How tall is Psy

Psy's Height

5ft 7 (170.2 cm)

Psy (Park Jae-sang) is a South Korean Singer, responsible for the song Gangam Style.

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5ft 6.75in (169.5cm)
MissLara said on 23/Aug/20
He's about and inch taller than Ellen DeGeneres, who's around 5`7... And G-Dragon's about an 1 - 2 inches taller than him.
GTB172cm said on 31/Jul/20
Strong 5ft7
6footTom said on 14/Jul/20

Yeah, I was in Beijing summer of 2016 and it would usually take me a while to find someone my height or taller by just walking around.
jaehyun said on 7/May/20
Koreans are taller nowadays. The tallest Korean i've seen is Janghoon, he's like 206cm. Next is Rowoon, who is 190-193cm. And Mingyu and Wooseok, they're 188-189cm.
Rob, you should add Rowoon, his height has been listed as 190 to 195cm but no one ever confirmed it.
Sorry for my English btw
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 22/Jan/19
He use to be listed 180cm on some site and google. Lol.
Mami24 said on 26/Jul/18
More like 168 or 169 maximum
Jerry184 said on 26/Sep/17
He looks pretty short
John Cena said on 17/May/16
Real height is 5'6(168cm)
Hoost said on 12/Apr/16
@Geoff said on 11/Apr/15
You must not meet a lot of Asian guys then, or at least not the younger ones of Chinese and Korean descent. There are lots who are significantly taller than 5'6 or even past 6'.

Northern Chinese and South Korean maybe the tallest Asian, but they are not tall in the world. I went to Beijing also and visited some local colleges because of my major. Of course, young chinese are usually taller their old generation. But I don't think they can ben considered tall in the world. People from many regions are taller than them.
Hahaha said on 26/Mar/16
yep, i'm half chinese and i'm 6'1 at age 16
Verona Rios said on 28/Feb/16
If he is 5´7 how about Byung Hun Lee, who is supposed to be 5´9? Either he is taller or Lee is shorter. Given your experience in this field, Rob, what would you say?
nap said on 18/Feb/16
If Psy is 5'7, that means G-Dragon is the same height?
time for upgrade said on 3/Jan/16
time for upgrade. psy used to say he was 172 back in the day
007 said on 22/Dec/15
I got a new website running that gives an estimates of kpop idols real heights. I have done VIXX, Kris and Chanyeol so far, so please stop by and enjoy. This website is just for fun, so don't take it too seriously. If you want me to look at other idols , please ask :)

Thanks Rob for inspiring me to create this. If you wouldn't mind can you look through my height listings on my website and tell me if I am accurate.
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Editor Rob: I do watch some K Pop, but I don't really add many on this site as I don't have the time needed to research all the K/J Pop artists.
meap said on 8/Dec/15
actually, if u compare psy to snoop dog, who is 193cm, he should be around 168cm
Geoff said on 11/Apr/15
You must not meet a lot of Asian guys then, or at least not the younger ones of Chinese and Korean descent. There are lots who are significantly taller than 5'6 or even past 6'.
a said on 29/Mar/15
@truth: the british are actually on the taller spectrum of europeans, except for the more northern countries

also, i have to say that the tallest asians i have ever seen are the chinese. if you go to northern china, you will find that most people are above average height, and that there are many modeling agencies placed there specifically because people there are so much taller. it's not uncommon for women there to be close to 6ft

i'm actually surprised psy is 5'7. it's not uncommon for male kpop idols to be shorter than that, but this is definitely believable.
a said on 29/Mar/15
@truth: the british are actually on the taller spectrum of europeans, except for the more northern countries

i'm actually surprised psy is 5'7. it's not uncommon for male kpop idols to be shorter than that, but this is definitely believable.
r u sure? said on 22/Mar/15
r u sure he's flat 5'7? He looks a bit taller, possibly 171 cm? Any chance?
[Editor Rob: 171 is possible]
kris said on 9/Jan/15
If you say that "5,7" is short than try "5,3".
little more? said on 1/Jan/15
perphaps 5'7.25? or even 5'7.5 ? never looked like a dwarf, average-short if that makes sense. never wears fancy heels either, normal dress shoe heel.
truth said on 27/Aug/14
Young Koreans are no more than 5ft8-5ft8.5 tops. Overral young male average is more 5ft9 flat (I was wrong on 5ft7). PSY is 5ft7 at best.
truth said on 14/Aug/14
The british are white, but they are on the shorter side, 179-80 is average.
James said on 25/Jun/14
Link: Click Here

The woman next to Psy is Chi-Ling Lin, who is 5'9"(175cm) tall according to the blog. Psy didn't seem to be that much shorter than her, when she was wearing a 3-4 inch heels. Judging from these photos, he does look like a legit 5'7" or even a little bit taller.
Drew said on 10/May/14
@Truth, Actually the younger generation Korean males are usually around 5'9", with the average of all ages being 5'8.5". Personally, most of my Korean friends are all olver 5'10".
Crash said on 26/Mar/14
truth, white guys are 5'11" but Brits are 5'10"? LOL. Thanks for the laugh. I guess British aren't white after all... either that, or you accept that only a minority of "white" countries have an average that high. In most it's nothing over 178cm for young males. It would be really strange to ignore all the shorter countries.

Black people in Africa are probably somewhat below 5'8" mark but black people in the west seem to be similar to white people.
GHOST 305 said on 29/Oct/13
truth said on 28/Oct/13
At 5ft10 you are still around 3in over the average korean, and most asians are 5ft6 tops which makes you 4in over them. I think that is very tall where you live. White people are still by far the tallest, weak 180cm or 5ft11 average. Young ethnic Brits are definately at least 5ft10 if not more on average. Asians are by far the shortest, blacks/arabs are somewhere inbetween (5ft8).
Marc said on 23/Oct/13
Koreans tend to be taller than Chinese and Japanese some people thinks all asians are short wich the majority of them are
Kourosh177cm said on 14/Sep/13
South Koreans are among the tallest asian nation in the world. Average height is 5'7 to 5'8 in Korea. you can easily and often find South koreans who are 5'10 to 5'11 or even 6'0. Chinese people are getting there too. Their diet have been improved for past few years and they gained lots of height in such a short time. I'm 5'10 white man currently living in an Asian country and i can honestly tell i dont feel tall among asians anymore. They are getting taller.
little sue said on 24/Aug/13
South Korea not much behind Britains in the average height range, probably the tallest of the Asian countries
JAM said on 19/Aug/13
I actually thought he was shorter. Because every asian guy I meet is usually 5'5 or 5'6.
robbieraeful said on 21/May/13
I was comparing him to some of my taller male friends and I as well as comparing some other actors such as Tom Cruise and Alex Winter to the same other people.
lolo said on 12/Mar/13
i thought he was taller like 5'9
Lo sgozzatore said on 22/Jan/13
If Clinton is 184, he does look taller than 5'7 flat but from one pic is hard to say
josh said on 16/Jan/13
With 6'0.5 Bill Clinton:
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Looks more than 5 inches shorter, although footwear is unknown
Ben said on 15/Jan/13
170 cm exactly. 5'7" is right.
truth said on 12/Jan/13
he is average for a korean but short for a european. (and it ryhmes! :D)
Matheuscore said on 11/Jan/13
Strong and powerful 5'7.

And give to him 0.25, he deserve.
Balrog said on 11/Jan/13
Well JT actually I red that average height for young south korean guy is exactly 5'7.3''
JT said on 10/Jan/13
south korea average male height is 5'9". (maybe 5'8" 1/2)
asian top.
Big T said on 7/Jan/13
It's funny, a lot of articles I've read comment on how he's an unlikely star in Korea because he's short, yet he's a pretty average Korean height. I gather they prefer their stars well above average height? Not that odd I guess, kinda like 5'9"-5'10" celebs getting called short in the US or UK.
Balrog said on 6/Jan/13
He was 5'7'' before Gangnam Style. Now he's seven feet tall.
LCOD said on 5/Jan/13
yeah he looks 5'7. "responsible for the song Gangam Style" just cracks me up
truth said on 5/Jan/13
bwhaha responsible like he put the world in hell for that song or something . :D

5ft7 (170cm) midday seems legit. A bit taller than 5ft5.5/5ft6 Ellen.
rkc_cat said on 5/Jan/13
A bit taller than 5'6"-5'6.5" Ellen DeGeneres, but definitely by no more than 1" at most. My guess is also a legit 5'7" for Psy, he looks that height with pretty much everyone.
Lo sgozzatore said on 5/Jan/13
Yeah, give him 0.25, he deserves that for Gangam Style
Mathew said on 4/Jan/13
5'7" is a good guess. "responsible for the song Gangam Style" lol
Lo sgozzatore said on 4/Jan/13
He looks all the 5'7, solid 5'7! There some pics of him with Ryan Lochte, who's 6' range, and he looks about 4 inches shorter

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