How tall is Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard's Height

6ft 9 ¼ (206.4 cm)

American basketball player, who has played Center for teams like LA Lakers, Washington Wizards and Charlotte Hornets. He said in 2013 "I’m 6-9, 6-10". In 2004 and 2019 he was measured around 6ft 9 without shoes and said "Well I’m 6-foot-9, so I’m good.", although he was then listed as 6ft 9.75.

How tall is Dwight Howard
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6ft 8.96in (205.6cm)
recapa said on 6/Nov/20
legit 6ft9 for dwight.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 27/May/20
Sometimes standing alone Dwight can look 6'8. Maybe extreme broad shoulders push him look shorter but with high eye level than usual 6'9 guys he give off 6'10 impression with some players.
Canson said on 28/Mar/20
He’s not as tall as Davis. Maybe Howard got measured early and Davis was later in the day this pre season

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Only about DeMarcus Cousins’s height. 6’9 flat (6’9.5 pre draft). It’s likely Howard received an afternoon measurement or that he grew since he was drafted. If he edges Boogie out it’s by 1/4” perhaps like Rob has him listed

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Jean214 said on 14/Mar/20
Strong 6'9.25, look taller than that because of his morphology but 6'9.25 is good,weak 6'9.5 (207), sometimes look it. Very Similar to KD
Canson said on 9/Feb/20
@Editor Rob: this may be his afternoon height being he doesn’t look shorter than Kevin Durant. Also I would surmise that Anthony Davis is an afternoon height as he never looks much less than 6’10”. So that said, 1 of 2 things. it’s possible Howard got an afternoon measurement And the hair he has influenced it or they may have given him that because of his position. Remember he claimed 6’9 just like Isaiah Thomas claims 5’8 but both are listed 6’10 and 5’9”. Other variable could be that Davis may have gotten afternoon measurement and Howard morning. But not sure what happened with Lebron. Lebron likely got a shoe measurement
Canson said on 9/Feb/20
@Junior: in some pics they’re the same. In some Lopez is slightly taller. The one thing I’m going to say about KG is he’s 6’11” flat not 6’11.25”. Maybe lunchtime but Shaq May very well be a weak 7’0” and Shaq has noticeable height on KG
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 18/Nov/19
@Canson Lopez is never taller than a bald KG without a hair.
Tra### said on 12/Nov/19
He tall anyway regardless of footwear
Canson said on 9/Nov/19
@Joe: I bet Chandler measured 6’11.5 and rounded him up to 7’0”. Same with Lopez. Lopez actually looks taller than Garnett so I wonder if he grew? But Frank Ntilikina is an odd case. He was supposedly going to be 6’5” this year but is now 6’4? He said out of his own mouth that he’s 194 cm 6’4.5 in an article. So I wonder if that was really morning height and he was rounded down or if he was measured in the afternoon or if he really is only a solid or weak 6’4” guy in the afternoon. I actually could’ve believed 6’4.25-.5 for him so it’s confusing
joe### said on 24/Oct/19
Tyson Chandler is also listed at 7'0, I think lopez that 6'11.5 is possible.
Canson said on 23/Oct/19
@Joe: he’s listed 7’0” now but so is Serge Ibaka lol
Canson said on 22/Oct/19
@Joe: you’re right
Canson said on 21/Oct/19
@Junior: more I see I think 6’9.25 is fine.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 21/Oct/19
I can see there is 2cm between Howard and AD. If AD is 6'9.75" a low then it impact DeMarcus Cousins to be as low as 6'9 not his drafted result of 6'9 1/2 because there is also 2cm between AD and Cousins.
joe### said on 20/Oct/19
Lopez never looks 7'0, maybe 6'11.5
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Canson said on 20/Oct/19
@Rising: I think the listing that Rob gave him looks good now. 6’9.25”. He is prob strong 6’9”. Likely he got that listing now because AD did. I’d bet that AD’s is a low and his 6’9.75 is earlier in the day if I had to guess.
Canson said on 19/Oct/19
@Rob: is that 6’9.75 accurate?
Editor Rob
Yeah it seems that was what he's been given.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 19/Oct/19
The upgrade was predictable. Dwight Howard had 6'8 3/4 drafted measured Chandler Parsons at a solid 1/2". Which both is morning height for sure. I wouldn't disagree if Howard might be 2" over Lebron, Chandler is probably a tap under 6'8 1/2 a low.
Canson said on 14/Oct/19
@JT; Howard’s Head is tilted up. He’s not as tall as Bosh in reality. 6’9” range looks right. About 2” taller than Lebron who is 6’7”. He claimed 6’9” this year too. Not so sure AD is “at least 6’10”. He’s not as tall as Lamarcus Aldridge. I would’ve given him 6’9.75 perhaps 6’11 in b-ball sneaks
Canson said on 14/Oct/19
@JT; Howard’s Head is tilted up. He’s not as tall as Bosh in reality. 6’9” range looks right. About 2” taller than Lebron who is 6’7”. He claimed 6’9” this year too
Canson said on 14/Oct/19
@Christian: Howard’s Head is slightly raised tho making his eye level higher

@Viper: I agree. I doubt an afternoon Carter is more than 6’5” flat maybe even a touch below. Draymond can appear taller than him
Canson said on 14/Oct/19
@Rising: he looks short here but maybe it’s angle or that Lopez is standing on higher ground. I’ve always wondered about Lopez. Maybe he’s 7’0” now perhaps

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Canson said on 14/Oct/19
@Rising: I think at times he can look 6’9.25-.5. With Harden who I have 6’3.5” I think 6’9-9.25
viper said on 14/Oct/19
I guessed his shoe size of at least 17 maybe 18.

It's 18. They look gigantic
viper said on 14/Oct/19
He's the only honest NBA player
JT said on 13/Oct/19
6’9” is too low. Click Here The camera is in front of Lebron and Carmelo Anthony so everyone is disadvantaged a bit the farther you go left and right. Click Here

Click Here It would be nice to see some full body pics of Howard with Anthony Davis, who’s at least 6’10”
198 cm e Asian boy said on 13/Oct/19
he's about 204-205 cm ...
Canson said on 13/Oct/19
@Zahid: it’s about 2” between Lebron and Howard. 6’7” vs 6’9”
Canson said on 13/Oct/19
@Viper: carter could even be 6’5.25-.5 range and sub 6’5 or solid at a low. I never got a 6’5+ vibe
Rising174cm said on 12/Oct/19
@Canson: I still don't see under 6'9.5" with Pau even assuming Pau is a flat 7'0": Click Here but you're right about Bosh. Assuming Bosh didn't grow past his pre-draft 6'10.25" measurement, a 21 year old Howard looked 6'9" flat with him: Click Here So it's weird because Dwight has looked nothing over 6'9" a number of times to the present day so I can buy him never growing past it, but other times he just looks taller. I don't buy Pau being anything under 7'0" either. Here he is with a roughly 6'11" Dirk: Click Here Click Here Click Here and in general, Pau always looked t least 7' with Kobe and was about the same height as Andrew Bynum and Bynum was supposedly measured 7'0.25" without shoes by the Lakers. Of course, what viper says about Carter is always possible since they don't get any more precise than quarter inches. Sometimes I think Carter seems more like a flat 6'5" guy, though other times he seems his measurement to me and he does have a tendency to slouch making it even tougher to say.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 12/Oct/19
@Zahid It's not footwear issues, both wear similar shoes in this commercial shots it's Lebron hair you miss out need to be discounted. Lebron measure at 6'7.25" during draft so 6'9 belongs to Howard nothing's wrong. 1.75" spotted not 1.5". Both were like 1/4 inch literally under drafted measurement.
Zahid said on 12/Oct/19
I don't see more than 1.5" gap between Lebron and Dwight: Click Here

The footwears are not visible. But if they are one similar platforms and footwear, Dwight would be a weak 6'9" guy.
viper said on 12/Oct/19
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 9/Oct/19
Thee Rock has never been taller than 6'2" IMO

Sorry Junior, he really doesnt
viper said on 12/Oct/19
Carter might have been 6-5 3/8 rounded up
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 11/Oct/19
Made 6'3" Titus O'neil look 6'2", lol. Click Here
Jason Lee said on 11/Oct/19
@Big Rob

If KG is a solid 6'11. Does Dwight look atleast 6'10 in this picture?

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Canson said on 11/Oct/19
@Rob: you should add this quote from 2019. He says here that he is 6’9”. So in this case maybe the measurements that these people are posting for guys like he Draymond Rose Lebron etc really are accurate.

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Canson said on 11/Oct/19
@Rising: I’ve always thought maybe he gained 1/2”. If I had to guess he’s poss 6’9.25. Maybe he should get that listing best case. I saw him with Gasol and he looks 6’9” and could with Metta World Peace who I think is strong 6’5 6’5.25-.5 range. I would say Carter is an early measurement. I have him at 6’5” and Kobe 6’4.75, then Harden 6’3.5”. For a while (after 2009) they were morning at least in most years. But with Bosh he looks 6’9” and with Love but I’ve heard Love is only 6’7” or closer to 6’7” than 6’8” (possibly layed down before being measured)
Wingspanpro said on 10/Oct/19
With 6'7.75 Boozer and 6'10.25 Bosh
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with 6'11 Brad Miller and Bosh 6'10.25
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with 6'9.25 Stoudemire Click Here

with 6'9.5 Clint Capela Click Here

with 6'9.25 Al horford Click Here

Dwight Howard is 6'9.5
K.A 188 ! said on 10/Oct/19
Chill with your long ass post.
We have seen enough pictures to be sure that he is not below 6ft9.
Nice job though 👍 the pictures looked decent for proper guessing unlike some certain posters here who cherry pick pictures. ..
Rising174cm said on 10/Oct/19
Didn't Dwight once claim to be 6'9.5" in the Orlando Sentinel or some other Orlando paper when he was breaking out as a star with the Magic? These comparisons may show you why I can't really decide whether Dwight never grew past 6'9"(I also believe there's a good chance Durant didn't), grew to the 6'9.5" he supposedly once claimed or even 6'10" as I've seen either JT or Vegas argue.

Dwight looked more like 6'10" with 6'4.75"-6'5" Kobe: Click Here Click Here Click Here I assume 6'4.75" is Kobe's low, but Dwight easily looks 5" taller and 6'5.5" measured Vince Carter measures up better than Kobe, but Dwight still looks 6'10" with him: Click Here Even if 6'5.5" was an earlier measurement for Vince, Dwight still looks taller than 6'9" with him and this is also certainly true next to 6'8.5" measured Rashard Lewis: Click Here The "short" guy in these last two photos is 5'11" measured Jameer Nelson who can look close to, if not a foot shorter than Dwight in these photos.

Dwight also looked more 6'10" than 6'9" with legit 7'0" Pau Gasol: Click Here Click Here Gasol was reportedly 214.5 cm according to his days in Spain.

But Dwight doesn't always look over 6'9", such as this photo with other Rockets big men: Click Here Hakeem Olajuwon is generally believed to be 6'10" as opposed to the 7'0" he was listed at and he looks about an inch taller than Dwight while there's some dispute whether Yao even attended the pre-draft camp, though he was listed as having measured 7'5" and Dwight only reaches his upper lip, though Yao's trainer Anthony Falsone said he measured 7'5.75" before the 2004 season started and I honestly believe that. The other big men are Ralph Sampson(listed here at 7'2" peak and 7'1" current here) and Elvin Hayes(listed 6'9" as an NBA player, but probably shrunk by age 67 in the photo) and Dwight looks about an inch taller than Hayes and maybe 3.5" shorter than Sampson so generally looks 6'9"-6'9.5" range with them. Here's another photo showing Hakeem taller than Dwight despite a camera disadvantage: Click Here and another photo with Yao and Hayes: Click Here Dwight still barely reaches above Yao's lip, but below his nose, though he does look more like a couple of inches taller than Hayes here. Keep in mind, Yao looks nearly a head taller than Hayes and Yao has an enormous head plus Hakeem struggles to reach Yao's nose and Sampson looks around 5" shorter there since he's maybe the slightest bit above Yao's eyes so unless Sampson was 7'0" by 53 or Hayes had shrunk below 6'7" by 67, Yao is closer to 7'6" than 7'5" as Falsone claimed and I've posted photos on Yao's page where this easily looks to be the case with 7'1.25" measured Dikembe Mutombo.

Dwight and 6'1" measured Steve Nash: Click Here Click Here Dwight only looks 6'9" in the first pic, but Nash appears to have a camera advantage and Dwight looks 6'10"+ in the second photo. Dwight is also more than a head taller than 5'11.5" Kemba Walker in this pic: Click Here This is probably exaggerated by Walker's wider stance, but even so, it's tough to believe that's only a 9.5" difference.

With 6'4" measured James Harden: Click Here Click Here Click Here If Harden's measurement is correct(some believe it was probably earlier in the day) then Dwight looks to be maybe a weak 6'10" in the first photo, strong 6'9", possibly 6'9.5" in the 2nd and then just about 6'9" in the back to back photo, but Harden actually doesn't measure up much worse than Kobe. Kevin Durant didn't look any taller than Dwight next to Harden either and while the one photo we have of Dwight and Durant(who was 20 in the photo) isn't conclusive: Click Here it looks like they'd be very similar if Durant weren't slouching.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 9/Oct/19
Thee Rock has never been taller than 6'2" IMO 😂😂😂
Canson said on 9/Oct/19
@Junior: possibility. But i bet he was 6’9.25 or .5 and was rounded down. He doesn’t look too much less than maybe 6’8.75. But this proves what I’ve said about Patrick Ewing because he didn’t look more than 1” taller max. Maybe less. But if he got closer to 6’9” earlier in the day he’s not more than that as some tried to say
viper said on 9/Oct/19
Triple H has never been taller than 6-1 IMO
SeanR said on 8/Oct/19
There is a pic that has been posted to this site previously showing Howard and Triple H. I see close to 8 inch difference.

If Triple H is 6’1.5” these days perhaps Howard is slightly over 6’9”? Maybe 6’9.25”...
khaled taban said on 8/Oct/19
Tall would be a small word for him !!!
This is GIANT 😂
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 8/Oct/19
Thinking that Dwight Howard def get his measurement in the early morning during draft camp then he is sure a weak 6'9 but worst low 6'8 1/2 but then i can't see Howard as low as flat 6'8 1/2 maybe he grow taller by 1/4 and was use to be 6'8 3/4 a low before and 6'9 now. Just saying but the worst could still be only 6'8 3/4 inch not less.
K.A 188 ! said on 8/Oct/19
Super Tall guy and his shoulder are as wide as f**k even this picture does not do him justice .
Canson said on 7/Oct/19
He was actually measured in 2004 not 08 unless it was a second time
Canson said on 7/Oct/19
Wow. So I wonder if his was a morning height too?
Nik Ashton said on 7/Oct/19
@ Sandy Cowell - Yeah, mega mega mega tall!
StonePowers 6'3 1/4" said on 7/Oct/19
Yes, was listed at 205 cm.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 7/Oct/19
I took one look at him and said, "He's TALL!"

At 6ft9, I'd say he's mega tall! 😂😂😂
viper said on 7/Oct/19
Watching Twitter react is amazing.

You don't have to be into height to just check that Dwight was measured at 6-9 in 2008
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 7/Oct/19
Rob finally pull out a listing for Dwight Howard :) hoping his old buddy Chris Bosh got a listing soon!

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