How tall is Niall Horan

Niall Horan's Height

5ft 8 (172.7 cm)

Irish Singer from the group One Direction, known for songs like "What Makes You Beautiful", "Steal My Girl" and "Story of My Life". At age 18 he mentioned his height on twitter, saying he was "like 5"8"

Niall, Zayn, Liam, Louis, and Harry
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Average Guess (113 Votes)
5ft 7.99in (172.7cm)
Sandra Ace said on 11/Sep/23
He's 172 for sure. He looks small besides Harry.
peopleareshorterthantheythink said on 24/May/23
7272 said on 20/Apr/23
Wouldn't be mad at 5'8.25
Reagan said on 9/Sep/22
He looks taller than Zayn and Louis with boots
Jill said on 4/Sep/22
Almost 5’9
Warren said on 26/May/22
Yep. Old listing was correct. 172cm range for Niall
Cold Water said on 9/Apr/22
171-2 cm
PeterPop said on 17/Jan/22
now when I see him with James Corden, I think he is even shorter than 171. The average for James Corden is 172cm, Nial is shorter than him at least 2 cm if not 3. This guy deserves a downgrade, don't know why he is upgraded.
PeterPop said on 17/Jan/22
A strong 171cm guy.
Percy said on 18/Nov/21
Almost 5’8
Johntest said on 22/Sep/21
Click Here

He looks taller than the jonas brothers here. But they are all in the same range
imnowchilling said on 21/Aug/21
@Rob, is he 5’8” wothout his hairstyle? cause it seems like it gives him an inch of push
Editor Rob
Yeah, I think barefoot he has a good enough chance of measuring 5ft 8
Kaysan Ahmed said on 31/Jul/21
I see him taller than Zayn and Louis by a quarter.
FiveEightJake said on 16/Jun/21
Rob how tall is Joe Wicks? Is he my sort of height 5’8.5 or more 5’9+ I swear he used to have a page on here.

Click Here with Niall here
Editor Rob
5ft 8.5 up to max 5ft 9
Willis Christian Macaraig said on 8/Jun/21
5'8" sounds right for Niall Horan because Niall is the most honest member of 1d when it comes to height. This is also because I am a foot taller than Niall Horan. So my real barefoot height is 6'8".
Megrace said on 17/Apr/21
172 cm
heyyyyyyyy said on 26/Feb/21
5'9" in my opinion or 5'8 1/2
Warren said on 23/Feb/21
Yap. Maximam looks 172cm with Louis and Zayn and James Corden.
slim 6'1 said on 17/Feb/21
I can’t see him taller than Tomlinson and Malik
slim 6'1 said on 4/Feb/21
Unnecessary upgrade, just within the 172cm range
Aj06 said on 7/Jan/21
A low 5'8 very high 5'7 for member of legendary boy band He is pretty honest compared to his other members and a lot of people in height. 5'7.9
Aj06 said on 7/Jan/21
A low 5'8 very high 5'7 for member of legendary boy band He is pretty honest compared to his other members and a lot of people in height.
Willis Christian Macaraig said on 5/Jan/21
Niall is the only One Direction member who does not lie about his height. He is actually 5ft 8in tall.
Willis Christian Macaraig said on 28/Apr/20
Ni all looks more of 5'9.5" than 5'8".
YG said on 26/Jan/20
Wasn't he listed before as 171 cm? Did he grew in his late twenties?
Editor Rob
Not grew, but he generally seemed nearer 5ft 8 than a fraction under it I felt.
Bill1414 said on 21/Dec/19
I think he claimed 5'9 nowadays. I've seen him with Khalid which he is like 5'7-7.5 and Niall was 2-3cm longer
Peter175 said on 19/Dec/19
In the above pic its obvious that Nial l would edge out Zayn.
I think Louis might be taller than Zayn also.
He seems the shortest given how inflated his footwear is.
5'7.5 zayn, .75 for Nial and Louis
Nik Ashton said on 3/Dec/19
Cool guy, cool height!

Niall, Zayn, and Louis, are all 5’8” or under! 👌
cmillz said on 1/Dec/19
meant Efron
cmillz said on 23/Nov/19
I think he’d edge out Zac Enron tbh
TheBat said on 22/Nov/19
Easily the most honest out of the One Direction members. He's a true 5'8".
Amit Jha said on 18/Nov/19
What made you decide to upgrade Niall. This listing is perfect.
Editor Rob
Well I had another look at those 1d guys and feel he pulls off 5ft 8 more often than not
Harvey Huang said on 5/Nov/19

Rob's listing is perfect

Here he is with NCT127, a korean kpop group. Everyone in that group is between 5'8 - 5'11 and Niall is as tall as the shortest member. Good listing Rob

Click Here
Nik Ashton said on 29/Sep/19
Like 5’7.75”!
cmillzz said on 10/Jul/19
If he’s even shorter than this listing, Rory Mcilroy is no taller than a flat 5’7.
MD said on 3/Jul/19
"My cousin Dale Winslow is 170 cm tall, and he said (this is a direct quote) "Niall did not really seem taller than me I think.""

I mean, I think he's shorter than currently listed. But if something this purely anecodtal - with an "I think" to end it, no less! lol - is your proof, then this is frankly ridiculous "evidence." Did you honestly think that was convincing? And then to call it an "atrocity?" lol Come back with something better.
Taled Khaban said on 1/Jul/19
There is literally no way that this guy is 172.1 cm. I've been a part of the Click Here community for nearly 6 years now and I have never seen such an atrocity. My cousin (who's name is Dale. I've removed his last name for privacy) met Niall at an awards show on December 7th 2016. My cousin Dale Winslow is 170 cm tall, and he said (this is a direct quote) "Niall did not really seem taller than me I think."

To conclude, I believe that this website's listing is inaccurate. Private Message me, or text me at ---- for more proof and/or discussion regarding this issue.
Editor Rob
Best not publishing a phone number online!
khaled taban said on 7/Jun/19
If this guy is taller than 5'7.75", then he is probably 5'8" but 5'9" is too mich for him.
cmillzz said on 24/Apr/19
Actually I take that back, I think 5’7.5-5’7.75” would be more reasonable for him.
cmillzz said on 11/Apr/19
I actually do think flat 5’8” could be possible for him.
Blindammo! said on 6/Apr/19
Hi Rob, Niall Horan claimed 5ft 9 today on instagram stories! Look up!
Editor Rob
He should have stuck with 5ft 8 as it is more believable I feel.
Mj7 said on 28/Mar/19

Think he might deserve a full 5'8 looks close to 5'9 these days. What's your opinion? Do you think he is using some height tricks like other one direction boys?
Editor Rob
He is pretty close to it
Bilbo Baggins said on 22/Feb/19
In this clip from James Corden's The Late Late Show two days ago - Click Here - Niall looked considerably taller than 5' 8"-ish James Corden. I'd put Niall at about 5' 9"-ish nowadays.
Quoter98777 said on 21/Feb/19
Looked 1.5" taller than 5'8 Corden walking side by side during the escape room segment. Please update to 5'9 Rob.
Tia said on 18/Jan/19
I feel like he has to be closer to 5’7 even or maybe 5,7.5 because he’s definitely shorter than Zayn and Louis and always has been in the band as he’s listed as being the same height here. He’s also shorter than Ed Sheehan also listed at 5’7.75
Warren said on 28/Aug/18
I feel like Niall and Hailee are about the same height as Justin and Hailey and Niall could be edge him out by a small fraction
Paula said on 17/Aug/18
Mariah John, Hailee is definitely not 5'8. She's said she's around 5'6-5'7 in the past. I'd say a solid 1.73 for Niall, and 1.68 for Hailee.
Maria John said on 17/Aug/18
He is taller than 5’8. He is dating Hailee who is 5’8 and he is taller. I would say maybe 5’9.5. You can see it here Click Here
Editor Rob
Hailee did say she thought she was 5ft 6.75.
MAD SAM said on 21/Jun/18
The only 1D member honest about his height, others have added 10 cm to their heights lmfao
Warren said on 15/Jun/18
I've seen bunch of people at any other place say that actually met or saw celebrities and still shows no proof with a picture..
cmillzz said on 15/Jun/18
He’s 5’8.
Johanne said on 4/May/18
I met Niall 2 weeks ago, and I was A LOT taller than him (I'm 181/5"11) and my friend is 5"7/170 and they were basically the same height, he was probs 2 or 3cm taller than her. I think he's 173 WITH shoes
Paz said on 12/Apr/18
Rob, apparently he claimed 5'9" on stage the other night. What's the bet he'll be 5'10" by the end of the year? ;)

Click Here
Editor Rob
5ft 9 in shoes is believable, but barefoot I struggle to see it!
ricardo rd said on 28/Mar/18
Niall is 1.73 in the 2018
Dominika said on 17/Mar/18
Hey :) I met Niall couple days ago and I'm 175cm tall. Niall was wearing boots and I did flats (which couldn't make more than 1cm difference though) and we were the exact same height. I tried to google how much is that in feet but every site gave me a different number 😂😂 So I can confidently say he needs an upgrade 😉
Josh9 said on 20/Feb/18
I think his exact height is 172.7 cm on the dot. Bang on 5’8.
Warren said on 23/Jan/18
I think this is the strong evidence Rob
Click Here

he's a legit 171cm
Editor Rob
I think 171cm would be the lowest I'd ever try to argue, I still think near 172 overall is possible.
andre said on 30/Dec/17
from 168cm to max 170cm barefoot at night
MAD SAM said on 16/Dec/17
He’s 171 cm
Tallish89 said on 22/Nov/17
Would have said he is a true 5'8 but then I google and saw he mostly wears boots..... as of 2017

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

He does seem to be truly 172cm nothing more though, he just looks a inch/two taller than guys his height because of his boots
Andy said on 5/Nov/17
5'8 on the dot
Peter175 said on 3/Nov/17
Zayn is clearly the shortest....Nial can pull off 5'8 nowadays. Louis looks near enough 5'8 as well
Renegade said on 3/Nov/17
I could believe this for Niall but I think the others need downgrading because there's no way it's only a few mms between them. I would put Louis at 5'7.5 and Zayn at 5'7.25
Anonymous said on 28/Oct/17
Niall looks a half taller than zayn zayn is around 5’8,
MD said on 24/Oct/17
With 5'7.5" Ryan Seacrest:

Click Here
Warren said on 1/Oct/17
I close to ur opinion
Slim said on 28/Sep/17
Rob, Zayn Louis and Niall are probaly 171 max

Along with Liam and Harry 175 area.
Anonymous said on 2/Sep/17
I don't think that he's this tall, I'm sure that Rob would comfortably edge this guy out.
I think he's between 171-172cm
Kelly said on 21/Jul/17
5'8" he is the same height as Louis tomlinson
Slim 182 cm said on 20/Jul/17
5'7.5 sounds good.
Slim 181 cm said on 16/Jul/17
Lol, the only one direction member to not excessively lie about their height. Using boy band logic(6 cm exaggeration) I would be 6'2.
Tyson said on 15/Jul/17
This listed is in the point
Kelly said on 11/Jul/17
Kelly said on 11/Jul/17
He is 5,8 I think
Ally said on 5/Jul/17
I feel like if he was right next to zayn henwouldcbe a smidge taller nial is at least 5,7 or 8 now Liam I think he is the same as zayn tbh maybe a littler taller so 5,8 Harry is 5,10
Sam said on 29/Jun/17
Rob how tall do you think kevin pietersen is?

Click Here
Tallish89 said on 21/Jun/17

Lifts plus camera angle lol Niall is 5'8 so if Ellen is 5'7 he shouldn't be towering her by 4 inches. That would just make him same height as Leonardo Dicaprio 5'11.
AJ said on 17/Jun/17

I think think the angles might have been in his favor, but regardless, I think 5'8" is probably the best listing. He should be upgraded.
Tallish89 said on 26/May/17
Niall Horan looking taller than Ellen by 4 inches
Click Here

Leonardo Dicaprio 5'11 with Ellen also taller than by 4inches
Click Here

I guess Niall got a growth spurt at age 23 the dude suddenly appearing close to 6 feet.
Safe to say he's a lift wearer
Kick901 said on 23/May/17
Looks the same height as Joe Jonas in that picture
Tallish89 said on 19/May/17
With Joe Jonas
Click Here
Genesis said on 12/May/17
@Bee123 They don't wear lifts lol. Except Zayn none out of them are really that height conscious. They wear boots, and I doubt it's cause "height", I mean those boots rock lol. Zayn wears platforms so it's safe to say he's very height conscious
Perry said on 9/May/17
How is niall 5'8 lmao hes so much more taller than louis and zayn. Also louis and zayn are almost the same height
Wrs567 said on 3/May/17
@Cal77: Hey twerp, yeah only me and a BUNCH of others

Stop making a mockery out of yourself, you have already embarrassed yourself enough

quit trying to be edgy, if you're trying to insult me at least be original

Show some respect to people, stick to the height, don't start something you're going to cry about
Cal77 said on 28/Apr/17

Didn't you ask Rob to upgrade Bieber to 172cm claiming he looks taller than that height too? lol

Crazy fan
dfghvgh said on 25/Apr/17
one direction real height
Harry Styles = 5"10.5 or 5"11
Liam Payne = 5"10 or 5"9.5
Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horran,and Zyan Malik= 5"9 or 5"8.5 and maybe 5"8
Wrs567 said on 2/Apr/17
@Bee123: Nope not me. Wrong person.

and I think Niall is more closer to 5'7'' than 5'8''
Bee123 said on 31/Mar/17

Aren't you on the Bieber page claiming Bieber is 5'8/5'9 lol

But your claiming Nail isn't?
height said on 25/Mar/17
i think 5 ft 7.5
Johnson said on 16/Mar/17
Now that Rob updated Harry Styles at 5'9.5 could be the time for 5'8 Niall Horan... I wish
Bee123 said on 12/Mar/17
He only seems honest cause he doesn't make ridiculous 5'10 claims like Zayn and Louis.

Just added a inch or so to his height no doubt he wears lifts his 1d photos proved it football pics he was shorter and on red carpet pics he looked 5'9...

Every 1D member wears lifts sometimes they can look anywhere from 2 to 4 inches differenlce in height
Kal said on 7/Mar/17
He looks 5'8
Cal77 said on 7/Mar/17

I won't trust that Niall's taller than Joe at all. Every one direction member lies about their height but I think Naill just adds 1 inch which makes him seem honest.

Their are way too many pictures that suggest he wears lifts as well.
AJ said on 6/Mar/17
Are you still open to 5'8" or is weak 5'8" the max for Niall?
Editor Rob
AJ, you can't rule it out, I still feel his 'about' claim is reasonable, he's pretty close to 5ft 8.
Wrs567 said on 6/Mar/17
Niall is not 5'8''! that's just a bit over the top

A guy like Rob will comfortably measure taller than him

5'7.5'' - 5'7.75'' absolute maximum for Niall
AJ said on 4/Mar/17
Rob now that you upgraded Joe Jonas to 5'7.5", don't you think it's fair to update Niall to 5'8" because there's definetly atleast .5" difference between the two. Not to mention he's taller than Zayn and Louis.
Editor Rob
he's probably the most honest of them all when saying about 5ft 8.
Danny said on 6/Feb/17
The only 1D member thats not lying about their height. I think hes a full 5'8
Balrog said on 1/Feb/17
So this is the only honest guy in the band...
Wrs567 said on 26/Dec/16
Look at Harry's right leg/ankle area in the picture above

Something doesn't seem right.

Standing on top of inserts perhaps?
sharwari loves niall said on 24/Dec/16
I think he's 5'8". As he is taller than lou and shorter than liam.
Johnson said on 23/Nov/16
He needs an upgrade!! I think he is 174 cm
Cole said on 20/Nov/16
Clearly taller than zayn. He must be not less than 5"8 Rob..i think he needs an upgrade
Addison said on 28/Oct/16
Rob, i think you should change his listing to 5'8, if you have seen the photo of joe jonas and niall recently, that photo is all you need to confirm that niall is a solid 5'8 and no shorter!
bob said on 27/Oct/16
picture of joe jonas with niall

Click Here
AJ said on 19/Oct/16
Rob do you think he could be the full 5'8"
Editor Rob
he can look close to it.
Michelle K said on 11/Oct/16
Looks a solid 1.73 to me. Why would he lie about his height lol? He's the only one in the group who is honest about his height
jessman said on 8/Oct/16
Some photos of Niall Horan with 6'6 listed rugby player Paul O'Connell from last week's Ryder Cup. Horan does not look 5'8 or less. Actually looks a bit taller than his listing. Michael Phelps is also photographed standing beside O'Connell...the difference is probably about 2.5 inches. I have met O'Connell. He is more 6'5 than 6'6.
Dot said on 7/Oct/16
Looks a full 5'8 to me. At least hes kinda honest about his height unlike his fellow band members
Hannah said on 23/Sep/16
Rob, what shoe size do you think he wears, and what's the average for 5-8 male
Editor Rob
maybe a 9, that is very common in 5ft 7-9 range for men, 8-9US size.
Serena said on 31/Jul/16
1D real height
Harry 176cm
Liam 175cm
Niall 172cm
Zayn 172cm
Louis 171cm
Cheese said on 16/Jul/16
The heights are just on point (very accurate) because if you take a look at this video they look very small compared to footballers like Ronaldo and Kaka. Click Here Its only 1 minute video
Leo said on 4/Jul/16
Yep, he is taller than Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson, both 5'7.5
MD said on 24/Jun/16
With a listed 5'8.75" Olly Murs (directly right). They aren't exactly lined up, but the ground is level, so it's a pretty good shot:

Click Here
AJ said on 21/Jun/16
Hey rob, so are you pretty confident Niall would edge out zayn today.
Editor Rob
I think he probably is the most reasonably honest saying about 5ft 8, because he can look pretty near it...whereas guys like Harry claiming 6ft or Louis 5ft 10, is stretching things too far.
Arch Stanton said on 21/Jun/16
Rob, there's a typo on Zayne.. He does look 5 ft 8 with Messi and Timberlake.
AJ said on 20/Jun/16
Good upgrade Rob, there was way too much evidence suggesting the need for an upgrade, although I wouldn't be surprised if he's actually 5'8".
plus said on 19/Jun/16
With the footballer Cafu (177) and the actor Iwan Rheon (listed here at 172 cm). Niall is taller!

Click Here
plus said on 19/Jun/16
Niall Horan and Justin Timberlake (listed 182 here)

Click Here
Jake said on 16/Jun/16
Niall the only 1D not lying (sorta) about his height
realheight said on 16/Jun/16
Niall: 5'6.5"/169cm
Louis: 5'7.25"/171cm
Harry: 5'9.75"/177cm
Liam: 5'9.25"/176cm
Zayn: 5'5.75"/167cm
MD said on 13/Jun/16
Because it's a picture with obviously bad angles. Truth is, though, that they really aren't as far apart in height as currently listed
Tymmo said on 10/Jun/16
how can they all look exactly the same (or 1cm difference) on the picture provided by Rob???
plus said on 8/Jun/16
@Rob you should check the pictures of Soccer Aid 2016. I don't think Nicky Byrne and Niall Horan are 3 cm apart. 1.5 cm max between them. Louis was also close (like 3-4 cm maximum) to Danny Jones (McFly) who is 177 cm tall, standing in the row
MD said on 7/Jun/16
Not only are they at least the same height, but Niall might be slightly taller. Louis has been listed too high for quite awhile now.
plus said on 5/Jun/16
Well after seeing pictures on the pitch and the shots in suit like this one I would say Louis and Niall are exactly the same

Click Here
plus said on 5/Jun/16
Anyway Louis is 1 cm than Niall

Click Here

Click Here
plus said on 12/Feb/16
Time for an upgrade, Niall and Jesse Lingard (Man U player), who is listed 175 cm (I'd say he is 174,5, no much of a difference with Rooney 176 cm)

Click Here
dfcgvhbjkg said on 12/Feb/16
1D real height
Harry - 174
Liam - 173.5
Zayn - 172cm
Niall - 171cm
Louis - 170cm
MD said on 3/Feb/16
Ridiculous. At that height, he'd basically be the same height as the tallest guys in the band.
avenger987 said on 31/Jan/16
Looked not even 5" shorter than 6'2 Djokovic back stage after the Australian open final. I doubt he would have worn lifts for that. He also looked 5'9 in the Rooney and Mata pic. This kid needs an upgrade pronto.
nelam said on 22/Jan/16
Niall and zayn are taller than louis.
Rob upgrade niall and zayn to 173cm or else downgrade louis to 170cm if niall and zayn are legit 171cm.
P said on 2/Jan/16
Tbh niall is only rounding up an inch while his bandmates are adding an inch or two
plus said on 30/Dec/15
I think he is 173 cm, here with Messi 170
Click Here
Niall said on 18/Dec/15
1D's heights are a little tricky, as Niall has always been listed as 5'7 in the official merchandise, but has been seen to be taller than Zayn and Louis who are "5'9" as the official merch claims. I'd say he's 5'8 or 5'9.
Liam said on 17/Dec/15
The height listed seems right skip to around 2:37 in the video and you can get a good idea, especially since they're all wearing the same footwear aswell.

Click Here
ShortRussianDude said on 9/Dec/15
Look at him with 5 ft 10 Dan carter he looks 5 ft 7 Maximum.
lady163cm said on 4/Dec/15
1D real height
Harry - 177cm or 5'9.75
Liam - 176cm or 5'9.5
Zayn - 173cm or 5'8
Niall - 172cm or 5'7.75
Louis - 170cm or 5'7
andre said on 1/Dec/15
5ft7 barefoot at night
B4 said on 26/Nov/15
Rob I think he needs an upgrade he looks more like a 5'8 nowadays
abbey said on 22/Nov/15
original height,harry 5" 10.5,liam5" 10,louis5" 8,nial5" 7.5,zyan5" 7
Tiger said on 17/Nov/15
Now Lets Get Honest
Nothing to proove
Niall :176cm
Louis :175cm
Zayn :178cm
Harry :179cm
plus said on 11/Oct/15
With footballers he looked 176 cm... Remember that Ryan Giggs is 179 cm and Rooney 176 cm. There must be difference in shoes but he looks 174 cm
plus said on 11/Oct/15
With footballers he looks 176 cm. There must be some advantage in shoes. Remember Ryan Giggs is 179 cm and Rooney 176 cm. He must be 174 cm
avenger987 said on 29/Sep/15
Has 2" on 5'7 Mata and barely below 6'0 Gerrard. 5'9 for this kid, must have grown a couple inches as he's only 21 so it's possible.
MD said on 31/Jul/15

What's going on in these pictures with Ryan Giggs and Wayne Rooney? Even given the angles and possible footwear differences, they look so short. Are they considerably shorter than they are believed to be?

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

It can't be that Niall is taller than listed, because we have plenty of evidence that that is not the case. Is it really just the angles in these shots?
Guest said on 16/May/15
To be honest unlike other members, he doesn't add inches to his height. He's relatively honest i guess, i agree
Bishop said on 14/May/15
He seems relatively honest. But keep in mind he was 18 when he stated this, so he probably got influenced by the other members and will probably claim 5'9-10" soon enough.
G said on 13/May/15
At least Nial is the only honest one direction about their height.
real niall horan said on 23/Apr/15
my height is 5'7
JH said on 23/Mar/15
Can look short, 5'7 spot on
b-mint1994 said on 10/Mar/15
At least he doesn't fudge his height like the other boys do.
tiger said on 10/Mar/15
i Think hes 5 8 or 173cm,
Steve said on 15/Jan/15
Looks like a solid 5'7 with 6'1/6'2 van nistlelrooy
Arch Stanton said on 25/Dec/14
He seems pretty honest and a decent lad Click Here Harry especially on the otherhand thinks he's Mick Jagger.
Joe said on 24/Dec/14
looks in the 171-172 range same as Zayne
Alex said on 24/Dec/14
He looks pretty short at times, I think he's 5'7
Tymmo said on 23/Dec/14
@Bob, they all are...
Bob said on 22/Dec/14
Zayns wearing thick shoes on that pic
Height183 said on 21/Dec/14
Niall clearly used to be the shortest. Now he can look slightly taller than Zayn and Louis at times.
BGee said on 21/Dec/14
At least he's honest. The rest of them are reaching pretty high for a few extra inches.
184.3cm said on 20/Dec/14
Probably 5'7 range but at least he is being relatively honest. That photo is hilarious, yep i really see a couple of 6 footers there with a 5'7 range guy .
- said on 17/Dec/14
i think niall is the only one honest about his height lol
lelman said on 15/Dec/14
Do they all wear lifts except for Liam or something? They all look about 5'9 here (compared to Liam), except for Harry. I mean he's obviously dropping height, but it doesn't look like much more than 0.5 inch.
Tymmo said on 15/Dec/14
you finally added the last member :3
Height182 said on 15/Dec/14
I think Niall is 5'6.5'', It's just my opinion from what I've seen. No one has to agree with me.

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