How tall is Harry Styles

Harry Styles Height

5ft 9.5in (176.5 cm)

British Singer from the band One Direction. He has claimed to stand both 5ft 11 and 6 foot.

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Average Guess (215 Votes)
5ft 9.48in (176.5cm)
Warren said on 18/Sep/17
He can LOOK 177 on that pic even without lifts anyway.. make me confused again :O
Warren said on 17/Sep/17
I agree with u bro, and I think he couldn't be 6'0" even he added lifts in his boots, 175-176 range bf
Landslide said on 15/Sep/17
What do you guys think?
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Peter181cm said on 15/Sep/17

- Yea, you're right bro ;)

He Is legit 5'9 (1.75m) Guy
- But not more than 5'9.25 (1.76m)

5'11 - 6' without shoes ? Impossible!!
- 5'9.5 - 5'10 maybe with shoes... -_-

He need downgrade to 5'9 !
Or 5'9.25 max!
177cm said on 15/Sep/17
5'9 3/8ths
Peter181cm said on 12/Sep/17

I think too.. :)
That he is 1.72m ;-)
Tonyx said on 12/Sep/17
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Watch this
Click Here
and understand, this is how tall Harry wants to be.
Harry Styles
Born: February 1, 1994, Redditch, United Kingdom.
Styles and Swift began dating in fall 2012, but they weren't officially photographed together until December 2012. By January 2013, they had called it quits. On the 1st of February 2013 Harry turned 19 years old. He is not a late bloomer.
Click Here
Are you telling me those shoes are the same thickness? I doubt he has lifts inside but some thick orthopedic insoles when he is out with his tall famous girlfriend.
Harry 5ft9in+1.25in(boots)+0.25in(insoles)=5ft10.5in
Taylor 5ft9in+0.75in(shoes)=5ft9.75in
Google Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner. Dated August 2009-December 2009.
Taylor Swift(Born: December 13, 1989), Taylor Lautner(Born: February 11, 1992).
How tall is Lautner? Listed by Rob at 5ft 8.5in (174 cm), Average Guess (57 Votes)
5ft 8.1in (173cm).

Harry, 6ft tall my a**.
Mark(5'9.5") said on 11/Sep/17
@Slim it's no biggie really! I already forgave you dude! :)

He seems like a person that I would get along with! Maybe I'll wear regular footwear, but I do have some boots that would help! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Warren said on 11/Sep/17
Maybe I'm wrong, yeah I think he's 172cm
Warren said on 11/Sep/17
Looks like only 170cm to me next to the left one, even he's leaning on him
Slim said on 10/Sep/17
To @Mark, now I'm sorry for being obnoxious when we first started "arguing" on this page, if you plan on meeting Harry, I'd recommend at minimum 2 inches of footwear wether you've got Timberlands, drMartens or even Jordan's maybe even stuff a lift in them if you must
I'm sure there'll be a concert near you or something.
realheighs said on 10/Sep/17
hey thats enough. he is max 5.9, look them photos from dunkirk gala.
Peter181cm said on 10/Sep/17
@The Man
Click Here

The tall dude is Chance..
He is 1.84m or 6'0.5

The small dude is Nick..
He is 1.73m or 5'8
Maybe 1.72m or 5'7.75
Peter181cm said on 10/Sep/17
He is 1.75m - 1.76m max!!
1.80m - 1.83 ? Never.
1.77m - 1.78?? Maybe with shoes...
More like 1.75m ;-)
Slim said on 10/Sep/17
Editor Rob: Don't you dare downgrade me, 'old friend' 😑, I just checked and am now officially 5ft 8.75 as document by the revered Telegraph 🀝 πŸ‘ πŸ˜†

oh, you can register free to view that 1 article.

Even our old friend Big G got a mention...
I was quoted many times, I'm not sure if this is a good, bad or neither? I'm begging for an answer guys.
Editor Rob: well, I have no problem with people interested in or commenting on height. It's an interesting topic to some people and one that is very visual in nature.

I just checked some stats with google last month and saw that over 250,000 people on that site were asking it, how tall Kit Harington was...

I'm sure there are a fair few keyboard warriors who have a pop at CelebHeights or it's visitors around the web 😱 😎

I got celebheights visitor's backs 🀝 So does Jenny!
forreal? said on 9/Sep/17
those fangirls saying harry is 1.80 don't have a clue what a real 1.80 looks in life.... he is 1.76 MAX. don't oblige them too much, Rob :D
Tonyx said on 9/Sep/17
Niall Horan was forced to wear lifts in his high top sneakers for a brief period of time when he was in the 1D band. Then they started giving him high heeled boots like Harry and Zayn. After the band broke up, he started dressing up differently. Just look at his last appearance on Jimmy Fallon: thin soled low top converse looking sneakers, proper trousers with a white tucked in dress shirt, no blazer or jacket. Guy doesn't wear lifts/elevators, feels confident about his height and body in general but Niall is not average height. 5ft 7.75in (172.1 cm) fits Niall perfectly.
Slim said on 8/Sep/17
Warren said on 7/Sep/17
Niall seems to be average height? srsly?
Niall is the only honest member about their measurements. Niall would be taller than zain and Louis who are 5'7-5'7.5 wether as Niall could be a weak 5'8" I guess it's the top of the short range, but it might nudge Average who knows.
Mark(5'9.5") said on 8/Sep/17

i could stretch up to 5'9.75" on a good day. At my best day, maybe even a 5'10" flat though I won't be able to hold a flat 5'10" for the mid afternoon. I could hold the 5'9.75" mark from late afternoon to early evening. Most of the time, I do measure 5'9.5".

Off topic:

It varies because I happen to have a spine that's about an or a full inch longer than my legs. (I share genetics with my mom's cousin who is David Tennant's height up till his mid 70s.)

I also happen to share genetics with my uncle (I really don't know how tall he is because I never met him in person. However, people have told me he's between 6'3"-6'4" when he was young. Recently, he likely lost height and is maybe 6'2.75". I peg him at 6'2.75", but everyone has told me that my uncle was more than imposing in person.)

Back on topic:

@Slim what I'm saying is my height varies differently due to the odd genetics I share with my relatives. For Harry, I do agree with you that the old listing of 5'9.25" worked better.
Warren said on 7/Sep/17
Niall seems to be average height? srsly?
Slim said on 6/Sep/17
Click Here
Slim said on 6/Sep/17
TBH Harry Liam and Niall seem to be average height, wether as zain and Louis are short.
Slim said on 5/Sep/17
Harry styles on jimmy Fallon July 19th;
Click Here

We need to see more pictures of Harry in talk shows or basketball games and see if his ankle is abnormally high, that's the best way to detect lifts.
John said on 5/Sep/17
Google has him at 6 foot lol....
Slim said on 5/Sep/17
Anon2 said on 3/Sep/17
If Harry is 6'0'' then David Beckham is 6'2''

Click Here by the way David will be nowhere near 6'2'' even in shoes lol
And Harry does look 176 tops in that photo. And if David is a weak 5'11, that would make harry 5'9" flat. And who knows if Harry wore a lift in that photo, he might be even shorter.
Tonyx said on 5/Sep/17
Slim, awesome photo man.
Clearly a lift in that left shoe. CLEARLY.
Slim said on 4/Sep/17
Sorry mark and rob, but 5'9.25" is right on the money, I've looked at his pictures at the Dunkirk photocall, compared him to Lowden and Nolan, and even the fanboy himself said Harry's 5'9.25". Most unnecessary upgrade imo, they were just fan girls, rob gave the quarter inch to shut them up imo, I would of too though...
Warren said on 4/Sep/17
"they give him t-Rex forearms and abnormally long legs. "
What the exactly the same impression to me u said ! yeah I think he has the short arms with long legs
Anon2 said on 4/Sep/17
Gianna, 5'9.25'' is average height. I wouldn't call that tall to be honest. It's in the middle of tall and short.
Slim said on 4/Sep/17
Mark(5'9.5 said on 3/Sep/17
I would have been 6'0.25" if Harry is 6'0" tall.
Did you grow to 5'9.75"? Congratulations if so, if not, then just awkwardly pretend you never read this please.......
Slim said on 4/Sep/17
Mark(5'9.5 said on 3/Sep/17
I would have been 6'0.25" if Harry is 6'0" tall.
Don't be shocked buddy, jimmy Kimmel claims 6'1" yet a visitor saw him and says he's 5'10" range.....
Mark(5'9.5 said on 3/Sep/17
@Slim I was 5'9.25" not too long ago, but I started to stretch up to 5'9.5" recently, even with hours of violin practice, jogging, martial arts practicing. The only time I do hit 5'9.25" is when I get like 3-4 hours of rest time. (I'm a night person!)

I would say the old listing is better for Harry. He isn't under 5'9", but the 5'11" or even 6'0" claims are absurd!
Mark(5'9.5 said on 3/Sep/17
I would have been 6'0.25" if Harry is 6'0" tall.
Gianna said on 3/Sep/17
Honestly he is tall. Hes so much taller than his bandmates. Hes way taller than when he was in 2013 even.
Slim said on 3/Sep/17
There's just gotta be a lift in these:
Click Here

He's just not built for lifts... they give him t-Rex forearms and abnormally long legs.
Anon2 said on 3/Sep/17
If Harry is 6'0'' then David Beckham is 6'2''

Click Here by the way David will be nowhere near 6'2'' even in shoes lol
Tonyx said on 3/Sep/17
Taylor is listed at 5ft9.25in (175.895cm) by Rob.
I think she is 5ft8.75in (174.625cm).
5ft8.75in + 4in classy non-platform high arch heels = 6ft0.25in*(ofc 4in heels don't give 4in of height). She prefers heels with platforms these days, at least on the red carpet events, when it matters.
As for Harry, I do think he is taller then a flat 5ft9in these days. He did grow, he did start wearing lifts, he is not under 5ft9in, but not over 5ft10in. I think he is 176cm even, but wants to be 180cm tall.
Anonymous said on 2/Sep/17
Rob, here in the site what height do you consider? Like afternoon height, or before bed height?

176cm seems legit for Harry.
Robbie said on 2/Sep/17
He's taller than Taylor Swift and Taylor is 5'10". Click Here So he's around 6 ft tall
PPPeter said on 2/Sep/17
He is 5ft 9in max -_-
5ft 8.5in is best for him ;)

(My dad is 5ft 9.25in tall)
And look 1-2inches taller!!

5ft 11in or 6ft impossible !! -_-

5ft 10in ?? Never..
Maybe in his dream ;-)

He is slim 5ft 8.5in - 9in (max)
Yeah with shoes:(5ft 10in - 5ft 10.25in)
Slim said on 1/Sep/17
Anonymous said on 1/Sep/17
He is 6', it is 2017 people. He has grown since 2012.


Are you joking? Or just high as a kite?
Warren said on 1/Sep/17
Might be 5'9"... I start to guess, sorry
Anon2 said on 1/Sep/17
I agree, he looked nowhere near just under 5'10'' with James Corden while both were in converse shoes. He is about 175 - 176cm barefoot.
Anonymous said on 1/Sep/17
He is 6', it is 2017 people. He has grown since 2012.
Slim said on 30/Aug/17
Unnecessary upgrade, his 5'9.25" listing was better.
Slim183 said on 30/Aug/17
Rob, I think Harry and Liam would measure 1/4 inch from each other, nothing more.
Slim183 said on 30/Aug/17
jjj said on 29/Aug/17
@Slim183: The funny thing is i'm also 5'9.5 and if anything i say i'm 5'9 opposed to saying 5'10 as i don't feel i'd look it! So 6ft is a joke. It almost seems everyone inflates their height now, and whilst it may be frustrating for you, i guess some people may assume you're taller than 6ft because of it maybe?

Right on the money! I get guesses at 185cm/6'1".....
And when I tell people my weight they get shocked as they expect it be bigger aswell.... just goes to show that everyone inflates themselves.
jjj said on 29/Aug/17
@Slim183: The funny thing is i'm also 5'9.5 and if anything i say i'm 5'9 opposed to saying 5'10 as i don't feel i'd look it! So 6ft is a joke. It almost seems everyone inflates their height now, and whilst it may be frustrating for you, i guess some people may assume you're taller than 6ft because of it maybe?
Slim183 said on 29/Aug/17
Who knows if lifts, might even be 5'9".
Slim183 said on 29/Aug/17
fangirls are under the delusion that he's 6' tall because google erroneously has him listed at it and hasn't fixed it.
Alfred Pennyworth said on 28/Aug/17
Master Wayne the guests will be arriving.
Shelly said on 26/Aug/17
I feel like this claim is absurd... He's grown an inch and a half or so. 5'9 is low considering how he towers over some people ex. Louis Tomlinson listed at nearly 5'8... And he's at least 3inches over him and Niall Horan. 5'10 does him justice and his lifts gives him an extra 2 inches advantage making him hit the 6'0 mark.
Slim183 said on 24/Aug/17
jjj said on 24/Aug/17
@Slim183: Yeah I've noticed it too. I personally think it's ridiculous, i couldn't even add an inch to my height without worrying about being caught out, let alone a celebrity who is always observed nearly adding 3 inches onto their height - it shows how insecure they are really.


I agree, the only way you'd get away with a 1 inch exaggeration is if you were to wear boots 24/7....

His 6' claim will always annoy a 6'mark guy like myself, the audacity, the guy isn't over 5'9.5".
jjj said on 24/Aug/17
@Slim183: Yeah I've noticed it too. I personally think it's ridiculous, i couldn't even add an inch to my height without worrying about being caught out, let alone a celebrity who is always observed nearly adding 3 inches onto their height - it shows how insecure they are really.
Slim183 said on 24/Aug/17
Definitely shorter than Damon.
Truth said on 23/Aug/17
177-178cm tall
Anon2 said on 23/Aug/17
I can buy 5'10'' directly after waking up.... but he will shrink to his real height very quickly
Slim183 said on 23/Aug/17
Editor big rob, do we list early evening measurements or before bed? It seems most users argue between the two, hearing from you would absolutely end it.
Slim183 said on 22/Aug/17
I've noticed that boybands/sex symbols inflate themselves by 6-7 cms(2.5 inches), anyone else? Both Justin's 1d... the list goes on.
Slim183 said on 22/Aug/17
@bobby Hey bob, are you in 5'11" territory yet?. I agree Harry is only 176.5. Absolutely max, he's barely looked taller than Taylor swift+Kendall Jenner, who are both listed strong 5'9".

@mark5'9.5" Sorry mark, but he wouldn't hold that mark till the early evening. It looks like I can't add Harry to my "list of underlisted celebs". Off topic but it seems you were 5'9.25" not too long ago!
Bobby said on 22/Aug/17
Slim183 I think that 5ft10'5 is too much for him, even early in the morning. I think he's like 5ft10 after waking up. 3 cm more than Big Rob, I would say
Slim183 said on 22/Aug/17
Tom said on 21/Aug/17
one of the biggest.height mysteries., just cant place him


He's like the younger generations version of Stallone.
Mark(5'9.5") said on 21/Aug/17
5'9.75" isn't impossible, but that would be late afternoon.
Tom said on 21/Aug/17
one of the biggest.height mysteries., just cant place him
Slim183 said on 21/Aug/17
Editor Rob: a chance Harry hits 5ft 10.5

Sorry, but he is wearing thick footwear a lot, I can't see 177-178 at all... 176 range at best.
Slim183 said on 21/Aug/17
Margot said on 20/Aug/17
He's 5'11 I'm pretty sure. I've stood next to him before & I'm 5'8 (174cm)

I can understand 5'11 in shoes, but barefoot I can't.
Slim183 said on 20/Aug/17
Honestly 1d has been really hard to guess, they're always using tricks to look taller, some beach photos would be great tbh, Ive deduced shakiras real height from her beach shot with pique, now we need one with this band.
Lynx said on 20/Aug/17
@Margot He's 5'11 on his heels, i'm 5'10 and i look 6ft on boots, so he can also look 6ft on his special shoes.
Mr. Wayne said on 20/Aug/17
Ms. Margot

Not to sound sexist but Women exaggerates when it comes to height.
Margot said on 20/Aug/17
He's 5'11 I'm pretty sure. I've stood next to him before & I'm 5'8 (174cm)
Mr. Wayne said on 19/Aug/17

Here are some barefoot pics of Mr. Styles

Click Here

Click Here (W/his band mates)
Click Here

Be the judge, Mr. Tonyx
Slim183 said on 19/Aug/17
Tony, I've left all my opinions of the 1d bands heights on all their pages.
Tonyx said on 18/Aug/17
We need barefoot photos of Harry Styles with his band members, fans, Ed Sheeran an a better look of his shoes(especially the homosexual rainbow Gucci ones).
I believe they will set us free.
Liam Payne hit puberty before Harry did, as a result he was taller then Harry. Now days they are the same height, but Harry uses tricks and looks taller.
Slim182, Slim183 how tall do you think Syles is in 2017 barefoot and in shoes?
Warren said on 18/Aug/17
176.5cm... stuck in the middle! but still i do think this dude is 176cm to me
Slim183 said on 18/Aug/17
Edimar1.84, so then he must be able to reach the 6' mark easily with all his tricks, right?

Rob, is this site about barefoot height, or just height? Seriously.
Editor Rob: the listings talk about what the person might measure, but of course people wear footwear, so commenting about it is perfectly fine.
Bobby said on 17/Aug/17
Rob,how tall do you think harry is in the morning, right after waking up?
Editor Rob: a chance Harry hits 5ft 10.5
Edimar1.84 said on 16/Aug/17
This Guy is 1.78/5ft 10 solid.
scooby said on 16/Aug/17
no way
175cm at best
notorious lifts wearer, he is 5'9 AT THE MOST

Slim183 said on 15/Aug/17
The Man, upload that in the general page.
MarcusTheSwede said on 13/Aug/17
Harry is way shorter. Next to Cilian Murphy in Dunkirk off shoot pictures Harry look hardly taller at all then 172.5cm Cilian Maybe 1cm But not a millimeter more
Anon2 said on 12/Aug/17
I do think he is height conscious for sure! I do not mean that in a bad way. Harry is a nice guy with a good attitude. But he definitely wishes he was a few inches taller. this is why he always wears shoes that have a very thick heel to look near enough 6ft, when he actually is an average height man. i have never seen him wear normal dress shoes consistently.
Slim 182 cm said on 11/Aug/17
Dude, he measures no higher than 181.5 in his thickest shoes, he isn't above robs listing.
Take into note, he wears custom made pants for "big problems down there", said so himself, The big problem being his boots+lifts πŸ˜‰.
The Man said on 11/Aug/17
Click Here

How tall are these dudes?

I'm guessing 6ft-6ft 1in (the tall dude)

5ft 7 to 8in for that blonde dude
Slim 182 cm said on 11/Aug/17
Dude, that's like saying "vin diesel can reach 6'2 in boots and lifts, , so he must be measuring an inch less in barefeet". No dude, Harry is lucky to have this listing, yet alone an upgrade, I doubt he hit puberty late.
James said on 11/Aug/17
@slim 182cm, I doubt he is height conscious, he might be 5ft 10 solid tbh, like robe isn't a height wizard, so he might've measured himself with shoes on, cuz so many do tbh. Plus he wears boots for style, like how austin butler does.
Frost said on 10/Aug/17
Two and a half inches hardly qualifies towering someone.

I think some use the word liberally for some strange reason. Half a foot? Yes, I can see how that would be towering. You can often time see clearly over that individual's head at that point and it's pretty imposing. But I see it used for one, two and three inches which I find absurd.
Slim 182 cm said on 10/Aug/17
@The Man, we'd tower zane for sure, but not Harry.
The Man said on 10/Aug/17
@Slim 182cm

I'm 6ft. I think we will tower over Harry and Zayn right?
Slim 182 cm said on 10/Aug/17
@Mark, Harry being 23 yrs old, i really dunno if he's a late bloomer, but I do think you have the potential to measure the same height, yes even mms.
Mark(5'9.5 said on 9/Aug/17
He could edge me out by now.
Tonyx said on 8/Aug/17
Harry got some people fooled, just like ASAP Rocky.
Slim 182 cm said on 8/Aug/17
@celebheights, the longer you go without a growth spurt the less likely you are to go through one, according to rob. Common sense tbh. But on a rare case user @bobby claims to be growing and he's like 23 years old... and if he squeezes out a few cms and uploads a video of proof, all the short trolls will be so salty.
Slim 182 cm said on 6/Aug/17
To be precise, and to be fair to @Celebheights, Harry is 5'9 and 3/8ths or 5'9.5. But given that robs a nice guy that rounds up, Harry's listing will remain.
Slim 182 cm said on 6/Aug/17
@The Man, maybe, but I think he made an honest mistake and can redeem himself, it isn't permanent at all. I'm sure some of robs most trustworthy visitors make mistakes every now and again.
Slim 182 cm said on 6/Aug/17
I have no doubt hemmings is a strong to big 5'11, but google erroneously listed him at 6'4 because fan girls put it up on their tumblr/instagram pages And what not.

Arguing harry deserves robs listing is reasonable, but arguing a 178 upgrade is a stretch. Nothing personal.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 6/Aug/17
If Luke Hemmings (who was around 181-182 CM in person) can pass off as being 6'4" to people off of this website, then it's not so unbelievable that Harry Styles can pass off as being 6'0" or taller to some people at 5'9 1/2"-5'10" (even though he obviously isn't).
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 6/Aug/17
If Luke Hemmings (who was around 181-182 CM in person) can pass off as being 6'4" to people off of this website, then it's not so unbelievable that Harry Styles can pass off as being 6'0" or taller to some people at 5'9 1/2"-5'10" (even though he obviously isn't).
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 5/Aug/17
People can grow after 21 even, just as him claiming to be 5'11"-6'0" is nowhere near a ridiculous as what some celebrities claims are on here. I've seen photos of him where he could easily pass for being 6'0" (despite the fact that he obviously isn't that tall). Put him by a 5'10" man, such as Scott Adkins, and they might measure similarity.
highlysuspect said on 5/Aug/17
Not sure he's quite this tall. Even in his heels he doesn't look around 6 foot
The Man said on 4/Aug/17
Presented by Slim 182 cm

roast of Celebheights

Slim 182 cm said on 4/Aug/17
HonestSlovene, thankyou for being brutally truthful.

@Celebheights, "He doesn't strike me as being height conscious at all"
Well he's been claiming 5'11-6' for years... nice try though.
Slim 182 cm said on 4/Aug/17
Celeb heights, it's also likely Harry stopped growing after his 19th birthday . Most men stop growing at 18. Nice try though.
HonestSlovene said on 4/Aug/17
@Rory Kenneth Branagh has shrunk a bit due to age and looked 5'8"-ish/weak 5'9"-ish in the film so no wonder he looked taller. Still Harry isn't more than 175-176 cm range or 5'9.25". It was an unnecesary upgrade IMO.
The Man said on 4/Aug/17
He looked 181cm in Dunkirk with boots, barefoot it equals to 177. Spot on again Big Rob.
Slim 182 cm said on 3/Aug/17
Celebheights, you a such a fanboy, lad. This is how fanboys inflate Harry's height: "Harry is just a tad bit taller than Taylor swift(no question about this) so he must be 5'9.75 so in the mornings he must be 5'10.25 or 178.5 with posture which is somewhat close to six foot."
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 3/Aug/17
Under 5'9 1/2" does seem to be ridiculous, despite the fact that I did estimate him at 5'9 1/4" when I met him several years ago. But he was 19 at the time, so it is likely that he has grown taller since then. I think that he could safely be upgraded to 5'9 3/4" now, with 5'10" actually not being as unlikely as people are making it out to be. He doesn't strike me as being height conscious at all, considering that he naturally has sub-par posture (with uneven legs). He probably wears boots to make up for having abysmal posture.
Rory said on 2/Aug/17
He did clearly look taller though than Kenneth Branagh at the Dunkirk premiere so something has to give. Both listed 5'9.5.
Mathew Robinson said on 1/Aug/17
As a 6'3"-ish guy, this image will always bother me: Click Here

The audacity. The guy is 5'9.5".
Warren said on 31/Jul/17
@Slim 182 cm
u r perfect guesstimater, me too
Slim 182 cm said on 31/Jul/17
Lol, @ "same footwear", his stance is different from the other men, he looks 2-3 cm shorter than 181 listed jack lowden, only achieved with lifts... you can tell by the way he stands, it's similar to that of a woman wearing high heels, And abnormally long shins.
Lee168cm said on 31/Jul/17
In most photos he looks an inch or more shorter than jack lowden and about fionns height definitely not over the listed height
Slim 182 cm said on 29/Jul/17
And 5'9.75 at the very highest. I stick to my estimate of 5'9.25 though.

It's most likely he's 5'9.25 or 5'9.5, imo of course!
Mark(5'9.5") said on 28/Jul/17

I'm not sure. I think it's really just a rumor. Everyone else liked Harry Styles in Dunkirk.
Vista said on 28/Jul/17
Rob - In this recent picture Click Here he looks about the same height as Jack Lowden, both have similar footwear. Perhaps he needs an upgrade?
Editor Rob: he still looks shorter, but how much?
Slim 182 cm said on 28/Jul/17
Anon2, I agree. From a back profile, he can look taller due to his hair, Also is slim and works out.

The only thing rob has proved for sure is he's above 5'9, but below 5'10, but using the vin diesel analogy, vin being possibly 5'11 could make Harry 5'9 AT THE VERY lowest.
Anon2 said on 27/Jul/17
In his big boots with volumed up hair he will pull off about 5'11.25'' altogether...... without shoes he is 176cm maximum
trp said on 27/Jul/17
@Gauna did you see what kind of shoes he was wearing? Maybe boots?
Tom said on 26/Jul/17

Has there ever been any evidence that the "Tom Hardy was mean to Harry" story was anything more than a rumor?
Gauna said on 26/Jul/17
Met him once.

I'm a measured 1.80 in the morning, lose maybe half an inch throughout the day if I'm tired or overworked, and he was about an inch and a half shorter than me. I'd guess he's around the 1.76 to 1.77 mark. He is privy to certain stances that thin his frame or make him look taller though.
176cm guy said on 26/Jul/17
@Fiona Umm, Cillian Murphy is about 5'8"
Slim 182 cm said on 26/Jul/17
We can't see their shoes, so it doesn't really mean much.
Slim 182 cm said on 26/Jul/17
Looks around 70 kg imo.
Fiona said on 25/Jul/17
look at these pics from his movie premiere

Click Here

he's taller than 5'9 listed cillian murphy, and he isn't leaning here so this is his full height + 1.6cm boots.

Him with prince harry who im sure is at least over 6'2

Click Here

I'm not saying harry is 5'11-6'0 BAREFOOT but it's possible that he is around that height with boots on, barefoot, i'd say 1.77 maybe? kendall jenner cant be more than 1.76 anyway so he has to be nearing 5'10, most likely 5'11 and a half WITH boots on.
Warren said on 25/Jul/17
Harry is only 1-2cm taller than Taylor and Taylor is actually 174-175
Slim 182 cm said on 25/Jul/17
Dunkirk was a solid film btw, he's Not a bad actor.

@ mark, on the pitt page, ppl have guessed him half an inch shorter than robs listing, so a fraction of an inch is very hard to calculate, but not impossible.

176 is my final guess for this man.
Mark(5'9.5") said on 24/Jul/17
Also, a quarter of an inch is more than just difficult to notice.

Kendall isn't shorter than 5'9", but I'm willing to bet that Maggie Geha and Gal Gadot would edge her out.

Edit* As for Harry, I would have to meet him. He doesn't seem like someone who feels secure (to be fair, Tom Hardy did give him a hard time until Christopher Nolan told Harry Styles not to worry about his comments.)
Mark(5'9.5") said on 24/Jul/17
Also, a quarter of an inch is more than just difficult to notice.

Kendall isn't shorter than 5'9", but I'm willing to bet that Maggie Geha and Gal Gadot would edge her out.

As for Harry, I would have to meet him. He doesn't seem like someone.
Slim 182 cm said on 24/Jul/17
also leg girth can make one look shorter or taller, example tom cruise has fat legs and hence why looks short but at best he could be a strong 5'8, and Harry has paper thin legs, not long legs and hence why he looks taller than he actually is.
C said on 23/Jul/17
@kelly Agreed! Liam is at least 1/2 inch shorter if not a full inch... It's hard to tell bcs on the latest pics of both of them together Liam is wearing sneakers and Harry has been wearing boots forever. I think he's at least a full inch taller than Kendall if she's really 5'10, I can see her being that tall
Slim 182 cm said on 23/Jul/17
Noticeably shorter? You fangirls are hilarious. Maybe a few millimetres.
Kelly said on 22/Jul/17
I don't think he is using lifts anyways he has too be 5'10" Taylor is noticeably shorter than Harry styles and how would zayn be 5'9" also that does not work and Liam is 5'9" - 5'10" Harry is at least a half inch taller than Liam so your kinda downgrading him.
Slim 182 cm said on 22/Jul/17
Not true. Nolan let Pearce wear elevators on "memento".
Slim 182 cm said on 22/Jul/17
@C, Lol.
Slim 182 cm said on 22/Jul/17
Highly suspect has a healthy estimation of Harry, tbh.
Even 176 is being generous, and it's closer to the truth, I've been watching his music videos on and off for a few years, he's nowhere near 5'11-6'.

Some musicians and actors on this site are generously overrated as robs a nice guy. Seriously.
trp said on 22/Jul/17
@C I think more 5'10" but I get you. Don't think they would've let him use lifts for his costume. Everyone wore the same boots on set and he looked noticeably taller than most
Slim 182 cm said on 22/Jul/17
Rob, is it just me or do I find the harry being 6' claim legit crazy?
Editor Rob: I think there are many crazy claims from celebrities, but there's always time to correct honest mistakes and come out with a more sensible height.
highlysuspect said on 21/Jul/17
Lol he doesnt hit 6 foot even in his heels. 175-176 at best
C said on 21/Jul/17
In Dunkirk you can easily notice Harry is taller than the other actors. I think he's at least 5'10.5 if not between 5'11-6'0
Slim 182 cm said on 21/Jul/17
Harry's 183 claim is just as crazy as Hugh Jackman at 178.
Warren said on 21/Jul/17
@Slim 182 cm
Which is better u think 175 or 176 or 177? I still guesstimate he is 176 tho
Slim 182 cm said on 21/Jul/17
Don't even bother estimating unless you've taped a wooden plank to your feet, like this guy. He Wears cowboys, and internal lifts like Depp. Dude we've seen Stallone the same height as Willis! what else?
Slim 182 cm said on 21/Jul/17
You're not seeing the big picture, mate, only the small details:
Click Here

what else?
Mark(5'9.5") said on 21/Jul/17
I wouldn't go under 176 cm. However, if I do meet Harry Styles, I'm not sure who would be taller between the two of us by a mm.

Like Rob said, it depends on 'posture and hairstyles.' He can appear taller 'only' because of much thicker hair style. I could appear taller due to less hair as well. Of course, he would wear some boots compared to my super thick sneakers (unless I decide to where winter boots to compete with him in height.)

I'll see where I could meet him.
Adam said on 20/Jul/17
Look att all of these pics from the Dunkirk premiers, his heels is like 4cms.. And that doesnt even include his lifts
Slim 182 cm said on 20/Jul/17
Even with a footwear advantage(his shins are abnormally long, a sign of lift wearing) posture advantage, and being closer to the camera(draw a line at their feet) and wearing a hat, he still fails to edge out Taylor swift. Click Here
Slim 182 cm said on 20/Jul/17
Shorter than Kendall Jenner, what else?

Click Here
Slim 182 cm said on 20/Jul/17
Harry looks more than 11 cm shorter, and we can't see their footwear, so it should be taken with a grain of salt. Plus Harry's got the camera advantage and kinkaid is dropping posture.
Alex said on 20/Jul/17
He constantly increases and decreases sometimes 1.76 then other times 1.79
Slim 182 cm said on 20/Jul/17
SLAYEVERYDAYY said on 20/Jul/17
5'9.25 easy
Slim 182 cm said on 20/Jul/17
I'd say those who think he's above 177 just like him a little too much, if you know what I mean, and those who vote under 175 just have problems with themselves.
SLAYEVERYDAYY said on 20/Jul/17
5'10.75 easy
Fiona said on 19/Jul/17
harry with 6'2 (1.88m) listed keith kinkaid

Click Here

and yes, harry is wearing 1.6 inch (4 centimetres) gucci boots, so if he is around 1.76 barefoot and 1.80 with the boots on, that makes sense. Also due to harrys posture, one of his legs here is bent so he isn't standing straight, he's leaning, so that takes a few centimetres off. I believe he is AT LEAST 1.77 barefoot because of that yacht pic with 5'9 kendall jenner (they were both barefoot and he still looked taller)
Slim 182 cm said on 19/Jul/17
Extreme lowest would be 175
Slim 182 cm said on 17/Jul/17
A coin toss between 176 and 177, tbh. I'd go with the former.
Sandy Cowell said on 16/Jul/17
@ Ginger - Hi Ginger! It's nice to meet you! πŸ‘ 😁
Ginger said on 16/Jul/17
Hi everybody! I don't want to argue or anything, I've just come across this site and I wanted to answer to @Tallguy I think Harry stands in that position because he's got one leg a bit longer than the other one and that gave him a bad back (hence his usual bad posture) and I think that makes it really hard to estimate his height. Anyway this is just my opinion.
Slim 181 cm said on 16/Jul/17
@tallguy "Would not surprise me if he extended his body with surgery next" rumours say vin was 5'9 and he got this done. Rob is it possible? It sounds disgusting and it causes more harm than good. In fact i 🀒 at the thought of it.
Editor Rob:
Lengthening legs is sadly a desperate last resort for people who can't mentally accept their height and feel 2-3 inches will help them through life.

I don't think any major actor would ever do such a thing.
trp said on 16/Jul/17
Rob you should also make a page for Fionn Whitehead. Judging by him standing next to Harry he looks like a strong 5'9"
trp said on 16/Jul/17
Click Here

Dunkirk premiere, thoughts everyone?
Grey said on 15/Jul/17
Mark(5'9.5 said on 14/Jul/17
Rob, if I'm measured 5'11.25" late afternoon with only 'super thick sneakers' and I wore thick boots like his, how would I compare to this guy? (I don't wear boots occasionally, but I only do wear them when it's either raining or snowing.)
Editor Rob: very similar, depending on posture/hairstyles, he could still look taller.
Slim 181 cm said on 14/Jul/17
Dunkirk, will be a good source of his height, seeing him next to hardy, if he's more than 1 cm taller than him, that means he'll be using tricks to look taller, wether it be the camera angles, lenses or lifts, perhaps. Harry is 5'9.5 max.
Warren said on 14/Jul/17
ikr he actually is not tall but he actually has long legs without lifts
and was that niall said?
Tallguy said on 13/Jul/17
Had anyone seen him at the new premiere of Dunkirk, he towers or everyone.
He has big heels on and shoe lifts in you can tell by the awkward way he stands and it makes his legs look ridiculous long.
He seems to keep taller every year, look at pictures without shoes, it's rare but he is tiny.

Also 1d members used to say he would always buy shoe sizes that were to big for himself. 'he likes to be the biggest'
He is obviously very insecure about height for some reason. Would not surprise me if he extended his body with surgery next
Bruce Wayne said on 13/Jul/17
Rob your thoughts on this?

Click Here (With Prince Harry)

Click Here (Styles'shoes)
Editor Rob: probably not much more heel than Harry, but the actual difference is tougher to really say. A shame they didn't have a posed photo!
Warren said on 13/Jul/17
Well nowhere the photo shows that the same height as Taylor Swift fyi ikr
Slim 181 cm said on 12/Jul/17
Same height as Taylor swift, this absolutely kills it, right fangirls?
Slim 181 cm said on 12/Jul/17
Don't forget to add Zac Efron, jonas brothers and Timberlake/nsync to my list. Such dishonest men about their height and probably other things.
Slim 181 cm said on 12/Jul/17
I bet Bieber, one direction, and 5seconds of summer all exaggerate their height by 6 cm, yes all of them and every member. Well almost all of them.
Harrys never been over 5'9.25 and he never will be.
Mark(5'9.5") said on 11/Jul/17
Same height as me, but 5'11"?! 6'0"?!

🀒🀒🀒🀒Sorry Rob! I'm just gonna puke my thoughts out in a nutshell!
Dublin guy said on 11/Jul/17
Harry Styles is nowhere near 183cm (6foot) in bare feet. I reckon he's 5'9ish. To be fair 5'10 barefoot is noticeably tallish and be only ever appears that way when he's wearing his lifting shoes or heels.
Slim 181 cm said on 11/Jul/17
Harry seems taller than he is due to overgrown hair and elevator shoes. Same with the rest of one direction. He also claims to wear oversized trousers because he has a big d***, but wel all know its to hide his lifts, while making his legs look longer. He looks like he's standing on his tippy toes or standing on a box.
Kelly said on 11/Jul/17
Harry is 5,10!
Alisa said on 9/Jul/17
2017 .. harry is 188cm !!
Taengooofan said on 7/Jul/17
Lol I don't believe that he is 5'11 or 6'.he is not over than 5'9
hm said on 6/Jul/17
You are all deceived people. Take out the measuring tape, put it against the wall and watch how tall is everything after 1.75(including it). I bet brad pitt is 1.77, damon 1.76, harry 1.75. Rob is way to generous, this is insane. and about harry 1.83 claim thats the most crazy thing i have ever heard. he might look around 1.80 but that is only because he has skinny legs and this thick hair...
Davej said on 3/Jul/17
Not tall at all. 175-176. David Beckem confirms has put all in place.
trp said on 29/Jun/17
Click Here

Brooklyn Beckham with David, he looks pretty close considering they're wearing the same footwear and apparently the same height as this listing

Click Here

Harry from before wiht David

Brooklyn doesn't wear heels at all and he looks closer to his dad than Harry does so this listing is starting to make sense, but the fact that he's so much taller than everyone in public usually is odd
bro said on 29/Jun/17
I would give him 175/176, no less, no more. I think that the dodgeball pics are the most reliable ones. Same footwear, same posture, same distance from the camera. Harry is 2/3 cm taller than Corden there, and Harry is very similar to Liam, maybe 1 cm difference.
Every other photo is very tricky, cause he wear high heels and his height wobble too much.
Warren said on 27/Jun/17
Well David Beckham is 6'0" with his shoes on
mark said on 26/Jun/17
i think with his shoes on he seems 6ft and a half. But thlse usually have like 1.5-2inches so if anything i think he would be 5ft 10.5 at the least. I mean compare him with others he is usually the taller guy. Even with taylor he wore normal shoes back then and he looked to be similar height difference compared to taylor and jake gyllenhal, he was young back then as well so he probably got 0.5-1 inch.
Slim 181 cm said on 21/Jun/17
176 probably same height as Brooklyn Beckham.
Kelly said on 19/Jun/17
Meh I would agree 5,9
trp said on 16/Jun/17
@jjj Yeah I think so that's why he didn't look super tall next to James

Here's a photo of him and Michael Ball listed 5'11"
Click Here

He doesn't look as short as he does with David which is weird

These were his boots (you can't really see much)
Click Here

These are the same ones he wore to Graham Norton and the same ones he wore recently with David, things aren't adding up??
inmyopinion said on 13/Jun/17
Not more than 5ft8.5 bare foot
jjj said on 12/Jun/17

Are you sure the boots are only an inch and a half? to me, there's a reason why Harry's trousers are flared at the his lifts aren't noticeable! Even then he's still smaller than David.
trp said on 11/Jun/17
Click Here

Recently with David. Harry was wearing some boots that made him about an inch and half taller than James (he seemed to hunch over alot when around James

Click Here

I was expecting Harry to be a little taller than he did because of 5'9.5 + 1.5-2.5 inch heels but he didn't seem that tall.
Weird thing is in public settings he always looks really tall compared to everyone else

Click Here
Around 0:58 he's walking around looking taller than the guards and other guys, not just the fans
Wouldn't a 5'9.5" with 1.4" heels not look that tall with other people around?
Warren said on 9/Jun/17
If Niall is 172cm, Harry could seem 5cm taller than him on the picture
ofcourse Harry was closer to the camera than Niall which could make Harry is 175cm? (I don't hope this) or 176cm
also Harry still 1cm or 2cm taller than Corden even Corden closer to the camera than Harry
I hope Harry is 176cm
Click Here
MD said on 9/Jun/17
He was on James Corden's late-night show, again, and still didn't look a full inch taller.
Alex said on 8/Jun/17
I do not think he is that tall.
I've seen a lot of pics of him with or without his high cuban heels.
In this pic he seems to be over 5'11
Click Here:
And in normal shoes (i've seen the videonon youtube) they're all wearing all star converse, he seems to be closely to corden who is listed to 5'8
Click Here:
It's up to you.
I wake up 5'9.25 and if I use hig heels boot (nearly 2inch) a skinny black pant, I look really tall, like 5'11, expecially if I'm a skinny guy.
5'9.25 in the morning, if he's lucky.
Warren said on 7/Jun/17
Hi my friend, I think that was like 4cm heels?
so he could be anywhere from 179-180cm with that on the picture?
agreed ur opinion :)
5,11.20 said on 6/Jun/17
I think 5ft 9.5 is fair, he gives off the impression of being very tall because of his posture and lanky body type
Wrs567 said on 30/May/17
175- 176cm without the high heels and volumed hair

Look at the size of his heels! that is not a normal dress shoe

Click Here

Click Here
realheights said on 30/May/17
His 4cm heels, volumed hair and body type makes him look taller. Without them he is like 5ft 8 - 5ft 8.5
Shredder said on 30/May/17
Rob , would you rule out 5'10? He looks taller than Norman Reedus.
Editor Rob: because of Harry wearing heels at time, I think he can certainly seem 5ft 10, but barefoot I'm not so sure on that.
Bruce 182cm said on 29/May/17
5'11 with shoes on....
Kick901 said on 23/May/17
Seems a bit taller than Taylor Swift
Alex said on 20/May/17
@Cal77 is most likely wearing boots , he wears really baggy pants for all of his live stuff but yo u can see like 80s platform boots under there
AJ said on 19/May/17
Is 5'9.75" possible?
Editor Rob: he can look 5ft 10 range, but sometimes does wear thicker heels than your normal dress shoe.
Warren said on 17/May/17
@Bee123, he is 176-177 range
David Backham who claims 5'11" makes kill ur opinion
Cal77 said on 17/May/17
haha 6 foot. I do think he's probably 5'10 now though or close to it

Here he is with James Corden

Click Here
Robert said on 17/May/17
He(Harry) is wearing heeled shoes thats why they look the same or close.
MD said on 17/May/17
Aaron Taylor Johnson needs a fairly significant downgrade whatever else happens. He was shorter than Harry or the same height, and both were barely any taller than Corden.
realheights said on 16/May/17
In yesterday's late late show, James Corden and Harry looked like they are same. He is not longer than 176 without those heels and thick hair.
Venz said on 16/May/17
Harry looks clearly taller than Aaron Taylor Johnson (which you have listed at 5'11) in this video he did at the late show Click Here might want to check that out
Editor Rob: they could look quite close there.
st said on 15/May/17
Click Here

Harry with Dan Wootton (apparently claims 6ft)
Not sure how the ground is here but Harry's wearing his normal 1.6 inch boots.
MD said on 14/May/17
Yeah, I've already shown enough evidence on his page that there is no way Marvin Humes is 5'11". He's honestly 5'10.5" at the very most.
Ann said on 13/May/17
How talk was he in 2010 when the band started)
Revisionist said on 11/May/17
@ realheights, the interesting thing is that even with huge shoes and hair, he doesn't exactly distance himself from very weak 5'8 band members, even Niall, who doesn't always wear huge heels or lifts.

Harry pretty much usually looks like a good 3-4cm taller than the shortest 1D guys but no more than that. A solid 5'10 guy wouldn't be that close to 172cm guys. 6cm is significant.

5'9.5" is Harry's max.
Wrs567 said on 10/May/17
Marvin Humes looks too Short to be 5'11'' barefoot

Plus I repeat once again, Harry will definitely have footwear advantage with those heels
trpcl said on 10/May/17
Click Here

With 5'11" Marvin Humes
trpcl said on 9/May/17
Click Here

Harry with Al Roker (5'7.5"/5'7"?) and Matt Lauer (5'11") (I'm aware Matt is closer)
I think Harry was wearing bulky Gucci loafers
Harry's wearing a thicker heel but I feel like he still wouldn't get close to 5'11" if he was just 5'9.5"
I honestly think he's 5'10", he's been taller than a lot of people in multiple cases, even if his heels are "huge" they don't give as much of a boost as say a platform shoe would for example.
Rob would you ever consider 178?
Gian92 said on 9/May/17
Rob have you seen the heels in his last official video ??they are 2 inches I think , so from 176/177 cm barefoot he became 181/182 cm .
176cm guy said on 7/May/17
I remember in a radio show he claims he was "1.8 centimeters". Which means, He broke a world record for the world's shortest man, even my thumb is bigger than him. Jk. I think he meant to say 1.8 meters. Sadly, i can't remember where though. But i think he is indeed a true strong 5'9er like me judging by him standing next with James Corden in all converse, 5'11" is a bit of a stretch for him.
176cm guy said on 7/May/17
@Truth. Plus Harry might have a shoe advantage over him, so who knows.
176cm guy said on 7/May/17
@Truth. Well that is not really a good photo to be comparing heights at all, the angle and postures are all bad there.
Sandy Cowell said on 6/May/17
@ berta - I wholeheartedly agree! I used to think he was at least 6 foot! πŸ‘
Warren said on 5/May/17
Well give me a tell the rest of 4 member the liars btw
berta said on 5/May/17
cliam 6 cm over his height. he must be one of the top 5 who lies most about his height
Wrs567 said on 1/May/17
@Truth: Yes I do

Here are Harrys huge heels from that day

Click Here

Here are Charlies normal heeled shoes

Click Here

Charlie is obviously taller than Harry barefoot. It doesn't take a genius to figure that out.
James said on 1/May/17
Perfect listing Rob. Good upgrade.
Truth said on 30/Apr/17
@Wrs567 You were saying that as if you knew what kind of shoes he was wearing when he met Charlie Puth.
Warren said on 29/Apr/17
Now, my opinion is back to the height 176cm again, but yes he has good proportion even without thicker shoes
He looks taller than he really has, keyword is LOOK
Wrs567 said on 28/Apr/17
@Truth: I don't think you're realising what kind of shoes Harry wears compared to other people.
realheights said on 28/Apr/17
He has long and tiny legs which make him look taller and he tuck in his shirts all the time. He is not a short guy but no more than 5ft9
realheights said on 28/Apr/17
He wears those Saint Laurent cuban heel shoes (which have 4cm heel) all the times and his hair has volume that makes him look like an inch taller. He is not longer than 176cm barefoot. He grew maybe 1-2 inch since he was 18.
Lucius Fox said on 28/Apr/17
My thoughts exactly Mr. Wayne.

5ft 10.5in is quite right for this person

Click Here
Josh said on 28/Apr/17
He looks like 5ft 10.5in. The pic that Mr. Wayne sent proves it.

pic credit Bruce Wayne: Click Here
Truth said on 27/Apr/17
Rob you've got to look at this photo. Here he was with "177CM" Charlie Puth: Click Here:
Charlie Puth is clearly at least 2cm shorter than Harry. If you insist on 177cm of Harry Styles, then Charlie Puth will need a downgrade to 175 cm tall or even lower.
Bruce Wayne said on 27/Apr/17
Hey Rob

He looks like 5ft 10.5in in this pic

Click Here
Editor Rob: it's hard to tell exactly, certainly not a short guy!
Wrs567 said on 22/Apr/17
He wore these on Graham Norton, these heels look at least 2 inches

Click Here

And he still looked the same height as Graham Norton
Wrs567 said on 22/Apr/17
@I?: Did you see the size of those Heels on Harrys shoes??

They looked near enough 2.5 inches! I thought, how is he walking in these?

But yeah he looked about the same height as Graham Norton this week.

Johan said on 22/Apr/17
Warren said on 19/Apr/17
I see James is 5'8" strong. how u think Kendall's height?
Harry and her both r never standing each other barefoot

I agree, Corden is solid 5'8" just like Rob.

Kendall is 5'9" maybe a small fraction more just like Taylor Swift and her other friends. You can see she isn't really tall as other models who are 5'11" + legit tower over him at times.

There are pics of them on a boat barefoot and there is nothing in it maybe 0.5 inch at most. Just do a google search.
!? said on 21/Apr/17
He looked the same height as 5ft8 Graham Norton despite wearing Cuban heels. What's up with that? Guess anything over the current listing can be ruled out.
Warren said on 21/Apr/17
Sorry this is off the topic but Justin's 173 is actually morning height or with shoes at the night
Wrs567 said on 21/Apr/17
@HonestSlovene: If he wore lifts, he would obviously be more taller than just that!

That's Biebers normal height in shoes. He has looked that same height in shoes next to many people.

You just want Bieber to be shorter than he is. Just admit it. I'd appreciate the honesty.

Sorry, you can't edit someones actual height to make yourself feel better lol
HonestSlovene said on 20/Apr/17
@Wrs567 Click Here:

You are extremely naive if you believe Bieber doesn't wear any lifts in those shoes.
Warren said on 19/Apr/17
I quite doubt James has 5'9" btw :)
Warren said on 19/Apr/17
Justin 171-172
James 173-173.5
Harry 176
Warren said on 19/Apr/17
Sorry forgot this
Click Here
Warren said on 19/Apr/17
I see James is 5'8" strong. how u think Kendall's height?
Harry and her both r never standing each other barefoot

No way he is shorter than Justin,
the show was that I remember that James was barefoot and Justin was wearing boots something,
in the first place u said that Justin is 172 on that site, what's going on? u change ur mind?
Wrs567 said on 19/Apr/17
James Corden is no where near 5'9''..! He was shorter than Justin Bieber!

Click Here

Yes Bieber had shoes on here but if Corden wore shoes too, at most he would be the same height!

If you believe Corden is 5'9'' then you have to believe Biebz is too
Johan said on 19/Apr/17
Warren said on 19/Apr/17
His shoe size is 11 or 11.5, what a big.... I agreed he's depend on the big size shoes with lift's, but not alway's
I still stay 176 he is

And there we have it...size 11 UK? Thats what I am apparently EU 46 is size 11 and yes its big, far too bug for him if you see pics of him barefoot.

That Jenner girl got downgraded to 5'9.25" on the site, if you care to search for pics you will see he is barely taller a hair at most.

I always thought the old listing was fair but this is also ok as he can look it at times with normal boots ( still 4cm heels but not lifts).
Johan said on 19/Apr/17
Warren said on 18/Apr/17
Is James Corden really 5'8" in the first place? I start to doubt it... his average guess is 5'8.26"(173.4cm)
some people said James is closer to 5'9 or 175, although I doubt he is 5'9, but he can look around 173.5-174 to me

I posted a pic of James barefoot with David Beckham a while back, its still there if you scroll down.

He is 3 inches shorter than a guy who claims 5'11" (180cm) and MOST importantly looks it. James is just getting boosted to 5'9" to make other liars seems honest.
Warren said on 19/Apr/17
His shoe size is 11 or 11.5, what a big.... I agreed he's depend on the big size shoes with lift's, but not alway's
I still stay 176 he is
Zackk said on 19/Apr/17
Look harry at james corden's show. He nearly looks same height as James. Even he got lifted chelsea boots. Max 5"8
delancey said on 18/Apr/17
Will be very interesting to see how Hardy and Styles compare at the Dunkirk red carpet later in the year.
Who do you think would have the edge Rob?
Editor Rob: let's see how they shape up if they are together at the premiere etc. The film itself may not be that great for heights...
Warren said on 18/Apr/17
Is James Corden really 5'8" in the first place? I start to doubt it... his average guess is 5'8.26"(173.4cm)
some people said James is closer to 5'9 or 175, although I doubt he is 5'9, but he can look around 173.5-174 to me
Warren said on 18/Apr/17
Is James Corden 5'8" in the first place? I start to doubt it... his average guess is 5'8'26"(173.4cm)

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

Celebrity Fan Photos and Agency Pictures of stars are © to their respective owners.