How tall is Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan's Height

5ft 10 (177.8 cm)

Indian Actor best known for movies like Bang Bang!, Krrish, Dhoom 2, Agneepath and Kaho Naa...Pyaar Hai. In the film section of IndiaTimes there was a quote from him: "I chatted with a person claiming to be Hrithik Roshan once," he laughs. "I asked him his height. He said he was 6'5. And I'm actually slightly less than six feet. No wonder people think I am this huge, hunky guy when I am not!"

How tall is
By Bollywood Hungama [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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5ft 10.05in (177.9cm)
Chaitanya Sinha said on 29/May/20
Hrithik roshan is definitely 5'11" or 180.3cms as mentioned and also by comparison with other co stars 😊
Battery6565 said on 25/May/20

You said he looks 2" shorter, which is probably the higher end of what I would guess but even then, both Bale and Benzema are listed fractions over 6 ft.

In the photos I posted there seems to be a 4-5 cm gap.

And just out of curiosity I was scrolling through Ranbir Kapoor's page and noticed you guessed Sanjay currently at 5'9.75".

So what do you make of this photo then from 2012?
Click Here

I've posted so many photos with so many different people and all of them show the same thing...
Linke said on 24/May/20
There's actually an entire video of Benzama and Bale with Hrithik and rest of the Bollywood posse. Hrithik looks easy 2 inches shorter. I think current listing is fair for him. He could be 1/4 inch taller. Unsure if he has lost height though, he's very fit for his age. 1/4 loss is possible due to scoliosis and back issues.
Battery6565 said on 23/May/20
@Sap @Linke

5'7" Sonakshi Sinha wearing 3" heels next to Hrithik wearing shoes that clearly barely add anything. And he still looks 2" taller.

Not to mention, he looks at least 2" taller than Anil Kapoor yet again.

Click Here

At this point, I'm surprised if anyone logical is even debating that he's as low as 5'10" flat...

@Rob Please see the photo I attached...
Battery6565 said on 22/May/20

Sendhil may be taller than Tusshar (they look very, very similar in their two photos) but doesn't Hrithik look much more comfortably taller than Tushar as compared to Sendhil?

I'd say Hrithik is 179 (minimum) but 179-180 range, Sendhil is 177 & Tushhar is 175.

And since when does it look like Hrithik is balding or he will need a hair system? Lmao, Indian media loves to start rumours but this has to be one of the worst by far.
Battery6565 said on 22/May/20

To begin with you just ignored all the evidence I posted. But anyway, let's ignore that for now and let me speak about these photos.

Although the camera angle isn't the best, Rannvijay can seem taller than Hrithik, though not by much. I'd say Rannvijay is 180-181 range and John is 182 at the very least, though even he can seem 183 (just compare him to 6' listed Jackie Shroff).

Still, the camera angle on that photo isn't the best. At a more normal camera angle from that day, Hrithik looks the same height as Zayed Khan:
Click Here

At a camera angle favouring Zayed, Zayed looks taller:
Click Here

And when the camera favours Hrithik, then Hrithik looks taller:
Click Here

Just compare Hrithik and Arjun (at a normal camera angle)
Click Here

to Rannvijay and Arjun (at a normal angle)
Click Here

Also, in the very first video that you showed me of Hrithik and Ranbir, I just wanted to point out that they actually look VERY CLOSE height despite Ranbir wearing heels and Hrithik wearing sneakers. At a normal camera angle favouring NEITHER of them, you can see for yourself what height they both look like:
Click Here

Please see the video yourself and pause when the camera angle isn't favouring either one of them.
Click Here

Do you still think there is a 3 cm gap between Ranbir and Hrithik? Lol. Don't just disagree with me because you dislike what i've posted, actually analyse it with an unbiased mind.

With these photos and others I have posted, I am finding it hard to believe that people think Hrithik is 178.
Sap said on 21/May/20
Click Here
Click Here

Battery6565 check these 2 pics out ranvijay with hrithik and john.Compare him with john whom rob listed 5.11.5.
Linke said on 21/May/20
Sendhil may have an inch on Tushar there.

Doubt Hrithik could have lost more than 1/4 though. He could have been 5'10.5 and now 5'10.25. 5'11 is highly unlikely.

When Hrithik burst onto the scene in 2000, he was billed 6'2 by film magazines. He was also described as being 6'0 and 6'1.

Rob, I haven't seen any claim from Hrithik barring the one mentioned on the site. However, arguably India's most popular newspaper "Times of India" had an article where they claimed Hrithik admitted to being 6'2 and he allegedly used high heeled shoes to reach that height. I personally don't find article being written in good faith as this was followed up with an article stating how Hrithik used Hair system (which can be true though).

"Hrithik has admitted that his height is 6 feet 2 inches, and his height and weight have been the topic of discussion. Many social media platforms cite Hrithik Roshan’s height as 5 feet 11 1/2 inches whereas his real height is 6 feet 2 inches. Many people are of the opinion that Hrithik Roshan uses lifters or high heeled shoes to increase his height."

Article link: Click Here
Editor Rob
The funny thing, the under six feet quote is from a 2003 IndiaTimes article too!

I doubt he said 6ft 2, would love to see if a quote existed given he already said under six foot.
Battery6565 said on 20/May/20

Actually, Benzema is listed at 184 cm. I think a 4 cm gap between him and Hrithik is perfectly reasonable. Maybe slightly more than 4 at most.

In these photos from that day which are pretty fair angles, they look pretty similar:
Click Here
Click Here

Apart from cherrypicked angles in that video, there doesn't appear to be much of a gap, in all honesty.

Don't you agree?
Battery6565 said on 20/May/20

I believe you met Sendhil Ramamurthy who you put at 5'9.75", so let's assume that's 100% correct since you met him.

Here is some good photos for comparison:

Tushar Kapoor and 5'9.75" Sendhil Ramamurthy (both look like identical height):
Click Here

And then Hrithik with same guy, Tushar Kapoor:
Click Here

At this point, 179-180 range at his peak is confirmed and far more likely than 178. Am I right?
Battery6565 said on 20/May/20

I found some old, interesting photos.

Hrithik with 6'1.5" Abhishek (2006) Faceoff, although Abhishek has looser posture.
Click Here

More pictures with Abhishek:
Click Here
Click Here

With 5'8.5" Katrina wearing 3/4" heels, probably closer to 3.
Click Here

W/ Katrina wearing flats
Click Here

Also another photo of Hrithik with 5'9" Anil Kapoor and Kangna (claiming 5'8" wearing heels)
Click Here
Battery6565 said on 20/May/20
Hrithik and Sanjay looked like the same height in their 2000 movie:
Click Here
Click Here

In their 2012 movie, Hrithik looked taller.
Click Here
Click Here

In second photo, both guys are wearing flats on flat floor so good comparison. Hrithik is comfortably taller.

If a page on Sanjay is made, he 100% deserves a peak height, i'm sure he has lost some height with his terrible habits over the years, and he's like 60 years old or something anyway. Same with Hrithik, i'm still convinced he was in the 5'10.5"-5'11" range back in the day.

Katrina (5'8.5") wearing ~3" heels next to Hrithik wearing flat sneakers:
Click Here
Chaitanya Sinha said on 20/May/20
No way Rob,in the indian magazines and website he has been mentioned as 5 foot 11 inches tall!
Linke said on 19/May/20
Rob, are you familiar with Hrithik's ex girlfriend Kangana Ranaut? She is a very famous Bollywood actress in her own right. She has claimed 5'8 but I think she's shorter than that when compared to the likes of Roshan, Deepika Padukone and Priyanka chopra.

At 5'8, I had to ensure that the (bulk) was visible on my frame.

Click Here
Editor Rob
Her 5ft 8 claim does seem a bit hard to believe, given she's a few inches shorter than Hrithik whilst wearing heels.
Linke said on 19/May/20
1/4 loss is possible. However, I would highly doubt a loss more than that. He is in tremendous shape. Jackie Shroff and Sanjay Dutt are noticeably shorter than what they were 15 years ago.
Battery6565 said on 19/May/20

I was right all along. He has 3 slipped discs now. Surely that caused some height loss?
Click Here

Click Here
(0:30 in this video)

Editor Rob
Could account for a fraction.
Battery6565 said on 16/May/20
I didn't read even one word of this essay you prepared for me, I simply clicked on the link and saw another photo at a nitpicked angle.

5'9" Anil Kapoor wearing heels and Hrithik with sandals (barefoot):
Click Here
Linke said on 15/May/20
Looks no where near 5'11 next to Bale and Benzema who are both smidge over 6'.

The guy walking with him in yellow tshirt is listed 5'7 here, although some people argue he might be bit under. He looks same height as Sonakshi.

Click Here

Click Here

5'10.25 is most I will argue today, although flat 5'10 is better listing after watching this video. He couldn't have lost more than 1/4 inch. He did have scoliosis from what I have read.

Rob, here's a better quality picture of Hrithik's shoes.

Click Here
Battery6565 said on 15/May/20

Brother, find a photo where Kunal is NOT standing closer to the camera.

Click Here
Click Here

Keep in mind, Kunal is listed at 6'2.5". This IS how a 5'11" guy would look next to Kunal.
Battery6565 said on 15/May/20
Please see this photo. Hrithik has his head tilted and is wearing sandals so you can see his feet (to rule out any possibility of lifts) whereas Anil Kapoor is wearing what looks to be high heeled dress shoes.

Click Here

What is your opinion on this, Rob?
Editor Rob
There could be 2 inches difference
Sap said on 14/May/20
Lol @ battery6565 video evidence is more solid than a pic evidence in that video which linke shared you can easily see while standing for pics ranbir slouched down a bit then when he stood straight back again he was clearly taller than hrithik.Even in the pic which you shared despite of ranbir slouching down a bit still he is at par with hrithik not shorter than him.You deluded fool you noticed formal shoes of ranbir but didn't notice that hrithik was wearing a cap and still he looked visibly shorter than ranbir

Even after giving video evidence you are not ready to believe ok then see this pic where they both are standing straight even the peak point of hrithik's cap is clearly shorter than the ranbir Click Here

Its not worth debating with you.You are a deluded fool.You seem to be a blind fan of hrithik.You are that type of a person even if the entire world gives you enough evidence to believe that the sun is up there you still won't believe and would certainly say no there is no sun up there even though you know from inside that you are wrong.Its a waste replying you.Its upto you man even if you believe hrithik is 7 feet no one gives a F.
Linke said on 14/May/20
Rob,how much does Hrithik's footwear give him here?

Click Here
Editor Rob
It's a bit blurry so I can't really tell
Battery6565 said on 14/May/20

And here is again another video where Hrithik is taller than Ranbir
Click Here

From the evidence I have seen, Hrithik is closer to the 5'11" mark than 5'10". I have posted enough evidence to make my points.

As someone else suggested, there should be a peak height but of course that's up to Rob.
Battery6565 said on 14/May/20
The only time Ranbir looks taller is when the camera angle is in his favour. Even Hrithik looks taller at certain camera angles. How do you explain this picture:
Click Here

How does a man who is supposedly 1.5" shorter than Ranbir look comfortably taller than him?

Stop making excuses bro.

And by the way, after seeing more photos from that day, Hrithik was wearing SNEAKERS and Ranbir was the one wearing HEELS.

And you claim that Hrithik adds shoe lifts but Ranbir doesn't?

But Hrithik is the one who was HONEST about his height. He said he is "slightly less than 6 feet", whereas Ranbir lied and said he is "6 feet and half inch".

All this evidence says enough for me. Please debunk all my points before making a rebuttal.

And I am not sharing my personal instagram ID on here, maybe you can tell me your ID and I will DM you or you can drop me your email.
Linke said on 13/May/20
Heels? Really. Looks standard boots to me. Check Hrithik next to 6'2.5 Kunal Kapoor, that's not how a 5'11 guy looks next to someone who is 6'2ish. Most Hrithik could be is 179 cms. To me he is in Jude Law range.
Sap said on 13/May/20
@battery half inch difference do you have any idea how much half inch? 2 person with half inch height difference will look the same you cant even spot out in real life forget about camera capturing half inch difference.In that video hrithik is clearly 1.5 shorter than ranbir.And ranbir is a type of person who doesn't wear elevator shoes at all.And who knows if hrithik added shoe lifts inside his sneakers as he is a notorious lift user.Yes sure share your insta id i will dm my pic with farhan over there.
Battery6565 said on 13/May/20
I think you should give him a peak height too because he has Scoliosis and has had a number of injuries over the years which could have resulted in him shrinking a smidge. Like I said, I have shown so much proof that he is well over 5'10", when compared to Priyanka Chopra barefoot, in that video with Amitabh Bachchan modelling and more.

Yes, in that video Ranbir is wearing heels and Hrithik is wearing sneakers, yet they look within half an inch of each other. Again, if Ranbir is 181 I don't see how Hrithik is as low as 178.

Can you share your instagram ID? I'll DM you over there.
Terrance186 said on 10/May/20
@Rob, I think that this is one of the very few you missed. I think Hrithik is well due for a peak height and current height. If you look at photos of him from 2000-2010, he's easily 182-182,and clearly taller than guys like Ranbir and matches up quite well with Sanjay Dutt who is probably about 6 feet. With shoes he could easily look 184-185. In his new movie, War, he easily looks to be 2-3 inches taller than Tiger Shroff who you listed as 5'9. I think at least 179-180 now and 180-182 peak.
Linke said on 9/May/20
Rob, is 5'10.25 a better fit for this guy? No way is he 5'11 next to someone like Kunal Kapoor who is 6'2ish but I can seen him being 5'10.25-5
Editor Rob
A chance of measuring 5ft would be far greater than 11.
Sap said on 8/May/20
I haven't shared my pic with farhan on any social sites so thats why i can't share any link.If anyone wants to see the pic kindly share your insta or fb id i will send the pic over there.
Sap said on 7/May/20
Battery6565 can you share your insta or fb id i will share my pic with farhan there.I m not able to post my pic with him here i wish there was an option to share pic here from gallery.Hrithik is shorter than ranbir go to YouTube and type hrithik with ranbir you will get it and about katrina.Katrina is actually shorter than farhan too there is a video of zindagi na milegi dobara promotion where katrina was not wearing heels you can easily make out that farhan was appearing taller than her there.About sid malhotra in that pic you will see hrithik is in formal shoes he is a notorious lift wearer and sidhart was in flat shoes that too sid was bending a bit.Click Here
Linke said on 5/May/20
Hrithik may touch 5'11 first thing in the morning. Here he is with a strong 5'11 Ranbir Kapooe. Hrithik can look anywhere between 177-180 cms.

I think he's smidge over 5'10 but not quite 5'11.

Click Here
Battery6565 said on 4/May/20

Also some more evidence. You actually thought Priyanka is taller than Hrithik? This is the height difference between them:
Click Here

Before you say Hrithik is wearing shoes or anything, everyone is barefoot. Here's evidence of that:
Click Here

You can watch the whole video yourself and see.
Battery6565 said on 4/May/20
Can you show your picture with Farhan?

Also, then how do you explain Hrithik being clearly more than 2" taller than Katrina, taller than Ranbir, same as Siddarth Malhotra etc.?

There's more evidence to suggest to me that he's closer to the 5'11" mark than 5'10".

Please watch this video of Hrithik and Amitabh walking the ramp together and let me know your thoughts? This video was about 10-12 years ago and Amitabh was 6'1" at that time. Hrithik looks about 1-1.5" shorter. What do you think?
Click Here
Linke said on 2/May/20
It does sound 6 with shoes but Malishka's folks listed it as 6'2"

He has however now claimed to be legit 6 foot and 75 KGS, which seems far streched from the truth.

"Fortunately, I have a median body type β€” six feet tall, 75 kilos β€” so if I put on 10-15 kilos, I can look really big and if I lose five kilos, I can look tiny."

Click Here

Rob, next to 5'11 range guys like Ranbir Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor, it is difficult to see Ranveer Singh as a full 5'10 let alone 6 feet tall. He's also shorter than 5'10 listed Hrithik. Now Hrithik could be a strong 5'10 but still difficult seeing full 5'10 for Ranveer
Editor Rob
6ft seems a bit of an optimistic claim.
Sap said on 27/Apr/20
Linke in that video Click Here ranveer said 6 with shoes not 6.2 listen carefully.
JohnMoore-162cm said on 26/Apr/20
5ft9 3/4" guy trying to claim 6ft0
Sap said on 16/Apr/20
I ve met farhan akhtar and arjun rampal and they both are very good friends of hrithik so i think i will be able to guess correctly how tall hrithik is.I ve seen some comments here where people are guessing hrithiks height comparing him with farhan and they are thinking farhan is 5.9 so hrithik definitely have to be 5.11 or 6 feet but thats not true.I ve met farhan and arjun when i was 18 years old at that time my height was 5.8 exact at that time now my height is 5.10.5 all day and at morning a bit more than 5.11.I was surprised farhan was actually 1 to 1.5 or i would say 2 inches shorter than me and we both were wearing normal shoes farhan's actual height is 5.6 to 5.7 lets take him 5.7 to be on the safe side so hrithik actually is 2 to 3inches max taller than farhan so he cant be more than 5.10 max.If you want i can post my pic with farhan
Sap said on 16/Apr/20
I ve met farhan akhtar and arjun rampal and they both are very good friends of hrithik so i think i will be able to guess correctly how tall hrithik is.I ve seen some comments here where people are guessing hrithiks height comparing him with farhan and they are thinking farhan is 5.9 so hrithik definitely have to be 5.11 or 6 feet but thats not true.I ve met farhan and arjun when i was 18 years old at that time my height was 5.8 exact at that time now my height is 5.10.5 all day and at morning a bit more than 5.11.I was surprised farhan was actually 1 to 1.5 or i would say 2 inches shorter than me and we both were wearing normal shoes farhan's actual height is 5.6 to 5.7 lets take him 5.7 to be on the safe side so hrithik actually is 2 to 3inches max taller than farhan so he cant be more than 5.10 max.If you want i can post my pic with farhan
Lakheswar Saikia said on 12/Apr/20
Can you add Sonu Sood Who is 6'2
Blanc said on 10/Apr/20
Looks an inch taller than Shroff exactly, I don't know why people claim more of a difference.
Duryodhan said on 1/Apr/20
He is no more than 177 cm.
sadbinaskn said on 22/Feb/20
To anyone that might guess Hrithik under 180 CM, or even 178 cm.

Please see 174 CM Katrina wearing 2-3 inch heels with Hrithik who is wearing normal shoes and Hrithik is still clearly taller.

Click Here

Before you call lifts, his knee break is relatively low and upper legs look longer in proportion to his lower legs so I wouldn't use lifts as a justification.
Ksjdixisbsha said on 10/Feb/20
Based on the pics I posted below and several others, don't you think 5'10" is his absolute minimum?

I would estimate a morning height of 5'11.25" and an evening height of 5'10.5" after seeing a lot of pictures and videos
Editor Rob
I can see why you guess him that mark, sometimes he can seem it. Overall I still go for nearer 5ft 10 flat.
Jdndidididi said on 5/Jan/20

Didn't you see when she walked up to him that he's taller? He's clearly taller than her in heels. What are you on about?

In fact Rob, you can see her wearing 3-4 inch heels next to him and he's still taller.
Click Here

And please see the height gap between him and 5'8.5" Katrina at 4:28 in this video. They're walking together.
Click Here

I don't see him being just 5'10" the more pics I see of him.

Hrithik and 5'11.25" Ranbir.
Click Here
Click Here

Hritik and 5'9" Tiger.
Click Here

Hrithik and 6'1" Amitabh
Click Here

Hrithik and 6'1.5" Abhishek
Click Here

@Rob , I don't see how 5'10" is possible? He looks a full inch taller..?
Editor Rob
I can see why you might guess him near 5ft 11, I certainly wouldn't put him less than current listing though.
Aqib said on 3/Jan/20
Click Here

I genuinely don't know - Is Hrithik Roshan the same height as Nick Jonas?
@Rob - please could you explain, it seems like Priyanka Chopra is only wearing 2 inch heels but Hrithik is shorter than her.

Would really appreciate any answers. I am thinking of posting this on Priyanka's page as well.
Editor Rob
I don't know, he seemed taller than her in that clip
IKeepForgettingMyUsername said on 31/Dec/19
4.5 inch difference? Seriously?

Click Here

I've seen several photos and videos that suggest he's over his listed height.

Rob, it seems like you had him listed as 5'11" 10-11 years ago? I would agree with that listing. He does have scoliosis so it's possible his spine has shrunk a bit already.

Why do you think 5'10" is more suitable?
afzal said on 22/Dec/19
4.5inch short from abhisekh 6.1
Sandeep said on 3/Dec/19
5'11". 2 inches taller than Michael Jackson. Edging out Ranbir in some pictures. 2 inches shorter than Amitabh in his old rampwalks. Same height as Siddarth Malhotra

Rob, please check the pictures I have mentioned.
Flash said on 2/Dec/19
He’s a good height
Fez said on 1/Dec/19
@Editor Rob,

Could Sanjay Dutt have a page here?

He’s a very famous Bollywood Actor who got arrested many times, He’s listed 6’0”-6’3” optimistically, but I think he was 181cm tops at peak.

Do u agree Rob?
Aranyak said on 26/Nov/19
@Rob, Hrithik is dashing but he is no more than 5'9". IMDB has just downgraded him to 5'9" (1.75m) which is reasonable. 5'9" is the avg men's height in Europe and America and that's tall for an Indian.
Trigueros-5ft9.5 said on 7/Nov/19
Either he is 177 cm or 178 cm ... I am not sure
FE said on 24/Oct/19
@Editor Rob,

Could U Add a page for Sanjay Dutt?
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Zayed Khan (5’11.5”), Sunny Deol (5’9.5”)
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

He’s a very famous Bollywood Actor who got arrested many times, He’s listed 6’0”-6’3” optimistically.
I think 5’11.25” (181cm) Like Ranbir fits nicely for him, A very Solid 5’11er Peak.

What do u think Rob?
AKFIT2000 said on 10/Oct/19
Saw his movie with Tiger Shroff. Doesn't look 5'10" at all.

5'10.75" at the very least.
AKFIT2000 said on 28/Sep/19
Do you think he could pass off as 5'11" when he was younger? He looks the height when standing with Amitabh or Abhishek Bachchan in old photos.

Also, if he didn't have scoliosis would he gave been taller. His legs look quite long compared to his upper body.
Slick said on 28/Jul/19
He's not less than 5'10. If anything he's more...
FE said on 27/Jul/19
@Editor Rob,

Could Zayed Khan have page here?

Sohail Khan (5’8” Range), DJ Aqeel (Listed 5’10”), Farah Khan Ali (Listed 161cm) and Gautam Gupta (Listed 5’9”)
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Farah Khan (Listed 5’3”), Tulip Joshi (Listed 5’6”), Ranveer Singh (5’9” range) and Arjun Rampal (6’0”)
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Suzanne Khan (Listed 5’6”), Rahul Khanna (Listed 5’10”), Ritesh Deshmukh (5’9” change) and Nikitin Dheer (Listed 6’4”)
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

He’s been Listed 5’11”-6’1” everywhere, At First, I thought he was least 6ft,
But having a closer look at him and looking through the previous links I’ve sent,
Do u agree that 5’11.5” (182cm) would be a perfect fit for him as he can look 181-2cm A lot?

What Do u think Rob?
Editor Rob
There is a chance at near 5ft 11.5 for him.
FE said on 24/Jul/19
@Editor Rob,

How Tall do u think Zayed Khan is?
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Jacky Bhagnani (Listed 5’10”), Fardeen Khan (5’9” change) and Dino Morea (5’10.5-11” max)
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Malaika Khan (5’1”), Dia Mirza (5’5.5”) and Sahil Shroff (Listed 5’11”)
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Mohit Marwah (Listed 6’1”), Sanjay Khan (Listed 5’11”) and Akshay Kumar (5’10”)
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Vatsal sheth (Listed 5’7”), Nikita Dutta (Listed 5’5”), Vivek Oberoi (5’10.5”) and Ravi Kishan (Listed 5’10”)
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Sophie Chaudhary (Listed 5’5”), Sonu Sood (Listed 6’2”) and Pooja Bedi (Listed 171cm)
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Aashish Chaudhary (Listed 5’9”), Boney Kapoor (5’9”), Sulaiman Merchant (6’1”) and Cyrus Sahukur (Listed 6’1”)
Jim Baboota said on 13/Jul/19
Definitely SEEMS 6'0 - 6'1 kind guy from his body proportions (Long legs, Arms and Torso). Maybe its his scoliosis which makes him an inch or two shorter so when standing next to other its clear he is around 5'10.
khaled taban said on 4/Jul/19
He is solid 5'10", good listing Rob 😊
jriggs said on 18/Jun/19
Only came to see if Rob finally downgraded him. Seems not too much delusional Bollywood fans saying 5'10 I guess
Strange danger said on 5/Jun/19
Looks 5 ft 10.5 with Jackie chance considering changing has footwear advantage
Click Here
Click Here
AK2000 said on 3/May/19
Rob, can you add Akshay Kumar and Sanjay Dutt?
These are two of the biggest actors apart from the Khans and Hrithik.

Also, for Sanjay, he's had a VERY bad history with drug abuse so he's lost a couple of inches from his prime, I believe.

And two other relatively tall actors you left out from Bollywood are Arjun Rampal and Siddarth Malhotra. Could you add them too?
jriggs said on 2/May/19
He needs a downgrade he is at most 5'9.5
Ricky muliawan hansyar said on 20/Apr/19
Anychance he is 5ft9.5 inch ?
Ricky muliawan hansyar said on 6/Apr/19
Sometimes hrithik roshan can look 176-177cm.
afzal said on 29/Mar/19
He Looks under 5.9 i don't know why u listed 5.10 he's next to Akshay 5.10 maybe 5.9 nd half i think hrittik maybe 175 cm
Akbar said on 17/Mar/19
Solid 5 foot 10. Please rob, make a page fpr akshay kumar he's just as famous as hrithik in the bollywood industry. Very big actor. Please could you have a look?
Neelasish Send Roy said on 9/Mar/19
He looks an inch shorter than 5'11" Akshay Kumar, he is solid 5'10" you are right,Rob.
Aditya Pratap Singh said on 19/Feb/19
Hrithik Roshan height is exactly 6ft which in centimetres is 182cm or 183cm.
jriggs said on 7/Feb/19
SRK is 5'6.75 so ofcourse a guy who is 5'9 will look tall next to him.

Tiger Shroff is 5'8 Hrithik probably has a inch on him
hridoy said on 1/Feb/19
akshay kumar is 4-5 inch shorter than 6'2" will smith and hrithik is haif inch shorter than akshay.then rob tell me how tall hrithik is?
Akash Bedi said on 9/Jan/19
Hey Rob, I think Hrithik deserves an upgrade. Katrina is a pretty tall for a woman and Hrithik is definitely much more than 1.5 inches taller than her. Look at this video at 4:29. He looks comfortably around 3-4 inches taller??
Click Here

Also you've said Ranbir Kapoor is 181 CM. Yet if you look at this picture of them together, he looks at least the same height as Ranbir, if not taller.
Click Here

I think he's at least 180 CM at the least with good posture.
star2019 said on 31/Dec/18
5'10 is a lie

more 5'8 without heels
hridoyham58 said on 26/Nov/18


















I revealed all after long experiment
Manjeet said on 22/Oct/18
He is 174cm tall
Raju233 said on 11/Sep/18
Slighty under 5ft 10 Click Here
arun kc said on 8/Aug/18
I think Hrithik Akshay Vivek Ranbir John Abraham are all 5-11.sid Malhotra Arjun rampal Arjun Kapoor abhay deol are 6ft
Rockstar said on 27/Jul/18
Rob , he is really atleat 5 ft 11 inch guy see him next to legit 6ft gareth bale
Caaq said on 15/Jul/18
Thank u editor rob for your response. I think kunal and cyrus are being honest, but i also think they are measuring in a slightly mistaken way. Many people here hold the ruler to.the shape of the head and it ends up tilting downwards from the peak point of.the head instead of going at a 90 degree staright line to the height scale or wall behind. I am saying this as amitabh under no circumstance can be less than 6 feet at least. And so abhishek honestly cant be less than 6 1. Then kunal has to be 6 3 at the very least, meaning covering 6 4.5 with regular shoes and normally combed back hair. and in that case cyrus would be 6 2. Thats my reasoning.

As for hritik, i think 5 10.5 would be a fair assessment for him. His hair is thick..would give him an inch. And i think his shoes would add almost 1. And so altigether he would possibly stand 6 feet half inch.
Caaq said on 12/Jul/18
Thank u editor Rob for replying to me. There are some pretty weird things in Bollywood. Kunal kapoor claims 6 2, n there is another tv host called Cyrus who claims 6 1. N they look alike. Don't know what scale they both used as they r both taller than this other actor called arundhoy Singh who has been known for ages to be 6 4. At the same time, arundhoy also looks a bit shorter than kabir bed I who at peak was 6 3 n now could be 6 2. So what scales are people using?
I think it should be about which mark u can cover standing pretty straight , looking straight, average kind of hair , n then minus max 1.5 inch from that.
Would u not agree Editor Rob?
Editor Rob
Cyrus doesn't look much smaller than Kunal. The thing is both of them claiming 6ft 1 and 2, they may well be the more honest guys out there - then you have others adding 2 inches, looking a little foolish when they stand next to the honest men.
Caaq said on 10/Jul/18
Dear Editor Rob:
Thank u for your response. Would u consider making a page for kunal kapoor please. He is clearly one of the tallest actors of India. I think he towers about 5 inches over hritik, and in some pictures with Abhishek, he looks 2 to 3 inches taller than Abhishek. That's why Kunal is a very strong candidate for a moderately strong 6 foot 4 inches and a definite super strong 6 foot 3.5 inches I strongly feel. Would request you to research just a bit on this with pictures n give Kunal a page too if u can.
Editor Rob
I'm not sure he's lying downwards about his height, he has claimed 6ft 2 range before.
Arjan said on 9/Jul/18
Click Here Just look at this video. Yukta Mookhey is the same height as Pooja Batra (both 6’ or more). Hrithik can’t be more than 5’9 at any cost. Hrithik and Akshay are both 5’9-5’10 range, Sanjay Dutt around 5’10.5. Both these women dwarf all β€˜Bollywood Hunks’ save for Abhishek Bachchan. Akshay can be seen in pics with Pooja struggling to cope with her height.
Caaq said on 8/Jul/18
Click Here

Dear Editor Rob:
Please help me understand why kunal kapoor is repeatedly stated as 6-2 whereas he is clearly 6-3 Or more likely 6-4. There are many people who have measured long time ago when they hadn't finished growing or they use a wrong method of pressing a scale down on the head which slopes downwards before it reaches the wall or height scale behind them.

Hritik is about 5 10.5 or peak 5 11, n he looks comfortably 5 maybe even 5.5 inches shorter than kunal kapoor.

Seeking your response on this editor Rob!
Editor Rob
I'm not sure Kunal looks that much over 6ft 2 from the few photos of them together.
Mahad95 said on 5/Jul/18
Would give Akshay Kumar 5’10.5?? Or at the most 5,10.75. If you look this picture carefully Akshay is having a good inch footwear and Hrithik’s wearing like a cm shoe. Is it possible for Akshay to be 5’10.75 in the morning and 5’10.5 through out the day and 5’10
At least by night? Because Hrithik at least drops a centimetre by night which could be around 177.5cm. Here’s the pic. Click Here, What are your suggestions??
Editor Rob
It seems like they could be an inch apart
Mohamed Abdullahi said on 16/Jun/18
Rob, can you make a case for Akshay Kumar? An Indian actor. There’s lots of websites that claim him to be 5’11. But I don’t really know if that really fits him. Sorry if this comment is off topic. Both Hrithik and Akshay seem quite the same height. He’s pretty much considered one of the best actors I can felt like he should be there with the other actors. But that’s all good just wondering what he’s height would actually look like. Thanks
Editor Rob
I would say Akshay has an edge on Hrithik.
Debojit said on 15/Jun/18
Here are the heights of Bollywood actors

Salman Khan - 5'6"
Shahrukh Khan - 5'7"
Aamir Khan - 5'5"
Akshay Kumar - 5' 10.5"
Hrithik Roshan - 5'10"
John Abraham - 5'11"
Saif Ali Khan - 5'6"
Arjun Rampal - 6'1"
Sushant Singh Rajput - 5'10"
Tiger Shroff - 5'9"
Varun Dhawan - 5' 6.5"
Siddharth Malhotra - 6'0"
ABYSS334 said on 30/Apr/18
Rob I havr previously said shahrukh is 5'6" or 5'6.5" as Google says and Google gives hrithik's height at 1.78 m or 5'10" . But a photo with shahrukh made it clear that he is about 5'8.5" to my estimation Click Here
Note that Hrithik's abdomen and legs are slithly not straight . Its not an insult but he's shorter than 5'9" according to me . Although he's a great actor
Apoorv Singh said on 2/Apr/18
I went at madame tusaauds delhi...i am 180 cms..he was exactly the same hieght
I am a Shy 6 feet
No one said on 2/Mar/18
slightly less than 6 ft doesn't mean 5 ft 10 inch think at least 5 10.5
Rohit said on 23/Feb/18
Im 5'8inches tall and I met arjun rampal personally he is 6'2inches tall as well as hrithik roshan his real height is 6'1 and half inches tall that's the real and accurate height of these two actors
Sam96 said on 27/Jan/18
Peak Height was 5'10.5. He and Christian Bale in the West have had similar physical injuries, both are very dedicated actors. I would give him 5'9.5 today. He has definitely lost a bit today. Still one of the most elegant celebs in the country.
brad said on 11/Jan/18
legit 5 ft 11
Anonymous said on 8/Jan/18
he is only 174cm tall
Darius said on 7/Jan/18
5'10".Gives a 6'0" impression with his build and physique. 5'10 seems spot on IMO. Min Height I can see for Hrithik is 5'9.5"
raju said on 6/Jan/18
Rob watch this video to know hrithik's height.How can he be taller than 5ft 8 when he is only 1 inch taller than salman Click Here?
Editor Rob: he looked more than an inch taller than Salmna I would guess.
MAD SAM said on 16/Dec/17
No more than 175 cm
MAD SAM said on 15/Dec/17
He’s nothing more than 5’9”, at times he’s even looked 5’8” when he’s not wearing his lifts
Relict said on 12/Dec/17
@jacob she'd be 5"5 to 5"5.5
raju said on 10/Dec/17
Hi Rob, May God make ur height 6ft 8 in ur next life on New Earth.Bless u.
Editor Rob: πŸ‘ I'll take that
amit said on 7/Dec/17
5'9"(176cm) is hritik's height.
Siddhant said on 2/Dec/17
I've seen him in person, I am 5'9.75(177cm)he seemed just a bit taller than me.
raju said on 26/Nov/17
5ft 11 ranbir next to hrithik
Click Here
AJ said on 7/Nov/17
Rob would you consider adding Akshay Kumar he is one of the top leading actors in Bollywood. My guess for him would be 5'11 range.
Aditya said on 30/Oct/17
I think he is 5'11
Ebis said on 26/Sep/17
hrithik 5 11, aksay 6 1, Amithab 6 1.5/2 nothing more.
karn said on 12/Sep/17
hritik 5'10
akshay 6'2
sunny deol 5'11
rahul said on 11/Sep/17
there is no way Hrithik is above 5'11. I think Akshay and Hrithik are of same height and so does Sanjay Dutt. But different pictures, movie scene will show different look. But all of them are dwarfed by Amitab Bachchan who himself was 6'2" in his young age : Click Here. this is Amitabh Bachchan interview of 1984, go to 1:45sec where he mentions his height. Amitabh is old and has lost some height due to his old posture but look at this pic where Hrithik looks about 3 inches shorter than Amitabh bachchan
Hussein Al Janabi said on 4/Sep/17
He looks exactly 5'11
hr said on 22/Aug/17
Rob, c'mon at least 0.25 of an inch upgrade
Mr x said on 16/Aug/17
i am a 6ft4 inch guy but when i visited tamil nadu i was short are these tamilians giants to make 6ft4 guy dwarf
Darius said on 13/Aug/17
@Tallish89 I'd say Kriti Sanon is around 5'8" i.e. 5'8" min. to 5'8.5" max. I'm not sure of Sushant Singh Rajput though.
Tallish89 said on 11/Aug/17

Agreed man my estimates exactly!

Would like to know what is your thoughts on Kriti Sanon? She & Sushant Singh Rajput were barefoot yet she appears taller he claims 6'1 she is listed as 5'8
Mahad95 said on 22/Jul/17
Rob, Akshay kumar is one of the finest actors of Bollywood, you have post a lot of Bollywood celebrities but many including me wants to know if is he a strong 5.10.5 or 5'11. You have listed Mathew Mcconaughey as 5'10.75 which is still couple of mm
Under 180cm he is standing next to akshay and both are head to head. Can you go with 179cm or 5'10.75 for him. Thanks
Darius said on 16/Jul/17
Real heights of Bollywood Celebrities :-
Hrithik Roshan: 5'9.5" to 5'10"
Shah Rukh Khan: 5'7" to 5'7.5"
Salman Khan: 5'6.5" to 5'7"
Anil Kapoor: 5'8.5" to 5'9"
Akshay Kumar: 5'10.5" to 5'11"
Varun Dhawan: 5'6.25" to 5'6.75"
Aamir Khan: 5'4.5" to 5'5"
Deepika Padukone: 5'8" to 5'8.5"
Aishwarya Rai: 5'6 to 5'6.5"
Tallish89 said on 17/May/17
With Arjun Rampal who is 6'1 not 6''2 not 6'3 but 6'1

Hrithik in heels appears 5'11 Arjun who is in sneakers

Click Here
Click Here

Hrithik on his tip toes to appear taller
Click Here

Appears shorter than 5'11 wearing sneakers with Arjun Rampal looks more 5'9/5'10

Click Here
Click Here
Tallish89 said on 15/May/17
Strong 5'9 early photos from 2000-2008 rules out 5'10 barefoot.

5'9.5 or 5'9.75

With Abhishek Bachan 6'1
Click Here
Cq: said on 18/Apr/17
He may wear lifts or not. But he looks around a pretty legit 5 10.5 guy wearing shoes n with hair looking 6 feet. I think thats fair enough. He may even wake up 5 11.

It all depends on how u measure. I know some people really press the scale downwards from the peak point of their head so that by the time it touches the wall about n inch is easily lost. N then they try being honest n go about understating their own height. Thats what happens often. In that way hritik could be 5 9.5. But honestly make him stand barefeet very straiggt n he will cover 5 10.5. Thats 5 10.5 for me.
DaveMills said on 14/Apr/17
Pretty neatly pulled off looking 5'11.75 as claimed on Comedy nights with Kapil,but sadly his footwear was damn too big and he is obviously just 177-178 cm range.
Jan said on 11/Apr/17
Dear Rob,
i got new pics, here u go

Tiger and Hrithk, look this pic, Click Here:

And this one is not a full pic but still, a intresting one, i dont know if it is because how the pic has been made, but if Hrithk was 5'10 or taller, than you would still see it even on a pic like this : Click Here: i think i made it clear that Hrithk is not 5'10 but something in the range of 5'9. Now i don't know if he wear shoe lifters, or other actors wear shoe lifters, but one thing is for sure, Indian actors wear it... I'm damn sure about that.
jos said on 6/Apr/17
Rob, it's time you upgrade him to 5'10.25 at least.
indiandude said on 12/Mar/17
hrithik roshan would have to be actually 6'5'' if she was 180 and wearing 4" heels lol
jacob said on 10/Mar/17
Rob, can you guess height of this actress (she is urvashi rautela)
Click Here
For footwear see this
Click Here
Well, she always claims to be 178-180 cm but I dont think so.
indiandude said on 7/Mar/17
hrithik roshan is 5'9.5". Proof is in this video, this karan johar guy next to him is listed as 5'9'' everywhere, no fluctuation whatsoever and hrithik is barely taller,
Click Here

also, this vid
indiandude said on 4/Mar/17
lol, i'll be surprised if hrithik roshan is my height (5'10.5). Idolized him all my life and seen him as this huge hunky guy, always assumed he was 6'2 at least. I have a very similar body structure as him (thin bones, wide shoulders) but I always figured he was way taller. What do you think is the height of the guy next to him based on what you have analysed till now? Also I remember you talking about head sizes before especially the length what would you estimate their head length to be (weird question but this site is a bit weird too lmfao)?
Click Here
Jan said on 23/Feb/17
@Rob I't can be because of the cape, he didn't put it tight on his head.. look this pic : Click Here: U can see that Shoulders of Hrithk are higher, but their head level is the same. I't is because of the cape that Hrithk looks taller.
efjeje said on 22/Feb/17
alright, here is hrithik in this video, I don't see the possibility of height frauding or any kind of frauding in this since its in the military academy and having been a cadet myself, most guys there are average height and frame.
Click Here
he is definitely nowhere close to 6', a 6 footer out there would look tall. He is in the 5'9-5'10 range barefoot, when for appearances he wears lifts, he touches 6' barely.
Jan said on 20/Feb/17
Hello everyone i'm back.

Dear Rob, i did some more research, Kapil Sharma he is 5'8(1.73) What doubt but this says google. Look at this pic, Click Here: Look the shoes of Jackie Chan and Kapil Sharma, look what an height increase... i think Jackie chan is no 5'8 or a 5'9 he is shorter... I think more like 5'6 5'7, so lets say if Kapil Sharma is 5'8 what google says. This pis Tiger Shroff look's alot taller than Kapil Sharma, Click Here:

But if u watch this pic Click Here:

It's not a full pic, u could say that Tiger is maybe 1 to 2 cm taller... so again that would make him 5'9, i also posted the pic of Tiger with Hrithk, than what would make that of Hrithk? i think no 5'10...

This pic : Hrithk roshan with Tiger

Click Here:

Waiting for ur reply Mr Rob.
Editor Rob: there is at most 1 inch between big Hrithik and Tiger...Chan is looking shorter these days, at times he struggles to look 5ft 8. All the years of martial arts films are taking their toll on his body.
Jan said on 13/Feb/17

Yes bro, i deffintly agree with you, i don't get it how people think here that these actors are so tall... Afcourse some of them are, but not all of them are tall.
Silent Assassin said on 13/Feb/17
Rob is there any chance that Hrithik is 180cm.And if you had to choose between 5'9 and 5'11 for him what would that be?
Editor Rob: I just feel 180cm is pushing it too much for him, I've not seen enough to think he would really be that tall.
5'10' said on 13/Feb/17
@ jan ,,,, totally agree with you bro.... Akshay Kumar is no more than 5'9"....everybody in bollywood uses lifts and shoes elevators.....but yet Akshay Kumar is a taller actor because 5'9" in India gives you a feeling of 6'.Even John Abraham is not more than 5'10"(5'11" maximum) but he claims to be 6'1".Have a look at his photos with Varun Dhawan who is a weak 5'7".
Rob please add Akshay Kumar and Randeep Hooda bro.....
Jan said on 12/Feb/17
Dear Rob, i wanted to show u something more, I don't know if u know Ritesh Deshmukh, he is also a 5'9(1.75) guy,

pic 1 : Click Here: This is Ritesh Deshmukh with Karan Johar(1.75) both of them are same height Ritesh is bending a bit forward, but still they are the same height, had no other full picture, but what i wanna show u is that everyone is saying that Akshay Kumar don't know if u know this guy, he is something like a 6 ft,

But look at this pic :
Click Here: + watch the shoes... I think they use shoe lifters.

And watch again this pic : Click Here: Akshay Kumar with Karan Johar.
Jan said on 10/Feb/17
Dear Rob, i think it's 3 to 4 cm, it is hard to tell exactly how much taller, but i think the most bollywood stars use shoe lifters, this is what i think. We should not forget that Hrithk has a athletic body so he looks taller than he is, because of his fit good body. Waiting for ur responde Rob.
Jan said on 6/Feb/17
Hi everyone,

Rob, 3 pictures of Sharukh Khan with Hrithk Roshan, Pic 1 is full pic from bottom to top

Pic 1 : Click Here: You clearly see Hrithk Roshan is wearing flip flops, and Sharukh is wearing flat shoes

Pic 2 is not full pic only from top, so you clearly see their head

Click Here

You clearly see that Hrithk is taller, but still their is not alot of differences,

but again if you see this picture Click Here:

Than i would think that Hrithk Roshan is using height soles...

Waiting for u'r reply Rob. Thank u.
Editor Rob: he is taller than Khan, but the question is how much exactly...4cm maybe?
5'10' said on 6/Feb/17
Jan.....totally agree with you bro
Silent Assassin said on 29/Jan/17
rob,I think he is in the 180-181 range.Definitely taller than 178
Jan said on 29/Jan/17
Dear people,

I have come to the conclusion that Hrithk Roshan is not 1.78(5'10) BUT 1.75(5'9)

Il show you guys some pictures,

Proof number 1 : Karan johar is a producer and kind of a actor also, His height is 1.75(5'9)

Here a full photo, from toes to head,

Click Here

a few months ago there was a picture of Tiger Shrof with Hrithk Roshan, il show the picture

Click Here

Now i don't know who is lying Hrithk Roshan or Karan Johar, but what i can say is that something is not right... even on google it says that Tiger Shroff is 5'9(1.75) and on some pages there stands that he is 5'11(1.80)

What i can say is that Karan Johar is on everywebsite 5'9

A picture of Karan Johar with Tiger Shroff,

Click Here

You see Karan is bending a littlebit foreward but u clearly see they are both 5'9

this is another picture not a full pic,

Click Here

Now Rob is here the specialist, now i would know what is your opinion.
Editor Rob: you could make a case for a 5ft 9.5 Hrithik.
Aza said on 27/Jan/17
His syrup gives him st least a 2 inch boost. With full Kojak not more than 5'10.
ryan said on 25/Jan/17
Definitely 5'11-5'11.5". 5'10 is too low for him
Green said on 25/Jan/17
Interesting how most people think actors are shorter than their claims/listings. Hrithik looks tall proportionally. I actually thought he was 1.83 m for a while. But on closer inspection and as he claims he isn't 1.83 m. He's a little shy of that mark but not as low as 1.78 in my opinion. The shortest height I can see for him is 1.8 m and he is more likely over that mark. I would guess him at 1.81 m tall.
Aza said on 25/Jan/17
Arun I agree!!!! .....when he wears cowboy boots!!!
Arun said on 20/Jan/17
he looks like a 6 footer in his old movies
Click Here
Champ said on 17/Jan/17
Rob just a question mate , what job do you actually do apart from celebheights?
Editor Rob: Champ, Celebheights is my job.

It's certainly a challenge trying to make it work! I feel a site like this definitely needs to have comments and an editor moderating.
Champ said on 17/Jan/17
Spot on height ,I dont understand how some people can claim over 6 feet when hrithik claims in slightly less .
Aza said on 12/Jan/17
Mr Roshan is 5'10 maybe 5'10.25 if he stood to full erection. When flaccid can look sub 5'10.
SID said on 10/Jan/17
Hrithik roshan 6'2" without shoes and is way taller than 5'9" katrina kaif without heels.
Akshay kumar 6'1"
Jackie shroff 6'2"
Sonu sood 6'3.5"
Abhishek bachchan 6'3.5"
John abharm 6'2"
Arjun rampal 6'2.5"
Ranbir kapoor 6'
Arjun kapoor 6'2"
Siddharth malothara 6'2"
Aditya roy kapoor 6'3"
Kunal kapoor 6'3.5"
Kapil sharma 5'11.5"
Tiger shroff 5'11.5"
These are the real height of stars without shoes.
shiva181cms said on 26/Dec/16
He's the hottest Indian actor/model

Rob, who do you think is the hotter of these guys

Brad Pitt Ryan gosling Rob Pattinson david handy hrithik roshan
Editor Rob: Shiva, I'm not really into guys, although doing this site I literally am looking at celebs for a couple of hours a day so I see a lot of faces.

Personally I don't see Gosling or Pattinson as 'hot' as a guy like Gandy, I think Hrithik has a big appeal to ladies (and some men of course).
ya said on 24/Dec/16
He is no doubt 5'10.25 to 5'10.5
IndianFactmachine said on 1/Dec/16
Hi Rob , coming here after a long time , hope you remember me friend.. Pls ROB...kindly change this height estimate...its so off the mark , Hrithik is atleast 183 cm... compare his height to one of the other actor's confirmed height....Farhan Akhtar ( 5 FT 9) who is A-lister top actor/director and film personality here..In a movie whose content was an aspiring actor giving auditions inside the film script itself ( Luck by chance) ...he described himself as 5 ft 9 ,also in the biggest newspaper in India i.e TIMES OF INDIA , there too he describes himself as 5 ft 9..and he is a kind of guy who isnt even tiniest bit of insecure about his height and 99% times is wearing zero heel moccasins there is no reason for him to lie..his height would solve all the height-mysteries of BOLLYWOOD industry ! be it Sharukh ,Aamir,Salman , Katrina, Shahid, Ranbir,Kareena etc and so on.. do search it on google will add lot to your site...cheers !
bababala said on 22/Nov/16
Akshay Kumar is no doubt in the 5'10-5'11 range, seen his pics with people I know. He is 179 cm at most. I saw another guy's pic with aditya Roy kapoor. So aditya is 6'1, sidharth is 1.5" shorter than him at 5'11.5 and hrithik is 5'10.5 barefoot AT THE MOST. Reduce an inch from even that for benefit of doubt.
Another5'8_guy said on 21/Nov/16
Hey Rob, any estimate on Varun Dhawan? Because, there has been quite a while for the claims of 5'9 and 5'10. And, I also looked for myself but couldn't finalise because of his magic shoes. Sometimes(mostly) he looks in the region of 5'6.75"-5'7" and sometimes he's 5'7.5".

Thank you, Rob.
5'10 said on 22/Oct/16
Rob don't u think the people here claiming hrithik to be 6'2" should be blocked?
This is too much man.
If hrithik himself is claiming that he is slightly less than 6 feet then who are these idiots claiming hrithik to be 6'2"
I totally agree with your listing rob
Good job buddy.....please add akshay kumar and randeep hooda
Aza said on 22/Oct/16
6'2 estimates are 'non-veg'.
Aza said on 21/Oct/16
To say that Mr Rogan Ghosh is 6'2 is extremely 'Non-Veg'.....extremely 'Non-Veg'.
6'2 said on 19/Oct/16
Yes Hrithik Roshan is 6'2" he is much taller than 5'9" Katrina Kaif without heels.@sid you r correct bro.
Aza said on 17/Oct/16
@Sid your height guesstimate for Mr Rogan Ghosh is extremist which requires extreme vetting....extreme vetting.
Anonymous said on 8/Oct/16
He's not as short as people think over here.
Sid said on 3/Oct/16
Hrithik roshan is 6'2" I want to know can he be more like 6'2.5" without shoes.what do u say guys?
MD said on 1/Oct/16
I'd be surprised were he shorter than this listing.
5'10 said on 1/Oct/16
Rob is 5'9.5" possible for him???
Editor Rob: you could probably find enough photos that you could make a case, but you could also find enough to make a taller case.
Another5'8_guy said on 27/Sep/16
What really pisses me on such forums are those random trolls. I mean, can't we have a rational and a genuine discussion on a forum? These kind of idiocy rarely happens on non-bollywood pages. Never seen anyone on RDJ's page say he's 5'11. People please don't litter. And, Rob isn't there any way to permanently block those trolls?
Editor Rob: blocking people manually is time consuming, but I sometimes have a cull of comments on these pages now and again.
bob said on 21/Sep/16
hrithik is not less than 6ft i have recently meted him i am 5ft11 and he was one inch taller than me but he is not as tall as 6ft2 exactly 6ft is 100% truth
Rinkz said on 10/Sep/16
Hrithik roshan 6'2" without shoes and is way taller than 5'9" katrina kaif without heels.
Akshay kumar 6'1"
Jackie shroff 6'2"
Sonu sood 6'3.5"
Abhishek bachchan 6'3.5"
John abharm 6'2"
Arjun rampal 6'2.5"
Ranbir kapoor 6'
Arjun kapoor 6'2"
Siddharth malothara 6'2"
Aditya roy kapoor 6'3"
Kunal kapoor 6'3.5"
Kapil sharma 5'11.5"
Tiger shroff 5'11.5"
These are the real height of stars without shoes.
Kei said on 7/Sep/16

Hrithik Roshan has said that he's just under 6 ft, how can you say he's 6'2?

You know the Hrithik height better than him rofl
Luke said on 5/Sep/16
Hrithik roshan is 6'1.5" to 6'2" he is around 1" taller than akshay kumar who is 6'1".he is much taller than 5'9" katrina kaif without heels.
Expert said on 31/Aug/16
@thunder amitabh bachchan was 6'3.5" during his peak and now 6'2" without shoes.hrithik roshan is 6'2" without shoes.akshay kumar is 6'1"
Ron said on 29/Aug/16
Hello Rob, Question for u sir. U are the one with the brains here. I have an picture of Will Smith with Akshay kumar could u guess what the height of Akshay kumar will be here i got 2 pictures.

Click Here

pic 2 : Click Here
Editor Rob: he can look at least 3 inches taller
Jake said on 20/Aug/16
Rob, honestly I feel that all the people here that claim Hrithik Roshan is as tall as 6'2 are delusional are just trolls. What do you think? Are u convinced by these people that Hrithik is as tall as 6'2?
Editor Rob: might be a mixture of both.

I'm certainly not convinced by them!
Pratvik said on 17/Aug/16
Check Hrithik Roshan's google height listing. It has changed to 5'10".
abu said on 17/Aug/16
john is absolutely a troll he is not tall as abhishek check photos he is 4 inches shorter than 6ft2 abhishek
Vivek said on 13/Aug/16
Hrithik is 6'2" and ranvir singh is not 5'11" "varun" he is 6ft remember the song "avien avien" cheh foot se dedh foot ho gaya.No hollywood actor can dance like our bollywood stars...with their years of hardwork every indian star has made a great body...all of them now have six pack abs.They are so rich and have big houses and luxurious cars...India has completely changed in the last 10 years...Indians are doing so well in every field...
MD said on 10/Aug/16
Where are all of these horrible trolls coming from all of a sudden; and it happens on mostly the Indian pages, too. I don't get it.
Varun said on 6/Aug/16
Hrithik is a genuine 6'2" guy he is taller than 5'11" ranvir singh and also taller than 6'1" akshay kumar.Everyone knows hrithik is in the 6'2" range.
heightchecker34 said on 4/Aug/16
* i meant to say Irrfan Khan, not Imran Khan who is actually my height 5'9 (175cm)
heightchecker34 said on 4/Aug/16
Rob, please I beg of you to get rid of all these trolls that seem to come out of the woodwork whenever bollywood celebrities heights are listed. Hrithik is 5'10 plain and simple, even he admits it. 6'2 is so ridiculous, I am Indian myself and watched plenty of his work as well as seen pictures and video of him, he is of average height, maybe even taller for typical Indian height. Thunder192 is a troll and should be banished from this site to make such an idiotic comment, i bet thunder 192 and Varun are the same person with different usernames. Hrithik is shorter than legit 5'11-5'11.5 guys such as Akshay Kumar, Sidharth Malhotra, Ranbir Kapoor, Imran Khan, John Abraham etc... he is barely an inch taller than 5'9 Tiger Shroff. He does wear lifts, his long hair, and thin frame can make him look 6'0, but he has been in this industry for over 15 years and 178 cm is the right height without a shadow of a doubt. Please get your facts right people!
shiva 181 cms said on 3/Aug/16
The average height in india varies by much in well nourished areas i find average being 5'9 the younger generation's average is 5'10-5'11esp in my college when i find dudes mostly in six foot range the tallest guy in my college is a friend of mine he's 6'6 and lanky as hell im 181 and see 1 in five guys taller than me
Reyansh said on 11/Jul/16
Search for sim bhullar and tanveer bhullar.sim is 7'5" and tanveer is 7'3" what personality they have...hrithik is 6'2" without shoes...I am 6'3" tall.
Another_5'8guy said on 10/Jul/16
@cola: "You can't look tall at 180 cm". That's pretty rubbish. 5'11 is the ideal height everywhere. You don't look short, and you don't look too tall being a 5'11. If you're in India, there's no way you would not feel tall being a 5'11.
Another_5'8guy said on 4/Jul/16
A lot of this misunderstanding happens due to our Bollywood films. I mean, anybody who has watched Student of the Year, will blindly accept Siddharth being either 6'1 or 6'2. But, he is really not that tall, 5'10 to be exact. It was because all the other cast were relatively 3 inches shorter than thim. Varun Dhawan(5'7), Alia Bhatt(5'2 or 5'1), Rishi Kapoor(5'6.5 or 5'7), Ronit Roy(5'9), all were shorter than him by quite a considerable margin. So, heights are quite inflated here. More than their Hollywood counterparts.
kattu said on 30/Jun/16
yes its right people thinks than 5ft11 would be short becoz all the actors who r 5ft7 they are listed as 5ft11 on the internet at least they shud put their exact height
Another_5'8guy said on 28/Jun/16
In India, the average is quite low. And, people here too exaggerate their height shamelessly by an inch or two. Guys being 5'5-5'6 claiming 5'8. A 5'9 guy claiming to be 5'11.

But the reality is people are short here. In cities, well in Delhi, a 5'6-5'7 is common for a current 18 yo.

In India, tall starts at 5'9.
5'6 : Ok
5'7 : Above Average
5'8 : Good
5'9 : Near Perfect
5'10 : Perfect
5'11 : Tall
6'0 and above : Really tall.
Rifle said on 28/Jun/16
In National Health Survey it was proved that Mallus are taller than Punjabis.

Average Urban Indian male: 5'7"

Average Rural Indian male: 5'4.5"

Average Urban Indian middle class youth: 5'8"
Thunder said on 28/Jun/16
i would say bcoz these days steroids and hgh are promoted thats y a lot have changed in height in indian this is the reason y a 6ft3 is so short
Linke said on 27/Jun/16
I'll say.

Indian Average

In Villages: 5'4

In Cities: 5'6
Thunder said on 25/Jun/16
if 90% of indians average is 6ft5 inspite being average is 5ft5 as average in india wondering wat all would be the situation of foreign contries
Singh is king said on 24/Jun/16
Look at sim bhullar and tanveer bhullar.i am 6'4" tall.Proud to be a punjabi.In punjab people are really tall.I am proud of my height.
balu said on 20/Jun/16
but this malayali people are only saying 6ft3 is very short dont know y this mallus says like that
Linke said on 20/Jun/16
Kerala Seriously? I used to work there for 2 years. Average height is about 5'4 there. At 5'10 I felt huge there. Most of my malls friends are between 5'4-5'8. Punjabi imo are hands down the tallest in India.
Height Researcher said on 19/Jun/16
i too have interacted with lots of people who were 6ft3 to 6ft5 many have said that they have never seen taller than them except kerala and nba matches so kerala is only the one place where above 6ft3 exist
Max said on 17/Jun/16
@balu I don't know about the other 2 countries, but the average height in America is far from 6ft1.......its more like 5'10" or 5'11".
balu said on 16/Jun/16
if it is in america uk or germany there 6ft3 may not be that tall bcoz averege height there is 6ft1
Malik Iqrab Ullah said on 14/Jun/16
Fake one.. As Salman is jus 5"6' Tall .
And Katrina infact with high heels is 5"9'.
Aza said on 9/Jun/16
Out of interest do you think its the diet that makes Kerala folks tall? If not the would be interested to know why Keralites are tall. Am a sikh punjabi and my height at 3pm is 182.5 cms today and would say that my height compared to Dad, male siblings and cousins (in the UK) is comparable.
balu said on 7/Jun/16
if this thunder is talking only abt kerala i can agree and if he is talking abt whole india then its hard to believe becoz i had also wented to kerala there i have seen a lot of people who were above 6ft3 mostly were 6ft5 to 6ft6 except kerala there r no places in india where people above 6ft3 are and i have came across punjabi people in usa uae and abu dhabhi i can clearly say 60% of them were 5ft5 inches punjabis are so small
Thunder said on 5/Jun/16
@vnmc what is ur height mostly this thing is happening bcoz of steroids and hgh promotion people are at 6ft5 these days in india therefore a 6ft3 guy is shorter
vnmc said on 4/Jun/16
dude thunder, the tallest person i have ever seen in india is in my univ, he is 201 cm as was measured in the medical which is barely 6'7'' and mostly everyone else is sub 5'8'' and reaches the middle of his arms at best. I have talked to people who are 6'8''-7' in the states on this chat site and they have all said they have never seen anyone taller than them apart from at NBA matches (one of them is a state level player and is 6'7'' and the second tallest in his team), so quite this BS now
MD said on 3/Jun/16
Stop. Just stop.
Thunder said on 2/Jun/16
but i didnt feel very taller its true that i am 192cms and i have met amithabh bachchan also he was shorter than me by 2 inches there no actors who r 6ft5 but a lots of common people there across all over india who r 6ft6 to 6ft9 thats y i feel very short in india
John said on 31/May/16
@Jkjk said on 27/May/16
Average height among German urban areas is 176 cm and in Netherlands is 181 cm to the dot which makes 6'3/ 191 cm tall out there as well, so the guy is full of **** for sure max

rather 181 for Germany and 183 for the Netherlands but still a strong 6'3 would be considered tall there as well no matter which area he goes. 6'3 in India will be almost a full foot taller than the national average and more than a half foot (~7 inches) taller than the tallest region's average.
Thunder said on 27/May/16
@max doctors had also meassured me i am at 192cms in my medical reports but yet i am feeling short in india these days many things have changed bcoz of steroids and hgh injections that y i am really short among them and i have gone in several states acrross india many were above me nwadays if we have to be above average and little bit tall among crowdy we have to be minimum 6ft5
Jkjk said on 27/May/16
I am willing to bet he is that same guy who comes as kalu in the Katrina kaif thread based on the similar style of text and he claims to be 5'4 out there ha ha the guy is a troll and having fun typing bs here
Jkjk said on 27/May/16
Average height among German urban areas is 176 cm and in Netherlands is 181 cm to the dot which makes 6'3/ 191 cm tall out there as well, so the guy is full of **** for sure max
Max said on 26/May/16
@Jkjk I completely agree with you. I'm also 5'10", and in India I feel tall, and among foreigners I feel average. Don't really know what the Thunder guy is on about. He either converted wrong from cm to inches or he's actually 5'3". Don't give me that BS about 6'3" being "very short". Even in the Netherlands its still above average. There are many NBA basketball players shorter than 6'3". Where are all the Indian basketball players Thunder? Where are the pics of all these supposedly "tall" Indians?
Thunder said on 25/May/16
@Jkjk i am a 6ft3 inch guy and i am also from kochi yet i feel very short among all kerala men are really so tall must be 6ft6 to 6ft8 infact i have roamed over several states all arround india at 6ft3 all were above me only
Jkjk said on 24/May/16
Dafuq, I live in kochi, I am 5'10 and I feel tall out there, I feel average among the foreigners u don't know **** about height then in fact I love being out here because I can feel tall among the mallus. I am 177.3 on the stadiometer, most people have no clue to their actual height
balu said on 21/May/16
but except kerala there r very less people in all world who r above 6ft3 i have went to a ceremony i have met punjabi punjabi guys were 5ft5 to 5ft7 all were below 5ft10 but all the kerala guys were 6ft
John said on 16/May/16
Rob, how tall would you guess Abhay Deol at?
balu said on 13/May/16
@Thunder yes 6ft3 is average not so tall in places like india netherlands sweden germany us peoples height are same only they r so tall u should choose some other countries
vnmc said on 12/May/16
@joe, he is quite noticeably shorter than amitabh tbh
vnmc said on 12/May/16
confirmed, karim benzema is 5'11-6', maybe even 180 cm if very unlucky, look at him next to ronaldo who is 185 cm, he is noticeably shorter and this site seems pretty accurate
Click Here

he is really small structured though, so can look taller by himself
vnmc said on 12/May/16
@John, ur right, weird as ****, he would be 185 if next to benzema but 176 if next to bale and 179 if next to mordic but benzema is 187, bale is 183 and modric is 174 like wtf lmfao
juju said on 1/May/16
i think he is only 5ft7 maximum @amaze
Amaze said on 28/Apr/16
Hey rob
How tall do you think this new bollywood actor is
His name is tiger shroff
Click Here
Editor Rob: he doesn't really look much different from hrithik
John said on 25/Apr/16
Still dont know what hrithikΒ΄s height is for sure. He was in madrid he looked just as tall as karim benzema (1.87) and shorter than bale (1.83) and way taller than Modric (1.74).
Click Here
Rob you can use one of the pictures from the time he was in madrid in your website.
Thunder said on 19/Apr/16
@max can u tell me one thing which south india are u talking abt if u r talking abt tamil nadu i can little bit agree but if u r talking abt kerala hydrabad or bangalore people r mostly taller than 6ft3 bcoz thats my experience bcoz in kerala 95% peoples where taller than me
007 said on 17/Apr/16
Rob do you think Hrithik's morning height is closer to 5'10.75" or to 5'11"?
Jfjfjfn said on 15/Apr/16
I have a friend who is 5'7 if he is lucky and next to farhan akhtar be was the same height with farhan wearing good shoes which means that guy is 5'6 or 5'6.5" at best and hrithik is about 3" taller than him in znmd barefoot so he is really not even close to 6' i bet if u put him under the stadiometer right now he wouldn't be over 175 or 176 cm
Houdaloth said on 12/Apr/16
You can't always judge someone's height by photos and comparing two people.
People wear different heel heighted shoes and shoe heels can range from flat soles to solid 2 inch heels.
The angle you take a photo can make a massive disreprancy with another photo and in a person's judgement of someone's height compared to another.
I sometimes wear orthotics in my shoes which can give me a 1cm hike on top of the shoes heels.
I took a photo with Hrithik and i am 5'10" barefoot in the morning.
You can clearly see that he is at least an inch taller than me and my heels wear much higher than his.
1.5inch Nike running shoes.
All you guys are speculating.
Comparison can also be a bad with different photos.
Hrithik looks very small when you see him next to Kabir Bedi who really is 6'4" in height.
Choot said on 10/Apr/16
Lol even hrithik is shorter than his statue by an inch or 2 xD
Click Here
Click Here

I'll believe ur words that even his statue is slightly under 6' and hrithik is definitely wearing classic shoes in the pic then he is definitely not a cm over 5'10 if he is lucky could be 5'9 also
vla said on 9/Apr/16
5'10.25-5'10.5 most likely.
Rifle said on 7/Apr/16
If Hrithik is 5'10", how tall do you think the guy standing on the right side of Hrithik is?He claims 6'1".

Click Here

Editor Rob: he doesn't quite look six foot in that photo.
Johno said on 3/Apr/16
I got a friend who is around 5'9.5 or 5'9.75 who has taken a picture with him but friend appeared to edge him. I could not tell what footwear both parties were wearing though and it would it look rather silly if i asked my friend. Perspective and posture may have also distorted things to so I am going to give him the benefit-of-doubt and put him at 5'10 but he was shorter than my 5'9.5-5'9.75 friend for some reason.

Thunder said on 3/Apr/16
@cjicdidjccd i too can understand the feeling bcoz i am a 6ft3 guy yet i am shorter than most in india bcoz all are minimum 6ft6 only i think it may be bcoz of promotion of steroids and injection so ofcource if 6ft3 guy like me is shorter then leave abt 5ft11 to 5ft9 they will be dwarfs only
Max said on 2/Apr/16
@cjicd Whenever I go to an Indian ceremony here in America, I do notice that most Punjab guys are 6ft+...very intimidating haha. Whereas in my South Indian family, I'm considered "tall" at 5'10".

I think a lot of Bollywood actors lie about their height, and are notorious for wearing lifts. I know Shahrukh Khan probably wore lifts when he is acting with the taller Katrina Kaif. So I'd put Hrithik at 5'11" in the morning and a storng 5'10" the rest of the day.
Houdaloth said on 20/Mar/16
Rob you need to list Hrithik as 6ft.
He himself has claimed he is slightly shorter than 6ft in 2 interviews with Hrithikrules website.
His rounded height is 6ft.
5'10" is way too low as i am 5'10" and i took a photo with his statue in Madame Tussauds.
Houdaloth said on 20/Mar/16
Rob you need to list Hrithik as 6ft.
He himself has claimed he is slightly shorter than 6ft in 2 interviews with Hrithikrules website.
His rounded height is 6ft.
5'10" is way too low as i am 5'10" and i took a photo with his statue in Madame Tussauds.
Cjicd said on 20/Mar/16
Yup max, i am in delhi and i am a punjabi guy, people in my area are tall, south indians are scrawny in comparison
Uncle Chicken said on 15/Mar/16
Rob, what would you list Akshay Kumar who's next to Hrithik Roshan in this Click Here
Max said on 15/Mar/16
Why is Siddharth Malhotra listed at 6'0 when in pictures, he seems shorter than hrithik? Rob?
Editor Rob: I've not looked much at Malhotra but they can look quite similar I think.
thunder said on 3/Mar/16
@max womens i am taller than all womens but at 6ft3 mens almost all are taller than me mostly 6ft5 or 6ft6
Borats chicken said on 29/Feb/16
Rob, You think he could reach 179 with a good posture?
Editor Rob: he sure can look it at times
Max said on 23/Feb/16
@cjicdidjccd I don't know if you're talking about an Indian campus, because then I have a hard time believing best the male average will be like 5'8" but Indian females are even shorter like 5'2-5'5. Maybe you're in northern india, because in southern india this has been my experience. Other then that, I agree about feeling average to short at 5'10-5'11, but I'm in America so its even worse. Most guys are 5'11-6'2 here :/. It makes sense, because if I got to 179-180 cm with a 5'5" dad and a 5'3" mom, imagine how tall someone would be if they had tall parents or even average-height parents. There are a few 6 ft Indian girls I've seen though, which surprised me.
John said on 17/Feb/16
Rob is spot on about Hithik.He is exactly 5'10.It's Sonam Kapoor who needs a downgrade to 5'8 or even 5'7.5 though.
cjicdidjccd said on 16/Feb/16
those guys are tall and well built for indians 20 yrs back but with improvement in nutrition standards and other factors, in todays generation they are pretty average to short, i am 179 cm/ 5'10.5'' and i am on the average to short side in my campus. Even the average indian girl these days would stand at almost 5'7'' and average indian guy u see out there (i am taking about middle and upper class families) about 5'11-6', i think we have matched up to western standards now but i doubt it will go beyond this, at least it hasnt for them.
cjicdidjccd said on 16/Feb/16
the thing about all these actors and this is so in hollywood too, they are usually guys with naturally thin body structures like thin wrists, legs, longer torso etc with wide clavicles (and of course, they make their waist proportionally small) and a slightly tall appearing (due to it being thinner) skull, and that is a body structure which gives the impression of size to a good deal (what i am talking is basically the generic swimmer proportions). If you notice, both sid and hrithik have that with long hands (look esp at sid's, i bet he could cover his face with that palm lol) and a slightly tall and thin skull which on camera can make these guys look thin and tall in proportion , so they look taller and bigger in the camera than they are in real. Sid is most probably 179-180 cm on the stadiometer imo and hrithik 177-178. The only reason he looked tall in the first movie (which was pretty BS tbh but ok lol) was because he was next to people wherein male actors were all 5'6-5'8'' or 5'9'' and the female 4'11-5'3''. To further prove my point, amitabh bacchan was 6'2'' at his prime as he himself claims and is surely no more than 6'1'' now and observe how in this pic, even with poor posture , he is significantly taller than everyone.
Click Here
Click Here

and ur going to be shocked when u see this, ranbir is no more than 5'11'' going by this comparison with the barcelona team players and sid is actually a little shorter by like half an inch with same footwear (i mean, i dont know, from the pic i see the camera angle is in favour of sid and ranbir's face is bending down and they are still at same height and was actually stalking barcelona FC, i swear XD)
ranbir with 6'3.5'' gerard pique
Click Here
ranbir with 5'9'' david villa
Click Here
Click Here
ranbir with 5'6.5''-5'7'' messi
Click Here
Click Here

so yeah, i think what i am saying is pretty logical and based on pretty strong evidence, i guess i have stalked bollywood for height at the same level as rob has hollywood XD
Max said on 13/Feb/16
@Rad: It looks like he's wearing lifts in that photo. And I don't think Sonam is 5'9".
Houdaloth Ali said on 11/Feb/16
Hrithik has said in an interview that he is slightly under 6ft tall.
Hrithik has a slim build so he can look small yet tall.
I am 5'10'' in height and took a photo with his statue at Madame Tussauds and he is clearly 1-5 to 2 inches taller than me.
Hrithik is absolutely no way under 5'11 and most likely rounded down and not up IS 5'11 and a half.
His shoes on his statue was very likely only 1 inch, whereas my ones where 1.5 inch Nike trainers.
I am also 5' 9 in the evening so my average height is 5'9 and a half.
Rad said on 8/Feb/16
Here is a picture of Hrtihik and Sonam Kapoor. Sooo what's the verdict here. Sonam is listed at 5ft 9 and Hrithik 5ft 10, but Sonam is wearing heels and still below Hrithik. Click Here
John said on 31/Jan/16

Nice find, that guy is Siddhart Malhotra.Judging by the pictures, he might be exactly the same height as Hrithik barefeet considering the slight footwear disadvantage.So a strong 5'10 maybe?but to be honest its really hard to believe he's not even 5'11.He looks a strong 5'11 on screen.
Let's see what Rob has to say on this one.
cjicdidjccd said on 27/Jan/16
look at this guy with hrithik roshan
Click Here
google says 6' but a lot of sources including imdb says 6'1'' and some people say he is 6'2'' as well, now hrithik is a man who has himself claimed to be under 6' so assuming he is being completely stadiometer height honest, he wont be more than 5'11'' So does that mean that the other guy is only 5'10-5'11''? I dont think either of them even have a footwear advantage/ disadvantage but ur the right man to judge
Click Here
thunder said on 11/Jan/16
whaterver i have meassured my head is reaching till 6ft3 but most of the people whenever i see outside are taller than me must be 6ft5 or 6ft7
jessman said on 6/Jan/16
I spent a couple of weeks in South India. I am 192cm and did not meet any indian person who was within 10cm of me. At one time i was asked to pose for a photo in a provincial town. I'm not sure if it was because of my relatively tall height or my fair skin (or both). Either way, I stood out. A great country by the way.
John said on 4/Jan/16

LOLLL 6'3 average and that too in India???6'3 for an average is very rare even in western countries and you feel short at 6'3 in India? That's immpossible either you are not 6'3 or you really don't have an idea how height is measured/compared.The average height of India as a whole is about 5'4 for males and maybe 5'7 in the tallest regions(northwest India/big cities).You would easily feel tall in india if you are 5'9 or above.
happy said on 3/Jan/16
6ft3 is not so tall but medium i can also see that people in india only are very taller than 6ft3 whenever i go outside
linke said on 1/Jan/16
BMW 186 said on 30/Dec/15
Hrithik Roshan is between 5'10 and 6 ft, because he looks same height as WWE Superstar like John Cena , Steve Austin and CM Punk

Cena and Austin will have easy 2+ on Roshan. Punk could be 5'11 and change.
Max said on 31/Dec/15

6'3" AVERAGE? Yeah right. More like 5'3" average in South Indian places. Post pics or you're lying. And I've recently been to India.....I'm 5'11" and I was comfortably taller than like 90% of men and 100% of women.

@BMW 186

When did he stand next to WWE Superstars? Can you post pics for reference?
Ferris said on 30/Dec/15

which interview or any other sources did he claim that height from? it would b very interesting for some us to c that.
linke said on 25/Dec/15
@ Ferris

Vivek Oberoi claims 5'11.5. Looks strong 5'10 to me.

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

Celebrity Fan Photos and Agency Pictures of stars are © to their respective owners.