How tall is Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds Height

6ft 2 (188 cm)

Canadian Actor best known for roles in films like Deadpool, The Green Lantern, Safe House, The Proposal and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. He once said "I'm 6' 2" with a 5' 10" face", "6ft 1-2" and in a 2017 Irish Sun "I’m 6ft 3in, it’s going to look a little strange if I’m­ constantly being shadowed by some guy, getting bundled away. That would look a little absurd.".
One of the first things that strikes you after interviewing celebrities is that everyone is way shorter than you expect them to be. That doesn't hold true with Ryan Reynolds. Tall, fit, and easy on the eyes.

Ryan with Taylor Kitsch and Denzel Washington
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6ft 2.11in (188.2cm)
Canson said on 20/Sep/19
Questioner said on 3/Sep/19
@canson im sorry but I cant tell if your deliberately avoiding juniors other pics with denzel when you keep adamantly claiming there is 2 inches tops dont get me wrong I dont even think its 2 inches in that pic above but that pic has a fishbowl effect where denzel is on the outside and and the tilt is giving him an ever so slight camera advantage. in the other pics junior linked that looks at least 3 inches tbh. im telling you this as a guy who is starting to think he may be slightly under 6'2" now though I also dont discount a hair over 6'2". ryan has a long torso and because of that I feel his height can variate a lot it seems he is a bit over 6'2" on his good height days max 6'2.25" but more likely 6'2 1/8" and on his bad height days 6'1.75-6'1 7/8" but his normal height is a flat 6'2" to me. I saw detective pikachu and at the end when he meets 9.75 justice smith he actually didnt look above 6'1.5" there and he seemed to have a footwear advantage on him to thats the only time ive ever seen him look anywhere near that short though

@Questioner: no I’m not deliberately ignoring anything. I simply stated what I thought Reynolds was based on how he looks with Denzel above and with some other celebs. He also claims 6’1/6’2”. Junior also “believes” that he’s 6’2.5-6’3” which is fine too but he also criticized my thoughts and Christian’s on Conan as being ridiculous and I feel the same about his estimate on Reynolds. No disrespect to Junior because I like him as a poster but he indirectly called out our estimates. And Admittedly I didn’t see his pics until now and if you don’t recall, I was absent for a week around the time you responded to me, so there was no way for me to respond and I wasn’t really paying attention while I was out. And another observation, It can appear that sometimes with your tone toward people, that you are a bit of an instigator when you aren’t involved in comments In the first place. Like with Viper Johan me etc being as how you’ve jumped on pages and into conversations and made comments that to you (are harmless but the tone suggests otherwise). I don’t think you are doing that intentionally, but you appear to be at least, is the perception. And I say that because I also like you as a poster. Lastly, in only one of the pics Junior posted, is he 3” taller (when Reynolds is looking down) and we can’t see ground level or footwear. In the pic below, that would obviously would not be a 3” difference if both have the same camera angle etc. Denzel is too far above the eyebrows for that to be 3”. Maybe it’s 2.5 but not any higher. It looks more due to the angle of the camera and Junior likely selected that pic to support his argument which many people here will do. I’m sure everyone here has done it if they’ve found a pic of that nature. And I’ve said all along that 6’2” is fair for Reynolds but it’s the highest I would go. I don’t see any harm in 187cm either. Maybe 6’1.75. That may explain why he claims 6’1/6’2” because he falls slightly under. 6’1.5? Maybe not that low. But Denzel likely is not as tall as he once was being in his 60s. But realistically he could’ve been something like 6’2.5 out of bed 6’1.75 at a low or even like Johan185 said 6’2 at a low but him being 6’3+ out of bed? No chance

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Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Sep/19
His brother looks a big 6ft8
Dhrew Ghelani said on 14/Sep/19
Most legit 6'2 ive ever seen, I understand why he claims 6'3, seeing as 186cm jackman claims 6'2
Johan 185 cm said on 11/Sep/19
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 5/Sep/19
I think 6'0" is the most frauded and misused height though, since it's the benchmark for tallness in most cases. 6'x" just sounds better than 5'x" in most people's minds.


Yes 6' is also up there.

The most frauded heights I have observed over the years from short to tall:

5'8" - How many guys even 5'5" claim this? It really devalues the height, I couldn't believe Rob was only 5'8" at first.

5'10"- Every other guy who is 5'7-5'9" seems to love claiming it, also women who are a bit tallish.

5'11"- 5'9-5'10" guys and women who are maybe just 5'9", too scared to claim 6' so just say 5'11".

6'- A milestone and so anyone remotely near it claim it.

6'1"- My height also joined in, how many 5'11" guys claim this nowadays???

6'2"- Guys usually who are legit 6' claim this, sometimes 6'1".

6'4"- Seems to have lost the appeal it used to have but still so many claim it.

6'5"- The new 6'4" of yesteryear. Now all guys who are solid tall think they are 6'5"
Public Enemy said on 9/Sep/19
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Questioner said on 6/Sep/19
@christian 5'10" is significantly more frauded than 6 foot I really only see 6 ft claims at least by guys when they are 5'9+ if anything women fraud 6 foot more legit saw a 5'7.5" woman claim 6 foot albeit she wore heels all the time. id say 6'2" is honestly more frauded than 6 foot
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 5/Sep/19
I think 6'0" is the most frauded and misused height though, since it's the benchmark for tallness in most cases. 6'x" just sounds better than 5'x" in most people's minds.
Questioner said on 3/Sep/19
@canson im sorry but I cant tell if your deliberately avoiding juniors other pics with denzel when you keep adamantly claiming there is 2 inches tops dont get me wrong I dont even think its 2 inches in that pic above but that pic has a fishbowl effect where denzel is on the outside and and the tilt is giving him an ever so slight camera advantage. in the other pics junior linked that looks at least 3 inches tbh. im telling you this as a guy who is starting to think he may be slightly under 6'2" now though I also dont discount a hair over 6'2". ryan has a long torso and because of that I feel his height can variate a lot it seems he is a bit over 6'2" on his good height days max 6'2.25" but more likely 6'2 1/8" and on his bad height days 6'1.75-6'1 7/8" but his normal height is a flat 6'2" to me. I saw detective pikachu and at the end when he meets 9.75 justice smith he actually didnt look above 6'1.5" there and he seemed to have a footwear advantage on him to thats the only time ive ever seen him look anywhere near that short though
Josue said on 3/Sep/19
I notice Reynolds slouches alot. He may be closer to 6'3" than 6'2".
Ian555 said on 1/Sep/19
Rob I’m curious but based on these pictures of them together, how tall would estimate Reynolds’ older brother Jeff is? He looks like he could be 6’ 8” or 6’ 9” to me Click Here, Click Here.
Editor Rob
6ft 8 is a possible figure for him.
Johan 185 cm said on 30/Aug/19
Just a solid 188 cm ( 6'2"). The reason so many think he is higher is because so many guys my height or shorter claim it. Its one of the most frauded heights out there.
Farrel said on 26/Aug/19
I think he is more like 190 cm
Dream said on 24/Aug/19

Didn’t realize you met Ryan reynolds before in person.

Maybe not 6’3”, but I think over 6’2”. At the same time, where does that put Terry Crews, cause I doubt he’s less than 6’2”, as well.
Dream said on 24/Aug/19

Didn’t realize ya met Ryan reynolds before in person.

Maybe not 6’3”, but I think over 6’2”. At the same time, where does that put Terry Crews, cause I doubt he’s less than 6’2”, as well.
Public Enemy said on 24/Aug/19
Dear Editor Rob
Please consider revising Reynolds listing to 189 cm.
cmillzz said on 22/Aug/19
No way he’s 6’2.5-6’3
Ian555 said on 20/Aug/19
Rob I don't really get why Reynolds looks at least an inch maybe more taller than Hugh Jackman. Jackman nowadays looks 6' 1 1/2", and Reynolds consistently looks more than a half inch taller like in these pictures here Click Here, Click Here, Click Here, Click Here, Click Here. Do you think it's just coincidental Reynolds has bigger footwear than Jackman every time or is Reynolds actually taller than 6' 2", maybe even 6' 2 1/2".
Editor Rob
Jackman's posture like Reynolds does vary in photos, I don't think Hugh is a guy who is standing tall at many photo ops with people.
Importer said on 15/Aug/19
He looks really fit, I wouldn’t of thought below 6’2”
KaziSh said on 15/Aug/19
He’s taller than Hugh Jackman who’s 6'2 I think Ryan is more 6'2.5 to 6'3”
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 14/Aug/19
In person RR had a very big head and look like a 6'1.5"-6'2 guy when not standing properly but the closer i walk up to see him with my wife although he was surrounded with more than roughly 250 fans but i still could see him from around 25 feet close distance away surprise he look a solid 189cm guy when standing straight. Too bad i wasn't able to walk pass him or stand close to him to make a better comparison. My wife is 5'9 3/4 and she say he look between 6'2 1/2-6'3 to her but i don't think he is 6'3 but not far at all look easily over 6'2 just 1/2 more. People can keep mention he is 6'1-6'1.5" and yes he had quite a bad posture and a big head that could make him look this range for awhile, but standing well he def isn't under 189cm.

@Public Enemy Yes indeed he is 189cm or few mm over in person but some people may not agree with us, they mostly thought what they saw on a few picture making proof he is flat 6'2 or under that is lol.
viper said on 13/Aug/19
Ryan says he's 6-1 range so he disagreed with you
Public Enemy said on 13/Aug/19
Over 188cm. Under listed.. Current 189 cm normal low.
Public Enemy said on 30/Jul/19
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Canson said on 24/Jul/19
@Junior: he has 2” on Denzel in the pic above. That’s absolute max. Some angles are 1.75” even. And They’re in similar footwear and if I had to choose whose posture is worse it would be Denzel. He’s not standing as straight. Even if we went with what Johan said that Denzel has more footwear, it still puts Reynolds at what Rob lists him at absolute best. Denzel is likely at that age just 5’11.5 maybe 5’11.75 at best perhaps. I don’t go as low as Viper with 6’1” but 6’1.5-.6’2” zone that he pegged for Merriman is really where Reynolds would fall and I do agree with Viper in that George Hw Bush would look taller than Reynolds in his own prime. Reynolds at 6’2.5 would make him as tall as a peak Ted Danson. It won’t surprise me if Danson is still taller than him even today and Danson is probably hanging on to 6’2” by a thread in his 70s
Canson said on 24/Jul/19
@Junior: he has 2” on Denzel in the pic above. That’s absolute max. Some angles are 1.75” even. And They’re in similar footwear. Even if we went with what Johan said that Denzel has more, it still puts Reynolds at what Rob lists him at best. Denzel is likely at that age just 5’11.5 perhaps. I don’t go as low as Viper with 6’1” but 6’1.5-.6’2” zone that he pegged for Merriman is really where Reynolds would fall and I do agree with Viper in that George Hw Bush would look taller than Reynolds in his own prime. Reynolds at 6’2.5 would make him as tall as a peak Ted Danson. It won’t surprise me if Danson is still taller than him even today and Danson is probably hanging on to 6’2” by a thread in his 70s
Canson said on 24/Jul/19
@Junior: he has 2” on Denzel in the pic above. That’s absolute max. Some angles are 1.75” even. And They’re in similar footwear. Even if we went with what Johan said that Denzel has more, it still puts Reynolds at what Rob lists him at best. Denzel is likely at that age just 5’11.5 perhaps. I don’t go as low as Viper with 6’1” but 6’1.5-.6’2” zone that he pegged for Merriman is really where Reynolds would fall and I do agree with Viper in that George Hw Bush would look taller than Reynolds in his own prime
Importer said on 24/Jul/19
Whose Uncle Sam?
viper said on 24/Jul/19
He's 6-1 range at best like he claims
Canson said on 24/Jul/19
I’d still say his claim is prob right. Just a low for him. Probably weak 6’2”. Conan has never been a legit 6’4”. Peak was absolute max 6’3.5 maybe worst case 6’3.25
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Jul/19
This guy is deserving of an extra eighth fraction (so is Jackman peak)
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 23/Jul/19
Flat 189cm standing straight is the worst. People often miss out posture stuff and even shoes differences. Casually standing make RR legit 6'2 but he is 189cm and uncle Sam is probably not over 184.5cm max.
Canson said on 23/Jul/19
@Johan: 6’2 is the most I see for Reynolds. I have Smith max 6’1.25 maybe just 6’1”
viper said on 22/Jul/19
Even better example of a legit 6-2 was George Bush Sr.

He physically looked taller than Freeman IMO
viper said on 22/Jul/19
It's really hard for me to say it's nonsense that's he's 6-1 range when he admits it and was listed 6-1 all over the place
viper said on 21/Jul/19
Canson Ryan was way too old to have grown when he said 6-1-6-2.

He was way too old to have grown when he was listed at 6-1.

In fact I can remember Ryan being listed at 6-1 on the official 2 guys and a girl website for the tv show
cmillzz said on 20/Jul/19
A good example of a legit 6’2 guy would be peak Morgan Freeman.
seems right to me said on 20/Jul/19
He strikes me as easily 6'2". Conan has been an unquestionable 6'4", with people who meet him saying he looks taller than 6'4". Ryan looks at most 2" shorter than Conan when they're together.
Dmeyer said on 20/Jul/19
6'3 in shoes , 6'2-2,25 barefeet 6'1-2 IS nonsense
Canson said on 20/Jul/19
@Johan: your estimate is the absolute most I could give Reynolds. I also guessed 6’2” a short time ago. But 6’2.5 like Junior estimated is too much imho. 6’2 is explainable because he may have grown prior to using that quote of 6’1-2. As far as the shoe I can definitely tell they’re not 3cm but I figured 2.5 cm maybe (at best).
Johan 185 cm said on 20/Jul/19
Canson said on 18/Jul/19
@Johan185: I used to think the shoes Denzel had on were thicker until Rising Force said something. If we look closely Denzel’s shoe isn’t over an inch. Those aren’t Jordan’s or anything they’re just a stylish shoe. Now Rob and Rising both said .7-.8. I on the other hand think it’s a solid 1”. Reynolds has a heel on his as they’re dress shoes so they’re an inch minimum too even if not the 1.25 you see in other dress shoes. Denzel does not appear to have a footwear advantage. I think both have a solid 1” or thereabouts. Reynolds May really be 6’1.5-.75 range bottom or upper end or middle. Denzel is probably weak 6’0” today


Ryan has 2cm shoes on. A 3cm dress shoe is pretty thick, I always find it weird how people overestimate how much they give. They are very flat at the front and barely any heel at all so Ryan had typical 0.75 inch shoes on.

The footwear advantage isn't that great but Ryan also does drop posture alot. Look at the other event where Denzel is still wearing those same shoes. He looks easily 2.5 inch on Denzel. I can see why some people think 189 cm for Reynolds at times.

I think he wakes at 6'2.75" and goes down to 6'2" flat at his lowest. He has said in the past I am 6'1-6'2" , he has also said that he is 6'3". He doesn't always stand well and doesn't seem to care about height at all.

Some things though, he is taller than Hugh Jackman and Hugh isn't under 6'1.5", he is taller than Will Smith who is also close to that range.

If anyone was to ask me an example of a legit 6'2" this is the first guy I think of.
Canson said on 18/Jul/19
@Johan185: I used to think the shoes Denzel had on were thicker until Rising Force said something. If we look closely Denzel’s shoe isn’t over an inch. Those aren’t Jordan’s or anything they’re just a stylish shoe. Now Rob and Rising both said .7-.8. I on the other hand think it’s a solid 1”. Reynolds has a heel on his as they’re dress shoes so they’re an inch minimum too even if not the 1.25 you see in other dress shoes. Denzel does not appear to have a footwear advantage. I think both have a solid 1” or thereabouts. Reynolds May really be 6’1.5-.75 range bottom or upper end or middle. Denzel is probably weak 6’0” today
Johan 185 cm said on 18/Jul/19
Click Here

He has 2" on Denzel with less footwear.

Click Here

Other time and he isn't even straight.

Click Here

Oh no he stood straight

Click Here

Looks easily 2.5 inches when he isn't dropping height in his spine.
Canson said on 17/Jul/19
@Cmillz: that’s my guess. He’s probably near 6’2.5 out of bed maybe 6’2 3/8 and 6’1 5/8 at a low
K.A 188 said on 17/Jul/19
This guy has never given me a tall impression.
Rob has not met him so this figure is a bit exaggerated.
cmillzz said on 16/Jul/19
Yeah maybe he’d be a full 6’2 earlier in the day, but he likely dips below it by the afternoon.
Canson said on 15/Jul/19
@Junior: looking at the pic Rob has above he looks only 2” taller. I do agree that Denzel May only be weak 6’0” today but Reynolds is only weak 6’2” if the case which adds up with his claim. 6’3” for him is a shoe height from what I’ve seen. I used to think maybe he’s 6’2” but I think Rob has him 1/2” or 3/8 over like others here are listed
Public Enemy said on 15/Jul/19
Current 188 cm
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 15/Jul/19
@Canson I don't think you watch Safe House. Click Here There is 3" between Reynolds and Denzel not 2" as you think.
Click Here with 1/4 more footwear he can look 8cm taller than Denzel. Reynolds is really not under 6'2 1/2 and the big problem goes to Denzel he could be only 6'0 peak and 5'11 1/2 now for quite sometimes ago since filming Safe House.
Animus said on 14/Jul/19
He strikes me as a guy with rather lackluster posture. That may account for people thinking he is shorter than he is. He always gave me an impression of being a legitimate 6'2 guy, certainly not any shorter than 187cm.
Johan 185 cm said on 14/Jul/19
Click Here

With 6ft + Channing Tatum

Click Here

Jeff with Cowboyboots and Ryan was still taller, Jeff had 3 inches on Kevin bacon in that Movie and so is maybe 6'0" barefoot nowadays. I don't think Ryan is over 6'2" but not really under either.

Click Here

That some people still argue near 6'2" for Hugh jackman

Click Here

The very lowest I could see for him is 187 range.
Canson said on 13/Jul/19
@Junior: Samuel L Jackson is not 6’2” today. He’s 6’1” tops
viper said on 12/Jul/19
6-1.5 is the most I can give him.

The guy doesn't even look as tall physically as a guy like 6-1.5 Matthew Fox, who I thought was a good 6-2

6-2 Rock had a good inch on Ryan some years back on video
Canson said on 11/Jul/19
@Junior: that really isn’t super low. I don’t agree with Viper that he’s 6’1” but look at the picture above. Reynolds has 2” on Denzel. That’s a weak 6’2” like he claimed (6’1/6’2). Just that’s his low as opposed to early in the day. I would say he’s around 187 if I had to guess
cmillzz said on 11/Jul/19
lol @ junior
Canson said on 10/Jul/19
He’s probably not a full 6’2” at a normal low. Probably 186-187 or maybe a bit over 187 which is consistent with a 6’1/6’2 claim. That type of claim could even start at 186-186.5 if an early morning measurement but I think he’s higher than that. Probably 186.5 minimum up to 187.5
cmillzz said on 10/Jul/19
6’1.5 is probably what he is.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 10/Jul/19
6'1-6'1.5" is crazy and 6'2 means Samuel L.Jackson 6'0.5" and making many others actor down 1.5" if he is 6'1. There is a movie Buying the Cow Reynolds had 6'2 Jerry O'Connell by half inch from the start of the movie. Jerry is not a guy under 6'2. If Reynolds is 6'1 and thinking of Michael Strahan at 6'2.5" its funny go along with Hugh Jackman struggle 6'0 plus Jake Gyllenhaal 5'9.5" a good laughter came a Denzel Washington 5'10.

Some people cannot read quote and assume 6'1 and that is truely unbelievable it saids; ["He once said "I'm 6' 2" with a 5' 10" face", "6ft 1-2" and in a 2017 Irish Sun"] from the past he claimed which means the lowest he claim 6'1 1/2 and 6'2 frequently and recently he claim 6'3. So there is 3 version 6'1.5",6'2 and 6'3.
So example quote like this: [“I do play a lot of ­physically formidable ­characters, but in reality I’m a small guy,” says 5ft 10in Charlie".]
Well are we assuming 6'0 listed Charlie Hunnam is 5'10 just because he claim 5'10? and lastly 6'4 1/2 Ryan Hurst had his quote: ["On his twitter he mentioned his height a few times, claiming he was "6'5 and a half actually".] So we should buy his 6'5 1/2 claim? Some people like to ruined the perception of reality and some being honest that is two major points of characteristic of pupil came in to comments what they think, but not all words are being modesty ruled to change the real height of a person. Click Here 0:19-0:21 (Strahan head is closer to camera) we could see clearly there is under 2" between 6'4 1/4 listed Michael Strahan and Ryan, it look to be 1.5-1.75" at most. This is pretty clear that how he look 6'2.5-6'2.75" with a morning measured 6'4 1/4 guy so how the hack he get guess at under 6'2? If straight forward to bring down Strahan at 6'3.75" absolutely unknown low that still make him a unrealistic low 6'2 1/8 (since he look between 1.5-1.75" lower than Strahan).

@Importer That is why. When he clearly say 6'1-6'2 from the past which indicated a claim of 6'1 1/2 not 6'1 unless he only says 6'1. He keep messing around while he is easily over 6'2.

@cmillzz Super low. Weak 6'2 you think of it that will just destroy all celebheights listing by 3/4 inch down. Because i know too well he isn't under 6'2 1/2 in person. My older brother is a big 6'7 guy and sometimes make fun from people keep asking how tall he is and he would just messing with them and say 6'5-6'6.
viper said on 8/Jul/19
Because he's not 6-2
Importer said on 7/Jul/19
Why would a 6'2' say 6'1...
cmillzz said on 5/Jul/19
If by 6’1 you mean 6’1 flat, then that seems too low.
cmillzz said on 5/Jul/19
Agreed. I always thought of Reynolds as being over 6’1, but not quite a legit 6’2.
Canson said on 4/Jul/19
@Junior: I think 6’1” is too low for him but 6’1-6’2 range is really how he looks next to Denzel. I think 6’1.5-6’2”
viper said on 4/Jul/19
Well he claims 6-1 and he was listed as that on numerous sites.

Occam's razor suggests that's what he is
Alex 6'3.25 said on 4/Jul/19
He's more like 6ft 1 ½
Johan 185 cm said on 4/Jul/19
Click Here

Click Here

Ryan has more footwear but next to 6'1.5" Hugh Jackman its quite clear that he isn't under 6'2".

Jake is definetly 5'11" we saw him get measured on Conan, closer to camera but obvious its 3 inches.
Hugh again looking 6'1" range there.

Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Jul/19
I’m sorry but 187cm is too low for this guy
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 3/Jul/19
Besides viper try to play along too far for Reynolds height being 6'1 as he once mention "6ft 1-2" from the past not 6'1 and why is he claim 6'3 now and always look over 6'2 with co star is because he is right between it 6'2-6'3 and people don't always upgrade their height than downgrade, there is always a small amount of people downplay height for fun to mess around. Example my older is 6'7 and he often mess around when people asking his height so he claim he is 6'5-6'6 when he wasn't under 6'7.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 3/Jul/19
@Blahhh Kitsch is closer to camera and boots adavantage over Ryan Reynolds can't you spot it? Truth is Reynolds is really taller than you think. I have know two person in my family met him i knew best he isn't under 6'2 1/2 in person with a big head that makes him look shorter from far away looking at him. He may not be what i initially thought of 190cm but he isn't just 187-188cm. In between 6'2 and 6'3 is the truth that couldn't hide.
Blahhh said on 2/Jul/19
This is a classic example of a legitimate 6’1” guy looking 6’2.5”-6’3” to the eyes of a bunch of average height men.
Blahhh said on 2/Jul/19
Reynolds probably hits 6’1” for a low. Most people think he’s 6’2” & 6’3” because so many people think they’re taller than they actually are.
Blahhh said on 2/Jul/19
I believe Taylor kitsch in that first picture with Reynolds isn’t even a full 6’0”. I think Reynolds is 6’1.5”
Editor Rob
Kitsch only claims 5ft 11, which isn't that bad a claim.
cmillz said on 30/Jun/19
6’3 is a joke for Ryan.
Importer said on 28/Jun/19
6'2 1/4 at a low imo.
Takazi said on 25/Jun/19
My brother is 6'2" and he took a picture with Ryan and Ryan was an inch taller than him so IMO I think Ryan Reynolds is 6'3" .

And @Viper why do you keep saying Ryan is 6'1" we understand you think he is 6'1" but not everyone's opinion is the same as yours, like literally you keep spamming like we understand, you keep saying he’s 6'1 over and over again we get it you think he is 6'1" but not everyone is going to agree with you, like literally every time I go to every celebrity in this website I keep seeing your name over and over again and it’s annoying
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 24/Jun/19
@viper People can downplay their height not just all the time others think majority of upgrade their height. Truth is truth that 6'1 Samuel L Jackman is not under 4cm shorter than him.
viper said on 14/Jun/19
I'm gonna take Ryan of his admission that he's 6-1ish over what your cousin thought
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 2/Jun/19
There is zero chances if Rob pull out a measurement tape at night for Ryan under 6'2.5" at worst, my 6'1 7/8th cousin met him twice and have comfirm there is absolutely clearly 2cm difference between them.
Public Enemy said on 15/May/19
188-189 cm
viper said on 11/May/19
He's not taller than 6-1 range. He admits it and he was listed at 6-1 everywhere in the early 2000s.

Some years ago there was a video of him with 6-2 Rock and Ryan looked MAX 6-1
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 6/May/19
@Canson I know, i'm just going with Standard listing here for my respect to Rob's effect.

@Accuracy He can looks it but more like a solid 190cm the more i see him.
Accuracy said on 17/Apr/19
I think he is 191cm tall.
Canson said on 24/Mar/19
@Junior; Conan is not 6’4” at a low
berta said on 23/Mar/19
closer to 189
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 21/Mar/19
Click Here Repeat a few times that he easily look 6'3 with 6'4 Conan O'Brien. Well we can go with Conan being 1/4 down and Ryan 1/4 under 6'3. That 6'2 1/2 Max Irons is no way taller than Ryan Reynolds and they're not the same height. Click Here Michael Strahan is no way over 1.25" max taller than Reynolds. Some people will not admit he look 6'3 with Samuel L.Jackson in the latest movie they in it, truth still popping out they're 2 inches difference not 1". Even bad slouching still look an inch taller than 6'1 1/2 Nathan Fillion in good posture and some people still can say well he is 6'1.75-6'2 that is real bs. Honestly truth is always here Click Here 1.5" tops on Nathan. in The Hitman's Bodyguard he edge healthy 6'2 Richard E. Grant by 1" to 3cm very crystal clear. Click Here not just this picture.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 18/Feb/19
If people buy Reynolds saying that 6'1-6'2 which means 6'1 1/2 then all actors height need to shave off a full inches. Specially Ben Affleck and a peak Hugh Jackman would be 6'1 flat. There is no way Reynolds is the same height as peak Jackman and only 1/2 inch taller than him now? Rob need to look more on Reynolds height, since he daring to claim 6'3 now and 6'2 constantly from past. He should be a solid 6'2 1/2.

Click Here: this picture make him look 6'3 1/2 next to 6'1 1/2 Jackman.

Click Here: another 2" differences.
Paul NS (6ft 0.5) said on 14/Feb/19
6'0 to 6'0.5", and then 6'3.5"?? Those are two doozies of guessed to be posted consecutively xD
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Feb/19
Great Experience, even though Triple H is listed here as 6ft2
Canson said on 13/Feb/19
Reynolds is 6’1-6’2 as he admitted. Triple H is 6’1 range
Great Experience said on 13/Feb/19
Triple H looked maybe half an inch taller (6’4”) in blade trinity, which would make Ryan 6’3.5”
Alex M. said on 11/Feb/19
6 feet to 6' 1/2" tops, in bare feet. Wifey Blake, 5' 7."
Ian555 said on 10/Feb/19
Rob what do you think about this photo with him and Jackman Click Here. Jackman has shrunk about a half inch I find it believable he was 6' 2" in his prime but if he's 6' 1 1/2" now, Reynolds looks at least 6' 2 1/2" makes you wonder if he is 6' 3".
Editor Rob
You would think he's got to be an inch smaller there...but I would say it is tricky because Ryan might have a bit of camera advantage.
Shashank-6'3 3/8 said on 28/Jan/19
Will tj miller edge out reynolds
Canson said on 26/Jan/19
@Rising: agreed! And that made me arrive at where his claim falls. It holds water considering Denzel could be 5’11 5/8 today or even 5’11.5. Reynolds likely was measured in the afternoon though at a low and was 6’1.5-6’1.75
Canson said on 23/Jan/19
@Berta: he only has Denzel by 2”
berta said on 21/Jan/19
i can think of 2 people on the site that are 6 foot 2 range and are underlisted and that is ryan and also Adam Driver. Both do really look closer to 6`2 1/4-3/8
Racurz said on 16/Jan/19
He probably doesn’t seem like a strong 6’2 for many people because most of his height is in his legs rather then the likes of terry crews and Denzel who are pretty much well balanced when it comes to their height plus Ryan is vary skinny which might also make him not look at tall as he is I’d say a strong 6’2 but his perportions make him seem smaller
Rising - 174 cm said on 10/Jan/19
@GRIT: Well, he can't actually be the strongest 6'2" guy in the world since both Terry Crews and Brett Favre were taller when they stood next to Ryan. @Canson: Based on the pic above, I probably wouldn't guess more than 2" between them considering footwear.
GRIT said on 5/Jan/19
He is the worlds strongest 6ft2 guy haha. Obiously over 6'2". 6'2.5" is my guess
Canson said on 4/Jan/19
He only is 2” taller than Denzel max
Canson said on 4/Jan/19
@Rob: I would say that he is just following the trend of Hollywood celebs who measure in shoes. He probably knows he’s 6’1/6’2 but just like on Letterman when he thought Reynolds was taller than he is, Reynolds has to like Christian mentioned about his coworker, do that to keep up with everyone else who claims shoes. Likely that he outs guys who are shorter and doesn’t want to do that. Maybe 6’1/6’2 mean 6’1.75 because he does look closer to what you have him listed here in reality at least most of the time
Ian555 said on 20/Dec/18
Rob would you argue Reynolds would be in the stronger 6ft 2-2.5 category? Reynolds strikes me as one of those guys slightly more than 6’ 2”.
Editor Rob
It's strange how he did mentione 6ft 1-2, 6ft 2 and then also quoted 6ft 3. He must know what he measured. I think many would be surprised if he was 6ft 1.5-6ft 1.75, but far fewer surprised if he came in between 6ft 2 and 2.25 range.
Williams Taylor said on 12/Dec/18
Really He is that tall
Canson said on 4/Dec/18
@Wayne: he looks like a 6’7” guy imho (give or take) in that pic (looks similar to my 6’7 friend from the looks of it) but in the other pic Celebheights 6’1.5 is right he does look taller
Canson said on 4/Dec/18
@Wayne: he looks like a 6’7” guy imho (give or take) in that pic but in the other pic Celebheights 6’1.5 is right he does look taller
Canson said on 23/Nov/18
@Rising: lol only those guys in that pic above can afford $550 Giorgio Armani shoes. Not sure how many of us posters here can
TheBat said on 23/Nov/18
6'2" is perfect for Ryan. In fact he's the same height as Deadpool in the comics.
robson said on 21/Nov/18
Compared in many movies he looks for a strong 6'1 but 6'2 is probably with shoes or morning at best.
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 21/Nov/18
@Wayne No, Ryan Reynold’s brother looks to be at least 6’9” there in comparison, assuming that picture isn’t hiding anything from us.
Wayne said on 20/Nov/18
Click Here Ryan Reynolds and his brothers
The one in the background is HUGE, must be 6'7" range right ?
Ian555 said on 19/Nov/18
He kinda gives the impression that he’s slightly more than 6’ 2” or maybe 189 cm. He looks to be almost an inch and a half taller than Samuel L. Jackson who claimed to be 6’ 3” more like 6’ 2” peak and probably 6’ 1” now. Plus he’s always looked slightly taller than Hugh Jackman even when Jackman was in his 6’ 2” prime.
Dream(5'9.5") said on 18/Nov/18
He looked visibly shorter than 6'2.25" Terry Crews.
Sotiris Gravas said on 17/Nov/18
I was shocked when I saw this pic w/ "Wolverine" from May of this year... Click Here , Click Here

If the footwear was equal, then we're talkin' height loss for Jackman, who just turned 50.

(I'll be posting the same thing on Jackman's page.)
berta said on 15/Nov/18
is he really shorter than liev schrieber? I think those two guys could be very close. Liev could be more legit 189 and Ryan in the almost 189 range
Rising - 174 cm said on 13/Nov/18
@Canson: Yeah, I think it's probably a small enough footwear difference that we can keep it in mind as a possibility, but I'll agree not a certainty. I've seen others like Mario Lopez and Robert Downey Jr. wear similar designer sneakers so I figured they're far too expensive for most of us to try and find out for sure and it turns out I was right on that lol. They're $550 Giorgio Armani sneakers: Click Here I'm still uncertain about the style of shoes Ryan is wearing, though. I agree with the range you give. In fairness to Junior and others, Ryan does look even taller than 6'2" at times and he slouches quite a bit, but his own 6'1"-6'2" claim would be completely unexplained if he were 6'2"+ and we've seen Ryan with Favre and Crews. The recent 6'3" claim surprised me since he really didn't strike me as someone who cared much about his height between his posture and the Letterman interview.
Canson said on 12/Nov/18
@Rising: I would say maybe 7/8” is a worst case but to me at least they look like they would be a full inch. I do agree tho with your estimate for the height difference between them. It’s for sure not anything near 3”. It could even be a solid 2” once all details are ironed out. You’re right that it could be just very similar footwear. Reynolds may just have 1” as well and could be 1/8” like you said. You brought up a very solid point! Reynolds’s hair is longer and may be what added to Junior’s perception of closer to 3”. Reynolds can strike me as a 6’2” guy most of the time but I would say if he’s under it is somewhere between 6’1.5 and 6’2” 6’1.5 is about as low as I could buy. I too doubt he’s only a flat 6’1” though.
Rising - 174 cm said on 10/Nov/18
@Canson: Denzel's sneakers look more like 0.7" range to me, at least I believe Rob has said that style only adds about 0.7" and isn't much thicker than Converse. Ryan doesn't have a big heel, but between the heel, the sole and the possibility of an insole in a style like that, I think 1" range is a fair guess. It's probably only a fraction advantage because Ryan's shoes aren't big, but I think about 1/4". I can't see 6 cm difference in that particular photo, though. Maybe 5.5 cm tops because Denzel almost reaches Ryan's hairline. Just based on that photo and footwear, I'd think Ryan was 2" taller than Denzel barefoot. Kitsch is in the photo above. That's director Daniel Espinosa with Denzel and Ryan below. His shoes might be 1/8" or so less than Denzel's. This is what I see anyway. I'll say that you could argue up to a 2.25" difference and because of Ryan's small heel, I'll concede it's debatable whether he has much of an advantage, but he definitely has more hair than Denzel.
Canson said on 8/Nov/18
@Mickie: the footwear advantage is even debatable. He may have one but the degree is unknown. Denzel’s shoes look as if they would add at least an inch to his own height so that may make sense with what you said 0.5cm. Then again the thickness of Reynolds heel is hard to tell. Meaning 1 in. Vs 3cm.
Canson said on 7/Nov/18
@Rising: I would estimate Denzel to be in a sneaker that adds at least an inch if not a 3cm. Kitsch looks to have the thinnest footwear of the three
Canson said on 7/Nov/18
@Rising: agreed. Some are even in denial about having lost the height. Lots of these older actors have shown they’ve lost. You get some guys who aren’t accurate with their height but may be based off someone else who was a certain size pre height loss once upon a time
Mickie said on 5/Nov/18
I think that looks about 6 cm Reynolds has on Denzel above. If Reynolds has a 0.5 cm advantage in footwear over Denzel (which looks like it would be the case) that comes out to just over 2". Reynolds at 6'1.75" and Washington at 5'11.5" line up. Rob has prime Washington at 6'0.25" which seems about right.
Rising - 174 cm said on 4/Nov/18
@Canson: Exactly. About 2" above AND Denzel is in 0.7" sneakers. So if Denzel is about 182 cm these days then he's not over 184 in those sneakers making Ryan 190 at best in his shoes. I tend to think he's 6'1.75" because of the quote and because solid 6'2" Terry Crews and Brett Favre look taller, but I haven't even completely ruled out Ryan at a solid 6'2", but the Denzel pic does not support that. Neither does the pic above with Taylor Kitsch. As for Letterman, I buy 6'1.5" peak seeing how tall he looked in the 80's. It's not impossible he was a bit shorter, but 6'1" absolute minimum, though he was probably below that when he met Ryan and didn't realize it. Some men are oblivious to height loss while others exaggerate theirs. I'd guess Letterman is the former. @Junior: Btw, which Conan comparison are you referring to.
Mickie said on 4/Nov/18
Conan would measure over 6'3". I've seen him in person, I think he's not 6'4" but he's over 6'3". T.J. Miller could be 6'1.5" honestly, I know he claims 6'3" but I wouldn't be surprised by him being 6'1.5". Samuel L Jackson has shrunk a good amount btw.
Canson said on 4/Nov/18
@Junior: Reynolds isn’t 3” taller than Denzel. That’s 2”. Denzel could be 5’11.5 today for all we know
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 3/Nov/18
6'1.75" that will make Conan O'brien 6'3 max, Jared Padalecki 6'3 1/4, TJ Miller 6'1, Samuel L Jackson 6'0 max and lastly Denzel Washington 5'10 3/4.
Canson said on 25/Oct/18
@Rising: I’m still not sure how tall Letterman was at his peak. I also wonder if 6’1.5 isn’t a morning height of some sort or shoe height potentially. I can buy a 6’1 Letterman peak however although I don’t completely rule out 6’1.5 either
Mickie said on 23/Oct/18
In my comment below I meant proportions that make him seem taller.

Anyways, my current take on Reynold's height is similar, about 6'1.75". With good posture that'll look 6'2" to anyone.
Mickie said on 20/Oct/18
Yeah people's claims sometimes downplay their height. It's not the norm but I have a relative who must be super close to 5'10", and honestly looks a bit over that to me, who only claims 5'9". Maybe he's 5'9.75" and just has proportions that make him seem shorter, but he's not a flat 5'9" but claims it. Also not a height obsessed guy by any means.
Mister lennon said on 20/Oct/18
For me, minimum 6'2 flat. Less than that is very unlikely, in my opinion.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 18/Oct/18

That might be true, although there are few exceptions. Most people who are 3/4" of an inch will just round up to the next one.
Canson said on 17/Oct/18
@Viper: people do that all the time. I’ve heard someone say “6’2/6’3” or almost 6’3” and they’re 6’2 3/4. It’s possible but at the same time maybe he is 6’1.5 like you said
viper said on 15/Oct/18
If you're 6-1.75 you're not gonna say
6-1-6-2. At 6-1.5 yeah.

I think he's 6-1.
Canson said on 15/Oct/18
@Mickie: I have to say Letterman is over listed
Rising - 174 cm said on 15/Oct/18
Letterman was almost 68 in that interview so if we say he was 6'1.5" peak and rounded up to 6'2", but didn't realize he shrunk like many older men don't then he could be under 6'1", but still thinking he's 6'2". Letterman currently being under 6'1" as Rob lists him, but still thinking of himself as 6'2" could explain his surprised reaction. I don't think Crews has an inch on Ryan either.
Mickie said on 14/Oct/18
If Letterman is over listed, what height is Keith Olbermann? Click Here

As for Reynolds, he looks about 6'2" but I can believe he's just under it barefoot. Maybe 6'1.75" would be a likely figure given his mentioning he's 6'1" - 6'2". 6'1.75" is still a distinctly tall guy.
Angus said on 13/Oct/18
6.1.5" 0.5" on Nathan fillon
Canson said on 12/Oct/18
@Christian: I have to agree with Viper now. And I’ve said it all along about Letterman. He was never as tall as he’s listed here. He claimed his shoes too. He thought Reynolds was taller than he actually is

Click Here
Tall Sam said on 12/Oct/18
Always looks close with other 6'2" range guys, maybe he's on the weak side but near 6'1" seems really improbable.
Canson said on 9/Oct/18
@Rising: that was a very mature post! And very well said! As for Willes, we’ve heard it all. From therapy about him being too tall (he claims he’s 6’2 which is not too tall). Maybe he makes others taller for the reason that MJkOP said that Brad does. But if Willes were to say anything to you, I would laugh. Nobody here took him seriously. He often would jump on the bandwagon with guys here who are very generous and say “well so and so is always right”.
Canson said on 9/Oct/18
@Dream: right. I was saying that about Davis being off to the side and slouching a bit even before Viper. I mentioned it on Merriman’s page
Canson said on 9/Oct/18
@Christian: My bad man. I need to get on a computer and copy/ paste. Mine is down. I took a copy of the page (should say Original Software and then after he straightened it out). He posted on 16 March. Two different links. If this doesn’t work I’ll post tomorrow

Click Here
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 8/Oct/18

Please link me the pic of Merriman with LT that Viper fixed. I can't find the pic of the two for some reason.
Andrea said on 8/Oct/18
Ryan may well be height twin with the plumber and the Challenger #5 from the HC, 6'1.5 at an extreme low and 6'1.75-6'2 at his normal low, but I can't see him any less than that. A guy like Hugh Jackman, who has never been the full 6'2, IMO, I think had a lot more chance of being as low as 6'1.5 (at his peak) than Ryan...
Dream(5'9.5") said on 8/Oct/18
@Celebheights 6'1.5"

Then Terry Crews would be 6'3.5" or even higher. Terry looks easily taller than Ryan. It may be the photo, but Terry is easily taller than Ryan.

Click Here

I still think Ryan is a bit over 6'2", but he was definitely shorter than Terry Crews.
Canson said on 7/Oct/18
@Dream: I agree. 6’1.5-6’2 is too low but 6’2-6’2.5 is possible. I personally have him 6’2.5. As for the pics, the ones Andrea posted aren’t great either. Viper is right. Davis isn’t even standing completely straight in one of them
Rising - 174 cm said on 7/Oct/18
@Canson: Ryan can look over 6'2" at times and his habit of slouching an wearing Converse at times makes it easy for me to understand why some think he's over 6'2", but the absolute most I could give him is 6'2" or 1/8" over because I'm confident he's not taller than Brett Favre or Terry Crews. viper's 6'1.5" estimate is arguable, but I do think Ryan is taller than Nathan Fillion so I'm still hesitant to go that low himself. As for willes, I'd have sympathy for him if he's actually struggled with alcohol or drug addiction, but his behavior wasn't a one or two time thing and it seemed he just didn't like hearing from people who disagreed with him. The funny thing is you'd have to ban Ryan from his own page! I disagree that Rob regularly overlists people by 1/2". The ones I think are clearly overlisted by 1/2" stand out as exceptions(Mel Gibson, Michael Douglas, Mario Lopez, Antonio Banderas etc.) and there are some athletes and wrestlers I'd probably put in that category including Merriman and others whom I'd say could be either 1/4" or 1/2" shorter than listed. But imo, Rob is accurate enough that I'm somewhat surprised when he keeps someone as much as a half inch over what I believe them to be. I think some of the really disputed heights or heights where there's a legitimate question how much is height loss and how much is posture are different as you start with a margin of error probably not less than 1/2". And many I mentioned also wear lifts so that also makes the margin of error greater. I'd only include pages that get a fair amount of discussion as well because obviously some older pages that haven't been looked at as much will be more prone to errors. I've seen some imitation celebrity height sites and they're not even close to as accurate as Rob in part because they tend to have knee-jerk reactions to one flawed photo so I prefer Rob's more conservative approach. Obviously, Rob's attention has to be divided between every page while we as posters can focus on the ones we're most interested in.
Canson said on 6/Oct/18
@Christian: I am confident that Davis is taller with LT than Merriman. There is a better gauge of Merriman’s height difference with LT. Go to Merriman’s page to March 16th of this year. Viper used software to straighten out the pic in the 2nd link of that post, and that’s a more accurate comparison of their heights. It’s 4-5” diff in The pic between LT and Merriman. The pic with Davis and LT is on Davis’s Facebook page. You can see the full pic of Davis and LT and it’s clear that LT is closer to the camera and has a footwear advantage on Davis. Yet the height difference is still more than it is in the pic with Merriman and LT. LT measured 5’10.25 at the combine (likely a morning height of some sort). I don’t see anything over 5’10” for him if he even reaches a full 5’10” in the afternoon.
Dream(5'9.5 said on 5/Oct/18
@Canson I think I misread viper’s comment as being ‘feet away from the camera’ when his comment meant ‘standing off the side of the camera.’ My bad. I should have read better.

I was talking about the pictures that @Andrea linked. — Click Here and Click Here

The first one, Merriman looks taller. Both of them are slouching. However, we can’t see footwear, but let’s assume they have similar footwear. Merriman looks taller.

The second picture. Now, I can see what Viper is saying by standing off to the side of the camera. However, I’m not sure if it affects his height that much as Vernon is ‘closer’ to the camera. Not by a big amount, but he’s closer. At the same time, Vernon is slouching while Merriman is standing straight.

I still don’t agree that Merriman is the full 6’4”, but 6’2” or lower seems too low.
Canson said on 5/Oct/18
We can thrown Ryan Reynolds into the category with Boris Khodjoe and Shawne Merriman as his height is a bit difficult to decipher. I can appreciate how he can look over 6’2” at times and even under 6’2”. I have to give Rob credit. 6’2” is fair for a listing as most of the celebs here are overlisted by about 1/2”, some even more. I highly doubt that Many of the celebs here are listed accurately at their afternoon low. Many are in shoes and others rounded up a bit. There are some that may be up to two inches off. Last but not least, there are a handful that may be underlisted by a tad. He could fall into any of the categories being his claims are all over the place ranging from 6’1/6’2, 6’2, 6’3. This would lead me to believe that he’s 186-187 barefoot and near 6’3” in shoes but there is always a possibility he measured 6’1/6’2 in his teens and potentially grew a touch.
Canson said on 5/Oct/18
@Dream: thanks! You write very well yourself!
Andrea said on 5/Oct/18
I hope you don't mean this one, Christian: Click Here . Considering that it's shot from a terrible angle, with some clear tilt in Vernon's favor, where you can't even tell whether they're standing tall or not, I wonder how you can draw any conclusion from a pic like that...
If you want to believe that Vernon is taller than Shawne because you want to, you're perfectly entitled to do so, but fact is that Shawne looks comfortably taller than him in any single (good) pic, even, although indirectly, next to LaDainian Tomlinson (with Shawne even standing further away than LaDainian, compared to Vernon) : Click Here
Dream(5'9.5") said on 4/Oct/18
For the record, I don’t agree that Canson has bad English. I think his vocabulary is excellent.
Dream(5'9.5") said on 4/Oct/18
@Christian Yes, that is true, but we also have other pictures that say the contrary. Some Merriman looks taller. Others Vernon looks taller.

It’s a back and fourth thing. Vernon isn’t further away from the camera, (as some of the pictures, I saw, show).

Let’s take it to Merriman’s page, shall we?

As for Ryan, a case for 6’2 1/8ths” can be made.
viper said on 4/Oct/18
Merriman is not taller in that pic. Vernon is feet away
Canson said on 4/Oct/18
@Christian: Id be very surprised if Merriman were taller or even as tall
Canson said on 3/Oct/18
@Dream: I have to give Viper Credit with Reynolds. Christian also said it below that he may be right. I don’t have Crews over 6’2 flat today or Favre and he’s shorter than both. I can easily see 6’1.5 with them. It’s possible Denzel isn’t as tall as he’s listed today as he’s older and probably lost height. I actually thought Reynolds was a full 6’2 as he looks it but 6’1.5 isn’t far off. Maybe more like 6’1 5/8 but some derivative of a weak 6’2 is my guess at a low
Canson said on 3/Oct/18
@Dream: not sure which pic you’re referring to but In one of them Davis is clearly not standing completely straight. And Viper is right in one Merriman is favored slightly by the camera. If you compare the two with Ladanian Tomlinson, Davis is taller with LT than Merriman is with him. LT even had footwear advantage on Davis in their pic and is standing up further. Assuming LT measures 5’10.25 at the combine he may be 5’9.75 or 5’10 tops where Merriman looks 4-5” taller. Davis looks a full 6’3” with LT. Davis measured 6’3.25 combine but in person looked about 6’3. Maybe 6’2.75 but that’s as low as I’d go and I’d actually say 6’2 7/8 more likely as he looked exactly how my 6’3 friend looks next to me and he’s 190.3-.4 cm at night
viper said on 3/Oct/18
Vernon is standing way off to the side. You can't judge any height there between them.

Meanwhile he's right next to Aaron Maybin.
Rising - 174 cm said on 3/Oct/18
@Canson: I appreciate both your comments and vipers, but I agree with you. I don't think viper's 2005 guesses mean much either way. Even Rob has changed some listings considerably himself and I was definitely off by an inch or more on some a decade ago and I may still be on some, though I think we've likely all become better at guessing height from posting here and discussing the subject.

@Christian: I agree it isn't impossible, but I wouldn't guess any lower and I think he's more of a solid 187 cm guy. If a guy is tall enough then saying something like 6'1"-6'2" can mean he measures anywhere between that. You mean he looks about 2" taller than Denzel, right? I figured that saying he was shorter is probably a typo, but if we consider Favre and Crews to be solid 6'2" guys then Ryan would look to fall into the weak 6'2" range, though he does look taller than Fillion.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 3/Oct/18

But there's another pic where Vernon looks taller than Merriman.
Dream(5'9.5") said on 3/Oct/18
Guys, the argument is getting old...

But I have to agree with @Andrea. Vernon isn’t far away from the camera. Merriman does look taller.

Could we stop the argument?

As for Ryan, I could see maybe 6’2 1/8ths”, but Terry Crews edged him out.
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 2/Oct/18
@Tall Sam Nathan Fillion has a footwear advantage in those photos, and he is still shorter than Ryan Reynolds is by a slight amount. Their eye level is also similar, which means that Reynolds is taller since his forehead is easily fit five instead of four.
viper said on 2/Oct/18
Yeah Andrea, you said Canson had crappy english. Haha

You are insane
Canson said on 2/Oct/18
@Viper: Rising is good but nobody here is 99% right with estimates.
Agent Orange said on 2/Oct/18
He does look shorter than Idris Elba. Maybe a weak 6’2 is more appropriate. I thought he was 6’2 but will now go with 6’1.75.
Andrea said on 2/Oct/18
Yeah, Sam, while I agree that he's easily taller than Fillion (who seems a genuine 6'1.5 himself, and which is the reason why I think that even 6'1.5 looks too low for Reynolds), I doubt it is as much as a big inch. I can buy a solid 0.5 inch, but I don't think it would be much more than that (although I should probably watch that show they did together to get a better idea about it).
Tall Sam said on 2/Oct/18
I think Reynolds is around a cm taller than Nathan Fillion, I doubt a full inch between them. Click Here
Andrea said on 2/Oct/18
Coming from you, I take that as a huge compliment, viper, and actually, I'd start worrying if you thought otherwise...
As for the rest, well, you keep confirming every single thing I've said about you. 😊
Andrea said on 2/Oct/18
My words are quite clear, viper. Even if you said there was a small chance that Tom could have been 6'0 (which you didn't), that still speaks a lot about you, considering that no one with a decent knowledge about height would have ever thought that mark was even remotely possible for him.
And again, unfortunately for you, not only "I was ever right about a person's height", but, as I have already told you, basically all my estimates always turned out to be very sensible and pretty much spot on, when Rob eventually met the celebrities in question. The list of celebrities I guessed right is basically as long as the list of celebrities you guessed wrong, so very long. 😊
viper said on 2/Oct/18
With Garrard being 6-1.2 from the senior bowl, Crews doesn't look any taller.
viper said on 2/Oct/18
Andrea you are just dumb and blind.

Yes, Vernon is 100 feet away. Merriman is standing right next to Aaron Maybin, who is 6-3 1/2 at a low considering he measured 6-4.1 and 6-3.7. Merriman looks an inch shorter with perfect posture. While Maybin isn't standing his tallest.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 2/Oct/18

Viper might not be wrong when he said that Reynolds is 6'1.5". After all, he looked a bit shorter than Crews, Denzel and Favre. Maybe his 6'1"-6'2" claim is 100% legit.
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 1/Oct/18
Rob met Nathan Fillion, and confirmed that he was roughly 6’1 1/2” in person; just as Ryan Reynolds was a good inch taller than Nathan Fillion, at the very least. I stand by my 6’2 1/2” estimate, especially since he generally appears to hover somewhere in between 6’2”-6’3” on the big screen, and in almost all photos. As for him appearing to be 6’1” at the most by Terry Crews, it was for the exact reason as why Mark Strong appeared to clear 6’3 1/2” Mark by him from how it appears, with slightly less distortion. He’s not shorter than Brett Favre either.
viper said on 1/Oct/18
It would be one thing If a guy like Risingforce who is 99 percent right calling me out, but it's Andrea of all people 😂
viper said on 1/Oct/18
I guess I should be flattered that Andrea is obsessed with me, scouring back to 2005 posts.

Nah, I would If he was ever right about a person's height. Sad
viper said on 1/Oct/18
Sorry Andrea, I did say it was a small chance. If I had to bet money I would have said he was 6-1. Oh well, I was wrong there.

Still doesn't change the fact that you are a major douchebag. And yeah, I was looking at pics of Jared when he was 6-2. Sorry.
Andrea said on 1/Oct/18
Considering that in both the "Vernon-Merriman" pics I have posted ( Click Here Click Here ) Vernon is standing right next to Shawne, I don't see how Vernon is "100 feet away", viper. Are you sure I am the one who needs that "Lasik eye surgery", LMFAO? And those pics have nothing to do with those pics of Crews with Garrard, quality-wise. In fact, the latter are shot from a bad angle with Crews standing clearly further away from the camera, while my pics are shot from a central position and Shawne isn't standing any closer than Vernon (if anything, Vernon is), so they are very good pics (which show how absurd your 6'1.5-6'2 "estimate" for Shawne is, given that he looks comfortably taller than a measured 6'3.25 guy like Vernon in them). The fact that I need to explain you that, and that you say "That Terry-Garrard pic is way more legit than that" just goes to prove my point: not only you are a bad judge of height, but you're one of the worst... ever!
Andrea said on 1/Oct/18
Hmm. I guess there was another viper poster back in 2005 because this is what a certain "Viper652" once said:
"Viper652 said on 7/Nov/05
Im close to 6-3 and my shoe size is a 10. Has nothing to do with height. Regardless Tom looks 6-1 tops, could be 6-0 possibly."
Or maybe you simply had "been looking at pics where he looked it before he grew", just like you did with Jared? 😂😂😂 Nice excuse, btw. Too bad that it makes no sense, considering that Jared was well over 20 and certainly full grown when he became really famous and he was added to Celebheights, but again, logic is certainly the last thing I expect from someone like you, like your last paragraph (in your already non-sense comment) proves.
viper said on 30/Sep/18
Garrard measured 6-1.2 at the senior bowl
Canson said on 30/Sep/18
@Rising: his 6’3 is likely in shoes rounded up. While 6’2” is how he commonly looks, I wouldn’t rule out 6’1.5 and with Denzel who is older, it’s possible he’s lost height these days. I see Reynolds next to the guys you mentioned and see 6’1.5 probably as well.
Canson said on 30/Sep/18
@Christian: yea Gararrd could be 6’1 3/8 worst case imho. Some of those guys lose a 1/2” from their combine heights in the comparison I did. It showed in the one article that they woke up at 6am got drug tested then measured (presumably within or at about 1 hour out of bed). I doubt Crews is that short honestly. I can see 6’1.75 (dipping a hair under 6’2) like you said but not 6’1”.
viper said on 29/Sep/18
Lol Andrea talking about bad pic posting.

She's posted that utter crap Vernon-Merriman pic where Vernon is 100 feet away.

That Terry-Garrard pic is way more legit than that
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 29/Sep/18
@Canson and Viper

Garrard and Crews look about the same height, once the tilt is adjusted Click Here but Garrard had a slight footwear advantage. Click Here He measured 6'1 7/8" at the combine so he could be about 6'1.5" at his low. Click Here So it's very possible that Crews is 6'1.75"
Canson said on 28/Sep/18
@Rising: to be fair, I don’t agree with some things Andrea says either and I’m just as involved in an argument with him as Christian and Rising. But I don’t agree with everyone. Even You and I, Viper and I, even Christian and I who generally agree a lot have disagreed before. However, I can certainly say that you or Andrea for that matter are not even in the same conversation with Willes. Willes inflated everyone then got angry with a poster as soon as they provided their own estimates. And this is regardless of whether that poster even responded directly to Willes. Willes is the “textbook” prototypical troll here on Celebheights. And yes I remember when he said that to you about a year or so ago and I wasn’t surprised. You’re a pretty stand up guy and it didn’t warrant any retaliation on your part because most people here already recognize what Willes is about. I mean he once claimed that his father was posting under his name and that he himself was posting under the influence. Then even had the nerve to get angry with other posters for calling him out when he began over 90% of the arguments he was in. The arguments with Viper and Andrea are a bit different tho because neither of them is a troll in my honest opinion. They both speak on conviction which I have to respect as well
viper said on 28/Sep/18
Andrea you are out to lunch. I never said Welling was 6-0. I was off by an inch.

If I said Jared was 6-2 I must have been looking at pics where he looked it before he grew. I said he was 6-3. I was off by an inch on those 2.

Oh well, If that makes me a poor judge of height then I'm doing extremely well. Sorry you don't come close. Maybe you should invest in Lasik eye surgery?
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 27/Sep/18

If he's 6'1" range, then most likely it's upper range like 6'1.75" but not less than that.
Andrea said on 27/Sep/18
I'm just messing with him a bit, Rising, although when I say that he's a poor judge of height, I really mean it. All he does is post terrible photos with bad angles and clear camera advantages/disadvantages in order to support his delusional "estimates" (if they can even be called that), and he has been doing that for ages. If you think you can have a serious discussion with him, you probably don't know him very well...
Anyway, I can certainly see how Ryan can look under 6'2 at times, and a fraction under that is far from being impossible (after all, he himself claimed to be 6'1-6'2), but I doubt it'd be more than a small fraction as he generally looks a decent 6'2 (and certainly much nearer 6'2 than 6'1), to me. Even 6'1.5, I have a hard time seeing him as low as that, given that he looks easily taller than someone like Nathan Fillion (who looks a genuine 6'1.5 guy himself), although I wouldn't say it is by as much as posters like Junior say...
Andrea said on 27/Sep/18
LOL, viper, as I said, you can't say you're not funny. I'm sorry, but a "good judge of height" would never think a 6'0 Tom Welling or a 6'2 Jared Padalecki (just to name a couple from a very long list) are even remotely possible...
And if I'm "as blind as Stevie Wonder", then I'm even better than I thought, considering that, despite my blindness, basically all my estimates always turned out to be very sensible and pretty much spot on, when Rob eventually met the celebrities in question. 😉
Canson said on 26/Sep/18
@Viper: he’s further from the camera and not sure if he’s standing his tallest or footwear. I can’t buy 6’0” or 6’1 for Crews. Maybe he dips below 6’2” slightly but not sure
viper said on 25/Sep/18
Crews looks 6-0 with Garrard. Click Here

I don't think he's 6-0 but 6-1 range isn't out of the question for Terry.
Rising - 174 cm said on 24/Sep/18
@Andrea: I don't know how this whole thing started between you and viper, but saying he's a poor judge of height just seems like baiting him to me and as interesting as the Merriman debate is, does it really need to spill onto this page? I do agree with you that the Garrard pic is dodgy due to camera and posture and while I wouldn't expect Terry taller from just those pics, I think there are enough variables there to take it with a grain of salt. I also agree that Terry is probably taller, but just slightly. Imo, Terry has to be in the 6'2"-6'2.25" range while Ryan has a bit broader range at 6'1.5" minimum and 6'2.1" max, but I really think he's either 6'1.75" or 6'2" flat all things considered.

One thing I'll say is this is a refreshing change because just a year ago, that poster willes said I should be banned for saying "Ryan may very well be a full 6-2" and that Ryan struggled with 6'2" in the 2 pics above. I can see various viewpoints on Ryan, but he was just a fanatic pushing for Ryan at 6'3" before Ryan ever tried claiming it himself. Of course, anyone with eyes can see Ryan is about 2" taller than 5'11.75" listed Denzel Washington above and Denzel only has 0.6"-0.7" sneakers and Ryan is only 2.5" or so taller than 5'10.75" Taylor Kitsch and Kitsch has a footwear advantage, but I doubt his boots add more than 1.5". That would mean Ryan looks about 6'2.5"-6'2.75" or 189-190 cm range in shoes in both pics. This is the first time I've felt comfortable enough with an estimate to add it to the average guess.
viper said on 24/Sep/18
He's 186cm
viper said on 23/Sep/18
That's not the only pic where David looks taller than Terry sweetheart. And 99 percent of this board would say I'm a good judge of height. You're a joke thinking 6-2 measured Shawne Merriman is 6-4 lulz. And If Im a bad judge of height, then you really are as blind as Stevie Wonder. It's all relative
Dejavu said on 23/Sep/18
I think 6'2 is a fair listing. He has managed to look a strong 6'2 in most of his movies and seldom under. Terry Crews edged him out with obvious hair disadvantage.
Andrea said on 22/Sep/18
"viper said on 20/Sep/18
I can't explain how 6-1.2 senior bowl measured David Garrard looks taller than Terry Crews."
It's called bad pics, viper. As other posters have already told you, Terry is leaning and standing further away from the camera in those pics with Garrard, so it's not that surprising that he ends up "looking" shorter (unless you're a poor judge of height, which you certainly are): Click Here
What I can't explain is how he looks at least 4 cms shorter than Shawne "6'1.5-6'2" Merriman... Click Here 😊
As for Ryan, it certainly looks like Terry has a better chance of being over 6'2 than him from those pics, although I don't think there would be much difference between them.
viper said on 21/Sep/18
I've been beating the Reynolds is 6-1 drum since 2005
Rising - 174 cm said on 20/Sep/18
@RP: That height difference looks about right, but Reynolds had Converse(5/8") while Favre had the same shoes he wore in this interview: Click Here Maybe not a 2 cm advantage, but certainly 1-1.5 cm so Favre would likely edge Ryan by a small amount, but he was only 6'2 1/8" in the early 90's so barely over 6'2" peak and maybe nothing over 6'2" by his mid to late 40's. This adds up with how Ryan looks with 6'2"-6'2.25" Terry Crews. Rob even said Terry could look 6'2" max on video with Dolph Lundgren at Arnold's book signing 6 years ago. Ryan could be 6'1.75" or a weak 6'2" based on these comparisons.
viper said on 20/Sep/18
I can't explain how 6-1.2 senior bowl measured David Garrard looks taller than Terry Crews.
Dream(5'9.5") said on 18/Sep/18
I'm waiting for the arguments of 6'2 5/8ths" because I just don't see it.

Terry Crews did look well taller than Ryan Reynolds. I still see 6'2 1/8ths" for Reynolds, but not 189 cm flat.
RP said on 18/Sep/18
6’2-1/4” Brett Favre had 3/4” of an inch on him! IMO...a barefoot Ryan Reynolds would only measure 6’1-5/8” in the afternoon. 6’3” in footwear. Probably 6’1-1/2” after 6pm. 6’2” fresh out of bed. Rob, your thoughts? Can you argue this after seeing him with a strong 6’2” to 6’2-1/4” Brett Favre?
Rising - 174 cm said on 9/Sep/18
@viper: Check out this page: Click Here Looks to me like Terry is taller with similar footwear.
viper said on 7/Sep/18
Where did Terry Crews edge him out.

If that's true with similar footwear, he's not a legit 6-2.
Zampo said on 5/Sep/18

Agreed. He genuinely looks around 6'2.
Dejavu said on 3/Sep/18
I think Terry Crews edged this guy out.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Sep/18
A young Affleck could look 189-190cm at times
Andrea said on 3/Sep/18
That may well be the case, Zampo.
I know he has claimed to be 6'1-6'2, but if he's under 6'2, like that claim suggests, I doubt it's going to be more than a small fraction as he generally looks one of the most genuine 6'2 celebrities on here, to me. Regardless of his claim, I think that anywhere around 6'2 (6'1.75-6'2.25) is possible for him, but I wouldn't go as high as 6'2.5 (or so as low as 6'1.5)...
Zampo said on 2/Sep/18
I'm pretty sure Reynolds is someone who doesn't dip below 187 cm in any circumstance. I reckon could measure 6'1 5/8 range at his very lowest (hard day on set) but would generally measure between 6'1.75-6'2 usually. Anyone within this range would be seen as a flat/strong 6'2 by most. 6'2 is a fair listing.
Rising - 174 cm said on 1/Sep/18
@Junior: Ryan does seem taller than 6'1.5" Fillion to me in general, but you're overstating your case. He only looks 5-6 cm taller than Denzel above and Denzel's sneakers don't even look to give 2 cm so Ryan could have 0.5 to 1 cm footwear advantage. If Denzel is solid 182 range then he'd only be about 184 in those sneakers. He doesn't look more than 3" taller than Taylor Kitsch above either and Kitsch is below 5'11". You make valid points with some comparisons where Ryan does look taller than 6'2", but those 2 comparisons along with a few other you pointed out like Favre and Beatty are examples of Ryan looking about what he claimed or 6'2" max. You can maybe argue it's his posture in those comparisons, but he doesn't look over 6'2" in those comparisons either way.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 1/Sep/18

Reynolds would very likely be the taller one.
Paul NS (6ft 0.5) said on 31/Aug/18
Viper, those old listings sound suspect to me. He's too noticeably taller than Nathan Fillion (who Rob has met) for me to think there's any chance he could be 6'1" range. It's more likely they just got it wrong
Dream(5'9.5") said on 31/Aug/18
I think Reynolds can be over 6'2" flat without much question.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 31/Aug/18
Well then.. If we could believe that he is strong 6'1 while Dwyane Wade 6'2 and Conan O'brien would be 6'2.25" and Charles Barkley 6'3 5/8, we'll go with Nathan Fillion being 5'11 7/8 and Denzel Washington being 5'10 1/8 and Taylor Kitsch probably be like 5'9 tops along Hugh Jackman under a fraction 6'0.
berta said on 30/Aug/18
reyan and ben affleck back to back would be interesting. i think they would be the same height
viper said on 26/Aug/18
His 6-1 listings on the internet some years ago suggest he's not downplaying imo.

And why would he? He's not tall enough to not get jobs
Adam Bennett said on 24/Aug/18
What would you say his morning and evening heights are Rob? I wake up and I’m 190cm and usually by the evening I’m between 188-189 but I never drop below 188 so I classify myself as a solid 6’2
Editor Rob
he might be a guy who is 6ft 3 out of bed and really if measured at night could still be about 6ft 2.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 22/Aug/18
@viper If he is 6'1 then Michael Strahan would have being 6'2 1/2 claiming 6'4 and little as a fraud and Conan O'Brien will be 6'2.25".' All actors might all be listed 1.5-2" higher by Rob. People can downplayed height or inflating it. Most people tend to round up or inflating height instate of claiming a true barefoot height to others. Reynolds case i go with a downplay more like the 6'2 he use to claim and i would have need to re-measured my cousin next time who get a 6'1 7/8 (187.6) at night, because he met Reynolds up closed in person having notice same footwear they had and he told that he look about an inch lower than Reynolds. Other case people like Brandon Routh and Geoff Stults i would go with 6'1 favor on his word on Letterman show. But no i would have thought they were all 6'2 at worst.
Canson said on 20/Aug/18
If he claimed 6’1” it means he is not “over 6’2” like people are claiming. Probably a weak 6’2” in reality
Canson said on 18/Aug/18
@Junior: because Conan isn’t as tall as you think he is. He’s not 6’3.75. He’s prob 6’3” today and 6’3.25 peak
viper said on 17/Aug/18
It's not only Reynolds admitting 6-1, it's that he's been listed on sites saying 6-1 before he admitted it on Letterman
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 16/Aug/18
@viper Then if he is 6'1.5" why do he often make cast all 0.5-1" lower than listed height and Conan O'Brien look dead on 3cm taller than him. I'm 100 percent sure Jeff Brides is 5'11 1/2 if anything Reynolds is under 6'2. Add on Kevin Bacon being 5'9 nothing and needed wear lift next to Reynolds.
Rising - 174 cm said on 15/Aug/18
@viper: Ryan's claim is a convincing argument as the most logical conclusion is that a man claiming to be 6'1"-6'2" did measure between those figures. Playing devil's advocate, all I can really think of is Ryan being undermeasured due to posture or an error or downplaying his height to be modest after Letterman remarking on it embarrassed him, but this seems even more of a stretch as I can't see him pulling the 6'1" out of thin air like that. If Mark Strong can be 6'1.5" then Ryan can be as well, though I'd lean more 6'1.75" in general. Internet listings depend on the source, though I do remember not thinking of Ryan as this tall back in his Van Wilder days. Maybe that's because I also read a shorter listing. I wonder why he decided to claim 6'3" all of a sudden.
Mister lennon said on 15/Aug/18
6'2 solid. 188-189.
viper said on 13/Aug/18
If Reynolds is a solid 6-2, why would he say 6-1.

And why was he listed at 6-1 on several sites back in the day.

The conclusion I see is that he's 6-1.5
Rising - 174 cm said on 9/Aug/18
@Canson: Yeah, if I had to guess one was taller, I'd say Favre. Of course, we don't know that would still measure a full 6'2 1/8" at 46(when the photo was taken) after 20 years in the NFL. He doesn't look like he's shrunk to me, but I don't think you'd notice if he were a 1/8" or even 1/4" less.

@viper: That's honestly what he looks in the 2 photos above. If Ryan were 6'2.5" minimum, he should look close to 4" taller than Taylor Kitsch and the difference doesn't look anywhere near that. At the very least, it's not unreasonable to give Ryan the height he claimed. The only explanation I could think of aside from Ryan measuring 6'1.5"-6'1.75" is he was embarrassed at Letterman remarking about his height and modest because of that.
Dejavu said on 5/Aug/18
6’2 is a fair height for Ryan Reynolds. The max he can be is 6’2.25 and nothing above.
viper said on 4/Aug/18
Reynolds is 6-1.5. He knows his height better than anyone.
Canson said on 4/Aug/18
@Rising: agreed. Favre should be around the same height as Reynolds to be honest
Dream(5'9.5") said on 3/Aug/18
Slightly shorter than Max Irons.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Ryan Reynolds also has bigger footwear.

Max Irons: 6'2 5/8"
Ryan Reynolds: 6'2 1/2"-6'2 1/2"
Rising - 174 cm said on 3/Aug/18
@Junior: That's not true about Favre. On what planet is Reynolds half an inch taller than Favre? Click Here Even though Favre has an easy 1 to 1.5 cm footwear advantage, the difference looks more than that. At best, Reynolds would be Favre's height barefoot unless Ryan traveled to space and stood next to Favre immediately upon returning. If he were really 6'2.5", he'd be over 6'3" in the Converse he wore with Favre. And Conan may very well be 6'3.25". He's been shorter than just about every 6'4" guy he's had on his show so I think he's about 6'3.5". Actually, confirmed 6'1" Barry Bonds made a 53 year old Samuel L. Jackson look 6'0.5" at best. Look at Jackson with 5'9" Kurt Russell: Click Here Looks maybe 3" taller and Kurt isn't wearing his cowboy boots. I don't know how tall Jackson is, but he can definitely look shorter than he's believed to be. And Reynolds didn't have 2.5" on Gosling: Click Here
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 30/Jul/18
Telling the truth many many times that Ryan Reynolds really is not under 6'2 1/2. If he is only 6'2 then Brett Favre is only 6'1 1/2, Richard E.Grant 6'1 now, Bill Hader 6'0 3/8, Denis Leary 6'0 3/4, Conan O'brien is 6'3 1/4, Michael Strahan 6'3 1/2, Ray Liotta 5'10 7/8 (12 years back), Hugh Jackman peak be 6'1 1/2, Chris Hemsworth 6'2 3/8, Chi Mcbride 6'4, Ben Affleck 6'1 3/8, Dax Shepard weak 6'2, Will Arnett 6'2, Max Irons 6'2, Patrick Warburton 6'1 1/2, Nathan Fillions 6'1, Ryan Gosling 5'11 1/2, Matthew Goode 6'1, Samuel L.Jackson 6'0 1/2 and too much to list out. Anywhere from 187.6-188.9cm is too low for him.
Rising - 174 cm said on 28/Jul/18
I don't agree that he never looks under 188 since he looks under it in the two photos above, but Ryan does slouch and he'll wear Converse at times so you expect him to look shorter than he is at times.
berta said on 21/Jul/18
i think ryans range he would measure is somewhere from 188-189. He never looks over 189 and he never looks under 188. Thats why i think 188,5 would be better listing, but the listing could be right
Dream(5'9.5") said on 20/Jul/18
I would say 6'2 3/8th", but he's no higher. He's shorter than Max Irons.
Canson said on 11/Jul/18
@Junior: I can agree that 6’1” looks too small but 6’2” looks right for him. You’re friend met him and maybe one had footwear advantage or less time awake. Not sure but that’s odd for him to say 6’1-6’2” when he’s closer to 6’3 or 6’2” and change at a low. I could see maybe a solid 6’2” or 6’1 7/8 saying 6’1/6’2 as it’s not much of a stretch since a 6’2” guy at a low can likely lose another 1/4” to get an extreme low and it would be legit
Rising - 174 cm said on 11/Jul/18
@josh b: True, but Reynolds does seem to be slouching in some of the pics. I agree that Ryan's height varies a lot in photos and I think your guess is as likely as any, though I can see why some guess him at 189 cm. With that said, saying 189 cm is the least he could be like Junior requires emphasizing the comparisons where Ryan looks taller while disregarding the ones where he looks shorter. In fairness to viper, Ryan's one claim seems to support that estimate and Ryan looks more 187 cm above with Taylor Kitsch and Denzel. As for my guess, I could either see josh b's estimate or the possibility Ryan never drops below 6'2" and could measure 1/4" over at noon or might be the same exact 6'2 1/8" that Brett Favre measured. I'd be somewhat surprised if he measured more than 1/4" taller or shorter than 6'2" in the evening or around noon. A legit 6'2" is quite tall, but people don't realize this because many 6'1" max guys claim 6'2".
josh b said on 9/Jul/18
Google him and Ryan Gosling, barely an inch between them. Just goes to show how photos change, I see him as a good 6'2 with a low of 6'1.75.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 8/Jul/18
I don't see below 189cm. Let alone 188cm. He look much taller than Jake Gyllenhaal than Stephen Curry did. If Reynolds stay 6'2 then Will Arnett will be 6'2 and Nathan Fillion 6'1.
Mister lennon said on 5/Jul/18
With bad posture, yes.
But that is not his true height. Everyone could look shorter than they are with poor posture.
If reynolds has good posture and is standing straigth at his full height, he is 188 minimum.
Mister lennon said on 4/Jul/18
6'1.5 is too short for ryan. Too unlikely.
He is 188 minimum. Nothing below a flat 6'2.
Editor Rob
Standing a bit loose he might measure 6ft 1.5
MAD SAM said on 2/Jul/18
Say what you want but I don’t think Ryan goes below 188 cm
viper said on 1/Jul/18
6-1.5 max
Mister lennon said on 30/Jun/18
6'1 is too less for rysn. Minimum flat 6'2.
Dejavu said on 30/Jun/18
He didn't look above 6'2 but was more 6'1.5 next to Josh Brolin.
QM6'1QM said on 29/Jun/18
Ryan Reynolds - worthy personification of a man of 6'2"!
He perfectly holds this mark, authentic, tall, no doubt!
My opinion is 188 cm/ 6'2".

P.S. And yes, you probably see that he is from Canada (if you are a fan "South Park") :).
Rising - 174 cm said on 27/Jun/18
I don't understand the Warren Beatty comment. Rob lists Beatty 6'0" and Ryan looked at most 2" taller: Click Here Click Here Beatty has old man posture as well so that's one of the times Ryan doesn't look anything over 6'2".
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 27/Jun/18
@Christian 6'5 3/8" By honesty my cousin really measure at 6'1 7/8 in the night and when he met Reynolds they're both coincident to have wear converse chucks classic style 0.5"inch. He still insist 6'2 5/8 absolute lowest that is why i trust him. Although he also say look much like an inch taller than him that would put Reynolds 190cm i doubt it but believe it at the same time a 50/50 chances. 6'2 5/8 is more reliable to me that i can see about 3cm max he can look taller than 6'1.5" Nathan Fillion.
Shorty tall said on 25/Jun/18
This is a little bit too much. C'mon , 5/8? Not 1/2 inch? You can see and spot the difference?
Dejavu said on 23/Jun/18
I think 6'2 is fair thats what he looks next to TJ Miller. He could look shorter than this listing next to Rob Delaney.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 21/Jun/18

Right, none of us met Ryan in person so we can't 100% say for sure whether he's 6'1.5" or 6'2". All we can do is give our opinions. Junior's cousin met him and said he looked 6'2 5/8" but that depends on how well he was able to gauge Ryan's height properly.
viper said on 21/Jun/18
Jake looked like he measured 5-10
Canson said on 19/Jun/18
@Mad Sam: well to Viper’s credit, the man did say that he’s 6’1/6’2” out of his own mouth so it is debatable to say the least. While I do see him at 6’2 myself as well, maybe he measured that at another time and the others are off. Being height varies throughout the day he could Very well measure 6’1.75 at a low in the afternoon or even an extreme low or even 6’1.5 and not know any better. You don’t provide anything here that makes it “not negotiable”. Only an opinion as this is an opinion based site.

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