How tall is Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan's Height

5ft 7 ½ (171.5 cm)

Indian Actor best known for films such as Om Shanti Om, Chak De! India, Swades: We, the People, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Darr and My Name Is Khan.
They [immigration officials] always ask me how tall I am and I always lie and say 5ft 10 inches. Next time I am going to get more adventurous. [If they ask me] what colour are you, I am going to say white.
[I stand] 5 ft 9 without shoes

How tall is Shahrukh Khan
Photos [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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Average Guess (211 Votes)
5ft 7.33in (171cm)
Ricky Muliawan Hansyar, S.Sos., M.A.P said on 4/Apr/23
Rob, In this Photo with Tom Holland if you agree if Shahrukh khan is Just 170 Cm (5ft7) inch. Click Here=
Editor Rob
He looks taller than Tom much exactly is the question. It might not appear that much, but I believe Holland is a few inches closer to the camera, so might be gaining a cm advantage in the shot.
Black phoenix said on 2/Apr/23
I think he was 171.5-172 in his prime , he is 57 now so I think he has lost atleast 1/4 an inch to 1cm I would say he is 171 now.

If I am being generous then salman was 170 in his prime barefeet and is 169 now.
As he was about as tall as 170 sonakshi sinha who was wearing absolute flats and salman was wearing very thick 1 inch slippers/snadals.

Aamir was a solid/flat 5'5" in prime now strong 5'4.75" , (165.4-163.7) morning evening kind of guy
Soham said on 25/Nov/22
5 feet 8 original
Underworld said on 16/Nov/22
I Think He Is 167 cm What I Have Seen This Days.

He Can't Be More Than 170 cm.
All Time Blockbuster said on 25/Aug/22
I Think He Cant More Than 170 cm This Days
Cause He Has Lost His Height Due To Injuries
Matthew Lean said on 29/Jun/22
@Rob paul can you pls add akshay kumar? He is around 5ft10-5f11
Shiva said on 23/Jun/22
Click Here
Here Srk is with heeled shoes and nearly as tall as ajay devgan
Hes nearly 5’9 with this size heel
Linke said on 14/May/22
Rob, how tall does he look with Brad Pitt (around 1:40 mark)

Click Here

I won't go under 5'7 for SRK. Maybe 171-2 CM's guy.
Editor Rob
He cleared 5ft 7 with Pitt easily enough
Matthew Lean said on 13/May/22
@Rob paul do wax figures of celebs have an accurate height?
Editor Rob
Some celebs actually do go along with Tussaud's and allow all their dimensions to be measured.

Others don' in some cases it's like guessing we do on this site to provide the best estimate.
Matthew Lean said on 3/May/22
@ Rob paul can you please add akshay kumar?
Ricky muliawan hansyar said on 10/Apr/22
Mr Khan Said :They [immigration officials] always ask me how tall I am and I always lie and say 5ft 10 inches.
In this video (2008) you can see 5ft7 (170 cm) Mr Khan with 3 inch elevator shoes= 5ft10 inch. Watch this 0:01-0:05. Finally after many years we know this is the reason Mr Khan Claim 5f10 in public eye
Click Here
Ricky muliawan hansyar said on 9/Apr/22
Mr Khan Said :They [immigration officials] always ask me how tall I am and I always lie and say 5ft 10 inches.
In this video (2008) you can see 5ft7 (170 cm) Mr Khan with 3 inch elevator shoes= 5ft10 inch. Watch this 0:01-0:05. Finally after many years we know this is the reason Mr Khan Claim 5f10 in public eye
Ricky muliawan hansyar said on 9/Apr/22
Rob,Freida Pinto height is 5ft5 inch+3 inch heels=5ft8 inch(173 cm) with Mr Khan 170cm+1 inch regular shoes=172-172.5 cm. So 0,5cm different between them in this video.Shahrukh khan height is 170 cm. Watch this
Click Here
Editor Rob
He was about 5ft 7 there
Ricky muliawan hansyar said on 9/Apr/22
172 cm Varun dhawan with 170 cm Shah rukh khan. Come on Rob, this time to be downgrade from 171 to 170 cm. The Real 5ft7.5 inch is Justin Bieber. Watch this 30.28
Click Here
Ricky muliawan hansyar said on 9/Apr/22
5ft7 inch (170 cm) Mr.Khan with 173-172 cm Deepika padukone.Rob please respond. Shah rukh khan need downgrade here.Watch this at "1.15"
Click Here
Ricky muliawan hansyar said on 6/Apr/22
Shahrukh khan 5ft7 inch with Anil Kapoor 5ft9 inch,please downgrade Mr Khan from 171 cm to 170 cm.Watch this video
Click Here
Ricky muliawan hansyar said on 4/Apr/22
Rob,anychance Mr.Khan Just 170 cm ?
Editor Rob
That really is the lowest I think I could attempt to argue for him.
Hayden said on 23/Nov/21
Why are Indian actors always listed taller here than on Google? It's strange since usually it's the other way around
Rojina Aktar said on 14/Oct/21
Run-if you ve heard of Shahid Kapoor can you please add his measurements????
He1ghtexpert49 said on 31/Aug/21
Looks taller than Jeff Bezos listed at 5'8"
Click Here
Ricky muliawan hansyar said on 10/Jun/21
Rob anychance shahrukh khan only 5ft7 3/8 inch ?
Editor Rob
of course there is a decent chance he'd measure it
Rukmini Singh said on 5/Jun/21
For Me SRK is 5'6 or 5'5
Because Now He is 56 Years Old
Ricky muliawan hansyar said on 3/Jun/21
Rob, anychance shahrukh khan lost height 1/4 inch now, he is almost 56 yo. Please respons
Editor Rob
A fit guy like him could still be holding onto his peak...but next few years is another matter, approaching 60, many guys will experience that first fraction gone.
Rounak Singh said on 8/May/21
Peak height can be 5'8,Now about 5'7 1/2 is right.
Rukmini Singh said on 8/May/21
SRK looks to be 167cm to 168 cm this days
Due to old age.
Mohammed Sumair Saleem said on 1/Apr/21
I think he is 5'9
Rukmini Singh said on 18/Mar/21
Shahrukh is 5'5.7 inches not more than that
MRD said on 3/Mar/21
My friend had met him once. He is between 5'6 to 5'7"
Linke said on 23/Dec/20
Blanc, that guy claims 6'4.

Here's SRK with Brad Pitt around 1:40 mark.

Click Here
Blanc (1.69 m) said on 15/Dec/20
How tall is the guy beside him? Click Here
Editor Rob
depends how much height he might be losing, but at a glance I could buy him 6ft 2
Ricky muliawan said on 5/Oct/20
Rob, anychance Mr Khan loss 1/4 inch, he is 55 yo next mount
Editor Rob
55-60 is when many men stare height loss in the face.

Some stand tall and keep it at bay, others succumb.

I think Khan's keeping it at bay just now...
Ricky muliawan said on 16/Sep/20
Shahrukh khan 4 inch shorter than brad pitt, i think shahrukh khan only 5ft7 or max 5ft7.25 inch.
Meo said on 11/Sep/20
Rob plz check this
Click Here
Click Here
And he looks more than 4 inch shorter than Brad Pitt he even looks shorter 5 ft 7 1/2 listed Zayn
Really I think sharukh and salman need a download max 5 ft 7 for srk
Ricky muliawan said on 30/Aug/20
Rob, any chance Shahrukh khan height same with tom cruise (172 Cm) ?
Editor Rob
of course a chance they measure very close
Ricky muliawan said on 26/Aug/20
Rob, if hrithik roshan 5ft10 1/4 inch now, any chance shahrukh khan exactly 5ft7.75 inch.please respond
Editor Rob
You could make the case for 172 on the nose, but really his shoes I think at times are more tricky than Roshan's.
Pradip said on 6/Aug/20
shahrukh khan is only 5'7.25".see him next to hrithik roshan.he is definately 2.75-3" shorter than hrithik.roshan
Nishanth Hegde said on 11/Jun/20
Having seen Shahrukh Khan from a short distance, I can say he is 5ft6 max. There is no way he is even a hair over 5ft6. I am 5ft10 (afternoon height) and I seemed to comfortably have 4 inches on him.
There have been countless instances of him coming face to face with Amir Khan who is 5ft4 and Shahrukh looks 2 inches taller at best.
Monu Rajput said on 10/Jun/20
I don't Think he is 5'10 like some are saying .he seems more like 5"8 now ...he may have been 5'9 in the 90s because I remember seeing him the badi mushkil hai video ,and he looks good height and broad shoulders etc.

Casual shoes with 1inch life might Add one more inch to his height too .

Here is Shahrukh standing opposite to Irrfan khan who is 5"11- 6"0 . He seems atleast 3 or 3 1/2 inch shorter than irrfan . Both are wearing Adidas sports shoes, or some other brand incase of Srk.

Click Here
Ricky muliawan hansyar said on 23/May/20
Rob,anychance khan only 5ft7.25 inch ?
Editor Rob
That might be the lowest range I'd consider him.
Yang (5 footer 8, 173, Aries) said on 21/May/20
Slightly taller than the height he claimed... 5ft 7 quarter minimum at least for this rich Indian actor....
Ricky muliawan hansyar said on 16/Apr/20
Rob, any chance shahrukh khan at out of bed (morning) 174 cm ? Please respond
Editor Rob
A chance, but I think maybe 5ft 8 and change rising out of bed.
Ricky muliawan hansyar said on 3/Apr/20
Sometimes shah rukh khan can look 5ft7.25 in
Kalind said on 19/Jan/20
Stood next to his wax figure at Madame Tussaud’s in NYC. I’m 5’8 and he was only an inch shorter than me. Gonna give him 5’7. His “5’9 without shoes” claim is laughable.
TwelveTER said on 16/Jan/20
Please make a page on the great cricket player Sachin Tendulkar
Shoaib Ahmad said on 13/Dec/19
Shah rukh khan with 5'4 Aamir Khan
Click Here
Click Here

5'6.5 is absolute maximum for Shah Rukh Khan
Celebs Like Shah Rukh khan and Salman Khan are much shorter in actual life
They look tall in movies and pictures because they always wear elevator or heeled shoes most of the time but without elevator shoes they are really shorter than their claimed height
Pranav Singla said on 11/Dec/19
I think 173.5 cm
Ricky muliawan hansyar said on 26/Nov/19
I think saif ali khan 5ft7.25 in
uddipta saikia said on 22/Nov/19
Sir Can you Add Saif Ali Khan he is also best Known actor in Bollywood
Ricky muliawan said on 23/Oct/19
Shahrukh khan is 172 cm, Plese check video Mr Khan with Jackie chan. They use 1 inch same shoes on the video
Ricky muliawan said on 20/Oct/19
Rob, Please check video shahrukh khan with Jackie Chan, Van damme and Jason mamoa, i think Shah rukh khan height is 172 cm same with Jackie chan
Height Guy said on 27/Sep/19
Haha I agree Rob, He is a legend in Pakistan and India and was known as tall. I always wondered what his height was but it is confusing for me. Being young I always thought, and it was a percieved notion that he was a strong 6'3 but as I saw him later, it seemed he could fluctuate between strong 6'1 to weak 6'3. Sometimes, he looks very tall but sometimes he looks short!

There is a picture with Kabir Bedi also where he seems i would say either same height or slightly taller than Kabir Bedi! I'll share that on his page if that is okay though personally Id love to see you have a page on Wasim Akram.

Been a visitor since I think 2007 btw and a fan of the site!
Height Guy said on 24/Sep/19
Hi Rob,

Same guy Wasim Akram with Shahrukh Khan. A few pics please:

1: Click Here:

2: Click Here:

3: Click Here:

4: Click Here:

Cant see footwear and I am not sure on posture but would it be same range? 6'2 to 6'3?

Thank you
Editor Rob
6ft 2+ doesn't seem likely there, you can see at times 6ft 1 is possible!
Mohammed5'11 said on 16/Jun/19
Lol guys who says srk is 5'10 or 5'9 this is impossible this will make another actors like kanul kapoor,abhishek 2meters and guys who like arjun,john,akshay,sejay,ranbir is 190 i think when he said he is 5'10 he measured with his tall hair 3.5inch..he is no more than 5.8(peak)
khaled taban said on 11/Jun/19
Claiming the new Indian generation +5'9" is nonsense, simply India isn't the US.
The average was estimated at 2010 as 5'5" but i think that was for the older geneation , so I don't think the average for new generation is more than 5'7.5" max.
And NO, SRK isn't 5'10" or 5'9", these days he is 5'7.5" and was 5'7.75"
at his peak, he never was taller than 5'8" let alone 5'9" and 5'10".
khaled taban said on 8/Jun/19
Rob, Do you agree that he was 5'9" at peak, because I never seen him that tall!
Editor Rob
I doubt he's shrunk anything really
Rajat said on 19/May/19
He gave an interview to David letterman recently. There's a pic of both of them on Shahrukh's insta(not able to give a link....on a potato phone).

Do you think he got shorter than 171.5? what do you think might be his current height?
Editor Rob
I wouldn't have thought he looked less than his listing with Letterman.
Rajat said on 19/May/19
Here he is with David Letterman - Click Here
afzal said on 23/Apr/19
170 is more realistic rob
Ricky muliawan hansyar said on 22/Apr/19
Sometimes shahrukh khan can look 5ft7.25 inch
Ricky muliawan hansyar said on 10/Apr/19
In dil se movie 1998 at 32 years old as amarkant varma, shah rukh khan can look perfect 5ft7.5 inch (171.5 cm)
Ricky muliawan hansyar said on 7/Apr/19
Sometimes shah rukh khan can look 5ft7.25-5 and 5ft7.75 inch.
Ricky muliawan hansyar said on 6/Apr/19
Shah rukh khan look 5ft7.5-7.75 inch (171-172 cm range) in Kal ho naa ho movie
afzal said on 2/Apr/19
@ricky muliyawan wait somedays 172 will definitely changed to 168 cm
Ricky muliawan hansyar said on 31/Mar/19
In google shah rukh khan is 172 cm
afzal said on 29/Mar/19
Looks maximum 5.6 to me 6or 7 inches less from Dj snake 1.8 m 5.11 iches can u please give him 168 to 169 please
Neelasish Send Roy said on 15/Mar/19
Rob, you are right he is solid 5'7.5" because I see a photo of 20th Kolkata International Film Festival, SRK looks exactly same height as famous bengali actor Ranjit Mullick who was 5'7.5"
afzal said on 9/Mar/19
He's solid 169 cm
Debojit said on 6/Feb/19
SRK is no more than 5'7"....max 5'7.5". He is way shorter than actors like Akshay Kumar, Hrithik Roshan, John Abraham.....Both Shahrukh and Salman are big liars in terms of height but they're good actors.

Salman - 5'6" - 5'6.5" and SRK - 5'7" - 5'7.5"
Film Extra For Movie Fan said on 20/Dec/18
I was absolutely shocked when I saw the real height of SRK in 2015 when he was filming his movie; Fan in Madame Tussauds. (I was a background extra in the film Fan and was in the same room as him for hours, and proper close up and even spoke to him; very friendly person). I always thought that SRK was about 5'7" to 5'8" max, he is actually taller than many people think. Although he was not a solid 5'9" he was very close to it, I would say in his younger days he was probably a solid 5'9", SRK is height is about 5'8.75" now.

It was a total shock, a lot of people say that SRK is short, that is total bogus and jeaslousy, SRK is not short; he is 5'8.75", however Aamir Khan is short probably 5'4"- 5'5".................
Karan said on 24/Nov/18
Hey rob do u think Google listing 169 cm is correct
Editor Rob
I wouldn't estimate as low as 169
M Anas Jamshed said on 6/Aug/18
He is purely strong 5'6 guy and salman khan is 5'5.5,(0.5 inches shorter than king khan).
Hrhitik Roshan is almost 5'9 or 5'9.5(max) and akshay kumar is strong 5'10 guy and irfan khan is purely 5'11.

So i request Rob Paul to downgrade the height of salman and shahrukh.
Ah diffusivity said on 3/Jun/18
He is 5'7 at the very maximum.
Thomas25 said on 15/May/18
Why all celebs are so good in lying?
5'9 barefoot? Seriously?Even Deepika Doesnt have a guts to claim herself 5'9, she claims herself as 5'8 1/2. And no doubt sharukh is visibly way shorter than deepika, Anushka and katrina.
Salman said on 11/May/18
Hey Rob, can you look into actor Saif Ali Khan's height?
ABYSS334 said on 30/Apr/18
#Darius you are right at 5'6.5" he's not at all near to 5'7" . Maybe he is slightly taller than 5'6" varun dhawan with his thick hair . A photo with 5'6" varun dhawan Click Here
. To my estimation Shahrukh's 5'5.5"
Zaahid Islam said on 22/Apr/18
He is like 5ft 6 or just below because my uncle is 3 inch shorter than him and shahrukh khan took a photo with him in 2003. I am 174cm tall and was tall as his friend who is a famous Indian cricketer sarouv ganguly. I met the cricketer during icc champions trophy Edgbaston. No offence Rob, but have you actually met any of the A listers and ask about their height?
Darius said on 2/Apr/18
He is listed 5'6.5" on Google, amd Varun Dhawan is listed 5'6". I wonder whether 5'6.5" or the 5'7.5" listing is the right one for SRK. I would go with 5'7" max. personally.
Sam96 said on 27/Jan/18
After looking at him with Brad Pitt. I would say 5'7.25. He would look like James McAvoy with the Xmen cast, similar body shape. Same range as Ruffalo, McAvoy, Oscar Isaac etc. I think Salman is about 5'7.5 but the muscular built makes him look lesser. Rob a minor downgrade wouldn't hurt. Also he is almost 53. One fact I wouldn't doubt is that he is probably one of the top 10 most known figures in the world today. He has a massive fan following and he is very pleasant when he talks in interviews. Maybe you can add a peak of 5'7.5 and today 5'7.
Amit said on 24/Jan/18
srk is 5'10" and salman khan is 5'9.5" as claimed by them.They know their correct heights not us.Both are tall men.
Random said on 23/Jan/18
Im 5ft9 and sharukh khan looks 5ft6 next to me when i took with him a pic in dubai
raju said on 8/Jan/18
2 inch taller than shakira Click Here
Peace said on 7/Jan/18
172cm Srk

168/169 Salman khan

163/164 Amir Khan
Darius said on 7/Jan/18
5'7"-5'7.5". I am not just not sure about these actors as I'm not much into Bollywood film industry.
Anonymous said on 2/Jan/18
Shah Rukh Khan sir er real height 5' 7.85"
Anonymous said on 3/Dec/17
SRK is 5'8". Salman is 5'7" & Aamir 5'5". Click Here
Kario Prkaj said on 2/Dec/17
Hey Rob, do you think it's now time to travel to India or any country for that matter as you and Jennie could try to ask for a picture to meet these stars. Thanks.
raju said on 29/Nov/17
Max 5ft 6 as that comedy nights bachao scale is missing 3 inches
Abhay said on 29/Nov/17
srk is 5'9" without shoes now...peak was 5'10" def a big man like 5'9.5" salman khan...ranvir singh is 6ft.
raju said on 25/Nov/17
shahrukh and ranvir with deepika

Click Here
raj said on 24/Nov/17
Hey Rob,
Just wanted to ask this.From what source does Google base a celebrity's height from?Are the celebrities supposed to provide their measurements,does Google makes it's assertions using information from other articles or websites(such as yours) or, hopefully not,just a blind guess?
Editor Rob
mostly taking heights from web sources, hence there's a lot of errors if you do that.
dd said on 7/Nov/17
@ajit thinking divya bharati 5ft6.5 in is a joke and srk is a tall man u guys are nuts next u will be saying jackie shroff is a giants then all those junior actors and villians taller than him are supergiants
Anonymous said on 5/Nov/17
hea is exact 57.5 agree with i see him in front of me
swayam said on 27/Oct/17
Akshay Kumar is 6'1" without shoes and srk is 5'9.5" without shoes.......Both are tall guys.
tallerrock said on 24/Oct/17
Click Here:. This is full pic but this is akshay kumar..and in Srk pic Srk is not use any kind of chair. but i found there is some error in the scale some inches are cut from lower part i want to check these error
Anonymous said on 23/Oct/17
those people who says watch comedy nights bachao srk height is 6 people many actorss there shows6 feet height. even srk pic showing half there not proper full pic with legs.he standing on some little chair
tallerrock said on 19/Oct/17
hey rob can u check the height scale in show comedy nights bachao are right or wrong. because almost all bollywood celebs are come in this show and also have a height measuring mugshot
tallerrock said on 18/Oct/17
Click Here: click this times of india link in which shahrukh stand 6 feet tall in a television show comedy nights bachao
tallerrock said on 17/Oct/17
type in google sharukh khan in comedy night bachao. scroll down you got some pics in which shahrukh stand in front of a scale that show his height at 6 feet...hard to believe
vicky said on 15/Oct/17
srk is 5'10" he claims it everywhere.....anushka sharma is 5'10" without shoes....srk is tall man.
jaggu said on 13/Oct/17
Click Here pic from srk's movie rnbj with anushka sharma both standing barefeet with srk lifting slightly. Wouldn't srk be somewhere around the range of 5ft 7.75 - 5ft 8? there was an interview where he claims he is 0.5inches shorter than anushka sharma. what do you think of the difference between the two??
sid said on 10/Oct/17
his real height is 5.7.2 inches he have long legs .thats why he looks 5.8 but he is not 5.8 .
ricks said on 28/Sep/17
Srk peak height 5'10" without shoes now 5'9" without shoes.
Ripped said on 26/Sep/17
He is 5'7 tops look at him with Brad Pitt. Though he is ripped and lean with a good body. I am Indian btw. The new gen here is taller but not like 6'0 average tall but like 5'10 avg tall. The older gen was like 5'4 In India that's why people don't know how to estimate height here. I am 171.5 or 5'7.5 , so I feel like lower average guy even in India.
bunnu said on 14/Sep/17
rob we demand to put this guy at 5'9" as we have given proof that he is 5'9" tall without shoes.
Darius said on 12/Sep/17
People he appears taller due to lifts hence he can pull of a height near 5'9" at times. He is 5'7" max. as he appeared so with Mohanlal who is 5'8" and quite shorter than Mammooty who is 5'10. 5'7.5" is still arguable BTW. No more. I bet
jeetu said on 9/Sep/17
He is 5'9.5 now. younger days 5'10
vinay said on 7/Sep/17
5'7 no more barefoot.,,5'9-5'10 w/ don shoes.,sorry don't look 5'10 body..
Anonymous said on 6/Sep/17
20 years ago srk was 5ft6 without shoes with normal shoes 5ft7,now he lost 1inch or so cause of smoking
pakku said on 31/Aug/17
@film extra I agree with u that srk is 5'9" now.....his peak height was 5'10" a tall man.....Aamir khan is 5'7.5" people think he is short bec all bollywood actors are tall.....also salman khan is a tall man at 5'10".
Film Extra for movie Fan said on 23/Aug/17
I was absolutely shocked when I saw the real height of SRK in 2015 when he was filming his movie; Fan in Madame Tussauds. I was a background extra in the film Fan and was in the same room as him for hours, and proper close up and even spoke to him; he is very friendly.
I always thought that SRK was about 5'7" to 5'8" max, he is actually taller than many people think. Although he was not a solid 5'9" he was very close to it, I would say in his younger days he was probably a solid 5'9", SRK is height is about 5'8.75" now.

It was a total shock to me, alot of people say that SRK is short, that is total bogus and jeaslousy, SRK is not short he is 5'8.75", however Aamir Khan is short probably 5'4"- 5'5"..........
amay said on 12/Aug/17
5'10"srk with 5'5" rani mukherjee Click Here:
expert said on 12/Aug/17
srk has himself claimed 5'9" and srk is a very honest man...guys believe him when he says 5'9"...most of our bollywood actors are very tall and handsome...srk's peak height was 5'10" without shoes.
Ustaad988 said on 9/Aug/17
Even 5'7.5" seems a little too generous barely looks 5'7" they all actually wear lifts to look their claims they're dwarfed by some taller women(in heels ofcourse) but those are like 3" heels and for a guy who claims 5'10" and looks shorter than 5'6" girls is really bad news
Big Sam said on 25/Jul/17
Def a big guy at 5'10
Prem said on 25/Jul/17
what r u saying guys he has claimed 5'9" above...everybody knows his peak height was 5'10" without shoes.
anas jamshed said on 24/Jul/17
he is purely 5'6 guy
Darius(19)-5'7" said on 20/Jul/17
@junkie Absolutely agree with u. Couldn't have said it better. 5'10" is totally trolling.
junkie said on 19/Jul/17
He's not 5'10" lol, what are you smoking? He's more like 5'7" or 5'7.5" like this website has listed it.
Darius said on 16/Jul/17
Nope. FYI, Mohanlal is 5'8" max IMHO. Google lists him 5'7.75". I am pretty sure he is around that. And Now google lists SRK at 5'7". Srk definitely seems around 2 cm shorter than Mohanlal. I would say 5'7" for Shah Rukh Khan. And around the same for Salman Khan. Google almost always never lists a person shorter than their real height only inflates the height higher at times. Only some people like Tom Cruise gets listed lower. But it is not too far off their real height. And this is final. I actually had enough of 5'10".
ajit said on 10/Jul/17
@HELLSKD mohanlal is 5'10" and srk is also 5'10" both are tall guys.
Hellskd said on 7/Jul/17
ere is srk with 5'7.5 mohanlal.if he was 5'10 he should have been taller than mohanlal
Click Here:
Vinay said on 29/Jun/17
5'7 is believable barefoot;but 5'3 is a insane joke;5'10 w/ his don shoes.....Id say 5'7-5'8
kuru said on 28/Jun/17
yes srk was 5'10 without shoes in his prime now 5'9...@expert you are bang on man.
debabrata said on 27/Jun/17
He was almost same height as divya bharati in deewana and shorter than sridevi in army and shorter than sonali bendre all of them are 5ft 5in or shorter so srk height is around 5ft3in barefeet ,hes way shorter than 5ft9in sourav ganguly
expert said on 24/Jun/17
@RAJEVA google is wrong...does srk knows about his height or google...when he has claimed 5'9" without shoes then believe him,like everybody here...his peak height though was 5'10"...Very simple
Rajeva said on 17/Jun/17
Google search engine even says SRKis 1.7m, very possible with shoes maybe 5'9
Navin said on 15/Jun/17
Looks very much a 5'7...yup 171cm is a spot on,no shoes plus da hairdo....Don't matter though, SRK is God in movies :)
Akshay said on 7/Jun/17
Indian fact machine is right and I also agree with him that srk is 5'9" are the only person who is knowlegeble here.
IndianFactmachine said on 3/Jun/17
@Rob.... Sorry Rob , asking this again but where is the source of that 5 ft 9 claim of SRK....bcoz in your previous reply , i never found anything regarding that 5 ft 9 claim..... and Rob dont go by the opinions of fellow Indians about the heights of Bollywood actors , i know for sure that they're first-class haters and have a BIG ZERO ability in estimating heights from distance or through pictures....

You're way too conservative in estimating Indian heights..SRK is 5 ft 9 or 8.5 minimum...and nowadays in India , average height has surely risen up by 2 inches will see most of the guys(younger generation ) around 5 ft 9 plus....
Roshan said on 1/Jun/17
Clear 5'7 but w/ hair and shoes 5'9 King is 5'7 I love SRK!!!Brad Pitt is clear 177-179 SRK is 170cm.....
kumar said on 29/May/17
yes srk is 5'9"......he can still beat any kid hands down in dance and stunts at this age man...what a star man.
www said on 26/May/17
In the pictures of SRK and Brad Pitt, I don't think the difference is 10 cm (3.94 inches). It is more a 2-3 inch difference. SRK pulls off 1.75 m in the images according to me. The difference between me and my brother looks pretty much the same. I am 1.75m and my brother is 1.80m tall.

Click Here
Click Here
www said on 26/May/17
I somehow sent the same post twice last time. My device froze and that's why I resubmitted the post. I don't think SRK was ever 1.78 m, and that is clear enough from his quotes and picture evidence. I do believe he was a strong 1.75 m at his peak. He has had several injuries to his back throughout the years, starting from when he was in college. I feel it is very likely that that impacted his height. He may be 1.73 m right now if it did. But I wouldn't guess him at under 1.73 m currently.
I AM 14 said on 26/May/17
yes i agree with www that srk is 5'9.....peak was 5'10 see his pics with ash,rani,madhuri etc
www said on 25/May/17
There are some interesting pictures of SRK with director Brett Ratner. Brett's not on this site but is listed at 5'8" by Google. As you can see in the following links SRK looks 2 inches taller than Brett. The man to the left in the second image is Noah Cowan, the executive director of the San Francisco International Film Festival. I couldn't find any listings for him. But he appears to be 5 inches taller than SRK or 6'2". The consensus on this site seems to indicate otherwise, but perhaps SRK is honest about his height claim of 5'9".

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Heylo said on 25/May/17
Seemed about 10 cm shorter than Brad Pitt so makes sense.
16 year old said on 25/May/17
srk is 5'9" now as claimed by him above...his peak height was 5'10"...salman khan is 5'10" without shoes both of them are great fighters.
maddy said on 19/May/17
@TALLISH89 no you r wrong dayn bravo is 5'11.5" he is a fast bowler and fast bowlers are usually above 6FT . srk is 5'9".
Tallish89 said on 17/May/17

SRK can't be 5'9 he is shorter than both Bravo brothers who are 5'8/5'9
Tallish89 said on 17/May/17
SRK with Darren Bravo 175cm

Click Here

5'7 nowadays
MADDY said on 16/May/17
Roshan said on 15/May/17
I am 5'9(175cm),but I claim that I am 5'11(180cm)LOL.SRK is less than 5'8(173) or maybe even 5'7 is arguable really.....
Height expert said on 9/May/17
5'10 srk with 5'7" aishwarya rai
Click Here
musk said on 8/May/17
no roshan srk has himself claimed 5'9" above...his peak height was 5'10"...he is 5'9" now.
Roshan said on 6/May/17
5'7 is reasonable,if SRK is 5'10 his co-star are like what??? 6'3. 6'4 6'5 lol king is 5'7
MADARCHOD said on 29/Apr/17
Sgt. Karnani said on 15/Apr/17
SRK is a solid strong 5'7'(169-171cm),weak 5'8 w/shoes,....5'9'-5'9.5' w/boots or his lifts.....this guy has a noticeable body of a 5'7' not like johnny depp/Jake Gyllenhaal of Hollywood could depict a deceiving body frame,,,,,,,,,SRK is $trong 5'7',believe me my job is a cop/police informant/sleuth that defines/intelligent assumption on body frame type,forensics etc. when describing personnel,Terrific actor though:)
DaveMills said on 14/Apr/17
being 5'7.25 does'nt put'em down as a star, & as far as the 5'9 or 5'10 claims go, you must pretty dumb not to realise that he himself said He lied.
pamli said on 29/Mar/17
srK is 5'9" we will believe his claim or of others...he knows his height...he doesn't look 5'7.5" to be honest...In the movie daar he claimed his height as 5'10...which was his peak height...rob please upgrade his height.
Freak said on 25/Mar/17
Only a fool would believe him to be 5'9' No more than 5'6'5 May just be 5'7' ...He certainly is and looks a lot shorter than his claim..But he is certainly above average in height.5'4'-5'5' I believe is average for Indian height..Funny claims
minnz said on 15/Mar/17
def a big man at 5'10" he needs an upgrade.
bob said on 14/Mar/17
lol he looks 5'5 next to Zayn Malik. Something is not right, either he's much shorter or Zayn wears crazy lifts.
JIMMY said on 13/Mar/17
Sanjay said on 12/Mar/17
Srk is shoter than saif ali khan-5,7, karan johar5,9, kapil sharma 5, 8 and dhoni 5,9. Who he could be 5,9. I think he is 5,6
Staring said on 2/Mar/17
my height is 5 "7 exactly equal to shahrukkhan
Abber said on 25/Feb/17
King was 5'10" without shoes now 5'9". king is big man.
Hitesh said on 22/Feb/17
SRK real height 5ft7inch but he wear in feet in Dingo shoes he is 5,9 , salman 5,6 inch he wear dingo shoes his height 5,8inch
Observer said on 23/Jan/17
SRK is 5' 7" at best. There is a six inch difference between him and Amitabh Bachchan who is 6' 1"
Aza said on 17/Jan/17
He is noticeably sHorter than Anushka Sharma for sure who is 5'9.... His claim may seem credible but can assure you it is not trustworthy.
Aman said on 17/Jan/17
please upgrade srks height to 5'9 without shoes which he has himself claimed above.
mandav said on 15/Jan/17
Yes his height is 5'10" without shoes.He claimed that in daar movie.Big man for sure.
IndianFactmachine said on 14/Jan/17

Rob pls can you share the link or place from where you got that quote from SRK , that he is standing at 5 ft 9 ???

Thank you... and yes he is right about his quote.... he is 5 ft 9 ( straight out of the bed in morning )...

Sorry to say but you've downgraded many Indian heights by 1 inch avg... :)
Editor Rob

The quote was from a few years ago, Click Here
Aza said on 12/Jan/17
He looked all of his 67.5 inches in the recent film fare awards.
Film Extra for movie Fan said on 11/Jan/17
I was absolutely shocked when I saw the real height of SRK in 2015 when he was filming his movie; Fan in Madame Tussauds. (I was a background extra in the film Fan and was in the same room as him for hours, and proper close up and even spoke to him; very friendly person). I always thought that SRK was about 5'7" to 5'8" max, he is actually taller than many people think. Although he was not a solid 5'9" he was very close to it, I would say in his younger days he was probably a solid 5'9", SRK is height is about 5'8.75" now.

It was a total shock, a lot of people say that SRK is short, that is total bogus and jeaslousy, SRK is not short 5'8.75", howver Aamir Khan is short probably 5'4"- 5'5".................
Aza said on 7/Jan/17
@sam coooooooooooooooooor blimey! It's too much no?
SAM said on 4/Jan/17
Aishwarya rai is 5'7.5" as mentioned on her official website
Srk is 5'9 " now as claimed by him.He was 5'10" during his prime.What a star he is,his screen presence,his stage presence is amazing no hollywood guy can match him.What a star?Most of the indian stars are above 6ft because the heroines are 5'9" to 5'10" only guys with contacts and source below 6ft are selected nowadays.HEIGHT OF AISHWARYA RAI IS 5'7.5" SHE IS 2.5" SHORTER THAN 5'10" SALMAN KHAN.
Akshay kumar 6'1" WITHOUT SHOES
Jackie shroff 6'2"
Sonu sood 6'3.5"
Abhishek bachchan 6'3.5"
John abharm 6'2"
Arjun rampal 6'2.5"
Ranbir kapoor 6'
Arjun kapoor 6'2"
Siddharth malothara 6'2"
Aditya roy kapoor 6'3"
Kunal kapoor 6'3.5"
Kapil sharma 5'11.5"
Tiger shroff 5'11.5"
These are the real height of stars
Mike said on 21/Dec/16
jimmy said on 3/Jan/17
Srk has claimed 5'9 .So he is 5'9.Peak height was 5'10 without shoes.He is taller than 5'7.5 aishwarya rai.
Aza said on 1/Jan/17
Coooooooooor blimey! 5'7 he surely is!
Amit said on 30/Dec/16
Yes shahruk is 5'9 as he ha claimed above.
Aswin kini said on 28/Dec/16
I think you may be spot on with this star's height. Considering his lean frame and the generous camera angles that make him look much taller, I think Shah Rukh Khan may be just over 5 foot 7 or perhaps around 5 foot 8. I had a look at the footage of his old films, he seemed to be slightly taller than his co-actors (Please mind the fact that the average Indian height was ranging around 5 foot 5 in the early to mid 90s). I guess 5 foot 7.5 or 5 foot 8 is just about his right height,
Mark said on 26/Dec/16
Aza said on 21/Dec/16
@Sid cor blimey you are telling the porkies and being exceedingly non vegetarian as he is 5'7.5 standing fully erect and to the attention.
adam said on 19/Dec/16
srk"s peak height was 5'10" and 5'9" now what he has claimed above.tall man for sure.
Aza said on 18/Dec/16
Solicitations and salutations he is 5'7.5 yes no?
Rick said on 17/Dec/16
As srk has claimed 5'9" in the above statement we will go by that,srk's peak height was 5'10" now 5'9".
Aza said on 16/Dec/16
5'10? Cor blimey! Too much raining! He is as listed.5'7.5,
Shilmu said on 25/Nov/16
Srk 5.10,salman 5.10 without shoes.
Ricky said on 19/Nov/16
Rob.if salman now 171,can be shahrukh khan 170 cm? Or he is defenit!y same with salman
mr x said on 13/Nov/16
he was even shorter than 5ft7 shreyas talpade so may be 169 i think
Aza said on 8/Nov/16
SRK's height... its rigged..........I tell you the truth...its rigged.......
Aditya said on 8/Nov/16
When king khan says he is 5'9" without shoes in the above statement we believe him.
Abc said on 7/Nov/16
5'10" is the height of shahruk.
Shivarth said on 6/Nov/16
Srk has himself claimed 5'9" we will believe him not others.He is tall man.
Aza said on 17/Oct/16
Good gracious me! Soooo tall and talented....sooo Indian!
Anonymous said on 8/Oct/16
Bollywood's not as short as people seem to assume. Definitely 5'9" for SRK.
Varun said on 1/Oct/16
My guess is
Varun said on 1/Oct/16
Srk is 5'9" without shoes what he has claimed above.
Jonah flint said on 1/Oct/16
He is taller than angelina jolie. Thats all i know about his height. And shorter tha deepkia and anushka
Firdaus said on 26/Sep/16
Hey Rob, how tall do you think the Indian actor R Madhavan is ?
Editor Rob
not quite seen much of him yet.
bob said on 25/Sep/16
i have a cousin who is 5ft10 he was the tallest guy in the neighbourhood in india and he was mostly taller than all people he used to work on road he was not so tall but only a few inches than most people i can say indias average is 5ft7 which not bad
Sid said on 22/Sep/16
Srk is 5'9 " now as claimed by him.He was 5'10" during his prime.What a star he is,his screen presence,his stage presence is amazing no hollywood guy can match him.What a star?Most of the indian stars are above 6ft because the heroines are 5'9" to 5'10" only guys with contacts and source below 6ft are selected nowadays.
Another5'8_guy said on 21/Sep/16
I don't understand what's the problem with people here. There's no problem in being 5'7 in India. You can argue all you want. But, I can tell from personal experience, there aren't very tall people in that much abundance. A boy above 6'2 is as rare as a girl above 5'9 here. I know it's a significant problem in the West for 5'7, 5'8 majority. But that's because there are tons of 6'+ guys. You step out of your house, and there's an endless line of 6'+ guys. But, this isn't the case here.

I live in Delhi, and in an area where there is an abundance of upper class Punjabi families. And, even after a whole childhood of non-vegetarian (rich in protein) nutrition, they are still 5'10-5'11. I've been to various bars, lounges and café in all of Delhi, and still can vouch for the following facts:

Average Male Height (Urban & Non-Vegetarian) : 5'9.3"
Average Male Height (Urban & Vegetarian) : 5'8.5"
Average Male Height (Rural) : 5'6-5'7.5"
Tall Height cutoff for a Male : 5'10

Average Female Height (Urban & Non-Vegetarian): 5'4.5"
Average Female Height (Urban & Vegetarian): 5'3
Average Female Height (Rural): 5'2
Tall Height cutoff for a Female : 5'6

And, that's pretty evident from even Bollywood. Take up any new comer, and he's a sub 6-ft or she's a sub 5'9-er. Siddharth Malhotra is 5'10.5". Kriti Sanon is 5'8.5". Sushant Singh is 5'10", whereas Disha Patani is 5'7.5". There aren't many stars above 6' mark. Prabhas, Rana Daggubatti, Abhishek Bacchan are some of the few stars above 6'.
Max said on 15/Sep/16

I have a saying......and it goes: "Wealth does not a man make". I don't see how his wealth should have any factor in your describing him. But let's go through some relevant points you made.
A: He is not a "big man" physically, as evidenced by countless photo after countless photo
B: His six packs, dancing style, great looks (HIGHLY debatable) do not and should not belong on a page concerning his HEIGHT as it only serves to obfuscate the discussion at hand
C: Just my personal opinion (and I'm sure this is an opinion held by a myriad of people), it seems a little low and even a worship a person as if he is a god. Certainly nothing to brag about, and clearly indicative of primitive, misguided thinking. Think Egyptian times.
D: This has already been discussed before, but it only makes you look like a fool when you praise your bollywood stars..........are you not wholly embarrassed by the fact that bollywood is a complete copycat of hollywood???
I inquire you to change your attitude towards these bollywood "stars" who don't give a darn for people like you. Think for yourself.
Sid said on 15/Sep/16
Was seks peak height 5'10" as claimed by him in the movie daar and on interviews given by him in his younger days.Is he 5'9" now as claimed above on this page...guys what do u say? He is way taller than 5'7" aishwarya rai and also katrina kaif.
Aadvya said on 14/Sep/16
No no srk is 5'10" without shoes he claimed it in the movie daar and also on zoom channel.What a great actor,public speaker and dancer he is?He is also a great fighter with great body.
Aza said on 12/Sep/16
He is taller than Salman Khan.......5'7 max
Rinkz said on 10/Sep/16
Height of srk 5'10" without shoes.This guy is big man.Look at his six pack abs,great looks,body,dance,style.He is like god to us.We worship him.Nobody can be like our bollywood stars.He has a buggati veyron ,BMWs,mercs ect.I have no words to describe him.
cjicdidjccd said on 9/Sep/16
@max yes in my campus they r like that and i am 6ft5.5 197 yet i am short till average in my campus
Max said on 8/Sep/16
I can't believe ppl like cjicdidjccd..........avg Indian women height 6'3"?????? Yeah right.

@Luke Just cause he says he's a certain height doesn't mean its the truth. Start investigating yourself, and stop licking his behind like a typical Indian. All he does is act in a few movies - just doing his job - like you are me. No need to put him on a pedestal. And so what if he's 5'7"? Thats above avg for an Indian. Boo hoo
Luke said on 4/Sep/16
If srk has claimed 5'9" in the above statement then we will have to agree with him...Rob for heaven sake upgrade his height to 5'9".
6ft4 guy said on 2/Sep/16
Srk is 5'10" salman 5'9" saif 5'10" this is wat v all know.
value said on 31/Aug/16
Salman 5 Feet 5 " Sharukh 5 . 6 And Hrittic 9 "
cjicdidjccd said on 24/Aug/16
those guys are tall and well built for indians 20 yrs back but with promotions in steroid and hgh standards and other factors, in todays generation they are pretty average to short, i am 197 cm/ 6'5.5'' and i am on the average to short side in my campus. Even the average indian girl these days would stand at almost 6'3'' and average indian guy u see out there (i am taking about middle and upper class families) about -6'8, i think we have matched up to western standards now but i doubt it willgo beyond this, at least it hasnt for them.
heightchecker34 said on 3/Aug/16
I'm Indian so I feel I have the right to say this, sadly most of the troll people on these bollywood pages are of Indian descent. You have one of the greatest actors of all time in Indian history who has been in this field for more than 20 years and you still think he is 5'10+? He is 5'7.5 and yes there is no doubt he was insecure because of all the fame so he has worn lifts in the past, however there is a huge difference between 5'7 and 5'10. I'm 5'9, that would be like claiming six foot. At the tallest without lifts, he might have been 5'8, even at that time heroines had to wear flats so the male stars would be taller than them, and it hasn't changed in 2016. Even SRK realizes his true height and jokes around with it. Some people really need a reality check!
Varun said on 29/Jul/16
Srk is a big man he stands 5'10" without shoes.Look at his 6pack abs...he has a great body.
Ricky said on 23/Jul/16
Rob,what would you guess his weight in fenomenal bollywood movie kuch kuch hota hai?
Hypado said on 12/Jul/16
Shahrukh Khan's Height - 5ft 7.5in (171 cm)

Perfect this listing for he. No doubt.
Ricky said on 10/Jul/16
Rob,,if you say he is 5ft7.25in...please downgrade him.
Max said on 10/Jul/16
what is the height of shreyas talpade do u guys think i saw him in real i am 5ft11 he was 2 inches taller than me
Expert said on 5/Jul/16
The real height of srk is 5'10" without shoes.He is taller than 5'9" deepika padukone and he is also taller than 5'9" katrina.Its as simple as that.In the movie daar he has claimed he is 5'10".In stardust mag. he claimed that he is 5'10".He everywhere claims that he is 5'10".
Ricky said on 20/Jun/16
Rob,how tall do you think his wife (gauri)?
Ishan Saha said on 12/Jun/16
Hey rob did you ever see his statue at madam Tussaud? My uncle who is 5'11 claims its of the height as him....but if u see him(SRK) standing next to his own statue, he actually looks shorter. I mean of course of the same height but with those special sneakers. Check out the latest picture of him with his Statue, FAN 2016
Editor Rob
I personally am not a fan of waxworks, so I don't really know how tall his statue is I'm afraid!
Sharyay said on 20/May/16
Click Here

go to 0:02 seconds of video, It says 5'10 140 lbs. Do you believe his weight is true rob? Also do you think that height chart is altered?
Editor Rob
here's the Still of the height chart...he would be 5ft 9 maybe in shoes, but the angle might add half inch or so, hard to say exactly how much.

The weight is more believable than 5ft 10 :)
Ricky said on 10/May/16
Rob,please give me a real reason,why you don't downgrade him to 5ft7.25in? Because kriti sanon almost 1 inch taller than him,and he is only 2 inch taller than Aamir khan.then at 25 feb 2016 you say "yes of course it is posible he is 170-171 (5ft7.25in).you must choice between 5ft7.25in and 5ft7.5in.please respon,because I am waiting 6 years about this.and I am big fan
Editor Rob
I've not had a chance to look closely yet.
Ricky said on 8/May/16
Rob,5ft 7.25in best fit for him
asdf said on 29/Apr/16
I would guess him at 5'9" I don't see a reason why he would lie. He always seemed 5'9" to me.
najm said on 24/Apr/16
He claimed 5'10 in the film "Fan" and a mugshot scene in the film also had him at that. A mistake, plus he likely knows he's not. He even claimed 5'10 in "Darr". Lol, he seems to be obsessed with this height. In an interview once, he said his Father was a tall man, around 6'2. Genes are truly very random, indeed.
Rifle said on 28/Mar/16
How tall do you think his son is?He claims 5'11".
Click Here
Editor Rob
5ft 10 range might be possible
ab said on 25/Mar/16
srk is 5'6 same as salman.n much shorter than dp kat kriti
Houdaloth said on 20/Mar/16
Shah rukh khan is at least 5'9 and is possible at 5'10"
There is footage on Youtube of him next to Hrithik who is around 6ft tall at the Zee Cine Awards.
The listed height is wrong and 5'9" is better.
Rojina said on 15/Mar/16
I was wearing ballerina-style pumps when I was standing about 2 or 3 feet away from him back in 2011. He only appeared a smidgen taller than myself so must be accurate
John said on 9/Mar/16
Rob, how tall would you guess the guy(Harman Bajwa) if Sharukh Khan is 171cm?

Click Here
Ricky said on 25/Feb/16
Rob,,,anychance he is 5ft7.25?
Editor Rob
yes of course it is possible he is 170-1 range
Real heights said on 14/Feb/16
Srk claimed in the movie daar he is 5'10" so how can he be 5'8" barefeet.srk is 5'10" bec he is taller than 5'9" deepika and he is also taller than katrina kaif.
Real heights said on 13/Feb/16
Srk is 5'10" without shoes bec he is taller than 5'9" katrina kaif,he is also taller than 5'9" deepika padukone.Its very simple.
Towering said on 6/Feb/16
5' 6.5'' max. for him
Rifle said on 3/Feb/16
How tall do you think the tall guy on the left side of this pic is, if Ranbir Kapoor is 181cm(He is standing beside the girl)

Click Here

Editor Rob
6ft 4-5 range?
salman said on 29/Jan/16
i think srk is 5'6'' without shoes
John said on 25/Jan/16
@Hfjjjcjcncn said on 18/Jan/16
Kriti sanon is only an inch shorter than siddharth malhotra so if I go by bs sid claims, she is 6' tall but sid is actually 5'11 so she is 176-177 cm as google says

She is good 2-2-5 inches shorter than him.Since Siddhart is 181cm range she looks 5'9(what she claims herself)
Hfjjjcjcncn said on 18/Jan/16
Kriti sanon is only an inch shorter than siddharth malhotra so if I go by bs sid claims, she is 6' tall but sid is actually 5'11 so she is 176-177 cm as google says
Zahid said on 4/Jan/16
Guys have a look at Bigg Boss, Salman and Shahrukh are of the same height.
Salman even with shoes looks shorter than Rishabh Sinha who is 5.5 feet.
Ishan said on 26/Dec/15
Listen guys.....srk came to dubai recently and i met him.... im 172.5 cm without shoes...there he was almost same height with shoes (gave him 2 inch height perhaps he wears high ) i was wearing shoes giving me lifts about 1.8 inch....i stood next to him....he was a bit thin like normal....not that bufred...wrinlked for his age and wearing blue shades and make up....but his arms were fairer than his face and my whole body..he is tanned like he was in some beach all day....his lips were brown due to smoking....but he still had that personality in him with all the expensive smell and all....he is roughly 5'9 with u guys are probably right about him
Ricky said on 27/Nov/15
Rob,what is your prediction about shahrukh khan height at afternoon/after many activity?170.5 cm or 171cm?I need your comment,because my height similliar with him,,sory for my bad english
Editor Rob
170.5 could be likely
Ricky said on 24/Nov/15
Rob,what is your prediction about saif ali khan height?
Editor Rob
when I have time to look I will do so.
Mr Y Raymond said on 21/Nov/15
I have met Shahrukh Khan in real life when he visited London a few years ago. I was in Leicester square and he was coming out of the cinema with Karina Kapoor. I am 1m 65cm, with 46 inch chest, 30 inch waist. He looked shorter than me. I would accurately estimate his height around the same as myself. Anyone suggesting he is taller than 1m 68 is wrong.
Smarty said on 20/Nov/15
Indian actors tend to exaggerate their heights, 5' 7.5'' is quite generous height estimate for Shahrukh khan, he might even be shorter than that.
Ricky said on 12/Nov/15
I am sure shahrukh khan 170 cm (5ft7in),I am agree with boyy comment
Red said on 8/Nov/15
Kriti Sanon is not 1.72 m. Being tall is not a desirable trait for actresses as it limits their roles, due to them being taller than their male co-stars. Kriti Sanon is at least 1.78 m.
Boyy said on 4/Nov/15
Rob what do you think?
He is less than 170 cm. Look at this video Click Here at 3:26 . He is standing on a platform along with heel shoes next to an actress "Kriti Sanon" who is around 172 cm.
Editor Rob
I don't know if less than 170cm....he might in fact be around that mark, but that's useful seeing how he can be made to look taller with 2 inch block to stand on and the actress barefeet...
boyyy said on 26/Oct/15
He is less than 170 cm Rob. Look at this video at 3:26 Click Here . He is standing on a platform along with heel shoes next to an actress "Kriti Sanon" who is around 172 cm.
Hasnain said on 16/Oct/15
He can look 174 cms because he is so thin.That's the reason why he sometimes look taller than salman khan because salman is bit healthy as compared to him.
Max said on 8/Oct/15
Completely agree with your post below Rob. It's sad in my opinion that actors are treated like Gods there, but what can we do......
Arjun178 said on 5/Oct/15
Are you Indian/Pakistani? Where'd you learn to swear in Hindi/Urdu lol. But seriously some of these guys are either complete fools or trolling. IRL alot of guys exaggerate their height and many of the girls give themselves an inch or two but c'mon 5'10" Shahrukh Khan. That's absurd. Even he admitted it was a fraud lol. Sadly they don't realise that adding inches doesn't physically make them taller just affects people's perception of height and you have people thinking 5'10" is short when guys that are legitimately that tall claim 6'.
Arjun178 said on 4/Oct/15
Rob, What is it with all these users giving very different(and sometimes ridiculous lol) estimates for the indian actors' heights. Sure, people in general have this warped perception of height because of all the guys claiming to be taller than they really are but I feel that some of these people are either a) trolling or b) devout fanboys who purposely overestimate their idol's height. Hopefully, you don't do that and try to be as unbiased as possible. It's kinda like when G was active on the site but his reasons were different lol
Editor Rob
G ultimately wanted attention/fame, I want a site that is entertaining and actually don't like to be on camera!...I started by not wanting to show myself fully as I realise that when you put photos on the web they can end up anywhere. For instance This photo of me/jenny is used on a number of sites (of course I don't really want it on them, but what can you do!).

anyway, back to Khan...some of these Bollywood actors are treated like gods, so the idea they are merely 5ft 7 or whatever, that doesn't sit well...but there are many fans who are honest with their own height and can estimate more reasonably.
Max said on 29/Sep/15
Why do people think he is 5'10" when he clearly said "he lied (to immigration officials)"?
Jack said on 22/Sep/15
@Sid: Where is your PROOF?
Aza said on 13/Aug/15
@ Sid : No
Ricky muliawan hansyar's height is 5ft 7.5in (171 cm) said on 13/Aug/15
Rob,sometimes shahrukh khan can look 172cm,and somestimes he is can look 171cm,and 5ft8in too,are you sure he is 5ft8in out of bed(morning height),because many people says he is 171,172,or 173cm,I think many people need your comment,please respons
Sid said on 12/Aug/15
Srk is 5'10" barefeet
Saif 5'10" barefeet
Shahid 5'10" barefeet
Akshay 6'1"
Siddharth 6'2.5"
Arjun 6'2.5"
Hrithik 6'2"
Arjun 6'2.5"
John 6'2"
movies24/7 said on 6/Aug/15
shahrukh is listed as 1.73 m on google and I think that's an accurate listing, who knows i may be wrong but shahrukh generally looks on the mark

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