How tall is Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson's Height

5ft 7 ¾ (172.1 cm)

English pop singer, part of the group One Direction. On his twitter in 2011 he first claimed to stand "5 foot 9", but then added "Ok maybe Im 5 foot 9 and a half :) or maybe even 5 foot 10 :)".

How tall is Louis Tomlinson
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Average Guess (101 Votes)
5ft 7.54in (171.5cm)
Grouta said on 25/May/23
Louis was invited at Radio Deejay in Italy and took a picture with the hosts that were measured barefoot during another program (you can find it online). The guy in the denim shirt was measured 168 cm, while the other one with the blue t-shirt was measured 175.5 cm. Draw your conclusions.

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Coldice said on 30/Sep/22
173 cm
Nugget Horse II said on 13/Apr/22
5'8.5" I reckon.
Cold Water said on 19/Mar/22
171.7 cm
Alli said on 18/Mar/22
There has been many videos of him having to stand at the front because he looks to short. 169cm no more Click Here Click Here Click Here
Lordjohn said on 1/Mar/22
Shorter than zayn by 1 cm, and zayn is like 169 barefoot
haz said on 21/Feb/22
he's shorter than you think.
Percy said on 13/Nov/21
Like 169cm with shoes on I love to see it
Txv said on 3/Nov/21
Heโ€™s 171cm
Roco7 said on 18/Jun/21
I too now think he's probably over 5'8"...if harry is now 5'10" the others need an upgrade.

My final thoughts on the 1D guys heights:

Harry: 5'10.25-5'10.5"
Liam: 5'9.5"-5'9.75"
Niall: 5'8.25"-5'8.5"
Louis: 5'8-5'8.25"
Zayn (trickiest): 5'8-5'8.25"

This site likes to downgrade young up and coming singers!
Reckinballz said on 16/Jun/21
As Tall if not taller than corden with footwear disadvantage.

Willis Christian Macaraig said on 8/Jun/21
I think Louis Tomlinson is 5'7" because he is shorter than 5'10" and because he lies about his height whenever someone asks him how tall he is.
Roco7 said on 28/May/21
Am I the only one that thinks he's closer to 174 than 172? He's the only one from 1d who has met someone I know, they have a picture with him and he's identical to them and they're 174-175.
slim 6'1 said on 7/Jan/21
171-172 like Niall and Zane ๐Ÿ‘
Willis Christian Macaraig said on 5/Jan/21
Louis is 5'7" not 5'10".
Andy5'91/2 said on 15/Jun/20
I think Zayn is taller than him i think louis is 5โ€™7.75-5โ€™8 zayn is 5โ€™8.25-5โ€™8.5
Lisa Marie said on 12/May/20
Ahhh..cโ€™mon heโ€™s BIG! Seriously though, his drivers license says 5โ€™9โ€ on his Los Angeles airport arrest record...but I suppose you can fib a bit in those, after all they donโ€™t actually measure you, you fill out the paperwork yourself...I always make myself weigh a little less. Lol
Willis Christian Macaraig said on 27/Apr/20
I think Louis is 5'9.5"/177 cm because i am 191 cm and i am 14 cm taller than Louis Tomlinson.
Nik said on 20/Feb/20
Maybe I should claim 5'10" then! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
TheHawk said on 13/Jan/20
Rihanna how you listing zayn 5โ€™8.5 when the difference between zayn and gigi more than 2 inch..
Rihanna said on 30/Dec/19
Louis, 5'7.5, Niall 5'8, Zayn 5'8.5, Liam 5'9, Harry 5'9.5.

Poor guy is really insecure about his height... they all are. Stands on tippy toes in fan photos, poses with short fans, has footwear or camera angle advantage. He recently performed at the same venues as Niall and Liam. Taking footwear into account, he is slightly shorter than Niall and noticeably shorter than Liam.
Peter175 said on 19/Dec/19
Second most honest, he can get 5'9" in shoes easily.
Zayn is never touching 5'10" in his life except out of the bed in his special boots and using hair.
Same for Liam and his 185
Loman2 said on 18/Nov/19
Rob, now that Niall is 5'8", Louis deserves the upgrade too:

Click Here

Here he looks taller than Simon, and we know Simon's footwear is sometimes...considerable.

Louis is not a small man.
Selma said on 11/Nov/19
There was a moment when a fan called him small and he said " No, I'm Massive!!!!"
boyce said on 31/Oct/19
You know what, Louis has really got the short end of the stick from the fans. They call him the 'small' one despite the fact that he's probably within a quarter inch at the very most of the two other shortest members of 1D, and is probably no more than 2.5 inches away from harry. Bit really.

People mock his 5'9" claim, but he probably wakes up closer to that mark than people think...
Kezz said on 16/Sep/19
I think he is in the 5'6 range. People always comment on how tiny he is. He is tiny in body proportions. He looked small at the Madrid Coca Cola event and could barely reach the microphone lol. There's photos of him on his tiptoes. Maybe 5'8 in heels, which he wears a lot.
Divalovro said on 28/Feb/19
170.2cm from me
Quoter88 said on 8/Sep/18
Oddly specific Rob. How can you be so sure? Seems 5'8 range.
Editor Rob
Everything is still a guess, last time I looked at him I thought he wasn't far off 5ft 8, but not over 5ft 8.
Sandy Cowell said on 8/Sep/18
I'm really pleased to see Louis Tomlinson as a new 'X' Factor judge.

I see a kind, emotional boy and as I have not a single idea about the members or music of 'One Direction', and don't feel the urge to find out, I can honestly say that he is quite a revelation to me!


So he is the 'X' Factor's new Louis! He can have the above 5ft7.75 from me, as I have a lot more observing to do regarding his height. I don't think this will be the last time I write on his page!
andre said on 30/Dec/17
168cm barefoot at night
MAD SAM said on 16/Dec/17
Heโ€™s the shortest ex 1D member 168 cm in my opinion
Cool dude said on 24/Oct/17
LOL louis was never taller than harry even during x factor days, they seemed close in height before harry started wearing lifts and cuban heels, and also camera angles can make someone appear taller and shorter than they usually are,louis is max 173cm and harry is max 177-178cm
andre said on 19/Oct/17
this guy is 168cm 169cm barefoot at night
MD said on 7/Oct/17
Zayn, Louis and Lima are all visibly overlisted, here, if you ask me. Only Harry and Niall's current listings seem to be arguably accurate, and I could see the both of them being a quarter-inch off their listed heights quite honestly.
Handsome One said on 22/Sep/17
They said Simon's height was about 5'8 with regular shoes right? But it briefly say that Louis's not over 5'7. You guys can go on youtube and see American's got talent when Louis stands on the red carpet next to Simon. I'd say that Louis just 5'6.8-5'7 (167-170cm)
Height Professor said on 31/Aug/17
That's me claiming 6'1 lol
Slim183 said on 29/Aug/17
5'7.5" absolutely max.
Tyson said on 4/Aug/17
He claimed 5'10 and he looks short... Ridiculous
Fiona said on 25/Jul/17
i agree with peter 100%, if bebe is 5'5 then louis has to be 5'8 or 5'8 and a half since bebe's shoes add height. Or maybe bebe is just really 5'3, with his ex girlfriend danielle campbell who is listed at 5'2-5'3 she appeared to be the same height next to him as bebe does, maybe a bit shorter,

His current girlfriend eleanor calder is skinny and listed at 5'8 and they appear to be the same height, but she was very much taller than him back in 2014 & 2015 but now they look the same height, probably due to him wearing thick sneakers.
Slim 182 cm said on 25/Jul/17
Mark(5'9.5, classic 6-7 cm exaggeration by boy bands/sex symbols. Why r u shocked?
Mark(5'9.5 said on 24/Jul/17
5'10" claim?! ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

Excuse me Rob, but I will be back. I need to puke some rainbows out!
Peter175 said on 23/Jul/17
I mean 1.5 inch from him and harry
Peter175 said on 22/Jul/17
I'd give him the full 5ft8 him and Niall look it. Him especially. Never saw more than 2.5 between him and harry and looks taller than Zayn

Anyway he recently debuted with a Music video with him and Bebe Rexha(listed 5'5)
Click Here

You have her listed as 5'5" and she can generally look it. But imo(C I disagree) Louis looks minimum 3 inches taller, maybe even nearing 3.5 range.

Click Here
Click Here

I can't see how you can possibly see 2 inches here. It's clearly at least 3 inches. Her shoes look bigger actually. He's a straight up full 5'8er

Rob, any thoughts? I linked the vid too btw. How tall does he look with her?
Kelly said on 21/Jul/17
One time he was taller than Harry I don't know how he might be 5'8" 1/2
C said on 21/Jul/17
Okay compared to Bebe Rexha he should be about 2 inches taller than her? On Back to you music video they're both wearing sneakers but I doubt his are the same as hers. I wouldn't be surprised to find out the sole of Louis shoes are thicker and taller than Bebe's. If she really is 5'5 then he should be 5'7 tops.
Slim 182 cm said on 20/Jul/17
Classic strong 5'7, 5'7.5 if lucky.
Bee123 said on 20/May/17
Zayn does exactly the same thing lol those 1d guys just walk around in lifts/heels
Revisionist said on 4/Apr/17
@ anon, much of the public, particularly fans, are gullible (see certain posts from one particular poster on this and other 1D pages) and will believe whatever they're told, unless it is absolutely preposterous. After all, most people think that they're 1-2 inches taller than they really are.

Arrest records are inaccurate. They're measured with shoes, and photos are taken from angles that make the subject look much taller. If his arrest record says 5'9, then you can be pretty confident that he's nowhere near that.
anon said on 31/Mar/17
How can he claim 5 ft 9 1/2 and 5ft10 at 172cm he is adding 5-6cm bizarre why anyone would do it and think they are fooling people in some cases because others are doing the same but anyone who knows their own height is going to be able to tell.

It's easier to claim your lowest height that way you will never get called out ever on the subject assuming it comes up but If your a 5'7- 5'8 guy claiming 5'10 good chance someone in the real world is going to call you out on it lol
Eyad said on 26/Mar/17
How louise and zayn malik stated the same height Rob ?
andre said on 20/Mar/17
Louis is 5ft8 with shoes in the morning
Anon said on 8/Mar/17
Pretty sure they do actually measure them at the jail or wherever he got arrested. Maybe it's 5'9 with shoes on? I think he should get an upgrade to 5'8 at least
Wrs567 said on 6/Mar/17
Justin Biebers arrest record also said he was 5'9''

and that was in 2014

when he really was 5'5.5''/5'6''
TS4EVA said on 6/Mar/17
As if he would give a lesser height at the jailhouse. They probably measured and he got on his tippytoes.
HS said on 5/Mar/17
5' 9'' in his new arrest record...
Warren said on 5/Mar/17
Maybe It's the latter, and most celebritys tend to claim with footwear I think
GOOD LUCK Louis...
Anon said on 4/Mar/17
His new arrest record says he's 5'9... Do they actually measure that at the jailhouse or just ask you your height?
andre said on 1/Mar/17
About half 168cm barefoot at night
Moulder said on 19/Feb/17
He looks like he has bad posture and is quite thin, which I think makes him look shorter. I would say 5'8. Is a very handsome bloke.
Warren said on 28/Jan/17
I think this guy is super handsome btw, so Idc if he is 172 or shorter than that
Addison said on 20/Jan/17
louis with 5'9 steve aoki and 5'8 ryan secrest??

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ummm?? lol?? someone explain?
Editor Rob
I think he is about 6 inches closer to the camera than Ryan there.
Juana said on 18/Jan/17
Gee, how did he get 5'10 out of 5'7.5?
Addison said on 11/Jan/17
louis with 1.78m Norman Reedus back in 2014.

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Addison said on 19/Dec/16
louis with 5'10 diplo and avicii

Click Here

and there are pictures of louis from this same exact day in the same outfit and he was wearing flat sneaker shoes. perhaps louis is 1.74 WITH shoes on?

and niall, who you listed at 1.72 (but i agree that he is 1.73) is also posing here with 5'10 diplo. and niall and louis are around the same height. what do you say about these photos Rob?

Click Here
Editor Rob
from all I've seen I do think guys like louis/niall/zayn are if measured within a fraction, you could argue Niall has more chance of being nearest 5ft 8 though.
Johnson said on 18/Dec/16
He is 174 cm guys!!!
D said on 23/Oct/16
Addison I'm 183 and I don't give a f about how stupid you are neither these ga y band. I just wanted to tell you to stop writing meaningless laughable comments. None of them is taller than 1.75
andre said on 16/Oct/16
Louis 168cm barefeet at night
Niall 169cm barefeet at night
Zayn 170cm barefeet at night
Liam 173cm/ barrfeet at night
Harry 174cm/175cm barefeet at night
andre said on 16/Oct/16
Louis is 5ft6.5 barefoot at night
Michelle K said on 11/Oct/16
Louis does look 5'7. He's very tiny but if I'm gonna be real here, I'd say he's 5'8 JUST because what Addison said made me think more about it, if he was 5'7 wouldn't he be shorter than Harry when their both standing next to each other barefoot or in flat shoes?? But they only have a 2-3cm height difference when their both in flat shoes? I've seen photos and Louis looked taller in the earlier years (2010,2011 and 2012) so I guess now he's either just shrinking from that massive weight loss or Harry and everyone around him got taller and made him look smaller. Also, Louis's mom herself confirmed on Twitter that he was 5'9. I'd believe 5'9 for him in the earlier years but not now I don't think
D said on 4/Oct/16
Addison, sorry to say this but you are the most not thinking person that I know. Are you blind that he is taller because of the beach slope? If I was rob I would've Banned you for hatening and trying to downgrade people just because of hate.
Addison said on 1/Oct/16
Rob, dont you feel like danielle and louis's height difference is too much? if he was 5'7.5 shouldn't she be to his ear? i believe louis is very close fo 5'9 because of how tall he looks next to danielle, should a 5 inch height difference look like that?? because to me it looks like a 6 or 7 inch height difference.

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Editor Rob
barefoot on level ground there might be 5 inches or even more between them...on the sand it is harder to say because of the slope.
Addison said on 30/Sep/16
danielle IS 5'3, you should change her height on this site rob, if you look at photos of her next to louis you can tell she's very short next to him and even fans that met her said shes 5'3, a 5'5 fan met her when danielle was in 2 inch heel shoes and said danielle was the same height as her so no doubt danielle is 5'3 and louis has to be 1.74 or 1.75, look at their height difference Rob!! is it normal for a 5'3 girl to be that short next to a 5'7-5'8 guy??

Click Here

click on that and scroll down, thats a fan taken picture of louis and danielle at the beach awhile back, the top of her head reaches his lower neck? almost to his shoulder!! is a height difference like that normal?? it looks like a 6 inch height difference to me Rob, what do you think?
Editor Rob
5ft 2.5 is a possibility, not sure about 5ft 3 though.
Lina said on 23/Sep/16
Do you think Danielle Campbell height is 5'3 ?
Editor Rob
she said 5ft 3, although I would have guessed 5ft 2.
what!!!?!!! said on 22/Sep/16
harry is 5'10 with heels and lifts, dear addison
MD said on 22/Sep/16
You are so sad, and you've become a distraction. Leave.
what!!!?!!! said on 21/Sep/16
addison, you cant say that harry is 5'10 too, because he wears his lifted big heeled boots always. Flat shoes? hahaha. Inner lifts at least 2 cm + 1.5 cm heel. The least thing that person will think about you is that you have brain. Not when saying such things. Harry 5'10... When? He maybe is 5'10 with his lifts. What are you trying to prove? Harry 5'10 barefoot? not in an million years. Maybe he will grow so, maybe not. But for now he isn't more than 1.75 max 6 barefoot!
D said on 20/Sep/16
Addison the only one acting stupid is you, not others. And you have proven it by saying harry styles is 5'11 and such. So please stop commenting unless you have something real to say. And again, without his lifts, boots and hair, Harry is no more than 1.74.5. I think so.
MD said on 15/Sep/16
@Addison, dear, you are WAY out of your league, here. Find your way on out of here.
Lina said on 14/Sep/16
Yeah right, He is about 5'7-5'8 range.
Addison said on 12/Sep/16
serena sweetheart if you dont believe me ****ing google your facts, if louis is 5'7 then why does he look way taller than 5'3 danielle campbell who is in 4 inch heels? your making yourself look stupid.
what!!!?!!! said on 3/Sep/16
harry is only 3 cm taller than louis at most barefoot
D said on 31/Aug/16
Geez. These people saying that harry is 6 or 5.11. OMG. Taller than brad Pitt and DiCaprio? Really?
serena said on 21/Aug/16
Dream on lol. Luis is 171cm and the shortest member of 1D
MD said on 19/Aug/16
@Addison, this is the second page I've see you do this on. First off, turn off the caps lock. Second, disabuse yourself of your fangirldom. Thanks.
Addison said on 17/Aug/16

The Man said on 5/Aug/16
Only member in 1D whose height is consistent with the Internet listings. He can pull off looking a solid 5'8" at times. He's clearly half an inch taller than Zayn Malik, yet Zayn gets listed at 5'9"
Warren said on 28/Jul/16
Louis 170-171cm
Niall 171-172cm
Zayn 171-172cm
Liam 175-176cm
Harry 176-177cm
Louis is the lowest height in 1D that's it
Johnson said on 3/Jul/16
@Ally Vardy is 178 cm tall. If you don't agree you should proof with pics
Ally said on 2/Jul/16
176-177 cm Jamie vardy looks 5-6 cm taller than him. His is not more than 172 cm
Rash said on 29/Jun/16
This is the best list the pictures you guys have do'nt show enough evidence like Louis is clearly taller than Pele i mean look at his shoulders
mg said on 20/Jun/16
thats not true louis is actually 176 cm its true
MD said on 13/Jun/16
plus, not the best picture (though it's clear Mourinho is taller), but more to the point the picture means nothing to me if I'm not convinced that Mourinho is 177cm.
truth said on 11/Jun/16
lol all these One DIrectioners and Bieber lie about being 5'10" and Harry about 6'0, just lol. No wonder these heights have lost its value and have a short ring to it, if it were strong 5'9ers and 5'11ers claiming it, there would be no problem.
MD said on 10/Jun/16
I mean, it's a very bad picture, but that's also if you believe he 177cm, which is not something we've been able to debate, here.
plus said on 9/Jun/16
@MD Louis and Mourinho 177 cm

Click Here
MD said on 8/Jun/16
All I know is that Liam is not taller than Niall. That's fairly clear, now.
MD said on 7/Jun/16

Not only is he not taller than Niall, but he may even be shorter. Can you do a bit more research and try to level all of these guys out to their proper numbers? Perhaps Niall has actually grown? I don't know, but he's certainly looked taller than Zayn or Louis in the last few years.

Click Here

More than likely, the other two are likely mislisted, because Niall isn't really all that much taller than a now 5'6.5" Pele.

Click Here

Click Here

Clearly Harry and Liam are the two tallest, but after that, I think Niall comes in between and then the other two are the shortest. I guess what I'd argue is that Louis can't be taller than 5'7.5".
Editor Rob
you could argue 5ft 7.5-7.75 range for both, it can be hard to really say who is the past I gave the edge to Louis, but then Niall can look a similar range.
plus said on 6/Jun/16
One direction real heights

Zayn 172
Niall 173
Louis 173.5
Liam 176
Harry 177
Leo said on 17/May/16
Downgrade is very good Rob, he isn't taller than Niall or Zayn.
serena said on 4/Mar/16
@ Rob
At james corden show they are wearing same footwear, james corden height is 5'8. Good spot on harry,liam and niall. I would say louis is 170cm or 5'7.what do you think rob?
Editor Rob
at times I can see how he looks only 5ft 7, but I'm not so sure he'd really be that short.
laura said on 19/Feb/16
"5 foot 10" what an absolute joker !!
Henry said on 24/Jan/16
Louis is very small, met him once or twice and he's no taller than 5'7.5''
andre said on 7/Jan/16
5ft6.5 barefoot at night
avenger987 said on 14/Dec/15
All looked taller on X factor than 5'8.75" Ollie Murs last Saturday when performing. He needs an upgrade.
lady163cm said on 9/Dec/15
Eleanor calder is only 170cm or 5'7.
Maybe louis is 5'7.
warren said on 4/Dec/15
really? I thought the same height Compared with ex girlfriend Eleanor Calder the same 172cm both.
lady163cm said on 4/Dec/15
172cm with shoes
169cm-170cm without shoes
Thats what I see, but I love him :)
Franny said on 21/Nov/15
Your my favorite in one direction
warren said on 18/Nov/15
his height is 172cm absolutely its real height and when he wearing the shoes. he becomes 175cm.
warren said on 18/Nov/15
his height is 172cm absolutely. its real height and when he wearing the shoes. he becomes 175cm.
avenger987 said on 15/Nov/15
3" shorter than 6'1 Ross who I believe wears lifts. He must be at least 5'9.
Taff said on 29/Oct/15
I don't know his approximate height but to say he's taller than zayn is just ridiculous
ben173cm said on 27/Oct/15
He is the smallest member with the height of 5'6.5 barefoot
andre said on 28/Sep/15
5ft7 barefoot , looks better for him maby downgrate
MD said on 25/Sep/15
With a now 5'6.5" Pele:

Click Here
yeah right said on 13/Sep/15
Harry has never been 5'11 barefoot in his life, the same goes for 5'10 for Liam, 5'9 for Zayn and 5'8 for the other two.
Stampy said on 2/Sep/15
People on this site need to understand that if you're photographed walking ahead of someone, even if just slightly, the person ahead looks much taller than they really are. Typical example is Hannah's picture of Harry and Louis. Harry is 5 ft 11 but often wears boots so that he tops 6 foot. Nobody wears lifts except for Peter Andre. Liam is 5ft 10, Zayn 5ft 9 and Niall and Louis 5 ft 8.
loafy said on 28/Aug/15
Guys, he's not seriously claiming 5'9. Come on. It's an ongoing joke...maybe he seriously tried to claim 5'9 once, but basically it was his "official" height listed in band publications, it was obviously untrue, and he's always joked with fans about it and gotten on tiptoes in pictures with tall girls and generally made it obvious that he's actually shorter than that. The Twitter claim quoted above is clearly a joke. Most fans who've met him estimate him at around 5'7 so I think this listing may even overestimate him.
yeah right said on 25/Jul/15
A genuine 5'9 guy doesn't look short, yet Louis looks short constantly. A typical decent 5'7 guy claiming average height.
Randomsksjs said on 4/Jul/15
Well in one of lotties posts on Instagram , she states that she herself is 5'2 and her sister felicity (can't spell her name sorry) is 5'8. And if you look at Louis' moms wedding photos, Louis is a little taller than her so he's most likely 5'9
D said on 1/Jul/15
Zayn is shorter .
anon said on 31/May/15
so compared to Justin Bieber, Niall seems to be around 5.7 barefoot, I would put Louis at 5.8 and Liam at 5.9, Harry 5.10
Banana said on 4/May/15
I think that Louis is way smaller than Harry. So Louis would probably have the height of maybe 5'6 1/2
G said on 3/May/15
My opinion on the heights of directiones: Harry 5'9.5 or a possible 5'10 (although it seems 5'11 or 6 feet with their lifts and huge hair), Lian 5'9 or a possible 5'9.25, 5'8 Zayn, Louis 5'8 (but I do not doubt that it can be 5'7.75), Nial 5'8. Anyone agree?
Ally said on 21/Apr/15
Saw a video on vine where he claimed 5'9 but he definitely looked around 5'7
Hannah said on 15/Apr/15
Rob, PLEASE have a look at this.
Click Here
Alex said on 13/Apr/15
There's a video on Twitter and he is just as tall as 15 year olds I thinks he 5'7-5'7.5
MD said on 10/Apr/15
Is he really taller than Zayn? I know he's only listed a quarter-inch taller, but is he taller, at all?
Bishop said on 9/Apr/15
I believe that Louis is the shortest one in the band, but the three shorter ones are very close. I think 5'7.25" is the perfect listing for him.
Em said on 9/Apr/15
๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ 5'9 my ass!!! He's about 5'7
MD said on 9/Apr/15

Just because I don't know, but is he really taller than Zayn?
Editor Rob
they both can appear very similar, zayn's hair at times looks thicker, but their postures can vary a fair bit. They might end up being quite similar when measured.
Alex said on 6/Apr/15
Even DIRECTIONERS think this guy is short 5'7 max
Hannah said on 5/Apr/15
5'7" definitely.
yeah right said on 2/Apr/15
@5'10'' guy
Women, not girls, women.
readyAIMfire said on 2/Apr/15
5'8" tops
1D and their height claims are stupid .
5'10" guy said on 1/Apr/15
And they say girls like "tall",dark and handsome lol
Mark said on 31/Mar/15
I would say no more than 5"8 for Louis
MD said on 30/Mar/15
To continue to post them doesn't make them any more correct. In fact, it's just spam when you do that.
Alex said on 30/Mar/15
No these are the real heights : niall 5'6.5-5'7. Louis 5'7 zayn 5'6.5-5'7 harry 5'8.5-5'8.75 liam 5'9-5'9.5
Bishop said on 29/Mar/15
I remember the days when trolling wasn't so blatantly obvious.
Jack said on 29/Mar/15
this the real
Harry 183
Liam 180
Niall 175
Louis 175
yeah right said on 20/Mar/15
an obvious troll is obvious
Ally said on 20/Mar/15
Most sources say he's 5'9 but he looks shorter than that next to Harry
Jack said on 19/Mar/15
Harry 183
Liam 180
Zayn 177
Niall 175
Louis 175
Alex said on 18/Mar/15
He's shorter than niall 5'7 max probably
LetTheOceanTakeMe said on 18/Mar/15
Hes the shorter of the band weak 5'7.
low said on 13/Mar/15
Rob, why he is taller than zayn and niall?
Editor Rob
they all can generally look within the same range.
tiger said on 9/Mar/15
My opinion
Harry 177cm
Liam 178cm
louis 173cm
Niall 173cm
zayn 175cm
Clumsy said on 21/Feb/15
My opinion on the boys heights:
Harry 176 cm
Liam 175-6cm
Zayn 172 cm
Louis 171 cm
Niall 170 cm
andre said on 20/Jan/15
This guy looks like 5ft7 no more then this downgrate it
Irv said on 24/Dec/14
Louis is the shortest member of the group. For him I would say 5'7.25
dandelion said on 22/Nov/14
All of them are taller than Ellen who's 5'7: - Louis looks no more than 5'8 next to her. Harry and Liam are a lot taller than her though - 5'10+ I reckon
Loud30 said on 19/Nov/14
Although with Djokovic Niall appears to be a weak 5'7, I'm 5'8 and I'm pretty sure I'm shorter than Niall, or Zayn, because it looks like their body proportion is longer than mine. How come Rob? (The others can answer me too)
tom said on 9/Oct/14
Just to put the Niall photo with the Derby County squad in perspective, number 4 is Craig Bryson, measured 5'7 on the club website, and number 10 is Jamie Ward at 5'5".
Bran said on 7/Oct/14
Think every time i see a friend who's 16 or so and like 5ft9.5, there far from tall but too think there bigger than the whole band of one direction. Niall looks short often; Click Here Click Here ... bet niall feels right short, this is why i dont understand people on General height page claiming 5ft9 average, its 100 % 5ft10 for a younger male. Anyway Click Here Be very suprised if any was 5ft9.5 or above, unless styles is 5ft10 and sinks in with the 5ft7-8 ers with poorer posture but im not sure. Even looking at liam with beckham, quite a difference, and then he's barely different too 5ft7-8 range Niall; when most near 2 inch differences look really big.. like Rob and Tyson on here, im really confused now.
Josh said on 27/Sep/14
More like 5'7 maybe even 5'6.5
Mr tall said on 26/Sep/14
All the boys heights are quite hard to tell apart especially zayn, louis and Niall who look in the 5'7/8 range. Louis doesn't look like he has grown since X factor the 5'9/10 claims are ridiculous can pass for 5'8 but no more
evil said on 20/Sep/14
louis 5'8
niall 5'75
liam 5'9.5
zayn 5'8
harry 5'10
Height181 said on 15/Sep/14
I remember being a solid 5'8'' barefoot like it was yesterday. I clearly looked more taller than what Louis and Niall do. Both of them are no where near 5'8'' barefoot. 5'6.5'' it is. It's just my opinion though.
Height181 said on 15/Sep/14
Rob, I can't believe that you think Niall looks 5'8''. He looks 5'6.5'' at best next to 5'11'' Beckham. Click Here Please ignore Nialls hair in the picture which is adding another 4 inches! Sure he can look around 5'7.5'' in footwear, but height in footwear is not your real height.
Editor Rob
between 5ft 7 and 8 range, that's what I was said. Anywhere in - as I said - the 5ft 7 to 8 range. You can see another shot with Big David here.
Jake said on 15/Sep/14
Rob, had no idea that most of the members of One Direction were 5'8 range. Harry and Liam seem to be the taller ones of the members.
Editor Rob
Niall looks somewhere in 5ft 7-8 range aswell, the other 2 look to clear 5ft 8
5ft7 bro said on 14/Sep/14
I think if your below 5ft10 you can safely claim 2+ inches more then youre actually height but not if your over 5ft10 short guys gotta get some respect too
Emil 182.5-184.5 cm said on 13/Sep/14
I wanna join that Jimmy Piven system and claim 6'2.5...
Height181 said on 10/Sep/14
I agree with most of the posters on this page, saying that he is in the 5'7'' range. I think he is slightly shorter at 5'6.5'' though.
ยฎ said on 10/Sep/14
He's 5'10 in Jeremy Pivens measuring system.
Bran said on 10/Sep/14
Good addition, ive spent a good year now looking at one direction's height's and believe all 3 shorter members are around 5ft7-8, i would peg none at just 5ft7 flat. Nowadays 5ft7-8 is quite short for a young male; i would say Louis is 5ft7.5 or 5ft7.75, Zayn 5ft8... Niall 5ft7.5, Liam 5ft9 and Harry 5ft9.25 or 5ft9.5 i think thats fair. 5ft6.5 is standout short nowadays to be honest as like a 6ft1-2 guy is standout tall, one direction can get away with only looking shortish at times... i think he grew through 19 to be fair, i was brought up just round the corner from this lad ive seen numerous pictures of him with people i know and even passed him a few times, not the most polite of lads actually but doesnt look that short.. this is fair.
Editor Rob
harry is probably the most unpredictable as his posture is up and down like a bride's nightie.
George said on 10/Sep/14
Rob what would you guess his morning height to be?
Height181 said on 10/Sep/14
He is 5'6.5'' to me and about 5'7.5'' in shoes. being 5'7.75'' barefoot like he is listed here, would make him around 5'9'' in shoes. Louis has never seen 5'9'' in his life!
hugo said on 9/Sep/14
He and Zayn Malik look quite similar in height so I'd say this listing is correct as they both can look beetween 5'7" and 5' 8". They sure as hell look taller than Bieber, that's for sure.
new guy said on 9/Sep/14
@Kourosh177cm I know what ur saying im 5'10.75 at my low and I have a way larger frame.5'7 for him
Kourosh177cm said on 9/Sep/14
i dont know how people get guts to claim 2 to 3 inches more than their heights? im even afraid of to say 5'11 which is just an inch taller than my actual height.
Kourosh177cm said on 9/Sep/14
there is no way this guy is 5'9.5 , you can tell by his body proportion. His body frame does not represent a strong 5'9 guy let it alone 5'10. I'm measured myself at 5'9.5 and i have much longer body frame than him.
Bishop said on 8/Sep/14
Zayn has much more hair than Louis in that pic. So with shaved heads and same footwear, I don't think they would be that far apart. Louis is only wearing converse which doesn't add that much in height. And lol @ 5'10.
Arch Stanton said on 8/Sep/14
He's one of those 5 ft 7 range guys who claims near 5 ft 10!
Height181 said on 8/Sep/14
Come on Rob, He's shorter than Zayn! and Zayn isn't even wearing shoes! Click Here You are very generous to these 1D lads.
Amaze said on 7/Sep/14
5'9.5? 5'10?!? that is a big inflation adding 5cm or 6cm on.
why would you add over 2 inches ofheight
yeah hes defo 172cm or 5 7 75 hes not even a legit 5 8

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