How tall is Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas Height

5ft 6 ¾ (169.5 cm)

American actor and singer known as one of The Jonas Brothers. As an actor he has appeared in TV show Kingdom and the Camp Rock tv movies.

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Average Guess (139 Votes)
5ft 6.66in (169.3cm)
Andy5'91/2 said on 14/Jun/20
A short 5’7 not meaning 5’7 is short but meaning i think hes 170 cm on the nose
RubenSoloo said on 16/May/20
I believe that Tom Holland was wearing elevators or something like that in the picture of the two. Nick often seems to wear shoes that are really flat and we know that Tom wears shoe lifts sometimes. I think it’s weird that Google says he is 167cm, cause normally Google will say a height that is taller than a stars actual height. This is why it’s weird for me to think he is taller than 167cm, but I believe you more than Google. My height guess would be 168.5 cm and the height you listed would be my guess for his morning height.
Kracken said on 14/May/20
Click Here here is Nick with 5'6 Tove Lo both of them are barefoot. Nick may be half an inch taller than her.So 169 seems right.What do you think Rob?
Editor Rob
Nick would seem the taller out of them both.
Ngangom Kailash said on 1/May/20
Most of time Priyanka Chopra and Nick probably measures the same barefoot when she is not wearing heels. While Priyanka is 5foot 6 inches tall definitely Nick should be of same height. Don't you think so Rob?
Editor Rob
Still feel Jona edges her
Peter175 said on 21/Apr/20
Roongoon beccause I'm starting to believe that Nick is actually closer to 5'6 than 5'7.
Editor Rob
I personally wouldn't list Jonas as 5ft 6 and Hart at 5ft 4 as it is hard to argue those figures.
Roongoon said on 13/Apr/20
Why google list him 167?
jumanji300 said on 10/Apr/20
Click Here

A tiny fraction over jack black, would barely be noticable in person. I'd say the 168.9 cm mark would be closer than 169.5cm mark
Gadidon grem said on 9/Apr/20
5ft 7 1/8 is how many cm? 170.5? is there such a list?
KingJames said on 5/Apr/20
There is NO WAY this guy above 5'6 i met him in detroit last summer. I'm exactly 5'8(barefoot) he was wearing nike airmax and I was wearing converse He was clearly shorter than me 4cm.
Rob what do you think ? dont u think need downgrade ?
Editor Rob
I am not sure of just 5ft 6
truthy said on 4/Apr/20
the problem with nick is that he never wear heels his shoes always gave him less than an inch and he is so honest about his height so 5ft7 is believable
Peter175 said on 3/Apr/20
That pic with Tom Holland isn't a photoshop/spoof? Its weird and there's a blending/bluring where their torsos meet. Nick definitely doesnt look anywhere near 5'7 there, at best 5'5.75-6.

Maybe tom is wearing special boots.
Click Here
This look completely real and he looks well over 2cm on black
Editor Rob
Click Here - it was a real encounter.

Could have risen up on heels?
TheHawk said on 26/Mar/20
5’6 absolutely max for this guy. He was atleast 1,5 inch shorter than 5’7 tom holland. He may dont even reach 5’6 barefoot. Rob dont you think need downgrade ?
RuBenni said on 3/Mar/20
Nick Jonas looks about 1-2 inches shorter than Tom Holland(5‘7)
Idk what shoes they had but I think Tom Holland didn’t wear elevator shoe then already. The stand Tom Holland has, makes him look a bit taller so I don’t go with 5’5 but with 5’6 and a quarter(1/4)Maybe a bit taller in the morning. But honestly I changed my mind a lot on him and it’s definitely no easy guess.
Jeff h said on 27/Jan/20
I'm going to give him 169cm (5'6.5) on the dot. He doesn't quite look average range like Joe and Kevin. I am the same height, and my brother is spot on Joe's height. He fills out his frame well though, looks good overall.
TheHawk said on 11/Jan/20
5’6 no more.
Pavel said on 24/Nov/19
Looks around 5'6 to me. Dude is super short.
Brianna Siqueiros said on 21/Nov/19
He is 5’7 I’ve seen a picture of him next to Olivia Culpo and he’s clearly taller than her and IMDb says she’s 5’7 but she actually only 5’5.
Josue said on 13/Sep/19
Looks 5'5" with Tom Holland.
Click Here
khaled taban said on 30/Aug/19
Nick is a weak 5'7" guy , he has never looked below 5'6.25".
Fisher1010 said on 2/Aug/19
Hey rob. Do you reckon this guy has a chance at measuring 5’7.5?
Editor Rob
I can't see it now
Mj7 said on 30/Jul/19
@rob Nick and Kevin is wearing some suspicious shoes for Jonas brothers only human video in NYC. Joe has on a low cut converse
Heightguy said on 24/Jun/19
Click Here

66.5 for both rob? If anything khaled looks taller
Editor Rob
You could make a case for them both around that
James E said on 10/Jun/19
My girl met him up close and told me he’s short. She’s a little under 5’7” so..... doesn’t necessarily mean he’s shorter than her but it could mean he’s right around her height lol I’m gonna say he’s 5’6” barefoot.
Bea said on 29/May/19
Very small man always wears lifts obviously very self conscious
Jobrosfan1999 said on 7/May/19
You know Rob he reminds me of the Weeknd in terms of height. I think the lowest possible height for him is 168.25 and in morning right after bed would be 170cm.
Damon Blank said on 30/Apr/19
Google has him listed as 167cm. I reckon 5 ft 6 and three eighths (168cm) is more possible.
Heightguy said on 9/Mar/19
On his Instagram he has two pictures on golf courses that make me question this listing. The first, next to 5’6 Paige Spiranac he looks slightly taller but if you focus on Paige’s posture she is losing height. They look like they are about the same height. In another picture, next to Niall, he looks at least about 1.33 inches smaller. This makes me think his morning height at most is around your listing, but he drops to about 5’6.25 and honestly this listing might be generous. 5’6.5 seems like a stretch for him. What do you think Rob, downgrade??
Editor Rob
5ft 6.5 possible, but 5ft 6-6.25 I don't know about that low.
Svetoslav said on 8/Mar/19
I am 5ft 6 ¾ and I think he is the same from photos posted online next to his brothers.
Wg said on 7/Mar/19
Nick is listed as 167cm on google. Wonder if he’ll address that!
jriggs said on 7/Feb/19

Think max for Nick is 169cm!

He consistently looks a clear 3 cm shorter than Joe Jonas (171cm) over the last decade without chunky heel footwear. Kevin appears taller out of brother but he usually wears a lot more chunky heel footwear.

Click Here

Brothers have appeared at a lot of red carpet events, take a look at the footwear and height difference
Click Here

Joe Jonas wears a lot more sneakers, whereas Kevin chooses cuban heels & Nick seems to wear lifts at times.

Nick is a strong 5'6 nothing more. Pulls of 5'7 with footwear.
Peter175 said on 21/Jan/19
Google has him at 167cm right now.

What do you think?

Certainly closer to 5'7 than 5'5.75, but I think 169 is probably the best bet
Word1234 said on 11/Nov/18
This is definitely nicks morning height.
I could see him dropping to as low a 5’6.25 evening height.
Anonynon said on 2/Nov/18
I was going to write that he is shorter than Jack Black, so he should be 167 cm, but after looking at more pictures, he seems taller, just not by much. But why does IMDB have him at "167 5'6"?" That's strange, you'd think they would rather inflate height, not lower it. I looked at many pictures of him only to get more confused. I really have no clue on his exact height, but he is in the 5'6"-5'7" range for sure... I'll just vote 5'6.5". 5'6.75" is def possible tho, but 5'7" not likely.
bob johnson said on 9/Oct/18
nick and nial here:

Click Here
Tifi said on 11/Sep/18

Kevin been wearing Cuban boots and chunky heels since 2008.

Just look at old Jonas brothers photoshoot back in 2008

In a normal shoes he is pretty much same as Joe.
Littlelee168cm said on 29/Aug/18
Peter I wouldn't call being 5ft 7 to 5ft 8 well below 5ft 9 but yeah they are all a little below 5ft 9 I will say that
Peter175 said on 26/Aug/18
All of the Jonas brother's are well below 5'9 and I think all are in the 5'7-8 range.

Nick looks 169, Joe 171, Kevin 172-173 (He claims to be 5'8 and he's taller than Joe and Nick) So none of them are actually above 5'8
timmy said on 14/Aug/18
Definitely 5'8. 172 cm. He's confirmed when answering fan questions. Joe is 5'8 1/2 and Kevin about 5'9 or 5'10.
I know I'm right.
khaled taban said on 29/Jul/18
5'7" on dot
JeffAbe said on 9/Jun/18
Do you think he is in Big G ?
Editor Rob
Erm, I'm not sure about the wording of that 😨

Is he in Big G range? Yes it's possible.
Dr JJ said on 9/Jun/18
Getting more difficult by the day keeping these boys listed above 5’ 6” with the Priyanka Chopra romance and huge number of photos that go with it. 5’ 5” for this one....
Warren said on 3/Apr/18
169-170cm range, maybe 169cm
Peter175 said on 30/Mar/18
Adam Saleh claims 5'6, almost 5'7. I think 168-9 is believable for him. Not below 5'6 at all
Yasir said on 27/Mar/18
Hey rob how tall do you think this guy is? Here’s a picture of him with nick jonas...

Click Here

He can’t be taller than 5”5 lol.

He’s claimed 5”8 in a video before
Editor Rob
The guy might be losing 2 inches, so I'd say they have a chance of being the same height.
andre oliveira said on 20/Jan/18
168cm barefoot
Tallish89 said on 17/Jan/18
Noway he is 5'5 that's nonsense!

He's short but 169/170cm is more accurate. 5'6.5/5'6.75
rockitbaby said on 13/Jan/18
5'7 tops. He's a little bit shorter than Ryan Seacrest, who's 1,71cm.
Anonymous said on 9/Jan/18
look at his coachella photos. his brother has a good two inches on him and his brother is at MOST 5'8...i'm thinking closer to 5'7. this puts nick at around 5'5. i'm willing to bet my left nut this guy is no taller than 5'6. that "rude fan" towered over him.
Cool dude said on 25/Dec/17
Rob I think 170cm-171cm is better for nick and maybe 171.5-173cm better for joe?
ALEXANDRE ALVES BR said on 20/Dec/17
@Eric 5'7 is short but not ridiculous short...
John said on 14/Dec/17
I think he could reach a flat 5’7 in the afternoon, he’s hard to pin down as he’s always wearing lifts.
Peace said on 12/Dec/17
I think 169cm is way to low. He's more 170cm
Eric said on 6/Dec/17
Personally, 5 ft 7 in is rather short for men, I'm 5 ft 9.5 in and I'm an Asian guy
Driver99 said on 25/Nov/17
He seems more 170cm
Aish said on 14/Nov/17
hey Rob, could we have a page on Link Strummer? Everyone has been asking for Link Strummer since he is in a picture with Nick Jonas. Then we could come to a conclusion based on Jonas's height based on Link Strummer's.
Tallish89 said on 24/Oct/17

Do you see the height of Kevin's heel in that photo? That's why he appears 5'5

Also check my post lower Nick almost always wear shoes with heels
andre said on 11/Oct/17
Click Here

why ryan sheckler is looking like 5ft5 with jonas brothers here rob ?

in the last picture of him and justin bieber they looked the same picture why in this picture he is much shorter are the others using lifts

how much you estimate ryan sheckler height rob with shoes

at that picture ryan was already from 18 to 21 so he cant have growth that much

tell me and open his page

Zampa180 said on 10/Oct/17
5ft 7 morning maybe

Looks a strong 5ft 6 guy 169-170
Tallish89 said on 9/Oct/17
Always goes for lifts at award shows/performance.... here is clear proof he is a touch (2cm) shorter than his brother Joe Jonas (171cm)

Heels at Bee Gees tribute 2017
Click Here

Joe's shoes (no heels)
Click Here

Nick (1.5inch heel) & Joe (1 cm boat shoes) at Teen Choice awards '2010
Click Here

Nick without heels & Joe Jonas
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Nick & Joe barefoot playing volleyball
Click Here

Nick & Joe 2012
Click Here

The only time Nick looks 5'7 is with lifts or boots drops to 5'6.75 in regular shoes
Cass said on 22/Aug/17
Hey rob can we have a page for olivia culpo?
VK said on 8/Aug/17
Wow and my guess was 5'8 - 5'9. He don't look that short. In the episode with Bear grylls he didn't even look small next 5'11 Bear Grylls like Ben Stiller did who is apparently the same height as Nick.
strangerdnce said on 25/Jul/17
Nick is a little smaller than Joe so 169 or 170 is about his height.
Danbilzerian said on 16/Jul/17
Hey Rob you can see his picture with Tom Holland listed at 5'7 here : Click Here
There is at least 1 ou 1.5 inches between them. Something is going wrong!!
Editor Rob: could be bigger boots and tip-toe raise.

Some actors rise up on tip-toes,I've seen females and males do it in photoshoots, even some tall guys over 6ft do it...
trickytricky said on 7/Jul/17
@Chris but a weak 5'6.75er is likely 169.3 169.4 so should be listed as 169 if we are going with cm.
Chris said on 28/May/17
Rob, so to be precise nick is a weak 170 so like 169.5- 169.6?
Editor Rob: a weak 170 can fall 3-5mm under the mark yeah.
Danbilzerian said on 24/May/17
This guy is 5ft6 at best! Sorry to break ya but I met him 1 week ago ago in morocco. I got a picture with him but I don't want it to be public. So Rob if you have an email or another social media I will be glad to send you my picture with him. ( I know my height veryvery well )
Leo2001 said on 7/May/17
With Joe:
Click Here
Cal77 said on 28/Apr/17
Nick is probably about 170cm.... 2cm shorter than Joe.

They do look same most of the time but somehow Nick has always only appeared taller with footwear advantage.

This photo when they both got a tattoo... Joe is clearly a little taller.
Click Here
Bee123 said on 25/Apr/17

See here you are again! You Bieber fangirls are hilarious!

You posted more than once that Bieber is taller than Joe Jonas and towers over Joe even though pictures at Halo awards clearly showed Justin Bieber wearing heels & Joe wearing low cut shoes.

Now you are saying on Nick's page that Bieber is 172cm and Jonas brothers are under 5'7 lol

Why the need to prove Justin Bieber towers the Jonas Brothers?

Accept it Bieber is not 5'9 or 5'10
Wrs567 said on 24/Apr/17
J5'8: I am not trying to upgrade or downgrade anyone

I only said Bieber is 172cm, that's what almost everyone predicts Bieber at on his page!

So we're all 'crazy fans' for thinking he is 172cm?

What are you like 12?
J5'8 said on 23/Apr/17

You are just another crazy Bieber fan trying upgrade Bieber height.
Bee123 said on 21/Apr/17
This listing is correct at 170cm, Joe is about 2cm taller most of the time.

Nick does wear alot of thick sole shoes to give him a lil boost which at times makes him look Joe height or a little taller.

Was evident in their tv show Jonas LA
168cmfunk said on 20/Apr/17
169cm as Joe 171cm here
170cm if Joe is 172cm
What do you think Rob?
Editor Rob: 169 can seem a bit short for him.
Tallish89 said on 20/Apr/17
Nick a little shorter than Joe without lifts.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Which leaves him somewhere like 169-170cm
Tallish89 said on 20/Apr/17
Nick Jonas & Joe Jonas are close in height but Joe definitely has an 1inch on him Nick always wears chunky heels. Both performing bee gees tribute....

Joe low cut shoes
NIck heels

Click Here
Bee123 said on 16/Apr/17
The only time Nick has ever looked tsller than Joe is when he's wearing lifts.

Both he and Kevin have been wearing high heeled boots since they got famous back in 06/07.

His pictures with Demi proves he's shorter than Joe.

He has to wear boots or heeled dress boots
Wrs567 said on 8/Apr/17
Him and his brother are literally the same height

I don't know how Joe's gotten away with a 5'7.5'' listing on here

It's just some pictures Joe looks taller than Nick

But then there are pictures where Nick looks taller than Joe
Omar said on 5/Apr/17
Peter175, Nick looks more a strong 5"6 than a 5"7. He will perform in my country at May in Mawazine Festival, I already have my ticket so I will tell you more about it then :)
Peter175 said on 2/Apr/17
Omar, standing next to tall people doesn't make you shorter than you actually are.

Nick is likely in Big G 169 range, but not a CM less
Omar said on 30/Mar/17
Click Here
What about this picture rob? He doesnt look a strong 5'7
Editor Rob: it depends how tall the other guys are, I'm not sure who they are.
Tori said on 27/Mar/17
He looked so short next to Tom Holland

Click Here
Editor Rob: not so sure about that photo 😏😏
Reality89 said on 27/Mar/17
Use to think it was hilarious when he wore high heels back in Jonas Brothers days and claim 5'9. He's shorter than Joe by a inch or so. Just looking at these brothers and the only one that doesn't wear high shoes is Joe. Kevin and Nick wear some massive heels at times!
Cameron said on 23/Mar/17
Didn't he claim 5'9" at one point?
Tallish89 said on 16/Mar/17
Clearly shorter than Joe Jonas, whereas he has to wear boots to look taller next to Demi in heels. Joe is comfortably taller than her in heels when he's wearing normal toms and boat shoes. just google
Bee123 said on 27/Feb/17
Nick doesn't seem to be anywhere near 5'7 without dress shoes or elevator shoes.

If you look at pictures of the Jonas brothers he's always in footwear that gives him extra height.

That made him appear taller than Joe sometimes but in pictures of them both in similar footwear Joe always edges him out by an inch or so
Mr. Scamp said on 14/Jan/17
He's almost 5'8", around 1.72 m. Joe is a cm taller so Joe is 5'8" exactly or 1.73 m.
Ssn said on 28/Dec/16
Hey rob i saw his pictures with juan archuleta a mma fighter whose height is 175.26cm and both of them are in sneakers and looks o exact height though nick is bending a bit but still looks of same height. What do you think rob. Please reply because i think if not 175 but there is a chance of him being 173cm. Click Here its the link of mma fighters height and the photo is on nick's instagram
Editor Rob: some of these fighters heights may not quite be totally accurate, although if he was that height you could certainly see Jonas as being an inch taller than I give him!
Born2Win said on 15/Dec/16
Rob would you say that 5'6.75" is his absolute extreme lowest height or is it possible to slip a little under that to say even like 5'6.71"? :) I was wondering how far below this height could you sink before you have to put him down as 5'6.5" for example, is there some leeway or do you have to remain over this height? Only wondering as this is my height also, hope you're good mate!
Editor Rob: I probably wouldn't guess less than almost 5ft 7 at a low.
John said on 4/Dec/16
Short dude.
ZT38 said on 28/Oct/16
My wife and I stood next to him and spoke with him briefly at a hotel in Hawaii a few weeks ago. My best estimate is that he is around 5'7". I'm 5'10", and he was shorter than me by a good 2-3". I would guess his weight to be around 155-160lbs.
Nicole said on 11/Oct/16
Here are some links in reference to my comment below that shows Olivia Culpo is at least 2 inches shorter than Nick Jonas, therefore making it impossible for her to be 5'7:
Click Here
Here's Olivia Culpo with 5'5 Victoria Justice: (Victoria Justice has a bit of a platform, so a slight height advantage, but not much)
Click Here
Click Here
Here's Olivia Culpo with 5'5 Olivia Palermo:
Click Here
Nicole said on 10/Oct/16
Can we please have a page on Olivia Culpo? She claims she's 5'7, but a lot of other sources say she's really 5'5. The Miss USA organization listed her as 5'7, as pageants always add inches to their contestants. I competed in the Miss NY USA pageant and had the same pageant coordinator as she did for Miss Rhode Island USA and she told me first-hand that Olivia Culpo was 5'5, which is why it was such a big deal that she won the Miss USA and Miss Universe competition at such a height disadvantage. If you look at pictures of her without heels with Nick Jonas she's about 2 inches shorter than him and with heels (no platform) she's still shorter, and at most almost even in height with him.
Warren said on 9/Oct/16
A bit taller than Tove Lo and I'll make it Nick is 171-172 like as Justin.
Word1234 said on 4/Oct/16
Click Here

With a questionably 5'6 tove lo, and she's bending her leg to lose a fraction of height.
I think nicks sweet spot is 5'6.5 he really does give off a big g impression to me.

And we know he isn't afraid to wear a big dress boot as seen here with Demi lovato.
Click Here
MD said on 27/Sep/16
No, NO pics show this.
Katie said on 26/Sep/16
Can you do a page on Olivia Culpo? Super curious about her claimed height.
Gio Gio said on 25/Sep/16
i honestly think nick is about 5ft 10 out of bed, some pictures show this.
Kei said on 12/Sep/16
Did you notice Khaled footwear? I still think 170cm seems accurate... reason being when he does wear lifts he's only about 5'9
Lawrence said on 28/Aug/16
Rob, did you see him in the vmas preshow next to dj khaled, dj khaled is reported to be 5 foot 6 and even he seemed to be edging out nick jonas
www said on 25/Aug/16
@MD exactly.
Dee said on 24/Aug/16
Hey rob can we have a page for Olivia culpo?
MD said on 22/Aug/16
What in the world are we supposed to be able to gather from that photo?
HarambeSon said on 19/Aug/16
Here he is with Bieber:

Click Here
Phoenix said on 17/Jul/16
From disney days as of 2016, he's always wearing lifts and is barely taller than Joe.

As he got more muscle his height started showing alot more.

Joe always wears regular shoes, I think people assume Nick was talker cause he was skinnier and wore lifts but now it shows
jim said on 4/Jul/16
hes likje 5' 3 in heels

he's like 5' 3" in heels
Kei said on 20/Jun/16
Joe is atleast 2inch taller than Nick. Nick always wears elevator dress shoes and shoe lifts.

If you look at beach photos or any recent pics its visible that Joe is taller.
giant said on 19/Jun/16
strong 5'6"/168cm
whooo said on 16/Jun/16
he is about 5'10 , joe jonas is probably 5'8 . nick is taller than joe for everyone who said joe is taller than nick
CC said on 6/Jun/16
Click Here

He looks 5'10 in this video..
John Cena said on 26/May/16
Peter175 said on 7/Apr/16
Joe is probably a bit above 5'7, like 171, or 5'7.25.

Nick is a solid 5'6.5 or 169. Joe is at minimum half an inch taller
Link said on 3/Apr/16
He's about 5'8" and joe is half an inch taller
ayylmao said on 29/Mar/16
he looks under 5'7 for sure in his new video next to tove lo
Word1234 said on 13/Mar/16
Click Here

@christian look at him next to a 5'9 frank grilling! I could honestly buy as low as 5'6.5 for nick! But that would be at his absolute worst! This is a fair listing.
Christian said on 29/Feb/16
I find his listing very hard to believe. His proportions are extremely good. Click Here

Look at him in this video, you would never think hed be hard pressed pushing 5'7 just looking at him.
spinx said on 8/Jan/16
168cm-169cm barefoot
chris said on 1/Jan/16
168cm, Joe is 170cm and 2cm taller!
the shredder said on 1/Dec/15
If Joe is 5'7 he actually looks 5'6
Dmax said on 27/Nov/15
lol damn he got downgraded..
The shredder said on 6/Nov/15
How much does he weigh?
manny said on 5/Nov/15
Hes listed as 5'9 haha on google i tought he xouldve been 5'8 but ive seen him in concert obviously from a good distance but he looks as if hes the shortest one ook
TJE said on 26/Oct/15
I'm with word1234; 5'6.75 would be the better listing.
Marc said on 5/Oct/15
I know ppl who took pics with him this height is not surprising
Jake said on 16/Jul/15
Is noticeably shorter than his brother Joe. Rob, how tall does he look here?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: looks a decent inch smaller]
b-mint1994 said on 9/May/15
He looks so tiny in this pic:
Click Here
word1234 said on 29/Apr/15
Click Here

Click Here

If you look at the first photo rob and zoom on Reba's shoes than click the second photo you can see they are the exact same boot! And she's got her knee tititled a bit so she's losing some height, I really believe nick Jonas is no more than 5'6.75
[Editor Rob: they look in the kind of cowboy zone so maybe about 0.6-0.7in more than his]
word1234 said on 22/Apr/15
Click Here

Nick Jonas looking significantly smaller than most of his cast. He really is no more than a 5'6.5, 5'6.75. No way does he look taller than that
Jingle said on 18/Apr/15
Nick is 5'6 barefoot.
word1234 said on 30/Mar/15
Click Here

Nick with his girlfriend who's listed at 5'5 I'll say it again nick is 5'6.75. That is your most accurate listing.
word1234 said on 29/Mar/15
Click Here

Click Here
Click Here

Nick Jonas with Joe who's listed at 5'7.5 nick is a strong 5'6.75 but that is where his listing should be.
Alex said on 19/Mar/15
Looks more like 5'6.5
John said on 3/Mar/15
Here he is on the voice. He looks visibly shorter than everyone else.
Height183 said on 9/Feb/15
There is No way that he is a proper 5'7''! He is a weak 5'6'' at best. This picture is from the Grammys, just the other night. Here he is with Ryan Seacrest.

Click Here

I have full confidence that G would no doubt measure taller than Nick and all of his brothers.
Joe? said on 1/Feb/15
If he's 5'7, how tall is Joe Jonas?
MD said on 22/Jan/15
For more reference, with 5'7.5" Wilmer Valderrama:

Click Here

We can't see footwear, here, but, yeah, it's pretty safe to say he's not more than his currently listed 5'7".
the shredder said on 12/Jan/15
Thought he might have grew to 5 '8 , but a legit 5'7 seems right ,that most guys 5'7 or 5'7.5 claim 5'8 and people outside of this site don't care.
fsd said on 10/Jan/15
looks 5'6ft with 5'9ft listed frank grillo
Bishop said on 4/Jan/15
We can't see footwear, but here he is with Ryan Seacrest:
Click Here
TJE said on 4/Jan/15
I would've guessed 171.
MD said on 2/Jan/15
Just for reference, here he is with a listed 5'8.5" Jonthan Tucker:

Click Here

Even accounting for Tucker's stretch, this still looks like more than a half-inch. It's not really a footwear advantage, as other photos show them both in heeled dress shoes.
John said on 2/Jan/15
I always thought he was between 5'8" or 5"9 I had no idea he was this short.
Bishop said on 29/Dec/14
This is correct. Always thought he was 5'7" range.
uhoh said on 28/Dec/14
He would edge out Justin Bieber for sure.
MD said on 28/Dec/14
Good listing, and not a single centimeter over this. I saw someone requesting him in Height Request call him 5'9" and then go on to requests a few others in which he overlisted their height.
issa said on 28/Dec/14
Rob,I agree that Nick is shorter than Joe and Kevin.I think you're spot on.

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