How tall is Liam Payne

Liam Payne's Height

5ft 9 (175.3 cm)

British singer from the band One Direction. On his twitter account he once mentioned his height, saying "I'm nt 5,10'' I'm nearly 6''" and later he also claimed to stand "5 11"". In 2019 he upped his claim to "185 centimetres".

How tall is Liam Payne
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Average Guess (92 Votes)
5ft 9.02in (175.3cm)
Warren said on 23/Feb/21
I'd give him 176cm.
Harry Tom said on 7/Feb/21
My guess at 1D heights -

Liam - 174cm
Harry - 174.3cm
Niall - 172cm
Louis - 168cm
Zayn - 170cm
ChaosControl 6'2 1/2 said on 7/Feb/21
I suppose he’d think I’m around 6’7
slim 6'1 said on 7/Jan/21
Thanks, I did not see that one coming! 🀣
slim 6'1 said on 7/Jan/21
Rob, have you got the video where he claims 185cm?
Editor Rob
slim 6'1 said on 5/Jan/21
A 174 guy who claims 185cm wtf 😳
vastlybetter566 said on 28/Dec/20
I read that him and Calvin Harris once met at a party. Would be interesting to know what Liam's estimation of Harris height was that day.
Willis Christian Macaraig said on 22/Dec/20
Liam Payne is 5'9", not 6'1".
Eric W Tam said on 30/Nov/20
This guy would think I'm 6'2 with my sneakers on. Reminds me of a basketball player I ran into the other day who claimed 6'1 but looked a good two to three inches shorter AT MOST.
Kadin Cureton said on 25/Nov/20
Him and Harry are round same height what ever they are put at will always be close
gio crolla said on 24/Oct/20
joe from complex is a true 5'10, liam payne is nowhere near 5'9 Click Here
Rupert Rolfsen said on 11/Sep/20
Liam has claimed 5’11, nearly six foot and now 185cm. Almost 6’1. Would give him 5’9.25
TheBat said on 7/Aug/20
Liam's 6'1" claim is an insult to true 6'1" guys. He'd probably think I'm over 6'2" lol.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Jul/20
I’m not sure I buy that 185cm claim as being may have been a typo. The other claim though is textbook insecure and egotistical 5ft9 guy stuff
Editor Rob
It wasn't really a typo...he said it on camera with a straight face πŸ˜‘
Nik Ashton said on 1/Jun/20
@ Yang (5 footer 8, 173, Aries) - Nice one, it does justify the listing as there have been a whopping 79 votes!

His son is called Bear Grey Payne!
Yang (5 footer 8, 173, Aries) said on 31/May/20
Average guess JUSTIFIES its listing and yess. He is more of 5f 9 than 5ft 10 he claimed....
Blanc said on 17/May/20
Maybe he misremembered 175 as 185 and had selective memory and converted the wrong figure to 6.08ft?
Willis Christian Macaraig said on 28/Apr/20
I think he is 5'9.5" because it says that many people and fans think that Li am is 5'9.5".
JohnMoore-162cm said on 13/Apr/20
5ft9 is a fair listing
Niallhoranfan said on 28/Mar/20
Not too sure here but he looks shorter than 5'9" brooklyn beckham/zedd and here he is dwarfed by dele alli so I could certainly 5'9". However, I'm not too good with judging pictures.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
spainmen192-3cm said on 16/Mar/20
Rob imagine guys that are very modest with his own height like Andy Murray or Gabriel Macht standing next to liar-Liam and absolutely towering over him by a good inches πŸ˜‚

And then on his faces claiming to be almost 6ft1 tall, can you imagine what they would think?
Editor Rob
Let's be generous and say Liam was in shoes and the tailor's tape was bent, and the tailor himself was short, had bad eyesight and thought height included hair too...

That's the only way he might be 185cm πŸ˜„
liampaynelies said on 12/Jan/20
185cm must be the biggest inflation by any celebrity ever, surely?

To put it into perspective, Ronaldo is a measured 185cm range:

Click Here
Editor Rob
see this video Click Here, at times he's near Jack Whitehall then standing with Andy Murray at the very end...both those guys you can argue are modest with their own 6ft 1 and 6ft 1 7/8th claims, but Liam's 6ft 1 is a bit embarrassing really.
Jxvlb said on 4/Jan/20
Would say his official google indication with 177cm is matching. He’s taller than 175cm in my opinion but under 180cm. So 5’9’75 or 5’10
trp said on 23/Dec/19
Click Here

rob why does he look so tall with Jimmy Fallon here?
like 5’10” with the right shoes on could get him there?
Editor Rob
I think he could be near 2 inches under Jimmy, but can pass for near 5ft 10 there...
Peter175 said on 19/Dec/19
He's above a flat 5'9 if zayn is actually 172 and Harry is nearly 5'10. 176 range
TheBat said on 28/Nov/19
A 5'9" guy claiming 6'1" is one of the most stupid claims I've heard. He would think I'm 6'2.25"-6'2.5".
FiveEightJake said on 20/Nov/19
Surely he meant to say 175 cm πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I’ve had people 2-3 inches shorter than me claim to be 175cm and I basically just did a Mamoa Fury situation, but this is a new inflation record, the funny thing is people will just lap it up because they have no idea about height. The amount of bs in this world makes me want to jump off, what happened to good old fashioned modesty and honesty. Does my head in.

Liam you’re not over 5’9 pal cut the lies and accept what you really are, you’ll never be happy otherwise...
TheBat said on 19/Nov/19
Lol the fact Liam now claims 6'1" shows how insecure he is, one of the worst claims I've heard. What an absolute joke!
Tunman said on 2/Nov/19
I'm only seeing this now.185cm?Hell,the fact he insisted he was taller than 5'10 was already outrageous but now even 5'11 and 6' aren't enough?highest boost ever,Rob?
Imagine him standing next to Josh Holloway or Obama or any legit 6'1.Barely over their eyelevel,would he dare to claim they're the same height?
Sure that taylor will have plenty of celebs waiting to be "exactly"measured by him.
Editor Rob
To be fair, his bandmate Niall did once go with 5ft 8, which is very believable for him, but I don't know what tailor measured Liam.
Loman2 said on 25/Oct/19
Another angle of Murray:

Click Here

Remember that, according to Liam, there is about 2cm - 2 finger widths - difference between him and Murray.

I can barely overstate ny height by 2cm with a straight face, let alone 10. Bloody hell.
Editor Rob
I wonder if a tailor put their toe on the end of their tape measure and held it beside Liam in shoes, including his hair he read out 185cm....that is believable.
Johan 185 cm said on 14/Oct/19
Click Here

With a 188 cm max Andy Murray. Yes clearly you're 185 cm...Lets remember that Murray very modestly claimed 187.5 cm.

5 inches difference so Rob's listing of 5'9" does seem solid. He can look a little under and over at times.
Hind3 said on 13/Oct/19
@Eightthree Not a good photo since Mark is standing much closer to the camera and at an angle.
Eightthree said on 9/Oct/19
Same height with mark wahlberg, liam payne has a photo with him Click Here
Sakz said on 1/Oct/19
@viper With Dwayne he is a former wrestler so it's not surprising he tries to appear as big as possible to stay in character. Liam on the other hand is just a regular guy inflating his height to perhaps impress women because taller is considered better after all.
viper said on 29/Sep/19
He's worse than Dwayne Johnson and Shawne Merriman
Mabrmr said on 27/Sep/19
Unbelievable how his fans really think he's 6'1. They also think Harry Styles is 6'2. People really have no idea of size. As for him, weak 5'9.
Sakz said on 23/Sep/19
@Johan 185cm It's just classic inflation although it wouldn't surprise me if he did because at least that way it'll look more convincing.

@Nik I've seen 5'9 people claim 6'0 and 6'1. For some people inflation knows no bounds.
Nik Ashton said on 22/Sep/19
It’s incredible that he claimed to be 185 cm tall!
miko said on 22/Sep/19
So basically he's 5'9 and claiming 6'1.

The funny thing is all of his fangirls will believe it!
Johan 185cm said on 22/Sep/19
I am pretty sure if I met this guy I would be looking over his head. He doesn't look more than 5'8 1/2 ( my eyelevel). Is he wearing big dons or something ?
185 said on 21/Sep/19
Wtf, he could claim to stand 5’11, that still acceptable to inflate 2 inches but more than that, it’s just so obvious that you’re lying.
Doubt said on 21/Sep/19
In a recent Wired interview he said that he’s exactly 1.85 m and that it’s accurate since he gets measured for suits. Now, how is that possible that they could lie to him so evidently since I don’t even think he reaches 1.80 m?
Hansion said on 21/Sep/19
He just claimed to be "exactly 185 centimeters or 6 feet 0.7 something" in a new wired autocomplete interview.
Dirk said on 21/Sep/19
In this WEIRD-Autocomplete-Challenge, Liam is asked how tall he is and he answers with "Excactly 185cm, so 6'0""... I am pretty sure someone has to know their own height: why would he add nearly 10cm in the public when everybody is able to watch him lying?

Click Here (9:10)
Christopher Weatherill said on 21/Sep/19
Rob, Liam just gave an interview where he categorically claims to have been measured by professionals at 185cm, while getting his suits tailored. What do you reckon?
Click Here (it's towards the very end of the interview, the last question he answers).
Editor Rob
It's a very generous tailor he's got.

I am sure many celebrities will be asking for his name 😎
SAK said on 19/Aug/19
5'9 guy claiming to be 6'0, it's not unheard of.
My friend is 5'7 claims 5'10. Inflating height by 3 inches is more common than you would think.
berta said on 8/Jul/19
its interesting to see that atleast 50 procent of the population lies about hteir height.
berta said on 8/Jul/19
its interesting to see that atleast 50 procent of the population lies about hteir height.
khaled taban said on 27/Jun/19
Weak 5'9" claims 6'0", so ridiculous!
I wouldn’t be surprised if he measure only 174cm
Hiboy said on 5/May/19
hiii, cant link but is out a video o Liam with Mark Wahlberg together. Moreless same height. Look up
Mj7 said on 28/Mar/19
Makes you wonder if he is even a full 5'9
TheBat said on 10/Feb/19
I still don't get why Liam would think he's 5'11" to 6'0" when he's average. Harry, Liam, Louis, and Zayn's height claims show that they're the most insecure losers when it comes to that. I don't have respect for any of those 4 men, except for Niall who actually tells the truth about his height.
trp said on 28/Dec/18
Click Here

Looks same height as 5’9.5” Brooklyn Beckham
TheBat said on 27/Nov/18
Man it's hilarious that both Liam and Harry think they're close to 6'0" tall. Liam gets a 5'9" from me as well. A 5'10" claim would be more understandable but seriously 5'11"?! Liam, Harry, Zayn, and Louis must be so unsatisfied with their heights it's just sad.
Zampo said on 16/Nov/18
From what I have seen of Liam. He's more of a weaker 5'9.
Canson said on 12/Nov/18
@Christian: agreed
Nik said on 12/Nov/18
It would be interesting to see him compared to Taylor Swift! Liam is average in height, there ain't owt wrong with being average or short!
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 11/Nov/18
I'd respect him more even if he claims 5'10", but no, he had to go further and claim 5'11" and even nearly 6 foot. What a joke.
Quoter987 said on 10/Nov/18
Haha. Hysterical that a 5'9 man was so offended to be labelled 5'10, taller than he actually is, that he claimed to be 2 inches taller. Insecure loser. 5'9 max.
trp said on 23/Oct/18
Hey Rob, how tall do you think Matty Healy is compared to Liam?

Click Here
Editor Rob
Can seem near 5ft 10 there, but I am not so familiar with him.
MAD SAM said on 21/Jun/18
Except Niall every 1D boy have boosted their heights by 3-4 inches
Zineddine said on 19/Jun/18
rob is liam payne and all one direction members below average for UK teen
Editor Rob
Within average range with Harry, but niall/zayne are more low average range.
cmillzz said on 23/May/18
He's obviously got some kind of major insecurity if he's claiming 6 feet...
joan said on 21/Apr/18
I think he is nearly 6 feet by wearing 2 inches heels.
5'9 dude said on 20/Apr/18
Rob , when you put a celebrity at 175.3 are you saying there are 5'9 flat or just around that height?
Editor Rob
They are listed (at least stored in the database) in feet/inches, so 5 feet 9 inches would have the metric value displayed as 175.3. In the past I used to round to nearest cm (175) but over a year back I changed to show 1 decimal place.
JB - 5'9 said on 12/Apr/18
In his video for his new song with Rita Ora, he looks kinda short. I’ve never noticed that his head is quite big for his body and that his body is quite thin and his shoulders are narrow. Looks 5’8 to me.
MarcusTheSwede said on 11/Mar/18
This is ridicilous. Seen him several times in London he stod next to one of my sisters she is 173cm and both had same shoe wear sneakers this guy is at best at best 173-174cm without shoes.For good sake look at him next to Pharell Williams they same f height around 172-174 at best. Thanks
miko said on 24/Jan/18
He has a young girl fan base, he could claim 6'2 and they just lap it up and take it as the truth.

I doubt he'd even hit 6'0 on his tiptoes. The same goes for Styles. It's one thing rounding up your height but not by 3 inches.
Arain said on 21/Jan/18
5 foot 9 guy claiming 6 damn and i thought inflating my.height by 1 inch was bad enough
MAD SAM said on 16/Dec/17
174 cm he’s shorter than Harry
Johnson said on 5/Dec/17
What do you think about the picture with Federer??????
Warren said on 1/Oct/17
Kelly said on 21/Jul/17
He looks taller than Taylor swift SOOOO he is 5'9" 1/2 also zayn and Liam look the same height I DONT GET IT

Wait, when was he standing next to her and where u found from, I think those r photoshopped and Liam and Zayn isn't the same height
theL4st said on 22/Sep/17
Rob seeing him with Pharrell Williams and Zedd i think 174 is a lot more likely than 175 what do you think ?
Editor Rob: at times I can see him 174, but I think he is a bloke who drops height at times and maybe when measured could still hit 5ft 9.
Warren said on 21/Sep/17
When is he said above claimed, was teenager?
Editor Rob: he claimed 5ft 11 at age 18
MD said on 7/Sep/17
Guy's on James Corden's show right now. He looks maybe a half-inch taller than Corden, maybe less, and they are literally standing nose-to-nose. Doesn't look like a significant footwear advantage/disadvantage for either.
Peter175 said on 31/Aug/17
"I'm not 5'10"

You got the right, you're barely 5'9 lolol
Slim183 said on 29/Aug/17
He's more a 5'8.75" guy tbh, not sure why he lies.......
Slim 182 cm said on 9/Aug/17
I have the exact same opinion, @tyson.
Tyson said on 4/Aug/17
Weak 5'9 claiming 5'11 and 6'0!! Sadly, his name should be Liam Pain
Kelly said on 21/Jul/17
He looks taller than Taylor swift SOOOO he is 5'9" 1/2 also zayn and Liam look the same height I DONT GET IT
Slim 182 cm said on 18/Jul/17
To be fair, there's a photo with debatable 179-181 becks and he edges this guy out, I'd say you're being a half inch generous, tbh, Click Here
It is to be taken with a grain of salt, given that we can't see their feet. But comparing Payne to Niall, I don't see over an inch difference.
Johnson said on 16/Jul/17
With Federer

Click Here
Slim 181 cm said on 12/Jul/17
Lol πŸ˜‚, a 5'8.25-5'8.75 guy claims his 6 foot. Must be for the fans and attention.
Kelly said on 11/Jul/17
5,10 he is my 2nd fav!!! 😍😍😍😘😘😘😘
1. Zayn 😘😘😘😘😘
2. Liam ( I'm a ziam shipper 😍😍😍😍
3. Niall 😌
4. Harry πŸ˜’
5. Louis πŸ˜€πŸ‘ΏπŸ˜ˆπŸ€›πŸΏ
Leo said on 7/Jul/17
In a video that Zedd posted u can clearly see that he is taller than Liam, and he is listed as 174cm (5ft 8.5in) on this site
Tallish89 said on 22/Jun/17
Just watch his performance on Jimmy Fallon (5'11.5/6'0) I doubt he's almost 6 foot. Looks more 5'8.5/5'8.75.
One Directions height claims crack me up, not one member is 5'11 group of lift wearers.

Click Here
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 19/Jun/17

Probably the same, both are weak 5'9" range.
Warren said on 18/Jun/17
How exactly this listing, Liam is difinitely 175 no more no less
MD said on 9/Jun/17
With a 5'8.5" Pharrell Williams:

Click Here

Even taking into account footwear and angles and such, it doesn't look like Liam would be any taller. And, really, I think having boosted them all a quarter-inch was probably the wrong move.
AJ said on 28/Mar/17
Who do you think would measure taller him or taylor swift?
DruceLee said on 25/Feb/17
He looks 5'11, but with football players (Ronaldo, Beckham, benzema,essien) looks closer to 5'9.. he looks 1cm shorther than 177cm tall Michael Essien..I would bez on 176-177
Abey P said on 22/Feb/17
Taller than Nicole Scherzinger (in her heels) and Simon Cowell at tonight's Brits Awards by 1-2 inches. 5 ft 10 at least.
Nova176 said on 7/Feb/17
Juana, yeah Niall being honest with his around 5'8 claim blows any idea of a 5'10 zayn, 6ft harry and 5'11.5 Liam out the water. I think Louis claimed 5'9 which isn't too bad since he's basically 5'8.

The rest of the band are measuring with shoes on in the morning and busting a gut
Juana said on 18/Jan/17
These guys should have talked to a publicist before claiming those heights. I know it's normal in the celebrities world, but it's kinda dumb claiming 3 inches taller than your real height when you are in a boy band and will obviously be photographed together all the time. If Niall had lied about his height the other ones would seem more believable at least haha
Addison said on 18/Dec/16
recent pictures from today of liam

Click Here

he has lost some weight and looks quite skinny but you can't deny that he has naturally long legs, and he's only wearing sneaker shoes here. he looks like a real strong 5'9.5. a strong 1.76 or 1.77.

heres 2 other pics.

Click Here

Click Here

also theres no point in liam lying about his height? so 1.76-1.77 sounds right. because even next to 1.76 harry who is in 4cm boots liam doesn't look that tiny next to him. liam is taller than both 5'8 niall and louis.
Addison said on 30/Nov/16
heres the link to the photo of liam and 1.95 Usain Bolt

Click Here
Addison said on 28/Nov/16
liam with 6'4 (1.95m) usain bolt, you cant see usain's footwear but you can see liams from the event and he was wearing black dress shoes that seemed to only have a 2cm heel or less. does this look like a 7 inch height difference to you Rob? 20cm or less or more?
AJ said on 18/Nov/16
Click Here For anyone who thinks under 5'9" look at this photo.
dpp said on 18/Nov/16
maybe 5"8.-8.75
AJ said on 19/Oct/16
He's clearly not under 5'9" he looks similiar range to taylor swift and can at times look taller than harry. Current listing is fine, but he might even be 176.
bran said on 17/Oct/16
Hey Rob, i want to get your thoughts on this guy, you've gave the other 3 5ft7.5-8, which i think is fair, Styles we've considered 5ft9-9.5 for a long time, judge Liam on this basis right that the other 4 are those heights,... he's clearly taller than the smaller 3, so lets say his minimum is 5ft8.5, however is he as tall as styles ?
Remember, the other 4 are pretty much sorted, id say he looks smaller than styles by around half an inch, and taller than the other guys by an inch ?, Rob, could you consider 5ft8.75 as a final listing ? i think this makes perfect sense ?
Editor Rob: I think he and harry generally have overall the worst posture, so they are tricky guys - I'm ok with the current listing...just now.
Johan said on 5/Oct/16
Next to Murray looks 5'8" range. Normal trainers as well. Wonder if height came up, Murray would have probably fell over laughing at his claim.
Ally182 said on 4/Oct/16
LOL "nearly 6", check this video
Click Here
skip to 1:46, I see 173 cm
Marc said on 27/Aug/16
Man how can they try to get away this such a big height difference with their claims.
daaaww said on 20/Jul/16
If you look at this moment right here Click Here it seems that Ronaldo's eyes run about an inch and a quarter over Liam's hairline. I think if they both were standing up straight Ronaldos eyes would be level with the top of Liams head making him about 5'8.75
daaaww said on 18/Jul/16
Hey Rob, from that video that @Cheese posted, is 5'8.5 possible?
Editor Rob: I still would say about 5ft 9 is ok for him even in that video.
Cheese said on 16/Jul/16
The heights are just on point (very accurate) because if you take a look at this video they look very small compared to footballers like Ronaldo and Kaka. Click Here Its only 1 minute video
SHORTY said on 11/Jul/16
Liam or any other member of One direction shouldn't have to lie about their height ( unless they just don't know). I'm pretty sure there's tons of girls that'll overlook that. One of the perks of the business.
Alxr37 said on 10/Jun/16
5'8.5-5'8.75 he isn't much taller than Louis
Mat said on 31/May/16
At least he was honest about not being 5'10 ;-)
Leo said on 26/May/16
He is between 5'8.5-5'8.75, 174cm for Payne
BheeseCurger said on 21/May/16
I have met all the members of One direction and I have to say that Harry is infact much taller than the other four, Liam is second, then Zayn and Niall are tied and Louis is way shorter... When pictured together Harry often slouches but when I met him in real life, he was a head and a bit taller than me and I am 5ft 3 inches flat tall. I would say Harry is 5ft 11.5 barefoot and 6ft with shoes on, and Liam is 5ft 10 with shoes on
MD said on 27/Feb/16
It can't be too low. There just isn't as much height difference between Liam and Louis as is currently listed.
Alex said on 27/Feb/16
Some girl on Twitter said she walked past him in a hotel and she said he was 5'8 and some change
120 said on 24/Feb/16
Rob, I feel that 5'8.5" or 5'8.75" might do the job. or does that seem a little low?
MD said on 24/Feb/16

Again, together:

Click Here

Even raising Louis' height to 5'8", here, these two are very close in height. It really strikes me as less than an inch.
Editor Rob: I think Payne can drop height in photos and look sub 5ft 9, but I'm not convinced he really is like a 5ft 8.5 guy.
MD said on 11/Dec/15
Louis is half-a-step forward (and we can ignore Harry and his heels), but I don't see how Liam is as tall as listed. There simply isn't all that much difference between Liam and Louis (or even Niall), and they are in similar footwear. For whatever Louis is gaining for being slightly in the foreground he is losing with having a wider posture even with Liam's poor posture, too.

Click Here

Click Here
184.3cm (Night) said on 6/Dec/15
The nerve of saying almost 6' at 5'9., it a contest between him and Harry as to who can look more the fool?
Tunman said on 4/Dec/15
One Direction members seem to have agreed on boosting their heights by nearly 3".Quite shocking,they're challenging Bieber...but I guess their fan girls would easily see them at 6'5 if they claimed so.
ben173cm said on 27/Oct/15
1D real height
Harry -178cm or 5'10
liam -176cm or 5'9.5
zayn -172cm or 5'7.75
niall -172cm or 5'7.75
louis -169cm or 5'6.5
Red said on 20/Oct/15
Looking at the corden pic, it's clear that he is for sure no taller than harry. However on the web he's the same height as taylor swift who's listed on here as 5'9.5". Personally I think the listings for Harry and Liam should be updated with Harry at 5'9.5" and Liam at 5'9.25".
MD said on 16/Oct/15
@Bran, thanks for that. Yeah, he's simply not taller than Harry, if even a quarter inch, and in fact is more likely shorter than Harry, though not by a lot. From the mounds of pictures we've studied, it's my contention that the top height for any of them is 5'9" flat, and that would be for Harry. I don't think looking at Liam and Louis that Liam is a flat 5'9. Maybe close but not quite. Still, this is a far better listing than the 5'9.5".
Bran said on 14/Oct/15
Hey Rob, ive had a closer look at Liam's height since you mentioned he can at times appear nearer 5ft8.5, and i must admit, i myself wouldn't rule that out. Firstly, looking at comparisons, it's clear that Liam is taller than the three shorter members/(ex) who all appear anywhere from 5ft7-8 .I think we can all agree on that range for those, so the first question is, does he appear around/near 2 inches taller , bearing in mind the two inch rules, eye to nose ratio and so on.... Id say personally, he appears 1-1.5 inch taller than the smaller three, looking at a two inch gap, for example Rooney and Beckham , or other examples the difference looks much more noticeable, however, he is still clearly taller.

With Harry he individually does look 5ft9-9.5 with each member, and for me personally, i believe he edges Liam, as seen in many photos. Harry also has more backing and evidence towards his height, as seen with the Beckham, Swift and Cordon shots that he really is likely to be in that range, however with Liam its harder, but for me Payne's the wrong side of him, id give 5ft9 all in all, i think that is likely a fairer assessment, any further views Rob ?
[Editor Rob: the 5ft 9 mark might be a more reasonable figure to put him on, I know in the basketball clip with corden that was all level footwear for once and he didn't really look over 5ft 9.]
MD said on 12/Oct/15
I really do think between this and the Louis shots, it's probably that he's closer to 5'9" flat. I don't think he's taller than Harry. Quite frankly, I don't see either him nor Harry a centimeter of 5'9" flat.
MD said on 7/Oct/15

Perhaps this is why Liam and Louis don't look at different in height as these listings would attest. Here he is with 5'8" Ronan Keating:

Click Here

Click Here

Even accounting for the angle in the first pic, the pic also shows that neither of them really has any kind of footwear advantage/disadvantage over the other. There is certainly not an 1.5" difference between the two. Seems to me that Liam and Harry are overlisted. Certainly 5'9.5" is too much. Liam Duncan is further in the background, but it's really hard to judge his height off of this, and he looks to clearly be a footwear disadvantage, anyway.
[Editor Rob: I think Liam is a tricky guy, as most of them are it seems, he can look anywhere in 5ft 8.5 up to 9.5 I times I don't think he really stands as tall as he can. He could be closer to 5ft 9 on the nose.]
DeanWinchester said on 18/Sep/15
Click Here
Hey Rob check out 2:32 Liam looks way shorter than 5'8 James Corden and Harry looks like 176 as you said but liam 177cm??? Have a hard time believing that bto
Alex said on 10/Sep/15
I thinks he's 5'9 same height as Harry
MD said on 14/Aug/15
Thanks for the reply. Yeah, definitely something to keep in your memory bank in case we see similar evidence down the road. I wouldn't be comfortable downgrading him on that set of pics, alone, but they do make you think, as they are fairly good pics (level ground, able to see footwear, etc...). The only real problem is that Louis is a step into the foreground in most of them.
MD said on 12/Aug/15

Can you explain these photos to me? In most of them Louis is a step ahead which gives him an advantage, but in the first one they are side-by-side.

Click Here

Click Here

Even accounting for leans and slouches (footwear advantages don't seem to explain it, and if anything Liam seems he might have a slight one), I didn't expect this. I expected to see quite a bit more difference.
[Editor Rob: yeah, Liam isn't really looking much taller. I would have said looking at the set of photos. On other occasions he can look 5ft 8.5 range, and not 9 range...]
Armandy said on 10/Aug/15
176.5 and Harry Styles 176.0
MD said on 29/Jun/15
@anne, I wasn't talking about your post. I brought up and saw the dodgeball segement when it was on, so I knew when that was. Reading my comment back, I'm not sure exactly who it was too, but it wasn't meant for your post.
anne said on 27/Jun/15
@MD No, it's not. That was from a month ago Click Here
MD said on 25/Jun/15
It's probably years old, but where the photographic evidence that keeps Liam listed at 5'9.5" while Harry is listed at 5'9.25"? They are both only 5'9"(ish) tops. How is Harry listed taller?
Height183 said on 24/Jun/15
Liam and Harry are probably the same height. I agree with that.
anne said on 21/Jun/15
@Height183 They were all wearing the same shoes here... please just be realistic for once. Liam and Harry are the same height.
Click Here
Height183 said on 8/Jun/15
When Harry isn't wearing lifts that's when Liam is taller. But when it's red carpet time at special events, poor Liam has no chance.
G said on 4/Jun/15
It seems to be the same height or slightly higher than Harry Styles, carrying the most I can claim to Lian is 5'9. Allegations of directiones are really out of the question. At least he was honest to mention that is not 5'10.
Tim1.79 said on 20/May/15
I cant see this guy being taller than Harry by 1cm Rob, in fact I think he is shorter than Harry by 1 or 2cm. You should take a look at their recent pics with James Corden, they all have same footwear and Harry is clearly the tallest one there. Needs a downgrade to just 5'9"
G said on 13/May/15
It should be possible 5'9. 5'11 or 6 feet? Not the cows come home.
Rod said on 10/May/15
I'd actually say 5'9.75", he's taller than taylor swift.
Skye said on 29/Apr/15
Yeah, I'll believe this one. He's always looked taller than his other bandmates, so anything below 5'8 right now, considering how he should be just about done growing doesn't seem realistic. But his 5'11/6ft claims are out of the question.
MD said on 27/Apr/15
Okay, this is a little strange. Here is Liam with Louis and Niall. Yes, they are in front and, yes, he's a little stooped. But, neither of the other two have a footwear advantage, and he should looked quite a bit taller...and doesn't.

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

With a 5'6"(ish) Dynamo:

Click Here

Scott Mills (listed here is 5'10") is in that last photo, but maybe Scott's not quite that? I'm thinking Liam really looks more a flat 5'9" (same with Harry Styles, BTW). Maybe Liam and Harry are currently listed a quarter-inch-to-half-inch more than they actually are?
Ally said on 26/Apr/15
There is a picture of him with KSI (youtuber) who is 5'11, and Liam looks exactly like Rob looks next to 5'11 guys
yeah right said on 30/Mar/15
I think it can be said about teenage fangirls of pretty much every singer/boyband. I'm sure that the vast majority of bieber's fangirls believe that he's 5'9-5'10.
MD said on 30/Mar/15
Only with these boybands do you have scads of fans constantly trying to upgrade them. No, Harry is not 6'0". No, Liam is not 5'10". No, the tallest guys in 5SOS are not the nearly 6-foot they are bizarrely listed.
yeah right said on 29/Mar/15
He's not unsure, he's simply lying. It would be funny, to see both One Direction and 5 SOS in full squads next to each other, with the shortest member of Australian BB being taller than the tallest one from the British group.
Cornick said on 29/Mar/15
Rob, here is the proof that liam is 5'11 he said it on a concert what do you think ?
Click Here
do you think he is not sure about what he said or what?
Lam said on 27/Mar/15
He is 5'11
Bran said on 27/Mar/15
Rob, if someone said they thought liam was 5ft10, what would be your opinion, could he be that mark, or are you convinced inbetween 5ft9-10, might sound a silly question but i would appreciate your opinion, thank you.
[Editor Rob: he will certainly give that impression to a good amount of people, anybody who clears 5ft 9 has potential to pass off 5ft 10 aswell, even if they were 1/4 or 1/2 inch under the mark.]
Arthur 5'10 said on 18/Mar/15
At least he was honest about not being 5'10 xD
Tunman said on 13/Feb/15
Shocking how he dares to say I'm not 5'10.So for him 5'10 is enough big for a lie?he should boost himself to nearly 6'
joejoe said on 2/Feb/15
met Liam, Nial who i know reasonably well and Harry. Liam's claim of close to 6ft is laughable. im 6'1/1m85cm and usually 6ft guy or 5'11 don't seem that short to me. when i met Liam he was at least 3 or 4 inches shorter than me. Nial and harry are also both under 5'10. Harry usually wears boots with a decent heel that gives him a taller appearance but in reality he's as small as the other guys in the band.
MD said on 15/Dec/14
That photo with Jay Z is a bad one, and I believe it was shown on another page, before. It's obvious how much the different angles distort the shot. Jay Z is considerably taller, and that's clear even from that deceptive shot.
Celebheights 188 CM said on 14/Dec/14
Liam Payne isn't standing up straight in those photos (especially the first one), while Niall Horan is.
Bran said on 14/Dec/14
Niall horan- 5ft8
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
5ft8 or just below imo,
Celebheights 188 CM said on 13/Dec/14
He's not much shorter than 6'1.5"-6'2" Jay-Z in this photo:

Click Here

A photo of the One Direction band by 5 Seconds of Summer (with Luke Hemmings already being confirmed to be around 5'11.25"-5'11.5" after being measured, and he appeared it in person):

Click Here

Harry Styles is the only one who has a chance of having Luke Hemmings beat (he's slouching), and I don't think that he does. Anyhow, Liam Payne looks to be 5'9.5" in the photo.
tom said on 11/Dec/14
One Direction are hilarious with their height claims, they make Tom Cruise look honest
Arch Stanton said on 10/Dec/14
Niall seems the only normal lad out of the lot who doesn't think he's a 60s rockstar or style icon...
bianca said on 3/Dec/14
hey rob, can you add Niall?
[Editor Rob: hopefully before year end!]
Ella said on 3/Dec/14
I did say liam payne is 6ft tall, have you seen recent pictures of him? He wears flat sneakers and Harry wears lift, but he is still taller than Harry. I think he needs ano upgrade, he said it himself, back then he is almost 6ft, now he is.. Believe him. Because pictures do deceive alot. Like i thought Rita Ora was 5'10, because of the way there wasnt much difference in the pictures i see, of her with 6'6 Calvin Harris, pictures deceive a whole lot!!!
[Editor Rob: I think we can rule out 6ft for Big Liam, with someone like Andy Murray, over 5ft 9 and near 5ft 10 is quite arguable for him.]
Height182 said on 1/Dec/14
To me, Rob has this about right. I would say Liam is a good 5'9.25''. He looks average height, and he maintains it all the time. His height isn't all over the place like Harrys (Lift wearer). Another thing Rob has right is that Liam IS taller than Harry.
MD said on 30/Nov/14
Liam and Niall are the only one's I've seen who pretty consistently wear flat shoes. The other three seem really partial - at least at official events and the like - to heeled shoes and boots. It's really rare, anymore, to see them all in flat shoes, together.

Anyway, not the best photo, but just for reference, here he is with David Beckham:

Click Here

That any of them claim 5'10" is ridiculous. Even in his huge boots someone like Harry Styles is still shorter than a legit 5'11" David Beckham.
Tymmo said on 29/Nov/14
lol those one direction guys are a joke, the only one owning his height is Niall
BGee said on 29/Nov/14
Do all the 1D lads lie about their heights? It seems they wanna be recorded as taller when they're really average height.
AJ said on 28/Nov/14
accurate always seemed a little taller than styles.
FlameBoy said on 28/Nov/14
Yeah seems fair enough anywhere from 175cm - 177cm is Possible imo

but LOL At I'm not 5 ft 10 Yeah your not your Slightly smaller dude !
Height182 said on 28/Nov/14
@Arch Stanton: When Harry isn't packing in those lifts, Liam for sure is taller than him.
Arch Stanton said on 27/Nov/14
Is he taller than Harry?

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