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5ft 9.77in (177.2cm)
Johno said on 5/Oct/16
Harry appears taller next to James Corden than Matt Damon often does; Styles is likely taller than Damon.

He is also taller than Taylor, if he is in the 5'8-range, then that's only at his lowest.

The current listing seems fair.
what!!!?!!! said on 5/Oct/16
lucifer, my friend that met her is a legit 5'10 guy, 180 cm when HE WAKES UP! 1.78 rest of the day AND HE TOLD ME THAT SHE HAD BEEN TALL AS HIM WITH FLAT SHOES.

Rob's listing is not wrong,you guys are just deceived by pictures and a little bit of a haters.

Back to the pictures of Beckam and Harry. Seriously With his giant lifts and boots and Harry still doesn't look taller than 1.77. If there is wrong listing it is not the one about Taylor, it's Harry's.
D said on 5/Oct/16
Warren I'll find a link of the shoes that he is wearing in that pic. They have 1.5 inch inner lifts and 2 inch heel. Someone posted about them down the comment section. Also look that Taylor is little behind him. That gives illusion that he is taller and also he is on higher ground level. There is a little slope.

Also his hair gives 2 cm taller illusion.

But the biggest factor here are his shoes with inner lifts.
lucifer said on 5/Oct/16
Harry is indeed taller than Taylor, but I'm 100% sure Taylor's listing on this website is wrong. I am certain she isn't 1,77, and then to have Harry at 1,76..Taylor needs a downgrade for sure.
Warren said on 4/Oct/16
Hmm... u claiming seems to Harry is shorter than Taylor but..
how do u think this one with lifts? he was 18+ age
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D said on 4/Oct/16
And his shoes aren't the only thing giving him more cm's of height. He wears lifts. At least 2 inches one.

His hair is also a deceiving thing. Just focus on his feet. He looks so uncomfortable standing from the lifts and the big heels.
D said on 4/Oct/16
1.80 beckam makes harry look 1.74. I don't know why is he even listed 1.76. He is strong 1.75. No more. 1.76 maybe morning height. But he loses it after 2 ours after bed.
Johan said on 4/Oct/16
Click Here

Yes here he is, in his 5'11" glory next to selfclaimed 5'11" David Beckham.

Click Here

Just leaving this other pic here as well.

Remember Becks claims 180 he is 5ft 11 max...5'10.75" is also a possibility.
Warren said on 4/Oct/16
But david beckham who is 180cm makes me thought harry is 176 or 177
no taller than 178 maybe harry is 177 @Addison
Warren said on 4/Oct/16
Yaeh, your right 4cm boots for him
and I also think 177 rather than 176 and I even 178 is possible for harry cos I posted that before
actually harry is taller than kendall and taylor which is 175 or 176

chris mears 170 or 171 + shoes on(3or4cm) = 174
harry 177 or 178 + boots on(4cm) = 181-182

but I doubt chris mears reached 170 barefoot from your picture... I think maybe 168?169??
Addison said on 3/Oct/16
Warren, harrys boots are actually only 4cm, he wears the YSL boots and if you go on their website and check their 1.6 inches which converted in cm is 4cm. i'm pretty sure chris was wearing sneakers or something. but of course we dont know that for sure chris could of been wearing boots as well, but either way you have to admit the height difference between them is a lot, looks about 3-4 inches. Rob, what do you say about the height difference on the picture of Harry and Chris mears? What do you think about it?
Warren said on 3/Oct/16
chris mears heights seem to be 174 is with shoes probably
harry is 176 barefoot, and he boots on like 5cm
I can see your photo seems right make the difference between them
but I'm not sure we can't see their feets
Tiger said on 2/Oct/16
This Guy is 5'11
what!!!?!!! said on 1/Oct/16
Addison. IM SAYING THAT HE IS 5'11 WITH HIS GIANT LIFTS AND BOOTS!!! and barefoot he isnt more than 1.75
Addison said on 30/Sep/16
to everyone saying he's 5'9, how come in the picture with kendall jenner he looks 2 or 3 inches taller than her? if he's 5'9 then that makes kendall 5'6-5'7 which shes obviously not?? (shes 5'9) lol can people just explain that to me?? he's at least 5'10 or 5'10.5, look at him next to model nadine leopold shes listed at 1.77 i think and they both hung out wearing similiar boots and he still looked a few cm taller?? look at him with 5'8/5'7 taylor swift?? 5'9 is too short for him. look at the pictures in his new photoshoot Another Man Magazine, he was wearing sneakers and was posing and he looked very tall! obviously it could be the angle but if you actually look at the picture he looks 6'0.
Nich said on 25/Sep/16
Hi , rob I noticed for awhile his height on Google disappeared and then reappeared lately , why do you think that is?
Editor Rob
It is probably just technical bugs.
HonestSlovene said on 22/Sep/16
I think he can be 5'9 since he mostly looks that height. On rare occasions manages to pull of 5'10. I have a hard time believing 5'11 or 6'0 though, since other 1 directioners are around 5'8 and he is barely the tallest.
Ice said on 18/Sep/16
lol at 6 foot
Hafeez said on 11/Sep/16
How tall is he on this pic rob? Click Here
Editor Rob
can look within similar range as Liam there.
lucifer said on 7/Sep/16
Sorry to break it to you, Addison honey, but Chris Mears has never seen the 5'9 mark. Just because google lists him as being 5'9, that doesn't mean it's also true. Google lists Justin Bieber as being 5'9 and Harry Styles as being 5'11, both statements being far from true.
D said on 7/Sep/16
I won't argue anymore with you guys. I
But know that harry is not a tall guy. He is not even close to it. His tiny frame and hair and Lifts are deceiving. Its not important what you think, but what Rob thinks.
And he has done it more than good. Harry doesn't has the build of 1.78 man. Look matt damon, Kevin bacon, Christopher Lambert for example... They are 1.78. Only a fangirl would say that harry is anything taller than 1.76.
what!!!?!!! said on 6/Sep/16
well... maybe i'm wrong, maybe harry is 6ft
Addison said on 5/Sep/16
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picture of harry recently with 1.74 m (5'8.5) chris mears!! i'm sure he's wearing his 4cm YSL boots in this picture but the height difference is quite huge! if harry is 5'9 (1.76) and with his boots on he is 1.79 wouldn't there be less of a height difference? if chris is 1.74 and harry is 1.79 in his boots there'd be a 5cm height difference but it looks like a 8-10cm or more height difference! ALSO lets not forget, we don't know what shoes chris was wearing but im guessing some sort of running shoes? so chris would be 1.75 m in shoes and so that'd make him 5'9 and harry looks 3 or 4 inches taller! harry is DEFINITELY in the 1.80-1.84/1.85 zone with his boots on! he has a small petite very skinny frame thats why he doesnt look like it, if he was very broad and thick on the shoulders and chest all of you would be saying he's a giant🙄🙄
Arch Stanton said on 5/Sep/16
Does he wear lifts or what? Click Here With decent 6'1 er Chris Martin leaning two it's heard to imagine him at 5'9!
Arch Stanton said on 5/Sep/16
A tad stingy I think with the 176, I wouldn't have guessed him under 5'9.5 anyway. 5'9.5 would be a fair listing IMO. Honestly can look a good two inches taller than this at times! Put it down to boots, jeans and proportions.
what!!!?!!! said on 4/Sep/16
Addison, haha. Harry at 1.80-1 barefoot? Do you even know how 1.80 look like? I think that harry is maximum 1.76 centimeters. 176 when he gets out of bed and 1.75 during the day. And again, I don't see how its very possible for harry to be 1.80 or 1.81 when he looks at least 5 centimeters shorter than Dicaprio and Eddie redmayne both 1.81 cm tall. Don't judge by your feelings, they are wrong. Rob has done it the way that it must be done.
Addison said on 3/Sep/16
D, if you could get off your ass and do some research you'd see that harrys boots only give 4cm of height!! all of the YSL boots he wears dont give him any more than 4cm of height! even check the website! exactly 4cm! so its very possible for harry to be 1.80 or 1.81 m barefoot and then 1.84 or 1.85 with his 4cm YSL boots on! he could even be 1.86m tall with the boots on, next to 5'9-5'10 gigi hadid who wore 4 inch (10cm) heels he is eye to eye with her so it is very possible for him to be anywhere between 1.84-1.87m WITH his boots on!
D said on 31/Aug/16
Lucy ok . but what about Harry's heels? Sure he has these boots + heels.
Warren said on 29/Aug/16
I still think harry is 176-177cm my opnion
Johno said on 29/Aug/16
Looks pretty much what Rob has him at.
lucy said on 29/Aug/16
with listed 1.86 Chris Martin Click Here Click Here

with 1.78/1.79 Gigi Hadid Click Here
her heels Click Here
D said on 29/Aug/16
Lucy. He towers over Taylor swift and all of them, where??? Proofs? You have only one picture where you can't see their legs. Its obvious that harry is on a higher ground plus his boots...
Warren said on 29/Aug/16
Taylor also 176cm should be in a listing
lucy said on 28/Aug/16
harry isn't shorter than 5'11 (when not slouching), maybe 6'0. he towers over taylor swift, 5'10 kendall kenner and 5'11 jimmy kimmel
Mark said on 25/Aug/16
@Lynx, you would probably edge me out since I am between 5'9.5" - 5'9.25" in the morning and evening.
what!!!?!!! said on 24/Aug/16
who knows... he might be even measured at 1.75 or 4 at night
Lynx said on 22/Aug/16
@Addison No way he's 1,78 lol, you're not gonna pass from 5'9-10 range to 6ft range just with better posture (wearing his lifts).
Also, he is not close to 5'11 and 6ft people, (like on his pictures with Beckham, he's way shorter on ALL the pictures).

Click Here
Ed Sheeran for example is 5'7.75 and they look on a similar height range. I'm 1,79 and i look wayyyy taller than 5'8 people even with bad posture than he looks compared to Sheeran on that picture.
Sam said on 21/Aug/16
If you look past his thin frame, his build suggest he might even measure a little less than 5'9 in the top photo. I know some people have guessed 5'8.5 in the past but I'm not so sure, in some photos it looks like he might clear 5'9.
D said on 17/Aug/16
Addison, you are saying harry is 5.11? Brad Pitt is 5.11. Does harry has his build? You are just acting stupid. Sorry. Even with his boots he can't be taller than 1.79 max. And its not that hard to see that in every pic his shoes are giving him at least 3 cantimeters. Look at his ankle. Eddie redmayne is 5.11.5 and looks strong 3 inches taller than harry. Even if I want I can't give him more than 1.76.6. There's no way
Addison said on 16/Aug/16
Click Here

and if you watch this video here you can clearly see harry is way taller than louis (louis has to literally LOOK UP to him and harry looks down) and louis is supposedly in the 1.72-1.73 range but he wears those adidas shoes with very thick soles so they give him an extra boost in height and harry is here wearing his 4cm boots and if louis is, lets say, in the 1.74-1.75 range with those shoes on and harry is what you call 1.76 and 1.80 with his boots thats **** because you can clearly see louis is 3 or 4 inches shorter than harry, even take screenshots of the video, the top of louis's head is to the bridge of harrys nose. there is proof that louis is 5'9 (from his moms wedding back in 2014 his sister claimed to be 5'8 and in the picture of them standing straight next to each other you can clearly see he's 2 cm taller) harry's the tallest in the band he TOWERS over all of them except liam (sometimes) and you can't blame it all on his shoes since he has bad posture himself. he's 2-3 inches than niall and louis who are both 5'8-5'9. sometimes he looks 6'0 next to them or taller.
Addison said on 15/Aug/16
okay, first of all, i feel like most of you forget harry slouches a lot and leans over because one of his leg is a bit taller than the other thats why he hardly ever stands straight, and i think the reason why he wears the boots is so his legs are even and don't look weird and he has better posture?? harry definitely has to be 1.79 m tall and 6'0 WITH his 4cm YSL boots on. either 1.78 or 1.79. no shorter than that. because 1, he's taller than 5'9.5 kendall jenner (1.76) and by taller i mean tall, he looks to be about 3 or more inches taller than her BAREFOOT, either kendall is 5'8 or harry is 6'0 believe whichever one you want. and he's the tallest in the band, many people who met him said he's tall and looks around 5'11 or 6'0. with model nadine leopold who is listed as 5'10 (1.77) he's still taller than her (in his 4cm boots but she was also wearing boots with a slight heel too) look at pictures with fans!! there was a 5'4 fan who met him and the top of her head was only 1cm above his shoulder, her face was literally face to face with his nipples. heres him with a fan who is 5'7 (the asian one) and a 5'5 fan and he looks to be 4 inches taller than the 5'7 one. (the top of her head reaching his ear) Click Here

he was also taller than taylor swift who can't be shorter than 5'9 (1.74) when he was 18 and theres pics where he was wearing converse and flat shoes with her and he was still taller. ACCEPT THE FACT THAT HE IS 5'10-5'11 NOT 5'8.5 OR 5'9 LMAO JUST BECAUSE HE'S IN A BOYBAND YOU GUYS DON'T WANNA ACCEPT THE FACT THAT ITS ACTUALLY POSSIBLE FOR HIM TO BE 5'10 OR 5'11
P.C. said on 12/Aug/16
Rob and everyone,I was searching for some pics of Harry with Cillian Murphy (whose Rob has listed as 173cm,and I find pretty accurate),and I found some good ones with them standing next to each other,similar footwear and also similar posture (although Harry slouches a little bit), and I think Harry has about a good 2 inches on him,what are your thoughts on this ? I'll leave the links to the pictures below :
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Editor Rob
they might be a bit tricky to get a real sense of how much difference there is.

Will be interesting to see some more in the future.
Sam said on 11/Aug/16
Sorry Daniel, but a 5'9-5'10 guy that claims 6 foot won't be getting more attention height-wise than a 5'11-6'0 guy who rounds down. While I do believe girls are interested in specific numbers, lets be honest they don't even know what they look like most of the time, but they will still prefer the taller guy that is more honest with himself, and if they don't then I guess all they care about are numbers.
gian92 said on 11/Aug/16
176 cm seems right
Johno said on 10/Aug/16
Listing looks right.
T said on 4/Aug/16
There's a picture online where he's naked on a couch and you can see his proportions , it's definite he's in the average height range as for 176 ? Maybe 177 ?
Joe said on 26/Jul/16
A legit 5'9 guy.
Spook said on 26/Jul/16
5'8.75 and goes over 5'9 with boots. T Swift is about 5'8.5 but with heels is about the same.
Warren said on 23/Jul/16
you mean he wearing high heels all the time since 2012?? he doesn't, but only sometimes wearing that year,
since 2014 he wears it in earnest, and I'm boy.
D said on 22/Jul/16
I'm not Taylor fan but wtf? Seriously how can you say that he is taller than her? He is wearing those high heels all the time. I'm 10000ⁿ% sure that if both stand together barefoot, Taylor would be at least 1.5 cm taller. I'm not against harry, he is a cool guy, but I'm sick of those fangirls.
T said on 21/Jul/16
He looks way taller than this.
Johan said on 20/Jul/16
Daniel said on 17/Jul/16

The same exact thing happens with bodybuilding.
Most guys think that 200 is the perfect weight to be "big and muscular" others think that 180 is great.
So you have guys who actually looks great with a weight of 160, because it fits their body proportion and height, but they either keep adding number to be at least 180 or they actually bulk up and get fatter and drink liters of water daily just to see the scale going up and see the 180 or 200 number. They would actually ruin their body just to be able to tell "I'm 200 pounds".

Alot of guys in the BB world are short its true but if you are say a legit 5ft 11 barefoot then you have to weigh at least 185 pounds to have any kind of mass.

160 pounds is 5ft 7 territory.

Guys like myself who are 6ft -6ft 1 easily get up to 210 pounds.
Warren said on 19/Jul/16
Everyone may thinking recommend to exchange that Harry & taylor's heights, cos Harry has 4 years advantage between Taylor.
in 2012 Harry was still teenager or he may still possibly growing since it, but Taylor was already 23 age and she's woman. I mean Taylor is already done growing in 2012.
and Harry is already taller than Taylor in that year, Now Harry is 177-178cm Taylor is 175-176cm. pls reply me Rob (´・ω・`)
Daniel said on 17/Jul/16
The point about height and everyone lying and fangirls thinking/hopings their idols are 6'1 or 6'2 is all about numbers.
In Europe they think 180 is a good height, because there's the number 8, in USA they want the 6' because there's the number 6.
So height is mostly a number thing and nothing else, because people think a specific numer is better than another, they want that number but they don't really know what that number looks like.
That's why a 5'10 guy who claims to be 6' would actually get more attentions and girls until he admits "I'm 5'9" because it's not what height looks like that matters, it's the numer!
Believe I'm 5'9.5 and I have been with many girls and I have always told them I'm 5'11 or 6.
Once I admitted to a girl my real height is 5'9.45 and she said "okay, but keep telling others that you're 5'11" that's because her friends didn't know what 5'9 or 5'11 looks like but to them the number was important.

The same exact thing happens with bodybuilding.
Most guys think that 200 is the perfect weight to be "big and muscular" others think that 180 is great.
So you have guys who actually looks great with a weight of 160, because it fits their body proportion and height, but they either keep adding number to be at least 180 or they actually bulk up and get fatter and drink liters of water daily just to see the scale going up and see the 180 or 200 number. They would actually ruin their body just to be able to tell "I'm 200 pounds".
AJ said on 16/Jul/16
My money is still on 5'9.5" which he looks with Beckham, swift, and jenner
s said on 16/Jul/16
@miko I'm starting to agree with that too, that he's not a lift wearer. But still don't know why he wears a bigger shoe size
George 176 cm said on 15/Jul/16
I know a 5' 10" range guy when I see one. Harry though is more of a 176 cm guy. Look at him with 5' 11" listed David Beckham or 5' 8" listed James Corden, for instance. I would bet top dollar on him measuring below 5' 10".
Wes said on 8/Jul/16
At times, Harry can look 5'10. He is no where near 6'0. Rob, do you think Harry could possibly be 5'10 flat?
Editor Rob
I think you could make a case for him looking 177-8 range at times yes.
n said on 8/Jul/16
Harry with 5'9 Austin Mahone in December last year. Click Here
miko said on 7/Jul/16
The only time he ever gets near 5'10 are his first steps out of bed in the morning.

I don't think he's a lift wearer but just likes boots with a heel on them.
Leo said on 1/Jul/16
Harry is shorter than Reedus, Reedus had a bad posture in that photo, 5'9.25 is the best estimation (good job Rob)!
kim said on 25/Jun/16
when are you changing his listing. He's obviously in the 5'10 range. If taylor is listed at 5ft 9.5, and he's taller this listing literally makes no sense. Update it man.
Strong 5ft9 said on 23/Jun/16
@luke 1cm difference is pretty hard to tell. But we could say Harry is somewhere around 176-177 cm tall.
luke said on 22/Jun/16
same height as 177 norman reedus!
Click Here
Johan said on 15/Jun/16
He is shorter than LEGIT 5'11" Beckham who claims 180 cm a flat 5'11" guy.

As for your 5'10" Taylor she looks barely 5'9" next to Kate Upton in equal footwear. I guessed 5'8.75" from that pic on her page.

People lie especially when young and wanting to appear impressive.

Kendall Jenner also has a 5'9" listing on a fashion model page. This leads me to believe that young Harry is a good 5'9" maybe even 177cm who wears 5cm boots to get up to 182cm thus passing for a 5'10.5" guy. Thats why he looks taller next to these young women who curiously change their habit of wearing platform heels when he is around.
Louis said on 15/Jun/16
176-177 seems right
plus said on 13/Jun/16
@Lizzy look the pics of Styles with Beckham the footballer (181), he is shorter than him. Swift is shorter than him I agree, both ladies are 5'9 175 cm imo. They have a tiny head that's why they appear taller of what they are
z said on 13/Jun/16
Click Here

This photo's from 2013 so he's probably grown like a quarter of an inch since then but look how short he is here barefoot with his bandmates.
Seems like if Louis took off his shoes, Harry would edge him by a small amount.
Thoughts everyone?
Lizzy said on 9/Jun/16
The shortest i'd give harry would be 5'10. no shorter. He is NOT 5'9 or 5'8. he is taller than kendall jenner who is ALMOST 5'11 (1.79m) and he is actually a lot taller than her if you look at pics. I believe he is 5'11 and 6'0 with his 4cm boots on. Remember one of his legs is shorter than the other and he leans so much and barely ever stands straight. he has long legs. He is taller than taylor AND kendall who are both in the 5'10 range (maybe taylor could pass as 5'9.5) but kendall is NOT 5'9 she is 5'10+ and harry is taller than her which means he is 5'11 or 6'0. look at more pics people!!
bob said on 26/May/16
he looks 5'9 with Mick Jagger Click Here
Nux said on 22/May/16
Strong 5ft9.
X said on 21/May/16
Definitely 5ft9.
realheight said on 19/May/16
true. he seems 5'9.25"-5'10" to me, but he looks like 5'11"-5'11.5" at first glance. because usually his hair raised and put on high base/heels footwear.
z said on 8/May/16
Click Here

Rob, what do you think of his proportions here? He's looking like a higher 5'9 than usual barefoot, almost similar proportions to Leo DiCaprio.

Click Here here's another
mikey t said on 27/Apr/16
why do people exaggerate so much about their height??
nick said on 26/Apr/16
A weak 5'10 out of bed, 5'9,5 in the afternoon
Damian said on 15/Apr/16
That's so weird I thought he was 6ft or taller...
grizz said on 4/Apr/16
I've read somewhere that one leg is half an inch taller than the other one and he has issues with posture.
Once a week he does some intense pilates-type exercises to stop deteriorating his posture.
Redhead said on 2/Apr/16
Tbh I'd still give him 5'9.5". All in all that's what I think he looks. This listing is a bit too low for him. 5'9.75" is too generous, but 5'9.25 is too modes.
william said on 25/Mar/16
he's definitely 183cm (6.0 feet)
Mat said on 22/Mar/16
LoL. This guy is the tallest guy from One Direction... They are really small men
yeah right said on 22/Mar/16
Click Here
Harry wearing his usual 1.6 inch heels with 5'11? Odell Beckham.
poot said on 21/Mar/16
i think he's 178 cm bcs when you look at the leaked picture with him and kendall , he looks taller than her so...
yeah right said on 19/Mar/16
Two pics with him and 5'9-5'10 Kendall Jenner, both of them are barefoot.
Click Here
Click Here
Giulio said on 16/Mar/16
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Mar/16
5ft11 is bad enough but 6ft?! Kids these days...
taylor swift claims 5'11 and she s 100% shorter
Alex said on 14/Mar/16
5'8 is too short for him, he is a weAk 5'9
Larry said on 4/Mar/16
Harry is 5 ft 11; he is at least an inch taller than Kendall and Taylor. This listing is so wrong.
MARTHA. E. GARCiA said on 2/Mar/16
I like you a lot everything from you I love you you are funny funny laugh LOL. happy face YOUTUBE. GOOGLE
Comment Here said on 2/Mar/16
Strong 5'8. Heels and big hairdoo are deceiving...and plus those heels with soles..
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Mar/16
5ft11 is bad enough but 6ft?! Kids these days...
Bill said on 27/Feb/16
If you're going to keep Taylor at 5'9.5" and kendall at 5'9.75", then you should atleast list harry 5'9.5" which is more fair than the current listing.
184 cm guy said on 26/Feb/16
There's no way this guy is anything under 5'9. In the one instance where we got him in reasonable footwear he was at least an inch taller than 5'8 James Corden. He also pulls off a tall look with those big-heeled St. Laurent boots, something you need to be at least 5'9-5'10 to do. My guess is he's 5'9.5, because he did look as tall or slightly taller than Taylor Swift when they dated. He's gotta be over 5'10 when he gets out of bed.
Warren said on 22/Feb/16
harry is 176-177cm and taylor is 174-175cm
Comment Here said on 19/Feb/16
Yea, hes a strong 5'8 but the hairdo and boots with lifts clocks him up closer to 5'10 or 5'9 1/2
Sam said on 17/Feb/16
Skinny 5'9 guy giving the impression of 5'10 isn't that difficult, especially in big boots.
JohnDoe said on 15/Feb/16
My guess is he's about 177cm
Jedi Master 5' 11 said on 2/Feb/16
@Paul, then all I need is fangirls and my life is complete
candie said on 2/Feb/16
strong 5'8 and very skinny with a lot of hair that gives him the taller look. He doesn't have 178cm limbs. You want 178cm? Look at Brad Pitt in Fight Club/Snatch, he's a genuine 5'10 man.
Paul said on 30/Jan/16
I literally laugh everytime when I see fangirls on the internet actually believe that Harry is 6'1" or 6'2", when he's not much over 5'9" or 5'10" at best.
r said on 26/Jan/16
Pretty sure he's 5'10 140 lbs
5ft 9.25 said on 25/Jan/16
Don't forget that Taylor is a "big" supporter of ;)
plus said on 23/Jan/16
@Rob I always see him taller than Taylor Swift. I would downgrade Taylor Swift or upgrade Styles

Click Here
Tunman said on 18/Jan/16
Neither me,Andrea.Actually do you know that 80%of the singers on this site are totally unknown for me.I learned more names in 2 years here than in the last 10.Who is Taylor Swift,Sam Smith or others I have no idea that shows how much I'm interested on people actually.The sad thing is that if you ask youngsters about Timberlake or Bieber most would tell you their whole discography.Ask them who is James Stewart,Robert Mitchum or Gregory Peck(at least in my country)and no one will answer.
Andrea said on 17/Jan/16
Well, Tunman, he can actually look near 5'11 in some photos with "5'9.5" Taylor Swift...
More than that, i don't know cause i barely "know his face"!
Tunman said on 15/Jan/16
Why so many are still trying to prove he's 5'10 or over?Once and for all this guy is very height conscious.Just looking at the pic with Jonathan Ross who won't be more than 185,5 and probably 185 these days,he looks maybe 178-78,5.Now take off 1,5-2cms boot advantage and he won't be more than 176-77,also look at his legs,I'm 99%sure he's using the good old trick of standing mainly on one leg to gain a further fraction 176 is the best option though 5'9.5 is possible,and nothing more certainly.As Rob said he could look often 5'10 but that's with his boots.
175(Night) said on 14/Jan/16
clearly the guy is around 5'10 But not more than that
plus said on 12/Jan/16
@176.2 you are right, look at their shoulders height. Kendall Jenner is clearly shorter than him!! and she is listed 177, so I would downgrade Jenner at 175.5 and Harry upgrade to 177.5!!!
Phil said on 11/Jan/16
Looks a good inch shorter than Kendall Jenner barefoot, very unlikely he's 176cm if she's only 177...
120 said on 10/Jan/16
1. there is no proof of evidence of what they're wearing
2. i don't know if you could rely on a camera angle for height difference
3. this photo does not show good proof of height difference
edk said on 8/Jan/16
in this article you can see him walk by Kendall Jenner

Click Here
plus said on 8/Jan/16
here you have One direction with Pablo Motos (measured at 22:00 around 164 or 164,5 cm)
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176.2 said on 8/Jan/16
This should be enough evedince Styles must measure more than 5'9.25. Jenner (here listed 5'9.75) is closer to the camera and stands straight but still is not taller.
Styles 5ft 10
Jenner 5ft 9
Swift 5ft 8.5

Rob, any explenation? Both stand bare foot..
MD said on 8/Jan/16
lol @ these heels, again (taken on 6 Jan):

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Tymmo said on 7/Jan/16
they are probably both around 5'8''½ - 5'9''½ lol
177 said on 7/Jan/16
Click Here Click Here Rob take a look at these new pics with kendall, it seems like they are the same height even when he's not standing straight
Amit said on 5/Jan/16
Hey rob what is the probability you think he's 5'9.5" over 176?
Editor Rob
I certainly wouldn't rule the chance out.
yeah right said on 5/Jan/16
Well, some people have asked him and received those ridiculous 5'11 and 6 foot claims. Why do you think he would go below those claims now, when his fame is at its peak?
Hahaha said on 5/Jan/16
Harry styles and james cordan are approximately same height.
Watch James cordan show on YouTube which they played dodgeball .
James cordan is 173cm(5.8) by the way.
120 said on 4/Jan/16
Not only i'm probably about the same height as Harry but i'm also lighter than Harry for some reason (I thought i was bad lol). According to some sites, they put his weight down as 163 lbs, do you think he really weighs that much Rob? or was that him during his overeating season lol.
Editor Rob
I wouldn't have put him as high as that, somewhere in 150's maybe
176.2 said on 3/Jan/16
He seems to be very insecure with his height. In almost every pic he tries to gain a couple of cms with aiding foot movements (similar to the Johnny Depp photo on CelebHeights) and best posture/suspicious footwear.
Actually I expected 5'11. But since 5'9.5 is impossible for Taylor he could well be 5'10..
5'9.25 must be far off! That would make Swift 5'7.75 or so ;)
Filippo said on 3/Jan/16
@me: David beckham is not a 6 footer. He is 5'11. That puts styles at 5'9 on the dot. 175. Not a cm more.
Michael said on 2/Jan/16
Rob do you think he could be taller than 176? In some pictures he's taller than kendall jenner, which i think she is supposed to be taller.
Editor Rob
at times he can pull off 177 range, although i'm not as certain he really is that high.
Naomi said on 2/Jan/16
What I don't understand is why nobody has asked Harry to confirm his height! If you meet him you ask him!!!
Right said on 1/Jan/16
I think he is more than 5'9 today.
Take a look at his new pic with kendall together at the yacht.
He is 5'11 / 6ft now I guess?
Alessandro said on 29/Dec/15
I think that he is 5'11 with shoes because he uses the YSL Chelsea boots with 4cm heels
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han said on 28/Dec/15
Rob do you think he can pull off 5'11 with his boots on?
Editor Rob
in a chunk of photos he can pull off looking 5ft 10 range, but anybody with a boot and lots of photos can look taller/shorter than their height.
Hazz said on 27/Dec/15
He is 175-176 cm. No more, no less
yeah right said on 25/Dec/15
David Beckham is 5'11(180cm) not 6 ft (183cm) and Becks doesn't wear boots with huge heels like Harry. So, there are 2 inches between them, which puts Harry right at 5'9 or 175-176cm - case closed.
me said on 23/Dec/15
Harry's size is around 5 ft 11 (180 cm) because is you see the difference of his size and the size of David Beckham (183 cm) there is not much difference.

Click Here
Click Here

And Louis is 5 ft 7 (172 cm), you see the difference when he's beside harry ? Click Here
Click Here

So he's not 5 ft 9. Maybe 5 ft 10 but not 9.
plus said on 16/Dec/15
@yeahright that pic and that angle is too bad to say who is taller of the two imo
Hahaha said on 16/Dec/15
Harry is about 173cm-175cm
James cordon is 173cm apparently
yeah right said on 14/Dec/15
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Shorter than 5'10.5 Grimshaw, they have the same kind of boots (about 1.6 inch heels).
James Edward Crowley Maximus Meridius said on 14/Dec/15
Rob he looks too skinny he is like less then 133 pounds he must have weighed 132 pounds in that picture he could i am not being funny he could with going too the gym too gain weight in muscle if was 190 pounds of muscle he would be solid and would look 10 times better a 5ft 9in man should weigh at least 166 pounds even with or without muscle.
Editor Rob
he might be around 140 pounds range...
Chris said on 14/Dec/15
Going by pictures he looks 6 feet. He's obviously quite a bit taller than Taylor Swift, who is 5'9

He also towers over his band members in One Direction
P said on 13/Dec/15
@1d big fan Lol Harry is 5'9 max.. Look him up with males and not female fans.
Allie said on 12/Dec/15
As it's been said he typically buys shoes a few sizes bigger so one can suspect lifts,
Though Harry being shorter than Taylor is very unlikely imo.
1d big fan said on 11/Dec/15
I hv searched a lot n I came to know that
Harry styles is 6feet tall, Louis is 5"7,Niall is 5"8,Liam is 5"10 n zayn is 5"9
plus said on 11/Dec/15
@JS very true because Taylor Swift is around 174 cm, 177 cm is false
MD said on 10/Dec/15
I've seen some pictures of the group from December as they've been quite active, and in every single one of them Harry has a foot advantage over the rest of the guys. It's gotten ridiculous. Liam and Louis also continue to look very close in height when both in similar footwear, so I can't see the 5'9" listing for him, either.
JS said on 10/Dec/15
There is no way Styles is shorter than Taylor Swift. LOL
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This photo show their shoes.
MarcusTheSwede said on 8/Dec/15
Just look at these heels. He is at best 175cm without them. Click Here
Rejoice Sharon said on 7/Dec/15
Woah never knew he was so tall. In photos he doesn't look that tall
R said on 6/Dec/15
They are all short guys, the 1D lot, average height in some parts of the world. Harry (who is taller than the rest) at a little over 5¡¯9" is sound. 6¡¯0" is bizzare and 5¡¯11" is crap(w/o soley shoes). Justin Beiber is shorter than this guy but won¡¯t appear to be shorter than the rest of the 1D members. Rob, thoughts
amaterasu said on 6/Dec/15
@flagsy, Swift most likely is 175cm, and Styles had his heels on as always, which were probably bigger than hers.
Hdjdd said on 5/Dec/15
He looks 5'10" next to 5'9" Taylor swift.
warren said on 5/Dec/15
I think so. harry is taller than talor when he dating with her.
If taylor's height is 176-177cm. harry must be 178-180cm absolutely.
so that's not possible his height is 176cm also 183cm
warren said on 4/Dec/15
i think so. harry is taller than taylor when he dating with her. if taylor's height is 176-177cm.
harry's height is 178-180cm absolutely. that's why not possible harry's 176cm.
yeah right said on 4/Dec/15
1D's recent visit at James Corden show, Harry with footwear advantage as always.
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flagsy said on 30/Nov/15
Rob, how can he be 3-4 cm taller than Taylor Swift in these pictures when she's listed as 177cm and they seem to have similar footwear?

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
MD said on 30/Nov/15
@joe joe,

Yeah, it's always frustrating to look at him of photos with the band since you ca tell he's so concious about it. Makes it crap for trying to judge his actual height. I was just going through recent pictures of the band at the AMAs a few days back, and both him and Liam (who often wears boots, though not as often) are in boots whereas the other two are in flatter shoes. Anyway, what's clear is even with his stance and him being forever in boots is that he honestly doesn't tower Louis and Niall like you think he would. Another trick he does (he seems to have stopped tip-toeing, at least) is to rarely stand directly next to the shorter guys. He's always a step foward or a step behind them.
Allie said on 28/Nov/15
Solid 5'9.. nothing more or less.
joe joe said on 28/Nov/15
He nearly always wears big heeled boots and stands with feet together in photos. He is someone who is for sure aware of his height in the context of the rest of the band. 5'9 or there or there abouts and no more
Spec said on 23/Nov/15
Yeah 5'9 is fair enough.
Btw Rob? What height Michael MacIntyre is?
I heard he was 1.70(5'7)?
Editor Rob
at times can look 5ft 7.5
Zyzz said on 20/Nov/15
Rob, what would you say he is in this recent pic with 6'1 Johnathan Ross?

Click Here
Editor Rob
I'd still put him a strong 5ft 9
yeah right said on 20/Nov/15
Click Here
Harry,wearing his usual 1.6 inch heel boots, next to 6'1 Jonathan Ross.
P. said on 18/Nov/15
I'm a fanboy and no I won't overestimate his height and tell you he's tall. He's like 5'8- 5'9 range. Look at recent pics with David Beckham where he was playing football, He looked shortest around 5'8..
yeah right said on 17/Nov/15
The band shortest guy is Louis at 5'7-5'7.5, then Niall and Zayn at 5'7.5-5'8, and finally Harry and Liam at 5'9-5'9.5, period.
MD said on 17/Nov/15
lol, here we go again with the fanboys and fangirls.
avenger987 said on 15/Nov/15
Looked barely 2" shorter than 6'1 Jonathan ross in the line up of the band and him standing together on his show. The band's shortest guy Liam must be 5'9.
Tiger said on 15/Nov/15
well my guess for him is 5'10-11 more like 5'11
and yeh he uses lifts in some official music videos
if u see him in normal videos or interviews he looks the same as the other guy
for me Liam :5'11
Harry :5'10.5
Niall :5'9
Louis :5'9
Zayn :5'10
Dee said on 14/Nov/15
Rob you said it yourself he can pull of 5'10" times. Don't you think a 5'9.5" listing would be better his range is more 5'9"-5'10". I think we might be overestimating how much his lifts add. Compare him to Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner he will probably measure 177 barefoot with them.
Spec said on 12/Nov/15
Well he wear skinny jeans. It can fit to anyone with small or wide waist. Those skinny jeans can be super stretch. So it's either male of female can wear.
MD said on 9/Nov/15
@prj, he's thin, but he's not THAT thin. There is no way he fits into 26" waists pants of either gender. I'm thinner than this guy, and with a waist that looks to me at least as thin (and his hipbone looks pretty wide relative to the rest of his physique); there is just no way.
B4 said on 7/Nov/15
I myself wear 1 inch insoles and they don't add that much height so I think it's impossible to go for 5'9 to 6' in insoles become unnoticed or even unconfortable
Insoles makes so difficult to walk
prj said on 6/Nov/15
@MD he said in a recent interview he fits into 26" waist womens jeans; he'sapparently into cleanses so he probably is quite thin.
Spec said on 5/Nov/15
@yeah right
Haha lol ! It's been confusing tho.
But you're right. I've seen the video with Jim Corden, which they've been wearing the same footwear.
Yeeeeeaa. I think this guy "harry" is wearing the famous "shoelifts".
yeah right said on 3/Nov/15
@B4 @Spec
For christ's sake just look up the dodgeball video he did with James Corden. It's impossible to go from a decent 5'9 to 5'11 in a few months time when you're between 20 and 21. It is obvious that, he is 5'9 who wears Saint Laurent boots which have 1.6 inch heel, in addition to that he buys them 1 or 2 sizes too big ( what was actually mentioned by louis tomlinson) so that he can put 1 inch lifts inside = he can pull off looking 5'11 or even 6 foot with that puffy hair of his.
Spec said on 3/Nov/15
Yeeaah. Me too, I think he grew a lot.
Yeah, maybe he's 5'11 now.
B4 said on 2/Nov/15
He looks so much taller than the other boys in their recent video perfect Rob do you think he's actually a 5'11 because he really looks like a 5'11 in the video
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 31/Oct/15
@ok A face taller would mean that he was like 6'1"-6'1 1/2" (which he's not).
box said on 31/Oct/15
@ok Was harry wearing heels?? ofcourse he was so 5'8 would be a better guess to finding out his true height.
Allie said on 31/Oct/15
People suspect he uses lifts.. I read a comment saying that Louis said thst he buys shoes a size and a half too big.. And okay I don't think his uead is only 7-8 inches..
184.3cm (Night) said on 28/Oct/15
That isnt actually bad evidence below. "A head taller" most people count that as eye level and not the actual head. So Harry was max 5 inches taller than a 5'4 girl. Listing seems fine.
Spec said on 27/Oct/15
Rob, why did he grew a lot in the past recent years. Now, i can see on their new single perfect he's quite very much taller than liam and the other boys. Why?
ok said on 27/Oct/15
I met Harry quite recently and I'm around 5"4, he's a head taller than me, I would say he's 5"11 to 6ft
box said on 8/Oct/15
harry and taylor swift are both in the 5'8 range and the heels they both wear are obviously height boosters. enough said.
Allie said on 7/Oct/15
Weak 5'10, strong 177 imo. Swift is 5'9 imo most of the time, and I think Harry looks almost an inch taller in similar footwear unless this lift talk is true..
oliver said on 30/Sep/15
He is 5' 10 for sure. I bet.
Pea Sea said on 20/Sep/15
As listed. He could probably get away with claiming about 5' 10". But his 5' 11" and 6' 0" claims are a bit cheeky.
yeah right said on 14/Sep/15
The photo you posted shows him next to 5'7-5'8 Cara Delevingne in heels, not Emma Watson
JKE 168 cm said on 13/Sep/15
@ Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM

That is not Emma Watson that's Cara Delevingne and she's listed 5 foot 7 on this site.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 10/Sep/15
By 5'4.75" (maybe 5'5") Emma Watson (who is definitely in heels):

Click Here
Height183 said on 31/Aug/15
Anywhere from 5'8'' - 5'9'' is fair for Harry
Sam said on 27/Aug/15
I think most people on here know by now that Harry isn't anywhere close to 6ft, only people saying that seem to be the ones that fancy him. However I think some people are cutting him a little short if saying under 5ft9. This current listing is definitely plausible. I think anywhere in the 5ft9-5ft9.5 area is a good shout for Harry. Some photos indicate otherwise though and he could be sub-5ft9, but I think more times he's looked a decent 5ft9.
yeah right said on 26/Aug/15
Becks is 5'11 or 180 cm not 6 ft or 184. In those big heel boots that Harry's been wearing for a while, a decent 5'10 guy would look like a really strong 5'11.5-6ft guy, but Styles doesn't.
Tim said on 25/Aug/15
5'11 with lifts, if that. Looks like an average 5'9
RandomDude756 said on 25/Aug/15
5'8.5 seems spot on
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 24/Aug/15
Harry Styles is still 3-4 CM shorter than Will Ferrell (while jumping that is, and with Will Ferrell looking down). The 6'0"+ talk is ridiculous.
Tiger said on 22/Aug/15
I think He Is 179cm next to 183cm Devid Becham
and i think his official height should be 5'10-11
Alex said on 15/Aug/15
Anything above 5'9 is a joke
yeah right said on 12/Aug/15
Well, those Saint Laurent boots he wears have 1.6 inch heels, so yeah it's not a big deal for a decent 5'9 guy to hit 5'11 in those, even without lifts.
Height183 said on 11/Aug/15
These 5'11'' guesses truly make me laugh.

I just don't understand when people say Harry looks ''lanky'' or ''tall''

He's never looked tall to me at all. He's always looked short to average.

He's just a 5'8.5'' - 5'9'' guy, just look at him next to James Corden.
Heightalmighty said on 10/Aug/15
I believe he's 5'11 or even grazing 6' with lifts. Considering his boots usually have at least a 1 and 1/2 heel and obviously has at least a 1 inch lift inside. I would say 9.50 morning height.
Gx79 said on 25/Jul/15
He's 5'11 with lifts
Alice said on 24/Jul/15
I think harry is closer to 5'10" - 5'11" whenever he was with kendall they were the around the same height and he was only a tiny bit taller than her
Height183 said on 21/Jul/15
Liam is definitely the heaviest from all of them. I would guess around 165lbs ish.
MD said on 16/Jul/15
I'd guess his weight at around 150lbs, too, though, I wouldn't be surprised if he were even ten pounds more. I think his clothing choices, and his spindly limbs make him look thinner than he is in clothes, but it's pretty clear that his hips and waist are a little wider than you'd expect for the rest of his physique. Liam is probably the heaviest of all of the members, past and present, though, I think we'd be surprised how much closer Harry and Liam are in weight.
Height183 said on 15/Jul/15
Harry probably weighs close to 150lbs
Bran said on 14/Jul/15
Hey Rob, off topic of height, but what do you believe the lads weigh?, or Harry ?, because i have friends who look quite considerably leaner than him, and weigh near 10 stone themselves, and im just confused on the topic of weight all together, i have a friend whos only around 5ft7, 35' chest, 28' waist and just a thin build, but on my scales hit 10 stone 3, on the other hand i know guys like frotch-groves, around 5ft11-6ft are almost 12 stone range, its crazy decieving weight in my opinion.
Click Here
Editor Rob
not sure I want to explain to Jenny if she sees me looking at barechested pictures of One Direction: "Just checking how much they weigh love!"
MD said on 13/Jul/15
Not sure how recent that picture is, but if it should tell you anything, it should probably tell you the 5sos guys aren't what they are listed, not that Harry is 5'11", but we're never going to agree on that.
Height183 said on 10/Jul/15
@etw: I agree with 5'11'' for Ashton too. He's probably a little over 5'11''.

That's an awful picture though. It has a bad tilt and most of the guys aren't standing properly.
Irv said on 10/Jul/15
Rob, do you think Harry is taller than Liam? Also, do you think he's able to fit a lift inside a boot with a 1.6 inch heel on it already?
etw said on 9/Jul/15
I think hes around 5'11, here's him with 5sos and hes clearly the same height as most of them
Click Here
184 cm said on 28/Jun/15
I think this is a fair listing. Yes he does wear shoes with big heels and possibly even lifts, but he doesn't wear them to look 5'9. He wears them to look 5'11-6 feet.

The video with Corden proves he's more than 5'9 flat. I honestly don't see 5'8 if we're being objective.
Height183 said on 28/Jun/15
Rob, do you see yourself leaving him at 176cm for good? Or do you think there is a chance you will take him down to a flat 5'9'' in the future?
Editor Rob
he looks about 176 range to me with Corden...they all seemed to have same footwear.

Now corden did that barefoot advert with Beckham, who most agree is a decent 5ft 11, I can't see Corden under 5ft 8 with beckham.
umadguy said on 24/Jun/15
original image - Click Here

Click Here - points to look at

nice height boosting boots right there!
G said on 23/Jun/15
Harry Styles, Nial Horan, Louis Tomllinson, Lian Payne, Zayn Malik and Justin Bieber surely must have one of these. Click Here Go to minute 1:20.
Matt said on 22/Jun/15
@G I think both Taylor Swift and Harry Styles need to be downgraded by half an inch. The measurements just dont add up compared to other stars. Btw 170 cm for a young western european guy is pretty short.
G said on 21/Jun/15
I believed that it could be 5'8.5. But I observed recently posted photos here and on other sites. Investigating, now I am pretty sure that Harry is 5'9 or 5'9.25 well as the estimated Rob. 6 feet? If you have claimed it is in their brand lift he was sincere. There is an episode of The Simpsons where Bart tries to look taller to get movie role. Click Here He identifies a lot with Harry, agree? Click Here This guy and his bandmates are a joke. All members of One directon are in the range 170 cm - 179 cm. None of them are tall nor short. They are all average.
Height183 said on 19/Jun/15
5'9'' absolute max! not even a hair above that. His height and his tricks have been exposed.
height101 said on 18/Jun/15
i don't see anything less than 5'8.5. might be a 5'9 barefoot and without the hair. i say this listing is pretty accurate though

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