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5ft 7.3in (170.9cm)
Anonymous said on 11/Jan/09
carrick,is it rational to gauage heights by eyesight?how can u be so sure that he wasn't 3" shorter than u?did u stood infront a mirror?
and deepika was shorter than 5'8,revealed by farhan.deepika is 5'7ish.srk is 5'7 max.
carrick said on 11/Jan/09
@ aloy, i beg to differ. I've met the guy, he's a strong 5 foot 8 now, and he also generally has a very good posture. Don't think emotionally think rationally.
sanjay said on 10/Jan/09
list of heights of bollywood actors as as follows as i simultaneously meet them,

srk 5'7
salman 5'7
aamir 5'5
shahid 5.8
sunil 5'7
akshay khanna 5'7
ritesh deshmukh 5'8
akshay kumar 6
john 6'1
amitabh 6'2
hrithik 6
abhishek 6'3
saif 5'7
vivek 6
fardeen 6
as i hv met them in gym or somewhere else i can assure these to be accurate, short actors like srk, salman, aamir, sunil just wear huge shoes guys and that is visible onscreen. They r not very tall.
aloy said on 8/Jan/09
no!carrick,u're deepika is 5'8.5 max srk is 5'7.5 max.rob lists the max possible height,not min.
wahsay said on 8/Jan/09
@carrick so true:)
anonymoose said on 7/Jan/09
@ chandrakanth..Amitji 6"2??? hahahahahahahaaaaa he is 6' flat
chandrakanth said on 7/Jan/09
akshay kumar 6.0,amitabh 6.2,hrithik 6.0,sanjay dutt 6.1,ajay 5.10,abhishek 6.3,bobby deol 6.0,
ranbir 6.1,john 6.1, sharukh 5.8(on heels),salman khan 5.7(on heels), amir khan 5.6(on heels),saif 5.6.5(on heels)
anonymoose said on 5/Jan/09
@ carrick..celebs upgrade themselves so we have to downgrade them ;)
carrick said on 4/Jan/09
met this guy in London a few months back, he's a strong 5"8. No more no less. I'm a tad bit over 5'10, and he looked a good 2 inches shorter or so shorter than me. I don't get it why everyone on this site tries to downgrade celebrities heights by so much...It seems to be more of a celebrity hate site than anything else.
aloy said on 3/Jan/09
wahsay,don't be emotional.think rationally.
aloy said on 3/Jan/09
wahsay,read cautiously and then comment.i said 5'7.5 not 5'6.5.deepika was billed 5'8 by filmfare.she's never more than that.she thought a while b4 answering to salman.she looks shorter than sush who claimS AND IS 5',lol to u.
zahira said on 3/Jan/09
shah rukh khan appears shorter than 5.75 in movies coz actresses appears taller than him.but hes the best
wahsay said on 3/Jan/09
anushka nd deepika 5'6.5 lol wat a joke they both are 5'8.5 ...5'8 is min we can say for both...aloy...
aloy said on 1/Jan/09
srk is about 5'7.,5'6.75 to be exact.both anushka and deepika are 5'7.5.sush is 5'8,bips 5'7.
height meter said on 26/Dec/08
sharukha khan 5"7.1 salmaan 5'6.5 hritik 6.1 amithab bacchan 6.3 abhishekh 6.3.1 fardin 5.11 sachin tendulkar 5.4 aamir khan 5.5 dipika padukone 5.7 madhuri dixti 5.4 sachin pilgokar (marathi actor) 5.6
aloy said on 25/Dec/08
khans are
amir 5'4-5'5
sallu 5'5.5-5'6 saif 5'6.5-5'7 srk 5'6.75'-5'7
sohel 5'7
arbaz 5'8
imran 5'8-5'8.5
fardeen weak 5'9
jayed 5'10-5'11.
Shah Nawaz said on 24/Dec/08
SRk=5'8.5(looks taller), Sanjay Dutt 6'1, John 6'0, Salman 5'7(wears heels)
Akshay= 5 11.5(chk Khiladiyon ka Khiladi, hez wearing 2 in heeled boots, why?)
Shahid=5'9, Anil Kapoor=5 10.5, Sunil Shetty=5'10, Shilpa shetty=5'10,
Sushmita=5'11, Kareena=5'4, Ash=5'6, Katrina=5'9, Depika=5'9+,
Ajay devgan=5'10, Arshad warsi=5'6, Kunal khemu=5'6, Abhishek=6'2
Big B=6'1, Ranbir=5'11-6'0(hez wearing heeled boots in Sawariya)
aloy said on 24/Dec/08
haider,imran is 2"shorter than sanju baba.jayed is taller than fardeen.
haider said on 23/Dec/08
what i think so that the height of shahrukh is 5feet7 and salmans height5feet6aamir is 5feet5 saifali khan is 5feet7 sohail is 5feet8 arbaaz is 5feet9 zahyad is 5feet10 fardeen khan is 5feet10 imran khan is 5feet 11
anonymoose said on 23/Dec/08
Akshaye looked 5-6 inches shorter than Snoop Dogg..I am starting to believe that Akki is below 5"11 maybe 5"10-5" CC2C songs he doesn't look tall
aloy said on 22/Dec/08
wahsay,dude watch dil to pagal hai and hey baby.u'll find akki and srk together.akki is 2-2.5" more.
aloy said on 22/Dec/08
wahsay,dude it's a diplomatic list which is correct but not to the point.
akki was as tall as amrish puri and hardly 2"taller than dharmendra.akki is surely 5'9.5-5'10max.john and arjun are 5'11max. the big B is a week 6ft now.
anonymoose said on 22/Dec/08
there is a show on channel [V] named Pakao..Sonu Sood donned the hat of the the chef in one episode and I think VJ Aditya(the host of Pakao) looked taller than him...lolz and there is another VJ on [V] who is taller than Aditya...also does any1 have have any idea about Cyrus Sahukars height(MTv VJ) is he 6"4 he looks very tall...
wahsay said on 22/Dec/08
ya aloy even i say srk is max 5'7.5 but we havent seen any clear pic of srk with akki and most of short actors where lifts with taller dudes so i cannot rate him down..heres my chart after all discussions
very tall actors(6'2-6'4)abhishek,kunal kapoor,karan sharma,sonu sood,nikitin deer......
tall actors (6-6'1.5) john abraham,harman bhaweja,arjun rampal,amitab bachan'
zayed khan..and sunjay dutt on weeker side
above average (5'9.5-5'11.5) hrithik,akhsay,imran,fardeen khan..and .rateish,sunil sheety&ANIL kapoor too on weeker side
average (5'7-5'9.25)sharukh,shahid,saif ,akhsay khanna,ajay devgan
shorter heros (under 5'7);amir ,salman
aloy said on 21/Dec/08
wahsay 5'11.5 for akki is ok.but it makes srk 5'9+.don't u think it's a bit wierd,when he's clearly shorter than 5'8 sush and only 2-2.5 inches taller than the great sachin?
aloy said on 21/Dec/08
vijender is not full 6ft. he's billed as 182 cm.
@wahsay,ya karan claimed a little more than 6ft 3,which means 6'3.25!
wahsay said on 21/Dec/08
NO ganesh aksay is bit shorter then john ...but 5'10 is laughable for akhsay ....he is about 5'11.5
Ali02 said on 21/Dec/08
Actors exaggerate their but so do other ppl. My bro-in-law says he's 5ft11 eventhough he's only 5ft8/9. I think SRK is 5ft7.5 max, Salman 5ft6.5, Aamir 5ft5.5.
anonymoose said on 21/Dec/08
@ Ganesh dude u say u have met Abhi and u think he is 6"2..can u tell us how tall u r??? if u r shorter than sum1 then u usually tend to overestimate the height of the person taller than u
wahsay said on 20/Dec/08
then show me pic of abhi and karan sharma karan sharma is about 6'3.25 according to me but show me the pic first....
Ganesh said on 20/Dec/08
Slipknot - Akshay Kumar is not 5'10. He is the same height as 6 feet plus John Abraham and Vijendra Singh. I know you think both of them are also shorter but I believe they are not.
aloy said on 19/Dec/08
ganesh,u're convinced to what?u beleive every official're u so sure abt jr B?What's ur height man?if u can prove it,i'll agree.
Slipknot said on 19/Dec/08
Akshay kumar is 5'10 Saif ali khan is 5'7.5 and King khan is 5'7 max.Click Here estimating 4rm this vid if akshay kumar is 5'10 thats make saif ali khan 2.5 inches shoter so 5'7.5 max and king khan looks 3 to 3.5 inches shoter than akshay and half inch shorter than saif so 5'7 max for king khan.
Ganesh said on 19/Dec/08
Avi - After RNBDJ I am also convinced that SRK is minimum 5'8.5
amit said on 19/Dec/08
anonymoose ,I doubt akhi is same height as john.If akhi is really 5'11 then john is probably closer to 6'0,however nothing over.I believe john is about 5'11-11.5 and akshay is 5'10 flat after watching him with many celebs.
str8 srk said on 19/Dec/08
sharukh khan was taller dan salman khan look at kuch kuch hota hai den ten years later he's shorter da salman khan ... srk is about 5ft8 now
anonymoose said on 19/Dec/08
@ wahsay Abhi didn't look 6"2 beside 6"3 Karan Sharma Abhi is 6"1 John is 5"11 and Akki is 5"10.5-5"11 also Amitji is 6' Akki looked an inch shorter than John bcoz of the camera angles
Avi said on 18/Dec/08
In my opinion John is 6ft.He had around half an inch on Akshay who is definitely 5ft11.5(With Vijender he seemed to be the same height who is 5ft11.5).Also here John has around 5 inches on SRK with those boots.So I have started to believe that SRk is nothing less than 5ft8.5.
wahsay said on 18/Dec/08
abhi is confirm 6'2 amd i guess most people agree with it and another example of john being atleast 6 ...akhsay is atleast 5'11.5 atlhought i feel he is 6'0 on a good day and in film haan main neh bhi he looked aleast 2.5 inches shorter then abhi and john is confirm 1.5 max inches shorter then abhi so john is 1 inches taller then akhsay that was he looked in some scenes of garam masla so
abhi 6'2
john 6'0-6'1
akki 5'11.5-6'0
and sharukh 5'7.5-5'8.25
Ganesh said on 18/Dec/08
Wahsay - I agree with you. I have also met Abhishek and I know he is 6'2 plus. In Dostana John looked 1-2 inch shorter than Abhishek.
wahsay said on 18/Dec/08
ya john is atleast 6 feet i have seen him...they r just downgrading him for no use:S
Lucicer said on 17/Dec/08
Lol @ annnymoose (nice type btw), John is easily 6ft if not more.
anonymoose said on 15/Dec/08
in that John-SRK pic for Pepsi John was wearing chunky boots while SRK was wearing 1cm trainers..John is 5"11
aloy said on 14/Dec/08
wahsay,dude u r obsessed with john.don't u know that john wore 2.5 inch gigantic boots while srk was in sneakers?still john had 4.5-5inches max on him.your 6-7 claim is laughable.face the truth man!
wahsay said on 14/Dec/08
Click Here see after 1;30 john is easily 6-7 inches taller than shahrukh so sharukh is about 5'7 john is nuffin less then 6'1 and i noe it guys stop downgrading him
salman khan said on 13/Dec/08
i think shahrukh is basically 5'7" at the most as he appears shorter than deepika in oso.
aloy said on 10/Dec/08
yes 5'7 is the sheer max for srk.tendulkar is 5'4.cricinfo upgrades heights.they mentioned gangully as 5'11!
Slipknot said on 8/Dec/08
Former name:Jigsaw

@Ali Shezan,u r absolutely rite bro king khan is no more than 5'7 shahid kapoor is also around 5'6.5 to 5'7 he claim 5'10 in movie bcz thatz what written in script of movie.

@Lucifer,king khan is smilar height in Willem dafoe 4rm Spiderman.He reminds u of jakie chan bcz he do comedy action like him.King khan is 5'7 max.
aloy said on 6/Dec/08
srk is shorter than 5'8,as he's shorter than 5'8 dipika.srk is just scrapping 5'7.Rob u should minus .5 inch.
Lucifer said on 6/Dec/08
Shahrukh reminds me of Jackie Chan. Sometimes looking tall, sometimes not. Maybe they share the same height (5'8.5'').
Ali Shezan said on 4/Dec/08
well height of king khan is exactly 5feet 7 inches..???? tell me but why shahid kapoor in kismat konnection said his height is 5feet 10 inches.....???
aloy said on 2/Dec/08
srk was described 5'7 and 5'9.5 in 2 different issues of anandalok,a bengali film magazin,then edited by rituparno ghosh.
arshad kahn said on 2/Dec/08
he rules bollywood and truly badshah of industry,moreover he is king of die hard fan of king khan.
aloy said on 26/Nov/08
cricinfoindia says sachin is 5'5,but many other sites say that he's 5'4.
aloy said on 25/Nov/08
mandeep,dude i honor sachin as God.5 and half means 5'6,not 5' u fail to be strictly logical.sunny was 5'5.sachin is shorter!
Mandeep said on 24/Nov/08
i am very sorry aloy ....if u are a true sachin follower then u shud know everything about him ...sorry this is like dis respect to the little master...he is known as the '5 and half feet pocket dynamite' he is 5 foot 5 all the world knows that
aloy said on 23/Nov/08
@T H E, ganesh says u r right about the guys?lol!arshad warsi is 5'6?didn't u see munnabhai mbbs?he was about 2inches shorter than the 5'6 mongolian!deepika claimed 5'8 at filmfare.later claimed half inch was billed 5'8 by B news and ranbir was said to be 5'10.
Ganesh said on 22/Nov/08
True Height Explorer - I think you have got most of the guys right but all the girls wrong. Please do put your pic with Shahrukh and John.
True Height Explorer said on 22/Nov/08
SRk=5'8.5(looks taller), Sanjay Dutt 6'1, John 6'0, Salman 5'7(wears heels)
Akshay= 5 11.5(chk Khiladiyon ka Khiladi, hez wearing 2 in heeled boots, why?)
Shahid=5'9, Anil Kapoor=5 10.5, Sunil Shetty=5'10, Shilpa shetty=5'10,
Sushmita=5'11, Kareena=5'4, Ash=5'6, Katrina=5'9, Depika=5'9+,
Ajay devgan=5'10, Arshad warsi=5'6, Kunal khemu=5'6, Abhishek=6'2
Big B=6'1, Ranbir=5'11-6'0(hez wearing heeled boots in Sawariya)

Anybody want to see my pics with SRK and John??
aloy said on 20/Nov/08
mandeep,your pic doesn't show the shoes.srk is tad shorter than 5'7 sehwag,whats that?and srk is 2.5-3 inches taller than sachin who's 5'4..why?
aloy said on 19/Nov/08
guys pls be logical.akki was at least 5inches shorter than Dog.and a legit 6footer doesn't need to wear 2.5inch boots to beat a barefooted sonam kapoor who's 5'10 max.vikas bhalla was right to bill ranbir at 5'10 and sonam at 5'8
on B news.
Mandeep said on 19/Nov/08
shah rukh is nuthin less than 5 foot 8-9 because Jayasuiriya is 5foot7 and shahrukh is much taller.....Click Here jayasuriya is definitly 5foot7 and has been listed as 5foot7 for like 20 years now on there is no arguement on that
Anonymous said on 17/Nov/08
i agree with the last comment akshay was at least 3-4 inches shorter than snopp dogg who is 6'3 and ranbir's height was listed to be 6'0
Anonymous said on 14/Nov/08
arjun rampal is 6'0.5 and ranbir is just 6'0 and akshay is 5'11.5
Jake said on 13/Nov/08
Of all those pictures posted by 'Dragon', the first one depicting John, Boman, etc. is of consequence. It's actually a very good picture for seeing John's footwear, which is undoubtedly thick boots once again. He tends to wear the same boots for every offscreen appearance. Whether it be a dance sequence or a reality show. I'm beginning to find it pretty darn peculiar at this point. John is 5'11.5 to a weak 6'0 at best (definately 6'1 with those crazy boots though).

Boman, nonetheless, does look like a legit 6'1 (6'2 in shoes). After all, he's only wearing regular dress shoes.
As for Bipasha, I'll be damned if she's not a 5'7 FLAT. 5'8.5" is just ridiculous. After all she's wearing 3-inch heels and still looks 4 inches shorter than boman.
aloy said on 10/Nov/08
@ano,u r right.srk is a bit more than 5'6
Anonymous said on 9/Nov/08
shahrukh is exactly 5'6 inch and no more than that. He is two inches smaller than me, i am 5'8.
srk fan said on 6/Nov/08
@aloy,u have a point buddy.srk is only about 2 inches taller than tendulkar and guys are claiming he's 5'7.5!lol
Anonymous said on 5/Nov/08
i have met SRK once in an airport, i stood next to him and i was about 3 inches taller . i am around 5'10
Karan said on 4/Nov/08
Met him yesterday for his birthday at CNN IBN, i'd say 171 is about rite, I'm 5"10 myself and he was around 2 inches shorter than me.
aloy said on 4/Nov/08
ranbir is 5'10 max as described in B news.sonam is about 5'8 and deepika is 5'7.5 max.she's fake.filmfare described her as 5' she has added .5 inch!she's exactly 5'7-5'7.5 with hills she's 5'11 ish!srk is 5'6.5 to 5'6.75 max.
Anonymous said on 3/Nov/08
i have met SRK once in an airport, i stood next to him and i was exactly 3 inches taller. i am 5'10. and as for ranbir he's 6'0 the max
aloy said on 3/Nov/08
@ganesh,never saw any 6footer wearing such huge boots!ranbir wore 2 inch+ lifts in sawaria!why?pls ans dude.
Ganesh said on 1/Nov/08
Ranbir Kapoor is 6'0. I have posted video proof on Amitabh's page.
aloy said on 31/Oct/08
jigsaw,u r spot on buddy.i've seen pics of ranbir with srk in cine blitz.he looked max 2 inches tall.i'think he's 5'9.6'in lifts with spiky 1.5inch hair!ha ha ha!
JigSaw said on 31/Oct/08
@aloy,this rishi's son is very confusing he looks 5'10.5 with king khan but with 5'5.5 to 5'6 rishi kapoor he looked 5'9.5 max.
aloy said on 30/Oct/08
Ranbir was said to be 5'10" and sonam 5'8" at B news by Vikash Valla and Netra Raghunathan.That is the sheer maximun Ranbir could be.He's no more than 5'9.He's 3 inches taller than his 5'6" father rishi.see the magazines.These stars are fake.But stupid people don't realise it.They are blaming me as if I've some personal issue against them
johnny said on 30/Oct/08
srk is 5 6.5 max with shoes.have anybody objection?
dragon said on 29/Oct/08
these photos will probably give us some ideas
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
my estimates are:
abhishek- 6'2
boman- 6'1
john- 6'1
amitabh- 6'1
sanjay dutt- 6'
zayed khan- 6'1 - 6'1.5"
suniel shetty- 5'10.5"

Click Here
JigSaw said on 28/Oct/08
@aloy,Hi thanks dude now i posted a good pepsi commercial vid where rishi's son standing with 5'7 king khan Click Here
srk fan said on 27/Oct/08
though i'm a die hard srk fan,yet comparing to 5'4 Sachin Tendulkar,i'd say he's 5'6.5.
JigSaw said on 26/Oct/08
I watched last night old 90s movie "Dewanna" of king khan he looks very short.He not look like a 5'8 guy more like close to 5'7 in and also look an inch taller than rishi kapoor who is 5'6 max.
Aloy said on 20/Oct/08
@dear MONOO! What does SHORT mean to u?can a short person remark 5'7 as short?I'm continuously saying 5'7 people damn short!u should guess my height from that comparison..ha ha!poor gal..ho ho ho.however u've made me a celeb discussin my height in this site!i'm not fake though!cool..
Monoo said on 20/Oct/08
@Aloy, it is clear that you are a short person and that is the reason you like downgrading everybody. Good luck with your efforts.
wahsay said on 19/Oct/08
aloy stop downgrading actors height i guess u urself do upgrade urs so u feel same with every1..ok....srk is legit 5'7 nothing less tht tht
Aloy said on 18/Oct/08
srk is 5'7max
Star said on 18/Oct/08
just going thru earlier posts by copkilla and ppkk where they were debating about priyanka's height. actually i believe copkilla's pics were inconclusive and did not show footwear whereas ppkk pic of pri and lara showed that they r almost equal in height wearing same footwear
Kabil said on 18/Oct/08
I think SRK is 5-8 tall.Dipika told she is 5-8.5 in Dus KA DUM.SRK admitted he is shorter than Dipika in promos of OSO.So he is5-8 or 5-7.5 .Salman is 5-7.Shahid is 5-6 I guess.
Aloy said on 16/Oct/08
@dear monoo,i hope u r not bald.i guess u've a very little hair!go measure urself at ur vertex and again measure with the marker just touching the top of puffy hair(if u have!).u'll see urself abt an inch it?
Monoo said on 16/Oct/08
@Dear Aloy, If you have photographs or videos to prove your claim please post them. And where did you get the outrageous idea that hair add one inch?????
shahzad ahmad said on 16/Oct/08
i like you i like meet to you when i come to india i am pakistani
Aloy said on 15/Oct/08
@dear monoo,all these stars r fake.srk is 5'6.5-5'6.75.if u add an inch of his silky hair,he barely touches 5'7.5!Saif is also 5'6.5 and so is bips.akshay khanna is 5'7.25.
Monoo said on 6/Oct/08
@Aloy, Akshay Khanna is 5'9. In Race he was taller than Saif and Bipasha. If he was 5'7 he would have looked shorter than Saif who is 5'7.5. And the video posted by Ganesh gives good evidence of Shahid being slightly taller than Akshay.
Aloy said on 5/Oct/08
shahid kapur is max 5'7.he looks taller than Anupam Kher bcz of his hair and lifts.Akshay Khanna is bald also.This are all 5'7 guys,and SRK is tad shorter than that.5'9 for shahid is wierd.5'9 guys doesn't look tall,but they doesn't look as little as Shahid or SRK.they both have very slim frame.So,it's astounding why somebody is claiming they looks shorter than they are.Well,with that kind of thin frame,one can only look taller!
johnny said on 2/Oct/08
with shoes shah rukh 5 7 salman 5 7 aamir 5 5.5 well guys i m 5 8 inches wits shoes i have met shahrukh and he was an inch shorter than me i think he has a normal height it is suggested that if u have a normal height you look smart and u will be preffered as a hero m i right?cz tall person dnt look good in camere?
Anonymous said on 1/Oct/08
i hope that everyone will agree that lara dutta is min 5 6 or so. in the film partner salman was st an inch taller or the same height as her. but in dus ka dum when she is again wearing heels and salmn is in his regular lifts/boots. lara is clearle 2 inches taller than him. so my point is wat ever u see on camera is a visual effect and nt else which makes are so called 5 10 khans look taller
Ganesh said on 1/Oct/08
Okay guys lets clear the confusion of Kareena, Shahid and Akshay's heights. I checked out 36 China Town on youtube and found this video Click Here

Please see this video from 3:44 to 3:48. All three are standing in the same frame. Kareena is standing behind Shahid and looks about 3-4 inches shorter than him. She is wearing cowboy boots with 1-2 heels (not visible in this video but to be sure you guys can check the video before this one). So that makes Shahid about 5 inches taller than Kareena.

In the same scene Akshay and Shahid are standing face to face and they are exactly the same height. But Akshay's shoes seem to have a slight lift (please see 4:51 to 4:55). Akshay is 5'9 so that makes Shahid 5'9-5'10.
Lucifer said on 1/Oct/08
Akshaye Khanna is 5"9' and Anupam I would say is 5"10'. And Shahid.. well I always got him as a small person. But, but, but.. we all have our own opinions!
Monoo said on 1/Oct/08
@Anonymous I agree that Saif is 5'7-5'7.5. In Race he was shorter than both Bipasha and Katrina.

I also agree that Akshay is 5'9 since he was 1-2 inch taller than Saif in Race. Shahid was slightly taller than Akshay in 36 China Town so he is 5'9.5 or so. And in the Nagada song Shahid was in flats and Kareena was wearing heels Click Here check out the scene where she is dancing with her cousin, her heels are clearly visible.
Anonymous said on 30/Sep/08
and if you see saif is also not more than 5 7 as in race in many scenes you can notice tht he is wearing boots with good 2 inches cow boy boots and let me tell you one thing that all these boots comewith atleast an inch lifts as i am very fond of boots i have them and they originally come with lifts. i also said in my previous comments tht at race premier saif was exact my height and i am 5 7. and akshey khanna is my close family friend and he is atleast 2 inches taller than me.
Anonymous said on 30/Sep/08
it is clearly seen in jab we met that shahid is not 5 10 or 5 9 as in the both song mauja and nagada he is only an inch taller where as in mauja song he is wearing boots and kareena is in flats
jim said on 30/Sep/08
no way khanna is 5'9" , impossible
Monoo said on 30/Sep/08
@Anonymous I can see your point. I also noticed in Jab We Met that in some scenes Shahid looked hardly an inch taller than her. But in some scenes he looked a good 4-5 inches taller than her. In those scenes also both were wearing flats. Personally I think Shahid is 5'9+. Anupam Kher and Akshay Khanna are 5'9 and he is taller than both.
Anonymous said on 29/Sep/08
in his latest movie shahid kapur said he was 5 10 . it cant be as in jab we met he was just an inchh an half taller than kareena who s listed max 5 5. and she is wearing flats.
Monoo said on 25/Sep/08
Agree with all your observations Lucifer.
Lucifer said on 18/Sep/08
5ft7.5in fits good. I myself tought he was 5ft8in, but half a inch doesn't really matter. He isn't that short, sure not ~5ft5in like most of you are saying. And those guys who say Hrithik is 5ft9in, omg how is he that small people? I am 5ft10in and it's impossible that he's smaller than me, he's more than 5ft11in, and he said it himself too, and yes that's right. And salman khan is I think shorter than SRK, well he looks shorter. Hmm.. Done. lol
simran said on 13/Sep/08
shahrukh is definetly only 5.6 he looks tall by kajol whos proably 5 ft tall
Ktik said on 8/Sep/08
Yeah he's definitelys shorter than salman, just watch Karan Arjun and there seems to be an inch and a half difference
JigSaw said on 5/Sep/08
King khan is 5'7 in max.

Click Here with 5'9 ritesh.

Click Here with 5'6 farhan akhtar.

Click Here with 5'4 tendulkar.
pauli said on 1/Sep/08
met salman last year, he's an inch taller than me. I'm 170 cms. SRK is taller than Salman, watch Karan Arjun.
roni7 said on 29/Aug/08
mandeep even i have met shahrukh at atlanata airport and im 5'11 with jus thin slippers and he was a good 2-3 shorter than me ,even he was wearing insoles as his boots looked quite big and unreal,so definitely he is 5,7.5 barefeet
Vik said on 27/Aug/08
I've actually seen SRK in real life when he came to promote Veer Zaara in SA, and I was surprised to see that he was my height. I'm 5'5/5'6 ... at MAX he would've been an inch taller than me. So there's no way he's 5'10". Oddly enough, when they were leaving South Africa, a friend of mine at the airport (also my height) was like "Oye - ye to meri height ka hai". So believe it - SRK is pretty short. SAIF, I'd say is 5'9-ish, but I saw him from a distance. SRK I saw like practically next to me.
Mandeep said on 14/Aug/08
Click Here looook ......i remember watchin dis match and da highlights will prove shahrukj is defooo 5 ;9 because sanath is 5 foot 7.....
Anonymous said on 27/Jul/08
i think 171 is correct.i saw amitabh bachans page in this site,if mamun is 173, shahrukh khan is 1(or 0.5) inch shorter than him.also salman khan is 1 inch shorter than shahrukh(it is clear,specially in *ham tumhari he sanam* and *om shanti om* movies)and so he is between 168-170.there is a very very good photo,which help us very much.Rani mukherji,preity zinta,shahrukh khan,amitabh and abichek are in it,together.shahrukh looks like a child!,but taller than two ladies.if rani and preity shoes,have 5 cm heels,their heights are:amitabh=184,abichek=186(with doubt),shahrukh=171,rani=158 and preity=160
engineer said on 26/Jul/08
I must reiterate one point. All of us like actors have msconception of our heights. Actually, if one goes out measures will be shocked that we are not as tall we all claim to be. Like I said I am 5'11" and many people do ask me if i was 6' and to which i say NO. I know so many friends who claim they are 6'1" and shcokingly are under 6'. If SRK is 5'9", in Paanchivi paas how come so many women participents are nearly as tall as him. Point to ponder.
BP said on 25/Jul/08
Mandeep I think you are right.
Mandeep said on 21/Jul/08
Everybody makes up crap about actors because they lie to much.....i met shahrukh in 2006 in london...because evryone are liers i have to giv the right adrress..the chimes shopping centre in uxbridge in middlesex...i am 5foot8 age 16....shahrukh was standing outside a shop (Debenahms) with Gauri khan ..(this was about at 8pm and there was only a few people there...i went to him and he was definetly 1 or 2 inches taller than me but i was much taller than his dad is 5.7.5 wide shoulders and my dad was much shorter than him for sure.......this was my best day ever in the place were i live ...i would say he is about 5foot9 and his wife is about 5 foot 3-4
ThE AniMaL said on 21/Jul/08
All the three khans wear lifts.In 90s khan's moviez u see the black big shoes they wear on jeans which boost their height upto 2 to 3 inches so aamir khan who is only 5'4 easily reach to 5'6 or 5'7 in.Same as SRK and salman khan who are only 5'6 to 5'7 easily qualified to 5'8 or 5'9 in.
kaushik said on 21/Jul/08
salman khan is just 5.5
COW BOY said on 18/Jul/08
henry said on 18/Jul/08
abhishek is 6'5 and ash is 6 with her 4 inch heels....
True Height Explorer said on 11/Jul/08
SRk is 5'8, even though he was an avg height guy, he has bcum
India's no1 superstar. When luck shines, who wants height or weight.
engineer said on 30/Jun/08
pooja: Most Female models from India will overwhelm indian males, male actors are no exception. At 5'11" in stockings you will tower most of the male actors, with few inches of heels you will be looking down on all the famous ones. By the way did you meet SRK with heels i wonder whether he cuts your shoulder?
Pooja said on 25/Jun/08
Am doin modelling in india and am 5.11 tall gal.1nce srk came 2 our class and refusd 2 take pic cos hes dwarfed by all.hes max 5.8
Manu said on 23/Jun/08
Srk is shorty hes 4 in shorter than my aunt who stands 181cms.cos my aunt saw him in a crowded mall in mum where she was standing down and srk was standing on a step both same level
Dare Devilz said on 11/Jun/08
Click Here Click Here if shewag is 5'7 in max thats make SRK under 5'7 like 5'6 to 5'6.5 max.By the way what is the exact height of Rajeev famous by the name "Sujal" next to 6ft abhay deol he looks 5'8.5 in Click Here
Nikhil SINGH said on 5/Jun/08
srk is not more than 5.7 because when he was operated at back in usa because he has some back problem he got a inch shorter earlier he was 5.8
anony said on 30/May/08
i agree celeb heights are exacegerated by around 2 inches usually. brad pitt is listed as 5 11 but hes actually 5 10, not quite 2 inches but still an exaggeration. hrithik at 5'9' sounds a big extreme though. I myself at a serious 5 8.5 guy, which means if i was an actor id be 5 10.5 ha
Jay said on 29/May/08
SRK is not 5"7 like most of u guys say he is 5"5 i have met him one nite at bandra Mc Donalds whr he n Kjo had come for a burger at 1130 in the nite frnd and i were the last customers and then suddenly these two walked up and sat opp to us at some distance and all the waiters ran to him for autographs he was wearing the same outfit he is wearing in Badshah O badshah song long overcoat n all then SRK yelled at the waiters saying they shud let him have his food coz tht was his dinner hahahaha allwaiters vanished later wen we stepped down behind srk n kjo he was surrounded at the glass doors of MC donalds and i happened to be standing ryt behind him and i signalled my frnd tht look im taller than srk n both of us cud not believe it . He is a very lanky and skinny guy with a very small bodyframe.He is not more than 5"5 (now the best part) coz im 5"7 And i have met Aamir,Sanjay Dutt, Hrithik Salman . Aamir is not an inch taller than 5"4 , Sanju is 5"11, Hrithik is 5"9 and Salman is the same height as me 5"7 :).
ppkk said on 27/May/08
@cop killa -okay i got your tell me who is taller,bips or priyanka?
ppkk said on 26/May/08
Click Here -sorry view this pic,@cop killa
ppkk said on 25/May/08
Click Here is only 1" short than lara becomes 5'5.but acc. to u how is it possible,since priyanka is 2"short than lara.that means piggychops is 5'3(shortr than kareena)?and pls don't tell me that kareena is wearing heels wearing a saree.
ppkk said on 23/May/08
Click Here -
the heels are same i think.both are of same height-"cop killa"
ppkk said on 23/May/08
sorry the earlier pic is not working.see this pic jareena is atleast 2" short than diya(5'5).Click Here -now
in the earlier pic priyanka is atleast 3" taller than diya.then by how musch is priyanka taller than kareena?
ppkk said on 23/May/08
Click Here is even shorter than diya mirza(5'5) Click Here
how tall is priyanka than kareena?
ppkk said on 23/May/08
Click Here -i don't know abt the heels.but again check this out-Click Here the heels are same.
ppkk said on 21/May/08
Click Here
Click Here
how about this?cop killa- priyanka is 5'8 i think.
ppkk said on 19/May/08
Click Here - he shorter than priyanka(5'7.5"). he must be 5'7
Anonymous said on 7/May/08
he looks 5'6 in the ad next to dhoni who is 5'9.
naveed said on 6/May/08
ahh what the hell all the bloody actors are 6 foot 5
Abdul Rashid said on 3/May/08
Dear Friends its nice to see your arguments and speculation over Khan's height. As a gym instructor in a Delhi 5 star hotel, I had got many opportunities to help them in their workouts. So I think my view wont be wrong. you know, Shahrukh is just 171.5 cm exactly now. He wear inner insoles for his movies. But Sharukh has got a lean body which looks taller in single frame. Aamir is a lucky guy even though he is 167 cm but looks taller than his actual height. All of them do strething exercises that they look taller sometime. Salaman Khan does strenous exercises that he could add more than an inch to his actual height( Salmaan told me this)..he looks5 feets and 7 inches tall. As a matter fact, Camera gimmicks always make them look tall, if u are talented nothing would be a constraint for you.
Cheenu said on 29/Apr/08
Shahrukh Khan is very much 5 Feet 9.5 Inches tall.
He isnt that short guys...
SHAHID KHAN said on 25/Apr/08
SRK's height is 5.7 by ETC CHANNEL...i am a big fan ...i have noticed many times on the many articles..i have made many portrait of him....... 9935636887
Anon47 said on 11/Apr/08
Looks 5,6 next to amitab
Click Here
C. said on 30/Mar/08
IF SRK is 5'7"-8", then I guess Aamir has to be 5'5" (although he was always listed from 5'7"-8" himself years ago). I thought he was a bit taller.
Jimmy said on 29/Mar/08
Hi anonymous, then u also must have seen akshay khanna, he looks pretty short too , same height as saif ?
Anonymous said on 29/Mar/08
i have seen saif ali khan recently at race pemier and he isexactly my height ie. 5,7 andshah rukh is the same height . where as salman is a close friend of mine he is nt more than 5,6.
vj said on 27/Mar/08
I have done drama with him and barry john long back and he was about 21yrs at that time, he was nothing over 5'7".
stunned said on 16/Mar/08
S.A he is no way near 5'10. In the movies they'll say a lot of things. They once said he was 6ft in a movie.

Hrithik is 5'10 max! And Shahrukh is around 2-3 inches shorter than him so Shahrukh is 5'7. I wouldn't be surprised if you came up with 5'6 for him.
S.A said on 12/Mar/08
I believe he is 5'10. He, himself said so in some movie. I'm sorry I don't remember the name.
True Height Explorer ShahNawaz said on 8/Mar/08
Agreed, SRK has a small body frame....compared to Akshay... Sanjay dutt.

Plz look clearly in the scene in K3G movie, in last 20 min....
SRK and Hritik are in their home temple, both are bare foot on socks.

U all can see, difference between their heights is 2 inch max.

then Hritik is 5ft 9in.

see, Koffee with karan, when SRk and Hritik come with wives.
OMG Hritik surely wears heels. check it out on Click Here
Tasfique said on 7/Mar/08
I have seen SRK at Times Square. He is definitely not more than 5.7 and has a very small body frame compared to average people.
--- said on 26/Feb/08
5'5.5 - 5'6. end of.
Jane said on 25/Feb/08
I've seen him in at the Berlinale. I'm 5.8 and he was an inch shorter than me. He is not taller than 5.7 but still drop dead gorgeous
Shahnawaz- True Height Explorer said on 25/Feb/08
I even laugh at the movies...

In DARR,when Sunny Deol gets injured, SRK comes to Hospital and tells
the police-man that he is 5feet 10in...hahahah......not so true.

In Baadshah,a villian named Manikchand calls Shahrukh as "6 foot ka Baadshah".
Its also false.
Shahnawaz- True Height Explorer said on 24/Feb/08
I am aa die-hard fan of SRk.

i have seen most of his movies many many times.

I have come to many points for u guys.

1)SRk wears heels from any years.
check Kabhi haan kabhi naa, DDLJ, Darr...etc

U can find that Woodland type brown 2-3inch boot like shoes.

He was 5ft8in during early years....
a)and as he got a back operation
b)he is 43years(running)....
c)He has a smaller frame/width compared to others.

So now he is 5ft 7in.

His slim look helps him look sometimes tall, ie wen he stands alone.
Arivos said on 21/Feb/08
Shahrukh Khan is 173 cms. I met him in a gym and I am 176 cms, he was an inch shorter than me. so he must be in the range of 172.5 cms to 173.5 cms. so i rate him at 173 cms.
Richie said on 20/Feb/08
Looks around 5'8"!

And looked taller in OSO! I mean, he was as tall as anybody in the bluddy industry if we are to believe that title song! What shoes was he wearing btw?
Gerry said on 8/Feb/08
No way, the guy is definitely taller than 5ft8. I met him recently in London for his Om Shanti Om Premiere. I'm a 6 footer myself and he was just a 3-4 inches shorter than me.
300-3D said on 24/Jan/08
SRK is max 5'7 in not an inch more than that.Click Here two inches taller than Aamir khan who is 5'5 in max.
Danny31 said on 22/Jan/08
Yeah, I agree, he's at least 5 ft 8. I met him at Temptations 2004 concert here in the U.K. I had backstage passes and he was my height - 5 ft 8.5
kbarrat said on 19/Jan/08
I met him recently in Mumbai while he was shooting for OSO. He's at least 5 ft 8 in. I'm 5 ft 11.5 myself, and he was around 2 inches shorter than me. He wasnt wearing giant shoes with huge heels.
dits said on 13/Jan/08
definitely 5'7.definitely.have seen him couple of times,last time was 3 years ago.i'm 5'10 and he was pretty much shorter than me.

as for akshay kumar,he's a tad above 6 feet.might not be exactly 6'1,but he's close to it for sure.
Anonymous said on 9/Jan/08
I have always saw him in the 5-4 to 5-5 range. He is incredibly short..I am 100% certain ne is not over 5-6. Even my friend, who is 5-4.5 looks taller than him! The very short Bollywood actors can add up to 4 inches to their height! 5-5 to 5-6 barefoot..........
akshaye said on 9/Jan/08
srk iz a short man...check out zis fotoClick Here
sachin said on 8/Jan/08
shahrukh kahn height 5'8
salman khan height 5'7
aamir khan height 5'5.

these re actual heights of them.
anonymous k said on 7/Jan/08
he is 5ft 7 max. i think more like 5ft6.5. he is 2 inches shorter than 5ft 9 max ( 5ft 8.5 i think) hrithik roshan and atleast an inch shorter than deepika.
Anonymous said on 6/Jan/08
i saw him stnding with a 5'11 gil an getting dwarfed is more like 5'6. my crazy cousin swears he's 6ft and kept calling me crazy. now i have proof haha
Anonymous said on 6/Jan/08
no i think this is correct
avikarsha said on 6/Jan/08
i think he is almost 5 ft 8.5 inch

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