How tall is Nathan Fillion

Nathan Fillion's Height

6ft 1 ½ (186.7 cm)

Canadian actor, best known for playing Captain Mal Reynolds in Firefly and subsequent movie spin-off Serenity. He also starred as Richard Castle in 'Castle' and John Nolan in The Rookie. In the Collectormania photo he had a 1/4 inch more thicker shoe than myself. On his acting resume he had himself listed as "Height: 6'1".

How tall is Nathan Fillion
5ft 8 Rob and Nathan (age 38) @ Collectormania 2009

How tall is Nathan Fillion
5ft 8 Rob and Nathan (age 35) @ London Film & Comic Con, 2006

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Average Guess (159 Votes)
6ft 1.4in (186.4cm)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/May/23
He did look similar to Hiddleston in photos though...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/May/23
Well Jake, if that's the case then Ryan Reynolds is shouldering 6ft3!
5'10.25" said on 31/Mar/23
186 cm range.
5'7 and a fraction said on 3/Mar/23
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 21/Jan/23
He’s the same height as Tom Hiddleston. Nathan is dropping height in the photos of the two together as well, and they appear identical height-wise.

Tom Hiddleston was dropping height as well though. I'm sure if you placed them in a movie scene together though, they would likely look interchangeable although my money would definitely be on Tom being the slightly taller one, but not but much.
Jake: 1.84 m- 1.85 m said on 11/Feb/23
Easy 187 cm. Could he even be 6ft 1.75?
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 21/Jan/23
He’s the same height as Tom Hiddleston. Nathan is dropping height in the photos of the two together as well, and they appear identical height-wise.
Dan Anderson said on 14/Jan/23
I think he's at least 6' 1 probably 6' one and a 1/2. Comparing him to Ryan Reynolds supposed height is ridiculous. Ryan Reynolds is one of the few guys that actually says he's shorter than he really is. He was taller than the Rock(Reynolds) in that one movie and they tried to cover it up. I have a feel for this, I'm like a walking double yard stick cause I'm exactly 6' tall, used to be 6 ft 1/2 inch grr lol. I can even usually tell by pictures when people are taller than me.
Ben - 186cm said on 6/Jan/23
Considering the top of your head is pretty much scraping his eye level with a 1/4 inch disadvantage, I find it hard to believe he’s more than 6’1 flat, but I guess photos aren’t always definitive.
msmith04 said on 29/Nov/22
Coldice said on 10/Oct/22

184 cm is a joke, that is at least 5-5.5 inch diffenxw between Rob and Nathan.

At worst 6’1” flat. Anything under 6’1” is a joke
6’1.5” is fine by me
Coldice said on 10/Oct/22
184 cm
5'7 and a fraction said on 1/Oct/22
Looks about right.
Pranav Gaikwad said on 12/Sep/22
Rob do u remember at which time did u meet him? Morning-afternoon-evening?
Editor Rob
Likely early afternoon.
Bobby said on 5/Aug/22
I've been rewatching Castle, and Fillion gives off a strong 6'1 impression. He looks roughly 6'2 in some scenes. Even when Stana Katic is wearing heels, he's still a couple of inches taller than her.

In Season 1, when he's slimmer, he also looks taller. He starts to fill out in later episodes, though. For example, in Season 2 onwards, he looks bulkier, which sometimes makes him look a little shorter. He's easily taller than a lot of the supporting cast as well, and there are very few male characters that rival his height.

I'd say 187 cm is a fair assessment of his height. I'd peg him as 189 cm in the morning, and about 187 cm in the evening. I think 6'1.75 is a good height to list him at because he would be that during the day.

Certainly, on the show, he will be very close to a 6'2 flat.
Voorhees Myers said on 11/Jul/22
Looks more 6-1.5 imo here.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Jul/22
Gatiss does gives similar vibes with Rob but that might be the shoes. Overall, I'd probably still give Fillion the edge.
Progking184 said on 21/May/22
He definitely looks at least 6'1 and tall. 6'1.5 probably, and maybe close to 6'3 in shoes. Eye level looks about average at 5'9
Mickie said on 6/May/22
I'll go with 6'1.25".
QM6'1.5 said on 23/Apr/22
Nice photo :)
Rob, is he taller personally than Mark Gatiss (without shoes) or ?)
Just your guess.
Editor Rob
I'd expect he measures a bit taller than Mark.
Hyper said on 4/Mar/22
I like this guy as Nathan Drake.
Slim 6'0.25 said on 27/Feb/22
Closer to 6’1 than 6’2
Slim 6'0.25 said on 11/Feb/22
Solid 186cm
Public Enemy said on 9/Jan/22
Click Here
Looks more than an inch between Reynolds and Fillon with Fillon having footwear advantage. Is Fillon definitely over 6’1? If he is then Reynolds looks a strong 6’2 in the photo
Truthteller27 said on 12/Dec/21
He definitely looks tall as this in the Firefly series.
Wehrmacht180 said on 28/Nov/21
185 cm next to 188 Ryan Reynolds
The5'11Dudr said on 5/Nov/21
Looked to be a solid 6'1 in the fan made Uncharted trailer. Maybe it's just me but he struggles to look 6'1 here with Rob. Maybe he had relaxed posture? He gets 6'1.5 from me.
berta said on 24/Oct/21
Rob there cant really be only 1 cm beetween him an ryan reynolds? On the show and in recent photos it looks closer to 1 inch.
Editor Rob
Can look 1/2 to 3/4 inch between them.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 8/Oct/21
@ Elene - You took the words right out of my mouth! 🍖🍞🎶

Nathan popped up as a Random Celeb and I reckoned he could be nearly six two, so six one is far too 'small'! 😂🤣

Nathan can have 6ft1.5. 😁👍
Elene said on 5/Aug/21
Surprising he claimed 6’1 only,looks a good 186 187 cm,taller than 6’1 for sure
MaskDeMasque 5'9.5 said on 1/Aug/21
Did look like a strong 6'1 in firefly. 6'1.5 is believable. He should play Nathan drake in the upcoming uncharted movie imo, dude looks just like him and he has that cheekiness about him.
Editor Rob
Click Here -
I suppose next year we'll see how well Holland does, but Nathan would have got my vote.
Matt M said on 5/Jul/21
He looks at least an inch taller then let Davidson so that would mean Pete is not 6'1 1/2
ALEXIZ/180cm said on 19/Apr/21
186 cm
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 1/Mar/21
Ryan Reynolds isn't below 189cm. Dozen times saying it. Reynolds stand straight would be 3cm legit taller than Nathan.
berta said on 22/Jan/21
i think maybe legit 186 is beter. ryan reynolds hade 1 inch on him.
Peter193 said on 28/Nov/20
6'1 5/8 (187cm)
Realist said on 14/Nov/20
He looks a solid 186 cms I seen him in a movie and he always looked 6'1ish so this listing is accurate.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 13/Sep/20
Lol Rob 😁😁😁
Editor Rob
I included Fillion's bio in the short Mugshot clip.
6footTom said on 23/Jul/20
He's definitely a bit over 6'1". How much is the question.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 30/Jun/20
Above mention: On his acting resume he had himself listed as "Height: 6'1".

He could be 6'1 1/2 for a morning measurement came a low 6'1 1/4 round down 6'1 on resume but still claiming 6'1 1/2 by own words.
Editor Rob
Technically it's a 'Biography' page with 'Vital Statistics', but I've no doubt Nathan wrote it himself...

With a line like below, it's the kind of humour I'd include on my resume too:

"Since being transplanted to Manhattan, Nathan has taken to city streets for his latest interest, roller-blading. Among his other talents, Nathan boasts riding a unicycle, "washing cars, housework and mowing lawns.""

Misha Collins too, threw in the odd joke on his resume, I remember he had

"White House Intern (not in the same capacity as M. Lewinsky)"
Jam Cherry said on 27/Jun/20
He appears closer to 6’2” with Rob but since Nathan has 0.25 inch advantage over Rob here 186.5 cm fits him just about fine
JakestJake said on 17/Jun/20
He’s 6’1”.

And Browncoats forever.
HeightRealist said on 14/Jun/20
Rob I almost feel you are pulling our legs. The picture you posted with Jenny actually shows precisely what I am talking about. Look how high his knee cap is. Clear signs of lifts.
Editor Rob
That weekend he did walk a bit funny!
Nik Ashton said on 8/Jun/20
NOT over listed!
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 7/Jun/20
😲That's a 2'0 Nathan! 😵😵
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 6/Jun/20

Stocky build can often look shorter. Standing alone he look from 5'11 1/4-6'0 but def is taller in real next to legit 5'8 1/8 editor Rob. If Rob is 5'9 with sneakers with him then he has to be over 6'2 with shoes def not lift. I had a tall but stock frame cousin who was 6'2 looking like a 6'0 flat guy but with every comparison with 6'0-6'1 guys he easily edge out everyone.
Editor Rob
Actually he looks tiny With Jenny 😲

he doesn't wear lifts in person.
Alex 6' 3" said on 3/Jun/20
Scroll down to Second Photo:

Click Here
Alex 6' 3" said on 2/Jun/20
Seen him 3 feet in front of me at Oaks Cafe, Franklin Village/Hollywood, day time. I noticed he stomps like Frank N. Stein, I glanced down, yup! MONSTER LIFTS N' BOOTS. 5' 9.5" - 5' 10" in bare feet. CHRIS PRATT range and stocky build: Shoe f/x + Great Hair = 6 foot plus!
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 2/Jun/20
If he wore lifts that thick, Rob would've noticed it and called it out. Rob busted a couple celebs before that wore elevator shoes, such as James Kyson Lee. Anything over 1" and lifts would start to be noticeable, according to Rob.
HeightRealist said on 1/Jun/20
I enjoy his acting. He is above average, but not much. He always wears thick soled shoes and lifts. In lifts he is about 6'1. Without lifts no more than 5'11.5. I am giving him 181cm. Stocky guy.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 25/May/20
Paleman, he can be 6'1 1/2 or he could be only 186cm came for a lower measurement.
Paleman said on 13/May/20
The flat 6'1" guesses or lower are either trolling, people needing to get their eyes checked or wanting to downvote just to desperately feel better about themselves. Tsk tsk.

He looks exactly as listed, definitely taller than flat 185cm. "Strong 6 foot guy"... yeah, that's just horse manure and you know it.
Vsquad said on 18/Dec/19
Nathan Fillion is perhaps the best example of a 6'1 guy looking so visually distinct from every height below it.

For some reason, most times I can never tell the difference between 5'11 and 6'0 unless a proper photo is taken (which is the case with my brother and I). But I can always tell the difference between 6'0 and 6'1 no matter what... it's frustrating. I'd kill to be even a flat 6'1 because of how tall it looks.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 15/Nov/19
When there is no footwear issue Zachary Levi can look as high as 2" on Nathan.
Nils2 said on 19/Aug/19
6'1.25 - 6'1.5 no more no less i would guess
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 2/Jun/19
@berta Ryan Reynolds had an easy inch on him and mostly look 3cm on proper comparison than some angle pushes down 1cm on the odd and 4-5cm on the higher side.
Jesica said on 7/May/19
Not seeing 6'1.5, especially with his "slight footwear advantage."
6'1 flat
berta said on 22/Apr/19
karl urban 184-184,5
Nathan Fillion around 186,5-187
Ryan Reynolds 188,5-189
HE is about 1 inch taller than karl urban and Reynolds is clearly about 2 cm taller than him( could be 1,5cm)
Oneiroi said on 17/Mar/19
6'1 flat? impossible he is definitely a strong 1.87 as he claims. He is very honest already in not claming 6'2 or more than that like a lot people with his height.
Sharkey said on 5/Jan/19
6'1" flat or maybe a hair less.

Sigh. I miss Firefly.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 17/Aug/18
Affleck is 6'2 flat and nothing up. Ryan Reynolds is 6'2 5/8 met by my 6'1 7/8 (lowest height) cousin insisted he is 2cm taller than him. I could do discount round down Reynolds 6'2 1/2. Nathan Fillion is 6'1 dead on it if Reynolds is 6'2.
184guy2 said on 11/Aug/18
I don't think Affleck is shorter than both . He looks dead on the same height as Ray Fisher , some pics shorter , others taller , and always a swing due Ben's hair or Ray's footwear ...
Ray looks under 6'2 with Rob but I trust in Rob's judgment so I can buy 6'2.25 for him.
6'2 for Reynolds it's ok , so we have all three fellas at solid 6'2er zone.
Canson said on 9/Aug/18
@184guy: it’s hard to tell here. Reynolds looks max 6’2” imho and Ray Fisher also max 6’2”. I have Affleck shorter than both of them
184guy2 said on 6/Aug/18
@Junior & Rampage
So we have a 6'3 Affleck.......
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Jun/18
There is close to 1in between him and Reynolds in those photos
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 22/Jun/18
@berta No. No not that 1 xm. More like full inch min. He isn't 187cm much likely 186-186.5cm and Reynolds is not under 189cm.
Nik said on 14/Jun/18
This is an OK listing!
berta said on 7/Jun/18
this guy is barely 187 as he claims and ryen reynolds is 189. there is not only 1 xm beetween them
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 6/Jun/18
Click Here Many picture here on google to compare Nathan and Reynolds height and many deceiving angle. Only half inch is way impossible. If Rob so sure Nathan was 6'1.5" then a min 6'2.5" should deserved to Ryan Reynolds.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 7/May/18
Reynolds had solid 3cm on Fillion. People should accepted the fact. A 6'1 3/8-6'1.5" guy and a 6'2 5/8 guy downplaying 6'2 and recently finally came out claiming 6'3. It's not that hard to believe it.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 29/Apr/18

I agree. Maybe more 6'3" than 6'2.5" though.
Canson said on 29/Apr/18
@MrTBlack: agreed!
MrTBlack said on 29/Apr/18

Very tall is usually considered 6’3” or 6’2.5” and above.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Apr/18
He can pull off 6ft2
Dream(5'9.5 said on 12/Apr/18
I agree with this listing.

I also agree that Ryan Reynolds needs an upgrade.
Ventri said on 25/Mar/18
6'1" guy. Tall, but not very tall.

God, I miss Firefly. =[
Danimal said on 23/Mar/18
Adnan said on 3/Feb/18

Oh come on. People like you just want to lower for the sake of lowering. He looks over 6'1.5" with Rob. I think he's being extremely honest.
Junior Hernandez said on 7/Feb/18
@Adnan Maybe 6'1 lowest. Seriously Ryan Reynolds being listed at 6'2 for a decades if i'm not wrong just because he consistently claim 6'2, but look nothing under 6'2.5" according to Fillion 6'1.5" listing here.

Click Here:

Click Here:
Junior Hernandez said on 2/Feb/18
He may not holding this listing till evening. 6'1.25" can be lowest.
Tarinator 6'2 said on 10/Jan/18
I wouldn’t be surprised if he measured 6’1.75” (187.3 cm) but 6’1.5” is fair enough. Wouldn’t go with the full 6’2” as the bottom of his head hits maybe 161 cm and plus his head is bigger than yours maybe by 1 cm or so. 9.75” or maybe 10” might be the size of his head.
MAD SAM said on 15/Dec/17
Looks very close to 187 cm he perfectly stated his height btw
Bard said on 13/Nov/17
Honest guy
Abe said on 12/Nov/17
I also met him at Armageddon Auckland this year. I'm 6'0 and he was a bit taller than me when I shook his hand but he slouched a little in the photo
Anonymous said on 3/Nov/17
6'1.25" or 6'1.5", somewhere between these values. In any case, he is an honest man, does not lie and does not overestimate his height.
Ted said on 21/Oct/17
Got a pic yesterday at Armageddon Auckland. He is definitely 6 1.5. I am 6.05 evening and he was taller, even though he slouches. He tends to lean and tilt one side of his head down towards people. He has a long neck, as we have same shoulder height but i have very thick short neck,
Hunch said on 21/Oct/17
Looks like a rare legit claim. Most his height would claim 6’2”. His 6’1.5” looks right.
Canson said on 19/Oct/17
Looks right
travis said on 30/Sep/17
yes this is right 6'1.5 186cm
Marquis said on 24/Sep/17
@Honest Slovene - You're forgetting about Fillion's stated slight footwear advantage. And that the second photo is deceptive, due to Fillion's upward head tilt.

6'1" flat, I stand by it.
Heightster said on 21/Aug/17
Huge lift and platform sole wearer. Without Hollywood Height enhancement, 5' 10 - 5' 10 1/2" bare foot. I saw him stomp by at Oaks Cafe on Franklin in Hollywood. Frankenstein-esque stomp gait. One notices the thick soles and lifts. Awkward on this fairly stocky dude of decent natural height.
KH said on 2/Aug/17
Right around the mark looking at the pictures about 5 inches between the two of them. Definitely more then 6'1.
World Citizen said on 25/May/17
Looks exactly as listed.
delvin chung said on 5/Mar/17
Is 186 cm a better bet ?
Editor Rob
I'd say he's going to measure very close to 6ft 1.5, I think taller than most 6ft 1 guys I've seen.
Mark(5'9.25") said on 24/Feb/17
@S.J.H. So you're telling me that everyone should be proportioned exactly the same. Let me tell you this, my legs are shorter than my body. I can't change that. However, I've gotten my measure tape with my spine standing up normal without shoes at very late night which is 5'9.25". Not everyone looks a certain height just because of proportions.

Also, I've been called indirectly nearly 3 inches taller than what I would claim in person. The people who indirectly tell me I look nearly 3 inches taller than what I claim? They're big six footers, near 6'3"ers, and even one 6'7.25" person.

You can't always tell how tall they look from frame alone until you meet that person. Nathan does look a legit 6'1.5" and Rob met him in person, so it's validates his listing for Nathan.
S.J.H said on 16/Feb/17

I know what you mean, It's just that most of time full frame could still tell a person real height whether the person lie or not. If he is really 6'1.5 he should be looking it or look taller. Most people thought i'm like an inch taller than a real height i go with but i'm not that tall and i have know one solid 187cm guy he look taller than how Nathan apear in Castle. Certainly when you look at the same person for quite sometimes you coud tell his exact height accurately. Nathan Fillion probably just measure what he gets in the earlier day maybe measure nearly 6'1.5 he just go with 6'1.5 claim and went down abit under 6'1 in the afternoon there is why he always look 185cm more than 186 let alone 187cm. If the plumber can look 6'2 like rob mention before then it is due the time he met him and just like rob may have met nathan in morning still holding 6'1.25 with footwear advantage so fooled 6'1.5 but if rob met him after few hours later he might just look 6'1.1-6.1.2 range indeed he have the same advantage shoes than rob. Bare in mind nathan fillion did not have tendency to wear flat footwear in his drama series unlike zachary levi did to easily gives false ups and down height impression to people think is he 6'2 and next time he look 6'3. I don't see a problem if nathan is just about 6'1 which you never know if you never measure a person height or seem him in person more than once
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Feb/17
Solid 6ft1½
Andrea said on 6/Feb/17
Lol, S.J.H, can you honestly tell whether a person is 184-5 or 186-7, just by looking at his "body"?
I've not seen any movie or tv shows of his (just a few photos) but he does look near his listing/claim with Rob! He does look over 6'1, no matter what "full frame" photos tell to your mind xD
Maybe you could make an argument for 186 range but I doubt he'd measure any under that mark! 186-7 range is believable for Nathan ;)
And yeah the plumber would probably measure taller than him but remember that Rob has said he probably caught him at his absolute low... Nathan, I don't think so. Which means that the plumber may well be a cm taller than him, under "normal circumstances". Not a big difference, in any case...
berta said on 27/Jan/17
this guyhave very good posture i think. he can look 188 range in photos with guys like zachary levy. 187 is what he is
HonestSlovene said on 9/Jan/17
@Marquis If he was just 6'1, the top of Rob's head would be roughly at his eye level since the average difference from the eye level of a person to the head is 11-12cm or 4.5 inches and he clearly can look over his head. Also the difference from the nose tip to the top of the head is about 16-17 cm or 6.5 inches and the top of ROb's head is clearly over his nose tip. So based on those facts about average human proportions he is at least taller than 184-185cm but definitely under 189-190cm. My guess would be right between those 2 marks so 6'1.5" or 186-187 cm. The listing is spot on , he is 185.5 cm or 6'1.25" at worst.
Marquis said on 7/Jan/17
6'1" guy, or maybe a bit less.

In the photos above he has slightly more than a half a head on Rob, minus a stated slight footwear advantage that knocks that down to half a head.

Slight upward head tilt in second photo is deceptive.
Importer said on 1/Jan/17
The guy plays Halo, if he said if he is 7ft I would believe him. I hope you halo players got my reference xD
Dahi said on 11/Dec/16
Honestly very legit 6'1.5. I could even see this guy being 6'2 in the morning.
186cm said on 13/Nov/16
Wow AAAA I'm very impressed. Keep up that work. He is definitely 6'1.5 he definitely doesn't fall below 6'1.25 at his low. Your picture proves this point even more. Impressive
AAAA said on 12/Nov/16
Been messing around with photoshop again. Side by side of 6'2 Alan Rictchson, Big Rob, and Nathan

Nathan def looks 6'1.5 to me. I could see some seeing 6'1.25 but that is absolute minimum

what do you think of my photoshop skills, Rob? Can I keep up with the master

Click Here
Editor Rob
yes AAAA, not bad there. I would have said in person Alan was closer to 6ft 2 than Nathan from all I've seen.
Sarah said on 7/Nov/16
Definitely close to 187, and honest too! great in firefly.
HonestSlovene said on 24/Oct/16
Pretty much a legit 6'1.5". I loved the series Castle.
Aza said on 22/Oct/16
Looks as listed in pics with Rob
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Oct/16
Rob, who would you bet on as taller Fillion or Brakes?
Editor Rob
both over 6ft 1, but not quite 6ft 2.
Bobby said on 11/Oct/16
He can round up, and no one will question him. You can't visually distinguish height if there is only an inch difference, so forget about distinguishing height at the half inch mark. If he's 187cm, that's only one centimetre away from 6'2. That's less than half an inch actually, so round up. I did that in high shcool during the 12th grade when I was 5'11.5 barefoot, I would either say I was shy of six feet tall, or just said "I'm 6ft tall." I had this friend who was 6'5 at the time too, he never questioned me. He frequently said I was a tall guy, and he had 5 inches on me. Well in truth, he had 5.5 inches in me. I didn't consider him to be massive either, because I was in the 6ft threshold, my head came up to about his ear if I recall, but I didnt have to crane my head to look at him. Maybe a little bit, but it wasn't significant. So yeah, Nathan Fillion can definitely pass for 6'2. Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones was 6'1, and he looked it. I'm not sure about now, he may have shrunk, but in his prime, he was definitely 6'1.
Shredder said on 2/Oct/16
Rob , I was told I look like him in the face. I call BS. lol.
Editor Rob
yeah, I'd take that though and smile at whoever said it!

even though I can't quite see it ;)
S.J.H said on 22/Sep/16
6'1 is generous. The 186.7cm guy measured by rob look taller than nathan at least a cm. Not every 6 foot plus guy mid eye level to top head is 12cm and 13cm under eye lip and nathan had slight footwear advantage. The video of jenny with big Al before Al get measured by jenny on the metric that i watch with my cousin the video we have the same thought he could clear 186cm like nathan look next to rob but he was just right at 185.4cm a 6 foot 1inch and 11.5cm eye level and shave off 2mm he was only 185.2cm and jenny look right under Al eye level. I do think at most nathan clear a metric 185.4cm by a few mm at most
Editor Rob
Fillion looks over a flat 6ft 1 in person, much nearer 187 I feel.
Ren said on 17/Jul/16
Rob show the scale in the picture please
Peter 179cm said on 6/Jul/16
186cm seems closer if he had footwear advantage.So i'd say about 6'1.25.
Scott said on 3/Jul/16
I'm seeing a strong 6' 2" in these pics. Are you really 5' 8"?
Editor Rob
yes, in person Nathan is no taller than This 187 guy...that's how 173 typically will look with 187 (6ft 1.5) in a photo.
Celebheights 6'1.75 said on 18/Apr/16
He edges out Tom Hiddleston (neither are standing up with good posture):

Click Here
Jedi Master 5'11 said on 19/Mar/16
Hmm... When I put on my boots I tower over anyone who's 5'8" or 5'9". I would probably have about the same height as Fillion in this picture with them on, but you could probably lie a plank of wood across the tops of our heads and it would be close to level. You say he had a slight footwear advantage, so I'm guessing maybe a minimum 1" regular shoe? Idk
Editor Rob
me just under 1 inch, him a tad over 1 I thought, but really not much.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Feb/16
One of the few guys that doesn't round up
grizz said on 28/Dec/15
He seems to be 6'1, maybe 6'1.25 in 1st picture(that may be due to thicker footwear?)
Perhaps 6'1.5 is his midday height, but I'd give him 6'1 as his height.
S.J.H said on 13/Nov/15
I don't buy that 6 foot 1.5 because with slight foowear he only look solid 186cm on top picture and picture below he tilt up head look above that and closer to camera. I won't be surprise if he was only 6'0.75 as he looks it in castle and premiere pictures
Andrea said on 6/Nov/15
So, he told you to be 6'1.5? Interesting... He looks near enough, probably most of the guys at his height would say 6'2 (or even more)...
Rob, mention the 6'1.5 claim at the top :)
Len said on 25/Oct/15
Consistently looks 6'1".

Also not seeing 5 1/2" of difference between Rob and him in the photos above, if, as Rob says, Nathan has a slight footwear edge.
Gamerdudesd24 said on 18/Oct/15
Nathan Fillion is a great voice actor for Hal Jordan Green Lantern in DC animated.
Ali said on 13/Oct/15
I think he is a strong 6 ft guy. He often wears thick soled shoes to appear taller.

How tall is ''Big Al''? 185.5cm according to your video on youtube Rob and he looks taller
than Nathan. What do you think?
Editor Rob
in person I think he is near enough to this listing.

but then the guy from height challenge who actually measured 6ft 1.5...he looks taller in person, but as I said on here, I think generally that guy is nearer 6ft 2 than 1.5 and we got him after a day of work and at his absolute low.
Unsub 5'10" said on 21/Sep/15
6'1.75" could also be possible. what I mean is he doesn't look under 1.87m.
unsub 5'10" said on 2/Sep/15
Nathan has 13 cm on Rob, Rob's height is 1.73'5-1.74cm, so 6'1.5" is spot on.
Tunman said on 25/Aug/15
Inches are base 12 obviously not base 10.
in all logic 6 1.5 is going to be seen as base 12 so 6'1.8 which is exactly 187,452.For your second example 6'1.5 with 1.5/12 inches is exactly 6'1.25 with 1.25/10 since normal operations on calculators are base 10
On the same way 5'9 (175,26cm) will be interpreted as 5'10.8 (179,832cm).
Hope I made it clear.
A6'2Guy said on 17/Jul/15
@Emil Thought it was 187.452cm, that is what I get when I type 6.150 into the Google length conversion tab. Though I am quite confused, when I type "6'1.5" in cm" into Google it comes up with "6.125", wouldn't that be 6'1.25"? Which is 186.69cm as you said, Emil.

Maybe someone could chime in.
Matthew said on 1/Jul/15
[Editor Rob: he still thought someone like Julian Sands was near 6ft. Fillion is 3 inches taller than him in person.

Actually G tried to sneakily increase his height this year, he mentioned this musician was 5ft 9....'around my height'.]


G thought Cudmore was 6'5" and Clooney was 6'0". Although Cudmore told him 6'6" when he asked. But still, thinking upon impression that there's only a 5" gap between Cudmore and Clooney is pretty amateur height guessing.
Editor Rob
Cudmore is taller than most guys who claim 6ft 6. He might measure at worst 6ft 6.75.
Although if you saw somebody on the lower side of a pavement, you could easily see them smaller by an inch or 2.
Shane said on 2/Jun/15
6'2" at the beach, certainly seemed EXACTLY the same height and build as a friend of mine who was there on the same day. It was before "Castle" se I didn't recognize him initially.

Very cool and friendly guy.
Carol said on 7/May/15
Love Nathan Fillion to death. One of my favorite actors and I think he's closer to 6'2" but that's just me. But hey... Whatever floats your goat right?
Andrea said on 28/Apr/15
Remember G guessed Daniel Cudmore at 6'5... He'd probably think Nathan is 6' range :)
In any case, i think Nathan would measure between 186 and 187 so 6'1.5 is a good listing with 6'1.25 being possible too!
Editor Rob
he still thought someone like Julian Sands was near 6ft. Fillion is 3 inches taller than him in person.

Actually G tried to sneakily increase his height this year, he mentioned this musician was 5ft 9....'around my height'.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Apr/15
Rob, do you think a legit 6ft1 or 6ft1½ guy would get away with claiming 6ft2?
Editor Rob
a guy like Nathan could, someone like G would guess him as 6ft 3 probably.
Hypado said on 26/Feb/15
My guess for the measure tape for Nathan Fillion:

186,6 cm or 6ft 1.5in

Charlie said on 4/Jan/15
"I think he looks 6'1 flat with Rob "
Only 12 cm dif? How about getting a pair of eyeglasses...
Danimal said on 17/Nov/14
Easily 6'2" guy.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Oct/14
Rob, who looked taller than person, Fillion or Chaske Spencer?

Spencer looks like he'd have a good 1in on Nathan
Editor Rob
both similar range
mike said on 16/Oct/14
Could be 6ft 1.75?
Realist said on 3/Oct/14
Looks 6'2 or pretty close.
Judd said on 15/Sep/14
he's a honest 6'1.5"
tom said on 4/Sep/14
I think he's a bit old for Drake now as well. Shame, as he would have been perfect for the role around the time Firefly was released.
cole said on 18/Aug/14
@mike: He would be a rather interesting choice for Drake, but personally I'd choose someone like David Giuntoli over him to be honest. David fits the bill - same height, about the same age etc. But he probably won't get too much love - people are talking about him being a little too monotone and boring to play Drake. But I think that's hugely based on his character on Grimm, and it doesn't really do his actual personality justice - he seems like a cool and fun enough guy in interviews from what I can tell. I'd be surprised if he got the part though, but you never know - Marvel gave the chubbish Chris Pratt, a comedy actor, the lead in Guardians of the Galaxy... What do you think Rob?
Crash said on 9/Jul/14
mike, he's a bit old looking now IMO. Eddie Cibrian would be perfect though. Joe Flanigan is also a good choice, even though he's older than Fillion he looks younger.
SaveUsY2J said on 17/Jun/14
Think I might have jinxed that one, lol...
Editor Rob
true, now you are Banned ;)
mike said on 13/Jun/14
he should really play Nathan Drake in the Uncharted movie not Wahlberg Rob what're your thoughts?
Editor Rob
Nathan's got a very good gig with Castle (from an actor who was in numerous early cancelled shows he hit a home run with that one)...but I think yeah he'd make a good Drake, he's got a big presence and is a good actor.
Alex 6ft 0 said on 5/Apr/14
I think he looks 6'1 flat with Rob
Sam said on 3/Apr/14
I'd guess Firth at 6'1" even, Jim Carrey at 6'1.25" and Smith and Fillion at 6'1.5", the same or pretty close to their listings.
James B said on 1/Apr/14
Legit 6'1.5 man. I'd bet he would edge out will smith, colin firth and Jim Carrey wouldn't he rob?
Editor Rob
he might not drop much at all below 6ft 1.5 at worst
176,2Tunman said on 22/Mar/14
Rob,what is his weight in Castle,I'm guessing about 215?
Editor Rob
could be around that, a few pounds heavier than when he started the show
Sam said on 17/Mar/14
He seems like he should be more famous, as he is a charismatic, likeable screen presence at time reminiscent of the young Harrison Ford but he seems more destined to go the way of Bruce Campbell, a cool, good-natured cult/character actor who occasionally benefits from his friendship with an auteur-ish director (Whedon for Fillion, Raimi for Campbell).
176,2Tunman said on 18/Feb/14
He seems very similar to the plumber,isn't he,Rob?6'1.5 seems fair considering slight footwear advantage but big head, probably a solid 9.5in
Editor Rob
the plumber actually I think if I got him at lunchtime instead of a day at work, would been fraction taller as he generally has looked 6ft 2 guy to me when I seen him.
sigge said on 4/Feb/14
Accurate listing, with that hair he could easily pass for a full 6'2 as well.
Nick said on 22/Jan/14
I had the pleasure of meeting him a few months ago, he is a large man. Very tall and thick. I'd say 6'2 easy, maybe his size makes him appear taller.
Balrog said on 14/Jan/14
Agree silent d. Trucco deserves a downgrade
jack said on 9/Dec/13
i am 6'2'' and he is half an inch shorter than me....
Sarah said on 2/Dec/13
Rob, is he closer to 6'2"? He looks close to it in these pics
Editor Rob
I think he is right between 6ft 1 and 2.
Hypado said on 1/Dec/13
legit 6ft 1.5in
roy said on 20/Oct/13
looks 6'1, especially considering that he has the footwear advantage
Ud191cm said on 13/Oct/13
Is he really a very cool guy in person? It seems so.. I mean I just saw castle and He acts very cool.
Editor Rob
yes he is fan friendly, I'd say a charismatic kind of fella
Bakura said on 12/Oct/13
@Len- no, he looks to be pushing 6'2, so if you subtract the slight footwear advantage this listing is acceptable.
Len said on 9/Oct/13
He looks 6'1" at most.
Matt 184.7-186.7cm said on 6/Oct/13
looks more than a flat 6-1 here 6ft 1.5 is a good guess
Geo 183 cm said on 5/Aug/13
perfect height for a man:) 186.5 at night
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Jul/13
Looks 186cm in both pics with the lean.
My guess is 187-188cm or just under 6ft2.

"Nathan Fillion's height is 6ft 1.75in (187cm)"
Jax said on 3/Jul/13
weird...he looks barely 6ft next to ryan reynolds in two guys a girl and a pizza place....looks 6'1 with rob though ..maybe he started wearing lifts or using lift pads lol
truth178cm said on 15/Jun/13
hmmm I thought a full 6ft2 for this guy but 6ft1.5 sounds right as well.
lelman said on 12/Jun/13
@Jack beautiful? Whatever you say, haha.

Looks quite small on Firefly for some reason, didn't expect him to be near 6'2.
Jack said on 3/Jun/13
Very beautiful man and very tall too
Yaspaa said on 3/May/13
yeah, he's clearly huskier in Castle.
Nick said on 29/Apr/13
I met him over the weekend at the Calgary Expo. He's a great guy and easily 6'2 and a lot bigger than I thought. Looks like he's gained a few since his days as Capt Mal.
thc said on 22/Apr/13
he's clearly over 6'1...
this listing sounds accurate
Lenad said on 19/Apr/13
186cm from my point of view
Lenad said on 19/Apr/13
looks closer to 6'1 than 6'2. I wouldn't go lower than that though
jimmy said on 17/Apr/13
Chaske Spencer looks a bit taller.Either Nathan is flat 6'1" or Chaske is 6'2".
Editor Rob
they are both similar range in person
SolidSnake said on 12/Feb/13
Looks 6'2'' but then again footwear lol
Brad said on 11/Feb/13
No idea he was this tall, but come to think of it he is consistantly much taller than average. The listing seems spot on. 6'1"-6'2"
Balrog said on 27/Dec/12
I agree with the listing, Nathan looks solid tall over 6'1''.
James said on 23/Nov/12
Rob this guy looked very close in height too James cosmo in 'castle'. Cosmo looked 184cm compared too you.

Do u think 6'1.5 could a cm too high perhaps.
Editor Rob
not seen that episode, but in person nathan looks taller than james does to me.
jasper186cms said on 19/Nov/12
6ft 1.5 with slight foot a legit 6ft 1 for sure.
Sceptic said on 17/Nov/12
Hey Rob, what do you make of this pic?

Click Here

Sean Maher looks pretty much the same height as you do next to Fillion, and that's with what looks to be equal footware. Although Nathan may be standing a tad closer to the camera. Just wondering because you've never put up a listing for Maher, but based on that pic, I'd guess he's not over 5'9.
Editor Rob
if I added him it might be 5ft 9, I always missed him at events he done over here, the ones I never went to!
MaskDeMasque said on 24/Oct/12
i'd say 6'1.25. Good actor, should def be nathan drake if they make an uncharted movie.
Silent d said on 21/Oct/12
Stana is still hot. She is always taller than the other cast members. Castle is taller than her by ten cm. She doesn't wear huge heels, only when she goes out to social gatherings. She is a cop. I think 3 inch heels. She is 5 foot 9.
Dave618 said on 5/Oct/12
Elizabeth, height and cameras are a sometimes bad combination. So much depends on who's standing in the foreground, floor/street levels, posture, etc. Usually in scenes where both people are barefoot and standing eye to eye, like Rocky and Mr. T in Rocky 3, you get an accurate assessment about their respective heights, but most times it's extremely unreliable.

I'm about 3 inches taller than my 5'11" dad, and it's more noticeable in some photographs than others, depending on all of the above reasons.
Elizabeth said on 20/Sep/12
After watching Castle, I don't think Stana Katic is 5'9, because in 4-5 inch heels she is still a few inches shorter than Nathan. how to explain that?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Sep/12
Rob, he looks similiar to Mark Pellegrino?
fliper said on 21/Aug/12
185.5-186cm for me
Mathew said on 19/Aug/12
[Editor Rob:
I believe G was driven by a need for recognition and this site was a means to gain some of that.]


I wonder what made him show up and meet for the measurement in New York. He must have thought he would at least thought he'd be very close to 5'8".
Editor Rob
maybe he knew to have any chance of using celebheights as a vehicle to show photos and seek attention, he had to go ahead with it?
Hob said on 8/Aug/12
omg.. jenny can be measure 172.6cm lower than rob by 6mm? she always look taller than rob in pic!
the shredder said on 4/Aug/12
If G wanted to lie about 5'8 why did he come to a HEIGHT SITE ?
Editor Rob

I believe G was driven by a need for recognition and this site was a means to gain some of that.
Dave618 said on 27/Jul/12
This guy has claimed 6'1 and 1/2" and 6'2". He's probably like me, 6'2" or a shade above in the morning, and about 6'1 and 1/2" in the evening. A weak 6'2" to some here, although I call that a legit 6'2" because I think your true height is the peak height you measure without the adverse effects of gravity. Think: the height you are in the AM is the height God intended you to be and on the moon or many other planets with no gravity, you'd stay at that height all the time. So Nathan should be upgraded to 6'2".
tom said on 8/Jun/12
Yep defo around that. 6-1+
Emil said on 7/Feb/12
6'1.5 is 186.69 cm so he's telling the truth folks
ChiasmataX said on 3/Jan/12
Accurate listing.
MicHaeL H. said on 31/Dec/11
Looks like... Nathan Drake to me...
Sean73 said on 20/Dec/11
I ment wonderwoman not superwoman.
Sean73 said on 12/Dec/11
Stana katic wears heels alot,and i see a 4 inch difference between she and fillion.I like her and the actress from NCIS L.A for a superwoman movie.
Tman said on 24/Nov/11
this guy has big presence on camera
Silent d said on 16/Nov/11
I always thought he was 6 foot but come to think of it he was little shorter than ryan reynolds in two guys, a girl and a pizza place. 186cm is perfect. If he was 187cm, he would be same height as reynolds. I remember there was a bigger differece. That means stana katic is at least 5 foot 10. She gets hotter everyday.
LAN Jiao said on 21/Oct/11
maybe 6'1.5 he rounded up abit. he is strong 186ish. 186.2-5 can look 187 tops as well. im 196.5-6 i look 197 from full mirror.
sean73 said on 14/Oct/11
Rob you got it dead on.2.25 inch difference between him and baldwin.
Jonas said on 11/Oct/11
looks like 6'1 to me
LAN Jiao said on 4/Oct/11
Nathan is 6'1.25 , but he look no more than 1.5in shorter than adam baldwin list 6'4.
Tman said on 26/Sep/11
if the guy from height challenge #2 is 1,863 m then Nathan is around that mark too coz he just does nt look taller!
Editor Rob
they are pretty similar range.

Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Sep/11
I see more 185cm(6"1) in the pics and he has slight shoe advantage over Rob aswell.
His posture is not the best though.
186cm might be closer, Rob?
LAN Jiao said on 23/Sep/11
since he had little adavantage footwear he might be solid 6ft1.25(186cm)?
Shaun said on 18/Sep/11
Looks 6'2" in the first picture.
Larc 6 ft 1.75 in said on 14/Sep/11
This guy is like a tall version of Michael J.Fox....ahahah
He's around my height for sure, 6'1.5 is the best guess.
Martin said on 2/Sep/11
He looks 185 compared to you. 187 is too much
Chameleon said on 18/Aug/11
Rob, thats a movie, kinda funny he mentions that because Nathan isnt even in it.
Editor Rob
I've seen the movie ;) that's why I put the ?
Hansen said on 15/Aug/11
nathan always fit on his normal boots or chunky boots on. i don know if he was over 6ft1 but he look only 6ft0.5 in 28weeks later.
Editor Rob
28 weeks later?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Aug/11
I think Nathan is 6ft1.75(187cm). Out of bed he's maybe just over the 188cm Mark, like 188.3cm
Dean 5ft 9.25 said on 4/Aug/11
He looks a solid 12cm taller..Id say at night hes 185-186cm no more! I dont buy 187cm especially with the footware advantage..185.5cm solid 6'1 no more IMO and 99% not over 186cm surely
Mathew said on 25/Jul/11
He looks solidly 6'1.5". Could pass for 6'2".
Godred said on 21/Jul/11
If he ever hits the 188 mark it`s out of bed,can`t buy 189,might go as low as 185 or 186 at some point of the day.I think Rob is correct 187.
James said on 15/Jul/11
188-189 out of bed
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Jul/11
188cm in the morning, Rob?
Editor Rob
I wouldn't say less than 188
James said on 6/Jul/11
i don't think he quite looks 187cm with rob given he has slightly more footware.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Jul/11
Looks a good 187cm
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Jun/11
187cm is bang on...
Fraser is 6ft3 on the nose.
James said on 25/Jun/11
if he's 186-187cm then that makes brendan frasier 189-190cm

he can look very close to 188cm at times on TV and in photos so i think very good chance he is 187cm on the nose
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Jun/11
looks a solid 6ft1.5, maybe even 6ft1.75?
Dmeyer said on 17/Jun/11
Does look 13 cm taller than Rob 186-7 fits
Terryman said on 17/Jun/11
if you think 188cm watch him in serenity next to adam baldwin(1,93m),he certainly did not hold his own in that film against adam.
James said on 9/Jun/11
No 184cm is too low
Josh said on 7/Jun/11
More like 6'0.5
James said on 22/May/11
Yeah 185cm in the new photo if he had slight footware advantage probably boosting him to 186cm
Godred said on 20/May/11
I don`t think he quite hits the 6`2 at anytime of day.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/May/11
Fluctuates between 187cm and 188cm
Chameleon said on 6/May/11
James how about 185cm.
James said on 2/May/11
in the old pic from 2006 looks 6'1.25 (186cm), in the new pic compared to rob still looks 186cm.

Maybe 6'1.25 (186cm) could be closer to the truth?
Lenad said on 2/May/11
Actually after looking closer looks like 6'1 1/2 max. Probably flactualtes between 186 and 187cm
ACG said on 29/Apr/11
I'm surprised he put 6'1" on his myspace instead of 6'2"....nice and refreshing to see such honesty!
Chameleon said on 29/Apr/11
Ehm he looks 185 flat.
James said on 23/Apr/11
does not look much over 6ft
Chuck said on 29/Mar/11
Wow he could get away with saying he is 6'2". One of those rare male actors that does not lie about his height! Looks 6'2" to me, or even dangerously close to it (hense his claim of 6'1.5")
Moke said on 19/Mar/11
there's actually just little difference to Ritchsons height when you consider Nathans head being a bit longer.
Observant said on 19/Mar/11
He looks about an inch taller than alex versus rob, i would say 6 foot 1, maybe slightly over but not much over.
Chameleon said on 13/Mar/11
Nah, Ritchson is 188 and this guy looks 6'1 flat.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Mar/11
Ritchson could be more 189cm
James said on 24/Feb/11
Yeah I agree in all these pics looks 6'1 flat.
Chameleon said on 23/Feb/11
looks 186cm max in these pics, Ritchson is 188cm and can clearly see over Rob's head, I dont see it with this guy.
James said on 13/Feb/11
187cm on the nose
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Jan/11
Godred said on 17/Jan/11
If I could choose my own height, this I think would be perfect,around the 187 mark.You get the benefits of being kind of tall without the detriments of the taller guys.
Lenad said on 14/Jan/11
I wouldnt even rule out the full 6'2 for this guy but 187cm is a safer bet
186.5cm Guy said on 11/Jan/11
His height is perfect, because he's the same height as me.
Larry said on 10/Jan/11
wow never thought this guy was as tall as he is
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Dec/10
Maybe he's 6ft 1.5-2in at midday, Rob?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Dec/10
Rob if he's 6ft 1.5in in the evening shouldn't that make him 6ft 1.75in or even 6ft 2in?

Editor Rob
maybe at 10am he's somewhere in the 6ft 1.5-2 range
Josh said on 1/Dec/10
Rob , possibile type in the 186-186.5 cm range before bed height??

Editor Rob
I think in the evening he'd still be around 6ft 1.5
Matt said on 26/Nov/10
looks a legit 186cm guy
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Nov/10
The guy is 6"1.5-6"2
sam said on 15/Nov/10
I haven't been on this site for over a year, I think it's funny that I used to look at the pictures where it says ''random photo'' and always guess the height perfectly.

That was when I was 5'8, but now that I'm 5'9 I'm always wrong by an inch, haha. I'm so glad I grew an inch and gained 10 pounds, I used to be a little guy, now I'm medium = D

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight or shoe size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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