How tall is Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan's Height

5ft 5 (165.1 cm)

Indian film actor best known for roles in movies like PK, Andaz Apna Apna, Dil Chahta Hai, 3 Idiots, Like Stars on Earth and Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India. He mentioned his weight in 2016 "I have lost 13 kg and now I weigh 82 [kg]". In 2017 on Red FM he claimed "Five feet Seven inches".

How tall is Aamir Khan
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Average Guess (152 Votes)
5ft 4.54in (163.9cm)
uddipta saikia said on 22/Apr/24
He Looks 163 cm
Jackie Lee said on 24/Dec/22
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Aamir wrote his height as 170 cm in this video at 2:35 😂
Editor Rob
Well, at least he's consistent!
Rukmini Singh said on 2/Aug/22
Rob If You Don't Mind Will You Add Bollywood Actors Like

Akshay Kumar- 5'9
Ajay Devgan- 5'8
Sanjay Dutt- 5'10
Sonu Sood- 6'2
Rukmini Singh said on 28/Jul/22
5'3.5 He Looks For Evening Height For Sure
Underworld said on 7/Jul/22
Aamir Khan- 5'3
Salman Khan- 5'4.5
Shahrukh Khan 5'5.5
uddipta saikia said on 8/May/22
Aamir Khan Is Not Even 5'5.
I Can Give Him 5'3
Aamir sajid said on 7/Jan/22
Aamir Khan height just like for me
Mightyman said on 15/Aug/21
Saw him and Asif Kapadia at the Curzon Cinema in Shaftsbury Avenue roughly late 90's early 2000's. Aamir was sat downstairs at the bar in a burgundy Jacket with a baseball cap, looking rather bulky from weight training. When he walked past me he surprisingly looked 5'7.5. However I believe it was lifts because my friend who met him several times before, noted he looked noticeably taller that day. I think the added bulk also helped, and the fact he was accompanied by a very attractive blonde lady.
Aryan Sachdeva said on 2/Aug/21
@ Editor rob my aunt once met him and i still have the autograph, anyways she ia 5'2 and she told me that he was almost the same height as her, so i don't see him anymore than 5'4 and salman khan is 5'5 and wears 3 inch lifts and shahrukh khan is 5'6 and also wear lifts.
IndianDog said on 12/Jul/21
Aamir Khan is the Rey Mysterio's size of Bollywood. If I'm wrong, I bet you can have my house forever.
IndianDog said on 12/Jul/21
Aamir Khan is the Rey Mysterio's size of Bollywood. If I'm wrong, I bet you can have my house forever.
Rukmini Singh said on 18/Mar/21
Aamir is 5'4 inches not more than that
Linke said on 17/Nov/20
Rob, is he wearing lifts here. Does look much shorter than weak 5'8 Jackie Chan & 5'9 Johnny Depp

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Editor Rob
did look 5ft 6 easily enough there!
timo said on 2/Sep/20
He is 5 4. Kareena Kapoor is 5 5 and she stands (his height was only reached her forehead) taller than him barefeet in photoshoot (check google image).
TidalWave2 said on 23/Aug/20
Here he is dancing around barefoot. Looks super small. Click Here
Linke said on 11/Jul/20
Claims rather optimistic 5'7" around 0.25 mark

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varun pratap singh said on 24/May/20
i think he is not even more than 5 .4 and a half .please make a page on virat kohli and ranveer singh.
varun pratap singh said on 24/May/20
i think he is not more than 5.4 and a half inches ,may be 163 or 164 cm. rob please make a page on virat kohli an ranveer singh.
Suraj Singh said on 16/May/20
According to me Aamir khan - 5'5"(165cm)
Salman khan is also is same height or 2 cm more if you see movie andaz apna apna both looks exactly the same height in every scenes.
Saad Majid said on 11/Jan/20
Thank you rob for the personal reply, Keep up the good work. This website inspires me a lot.
Linke said on 11/Jan/20
Hi Rob,

Here's Aamir (with sizeable footwear) with his son. He could be 6'0 at least.

Click Here
Linke said on 11/Jan/20
That's Sachin Tendulkar. Who is perhaps 5'4-5'5. Aamir is notorious for shoe lifts. Surprisingly both men have sons standing over 6'1"
Saad Majid said on 9/Jan/20
Hi rob im a huge fan of this website. I was just wondering how tall do you think the man standing right next to Aamir Khan. He is the guy with the black suit and tie. Click Here
Editor Rob
He's got to be at least 1.5 inches smaller...however, what Khan's footwear is like is a mystery, and as you probably know he sometimes enjoys a thick sole to boost himself a bit.
uddipta saikia said on 20/Nov/19
Sir he is 162cm downgrade please
Aditya jha said on 1/Nov/19
They say whatever they want . Ranveer singh claims to be 6 feet . Look at him with anushkha Sharma and deepika padukone . And further prabhas is 6"1 and really looks tall
jriggs said on 18/Jun/19
More 5'4.5

I will give benefit of doubt and say 5'4 3/4
174guy said on 4/May/19
U should see him with jackie chan and jhonny depp
Musclehead said on 14/Apr/19
Perfect estimation. He's a strong 5'5", an inch and half or two shorter than Salman and Shah Rukh
MRD said on 6/Apr/19
5'4" is his correct height. Seems like 163 cms guy. Salman is 167 cms guy. More talented the other khans.
afzal said on 2/Apr/19
If aamir is 165then Salman is no more from 169 im sure rob please check and downgrade salman and Anushka also
Linke said on 20/Mar/19
Rob, perhaps you should add few more Bollywood actors who have pretty much taken over the industry in the past 2-3 years.

Ranveer Singh - 176 (Claims 6 foot with shoes)

Varun Dhawan - 171-173 range

Vicky Kaushal - 188-190 range

Kartik Aryan - 178 maybe.
Anonynon said on 31/Dec/18
5'5" flat is quite accurate.
Chand said on 31/Oct/18
Totally correct estimation. He is certainly more than 5'4" for those who say he is less than 5'4". He looked slightly taller than kareena in 3 Idiots who is 5'4" In my opinion
Aamir is 165 cm,
Salman around 169-170 cm, and Shahrukh is 171-172 cm.
M Anas Jamshed said on 3/Sep/18
He is 5'3(min) to 5'4(max). Amir khan and Sachin Tendulkar almost has the same height .
Sachin is 5'3(very short) and i think aamir has little bit edge on sachin so he should be 5'3.5
Fabio said on 12/Jul/18
82 kg for 5ft 5in. What?!
MAD SAM said on 3/May/18
160-162 cm, this guy looks so short when he takes off his shoes beside Asin in Ghajini
Nicthecook said on 18/Mar/18
You need to downgrade him Rob. Google and other sources list him at 5'4''.
Editor Rob
Google also put Justin at 188cm, you can see 5ft 4 Aamir and 6ft 2 Justin Here.

So 10 inches apart, or 9 inches because of 1 inch more footwear with Khan.
Ankit Chatterjee said on 12/Mar/18
He is my favourite actor...I just love his film 3 idiots...He is short-heighted but very much talented. He is also very helpful and through satyameva Jayate he had spread a positive vibe to people...I appreciate him and his hard work a lot....
afzal said on 9/Mar/18
Google search saying that he is 163 cm now rob plz downgrade
Linke said on 1/Mar/18
Rob, will you consider adding Ranveer? He is one of the famous bollywood actors today and his audacious claim makes it even funnier.

Here are some of his pictures for comparison

With 5'9 Anil Kapoor
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

With strong 5'7 Shah Rukh & Salman
Click Here
Click Here

With strong 5'11 Ranbir Kapoor
Click Here

With Amitabh who is weak 6'1 these days

Click Here

He can look anywhere between 174 cms to 178 cms. He is notorious for wearing shoe lifts at times.
Click Here
Editor Rob
5ft 9 might be possible for him.
Linke said on 23/Feb/18
Rob, how tall will you guess Ranveer Singh as? He doesn't look anything near 6'2"
Editor Rob
Yeah, I would list him a few inches shorter than that.
Linke said on 20/Feb/18
Rob,can he be more in 5'4 range? His claim of 5'7" is purely atrocious. Also can you add Ranveer Singh, he barely looks full 5'10 next to Shah Rukh and Hrithik Roshan but he claims 6'2" (or is it 6 with shoes), either ways he looks more 5'9 than 6

Click Here
Tallish89 said on 26/Jan/18
Trying understand why he claims 5'7 not even close to it
Peace said on 7/Jan/18
Kareena Kapoor is like 5'4.5 eat and taller than Amir he needs to be downgraded 5'5 is to much
Amar said on 30/Dec/17
Aamirkhan is actually 5.7/170 l think.
Aamir also has claimed 5.7.but media hilight 5.5/5.6..u may see I m in china video of 2017 Apr....sachin 5.5 srk5.9 sallu5.8 ajay5.9 Kiran 5.3..check it out.
Saif5.8 none can say real but person only
Amar said on 30/Dec/17
Media hilight 5.5/5.6 ...but l think aamirkhan is clear 5.7/170cm...ak has claimed 5.7..u may see I m in china video of 2017...sachin is 5.5.u may picture with aamir...none can guess except person himself...srk5.9 sallu5.8 ajay5.9 saif5.8
raju said on 18/Dec/17
He is 5ft 2 or 5ft 3 nothing more than that
Ravi said on 24/Nov/17
I think 5'4.5"
mrniceguy said on 29/Oct/17
Aamir Khan is maximum 5'4''. Can be seen clearly in films like 3 Idiots and PK where he is playing a way younger version of himself (wearing converse shoes that don't have heels) and where he is barefeet (see the opening shot of PK where he is also naked). Great actor though!
jaggu said on 18/Oct/17
he claims to be 5ft 7 inches at around 0.24 mark Click Here
meson777 said on 17/Oct/17
@John V. you can search Erdogan,Trump-Erdogan,Obama Erdogan looks 1-1.5cm shorter than obama . Looks similar with Trump .
John V. said on 7/Oct/17
And how tall do you think turkish president erdogan is based on this photo Rob?
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oliver said on 20/Sep/17
In my opinion,5ft 10-11 is perfectly tall for an Asian man, and for a western one,6ft 2-3. Aamir is short but quite talented. The average height of an Indian male is about 5ft 6, and he is still under it.
Pijush das said on 8/Sep/17
Amir Khan 5.4"5,,,,,
Salman 5.5"5""""""real,,,, real real
Nik said on 26/Aug/17
The average vote is spot on.
Asim said on 7/Aug/17
Aamir has claimed that he is 170cm
anas jamshed said on 24/Jul/17
he is not more than 5'3. 5'4 in asia is not look short like amir
yuvraj said on 16/Jun/17
aamir khan 5feet 5 inch tall
oliver said on 13/Jun/17
Rob,can you please take a look at the pics of Aamir and Anushka on google. You have them,four inches apart but when they're both in flat shoes,there seems to be only three inches or so. Can you upgrade Aamir or downgrade Anushka(by a little fraction)? Plus, Anushka admitted she was slightly shorter than Katrina Kauf.
I'd love to hear your opinion, Rob.
Eddie is under 170 said on 3/Jun/17
How tall is sin cara mistico?
www said on 26/May/17
With Jackie Chan, who is currently 5'8" Aamir looks 5'6". In the below photos I think Jackie is wearing shoes that give him an inch. Unfortunately I couldn't find any photos which include footwear.

Click Here
Click Here
sekh irfan said on 20/May/17
i guess that he is not more than 5ft
Tallish89 said on 16/May/17

Rani isn't 5'4.5 lol she's more 4'11

That height claim is a big lie
Afzal said on 11/May/17
he is no more than 5.3
AMIT said on 10/May/17
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khan said on 29/Apr/17
confirmly I say that
he's 5'2"-5'3"
MRD said on 29/Apr/17
My friend met Aamir in a hotel & he told me that Aamir is similar to my height or even little shorter. My height is 164cms, so my guess for Aamir would be 163-164 cms.
Freak said on 25/Mar/17
I'd say 5'4' for him,Seen some of his movies..Nice actor but he is short even for Indian standards..always looked 1.5-2 inches shorter than 5'6' Salman Khan ..They all wear elevator shoes to maintain a taller frame not sure about Aamir But confident for Salman..Some even claim Salman is 5'8' I mean really..??5'4'5 at most for Aamir..
Aaron said on 15/Mar/17
I don't believe Aamir khan is as short as 5ft 5. In most recent pictures with him standing next to sharukhan he looks about the same height.. my guess is about 5ft6 Click Here
Green said on 25/Jan/17
Nowadays 1.75 m looks quite short. So it's understandable why people would think Aamir is very very short. I would guess Aamir's height to be 1.68 m.
5'7 guy said on 19/Jan/17
I've seen plenty of aamir khan's movies... I know a couple of years ago his height was listed as 5'6 and has since gone down. I would say he is a weak 5'6 or 5'5.75 in my opinion and should be upgraded.
Aza said on 25/Dec/16
As listed. Another great performance in 'Dangal'.
Anonymous said on 8/Oct/16
strong 1.68
Varun said on 6/Aug/16
Aamir khan is 5'7" .He has himself claimed it.
heightchecker34 said on 3/Aug/16
Aamir Khan looks around the 5'5 range. I'm Indian and watched many of his films, he is truly quite short. It is amazing what he has done in the film industry despite his small stature. The problem I see now is that Bollywood wants to be hip and glamorous rather than portraying actual talented actors. His debut was during the 80's, however for today's standards because of his size he would most likely have ended up as a comedy act. One of the greatest actors in the world, period.
Varun said on 29/Jul/16
Aamir khan has claimed he is 5'7"
green said on 25/Jul/16
We're all guessing here, but I would be very surprised if Aamir Khan was even a little under 1.68 m. He is a strong 5'6" in my opinion.
Aswin Kini MK said on 29/May/16
@Rob: I noticed that you have included a film titled "Like Stars on Earth", I was just wondering if it was a bollywood/hollywood film and realized it is the literal translation of one of his films (Actual Title in Hindi: Taare Zameen Par (meaning stars on earth)). I am sure you included the English translation to provide more familiarity to non-Indian fans, but the title is a bit misleading
Editor Rob
it just seems to be the English title of the movie when released on DVD.
kalu said on 27/May/16
yes ur correct.he looks so small in frnt of kat dp anu.he is 5'4"
Jkjk said on 24/May/16
I call bs, my dad is 166 cm and he has met aamir, aamir is considerably shorter might even give him 160-161 not kidding
Observer said on 19/May/16
Rob- if you look at Aamir Khan, he looks more in the 5' 4" to 5' 4.5" range. what do you say?
Editor Rob
I can certainly see how people guess him that short.
issa said on 17/May/16
Jason said on 4/May/15
Yeah Rob add Akshay Kumar on this page please!

Rob, can you please add Akshay Kumar at 5'10.5? He does seem to be an inch shorter than 5'11.5 John Abraham.
ab said on 17/Apr/16
aamir is 5'4" n 7"shorter than katrina ,deepika.6/6.5" than anushka clearly in p.k.
Rifle said on 3/Mar/16
If the shorter guy( a former cricket player)in the pic below is 6'1"|185cm tall, how tall is the guy in the red T-Shirt?

Click Here

Editor Rob
might be 6ft 10 or near it
Nancy said on 27/Jan/16
wear elevator shoes can make him look a little taller
MD said on 23/Dec/15
Apropos of nothing, he has put on a quite a bit of weight. Here is two pics one from May and one from August:

Click Here

Click Here

Most recently, he's gone almost totally grey, too.
Smarty said on 20/Nov/15
He indeed looks barely 5' 5'', so the estimate is just spot on.
uhjik said on 12/Oct/15
my uncle has met salmaan khan face to face in the 90's and has seen aamir khan too, he is 166 cm, salmaan khan was half an inch taller and aamir 1.5 inches shorter
munna said on 18/Jun/15
Aamir Khan is actually 5'4" Salman Khan is 5'5.5" & Shahrukh is 5'6.5" or 5'7". They wear elevator shoes which adds 2-3 inches to their heights.
Emil 182 cm said on 22/May/15
Holy crap his head is enormous lol
Hypado said on 17/May/15
Arch Stanton

Dharmendra looks 10 cm shorter than 188 cm Amitabh Bachchan in Sholay, one of the best movies ever.

5ft 10in in the peak for Dharmendra.
Arch Stanton said on 14/May/15
Rob, Dharmendra and Rekha please!
Amaze said on 13/May/15
Looooool MD trust me man this joker needs a award
swapnil said on 10/May/15
Sachin tendulkar is 5'6" and aamir khan is 5'8".look at aamir's picture with sachin tendulkar posted by green.srk is 5'10" without shoes and salman is 5'9.5" without shoes.just use ur common sense guys.
issa said on 6/May/15
Rob, can you add Dharmendra at 5'10 peak height and 5'8 current height?
Arch Stanton said on 6/May/15
Thanks Rob!
swapnil said on 5/May/15
Aamir khan is 5'7" without shoes and akshay kumar is 6'1" without shoes.
Arch Stanton said on 4/May/15
Yes Amaze, I think Dharmendra did actually look a legit 5'10.
Arch Stanton said on 4/May/15
Rob it's now May and my birthday ;-) Can you add Rajesh Khanna at 5'7.5 and Dharmendra at 5'10 then?
Editor Rob
hope you have a great Birthday!
Jason said on 4/May/15
Yeah Rob add Akshay Kumar on this page please!
issa said on 3/May/15
Rob,can you just add Rajesh Khanna at 5'7.5?
Jake said on 3/May/15
Rob, Aamir Khans son is pretty tall considering how short Aamir is. How tall do you think he is?

Click Here

Click Here
Editor Rob
might be near 6ft.
rr said on 2/May/15
Like the Aishwarya Rai page, this also seems to have become a general discussion spot for Bollywood heights. In the last 25 comments or so, hardly 5 are on Aamir Khan. Though i would go with 5'5"
rr said on 2/May/15
Check the last para in this link on Aamir Khan. Click Here
Amaze said on 2/May/15
@issa I always thought akshay Kumar was 180cm ish

@arch Stanton yes dharmendra imo was a solid 178 when young. He's 80 this year, he must be 5'8 now. How tall do you think his son Sunny deol is and younger son bobby?
Arch Stanton said on 30/Apr/15
If you watch Dharmendra at 38 minutes in that link I actually think he looks too tall to only be 5 ft 9. 5 ft 10 might be a better shout. I doubt he's lot three inches, I'd guess that as usual with Bollywood celebs users are underestimating them out of jealousy or whatever.
Arch Stanton said on 30/Apr/15
Dharmendra can actually look the full 5 ft 10 actually at times.
Arch Stanton said on 30/Apr/15
Rob, Dharmendra is another one really worth adding, also one of the biggest Bollywood legends. You can see if with Amitabh Bachchan at 27-28 minutes particularly 28:10. Listed at 5 ft 10, I'd say 5'9 range looks about right. Click Here Today people say Dharmendra is nearer 5 ft 7, somewhere in 5'9-5'9.5 range peak might be a good shout.
issa said on 29/Apr/15
Rob,do you mind adding Akshay Kumar at around 5'10?
Amaze said on 28/Apr/15
@Arch Stanton yeah dev too me looks like he could be in that range. I remember how he was tall for his time(he said he was a tall Bollywood actor).

Yeah I'll remind you in two weeks. Rajesh indeed to me looks 171.
Arch Stanton said on 28/Apr/15
There's a few films of Rajesh Khanna I wanted to watch like Dushman and Prem Nagar where I can get another good look at him.
Arch Stanton said on 28/Apr/15
5'7.5 for Rajesh Khanna I think might indeed be a good shout. Will remind you in about two weeks. You remember too Amaze otherwise I might forget!
Arch Stanton said on 28/Apr/15
Anand might have been similar to G in that 5'6.5-5'7 range yeah. Those are guys Rob really ought have pages for I think, and will no doubt get traffic.
Amaze said on 27/Apr/15
@Arch Stanton yeah I think 171-2 range is possibly, how tall do you think dev anand was 170cm ? 5'7 flat ?

When I went to India last summer when I was 5'7 flat, I felt comfortably above average. I saw a lot of 5'4-5'5 guys and I felt above average. I did see some taller guys though like 5'9. I saw nobody taller than that. Im 5'8 now probably conaidered near tallish for an Indian at 173cm
Ricky muliawan hansyar 171(cm) said on 27/Apr/15
Rob.what do you think about Aamir khan eye level?
Editor Rob
for his height bigger than average, but overall maybe not that much more than average.
Bob said on 26/Apr/15
He's more a 5'4.5 or 164 cm...have met him personally twice.
green said on 26/Apr/15
168 is short, Aamir looks 168 rather than 165
Sachin Tendulkar is 165 and Aamir is clearly taller than him, refer
Click Here
Aamir is very close to Shahrukh, refer
Click Here
Aamir is taller than Aishwarya Rai who is listed at 169 on celebheights refer (near the bottom you can see footwear, for the older ones I couldn't find pics with footwear)
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Aamir is not dwarfed as a 165 person should be when standing next to Amitabh bachchan and shahrukh khan, refer
Click Here
Click Here
This is why Aamir gives me a 168 impression, although I can see why some people may think he is shorter as his physique has wide shoulders and hips which will make a short person look even shorter.
ArjunaKorale said on 24/Apr/15
Thanks for adding him, Rob & team. Yes, I can see something like 5 ft 5 or 5 ft 6 for Aamir too. I prefer this version of Aamir Khan to the taller boxer Amir Khan, lol!
Arch Stanton said on 23/Apr/15
Yeah 5'7.5 for that generation in India wouldn't have been short at all. Even today overall it's above average in India!
Arch Stanton said on 23/Apr/15
Rob, how does 5'7.5-5'7.75 for Rajesh Khanna sound? That's what Amaze thinks and if you saw his footwear with Amitabh he had a bit of disadvantage with flats. He's definitely worth adding. I'd like to see Abraham added too.
Editor Rob
remind me in May if I don't add him, around 5ft 7.5 seems possible.
Amaze said on 23/Apr/15
Aamir may be a good actor a very good one but that doesn't change the teuth
He shouldn't be 168 because he isn't. This site is about true heights, 165 is good.
MD said on 23/Apr/15
He's a short guy, and it's further accentuated by how wide he is in the shoulders and hips:

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

He has been wise to be on top of his fitness, because this is the kind of build where it is very easy to put on a lot of fat.
heightism said on 22/Apr/15
aamir deserves 168
Hypado said on 21/Apr/15
The most popular Bollywood actor finally in

My guess is 168 cm for Aamir Khan.
Amaze said on 21/Apr/15
I reckon John Abraham is a honest 183cm or 6'0' he looks quite tall, in some music vid,eo he looked around 3cm or an inch taller than Akshay Kumar
Amaze said on 21/Apr/15
@Arch Stanton Rajesh Khanna omg what a actor RIP. He didn't seem that short on TV but I reckon he's maybe 171/2 , shahrukh salman height.
Rip he had bad illness.
Arch Stanton said on 21/Apr/15
Generally yes I think somewhere in 5 ft 7 range is more likely than 5 ft 9, I wouldn't rule out 5 ft 8 though. Check out Rajesh Khanna's filmography!! Click Here He was nominated for the Indian equivalent of the Oscars 14 times!! I think him and Rekha are definitely worth adding. Khanna was the so-called "first superstar of Indian cinema" and more famous than Amitabh at one point. I'll need to watch a few more of his films though to really get an idea.
Amaze said on 21/Apr/15
Oh yes rob thanks for putting him on here! You put the right/good films and a good photo and description too

Always knew he was this short though. 5'6 was high for him . he's the shortest of The three khans. Shahrukh 171 salman 172 and aamir 165. His son is very tall for an Indian though, looks 6'2-3.
Arch Stanton said on 21/Apr/15
Mmm at 1 hr 44-46 in that clip Khanna looks surely nearer 5 ft 9 if you consider his footwear too. What would you guess Rob? Something around your sort of height might be nearer I'm not sure.
Arch Stanton said on 21/Apr/15
Ah but Rajesh Khanna is practically flat footed and Amitabh in dress shoes. Somewhere 5'7-5'8 might be about right.
Arch Stanton said on 21/Apr/15
Click Here

See 28 minutes there, Rajesh Khanna is the shorter guy on the right. Actually seems more a weak 5 ft 7.
Editor Rob
he could be near that 5ft 7.
Arch Stanton said on 21/Apr/15
Click Here See if you can work out Abraham's height from that. I reckon he's a smidge over 6'.
Editor Rob
I wouldn't go over 6ft for him.
Arch Stanton said on 21/Apr/15
Thanks Rob, I was going to request him agai myself and say he's definitely worth adding. Can you also looking into adding John Abraham (I reckon 6'0.25) and Rajesh Khanna (like Amitabh Bachchan a legend of the screen) . Not sure on Khanna, looks a lot shorter than Amitabh in Anand, perhaps about 5 ft 8 not sure I 'll have to check.

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