How tall is Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes Height

6ft 0.75in (184.8 cm)

Canadian Singer known for songs such as "Something Big" and "Life of the Party". He has claimed to stand "Six One." and in 2017 Six Two.

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Average Guess (54 Votes)
6ft 0.8in (184.9cm)
JC said on 7/Oct/17
Rob, I think he needs an upgrade. Hes definitely no lower than 6'1 - 6'1.5". Perhaps he grew, but that picture with John Mayer seals the deal.
Andrea1.85 said on 6/Oct/17
Rob, you may wanna see this Click Here a picture of him and John Mayer who is 190 cm and in ny opinion Shawn is no lower than 187 cm there as he is crouching a bit.
Andrea1.85 said on 10/Sep/17
And how much do you think he weighs?
Editor Rob: Shawn's weight might be 180 pounds. I think he put on a bit of muscle in last year, not that I check out any bare-chested selfies of him or anything 😆 🤔 🤥
Peter181cm said on 9/Sep/17
He is 6'0.5 or 1.84m
Maybe 6'0.75 at the top! 😉

But I still think he is 6'0.5 🤔
SportsHeight said on 6/Sep/17
Rob, at 19 and a month, do you think he's done growing?
Editor Rob: I've not seen any evidence he's grown in last year.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 30/Aug/17
Ryan Reynolds is at least 6'2 1/2", and Shawn Mendes was approximately 2" inches shorter than him at the at the age of 16. He has grown taller since then, so he's at least 6'1" by now. He's only 19, so he could easily grow some more.
highlysuspect said on 28/Aug/17
Looks 185-186 to me
MD said on 27/Aug/17
I still can't get these at least 6'1" comments, let alone the 6'2" estimates. Guy was just being interviewed by Terrence J. at the VMAs, who is 5'8" at the most, and just like with James Corden, he didn't look THAT much taller. I think he's throwing a lot of you off with his slim and lanky physique. He generally just looks over average as opposed to legit tall.
DruceLee said on 26/Aug/17
He is about 6'1 but why je looks 5'9 with Ed Sheeran :O ??
Anonymous said on 23/Aug/17
He is 6'2 188cm💯
Edimar1.84 said on 19/Aug/17
Look same height of me, he is a 6ft1 or 185cm.
Edimar1.84 said on 19/Aug/17
Look same height of me, he is a 6ft1 or 185cm.
Tallish89 said on 15/Aug/17
@Slim 182 cm

That picture is old he was a 16 year old kid when that pic was taken. He is possibly still growing so its not impossible.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 10/Aug/17
He looked 6'0.25" tops next to Ryan Renolds. Hasn't grown since then. Not every boy in the world stops growing at 18-19. I agree with Slim182cm, 6'1" is impossible.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Aug/17
6ft1 is a strong possibility
Slim 182 cm said on 9/Aug/17
Tallish89, above 6,1 is impossible.
Rory said on 8/Aug/17
I think 6'0.75 is spot on for Shawn. Next to Roman Kemp from capital who I've seen up close and looked 6ft1-6ft1.5 he looked a little bit shorter but not by much.
Tallish89 said on 8/Aug/17
That picture with Shawn and Ryan is old. It was taken in 2015 when Shawn was 16/17. He obviously can still grow he is only going to turn 19 this year.

The guy got measured by Jojo Wright onstage when a fan asked how tall he is Click Here

Which is why he claims 6'2. Probably 6'1.25 without shoes, atm that's my guess.
Lol said on 16/Jul/17
He's 6 flat beside ryan reynolds.
Slim 181 cm said on 16/Jul/17
Shawn gets 6'0.5 from me.
Siam abedin said on 13/Jul/17
Ya he's 6'2
Colberto said on 12/Jul/17
Hey rob, what differentiates him from a full 6'1". He struggles to look 6'1" next to Morgan freeman and looked 6'0" range with him.
Editor Rob: you could say at times he has only looked 6ftish, I think if he is claiming 6ft 2 today, it is a bit of a boost. Maybe 184cm is possible.
Mimi said on 6/Jul/17
I think 6ft1 is the maximum cause Taylor Swift was only maybe 1/2 inch shorter or an inch wearing like 3.5inch heels. And it's quite improbable shes under 5ft9.
ronald said on 29/Jun/17
someone said he's about 1.87 or a bit off....thing is this girl is not tall who said that and considering he was a little taller than fallon he's probably 6-0 6-0 1/2 that's not that tall but pretty tall

my doctor said 5-11 is average but I think it's more like 5-10 or 5-9 1/2 as a whole in the usa

this tall guy who's 6-2 said he thinks 6 feet is average
Layla said on 25/Jun/17
I agree with MD, he looked just a smidge taller than Jimmy Fallon.
Tallish89 said on 22/Jun/17
That picture with Ryan is a bit old.


To me he looked to be a bit more than half of inch taller than Jimmy, he will probably gain a bit more cm height don't forget he's just only turned 18
MD said on 20/Jun/17
This guy was just on Jimmy Fallon's late-night show, and if he was any taller than Jimmy, at all, it was by half-an-inch max unless it was the angles. Seriously, this guy is not over 6'0". Never was.
gian92 said on 12/Jun/17
Rob i don't think he is more than 6 feet , his frame and hairstyle make him look like a 6'1, for example like Asa Butterfield
Matt said on 10/Jun/17
Shawn is 6'2
grizz said on 10/Jun/17
@6feetTall, I don't know for 1st picture, but I know for sure the second photo was taken years and years ago (with Kimmel, not Fallon). Bear in mind that Shawn is only 18 years old now so he was still growing back then.
6feetTall said on 1/Jun/17
Here, He is with Ryan Reynolds(6'2").

Click Here

With, Jimmy Fallon.

Click Here
Mimi said on 17/May/17
Rob do you think he could be a full 6ft1? I don't know why he claims 6ft2 though
Editor Rob: yes there is a decent chance
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 5/May/17
I meant 4.5" and not 5.5". Sorry.
Giuliano2001 said on 4/May/17
@Celebheights 6'1.5

Click Here
Here is him with Kenan Thompson (5 ft 8.5) straightened up. He does not look as much as 5.5 inch taller but 4.5 inch max so he is 6 ft 1 max. I am not very sure though. Rob what do you think?
Giuliano2001 said on 4/May/17
@Celebheights 6'1.5
Here is him with Kenan Thompson (5 ft 8.5) straightened up. He does not look as much as 5.5 inch taller but 4.5 inch max so he is 6 ft 1 max. I am not sure though. Rob what do you think?
Editor Rob: 6ft 1 for mendes is entirely possible, and claiming 6ft 2 in sneakers.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 4/May/17
With 174 CM Kenan Thompson:

Click Here

If both were straightened up, then Shawn Mendes would easily be 5 1/2" inches taller. He's easily 6'1", but not 6'2" (yet)
Mimi said on 1/May/17
Rob he's claiming 6'2 in this IG vid Click Here
Kaneff 6'0.25" said on 27/Apr/17
6'0.5" MAX
Mendes_ said on 26/Apr/17
I took all the opinions in height about shawn and calculated the average (I'm a math freak) and the resultant average was 6'1.5. It makes sense a lot because I don't think he's really 6'2" but he's definitely taller than 6'0" and 6'1" also seems a little underrated. Anyway, here's proof canadians are the hottest guys in the world. Sorry Americans, Brits ;P
6.1 0.25 guy said on 20/Apr/17
I saw that guy face ot face, he had almost an inch on me, no way he's less than 6'2.
Tallish89 said on 20/Apr/17
Only 18 years will probably get another couple cm by 20.
shiva 181 cms said on 19/Mar/17
He's a legit 6' guy probably 184 cms 6'2 is with shoe + hair
sam said on 12/Mar/17
Do you think shawn mendes has grown? He seems about 6ft 2 now
MD said on 7/Mar/17
With Drake:

Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/Jan/17
He's claimed 6ft2 aswell
Ben said on 11/Jan/17
He looks 1 inch taller than Drake in this picture Click Here which is 182 cm so I think 186 cm is best for Shawn Mendes.

PS: He has grown a lot since this picture Rob
Oz said on 29/Dec/16
I'm going with 6'
Next to Ryan Reynolds, he was about 2inches shorter
gavthechav said on 29/Nov/16
he surprisingly look huge next to stars who claim they are tall as well I'd say he's about right.
gian92 said on 10/Nov/16
Near James Corden seems no more than 5'11 ,25
gian92 said on 10/Nov/16
Near James Corden seems no more than 5'11 ,25
Mino Wanzel said on 9/Nov/16
Here is a video with him at Buzzfeed:
Click Here

the Presenter Keith is 6'3 (which he claimed many times and for sure is)
Shawn has bad posture and looks almost the same height

so i'd say say he is definetly 6'2
sa344 said on 29/Oct/16
Next to James Corden recently he barely looked 6'0''

But when he stood next to Jimmy Fallon he looked a good 2 inches taller, Shawn also had less footwear.

I'd go with 6'0.5''

It's also weird because I remember he shook hands with Calum from 5 Seconds of Summer on a award show, they both looked the exact same height.
MD said on 26/Oct/16

Can you take another look at him?

I think for kids like him a lot of times it has to do with adults being a poor judge of height of kids still growing or recently gone. They are so used to seeing people at the same height for years that I often find they overstate a kid's growth. He definitely doesn't look anything over 6'0" and I still contend that it's more likely he's somewhere in between 5'11" and 6'0". Near 6'1" is too tall. Possible he's this height in heeled footwear, and he definitely dresses to accentuate his height and physique, but this listing is pushing it.
Anonymous said on 23/Oct/16
5ft 11, next to Dermot on the x factor.
Who's about 5ft 7 on here. I only saw 3-3.5 inches between them. Similar footwear too.
Layla said on 7/Oct/16
He was on Fallon and he was definitely shorter than Jimmy.
ph said on 29/Sep/16
this guy is around 5'11, dont get fool by his 6'1 claim,he was on james corsden and looked around 3 inchs taller

heres the link :Click Here
MD said on 29/Sep/16
We'll probably get pictures out of this, but he was on James Corden's late night show, last night, and they did a little sing-off on stage. I didn't see a nearly 5-inch difference between the two.
Truth said on 8/Jul/16
Looks 183-184
Elle said on 7/Jul/16
I forgot where but recently he's said that he's 6 2
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Apr/16
Possibly at least 6ft1 now
BBJ said on 26/Apr/16
he's 182,5 - 184 max
Anonymous said on 9/Apr/16
Easily 6ft 1 + next to Marvin Hunes on The Voice (BBC 1) 9th of April 2016.
MRS.MENDES said on 12/Mar/16
Yes, this is correct. He is 6'1
sa said on 9/Feb/16
Rob, is Taylor the same height with Shawn in this photo? Click Here
Those are her heels Click Here
Editor Rob: there was another Still here showing his sneaker...which didn't look that thick really.

I think he'd be taller, how much is harder to tell.
MD said on 18/Jan/16
No he wasn't. That's not even debatable. The photo with Puth (and I'd argue with John Stamos) really rule out anything taller than 6'0".
thirstycamendes said on 15/Jan/16
He was 6'2 when I met him
Emil 183 cm said on 14/Jan/16
Shawn has been the same height for quite a while plus he looks pretty developed for his age... 6'2 seems very unlikely for him to reach
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Jan/16
Interesting to see if he makes it to 6ft2. My guess is he'll be at least that. Men stop growing at different ages.
MD said on 13/Jan/16
He is not taller than 6'0".
Emil 183 cm said on 11/Jan/16
I see 6'0 tops for this guy
MD said on 11/Jan/16

A pretty big get. Here is Shawn (left) with 5'9" Charlie Puth nearly shoulder-to-shoulder, whose instagram account this photo is on from just three weeks ago in fairly similar footwear and level ground:

Click Here

If you take into account possible distortion by the mirror - though slight - he's probably taller than he looks in this shot, but it's pretty clear he's not the almost 6'1" you have him listed. I think what's been tricking everyone is that he has long arms, but his legs aren't as long as they can look in some other shots. Whatever the proportions, he's not nearly 6'1".
Editor Rob: in that photo he can look at most 6ft. Other times he does look over it.
MD said on 7/Jan/16
Hate that he never quite straightens up, but I'm still saying he's somewhere in between 6'0" and 6'0.5" as opposed to the closer to 6'1" listing. Here he is with 5'10.5" John Stamos:

Click Here

Click Here

Thin frame, long limbs, but he still looks closer to a flat 6'0" than 6'1".
Sam said on 5/Dec/15
He looks 6ft in the pic based on proportions and such, though he was probably young there so chance he might've grown half an inch since then. I think 5'11.5 would be his minimum if he hasn't grown. Can't see 6'1 though.
MD said on 9/Nov/15

I'm not sure even were he to straighten up that this is a full three inches between him and 5'10" Michael Buble.

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
Editor Rob: can be hard to say how much height there is there, anywhere from 2 up to 3 inches I could argue. 184 is a possibility for shawn, I had wondered if he would grow anymore, at the moment he looks to have stuck around the same range the last year.
TJE said on 19/Oct/15
IMO it was too early to give this guy a page.
MD said on 22/Sep/15
With 6'2" Ryan Reynolds:

Click Here

Even straightened up, that's more than an inch difference. He was also on Jimmy Fallon's late-night show, last night, and the difference didn't appear enough for him to be 6'1". He's probably fairly close, but it honestly looks somewhere between 6'0" and 6'1".
chris said on 4/Sep/15
He's a tall lanky guy, anywhere from 183-187cm could be his height, he's quite young as well, i think 6'1 is about fair for him, but u don't think he'll grow more, he looks to have grown really early, like since he was 16 he was in the 6ft range.
MD said on 21/Jun/15
With 6'1.75" Morgan Freeman.

Click Here

He could very well grow to 6'1". I'm not sure he's that tall just yet, Rob.
Editor Rob said on 14/May/15
JoJo Wright 'measured' him:
Click Here
He said 6ft 2 there...
Rollie said on 25/Mar/15
no way he is 6'1, he's 6'0 MAX
Bishop said on 20/Mar/15
After seeing more photos, I think 6' flat is a better option. He doesn't look taller than that to me in terms of proportions. He could grow to 6'1", though.
Moke said on 19/Mar/15
He looks 6'1'' with Morgan Freeman. He's 16, so he definitely will be by age 18-19.
[Editor Rob: it will be interesting to see if he grows anything more noticeable in next 2 years.]
MD said on 19/Mar/15
I agree with you guys. Like I said, I'm not totally sure, but he strikes me as being between 5'11" and 6'0", certainly not a 6'1".
Alex said on 18/Mar/15
He's barely 6ft but claims 6'1 in shoes
LetTheOceanTakeMe said on 18/Mar/15
Nah hes a couple inches shorter than legit 6'1 Tristan Evans from The Vamps,i think he will be shorter than 5sos.
Height183 said on 18/Mar/15
Rob, Don't you think 6'1'' is a huge stretch? I mean 6'1'' barefoot????

How tall do you think he looks next to Nick Jonas since you have him at 5'7''?

Click Here

He is nothing more than 5'11.25'' MAX.
[Editor Rob: I don't think he looks under 6ft.]
MD said on 18/Mar/15
I think he's grown, but I'm still thinking this 6'1" is a stretch for the moment. There are some recent pictures of him and Ryan Seacrest, and even with him not standing straight, I'm not sure it's a nearly half-foot difference.
Amaze said on 16/Mar/15
Hes 1.5 years younger than me and he's 6'1. I'm legit jealous. Aug 1998 and he's 6'1. How am I gonna feel when people way younger than me are. Lucky guy. 5 inches taller than. Meh :(
Bishop said on 16/Mar/15
With near 6'2" Morgan Freeman:
Click Here
With Ed Sheeran:
Click Here
With Jimmy Kimmel:
Click Here
Not sure when these were taken, though, so it's possible he could have grown since then. I thought he looked near this listing next to Ellen.

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