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5ft 9.77in (177.2cm)
Warren said on 13/Jul/17
Well nowhere the photo shows that the same height as Taylor Swift fyi ikr
Slim 181 cm said on 12/Jul/17
Same height as Taylor swift, this absolutely kills it, right fangirls?
Slim 181 cm said on 12/Jul/17
Don't forget to add Zac Efron, jonas brothers and Timberlake/nsync to my list. Such dishonest men about their height and probably other things.
Slim 181 cm said on 12/Jul/17
I bet Bieber, one direction, and 5seconds of summer all exaggerate their height by 6 cm, yes all of them and every member. Well almost all of them.
Harrys never been over 5'9.25 and he never will be.
Mark(5'9.5") said on 11/Jul/17
Same height as me, but 5'11"?! 6'0"?!

🤢🤢🤢🤢Sorry Rob! I'm just gonna puke my thoughts out in a nutshell!
Dublin guy said on 11/Jul/17
Harry Styles is nowhere near 183cm (6foot) in bare feet. I reckon he's 5'9ish. To be fair 5'10 barefoot is noticeably tallish and be only ever appears that way when he's wearing his lifting shoes or heels.
Slim 181 cm said on 11/Jul/17
Harry seems taller than he is due to overgrown hair and elevator shoes. Same with the rest of one direction. He also claims to wear oversized trousers because he has a big d***, but wel all know its to hide his lifts, while making his legs look longer. He looks like he's standing on his tippy toes or standing on a box.
Kelly said on 11/Jul/17
Harry is 5,10!
Alisa said on 9/Jul/17
2017 .. harry is 188cm !!
Taengooofan said on 7/Jul/17
Lol I don't believe that he is 5'11 or 6'.he is not over than 5'9
hm said on 6/Jul/17
You are all deceived people. Take out the measuring tape, put it against the wall and watch how tall is everything after 1.75(including it). I bet brad pitt is 1.77, damon 1.76, harry 1.75. Rob is way to generous, this is insane. and about harry 1.83 claim thats the most crazy thing i have ever heard. he might look around 1.80 but that is only because he has skinny legs and this thick hair...
Davej said on 3/Jul/17
Not tall at all. 175-176. David Beckem confirms has put all in place.
trp said on 29/Jun/17
Click Here

Brooklyn Beckham with David, he looks pretty close considering they're wearing the same footwear and apparently the same height as this listing

Click Here

Harry from before wiht David

Brooklyn doesn't wear heels at all and he looks closer to his dad than Harry does so this listing is starting to make sense, but the fact that he's so much taller than everyone in public usually is odd
bro said on 29/Jun/17
I would give him 175/176, no less, no more. I think that the dodgeball pics are the most reliable ones. Same footwear, same posture, same distance from the camera. Harry is 2/3 cm taller than Corden there, and Harry is very similar to Liam, maybe 1 cm difference.
Every other photo is very tricky, cause he wear high heels and his height wobble too much.
Warren said on 27/Jun/17
Well David Beckham is 6'0" with his shoes on
mark said on 26/Jun/17
i think with his shoes on he seems 6ft and a half. But thlse usually have like 1.5-2inches so if anything i think he would be 5ft 10.5 at the least. I mean compare him with others he is usually the taller guy. Even with taylor he wore normal shoes back then and he looked to be similar height difference compared to taylor and jake gyllenhal, he was young back then as well so he probably got 0.5-1 inch.
Slim 181 cm said on 21/Jun/17
176 probably same height as Brooklyn Beckham.
Kelly said on 19/Jun/17
Meh I would agree 5,9
trp said on 16/Jun/17
@jjj Yeah I think so that's why he didn't look super tall next to James

Here's a photo of him and Michael Ball listed 5'11"
Click Here

He doesn't look as short as he does with David which is weird

These were his boots (you can't really see much)
Click Here

These are the same ones he wore to Graham Norton and the same ones he wore recently with David, things aren't adding up??
inmyopinion said on 13/Jun/17
Not more than 5ft8.5 bare foot
jjj said on 12/Jun/17

Are you sure the boots are only an inch and a half? to me, there's a reason why Harry's trousers are flared at the his lifts aren't noticeable! Even then he's still smaller than David.
trp said on 11/Jun/17
Click Here

Recently with David. Harry was wearing some boots that made him about an inch and half taller than James (he seemed to hunch over alot when around James

Click Here

I was expecting Harry to be a little taller than he did because of 5'9.5 + 1.5-2.5 inch heels but he didn't seem that tall.
Weird thing is in public settings he always looks really tall compared to everyone else

Click Here
Around 0:58 he's walking around looking taller than the guards and other guys, not just the fans
Wouldn't a 5'9.5" with 1.4" heels not look that tall with other people around?
Warren said on 9/Jun/17
If Niall is 172cm, Harry could seem 5cm taller than him on the picture
ofcourse Harry was closer to the camera than Niall which could make Harry is 175cm? (I don't hope this) or 176cm
also Harry still 1cm or 2cm taller than Corden even Corden closer to the camera than Harry
I hope Harry is 176cm
Click Here
MD said on 9/Jun/17
He was on James Corden's late-night show, again, and still didn't look a full inch taller.
Alex said on 8/Jun/17
I do not think he is that tall.
I've seen a lot of pics of him with or without his high cuban heels.
In this pic he seems to be over 5'11
Click Here:
And in normal shoes (i've seen the videonon youtube) they're all wearing all star converse, he seems to be closely to corden who is listed to 5'8
Click Here:
It's up to you.
I wake up 5'9.25 and if I use hig heels boot (nearly 2inch) a skinny black pant, I look really tall, like 5'11, expecially if I'm a skinny guy.
5'9.25 in the morning, if he's lucky.
Warren said on 7/Jun/17
Hi my friend, I think that was like 4cm heels?
so he could be anywhere from 179-180cm with that on the picture?
agreed ur opinion :)
5,11.20 said on 6/Jun/17
I think 5ft 9.5 is fair, he gives off the impression of being very tall because of his posture and lanky body type
Wrs567 said on 30/May/17
175- 176cm without the high heels and volumed hair

Look at the size of his heels! that is not a normal dress shoe

Click Here

Click Here
realheights said on 30/May/17
His 4cm heels, volumed hair and body type makes him look taller. Without them he is like 5ft 8 - 5ft 8.5
Shredder said on 30/May/17
Rob , would you rule out 5'10? He looks taller than Norman Reedus.
Editor Rob
because of Harry wearing heels at time, I think he can certainly seem 5ft 10, but barefoot I'm not so sure on that.
Bruce 182cm said on 29/May/17
5'11 with shoes on....
Kick901 said on 23/May/17
Seems a bit taller than Taylor Swift
Alex said on 20/May/17
@Cal77 is most likely wearing boots , he wears really baggy pants for all of his live stuff but yo u can see like 80s platform boots under there
AJ said on 19/May/17
Is 5'9.75" possible?
Editor Rob
he can look 5ft 10 range, but sometimes does wear thicker heels than your normal dress shoe.
Warren said on 17/May/17
@Bee123, he is 176-177 range
David Backham who claims 5'11" makes kill ur opinion
Cal77 said on 17/May/17
haha 6 foot. I do think he's probably 5'10 now though or close to it

Here he is with James Corden

Click Here
Robert said on 17/May/17
He(Harry) is wearing heeled shoes thats why they look the same or close.
MD said on 17/May/17
Aaron Taylor Johnson needs a fairly significant downgrade whatever else happens. He was shorter than Harry or the same height, and both were barely any taller than Corden.
realheights said on 16/May/17
In yesterday's late late show, James Corden and Harry looked like they are same. He is not longer than 176 without those heels and thick hair.
Venz said on 16/May/17
Harry looks clearly taller than Aaron Taylor Johnson (which you have listed at 5'11) in this video he did at the late show Click Here might want to check that out
Editor Rob
they could look quite close there.
st said on 15/May/17
Click Here

Harry with Dan Wootton (apparently claims 6ft)
Not sure how the ground is here but Harry's wearing his normal 1.6 inch boots.
MD said on 14/May/17
Yeah, I've already shown enough evidence on his page that there is no way Marvin Humes is 5'11". He's honestly 5'10.5" at the very most.
Ann said on 13/May/17
How talk was he in 2010 when the band started)
Revisionist said on 11/May/17
@ realheights, the interesting thing is that even with huge shoes and hair, he doesn't exactly distance himself from very weak 5'8 band members, even Niall, who doesn't always wear huge heels or lifts.

Harry pretty much usually looks like a good 3-4cm taller than the shortest 1D guys but no more than that. A solid 5'10 guy wouldn't be that close to 172cm guys. 6cm is significant.

5'9.5" is Harry's max.
Wrs567 said on 10/May/17
Marvin Humes looks too Short to be 5'11'' barefoot

Plus I repeat once again, Harry will definitely have footwear advantage with those heels
trpcl said on 10/May/17
Click Here

With 5'11" Marvin Humes
trpcl said on 9/May/17
Click Here

Harry with Al Roker (5'7.5"/5'7"?) and Matt Lauer (5'11") (I'm aware Matt is closer)
I think Harry was wearing bulky Gucci loafers
Harry's wearing a thicker heel but I feel like he still wouldn't get close to 5'11" if he was just 5'9.5"
I honestly think he's 5'10", he's been taller than a lot of people in multiple cases, even if his heels are "huge" they don't give as much of a boost as say a platform shoe would for example.
Rob would you ever consider 178?
Gian92 said on 9/May/17
Rob have you seen the heels in his last official video ??they are 2 inches I think , so from 176/177 cm barefoot he became 181/182 cm .
176cm guy said on 7/May/17
I remember in a radio show he claims he was "1.8 centimeters". Which means, He broke a world record for the world's shortest man, even my thumb is bigger than him. Jk. I think he meant to say 1.8 meters. Sadly, i can't remember where though. But i think he is indeed a true strong 5'9er like me judging by him standing next with James Corden in all converse, 5'11" is a bit of a stretch for him.
176cm guy said on 7/May/17
@Truth. Plus Harry might have a shoe advantage over him, so who knows.
176cm guy said on 7/May/17
@Truth. Well that is not really a good photo to be comparing heights at all, the angle and postures are all bad there.
Sandy Cowell said on 6/May/17
@ berta - I wholeheartedly agree! I used to think he was at least 6 foot! 👍
Warren said on 5/May/17
Well give me a tell the rest of 4 member the liars btw
berta said on 5/May/17
cliam 6 cm over his height. he must be one of the top 5 who lies most about his height
Wrs567 said on 1/May/17
@Truth: Yes I do

Here are Harrys huge heels from that day

Click Here

Here are Charlies normal heeled shoes

Click Here

Charlie is obviously taller than Harry barefoot. It doesn't take a genius to figure that out.
James said on 1/May/17
Perfect listing Rob. Good upgrade.
Truth said on 30/Apr/17
@Wrs567 You were saying that as if you knew what kind of shoes he was wearing when he met Charlie Puth.
Warren said on 29/Apr/17
Now, my opinion is back to the height 176cm again, but yes he has good proportion even without thicker shoes
He looks taller than he really has, keyword is LOOK
Wrs567 said on 28/Apr/17
@Truth: I don't think you're realising what kind of shoes Harry wears compared to other people.
realheights said on 28/Apr/17
He has long and tiny legs which make him look taller and he tuck in his shirts all the time. He is not a short guy but no more than 5ft9
realheights said on 28/Apr/17
He wears those Saint Laurent cuban heel shoes (which have 4cm heel) all the times and his hair has volume that makes him look like an inch taller. He is not longer than 176cm barefoot. He grew maybe 1-2 inch since he was 18.
Lucius Fox said on 28/Apr/17
My thoughts exactly Mr. Wayne.

5ft 10.5in is quite right for this person

Click Here
Josh said on 28/Apr/17
He looks like 5ft 10.5in. The pic that Mr. Wayne sent proves it.

pic credit Bruce Wayne: Click Here
Bruce Wayne said on 27/Apr/17
Hey Rob

He looks like 5ft 10.5in in this pic

Click Here
Editor Rob
it's hard to tell exactly, certainly not a short guy!
Wrs567 said on 22/Apr/17
He wore these on Graham Norton, these heels look at least 2 inches

Click Here

And he still looked the same height as Graham Norton
Wrs567 said on 22/Apr/17
@I?: Did you see the size of those Heels on Harrys shoes??

They looked near enough 2.5 inches! I thought, how is he walking in these?

But yeah he looked about the same height as Graham Norton this week.

Johan said on 22/Apr/17
Warren said on 19/Apr/17
I see James is 5'8" strong. how u think Kendall's height?
Harry and her both r never standing each other barefoot

I agree, Corden is solid 5'8" just like Rob.

Kendall is 5'9" maybe a small fraction more just like Taylor Swift and her other friends. You can see she isn't really tall as other models who are 5'11" + legit tower over him at times.

There are pics of them on a boat barefoot and there is nothing in it maybe 0.5 inch at most. Just do a google search.
!? said on 21/Apr/17
He looked the same height as 5ft8 Graham Norton despite wearing Cuban heels. What's up with that? Guess anything over the current listing can be ruled out.
Warren said on 21/Apr/17
Sorry this is off the topic but Justin's 173 is actually morning height or with shoes at the night
Wrs567 said on 21/Apr/17
@HonestSlovene: If he wore lifts, he would obviously be more taller than just that!

That's Biebers normal height in shoes. He has looked that same height in shoes next to many people.

You just want Bieber to be shorter than he is. Just admit it. I'd appreciate the honesty.

Sorry, you can't edit someones actual height to make yourself feel better lol
HonestSlovene said on 20/Apr/17
@Wrs567 Click Here:

You are extremely naive if you believe Bieber doesn't wear any lifts in those shoes.
Warren said on 19/Apr/17
I quite doubt James has 5'9" btw :)
Warren said on 19/Apr/17
Justin 171-172
James 173-173.5
Harry 176
Warren said on 19/Apr/17
Sorry forgot this
Click Here
Warren said on 19/Apr/17
I see James is 5'8" strong. how u think Kendall's height?
Harry and her both r never standing each other barefoot

No way he is shorter than Justin,
the show was that I remember that James was barefoot and Justin was wearing boots something,
in the first place u said that Justin is 172 on that site, what's going on? u change ur mind?
Wrs567 said on 19/Apr/17
James Corden is no where near 5'9''..! He was shorter than Justin Bieber!

Click Here

Yes Bieber had shoes on here but if Corden wore shoes too, at most he would be the same height!

If you believe Corden is 5'9'' then you have to believe Biebz is too
Johan said on 19/Apr/17
Warren said on 19/Apr/17
His shoe size is 11 or 11.5, what a big.... I agreed he's depend on the big size shoes with lift's, but not alway's
I still stay 176 he is

And there we have it...size 11 UK? Thats what I am apparently EU 46 is size 11 and yes its big, far too bug for him if you see pics of him barefoot.

That Jenner girl got downgraded to 5'9.25" on the site, if you care to search for pics you will see he is barely taller a hair at most.

I always thought the old listing was fair but this is also ok as he can look it at times with normal boots ( still 4cm heels but not lifts).
Johan said on 19/Apr/17
Warren said on 18/Apr/17
Is James Corden really 5'8" in the first place? I start to doubt it... his average guess is 5'8.26"(173.4cm)
some people said James is closer to 5'9 or 175, although I doubt he is 5'9, but he can look around 173.5-174 to me

I posted a pic of James barefoot with David Beckham a while back, its still there if you scroll down.

He is 3 inches shorter than a guy who claims 5'11" (180cm) and MOST importantly looks it. James is just getting boosted to 5'9" to make other liars seems honest.
Warren said on 19/Apr/17
His shoe size is 11 or 11.5, what a big.... I agreed he's depend on the big size shoes with lift's, but not alway's
I still stay 176 he is
Zackk said on 19/Apr/17
Look harry at james corden's show. He nearly looks same height as James. Even he got lifted Chelsea Boots. Max 5"8
delancey said on 18/Apr/17
Will be very interesting to see how Hardy and Styles compare at the Dunkirk red carpet later in the year.
Who do you think would have the edge Rob?
Editor Rob
let's see how they shape up if they are together at the premiere etc. The film itself may not be that great for heights...
Warren said on 18/Apr/17
Is James Corden really 5'8" in the first place? I start to doubt it... his average guess is 5'8.26"(173.4cm)
some people said James is closer to 5'9 or 175, although I doubt he is 5'9, but he can look around 173.5-174 to me
Warren said on 18/Apr/17
Is James Corden 5'8" in the first place? I start to doubt it... his average guess is 5'8'26"(173.4cm)
Johan said on 18/Apr/17
Wrs567 said on 16/Apr/17
It's strange isn't it? Think about it....

How he can look 2 inches shorter than a flat 5'11'' David Beckham

Look barely taller than a 5'8'' James Corden in converse

And now he looks around the same height as a 5'11.5'' Jimmy Fallon

Lifts thats why. I disagree with Rob his height fluctuates too much to be just 1-2 cm more footwear. His own bandmate said that he buys boots a size or two bigger...why does anyone do that?
Warren said on 18/Apr/17
yeah, I'm confused but, there's no way Harry is shortar than 175 and taller than 178
btw plz look this

These pics r decent angle but Harry is slanting to Beckham
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Harry is closer to the camera
Click Here

Beckham is closer to the camera
Click Here

and I've noticed dat there's no pics both r straight and side by side at the decent angle between Harry and Beckham
all pics r hard to judgh lol but I still believe Harry is around 176-177
Warren said on 18/Apr/17
u talking about Harry and James right,
3cms r not huge difference imo
Alex said on 17/Apr/17
Rob in in person , if two people were 3cm different in height , would they look similar in height or noticeably different.
Editor Rob
you should spot 3cm...although many people will probably view you as within the same range. 2 inches becomes a more obvious difference.
Miranda said on 16/Apr/17
Harry's shoes in these pictures are a pair of Gucci loafers. I saw a gif of him and Jimmmy in full hugging, Harry's shoes had a bigger heal than Jimmmy's.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
ThisIsHowitShould said on 16/Apr/17
Rob, do you think a man can still grow taller at the age of 19-21 or maybe close to 22..?
I think harry grew few inches or maybe 1 inch since he was 19?? any explanation rob ?
Wrs567 said on 16/Apr/17
It's strange isn't it? Think about it....

How he can look 2 inches shorter than a flat 5'11'' David Beckham

Look barely taller than a 5'8'' James Corden in converse

And now he looks around the same height as a 5'11.5'' Jimmy Fallon
Jay said on 16/Apr/17
Well I just saw SNL and Styles looked taller than Jimmy
Wrs567 said on 13/Apr/17
Harry was recently about 2 inches shorter than Jimmy Fallon

Despite Harry having huge heels and way thicker hair

Fallon was in canvas sneakers like vans

This was for SNL
Warren said on 11/Apr/17
187cm is joked by @D btw, how u get that ur seriously lol
David Beckham and James Corden makes that Harry is 176-177 zone
no way he is more than 178 seriously
Charlie said on 10/Apr/17
I feel Harry Styles is 5'9.5 but i am getting so confused with Celebrities and their heights. Other sites have him at 5'11. Some people say he is 187 cm and you have Taylor Swift who we see her much shorter than styles and for the longest time she was listed as 5'11. 6 months down the road Harry Styles's height will go up to 6.0' and then back down to 5'9. I will go with what everyone else goes with and that is 5'9.5. He honestly looks that height to me. But Taylor Swifts height needs a major downgrade to at least 5'7 maybe even 5'6.5.
Charlie said on 10/Apr/17
If Harry Styles is 5'9.5 then Taylor Swift is 5'7 inches. There's a photo of Taylor Swift and Him walking side by side in running shoes. Harry was 3 inches taller than Taylor. Taylor is 5'6.5 an Harry is 5'9.5
Wrs567 said on 5/Apr/17
Rob, do you get a 'lift wearer' vibe from him?

I do. I don't think he wears them all the time though
Editor Rob
I think more a cuban heel type of guy, who likes the little extra boost. Not sure he's got lifts in boots, more the heel at times gives him a bit extra.
JayDen said on 4/Apr/17
Listing is incorrect. He's not shorter than 178cm. I'd give him 179cm exactly

Click Here

Click Here

He has 1 inch on taylor
Revisionist said on 3/Apr/17
High 176s would be the absolute max for him, but he's likely closer to 176 flat.

Even with his big heels, does he often appear 5cm taller than the two shortest 1D guys who have similar footwear?

About 3cm above 173cm Corden and 1cm over 175cm Swift seem about right.

We'll see him at the Dunkirk premiere...should be interesting how big his heels are next to Hardy.
Warren said on 24/Mar/17
I didn't know dat lol thanks
dude said on 23/Mar/17
lol @Warren, that picture is photoshopped, man. quite an obvious one as well
Gwynbleidd said on 22/Mar/17
A certain 5' 11" imo.
Warren said on 21/Mar/17
I understand your assert, and I would give a little more like 1/4 inches to Harry
No I didn't but I found, is this?
Click Here
Yes, but I only can see his instep level is much higher than Taylor's which means dat Zayn is wearing high heels obviously... I'm on your Side
Warren said on 21/Mar/17
I understand your assert, and I would give a little more like 1/4 inches to Harry
No I didn't but I found, is this?
Click Here
Yes, but I only can see his instep level is much higher than Taylor's which means dat Zayn is wearing high heels obviously...
Wrs567 said on 21/Mar/17
@Warren: The more I see of her, the more I think she is a flat 5'9''

Zayn was taller than her recently. Did you see that? But yes Zayn had a little more in footwear.

Harry only looked slightly taller than Taylor because of footwear advantage too

In every picture with her, his shoes had a decent heel. Her shoes were almost like flats.

I think they are both roughly 5'9'' barefoot.
Warren said on 20/Mar/17
How now u think Taylor's height btw?
Hafeez said on 19/Mar/17
Rob :
do you consider him as a late bloomer ?
Editor Rob
not really, I think he gained a few cm towards 18 but not a big enough amount.
andre said on 19/Mar/17
5ft8 barefoot at night
Wrs567 said on 19/Mar/17
@Warren: I see 2cm maximum there

Would be no more than a flat 5'9'' barefoot with a shaved head
Strong 5ft9 said on 18/Mar/17
I conclude average guesses for Harry is somewhere around 176-177 cm area.
Warren said on 18/Mar/17
Look at the eye level and shoulder level with James Corden, both are wearing the same footwear I remember
at least 1.2 inches taller than James Corden imo
Click Here
DruceLee said on 16/Mar/17
Rob, you should take a picture with 1D members..Also with Justin Bieber and Tom Cruise ;) how hard is it to take picture with that big celebrities?
Peter175 said on 15/Mar/17
Rob are singers harder for you to gauge than actors, generally speaking? I mean with actors you have pictures with many of them and can see them stand side by side with many other actors and on screen. With guys like Harry and the rest of 1D you very rarely get in-motion footage of them like you would on a TV show or movie. I don't really think he is any taller than Kendall Jenner tbh and Liam looks very close to harry.
Editor Rob
I would say the more footage on flat ground the easier it is.
Whaaat said on 15/Mar/17
Can't believe you put him taller than Taylor, Rob... I mean the present Taylor...
Johnson said on 15/Mar/17
I told you guys I told you!! Remember when he was listed 5'9.25 and Swift 5'9.5? I knew he was taller than Swift
Arch Stanton said on 14/Mar/17
Not seen him in a while but I always thought he pulled off taller than 176. I would have honestly guressed him a good inch taller form what I've sene but then I'm underestimating his boots. 177 seems fair, but he's one of those 177 guys when measured who could probably look nearer 5 ft 11 to the average person on the street in his boots.
Warren said on 13/Mar/17
Finally upgraded!
I suggested dat Before 177 is the best to me, especially comparing with Taylor & Kendall, He's the correct this listing!
AJ said on 12/Mar/17
Finally yes this listing is fair. He is clearly taller than Taylor Swift, and can pull off 5'10" a fair amount of the time
Wrs567 said on 12/Mar/17
Rob, I can't believe the fanboys on here have convinced you to upgrade him to 5'9.5''

He is literally the same height as Liam Payne! A decent 5'9'' at best.

All of Harrys height comes from his volumed up hair and heels. He could wear small inserts too

There is no way he will measure just under 5'10'' barefoot.

Editor Rob
wrs, he is one of the trickiest Singers, but I feel the odds for me are more towards 9.5.
Filippo said on 12/Mar/17
Former estimate looked better.
175 centimeters, 5'9 on the dot.
Ely said on 11/Mar/17
He is that height. 176 cm isn't short. I doubt you can estimate people height. Don't offened. 176 cm May be 172 cm in your brain because people consciously or unconsiusly perceive their and others height +4 cm than they really are. People who don't measure themselves regularly. Some people don't even know their own height and want to prove Rob wrong! Personally I am Obsessed With Height and measuring height and Harry looks 176-177 cm. Deal with it!
Lora said on 11/Mar/17
LOL, I've gone through several celebrities on this website and you lot basically believe that every single celebrity in the world has lied about their height to make themselves two-three inches taller. From musicians to footballers to models to actors to tv hosts to NBA players. How unhinged can a group of people be? You calculate celebs heights comparing them to each other but you give all of them a couple of inches less.

I'm a fan of One Direction. Fans of One Direction often joke around that they're the 'smallest band in the world' (because Zayn, Niall and Louis are short). We often call them 'smol'. One of the most known jokes in the fandom is 'Louis is not 5'9'', and there's a vast majority that thinks Harry is small as well (some fans that hypermasculinise Harry think he's like 6'5'' but it's a really small number of people). Yet, every time a fan meets them, they're asked about height. And every time we're hit with the same exact result: they're the height they say they are. 5'9'' (Niall, Zayn, Louis, give or take a quarter/half an inch), 5'10'' (Liam) and 5'11'' (Harry). Harry could even reach 6'0'' barefoot. I'm not talking out of my ass. Several several several tall fans have met him and said this. It's not a matter of your opinion and comparing him to the height of other celebrities that you've also deemed shorter than they are.

Louis's mother said he was 5'8'' when he was 18 (and not famous). What would she get from lying? Harry was the same height or a bit taller than him back then, he's now at least two inches taller. There's no debate here. It was my mistake for engaging.

But go ahead and continue to argue how every member of 1D is shorter than they say, every model Harry has dated is shorter than they say, Beckham is shorter than he says and every NBA player that has met Beckham is ALSO shorter than they say. If it amuses you, go ahead. Knock yourselves out.
Warren said on 11/Mar/17
Excuse me Rob, how tall was that Harry in 2010 like audition btw? already under 175? how do u think.
Editor Rob
maybe around 5ft 8 and grew over an inch after the series.

I think given all I've seen, the 5ft 9.5 mark for Harry is probably on balance the most fair figure to list him at, accounting for his posture and sometimes the bigger heels he wears.
Johnson said on 10/Mar/17
@Lora "I see no reason for a fourteen-year-old girl who is taller than average to lie about their height".

Yes, if she is 5'7 and a half she will round up to 5'8. Most people don't care about fractions

Louis 5'8.5 in police rounded up to 5'9... but yes I think Harry is taller than 5'9 Swift
lmao said on 10/Mar/17

Problem with police measurements is that they're not accurate at all. That myth was busted long ago when Bieber was said to be 5'9 according to his arrest file, and we can all agree that he's not even near 5'9. Same thing applies to our buddy Louis, that measurement is either with shoes on, either an estimative/own statement, therefore 0 credibility, just like in Bieber's case. As for Harry, let's look at the already classic picture with him and a legit 5'11: Click Here
To claim 5'11 for Harry is simply absurd. To claim 5'9 for Malik and Horan...that's on a whole new level of absurd. As long as Harry is listed as 5'9, Tomlinson can not be anything over 5'8 barefoot, and that's a stretch on its own. Rob's listings on these boys are spot on I'd say.

I do understand where youre coming from though, Lora, seeing your username I can tell youre a fan of the boys and your wishful thinking tells you that they need to be taller than they really are. That's fine, but try and base your opinions on actual pictures/facts before posting absurdities.
Lora said on 7/Mar/17
Louis Tomlinson was arrested and his record shows that he's 5'9''.

Click Here

There's absolutely no way Harry is only one-quarter of an inch taller than Louis. Here they're both wearing similarly healed shoes:

Click Here

Also, Louis's younger sister, Fizzy, said she was 5'8''. I see no reason for a fourteen-year-old girl who is taller than average to lie about their height:

Click Here

Louis is also a semi-professional player of the Doncaster Rovers and they /also/ have him listed as 5'9''. So, Harry Styles is 5'11''. Liam Payne is 5'10''. Zayn Malik and Niall Horan are also 5'9''.
crazypeoplethesedays... said on 5/Mar/17
rob, you are doing amazing job. Ignore the haters that claim harry is 1.80, taylor is under 1.75 and so on. Know that there are people who stand behind you and support you. These haters are nothing. They are either some blind fan kids, solid haters or just plain stupid people that dont count ground level, and etc...
Warren said on 4/Mar/17
I noticed dat this guy has long legs even without footwear he is 176
DruceLee said on 25/Feb/17
Out of all 1D members, his height is hardest to estimate... maybe 5'10...
Me said on 25/Feb/17
Yes, u will be able to compare Hardy and styles. I think they are the same height.
AJ said on 21/Feb/17
Just curious if you're still firm on 5'9.25"
Editor Rob
that's the lowest I'd guess, I can still see a chance of him being near 5ft 9.5, he can pull that off...
Wrs567 said on 18/Feb/17
Corden and Styles look the same height when they are both in converse shoes!

Click Here

How on earth do people see a near 5'10'' man there?

Needs a downgrade
AJ said on 17/Feb/17
Rob now that you upgraded James Corden. You need to upgrade Harry to 5'9.5", since there is definitely more than an inch between them.
Warren said on 17/Feb/17
Still I thinking he's between 176 to 177
I'm looking forward to see his a movie btw
Wrs567 said on 15/Feb/17
Not a chance he would measure over 5'9'' barefoot

He is literally the same height as Liam Payne

He can look slightly taller at times because he likes to wear high heeled shoes

Where Liam just wears normal shoes
Revisionist said on 14/Feb/17
Chris, with all due respect, this guy could never pass for 6-feet! When celebs make absurd claims like this, they open themselves up for (deserved) ridicule.
berta said on 13/Feb/17
whats wrong with these guys? they all claim 2-3 inches taller then they are. ok if you lie 1 inch but 3 inches. thats just ectreme no one will believe that lie
James said on 7/Feb/17
I'd say he is a tall 5'9 or barely 5'10
Chris said on 5/Feb/17
5"9.75 at low. Hair, shoes and slim build make him look near 6"
Johnson said on 5/Feb/17
@Wrs567 in that picture Corden is barefoot and it is not a good pic. Bieber is a legit 5'8
Wrs567 said on 5/Feb/17
Lmao at Corden being 5'9''

So since Corden is now 5'9'', I am guessing Justin Bieber is now 5'10''+ in shoes? lol

Click Here
Johnson said on 4/Feb/17
@Strong 5ft9 ...Corden is 5'9. Look at him with Gwyneth Paltrow. Styles is taller than 5'9 Taylor Swift
modestin said on 4/Feb/17
Very tricky with this guy, but Rob's listing is pretty spot on. He's an average guy barefoot, so with the help of his boots and perhaps good posture he can reach 5'11. But barefoot you can't give him less or more than 5'9.

Here's pictures of him barefoot, he was well over 18 in them as well. They can put to rest any claims that he's 5'10/5'11 or even the absurd 6' claims

Click Here
Click Here

Then here's a pic of him with his boots on. He's also on his tippy toes it seems. Again, well over 18.

Click Here

100% self conscious about his height. Nevertheless, a good looking lad with a great personality. His future is going to be bright even if he's 5'9.25, 6'6 or 5'2. Cheers!
Strong 5ft9 said on 1/Feb/17
I think 5'9.25" is better since that's what he clearly looked like next with 5'8" James Corden.
6 foot 17 yrs still growing said on 1/Feb/17
Shorter than at best 5 ft 11 beckham and claimed 6 foot .. wow?!.. he is nth but 5 ft 9.25 at the very best
Balrog said on 1/Feb/17
6 foot, such a funny guy.
Justgot said on 30/Jan/17
Rob why does he look so tall nowadays? did he reached 5'11 ?? look out the new photos of him going out in the concert of king of leon.
delancey said on 29/Jan/17
5'9" range easily.
Wrs567 said on 26/Jan/17
I think Brooklyn looks taller than Harry
Miranda said on 25/Jan/17
Yeah...and so is David. lol
Click Here
Harry seems to have the same height as Brooklyn Beckham. So 5'9.5.
Click Here
Arthur said on 23/Jan/17
Give him 5'9.5. But not 5'10.
Sandy Cowell said on 20/Jan/17
@ Addison - Hi! Yes, he does look rather young and less confident than the Harry we see today!
Also, admittedly, that will make him come over shorter!
Addison said on 19/Jan/17
& miranda lol telling by harrys posture there he is bending over and not standing straight.
Addison said on 19/Jan/17
Sandy, harry was 18 here, now he's almost 23. i think they should update his picture since he's not a kid anymore.
Sandy Cowell said on 18/Jan/17
Ha ha! I thought he was quite tall! In this picture he looks decidedly average!
FRANK said on 13/Jan/17
Click Here 6 ft? 5'10 max
Johnson said on 10/Jan/17
@Wrs567 James Corden is 5'9!! Look at him with Gwyneth Paltrow in the video
Bob said on 9/Jan/17
Sean said on 1/Nov/16

Harry's a bit shorter than Chris. Glad you brought up 5'7.5-5'8 Ed Sheeran though, lets compare him to Harry. Ed'a eye level is just above Harry's mouth level meaning he's less than 3 inches shorter in the pic, let's guess 2.5 inches. If Ed is wearing 1 inch shoes, that would make Harry about 1.5 inches taller when they're both barefoot, which would make Harry 5'9-5'9.5. I think Rob is spot on with this listing.)

Lol because everyones head is the exact same length, shape etc Everyone has the exact same length arms/legs/bodys/heads if they're the same height... get real Sean.

There is loads of evidence he is taller then being listed plus the fact he could have been a late bloomer. My brother didn't stop growing till 32. Guess what he is taller then his friend but has a smaller head. GASP impossible - according to some people on here. lol
Wrs567 said on 8/Jan/17
Addison, he looks 5'9'' there to me

James Corden struggles with 5'8'' and Harry barely looked an inch taller than him, both were in converse

Harry was also a good 2 inches shorter than David Beckham, Harry had footwear advantage too

He just can't be tall as 5'9.5'' - 5'10'' without shoes. Sorry I just don't see it. He looks too short to be tall as that.

My guess is a plain 5'9''
Addison said on 6/Jan/17
Wrs, what are you talking about have you even watched the vid of nick next to harry and zayn? it was on americas got talent 2013 and when nick was standing straight next to harry (good posture) he looked only about 2-3cm taller, harry was 19 back then so he was 100% most likely only 1.75-1.76 and in his boots he'd be around 1.79-1.80m and if nick is 1.78-1.79 barefoot and then 1.82-1.83 in his shoes then that would make sense. if you watch the video you see nick walk up and shake hands with every member and stand next to harry and zayn and even though harry is slouching slightly he doesnt look more than 3cm taller than harry. i believe harry is 1.77m barefoot now or 1.78.

Click Here
ErwannStars said on 6/Jan/17
I think the listing for him is correct, it's Kendall and Taylor who need the downgrade. Their lies make him look gigantic ("Having at least 2.5" on *5'10* Kendall and 1.5" on *5'11* Taylor would make him at least 6feet tall.. Right? RIGHT??" -every fangirls). When all the picture provided prove that he is simply average.
Wrs567 said on 4/Jan/17
Nick Cannon is 5'10'' - 5'10.5'' at best

Zayn and Harry are also way in front of the camera. Nick also has bad posture in the picture.

Even after all that, Nick still looks taller than both of them!
Addison said on 4/Jan/17
harry with 1.87m luke pasqualino

Click Here
useyourbrainplease said on 4/Jan/17
@Addison and @NahimC please pick better pictures to prove your point, pictures that show footwear and that aren't angled are ideal. Otherwise it's hard to judge anyone's height. @NahimC, Styles is in front of Swift, which explains why he looks way taller than her.
Addison said on 3/Jan/17
harry with 1.83 nick cannon back in 2013.

Click Here

harry was wearing lifts/boots here that only give 1.6 inches but it doesnt make sense if he is only 1.76 + 4cm=1.80 when he looks the same height as nick? or is nick really only 5'11? 1.78 would make sense for styles or 1.79 in this case if nick is really 6'0.
Mellon said on 3/Jan/17
Click Here

And what about this? It was years ago.. he grew at least 2cm since then and he is just a little smaller than Cindy crawford who wears heels.. She is listed as 175cm
Laura said on 3/Jan/17
He has been seen with models who are known to be 5'10 -5'11 and he always looks a few inches taller. Given, he does wear boots, so my guess would be he's around the 5'11-6'0 mark.
NahimC said on 3/Jan/17
Click Here
Hey Rob, why does he look 1-2 inches taler then her here, lifts? Very confused.
Justgot said on 1/Jan/17
Rob how can you explain that harry was just the same height with his range rover car which is 72.2 inch or 6'0 on feet. Is it possible he's over 5'9.5?
Editor Rob
I think you could argue at times he could look 5ft 9.5-10, but I wouldn't ever guess him over 5ft 10.
asdfghjkl said on 30/Dec/16
5'11 I think
Johnson said on 27/Dec/16
In my honest opinion, he deserves an upgrade, or Swift a downgrade
Moody said on 27/Dec/16
@Addison Yeah that guy is not 5'11 flat. 5'10 would be about it for him. Lol at the "it counts" part. It most certainly does not.
Addison said on 26/Dec/16
this guy that met harry claims to be 6'0 with shoes on and in this photo you can see harry is in flip flops and looks to be the same height as the guy?? what do you think about this rob?

Click Here
Editor Rob
it's impossible to say really, the guy could be 5ft 10 barefoot.
AJ said on 24/Dec/16
1D heights:
Zayn 5'7.5"
Louis 5'7.75"
Niall 5'8"
Liam 5'9"
Harry 5'9.5"
oliver said on 23/Dec/16
Rob,do you think he's the same height as Taylor Swift? In many of their photos, he looks a bit taller. You'd better list him at 177-178 cm at least.
Editor Rob
I think Oliver, you could make a case that he has a better chance of being somewhere in 9.25 - 9.5 range than say Swift, who more often can look closer to a flat 5ft 9 than Styles does.
Wrs567 said on 23/Dec/16
Please Rob, whatever you do, do not upgrade him to 5'9.5''

It's already bad enough he has tricked people into getting a 5'9.25'' listing with heels and lifts, when he should be a flat 5'9'' MAX

I'm sure you have seen him next to James Corden when they were both in converse, he looked 2cm taller than Corden at the most

If he got upgraded to 5'9.5'', it would be like an insult to REAL legit measuring 5'9.5'' - 5'10'' guys
Addison said on 21/Dec/16
harry posing at the 2014 BFS with 5'6.5 or 5'7 lana del rey

Click Here

here are lana's shoes she wore at the event, they have a 1 inch and a half platform and the heel itself looks about 4 inches or more.

Click Here

heres another pic from a diff angle

Click Here

lana is bending one of her legs but either way if shes 5'7 and those heels are about 5 inches total then shes in the 6'0 zone and looks the same height as harry?? theres that strong possibility of harry being 5'11 or 5'11.5 WITH boots on and then a weak 5'10 barefoot? even though i'm convinced he cant be that tall but we all know lana isnt shorter than 5'6 tops so..
Realist said on 21/Dec/16
5'9,25" on the dot
The cuban heels are more than just a fashion statement. The main reason Harry wears high heels is to appear taller, that's for sure.
Plus it's beyond me how some of his fangirls think that he's over 6ft tall. Some even claim he's 6'3(?!?!?). Kinda reminds me of Luke Hemmings and his ridiculous 6'4 rumour.
DefinitelyNotCC said on 20/Dec/16
avicii could pass for a bit over 178 but hes not as tall as 179-180 and the photo you posted is really bad for comparison.
but im convinced that harry is 177cm based on this photo Click Here looks an inch taller than charlie puth with his boots on but still he needs to be at least 177 to pull that off.
MC said on 20/Dec/16
Rob,don't you think it's time for you to get him to 5ft9.5 cause he can look that sometimes to most of the times.
Editor Rob
it's not completely ruled out, there is a decent chance he could hit that mark, 5ft 9.25 is the lowest I'd guess him.
Addison said on 19/Dec/16
Harry with 5'10 listed Avicii, harry as per usual is wearing his 1.6 inch heeled boots (do not try and argue that his boots give off more than 1.6 inches, it is even listed on the YSL website they only give 4 CENTIMETRES of height, not 5 or more) they appear to be the same height, if anything, harry might be about 1 or 2 centimetres taller than avicii but no more than that (because of their eye height) so 1.76+4=1.80 seems accurate, although i'd put harry as more towards 1.77. avicii i assume is wearing flat sneaker shoes so those only give about 1-2cm i supposed so that puts him in the 1.79-1.80 range.

Click Here
Wrs567 said on 19/Dec/16
5'9'' and nothing more
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 15/Dec/16
"Harry Styles's height is 5'9 1/2" (176.53 CM)"

He's not known for having the best posture, and he definitely has a couple of inches over 5'7 1/2" Justin Bieber. He's also not a whole lot shorter than Drew Brees was measured at 6'0 1/4". 5'9 3/4" is even a possibility.
WTF said on 15/Dec/16
Styles is pretty tall looking, easy 5'10-5'11
box said on 9/Dec/16
hes around 5'8
D said on 9/Dec/16
I was joking bro... 175-6
Michael Jackson said on 8/Dec/16
D said on 1/Nov/16
Addison, harry is 1.87 cm tall.

@D you should be Banned for saying such joke. Just because Harry is skinny doesn't mean he is taller...
Only showed a stupid in your inside XD
matt1998 said on 6/Dec/16
@totah09 Nadine most likely isn't really 1.77cm. And Harry as always been linked with women who are known to be short (ie: Sara Sampaio etc.) or rumored to be shorter than what they claime (Taylor Swift (claims to be 5ft11 bu is most likely between the 5ft8.5-5ft9 range); Kendall Jenner (again, claims to be 5ft10/11 but only ever towers her very short sisters and seem to be only taller than average. She is often towered over by real models even Harry had a good inch on her, if not two. She is most likely in the same range as Taylor.) etc.) As proven by many pictures on this site, Harry is most likely of average height 5ft9.5 at most!
totah09 said on 29/Nov/16
harry is 5'11 just look at his pictures with taylor or kendall or any other models he clearly an inch taller. nadine leopold is 1.77 he's taller than her
Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
Johnson said on 29/Nov/16
@fact? Very agree!! Girl-guy comparison as in Corden vs Paltrow, it is the proof James Corden is as tall as Paltrow, he is 175 cm and Harry is taller than him. Taylor Swift is a good 5'9 girl
Dude said on 28/Nov/16
Harry is for sure 5'11 flat, he was standing side by side barefoot with Kendall Jenner who is 5'11....MAYBE 5'10.5 and Harry is about half an inch or maybe an inch taller than her.
Mike said on 28/Nov/16
Harry does not have 1.76 he's much bigger, what are you waiting for to increase his stature? He is much bigger than Taylor who has 1.73 / 1.74.
fact? said on 28/Nov/16
it is true that same height guy girl, the girl looks taller. case in point taylor swift
Addison said on 26/Nov/16
Lynx, i don't think you read my previous comment about the photo of harry with ansel, i said it MYSELF that i know that harrys posture isnt that good and i KNOW that harry was INDEED wearing his 1.6 inch YSL heeled boots and ansel was most likely in just converse & if anything, harrys hair probably just gives 2cm of extra height at most, but when i went back and stared more at the picture, there only looked to be a 4 inch height difference between the two. so i believe that IN boots, harry is a strong 5'10 or 5'11, BAREFOOT he's maybe 5'10. but BELIEVE me, if it wasnt for the photos of 5'9 kendall jenner posing with harry then i'd just say he's 5'8.5 but seeing that kendall and harry have a 2 inch or more height difference, its not possible for me to say he's 5'9 or 5'9.5 because then that means i'm downgrading kendall to 5'6.5 or 5'7 which shes not because that'd make kylie 5'3-5'4 which again, shes NOT. so the only believable REAL height we could give harry is 5'10 if kendall's 5'9. i'm leaning more towards 1.77 for harry and 1.74 for kendall even though he appears much taller than that next to her. and ansel 1.92-1.93
Johnson said on 23/Nov/16
He is a legit 5'10 chap!!! Now I understand why Taylor Swift is 175-176, because Harry Styles is 178 cm yeah!!!
Lynx said on 22/Nov/16
Addison, how is the height dif between Harry and Ansel ''23cm'' if he were 176? Ansel is 199 now?
Plus, in that picture Harry posture is way better than Ansel, and the hair cm adventage, and also probably he's wearing his boots when Ansel is probably on converse or some flat shoes like that (he uses that shoes on most pictures). Just look at the shoulder dif. thats easy 16cm.
Lolpoo said on 17/Nov/16
Rob do you consider him having a big head? Or i mean wide head?
Editor Rob
Lolpoo, I've never thought of him as having that big a head, more a big head of hair.
Sam said on 16/Nov/16
Addison, I think there is a very low possibility he would measure 5'10 barefoot, while 5'11-6'0 is not even up for debate not counting footwear, but even then if he was only wearing 4cm boots he would have to be 5 '10 to begin with which is very unlikely. Probably just camera angles are disorting things and underestimating how much height Harry has in his shoes. I'm not saying he can't look 5'10 legit sometimes, but measuring it is another thing. The only time he might possibly get to that mark imo is straight out of bed, but of course if we were to let Harry off the hook and upgrade him just based on morning height Rob would have to upgrade EVERYONE.
sa344 said on 14/Nov/16
Ansel Elgort has never seen the 6'3'' - 6'4'' zone in his life

Maybe in his dreams

Ansel is 6'2.5'' at best

With Nat Wolff who actually looks 6'0'', I don't see any 6'4''

Click Here

Harry just looks a flat 5'9''
Addison said on 13/Nov/16
Sam, i think you misunderstood, i never said harry was 6'0 or 5'11 barefoot. I said theres a strong possibility he is 5'10 barefoot, because in the photo with 6'3-6'4 ansel elgort, harry is wearing 1.6 inch boots, which is 4 centimetres. so 1.78 + 4 = 1.82 and in that photo harry looks right about that certain height next to ansel. i'm saying that harry is in the 1.82-1.83 range WITH his 4 centimetre YSL boots on. i know that he isn't 5'11 barefoot.

here is harry with normal boots/shoes whatever their called on, recently (last year)

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

he looks in the 1.77-1.78 range to me here. maybe a strong 1.76 but if he really was 1.76 he would look way shorter and smaller next to ansel elgort (approximately 20cm or more) in his boots? its not possible for harry to be 1.76, the picture with ansel proves it all. does it look like theres a 20-23cm height difference between the two? no. so that makes me believe harry is DEFINITELY 1.77 or 1.78. no taller, no shorter.
D said on 10/Nov/16
People are blind and deceived when high heels and mega lifts are being worn. Just look Johan comment below.
Johan said on 9/Nov/16
Click Here

5'8" Corden the big guy. All in converse.

Click Here

Big James with a real 5'11" guy. Both barefoot.

Pushing 6'...heh heh
Sam said on 8/Nov/16
Good find Levi. Its not the best picture in the world, but a quick google image search will find you other shots that day of Cillian and Harry and its still not looking good for our old boyband member. Other photos Addison has posted he looks taller yes, but considering it seems like his height is going all over the place at this point, I don't think its anything a quick adjustment in footwear wouldn't do, maybe with a sneaky half inch lift for good measure.
Addison said on 8/Nov/16
Levi, they werent standing next to each other in that photo, you can tell they were standing far away from each other and their not lined up next to each other. cillian is in front of harry. find me a photo where their standing shoulder to shoulder or face to face and where their actually not behind or in front of each other.
Levi said on 8/Nov/16
with 5'8 cillian murphy Click Here 5'10 flat is too much, 176-177.
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 7/Nov/16
"Harry Styles' Height is 5ft 9.5in (176.5 cm)"
Addison said on 6/Nov/16
look at this new photo of Harry with 6'4 ansel elgort

theres not much of a height difference between them? well at least not much of a big one, of course harry is wearing his 4cm boots here and he is slightly leaning, but harry does looks 6'0 next to ansel? look at this photo Rob, i'm not saying harry could be 6'0 barefoot but he is definitely 6'0 with boots on. this photo is proof that harry is 5'10 barefoot and 6'0 or 5'11.5 with boots on. even if you think ansel is 6'3, 5'11.5-6'0 seems like the right height for harry in that picture, he looks somewhere in the 1.82-1.84 range with boots on here, he just looks shorter because of his posture.

Click Here
Levi said on 5/Nov/16
he does look almost an inch taller than 175 listed liam payne, but then again you could argue that liam is more 174cm.
he could be 176cm at night but 176.5-177cm during the day.
sa344 said on 5/Nov/16
as tall as 177cm?? How? with a barely 5'8'' James Corden?

Click Here

All in the same footwear! CONVERSE
Anonymus said on 4/Nov/16
Surely I can say that it is not 5ft 9.25in, it is bigger than Taylor Swift, of course.
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 4/Nov/16
Fan club be like Click Here
AJ said on 4/Nov/16
He still looks 177 there with Ed sheeran
sa344 said on 3/Nov/16
When the lifts aren't being worn

Click Here
Sean said on 1/Nov/16

Harry's a bit shorter than Chris. Glad you brought up 5'7.5-5'8 Ed Sheeran though, lets compare him to Harry. Ed'a eye level is just above Harry's mouth level meaning he's less than 3 inches shorter in the pic, let's guess 2.5 inches. If Ed is wearing 1 inch shoes, that would make Harry about 1.5 inches taller when they're both barefoot, which would make Harry 5'9-5'9.5. I think Rob is spot on with this listing.
D said on 1/Nov/16
Addison, harry is 1.87 cm tall.
sa344 said on 29/Oct/16
Just a plain 5'9'' guy. Nothing more, nothing less.
Addison said on 28/Oct/16
harry with 6'1 chris martin

Click Here

and yes, harry is wearing 4 cm boots in this photo and looks the same exact height as chris and their both standing straight although harry might be slightly bending/leaning on one leg due to one of his legs being an inch taller than the other, so tell me, how can a 5'9 guy look 6'0-6'1 with ONLY 4cm boots on?? and don't start arguing with me that "chris isn't 6'1" because rob himself has chris listed as 6'0.5/6'1 and if you dont believe me that harrys boots only give him 4cm of height, feel free to go on the YSL website and look at the proper listing yourself. harry IS 5'10. and lets not forget 5'7.5/5'8 ed sheeran in this photo being dwarfed by harry and chris!
Johan said on 27/Oct/16
Heylo said on 26/Oct/16
He looks like a 177cm guy to me. A 5'9 guy with boots will not look as tall as Harry does. That's how I see it. But yes, 1cm difference can be nearly impossible to detect in shoes I could very well be wrong.

Heylo as a long standing poster here, I will just bring to your attention that he DOES wear lifts. Thats why he can look sometimes an inch taller in pics.

His bandmate , I think it was Niall said that he wears shoes a size bigger. Why do you buy shoes a size bigger? Lifts. He wears boots alot, why? again lifts. Even a 1 inch lift is very hard to fit in a sneaker. Do some research on the subject, this guy is rocking lifts just like Bieber with his high top sneakers.

Click Here

Whow knows what footwear he heas there with a 5'8" guy. You could argue strong 5'9" at times but 5'11" ?? haha what a joke.
D said on 27/Oct/16
He can't push 6 foot with big heels only.
Heylo said on 26/Oct/16
He looks like a 177cm guy to me. A 5'9 guy with boots will not look as tall as Harry does. That's how I see it. But yes, 1cm difference can be nearly impossible to detect in shoes I could very well be wrong.
Addison said on 25/Oct/16
Kouroush, ok then if he's 1.76 barefoot then kendall jenner must be 5'5 or 5'6 right?? use your logic, kendall jenner is 5'9 tops or 1.74 so why does she not look as tall next to 5'9 harry styles?? why is he taller than her? explain that to me LOL and dont even come at me with the "shes leaning over" excuse because her position would only make her lose 2-3 cm not an entire 2-3 inches. when you do meet him, let me know.
satan said on 25/Oct/16
I've been checking photos of him and for quite a long time trying to establish his height and I'm 99% sure Rob got it pretty much right. I completely doubt that he wears any kind of lifts, it's his high heeled boots that give him that slight boost. I'm a measured flat 5'9 and wear pretty much the same kind of boots as he does, trying my best to have a good posture and I easily reach the 5'11 range. Most of the time when finding myself in crowded places I feel like I place above average in height. Given his skinny frame, skinny jeans (major help in looking taller), boots and hair, he could easily pull off that 5'11 look. In those pictures where he's seen towering over people, he probably manages to have a good posture. He might even be 5'9.5 as some of the comments around here say, and I'd agree with that. Him claiming 5'11 and 6' are of course pushing it, but he probably claims so because he pulls it off with his boots/hair/clothing.
Kourosh 5'9.5 (176cm-177cm) said on 24/Oct/16
Addision true example of fanatic fan. There is no frigging way he is over 5'9.25 barefoot. I am actually 5'9.25 at my low height and i feel like i'd edge him out if i had to meet him.
sa444 said on 24/Oct/16
Rob, don't listen to the Harry Styles super-fan club on here

He struggled to look taller than barely 5'8'' James Corden when they were both in converse and when he wasn't in high heels with lifts. Harry is 5'9'' flat

Click Here

Click Here
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 22/Oct/16
I am now convinced that he is 5'9 1/2". He appears to be almost the same as Dylan O'Brien (who Rob has met and can confirm is roughly 5'10") in the photos of the two together.
Warren said on 21/Oct/16
Rob, you really think harry is shorter than Taylor and Kendall?
I don't think so, at least they are the same
Editor Rob
I think there is a chance he could be 5ft 9.5
what!!!?!!! said on 21/Oct/16
addison, there is no way that he is full 1.78 for now. Barefoot. Midday
AJ said on 19/Oct/16
Rob since you've upgraded Zayn, any chance on upgrading harry to 5'9.5"?
Editor Rob
I haven't ruled that one out, it's his footwear I think that can push him upwards at times, he does like a bit of a heel on some occasions.
Addison said on 19/Oct/16
"1.77 in the morning" LMAOO GET OVER YOURSELVES JUST ADMIT THAT HE'S 5'10. kendalls in the 1.74-1.75 range and harrys in the 1.77-1.80 range NOW, John, harry was 19 back when that was taken and he was far away from piers and he was leaning he wasnt standing straight. Fans who met him said he looks 5'10-5'11 some even say he looks 6'0. i dont even care anymore, i'm not gonna argue. if harry is 5'9 then that makes kendall jenner 5'6. He's 22 he's gotten taller this year he's still growing, he hasn't even grown facial hair until now so he's 10/10 still growing and getting taller and his thighs are getting thicker so that gives him the apperance of short legs and looking shorter.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 19/Oct/16
He's not tall enough to be 5'10"+, but still is a bit too tall to be 5'9" flat. 176-177 CM is his range. He was really only 2 1/2" inches shorter than 6'0 1/4" measured Drew Brees a few years ago.
Warren said on 18/Oct/16
I impressed that 177 is morning height so he has at least 176 zone right?
if she could be standing straight that picture, they were similar or harry is still a bit taller
so Kendall is 175-176 better
Johan said on 17/Oct/16
Click Here

Here they all are with 6 foot flat Piers Morgan. Even with the camera angle you can tell that he towers over most of them, including the " almost 6 foot Liam". Their claims are ridiculous.

Click Here

And here is Piers next to 6'1" Obama so yes he really is 6ft max. bwahahaha.

Click Here Little Harry at the back there being towered.
Levi said on 16/Oct/16
she's losing a couple of inches in posture.
harry's picture with david beckham is enough proof that he's sub 5'10 now you might argue that he's not standing straight or he has grown since, take a look at these recent pics, here's harry next to 5'9 liam payne Click Here, harry looks 1 inches taller in he's "simon cowell" boots, and heres liam payne next to 5'11 david beckham Click Here.
that should be enough evidence that he's not even a full 178, but he might be 177 range.
Addison said on 16/Oct/16
D, before embarassing yourself any further i suggest scrolling down and looking at the pics ellie linked of harry and kendall (: then explain to me why he looks way taller than her? Thanks!
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 15/Oct/16
Rob, do you think that he has grown since the age of 19? He does appear taller in some photos (not all) since then. I could buy him picking up like .25" since then.
Editor Rob
around 18-20 zone I think he did get another fraction
D said on 15/Oct/16
The way Addison said be real rob, haaahaaha. So deceived girl. U don't know how a normal person can claim that harry is more than 5.9ft barefoot.
Addison said on 14/Oct/16
ellie is right, he's way taller than kendall he's like 4 inches or more taller than her, either kendall is 5'5 or he's over 6'0. if she can perfectly fit her head in the crook of his neck then HE IS OVER 5'9. be real here rob, even if kendall is slightly leaning over to the left and not standing 100% straight HE'S STILL 3-4 INCHES TALLER???
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 14/Oct/16
He appeared to be about 5'9 1/4" in person a few years ago (5'9 1/2" is also not unrealistic) as my eye level was roughly one inch below the top of his head (possibly a bit less). To
me he generally appears to be roughly average height in photos (unless he's in boots), so this isn't anything that's too surprising. His posture can be awful which generally makes him appear less.
Ellie said on 13/Oct/16
These pictures are confusing.
Has Harry grown up to 5'10 (or more) or is Kendall Jenner smaller than 5'9?
Harry started at 16, so it's very likely that he has grown up (he was only 18 when he dated T Swift so the pictures of them together are probably outdated).

These pictures of them were taken in january 2016. Harry is barefoot and almost towers over K Jenner.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Rob, could you please give your thoughts on this? Has Harry grown up to over 5'10 or is Kendall smaller than 5'9?
And if it's not to much to ask, could you plese tell me how tall the both of them are?
(PS sorry for the source, these pictures were hard to find)
Editor Rob
unfortunately she wasn't really standing great in the shots, it would be interesting to see if she could stand better whether they were similar.
what!!!?!!! said on 13/Oct/16
no matter how hard I try... I can't see him taller than 1.74... maybe 1.75 when wakes up
Michelle K said on 11/Oct/16
He definitely looks in the 1.77 range in sneakers and barefoot. And Norman, you can't tell in that picture with Ed because their standing at different angles and Harry isn't even standing straight. I think Harry is 1.77 or 1.76 barefoot and then 1.80 with boots on but what confuses me Rob is how tall he looks next to 5'9 Kendall Jenner ??? Have you seen the picture of them beside each other and she's clearly 2-3 inches shorter?? And she was standing straight but slightly tilting her head on his shoulder?? And Harry was barefoot and standing straight, that's what makes me believe he is 1.79-1.80. Is Kendall Jenner shorter than 5'9? Next to 5'6-5'7 Kylie she looks 3 3/4 inches taller so I'm lost here, how is it possible for Harry to look that tall next to 5'9 or 5'9.5 Kendall Jenner EVEN when he's barefoot?? And there's a video of Harry hugging Brooklyn beckham (Harry was in his Saint Laurent 1.6 inch boots) and he looked 3 or more inches taller than 5'8 Brooklyn. Fans who met him said he's very skinny in person so could it be an illusion Rob?
norman said on 10/Oct/16
what about this pic with ed sheeran?
Click Here
Johan said on 10/Oct/16
what!!!?!!! said on 9/Oct/16
why do you even guys argue about peoples heights... You can't be more accurate than Rob. If there is some picture that proves Harry is taller or short, or any celebrity, trust me, Rob WILL FIND IT FIRST, NOT YOU, AND IF ITS GENUINE HE WILL CHANGE THEIR HEIGHT TO IT.

Have you any idea how many celebs are on this database? You would need a team of people to maintain a database this large,if you want to maintain that level of accuracy. Thats why as a contributor you should have your say as you can help Rob with the listings.
AJ said on 9/Oct/16
Rob don't you think it would be fair to give him 5'9.5", him and taylor look equal and you said for taylor that there 9.25 is just as likely as 9.5. He pulls of 5'9.5" well enough to atleast deserve the listing.
what!!!?!!! said on 9/Oct/16
You mean barefoot, Rob, right?
Editor Rob
yes, they all wore similar sneakers on that james corden clip and the minimum I think I would argue is fraction over 5ft 9.
what!!!?!!! said on 9/Oct/16
why do you even guys argue about peoples heights... You can't be more accurate than Rob. If there is some picture that proves Harry is taller or short, or any celebrity, trust me, Rob WILL FIND IT FIRST, NOT YOU, AND IF ITS GENUINE HE WILL CHANGE THEIR HEIGHT TO IT.
Editor Rob
to be fair, I can't have as much knowledge on every celebrity...for Harry I think there is a solid enough argument that he could measure 5ft 9.25-9.5 range.
what!!!?!!! said on 8/Oct/16
Imao how stupid people can get.Average guess 5ft9.35.... this guy is no more than 1.74. I cant stand his big heeled shoes and lifts. I dont hate him.
btw i was amazed how good and appropriate he looks on the pictures from his movie. He got that actor for everything appearance. Who knows... he might become the next big thing actor. No kidding.
Johan said on 8/Oct/16
Addison said on 6/Oct/16
Johan, did you forget that in both pictures with david beckham harry isn't even standing straight??? he's leaning in both of them, go get a picture of harry next to david STANDING STRAIGHT, one of harrys legs is shorter than the other, he himself said it before, thats why he always leans over on one leg.

How deluded can you be? Standing ram rod straight he isnt going to close a 2 inch gap. Maybe if he tip toes like he sometimes does next to band mates.

He is the same height as that bandmate of his Liam. HIs bandmates have said in the past that he buys shoes Two sizes bigger, thats a lift wearer. A quick google search confirms it, he is around the same height in many pics but at events he is suddenly an inch or two taller.

Liam who looked 5'8" range with 6'2" Andy Murray.

Feel free to post some evidence of 5'11" harry. Find some barefoot pics, they don't exist well apart from that funny one where he is tiptoeing.
Warren said on 6/Oct/16
Idc his hair styles, cos we do see on the eye level when both standing
all of with taylor's photos, everything is harry is taller
and when shoes off together I still think a bit taller or same
Addison said on 6/Oct/16
Johan, did you forget that in both pictures with david beckham harry isn't even standing straight??? he's leaning in both of them, go get a picture of harry next to david STANDING STRAIGHT, one of harrys legs is shorter than the other, he himself said it before, thats why he always leans over on one leg.
Johno said on 5/Oct/16
Also, Cindy Crawford barely looked taller than him when she had some massive heels on and he had some standard ankle boots ~ 1.3-inches. He would have been likely taller than her if they were barefoot.

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