the process of learning since I found this site lol. Those are just random guesses that popped out of my head based on the photos and videos I’ve seen/watched. the only members I’m (kind of) "more sure" of what could be their height are Liz, Yujin and Wonyoung. Liz 169-170.5/171, Yujin 171-172 and Wonyoung 172-173
Alphaheight said on 3/Mar/23
Yeah i meant those 3
I feel 5'6.5 is the limit for jimin
So is 5'8_5'8.25 for jungkook
And for V 5'8.5_5'8.75 ( i think when V looks close to 5'9 is when he tensses his posture or some camera angeles cause it's not persistent)
7272 said on 3/Mar/23
I'd consider a page for Suga and J-Hope now.

J-Hope 5'7.75
Suga 5'6.75
7272 said on 2/Mar/23
Jungkook clears 5'8 with Jimmy Fallon in this video 1:46-1:50 Click Here

V looks like a 5'9 flat I think him and Jimmy have similar footwear here Click Here 3:02
pillow lead said on 2/Mar/23
I think Jennie is the shortest, the height difference with her and Jisoo can be seen more clearly here.
Click Here
My guesses for all the members would be:

Jennie: 158
Jisoo: 161
Lisa: 165.5
Rose: 168.7 (the same as what she said once)
7272 said on 1/Mar/23

I put an arguable one on only V, Jungkook, and Jimin because they inflate their heights and claim way taller than they are. Jimin claims 175, Jungkook claims 178-179 (in shoes), and V, on the other hand, claims every height.

A part of me thinks that they're taller than they actually are. They have the proportions for it.

Look at Jinyoung, Jisoo, and V Click Here

V struggles to look 5'9 here with Jinyoung who I would peg at around the 176 range. (I don't know if Jinyoung has the footwear advantage)

I feel like we are a step closer to getting each member's height, but I still feel kinda feel unsure about V, Jungkook, and Jimin.
7272 said on 1/Mar/23
Found the Yoo Jae Suk photo Click Here

@Rob So if Jaesuk's a flat 5'9, how tall would you estimate him and V in this photo?Click Here I would assume 174.6 is fair for V.
Editor Rob
Suk might be a little closer, but slightly looser stance. I'd imagine he may well have an edge on V.
Alphaheight said on 1/Mar/23
It's the same
If jin is 176 and V is 174.6 then the difference is 1.4cm
And if jin is 176.5 and V is 175.3 the difference is 1.2cm which is basicaly the same
So the 1cm difference remains for either choises
Malcolm Oliver said on 1/Mar/23
Rob, would you list Jungkook at 5’8 or 5’8.25? Because this is really the last subject of debate, whereas all other members have been figured out

It depends on if you think he could measure the same as you
Editor Rob
In the past I felt strong 5ft 8 was believable.
rdn said on 1/Mar/23
About my previous comment, I didn’t mean to say that I’m around 166.5, but that I’m 166.5. I said I’m around the same height as Lisa instead of saying that I’m the same height because idk if she’s 166.5 (Real Men measurement) or if she’s actually 165.5 (I read on her page that the height the electronic stadiometer showed could’ve actually been 165.5 but they changed it to 166.5 so it matches her bmi(?) idk. What measurement is the accurate one?) like Rob and some of you say and also because 166.5 isn’t my morning height
rajsk said on 1/Mar/23
@UEDO I personally wouldn’t push Jin above 176, him and RM generally have the same footwear and there is a good 3-3.5cm difference

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

We don’t know the footwear in these pics but neither of them wear lifts. I think 179.7 for RM and 176 flat for Jin is fair
UEDO said on 28/Feb/23

Ok, I agree with your evidence, I think V looks to be a flat 5'9. My issue is that Jin and V are virtually identical, and I really can't see Jin looking 176 flat. I think he's a good spot at 176.5 cm, with V 175.3 range. 1 cm apart, I think that makes sense.

Click Here
rdn said on 28/Feb/23
About Lisa of BP, her proportions really do give you the impression that she's taller, these photos are some examples
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
If I had just found out about her and saw those photos I would’ve thought she’s at least 169-170, we all know she’s shorter than that actually but such proportions make her look tall.
I’m around the same height as her (166.5 barefoot, not my morning height tho) and she looks taller than me. Her legs and her slender frame are the reason why she appears taller than she actually is in most photos. Her case reminds me of SKZ Hyunjin, most of his fans believe he’s 179 as he’s listed or even think he’s as tall as 181-182 while he actually isn’t taller than 176, with Lisa there used to be people who even thought she was as tall as 172.
In this photo taken by a fan we can see how tall she actually is
Click Here
If she’s in the 165-166 range, how tall are Jisoo and Jennie then? Jennie’s at the back, how tall would y’all say she is based on that photo?
Here’s a pic of Lisa next to Jennie:
Click Here
Normally she doesn’t look that much taller than Jennie but their height difference is notorious there.
Next to Jisoo:
Click Here
I mean it’s not a big difference but it’s still noticeable enough

And as for who’s taller between Jisoo and Jennie, I’m still unsure. I think it’s Jennie but I keep seeing pics and watching clips and videos where Jisoo looks taller and others where Jennie looks taller so idk
I saw this clip on yt shorts a while ago and Jennie definitely looks taller than Jisoo, I can’t see her shoes well tho
Click Here
But in this one Jisoo looks taller or of same height as Jennie
Click Here
Here Jisoo looks taller than Jennie, they’re wearing similar footwear
Click Here
Here Click Here they look same height but Jisoo is wearing flats and Jennie’s wearing platforms, so this would "confirm" Jisoo being taller, but then I see other clips, videos and pics and I think Jennie is the taller one lol. Honestly I have no idea at this point

Thoughts on this?Click Here
rajsk said on 28/Feb/23
@Malcolm Oliver
Accurate but I can’t see more than a 1cm difference between Jungkook and J-Hope. I’d say a 172.7-173 for JK would be more accurate
rdn said on 28/Feb/23
I wouldn’t say Jimin is as tall as 169.5, at least not after I watched this, he looks shorter than that here
Click Here
Alphaheight said on 28/Feb/23
I mean it's hard to tell
V's posture seemed a little better compared to jin's
5'9 for V is barley arguable IMO so is 5'9.5 for jin
It's tricky though not gonna lie
I could see Suga close to or at 5'7
But the difference between him and jimin is sus
So is jimin's height
I mean if you Search for his Waiste size or his hand size or shoulder span, everything about him is small
His measurements are of someone who's shorter than 5'7
He could be just built like that but i don't know his height has been rolling up and down for all these years
I see him more like tom holland's height
Weak 5'8 for J_hope and flat 5'8 for Jk seems accurate
Again @rajsk @Malcolm oliver fair listings
Though i don't know about Jk at 5'8.25 cause the difference between him and V seems abit more than the difference between V and jin
From what i've read i think everyone seems to have agreed on the difference between the members, so we only need to know jimin's true height and know where does RM fall in this range 5'10.5_5'11
@7272 the listing is fair as well
But i have a questionvdo you think if one of those(V, Jk, jimin) were to be at the arguable height you listed for them
Does that mean the rest will be effected?
Like if V is flat 5'9 that means Jk is 5'8.25?
Malcolm Oliver said on 28/Feb/23
I’ve been here for a while and @72’s listing is pretty much the consensus. I’m sure they’ve been here for some time too, and after reading hundreds and hundreds of comments, I don’t think it gets any more accurate than this

Jimin 169.5
Suga 169.7
J-Hope 172.1
JK 173.4
V 174.6
Jin 175.9
RM 179.7

The numbers are fair to the height difference between all members. I’d say this is endgame when it comes to BTS height
rajsk said on 28/Feb/23
Jimin 169.5
Suga 169.7-170.2
J-Hope 172.1
Jungkook 172.7
V 174.6
Jin 175.9
RM 179.7

I think these are the most accurate estimates. Can’t really see V at a flat 5’9 because the difference between him and Jin looks more than 6mm. I think 5’9.5 would be pushing it for Jin as he consistently looks around 4cm shorter than RM if we don’t include footwear. 176 flat would be fair for Jin
UEDO said on 27/Feb/23
Trust me, Jin is taller than V by a hair. This is them standing side by side. Jin is taller by like 0.25 inches, or they're basically even.
Click Here
As for Suga he is barely 5'7, looks like it with PSY who's listed here as 5'7.
Click Here
Good photo for height comparison. Looking at their shoes, my listed order makes sense.
Click Here
RM holds 5'11 well, particularly with Ashton Kutcher & Joe Biden. As for Jungkook, he looks roughly 2 inches shorter than 5'10 Charlie Puth. I think we all agree J-Hope & Jungkook are like 173, plus or minus fraction. Jimin I can see 169~70cm for.
Alphaheight said on 27/Feb/23
I was wondering if the thought of 5'10.5 for RM has ever crosed your mind?
Editor Rob
That would be like the lowest I think I could imagine him.
7272 said on 27/Feb/23
RM: 179.7
Jin: 176 (maybe a fraction upgrade)
Suga: 169.7
J-Hope: 172.1
Jimin: 169.5 (168.9 could be arguable)
V: 174.6 (175 could be arguable)
Jungkook 172.7 (173.4 could be arguable)

The maknae lines are notorious lift users. I could see V as a flat 5'9. He has the proportions for it. Jungkook could pass as a solid 5'8, and Jimin is close to Suga's height barefoot.

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight or shoe size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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