How tall is Luke Hemmings

Luke Hemmings Height

5ft 11.5in (181.6 cm)

Australian Singer from the band 5 Seconds of Summer, known for songs like She Looks So Perfect and Don't Stop. On a radio show he was roughly measured in sneakers, here is a Video Still showing that. Luke himself once said "I think I'm Six foot"

Michael Clifford, Ashton Irwin, Luke Hemmings and Calum Hood
Photo by PR Photos

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Average Guess (46 Votes)
5ft 11.92in (182.7cm)
Slim 6' said on 13/Oct/17
Call me a lunatic, but this man is 6' tall and deserves the listing. 👏🏻 😊 thanks for being honest Luke, And not inflating yourself like Harry and both Justin's.
Slim 6' said on 10/Oct/17
Celebheights 6'1.5 , lol, nice story.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 9/Oct/17
Just imagine what would happen if Glenn got a photo with him and Harry Styles. He would probably probably post it all over the web, and the fan girls who think that Harry is 6'2"-6'3" and Luke is 6'4" would be like "You're not 5'8"! You're actually 6'0"!". If Luke saw the comment, however, he would probably roll his eyes since Luke is actually honest about his height (unlike the fan girls). Rob's reaction would probably be hilarious if Glenn tried this at 5'6 5/8".
Slim 6' said on 8/Oct/17
Canson said on 7/Oct/17
@slim: who?
This guy here, he's 182 cm area. Rob has him listed at 181.
Canson said on 7/Oct/17
@slim: who?
Slim 6' said on 6/Oct/17
I've come to the realisation that 182(I consider it to be 6' but others may not) to 186(6'1".5) are the ideal heights, so basically 6' and 6'1" range are perfect.
Slim 6' said on 6/Oct/17
@canson, I found and underlisted celeb incase you're wondering.
Slim 6' said on 5/Oct/17
Celebheights 6'1.5

Timberlakes nothing above 180/5'11.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 5/Oct/17
@Slim I would say that the 182 CM range is believable for him. I would be curious to see how we would appear by Justin Timberlake (who has claimed to be 6'2" before, when he's not over 6'0").
Slim said on 2/Oct/17
He's in the 182 range at evening. Anyone agree?


Rob, celebhites186?

I'm honestly shocked at how honest he is and doesn't inflate it to 6'2" or 6'3" like other boy bands/sex symbols.
Editor Rob: 11.75 for Luke may well be the overall best fit, of course his measurement was quite rough and a bit of showmanship.
Anonymous said on 1/Oct/17
6 foot
Slim said on 23/Sep/17
Rob, average guess is a mm from 6'. Does this mean an upgrade?
Editor Rob: it's the average user guess.

I am always considering listings everyday, I'm not sure I would give Luke a full six foot, but he can seem 5ft 11.5-6ft range a fair amount of the time.
Frost said on 23/Sep/17
That Josh Peck picture is pretty damming tbh.

Rob, slight upgrade to 5'11.75 at least?
MD said on 23/Sep/17
Josh Peck is listed here at just over 5'11", and we can't even see footwear. If anything, we can assume Hemmings has on his usual heeled boots.
5sos said on 20/Sep/17
here he is with josh peck (~6ft) clearly edging him out imo: Click Here
Warren said on 20/Sep/17
He had downgraded for an adj by Rob
Slim said on 19/Sep/17
Click Here

Omg why do fan girls want him to be 6'4"(193)?! 😂

In all seriousness we should give him 5'11.75"(182.2)
He can claim 6' if he wants though, just not anymore than that.
Slim said on 19/Sep/17
Fan, it's more likely Calum is overlisted a fraction. No offence to rob who decided.
Slim said on 18/Sep/17
Guys, he isn't 6' or more, robs listing is fine, no need for an unnecessary upgrade like Harry styles.
Fan said on 11/Sep/17
How is this guy listed the same as band mate Calum? Given that recent barefoot IG pic, it's clear that they cannot be the same height... both are slouching and it's clear Luke has a considerable advantage, so one of them needs to be adjusted in my opinion. Thoughts?
Slim said on 6/Sep/17
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 10/Aug/17
With Taylor Swift:

Click Here

I'm sure that Taylor is in heels though.
Why would you make a claim from a photoshopped photo? Luke in your photo is the same from robs above.
Either you've been mislead by unverified photos or your biased and want Luke to be upgraded. We can't even see their footwear so it doesn't really mean much.
Warren said on 4/Sep/17
@Celebheights 6'1.5 and @Slim 182 cm
I think that photo was photoshopped...
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 4/Sep/17
He was a legit 182 CM in person, and he typically looks it. He can pass off for being over 6'0" with his hair.
Slim said on 4/Sep/17
Rob, Michael Clifford looks to be 5'9.75", am I right?
Warren said on 3/Sep/17
@Celebheights 6'1.5
I think that photo was photoshopped
Slim said on 28/Aug/17
Mark(5'9.5 said on 21/Aug/17
He's closer to 6'0". His claim is reasonable.

However, the fan girls must be crazy about him sooo much that they claim he's 6'4" 😂😂😂
Lol,that had me laugh for a good ten seconds. The audacity, the guys a strong 5'11 who nudges 6' early hours... I'd watch the video link above, very handy.
Mark(5'9.5 said on 21/Aug/17
He's closer to 6'0". His claim is reasonable.

However, the fan girls must be crazy about him sooo much that they claim he's 6'4" 😂😂😂
Slim183 said on 16/Aug/17
Ella, what is his height exactly??? You didn't exactly reveal it.
Ella said on 16/Aug/17
I've met him at a meet and greet. He is definitely no taller than 6'1.
Slim 182 cm said on 10/Aug/17
Celebheights, cmon man, you know it will be taken lightly unless we know their shoes. Lukes listing isn't that bad btw, If anything you could argue a weak 6' upgrade.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 10/Aug/17
With Taylor Swift:

Click Here

I'm sure that Taylor is in heels though.
Slim 182 cm said on 9/Aug/17
Rob, 5'11.75'? Chance? Is it ruled out?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Aug/17
He could be near 6ft.
Slim 182 cm said on 8/Aug/17
vbghnjm, the photos don't mean much in deducing their heights, as we can't see their footwear.

Slovene I agree he's a strong 5'11, so shocked fan girls haven't haven't rigged the votes to 6' or 6'1. He does have a tallish look to him.

If he's still living in Aus rather than Hollywood or whatever, I could find him, and get his real height. I'm willing to bet I'd edge him out, as 90% of 5'11 males claim 6'.
HonestSlovene said on 7/Aug/17
Strong 5'11" or 180-181 cm range. Just LOL at 6'4" / 193 cm, that is a huge difference.
Slim 182 cm said on 25/Jul/17
Rob, hypothetically, if he measured 5'11.4, would you list him at 5'11.25 or 5'11.5?
Editor Rob: I'd give him the 11.5 mark
Slim 182 cm said on 22/Jul/17
Alright, if you think he's above 5'11, but below 6', you should pin him at 5'11.25. It's closer to the truth, imo.
Slim 182 cm said on 20/Jul/17
Dude fan said on 7/Jun/17
I'm a 6-1 dude and I've met him face to face. I was looking slightly down, so he's between 5-10 and 5-11. I was wearing worn out chucks at the time, so I was flat on the floor. Girls have no sense of measurement.

This guy proves Luke isn't above 5'10.5.
Cmon guys, Orlando bloom, a weak to strong 5'10 claims six foot/almost six foot!
Slim 182 cm said on 20/Jul/17
Probably is a weak 5'11 wearing boots, claiming 6', 6'0.5 or even 6'1. Maybe vin taught him how to do it.
Slim 181 cm said on 12/Jul/17
179-181 cm.
Warren said on 12/Jul/17
193cm? holy crap luke's fan did
Slim 181 cm said on 9/Jul/17
@Christian-196.5cm, agreed, I personally think this geezer is my height. No more, maybe quarter inch less.
Rosa said on 26/Jun/17
he's actually 192cm
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 19/Jun/17
Many of his fangirls are still under the delusion that he's 6'4", because Google erroneously has him at 6'4" and still hasn't fixed it yet.
Dude fan said on 7/Jun/17
I'm a 6-1 dude and I've met him face to face. I was looking slightly down, so he's between 5-10 and 5-11. I was wearing worn out chucks at the time, so I was flat on the floor. Girls have no sense of measurement.
Guest66 said on 5/Jun/17
And Fallon is not even 6'0 himself, but 5'11 and some change at best. Fallon might be wearing bigger heels on that pic though
vbghnjm said on 23/Apr/17
he is not even taller thyan jimmy fallon(6"0).......Click Here
Five-eleven said on 23/Apr/17
His fans claim that he's 6'4"

LOL 😂😂😂
Strong 5ft9 said on 18/Mar/17
Rob, Do you think he could be 6ft today. If you think he's very close today. Maybe put in 5'11.75" for a starter maybe.
Editor Rob: I wouldn't rule out nearly 6ft for him.
Wrs567 said on 5/Mar/17
Rob, you think Luke could've hit 6'0'' with Niall?

1/4 upgrade?

Click Here
Editor Rob: he has certainly pulled off that range at times, but I wonder if he sometimes sneaks up on his toes a bit.
Chris said on 5/Feb/17
6 foot I think is a goer these days
Warren said on 18/Jan/17
haha, but he could be 6'0 and I expect it, but I still think he is 5'11.5"
Kaneff said on 16/Jan/17
He can't be 6ft. Shortest looking 6ft I've ever seen lol.
AJ said on 23/Dec/16
6' isn't unreasonable maybe a weak 6' listing would be closer to the truth at least
Confucius said on 22/Dec/16
How on earth can Luke be 6'4!? Like honestly, how can you get away with that.

And here I am, debating whether it's deceiving to claim 5'11" when I'm in fact 5'10,75". Screw it, I might as well say that I'm 6'5. Not that anyone will notice 😂
Strong 5ft9 said on 18/Dec/16
Rob, do you think he really grew or you not really sure? Click Here
Editor Rob: he could have hit a full 6ft range.
Guest66 said on 3/Dec/16
Click Here Check this out Rob, either he grew to 6'1" or Ashton is shorter than 179cm, it also looks like Calum and Luke can't be same height. What do you think ?
Warren said on 2/Nov/16
@Ben 5'11
I surprised too bro
Ben 5'11 said on 14/Oct/16
I would buy 6 ft, but 6'4?!? Whaaat?!? Even Luke himself said he's not that tall. I mean why did his fans think he's 6'4 in the first place?
Michelle K said on 11/Oct/16
If any of you actually looked at photos of him he looks a solid 6'1. Michael and calum look like their 6'0 1/2 or more and Ashton looks in the 1.81-182 range
TJE said on 5/Oct/16
I'd say it's just as likely the 193 listing was a typo and meant 183, but that would depend on it originating in metric rather than imperial.
Jimbo said on 4/Oct/16
He started to wear heeled footwear recently, thats why he can appear taller now. Before he was wearing mostly vans typed shoes and still always looked a bit taller than other band memebers. I think he was actually this tall since he was 16-17, so hes done by now.
Warren said on 4/Oct/16
what was that liting 193cm for Luke? that was like by fan made?
Editor Rob: yeah some fan likely got it out there quickly on a site and a few others copied it.
Grey said on 2/Oct/16
It seems that he and his band mates have toned their high/bulky footwear down and as a result their true heights show.

In my opinion:
Luke: 5'11".5
Calum: 5'11"
Michael: 5'10".75
Ashton: 5'10"-5'10".25
Stella said on 28/Sep/16
Lately in recent pictures, Luke is towering over his band members. Rob, do you think he has grown recently?
Editor Rob: I don't think he grew, maybe he has been working on better posture and likes looking taller.
Joseph said on 23/Sep/16
he's not 6'4. My young brother is 6'3, we met him (2016) and hes shorter than my brother but the same height of mine( im 6ft)
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 22/Sep/16
I saw him again recently, and he looks 182 CM still. I was expecting for him to at least reach 6'0".
Borats Chicken said on 16/Sep/16
Rob, possible he could be 5'11.75 until afternoon?
Editor Rob: Luke might hold the 182 range and not drop much under it at all.
Strong 5ft9 said on 2/Aug/16
@LM that is a pretty tricky angle, but when i measured myself doing the exact same stance as Chad, i actually got to 5'8" flat (or possibly less if i release my hip a little, like Chad did.) while i performed that stance. But i think he lost some height nowadays since he's aging. He is probably 6'2" - 6'2.5" nowadays, since he and Will looked roughly the same height i believe.
Strong 5ft9 said on 2/Aug/16
@LM that is a pretty tricky angle, but when i measured myself doing the exact same stance as Chad, i actually got to 5'8" flat (or possibly less if i release my hip a little, like Chad did.) while i performed that stance. But i think he lost some height nowadays since he's aging. How much is debatable!
Strong 5ft9 said on 2/Aug/16
Hey Rob, you think it's possible he could be 6ft flat now or not at the moment?
Editor Rob: I don't think he grew anymore at 18 onwards, he may well be quite close to 6ft though.
LM said on 30/Jul/16
It's not the best angle, but here's a pic with Chad Smith, from RHCP.. I think this must be updated, for all of them Click Here
Sam said on 25/Jul/16
Ashton looks 5'10 with Luke, and they are both barefooted so would be pretty accurate for him I think.
realheight said on 1/Jun/16
5'10" between 5'11".
Laura said on 30/May/16
Rob - Seeing as there doesn't seem to be a way for me to do it myself, can you please remove my comments from this website so that the link to me twitter is no longer public? It's honestly very weird and a little bit creepy to me that you or someone else would search through my twitter like that, all the way back to December last year. Thank you.
Editor Rob:

Don't worry Laura, I will save grace and remove your honest mistake :) You meant to type 5ft 3, but your finger slipped a few inches and you hit 9 worries!

but don't forget, you were the one who posted a link to a photo of yourself with Luke, claiming to be 5ft 9 yet looking no more than 5ft 3...
MD said on 30/May/16
Yeah, it's probably not a good look to be trying to pull a fast one on Rob. lol Fan girls, BYE.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 22/May/16
Judging from Luke Hemming's shoulders, he's like 6'1 1/2" with shoes on (assuming that it's accurate, which it likely isn't).
Ben said on 14/May/16
this is why fangirls believe the 6'4 ****. its obviously a prop.
Click Here
Ben said on 14/May/16
heres a pic of them standing pretty straight..any height changes?
Click Here
Editor Rob: Luke looks to have the worst stance there, I think he still is probably edging the others out though.
Ben said on 8/May/16
you know it nick.
Nick said on 25/Apr/16
The 6'4 claim is so ridiculous. But then again, so are most fangirls
Nick said on 25/Apr/16
The 6'4 claim is so ridiculous. But then again, so are most fangirls
Alex said on 23/Apr/16
Holy cow, this guy is just as overlisted as Kane... how the heck is this guy listed at "6'4"? 4 1/2 inches under his listing, nice work Google...
Valshe said on 7/Apr/16
He's 193 cm.
zain said on 28/Feb/16
hey rob do you think ashton is 5'10
Editor Rob: it is possible he is 179 range
stid said on 25/Feb/16
Lmao at how he is listed as 81 kg, probably he thought taking after the WWE's billings was cool
Dude said on 24/Feb/16
Girls have no idea how to judge height, please never take a girl's opinion on height lmao. A 5' woman was a total head shorter than me and asked me "are you 5'2?" That is one of the million experiences I had ...
They also try to boost their "crush" or "boyfriend" height, I towered over this girl's boyfriend and she still confidently said HE was taller than me ...
Ben said on 19/Feb/16
i honestly dont think luke can reach 6'4. your physical health diminishes while on tour, these girls need to let it go geez.
Clifford said on 7/Feb/16
he's 6'4 so ummmm...
Ben said on 29/Jan/16
hey rob, in my opinion i think these deluded fangirls believe the 6'4 crap because ashton is obviously way shorter than luke.
Click Here
im aware you dont know how the ground is leveled, but these girls will believe 6'4 lol. he definitely isnt as tall as tom delonge.
Editor Rob: the guy himself only claimed 6ft and that whole tape measure radio clip kind of ruled out anything silly like 6ft 4...ashton though could be about an inch smaller
120 said on 26/Jan/16
@yeah right @Taylor
Here are more examples to show how much Jayden Seyfarth (who claims to be 6'4" or 6'5") have towered over 5SOS.

Click Here Luke Hemmings
Click Here Ashton Irwin
Click Here Michael Clifford
Click Here Calum Hood
Celebheights 6'1.75"/187 CM said on 25/Jan/16
They'd easily be pushing 6'6"-6'7" if a 5'6" person came up to their collar bone (which is completely impossible).
rivers said on 25/Jan/16
hey rob, do you think Luke might wear lifts?
Editor Rob: I think I'd be very surprised. He's already near six foot, I doubt he'd really need them.
yeah right said on 23/Jan/16
Were there any unicorns as well??
Click Here this is how a legit 6'4 looks like.
Taylor said on 22/Jan/16
I have met the band on more than one occasion and the last time I saw them was October 2015. I am 5'6 and I come up to Luke's collar bone so he definitely beats the 5'11 thoughts you might have. He stands at about 6'3, maybe 4. In fact, all of them are over 6'. Additionally, the confirmed shortest one in the band is Ashton. He is the same height as my brother, who has a known height of 6' even. Both were measured with no shoes, knees straight.
MD said on 21/Jan/16
You don't know what the ground looks like? lol
Editor Rob: yes, I've no idea of the road gradient. Even a couple of degrees slope can knock an inch off people side by side.
Chocolatey said on 19/Jan/16
Just accept hes 182cm,with shoes hes 183..
Aaron zamora said on 16/Jan/16
Rob, this a barefoot picture of Luke and Ashton. Ashton looks no taller than 5'10 in this picture don't you agree? This is the best picture to see the difference between 2 of the members I wonder why no one else has posted this picture. Click Here
Aaron zamora said on 16/Jan/16
Hey rob I found a picture of Luke and Ashton barefoot. They look around an inch apart. I feel like Ashton might be a 5'10 er what do you think? I think that this is the best picture to compare the height between these two mates. Click Here
Editor Rob: unfortunately I don't know what that ground is like
Aaron zamora said on 13/Jan/16
Rob, do you ever plan to add a height for Ashton and Michael? How tall do you think that Ashton is by the way you've said that they all look close in height but how tall do you think that he would measure? Can he be under 5'11?
Editor Rob: I may do so, ashton at 5ft 11 is possible
jared said on 8/Jan/16
how long are Luke's legs?
Ben said on 4/Jan/16
Click Here
found another angle rob, here ya go. any changes?
Editor Rob: I think if you measured them all, it might be no more than about 2cm difference between them all.
120 said on 4/Jan/16
I think Luke is probably the kind of guy that somewhat gets influenced of what people think how tall he is, since he probably doesn't want to upset the fans. These fangirls really think he is some sort of giant or something, but in reality he's an average tall guy. At least the part he says "I think i'm six foot" seems to be a guess, but i think he is definitely pretty close around the 6ft flat mark. that's for sure.
Tyler said on 4/Jan/16
hey rob, what are all of their heights now?
I honestly feel like try wear their guitars low to look taller.
Editor Rob: I think they all stopped growing a while ago, all within a few cm's of each other.
Mat said on 22/Dec/15
Click Here He claimed 6 foot in this video Rob. It's from last year. Worth adding to the top?
Editor Rob: yeah it was mentioned before, but I hadn't added it...I'd be surprised if he hadn't actually been properly measured or measured himself, to say he 'thinks' he's six foot.
Ben said on 7/Dec/15
hey rob, how tall do you think ashton is now? has anything changed?
Editor Rob: in last 1-2 years I don't think they have really gained any more height
Ben said on 6/Dec/15
@Rob how tall do you think Luke is now? look at the last picture @Davina posted.
Editor Rob: I don't think he's gained any more height in 2 years.
Ben said on 5/Dec/15
a way you can tell how someone is, is by looking by that persons hand size. I am a Radiohead fan and his hands are not as bigs as Ed (6'5"), they seem to be around Jonny's size (5'11"). look into it.
Davina said on 5/Dec/15
I met them last may, here is a picture:
Click Here
I'm the girl with the boots, standing next to Ashton. I'm 174cm but maybe the boots add 2cm? Luke had no shoes on.
Adam 1.88 m said on 3/Dec/15
If he's 6'4 then I might as well be 6'10. Looks closer to the 5'11 mark
z said on 5/Nov/15
@Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM he said blonde
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 3/Nov/15
@z He said '6'1"'.
John said on 31/Oct/15
@Rob i know its most likely an stupid question but it 6ft at the top or bottom of the black band?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: I would have thought at the top, but if it's a prop, who knows how the guy measured it out when designing it?]
Alex said on 14/Sep/15
Google has him at 6'4 lol
Sam said on 11/Sep/15
In some shots Jayden looks a little shy of 6ft4, others he looks bang on.
Sam said on 11/Sep/15
Wow, the fan girls seem really pissed in the comments that Luke is posing in a photo with someone taller than him... lol.
MD said on 10/Sep/15
@Lorine, those fangirls on that Jarden Seyfarth fan are some of the most delusional we've seen, and I can totally see why we get 6'4" claims for Luke here if they are in that much denial. Weirdest bunch of fans I've seen, and that is quite a feat.
amaterasu said on 9/Sep/15
I still want to see him next to someone whose height is well known.
z said on 6/Sep/15
Click Here
0:50 Calum confirms 6 feet.
I've been backing the 5'11.5 for a while, but I'm just starting to think Luke is flat out 6, at his peak right now.
Also: Click Here I've met Derek, the guy on the far left in the red hat beside Luke, and I'm about 5'9 and Derek was pretty much 6 feet.
Height183 said on 30/Aug/15
I'd say that Jayden guy is nothing more than 6'4'' really.
Lorine said on 25/Aug/15
Jayden Seyfarth is 195 cm
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
TJE said on 20/Aug/15
Max heights for 5SOS:
Luke: 5'11.5
Calum: 5'11.5
Michael: 5'11
Ashton: 5'10.75
Alex said on 19/Aug/15
Luke 6ft calum 6ft Michael 5'11.25 Ashton 5'10.5
Height183 said on 8/Aug/15
Rob, what about the other lad Michael? 5'11.5'' for him too?
[Editor Rob: 183, I'd have said roughly 5ft 11, but all these guys can look within half inch of each other a lot of the time.]
mariam1 said on 7/Aug/15
6'4" is ridiculous. 6'2 in a best case, but I bet he's no less than 5'11"5.
TJE said on 7/Aug/15
Rob, assuming footwear is equal, do you think Luke could edge out Calum?

Click Here
Click Here
[Editor Rob: it is probably a fraction difference, Luke typically has a healthy amount of hair to add to his height.]
MasterRace said on 1/Aug/15
Those who claim 6'4 are ludicrous, I doubt if he's even 6'2. He's just lanky which makes an illusion of being long.
Will said on 29/Jul/15
Kurt said on 29/Jul/15
@Melman No, he is not. My cousin who met luke last month says he is about 3.5 inches taller than her, and she is 5'8". he's average height. she was also wearing converse (he was as well)
realheight said on 26/Jul/15
Something is wrong with this band :

Here Calum Hood is about 1.5 inches shorter than 5'11"/6' Luke Hemmings
Click Here

... and about 1 inch shorter than Clifford, who is max 5'11", obviously:
Click Here

But here Calum Hood is about 4 inches taller than 180-182 cm John Barnes :
Click Here

Whoa, it's magic, Calum grew up 5 or 6 inches..
Actually i think Calum is standing up on a stool in the pic with Barnes.

And stop fangirls, they are about 5'11", it's an average height ...
yeah right said on 24/Jul/15
Fangirls have gone crazy.
amaterasu said on 24/Jul/15
These are my guesses about their height:
Luke is 5'11.5" or 182cm.
Calum is 5'11" or 180cm.
Both Ashton and Michael are in 5'10" range or about 178cm.
They all can be even 0.5in less in reality, since we don't have that much of pics with them standing next to celebs of known height. Luke can be both close to 6'0" or flat 5'11".
Bryan said on 22/Jul/15
Calum Hood is 6'4 too ;)
france said on 22/Jul/15
He's 6'4"
Nikki said on 19/Jul/15
He is exactly 6'4"
:))))) said on 16/Jul/15
@Kurt this photo is very old he is now 6'4"
Melman said on 14/Jul/15
with harry styles, he looks 5'10'' or 5'11'' at bst
Kurt said on 14/Jul/15
he seems around 5'11.5" , definitely not 6'4"
abby said on 13/Jul/15
i think he's 6'2"
Height183 said on 10/Jul/15
@MD: I just seen that picture. It seems like you don't fully understand how camera angles work. That is not me having a ''go'' at you by the way, so don't take it the wrong way.

Like I said, there are pictures where Luke does look taller but there's also pictures where Calum looks taller. Meaning, at the end of the day they are both the same height. One of them could be mms taller than the other. But it will be impossible for about 99% of people to see that. Your eyesight must be amazing.

Here is 5Sos with 6'0'' listed Dave Grohl by the way.

Click Here

Click Here
MD said on 10/Jul/15

Look back at my post dated March 31 and the last picture in particular. The band is standing on level ground and Luke and Calum are in identical footwear, basically. Luke is even losing height with a lean while Calum is standing up as tall as he can, and Luke is STILL visibly taller. I can't for the life of me figure out why you are fighting this obvious fact so hard with all of the evidence.

I'm still not convinced either of them is tall as listed since there isn't a lot of photos of them with celebrities relative to other bands. But, they are around each other often enough that the question of who is taller between the two we're talking about isn't up for some huge debate. Calum is both visibly physically smaller and shorter than Luke.
Height183 said on 9/Jul/15
@amaterasu: Do you know why Ashton looks taller? because he is not hunching like the other two! Come on, was that really so hard to spot???
amaterasu said on 7/Jul/15
@Height183 Also on that picture Ashton is taller than Luke and Calum, which is funny because in reality he's shorter than both. That photo is irrelevant, and yes just like MD said Calum is a bit shorter than Luke. All these guys from the band know that Luke is taller than them, and they keep saying how tall and lanky he is. Don't understand that, because still they're all roughly the same height.
Height183 said on 6/Jul/15
Well there's no tilt here MD

Click Here

There are also tons of photographic evidence that show Calum is taller than Luke. Meaning one thing, they are both the same height.
MD said on 5/Jul/15
@Height183, that pictured is tilted, if even just slightly. Either way, there is tons of photographic evidence showing Luke visibly taller than Calum. It's nothing ridiculous, but even in that picture it's clear they aren't the same height.
Height183 said on 3/Jul/15
Since Calum doesn't look quite 6'0'', I'd say this listing is pretty much spot on. Both are the exact same height like Rob has them.

Click Here
Alex said on 2/Jul/15
6ft flat '
SAM said on 30/Jun/15
5'11.5 is 181.6 or 181 cm
realheight said on 30/Jun/15
definitely under 6ft, i'm sure : in this video he is about 1 or 2 cm above Cauet ( french celebrity, i'm french), Cauet is around 180 cm, no more, no less ( im sure). At 6:20 --> Click Here

So 182 cm max for him ... 6ft4 is just insane ! Be very careful with google heights, they always add inches.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 28/Jun/15
While none of the photos are great, he appears to be about the same (maybe slightly taller) than Taylor Swift (who was similar with Nicole Kidman). It's unknown if Swift is in her heels in the photo though.
120 said on 21/Jun/15
It's so weird that fangirls think they are all inches off when in reality all of them are roughly the same height.
realheight said on 19/Jun/15
Higher than 6ft with shoes and hair

Click Here
Hailz said on 18/Jun/15
He's got to be a solid 6 foot if Dave Grohl is listed as a 6 footer. Look up pictures of them all together.
Height183 said on 11/Jun/15
Rob, by looking at this recent picture, Would you give Ashton a flat 5'11'' or 5'11.25''? They both have the same footwear on.

Click Here
[Editor Rob: he could be anywhere in 180-1 zone in that photo.]
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 10/Jun/15
It seems that the fangirls want for every celebrity to be above 6 feet tall. Luke Hemmings being listed at 6'4" when he is under 6'0" is insane! Are they going to start listing Justin Bieber at 6'1" next?
GeekygirlUNC said on 30/May/15
Well...I saw a video with a woman measuring Luke's height,and the other members talking about his height.I think they said 9'7??? That's what I heard.
yeah right said on 16/May/15
Well, Justin has been claiming 5'10 recently so you can definetly see that 3-4 inch pattern there. Nonetheless, I think that as far as both Styles and Bieber lie about their height, Hemmings' 6'4 is the outcome of some wishful thinking of those blind and deluded fangirls.
G said on 13/May/15
How ridiculous are the claims of boy band fan club. Harry Styles at 6'3? Luke Hemmings at 6'4? Who will be next? Justin Bieber is 6'9?
TJE said on 12/May/15
Better chance of a strong 5'11 than a weak 6'0; wouldn't put him any higher than this.
Hailey said on 11/May/15
I am pretty sure he is around 6ft
5ft10 said on 10/May/15
Is 5t11.5 such a big difference from 6ft he does'nt look tall like chris brown or hayden Christianson
yeah right said on 9/May/15
In the video Rob's posted, the guy barely pulled off 6'0.5 in converse, what on earth makes you believe that he can look 6'1 EASILY in vans which give even less??
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 9/May/15
He was 5'11.25" to maybe 5'11.5" in person earlier this year. He's 18, so will he still grow a small chunk? They look as if they could still grow ".25"-.5".
perry said on 9/May/15
he's 6'. converse don't add an inch in height, and if he was around 6'0.5 in converse in the evening, I think 6' is fair
Charon540 said on 6/May/15
I was talking about Luke Hemmings
LetTheOceanTakeMe said on 6/May/15
Oh god lifts for Luke Hemmings,ok.
Honestly the insecurity of some of you is pathetic.
Hes taller than 6ft listed Dave ghrol(which i believe is 5'10.5 At best ,taller than 5'11.5 jimmy kimmel with footwear disadvantage,towered over 5'7.5 ryan seacrest and on the madden brothers.
Luke is 6ft-6'0.5 range no more no less and can easily pull of a 6'1 look in vans.
Charon540 said on 4/May/15
Rob, do you think that he might be wearing hidden lifts to support his height claims.

Click Here
There are some evidence in the photo comments

Note: The guy who the band have taken a picture with, His name is Jayden Seyfarth and claims to stand at 6ft 4-5in.

He pretty much towered above all of the 5sos members like they are children next to him.
[Editor Rob: I don't know if a guy like him would wear a lift...he is more likely to just tip toe in an odd photo to look taller.]
Jack said on 26/Apr/15
I always think that luke is 6'4 that tall, after i already seen the picture with jimmy fallon and then i don't he is t6'4 any more. He is like 183-184 with calum and mikey and aston is 182cm
Skye said on 22/Apr/15
Damn that was way off for the approx 6'4 claim that google says he is. I mean, I'd thought at least 6'1.. then again, people do say Styles is 6'0.
TJE said on 22/Apr/15
So, MD, what do you take from my link?
MD said on 22/Apr/15
@TJE, thanks for that.

@Bob, you do know that Harry is listed at 5'9.25" on here, right?
Bob said on 21/Apr/15
Harry Styles with 6'0 Drew Brees. Rob's height for Harry looks on point.

Click Here

Now Luke Hemmings with One Direction

Click Here

For further comparison sake, 6'4 Tom Brady and 6'0 Drew Brees.

Click Here

Judging from him standing with One Direction, him and Harry Styles look close especially since Harry is slouching a little. So, he's barely taller than Harry which Rob's height for him seems accurate.
Height183 said on 20/Apr/15
MD seems like he is in denial or something. I'm sure he has seen the measurement video Rob has posted. But it still seems like he doesn't understand that it would be impossible for Luke to be low as 5'11''.
TJE said on 19/Apr/15
MD, I got something you might be interested in looking at:

Click Here
Height183 said on 17/Apr/15
@Bob: The girls who think he is 6'4'' are the same girls who think Harry Styles is 6'2''
120 said on 16/Apr/15
@Bob I agree, he should come to CONAN on TBS and stand right next with Conan O'Brien or something.
MD said on 16/Apr/15
Heck, I'd be happy where he simply to be photographed next to a legit 6'0" person.
Bob said on 14/Apr/15
He really need to stand next to a legit 6'4 person so all this 6'4 nonsense can stop. I could give him 6ft but 6'4, no way.
MD said on 9/Apr/15
I still think those guesses are probably too tall by a quarter-to-half-and-inch on each of them, to be honest. That make them all taller than 5'10" Ryan Tedder pictured below, and I don't see that even given the bad angles. Luke could be 5'11" tops, but for the rest of them I see a range of 5'9.5" to 5'10.5" as opposed to being in between 5'10" and 5'11".
TJE said on 8/Apr/15

I concur. I have a difficult time seeing any of them a strong inch taller than myself. Luke could be; I mean he's gotta have a 33-34 inch inseam and his legs look pretty average on him, so he could be 5'11-5'11.5. As for the others, they're definitely 5'10-5'11.

I'd say Calum's a flat 5'11
Ashton could be 5'10.5, he's got a lot of advantages on Luke in that iHeart Radio pic. 0.5 inch more footwear, tilting his head up more, and better posture and still struggles to look taller.
Mike is probably 5'10.5 as well, looks about the same as Ashton. Or they're both in the 5'10.25-10.75 range.

So that's:
Luke 5'11.25 (on average)
Calum 5'11
Ashton 5'10.5 (on average)
Michael 5'10.5 (on average)
MD said on 8/Apr/15

I used to think they were all very, very close in height before I noticed that Luke can sometimes shrink himself down in pictures. Particularly, he has a habit of leaning forward in group shots, which took away more height than I'd initially imagined. I posted pictures with him and Calum on Calum's page where it's clear Luke's at least an inch taller. Still, I can't see him being just under 6'0". To me, the tallest one might be 5'11", and then it's just down from there. At a nearly 6'0", he could pull off around 6'2" in boots and such and none of them ever look legit tall. Even in their ridiculously skinny jeans and such they only ever come off at the very most looking above-average. They obviously aren't as short as the One Direction guys, but they also aren't that much above average, and a few of them are just average height.
TJE said on 6/Apr/15

Nice find. Might have finally convinced me that Ryan's the full 5'10 with the last one.

Though I must say, these 5SOS guys are hard to pin down. The differences between them are just all over the place. One will look a few inches shorter than the others in one pic and be the tallest in another. I can presume that they're all within a couple cm within each other, as most people here would agree.
Tim1.79 said on 1/Apr/15
Come on guys, 5'11 from his forehead line!! In shoes? Yes, but hes the only one from band who never wears boots with big heels, and mostly wears his vans which can give about 0.5 to 0.75 at best. I agree that the shortest of them is not over 5'10, but this one is near enough to 6'0
MD said on 31/Mar/15

Okay, so found a pic. It's really quite a poor one, but the only recent one with anyone of know height. So, here they are at the iHeartRadio Awards the other night up on stage with 5'10" Ryan Tedder. While we can't really judge anything with Luke since he's so much closr to the camera, I think it's clear Ryan is taller than Calum Hood, who is listed here at 5'11.5".

Click Here

Here are their footwear:

Click Here

Click Here

Both Calum and Luke are overlisted, Calum maybe more so. It's be nice to find some better pictures.
MD said on 30/Mar/15
These guys were at two American music award shows over the weekend, and not one Getty image has them standing next to celebrities of known height. I can't believe how little evidence there in terms of them being photographed with other celebs. It's almost a conspiracy. lol Let's be clear, it's lucky if the tallest one is a full 5'11".
Alex said on 28/Mar/15
Ashton is shorter than luke look how short he looks in this with Calum Click Here
twos said on 28/Mar/15
Rob, what will be your opinion on his height if you don't find the video were he is measured.
[Editor Rob: probably not much difference, I think at times he could pass for 6ft, other times he looks not much over 5ft 11!]
6'1 Joe said on 27/Mar/15
Google has him at 6'4"!!
Big Sean lover said on 24/Mar/15
Can you do the following heights:
Michael Clifford
Ashton Irwin
Nash Grier
Cameron Dallas
x said on 23/Mar/15
here's another one rob, with ashton and luke Click Here
ashton is slouching but luke is at full height here with converse, think ashton could reach close to him if he wasn't slouching?
MD said on 20/Mar/15
@Alex, some of us have tried to explain that, and everyone else just explains it away, so I don't even try with the video, anymore. It's ridiculous because everyone says he's not measured to the top of his head, but even if that's true it's not so far off that we're talking about 6'0", particularly when you consider he's being measured with shoes on.

It's just really too bad that there aren't any good photos of him out there with other celebs on known height. That would make things easier, because for some terribly odd reason, people seem to be coming away from that video where he obviously comes across as just 5'11" (at the absolute most) when you take the shoes into account as some bizarre 6-foot measurement.
chris said on 19/Mar/15
@lettheoceantakeme his height is pretty much solved. 182/183cm is his height, why do people say 5'11.5 if a person is 182? why not just say 6ft?.
Alex said on 18/Mar/15
The guy is 5'11 at best he even got measured with shoes on and he was only 5'11 lol
Tim1.79 said on 18/Mar/15
LOL, 5'10" is not that far from his real height as 6'4". Relax people, he's not a giant or something, not even 6'1" barefoot. Rob's listing is okay I guess, but imo 6'0" also can be fair. Btw guy himself claimed to be 6ft, don't even know where 6'4" bs came from...
LetTheOceanTakeMe said on 18/Mar/15
Lol the under 5'11.5/6 ft claim are even more ridicolous than the 6'4 ones
LetTheOceanTakeMe said on 18/Mar/15
Lol the under 5'11.5/6 ft claim are even more ridicolous than the 6'4 ones
rtyrt yyy said on 16/Mar/15
He seems like 5"10
chris said on 10/Mar/15
this is guy was measured and people are still saying he's 6'4 wow, that is just ridiculous, he got 6'1 with his shoes on and his hair height, minus his hair he got 5'11 with his shoes on, but the person measured that part off because she measured from his forehead, 182cm is spot on for him, to top it off, he's actually CLAIMED TO BE 6 FOOT, idk what is with you fangirls, what 6ft not tall enough for you? you guys did the same with harry styles
matt said on 10/Mar/15
@mindy he was measured with his shoes on, he with his hair, he was only 6'1, minus his hair he's 182cm, no matter proof is shown you fangirls still think he's 6'3? my god
LetTheOceanTakeMe said on 7/Mar/15
He's not 6'4 but obviously not under 6ft.
He is in the 6'0.5 range btw i really can't see how people can say ashton is 6ft probably 5'10,5 weak 5'11 At reallly best, he even get teased by the others for it and in any picture/video
He always looks shorter than hes bandmates espiacially comparared to luke even in the picture above with footwear advantage.
Luke on the other hand is always described as the tallest by the rest of the group.
Eve said on 6/Mar/15
cmon he cant be under 6 ft
he's like 6'4
Bishop said on 5/Mar/15
I'd say nearer 6ft. The top of his head in that measurement could have been 6'0.5" and he was wearing converse which doesn't add that much height. In the above photo, though, they look no more than 5'10" range...
x said on 10/Feb/15
Hey Rob, what do you think of this Click Here
Ashton looks like he's trying to gain height and he's looking like a solid 5'10.5 here, maybe even 5'10.
I think it's the boots that he usually wears to match up with the rest.
[Editor Rob: it's harder to tell because outside on a gravel road it might be sloping a bit in Luke's favour and adding height.]
LetTheOceanTakeMe said on 10/Feb/15

Lol,so how tall is luke?
He is definately not under 6 ft cmon
Tom said on 10/Feb/15
Here is a very recent picture of Luke and Ashton barefoot. Ashton is nowhere near 6ft. Thats proven by the picture will Jimmy Kimmel and this picture. Looking a solid 2 inches shorter than Luke who i believe is 6ft.

Click Here
Bran said on 5/Feb/15
Rob i dont mean to be pushing you on a decision, but the evidence suggests, in 0.6 inch Converse, he would measure mid 6ft-6ft1 range, so hasnt a full 6ft got to look likely. Even though his hairs big, i assume there cant be just 1 inch between hairline and back heaad, tbh, even more likely nearer two inch,.. and i think he looks low end of tall naturally, in thin shoes ( vans or converse ), and he was hardly stood military posture for the measurement,.. Either way 5ft11.5-6ft has to be the argument range now, surely ?
[Editor Rob: I'm ok with his current listing, but you could still possibly argue 5ft 11.75-6ft for him.]
TJE said on 28/Jan/15
Hey Rob, I know I call out to you alot but, I found some pics you might be interested in. The first one is Luke sitting with some headphones; it could be helpful in determining his hairline-to-top of head length or whatever. The second one shows the actual footwear he had on the day of being measured. Idk if he took them off before, though.

Click Here
Click Here
[Editor Rob: so he had converse about 0.6 inch range....I don't think he took anything off.]
MD said on 23/Jan/15
We should not be debating something so ridiculous. The debate is over whether he's shorter than currently listed. Let's drop the 6'4" talk.
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" said on 22/Jan/15
He's not 6'4" (he also appeared the listed height in person). There is a photo with Five Seconds of Summer and One Direction:

Click Here

The footwear that they wore that night:

Click Here
hal said on 20/Jan/15
One of the things I do for a laugh is look at the fangirl comments on various websites saying Luke is 6'4" and Calum is 6'3". WTH? Is 6'0"-6'2" no longer good enough for girls these days? They might've reached the 6 foot mark, but they'll never be the height their female fans think they are.
Bran said on 17/Jan/15
Hi rob, hope all is well,.. ive taken a good look at Luke, and the other 3 members, over the past month or two. I think judging whos tallest is very hard, but i agree there all within a simular range. Firstly Luke's measurement Click Here i actually believe his hair line is slighly higher than where the tape runs too, but i agree its likely that he is around the 6ft.05 in shoes, interestingly he generally where's flat pumps, such as 0.5-0.6 inch vans, for me luke's 6ft range, as thats why he's described as lanky and tall often.Rob, i agree callum is simular but i think Luke edges him, and the other two, you mentioned Ashton can at times pass for 6ft, for me he looks the shortest, certainly still 5ft11 range though, and finally in my opinion Michael looks at times the tallest, other times same as Luke and Callum, in my opinion, there all damn close to 6ft, hence to why they look tall, with many girls and other male celebrities, please give me your opinions on the other ones Rob, and luke at 6ft,and possibly even michael past this mark by a fraction, thank you.
[Editor Rob: they go up and down in height, sometimes Luke I think can look equal to Callum, but then Callum can edge Luke out. A lot of it might just be camera angles. The other 2 I'm not as sure on because Ashton can look more 6ft than just 11 to me!]
marcus said on 13/Jan/15
my god, and the 6'4 claims are still coming in, HE'S NOT 6'4, the guy himself even claims 6, with his hair he's barely 6'2, there is video of all this. on top of that he doesn't even look that tall, look at machine gun kelly, Conan, Wiz khalifa, that's what a 6'4 person looks like, luke is very skinny if he were 6'4 he would have looked very lanky which he doesn't. Point is, 182cm is spot on
asdfghjkl said on 5/Jan/15
Luke was measured 2 months ago and he was 6 foot 4 inches okay
[Editor Rob: and the official measuring officer was a man by the name of "G Cunningham, Esquire", CEO of "Acme Medical Stadiometers"]
MD said on 5/Jan/15
@Hemmo, unfortunately, the interview was brought up (with a video and everything), and it's not enough for people here. Even if you concede it's not the best measurement, it's clear from the video that he's not what he's listed, here. But, whatever, I guess.

BTW, neither here nor there, but does anyone else notice that if you scroll down the screen so that you can only see the picture above from the waist down, that Luke and Calum's look as if they could be girls? It's been freaking me out. lol
Hemmo1996 said on 28/Dec/14
He's 5'11". In an interview once, the interviewer measured his height. He's 5'11" Without his hair and 6'1" with his hair.
.. said on 15/Dec/14
Well, he is nearly the same build as my brother and they look around the same height. My brother is very slim from being vegan and he is around 6'2" or taller and it seems as though they are the same height. Could be wrong, but I'd say Luke is at least 6 ft.
lelman said on 15/Dec/14
I'd say this is the shortest he could be, based on what I have seen.
x said on 13/Dec/14
Rob, what do you think his weight and shoe size is?
Celebheights 188 CM said on 12/Dec/14
After seeing him live, I agree with this listing. He could hit 6'0" by the end of the year, however.
Lea said on 10/Dec/14
I've met them, we were all wearing flat shoes I'm 5'8" and Luke had a solid 5 inches over me, Ashton seems right at 6ft, maybe half an inch under. They're all actually pretty tall and around the same height
Alex said on 7/Dec/14
I don't think ashton is 6ft look how short he looks barefoot
5sos said on 6/Dec/14
Luke Hemmings with the youtube famous Caspar Lee who is known for being 6'2"
Rob can you confirm or are you aware of Caspar and his height?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: I had a look at him and he can look close to 6ft 2]
x said on 30/Nov/14
Hey Rob, what do you think of Calum and Ashton in this photo?
Click Here
Calum(left) is known as a solid 5'11.5-6 footer while Ashton(middle) has claimed 6 feet.
It may also be Calum being closer to the camera but there still is a hugeeee space between their height in this photo. Calum probably has only 0.50-0.75 inches from those Nike's too.
What's your guesstimate on Ashton?
[Editor Rob: it's hard to tell some of these guys apart, I really think they are (luke/calum/ashton) within half inch of each other. I don't think Hood is anymore than 5ft 11.25-.5 range, Ashton could at times pass for 6ft.]
Lo said on 23/Nov/14
Can you do heights on the People on the magcon tour and shawn mendes please
Height182 said on 21/Nov/14
Dave Grohl is listed 6'0'' on this site, and Luke is clearly taller than him. So is the rest of his band!

Click Here

Click Here

5'11'' is just ridiculous.
5sos said on 20/Nov/14
This photograph explains a lot when they were on the Jimmy Fallon Show. Luke Hemmings standing next to 5'11 Jimmy Fallon. Click Here
Looks like 5'10 or 5'10.5" looks about right for the guy.
chris said on 19/Nov/14
FINALLYYYY some proof he isn't 6'4. 6'4 guys like machine gun kelly or wiz khalifa look long and lanky and tower above everyone, this guy NEVER looks that tall, from a glance he looks 5'11. 182cm is 100% after seeing @marcus's video
marcus said on 19/Nov/14
@ROB rob he usually wears normal shoes(vans converse) which is like 2cm max so that make him 182cm?

And on a sidenote this should literally dispell all the 6'4 rumours, i don't know where on earth that came from, he is not over 182cm
[Editor Rob: yes I think it would safely dispell anything over 6ft for him. 5ft 11 I feel is just a bit too low.]
MD said on 19/Nov/14
The video is showing that he's measuring 5'11" in shoes. Even if you tac on another inch because of a bad measurement, it shows he's 5'11" max barefoot, let alone 5'11.5".
[Editor Rob: I screencapped it for people Click Here.

She's saying 5ft 11 is up to that line...that ain't the top of his skull, his hairline is like 1.5 inches under the top of his head ;)

If you go by that then 6ft 0.5 in footwear is quite possible for him...I wouldn't go less if that guy was reading the tape correctly.
MD said on 18/Nov/14

See Marcus's video. Even not measuring to the top of his head, he's in shoes and meaures 5'11". I knew he was listed too tall.
[Editor Rob: the video was talked about in August, I don't know how great their measurement looked. If they did something like The tape measurement I was doing beside Jenny in that video it might have been at least within a fraction or so.]
marcus said on 15/Nov/14
Click Here
he got MEASURED! without his hair. He's 71inches(with shoes on) and with his hair he's 74 inches
I still think they didn't go right to his scalp so ill add 2cm meaning he's around 182cm
Rob's listing is SPOT ON!,
marcus said on 15/Nov/14
Looking at the mug shot picture, he looks 183/184 hard to tell brcause of the angle, he's not over 184cm that is for sure though. 6'4? He never looks that tall
Max said on 15/Nov/14
Sorry i meant. He certainly NOT 6'2/6'3/6'4
max said on 4/Nov/14
@lana ok that right there is prood he's certainly 6'2 or 6'3. he looks 6ft
max said on 4/Nov/14
@lana ok that right there is prood he's certainly 6'2 or 6'3. he looks 6ft
max said on 4/Nov/14
errrr looks a solid 6 nowa days, 183cm looked thye same height as dave grohl, the 6'3 claims are just off
Danny said on 4/Nov/14
Looks like a 5'9 to a 5'10 guy who can appear taller with hair/shoes.
Person said on 23/Oct/14
Luke posted a picture of him and Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters. Dave Grohl is 6 feet, and luke was a couple inches taller him, meaning he is at LEAST 6 feet.
Luke's WIFE said on 17/Oct/14
Luke said in a video that with his hair he is 6' 5"
lukes girlfriend said on 12/Oct/14
luke is 6"3 with his quiff
cary said on 12/Oct/14
This guy on the right is 174cm/5'8.5 and the guy in the back on the right is 5'10: Click Here
Lana said on 11/Oct/14
Look at this guys: Click Here
Stop saying he is taller than 6 feet!!
max said on 2/Oct/14
He was shorter than jimmy fallon, no way he is 6'2 or 6'3. He said himself he was 5'11 i think he's 180-182cm
Cindee said on 2/Oct/14
They were recently on GMA and Michael Strahan is 6'5 barefoot, and wearing shoes with a heel (1 inch I'd say) 6'6, so I think Luke is about 6'0 MAYBE 6'1.
larry said on 27/Sep/14
with 5'5 tyler oakley: Click Here
yolo said on 21/Sep/14
This quy in the middle is said to be 173/5'8 (but some people also said that he's 5'5-5'6):
Click Here
cassie said on 16/Sep/14
People Luke is 6'4 cal and are mikey 6'2 and ash is 6'0 ok good
Taylorr said on 15/Sep/14
All four are at least 6 feet. Theyre freaking tall. But Luke is the tallest, around 6'4".
Luzy478 said on 15/Sep/14
Here with Zayn Malik:
Click Here
Mimmi said on 7/Sep/14
Look at this photo:

Click Here

Harry is listed as 5'9.25 here...

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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